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An Invitation to love Jesus...
This site is the online home of the two Patricks - visionaries from Cookstown Northern Ireland. This site is for the promotion of the Messages of Love as given by Jesus to the two patrick's.
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"....The Church has walked a dark path of acceptance and now
very few within its walls follow My Truth...

An An Invitation to Love Jesus Newsletter Messages of Love September 2018 Issue 269

It will split
In this month's Messages, Jesus continues to talk about the Church.  He tells us that it will split and Warns us that His true followers will be condemned and become exiles.
As we can see, all the bad within the Church is coming to the surface and things look bleak at the minute but, remember, the gates of hell will never prevail against Jesus' True Church, it is still there, hidden.  Jesus is asking us to help preserve the Truth and bring it " the promised time when My Church will shine once again and My people will rejoice and bask in the Light of My Truth..."  Thursday 13 September 2018
Jesus also says that the sin of homosexuality, which is destroying the Church and the world, is calling down His Justice.
He asks us to pray for all those living in darkness.
He also asks us to look at our own lives and remove our own "hidden lies."  He explains sin blocks His Light from entering, it blinds us and if we fight against our own sin His Spirit can find a home in us!

His Houses of Prayer
Jesus speaks of His Houses of Prayer and tells us they are in need of our help.  He wants us to go to His Houses and also to help Him prepare them: "...these must be built in sacrifice so that they become the foundation stones that will carry My Truth into a new time.  Trust in Me and help in whatever way you can so that all is ready for what will be..."  Thursday 13 September 2018
Jesus said they will be the " refuges in the days of darkness..."  Saturday 22 September 2018.

Monday 1 October 2018
My children, I need the best of you. I need all the faith you have in Me to bring you through this time. Do you not see that My Church is in its crucifixion? I have Warned you in many Words that these things would happen. I Warned you that the Truth would become a lie; a lie that reaches to the depths and heights of My Church. I have asked you not to believe the lie but to look to the Truth of My Words. As Judas sold Me for thirty pieces of silver, so, too, My Church has been sold for a lie, a twisting of the Truth: do not be caught out. Many, who are in My Church, are not of My Church but are the offspring of another church; a church that has no gods but human gods. They have sought to break My Church as did the Jews who condemned Me. I call on you to have faith in Me and to trust Me through these times. My Remnant is being gathered now and I call you to be part of it. I told you that many would lose their faith in Me because they would believe the lies that were being spun and this has come to pass within the faithful. For many years the lies of subtlety have been spread and unscrupulous people have shown a new path that only leads to hell and not to the Kingdom of God that I made by My Death on the Cross. I tell you the Truth, there is one in waiting who will bring My Bride to where I wish her to be; where My Church will be taught the Truth, My Truth. He waits in the wings but he will not move until My Father’s time. For now, I wish My Remnant to stay with Me, to remain within this persecution until My Father allows the Cleansing to come. The one to come is already in your midst but there is much persecution to come before that time. He will lead the good and faithful cardinals and bishops and priests into My Church to bring it to where I wish it to be. To the Good cardinals, bishops and priests: Hold on, My sons, I have heard your prayers, I have seen your tears and I bring all to My Justice soon. Teach My faithful sheep the Real Truth of My Words. I ask this of you, I beg this of you. My sheep need My Voice in this confusion. Do not be afraid to speak the Truth, My sons, for it is My Truth. I Love you, My good and faithful servants, for you have held back much of the tide that has threatened My Bride. I Come. I have told you these things before they happen as I have told you before. Friday 28 September 2018 Come to Me, My children. Come, follow Me in Truth and do not justify the sin in your lives. Do not stop to think for little time is left before I must reveal the Truth of what is happening upon this earth. I will reveal the web of lies that have been spun in order to hide the Truth of what is happening and how the servants of lucifer have been trying to destroy the Truth of My Existence in order to destroy all that I have created. Look at My Church! Look at how it is beginning to crumble under the weight of sin within its walls. Do not fear, My children, those that have infiltrated My Church to destroy it for I have allowed them to enter in order to cleanse My Church from within. They are like an antidote, they are showing their lies, their corruption, in the light as they grow in confidence. All that has been hidden in the dark is being shown in the light and will be destroyed by the Power of My Light. Prepare, children, for all is about to change and My True Church will come forth. It will break from those who only wish to follow the lies of lucifer and so I will cleanse the evil with the rain of fire from the skies. Prepare My Houses of Prayer. Prepare them quickly for their time approaches; they are the seeds that will grow into the columns of Truth that will support the walls of My Church. I have promised that My Church will never be overrun by lucifer and it will not. All that has been promised will be seen as My Church shines bright with My Truth once again. I say to you, My true cardinals, bishops and priests, do not fear for the ‘Day of Freedom’ fast approaches when My Spirit will reveal all in the Light and you will know what you must do. Ride the rapids and know I have not forgotten you. I will not desert you. Do not follow the path of sin that is being promoted by those who have given themselves over to the lies, the false freedom that lucifer has blinded so many within the walls of My Church with. I will destroy the darkness but, first, it must draw all those, who have hidden themselves, out. They grow in confidence and reveal themselves and their sin. Be patient, My servants, and guide My flock towards Me and I will look after you all. Trust Me! I Love you. Sunday 30 September 2018 Trust in Me, My children, and believe in My Truth for I am Coming soon. Look at the signs of your times, children, and see how the power of the evil one is taking over. See how the corruption of sin has entered all parts of your society and My Church. Love has grown cold and mankind no longer looks to the good of his neighbour but now only sees himself. You, My Remnant, you who can see My Truth, I say prepare for the days are numbered until the Justice of your God cleanses this earth of its evil ways. Prepare, prepare, prepare, My children! I Love you. Sin is your enemy!

Appeal Message Sunday 30 September 2018 Come, My children, and prepare My Houses, I ask for your help. These Houses are your giving to Me; these are the sacrifices that I require of you in order that I may see your willingness to do My Will. Give of yourselves, children, and prepare My Houses and I will Bless them and they will become the Refuges of Light that will carry My Truth into the era of Love and Peace that approaches. Do you remember the parable of the widow's mite, My children? Nothing that you do is too little. Everything that you do for Me, I see and Bless. This is why My servants ask for your help in prayer and sacrifice for it is through prayer and sacrifice that all things are built upon this earth. Look at My Life. I Love you. Appeal Jesus is asking for the Houses of Prayer to be completed. We cannot do this without your help for we have not the means to buy the materials, pay the bills etc. We depend totally on whatever you can give to help us with this Work. There are so few of us in this world today who actually believe in the signs of the times that are so plain to be seen now. So many of the prophecies that Jesus and Mary have given around this world have come to pass; especially about the things that would happen within our Church. The Church is crumbling under the weight of sin within its own walls as scandal after scandal breaks out from within it. So many of the hierarchy of the Church are going against the Laws of God and are promoting sin. Jesus needs all our help in preparing the Houses of Prayer for what is about to break free in this world. He has always told us that the Houses of Prayer would be the lights that will burn bright with His Truth in the days of darkness. We have no choice but to ask you for your help in whatever way you can. Thank you, in the Name of Jesus and Mary.

Very important Message
On Tuesday 28 August 2018, Jesus gave a Message which we have printed on page 11 to emphasise its importance. Within the Message, Jesus speaks of His Sorrow over His Church.
He tells us that chaos reigns, as He said it would and, He asks us to pray for her suffering.
But Jesus also gives us hope. He told us in Scripture that the gates of hell would never prevail against His Church - and we must have faith in this.
Jesus' Light, Truth and Love is still there, underneath all the apparent badness we can see coming from the Vatican right now. That goodness is now going to emerge. It has started already with the good priests and bishops speaking up.
We need to pray hard and sacrifice for that Truth and Light now coming to the fore. The good Church is emerging out of the ruins. We can't guess how it will look but it is coming. Let us now comfort Jesus in His Pain and see what He does.Wow!  Jesus speaks to us again!  In such beautiful Words Jesus encourages us all to continue to die to ourselves for He IS ON HIS WAY!


Bridget O' Donnell


Living Flames of Love.

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