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An Invitation to love Jesus...
This site is the online home of the two Patricks - visionaries from Cookstown Northern Ireland. This site is for the promotion of the Messages of Love as given by Jesus to the two patrick's.
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An An Invitation to Love Jesus Newsletter Messages of Love August 2020

"...When all you can see is darkness,
I Am is with you..."

Jesus leaves us in no doubt that He will never accept our sin.  He speaks again about the sins of homosexuality, abortion and fornication.  Our world increasingly accepts these sins but Jesus tells us that these are evil and an abomination before Him.  He is telling us that there is little time left now to repent before He will remove the stain of sin.  He has begun the cleansing of this world and this will increase as time goes on.

Get worse
However bad we think things are now, we know that they will get worse before they get better.  Jesus consistently tells us to trust, believe and have faith in Him.  He tells us not to despair of the events that now take place for He has told us what would happen if mankind turned away from his God.  He assures us that He will look after His own and, in these Messages, He is telling us how to stay safe with Him.  Jesus is calling us to a deeper prayer life with Him, He is instructing us to fight the self within us that leads us away from Him.
Great Hope
Jesus also gives great hope to us.  He tells us that He hears the calls of His people and He is Coming to bring us Freedom!  Come, Lord Jesus!

Wednesday 9 September 2020
Trust Me and believe in the Words I speak. Do not be afraid to walk this Path I set before you. I am calling you through these Words of Love.
Believe, children of Mine, I am a God of Truth and Love and I am Coming to destroy the untruth in this world.
Believe, children of Mine, trust in Me.
I Love you.

Wednesday 9 September 2020
Come away from the things of this world that take you away from Me.
Trust in Me and fight the self that only seeks the pleasures of this world.
Trust in Me and believe I am guiding you upon a Path of Truth that will lead you to Heaven.
Trust in Me and walk this Path with Me.
Believe, children of Mine, and believe I Love you.

Wednesday 9 September 2020
Trust and believe in Me, children. Look at how the governments of this world have taken your freedom away as communism sweeps across this earth. My Mother Warned you of this in Fatima and many other places yet, you did not take on Her Warnings. I have Warned you what would happen if you did not listen and gave lucifer freedom, now you are harvesting what you have sown in your sin.
Be Warned, children, the day is fast approaching when I will put an end to the lies. I will put an end to those who think they are in power.
Repent, mankind, your God is angered at your lack of Truth and how you have so willingly embraced sin.
Prepare, I Come with the Power of Truth that cannot be stopped.
Prepare, I Come!
I Love you.

From the two Patricks...

The Bell Today, I heard the chapel bell ringing. It has rung for many years, calling the faithful to pray and to believe and to be fed and healed with the Body of Christ; a faithful God who gives of Himself to all who believe in Him. It seemed an empty ring, as I stood listening, a ring that was a lie, a toll for no one.  Just a reminder that a faithful God waited on His people but, the church would remain empty.  The bell was a symbol in days gone by, a warning; it had rung for joyful times and sad times.  It was a symbol for the faithful. No one would hear because Gods followers have decided that God could not heal us in this time of uncertainty, of sickness, of crippling fear.   The bell, in its empty ring, was not in vain for anyone who cared to listen to it.  It still held the stories of Him who came to save us.  The story of a boat that was gripped with fear, in which God slept.  The story of faithless and fearful followers who cried out to Him: "Save us, Lord; we are perishing!"  He said to them, "Why are you afraid, you men of little faith?" He rebuked the storm and the fear was gone.  All they had to do was cry out to Him and ask. People may also have heard the bell and felt scorn for a God who would allow this to happen.  Why does He not stop it, if He is God? If anyone cared to enter the church at the call of the bell, they might have seen the Cross that this “storm calmer” Died on.  Then, too, they scorned Him: “If You are the Son of God, come down from the Cross." He remained on the Cross for He had to do much more, even for those who mocked Him. Others, who heard the bell, gripped in fear, might whisper a prayer in the hope that this virus was a nightmare and they would soon wake up; a prayer that loved ones would be spared.  Even if they claim not to believe, they realise that we need “outside help” because we are not coping, science cannot help at this time.   We are bereft of the only One who can save us because we have removed Him from everywhere and, if we care to listen, He will say: 'Do not be afraid; I am the First and the Last and the Living One and I was Dead and behold, I am Alive forevermore and I have the keys of death and of hades.'  But the places that He has established here, are empty.   The bell has an empty ring.


Bridget O' Donnell


Living Flames of Love.

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