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An Invitation to love Jesus...
This site is the online home of the two Patricks - visionaries from Cookstown Northern Ireland. This site is for the promotion of the Messages of Love as given by Jesus to the two patrick's.
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"...Sin is darkness and darkness cannot live in the light..."
Tuesday 19 December 2017

The Messages
Jesus continues to Warn us in the recent Messages of Love.  He said “…My servants have deserted their posts and are no longer the guardians of My Truth. There is nowhere to find safety if it is not Me who guides you…” Sunday 24 December 2017
No matter how thick the darkness is around us, we must never cease to seek Jesus and trust in Him and His Promises!  Only He is our Saviour, we must place ALL our trust in Him at this time, especially times when we cannot feel Him.  We must continue to fight and die to self! “…for only those who have believed and have prepared will know how to survive…” Tuesday 26 December 2017
The Holy Name
As the month of January is dedicated to the Holy Name, we have included an article on the Holy Name of "God" and the Messages Jesus gave which teach us all about the Holy Name of "Jesus."  



Friday 29 December 2017

How subtle are the ways of evil, My children, except with My Power it cannot be seen or heard.  There is much subtle evil within this world in these days and many of My children do not see it or hear it.

When you die to self, you begin to see and hear in a way that you could not believe whilst living in self.

What remains is what I have given to you that is hidden beneath the self.

The terror that approaches will not be My doing but by the evil that is unleashed by man’s own hand, a terror that comes from the very depth of mankind.

10And having called to Him the crowd, He said to them, hear and understand:

11Not what enters into the mouth defiles the man but what goes forth out of the mouth, this defiles the man.

12Then His disciples, coming up, said to Him, Dost thou know that the Pharisees, having heard this word, have been offended?

13But He answering said, every plant which My Heavenly Father has not planted shall be rooted up.

14Leave them alone, they are blind leaders of blind: but if blind lead blind, both will fall into a ditch.

15And Peter answering said to Him, Expound to us this parable.

16But He said, Are ye also still without intelligence?

17Do ye not yet apprehend, that everything that enters into the mouth finds its way into the belly and is cast forth into the draught?

18but the things which go forth out of the mouth come out of the heart and those defile man.

19For out of the heart come forth evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witnessings, blasphemies,

20these are the things which defile man but the eating with unwashen hands does not defile man.

Mark 7:14-23)

 I have already spoken these Words to the world, I speak them again.  Look deep into your hearts and you will see that, that stops you from following Me.

Thursday 21 December 2017
My children, I have longed to gather you under My Wings as a mother hen gathers her chicks. I have longed to show you the Love I have for you. I have longed to Forgive you; to kill the fatted calf, put fine robes about you and rings on your fingers. I have longed to tell you stories of Paradise as a father might tell a child, the Paradise where I am and long for you to be. 28 Come to Me, all you that labour and are burdened and I will refresh you. 29 Take up My yoke upon you and learn of Me because I am meek and humble of Heart and you shall find rest to your souls.  30 For My yoke is sweet and My burden light. Matthew 11:28-30 You little know the longing of your God, My children, you little know of His Pain.
Tuesday 19 December 2017
Trust in Me, children.
I say trust in Me and believe the Words that I speak at this time for they are your protection for the time that you now live in.
It is My Words that will stop you from falling into the traps of lucifer for it is he who causes the confusion in this world and within My Church in order to lead My people away from Me.
Children, I am a God of Truth, I will not accept sin. Sin is darkness and darkness cannot live in the light. Those that promote adultery are deceivers; those that promote homosexuality as being truth and part of the “new” family are deceivers. Those that promote abortion as being the right choice, the choice of a woman, are deceivers. 
I tell you the Truth, if you walk the path of a deceiver, it would be better for you if you had never been born for, on the Day of Judgement, it will be easier for the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah than it will be for you who have led My flock into the gates of hell by your lies and deceit.
Your days of lies and deceit are coming to an end: can you not feel the change?
Can you not feel the doubts as I draw closer?
Repent, children, for I am Coming as a God of War, a God of Justice and I shall bring Justice to the nations of this world and peace to those who have followed in My Truth, those that you have persecuted with your lies your deceit.
Be warned, I Come.
Repent now, before it is too late.
I Love you.



Bridget O' Donnell


Living Flames of Love.

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