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An Invitation to love Jesus...
This site is the online home of the two Patricks - visionaries from Cookstown Northern Ireland. This site is for the promotion of the Messages of Love as given by Jesus to the two patrick's.
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An An Invitation to Love Jesus Newsletter Messages of Love March 2019 Issue 275

...."To Forgive you must Forget " ...
Jesus seems exicited in this month's messages
Jesus seems excited in this month's Messages.  The time is getting closer and He is spurring us on:
"I feel the excitement of change, My children, when My Work really begins through you..." Monday 11 March 2019
Jesus also speaks of prayer, how simple it can be.  Just thinking about Him is prayer...
Holy Week
Because this Newsletter will arrive with you just before Holy Week, we have included Messages Jesus gave in previous years about this poignant time.
We also include an article on the virtues: faith, hope and charity.  Other articles included echo the continuous running theme of the Messages: die to self, leave it all behind, put Jesus first and mental prayer.... 

From Gesthemanie to Golgotha
SonLight's new music CD 'From Gethsemane to Golgotha' is now available.  Each song was written by a member of SonLight.  It has been a work in progress for two years and has been produced just in time for this year's Holy Week.  We have included the lyrics of one of the songs on the back cover.  Each song is unique and tells an aspect of Jesus' Passion, from the point of view of the different people who were there, including: Judas, Mary Magdalene, Peter and Mary.

Friday 29 March 2019

Come to Me, My children, and seek the Truth.

Do not listen to the liars, the deceivers, who say that My Laws have changed with your modern times. I am the same yesterday, today and forever! My Laws do not change; I do not accept sin.

There are so many within My churches who accept sin as being truth, they are liars, they have allowed themselves to be deceived by the father of lies and he leads them upon a path to their own destruction.

Wake up, children, and pray for your brothers and sisters are in great danger.  So many walk the path to hell in this time of darkness, so many refuse to see My Truth, rather, they take on a gospel of compromise where all My Laws are compromised into a lie.

I have given this world the freedom to walk freely in free will but, now you shackle My people with your lies: you force My people to believe your untruths. You no longer believe in Me but you believe in a lie.

I come to rectify this: I come to show this world that I am not a dead God but that I am a God of Love, a God of Forgiveness and also a God of Justice. Those who preach their false truths omit that I am a God of Justice from their teaching. They preach that I am an all forgiving, all loving, all merciful God that will allow you to do anything without having to repent.

This path is the path to hell.

When I walked this earth, I preached a Gospel of Repentance, of dying to self. I have not changed, nor will I.

Wake up, children, and see the Truth.  I have told you of these times through My Prophets, Visionaries and Seers. I have Warned you of what would come and now you live in the time prophesied.

Will you believe or will you allow yourselves to walk the path of the false gospel that leads to hell?

The decision is yours, My children. I Come. I Love you.

Friday 29 March 2019

Believe, My children, and do not let fear control you. Do not fear to follow Me. So many let this world drive them away from Me because of fear of what others might say if they find that they are a follower of Mine.

Remember your lives are so short, children, it is better that you prepare for when you die than what others think of you on this earth. Your eternal lives are more important than your earthly lives.

Now, trust in Me and follow Me in Truth.

Believe that I am with you, believe that you are Mine and I will guide your every footstep. Now trust in Me.

I Love you.

Thursday 28 March 2019

Trust in Me and believe this is what I ask of you, My children.  Do not worry but know that I am with you every step of the way.

Simply know that I am looking after your affairs, that I am guiding you: this is trusting.

Know that when you ask Me for something I will give it: this is believing. 

The more you believe in Me, the more I will be able to work through you.

Believing and trusting is faith in Me.

Believe that I am guiding you through these Words of Love.

Believe that I am asking you to die to self, to fight and remove the sin from your lives. This is what I ask from all My children.

Trust in Me. I Love you.

Very important Message
On Tuesday 28 August 2018, Jesus gave a Message which we have printed on page 11 to emphasise its importance. Within the Message, Jesus speaks of His Sorrow over His Church.
He tells us that chaos reigns, as He said it would and, He asks us to pray for her suffering.
But Jesus also gives us hope. He told us in Scripture that the gates of hell would never prevail against His Church - and we must have faith in this.
Jesus' Light, Truth and Love is still there, underneath all the apparent badness we can see coming from the Vatican right now. That goodness is now going to emerge. It has started already with the good priests and bishops speaking up.
We need to pray hard and sacrifice for that Truth and Light now coming to the fore. The good Church is emerging out of the ruins. We can't guess how it will look but it is coming. Let us now comfort Jesus in His Pain and see what He does.Wow!  Jesus speaks to us again!  In such beautiful Words Jesus encourages us all to continue to die to ourselves for He IS ON HIS WAY!


Bridget O' Donnell


Living Flames of Love.

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