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A Different Somewhere

This is a book of poetry and short stories covering a wide range of topics written by Patrick Rushe. “A Different Somewhere” is a collection of poems and stories written from the heart. They concern themselves with the minutiae of daily life. The author uses his experiences as a husband and father to comment, sometimes lightheartedly, on contemporary society. He deals, too, with the realities of war, of pain, of death – of the inhumanity of man to man. But ultimately he leaves us with hope for man’s redemption, that there is a better life to be experienced beyond this one. (Maura Johnston, creative writing teacher and author. View Next Books Page 2.
Price: £5.00, €6.00, $8.00 (plus P&P)
ISBN 1-904495-24-9


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A Fountain of Truth

A Fountain of Truth is a collection of the reflections, inspired by Jesus, written by the Patricks. It compiles reflections contained in Newsletters and those written to the servants of ‘The Way of the Sacred Heart.’ These writings ejaculate the Truth of what Jesus has given in the Messages of Love about the Church and they convey the great Love Jesus has for us and His great enthusiasm to save us. View Next Books Page 2.
Price: £4.50, €5.50, $7.00 (plus P&P)
ISBN 1-904495-03-6


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A Walk With The Truth

We are delighted to present to you “A Walk with the Truth!” This Book contains Patricks’ personal conversations with Jesus, some of which haven’t been released in the Newsletters. Jesus speaks intimately of many things such as the writers of the Gospels, deeper Teachings on dying to self, the Nephilim, Europe, His Crucifixion and so, so much more. It is soul refreshing and life changing! It’s the Truth, you’ll love it. View Next Books Page 2.
Price: £3.99, €5.00, $6.50 (plus P&P)
ISBN 1-904495-11-7


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Abyss Of Love And Pain

This book has been dictated by Jesus. He requested that the two Patricks take these Words chapter by chapter so that many of the world’s questions could be answered. It is an informative book in that Jesus speaks of how the world blames Him for many of its catastrophes. He gives us simple answers to the world’s problems. If the world followed Him the way it should, it would be a world of peace. This is the second edition. View Next Books Page 2.
Price: £3.99, €5.00, $6.50 (plus P&P)
ISBN 1-904495-20-6


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An Ocean of Love

An Ocean of Love is a revival of the older devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It contains many of the beautiful prayers to the Sacred Heart, now forgotten. View Next Books Page 2.
Price: 75p, €1, $1.50 (plus P&P)
ISBN 1-904495-20-33


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Angel Voices

This is a collection of the Messages given by the Angels to the two Patricks. It is an inspiring booklet wherein we learn more about the Angels, their devotion, obedience and undying love for God. We see also that they are our friends and only need to be called upon to help us. View Next Books Page 2.
Price: 75p, €1, $1.50 (plus P&P)
ISBN 1-904495-20-34