Prayer Houses

Why Houses of Prayer?

Many people have asked the question: why do we need Houses of Prayer when we have Churches? When we asked Jesus His reply was because "the laces of Love" were closing i.e. convents and monasteries etc. He, Himself must now plant new seeds and begin again what is being lost.

What the Houses of Prayer are and will be is; the renewal or rekingling of the fires of 'new' communities. He also asks that the people of the world, who believe in His words, help in this task.

When we asked one of our Spiritual Directors to inerpret what Jesus was saying we were told that most religious orders or communities were begun with laity and they developed into what they are now.

Houses of Prayer, as they stand, are being attacked by many and, because of this, are beginnning to lose what Jesus is asking. They need our support in many ways.

We; as the people who run the Sacred Heart House of Prayer, who are trying to do what Jesus is telling us because we believe it to be true; speak also for the other Houses of Prayer in this country and abroad. They too need much support.

Jesus has a dream. A dream that His Word, in Its entirety, wil be seen as "great Light" in the world. Houses of Prayer are like Lights that shine in the darkness and their fuel is prayer, love and obedience to help keep His Word alive.

Messages regarding the Houses of Prayer

Monday 23 January 2006

I have called you, My servant to tell you that I am please with the work that you do for Me with this House. Why do you doubt Me? Why do you continually ask for proof? I ask you to simply obey.
No one has yet graped the meaning of My Houses of Prayer. If they had, My House would have been inundated with offers to help. I thell you again that their setting up will be fraught with difficulty but much of the difficulty will be from those who would put blocks in their (the Houses that He wants to set up) way. You must trust Me, My sons, in these ventures. The money that has been given to you has allowed the purchasing of this House that you look for now. To go to My country of Poland, is a sacrifice for, you Holy Father (John Paul 11) has asked this of Me here in Heaven. His dedication to this coungry has led the way for its conversion back to Me. Igive you the task of finishing that request with Me as your Head. You must carry a picture of him when you go to this country.

Saturday 22 July 2006

Jesus I love you. I hear you calling to me to take your Words.
My servant, I Love you. I am calling you to tell you to keep looking for My Houses. These are important in the scheme of things that I wish to establish on this earth. There is a great hourglass above the earth, My servant, and there is little grains left to fall. My Houses have already been slow to come. I am calling you to devote time to it because these Houses are places in which to save My children. When they are open then their light shines but when they are not they do not shine. I need them to shine brightly. IThis world, and, amny of My people who follow Me have forgotten that they must save others; they look only to themselves. Love Me in this way, My children.
Yu can see what is happening in your own country with all the changes that they have made. These changes will become the accepted norm; they will become the truth if there is no one or nowhere to hold the real Truth until I come.
PLEASE, My children, help Me in this; give Me your time. I Love you.


In this latest message, He has told us to devote time to it and this is what we must do. It seems that He wishes to cover Europe with 'little lights that shine in the darkness.' Why? We do not know. We can only speculate that the Faith in Europe is losing the Truth.

This is what He said:

My Houses need to be finished for they will be sure refuges. Many will turn against you but remain silent, do not give them anything to have against you.

Friday 13 January 2006

And again to the Habit members of the Way of the Sacred Heart.


I tell you of my Houses and this I say again, there are many places in the world needed for refuge for the ones who must flee; this is why I ask for them...

In these two Messages following, Jesus was telling us off about the lack of interest and faith in the Houses of Prayer:

My children, I your God would speak with you. I am He who saves you. I am Saviour of this world. Why do you not come to Me when I call? So many Words that I speak to you and yet you do not hear. Do you not wish to hear?
How many of you have heard My Words and acted on them? How many little flames of Love have sprung up to become a vast fire that would light up this world? How manyof you have answered My call to come and be part of My Houses of Prayer? They stand idle for they need workers; they need tohose who are in My Habit to run them. Whom shall i send? Who can I trust?
The evil one has planted many seeds that dilute My words and My own people help him because they do not wish to give up the way that they live to see the real truth.
I call many to serve children, in My Houses of Prayer in Truth, in Love, in Humility, in joy. They must not be afraid of dirtying their hands for this would be an insult to Me.
There is nothing left in this world but glitter and things that shine to dazzle you. See through it, My children, so that the eveil one does not blind you any longer. Come to My Houses; wear My Garb, not just to be served but to serve. To serve others, that is why you follow Me, is it not? Or do you follow Me for some other reason that I do not recognise?
Follow Me then; help Me to do what I need to do the fight for the evil one back into his corner. Do not be ashamed to wear My Habit or work in My Houses. I have told you that My convents an monasteries are closing because of self. I wish to establish more. Help Me, My children; help Me to do this so the My Truth in the days of darkenwss will be a refuge to all who seek it. The Master has great need of you. Will you come? Will you give Me your time? Then come, follow Me.

Important in My Plan :

It is good that you listen to Me about My Houses that I am calling for. It is good that, at last, you begin to believe that I want these Houses. Why do you worry and fear about the money for these? Have I not provided for these when they are needed? Let Me not hear of disbelief about these Houses. Since, at this time I have taken you from talking to My children until the time is right, then I have called you to set up My Houses of Light. You stop Me from speaking of them.
Organise again, the time spent within My other Houses. This I have asked you to do. These are important in My Plan, as I have told you. You ignore many of My Words and these become lost in your complacency and your lack of belief in what I must do.
My Maximillian House could be manned also for a part of the year. I will leave it it to you to find a way to do this; it will be a stest for you.
As I have inspired you, My servant, My House in Poland is there for you to procure for Me. And, as I have inspired you, it is to be called Saint Stanislaus House of Prayer. Its mission upon this earth is to pray for those who are communist; that they will receive the Graces necessary to convert for, even though communism is falling, lucifer still has many pockets of it that he could lead to victory again.
This House is in a poor area and those who live there do not understand Me. Its mission will therefore be to go unto the streets and feed these poor people spiritually. This is the first of My Houses that I have called to do this. In this particulare House, it is not good waiting on the people to go to you; no, you must atract them to you by giving them, not only the Messages but articles of faith in Me. This is what I ask for . Will you, My sons and My servants take it on. I Love you. Saturday 21 January 2006.

New Book

We have recently published a book called, 'Prepare my Houses of Prayer' and it tells of what Jesus wishes a House of Prayer to be. You can send to the Sacred Heart House of Prayer for it. It is free although a donatin towards p&p would be appreciated.

What He desires

Again, Jesus has called for more Houses of Prayer. He has given many explanations as to why He needs them and, again, He states it quite clearly. He has spoken very clearly about the times to come and we must rally around to help Him achieve what He desires. Is this not what we all want?

Jesus is on His way

With all of these Houses I believe we are preparing the Way of the Lord. His Return is imminent. Please, if you can, give us your time. If you can man the house great! If you have skills to offer, please don't be shy about coming forward. If not, your prayers will go along way as well! Jesus needs us all.


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