Prayer Houses

The Sacred Heart Houses of Prayer

46 James St.,Cookstown, Co. Tyrone,

BT80 8LT, Northern Ireland.

Phone (+44) 02886766377


At prayer on Christmas Eve 1993, Jesus spoke to me interiorly, and I heard the words “Procure Me a House…”  I heard these words clearly, but they frightened me, so I asked Jesus to speak to me through Scripture.  I opened the Jerusalem Bible at random, and the first Words that my eyes fell upon were “…My House shall be called a House of Prayer…”

Again I was afraid, because I realised the implications of what the parish priest might say, and what the bishop might say, so once again I put Jesus to the test.

I opened the Scriptures again and my eyes fell upon the same Words “…My House shall be called a House of Prayer…”

It was very clear what Jesus was trying to tell me – but as if this was not enough, I asked Him again for more proof.  By this stage, I was almost beside myself with worry as to what everyone would think.  Jesus gave me the same Words from Scripture as He had given before.

I sat there not knowing what to do next, so I telephoned Patrick O’Kane.  I told Patrick of what Jesus had said, and Patrick said, “…If Jesus wants a House, Jesus will get a House.”

We began soon after this to look for a House.  We asked various people to look out for any empty houses around Cookstown and to let us know of them.

We looked at different places, but they seemed cold, and we knew that these were not what Jesus wanted.  It was very disappointing, because we wanted to give Jesus the best that our efforts could give.

On Monday 1 February 1994, Patrick O’Kane received a small parcel and in it was £1,000 in notes.  We could not believe it.  There was no letter with it, as the person wished to remain anonymous.  (We would like, at this time, to thank the person, or persons who sent this money to us.  Without it, the Sacred Heart House of Prayer would not have been possible.  We pray for you every day.  Thank you for listening to Jesus.)

The next day, a good friend (who was assisting in our search for the premises) drew our attention to a house right in the centre of Cookstown.  Apparently this house had been empty for about eighteen months.

It was a three-storey house, and we went to see the estate agent, who gave us the keys.  As soon as the door opened, both Patrick and I heard the Words from Jesus, “…This is My House…”  Then He said, “…My sons, you will not stay here…”  By this, Jesus meant that Patrick O'Kane and myself would not spend much time within the House of Prayer.  He had already made it clear that our Mission was to travel around the world to spread the Messages of Love.  And He was now telling us that this House would only be our base.

We signed the lease the next day and began the work that needed to be done.  There wasn’t much, for Jesus had said in a Message about a year before this, “…I have gone before you, to prepare…”  The House was in very good condition.

About three weeks later, the House was ready for opening.  There were many good people – inspired by Jesus – who brought furniture, carpets, statues and pictures.  We were ready to open.

In the meantime, Jesus was preparing us for the House opening and He gave various Messages on the subject.  He told us that the House was to be a House of Love, a House of Joy, a House of Peace.  People were to be welcomed there with love.  If they wanted prayer, then there was to be a team of people who would do this.  If they preferred to just have a chat, then this was also possible.  Jesus told us that no one is to be rejected, and that the House is open to all.

Since that time, many gifted people have joined the House to help spread the Gospel of Love.  There are about thirty people who make up various teams of prayer, counseling, cleaners, office workers, and simply loving people.  They are filled with the Holy Spirit and this is seen in the way that they dedicate themselves to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and His Plans for His House.

Jesus often refers to the House as His Heart, and many people have been helped to regain their faith, and many have been healed.

It is in the hope of Jesus that His Heart will be the refuge of sinners, the hope of His people in the times of darkness ahead.  He calls us to the Way of Love through His Most Beautiful Sacred Heart.

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