Friday 1 April 2011
Jesus, can I ask Your children to help in this task?  Can I ask them what they find hard to overcome on the journey toward You?  Because, we all lead different lives, and, I’m sure many wonder about different things than I do and meet many different obstacles that they find difficulty in overcoming.
Jesus: Yes, My son, you may do this if you wish.  I Love you.
Jesus, You are constantly saying, ...“My Love is not a game,”... could You explain this?
So many of My children do not truly follow Me but, they simply follow the whims of self.  They say that they follow Me but they do not do the things that I ask.  They do not love their brothers and sisters; they are liars in My sight.  I have asked My children to love the Lord, their God, with all their hearts, minds, souls and wills and their neighbour as themselves.
Coming to Me, in church or prayer meetings, so that you are seen to be there; or simply going because you like the company and chitchat, is NOT following Me.  Prayer is the fuel that you need to do My Work.  If you have no prayer, then how can you do My Work, it is as simple as this.  If you decide to walk in My Footsteps, you must do as I did.
Read My Gospels: I went out and ministered to My people, then I returned and prayed to My Father that He would fill Me with the strength to continue My Ministry.  You must do likewise when you minister to My people: you must do it with Me, and, yes, a simple smile is ministering to My children.  If you do it with Me, then they shall recognise Me within your smile, but, if you do not come to Me then I cannot fill you with My Light.
Remember free will, I will not overstep its bounds.  So, if you do not come to prayer, you are not truly following Me.  It is as if you were playing a game; this is why I say My Love is not a game.  When you are empowered with My Love, My Light shines from you, and so to My little ones who are in darkness.  The more that you come to prayer and die to the things of self, the stronger you become and the more that My Light can shine from you.  You must become like an empty vessel and both Me and My Father will come and dwell within you and you may ask anything in My Name and it shall be granted.
Yes, even if you say to the mountain, be thrown into the sea, it shall be done.  For all will be to the Glory of My Father and not to the glory of self.  You must begin to understand who I am.  I am not something to be picked up on a Sunday and then put away for the rest of the week.  If you pray in truth and believe in who you are praying to, then your life should change and the lives of those whom you come in contact with.  This is when you know you are truly following Me.
My Love is not a game; it is a serious part of your existence.  Take it and hold it precious to your heart, let it flow freely from you, with no desire of self.  Many who step upon this Path feel My Love and try to keep it for themselves and become blinded in self-righteousness and so My Love is lost to them.  These are just some of the traps of lucifer.  You must have a humble heart to overcome all situations.  For, in humility, self will not be able to control you and so My Love shall flow freely.
Do this for Me, My little children, and this world shall change quickly into the place of love that I created it to be.  I Love you.
Patrick:What Saint Paul said, about a spiritual battle, he wasn’t joking.  lucifer seems to be waiting on every corner, every situation, to trap us.  It seems like an impossible task to get to You.  Even when we think we are following You we can be drawn off into self-righteousness.  I know we have all seen this in others.  This is something that we are very good at, we can always see the faults in other people.
I have heard priests saying, “you will not do that in my church.”  For instance, if they are asked can we put some anti-abortion leaflets in the back of the church, some priests have said, ‘you will not put those disgusting things in my church.’  This is a good example of how we humans become blinded.  It is Your Church and You would be the One who would pin the leaflets to the walls inside the church: No! You would put posters up showing the total reality of the murder of the innocents.  We do become so blind.  I know I have been blinded so many times and have felt so, so embarrassed when I have realised the truth of my blindness.  I know I have led others into sin in my blindness; I have allowed the desires of self to walk freely before me and, looking back, I know I have no excuse.
For, when we walk freely into sin, there is always a knowing, that little thought in the back of our mind, that little feeling of a guilt pang.  So, in reality, we know the Truth, even in our blindness.  But the sad fact is that we allow the dark side of self to have so much control over us that we don’t want to return.  We enjoy sin; sinful things always look more exciting than Your side of things.  Sex, getting drunk, having a good old fight, having a good old gossip, going out shopping and buying things that we don’t really need; these things versus prayer, Mass, being nice to people, avoiding sin, dying to self.
I know, Jesus, if I am telling the truth, the sin side of things sounds a lot more exciting than Your side.  I know why I fight: I believe in You and want to prepare for life after death.  But, it is a very difficult thing to convince others to come away from the enjoyable sins of this world.  They just simply laugh at You and say, ‘I don’t want to go to boring Mass; why should I go to Confessions, I have done nothing wrong, prayer is boring.’
This is why I need you to be an example.  I need My Jewel to begin to shine and the young will return with many others.  When they see the reality and Power of their God, they will return to Me and they, too, will begin to shine and the Revolution of Love shall walk freely across the borders of this earth.  Work tirelessly and fight against the desires of self; the sooner you do this, the sooner things will change.  I Love you.
Patrick: So it is all about, if we die to ourselves, Your Light shall shine forth from us and, in reality, we will not be doing anything.  You will be doing it for us.  As long as we keep the vessel clean, Your Light will be able to shine out of us.  It is like a window: if it is cleaned, the sun can shine through it but, if it becomes dirty and covered with dirt, then the light cannot penetrate it.
Yes, the things of this world darken the soul.  The more self that surrounds the soul, the less My Light can shine, and so, you are in darkness.  But, if you die to self then My Light will begin to shine.  The more that you die to self, the brighter My Light shall become and it shall begin to affect those around you.  It shall penetrate them and they will begin to see and so, they too, will be able to follow the Path of Love.  You shall become like a beacon to those in darkness and they shall be attracted to you.
All know the Creator within their hearts and are attracted to His Light.  Be the beacons of love that I have called you to be and you shall see many changes take place in this world.  I Love you, My people, I Love you.  Come, walk this Path with Me and become the beacons of My Love.  Seek out those in darkness and, they too, will come to follow Me.  But first, you must die to self and then you shall produce much fruit; the yield, the bounty, will be according to what you give.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Patrick: Jesus, here are a few of the questions that Your children have asked:
1: What do You say to people who say that they will not attend Mass due to the hypocrisy of the people and the hypocrisy of the clerical abuse within the Church?
I would say: “do not judge and do not bear false witness.”
How do you know, My little ones, what the Truth is?
How do you know what is in the hearts of My people, or My priests?
The truth is, you use these events to stay in the darkness of self.  So, you judge My people and My priests in order to keep on living your selfish lifestyles.
These are Words of Truth, these are the Words you, My children, do not want to hear.  These are the Words that will bring condemnation upon your own heads if you do not turn away from your selfish lifestyle.
I have told you, the way that you judge is the way that you shall be judged.  I have not asked you to judge anyone.  I have asked you to simply love one another.  These are words that will condemn you on the day of judgement.  For, in your anger of self-righteousness, in your pride, you shall rage against Me and blame Me for what you have done in your own free will.
Open your eyes and see the Truth.  By the words that you speak, you are condemning yourselves and falling headlong into the fires of hell.  Wake up, before it is too late and come, follow Me.  Let Me wash the hardness of heart away from you with My Love, My Peace, My Tenderness and My Joy.  Come, follow Me and know that I, your God, Love you.  Do not walk this path any longer for you know within your heart the Words I speak are Truth and they are Life.  Come away from the abyss and run into the Arms of the One who Loves you.  I have spoken, now it is up to you whether you believe or not.
Now, look at the Truth of what you are saying; you are saying you will not come to Me because of what others have done.
Look and see what you are saying, look and see the Truth of your pride.
You are condemning Me;
you are blaming Me;
and you are denying Me freedom to work within your lives, by the very words that you speak.
Look, now, before it is too late.  Turn away from sin and be washed clean in the Blood of the Lamb.
I Love you.  I hung upon the Cross of Love, and paid the Price for your sins and you are refusing to accept this because of what others have done.  Wake up and look at the truth of what you are saying and come, follow Me. I, your Jesus, Love you.

2: Smoking is an addiction, a hard one to stop, really bad for our bodies.  What would You say, Jesus?

I say there are many things that are bad for the body and soul.  I say it is time that you look at the Truth of what is harmful.  You think so much of your bodies in this time and so little of your souls.  Your bodies will decay and be taken back into the earth, whereas, your souls will live for all eternity.
I say, remove the sin from your lives and then, think of your bodies.  The addiction to sin is more dangerous than the addictions to that of the body.
I have come to give you freedom, children, take it from Me, in the Words that I speak.  Do not look at things that do not matter for there are many things more dangerous in the food that you eat; placed there by the greed of those that do not care about their fellow man.  Turn away from sin and come, follow Me and these addictions shall fall away from you in time.  I Love you.

3: Jesus, would You speak about spirits that affect families?

I have already spoken of this:
The more that you fight the desires of self, the less effect the evil spirits will have.
If you are willing to give of yourselves, you can break their influence upon your family.
If you are willing to break free of their inspirations, then they will have no foothold and so be cast back into the pit from whence they came.
These things you already know within your hearts.  Truth is what you desire and Truth is what I have given.  I Love you.

4: Jesus, what about suicide bombers?

I will not answer this because it will only cause judgement in the hearts of many of My children.  Pray for these children of Mine, that they come to know the Truth of My Ways.  My Love is open to all who call upon it.  I Love you.

5: We are born with a Guardian Angel so do we have a dark angel as well?

This you already know the answer to.  It is in the balance of free will.  There is always a counterbalance.  If you work and fight for the Truth then the dark spirit will have no power or no influence over you and so it is for the dark spirit; if you listen to him; then your Guardian Angel cannot help you.  I cannot force anyone to do My Will; you have the freedom to listen to Me or the evil one, the choice is yours.

6: Are the aborted babies waiting in Heaven for a time to see justice?

Those children of Mine that have been robbed of their chance to prove their love for Me: simply pray for those who murder the innocent: they seek justice on no one, they are pure spirits, they simply love.  They cry out to Me for justice for those who are about to be slain.  Remember, there is no anger in My Kingdom, there is only Love, children.  My Light shines from these children of Mine and My Truth rests in their hearts.

7: Why is our society so obsessed with appearance and staying young?  What happened to growing old gracefully?  Where has the time gone when the elderly were seen as great and wise?

Self has taken control.  My Love has died within the hearts of My people so they only see themselves and what they want and so have lost respect for Me and each other.  Self has become the ruler of My children, they have no respect for each other and so the old are looked upon as a nuisance.

8: Jesus, what about alcohol and its abuse?

Alcohol is one of the tools that lucifer uses against Me.  When you consume too much alcohol then you lose the will to fight and so lucifer can easily control you.  Look at the truth of the world around you and see what he does to My people through alcohol.  I have said, do not drink strong alcohol for the evil one uses it against Me.  You all know the Truth of these Words; you all know that when you consume strong alcohol you will do things and say things that you would normally not do or say.  These are the inspirations of lucifer that you are saying yes to.  You are only putting yourselves in great danger by the consumption of strong alcohol.  All things in moderation, My children, this you already know.  I Love you.

9: Jesus, what about the tsunami in Japan?

I have told you that this earth rebels under the weight of sin and so you have no protection.  If you deny Me within your lives then this earth will rebel.  It is sin that brings about the disasters that you speak of.  The sin of mankind has become so great that the earth groans under its weight.  Look around you, these are only the beginnings soon, and very soon, you shall see greater disasters in all the corners of the earth.  Turn away from sin, come towards Me and you will not have to endure the rebellion against sin.  I Love you.

Look at the truth of the things you ask, the things you want to know and then ask yourselves this question - will these get me into Heaven?  Children, think of the things that are important:
How can I overcome the sin in my life?
How can I overcome self?
How can I become a warrior for the Truth?
These are the questions that you should be asking of Me; these are the things that are vital in your lives.
My little ones, I do not admonish you, I simply point out the Truth that you should be looking inward, rather than outward.  Always look to the Truth and how you can improve on your life with Me.
Look and see the sin in your lives; recognise the blocks between you and Me for this is what sin is.  Then look at yourself and recognise the weakness in self that has brought about the sin in your life.  Then you will become a warrior for the Truth and so the things of this world will not matter because the understanding will be placed in your heart by My Spirit.
These are the questions that you should be thinking of, My little ones.  See the Truth of what I speak and you will understand My Love.  Then I shall be able to flow freely through you to My other children who will come to understand the Way of Truth through you.  I Love you, My little ones, take on My Words and see what I am saying.  I Love you.
Patrick: I know all the Words that You are speaking are true.  But, I still say it is very difficult.  No matter how hard we try, we always seem to fall.  No matter how strong we think we are becoming, there always seems to be a pitfall waiting on us.  I know I can only speak for myself: I think I am climbing out of the hole self has created but then I seem to fall right back into it, no matter how hard I try.  The dark side of self seems to have the greater control.
My son, it only seems to you that you are falling backwards but, I tell you, you are walking forwards.  Each obstacle that you overcome then the stronger you become in Me.  Each block that you overcome, the more I am able to fill you, the more My Light is able to shine through you.  It is the battle that you feel, that rages around you.  The earth has become so darkened with sin that My little ones find it difficult to truly find Me.  Soon, I will Come and remove the darkness and you all will see that your efforts have not been in vain.  Trust in Me, trust in My Love for you and stay upon the Path of My Love, My Truth.  I Love you.

Patrick: Jesus, the ones I always feel sorrow for are the rich of this world.  There are so many in these times that become rich and famous and, in doing so, become lost to You.  Money is definitely the root of all evil.
I can remember thinking that I would like to win the lotto. It was being advertised that the jackpot was one hundred and twenty million or something like that.  I thought to myself: if I won the lotto, how easy it would be to get all the Houses of Prayer that You are wanting and how easy it would be to renovate these Houses.
I can remember I fell into a real dream world of thinking of all that I could do.  I thought of how I could help my family and others.  At the beginning, I thought that I would give all the money to You then, I thought I would need to hold some back to survive.  The more that I thought of what I would need, the less there was for You.  Then, I suddenly realised greed had entered my thoughts and I hadn’t even won the lotto yet!
It scared me that much that I realised I didn’t want to be put in the position of winning and so have to fight all those temptations.  This is why I feel so sorry for the rich. I would say that they have the heaviest cross to carry.  For money is a great temptation and easily blinds those who have it to the needs of others.  I pray for the rich and famous so much.  I know money has not brought them happiness.
No matter what they do or say, it is plastered over the newspapers, TV and, the next thing you hear, they are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  They end up becoming recluses and, I’m sure, go into dark bouts of depression.
I know many people will think I am mad for saying this.  But, I can feel the spirits that tempt them and I feel so sorry for them, they have so very few chances to meet anyone who will give them a little light of hope.
We have to remember the spirits of greed will not only affect the person who is rich. It will also affect those people who are around the rich person and so these people will only be there to see what they can gain for themselves.  So, if we look at it in truth, a rich person must lead a very lonely life with no true friends.  For the friends that they have, I’m sure, are employees of some shape or form and so are being paid.  If they were not being paid, would they still be friends?
Yes, My son, this is true. It is difficult for a rich man to enter My Kingdom for, many times, they become totally blind and can only see themselves and their own desires.  You must remember that each person on this earth is given a cross to carry and so a rich man does not carry a heavier cross than one who is addicted to another sin.  Self must be fought against in order to see My Light, My Truth.
Remember, when all come before Me in judgement, all are equal, all is balanced to what you know.  So, yes, many who are rich on the earth do enter My Kingdom for all judgement is given accordingly.  You are judged on what you know but, many know the Truth within their hearts and deny Me and so run from Me in the blindness of their own pride.
Pray much for these children of Mine that they will come to know the Truth and so use what has been given to them for the good of others.  This is what is most important: when you look to the good of others, then you look to Me.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, will You speak straight to me and tell me the reason why I am finding it so difficult to listen.  In all the time that I have been talking to You, I have never found it so hard to listen.
My son, you are allowing fear to enter.  You are allowing yourself to be deceived by the inspirations of lucifer; it is he who is putting the doubts into you and so you are doubting the Words that I am speaking to you.
I have called you to believe in the Words that I speak; I have told you not to fear because fear is a chink in your armour that they can break through.  Have faith, My son, and believe that it is I, Jesus, who speaks to you.  Do not allow self to have control and then you shall find it much easier.  Have faith and believe. I Love you.
Patrick: What do You want to speak about, my Jesus?
Self is what you must fight against, My children.
Self is the enemy that goes against My Ways.
It is self that desires the world and you must defeat it.
I repeat these Words over and over to you in order that they break through the walls of self that you have allowed lucifer to build around you.
You must look inward without denial or justification.
You read these Words but you do not take them into your hearts for you allow self to enter and so destroy My Words.  You look upon My Words for others, not for yourself.  You must break the walls of self down.  Break through the lies that you tell yourselves and you shall find freedom from the things of this world that do not matter.
Look, I set a Path before you: it is the Way of Truth; are you willing to walk upon it?
Are you willing to take My Hand and come upon this Journey with Me?
Are you willing to do My Will?
Look in Truth, My little ones, and see what I am saying.  See the Words of Truth that I speak to you this day for time is short and I am in need of your help.  I Love you.
Patrick: I know, Jesus, that I am my own greatest enemy.  I do want to do what You are asking of me.  I want to walk upon the Path of Truth that I know will lead me into Your Kingdom.  But self - me, myself and I - is the problem.
How many times have You heard me say that I am going to change my ways and, within a few days, I am back as bad as ever: ‘the three day wonder.’
Do You not get fed up with us and our empty promises?  For I know how many empty promises that I have made and broken.  I know I want to do it but it is back to the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  I know what happens: I set out to do it but get fed up because it is so difficult, because, when we try to walk upon this Path of Truth, we have to fight from we wake up in the morning until we fall asleep at night and this is every day of our lives.  It is easy to fight when I feel close to You but, if I am feeling down or tired or cranky, these are the times when I fail because I feel sorry for myself and then can’t be bothered fighting.
I know the difficulties that you go through for I am with you every step of the way.  I never leave your side. Believe Me, when anyone decides to walk this Path then they are not alone.  I share your burden in order that you can walk this Path.  The more that you trust in Me, the easier the Journey becomes.
You must prove, by your actions, that you are willing to walk this Path for many decide to walk the Path but they are not in truth within their hearts and so do not truly walk the Path: they are liars and deceivers.  When you decide to walk upon this Path with Me you must be in truth with yourself.  You must be willing to be tested so that you are sure that this is what you really want in your free will.
Come to Me often in prayer and you will be strengthened.  If you do not come to Me then the Journey seems difficult.  You, My son, do not come to Me often enough and so you feel the difficulties of the Journey.  You must always be willing to look at the Truth and see what I am saying to you.
Do not just read these Words, live them, for they are Words of Eternal Life.  This Journey is the Way of Truth and I set it out plainly before you so that you may see.  I speak in plain language so that you may understand.  I do this at this time because this world is becoming stronger every second of every day and, so, it is becoming more difficult for My children to understand My Words of Truth, My Scriptures.  So many of My Words are being changed by those deceivers who say that they follow Me but, yet, they are followers of the lies of lucifer.  They destroy My Truth within the hearts of My children so I am forced to speak these Words to counteract their lies.
My Scripture is Truth and it cannot be changed.  They say that My Disciples did not write My Gospels.  I tell you, they did, and they were handed down to each generation until finally they were brought together and placed within a book which you know as the Bible.  These Words were given by My Spirit to My Church and now, those who call themselves doctors, theologians and scholars, tear My Truth apart in their false wisdom.  They set out to disprove the books of Scripture and cannot see that they are being deceived by the lies of lucifer.  They say that My son, Adam, and My daughter, Eve, did not exist.  I tell you, they did for they were the first of My children.
Do not listen to these liars for their father is the father of lies and they will deceive you if you allow them.  This is why I say, stay away from those who preach false truths from My altars for, if you listen to them, the self within you will take on these Words and you, too, shall walk away from Me.  Go and seek out the churches where My true priests reside so that you do not become tainted with the lies of lucifer.  I tell you, My children, do not listen to anyone who preaches untruth in My Name for you only put your eternal lives in great danger.
Rise up, now, My children, and come, follow Me on this Journey, the Way of Truth.  I Love you.

You, My son, must open yourself up to Me and be willing to listen.  Then you will not experience these difficulties that you are going through.  I see that you want to listen to Me but you are allowing doubts to keep you from Me.  I know you are a sinner, I know your faults and your failings: this is what draws Me to you.  You do not try to hide anything from Me; you are like a child.
Now, trust in Me and know that I came to bring freedom to the sinners, not the righteous for the righteous do not wish to know Me, they are blinded by self.  I have Forgiven your failings so many times, My son, trust that I am with you and I chose you to do this for Me.
I do not make mistakes, My son, you are a witness to the Truth even though you believe that you are the least worthy - I have made you worthy.  Now trust in Me and begin to believe that I have called you to do this.  You allow yourself to fall because of the doubts you allow to come in.  Rise up and turn away from self and you shall find peace with Me.  I do not call you to anything but My Will.
Trust in Me and listen for My inspirations, I will guide you on this Path every step of the way.  You must allow Me to do this in your free will for I will not overstep its bounds.  I Love you, My little son, now trust in Me, your God, and believe I have called you to this Work.
Come be with Me in the depths of your heart I wish to speak to you.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, You say that lucifer cannot see many things, that they are hidden from him.  You have spoken of these hidden things many times in these Words.  Can he not see the Words that You speak?
My son, there are none so blind as those who will not see.  lucifer is blinded by his pride and he cannot see the Truth.  he distorts all that he touches and so is blinded to the Truth.  he cannot see the Words that I speak in the same way as you.  he distorts My Words of Truth in his bitterness and hatred of Me and, so, he is blind.
Many of My people who read My Words of Truth are also blind to their true meaning.  Because they are not willing to look at the Truth and so they distort My Words in order to keep on living their selfish lives.  This is also true when you are not willing to fight, you block My Words and My inspirations in order to walk off the Path.
Look and see the Truth of what I speak.  When you are willing to look inward, without justifying your actions or your thoughts, then you will be truly walking upon the Way of Truth.  I speak Words of Truth in order for both you and My children to see My Path.  I use you and your life as an example for My little ones for many will understand from your experience and so be able to walk knowing that they are not alone.
You must begin to forgive yourself for your failings for this is the greatest problem of you and many of My children.  You go to Confessions and receive My Forgiveness but you do not forgive yourself and so unforgivness becomes a block to your Journey.  You must realise that, when I Forgive you, you are Forgiven; you have been washed clean in the Blood of the Lamb.  When I Forgive your sin it is thrown into the sea of forgetfulness, never more to be seen or mentioned by Me again.
Realise now the Truth of what I speak and do not live in the guilt of the past for there is no need.  I have paid the Price for all sin.
I Love you, My little ones, take on these Words of Truth that I speak and walk freely into My Kingdom for I have Redeemed you.  I hung upon the Cross of Love on Calvary and took your sin to Myself and I paid the Price with My Blood.  These are Words of Truth: when you do not accept My Forgiveness then you do not accept what I have done for you upon that Cross.
I Love you, My little ones, I Love you, come, walk with Me on this Journey and you shall find true freedom in Me, you shall experience My Love within your life and you shall know Peace.  Come, My beloved, I am calling to you now in these Words.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, I think that I am getting a glimpse of what You are talking about.  What You are basically saying in all the Words that You are speaking, is that Your followers have become stuck in rules and regulations.  The exact same way as the Jews had done when You came and walked this earth.  We read the Bible as if it were a book of history and we marvel at the miracles that You and Your Apostles created.  The truth is, we, Your followers, should also be doing these things: the lame should walk, the blind should see, the deaf should hear and the dead should rise.  This is what You are talking about, isn’t it?  We have become a stagnant Church, we go to Mass out of habit: being a priest has become a job.  We have all become so blind.  This is what You are talking about, Jesus, isn’t it?
Yes, My son, now, you begin to see the Truth.  My people have forgotten Me, they have become blinded by self and so do not see Me within My Church, they only see self.  You all fail to see the Truth of what a follower of Mine should be.  All have become comfortable in their complacency and teach the young the same complacency.
My True Path has been lost.  Yes, My followers should be able to heal the sick without relying on doctors or science.  I must renew My Church, My followers, for all have been blinded by self.  This is why I have called for Houses of Prayer in these times for I mean to renew My Church through them; their Light shall cut through the darkness of self that has entered My Church.  But, first, I must Teach My little ones within My Houses the Truth and then I will send them forth into this world and My Truth shall be renewed for this world will see My Power.  Once again they will feel My Love as it washes into every corner of this earth.
All who want to, shall come to know and love their God in truth.  The deceivers shall be seen in a new light for their deception shall be seen for what it is - the lies of lucifer.  My Justice is My Truth, it is My Love and is not to be feared by My followers.
Look, see and understand what I am calling you, My followers, to.  I am calling you to a New Life in Me, a Life of Truth where you shall see and know the wonders of your God.  Throw your complacency and self away into the pit where it belongs and take up your New Life with Me.  Say to the mountain, “ cast into the sea...” and it will be so.  Have faith in Me: believe in Me and whatever you ask in My Name, without self, it shall be granted for all is to the Glory of My Father; for you glorify Him when you use My Name in Truth.
Do this for Me, children, take My Name and use it for the Glory of My Father for He is worthy of all Glory; He is the Creator of All that is seen and unseen.  He is worthy of Our praises and Our Love for He is Our Father.
Rise up, children, and show this world, by your actions, that you are a follower of Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of the Living God.  Spread Our Truth into this world and show this world, by your actions, that you are a follower of Jesus Christ.
I Love you, My children, and I call you to battle: go out and spread My Love to all nations for My Spirit will reside within you.  But first, cast off the chains of this world; die to the things that hold you back and come, follow Me.  I Love you.
Patrick: This sounds good, Jesus.  I wanted to jump up and run out and do exactly as You say.  But, I know self is the greater part of me.  I would say to the blind man, “See...” and he would wonder: “Who is the lunatic who is chattering?...” and he would probably start calling for help.  I have not got the faith to do as You are talking about.
Yes, I know this to be true, My son.  This is the way that you think.  But, I tell you, if you ask anything in My Name, it will be given for you are further along the Path than you believe.  You blind yourself by only seeing your sin and your unworthiness: remove this from your life, turn away from your sin for you no longer need it.
I tell you the Truth that many sin because they believe that that is who they are, it is called complacency.  Wake up and see the Truth of what I say, become a true follower of Mine, have faith and believe for My Path is open to all.  I Died so that you could have freedom.  Believe now, children, believe this day that I have given you the freedom to go forth to all nations and spread the Good News of the Kingdom of your God.
I am Coming, My children, go out and spread the Good News; prepare My Way for I AM COMING.  I Love you.
Patrick: Yes, Jesus, I know what You are saying but, Forgive me, for I am still doubting, I am weak.  I could see myself ending up in prison for hassling some poor sick person.
My son, you will come to trust in Me, you will come to understand the Truth of My Ways.  Take the self that holds you back; destroy it by the Light of My Truth and you shall see miracles before your eyes.
Trust in Me.  I Love you.

My children, look at the Truth of the Words that I speak. Do not just read them and then ignore them as you have done with so many of My Words in the past.
Rise up and see the Truth!  Do not delay any longer for time is short and you have no time left to waste.  I am calling you, My children, to take on these Words and become My Army of Truth.
See what I am saying to you and see what I am offering to all My children. Remember, all it takes is one spark to create a forest fire.
All it will take is one person to walk this Path and in turn many will follow.
I am asking you, My child, as you read these Words to become that spark.
Do not delay, do not wait on your brothers or sisters for I am calling you.
I Love you, My children, and I need your help on this Journey of Truth. I need you to help your brothers and sisters who are in great danger.
I Love you. Come, answer My call, I await.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, there must be some point that we come to when faith, believing, no longer is a problem. I know I believe in You, if I did not I would not put myself through the hassle of fighting against self. Every day is a struggle, so there must be a certain point that we come to where it all clicks into place. I know we could fight against self for the rest of our lives and nothing would ever change. So there must be something.
Yes, My son, if you truly fight against self and overcome the trials that lucifer puts before you then you will prove to Me, in free will, that this is your desire and, both Me and My Father will come and reside within you. This is when true faith will come to you, you will have no doubts and you may ask anything for it will be to the Glory of My Father that you ask it.
Self will be no longer an issue.  Remember when I said within My Scriptures that satan had asked to sift Peter like sand. When the sifting was complete then he became the leader of My Church. You must undergo the trials and, in so doing, you prove to Me and yourself that it is in your own free will that you wish to follow Me on the Journey of Truth.
Remember, many years ago lucifer asked for your brother, you and My House.  You have undergone many trials.  When you overcome one, another one faces you and, in so doing, self is destroyed.
Look back, My son, how many things of this world have ceased to matter to you?  You say it is because you are getting older, I say it is because you have destroyed them in free will.
Patrick: I have noticed that if I had all the money in the world I cannot think of one thing I would want to go and buy for myself, I did think this was rather weird.
Yes, My son, this is a part of what I speak of, the things of this world cease to matter. Their lustre diminishes and finally they fade from your sight. The more you die to self, the less things of this world will matter and then We will walk together in Truth. You will only see My children in My Light.
You will only see My Truth and life itself will cease to matter for you will see the reality, the Truth that it is only life after death that truly matters.  Give up the toils of self and enter into My Kingdom for you are My child and I Love you.
Patrick: I know what You are talking about, Jesus, for I do get glimpses of this.  I do not fear death, I desire to move on into Your Kingdom for I know this is when life truly begins.  I also know it is not my time for I have a job to do before I move on.
Do not worry of the things of this earth for they diminish, decay and disappear.  It is the things of My Kingdom that are reality and truth.
Walk with Me, My children, and do not be afraid for My Kingdom is before you in these Words that you read.  I set the Path clearly before you so that you will know and understand My Ways, My Truth and My Light.
Come, follow Me and know the joys of your God.
Know what I am offering to you within these Words: it is Eternal Life.
Know the joys of seeing your brothers and sisters turn away from their sin and follow in My Footsteps.
This is when you will experience true Peace, knowing that your brothers and sisters are safe in Me.  I Love you, My little ones, and I ask you to come, follow Me.  Open your eyes this day and see the Truth for the Kingdom of your God is before you.  I am the Kingdom.  I Love you.

Sunday 3 April 2011

Look to the Truth, My children, and see the Words that I am speaking; see them in a new light and do not deny the Truth within your hearts any longer. I am calling to you, My children, through these Words to come, follow Me on this Path of Love that I set out before you.
Do not deny the Truth any longer for you know and feel it within your hearts.
Come, hear My calls and begin the Revolution of Love. As each day goes past, this world becomes darker, soon it will not be able to withstand the burden of sin. It will rebel, My children, for everything that I create has a good spirit and the spirit of this earth is suffocating under the burden of sin.
You will see great disasters soon: an earthquake will strike this earth such as has never been seen from the beginning of time. This will signify the beginning of the great rebellion and many disasters will follow in its path. These can be lessened by your love for Me.
Shine your light out into this world.  Let the Truth be heard in the streets; let love be shown and you will appease the burden of sin.
Come, My children, there is little time left before the events that I have spoken of - for many centuries - will come to pass.
I Love you, My little ones, and I need your hands, your feet and your lips in this Work of Salvation.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, I know these are all very beautiful and very helpful Words but I always get the feeling that so few are going to listen to them or take them on.  Rather, I can see them being laughed at.
Do not worry of this, My son, these Words are given as a chance and My children must decide in their free will whether they listen to them or not.  Remember, I have told you I will not force anyone to listen and you must do likewise.  Your job is simply to deliver My Words to My people, I have told you this in the past also.
Do not worry for My Spirit will do the rest.  I will inspire My children who read these Words to come back to Me and then it is up to them as to the choice that they will make.  I desire all My children to be with Me but I will not force them.  Free will is My Gift to the peoples of this earth.  This is a Gift given in Love and cannot be taken away.  I Love you.
Patrick:I just feel it is an uphill struggle for I know many times, when we speak to people, I can feel their hearts hardening and they refuse to let the words enter.  I can see that they know within their hearts if they let the words penetrate they know that they must change their lives and so many are unwilling to do this.  All I have to do is look at myself and see my own unwillingness.
Trust Me, My son, many will come to know and believe in what I say.  Many hearts that have been hardened by this world will crack and My Truth will be known and seen before long.  Trust in Me and simply deliver the Words that I speak into the hands of My people then, you have fulfilled the task that I have given you.  The servant does not question the master, the servant simply waits to know the master’s will and My Will for you, at this time, is that you receive these Words of Mine and give them to My children.  Have faith, My son, for you do not understand the Ways of your God.  Remember, I can see what My Words do when they go into the world.  You would be surprised at how many actually believe in My Words but say nothing.  Trust, for My Words are important, they bring freedom to many of My children.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, I know You do not give dates or times but will it be long before these things that You talk about come to pass?
Read the signs of your times and know the Truth.  You know when you look at this world what is happening, you can see the great apostasy as it begins.  You can see My Truth being smashed on every street corner.  Sin is being advertised as something that is quite natural.  Look and see the Truth: you do not need dates or times if you are willing to look.  Open your eyes and see this world, see how it has went against Me and know that I am not far away.  I Love you.

Do not worry about the things that are to come but rather prepare the Path for My Coming.  I am Coming soon and you must be prepared by the way that you live your lives.  Make the path straight for Me.  Do not be afraid to speak to My children: do not be afraid to show them the Truth by your example.
So many speak My Truth but do not live it and so it does not penetrate the hearts of My people.  You must live My Truth in order to spread it into the dark places of this earth.  Clean and dirty water cannot come from the same pipe and so it is with you.  You cannot live a life of sin and preach My Truth, this is what I am Teaching you at this time.  You must be willing to overcome the sin in your lives so that, when you go out into this world, My children will recognise My Truth within you.  This is how I taught My Disciples.
I taught them how to die to themselves then, I sent them out and many came to believe through what they saw. You must become an empty vessel in order that I may fill you and you in return will give what you received to My people.  Then, you must return to Me in order that I may fill you once again.  You can see this within My Gospels, I went out and ministered to My people then I retreated each evening to a lonely place where My Father could refill Me and each day I gave away what was given to Me.  You must do likewise, you must walk in My Footsteps and then you are truly living a life of truth with Me and My Father.  I Love you.

Look to Love, My children, and do not become downhearted. Always fight for the Truth and know that you are on the winning side.  Do not listen to the lies of this world for it will try to deceive you into thinking that you are on the wrong path.
I tell you, if you are a follower of Mine, your reward shall be great!
If you follow the lies of this world then your reward shall be eternal punishment!
These are Words of Truth for I will not lie to you - I am the Truth, after all.
Believe in Me, My children, believe in My Love for you and you will find true happiness, true freedom in Me. Come, trust in your God and do not be afraid to follow in My Footsteps.
I am Coming soon and this world shall not be able to stand against My Power for the Power of Love is ultimate.
I am the Creator and nothing is impossible to Me.
I ask for your trust.
I ask that you come walk this Path with Me and do not be afraid for My Love is all.
I Love you, My little children, hear My calls in these Words, feel them burn within your heart and come, follow Me.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, You said let your light shine.  How can we do this?  How do we let Your Light shine through us?
It is all about trusting and believing in Me.  When you trust and believe in Me then, you allow Me to enter your soul.
The more that you die to yourself, the more room you give to Me, the greater My Light will shine from you.
The more you come to Me in prayer, the more you allow Me to fill you.
Each day should begin with preparation, asking Me to shine forth from you to those that you meet.  I will touch My children through you if you allow Me. Remember, that self is the block that you must overcome to allow My Light to shine forth.  The more that you allow self to have control, the less My Light will shine.  You always must be willing to look at the Truth in order that self can be overcome.
Patrick: Yes, Jesus, I can see what You mean but I can also see a pitfall in this.  How do we stop ourselves from becoming self-righteous?  You know ‘the holier than thou’ syndrome, this is the other side of the path. One side is complacency and refusing to see the Truth, the other side is being holier than thou, self-righteousness and refusing to see the Truth.  It is very difficult, Jesus.
Humility is the key to following Me.
Do not look upon yourself as being holy but look upon yourself as being a servant of the Truth.
See Jesus as being Holy and all Glory shall be given to Him who is All.
Look at Me, My son, I took nothing for Myself but I give all to My Father who is Holy, you must do likewise.
Be humble in all that you do and see your brothers and sisters as greater than yourself, see Me within everyone that you meet.
If you see Me then you will not feel greater than your brother or sister and so the balance is kept. I see many who enter the Path of My Love and place themselves where I should be.

Patrick: Lord Jesus, I ask You to be with me this day; guide my every footstep in all that I do and say.
Help me become more and more like You every day, so that I do not judge or condemn anyone that I meet, see or think about.
Help me to see You within Your people so that my love will increase for them through You.
Help me to come out of the blindness of self and so enter a new life in You.
I pray this in the Name of Jesus, the only begotten Son of the Father.
All praise and glory to Him who is All.
Trust in Me, My child, and soon you shall see the results of your struggles. Your prayers do not go unanswered. Many times, you think that I do not hear your prayers but, I tell you, no prayer goes unanswered.
Look only to My Truth and I will guide you into the Path that you seek.  Do not worry, child of Mine, the spark is beginning and My Truth will be seen by all mankind.  Struggle on, child of Mine, and do not allow your doubts or worries to come between Us.  Trust in Me and trust in My Love for you. I have not lied to you. You can feel as the years of self begin to break, a new life begins in Me.

Patrick: Jesus, You speak many beautiful Words.  Many of them I don’t understand, others, I think to myself, are You talking to the right person?
Look in Truth, My son, can you not feel the world stretch before you?  Can you not feel My people?  This is only a spark of My Love, My Truth, as it grows, so shall your understanding.  Do not diminish its Light.  I Love you.
Patrick: The more I have spoken to Jesus over these past weeks, the more I seem to be beginning to understand what He is talking about.  I can see that we humans do not really listen to what we hear or read, we only take the bits that suit our lives, what we feel comfortable with.  We do not really take on the Words of Jesus, that is why I end up with my ‘three day wonder.’ I only take on what I want to hear but, if I was to take on everything that I heard, I would cease to have a three day wonder.
Rather than starting out with great joy in our hearts and wanting to do what Jesus is asking, within three days, it is all faded and we are back to our old ways again.
I see that, in the struggle of dying to self, we must begin in small ways, we must not overpower ourselves with things that we will not be able to keep. Start off with small things, like when we see someone in the street, ask Jesus in silent prayer to Bless that person. We should try offering small sacrifices up, such as not having a cup of tea, coffee, a sandwich, a bun, not gossiping or, say, looking at people with judgement or sexual thoughts. These are all small sacrifices, things that will help us die to ourselves.
If we start off with small things then we will not become overwhelmed and fall back into our old ways. Each day should be a new day and it should be started by asking Jesus to give us the opportunity to let His Light flow through us to others this day.
I know I have fallen into sin many times along this journey and, I thank Jesus that I am able to look and see my sin for I realise I cannot judge or condemn anybody. I am a sinner and I thank God I am for, He said, I come to save the sinner not the righteous for a righteous man cannot see his own sins.
We all need to look at the truth within our lives and stop telling ourselves lies. It does not matter what we have done, Jesus has already paid the Price when He Died on Calvary. It is time for us followers of Jesus to wake up and see the Truth. If we truly want to follow Him, then we need to begin and do what He has asked of us. We need to begin dying to ourselves and remove the sin from our lives.
Yes, we are human and we will fall many times but, what Jesus is asking of us is that we get up right away and continue on the Journey that He is asking of us. When we fall into sin, we have a habit of feeling guilty and sorry for ourselves and we wander away from Him in our guilt. Then we return and try again and do the same thing all over again.
What Jesus is saying to us is that we must get up right away, do not allow ourselves to wander. Yes, we all know it will be a constant struggle to do what He is asking but life is a struggle anyway.  So we might as well struggle for the Truth, for Jesus. He Died for us, so He is worth it. Our struggles will gain us Eternal Life.
When we look back at our lives on this earth, they are so short. The years pass so quickly and we have wasted so much time. Now is the time to get up and begin to Work for Jesus in the Work of Salvation.
I will tell you the Truth, I have never found it as hard to listen for any group of Messages in all the years that I have been receiving. So, obviously, lucifer does not want these Words to go out, he must feel a great danger from them. It is up to us what we do with these Words for I am sure Jesus is paying a great Price for giving them to us.
We simply have to begin. Not tomorrow or the next day but NOW for we do not know even if we will be here tomorrow, we do not know when our souls will be required to stand before Jesus. So we must begin this Journey of Truth that Jesus is asking of us. As He has said, so many of our brothers and sisters in this world are depending upon us to help bring them out of the darkness and into the Light.
Just think of the joy we will feel when we die, when we see the people that we have been responsible for getting into Heaven! The more we do, the more we offer, the more we sacrifice, the more people we will be responsible for and, as Jesus says, we have little time left to do this.
Let us love Jesus by loving all whom we meet; let’s begin to see Jesus within the hearts of all men.
I love you all and I will be praying for you. Please pray for Patrick and myself that we fulfil whatever Jesus is asking of us. We can do this for there is strength in numbers; we all will be able to hold one another up through our prayers and sacrifice.
Truth is what I am calling you to, My children.  I wish you to follow Me in truth; do not hold back any longer but come, follow Me and We, together, shall create a great Light of Truth within this world and the darkness shall diminish. No darkness can stand before the Light.
Come, My little ones, let Us begin the Revolution of Love.
Let it be known that My Truth lives in the hearts of My people.
Let the unbelievers see and wonder at what you have found.
In doing this, you will draw them towards the Light and they, too, will have a chance to join you on this Journey of Truth.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, so many people ask the question, what is Heaven like? Is it an actual place? Do we have bodies? What will we do there? You are the best Person to answer this, seeing as I have never been there.
The Kingdom of Heaven is as you see, it is My Heart, My Love, My Truth and My Joy. Yes, it is a place more real than the earth that you live on. Its beauty cannot be described in the words of man for there is nothing within your world to compare it to.
Heaven is a place of timelessness; it is a place where you shall feel joy for all eternity and marvel at the wonders of your God. I cannot describe My Kingdom to you for, as I have said, there are no words or comparisons that will explain My Kingdom but, you shall never know fear, pain, anger, untruth or boredom. You will have true knowledge and, yes, your bodies are real within My Kingdom.
Flesh is not real, children, it decays and disappears.
Within My Kingdom you will never grow old or have no sickness.
It is a place of Truth.
It is a place of no beginning and no end.
It is eternal as I am eternal.
These things you cannot understand in your limited knowledge. So, as you see, I cannot explain My Kingdom to you. All I can say is that you will know perfect Peace and Joy for My Love will surround you and fill you.
My only desire is that you be with Me in My Kingdom where We, together, shall rejoice in the Love of Our Father.
You cannot imagine the wonders that await you, My children. I could speak volumes upon volumes in your words but still never describe one blade of grass or one grain of sand within the Kingdom of Our Father. Rejoice, My little ones, and come, follow Me and know the Joys of Eternal Life. I Love you.
Patrick: I can’t wait to get there, Jesus.
I promise you, one day you and your brother will walk within My Heart; you shall know its wonders and its joys; you shall be at Peace, My sons, but, first, I need you to fulfil the task that I have set you for many of My little ones depend upon your yes to Me.  I Love you.

Trust in Me, My son, trust in your God and allow Me to speak through you, We have still much to do. Begin to trust in Me more and do not allow yourself to be taken from Me for I must speak. You still allow things to take you away. Trust Me and fight through the barriers that are set against you. Do not allow yourself to become downhearted. It is I who speak to you; fight, My son, give Me the time that is needed. I Love you.
Patrick: I know, Jesus, I allow myself to be taken away from the writing. I am finding it more and more difficult to fight. To tell you the truth, I’d rather do anything at this time than come and listen. I know that sounds terrible but it is the truth. Although, within me, there is a great desire to listen, it is like looking at a piece of shiny metal, you want to touch it but, you realise it is red hot when you go near it and it will cost you pain to touch it.
Trust in Me, My son, and allow Me to speak; you can fight through this, it is the balance of free will. The spirits place blocks in order to keep you away from Me; you must fight through them in order to listen. Do not forget that all must be kept in balance. I will not go against free will, the decision is yours, My son, but I can see the desire within your heart and, if you are to fulfil the task that I have set before you, you must fight. I Love you, My little son, and I am trusting you to do this for Me. I Love you.
Patrick: I know I whinge in my weakness of self, Jesus, but, at the end of the day, I will listen because You are All and, if I don’t listen, the people will not hear Your Words and I could be responsible for the spiritual deaths of some of Your children. I think I am like the second son; I will complain and moan but, at the end of the day, I will try my best to do it. Well, I will try.
Trust in Me, My son, for My Love for you is great and I can see the desires of your heart. You would find it much easier, My son, if you came to Me more in quiet prayer so that I could strengthen you. Do this for Me and you will find the struggles become a lot easier. Be at peace and fight for the Truth.  I Love you.

Patrick: Jesus, do You want to speak?
Look at the Truth, My children, and do not hide from it. Open your hearts to Me so that I may begin to Teach you the Way of Truth. If you do not open your hearts then you will only deceive yourself and not be truly following Me.
In order to follow Me, you must be willing to look within and find the desires of self. These are the blocks that hold you away from Me.
Come, My little children, let Me take you upon this Journey of Truth so that you may see the wonders of following Me. You will never know boredom, My little ones, on this Journey. Your life will be full of My Presence as I Teach you the Ways of Truth. Begin, My little ones, by saying your ‘yes’ to Me and then see what holds you back from Me. I will help you in this, My children, for it will be a struggle. For self will rebel and try to turn you away from this Path of Mine. I Love you, My little children, and I am calling you this day to the Truth. I Love you.

My Love is not a game, children. I ask you to look at your lives in Me and ask yourselves: are you really trying to die to self?
So many who say that they follow Me, say they are trying but they are deceiving themselves for they refuse to look at the truth within. I call you, children, to wake up and see the Truth of My Words. Look at your lives in truth and stop playing games.
Stop deceiving yourselves, see the Truth! I am Coming!
Will you be ready or will you be among the blind of heart?
Come, My little ones, I am calling out to you while there is still time. I Love you. Will you take on these Words that I speak or will you remain in the blindness of self? Come, I ask you to simply look at the Truth. I Love you, My children, I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: I was watching a program on the television about what was done to the Jews and the Gypsies in the Second World War. I was totally horrified to see how men could become so blind that they could treat other people like animals. It hurt my heart so much to hear how children were herded into pits with their parents and how men murdered them like animals as they called out for their mummies and daddies.
Some eye witnesses and a soldier who took part in the shootings spoke about what went on. Townspeople would gather at these places in order to get the clothes of the dead. I felt so sorry for those who watched and those who were being shot. I am sure that those who were being shot would enjoy the glories of Eternal Life whereas those who were doing and watching were so blinded by the lies of lucifer that if they didn’t repent they were walking headlong into the fires of hell. They thought they were exterminating the Jews and the Gypsies but, what they were really doing, was exterminating themselves by their actions.
It is horrible to think of what one man can do to another. It goes beyond thinking that you can justify murdering children like this while they called out for their parents. How would anybody be able to live with themselves afterwards? Some of those who were there and spoke about it, I saw no remorse within them, they were still blind to the truth of what they took part in. They were still lying to themselves.
It is simple, they refused to listen to Me and My Truth and so lucifer entered their hearts and so you have seen what man can become if he does not fight against self. I have Warned this world but they refuse to listen to Me.
Look at the Truth of what is happening in your time. Your children are being murdered in factories of death (abortion clinics). You murder your children with different forms of contraception, with what you call the ‘morning after’ pill. The old and young are being murdered in your hospitals to save money.
Remember, I can see what is going on. Those who were murdered in the war that you speak of are only a fraction compared to those who are being murdered now. Many millions cry out to Me each day. See the Truth: you live in a world of darkness where the young, the innocent, are not safe from their own parents and you say that you live in the modern times? I say you live in the ‘Times of Blood’ where life is destroyed in lies that most of My people accept.

Who stands up for the Truth?
Who will speak out?
Where are My cardinals, My bishops, My priests, My nuns, My brothers and you, My people?
Why are you not speaking out against the murder of the innocent?
You should be crying out from My altars and telling My people the Truth.
Stop preaching the lies of self.
I listen to your sermons and I hear little Truth; you use My Scripture for something to hide behind so that you do not have to talk about the danger of sin. You blaspheme against My Love by telling My people that I Love them, you do this in order not to speak about Truth, you are cowards in My sight.
My Love is also My Justice. I will not accept sin in My Kingdom. Do not tell My people that I am an all Loving, all Forgiving God; rather, tell them that they must repent of their sin in order to come to Me, this is Truth.
My sons and My daughters, you will answer for your lies!
You call yourselves leaders of My Church, I call you liars and deceivers.
You deceive yourselves with your lies and you deceive My people.
You are driving My people through the gates of hell with your false teachings.
Tell My people the Truth, tell them hell is real, that lucifer is real.
Tell them the danger of sin and stop the murder of the innocent.
Cry out from My altars and save My people and yourselves for, if you do not repent of your evil ways, you will have no place in My Kingdom.
Trust in Me and do not worry what this world will think of you. Stand up for the Truth, you can never be in disobedience when you are standing up for the Truth.
Look at the Laws of My Church, is this not what is written?
I do not ask you to go against My Laws but, rather, I ask you to start living them, instead of hiding behind them.
I am Coming soon and you are not prepared, My sons and My daughters (cardinals, bishops, priests, brothers and nuns), I tell you NOW, to prepare by the way that you live your lives.
Come away from the darkness of self, the lies of lucifer and come, follow Me.
Speak out and let My people know the Truth for you have hidden My Light from them too long.
Come, let My Church ring out with Truth, be My followers and come, walk in My Footsteps.
Yes, this world will hate you for speaking the Truth for it first hated Me.
They will crucify you but you will be walking with Me and your reward will be great.
You will rejoice in the Kingdom of Our Father.
Come and listen to My Words and be the priests and daughters of Love that I have called you to be within the Law of My Church.
My daughters, be the teachers of the Truth, turn away from self and let My people know the Truth. Put your habits back on and be an example to My people, do not hide your light.
My sons, put your priestly robes back on and be an example, do not hide your light.  My people need you, come now, and listen to My Words.
I Love you and I need your help in this Work of Salvation. My people are dying, they are being lost to the eternal fires of hell because of your silence. Speak out now and guide My people away from sin and so into the Kingdom of Our Father.
Hear My call this day and do not ignore Me any longer for you know the Truth within your hearts. You know I speak the Truth: do not ignore it.
I am Coming soon, wake up and see what is happening before it is too late. I am Coming. I Love you.
Patrick: In this Message, I felt that Jesus was angry a bout the lies that are being preached from the altars within His Church. I felt that He was saying they are places of Truth, where the Truth must be spoken, no matter who likes it. He is saying that the Church should be crying out - with no exception: pope, cardinals, bishops, priests, brothers, nuns and laity and this is the same for all Christian denominations - all should be crying out in one voice from every country of this world and telling the people the Truth about abortion, about the murder of the innocent.
The Church has the power to speak out but remains silent. I could see as Jesus gave these Words, that it was a place full of men and women who only look out for themselves. I could see that they were cowards and are unwilling to speak out against abortion, against the lies of this world because they are worried about what the media would say. They are worried about what this world will think of them.
I could see that there are very few within the Church who truly follow Jesus for it is overrun with the lies of lucifer. I could also see great devastation coming to the Church, that it would suffer greatly for its lies. It is as if I could see a ball, the outer three quarters of this ball was dark, becoming like a black fungus. But, in the centre it was pure light.
Jesus was showing me that this was the Church and that He was Coming to remove the fungus.  It was the evil that man had accepted into his own life but the centre of the ball was the true Church, the part of the Church that Jesus said the gates of hell shall never prevail against.
In my own words, I have to say, if you are a priest or a nun, it is time to wake up and see the Truth.  It is time to see that our lives matter little for they are so short.  If we are given a job to preach the Truth, then that is what we must do.  It does not matter what we have done or what we have said, Jesus has Died for it and we can be Forgiven.
What He is asking is, that we get back up right away and start to tell the people of this earth the Truth before it is too late.
I could see that we are standing at the brink of a great cleansing.
I could see that Jesus is Coming.
I could see that the Armies of Heaven are ready to be released and bring Justice to this earth.

I do not care whether you believe in the two Patricks for we are only like postmen; we are given a Message to deliver, we have no say in what the receiver does with the Message, our job is fulfilled once we deliver it.  But, if you read these Words, do not ignore them for we all are in great danger of eternal damnation.  So many are falling into the fires of hell in this time because of the denial of Truth.
Jesus, when He walked this earth, cast out demons.  He spoke about lucifer and hell, is He a liar?  I hear of so many priests and nuns saying that they do not believe in the existence of demons or hell.  I say you only say this to justify the sin in your own lives; you are blinding yourselves, you are allowing the very things you say that you do not believe in to control you.
Wake up and see the Truth before it is too late: Jesus needs you.  His people are dying; your brothers and sisters are dying and it is as if you are at the other end of the gun pulling the trigger. I know these words are harsh but they are truth.
Look around you at this world: money, sex, property, self has become the god of this time that we live in.
Remember, we all must die and that is when Life begins, as soon as this trial that we live in now is over, New Life in abundance will begin.
I beg of you, help Jesus in this Work, as I say, you do not have to listen to us.  Go and read the Scriptures; Messages are only signposts, pointing back to what already has been given within the Church, there are no new revelations.  We can find everything we need within the Scriptures, within the Catechism.
Help Jesus save His children from eternal death, there is little time left.  I know that most of you will not believe these Words but, I ask you, to look around you, read the signs of our times and then help Gods people.
Jesus showed me in these Words that what happened in the Second World War is nothing compared to what is happening in every city and town and village in this world.  His people are being slaughtered by the millions, not only in the flesh but spiritually.  His people are being murdered because of the lack of Truth.
I beg you, stand up and speak the Truth, let the people know about sin and its consequences.  Do not hide your light any longer but speak out.  What does it matter what people think of us, it is impossible to please everyone and people are always going to talk about us behind our backs anyway.  There is only one Person that we can trust and will never speak behind our backs and that is Jesus, our Leader, our Master, our Boss and our God.  He is Everything and deserving of everything that we can give to Him and He wants all of us to help His children who are being slaughtered in this world.

Patrick: Jesus, why do You put up with us?  We go against everything that You have asked of us.  We never seem to listen or take on what You say to us.  I know by the way that You are speaking, everyone on this earth should have come to know You by now.  What are there? Nearly seven billion people on this earth and only one billion are Christians.
It looks as though we have fallen down badly on promoting Your Truth throughout the world.  I can see, through You, what the Truth is.  Your Church has become stagnant, it only thinks of itself, it is, as it says within Scripture, in the last days, man will hold on to the outward form of holiness, yet deny its power.  The church of our time denies Your Power.  In fact, they basically deny everything spiritual, very few of them believe in miracles, prophesies, visions, the devil, evil spirits.  They don’t even believe that You created miracles, they say that You did not feed the five thousand but, You taught people to share their food; that You did not walk on water, that You walked in a shallow place.  Yet, they call themselves Christians; they are more like anti-Christian if truth be told.
People call us false because we speak out against the lies within the Church and its false teachings.  But, I suppose, Jesus, people called You false because You spoke out against the lies in the church of Your time when You walked this earth.
What difference is there now? The bishops, priests and nuns are crucifying You all over again.  They say they stand up for the Truth. I, personally, have never seen many of them stand up for the Truth.  The ones that do stand up for the Truth are silenced, or stuck into some parish in the middle of nowhere where very few will hear their words of Truth.
Nuns, as you have shown us, the biggest majority of these are a disgrace, they are feminists looking only to themselves and what they can gain.  They have taken their habits off in favour of the things of this world. They are not followers of You, Jesus, they are followers of self, they only use You for the wage, the money, that the order provides for them to live their selfish lifestyle.
You can say that I am judging, I simply speak what I am shown.  I thank God that I am only a servant for, if I was the master, I would take a cord and beat you out of the convents for you are liars and cheats and you use Jesus for your own means.
Wake up and see the Truth for He is Coming and you will pay the price for your lies! Go back to Scripture and read the Truth, read the Catechism, read the Laws of the Church.
I do not talk about your perverted feminist bibles, catechism, laws, that you have changed in order to suit yourselves. Wake up and see the Truth before it is too late.  You are heretics!
While you argue for your feminism, your brothers and sisters are dying.  I do not only talk about in the flesh but, more importantly, their souls are being thrown into hell because you are not shining your light.  You can say that I am unfair in what I speak, so what, life is not fair when it is taken away from you in your mother’s womb; life is not fair when you are lied to off the altars of Jesus Christ; life is not fair when you need a priest or a nun to speak to and they sit and tell you their lies, untruths, false doctrines and you end up in hell because you were led on the wrong path by the supposed servants of God.  This is what I would call unfair.

The truth is, when we die, will Jesus say, when He reads the fifth Commandment, thou shalt not kill: you are guilty, you have been responsible for the deaths of many of My children: go depart from Me, I never knew you.
I speak harsh words for you and myself for I am human, I am a sinner and I need harsh words to wake me up also.
Come, sisters of the light, do not hide your light, think of the time when you wanted to become a nun and how your heart burned for the Love of Jesus.  Think back and reclaim that Love and begin to follow Him in Truth; do not worry what the others think of you within your order for, if you become the spark, Jesus will be able to shine His Light through you and the others shall follow.
The most important thing is, that we all see each other in Heaven and that we see thousands, no, millions, that we have been responsible in helping to get there also.
Come, my brothers and sisters (priests and nuns), stand up for the Truth, fight against self and be humble in the sight of our God.
Allow Him to spread His Light through you, just as you agreed to when you took on your vows.
Do not hide your light any longer for the people of God are suffering greatly.
Look around you and see the Truth, you are not blind.
The truth is we are all afraid to step out into the unknown, we all want to but we are afraid.
Come, let us do this for Jesus: begin by little sacrifices and prayer and we will all find strength in knowing that we need to do this for Jesus and that we are not alone in this Battle. He Suffered and Died for us so that we could have Eternal Life, let us prove to Him that we are worthy of the Great Sacrifice that He Suffered for us.  Let us raise the banners of love and walk forward into this war for the enemy will not be able to stand before us, for, love cuts through all darkness.
Love is Truth and Truth is our God for He is all Love and we can do this for Him.
I love you, my brothers and sisters, and I beg you this day to stand up and be counted in the Battle of Love that is before us.  So many are depending upon your ‘yes’ to Jesus.
Come, take that first step into the unknown and life will become very, very exciting in Jesus.
Monks, brothers and priests, within your orders, look at yourselves.
Look at the Truth, in your wisdom: your orders are dying.
You have become so learned and wise that you have thrown Jesus out of your monasteries.
Look at the Truth: why are there very few who wish to join you?
Your members are growing old and dying; who is going to take your place?
Your light has ceased to shine and so no one feels the calling to come and join you.
It is time to wake up and see the Truth: turn your backs on this world and begin to see Jesus, once again.
Monasteries and convents are so, so important: they are the power houses of prayer, the fuel that the Church needs in order to fight against lucifer and his demons.
he has attacked you and you have fallen under his spell.
It is time to wake up and stride forward into battle.
It does matter if you think you are too poor or sick or old; offer all to Jesus and He can use it for the good.
We are calling out to all the members of God to raise your standards and come, march into the Battle of Truth; a Battle with the weapons of Love, Joy, faith and trust in Jesus Christ, our Saviour.
We do not want you to follow us, the two Patricks, we are not looking for followers.
We are looking for people to follow Jesus, follow in His Footsteps and rise up in the Revolution of Love.
We are asking that you start to shine the light from your monasteries and they will grow, they will be reborn, once again.
Speak the Truth: tell the people about the danger of sin, do not brush sin under the carpet for the people of God must know the danger that they are in.
Begin to believe and you will see miracles just as the Apostles and the disciples of God saw miracles.  The Power of God is not dead: it is, we, the people of God, who have been blinded by the materialism of the world but now it is time to show this world that Jesus is always in us, His people.
This is a calling to you, His chosen, to wake up and see the Truth: take up the arms of love and let His people feel the priests of Truth flow from His Church once again.
Do not accept sin for sin is darkness and it leads to eternal death.
Do not be responsible for the deaths of your brothers and sisters, you have been given a position of trust within the House of our God; use it for His good and not the good of yourselves.
Come, listen to these Words for they are not my words, they have been placed within me by our Master, Jesus.
They are a wakeup call for all of us.
Let them burn within your heart and let Jesus know that you are with Him.
Remember, we are not calling you to us.
We are calling you to Jesus.
We are not asking you to contact us for we are nothing, we are only Messengers.
When you read this Message, contact Jesus within your hearts, throw open the doors and let His Light shine forth from you.
Read the signs of our times and see that He is close at hand.
It is time to prepare the Path for His Coming, the great apostasy has begun and the Truth of Jesus is being removed from our Church.  The Scriptures are being changed, the Sacraments are being watered down, the Truth is no longer spoken about from the altars of God, sin is being accepted as normal.
Do not wait any longer, do not allow yourself to be sucked any deeper into the darkness, the lies of lucifer.
lucifer is real and you know this within your heart, I do not need to tell you. Look, Jesus spoke about him within the Scriptures.  Are you going to call Jesus a liar?
I know that he is real for he torments me every step of the way but I will not turn from this Path for Heaven is my Home and I mean to get there. Jesus has given us a job and we will fulfil it to the best of our ability or die in the attempt. This world and its ways have no hold on me, my only true desire is that I look forward to the day of my death; it is like looking forward to going on holiday, it is exciting to think of passing through the veil and coming Face-to-face with my Lord, my God and my Saviour. On that day I shall kneel before Him and accept whatever He says.
If what this world says about us is true, that we are false then, on the Day of Judgement, I will gladly accept the Justice of my God for His Justice is Holy and it will give me great joy to accept it. But we will not stop what we are doing for we know the Truth, we know that these Words are not ours for we are not holy people, we are sinners. And I, personally, I am not a writer. If I tried to write a letter, it takes me hours and I have to get help in putting it together. But these words flow like water from a pipe; I do not have to worry or wonder do they fit together or make sense; I simply wonder at the Words and know that they are not from me for I am too uneducated when it comes to grammar to be able to do this. Patrick corrects them for me and puts commas and full stops in for these are beyond me and Jesus does not tell me where to put them.
But, I beg you to please listen and look at the Truth of Scripture, do not dilute it with the knowledge of this world. Be like a little child and, what you read within Scripture, simply believe that and you will walk the Path of Truth.  You are needed: you are very important in the Battle of Love; you have been chosen by Jesus to be within His Church at this time of His Coming.  Please do not reject Him!
I am Coming, My children, and I am Coming soon. Believe and trust in these Words for they are My Words given to you as a calling to stand up for the Truth. They are Words of Life and they are given as a chance for you to return to Me, do not reject them but, rather, lift the Banner of Love and come, march with Me into this world of darkness so that I can spread My Light, My Love, through you to My fallen children.
Let Me guide My little ones to safety.  Be beacons of Truth so that My children will be able to see the way back through you.
Come, My beloved, let Me guide you into the safety of My Heart where you shall be strengthened and you shall come to know Me once again and My Truth shall flow forth from you.
Let Me heal your wounds;
let Me wash away the scars of this world so that My Truth can flow freely from you.
I Love you, My sons and daughters, and I am calling to you.
Take these Words to prayer and let them burn within your heart, let the Fire of My Love ignite and you shall know the Truth; your doubts shall be washed away and My Love shall flow freely.  I Love you, My little children, I Love you, hear My calls.  I Love you.

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Look to the Truth and do not be afraid, My children.  I am calling you to look at your lives, do not hide from Me any longer.  Too long you have hidden from Me in the sin of this world.  Too long you have allowed yourselves to be controlled by the lies of self.
Self is your enemy.  It is self that listens to the lies of lucifer and so must be overcome.  In order to overcome self, you must discipline it.  You must never allow self freedom for, if you do, self will control you and so you shall be lost to Me.  Self is the knowledge that Adam and Eve gained within the Garden of Paradise.  When they ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, they gained the knowledge of evil and so this is what must be controlled.  This part of man only thinks of self and what it wants, it will never look to the good of others.  It will never see greed, wrongdoing or sin.
Self, if given freedom, will take control and justify its actions and become blind to the Ways of your God.
Look, My little ones, I show you the True Path, do not allow yourselves to be blinded or turned away from these Words by self.  Self will rebel against My Words, you will feel the turmoil within yourself, it will laugh and convince you not to follow Me but to follow the way of the world.
Look at the Truth of the Words that I am speaking and you will understand that self must be overcome.  I have called you to die to self.  I have told you that you must live in the world but not be a part of the world.  Self is your enemy, My little ones, do not justify yourselves but begin to discipline self like a child.  If you are willing, self can be controlled and have no power over you.  Trust in Me, trust in My Words and you will realise that you can do anything through Me.  I Love you.
Patrick: Many people believe in these Words, there are many more that don’t and some don’t know what to think.  There have been so many who have doubted and walked away from them because of our stance on the pope.  I know so many people want to ask this question for it is a stumbling block to so many.  I myself doubt so many times because we call ourselves Roman Catholics yet we do not believe in this head of the Church; it does not make sense.  But every time I look into Ratzinger’s eyes, I cannot see my God.  I do not see His Light and this is what convinces me that we are not on the wrong path.  I know, Jesus, You have spoken and said wait and see.  Is there anything else that You can tell us?
My son, do not doubt but rather look at My Church.
Where are its leaders?
Where are those that have said that they would follow Me and guide My flock?
Where is the Truth that they are supposed to guide My people with?
My Church is dying because of lack of Truth, where is its leader?
Should he not be speaking out against the abomination of sin that has entered My Church?
Wake up, My little ones, and see the Truth of what is truly happening. I can see your hearts, I can see that you do not want to follow Me if it will cause you hardship. I do not retract My Words; this man that sits upon the Throne of My Peter does not teach My Truth.  I see what he does behind closed doors; I can see the untruth that he pollutes My Church with.
I have told you to wait and see; do not wait too long, children, for you, too, shall be drawn into his deceit and be lost to Me.

Truth is what I speak and Truth is what I have given through all My Prophets, Messengers and Visionaries.  But where are they?
They have went against the Message that I have given to them because they are not willing to stand up for the Truth.  They have denied the Words that I have given to them over many years because they are afraid to stand up for Me.  They are afraid of what this world may think of them.
You, My sons, do not be afraid for, I have told you that you will stand alone.  It does not matter what this world thinks of you, it matters what I think of you, My children, for I am the Gateway into the Kingdom of My Father.  Open your eyes and see the Truth; read the signs of your times and do not sit in blindness because of your fear.  I have spoken these Words to you many times in the past and you have ignored them.

Look at My Church: look how it festers and rots under the burden of sin yet, its leaders do nothing to stop it. They cower in their mansions and are afraid to speak the Truth because of the lies that they have

allowed themselves to be surrounded with.  They fear the media, they fear the world and what it thinks and allow My Church to be drawn ever deeper into the darkness of sin.
Stand up and be counted, children of Mine, pray for these weak men that they will turn away from their evil ways and see the Truth and come, follow Me.  I Love you, My little ones, and I will not deny you the Truth of the times that you live in.  See, you have entered the time of the great apostasy where My Truth is being torn asunder.  Stand up and fight for the Truth; be the soldiers of the Light that I have called you to be.  I Love you, My little ones, I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, this definitely is not going to go down well with a lot of people. I know You speak directly when You are calling us away from sin but will these Words not push Your people further away?
I speak Truth to all My children so that they will know.
I do not force anyone to believe in the Words that I speak.
All I ask is that you look and see for yourselves what is happening and then look again at My Words.
You are in the time of great darkness where lucifer has entered My Church and tries to destroy it from within.
What other Words can I give?
I cannot appease anyone with untruth.
If you do not like the Words that I speak then you must ask yourselves the question why?
Why are you unwilling to look at the Truth?
Why are you unwilling to look around this world and see what is happening?
Why are you unwilling to look at your own lives and see the Truth?
Look at these questions, find the answers within your hearts and then look at My Church.
Where are My Teachings?
Where is My Truth?
Are My children being taught that they must first die to themselves in order to help others?
Are My children being taught the dangers of sin?
Where are My Commandments?
Are they being taught within My Churches?
Where is humility?
Where is self-sacrifice?
Where is My Love?
Do you love your enemy?
Do you do good to those that persecute you?
Do you feed the hungry?
Do you clothe the naked?
Do you give the thirsty a drink of water?
Where are all My Teachings?
All I see is a church of self where those who try to stand up for My Truth are persecuted.  Those of My sons, My priests, who still follow Me live a life of persecution from those who would say that they are My followers. The leaders of My Church are polluted with self and can only see their own desires.  I speak Words of Truth in the hope that some will turn away from self and come, follow Me.  I do not try to appease self with soft words for self will only lead you into the fires of hell.  I speak Truth and do not try to appease the conscience of anyone who is unwilling to see.
So, as you see, it does not matter what My children think of you, it simply matters that they have the chance to see the Truth and so turn away from the evils of this world and come, follow Me.
It is simple, if you are willing to look, you will see the Truth. If you are not willing to look, you will not see the Truth and so you will walk away from the Truth.
You are a Messenger: I give you the Message and you must simply deliver it.  It is nothing to do with you what the recipient of the Message does with it.
So do not worry what My children think for I am in control of this part.
I know the Words to speak that will break through self.
Yes, many will run away but you must remember the parable of the prodigal son.  Many will run into this world and there they shall find the truth and so return to Me.  So, you see, you must not worry for I am in control and will do all in My Power to help My children without breaking the bounds of free will.  Trust in Me and trust in the Words that I give to you.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, I can feel myself drifting away from You again.  No matter how hard I try, I seem to still drift from You.  It is the same as if you are trying to concentrate on something and the next thing you have drifted off into a daydream and are no longer concentrating on what you want to. How do we ever stop this from happening? Or, is it something that we just have to fight through.
As I have said, My son, the more you fight, the easier it will become.  You must discipline your body in order to keep it upon the Path.  If you have no discipline in your life, then you shall be disorganised and unsure.  You must find discipline and stick to it. The more that you discipline yourself, the easier you will find it to follow Me. When you fast, try with all your heart to complete it.  This is discipline.  When you set a time for prayer do not be one minute late.
Do this with everything in your life for, through discipline, self can be controlled.  Self is like a child, it is always struggling to break free but, like a child, when it learns discipline, it will be obedient to your will.  If you give it freedom, it will take control of you and your life will become confused and burdensome.
I am simply asking that you all wake up and see the Truth and know that when you follow Me, you are in a spiritual battle.  When you are a part of the world, the spirits do not need to battle against you for you will fall deeper into the darkness and self will guide you into this.  But, when you put your foot on the Path of Truth, it is as if you have walked into the Light and the spirits will rush in and try to extinguish the Light.  I Love you.

Patrick: I find it so hard, Jesus, and I feel as though I am always complaining. I want to come to You but, still everything seems to be getting in my way. I think I have to do this and I have to do that, they are all very small things and some are important but they do seem to stop me from coming to You. I know it is self, I know, as You have said in these Words, that lucifer does not want me to come to You and so I must still be listening to his inspirations. I do not notice myself doing this but obviously I am.
Look at the Truth, My son, and do not be afraid. I have called you many times and you have not listened; it is because you allow the doubts to stop you. So it is you that are finding the things to do in order not to come to Me. You must begin to trust in Me and believe in the Words that I speak. I am speaking to you, My son, you can see this to be true for you know you would not be capable of writing these Words yourself.
Believe, My son, believe that I am speaking to you and believe in the Words that I give to you and you will be able to come to Me. Wake up, little one, and see the Truth: your God is before you and it is He who is Teaching you the Ways of Truth. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I will try harder. I know the doubts You are talking about. I do not want to come for, I think to myself, what will We talk about now and then I cannot think of anything to talk about and so I am afraid of coming. It is as if I cannot think of anything to make up. So, I am doubting that You are talking to me. I will try harder and try to block these doubts.
Jesus, here is a question. I think You have answered it in the past but it is a question that so many people ask of us. There are a number of Prophets in this world that receive Messages and in these Messages they are saying, that You are saying that we must store up food, candles, fuel, etc, for the times to come. Is it You that are giving these people these Messages or is it self?
My son, as I have spoken in these Words, many of My Messengers have twisted My Words. Why would I tell anyone to store the wealth of this world?
If you have surplus, I tell you to give it to those that have none. Why would you store the material goods of this world when this night your soul may be required of you and so they will rot and be of no use to you.
Remember, children, that I have created each one of you and placed you within this world in order to help one another. If you have been placed in a position of material wealth, it is up to you to help your brothers and sisters with this.
Do not keep it for yourselves when there are those who are dying of hunger, when there are those in great need.
If you have been placed within spiritual wealth then, it is up to you to give to those who have nothing.
Do not sit in your prayer meetings and store up My Graces when there are those that are in need.
Wake up, My little ones, and see the Truth. I am a God of Love and I expect you to be likewise, if you are My followers.
Do not think of self but only look to the good of others and then you shall know Peace.
You shall know My Peace, My Joy, My Love.
Trust in Me, My little ones. I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, is there anything that You wish to speak about?
I wish to speak about My Love for you and My children.
Look, My beloved, I have come to this world to give you New Life, New Life in Me.
I have come with an outstretched Hand to bring you into the safety of My Heart.
Do not reject Me; do not reject My Love for you.
I am a God of Love.
I will not force you, My children, to follow Me.
I have given you freedom to choose what you wish to do but you are forcing My Hand in Justice.
You have polluted this earth with your sin to the extent that, those who are being born now, will not have the freedom for their minds will be polluted with the sin of this world.
I cannot allow this: it goes against the bounds of free will and so My Justice will visit this earth and it shall be cleansed of sin.
Turn away, children of Mine, turn away from the sin of this world.
Do not accept it into your lives for that is what the media of this world is advertising.
It is advertising the acceptance of sin.
The media and the governments of this world are now controlled by lucifer.
If you are willing to open your eyes and look you will see this for yourselves.
Their laws have become polluted with self and lead only to sin.
They force you into things that go against the Laws of your God.

Now listen, mankind, for I am Coming, I, Yahweh Sabaoth, God of War, God of Justice, I stand before you this day and Warn you that your days are numbered. I give you a time of repentance, I give you a time to turn away from your evil ways. If you do not, then I shall strike this earth and all who are against Me shall be removed. You shall have nowhere to hide for you shall no longer pollute My creation with your lies, your sin. Be Warned this day that I am Coming.
Patrick: Jesus, You said You wanted to speak about Love and You are Coming as a God of War, God of Justice?
Yes, My son, I am a God of Love and I Come to make war on the evil of this earth.
I will strike this earth with My Justice and cleanse all evil from it.
My little ones who are being born now are being born into families that have been deceived by the lies of this world.
They have not been given a chance to know Me and My Ways.
Laws are being created that are abominations in My sight and so I must Come in My Love to help My little ones.
Patrick: Jesus, are You talking about the laws such as, where homosexuals can adopt children so that child is being brought up to think there is nothing wrong with this sin?
Yes, there is this sin but there are also many more that go against My Truth. Look and see, over these past years My Laws, My Church, have diminished in the Power of Truth. Evil is taking over; it is growing like fungus across all creation. I cannot allow this because I have given the Gift of free will. lucifer has entered the very Body of My Church and perverts My Truth from within.
Where is My Church?
Why does it not stand up for My Truth?
Why does My Church not speak out against these abominations?
Where is the balance?
Where is My Truth?
It is hidden by the untruth of those that have taken control of My Laws.
I speak to My Church and I say I am Coming. You will laugh at these Words but your days are numbered. You are like the people of old when they laughed at Me in front of Pontius Pilate, they cursed themselves and their children; you have done likewise by your actions. The blood of the innocent shall be poured upon you and you shall know the Truth; you shall know what you have done to My Body, My people, with your influence. You are evil in My sight and I shall cast you from Me, if you do not repent.
Turn away from your lies.
Turn away from your wrongdoing and take My Cross as your banner and walk forward with My Truth and guide My people into the safety of My Heart.
Yes, many of you will fall in this Battle but what does it matter for, if you lose your life for My Sake, you shall gain Eternal Life.
Come, My beloved, take up My Cross and walk with Me; show My people My Love, My Truth. Do not leave them to be destroyed by the lies of lucifer that spews forth from those who say that they are My followers. Speak up, My sons, (cardinals, bishops and priests) speak up for My Truth and allow My people the freedom of My Truth. I Love you: repent and come back to Me. Repent! I Love you.


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Events Celebrated

Feast of the Annunciation Friday 26 March 2011
At the Sacred Heart House, we held a Twenty Four Hour Day of Prayer and Fasting Against Abortion.  We began at midnight with the Mysteries of Light.  The following twenty four hours were devoted to silent prayer in between the Community Prayers in the Chapel of Jesus.  We also read selected Messages of Love given by Jesus and Mary.
Walk Against Abortion
On Saturday afternoon we had a Walk Against Abortion.  This Walk is also a silent prayerful Walk which we hold every year.  On Thursday 25 March 1999, Jesus said, “Love wishes to gather to Himself an Army of little souls who would place tenderness in a world of bitterness.”  

Events to Come

Sunday 15 May 2011
House closed for a private retreat.

Life in the Spirit Seminars
begin on Wednesday 18 May 2011,
at the 8.30pm Prayer Meeting, and will continue each Wednesday until 22 June 2011

True Ascension Day of the Lord
Thursday 2 June 2011
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Weekend of Prayer
Saturday 11 June and Sunday 12 June 2011 (Pentecost Sunday)

Feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus
Sunday 26 June 2011

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
Wednesday 29 June 2011

Sacred Heart Weekend Retreat
Friday 1 July until Sunday 3 July
(including the Feast of the Immaculate Heart)

First Fridays vigils
from 10pm - 2am:
3 June and 1 July 2011

All Days of Prayer begin at 12 noon except Sundays when they begin at 3pm (unless otherwise stated)

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New Beginnings

How complacent
“You know what hour it is, how it is full time now for you to wake from sleep.  The night is far gone, the day is at hand.  Let us then cast off the works of darkness and put on the armour of light; let us conduct ourselves becomingly as in the day.” Romans 13:11-13
I am writing this just before Christmas after the realisation about how complacent I have become. I have been ill for a while and have been justifying the reasons I haven’t been keeping my Commitment and prayer life going.
My face went red
When I did manage to convince myself that I should go to prayer, I opened Message 223 in Book One.  It is a special Message to me as, when myself and my sister were being inaugurated into the Grey Habit of Humility, Patrick opened the Book for Jesus to give us a Message and that was the one He gave.  When it was read, it hit me deeply, my face went red and I realised my Commitment to Jesus is no game.
What will we tell Him
It is the same for each person who follows Him and who reads the Messages. They are not given to us so they can be left on the shelf to gather dust.  Jesus is the Word and we have to bring Him to life in us by doing what He asks through these Messages.  We are privileged that Jesus is asking us to help in the Salvation of souls. What will we tell Him when He asks us what we did with His Words?
Message 223
The following Message 223 was given by Jesus on 22 August 1993:
‘My Love, My children, is not a game.  It is a precious involvement of your life, united to Mine in sacrifice, in Love.  I have given you all the words that spell out what I want to do to change this world into a place of Love, a place that is changed and made new.
Come to prayer as often and for as long as you can, for that is where I need you. If you cannot get to prayer, then ask Me and I will show you how your time is spent selfishly and is not given to Me.  This Love is a deadly serious participation of the Work of Salvation.  Come now and work.
I am the Resurrection and the Life, I have come to give Life to souls that are dead to the Light and alive to the darkness.  I have come to renew a world that has become old and worn, broken.  I breathe new Life into dead things.  I raise up the dead.
Come and behold this God, respect Me for what I am. My Love is not a game to be played and taken part in for fun.  I am a God whose Heart brims over with Love for His children.  Weary not of loving, weary not of working, for the time of Salvation is near, the time of Grace is near.’
I had stopped dying to self
During the hours prayer when I read this Message, I realised that I need to take Jesus’ Words and my commitment to Him more seriously.  I recognised that I had started to slip a long time before I became ill.  I had stopped dying to self, stopped taking Jesus and my life with Him seriously and stopped spending time in prayer.  Jesus showed me that even during my illness I was still able to spend time doing other worldly things but, when it came to prayer, I took Jesus for granted and thought He would understand that I was too ill to be with Him! In truth, spending time in prayer would have helped me to heal spiritually and physically a lot quicker!
A new beginning
I need to start again, a new beginning, a new way of life, I need to shake off the dust and cobwebs and make more of an effort in dying to self and following His Ways.
Our sacrifices, prayers and the way we live our lives can help others turn to Him.  By doing what He asks we are partaking in the Salvation of souls.  We may not see the results of this now but we will when we die, the same also if we fail to do what Jesus asks!  Let us hope that when we see Jesus Face to face He will say ‘well done good and faithful servant’ and not ‘depart from Me, I never knew you.’
Follow Him in truth
So, if we are going to start again, how should we do it?  I think the answer is in a recent Message given on 7 November 2009.  Jesus said:
‘My children, do not forget prayer.  Prayer is your communication where I may fill you with My Strength.
Do not forget Me, My children, for I am what inspires you to the right Path; I am your God.
Look, My little ones, you begin to feel that there is something wrong: you have forgotten Me.  Come to prayer and things will improve.  I Love you.’
I hope in this new year to make a new beginning with Jesus and turn my life around to follow Him in truth.  May He grant us the Graces and Blessings to carry out our part in the Salvation of souls and become true workers in His vineyard.


Asking for your help
We servants and the two Patricks at the House of Prayer are asking for your help, once again.
This is something that we do not like doing but, we now realise that it is only pride that stops us.
Equal part
So, we humble ourselves before you and ask you for help.  Jesus has shown us through the Messages that we all have an equal part in this Work of His, not just us who work within the Houses of Prayer but all of us who read the Messages.  We are like one giant community, helping to fulfil what Jesus has asked for.
In spiritual terms, it is as if we are all together within His Houses.  This is why Jesus says to us that we must tell you, His people, what is happening.
At this time we have about £18,000 of debt within the House.  This is brought about by the mailing, Newsletter, printing, rent, manning the other Houses in the different countries, air fares, maintenance etc, and there is so much more to be done: quite a lot of the printing machinery needs replaced and there are ongoing renovations within the other Houses.  So, as you see, we are in bad need of help.
Pray for the mission
Please, remember, if you can give financial help, we will be truly grateful.  If you cannot, do not worry but, please, pray for the mission that Jesus has given to all of us.  Prayer is as equally as important as financial help.  Without prayer, this mission would not succeed.  Each of us have been given many Gifts by God, some are given the means to help financially and spiritually, others are given the means to help spiritually but all are equal.
Thank you
We pray for you every day and we thank God for your generosity; without you none of the Houses of Prayer would exist for it is you who have bought and paid for everything, both spiritually and financially, that Jesus has asked for.  THANK YOU.

Nothing is impossible
Patrick: Jesus, would You speak to Your people about this appeal?
Look to the Truth, My little ones, and do not be afraid but trust Me, your God.  If you all believe and trust in the Words that I give to you, then nothing is impossible.  The more belief you have in Me, the more I will be able to do through you.
Yes, I am calling for your help but, more so, I am calling for your faith in Me.  Your brothers and sisters are dying in this world and there are so few who are willing to help them.
Come, My little ones, take on the Words that I give to you and let My Light shine through you into the darkness of this world.  Be the lampstands of My Love so that I may touch My broken children through you.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.


Brushed away tears
They walked in tandem, each of the ninety-two students filing into the already crowded auditorium.  With their rich maroon gowns flowing and the traditional caps, they looked almost as grown up as they felt.
Dads swallowed hard behind broad smiles, and Moms freely brushed away tears.
A recent court ruling
This class would NOT pray during the commencements, not by choice, but because of a recent court ruling prohibiting it.
The principal and several students were careful to stay within the guidelines allowed by the ruling. They gave inspirational and challenging speeches, but no one mentioned Divine Guidance and no one asked for Blessings on the graduates or their families.
Then, it happened
The speeches were nice,  but they were routine until the final speech received a standing ovation.
A solitary student walked proudly to the microphone. He stood still and silent for just a moment, and then, it  happened.
All ninety two students, every single one of them, suddenly SNEEZED!!!!
The student on stage  simply looked at the audience and  said,
And he walked off the  stage...
Invoke Gods Blessing
The audience exploded  into applause.  This graduating class had found a  unique way to invoke Gods Blessing on their  future with or without the court’s approval.
Isn’t this a wonderful  story? Pass it on to all your  friends.........and
This is a true story; it  happened at Eastern Shore District High School in Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia.

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