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An Invitation to love Jesus...
This site is the online home of the two Patricks - visionaries from Cookstown Northern Ireland. This site is for the promotion of the Messages of Love as given by Jesus to the two patrick's.
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"...I Long for you every day that you live..."
Friday 23 November 1990

Front Cover
On the front cover of this Newsletter there is a beautiful photograph Patrick Rushe took of a plant which he called 'Death and Life.'  It shows new life emerging  out of the dead part of itself.  That is what Jesus has been calling us to do since He walked this earth.  That is what He did in His Crucifixion, He Died so that we could live in Heaven for ever. 
Jesus is calling us deeper into Him, He is calling us to look in at Him and at ourselves, to see the obstacles in our hearts that block Him and remove them by dying to self and sin so that He can live in us.

Jesus has given many Messages this month.  He calls us, again, to follow Him in truth and to begin to die to ourselves:
" in Me and allow Me to Teach you how dying to self allows you to see the Truth, so that you, too, can see all the deceit and lies that is around you..."  Sunday 18 March 2018
If we do not do as He Warns, then we simply will not see the Truth as it unfolds before us; we, too, shall be swept away by the tide of untruth.  Jesus needs us to realise His Teachings, He needs us to begin to take them on.  The more time we waste, the less time there is to help other souls who need Him.


Saturday 31 March 2018

Come, children, believe in the Words that I speak for these are Words of guidance that I have given you to guide you through this time of darkness.  As you have seen, from all around this world, many now preach a gospel of lies, a gospel of deceit and deception.

Do not listen to these false prophets for they have been sent by lucifer to destroy My Truth and this world.  They have not walked the Path of Truth with Me and no longer see Me as God.

Be aware, children, that they preach with forked tongues, they use My Words of Truth to corrupt mankind, they preach a gospel of love - but false love - that only leads to the fires of hell.

Do not become blind, children, do not listen to these false preachers, shepherds of the darkness who have given themselves over to the lies of lucifer and now only serve self, they are not My priests.

Do not listen to them for you, too, shall become corrupted by their lies.

Go out, My children, and seek My good priests, those who remain loyal to Me, those who preach the Truth of My Gospels, My Commandments, and guide you away from the dangers of hell eternal.

Sin is still sin, children, I do not accept those who are unwilling to repent of their sin, yet, these false teachers say that we must accept these unrepentant sinners into the walls of My Church.

I tell you the Truth, I will not accept anyone who is unrepentant for they have been given the chance by their lives upon this earth to repent, to die to self and follow Me in Truth, they have not gained their places in Heaven and so they shall be cast into the fires of hell for all eternity.

Children, be Warned, do not join their number, do not listen to their lies for My only desire is that you be with Me in the Kingdom of Our Father in Heaven.

Repent now!

Die to self and the scales shall fall from your eyes and you shall see the Truth that stands before you and, one day, we shall walk the Gardens of Paradise where you shall only feel the Joy of Love for all eternity.

Wake up, My children, you live in perilous times.  Many of you still remain blind to what is happening around you, you are living in the great days of darkness where you are judged and scorned upon for following Me in Truth.  The next days you enter are Days of Purification where I will purify this world of all that is evil and all shall rejoice at the Power and Love of their God.

Live in Truth, children, for I am close. I Love you.



Bridget O' Donnell


Living Flames of Love.

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