A marathon
In preparation for a marathon, a runner will train by running maybe three to four times a week.  That training will go a long way in aiding his marathon run, for the first ten miles at least.  For the next twenty miles, he will be tired and thoughts of giving up may occur to him, but the determination of seeing that goal, the finish line, will keep him going in the race.
The burst  of adrenaline
The last six miles - by far the most demanding part of the marathon, when he feels even more fatigue, muscle tightness and soreness, psychological highs and lows - again, the determination of realising that he can finish the race will help keep him on his feet.  The thoughts of the reward of the finish line and the celebrations after running the race to the end is the burst of adrenaline he needs to soldier on.
Eternal Happiness
Our Journey to Jesus is like a marathon.  Like the runner, we have to battle with the thoughts of quitting and focus on the goal: an eternity in Heaven.  Every stride we take is bringing us closer to Eternal Happiness and that is the driving force we need to leave the things of this earth and soldier on for Jesus.
The rapids we now ride
We see the signs of the times - like the weather and the strange deaths of multitudes of birds and fish - yet there is so much opposition to living our Christianity, like in Baghdad, Christians attending Mass have been murdered just because they were Christians. 
We face a battle every morning we wake up to follow Jesus or not and that battle gets fiercer every day as the world becomes darker as it continues to reject God more and more.  That opposition is the rapids we now ride.
Stay focused
I believe we are now in the final six miles of the marathon.  Many whom we socialised with in the easy first ten miles are no longer beside us.  But that doesn’t matter, we must turn our attention to our goal, Jesus, Him and Him alone, and stay focused, determined to finish this race.
Holy Season of Lent
So many plights are highlighted in this Newsletter that it takes our mind off our own, less significant problems, to help us see there is always someone worse off than ourselves.  Looking at, say the plight of the victims of abortion, is the fuel we need to bring us on our knees to pray and look at ways of going without so that they can live.
That should spur us onward in this journey with Jesus to focus on prayer and sacrifice, especially in this Holy season of Lent, and will greatly aid us in continuing in this seemingly endless race.
Let’s walk with Him
But no matter how hard our own journey gets, or anybody else’s, it will never be as hard as Jesus’, who took each one of us on His Back and ran His marathon to the end.
So, this Lent, let’s walk with Him in His journey of Pain to His Death for us.  Let’s run beside Him, talk to Him, and hopefully those we socialised with in the beginning will come back too.

As He said, He has made it so easy for us to get to our goal: Heaven.  Because of His Love for us He kept going so that we could have Life.  This Lent, let’s keep going for Him, and run these rapids til we reach the end.

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Come, My little children, and listen to My Voice.  Do not allow the things of this world to drown Me out.
Come, listen so that you will know what I wish of you. 
I have called you so many times and you have not listened but, I tell you, now is the time to listen for there is little time left.
Please, listen to My Voice.  I am your God, I am the One who calls to you so that you may enter the safety of My Fold; there, you may weather the tempest and nothing will harm you or take you from Me.
I Love you, My children, and I only wish that you be safe with Me and one day enter into My Kingdom.
I, your Jesus, Love you and call to you in these Words.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Sunday 30 January 2011
My children, I call upon you to stand up.  You can see how My Words are coming to pass before your very eyes.  You think that your lives and the things you want are important but, I tell you, they are not.
I speak Words of Warning, I speak Words of grave importance to you; I give you a plan of survival to bring you through these times, but, you feel that your own plans are more important.  Then, children, you must take the course that you choose in your free will; you must choose whether to listen to My Words or not.  In many Words, including Scripture, I have told you how it will be; you have chosen not to listen or only half listen.  You will not step outside your comfort zone.  This is the Truth, children, I have never told you lies.
What you think is My Will, may not be.  You must understand that I do not think in human ways, for, My Thoughts are above your thoughts.
I Warn you of a time that is here now and I tell you to flee to the hills.  You tell Me that you can’t because you have no car, buses do not run that way, you must bury your dead or watch your favourite programme.
What should I do, children?  I have already told you:

21 And another of His Disciples said to Him: Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father.
22 But Jesus said to him: Follow Me, and let the dead bury their dead.  Matthew 8:21-22

62 Jesus said to him: No man putting his hand to the plough and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God.  Luke 9:62

Wednesday 16 February 2011

Look to Love, My children, and do not be afraid for I am Love and I am with you.
Do not be afraid of this life and the cruelties that mankind commits against one another for I am with you.
What I would ask of you is that you step out and show love to all that you meet.  Do not be afraid for your reward will be great in My Father’s Kingdom.
I need your help in this Work of Mine.  This world has become blind and no longer looks to Me.  I need you to show My people that I still Live in you.
Love all: do not judge them but love them and they will recognise Me in you.
Come, listen to My Voice.  Come, My little ones, I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Friday 18 February 2011

Come, children of Mine, and listen to My Voice as I call out to you through these Words of Mine.
Come, My little ones, I need you to fight this battle for Me; the Battle of Love.
I am in need but there are so few who are willing to listen.  There are so few who are willing to love in My Name.
I am in need of your help, children, come, I Love you.
Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Saturday 19 February 2011
A winter of discontent is all around you, you do not see many things.  I have placed this all here for you to see spiritually.  Look, My children, see the parallel between what you see and the spiritual things that you do not see.
What you see is winter, cold and long.  What I need you to see is your journey through this battle of good and evil.  Compare the two and you will see the devastation of My Church, My Words.  It is like what you see.  The winter seems never-ending and hard to believe that new life will grow there but I am with you through it all, guiding you, Loving you.
My children, the battlefield is where you should be, not finding contentment in the things of the earth.  Your life must be real in Me.

Saturday 26 February 2011

My Love is with you, My children, it is given freely to you.  Come, drink from the Waters of Life and do not be afraid to follow Me.
I Love you, My little ones, come, hear My calls to you.
Listen to this God as I cry out to you through these Words.
I am in need of you, My beloved children.
I need your help to stop the great loss of your brothers and sisters.
So many are being lost every day now.
So many are falling into the traps of lucifer.
Come, children, help those in need.  Stop the carnage of lucifer; help your brothers and sisters.  I Love you and I thank you for listening to these Words of My Heart.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Tuesday 1 March 2011

I Love you, My children, and I call to you to listen to these Words.  There is little time left; this world begins to rebel for the sin that has been given to lucifer is sent to destroy it.  The darkness of sin begins to suffocate My creation and it will try to break free. 
Trust Me, My children, things are about to change.  What is now will be no more; all is coming to an end as mankind falls deeper into the darkness of sin.
Can you not see this, children?
Can you not see what I have Warned you of?
All is Truth and I will not allow creation to sin against Me much longer for I am the Truth and there are things that are done in secret that mankind has no part in; they go too far and I will intervene.
My Hand of Justice will be felt and holiness will return to creation and all will be at peace, once again. 
Trust in Me, children, and seek refuge in My Heart while there is still time.
Come, My little children, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Tuesday 1 March 2011

Do not be afraid, My children, for I am your God and I come to Warn you of events to come: when mankind will overstep the bounds of free will and will be thrown headlong into the path of his own destruction.  Yes, children, mankind will bring about his own destruction by his own sin.
Come, now, children.  Look to My Heart and see its Love for you.  Gain its strength and go out into this world and help save as many of your brothers and sisters as you can.
I need your help in this.  My children are dying and there are so few who are willing to help Me.
Come, children, listen to My Voice for there is such little time left.  Come, I, your God, am depending upon your help.
I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Wednesday 2 March 2011
My children, I Love you.  Do I call you in vain?  Do My Words not whisper the sweet things of Eternal Life?  Do they not whisper to your heart? Your soul?
I call you to the things in this life that matter, My children, the things that bring you Eternal bliss.
Where are you?  I have spoken to your heart, I have spoken to your soul.
Are you so far away from Me that you cannot come back?
Do you think that I have not the Power to Forgive you?
Many things are needed, children, to fulfil what I have asked for.  In your heart I have spoken of these things; you feel the rumblings of discontent within you.  The world cannot satisfy you.  It is only I who can do that, it is only I, who know your soul.
Within you stands the decision of free will, within you stands the desire to follow Me.  It is up to you to see what I am saying to you.  The older that you become, the further you go from Me because you only see your life; you do not see My Life within you.
I Love you.
My Words collect dust because there is no one to live them, no one to shout them from the highest rooftops, unafraid, because they know they are the very Truth; the very essence and substance of Me.  Is there no one who will stop My Houses, My Places of Refuge, from slowly crumbling?
See the pureness and sincerity of My Words and begin this Journey back to Me.




Throughout the world
Since the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, strange activities have taken place.  First, there was a report of thousands of dead blackbirds found lying on the street of Arkansas.  The New Year fireworks display was blamed for this incident but then more dead bird or dead fish cases emerged in various other places throughout the world; such as: two million fish in the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, U.S.; one hundred and fifty tons of red tilapia (a type of fish) in Vietnam, forty thousand crabs in Britain etc...
Aflockalypse now
More recently, on 17 February 2011, about seventy fish were found dead in Huff Creek in South Carolina near Lockheed-Martin.  State health officials are investigating the fish deaths and are unsure what is to blame.
Various media have given their slant on the events and The Telegraph actually printed a lengthy column humorously entitled “Aflockalypse now: on a wing and a prayer.”
A looming Armageddon
So-called experts have theorised that the cold weather, thunderstorms, parasites, overeating, indigestion, over breeding, disease or poisoning is to blame.
Conspiracy theorists on the internet have speculated that secret government experiments are the culprit.
Others claim it is a sign of a looming Armageddon at the end of the Mayan calendar next year.
Another theory is that the rapid movement of the Magnetic North Pole towards Russia may be confusing the birds’ inbuilt navigation systems.
Whatever is to blame, it is definitely baffling and very startling. 
The Words of Hosea 4:3 spring to mind:
1 Hear the Word of the LORD, You children of Israel, for the LORD brings a charge against the inhabitants of the land:
“There is no truth or mercy or knowledge of God in the land.
2 By swearing and lying, killing and stealing and committing adultery, they break all restraint, with bloodshed upon bloodshed.
3 Therefore the land will mourn; and everyone who dwells there will waste away With the beasts of the field and the birds of the air; even the fish of the sea will be taken away...
Hosea 4
And also, this Message from last year rings a bell:
Sunday 7 June 2009 Feast of the
Most Holy Trinity

My children, fear not the Ways of your God and fear not your lack of understanding of His Ways.  Your questions to try to understand are in vain for you could not understand.  My Ways are far above your ways and you must only do them in obedience and love to Me.
I ask of you to prepare yourselves and stand in readiness for what is to come.
...I am telling you, My children, to stand ready at your posts for you do not know the hour.
I tell you, too, that My Love for you has not changed; no, for I am the Changeless One.  I am He who has Died for you and given you My Love.  Come back to Me with all your heart for I await you.
There is much work to be done and the enemy has encircled the camp.  Hoards are ready to attack and you, My children, are in deep slumber.  I Am comes to rouse you, to wake you to see the danger.  Look!  Look how the world encroaches; look how it seems that all is well.  I tell you, in Truth, it is not.  I have told you before that even a lie can seem like the Truth.  Do not believe it for they come from the depths of hell to deceive you.
You have seen the one who waits, not for his time but for the one who shadows him.  he bides his time and, I tell you, that time is soon.  The very birds in the trees know it, the mountains can feel it; the dogs sniff the air and can smell it.  You have been given the Warnings, the Words from My Own Mouth and yet you fail to understand...
Communications have improved
I know that, with the internet, communications have improved which has encouraged the reporting of these seemingly ‘unrelated’ incidents.
However, the reason it is happening remains a mystery, experts and scientists have come up with a list of different theories.   But whatever you choose to believe to be the cause, no one can deny the amount of incidents and the mass of deaths - on such a huge scale over the planet - is weird and strange.
Another Warning from Jesus
My own personal opinion is that it is another Warning from Jesus to wake us up so that we shape up, and see Him once again, to follow Him, now, before it is too late.  In these past few years, Jesus has been telling us over and over again that He’s Coming soon, to prepare.  He has told us that this earth is rebelling against the accumulation of sin which chokes it, for it is spirit.  Here are some extracts from the Words  Jesus has been almost repeating in a great effort to penetrate our blindness:
Extracts from the Messages
...This earth groans under the weight of sin.  It is becoming unstable, children.  Your sin chokes this earth and it wrenches for breath.  It will rebel as you have never seen before.  It is My creation and so My Spirit resides in it.  Take heed and understand the Words that I speak; they are My Warning to you.  I Love you....
Thursday 13 January 2005

...I Love you, My children, and I ask that you return to Me for there is little time left.  Look around you, look at this world as it groans under the burden of sin.  Look at how many natural disasters are beginning to occur and these are only the beginnings. 
War, it is coming, children; a war of such destruction and devastation that has never been seen before and this earth shall rebel; all plant life shall die and disappear; the animals shall die and this world shall be yours, mankind.  What shall you do then in your power and wisdom?  The only ones who shall survive this time are those whom My Angels have marked with My seal.  Repent, I say, repent of your evil ways; turn away from sin and come follow Me.  These are your last Warnings, mankind, for My Prophets of Justice are among you and these too you have not recognised.  I say repent, your time is limited.  I Love you...
Saturday 3 September 2005

...Disaster after disaster shall strike your lands, new diseases shall spring up everywhere and the dead shall be seen in your streets and still you shall not turn away from your sin until My Father utters the Word ‘enough’ and then this earth shall be cleansed of all evil and My creation shall be renewed.  I say turn away from your evil ways, repent and come follow Me in Truth, My Truth, not the Truth that you wish Me to be but the Truth as I have created it.  Read My Commandments, these have been given so that you could have Life in Me and so that all creation could have Life from your love of Me....
Friday 23 May 2008 do not realise what you are doing; you are bringing much disaster upon yourselves.  This earth was created to be a place of Peace and Love but, by your sin, it has lost its Light through the years.  The more sin, the darker it becomes and the more difficult for the Good Spirit of this world to carry it.  Soon it will rebel against the burden that it carries because of your lack of caring.
Be Warned, children, you bring this upon yourselves in your greed and blindness.
I Love you, My children, and these are My Warnings to you – not to frighten you but to help you through these times that you now live in.  Love calls to you this day, will you listen?...
Friday 21 November 2008

...I Love you and I come in these Words to call you back from the danger that you are now in.
Do you not see what is happening as creation begins to rebel against your sin?  As time goes on, the earth will rebel even more until it comes to the point where all life will find it hard to survive on this earth.
Look, I Warn you, now, before these things happen...
Friday 8 January 2010

...Come back; turn against your evil ways and come, follow Me. 
I Love you, children, and I come to Warn you.  These Words are Truth.  As each season begins you will see a change....
Wednesday 25 August 2010


The recent attack
One of our Newsletter readers made us aware of the terrible persecutions that Christians are under in Iraq.
She forwarded photographs of the recent attack in Our Lady of Salvation Syriac Catholic Cathedral of Baghdad, Iraq, that took place during Sunday evening Mass on October 31, 2010.  The attack left at least fifty eight people dead, after more than one hundred had been taken hostage.  The al-Qaida-linked Sunni insurgent group ‘Islamic State of Iraq’ (ISI) claimed responsibility for the attack.  In a warning they said their attacks were legitimate and that the time had come for Iraqi Christians to face the doors of destruction.
Rivers of blood
The ISI’s warning has been published on the militant websites in which they warned that their group would soon extirpate and disperse Christians from Iraq.  “All Christian centres, organizations and institutions, leaders and followers, are legitimate targets for the muhajideen wherever they can reach them,” the statement said.  “We will open upon them the doors of destruction and rivers of blood,” it added.
Attacks on their churches
For the past seven years, the Iraqi Christians have been targeted by waves of attacks on their churches, monasteries, homes, businesses and in persons.  A bishop and several priests were killed and even slaughtered in cold blood.  Since the events of 2003 more than half the Iraqi Christians fled the country, thousands have been killed, and more than sixty churches and monasteries were bombed.
Sectarianism reigns
A mixture of beliefs, customs and traditions lived side by side before the Iraq War.  Now sectarianism reigns.  Many Sunnis (the largest branch of Islam), Shias (the branch of Islam that considers Ali, the cousin of Muhammad, and his descendants as Muhammad’s true successors) and Christians have been killed but the attack of 31 October 2010 has been the most outrageous and deadliest attack.
The following report on this attack is from the Guardian newspaper.

Baghdad church siege survivors speak of taunts, killings and explosions
Attack prompts worldwide condemnation and leaves Iraq’s beleaguered Christian community in despair
Martin Chulov in Baghdad,, Monday 1 November 2010 18.53 GMT
In a coffin
At sunset yesterday, Raghada al-Wafi walked excitedly to Mass with news for the priest who married her a month ago.  Tonight, exactly twenty four hours later, she returned to the Our Lady of Salvation church – this time carried by her family in a coffin that also contained her unborn child.
Today the priest who blessed her Marriage and pregnancy minutes before he was killed will also be buried, as will several dozen other members of his congregation – all of them slain by terrorists in an attack that has drawn condemnation from around the world and left the fate of Iraq’s beleaguered Christian community evermore uncertain.
Stormed the church
Fifty-eight people, most of them worshippers from the Chaldean Catholic community, are confirmed to have been killed in the massacre, which was carried out by al-Qaida-aligned gunmen, some of whom claimed to be avenging a foiled move by a small-town US pastor to burn the Qur’an.
Survivors spoke of religious taunts, random killings and then a gunman slaughtering hostages en masse as the Iraqi army stormed the church to end the four-hour siege.
Ghassan Salah, seventeen, had just arrived for the Sunday night service with his mother, Nadine, and brother, Ghaswan, when the gunmen burst through the cathedral’s huge wooden doors.  “All of you are infidels,” they screamed at the congregation.  “We are here to avenge the burning of the Qur’ans and the jailing of Muslim women in Egypt.”
Sprayed the church with bullets
Then the killing began. Ghassan and seven other survivors described to the Guardian a series of events that have broken new ground in a country that has become partly conditioned to violence throughout eight years of war.  Thar Abdallah, the priest who married al-Wafi was first to be killed – shot dead where he stood.  Gunmen then sprayed the church with bullets as another priest ushered up to sixty people to a small room in the back.
Shooting at the young
Mona Abdullah Hadad, sixty two, was in church with her family when the gunmen started shooting. “They said, ‘We will go to paradise if we kill you and you will go to hell’,” she said.  “We stood beside the wall and they started shooting at the young people.  I asked them to kill me and let my grandson live, but they shot him dead and they shot me in the back.”
Growing fears
Hadad was recovering in a Baghdad hospital along with sixty seven other people, many of them seriously wounded.  Part of her kidney was removed yesterday and she remains heavily traumatised.
Survivors claimed that the terrorists holding them accounted for most, if not all, of the casualties.  There were growing fears in Baghdad that the military raid may also have led to the deaths of hostages.
Blown apart by explosions
“I saw at least thirty bodies,” said Madeline Hannah, thirty three, who was seriously wounded by gunshots.  Many appeared to have been blown apart by explosions detonated by the hostage-takers, she added.
“They said it was ‘halal’ to kill us,” said Hannah, whose 10 year old son was shot in the back. “They hated us and said we were all going to die.”
Witnesses interviewed consistently said that some of the gunmen spoke Arabic in a non-Iraqi dialect, supporting a government claim that the operation was foreign-backed.  It was carried out in the name of an umbrella group for global jihad causes, known as the Islamic State of Iraq, which has previously targeted Christians and churches, but on a much smaller scale.
Pews were scattered
An audio message posted on a jihadist website specifically called for the release of two Egyptian Christian women who are married to Coptic priests and are believed by some Muslim groups to have converted to Islam and to be held against their will.
The scene of their massacre, one of Baghdad’s most well-known landmarks, was today a rank mess of blood stains, flesh and shell casings.  Pews were scattered throughout the cavernous church, which was pocked with hundreds of bullet holes and damage that testified to the horrendous events that had taken place there.
Detonating suicide vests
The Iraqi army assault was heralded with a sustained, fearsome burst of gunfire that lasted at least two minutes.  It was interrupted by two large explosions that are believed to have been caused by gunmen detonating suicide vests they were wearing.
Almost halved
“I saw them put the explosive belts on their body,” said Ghaswan Salah, sixteen.  “It was the last thing they did before the army came in.”
The Vatican today led global condemnation of the latest violence against Iraq’s Christian community of five hundred and fifty thousand, which has almost halved since the 2003 invasion.
Dare to attend prayers
The leader of Iraq’s Christian Endowment Fund, Abdullah Nowfali, said: “They want us to leave the country.  Now very few of us will dare to attend prayers.”
A return to church was far from the mind of most survivors contacted by the Guardian, such as Ban Abdullah Georges, whose daughter, Marina Bresh, was shot in the thigh.
“All through the terrible past I had said to my husband we should stay, and we will stay,” she said.  “This is my home.  But it’s not anymore. There is nothing for us now. Nothing.”
Historic community
Iraq is home to one of the Middle East’s oldest Christian communities; the majority are Catholics belonging to the Chaldean, or Assyrian, churches.  The Assyrians are thought to be the oldest Christian community, dating back to the first century.  Armenian Christians moved to Iraq too, fleeing massacres in Turkey early last century.
Violent campaigns
There have been other violent campaigns against Iraq’s Christians, such as a sustained attack by the Iraqi army in the 1930s, but the last fifty years had been largely benign for the various communities, which were thought to have numbered around eight hundred thousand before the US invasion of 2003.
Mass migrations
During the thirty five years of Ba’athist rule, Iraq’s Christians were treated relatively well, especially compared with Shias and Kurds.  Saddam Hussein made a Chaldean Christian, Tariq Aziz, into a powerful and trusted deputy and by and large left the Christian hamlets of Baghdad, Irbil and Mosul alone.
Things changed during the security vacuum that followed the fall of Baghdad.  Christians in Mosul have been targeted by Sunni insurgents who align with the jihadi world view.  Mass migrations have followed the attacks, with the number of Christians in Iraq now thought to be as low as five hundred thousand.  Those who remain see themselves as an increasingly threatened minority.

In less than a week after this terrorists’ attack on Iraqi Christians during Sunday Mass, al-Qaida has threatened to stage more similar attacks on Christians.
This is so sad that these Christians are the victims of so much hatred and attack.  The few Christians that are left feel so threatened that they too want to flee.  The Light of Christianity is being extinguished in this country.  Please pray for this small Christian community and for an end to violence in Iraq.
Pause for thought
It begs the question, what would I do in this situation?  Would I still go to Mass if I knew the chances of being shot were so high?  Do I really believe that Jesus is in the Most Blessed Sacrament and would I risk my life to receive Him?  Can I really say that I love Jesus?


Forty days preceding Easter
Lent is the forty days preceding Easter which the Church gives us to prepare for the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
A time of sacrifice
As Catholics we were taught from our earliest years that Lent is a time of sacrifice, almsgiving and prayer; a time when things should be given up and done without and as children we would give up sweets, chocolate, crisps, sugar in our tea etc.  We were also taught that giving to others is a vital part of Lent and many of us faithfully took home the Trocaire boxes that were provided by our schools or parishes, as our little contribution of giving to the poor.  And then there were the extra prayers that we made the effort to say during Lent, such as the Stations of the Cross or the Rosary.
A whole new meaning
As an adult now, and a servant of the Way of the Sacred Heart, Lent has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  While giving up sweets etc is great, any sacrifice is, however small or big, it just doesn’t quite capture what Lent should mean to us and what a fantastic time of Graces it is.
On Tuesday 24 February 1998, Jesus said, “My children, do not be slow in dying to the self that still lives within you for it is self that keeps you away from Me.
When you die to self then you come closer to Me within yourselves.  Dying to self is not just giving more time to prayer but it is a different attitude to the world and the treatment of your brothers and sisters.  It is an attitude that reflects Me in this world.  I ask that you become a mirror image of My Love.  Giving totally of yourself to all who might need, you must put on Me.
Do not let your sacrifice in this Lenten time be an abhorrence to Me.  I ask you to give Me of your spiritual lives and not of your physical.  You are capable of giving more, children, and I ask you for it this day.  In these Words I Teach you Truth, if you are willing to be taught.  I Love you.”
Die to ourselves
Jesus’ Instruction in this Message is for us to die to ourselves.  He asks that we give Him our spiritual lives and not the physical for as we give of the spiritual, the physical dies away.
The first step in dying to self is discipline.  Discipline is a spiritual weapon that works hand in hand with perseverance.  To discipline the body is good and without it we will never complete the journey towards Jesus.  As Jesus said “…Discipline trains the body and soul to follow Me in Truth.  Without discipline you cannot fight against self.  You must learn to discipline the body for this is the desire of the soul and this is true dying to self.  It takes discipline to fast, to pray and to deny self; these are all parts of discipline and without it you will never truly find Me, you will simply find the desires of self…” Friday 1 August 2008
Just a stepping stone
During Lent we discipline our bodies in fasting, praying and in the sacrifices that we make.  These sacrifices are doing without the things we have trained our bodies to crave such as food, sweet things, alcohol, cigarettes etc or it can be tearing ourselves away from the television, our favourite soaps, to spend that time with Jesus instead.
But the sacrifices of these things are just a stepping stone, a little offering.  What Jesus really requires of us, not only during Lent but throughout our lives, is the sacrifice of sin.  He wants us to stop sinning and to “…become a mirror image of My Love…”
An abhorrence
If we were to give up say, smoking for example, but kept on judging our neighbours, making no effort to stop judging, would this not be what Jesus was talking about when He said,  “…Do not let your sacrifice in this Lenten time be an abhorrence to Me…”?
Dying to the sin
Our real sacrifice is to struggle against our very selves in the dying to the sin that is in all of us.  Some of us may have a weakness of greed or slothfulness, lust or pride, self-righteousness and judgement, jealously and envy, lies, bitterness, resentment or unforgiveness etc. etc.  We all know our own sins and the things that we need to fight.
Used to our own sin
We can become used to our own sin and comfortable with it, making little or no effort to stop it.  We may think that some sins are so insignificant that they don’t really matter, but, remember that it all hurts Jesus.
Remember what He said: “...Do you know, My children, that the smallest sin that is committed is like spitting in My Face?  Do you know that the greatest sin is like Me being tied and gagged and thrown into a furnace?  I have no way of defending Myself...”  (From the Abyss of Love and Pain, Chapter 3)
Pay the Price
When we begin to die to these sins, taking one sin at a time and working on it until we have conquered it, then not only are we coming closer to Jesus but we are also appeasing His Pain for if we do not commit the sin, then Jesus does not have to pay the Price for that sin on Calvary.  We actually take a little of the Crucifixion off Jesus.
So much unrepentant sin
We also take a little darkness out of the world and replace it with Light.  The problem these days is that the majority of people do not believe in sin any more.  There is so much unrepentant sin; homosexuality, couples living together as man and wife, masturbation, greed etc. etc. and none of these things are seen as sin in these days: “…This earth convulses under the great weight of sin.  It is spirit, children.  Darkness clogs and blocks its life-giving flow.  Children, this world was created in Love by My Father’s Hand, it cannot survive in darkness.  It must live in the Light of Love.  At this time it is as if it is being slowly strangled…” Tuesday 31 August 1999
The more we, who know better, discipline ourselves into dying to the sin in us, the more light we can put back in the earth then others may see and they too may follow.
For us Christians
For us Christians, Lent is not just the forty days before Easter but it is our whole life and our journey towards Jesus.  It is a continuing fight and I suppose the season of Lent given to us by the Church should be used to spur us onwards.  As Padre Pio said:
“...In the life of a Saint there were many things.  There was the constant battle against self.  This was not all but it was the greater part.  To begin to die to self you must first look at your life in God and outside God then your journey will begin.  You must work upon merging both, so that there is no life but only that in God...” Friday 1 October 1999, Message from Padre Pio
He uses the word constant.
Our entire lives should be a Lent for us.  As Jesus said, we must take up our cross every day and follow Him.


Sermon for the First Sunday of Lent, February 13, 1622, concerning the universality of temptation, the spiritual danger of idleness, faith as a prime weapon against temptation, slothful souls, presumptuous reliance of beginners on the strength from their sensible fervour, attachment to the consolations of God, Our Lord’s example in undergoing temptation from the devil, battling one’s faults with patience and perseverance, vain hopes which distract the soul from practising solid virtue, the folly of avariciously chasing after a multiplicity of devotions, and vain complacency in Gods consolations.
An infallible truth
“My son, when you come to serve God, prepare your soul for temptation.” Ecclesiasticus 2:1
This is an admonition of the Sage: “My son, if you intend to serve God, prepare your soul for temptation,” for it is an infallible truth that no one is exempt from temptation when he has truly resolved to serve God. This being the case, Our Lord Himself chose to be subjected to temptation in order to show us how we ought to resist it. Thus the Evangelists tell us: He was led into the desert by the Spirit to be tempted. [Matthew 4:1; Mark 1:12; Luke 4:1]. I shall draw lessons from this mystery for our particular instruction, in as familiar a manner as I am able.
Our Lord was led
In the first place, I note that although no one can be exempt from temptation, still no one should seek it or go of his own accord to the place where it may be found, for undoubtedly he who loves it will perish in it. [Ecclesiasticus 3:27]. That is why the Evangelist says that Our Lord was led into the desert by the Spirit to be tempted; it was not then by His choice (I am speaking with regard to His Human nature) that He went to the place of temptation, but He was led by the obedience He owed to His Heavenly Father.
Examples on this subject
I find in Holy Scripture two young princes who furnish us with examples on this subject. One sought temptation and perished in it. The other, without seeking it, encountered it but left the combat victorious.
At the time when kings should go to war, as his own army faced the enemy, David strolled about on the roof of the king’s house, idling his time away as though he had nothing to do. Being idle in this way, he was overcome by temptation. Bethsabee, that inconsiderate lady, went to bathe in a place where she could be seen from the roof of the king’s house. Certainly, this was an act of unparalleled imprudence which I cannot excuse, even though several modern writers wish to render it excusable by saying that she did not think of that. To bathe in a place where she exposed herself to view from the roof of the royal palace was a very great indiscretion. Whether she thought of it or not, young Prince David began by allowing himself to gaze on her, and then perished in the temptation which he had sought by his idleness and sloth [2 Kings 11:1-4]. You see, idleness is a great help to temptation. Never say: “I do not seek it; I am not doing anything.” That is enough in order to be tempted for temptation has a tremendous power over us when it finds us idle. Oh, if David had gone out on campaign at the time that he should have gone, the temptation would not have had the power of attacking him, or at least of overcoming and vanquishing him.
In contrast
In contrast, young Prince Joseph, who was later viceroy of Egypt, did not seek temptation at all and so upon meeting it he did not perish in it. He had been sold by his brothers [Genesis 37:28], and his master’s wife exposed him to danger. But he had never indulged or heeded the amorous glances of his mistress; rather, he nobly resisted her advances and was victorious, thus triumphing not only over the temptation but also over her who had been the cause of it [Gen. 39:7-12].
The place of temptation
If we are led by the Spirit of God to the place of temptation, we should not fear, but should be assured that He will render us victorious [1 Corinthians. 10:13]. But we must not seek temptation nor go out to allure it, however holy and generous we may think ourselves to be, for we are not more valiant than David, nor than our Divine Master Himself, who did not choose to seek it. Our enemy is like a chained dog; if we do not approach, it will do us no harm, even though it tries to frighten us by barking at us.
Temptation attacked them
But wait a little, I pray you, and see how certain it is that no one who comes to serve God can avoid temptations. We could give many examples of this but one or two will suffice. Ananias and Saphira made a vow to dedicate themselves and their possessions to the perfection which all the first Christians professed, submitting themselves to obedience to the Apostles. They had no sooner made their resolution than temptation attacked them, as Saint Peter said: Who has tempted you to lie to the Holy Spirit? [Acts. 5:1-3]. The great Apostle Saint Paul, as soon as he had given himself to the divine service and ranged himself on the side of Christianity, was immediately tempted for the rest of his life [2 Corinthians 12:7]. While he was an enemy of God and persecuted the Christians he did not feel the attack of any temptation, or at least he has given us no testimony of it in his writings. But he did when he was converted by Our Lord.
Prepare our soul
Thus, it is a very necessary practice to prepare our soul for temptation. That is, wherever we may be and however perfect we may be, we must rest assured that temptation will attack us. Hence, we ought to be so disposed and to provide ourselves with the weapons necessary to fight valiantly in order to carry off the victory, since the crown is only for the combatants and conquerors [2 Timothy 2:5, James 1:12]. We ought never to trust in our own strength or in our courage and go out to seek temptation, thinking to confound it; but if in that place where the Spirit of God has led us we encounter it, we must remain firm in the confidence which we ought to have that He will strengthen us against the attacks of our enemy, however furious they may be.
The weapons
Let us proceed and consider a little the weapons which Our Lord made use of to repulse the devil that came to tempt Him in the desert. They were none other, my dear friends, than those the Psalmist speaks of in the Psalm we recite every day at Compline: “Qui habitat in adjutorio Altissimi” “Who dwells in the aid of the Most High” [Psalm 90]. From this Psalm we learn an admirable doctrine. He speaks in this manner as though addressing Christians or someone in particular: “Oh how happy you are, you who are armed with the truth of God, for it will serve you as a shield against the arrows of your enemies and will make you victorious. Therefore, do not fear, Oh blessed souls, you who are armed with this armour of truth. Fear neither the terrors of the night, for you will not stumble into them; nor the arrows that fly in the air by day, for arrows will not be able to injure you; nor the business that roams in the night; much less the devil that advances and reveals himself at noon.”
Well armed with Truth
Oh how Divinely well armed with Truth was Our Lord and Master for He was Truth itself [John 14:6]. This Truth of which the Psalmist speaks is nothing other than faith [1 Thesselonians. 5:8]. Whoever is armed with faith need fear nothing; this is the only armour necessary to repel and confound our enemy; for what can harm him who says Credo, “I believe” in God, who is our Father, and our Father Almighty? In saying these words we show that we do not trust in our own strength and that it is only in the strength of God, “the Father Almighty,” that we undertake the combat, that we hope for victory [Psalm 17:30, 43:6-7, Hebrews 11:33-34; 1 John 5:4]. No, let us not go on our own to meet temptation by any presumption of spirit, but only rebuff it when God permits it to attack us and seek us out where we are, as it did Our Lord in the desert. By using the words of Holy Scripture our dear Master overcame all the temptations the enemy presented to Him.
An impregnable stronghold
But I want it to be understood that the Saviour was not tempted as we are and that temptation could not be in Him as it is in us, for He was an impregnable stronghold to which it did not have access. Just as a man who is vested from head to foot in fine steel could not be injured in any way by the blows of a weapon, since it would glance off on either side, not even scratching the armour; so temptation could indeed encompass Our Lord but never enter into Him, nor do any injury to His integrity and perfect purity. But we are different. If, by the Grace of God, we do not consent to temptations, and avoid the fault and the sin in them, ordinarily we are nevertheless wounded a little by some importunity, trouble, or emotion that they produce in our heart.
Our Divine Master could not have faith, since He possessed in the superior part of His Soul, from the moment that He began to be, a perfect knowledge of the Truths which faith teaches us; however, He wished to make use of this virtue in order to repel the enemy, for no other reason, my dear friends, than to teach all that we have to do. Do not then seek for other arms nor other weapons in order to refuse consent to a temptation except to say, “I believe.” And what do you believe? “In God” my “Father Almighty.”
Almost an impossibility
Saint Bernard, referring to these words of the Psalm which we have cited, said that the terrors of the night of which the Psalmist speaks are of three kinds. From this I will draw my third lesson. The first fear is that of cowards and slothful souls; the second, that of children; and the third, that of the weak. Fear is the first temptation which the enemy presents to those who have resolved to serve God, for as soon as they are shown what perfection requires of them they think, “Alas, I shall never be able to do it.” It seems to them that it is almost an impossibility to attain to that height, and they readily say, “Oh God, what perfection is needed to live in this house, or in this way of life and in my vocation! It is too high for me: I cannot attain it!” Do not trouble yourself and do not frame these idle fears that you are not able to accomplish that to which you have bound yourself, since you are armed and encompassed with the Truth of God and with His Word. Having called you to this manner of life and to this house, He will strengthen you and will give you the grace to persevere [1 Corinthians 1:7-8; 1 Thesselonians 5:24] and to do what is required for His greater glory and for your greater welfare and happiness, provided you walk simply in faithful observance.
Sinners tempt themselves
Do not be astonished, therefore, and do not do as the slothful, who are troubled when they wake at night by the fear that daylight will come very soon when they will have to work. The slothful and cowardly fear everything and find everything difficult and trying because they amuse themselves in thinking, with the foolish and slothful imagination which they have created for themselves, more about future difficulties than what they have to do at present. “Oh,” they say, “if I devote myself to the service of God, it will be necessary for me to work so much in order to resist the temptations which will attack me.” You are quite right, for you will not be exempt from them, since it is a general rule that all the servants of God are tempted, as Saint Jerome wrote in that beautiful epistle which he addressed to his dear daughter, Eustochium.
To whom do you wish, I pray, that the devil should present his temptations if not to those who despise them? Sinners tempt themselves; the devil already regards them as his own; they are his confederates because they do not reject his suggestions.
On the contrary
On the contrary, they seek them and temptation resides in them. The devil does not work much to set his snares in the secular world, but rather in retired places where he expects a great gain in bringing about the downfall of souls who are secluded there serving the Divine Majesty more perfectly. Saint Thomas used to marvel greatly at how the greatest sinners went out into the streets, laughing and joyful, as though their sins did not weigh on their consciences. And who would not be astonished at seeing a soul not in Gods Grace making merry? Oh, how vain are their joys, and how false their gaiety, for they have gone after anguish and eternal regrets! Let us leave them, I pray you, and return to the fear of the slothful.
Sloth and idleness
They are always lamenting - and why? Why, you ask? “Alas, we must work, and yet I thought that it would be enough to embark on Gods way and in His service to find rest.” But do you not know that sloth and idleness made poor David perish in temptation? You perhaps would wish to be among those garrison soldiers who have everything they wish in a good town; they are merry, they are masters of their host’s home, they sleep in his bed and live well; nevertheless, they are called “soldiers,” feigning to be valiant and courageous while they go neither to battle nor to war. But Our Lord does not want this kind of warrior in His army; He wants combatants and conquerors, not sluggards and cowards. He chose to be tempted, and Himself attacked in order to give us an example.
Strong shield of faith
The second terror of the night, according to Saint Bernard, is that experienced by children. As you are aware, children are very much afraid when they are out of their mother’s arms. If they see a barking dog they suddenly begin to cry, and will not stop until they are again with their mamma. In her arms they feel secure. They feel that nothing can harm them provided they are holding her hand. Ah, then, the Psalmist says, why do you fear, you who are encompassed with truth and armed with the strong shield of faith which teaches you that God is your “Father Almighty”? Hold His Hand and do not be frightened, for He will save you and protect you against all your enemies.
Saint Peter
Consider how Saint Peter, after he made that generous act of throwing himself into the sea and began walking on the water in order more quickly to reach our Divine Saviour who had called to him, suddenly began to fear and at the same time to sink down, and cried out, “Lord, save me!” And at once his good Master stretched out His Hand and took hold of him, thus saving him from drowning [Matthew 14:29-31].
Cry out
Let us do the same, my dear friends. If we feel that we lack courage let us cry out in a loud voice full of confidence, “Lord, save me!” Let us not doubt that God will strengthen us and prevent us from perishing.
Taken from The Sermons of Saint Francis de Sales for Lent by TAN Books & Publishers, Inc.


Selected Lenten Messages from Jesus

Amend, amend, I cry to you, creation; be My children at last.  I come for you now.  Change your hearts; follow My Law; be the children of My Love at last.  I come for you.  Hear My Words; see My Words; read My Words; let them touch your heart, cold as stone; let My Love warm your heart.  Come, let Me live in you through My Love. 
Be gentle, as I am Gentle; be meek, as I am Meek.  Holy Week is a time to be holy; it is a time of great Graces for you.  See into My Passion and what I have done for you.  I gave My very Life; look, see what I have done for you.  See the holes in My Hands and Feet, where the nails pierced them.  Look at My Back; see where the whips lashed My Flesh.  It cut deep into Me.  This is the Body that I gave for you, the Flesh that you seek and eat.  Take it; it was not given in vain; It was not given to be left on your altars.  It was given to you, to heal you, and to cleanse you.  Use it. 
Abide in My Word.  Live there in My Life.  See the things that I have done for you, then come, follow Me.  I am Peace.  There will be Peace on this earth for I Command it.  I am the Bread of Life; you shall not hunger for I have given you My Flesh to eat.  Could you have asked for better proof of My Love for you? 
All flesh belongs to Me and I come to claim what is rightfully Mine in these Words.  Come cling to them, as I clung to the Cross; I did it for you.  The Splinters of the Wood pierced deep into the already opened Flesh and My Agony was great.  Come, My Love, think on these things and be with Me in My Pain.  Soothe Me with your love and your kindness; bind up My Wounds by your loving embrace.  Love Me on the Cross of My Love.  Think of My Passion.  The Pain was great when I thought of each one of you.  Even though I was God, I had allowed Myself to be one of you and I felt your pain.  I bore it unto Me that you might be saved.  I Love you, My children; I Love you.  Come back to Me.  I Weep Tears of Blood over you.  I long for you; you are Mine; be My children. 
Remember the palms they waved for Me?  I was their King.  Do this for Me in your hearts for the Son of Man has nowhere to lay down His Head but in your hearts.  Heal My Wounds with your love.  Thursday 2 April 1992

...Soon will begin again the Agony.  At this time, in My Life on earth, I was preparing Myself for all that would come. 
Peace; be still, My little one; write what I tell you to write, for My children must know.1
I was preparing My Loved ones2 for the time that they would be without Me.  The Shepherd was about to be struck down and they would be without Me.  My Passion grew within Me and I was preparing them for this time.  The evil one was allowed to strike Me and beat Me, so that the sins of the world could be Forgiven.  The loneliness of this time was great.  That is why, at this Lenten time, I try to call My children into the wilderness, so that they might share a little of My loneliness.  I ask them, at this time, to starve themselves of sin, so that they can feel a little of My Pain.  Come to Me with love and comfort at this time...  Friday 18 March 1994
1 I was feeling the great Pain of Jesus as He spoke and I could not take any more and I asked Him to stop.
2 The Apostles. 

The Sacred Heart, An Abyss of Love and Pain
Chapter 2 Living Pain

My people, do you really understand My Love?  Look at My Cross.  See its Love; cherish it with your hearts.  See the Truth of what it really is.  My Cross is a personal symbol of Love to each one of you.  I Died for you, My child, on this instrument of torture.  I saw you as you were in your mother’s womb and I watched you grow.  I Loved you.  I watched your birth. I saw every moment of your life as you grew - every fall, every stumble, every time that you would deny Me and your brother.  I took all of this onto Myself so that you could have Eternal Life.  Have you not realised what I have done for you?  Can you not see how easy it is to enter My Father’s Kingdom?  I did it all for you but you will not listen.  You will not come. 
Oh, My children, My children, will you not come?  Please, please, please come to Me.  Do not deny Me any longer.  I Died for you so that you could be with Me.  This day, I, your God, your Jesus, kneel before you, My child.  Yes, it is you, My little one, whom I speak to as you read these Words of pure Love.  I ask a little favour of you.  Would you take one last look at My Passion and see it as it really is?  Take your life and place it there.  For in Truth I tell you, this is what you should have suffered to be cleansed of all your sin, so that you could enter Heaven.
For no mark or blemish of sin can go there.  It is a place of pure Light, pure Love.  Look, My little one, as I Suffered in Gethsemane.  It was when I saw your sin, and all the sins of your brothers and sisters, who had lived and who would live upon this earth -  I knew that I would have to take all of these and suffer for them to have you with Me.
I did not want to lose one of you; no, not one.  My Burden was great as I fell to the ground with the weight of sin.  My Humanness could not take it.  Blood was forced from Me, as you would sweat, My little one.  I was totally alone.  My friends had fallen asleep at the gate; but I would not give up this Burden, for I Loved you so much.  Oh, My little child, how can I convince you of My Love?  Please, do not turn Me away.
As I lay there, I heard the sound of a group of men coming towards the Garden.  I knew that My time had come.  They came and bound Me and I was taken to My accusers.  Behold! The Son of Man led away like a common criminal.  Although My Pain was great, the Love and joy to know that you would be with Me was greater.  But alas, My Burden grew more intense when I saw how many of My children would not accept what I have done for them.  How many would reject My Love and turn away from Me! 
Oh, My children, My children, why will you not listen?  Why will you not come?  Have I done all in vain?
See, My children, as I stood before Pilate, I took your place.  This is why I kept silent.  I knew I had to take your burden, your punishment, so that you could be with Me.
They kicked Me, they punched Me.  They tore off My clothes and tied Me to a pillar.  When the whip purged My Flesh, it was pierced for you and all your brothers and sisters, who have lived and would live upon this earth.  Each lash I felt billions of times. Each kick, each thump, each insult, each mockery as they insulted your Friend, your God - I felt all of these billions of times.
Look, My little ones, now see all My Passion as it really was - not the way that you think, for this is the Truth that I speak in these Words.  Now can you place yourself, and all My little ones, in the rest of My Suffering?  Now can you see why I have said: “Love one another...”, for it is I, Jesus, that you love in your brother and sister.  No matter who they are or what they have done.  I live in all men.  I Forgive all as I Forgive you.


How hard done by we are
We always complain if we are sick and moan to ourselves how hard done by we are but we never think of the damage we do to our souls.  Every time we sin it is another black mark on our soul. 
I imagine my soul to be white and the many, many black marks I have put there. 
If I do not go to Confession and confess my sins in truth, look at the cancer that builds up on my soul. 
Cancer of the soul
Cancer of the body is very common, talked about a lot and feared much but we never hear of the cancer of the soul.  This is because it is spiritual and to be a spiritual, holy person now is an embarrassment.  I am not saying that I am either of these but my desire is to be, and my goal is, Jesus. 
“For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?”  Mark 8:36, Douay-Rheims

Way of the Sacred Heart
Since committing myself to the Way of the Sacred Heart, I have seen that Jesus speaks a lot about dying to self.  I did not understand it at first or maybe I did not want to.  It has not been easy because I was comfortable the way I was; going to Mass on Sunday, praying when I needed something and so on.  To be committed to the Way of the Sacred Heart means change. 
Jesus gains more ground
When a truth about myself is pointed out to me, I do not like it.  It is painful and embarrassing.  If I accept it in truth then this is the beginning of dying to self and Jesus gains more ground to work in me. 
Also, James speaks of deceiving ourselves:
13 Let no man, when he is tempted, say that he is tempted by God.  For God is not a tempter of evils and He tempteth no man.
14 But every man is tempted by his own concupiscence, being drawn away and allured.
15 Then when concupiscence hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin. But sin, when it is completed, begetteth death.
James 1:13-15, Douay-Rheims
1 Concupiscence is often defined as an ardent, usually sensual, longing or lust.
The concept is most commonly encountered in Christian theology, as the selfish human desire for an object, person, or experience.
Thank You, Jesus
We hear a lot of ‘the devil is busy’ but do I give him full scope to use me?
How many times do I have thoughts that are not good?  As we are taught in Scripture ‘think it and you have done it.’ 
28 But I say to you, that whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart.
Matthew 5:28, Douay-Rheims
Thank You, Jesus, for choosing me, a sinner, to be a servant of the Way of the Sacred Heart and thank You for all the Teachings You have given me through the Messages.


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Events Celebrated
Foundation Day
We celebrated our Foundation Day on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes on 11 February.  The first Foundation Day was in 1996 when some members of the Community took on the Habit of Humility.
At the 12 o’clock prayers a servant shared on the month she had spent manning the House of Prayer in Belgium. She spoke also about the parish church there having a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Lourdes as well as a stained glass window depicting the Apparition which she found very striking. 

The Habit
At the 3pm prayers another servant spoke about how the first members feared the idea of the Habit in the beginning.  They felt silly and embarrassed at first but they grew stronger with the realisation that it truly was what Jesus was asking for. He felt that because others were able to do this it made it easier for him to take on the Habit later himself.

At 8.30pm we gathered for sharing in the Padre Pio room.  We shared on the benefits of being part of a Community.  We agreed how good it was to have each other for strength and fellowship.

Feast of Saint Claude de la Colombiere
Saint Claude’s Feast Day was celebrated on Tuesday 15 February.  He was known as the Great Friend of the Sacred Heart who aided Saint Margaret Mary to spread the devotion to the Sacred Heart throughout the world.
The day began with prayers at 12 o’clock with a servant sharing on the joy that Claude experienced by serving God.  This should be an inspiration for us to also serve God with great freedom and joy in our hearts.
At 3pm a servant spoke on the spiritual direction of Claude de la Colombiere and his advice on renouncing the world.  He explained that “in the world there is an inner world: a second world which every Christian must avoid, for it knows not God and the devil is its ruler….In this world are found those who live for vanity and pleasure: it is where the one aim is to please and flatter, where there is hardly anything that is innocent and good, and where people glory in all that ought to make us ashamed.”
This quotation can be compared to the latest Messages that Jesus has given and is timeless advice on the dangers to Christians within the world, especially  today.

Events to Come
Feast of Saint Patrick
Thursday 17 March

Feast of Saint Joseph
Saturday 19 March

International Twenty Four Hour Day of Prayer and Fasting Against Abortion
Friday 25 March 2011 with Walk Against Abortion
Saturday 26 March 2011 at 2.45
Easter Retreat
Thursday 21 April to Sunday 24 April 2011
First Fridays vigils from 10pm - 2am: 
4 March 2011 and 1 April 2011



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The Helpers of Gods precious infants
A prayerful presence
I pray regularly on a Saturday morning with a group known as ‘The Helpers of Gods Precious Infants’ who regularly hold prayer vigils outside abortion clinics all over London and throughout the world.  The Helpers of Gods Precious Infants was founded by Monsignor O’Reilly who has been involved in the Pro-Life movement in America for more than forty years.  He heads the Helpers of Gods Precious Infants, an apostolate of prayer and counselling outside abortion mills, which he founded on the Feast of the Rosary, October 1989.  Monsignor O’Reilly started the Helpers of Gods Precious Infants, whose goal is not only to offer help to women coming to the abortion mills, but also to maintain a prayerful presence, large and small, at these sites to pray for the conversion of hearts. 
Clinics have closed
Every month, since June 1990, Bishop Daily has led the Helpers’ large Prayer Vigil in the Diocese of Brooklyn. In October 2003 Bishop DiMarzio led the Helpers’ Prayer Vigil.  The results have been blessed.  At least twenty clinics have closed in the Diocese of Brooklyn and more than twenty thousand women have left the abortion mills choosing life.  The Helpers’ approach is now being used in at least forty States, more than one hundred Bishops and five Cardinals have participated. By the Grace of God the Helpers’ apostolate has now spread not only throughout the United States and parts of Canada and Western and Eastern Europe but even as far away as Australia, New Zealand and parts of Africa.
Good Counsel Network
I’ve been praying with the helpers outside a west London abortion clinic on Saturday mornings for the past three years after Mass.  I also do some sidewalk counselling and try to speak to those who will stop and listen and I hand out some help leaflets to those who will take them.  The help leaflets are from the Catholic Pro-Life organization in the UK known as ‘The Good Counsel Network’ to offer help and advice and counselling against abortion.  The Good Counsel Network informs the women about the truth of abortion, the health risks and offers them practical help and advice during their pregnancy and for as long as they need afterwards.  Many destitute expectant mothers are helped by this organization and especially those who have not been able to get help elsewhere.
It’s not easy
It’s not easy to get the pregnant women to stop and talk before they go into the clinic.  If I get their attention I try and talk to them about God if they will listen.  Sometimes it is the partners who will listen and not the woman entering the clinic.  Those that do listen sometimes take religious items including Divine Mercy, Miraculous medals, prayer cards or Rosary beads.  I also try to warn them about the dangers of abortion, how it will damage them mentally and physically.  There is a baby model and picture of the baby developing at eight weeks and sixteen weeks at the entrance to the clinic. 
I’m sometimes afraid
Many women heading inside the clinic ignore us completely and will not stop to take a help leaflet or talk.  I have to admit I’m sometimes afraid to approach certain people entering the clinic but I do pray for protection before I go and while I’m there so that gives me the courage to try most of the time.  Some women are completely pro-choice and don’t like us being there praying at all or counselling outside the clinics.  Some of them shout insults at us or swear at us.  Passers by do the same but some stop and discuss their beliefs with you, some of them agree with you and many others don’t. 
Many agree its murder
I’ve had many of the pregnant women saying the same things “I don’t agree with abortion but in my situation I have no choice” or “I can’t have this baby now but God will Forgive me anyway.”  Many agree its murder but they say they have to go ahead with the abortion for some reason or another.  Many say that they have their career to think about first.  A lot of times it’s because they are studying at college or university or they don’t want to stay with the baby’s father.  There are some couples who are not married and they believe its more of a sin to have the baby and shame their families than to have an abortion.  There are even married couples who say they don’t want a baby yet they prefer to wait.  Others will say but I’ve got one or two already and seem to be brainwashed by the family planning clinics and the media that its too much to cope with to have any more. 
I was brainwashed too
Sadly in the past I have to admit that I was one of those people, I’m ashamed to say that I was brainwashed too when I was a lapsed Catholic and too selfish to have wanted more than two children.  I had always been against abortion but I had taken the contraceptive pill myself for a few years and I regret it very much firstly because it is a sin and secondly because I would love to have had another couple of children now.  I am now a grandmother in my early fifties so there is little chance of my having another child now.
Her fifth abortion
Some of the people that accompany the women into the clinics don’t agree with them having the abortion and are trying to talk them out of it.  One lady was very sad after her daughter had gone in for her fifth abortion.  It was very shocking to hear and the lady gave me her details to send her lots of Pro-Life information, which I did, to try and put her daughter off.
One person present
I had been praying at the vigil outside the clinic weekly for over a year before I was sure of a definite turnaround on Our Lady’s ‘Feast of the Immaculate Conception.’  There had been an all night vigil of Adoration to end abortion going on which was organised by ‘The Good Counsel Network’.  There were many prayer vigils taking place around London and the UK at that time for Our Lady’s Feast Day.
Did not go ahead with the abortion
It was almost time to leave the clinic when we noticed another young lady approaching the clinic.  The prayer vigil had bothered her because she believed in God and sometimes went to church so she stopped to talk with us.  We gave her some information about the help we could give her.  She began to cry and told us that her boyfriend did not want her to go for the abortion but she was studying and she did not want to give up her career.  She said that she already had one child so we suggested another one would be great company for her child and that they would be great little friends.  She agreed and decided to come straight away to the Good Counsel Network’s centre for counselling and help instead.  This young mum keeps in touch and now has two little girls and she is very happy that she did not go ahead with the abortion.
Very grateful
Another time, a few months later, I spoke to a young lady approaching the clinic who was not happy about going for an abortion but she was in real difficulties. She had been very sick with her pregnancy and because of this she had lost her job and had no money to pay her landlord the rent.  On Monday morning she would be homeless and pregnant.  Her boyfriend had told her to go to the clinic for the abortion as he could not help her.  She told me she believed in God and she knew it was wrong to abort her child.  I assured her that we would be able to help her and not to go for the abortion and so she went for the appointment for help instead with the ‘The Good Counsel Network.’  The Good Counsel Network helped her with accommodation and provided her with all the necessary help she needed.  The lady today has a beautiful little boy who has just learnt to walk and she is very grateful of the help she has received.
Because they saw the prayer vigil
There were also three couples who turned around recently and decided not to have the abortions that they had booked, whom my colleagues spoke to at the vigils, because they saw the prayer vigil as a sign from God not to have an abortion and realized that abortion was wrong.  Thanks be to God for all the help He has given us and for answering our prayers.
It is important not to judge anyone
There is a newsletter from the Helpers regularly with news from the clinics.  It’s great to hear about the babies who have been saved.  But we must continue to pray for them, for their needs and for many conversions of those who went ahead or are now thinking about having an abortion, for the abortionists’ conversions, for those working in the clinics, or those people who have influenced or pressurized women into having abortions.  We feel it is important not to judge anyone and for those who have had abortions, the Good Counsel Network are happy to work with The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, offering days of Retreat for women who have had an abortion where they are welcomed, pray and hope for forgiveness and healing.  Many have been greatly helped to begin the path to forgiving themselves.
Excerpt from ‘Crossing the Threshold Of Hope’ by Pope John Paul II:
‘Therefore, in firmly rejecting “pro-choice” it is necessary to become courageously “pro-woman,” promoting a choice that is truly in favour of women.  It is precisely the woman, in fact, who pays the highest price, not only for her motherhood, but even more for its destruction, for the suppression of the life of the child who has been conceived.  The only honest stance, in these cases, is that of radical solidarity with the woman.  It is not right to leave her alone.
The experiences of many counselling centres show that the woman does not want to suppress the life of the child she carries within her.  If she is supported in this attitude and if at the same time she is freed from the intimidation of those around her, then she is even capable of heroism.’
Quote from Mother Theresa:
‘The unborn child is a living member of the human race, just like you and me, created in the image and likeness of God, for greater things, to love and be loved.  Therefore, there is no more choice once a child - another person - is conceived. … If a mother can kill her own child in her womb, destroy the flesh of her flesh, life of her life and the fruit of her own love, why are we surprised at the violence and terrorism that is spreading all around us.  Abortion is the greatest destroyer of peace in the world today - the greatest destroyer of love.  It is my prayer for you that you may stand up for God, for life and for the family and protect the pre-born child.


Betty and Bill Gallivan, 1519 Callender, Peoria,II 61606 USA.
Tel: (001)309 676 5185 Fax: (001) 309 676 5191E-mail


Almost one hundred of us
In September, 2008, my Mom celebrated her eighty fifth birthday with a surprise gathering of her eleven children and their spouses, all the grandchildren and all the great grandchildren. Almost one hundred of us greeted her with balloons and clapping!  We celebrated at Mass, we had a beautiful feast together, we had pictures and music and gifts!      
Along with those sweet memories, I also treasure those quiet moments with my Mom.  We sit at the kitchen table with coffee or tea, and always a muffin or a cup of soup or a couple of special recipe brownies.  We discuss the news and worries of the families, memories and family stories, neighbours and the neighbourhood, raising families in the Catholic Church, the scandals and the sorrows, any appointments, and always recipes! 
The Body of Christ
Our spiritual family, the Body of Christ, has those same celebrations, dynamics and relationships.  The Holy Mass is our great gathering of the community.  We enter, we sing, we pray, we hear stories from the Word of the Lord.  We give gifts, we give thanks, we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus together!
Jesus all to ourselves!
When it is time for our cup of coffee around the table, we go to Jesus hidden in the Blessed Sacrament.  In a Holy Hour, we have Jesus all to ourselves!  We can talk, listen, unburden our hearts, ask for favours, and just adore the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
An hour
Some ask, what do people do for an hour?  People can read the Holy Bible, meditate on the Life of Jesus while praying the Rosary, or just sit quietly.  Some people study the Mass readings, or make a simple Stations of the Cross, say a favourite novena, read from a spiritual book, or even doze off for a minute!  Remember that your Angel is with you and the Holy Spirit will fill your heart.
Ask Our Mother, Mary
What if, maybe a little, you don’t quite believe that Jesus is truly present in the   Blessed Sacrament, or you have not thought about it for a while?  Then definitely go to Adoration as soon as possible, and ask Our Mother, Mary, to help you to understand the mystery of Her Son, hidden in the consecrated Host.
Amazing and inspirational!
Our own late Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, from his seminary days to the end of his life, made a Holy Hour every day! If he was travelling and the nearest Church was locked, he would stand at the door to pray for an hour.  Amazing and inspirational!
Pray for others first
Remember, as we go to Adoration, to pray for others first.  The world could use extra prayers for peace, for an end to abortion around the world, for our Church, our families, the sick and the dying, the Holy Souls in Purgatory…. Jesus knows what is in our hearts!  He is waiting for all: the young and the old, babies and students, moms and dads, single people, grandparents, His priests and religious, His people.       
Remain with us always
Jesus promised to remain with us always, even to the end of time, and He has kept that promise. Thank You, Jesus.


Saint Therese La Maison de Priere. Rue de la Station 65, 7070 Le Roeuix, Hainaut
Region Wallonne, Belgium. Tel: 0208 808 0732 E-mail


Manning the New House for Jesus
Absolutely thrilled
I was absolutely thrilled when I learned that myself and Bernie were going to man Saint Thérèse House of Prayer in Belgium, and that we were actually the first servants to man the new House for Jesus.
Very exciting
While there, one of the first things I noticed at Mass that Sunday was a statue of an Irish Saint called Feuillien (Faelan).  There was a piece of writing about him which explained that he and two brothers left the west coast of Ireland going across to England and from England into Europe, finishing off in Le Roeulx where they set up monasteries along the route.  They had travelled from the west of Ireland evangelizing Europe.
This I found very exciting.  Here we were at Jesus’ request leaving Ireland and heading into Europe hundreds of years later to do the same thing all over again!  While there, we met a young girl of about eighteen called Pauline and her father, they explained to us that he and his wife had gone to Ireland many years before when Pauline was a baby to find the original monastery where Saint Feuillien  became a monk.  We learned that Saint Brendan actually founded the monastery Saint Feuillien  took his vows in and Saint Brendan was known to be an evangelizing monk. 
The family were very moved by the fact that we were opening the Saint Thérèse House of Prayer in Belgium as they had a very special love for the Irish Saint Feuillien.
I see the need
Jesus had said in a Message that He knew where the need was regarding the Houses of Prayer:
“..Do not be alarmed that I am calling for more of My Houses, do not be alarmed that they are not in the places that you want them to be.  I see the need and that need can be greater than yours…”  Sunday 12 July 2009
Those Words came into my head when we attended the only evening Mass during the week.  Myself, Bernie and two others were the only ones at the Mass.  I believe that the priest was delighted to see us there and it was explained to him that each month, two different people would be coming.
Thank You, Jesus
The Messages that Jesus gave about the evangelisation of Europe really stuck home with me when I saw the great need in Belgium for spiritual support.  Thank You, Jesus, for the very exciting privilege of going to man Saint Thérèse House of Prayer.


The Resenting
‘Jeremy Kyle’
Whilst channel hopping one morning, I quickly flicked that dreadful ‘Jeremy Kyle’ show over.  A mother was expressing her hatred for her own son to Jeremy after he had hit her.  I never heard of so much hatred in families and some people’s lives until I watched a few shows briefly.  It just goes to show the danger resentment can have if allowed to sprout, fester and grow.
Spiritual blood bond
Now let me tell you, just last weekend, I had the opportunity to nurse my baby nephew.  He’s a wriggly little thing and I sat him on the floor in between my legs as he seemed really interested in touching the fluffy mat beneath him.  My brother quickly snatched him from me ‘he was going to hit his head on the fireplace’ he said.  Now I didn’t think so but I felt told off and unworthy of looking after my brother’s precious jewels, his wee son.  I was surprised by my brother’s overreaction but, in a way too, I admired his love for his son, he wanted to protect him.  And I believe that bond is in all of us for our family, no matter how bad they are, that love is there.  So how can that love, that spiritual blood bond, turn to hatred for someone? 
In short, the answer is resentment has not been fought against!  And that Jeremy Kyle show is full of people brimming over with resentment, that is so sad.  I’d love to tell them all “there is another way: Jesus’ Way, the Way of Love, and you’ll never feel hatred, you’ll be far happier by letting go and all getting along.”
Resentment is a poison
Resentment is a hurt or animosity harboured, a grudge held on to, and not let go of.
There is a Chinese proverb that says if you have resentment, you better make two graves!  Alcoholics Anonymous say: resentment is a poison that you want the person you resent to drink but you are drinking it yourself. 
Only Love is the answer
Jesus told us in the Messages of Love that resentment blocks Him from entering our hearts and can take away our faith!  “…Much Love is lost between all of you and I ask of you, in these days, to regain it by Love.  Only Love is the answer to your difficulties, but it cannot enter your hearts while resentment reigns there.  If you allow it, then resentment can rust away even a deep-felt faith, if you give it your permission…”  Thursday 11 July 1996
And in Scripture it says: “Resentment kills a fool, and envy slays the simple.” Job 5:2
Self in all its fullness
Resentment is self in all its fullness killing the soul and all the good Jesus has placed within us.  It is a spirit whose sole purpose is to take us to hell, and it will feed our thoughts and grow our bitterness, the more we allow it to. 
As with all spirits, never underestimate where resentment could take us.  It could lead us to seek revenge, an explosion of anger, a fight, even murder; and who knows what else, maybe even child battery, rape; and, definitely, eternity in hell!
Resentment is more deadly to our souls than cancer or AIDS are to our bodies.  But the good thing is, there is a cure for resentment!
The opposite of resentment
We have received all the fruits of the Spirit at Confirmation: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, self control and chastity.  These fruits are the opposite of resentment and the tools, to fight resentment, anger (one of the seven deadly sins) and unforgiveness with. 
Do the opposite
Jesus advised us when we are struggling with bad thoughts, thoughts not of Him, to do the opposite of what they’re telling us.  This is dying to self.
“…Power, greed, ownership, resentment are baggage that you collect on your Journey to Me.  But they are useless to you, they make you stumble and fall along the way.  They blind My children and they cannot see that Love is all that they require.
It is easy to overcome these things.  If you feel power, then seek humility; fight the power.  If you feel resentment, then give much love.  If you feel greed, then put all things away from you and own nothing; give away that that makes you feel greed and remain humble.  For, do you not know that you gain much reward in doing these things?  Do you not know that if you carry this useless baggage around with you then it is like a camel trying to enter the gates of a city.  Unload what is spiritually useless to you for what counts with Me is the love that you give to your fellow man.
There are many spirits of the evil one who seek only the downfall of My children in this world.  They tempt My little ones with many things and these are only useless glitter.  Cut from you things that are earthly and do not cling to them for they are not required by Me…” Friday 10 July 1998
The first thought
Fighting the first thought, as Jesus has taught us in these Messages is our greatest weapon:
“…I have told you of the first thought, all sin begins as a seed in your thoughts and it is up to you whether you fertilise and irrigate the seed.  Guard your thoughts and do not allow them to control you for thoughts many times contain the inspirations of lucifer.  If a thought enters your mind which you know will lead to sin then discard that thought immediately, not allowing it a foothold.  The more that you do this the stronger you will become and the more your eyes will open as the scales of blindness fall away.  I am your Strength and the more that you come to Me in prayer, the easier this battle will become for the desires of self will cease to matter, as you build the walls of holiness…”
Monday 25 August 2008
It is so sad that Jesus has given us this world to live in freely and a way to live in it but so few of us actually live it, in fact it is almost forgotten in this world.  But Jesus’ Way is the best way.  If we all loved, this world would be a much better place to live in for everybody, we would all be happy, we would all see the good in each other and put each other first.  It’s a miserable world if we don’t!


This is the continuation of the “HEAVEN, HELL AND PURGATORY” article by Pope John Paul II, published in ‘L’Osservatore Romano,’ the weekly newspaper of the Holy See, on 28 July 1999.
Purgatory Is Necessary Purification
Before we enter into full communion with God, every trace of sin within us must be eliminated and every imperfection in our soul must be corrected
At the General Audience of Wednesday, 4 August 1999, following his catecheses on heaven and hell, the Holy Father reflected on Purgatory. He explained that physical integrity is necessary to enter into perfect communion with God therefore “the term purgatory does not indicate a place, but a condition of existence”, where Christ “removes ... the remnants of imperfection”.
1. As we have seen in the previous two catecheses, on the basis of the definitive option for or against God, the human being finds he faces one of these alternatives:  either to live with the Lord in eternal beatitude, or to remain far from his presence.
For those who find themselves in a condition of being open to God, but still imperfectly, the journey towards full beatitude requires a purification, which the faith of the Church illustrates in the doctrine of “Purgatory” (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 1030-1032).
To share in divine life we must be totally purified
2. In Sacred Scripture, we can grasp certain elements that help us to understand the meaning of this doctrine, even if it is not formally described. They express the belief that we cannot approach God without undergoing some kind of purification.
According to Old Testament religious law, what is destined for God must be perfect.  As a result, physical integrity is also specifically required for the realities which come into contact with God at the sacrificial level such as, for example, sacrificial animals (cf. Lv 22: 22) or at the institutional level, as in the case of priests or ministers of worship (cf. Lv 21: 17-23).  Total dedication to the God of the Covenant, along the lines of the great teachings found in Deuteronomy (cf. 6: 5), and which must correspond to this physical integrity, is required of individuals and society as a whole (cf. 1 Kgs 8: 61).  It is a matter of loving God with all one’s being, with purity of heart and the witness of deeds (cf. ibid., 10: 12f.)
The need for integrity obviously becomes necessary after death, for entering into perfect and complete communion with God. Those who do not possess this integrity must undergo purification. This is suggested by a text of St Paul. The Apostle speaks of the value of each person’s work which will be revealed on the day of judgement and says:  “If the work which any man has built on the foundation [which is Christ] survives, he will receive a reward. If any man’s work is burned up, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, but only as through fire” (1 Cor 3: 14-15).
3. At times, to reach a state of perfect integrity a person’s intercession or mediation is needed. For example, Moses obtains pardon for the people with a prayer in which he recalls the saving work done by God in the past, and prays for God’s fidelity to the oath made to his ancestors (cf. Ex 32: 30, 11-13). The figure of the Servant of the Lord, outlined in the Book of Isaiah, is also portrayed by his role of intercession and expiation for many; at the end of his suffering he “will see the light” and “will justify many”, bearing their iniquities (cf. Is 52: 13-53, 12, especially vv. 53: 11).
Psalm 51 can be considered, according to the perspective of the Old Testament, as a synthesis of the process of reintegration:  the sinner confesses and recognizes his guilt (v. 3), asking insistently to be purified or “cleansed” (vv. 2, 9, 10, 17) so as to proclaim the divine praise (v. 15).
Purgatory is not a place but a condition of existence
4. In the New Testament Christ is presented as the intercessor who assumes the functions of high priest on the day of expiation (cf. Heb 5: 7; 7: 25). But in him the priesthood is presented in a new and definitive form. He enters the heavenly shrine once and for all, to intercede with God on our behalf (cf. Heb 9: 23-26, especially, v. 24). He is both priest and “victim of expiation” for the sins of the whole world (cf. 1 Jn 2: 2).
Jesus, as the great intercessor who atones for us, will fully reveal himself at the end of our life when he will express himself with the offer of mercy, but also with the inevitable judgement for those who refuse the Father’s love and forgiveness.
This offer of mercy does not exclude the duty to present ourselves to God, pure and whole, rich in that love which Paul calls a “[bond] of perfect harmony” (Col 3: 14).
5. In following the Gospel exhortation to be perfect like the heavenly Father (cf. Mt 5: 48) during our earthly life, we are called to grow in love, to be sound and flawless before God the Father “at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all his saints” (1 Thes 3: 12f.). Moreover, we are invited to “cleanse ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit” (2 Cor 7: 1; cf. 1 Jn 3: 3), because the encounter with God requires absolute purity.
Every trace of attachment to evil must be eliminated, every imperfection of the soul corrected. Purification must be complete, and indeed this is precisely what is meant by the Church’s teaching on purgatory. The term does not indicate a place, but a condition of existence. Those who, after death, exist in a state of purification, are already in the love of Christ who removes from them the remnants of imperfection (cf. Ecumenical Council of Florence, Decretum pro Graecis:  DS 1304; Ecumenical Council of Trent, Decretum de iustificatione:  DS 1580; Decretum de purgatorio:  DS 1820).
It is necessary to explain that the state of purification is not a prolungation of the earthly condition, almost as if after death one were given another possibility to change one’s destiny. The Church’s teaching in this regard is unequivocal and was reaffirmed by the Second Vatican Council which teaches:  “Since we know neither the day nor the hour, we should follow the advice of the Lord and watch constantly so that, when the single course of our earthly life is completed (cf. Heb 9: 27), we may merit to enter with him into the marriage feast and be numbered among the blessed, and not, like the wicked and slothful servants, be ordered to depart into the eternal fire, into the outer darkness where “men will weep and gnash their teeth’ (Mt 22: 13 and 25: 30)” (Lumen gentium, n. 48).
6. One last important aspect which the Church’s tradition has always pointed out should be reproposed today:  the dimension of “communio”. Those, in fact, who find themselves in the state of purification are united both with the blessed who already enjoy the fullness of eternal life, and with us on this earth on our way towards the Father’s house (cf. CCC, n. 1032).
Just as in their earthly life believers are united in the one Mystical Body, so after death those who live in a state of purification experience the same ecclesial solidarity which works through prayer, prayers for suffrage and love for their other brothers and sisters in the faith. Purification is lived in the essential bond created between those who live in this world and those who enjoy eternal beatitude...
Taken from: L’Osservatore Romano, Weekly Edition in English, Heaven: 28 July 1999,  Hell: 4 August 1999, Purgatory: 11/18 August.


Acts 28:26-28
26 Saying: Go to this people, and say to them: With the ear you shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing you shall see, and shall not perceive.
We have become a people who think we know better than God.  We think that God is out of date with the ways of our modern times and that what is spoken in Scripture doesn’t apply to now.  We can hear and see spiritual things going on but we don’t understand and explain it away by science.
27 For the heart of this people is grown gross, and with their ears have they heard heavily, and their eyes they have shut; lest perhaps they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.
Our hearts are hard to the suffering of others and we don’t really believe the devil exists.  If we did then we would do something, not make excuses and have others do what we should be doing.  We think ‘what can I do about suffering in another country,’ but there is always someone in need in our own neighbourhood that we can help.  We can’t sit back and allow our brothers and sisters to die and not know the Love of our great God.
To be healed or converted means I’ve changed, become a better and, indeed, a more spiritual person.  We can’t keep taking Graces from God and giving nothing back.
28 Be it known therefore to you, that this Salvation of God is sent to the Gentiles, and they will hear it.
God sent His Son to Suffer and Die for our Salvation, not just my Salvation, but for every single person in the world. If we have this knowledge and don’t hear and understand, God will take His Graces and give them to others who will hear and understand. Are we, as followers of Jesus, failing in our faith?


Third Week of Lent
On 25 March, we will be holding our annual International Twenty Four Hour Day of Prayer and Fasting Against Abortion.  This falls three weeks into Lent. 
His own Crucifixion
Within the Messages Jesus has likened abortion to His own Crucifixion.  On  Wednesday 22 April  1992, He said, “...I have undergone terrible Suffering in your name, children; aborted children grieve Me and Pain Me; their lot drives the Thorns deeper into My Head.  Thousands of these innocents are killed every day.  Come, My loyal children; pray that they will stop the killings. 
Come, bind up My Wounds in your love.  Love Me deeply, for I can find no rest.  Love Me deeply; care for them; pray for them; anoint them in My Love - they are crucified in Me.  Love, for all depends on Love, My children.  I Love you.”
A vision
With this Message, Patrick received a vision, it was as follows.
“During prayer I had a vision of Jesus lying on the ground, but the great weight of the sin of abortion and the aborted babies held Him down.  He kept trying to get up.  Later, I saw Him nailed to the Cross and all along the crossbeam were flowers - like a vine - beginning to sprout.  I offered Him what little I had to help Him in His Agony.  I offered myself as a victim of His Wounds.  I took the flowers to mean that when we fought against abortion - such as Baptism of the Unborn - then Jesus felt joy and was appeased in His Pain.”
Seventh Station
Again in 1999, on the Feast of the Sacred Heart, Jesus gave this Message for the seventh Station of the Cross: “My children, how could I not fall under this great Burden?  The sins of mankind tore at Me; the weight became greater and greater as I watched the little bodies of My children being torn from their mothers’ wombs.  Their screams pierced Me like a lance and drove Me to the ground.  I was blinded in the Agony of Sorrow when I looked at what mankind would become; at how many would reject My Sacrifice and fall headlong into the abyss of eternal fire...”
Fight against abortion
Would it then not be a worthy sacrifice to make every effort and do all we can this Lent to fight against abortion?
There are many things we could do, from praying and sacrificing, to handing out the pictures of aborted babies, standing outside abortion clinics, organising peaceful protests and Walks in our own area.
Jesus will Lovingly receive anything we offer Him for this fight and He can save many from being killed by abortion.
Day of Prayer and Fasting
Please remember also that on Friday 25 March, Feast of the Annunciation we will
be fasting and praying for the twenty four hours and you are most welcome to join us.  We will also be having our Walk on Saturday 26 March leaving the House of Prayer at 3pm.

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