Appeal for the House
Our dear friends, we are again asking for your help. You will receive a separate insert appealing for your spiritual and financial help, once again. You know we hate to do this but we have no other option at this time. The debts continue to mount and we presently have no way of paying these.
Please bear with us and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all the help you have already given to us. Without you and your generosity we would not be here today.
May Jesus Bless you all abundantly.
Manning Houses of Prayer
We continue to implore you to consider manning the other Houses in Europe with a servant. Originally Jesus asked for one month but because we are so short on volunteers, we have decided that even if people can only give two weeks, they will be considered.
There are some Houses that have not even been opened yet this year.
Please, if you can at all, give a month of your time to help us keep Jesus’ Houses alive.
The Darkness
Primarily, in this Newsletter, we have concentrated on the encroaching darkness of this world. The Church is being broken down daily, even by those who are within it, all in the name of modernism. We are left in these days with a weak Church that does not speak out against sin because they are afraid of offending people and, in many cases, they do not even believe in sin any more. The results of not speaking the Truth is spiritual devastation. If we could see with spiritual eyes, I believe, we would see this earth as a great battlefield with chaos, devastation and destruction all around. The spiritual deaths are mounting and the Light in which to see is ever more decreasing.
Gates of hell
Jesus said that the gates of hell would not prevail against Him and it is this promise that I believe He is fulfilling when He gives all these Messages. He needs us, the people who make up the Church, to begin to live, in truth, the Way He has taught.
The Way of Truth
The Way of Truth Messages that Jesus has given this month breathe new life and enthusiasm into us to take up our crosses daily and follow Him. They direct us again to the inner Journey towards Jesus in the dying to self, for we cannot reach others until we have come to Jesus ourselves. These Messages remind us again, to look at the sin within our lives and to begin to die to these sins, to make room for Jesus, for this is our real sacrifice. As we stop sinning, part of our souls come back to life and they are able to become Light. In this way, we are actually stopping the darkness from spreading and bringing more light into the world.
We are reminded that even one person who is willing to follow Jesus in truth, can make a huge difference.


Monday 8 August 2011

Come, beloved of My Heart, and hear My calls. Do not be afraid to follow Me but believe in these Words that I speak. Believe, My little ones, for all things are possible in Me. I am your God and these Words are the Lifeline that I throw to you in this world of darkness.
Sin surrounds you yet, you remain blind to it.
Come, My little ones, turn away from this world and its ways and believe and you shall see great changes take place. All you must do is believe in Me, Jesus, the Son of the Living God.
I am your Power:
I am the Lifeblood that flows through your veins.
I am your God and all I wait for is for one to believe and then I shall walk free once again and all will begin to change.
But, first you must take on this Burden of My Love and be willing to love all that you meet and, yes, I say ALL, even those who have offended you.
Love is pure and simple: it accepts all and does not judge.
Come, My beloved children, and walk this Path of Truth with Me into this world of darkness and let My Light shine through you to all men.
I Love you and I need you to do this for Me.
Come, children of My Heart, and listen now for My calls. I Love you, I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Tuesday 9 August 2011

Look at these Teachings I give to you, My little ones, and see the Truth. Do not be afraid to follow Me even if this world rejects you for, remember, it first rejected Me and will reject you as a follower of Mine. See past the rejection and see the joy of your life with Me. Know that I will not leave you nor reject you.
Come, trust in Me, your God, and allow Me to Teach you in My Ways: the Ways of Truth.
Come, beloved children of Mine, I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Wednesday 10 August 2011
Come, My beloved children, and listen to My calls. Do not deny Me through the ways of this world but come and listen to My Heart; hear it call to you, hear its song within your soul and allow Me to woo you into the Joys of My Love.
Come, My beloved children, and listen to Me; hear My Lovesong as I sing it to you in these Words.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and listen to Me this day for I am your God and I am in need of you.
I have need of your love. I Love you.
Friday 12 August 2011

Look to Me now, My little ones, and do not be afraid. Come, adhere to My calls for there is little time left; the darkness builds and you are in much danger.
Can you not see the sin of this world building around you?
Can you not see the greed of men as it encroaches into all men’s lives?
Come, children, and allow Me to bring you to the safety of My Heart.
Look now at the Words that I give to you. See their Truth and come follow Me for I am Coming soon and you are not prepared. I Love you, My children, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Monday 15 August 2011 Feast of the Assumption
Patrick: Jesus, I am going to try again but I need Your help for I fall so many times by myself.
Look to the Truth, My child, and you will succeed. You know what you must do. If you do, these things will change greatly and My House will begin to grow in Truth. But first you must take the steps that My children will follow; all it takes is one and the rest will follow. Do this for Me, My child. I Love you. Take the time to be with Me each day so that I may fill you with My Words and My Strength.
I Love you, My little child, trust in Me, do as I say and what is needed will come into My Houses. But first, you must begin this Journey with Me. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Wednesday 17 August 2011

I Love you, children, My calls become urgent for the time soon approaches and you have not prepared.
My Love is not a game to be taken up and left down whenever you feel like it. I am Coming soon but this earth must be cleansed first. Soon all will change, all that you have known will be no more. This earth is in its death pangs and soon it will begin to fight back to cleanse itself of your sin. You must be ready for My children are in need and there are so few who are willing to help.
I Love you, My little ones, and I call to you now to take up your cross and come, follow Me into this land of milk and honey where you will know True Peace.
Come, beloved children of My Heart, and hear My calls. I Love you and I call for the last times for soon it will be too late for many. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Saturday 20 August 2011

Look to My Love, My little ones, and see My Truth.
Let My Love Burn within your hearts and do not doubt that I am with you.
I will never leave you, My little ones, for you are part of Me as much as I am a part of you.
Call out to Me in faith and believe I am with you in your time of need.
I will be with you.
I will never leave you.
Listen to My Lovesong within your heart as it calls you ever closer to Me.
I will not leave you, I Love you.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and listen to My calls.
I ask you to walk this Path of Truth with Me so that We, together, can go out into the darkness of this world and find those who are lost and lonely, those who are in need and lead them back into the safety of My Fold.
Come now, beloved of My Heart, take My Hand and We, together, shall begin this Journey of Truth and you shall become strong in Me, shall fear nothing that this world may throw at you.
I am calling to you this day and I await your answer for I cannot force you.
I can only stand and wait for your answer.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and listen to My Lovesong. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Monday 22 August 2011
Come, beloved of My Heart, and hear My cries of Joy as you turn to Me.
Do not reject Me in favour of this world but hear Me and run towards Me.
I Love you, My little children, and I call out to you in these Words to come, follow Me.
I am in need of your help for so many of your brothers and sisters are dying in these times of great sin.
They need your hands, your feet and your lips so that We, together, can begin this Battle of Love.
This world has rejected Me for My followers have lost sight of Me and I can no longer be seen as a Strong and True God.
Come, My beloved children, die to yourselves and take on My Gifts and show this world that I am Alive in you.
I need you to go out into this world and give sight to the blind, healing to the sick, raise the dead so that My people may see, once again, the Truth of My Ways.
Come, My beloved children, take on these Words in humility and you shall walk this Path with Me. I Love you.
Wednesday 24 August 2011
Open to Me as the flower opens to the sun; open to Me as the sky is open to the bird that flies. Spread wide your arms and embrace this Love that surrounds you for it is within My Arms that you will find this Love of Mine.
Gather as cold people around a fire and feel the warmth as it embraces you, feel the cold heart within you begin to thaw in My Love.
My Heart is a Fire; an all consuming Fire that will consume you with its Love. All Love, all Mercy, all Forgiveness is to be found within its depths. I desire that you open your hearts so that I Am may enter you this day.
The Way of Truth continued Thursday 4 August 2011
Patrick:Jesus, it just seems as though we are fighting a losing battle. We are such a small voice in this world and the world is changing so fast. Your Church is being crushed underfoot and it seems as though there is nothing we can do to stop it. If we try to speak to the priests or bishops they just look upon us as though we are stupid or mad and will not listen. This is why I feel as though we are fighting a losing battle. There are very few who are willing to listen.
Do not worry, My son, the time is coming when My children will hunger for the Words that I speak through you. The time is coming when My Voice will be heard in the four corners of this earth. Do not worry, My little son, for soon, all things will change and those that believe that they are in power will begin to topple. They do not understand My Ways and so they walk blindly into the traps of lucifer. I simply allow these things so that Scripture be fulfilled.
It is the ‘Time of Sifting’ when the grain is being removed from the chaff.
Those who have entered My Church and only seek their own ways will be removed and My Church will shine brightly once again.
Trust in Me and fight against the self that tries to draw you away from Me and you shall see the Truth of My Words come to pass.
I Love you, My little son, I Love you. Go now and do My Work and be at peace. I Love you.
Look only to Me in these times of need and do not despair. Trust in Me, My little ones, trust in Me, your God, and I am Coming to release you from your bondage. Soon you shall see for all is about to change, this earth will rebel in ways that has never been seen from the beginning of time. The only ones who will survive this are those who walk with Me and trust in Me. I shall release you from the chains of this world and you shall know the Truth of My Ways. I Love you, My little children, I Love you.
Friday 5 August 2011
Patrick:Jesus, I have found it very hard to come to You. It is as if the world has tried to totally blind me and push You away. I have been struggling so hard but I am going to try again and again to overcome this.
You know, My son, the more that you listen, the more the evil one must be allowed to try to turn you away from Me: it is the balance of free will. Yes, My son, it has been a struggle but you have remained with Me although you may feel as though you are far away from Me, I have never left your side. You know what to do, My son, the more that you fight, the easier it will become. Do not put yourself in situations of temptation and you will find it much easier. Be aware at all times that the evil one will try to lead you off the Path and so away from Me. Avert your eyes from this world and its glitter for it is nothing but dust and unto dust it shall return.
Come, My beloved son, and allow Me to strengthen you and you shall see the straight Path open before you.
These Words are important to My children so that they, too, may understand the struggles that go on within them and they, too, can realise that they are not alone in this fight.
Friday 5 August 2011, later

Behold, My children, My Love for you. I give these Words through My son so that you may understand the struggles of this life. Realise that you are not alone. I will never leave you, children. Call out for Me and believe and you shall see the Truth of My Words.
Patrick:Jesus, I can understand what You mean when You say, ‘call out to You’ but, the truth is many times we call out to You in times of temptation but they are empty calls for, if we look at the truth, we are enjoying the situation we have placed ourselves in and do not really want Your help and so You are blocked from You helping. I know this for You have shown me many times that I have asked for Your help but, in truth, I do not want You to help and then blame You for not helping. This is a big reality of mankind: we always need to blame someone else and so, we do not have to look at ourselves.
Yes, this is so. You must always be willing to look at the truth within yourself, this is true dying to self. There are none so blind as those who will not see for most of My children are unwilling to look within and see the truth about themselves. Most of My little ones justify the sin within their lives because of their unwillingness to change.
Open your hearts, My children, and see the Truth that I speak of. Look at your lives in truth and remove the darkness, the sin and then you will be able to follow Me in truth. You will begin to understand this world and you will understand that this world is nothing but a time for you to decide if you want to be with Me in My Kingdom or not. It is only a time of choosing; a time when you must decide in your own free will who to follow, Me or lucifer. The choice is yours, My little ones.
I say, come, follow Me for the reward of My Kingdom is ultimate.
Yes, you may struggle in this life but what you struggle for is Life Eternal. I cannot explain to you the rewards that await you for there are no words in your language that can explain the Kingdom of Our Father. Struggle on, My little ones, and the rewards of Life Eternal shall be yours, the Joys of Eternal Love shall be yours and you shall understand all things in Me.
I Love you, My children, and the greatest desire of My Heart is that you be with Me for all eternity but I will not force you to follow Me, I simply desire that you choose to follow Me in your own free will.
I Love you, My beloved children, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Monday 8 August 2011
Jesus, it is so very hard for us to understand Your Ways. The big problem that I find is that self is always making allowances for the things of this world. That is why we say things like; Jesus would not want us to do this or that. I suppose a better way of putting it is: for instance, when it comes to fasting, so many times I’ve heard people saying, Jesus would not want you to starve yourself.
This goes for sin as well. We accept sin in our lives and justify it by saying, “but everyone else is doing it, so why should I not?”
In other words, self is our biggest enemy and, self, many times, is unwilling to look at the Truth of the Words that You are speaking and so the Journey toward You becomes much harder.
This is why I have said, trust in Me and My Ways. If you trust in Me you will walk the Path of self dying and then you will begin to see the Truth of the Words that I speak. You will begin to understand when you deny self, the desires will be overcome for you will become stronger in Me and the world will weaken in you. The human self only desires the things of this world, whereas, the spirit is what desires Me. So, as you see, the spirit must become stronger and the human weaker in order to follow Me in truth.
This is why I call you, My little ones, to open your eyes and see the Truth of the Words that I speak. The more that you die to self, the more you will understand My Ways.
I know in these times that you live in, you are looked upon as being foolish if you go against the ways of this world but this world is not My Ways. This world and its ways will gain you nothing only eternal death, if you follow it.
Whereas, My Ways will gain you Eternal Salvation.
Come, My little ones, and walk this Path of Truth with Me and you shall know the joys of this world; you shall feel Me within and you shall desire to help your brothers and sisters to come to know Me also.
I Love you, My little children, and My only desire is that you be with Me in My Father’s Kingdom. Come, follow Me and We, together, shall walk this Path and you shall know Peace, the Peace that surpasses all understanding.
Come, My beloved children, I call out to you this day to come follow Me in truth. I Love you.
Patrick:Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Patrick:Jesus, in the Messages, You so often say, look at the truth within yourselves or, look to the Truth. Will You explain this in more detail?
When I say look to the Truth, I am telling you to look to My Scriptures and My Truth. If you do not read My Scriptures then you do not know My Truth. So, it is simple, I am asking you to read My Scriptures and see the Truth of My Life for, if you want to be a follower of Mine, you must walk in My Footsteps.
When I say look to the truth within, I am asking you to listen to My inspirations within your heart for I will guide all My children but you have to be aware that self will also inspire you and self will always go against Me. The more that you follow in My Footsteps, the easier it will become for you to recognise My Voice and reject the voice of self.
Self is your enemy for it is the voice of this world calling you away from Me. These are the inspirations of lucifer. My own shall recognise My Voice, those who are truly willing to follow in My Footsteps.
So many who say that they follow Me do not recognise My Voice within. It is My Voice that calls you to prayer, it is My Voice that calls you to help others, it is My Voice that calls you away from sin. If you look in truth within, I am telling you what you need to change within your lives and this is the Voice that you reject so many times.
If you are willing to follow Me, then you will wake up out of your complacency and go against self in order to get to know Me. In truth, this world has forgotten Me and My Ways.
Where are the greater things that I said that you would do?
Where are My followers that cast out demons in My Name, who heal the sick, raise the dead, give sight to the blind, give the dumb a voice and to the deaf, hearing?
Where are My true followers?
You hold on to the outward form of holiness yet deny My Power within. As I sent My Disciples out, I wish to send you out to use My Name so that this world may see that I Live in you but, if you do not believe then, how can you use My Power?
Look at the truth within and then you will be able to build your life in Me. So many of you, My children, are unwilling to look at the truth within your own lives for you know what you must change but you are unwilling to do so. It is time, children, to change for the storm is coming and I need you ready to walk out into this world and shine the Light of My Truth to all nations.
Children, I am calling you to look at the truth within yourselves in order that you can become My Disciples so that you will know Me and believe in My Truth and so, My children of this world will see that I am Alive but I await your answer and your answer can only come through dying to self. I Love you.
Wednesday 17 August 2011
Patrick:It is very hard to follow in Your Truth, Jesus, for, in truth, I know none of us want to look inside ourselves and acknowledge our sin. We would rather blind ourselves to the Truth and say things like; what wrong do I do? I hurt no one. This is the normal justification that we use to blind ourselves to the Truth.
So, as I say, it is very hard to follow You in truth when we are not willing to look inside ourselves.
I love You, Jesus, and I so much want to do this for You but I am so weak and so unwilling in my humanness but my spirit cries out to walk this Path.
Help me, Jesus, to become stronger, so that I can overcome self and its desires for this world and its sinful ways.
I place myself in Your Hands and I will take each minute as it comes and try to fight for Your Truth in My life.
I will try to stop looking at other people and what they are doing for I know this is one of my greatest justifications; why should I be the only one to try when no one else is?
I know this is not the way of humility: it is the way of self.
The more that I look within myself, the more I can see that I am not following You in truth.
I blind myself to so much and hide it within the justifications of self.
I am coming to realise that we, who say that we are Your followers, are more inclined to follow self and so the ways of this world.
It is hard to follow the straight Path, without first overcoming self for self tells us the greatest amount of lies.
In other words, we are constantly lying to ourselves about our own lives.
This is why I have told you within My Scriptures: unless the wheat grain falls into the ground and dies, it cannot produce fruit. Likewise with you, My little ones, unless you die to yourselves, you cannot produce fruit for My Kingdom for, self will always be an obstacle in your path. Self will always look to its own needs and not the needs of others. I take you upon this Path, My son, so that My other children may see your struggles and so they, too, can follow and overcome.
You must first look at your own life in truth and see what is the greatest obstacles between you and Me. These are the things that you will justify and say to yourself that they are not a problem but I tell You, in truth, the things that you do not want to look at are the things that you must first remove from your lives. Self will always try to blind you for it will not want to give up the ways of this world. You must allow the desires of this world to pass away and then, and only then, will the desires of the spirit come to the fore.
I Love you, My little ones, and I have come to show you the Path through My Words of Love. Follow this Path and this world will see, once again, that I am Alive. They will see the Truth for My Power will rest in you and all that you do will be to the Glory of Our Father.
Yes, it will be a struggle and you shall suffer much as self rebels against My Ways but, if you would discipline self, you will be able to control it.
Self must be broken like a wild horse before it can be controlled and ridden. It will rebel much in the beginning but will finally become calm and trustworthy.
Trust in Me, children, trust in My Ways and you shall see the Truth of My Words if you are willing to take this step and come follow Me in truth. I Love you, My little ones, and I need your help in this time of darkness.
Thursday 18 August 2011
Patrick:I speak to you who are willing to follow this Path that Jesus is asking of us. This Path is not an easy one to get onto. It is a Path of great struggles, it is a path of self-denial. I can only tell you of my experience so far.
As I have tried to walk this Path, the desires and temptations of this world seem to have increased a thousand fold. I have learned they have not increased but, rather, I have seen the freedom that I have allowed myself in this world but yet blinded myself to what I have been doing. I have learned that I accept many things in my life that are contrary to Jesus. Things that I have justified to myself and so they remained hidden within.
When we walk this Path, we begin to see the truth about ourselves and I have realised how weak I really am.
Sin and overindulgence are enjoyable, dying to self is not. In the ways of this world, it is nice to gossip, lie, steal, fornicate, etc. but we all tell ourselves we do not do these things but, when we truly look within ourselves, it is surprising what we find. We tell ourselves that we do not have all these desires, the desires of the world.
I tell you the truth: when I looked within myself, I was shocked at what I really am. I found that I was a selfish liar who only thinks of himself and not others.
Yes, I believe, in my humanness, that I am trying my best to follow Jesus in truth but, when you break away the shell, the justifications and see what is within and what we are truly capable of - it is a shock.
Self-denial, in other words, dying to self, is not about fasting once or twice a week. It is about learning to control the desires of self, every minute of every day.
We have to remember Jesus said if you think it, you have done it. If we look at a beautiful car, house, woman, man and desire them in an unholy way, then we are sinning and giving self freedom. We must learn to look at this world through the Eyes of Jesus and not the eyes of desire.
Jesus has shown me the only way to overcome self is to deny it at every opportunity. For instance, when we are eating we should not always eat what we like but simply eat to stay healthy. It is self that desires the good things in life, it is self that desires to do the things that are against God.
We must always look to the Truth and the Truth is Jesus. To overcome self, we must always be willing to give of ourselves, giving of ourselves is the Way of God.
Looking into the Truth is seeing the opportunities to offer sacrifice like eating something that we do not like, getting up early and denying ourselves too much sleep, fighting the thoughts and desires of self, going to prayer, helping, turning away from sin and so on, these things overcome self. The more that we fight against self, the easier it will become.
Self is like a spoiled child that will wear its mother down until it gets its own way and, as Jesus says, like a wild horse that does not want to be ridden. At the beginning they will rebel and be wild but, as you teach them, they will begin to understand and so be able to be controlled.
When we step upon this Path, self will rebel. It will go wild and try to wear us down. lucifer will throw so many inspirations at us through self in order to turn us away from the Path but, if we hold on tight to the Truth, we will be able to overcome and so self will break and will be able to be controlled.
At this point the scales will begin to fall from our eyes and we shall see the Truth that Jesus speaks of: the Journey will become easier for self will have no power over us.
But, be warned, at the beginning of this Journey is like fighting through a raging sea that is always threatening to overcome us and accept us into its depths.
If we are to take this Journey with Jesus we must be committed to trust Him and believe that we can overcome the self that holds us back from Him. This, we can only do by trusting in Him and His Words and, as Jesus says, if we do not read the Scriptures then we do not know His Words, His Way and His Life. We must be willing to undertake this Journey every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day for, if we allow the lies of self a foothold, we will fall back into its depths and become blinded, once again, to the Truth.
I am not trying to frighten you away from this Path but show you the reality of what must be done to walk it. Once we get on the Path and have learned to control self, then joy will begin for we will see Truth as Truth is and we shall see lies as lies are and we will have no need to justify for we will have Jesus as our Guide and the Peace that surpasses all understanding will be a part of our everyday lives.
Come, My beloved children, and take this Journey of Truth with Me and do not fear for I will be with you every step of the way. When you learn to control self, you will understand the Truth and know how you have been deceived. You will not be ashamed or embarrassed of Me any longer for you will understand how blind that this world is and it is they who should be ashamed and embarrassed for their blindness.
Come, My beloved children, follow Me in truth and you shall know the joys of this life, you shall see Truth and know Truth and I shall bestow My Gifts upon you and many will follow you to Me and so into the Kingdom of Our Father.
I have no hands but your hands, no feet but your feet and no lips but your lips.
Become the ‘Servants of Love’ and We, together, shall save your brothers and sisters from the darkness of this world.
Come, My beloved children, I await your answer. I Love you.
Friday 19 August 2011
Patrick:Truth is what we seek on this Journey of Love but this world has moulded us into blind and foolish people. We think that our lives on this earth are so important and we spend every day worrying what others think about us. In truth, do we worry what Jesus will think about us?
If a situation comes up where we have to stand up for Jesus but it will mean us looking foolish in front of our friends, what will we do?
Will we stay quiet and deny Jesus?
Or will we speak out and tell our friends the Truth and risk losing their friendship?
We must look into our own lives and see how we accept sin as an everyday part of our lives in thought, word and deed. Look in truth, it is only in the last twenty years that two people living together has become accepted as a part of life. The word ‘partner’ is used now instead of husband or wife.
Homosexuality is another thing that is accepted as being natural, as well as greed, overindulgence, jealousy.
I could go on and on. All these things are accepted as being a natural part of life.
Following Jesus in truth has become a thing of the past. Look at how many of us, who call ourselves Christians, accept all these things as being a natural part of life. Look at how the Scriptures are changed so that all the sins can be accepted.
Is dying to self taught within our churches?
Are we taught that sin only leads to hell?
We have blinded ourselves to so much and accept so much that we cannot call ourselves true followers of Jesus. Well, yes, we can call ourselves true followers of Jesus if we want to remain blind. Many will argue that I am speaking nonsense in these words but, the only problem is, we all must die and, when we stand before Jesus, will He listen to us calling His Ways nonsense or will He say to us, go depart I never knew you?
This is reality, we are all going to die and the things that we have fought for in this world will cease to matter for all that really matters is our answer to God, if we want to be in Heaven or not. And, when we say His Laws and His Ways are nonsense, our answer is ‘no I do not want to be in Your Kingdom because I do not believe in Your Precepts, Your Ways.’ And, as Jesus says, if you are not for Me you are against Me.
Self has been given so much freedom in these times of wealth and sin that it has rebelled against its Creator and His Ways.
We must look around this world and see the truth. Everything is changing. Sin is being accepted, the great apostasy that we were Warned about in Scripture is upon us. Many cardinals, bishops and priests no longer teach the people the Ways of Jesus but, rather, they teach them in the ways of this world which will only bring us eternal death not Eternal Life.
I know these words will scare many people but they are nothing to be scared of for, if we turn back to Jesus, He will guide us into Life Eternal and away from the lies of this world. If we open our eyes and see, we will be able to see there is a Great Chastisement coming as happened so many times within Scripture. If we read the Scriptures without listening to self then we will be shocked at what we read.
We live in a world that is one hundred times worse than the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. They were destroyed because of the sin of sodomy which goes against everything that Jesus Teaches. We accept the sin of sodomy when we accept homosexuality.
We murder fifty million innocent children every year in their mothers’ wombs through abortion and contraception. These things are an accepted part of life.
Christianity and its Truths have been watered down so much by its so-called leaders, that it can no longer be recognised as the Church that Jesus built by His Death and Resurrection. We are living in a barbaric, pagan world where we worship every sort of false god that could be conceived.
This is the truth of this world and the life that we are accepting over Jesus.
This world is in total darkness if we care to look at the Truth and, we cannot hide from it. If we take a computer and connect it to the internet with wireless satellite connection anywhere in this world, in a church, in the desert, in the jungle, North or South Pole, it does not matter how holy or how evil the place, we will be able to pull up pornography, gossip, lies, murder, child abuse, etc. whatever sin you want. All this evil is travelling through the airwaves in every corner of this planet. We cannot see it but sin is going through us, around us, over us and under us in radio waves. This world is surrounded by the darkness of sin, we are in the dark times in which the Light of Truth can no longer shine.
This is Truth and this is why I know that God is about to strike this earth with His Justice to free His people from the darkness.
This is why Jesus calls out to each one of us to deny self and come, follow Him in truth.
When we follow Him in truth, we become a light in the darkness for the darkness cannot stand before the Light.
It must be the Light of Jesus that is within us for it is only the Light of Jesus that can disperse the darkness.
Jesus said to us in the Scriptures that we would do greater things than He had done. This promise is still open to us if we are willing to accept it. It only takes one spark to start a forest fire and it is the same with mankind, it only takes one to follow Jesus in truth and the Light shall spread out through the rest of His people.
We have seen this in the past when we look at people like the Apostles, Saint Francis of Assisi and many other Saints. They were people who were willing to step out and walk this Path.
In these Words of Love, Jesus is calling to each one of us to take up His Cross and follow Him and let His Light shine through us into all the dark places of this earth. It is by our actions that we will show Jesus our willingness to do this. If we put our foot upon this Path, He will see our willingness and help us follow Him every step of the way but, we must be in Truth.
I Love you, My little children, and I call you to come, follow Me. Walk this Path of Life with Me and We, together, shall bring many into the Kingdom of Our Father. Once again My Light shall shine upon this earth and the peoples of this earth shall see that I live through you and in you and many, many will come to believe in the same way as many came to believe through My Apostles.
Come, My beloved children, and follow Me for time is short and I am in need of your help. I Love you.
Patrick:Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Saturday 27 August 2011
Jesus, I often think of the people who donate and give so generously to Your Houses of Prayer, from the person that puts a pound in an envelope secured by lots and lots of sellotape, to the one that gives thousands. They are so generous and I often wonder, do they really know that it is they, by their generosity, that help the Houses of Prayer to stay open? For without them, there would be no Houses of Prayer. I pray, Jesus, that when their time comes that You will come for them and take them personally into Your Heart and so into Your Father’s Kingdom.
These children of Mine are those who listen to My calls within their hearts and in their willingness to help Me, they respond to My calls. Many think that I am far away from them but they do not realise that they are responding to My Voice.
Yes, My son, these children of Mine I will come for if they stay with Me and allow Me to draw them on the Path of Love for it is in giving that you receive and, as you know, there are many forms of giving of self.
Come, My beloved children, and accept My Love for, We, together, shall overcome the darkness of this world. We, together, shall bring many into the Kingdom of Our Father.
Take on this Love of Mine and We, together, shall reach into the dark places of this world and bring My lost sheep back to the Light.
Generosity is giving of oneself: the more that you give of self, the closer you will come to Me. This is not only in material goods but the greater part is dying to the sins that clutter your lives. It is easy to give material wealth but it is harder to give of that, that holds you back from Me: sin.
Look into the depths of your hearts, My little ones, find the blocks and remove them and come, follow Me for We have much work to do and time is short. I need My Army ready to move into the darkness of this world for many are in great danger of losing their eternal lives. I need your hands, your feet and your lips so that We, together, can show this world that I am Alive in you. I Love you, My beloved children, I Love you.
Patrick:Yes, Jesus, it always comes back to the same thing: we must die to the sin that holds us back from You. And so much sin has become an intricate part of our lives that we can no longer see it as sin. This is very hard to overcome as You have said, “...There are none so blind as those who will not see...” and this could probably be said about all of us who say that we follow You. We blind ourselves to so much in order to live these lives that we have become comfortable with. There is a piece of Scripture in which You said: My Yoke is easy and My Burden light, I personally must be so weak for I find Your Burden to be quite heavy for I am always falling under its weight. I wish I was stronger and more able to carry it. You know I want to carry it without stumbling but I am like a drunken man as I walk this Path, I am stumbling about and falling all over the place.
Look at the Truth, My little son, I am Teaching you to carry My Burden. The more that you learn, the easier it will become. You, My child, walk this Path. Yes, you fall many times but I am always there to lift you and help you to follow Me as I am with all My children.
If you are willing to walk this Path, I will not leave you orphans.
I will be always at your side guiding you into the Truth.
Do not worry but trust in Me, your God, and allow Me to draw you along this Path of Truth and so into Eternal Life.
I Love you.
Wednesday 31 August 2011
Patrick:Jesus, I find it so embarrassing that we have to ask for help from Your children all the time, to pay the bills, buy Your Houses, to do work in Your Houses. We always seem to be asking people for money and they have been so good already. They have helped so much already. It is they who have built the Houses, bought the Houses, bought and donated every stick of furniture, piece of paper. It is Your people, Your children, who have done everything; through what they have prayed for and donated. Yet, we have to keep on asking. It is really embarrassing, they are bound to be so fed up listening to us begging.
My son, you must realise that My children have free will and it is they who choose to help Me in their free will. This is their giving to Me. Why then, My son, should you feel embarrassed? It is I who inspires you to ask for this is My children’s part in My Work.
A body is made up of many parts and each part is important. I have given My children the means to help Me in this way. Why then should you feel embarrassed? Allow My children to help Me, this is their giving. This is what they do for Me in their free will.
I Love you, My children, and I give My Strength to you this day. I call upon you to help in this Work: walk forward and be strengthened in Me. Allow Me to Teach you in the Ways of Truth and We, together, shall stride forward into the darkness of this world and My Light shall shine and the darkness shall disperse.
Come, beloved children, do not wait but acknowledge My calls now. Come forward in truth and allow Me to Teach you in the Ways of Love. I am in need of you, My children. I need your hands, your feet and your lips in order to do this Work. Yes, many are called in different ways but allow Me to speak within your hearts so that you will know what I am calling you to do. Do not harden your hearts against Me but walk forward in My Truth and allow Me to Teach you in the Ways of Love. Come, My beloved children, and listen to My calls, I Love you.
Patrick: I know embarrassment is a lack of humility but, I still feel it. Another thing to die to. I think my list is getting bigger instead of smaller.
Be humble, My son, and be in truth. Do not think that I cannot see for I am with you always. Many desire to help Me in many ways but each must be allowed to do their part in the ways that I have provided. You do not understand, My son, for each is given their own Path to come to Me and each are able to help in different ways. Yes, some may help financially and some physically and others with prayer. Trust in Me, My son, and allow Me to Teach My little ones in My Ways. Be a humble, trustworthy servant of Love and all shall be provided. I Love you.
Patrick:Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
When we look around this world we see many things, we do not always recognise what we see for we like to blind ourselves to the truth. We ignore so much in order to live our selfish lives. If truth be told, we are children of God and we can recognise the untruth, the lies, the deceit of this world. If we are only willing to open our eyes and look.
When we look around ourselves in truth, we will begin to realise how insignificant each one of us really is in the eyes of this world. We must remember we live in a world of nearly seven billion people and every person in this world thinks that their lives are all important.
We have forgotten that our life in Jesus is all important for we are here for such a short period of time before we must stand before Him. It is time to realise the truth of what is really happening.
To follow Jesus, we must walk in His Footsteps. Always looking and seeing what others need, rather than looking at ourselves all the time. In this society that we live in, we are taught simply to think about ourselves. We must begin to look at others and their needs and begin to fight against this society of greed. It is time for us to wake up and see the truth that Jesus is calling each one of us into this Battle of Love.
I know it is a struggle to break away from the things of this world, it is not easy for any of us. That is why Jesus is asking for prayer groups, little communities of love so that we will be able to build on each other’s faith. He does not want us to meet and then sit and gossip about others within the meeting, He wants little communities of love. Places that we can be refreshed and strengthened knowing that we are not alone in this fight against the darkness of lucifer.
I know that many disagree with the two Patricks but, what we would say is, ‘forget about us and follow Jesus.’ Read the Words that Jesus speaks in these Messages, they are the same as what He spoke about in Scripture: there is nothing different. He is telling us to love one another; to go out and help our brothers and sisters and not to be afraid.
I know the “Pope thing” is a great stumbling block to many who have read these Words. Believe us, we also doubt many times but, within our hearts we know the Truth. Jesus also said in Scripture that these things would not come to pass until the great deceiver would sit in the place where he should not be. Remember, when Jesus was on this earth, very few believed that He was the Messiah, the Son of God.
So, do you think that we are any different?
Do you think that we are any more intelligent?
Do you think that we will recognise the deceiver when he comes?
All that I can say is Jesus has said, “...Wait and see...” and we shall see the results of the deceiver’s work.
If we care to open our eyes and look within the churches and see what is happening: someone is deceiving someone already!
Scriptures are being changed, sin is no longer spoken about.
We are NOT called to avoid it.
hell is not spoken of.
We are not told that if we die in mortal sin that we will end up in hell.
The seminarians are no longer being taught Truth but they are taught by a faithless people within universities and, yes, many of these are priests.
So many cardinals, bishops and priests are on the road to perdition and are leading the people with them just as Our Lady has already told us in Garabandal. These are the same type of so-called followers of the truth that Crucified Jesus. These are the ones that condemn Prophets, Visionaries and Seers and anything that is good. These so-called shepherds are the ones who are destroying Scripture and the Laws of God. These are the ones that do not allow the seminarians to be taught in the Ways of Jesus. These are the ones that, if they do not repent, will be screaming out for all eternity in the fires of hell.
These words are harsh but, they are truth.
Who is their father?
Who is their leader?
Why are they allowed to do these things within the Church?
Is there no one in power willing to stop them?
Or is there someone guiding their every footstep?
Where have the True Teachings gone?
The Teachings that Jesus gave us within the Gospels?
In some parts of the Protestant church, they accept ‘active’ homosexual priests or ministers and bishops yet, within Scripture it tells us that this is a grave sin.
Look at the convents: the nuns have thrown away their habits and prance around in the fineries of this world! They have rejected their bridehood and have turned to self and so they are reaping the fruits they have sown, as their convents close.
Look at how the faith has been watered down!
Look at how many chapels or churches are emptying of their people!
Look at the sin that surrounds us everywhere we go!
The internet is pumping its filth through the airwaves: we live in it, breathe it, sleep in it.
Yet, we are still waiting on the times of darkness!
This is why Jesus, in the Messages, is asking us to wake up and see what is happening before it is too late. We are a blind and foolish generation: the very same as those who did not recognise Jesus when He walked this earth.
Come, beloved children, and see what I say in these Words that I inspire through My son. They are given to you to help you in these times of great darkness. I call out to you and I shine a Light before you so that you will not become lost to Me.
Do not turn away, My little ones, for you do not realise the danger that you are in. I come in these Words to guide you back into the safety of My Fold where you will be kept safe until the torment passes.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and listen to My calls for I call out to you in these times so that you will be able to help your brothers and sisters follow in My Light. I Love you.
Patrick:Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

A Mighty Oak
Left to pick up the pieces
As more and more news hits the headlines about abuse in the Church, I can’t help but feel sorry for the priests and practising Catholics who are left to pick up the pieces.
The Church, which was once like a beautiful tree; a great, mighty oak tree, “…its branches reached to the sky and its leaves glistened and provided shelter for all who needed it…” (Wednesday 19 August 1998). But now its trunk is being banged and banged by a big bulldozer to try and knock it down, destroy it and get rid of its very existence.
More and more convents and monasteries are closing down and the elderly nuns and monks are being moved into small houses as it is more cost effective than running a large building for the few who are left.
Parish priests now have the work of two or three and, to make up for the loss of vocations, Masses are axed and you’re lucky to get Confessions or a priest for the dying.
Respect for the clergy has greatly diminished and a lack of interest in prayer and in Jesus has turned the world into an icy cold place of sin and self.
Just the other night when I was serving in the Gathering Place (soup kitchen), a young fellow came in and announced, “I don’t go to Mass anymore because it’s full of paedophiles!” My heart sank and I quickly told him off asking him was he without sin to be casting stones and told him that was an excuse and reminded him he would one day stand before Jesus with that excuse and to think about that!
More and more of us are drifting from God, becoming more accepting of crimes that once shocked us, like abortion, sex outside marriage, living in sin, divorce and homosexuality.
The whole thing is heart wrenching.
Decline of love
And, of course, because the convents and monasteries are closing, because there are fewer Masses celebrated, there are much less prayers being said and this is affecting the world. As the faith decreases, self and sin increase. There are so many wars and so much unrest in our world; look at Syria, Egypt, then right across the Arab world, rioting in England, murders in Norway etc. There is such a decline of love and the craziest, most unbelievable things are happening, like the young man who murdered his ex-girlfriend in exchange for a breakfast, not to mention famine victims not getting the aid sent to them, abduction, paedophile rings… every week there’s some shocking news.
The falling away
It really does seem like that “revolt” or “falling away” (depending on which translation of the Bible you have) is taking place right before our eyes.
Jesus is Coming soon and, as Saint Paul told us, the “revolt” or the “falling away” must take place first.
1 Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, we ask you,
2 not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come.
3 Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,
4 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is god.
2 Thessalonians 2:1-4
Nourish and repair
Sad and all as the state of the Church and this world is, Jesus - who planted that Mighty Oak, which came to blossom through His Disciples - continues to send the rains to water it, manure to feed it and continues to nourish and repair it with His Love. He has not left us orphans.
He has given us the means to repair the damage so that that Mighty Oak can be what He wanted it to be – strong enough to give shelter for many birds to build their nests, for many animals to make their homes, to provide enough fruit to feed and sustain the whole world.
Jesus has provided enough knowledge in Messages, and Graces in the Sacraments, to counterbalance the loss of sacrifices and prayer in the convents and monasteries. For example, He has set up Houses of Prayer from Messages, and not just from the two Patricks but through other Prophets.
We can no longer depend alone on our priests, brothers and nuns because there are so few, but I, we, have to take responsibility ourselves to help Jesus shine His Light into the world. Jesus has given us everything we need; we just need to do it.
Make more sacrifices
As Our Lady told us through the Visionaries of Garabanadal:
“We must make many sacrifices and do a lot of penance. We must visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently: but first of all, we must be good….” October 18, 1961
“…You must make more sacrifices. Think about the Passion of Jesus.” June 18, 1965
Become ‘hosts’
And let’s not forget the Message of Ngome, South Africa, where Our Lady called each one of us to be ‘hosts.’
“…Be hosts. Prepare hosts for Me. Hosts who put themselves completely at My disposal. Only a flaming sea of hosts can drive back the hate of the godless world and restrain the angry Hand of the Father. Don’t get tired. I find consolation in revealing Myself to you. I shall never abandon you…” Eighth Encounter, 17 April 1958
Ten Commandments and Gospels
The Ten Commandments and Gospels are as valid now as they ever were and if we lived these there would be none of the problems our world has today, all would love one another and look to the good of others rather than self.
We are the Church, we are the leaves - each one of us - on that Mighty Oak. We are a part of Jesus. It is up to us to expose ourselves to the sunlight – get to prayer - and become green and vibrant and, together, we can become shelter, warmth, attraction and love for the whole world. We can prove that Jesus is still Alive by living Him. When we are continuously trying to fight against self, Jesus can do much with our giving.
Edith Stein
Remember the woman Edith Stein (Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross) saw, who came out from the market place to have an “intimate conversation” with Jesus?
“…[Edith] went to Frankfurt Cathedral and saw a woman with a shopping basket going in to kneel for a brief prayer. ‘This was something totally new to me. In the synagogues and Protestant churches I had visited people simply went to the services. Here, however, I saw someone coming straight from the busy marketplace into this empty church, as if she was going to have an intimate conversation. It was something I never forgot.’”
That woman who stopped for a prayer whilst shopping, I’m sure, had no idea what effect she actually had in making such a simple decision. She could in no way have anticipated that this little act of love to Jesus, would contribute to a Jewish onlooker converting to Catholicism, becoming a Carmelite nun, getting martyred in Auschwitz concentration camp, then becoming a Patron Saint of Europe!
We can never underestimate what God can do with the little we give Him, if we give Him an inch He can take a mile. So never say “sure what good will that do?” For every moment counts in these last days.
Lack that bravery
We cannot deny that the falling away is happening, we see it every day in the news and all around us. The world is going mad. If you turn on the news on TV, all you see is wars. There is so much unrest.
When we look around us, at our communities, our friends and families, we see more and more people who used to be practising Catholics, are not any more. Faith has diminished. More and more are going with the flow to live quiet, peaceful lives and not stick out in the crowd by agreeing with sin. There’s no one brave enough to keep you right if you are in sin and in danger of losing your soul.
Even we, ‘the Remnant,’ lack that bravery and are struggling to keep Jesus in our lives.
“And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened.” Matthew 24:22, Douay-Rheims
Even Jesus told us so and Warned us in this Message:
“…My Mother and I have told you of these things that would come to pass. The great falling away has begun and mankind is falling headlong into a disaster created by his own free will. Look around you, it is true that all discipline has been forgotten, mankind has become a barbaric race only thinking of himself and not the good of others. Even those that have tried to stay with Me have become a selfish people not looking to the good of their neighbour, not loving their neighbour but rather loving themselves. It is time to wake up, My people, and see the Truth that I speak with these Words. There is little time left and so much Work to be done, the harvest is great but the labourers are few...”
Monday 25 August 2008
We really must do something before we, ourselves, the last few standing, fall. That bravery we lack is simply spirits putting thoughts into us, to make us afraid and embarrassed. We must fight that first thought and do what Jesus would do. Never forget what a little act of love can do. The Power of Heaven will back us up, and at last, Jesus will finally be able to get in, shine His Light and remove the darkness.
“…I challenge My followers to rise up and take up their crosses and follow Me where I lead. I speak urgent Words this Day and these Words should be written on your hearts, never to be effaced.
My children must begin to face the reality of what they do: My own are being taken from Me. Those who have followed Me are in grave danger of falling away from Me, thus the prophecy of a Remnant. A remnant is a small piece that is left over and even rejected.
Are you a part of My Remnant, or are you lost because your heart has grown cold to My Love and My Teachings?...
My Church abhors you because your faith is strong; they do not wish to leave their comforts so as to tramp the road of sacrifice and humility. Have you become like this, My Remnant? Have you become sheep without a Shepherd? Are you without Me, too?
This is My Love, children, and I challenge you in the very depths of your faith. I challenge today the doubts and blindnesses that begin to make up the greater part of your faith. I tell you these things and I tell you the Truth. I speak of these because I prepare you like an army for what is to come. I prepare you to fight the battles that are ahead – in fact you are in the midst of them - but I must remove, first, the things that would slow you down and that the evil one can and will use against you… I prepare you for what is to come. My Sweet Love is like the wind, it is always there; these challenges that I make to all of you today are also My Love; the kind of Love that will save your soul from the evil one. Do you wish to be Saved?” Friday 23 June 2006, Feast of the Sacred Heart
Much to gain
Let’s face it, Jesus is Coming soon, so let’s pick up our cross and step in to the winning side. Let’s wake up and realise what is going on around us, we are being deceived and in danger of losing our souls for all eternity, let’s help Jesus Save them and also Save others from hell. We actually have nothing to lose in the long run but a heck of a lot to gain.
The spiritual battle
As we know at the House of Prayer, having a Commitment to Jesus in the Way of the Sacred Heart is not about coming in two days a week, getting our hour’s prayer, doing our cleaning duty and off I go into the world again. It is much, much more than that, it is deeper, it is spiritual. Jeaasus has a tendency to turn everything on its head and maybe sometimes it is only to see what will happen, how we react in that circumstance. If we are found trustworthy in small things, He will trust us with greater.
For the spiritual to come to the fore, the human within us must die – the anger, the selfishness, the jealousy, the resentment etc. To gossip about someone rather than help them is a hindrance to Jesus, it is the way of demons, not the Way of the Sacred Heart. We need to step out of these chains and look at the bigger picture, the spiritual battle that’s taking place all around us. Jesus has continuously repeated Himself over and over again throughout the Messages of Love. He keeps telling us the same thing: Wake up! Die to self!
So…when are we gonna start? For we are running out of time.


His Light will shine
Jesus told us if we follow the True Path, His Light will shine forth from us onto others, who are like moths that are attracted to the Light.
“…The more that you learn, the more that you die to yourself, then you will begin to see the True Path. For the one that would follow the True Path, My Light shall begin to shine forth from them onto mankind, who are like moths that are attracted to the Light. My Light shall shine upon them and they will begin to see Truth…”
Tuesday 8 March 2011
One “spark”
Jesus said it only takes one person, one “spark,” He is looking for that one soul who is willing to give of themselves so He can save many.
“…See what I am saying to you and see what I am offering to all My children. Remember, all it takes is one spark to create a forest fire.
All it will take is one person to walk this Path and in turn many will follow.
I am asking you, My child, as you read these Words to become that spark.
Do not delay, do not wait on your brothers or sisters for I am calling you.
I Love you, My children, and I need your help on this Journey of Truth. I need you to help your brothers and sisters who are in great danger…”
Friday 1 April 2011
All Heaven awaits on this one soul and they, too, will help.
Father Solanus Casey
One such “spark” who shone Jesus’ Light was Father Solanus Casey, declared Venerable by Pope John Paul II on 11 July 1995. He shone in the most simplest of ways, by being the doorman of a monastery! People, instead of visiting the monastery, flocked to see him, like moths attracted to the light. When he was asked for prayers, people’s lives changed, there were healings and happenings that only God could be responsible for. At his death, an estimated twenty thousand people came to Detroit to pay their last respects. So let’s look at the life of this holy friar who was just an ordinary person and how he became so extraordinary, renowned, loved and a ‘Light’ in the darkness.
Irish immigrants
This Capuchin priest was born on 25 November 1870, the sixth of sixteen children born to Irish immigrants, Bernard and Ellen Casey. They lived in a three room log cabin, on a farm, in Hudson, Wisconsin, USA. Father Solanus was baptised with the name Bernard and called Barney.
Barney’s parents were devout Catholics and, Barney, having fifteen siblings, I’m sure, kept any selfishness that might arise under control.
From his youth, he learned to work hard, help others, and, most important of all, be available. When he was eight years old, Black Diphtheria made its way through the area taking the lives of two of the Casey children. Little Barney also contracted the terrible disease. He survived; however, the inflammation of the nervous system left him with a bit of a speech impediment.
As a family
The Casey family prayed at the beginning of each day and the Rosary and night prayers began at 7pm each evening. Together as a family they would sing Irish and American folksongs, play music, and tell stories in the evening.
Due to his help needed on the farm, Barney did not receive much of an education. He finished grammar school when his younger brothers were old enough to replace him on the farm. He went to work at the age of seventeen. He went through a few different jobs: a lumberjack, hospital orderly, prison guard and streetcar (tram) operator.
An ordinary life
He lived an ordinary life, kept up his devotion to praying the Rosary every day and planned to get married. However, the mother of the girl he had proposed to suddenly sent her to a boarding school and Barney’s desire to marry diminished.
One day, he witnessed a crazed, drunken sailor stab a woman to death. “The scene remained with him,” wrote his biographer, James P. Derum. “To him the brutal stabbing and the sailor’s hysterical cursing symbolized the world’s sin and hate and man-made misery.”
“Go to Detroit”
After witnessing this crime, Barney decided to become a priest. In 1892, at the age of twenty one, he entered Saint Francis’ seminary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Classes were given in either German or Latin and, because of this, Barney could not keep up with his studies. He was advised to pursue a simple ordination in a monastery, this would allow him to offer the Mass but not hear confessions. He prayed about this and heard Our Lady telling him to “go to Detroit.” So this is what he did.
In 1897, he arrived in Detroit and was received into the Capuchin order at Saint Bonaventure’s monastery. He was ordained a “simplex priest,” in 1904, at the age of thirty three, and given the name Solanus in honour of the seventeenth century preacher and missionary, Saint Francis of Solano. Ironically, Father Solanus was not permitted to preach sermons but he accepted this with great joy.
A doorkeeper
Father Solanus’ first assignment as a priest, was to go to the Sacred Heart parish in Yonkers, New York, and serve as sacristan and later a doorkeeper. Here, he promoted the Seraphic Mass Association, where each of the members benefitted from the prayers of each other and from the Masses, prayers and good works offered by Capuchin priests and brothers. Father Casey helped the very sick to fill out the Mass card whilst listening to their problems and praying with them. Quickly answered prayers and miraculous cures started being reported. People were astounded, and the news of the power of the Association and Father Solanus’ prayers spread rapidly.
Discipline his self
Father Solanus was not perfect, just like the rest of us, he had to work hard to discipline his self, he tended to be impulsive, critical of others, over sensitive, impatient and defensive about himself.
Capuchin biographer, Michael H. Crosby, in his study, ‘Thank God Ahead of Time: The Life and Spirituality of Solanus Casey,’ wrote that the emotional Irishman would “battle with feelings that could easily get expressed in anger, intolerance, and excessive concern over little things.”
But with the Grace of God, he completely overcame his self and grew into a pleasant, friendly, humble and patient friar. He exuded peace to all who came seeking God in him.
Not only was he the doorman for the various monasteries he was sent to, he helped in the soup kitchen during the time of the Great Depression, he ministered to the sick in hospital and he was an assistant bee keeper at Saint Felix Friary in Huntington, Indiana.
Miracles continued wherever this holy friar was sent or in whatever task he was doing.
More and more people came to the monastery to ask for Father Solanus’ prayers or to thank him for answered prayers, great and small. He may have received as many as two hundred visitors in one day. His superior, Father Provincial Benno Aichinger, asked him to keep a log book to record all the “special favours.” Before his death in 1957, Father Casey had filled seven large notebooks with stories of miraculous cures and conversions.
Here are a few entries:
“June 21, 1932, Joann Gietzen, fifteen months old, seemed paralyzed. Had never tried to stand or use her legs. Enrolled with promise of (the) father (of the child) to enroll her perpetually as soon as improvement noticed — and weekly instead of monthly Communion …One minute after these promises were made she stood alone on mother’s lap … next day started to walk.
June 12, 1939, Eva St. Ours, thirty eight … cured of blindness. One eye completely blind, the other almost gone (sight). Enrolled in Seraphic Mass Association and promised a Novena to the Sacred Heart. Completely cured that day — sight one hundred percent.
March 29, 1926, Joseph G., twenty four, reported hopelessly sick and dying in Providence Hospital with complications — kidney trouble principally — is enrolled … by his chum… at the time a Russellite (Jehovah Witness) — who promised to do something specially pleasing to God if his friend is spared. Two days later he phones that the patient is back to consciousness and able to talk. A week elapses and he phones that his friend is actually reading the newspapers and feeling fine. Next day makes a profession of faith and abjures heresy and returns after seven years to reception of the Holy Sacraments. Both young men came to monastery today, healthy and happy. Thanks be to God.”
The fruit of this one man
Father Solanus recorded reported cures from cancer, leukemia, tuberculosis, diphtheria, arthritis, blindness and other illnesses. There were also reports of conversions of fallen-away Catholics, Protestants and favourable resolutions of domestic and business problems. There were lots of cases of enmity reconciliation, saved marriages and all kinds of peacefully settled disputes that were the fruit of this one man’s powerful prayers.
Thanks be to God
In the last month of his eighty-six years of life, he was in Detroit hospital and it was his greatest joy to pray for the healing of others and offer up his own pains for them. His whole body was a continuous rash.
“My whole body hurts,” he told someone, “Thanks be to God. I am offering my sufferings that all might be one. Oh, if I could live to see the conversion of the whole world.”
I want to give
To his Provincial, Father Gerard, he said, “I look on my whole life as giving, and I want to give until there is nothing left of me to give.”
Father Casey died giving of himself and had virtually nothing else to give, other than his soul, to Jesus.
And Jesus has honoured the Venerable priest by preserving this holy man’s body – in 1987, his body was exhumed from the grave and, after thirty years, was found to be incorrupt.
This priest’s giving
As we can see, Barney Casey had a normal upbringing, he grew up in poverty and in hard times like so many others. His parents fled from the famine in Ireland to go to America and start off from scratch.
But, what seems to come across is this priest’s giving. Judging by the tall gaunt appearance on his photos, we can see that food was not his priority but other people were more important. He never refused them his time. Because of the demands of his visitors he was sometimes late for dinner and sometimes he didn’t even make it.
I think that that is what makes Father Solanus so remarkable.
Humble and grounded
The clear knowledge of his own past sins and weaknesses made him humble and grounded and, from that, a great gift of compassion to all who came to the monastery developed. He had such a great gift of love that so many flocked to see him and ask him for his prayers. His prayers were answered; miracles, cures, healings, solutions, conversions happened in great multitudes from his devout and loving, selfless prayers. But he had to work hard to become that humble, friendly Saint that he was, having to discipline himself, temper his impatience and anger.
A lesson for all
This is a lesson for all of us. Any of us can get the backing of the entire Heavenly Hosts at any time, they are just waiting to be asked. And, of course, the Graces will always flow much easier if we are dying to ourselves, being humble, seeing others as greater than ourselves and striving always to love; then the Light will shine much brighter and many moths will be attracted to the Light, which is Jesus, in us!


46 James St.,Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, BT80 8LT, Northern Ireland.
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Events Celebrated
Feast of the King of Love
SonLight Music Ministry got this glorious, wondrous Feast Day of the King of Love off to a great start with rejoicing, praising and giving thanks to our wonderful King of Love, Jesus, our Lord and Master. The music uplifted our spirits and filled our souls.
An introduction to the Day of Prayer was given with a special welcome to Jesus, the King of Kings - the Lord of Lords.
The Stations of the Cross were prayed. A servant shared on the Image of the King of Love and on manning the other Houses of Prayer, then shared a Message from the King of Love.
Another servant shared on all the crafts which Jesus asked for within the Way of the Sacred Heart to help us to become self sufficient. This was followed with the Blessing of the Holy Oil while SonLight Music praised Jesus in quiet song.
Walk Against Abortion
As we gathered at the start of the Walk Against Abortion to sing ‘Never Felt the Wind,’ the sky blackened and I thought we were going to get a heavy shower but as we walked on, the clouds looked angry but the rain stayed away. It reminded me of the darkness that is in the world because of the terrible sin of abortion.
Do not be ashamed of Me
As always, it is a privilege to take part in this Walk and to reach out, through the silence, to the people letting them know the Truth. As I walked along, I noticed this time that more and more people smiled as we passed by and greeted us in a pleasant way as if to say, ‘I believe in what you are doing.’ Jesus spoke in a Message on 30 June 2011 in which He said:
“Look to the Truth, My little ones, and do not be ashamed of Me, your God, for I am the One who stands beside you always...”
And again in the same Message:
“...Bring Me out into the light and let those around you see that you believe. I am your Guide. Through you I will bring many back into the Light of My Truth but I cannot do this if you hide Me from My children...”
Let Jesus use us
We cannot see what Jesus is doing during these Walks but I truly believe that many are shown the truth about abortion, Jesus is asking for hands and feet to do His Work, these Walks are a great opportunity to let Jesus use us, to stand up and show the world we believe abortion is murder.
Each time I go on a Walk I really feel I have done something. Why don’t you try and join us if possible here at the House of Prayer and answer Jesus’ calls?
“...Come, My beloved children, do not hide Me or be ashamed any longer but stand up for the One that you believe in...”
Thursday 30 June 2011
Why don’t you come and join us in the fight for Jesus’ little children, you will be more than welcome!
Feast of the Assumption
Monday 15 August was a beautiful Day of Prayer and having the Music Ministry available at the prayers was an added bonus. SonLight had sung at the 12 noon Mass in the local church and then joined the 3pm prayers. The theme throughout the Day of Prayer was about Mary and how She always brings each one of Her children to Jesus. We praise and thank You, Jesus, for this wonderful Day in honour of Your Blessed Mother. Thank You, Jesus.
Saint Edith Stein Day of Prayer
We celebrated Edith Stein’s Feast Day on 9 August. Some of the servants had recently read about Her life and shared with all the great impact she made on them.
What a life she had! She gave so much to God! She was a very clever lady but was not happy or seemed to be searching for something. She was born a Jewess and her first encounter with the Cross was meeting with a protestant widow; this was the moment when her unbelief collapsed and Christ began to shine His Light on her. She referred to the Cross as ‘Christ in the mystery of the Cross.’
Become a Catholic
She wanted to obtain a professorship but, at this time this was impossible because she was a Jewess. In 1931, after her conversion, she went to Breslau to see her mother and she said, “Mother, I have become a Catholic.” Eventually she joined the Carmelite convent. When her mother heard of her decision to enter the convent she was crushed.
“Why did you have to get to know Him (Jesus Christ)? He was a good Man — I’m not saying anything against Him. But why did He have to go and make Himself God?”
Tool for the Lord
While in the convent, Edith worked very hard translating the letters and diaries of Cardinal Newman from his pre-Catholic period. She successfully combined scholarship and faith in her work and teaching, seeking to be a tool for the Lord in everything she taught. “If anyone comes to me, I want to lead them to the Lord.”
So sad
I thought the last part of her life was so sad. She wrote to her mother every week but her mother never replied.
On 7 August 1942, nine hundred and eighty seven Jews were deported to Auschwitz and, probably on 9 August, Sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross met her death by gassing.
Pope John Paul
Throughout Her Feast Day extracts were read from Edith’s biography. She was a woman of great faith and was beatified by Pope John Paul II on 1 May 1987, on which occasion he said: “We bow down before the testimony of the life and death of Edith Stein, an outstanding daughter of Israel and at the same time a daughter of the Carmelite Order, Sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, a personality who united within her rich life a dramatic synthesis of our century. It was the synthesis of a history full of deep wounds that are still hurting ... and also the synthesis of the full truth about man. All this came together in a single heart that remained restless and unfulfilled until it finally found rest in God.”
Events to Come
All prayers begin at 12 noon unless otherwise stated
Feast of Blessed Mother Teresa Monday
5 September 2011
Birthday of Mary
Thursday 8 September 2011
Exaltation and Triumph of the Cross
Wednesday 14 September 2011
Feast of Saint Pio
Friday 23 September 2011
Feast of Saint Michael and the Archangels
Thursday 29 September 2011
Feast of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus
Saturday 1 October 2011
House closed for private retreat
Sunday 2 October 2011
Feast of Saint Francis
Tuesday 4 October 2011
Weekend with the Patricks Friday 14 October until Sunday 16 October 2011 (Including Feast of Saint Teresa of Avila and Margaret Mary and Walk Against Abortion Saturday 15 October)
First Friday Vigils from 10pm - 2am:
7 October 2011 and 4 November 2011


50 Tynemouth Road, Tottenham, London. N15 4AX
Tel: 0208 808 0732 E-mail

Heavily criticised
During his years as our Pope, John Paul II was heavily criticised for his stance of not permitting the use of condoms to stop the spread of AIDS/HIV in the developing world. To many it seemed a harsh decision by the Roman Catholic Church in the light of such suffering. We saw many innocent victims such as children being born with the disease and early deaths of parents thanks to media attention on this issue.
The AFC campaign
One country, Uganda, decided that something should be done about this problem in a Christian way. They specifically refused to adopt a policy of ‘safe sex’ - that is giving out condoms by the million to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS as was recommended. Instead, in 1986, they adopted their own policy with a focus on “sticking to one partner” “zero grazing” (meaning sticking to partners within polygamous marriage); and “Loving Faithfully.” It was known as the AFC campaign (Abstinence, Fidelity and Chastity) and it worked. Uganda is the only country in Africa where the numbers and rates of AIDS/HIV cases have dropped and, for some years now, has had the lowest rate of this disease.
“Safe Sex” programmes
In comparison, Swaziland and Botswana threw their energies into the “Safe Sex” programmes, accepting aid from Western Countries - in the form of IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation) and UNFPA (United Nations Family Planning Association) - programmes giving out freely millions of condoms and other contraceptives. The end result is that they now have the highest HIV and AIDS rates in the whole of Africa.
In 2005, Harvard School of Public Health published a study on the spread of HIV and AIDS in Africa. The team was led by Professor Edward C. Green, an agnostic who believes in contraceptive family planning, including the use of condoms. However, he and his team found that the aggressive promotion of contraceptives and free distribution of condoms on a mass scale encouraged “multiple partners,” and risky “sexual behaviour.” In his words, it is “multiple partners which fuel the spread of HIV and AIDS.” Ultimately, the team was forced to the conclusion that the Ugandan programme worked and since then have supported it.
No evidence
Harvard was not alone. In 2003, Norman Hearst and Sanny Chen of the University of California conducted a study on the effectiveness of condoms for the United Nations’ AIDS program (UN-AIDS) and found no evidence of condoms working as a primary HIV-prevention measure in Africa. UNAIDS, it seems, disowned the study and refused to publish it. The authors eventually managed to publish their findings in the quarterly studies in Family Planning.
The spread of AIDS
Since then, major articles in other peer-reviewed journals such as the Lancet, Science and BMJ (British Medical Journal) have confirmed that condoms have not worked as a primary intervention in the population-wide epidemics of Africa. In a 2008 article in Science called “Reassessing HIV Prevention,” ten AIDS experts concluded that aggressive condom promotion had not “slowed” the spread of AIDS in Sub-Sahara Africa.
No help
Nonetheless, Professor Green stated in an article in the Washington Post (March 29, 2009) that “liberals” like himself who dared to suggest that aggressive promotion and free distribution of condoms was of no help in combating AIDS, took “terrible professional risks” particularly if they suggested that the Pope might be right in his statements regarding condom use and the spread of AIDS, although “current empirical evidence supports him.” Professor Green concluded in the Washington Post: “Surely it’s time to start providing more evidence-based AIDS prevention in Africa.”
Riskier sex
Closer to home, the promotion of “Safe Sex” in this country is hardly likely to work because, as we know, the young are “risk takers.” Professor Green (in connection with Africa) refers to “risk compensation” - “that is when people think they’re made safe by using condoms at least some of the time, they actually engage in riskier sex.”
The importance of chastity
We in the Western world can learn through the lessons of Uganda. I think we, as parents, need to bring up our children not with the thought that they are eventually going to grow up and experiment with sex. We need to teach our children the importance of chastity, respect for our bodies and monogamous relationships and keeping sex for marriage alone. AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and resulting abortion can all be eliminated from our world. Then and only then can this world start healing.


Betty and Bill Gallivan, 1519 Callender, Peoria, 11 61606 USA.
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A Lenten Retreat of the Passion of Christ
A silent retreat for men
The servants of the House were very happy when the opportunity to host a day long men’s retreat happened. Most surely Jesus had a Hand in this. When a retreat, scheduled at the Diocesan retreat house was cancelled because of the lack of enough retreatants to support the operation of the retreat facilities, the retreat master, Father Ed Harkrader, was left with his Lenten teachings prepared without a group to preach to. Wanting to utilize his effort and not lose the value of his prepared talks, Father Ed asked if we, at the Mother of Love House of Prayer, could host a small day long retreat. It would be a silent retreat for men.
The topic
The retreat was scheduled for Saturday, March 12, 2011 beginning at 7:45am with coffee, tea and muffins and ending approximately at 8:30pm after the last conference. The topic of the retreat was “The Passion and Crucifixion according to the Gospel of Saint John.” The day consisted of five seventy-five minute conferences, recitation of the Rosary, Confession, silent meditation and, the highlight of the day, Mass at 4:30pm.
Silence was maintained
Of course there was lunch and dinner quietly prepared and served by the servants of the House. Ten men, in all, attended. Silence was maintained throughout the day. Father Ed who is a scholar of Saint John and his writings, presented many unique aspects of Saint John’s Gospel compared to the other three Gospels. For the retreatants, the day was most informative, holy and enjoyable. They liked the food too, compliments of Kathy and Betty!
The highlight
Mass was the highlight, not only because it is Christ’s Sacrifice but also because it was the first time that Mass was celebrated in the Mother of Love House of Prayer. Jesus Willing, we look forward to future retreats and Masses, as does Father Ed.

Saint Therese La Maison de Priere. Rue de la Station 65, 7070 Le Roeuix, Hainaut.
Region Wallonne, Belgium. Tel/Fax:(0032) 6445 1007 E-mail:

The Help of the Holy Spirit

I went to the House of Prayer in April. I wanted to go but I was worried about the journey as I had to travel on my own. I normally go to Cosío as I live in Spain but I asked Jesus in prayer for confidence and courage and, most of all, to take away my fear as I am not keen to travel by myself, this He did, thank God. I thank Jesus for His help as I don’t know what I would have done.
Oil spill
First, we were in the queue at Malaga Airport waiting to board the plane and we heard a rumour that there was an oil spill on the runway at Charleroi airport, where I was flying into. Then, twenty minutes later, as we were all wondering what had happened, the staff came and said ‘sorry, the flight has been cancelled due to a light aircraft accident at Charleroi.’ We had to go and retrieve our cases and go to the information desk. It was chaos, they said if we want to fly on that day we could get on the flight to Germany and make our own way from there or fly the next day. By the time my turn came, the choice was to fly two days later or get my fare refunded. I managed to stay calm and rebooked for the Sunday flight. I phoned Geraldine to let her know what had happened and if that was ok. I phoned my husband, Norman, who was aware that there was a problem and he returned to the airport to collect me.
No fear at all
On the Sunday I went back to Malaga Airport with no fear at all, eager to get there and meet Agatha who had had to spend two days on her own in a strange country and with no word of French. When the plane landed I got a taxi and, whilst on my way there, Agatha texted me to find out if I was ok and where I was. I got there with the help of the Holy Spirit and there was Agatha at the door waiting for me and happy to see me.
Thank Jesus
We went inside and it was a very welcoming House, I went straight to the Prayer Room to thank Jesus for a safe journey. Agatha then showed me around the rest of the House. We then sat down to a lovely ham salad that she had prepared with love.
Very enjoyable
The month there flew by as we had a very enjoyable time together. We found the local shops and the Church quite easily as we had been left instructions. We found the local people were always friendly and very helpful.
Without a problem
If anyone would have told me two years ago that I would travel by air to a strange country with a different language, by myself, I would not have believed it. It was only with the help of the Holy Spirit that I was able to do it. Thankfully my return journey home was without a problem.
Thank You, Jesus!
Love Elizabeth. Xxx


The pillar of society
Marriage and the family has always been the pillar of society. The importance of family in the life and wellbeing of society has been respected by governments who legislated in their constitutions the right to protect and foster them. Pope John Paul II said of the Christian family “…it can and should be called a domestic church…” “…the family as the community in which from childhood one learns moral values, begins to honour God, respect for one another, and is an initiation into life in society…”
Lived unselfishly
Many of us remember the good example of caring parents who worked and lived unselfishly for the good of their families and honouring God had an important part in their lives. These alone fulfilled their status in life.
In recent years, we are saddened as we witness so much breakdown in family life; so many separations in marriage, infidelity or cohabitations with no true commitment or self giving and no room for God. These problems cause so much hurt and pain as couples break up, deeply wounded and children are often left traumatised, insecure and often torn between parents. Many children growing up will develop behavioural problems without the love of a mother and father.
EU force governments
The darkness increases in our society as we see the EU force governments into legislating same sex marriage, adoption by same sex couples. Our schools are now promoting sex education rather than Christian virtues. The Love and Truth of Jesus Christ is no longer taught or allowed to live in society, in our modern world.
Much Sanctifying Grace
I believe Christian Marriage is so special in Gods Plan, He made it a Sacrament in which much Sanctifying Grace is given as love, in family life. Pope John Paul II, in the new Catechism, states “…it is a community of faith, hope and charity; it assumes singular importance in the Church, as is evident in the New Testament… (Ephesians 5:21-6:4, Colossians 3:18–21, 1 Peter 3:1-7)”
Strengthen us
John Paul promotes daily prayer and reading the Word of God which strengthen us in charity and love “.….Relationships in family bring an affinity of feelings, affections and interests, arising above all from respect for one another…”
Human advancement
In his Apostolic Exhortation, Familiaris Consortio (The Christian family in the modern world) “…The fruitfulness of the Christian family in its specific service to human advancement, which of itself cannot but lead to the transformation of the world, derives from its living union with Christ, nourished by the liturgy, by self oblation and by prayer…”
Longing to be free
We recognise what is happening in our modern world, a spiritual battle emanates as man’s greed, lust, untruth and desires of self rapidly blind us to the Gospel Teaching and freedom of Jesus. We can feel the effect of sin, as there seems to be less and less love of God and love of neighbour. Charity and love are dying in our communities. A despair exists because Gods Spirit, which is written on every heart, is crying out, longing to be nourished in His Love and Truth, longing to be free.
1 Being justified therefore by faith, let us have peace with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ:
2 By whom also we have access through faith into this grace, wherein we stand and glory in the hope of the glory of the sons of God.
3 And not only so; but we glory also in tribulations, knowing that tribulation worketh patience;
4 And patience trial; and trial hope;
5 And hope confoundeth not: because the charity of God is poured forth in our hearts, by the Holy Ghost, who is given to us.
Romans 5:1-5 Douay-Rheims
Disciplining the body
In the Messages of Love, I believe Jesus is inviting us to receive His Love and Truth. He Teaches us many things like the importance of prayer, that it is our connection and communication with Him. The Houses of Prayer are refuges in our world where we can find comfort and peace from the wounds of selfishness and sin. A place where Gods Presence dwells, where we can learn of a ‘Way’ that guides us closer to Jesus. He Teaches us, through the Messages, the spiritual value of self denial and by disciplining the body our soul opens to Gods Spirit.
An inner peace
As we travel this Journey, our love of Jesus grows and we begin to change little by little. We feel a concern for the needs of our fellow man and our prayers are offered for others and for Gods Plan rather than our own selfish wants. We are grateful to God, who gives us an inner Peace that the world cannot give.
No longer taught
Even in the Church, the Truth of Jesus and the effect of sin are no longer taught - in case someone would be offended or because the priests fear being unpopular. In a Message given to the Patricks at Garabandal, on 16 March 1996, Mary said “…My Son’s Body is in vast schism. He is no longer the Head for too many would vie to take His place. Too many of My children are in spiritual starvation from a Body that fed many thousands, a Body that is Love but many chains now cover that Body - a mass of pain and the sores of disbelief and discontent.
Many flee My Son’s Truth and it is no longer taught to the children. They do not know the real Truth, only aspects of it and even that is minimal…”
Let us show faith in Gods Plan for family life. We can offer prayer and do little sacrifices for the wounds of Gods people within His Church and, in all families.
More importantly, we can live it better ourselves, and let the Light of Jesus’ Love, live in our hearts and shine in our marriages and families.


At this time Jesus was speaking to His Disciples at the Last Supper.
12 This is My Commandment, that you love one another, as I have loved you.
13 Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
The thing that is most lacking in our hearts and in this world today is Love. Love is Jesus Himself. Love is giving of ourselves for the good of others and expecting nothing in return. Our society teaches us to expect rewards when we give, payment when we work. We are taught nothing is free but Jesus Teaches us that Love is free and when we love in truth, hearts are touched and His Love will spread. To lay down your life for a friend does not mean that you have to physically die for them as Jesus did for us. We can lay down our life by giving someone our time, our help, a hug, a smile, greeting someone and asking how they are, doing small acts of kindness that no one only Jesus knows about. Putting our needs, our life aside so that we can help someone else.
14 You are My friends, if you do the things that I command you.
15 I will not now call you servants: for the servant knoweth not what his lord doth. But I have called you friends: because all things whatsoever I have heard of My Father, I have made known to you.
Jesus Teaches that when we listen to Him and obey Him then we are His friends. Imagine – God Himself should befriend us mere mortals who hurt and betray Him constantly. And more than this, He no longer calls us servants but calls us friends because He has told us what He wants from us. He has told us how to get to Heaven and how to bring others with us. He is the Word and all that the Father speaks comes out of His Mouth and into our hearts if we let them.
16 You have not chosen Me: but I have chosen you; and have appointed you, that you should go and should bring forth fruit; and your fruit should remain: that whatsoever you shall ask of the Father in My Name, He may give it you.
Jesus had chosen each Disciple and was Instructing them at that time but His Words are also for us today. He chose us, formed us in our mothers’ womb and gave us life in order that we might decide whether or not to follow Him in our free will. And if we say ‘yes’ to Him then we must prove our Love by the way we live our lives. Hiding Jesus away in a box is not an option. We must bring forth fruit – let Jesus’ Love flow through us and touch other hearts in the way we love. We can show others that Jesus is Alive in our hearts without preaching to them. They will see Him in the way we live if we do what He says and stay with Him.
17 These things I command you, that you love one another.
I think if we lived this one Commandment that Jesus gave us, all the other Commandments would be covered too. Loving one another means sharing, caring, having patience, forgiveness, truth, putting others first even when we feel tired and grumpy! And when we love each other we are also loving Jesus. Love is an insincere word in our society. We can love and marry someone today and then love and marry someone else next week. But Jesus’ Love is sincere and real and everlasting. When He says ‘Love one another’ He is saying forget about yourself and tend to your brothers and sisters. In our humanness this is not always easy but don’t worry, He will help us and so will our Angels and the Saints. All we have to do is ask. Thank You, Jesus.


Slavorum apostoli (continued)
6. Saint Methodius remained faithful to the words which Cyril had said to him on his deathbed: “Behold, my brother, we have shared the same destiny, ploughing the same furrow; I now fall in the field at the end of my day. I know that you greatly love your Mountain; but do not for the sake of the Mountain give up your work of teaching. For where better can you and salvation?”
Consecrated Archbishop for the territory of the ancient Diocese of Pannonia, and named Papal Legate “ad gentes” (for the Slav peoples), he assumed the ecclesiastical title of the re-established Episcopal See of Sirmium. However, Methodius’ apostolic activity was cut short as the result of political and religious complications which culminated in his imprisonment for two years, on the charge of having invaded the episcopal jurisdiction of another. He was set free only on the personal intervention of Pope John VIII. The new sovereign of Greater Moravia, Prince Svatopluk, also subsequently showed hostility to the work of Methodius. He opposed the Slavonic liturgy and spread doubts in Rome about the new Archbishop’s orthodoxy. In the year 880 Methodius was called ad limina Apostolorum, to present once more the whole question personally to John VIII. In Rome, absolved of all the accusations, he obtained from the Pope the publication of the Bull Industriae Tuae, which, at least in substance, restored the prerogatives granted to the liturgy in Slavonic by Pope John’s predecessor Hadrian II.
When in 881 or 882 Methodius went to Constantinople, he received a similar recognition of perfect legitimacy and orthodoxy also from the Byzantine Emperor and the Patriarch Photius, who at that time was in full communion with Rome. He devoted the last years of his life principally to making further translations of the Sacred Scriptures, the liturgical books, the works of the Fathers of the Church and also the collection of ecclesiastical and Byzantine civil laws called the Nomocanon. Concerned for the survival of the work which he had begun, he named as his successor his disciple Gorazd. He died on 6 April 885 in the service of the Church established among the Slav peoples.
7. His far-seeing work, his profound and orthodox doctrine, his balance, loyalty, apostolic zeal and intrepid magnanimity gained Methodius the recognition and trust of Roman Pontiffs, of Patriarchs of Constantinople, of Byzantine Emperors and of various Princes of the young Slav peoples. Thus he became the guide and legitimate Pastor of the Church which in that age became established in the midst of those nations. He is unanimously venerated, together with his brother Constantine, as the preacher of the Gospel and teacher “from God and the holy Apostle Peter”, and as the foundation of full unity between the Churches of recent foundation and the more ancient ones.
For this reason, “men and women, humble and powerful, rich and poor, free men and slaves, widows and orphans, foreigners and local people, the healthy and the sick” made up the throng that amid tears and songs accompanied to his burial place the good Teacher and Pastor who had become “all things to all men, that I might by all means save some”.
To tell the truth, after the death of Methodius the work of the holy Brothers suffered a grave crisis, and persecution of their followers grew so severe that the latter were forced to abandon their missionary field. Nonetheless, their sowing of the Gospel seed did not cease to bear fruit, and their pastoral attitude of concern to bring the revealed truth to new peoples while respecting their cultural originality remains a living model for the Church and for the missionaries of all ages.
8. Byzantine in culture, the brothers Cyril and Methodius succeeded in becoming apostles of the Slavs in the full sense of the word. Separation from one’s homeland, which God sometimes requires of those he has chosen, when accepted with faith in his promise is always a mysterious and fertile pre-condition for the development and growth of the People of God on earth. The Lord said to Abraham: “Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you. And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing”.
In the dream which Saint Paul had at Troas in Asia Minor, a Macedonian, therefore an inhabitant of the European continent, came before him and implored him to come to his country to proclaim there the Word of God: “Come over to Macedonia and help us.
Divine Providence, which for the two holy Brothers expressed itself through the voice and authority of the Emperor of Byzantium and of the Patriarch of the Church of Constantinople, addressed to them a similar exhortation, when it asked them to go as missionaries among the Slavs. For them, this task meant giving up not only a position of honour but also the contemplative life. It meant leaving the area of the Byzantine Empire and undertaking a long pilgrimage in the service of the Gospel among peoples that, in many aspects, were still very alien to the system of civil society based on the advanced organization of the State and the refined culture of Byzantium, imbued with Christian principles. A similar request has addressed three times to Methodius by the Roman Pontiff, when he sent him as Bishop among the Slavs of Greater Moravia, in the ecclesiastical regions of the ancient Diocese of Pannonia.
Continued next month


Have you thought of going on a true pilgrimage?
We are down on numbers for this year’s annual pilgrimage to Poland. This is a very worthwhile trip taking in many Shrines and two Houses of Prayer. Jesus asked for this and we will endeavour to keep it going.
If you have the time for a true pilgrimage, please contact us as soon as possible as we leave the Sacred Heart House in the early hours of Thursday 15 September.
At this stage, full fare is required to book.
Theme for the pilgrimage – prayers for an end to abortion and for Jesus’ new Houses of Prayer.
The price
The pilgrimage will cost £460 or €524. This is priced on a group of ten people and may vary depending on numbers. If more go, then a reduction can be offered.
The price includes the overnight cabins on the boat.
We will travel by minibus from the Sacred Heart House of Prayer.
The pilgrimage will be run as a non-profit event and will be true and austere as Jesus has asked for in this Message of Love. He said in 2003, “Tell those who are going on pilgrimage that, to make a good pilgrimage, one must stay with Me within their hearts. If it is possible, then one should fast at least one day before the day the travel begins and even then, eat little until the first prayer is said at the Shrine. Many go on pilgrimage and only remember Me or My Mother when they pray. Pilgrimage is a time of renewal for the soul; a time when physical things are given up and done without; it is not a holiday. To do this clears the soul of the refuse it collects during everyday life. Be excited, My pilgrims, of being with Me for you are in My company and My Mother’s. As you travel, have times of silence from the physical and simply be in silence with Me. I will be with you and it gives Us a chance to be One, without the world. This is most desirable to Me.”
Those travelling from England could meet the group at Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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