Monday 17 January 2011

Come, My little children, and follow Me.  I await your answer to My calls.  I call and call but so few are listening, so few are willing to help in this Work of Salvation.  I am calling to you once again, children, for I am in great need of your help for your brothers and sisters are dying and there is no one to help, there is no one to reach out a hand to help them.  Come, children, I need your hands, your feet and your lips in order to do this Work of Mine.  Come, My little ones, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Thursday 27 January 2011

Look for Love.  Do not allow yourself to become complacent in your Journey towards Me for there you can fall foul of the traps of lucifer.
Complacency is your enemy.
In complacency you will begin to accept many things that have no place in Me.
Look at the truth and ask yourself the question: are there untruths that you accept as truth?  And, do not allow self to blind you in this.  You must seek and destroy all untruth even when it goes against self.
Truth is your goal when you follow Me.  Do not allow untruth to control you any longer, children.  Look only to follow Me in truth and you will find love.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.


The following Messages are from the new book that Jesus is giving.  This is in the same vein as ‘A Walk with the Truth.’  This book will be called ‘The Way of Truth.’

Wednesday 2 March 2011
Jesus, I know that You want me to write but as You know this is something that I am not very good at so I will need You to help me every step of the way.
My son, trust in Me, trust in My Love for you and My children and We, together, will show the Path of Truth that leads to My Heart.
You must begin to trust in Me, children, and see the Truth of My Ways. 
This world paints a picture of excitement; always offering you more than you can really have.  It blinds you to the Truth and so you become lost.  These Words that I give are an outstretched hand to help you back onto the Path of Life Everlasting.
Come, My little children, and We, together, shall walk this Path of Truth.
First, you must begin to recognise My Love in you.  If you have not got Me then you will become confused and stumble about blindly in the dark.  I shall show you in these Words the Path of Truth that can only lead to Eternal Life in Me.  I am your God and I will guide you if you allow Me.
Jesus, I know what You are talking about here for many times I have walked this path with You.  I call it the three day wonder: in other words, I seem to do well for a time.  When You speak I understand but as the days pass I seem to wander off the path again and become lost.  No matter how many times I recognise that this has happened to me, I do not seem to be able to prevent it happening again and again.
You must remember that you are in a spiritual battle and lucifer and his minions are always there, trying to guide you away from My Truth.  If you do not come to Me each day in prayer, so that I may strengthen you, then you will become blind and lose your way.  This is why this has happened to you many times in the past.
Patrick: I know what You are saying but always there is something that seems to take precedence over prayer.  Like something You have asked of me or something of importance comes up that prevents me from going to prayer.  Looking back on this, I know these are probably only justifications.
Yes, lucifer lays down many traps in order to take you away from Me.  You must remember that he knows that prayer is your communication with Me and so your strength.  So, he will do all in his power to prevent you from coming to Me.  he will place many thoughts and desires within your mind in order to fill your life with meaningless tasks so that you do not have the time to come to Me.  Prayer should be the greatest priority of each day of your life.  Nothing should prevent you from coming to Me.  You should always look at prayer as an appointment with a very important person that cannot be broken.  Now look at the Truth of what I say and you will realise that you are in a battle of Eternal Life or eternal death.
So many of My children in these times have become lost in the things of this world and no longer want to know Me.  So many are being lost to the fires of hell and they walk freely into them.
Patrick: Jesus, we seem to be fighting a losing battle.  If we look around this world, You are being forced out of all walks of life.  You are even being forced out of Your own Church for Your Truth is seldom spoken off Your altars.  Seldom do we ever hear a priest speaking about the danger of sin or about hell.  Come to think about it, they never speak about hell.  Rather, it is about how good we all are and how much that You Love all of us and that You would not condemn anyone.  It is as if lucifer and hell do not exist anymore.  It is as if no matter what we do, God will Forgive us and everyone is going to Heaven anyway, we do not need to do anything.
This is true, My son, lucifer has infiltrated every part of society.  he has infiltrated My Church but in his blindness of greed and power he cannot see that he is fulfilling Scripture and is bringing about the day of perdition where he and his followers shall be cast into the pit and locked there for a thousand years.  he may have infiltrated those within My Church but My promise still stands that “the gates of hell will never prevail against My Church.”  I have given him this time to test mankind and his resolve to follow Me.  It is simply a purification so that My Truth will prevail.
Those that have entered My House and deceived My followers will pay the price.  Soon I shall Come and cleanse My Church and this earth and new life and freedom shall thrive.  So do not think that you are on the losing side.  All these things must happen so that Scripture be fulfilled.  Fight the good fight to the end and the reward shall be yours.
Patrick: It is hard, Jesus, to see this when every day you can see mankind going further and further away from You and Your Truth and we do not seem to have the power to do anything about it.  If we try to tell anyone about You, everyone looks at us as if we are mad.  I do not know how to convince people of Your Truth, of Your Existence.  I know that You are really in my heart, especially when You speak to me but at the same time the doubts seem to be getting stronger every day.  It seems as though it is becoming harder to believe in You.  If I am feeling this and You speak to me, what are Your people going through?  The voice of this world is so loud that no one can hear You, this is why I say it seems as though we are fighting a losing battle.
Do not worry, My little son, as I have said, these things must come to pass. “If time had not been shortened then not even the elect would have survived:” remember these Words, they will help you fight.
I allow this so that man may be sifted like wheat so that all may be renewed and My Truth may blossom once again.
Soon you shall be given the strength and this world shall know you as My witness and mankind will be given a chance to return to Me. 
All Scripture must be fulfilled.  A time is coming when My Power shall be seen and mankind and its science shall be thrown into confusion.  You must prepare for My Jewel shall shine into this world.  Its light shall blind the accursed and My Truth shall prevail.  My Remnant shall be gathered from the four winds and the chaff shall be thrown upon the fire.
Fight on I say for My Truth shall prevail.  Fight the doubts for these are the inspirations sent by lucifer to draw you and My children away from Me.  All will come to pass and all will be given a chance to return; I do not leave My children orphans for I am the Father of All; My Love is for all.
Patrick: Jesus, why do I find it so hard to listen to You?  It is as if I always want to be with You talking and listening but, when it comes to the point, I want to get away and do something else.
This again is what We have been speaking of, lucifer tries to draw you and all My children away from Me and so he tries to waste your time on things that do not matter.  In truth, it is only I that matter in your lives; if you give Me the time then all things that are necessary within your lives will be completed quicker and more simply than you can do without Me.
Remember these Words “unless the Lord builds the house the labourers labour in vain.”  When you come to Me you are filled with My Strength and My Knowledge and in your free will I am empowered to help you.  I cannot cross the bounds of free will for this is My Gift to you and all My children.  The more that you give, the more I can help them, or, others shall see Me within you and so they shall be strengthened.  The battle of love shall begin as a small ember and spread into a raging fire that will consume all mankind with My Love.
Trust in Me and trust in My Words and soon this world shall know Me and many will travel the Path of Truth to Eternal Life in Me.  I Love you, My children, I Love you.
Patrick: So, Jesus, all in all, we do not have a very pleasant time on this earth, it is a constant battle and the only way out is when we die.
No, My son, when you come to Me in Truth, you find Peace, a Peace that surpasses all understanding, and so your time on this earth becomes a joy of serving your God through loving your brothers and sisters.  I did not come to be served, I came to serve when I walked this earth: you must do likewise.  No one must be lesser or greater: you must treat all with an equal love as I did.  Do not judge and you shall not be judged for it is what you do in this world that counts when you come into My Father’s Kingdom.  Your lives on this earth are but a heartbeat, although this seems long to you but when you come into the spirit world you will realise the meaning of what I say.  Your only desire should be to serve Me in truth then you shall find joy in the passing of time.
Look to Love and you will find Love.  Look to Peace and you shall find Peace.  Look to Me and you shall find Me and the battle shall become a joy.  For, when you feel the struggles of battle you shall know that you are doing My Will.
I Love you, My little children, and My only Desire is that you be with Me in My Father’s Kingdom where you shall know true Peace, true Joy and true Love.  Come, follow Me and know My Love for you.  I Love you.

Friday 4 March 2011
Look, Jesus, You asked me to come to You each day.  As usual I let everything get in my way and I have missed a day already.  How can You be bothered with us, You are bound to get fed up.  You ask us humans to do something and we do the opposite.  I can understand what Saint Paul says: why do I do the things I do not want to do and not do the things I want to or, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  I wanted to come to You yesterday but I seem to let everything get in my way.  I was plagued with temptations and gave in to many.  Now I feel guilty coming to You.
My little son, I Love you and My children.  What father would not have patience with his child?  You do not see things the way that I do.  Yes, you allowed the spirits to taunt and draw you away from Me but you came back.  This is what My children do not realise, that My Forgiveness is ultimate.  I do not see the sins of the past when you are sorry and have asked for Forgiveness.
Truth is My only desire for all My children.  I Desire that My little ones choose in their free will if they want to follow Me or not.  So many in these times reject Me in favour of the lies of lucifer and so are lost to Me forever.  This is My greatest Pain: that My children have gone from Me and no longer wish to know Me.  I cry out as a father with the death of each child that enters the gates of hell.  They do this in their free will in order to go against Me in their pride.  They blame Me for their sin and will not see My Truth.  So, in their anger they run from Me and cast themselves into the fires of hell.  There they are consumed by their anger and rage of knowing what they could have had and have not.  There they are tortured by the fallen and taunted about what they have lost.
This Pain I will Suffer for all eternity; I will Suffer the loss of My children as any father would.  This is what this world does not understand that I am their Father and My only Desire is that they choose in their own free will whether to be with Me or not.  I will not force anyone to follow Me; this is the Gift that I give to mankind: free will and I will not remove it.
Love is everything and Love can only be found in Truth, this is why I tell you, children of Mine, to seek Truth.  Die to the things of this world, the desires, the wants and you will find Truth.  The more that you have in this world, the more your lives will become cluttered and the less you shall see My Truth.
Give to those that have not, instead of allowing greed to fill your lives with nonsensical things that will rot and disappear.  My Love for you, My children, is never-ending.  When you come to Me, you will understand that your lives were but a heartbeat in time.
Come, My little children, follow Me and Eternal Life, Eternal Love, Eternal Peace and Eternal Joy shall be yours.  This is open to all My children.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I thought I was in for a telling off from You.  Although I do not mind when You tell me off for it always helps me.  I know Heaven is real for I can feel it.  I know it is more real than this world that we think so much of but still we allow this world to influence us so much.
I would love so much to be able to follow You the way that you desire of me, again, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  I know people think that we are holy because You speak to us, they do not realise that we are the same as everyone else.  They do not realise that we are sinners with likes and dislikes, desires and temptations.  I look at Your children many times who think that we are holy and think to myself, if you only knew you are closer to the Kingdom of God than I am.  You are the Kingdom, Jesus, I know this.  I know the answer to many questions but yet I do not do them.
Yes, My son, but you, in your weakness and your failings, would lay down your life for Me.  I know you would complain and say no, but in truth you would as would your brother.  This is the difference when hardship comes in believing; many desert Me, there are very few that will stay with Me.
Soon you shall become strong for My Spirit will descend upon you and bestow you with My Strength, My Truth and My Desire and this world shall know what it has done.  These are the times of your Teaching.  I Teach My Jewel through hardship, I hone you and cut away the impurities.  These impurities I allow you to encounter in Truth so that you may overcome them by recognising what is within you.  You see the temptations as hardship but I see it as training: the more you fight, the stronger you become; the more ready you are for your mission when it begins.
lucifer will throw everything at you when My Light illuminates My Jewel; you are in darkness to him, he cannot find you or recognise you for now.  he knows My Jewel is on this earth and he searches for you.  he complains bitterly because I have hidden you from his sight but this is the balance of free will.
Look around you, this is why you say that you feel as though you are fighting a losing battle.  he gains much ground.  This I allow in order that My Jewel remain hidden until the appointed time.  Then this world will know My Truth for I shall shine forth from My Jewel: My Light shall bathe this world; My Justice shall walk free and Truth shall be known.  Then all shall be renewed and all evil removed.
So, have patience, understand what I do with you.  Fight and become stronger and trust in Me and My Love for you.  Always remember each obstacle that you overcome, the stronger you will become, the more My Love will shine from you.  Have patience and always trust in Me for I never leave your side.
Patrick: For you who read these Words, so that you will understand, when Jesus speaks to one of us He is speaking to both.  Jesus has said many things about our Mission that we do not understand.  Do not jump to conclusions about what you think He might be saying to us.  The Messages may be what He is speaking of or there could be something else in the future, we do not know.
And, to tell you the truth, I do not want to know for, as I say, let sleeping dogs lie.  I know we are on the winning side and that is good enough for me.  Over the years of knowing Jesus and speaking to Him I have learned not to think that I know what He is talking about.  I have learned to wait and see.  If He explains the way things are and He is saying that He is speaking in plain language, then I understand, but many times when He speaks of the future I listen and hold the Words in my heart but I do not try to interpret them for I have learned from past experience that I get it wrong so many times.  I do not understand all the Words that Jesus has spoken here.  I understand enough that I need to fight harder in order to overcome self and this is enough to be getting on with.
Yes, My son, you begin to understand but still you have much to learn.
Simply trust in Me, children, and allow Me to Teach you; the more you come to Me in prayer, the more you will allow Me into your lives then the more I will be given to Teach you.  Trust in Me for these Words are My Gift to you in order that you can overcome the temptations, the traps that lucifer has placed in this world.
I am Coming soon, children.  This is truth: this you must trust in.  Look at the signs of your times and see the truth that I am close at hand.
I Love you, My little children, I, your Jesus, Love you and I am willing to help you every step of the way but you must trust in Me and ask Me for My Help in truth and only then, can I intervene.
Remember your Guardian Angels, your spiritual friends, the Saints and family members that have died; these can do much for you if you ask them but you must trust and believe.  Have faith, children, you are not alone, you are being watched over every heartbeat of the way.  You simply have to ask and it shall be given.  Do this in truth and you shall never want.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Tuesday 8 March 2011
Patrick: Jesus, I am here to be with You in this time.  I pray that I give the time to You and do not allow myself to be drawn away from You as so many times in the past.  I want to do this for You and Your people, so that they may know Your Words, Your Teachings and, come to know You better.
Thank you, My son, for giving this time to Me.  If you allow Me, I will speak many Words so that My children may be open to Me so that they may come to know Me more.  I have many, many Words to speak before the Time and I need you to give Me your time in order to do this.  I simply ask that you look at the Truth and see the things that I am asking of you: if you do this for Me, many good things will come to pass and many will be brought to My Side.  I Love you.
Patrick: Where would You like to start, Jesus?
It is time for this world to look at the Truth, to see My Words, that I have spoken through the ages, come to pass.  You do not realise it, children, but you are living in the ‘Time of Apostasy’ when My Church, My children, turn against Me.
Can you not see the Truth of this?  When you look about you, can you not see how this world turns you against Me?
I have come, children, so that you may have New Life in Me.  Yet, you deny Me: you deny the Truth of My Ways and seek the ways of this world which will only bring you hardship and pain.
I Love you, My little children, and I come in these Words to Teach you of My Ways, My Truth, My Love and My Peace. I will use My son as an example to show you how to overcome the things of this world.  I will show you through his love for Me.  You will come to understand, if you are willing to, how to overcome the temptations of this world.  For, I have allowed many spirits to attack him, so that he would know how hard it is to stand alone in this world.
If you come to Me, children, We, together, can overcome the temptations that lucifer and his minions place before you.  Come, My little children, and enter this Journey of Truth with Me and Eternal Life shall be yours.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, temptation is a hard thing to fight; it is easy to say fight and overcome but, as I have found at different stages of my life, it is harder or easier.  For instance, if I am tired or feeling down, it is very hard to fight temptation, but, if I am feeling lively or close to You then it is easy to fight.
This is the “three-day-wonder” that I speak of.  I get close to You and then, within three days or so, I seem to be further away from You than ever.  It is not as if the temptations come in at certain points, I never know when they are going to come.
When I speak of temptations, we all know that we have certain weaknesses that we would like to overcome, such as: food, money, alcohol, drugs, sexual desires, TV, anger, greed, depression, lies, etc. These can attack at any second, any time of the day.
For instance, I can be at Mass talking to You, Jesus, preparing to receive You and the next thing, I realise I have drifted off and my head is full of sexual thoughts and it shocks me.  One minute, I am talking to You and the next minute lucifer is having a good laugh.  These seem to just attack.  Many times I find myself entertaining these temptations and it is as if I did not notice them coming in.
This is hard, Jesus, I want to fight but I know I fall a thousand times a day, for You have said: if you think it, then you have done it.  In that case, I am doomed for, within a few minutes within my mind I could have broken all Ten Commandments.  I don’t want to but, I have to say, I am weak and self gets the better of me many times.
My son, I Love you.  Remember My Words from Scripture: you must be on your guard at all times for satan is like a roaring lion, awaiting his opportunity to attack.
You must allow Me to help you when you need help.  Use the ‘first thought’1 when you realise that these thoughts are within your mind, Stop!  Do not entertain them and then you have no part of them for these are the inspirations sent by lucifer to trip you up.  It is only when you entertain the thoughts, when you become aware that they are there and do nothing to stop them, that you are guilty of this sin.
My son, do not fear for it is as I have said, I allow you these things so that you will know for yourself and so not judge or condemn any of My children for what they have fallen to.  The more you fight, the more you will understand, the more you will be able to help My little ones overcome.  You, My son, must fight your own desires of self so that you become strong in My Love.  I Love you, My little son, I Love you.
1  The ‘first thought’ is a Teaching that Jesus gave us here at the House of Prayer to help us die to sin.  Sin has a beginning.  If sin was a tree, then the first thought is the seed of that tree from which the sin grows.  Take for example a married woman who has started having an affair.  She didn’t just decide one day to commit adultery.  First she would have experienced a lustful thought or sexual desire within her mind.  If the woman killed this thought when it first occurred then the chances are she would not go on to commit adultery.  However if this woman entertained the thought, gave in to it, then she would be having more and more sexual thoughts, fuelled by her own desire that has not been fought against.  Eventually these thoughts could lead her to adultery, masturbation, pornography etc.  Jesus Teaches us that when we kill the first thought of a sin, whatever that may be, greed, lust, judgement or gossip etc., then we will not commit the sin.
Patrick: Jesus, I seem to be getting it very hard now.  I feel as though I am being tortured.  I am finding it very difficult to come to You.
My little son, I Love you, do not become downhearted for I am with you.  Seek Me in this darkness and We, together, shall overcome it.  My Love is yours, My son.  I will help you to fight through this, trust in Me.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, for Your help, I am feeling much better now.  What was this that was happening, I felt so very far away from You?
It is the price that must be paid for receiving My Words; it is the balance of free will.  When I speak to you then lucifer must be allowed an equal share and this is the darkness that you feel, this is why many temptations come against you and this is why you should stay close to Me.
Patrick: Jesus, is this why some of Your Prophets, Visionaries and Seers lose their way?  I know You are speaking to them but, sometimes, I see their words are full of self and I know it is not You that is speaking yet, they put these words out and say that You have spoken them.
Yes, My son, many of My little ones become lost because they do not fight for My Truth in their hearts.  You can understand this because of the darkness that you must go through.  I have said that I would protect My Words through you but there is a price to be paid in order that the balance of free will remains equal.  This is why you are so heavily attacked by temptation in order that My Words remain pure to My people.  You both agreed to this when you took on this task.
Patrick: I know, I would agree to it all over again at this minute but in ten minutes time I would do anything but agree.
I know it is bound to be easier for us than most of Your Messengers for there are two of us and we can help each other through the darkness of temptation and self.  But many of them are by themselves in this fight.  I do not think that I could remain true to Your Words if I was by myself for many times it becomes so dark that You and Your Truth are so very hard to find and without the help of Patrick I’m sure I would wander and become lost.
Each is given the burden that they can bear, it is all equal, My son.  It is they who allow themselves to become lost by the desires of self.  They know the Truth within their hearts for I have placed it there.
When they wander off the path, it is they that have allowed the desires of self to take over.
It is they who have listened to the inspirations of lucifer.
It is they who must answer to Me.
It is they who must pay the price for their untruth.
As you know, My son, you have fallen many times, in many ways, but still you hold My Truth and protect My Words from the desires of self.  This Gift is given to all My Messengers.  I placed the Truth within their hearts so that they can fight out of the darkness and remain in the Light.  It is the balance of free will.
It is like the book that you read.  Yes, My daughter died and came into My Kingdom and I showed her many marvels before she returned to her body.  But, she allowed self to take over and twisted the Words of Truth that I placed within her.  (I will not mention the name of this book because I do not wish anyone to fall into the sin of judgment.)  She did this in order that her fears be quelled.  This you recognise for My own can recognise My Truth and My own can also recognise untruth.  So the balance of free will always remains equal and, on the last day, no one will be able to say that they were at a disadvantage for all My children receive an equal chance in this life.
Patrick: So, in other words, the more Messages we receive, the more we will be tortured by lucifer.  Oh joy, joy, joy!  LOL! (Laugh out loud)  I still do not care; I would not give up speaking to You.  he can do his dirty best as long as, in the end, I spend eternity with You for, I fear so much that I will lose my way and not get to You.  I know, in truth, it would be so very easy to drift off the path fully and walk away from You in blindness.  I realise that self is very powerful and self desires many things that this world offers and I know that I could fall to them at any minute.
As You know, the greatest temptation that I go through is the desires of the flesh and this is what lucifer uses against me.  Before and after I come to listen to You, many times my mind is filled with beautiful women beckoning to me.  These thoughts are so real, the images that I see are so real that it is my greatest torture.  I get the same thing at prayer or when I go to Mass or at any time.  It is horrible!
I try so much to fight them away but many times I entertain them and do not care about the darkness that crowds in around me.  Then, I feel lost, I feel so far away from You.  It is very hard to fight this, Jesus, for everywhere that you look in this world, girls are so scantily dressed, it does not take much for the imagination to start running.  Many times when I drive down the street, I have to fight to look straight ahead, especially at night when the nightclubs are on. Even if I sit down to watch TV, the advertisements are full of naked people: not to speak of the programs.  It is everywhere.  This is why I feel as though it would be so easy to become lost.  This is a very real fear to me.
My little son, remain strong in Me and know that yes, you shall be in My Kingdom for your heart is true although you may not feel this but your place is prepared for My Truth is ingrained in you and you shall fight for Me as no other has.
Patrick: Now, Jesus, Words like these really fill me with doubts for I look on them as the desires of self and that I could be telling these Words to myself.
I smile as I speak to you, My son, for I know your heart.  I know that you do not wish for Me to speak Sweet Words of Love to you.  But, yes, you shall be with Me in My Kingdom for My Jewel shall shine brightly and My Truth shall pierce this world like a two-edged sword.
The Kingdom of Truth is at hand and the darkness shall be dispelled for the darkness cannot stand against the Light of Truth.  The lampstands are ready and soon to be lit.  Justice shall be known and seen.  This earth shall know the error of its ways.  The blood of the innocent shall be avenged for it shall be poured out on mankind.
My Truth is all that matters: place your doubts to the side and know that I am with you and My Love surrounds you. These temptations that you go through are good for they strengthen you for the more that you overcome them, the stronger you become, the less that lucifer will have to use against you.
So, in other words, My son, rejoice in the darkness for it is your time of Teaching.  Pray for My little ones that lucifer shows you; pray for their souls so that they, too, may be with Me in My Kingdom.  Pray for those that you see on the streets and on television.  Pray for all My children that they may come to know My Truth and so know the joys of Eternal Life.  I Love you, My son, and I say be strong for you still have much to learn.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, I am here to learn and to listen for this book of Yours.  Please help me to do this for You know I desire this more than anything.
My little son, learn from My Words for I mean to Teach you through them and, so, shall I Teach My people through your experience with Me.  Trust in Me and fight through the temptations for, they are sent to prevent you from listening.  I will speak to you each day many Words, if you allow Me, but, you must fight in order to do this.  It will not be easy, My son, for these Words are important and many spirits will come to taunt you.  If you stay in My Truth and are willing to fight, then I will prevent them from breaking through.  It is up to you, My son, whether you do this or not.  I Love you, My little son, I Love you.  Now begin and trust in Me.
Patrick: It seems to be very hard to follow You, Jesus.  It seems easier to walk in the ways of this world and so away from You.  If it is all supposed to be in the balance of free will, should it not be equal and so just as easy to follow You as the world?
My son, it is easy to follow Me but the desires of self do not wish to follow Me, this is why it seems hard.  The desires of self were brought about by the sin of Adam.  It was original sin that placed the ability to go against Me and so man made it difficult for himself.  You must trust Me, your God, and begin the Journey in Truth.  The more that you fight, the easier the Journey will become and the desires of self will be held at bay.  The more that you fight, the stronger you become, and the easier it becomes.  The scales will begin to fall away from your eyes and My Truth will become all important.  Trust in the Words that I speak and this Journey will become much easier.  I Love you.
Patrick: So this is what You meant when You said that we must die to ourselves before we begin to produce fruit.
Yes, self is your biggest obstacle for it is self that will say yes to the inspirations of lucifer.  It is self that desires the things of this world, whereas the soul only wishes to follow Me.  The desires of self are what darkens the soul and so it becomes lost and blind to My Truth.  The more that you fight against the desires of self, the more the eyes of the soul will clear and the Path of Truth will become easy.  You cannot have two masters, you cannot have My Truth and the things of this world.  The things of this world only cloud out My Truth.
Patrick: This is what You were talking about when You said in Scripture you cannot have two masters, or clean and dirty water cannot flow from the same pipe.
Yes, My son, self is what you must fight against for, as I have said, self will blind you to My Truth.
Patrick: And self is hard to fight against for I know that we are all addicted to the things of this world.  I know very few are willing to fight.  I desire to fight but I know that I give in to the desires of self so easily.
You must always be on your guard and willing to fight at every second of every day for lucifer waits to see a weakness in your armour and he will attack.  Remember, lucifer cannot force anyone into sin, each person in their own free will must say yes to his inspiration.  Mankind cannot blame lucifer for the things that they do.  This is why lucifer laughs so loud as he watches mankind walk away from Me for all do it in their own free will.  Trust in Me and trust in My Words for these are not new Words that I speak, these are the Words that I have already spoken.  They are a chance for mankind to return to Me.  My Love is given through these Words.  They are an outstretched hand to all who are sinking into the mire of self.  My only desire is that My children be with Me in My Kingdom.  I cannot force anyone to listen for My Gift is free will.  Freedom is given and the choice must be made by each one of My children whether to follow Me or not.  It saddens My Heart that so many walk away from Me in this time and I can do nothing to stop them.
I constantly inspire all My children to turn away from sin.  All feel this within their hearts but most ignore Me.  All can feel when they are going against Me but most ignore these feelings in favour of the desires of self.
Patrick: I know this to be true, Jesus, for I know when I am going against You, I can feel You calling me back and I know, many times, I ignore You.  It is easy to walk away from You; it is easy to ignore You.  So many times I hear You calling me within my heart, yet I walk on.  How I would love to do the things that You ask but self seems to have control of me more than my spirit.  I will fight on and hopefully, one day, self will be defeated.
Jesus, when We are speaking of these things, my heart becomes heavy, you could almost call it pain, for I think of the people who are going to hell and I feel so sorry for them.  It is so hard to imagine spending all of eternity in anger and pain, I wish there was some way to stop it.
My son, those that go to hell want to be there for their anger has become so great against Me that they wish to cause Me Pain and they know the only way they can do this is by rejecting Me.  The pain that you feel within your heart is Mine, My son, as I call out for My lost children.  So, so many are being lost in these times; so, so many are rejecting My Truth and walking headlong into the fires of hell.  I call out constantly, very few turn away from their march into the abyss.
Patrick: What do You mean when You say so few turn away from the march into the abyss?
All of My children have the chance to return to Me, it is only after they have entered the gates of hell that there is no return.  Yes, My son, even when you enter the spirit world there are chances to repent but very few take this freedom to cleanse themselves.  Purgatory is a place of cleansing for those who wish it.  It is a place where the scars of sin can be washed clean.  Those that are willing to accept their wrongdoing can turn away from the fires of hell and be cleansed and purified in Purgatory.  You have seen this, My son, for I have shown you.  Purgatory, it is a place of waiting.  It is a place where My children suffer the absence of their God and their only desire is to be with Me and so they are purified of the sin of this world.
Patrick: So You are not within Purgatory, Jesus?
Yes, My son, I am with My children in Purgatory but they cannot feel Me nor see Me for this is their cleansing.  This is their desire to show that they truly believe and want to be with Me.  They can come to Me at any time but it is they who decide the time of their cleansing for, in the spirit world, all understanding is given and they know the Truth of their sin and so only desire to offer the penance of Purgatory for the good of others and so Love and Truth is born within.  When they believe they have paid the price for their sin they will come to Me in My Kingdom.  If you pray for them their time will be shortened for your love shall surround them and so they shall come to Me.  Prayer and sacrifice releases souls, the more that you pray and the more that you sacrifice for My children, the more they will come to believe that they are Forgiven and the Price has been paid.  I Love you, My children, and My only desire is that you be with Me in My Kingdom where all Love is given from the deepest Wells of My Heart.  I Love you, My little ones.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, are there many people who go to Heaven?
Yes, My son, there are many who come into My Kingdom but there are very few compared to the numbers that are on the earth.  So few are willing to take on the burden of My Truth and carry it for Me.  So few are willing to love their neighbour as themselves, so few are willing to put themselves in the position of helping others.  Earth is simply a place where you decide, in free will, whether you want to be in My Kingdom or not for, as I have said many times, I will force no one.  It is up to each individual to make the decision, by the way that they live their lives.  If your life on this earth is simply about self then when you come into My Kingdom you will reject Me because self will deny the Truth and blame Me for your sin.  So few are willing to die to themselves and be humble of heart and accept the Way of Truth.  My Love is all that matters, My Truth is all that matters for in this Eternal Life is gained.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, I know what You are talking about.  I have been looking at the desires of self over the last few days and I am beginning to see that self has the greatest control over me in every way.  Self is always pushing for what it wants.  I know what I want to do for You and decide to do it but at that point, self comes in and destroys my plans.  For instance, I decide to fast for twenty four hours and offer it to You for the good of others.  Then self starts to complain and many times I break the fast at six o’clock for self says that I have done enough and You would not expect it of me. The reality and truth is that the last six hours of the fast are always the hardest and this is when self complains most loudly.  Once I have eaten then I can see I failed and self won, then I feel guilty.  This happens in so many things in my life, it is as if there are two people in one body.  One who wants You and Your Ways, another who wants the world and its comforts.  The one who wants You seems to be weaker than the one who wants the world.  In me the one who wants the world is so strong for I begin to recognise him.  It is he who wants to eat, drink and be merry, it is he who sees what he wants and not the wants of others.  It is he who always finds something to do rather than come and listen to You or go to prayer.  It is he who is winning the battle now.  I have begun to recognise him, maybe now I can do something about it.
My son, this self that you speak of has been given so much freedom in your life that it has become strong.  But the more you fight against it, the weaker it will become, the more of My Truth will come to the fore.  Self is the human desire placed there by original sin.  This is what you must fight, it is the knowledge of good and evil.  The good part can listen and hear the inspirations of its God, the evil part can listen and hear the inspirations of lucifer.  So, it is up to you who you listen to, Me or lucifer.  The one that you listen to will become stronger in you but you have the free will to decide which one you will listen to.
Patrick: So it is like the good Angel and bad angel sitting on our shoulder that we were taught about when we were children?
Yes, you have the choice and you will not be forced to listen to either side.  It is you who decide in the freedom that has been given to you.
Patrick: This is what You meant when You said in the past, who do you follow, Me or lucifer?  I can see now what You were talking about and, sad to say, most of my life has been devoted to the darkness.  I have been so blind all my life, even when I thought I was following You, self has been in control.  And he has been listening to the inspirations of lucifer and so drawing me ever father away from You.  How blind we are, Jesus, how blind we are to Your Ways, even all of us who say that we follow You.
So many of us think we are following You but actually are following the dark inspirations of lucifer.  It is he who makes us Christians argue, he feeds us lies, untruths and we become self-righteous, believing that we know what is the right way.  How blind we really are!
To all who read this, I can remember Patrick and myself were talking about what was the right way to receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, for one of us receives on our hand and the other receives on the tongue.  When we asked Jesus, He said if you have a problem with the other then swap for one week - this we still were not happy with and Jesus said, if you truly believed in who you were receiving, you would not notice what way the other received Me for you would be totally focused on receiving your God and you would not have time to judge your brother or sister.
In thinking we are doing the right thing for God, many times we are actually going against the One we are fighting for. Jesus wants us to love one another, not judge one another and we do this in so many ways. Think about how many times we think ill of someone, this can be watching the people on TV, driving the car, someone we meet, at Mass, at work, our neighbours, anyone we are constantly judging and gossiping about.  The very thing that Jesus told us not to do we are doing.  Many times we try to justify our judgements and our gossip by saying I am only speaking the truth, I am not talking about the person.  Yet we say that we are His followers and we do not do the things that He asks of us in the Gospels.
I can only speak for myself and I say sorry, Jesus, I am a liar: I do not really follow You in truth: self has been my master from many years.  But now that You have shown me and the scales begin to fall from my eyes, I will try to do as You have asked.  I will try to turn away from self and love You within Your children.
My Love is always with you and I Teach you through the darkness, so that you may understand the weakness of self. The more that you understand, the stronger you will become, the more able you will be to help My little ones come to Me.  I Love you, My little son, I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, it is so easy to wander off the path, especially in these times we now live in. I think we have all too much to say and are too ready to judge every situation and every person.  You have asked us to love our neighbours as ourselves. When we look around this world, we see very few loving one another.  Very few are willing to help another person without being paid.  It seems to me that we are becoming a totally selfish society, only looking out for our own good and not caring what happens to our neighbour.
Me, personally, and my opinion, is that it is the television and the media that are changing us.  They fill us with the glitter of this world and so we are full of the desires and wants of what the world has to offer.  The television and media have basically made sin a thing of the past.  It is all to do with our conscience, it is an ‘if it feels right, it IS right,’ mentality.  Is there any hope that we can be drawn back from the brink of disaster that I feel we are plunging headlong into?
Yes, there is always hope for I will give this world a chance to return to Me.  I will not strike it down until they have seen the Truth and know the error of their ways.  This is My promise to mankind.  My Spirit will descend and your eyes shall be opened for a time and you will know My Truth.  Then it shall be up to all to decide, in their freedom, whether to follow Me or not.  I call out to you, My little ones, who read these Words, take them on and let the scales fall away from your eyes and perceive My Truth.  These Words are given as a chance for you to change and begin to follow Me in My Truth and not what you believe to be truth.  These are not new Words that I speak but they are the Words that I have already spoken within My Gospels.  Open your eyes and perceive My Truth for I am Coming soon and I need your hands, your feet and your lips to help My little ones.  Come, My children, hear My calls, perceive My Words and come, follow Me for We have much Work to do.  I Love you.
Patrick: I still say it is so hard to get people to understand what You are asking.  The world has turned against You and it will take something like You have said to open the eyes of Your people.  They look on us as though we were schizophrenics and others look on us as conmen, that we are only in this for the money.  How do you ever break through that, Jesus?
Do not worry what this world thinks of you for this world first hated Me and will also hate you for following Me.  The more that you learn, the more that you die to yourself, then you will begin to see the True Path.  For the one that would follow the True Path, My Light shall begin to shine forth from them onto mankind, who are like moths that are attracted to the Light.  My Light shall shine upon them and they will begin to see Truth.  This is why I need you, My Jewel, to learn so that it shall begin to shine and My children will be attracted to My Love.  Then the Battle of Love will begin in earnest and mankind shall know their God.  They will see the error of their ways and many will return to Me.  Trust in Me, trust in My Love, and trust in the Words that I give to you for soon you will see the fulfilment of these.
A time is coming, a time of great power, a time when miracles shall be seen and My Truth will reign in the mouths of My Prophets.  Many shall walk this earth with the two-edge sword and My Word shall cut deeply into the hearts of the unbeliever.  Prepare, prepare I say, My children, for wondrous times are upon you and you cannot see them. Wake up out of your blindness and come, follow Me for I have chosen you to walk the Path of Truth.  See now what I am asking of you and do not wait any longer for My Truth is upon you this day.  I Love you.
Patrick: It seems like a lot of work, Jesus, this dying to self. But I’m sure the more that we try the easier it will become. I would really like to do what You are asking but I know that I stand in my own way.  I know today that I can try but tomorrow I know I could be walking the wrong path again.  When I look back I can see how many times that I have tried to walk the narrow path and how many times I have fallen off it.
This time I am going to trust in You and not in myself to do this for I have failed so many times in the past.  I’m sure, with Your help, I will be able to do better.  Put it like this, I’m going to try.
Trust in Me, My son, for I can see the desires of your heart.  I can see the desires within the hearts of My children and I know that My Army will rise and My Truth will be seen once again on this earth.  Believe and have faith that I am with you every step of the way and you shall succeed.  Do not look back for when you look back you fail.  This is why I have said, any man that puts his hand on the plough and looks back, is not worthy of the Kingdom of God.  In other words, My son, take one day at a time and do not look to the desires of this world, force them out.  When the first temptation comes in, think of Me and My Ways and do not allow the world a foothold.  Let each day be the first day of your fight and you shall succeed.  Avoid all situations that can tempt you away from Me and the Path that I have set before you.
Do this for Me, My children, do this for your God and We, together, shall cut through the darkness of this world.  You shall know peace, My Peace, in all situations when you enter upon this Path for, I will be with you and My Strength will pour into you.  Trust in Me, My little ones.  Trust in your God.
Patrick: It sounds good, Jesus, I just hope that I do not fail You and I pray for those who read these Words and decide to walk this Path, that they will be strengthened in the knowledge that they are not alone on the Path of Truth.  I pray that they will take heart in knowing that You walk beside them, strengthening each step that they take.  I love You, Jesus, and I know that You Love us and are deserving for You have Died so that we could have Life Eternal with You in the Kingdom of Your Father.  Help us, Jesus, to walk this Path in Truth and self dying so that we will know the Joys of Your Kingdom.  I pray this and I ask that You Bless our efforts and send many Angels and Saints to guide our every footstep.
It is as you have said, My son, the Heavenly Hosts wait for My children to ask for help.  All Heaven is willing to help, even one of My children, to walk the Path of Truth.  Trust and believe and you shall see the Light of Truth shine into this world.  I Love you.

Look to the Truth of these Words that I speak, My children, and do not be afraid.  Do not allow this world to take you from Me.  Do not listen to the lies of lucifer for he is a deceiver.  It is he who wants to destroy your lives in order to hurt your God.  he wants to destroy you, My children, whom I Love.  See what he does and fight against him and do My Will.  Allow Me to Teach you the Truth of My Ways, so that you can become warriors in My Army of Love.  Then We, together, can help your brothers and sisters back from the darkness and into the Light.  Trust in Me, your God, trust in the Words I give to you for they have been torn from the depths of My Heart by the sin of mankind.
Come, My little ones, listen and be free in Me, do not be afraid for I have paid a great Price for each of you.  This you cannot see in the blindness of self.  Take My outstretched Hand and you shall know Love.  You shall know My freedom and then you will know My Peace.  Trust, children, for there is little time left to you before I must Come in order that the balance of free will be maintained.  Soon, now, the balance will move for lucifer has gained so much strength that he believes he can destroy all creation.  he believes that he can destroy My Love in all mankind.  he has been given the power with the sin that you offer to him, in your free will.  Look at what I say and understand the danger you are in.  The danger that all My children are in and come, follow Me.  My Love is yours, if you are willing to take it on. Come, children, and accept this outstretched Hand.  My Love is yours.
Patrick: Jesus, what I can see, in what You are saying, is that we must take a step towards You.  It is like You and lucifer are two parents with outstretched arms waiting to see who the child will go to.  Neither will force the child to come to them but each will call to it.  So it is us who must help ourselves in order that You can help us.  This is the free will that You speak of.
Yes, this is the freedom that mankind has been given, yet, they do not realise this because self has taken control of most of My children and so they blame Me for not helping them.  They cannot see it is themselves that have placed themselves in the difficulties that they are in.  They have the freedom to change.  All they have to do is make a move towards Me and My Love will embrace them and then I can lead them from the danger that they are in.  This is why I call out to My little ones through My Prophets, in the hope that one day they will turn away from their evil ways and come, follow Me.  So, I wait and call but soon I must Come for mankind has given lucifer so much that he will make a move to claim all.  This I cannot allow for the balance must be maintained so that all My children have an equal chance in this life.  This is why I tell you to hurry for there is little time left.  You must be prepared for the time when he makes his move.  You must be ready to fight against his lies for he will deceive this world and his lies must be uncovered and brought into the Light so that freedom be maintained.  The Battle is about to begin and mankind cannot see it.  Come, children of Mine, take on My Warnings for the time soon approaches and your help is needed.  I need you to fight with My Love for no darkness can stand before it.  I Love you, My children, and I await your response to My call.  I Love you.
Patrick: I know I keep asking basically the same questions but I want to be sure I have asked all so that it will help me to see and understand, along with the others who read these Words.  What do You mean when You say lucifer will try to take all?
It is the same as when he and the fallen rebelled against Me and My Kingdom.  It is pride, My son, pride blinds and lucifer believes that he will be able to claim all My people and so destroy all creation.  As each day passes, he becomes stronger, he feeds on the sin of mankind.  It is as if he was a very popular person who everyone wants to spend time with and, as time goes past, that person begins to feel very important and only thinks of themselves and becomes blind to the needs of others.  The more praise man offers to him, the blinder he becomes, the more important he feels and, finally, surveys his kingdom and believes that he has become so strong that he will go to war.
he will overstep the bounds of free will and try to claim all of mankind for himself.  This is when I will intervene for the balance must be maintained.  This is when mankind will begin to doubt the path that they are on.
Scientists, and their science, will be confounded for they will realise that they were wrong.  They will not be able to explain away the events that will take place.  As lucifer uses the power that he has been given so I must counterbalance for it is My Gift to mankind to remain free.
Patrick: Free will seems to be very important to You, Jesus.
It is vital that all have an equal chance to enter My Kingdom or not.  I am a Just God and I will not allow free will to be taken away from any of My children.
Patrick: Jesus, what is the difference in, say, someone is born into a very holy family and have the best teachers that will teach how to follow You in truth.  Then, say, someone who is born into a house where no one believes in You or, say, born into a tribe in the middle of the jungle where no one has ever heard about You?  How do they have an equal chance?
Yes, all is equal.  All is in truth, you are judged by what you know.  The more that you know, the harsher your judgement.  So someone who has never been given the chance to know My Church, will be judged accordingly and given an equal chance to enter My Kingdom.  All know the difference in good and evil for this is the sin of Adam and so, all know the way they should live.
Patrick: So what about Baptism?  What if you die without being Baptised?
Remember, who I am, My son, I can do all things.  I do not need a man, or water to cleanse sin.  If you do not know or have never been given the chance of Baptism then how can I judge one of My children on this?  I have given Baptism to My Church, so that they could be cleansed of original sin and so go forth to all nations to spread My Gospels, My Love.  But, as you know, many of My servants have deserted Me and keep My Gifts for themselves.  It is they who will pay the price for those who did not know but should have known.  So many never get the chance to know for there is no one to tell them.  Look at My Apostles, they walked to the outermost reaches to spread My Words and many died for Me in this quest.
Look, now when you have the means of travel and communication, rather than using it to spread the news of My Kingdom, mankind chooses to use it to destroy My Truth and many are left wanting.  All is in Truth in My Kingdom and all have an equal chance.  All are equally as important to Me.  No one will be turned away that wishes to enter My Kingdom.  I am God and My Forgiveness is total to those who ask it of Me.
Patrick: I don’t think some priests and laity would agree with You on this.  I know that they would say that priests are the only ones who have the power to administer the Sacraments.
I know this to be true for many have forgotten who they serve.  They have forgotten that I am their God and they are My servants.  This is why they had Me put to Death when I was on this earth because, in their pride, they were blind to the Truth.  This is true, once again, My servants have become the master and no longer follow in My Footsteps.  They only see their own wants and believe that My Church belongs to them.  I can see their blindness and they will answer for it unless they repent of their evil ways.  Nothing is hidden from Me, I can see all that happens, even that that is done in secret.  All will come to know this when they enter the vale of death and it will be too late for many.  Pride has been the downfall of many of My servants.  So many have been lost to Me and have entered the fires of hell where they curse Me and My Laws for all eternity.  They blame Me for their sorrows.  This pains My Heart so much for once they loved Me and wished to do My Work.  I see how they allowed self to enter and their hearts hardened and so listened to the desires of self which are given by lucifer and his minions.
How I cry out for My sons, how My Heart is pierced for their loss.  So many are walking this path in these times.  So many refuse to listen to My calls and they listen to the calls of lucifer and so walk freely away from Me.  I need your help to bring them back.  Pray for My priests that they will soften and return to Me.  Pray, children, each prayer is a Grace given in your free will, a chance.  It is a call that they will feel within their hearts.  The more you pray, the louder the call and so the more chances they have to return.  Prayer is your love; share it with those in need.  I Love you, My children, I Love you.
Patrick: What is prayer, Jesus?  I know You said it is a Grace we get but what does it mean?
Prayer is My Love in you.  When you pray, a good spirit is sent to help or comfort the person you pray for.  When you pray to Me, then a good spirit comes to Me with your love for Me and I return it to you with My Strength.  The more you pray, the stronger you become, this goes for all prayer.  But you must mean it.  You must feel it in your heart.  Do not give Me lip service.  So many pray out of habit and do not mean the words that they speak.  Speak the words in truth and allow Me to feel your love.  Allow Me to know you mean what you say.
You must remember the counterbalance of free will.  If you speak ill of someone, you are praying to lucifer.  You send a bad spirit who will try to harm the person you speak of.  Look at your lives, children, and see who you pray to most, Me or lucifer.  Look in Truth, children, and change your ways for the more you gossip about and judge your brothers and sisters, the weaker you will become and the further you will go from My Love, My Light.  It is a battle that you fight, a battle where lives are won or lost for all eternity.  This is why I have said, be slow to speak, for the wise man will think before he speaks in case he does harm to his fellow man.  Think and see what I say so that you will only walk the Path of Truth.  See Me in all that you meet and then you will not think ill thoughts of anyone.  You will not judge, gossip or condemn anyone for you would not do this to the One that you serve. Come, My little ones, take on this Truth and you will know happiness in this life, you will know Me, you will know My Love for you and for all mankind.  I am with you, pray that My Truth descends upon you and so your eyes will be opened and wisdom will be yours. Come, take on this chance that I give.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, could You tell me about other faiths like, Protestants and Orthodox, are they on the right or wrong path?
My son, you know the answer to this but I will answer so that all know. I see no difference for I did not divide My Church.  This was mankind’s own doing and so I only see My followers as one Body and not many as you do.  All are equal in My sight.  I do not condemn anyone; I do not divide anyone from My Body.  The Truth is that many have listened to the inspirations of lucifer and allowed self the control and its desire split My Church.  There have been many who have entered My Church in order to destroy it from within.  Remember, I do not take sides for I build, I do not destroy.  It is lucifer who destroys.  I only see one Church and this is the Truth you must take on.  All are welcome at My table.  All are equal at My table.  See this and work together for the good of My children.  Work as one and do not allow self to enter.  I Love you, My children.  I Love all of you with an equal Love.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, I am asking questions to help all of us understand what Truth is and so come to better understand the things that You are Teaching us.
My son, trust in Me.  I will inspire you and so you will know what to ask.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I hope and pray I can do what You are asking of me.  Jesus, something I wanted to ask You: what about women priests, what do You say?
I have not called My daughters to this role, I have not called them because of the sin of Eve.  She listened to the serpent and so brought about the fall from the Garden of Eden.  Women are to serve Me in humility and obedience as I have asked of them.  Their role is as mothers to My Church and My children, serving Me in truth and humility, just as I have asked of them within My Scriptures.  The weakness of women is that they can control weak-willed men and so, if given a place of power, would bring about the destruction of My Church.  Men and women are equal in My sight but I have set a different path before each of them so that they would be protected from the deceit; the inspirations of lucifer.
Eve listened and was tempted and so, in turn, tempted Adam.  He listened and this brought about the fall from the Garden of Eden.
Look at My Church, many of the untruths have been brought about by women who have listened to lucifer and so, in turn, tempted weak-willed men, who have listened to them.  This has brought about the watering down and the changing of My Laws and My Word in Scripture to suit their lies and their selfish lifestyle.
Patrick: Jesus, I don’t think this will go down too well with some women but I can see what You are saying: when we have inclusive language, where we are not allowed to say ‘man’ or ‘mankind’ but we have to say ‘people’ or ‘humankind’ so that women are not offended. I have even seen the references to homosexuality being removed from some Bibles in order to appease the sin.
Many women have been responsible for the deaths of many millions of their children.  They have listened to the inspirations of lucifer and so murdered their children within their wombs.  See the Truth: I put man and woman on this earth and, in their being together, create a balance of love.  But the balance has been disrupted and My daughters have tried to take control in many parts of My Body.
I can see what goes on behind closed doors.
I can see their deceit.
I can see those who try to take control.
If they do not turn away from their deceit, they will answer and pay the price for they are walking headlong into the fires of hell.
I can see what they do.
I can see how they are destroying My Truth with their lies, their deceit.
I can see the weak-willed men who listen to them and do their every whim, while lucifer laughs at Me.
No!  I have not asked for women priests.  I will not: this is a Law of My Body.  For they would destroy My Truth because of the weakness of original sin.
They must serve Me as I have asked; they must be obedient to My Truth and serve Me as I have asked within Scripture.  Humility is obedience to My Law and My Law is all for it will give you Eternal Life in the Kingdom of My Father.  Feminism is not humility.  It has been brought about by the lies of lucifer for he knows the power that some women can hold over men.  he uses them against man’s weakness in order to destroy.
Yes, many will not like the Words that I speak but, in Truth, they are Words of Eternal Life.  There are many balances on this earth so that you may remain safe.  When these are disrupted, lucifer and his minions are able to break through.  This you can see in the sin of abortion where a woman has freedom of choice, whether to murder her infant within the womb or not.  This is a disruption of the balance of free will AND this is bringing about the destruction of mankind.
These are the Truths that very few are willing to look at.  These are the things that this world does not want to see. Think, children, about what you are doing!  You have become so blind that you murder your own sons and daughters and can see nothing wrong with it.  Think how many little voices call out to Me for justice; those who were not given a chance: those who were ripped from their mothers’ wombs.
Then, you would ask why I have not given My daughters the power to control the Laws of My Body?  Look and see the Truth.  I Love you.
Patrick: So original sin has done a lot of damage to us?
Yes, disobedience is a grave sin.  It only leads to darkness and so on to death eternal. This is why I gave My Commandments so that all could remain obedient to My Truth.  Each has an equal role to play for each are equal in My sight.  I have given Laws, Rules so that man and woman could remain safe from the snares of lucifer.  But these have been broken in these times and so My Church is paying the price.  Look at My monasteries and convents; they are closing for My Light has ceased to shine from them and so My children do not feel the calling to join these orders and so they are in their death pangs. These are Words of Truth and Life.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, there seems to be so many things wrong in these times.  No matter where we look, sin is being promoted.  Abortion has become a big business, nearly every country has accepted it and have opened slaughter houses in nearly every major city and town.  I know You have told us this is where lucifer gets most of his strength from.  The abortion clinics are like temples where the innocent are sacrificed to him.  And this world has become so blind that it cannot see what it is doing.  We talk about the concentration camps where six million innocent people were slaughtered.  Yet there is maybe ten times this or more every year with chemical contraception and abortion.  I often think what will the people of the future think of our generation.  We, in this generation, are appalled at the murder of men, women and children in the gas chambers.  What will the people of the future think of us when they look back at the hundreds of millions of innocent babies that were murdered in their mothers’ wombs?
Look at the Truth and see how My people deny My existence.  In their blindness they are easy prey for lucifer and so he can lead them into sin, into sacrificing the innocent.  It is he that controls these death factories.  It is he who promotes sexual promiscuity through the media.  It is he that controls the television, the internet, the newspapers and magazines and so on.  Can you not see that he promotes sex, for the more that he promotes it, the easier it is for the spirits of lust to enter and so many children are created and destroyed in his factories of death?  Can you not see how blind you have become, generation?  You have allowed lucifer to promote his temples of death and you do nothing to stop him.  I am Coming, children, I am Coming soon and you have little time left before I destroy that that is evil in My sight.  Turn away from your evil ways and come, follow Me for when My Angels descend upon this earth it shall be washed clean of all that is not of Me.  Pray, pray much that you are not a part of it.  I Love you, open your eyes and see what I say.  Come now, My little ones, and answer My call for I am Coming soon.
Patrick: Jesus, what about the sin of homosexuality?  It has entered many parts of Your Church.  There are even priests and bishops who freely admit that they are active homosexuals.  There are even Masses held primarily for homosexuals.  There are homosexual prayer groups who all purport to be Christians and admit they are active in the sin.  Yet, is it not true that You destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of this very sin?
I have spoken of this before, many times, through many Prophets, it is evil in My sight.  Those who say that they follow Me, these promoters of sin, will have no place in My Kingdom for they are liars and cheats.  They promote sin by their example and lead many of My children into the gates of hell by their example.  Their punishment shall be great for they will see the truth of what they have done, of what they have promoted by their example.
I call to you now, My sons and daughters, come away from your evil ways and come, follow Me in truth.  Though your sin is great I have paid the Price for your freedom.  Repent of your evil doing and come, be washed clean in the Blood of the Lamb that has been sacrificed for your sin.  Come, My little ones, and walk the Path of Freedom that I offer to you; come and be cleansed in My Blood, the Blood that was shed for you and you will know freedom, you will know Peace for My Love shall descend upon you.  Come now, take up your cross and follow Me into Eternal Life.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, the more that You speak, the clearer things are becoming.  What I can see is that we have forgotten that we are in a spiritual battle.  We have forgotten that we are spiritual people.  It is like we go to Mass and believe we have done our duty.  I don’t think there are many people that actually believe that You exist.  Mass has become a habit, something that we do on a Sunday or during the week.  lucifer is just a name now, I do not think there are many people who actually believe in his existence, so he has total freedom to lead us into sin.  It is all to do with our conscience now, if our conscience says it is right then it MUST be right.  No one actually believes that You AND lucifer are inspiring us and, so, this gives lucifer the freedom to lead us into all sorts of darkness and sin because of the mentality he has given to us.  When our conscience says it is right, then we CAN do it.
To tell you the truth, until You spoke in these Words, I did not really think either, I thought I did but I know now I was not really thinking about You and lucifer and the battle.  Your Words have really helped me to understand the reality of what is happening in this world.  We think of our lives, our bodies, we think of work, houses, food, bills, holidays and what we need to live.  In reality, none of this really matters for we are all only on this earth for a short time.  We think we are going to live forever but we all die, that could be tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or in ten or twenty or thirty years but we are going to die and all the things we thought of being so important, are really nothing.  Someone else will take and use and spend what we worked so hard for.  The reality is, it is only You and Your Truths that matter.  Your Ways are more real than the things that we think are real.  This is why so many are falling into sin.  I have heard many homosexual people say, ‘Jesus would not want me to live a life of loneliness without the person that I truly love.’  I can see now it is lucifer who is putting these desires into us in order to lead us away from You.  How blind we have become, we are an evil generation.  Jesus, help us see the Truth before it is too late.  There are so many of Your children that have fallen blindly into so many different traps and they truly believe that they are doing no wrong.  Help them, Jesus, to see the Truth, I pray that they are not lost because of blindness.  There are many people involved in many different types of sin, they are not bad people, they have just become blinded by this world.  The television promotes sin as being quite natural and so many have fallen into its trap. I know the sin of homosexuality is wrong but there are so many nice people, who have innocently fallen into this trap.  Help them, Jesus, before it is too late.
As I have said, My son, I will give all My children a chance to turn away from the darkness, this is a promise that I have given.  My Spirit will descend and open the eyes of all My children so that they may see the Truth.  Soon this will happen, everyone will know the Truth, everyone will see their own lives as I see them, and they will know and have the chance to return.  Trust in Me, I am a just God and I condemn no one without a chance to return.  I only send those from Me who refuse to see the Truth for there are none so blind as those who will not see.  I Love you, My children, I Love you and I call you to the Truth.  I call you to walk in My Footsteps so that you may see and understand the plight of your brothers and sisters.  Come, follow Me and become a Warrior of Love. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Sunday 20 March 2011
Patrick: Jesus, I know You have called me to write in this time but, to tell you the truth, sometimes I find it very, very difficult.  I sit and I do not know what to ask You.  I know You said that You would inspire me but still I find it difficult.
Trust in Me, My son, trust in My Love for you.  Give Me the time to speak, My son.  Sometimes when you come to Me I simply desire that you sit with Me.  Is it not true, that you can sit in silence with a friend and you do not need to speak?  This is also true with Me.  Many times I simply wish to rest with you.  I know you are in a hurry to complete this book but, My son, you must have patience and allow Me the time.  If you do this for Me then you will begin to understand My Ways.  You still think in the ways of the world, My son.  You are looking at the time that it is taking and so you become impatient.  Sit with Me and be comfortable in My Presence.  Allow Me to speak in My own time and you will feel more at peace.  I Love you, My little son, be with Me now and allow Me to be the Master.  I Love you.
Look to the Truth, My little ones, and allow Me to Teach you through these Words.  They are given to help you understand the Truth and so the more able you will be to overcome the sin of this world.  In these Words I show you the Battle that rages upon this earth.  I show you the Truth so that you may overcome.  Come, walk this Path with Me and We, together, shall overcome the traps of lucifer.  We, together, shall walk the Path of Righteousness that leads to the Kingdom of My Father.  Trust in Me, My children, trust in the Words that I give to you and you shall know and see the fruits of your toils.  Come, look at the Words and through them you will understand the inspirations I give to you, you will understand the inspirations that lucifer gives to you.  See how you are guided in this life.  See the choices that you have in your free will.  See how it is that you make your own decisions, whether to follow Me or follow lucifer.  Remember, you are on this earth to make a decision, whether you want to be in My Kingdom for all eternity or not. Your life is given for you to decide and make your own choice.  If you decide that you want to be in My Father’s Kingdom then you must prove it by the way that you live your life.  You must walk in the Footsteps of Love, helping your fellow man to understand the Truth of My Love.  You can help your brothers and sisters by the way that you live your life, you can create an example to them and they will understand the joys of love through you if you allow Me to guide you on this Path.  I will not force you, I will not force any of My children to follow Me but I will give all an equal chance to understand the Truth of My Ways.  I Love you, My little children, I Love you and I need you to come to Me in truth so that your brothers and sisters may understand the traps of this world so that they may understand the Gospel of Love.  I Love you.
Do not be afraid to follow Me.  Do not be afraid to walk in My Footsteps for I am your Father and I will lead you to no harm.  I will only lead you to Eternal Love, Joy and Peace.  Come, My beloved children, walk this Path of Truth with Me and you shall know and see the Joys of this Journey.  You shall know Peace, you shall know the Peace that surpasses all understanding and My Light shall flow from you into this world.  The darkness shall diminish the more My Light shines for no darkness can stand in the Way of the Light.  My Love is My Light, My Love is My Peace, My Love is My Joy and this is given freely to the one who seeks.  You must seek Me, children, for unlike lucifer I will not deceive you, I stand at the door of your heart and knock.  I will not enter uninvited.  Come, follow Me so that you may understand the Joys that I speak of.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, do You wish to speak?
Yes, My little son, do not become downhearted in the task that I have set you for there is still time to do this.  Trust in Me and believe that I am with you and We, together, shall complete this task.  I have not called you at this time, so believe and trust in Me.  Listen for My Voice when I call, then I will speak; do this and you will be more at peace.
Patrick: I do think that I am letting You down if I am away doing something.  I am constantly thinking that I should be here with You, listening.
Trust in Me, My child, and believe that I am with you.  I do not expect you to listen constantly.  I ask that you simply listen for My call and I ask for your obedience in answering My call.  Trust in Me, My son, trust in the Words that I give you, trust that it is I who am calling.  I Love you, My little son, be at peace and remain with Me for a time.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, I know I keep saying this but I am starting to see things a lot clearer and I don’t like what I am seeing.  I see I am ashamed of You in many different ways.  I have been fighting the thoughts and desires, not realising that I am ashamed of You in front of the people of this world.  It is easy to talk about You in the House of Prayer to people that believe in You but when I am out in the world where people don’t believe, then I avoid talking about You.  The servant is ashamed of his Master, that cannot be good.  How can I be a Light holder when I am ashamed of the Light?  I used to be able to talk about You, no matter where I was or who I was with.  Now I don’t talk about You, I have allowed the world to encroach on this part of me and did not recognise it happening.  This is another battlefront that I am going to have to battle on.
Jesus, it is so easy to become blinded by this world.  When I say world I mean the inspirations of lucifer for this world is his kingdom.  This world is what man has given freely to lucifer and he is allowed to walk its paths freely.  How blinded we are on this earth, we think of our lives as being so important.  Yet, we do not recognise that we can talk about anything and people will listen.  But, if we talk about Jesus we feel guilty, uncomfortable and embarrassed.  I know we could talk about any other religion and people would listen and talk freely.  When it comes to talking about You, Jesus, everything changes, people look at you funny, you feel uncomfortable.  In public we could say we love basically anything except, ‘I love Jesus.’
Yes, My little son, this is true for this world fights against Me.  It listens to the inspirations of lucifer for when My Name is mentioned, lucifer inspires the feelings of guilt, embarrassment, pride and so I am denied.  These are all the things that you must fight against for, as I have said, he is like a raging lion, stalking, ever awaiting his chance to attack.  Unless you are willing to look at the Truth, you will not understand the Battle.  Begin to see where he has influenced you in your life and change these things.  Then you will become strong in Me.  You will not worry what this world thinks of you for you will be truly My servant.  Stand up and be strong.  Do not worry about this world and what it thinks.  This is when My Light shall begin to shine from you.  The servant is not greater than the Master.  The servant must be humble and willing to serve, willing to fight for the Truth of the One who he believes in.  Is this not what you do on this earth?  Do you not fight for the leader you believe in, do you not fight for the country that you believe in?  This is simply what I am asking of you, fight for the Truth with love.  I do not ask anyone to fight for Me with violence, with unlove for these are not My Ways.  My Way is Truth, My Way is Love, My Way is Peace, My Way is Joy.  These are your weapons, use them for the darkness cannot stand against them.  Do not be concerned what the peoples of this world think, they are in darkness and cannot see the Truth.  You must be the light that guides them from the darkness.  If you hide in the darkness then you will never become a guide.  Stand up and be strong in My Truth, begin to look, begin to understand, begin to find the joy in following Me and peace shall be yours.
I Love you, My people, and I call you to come, follow Me.  I set the Path clearly before you in these Words so that you will know and understand.  You will be able to fight out of the darkness of this world.  You will be able to walk the Path of Truth and become the servant of your God.  I Love you, My people, and I need your help in this Battle of Love.  Your brothers and sisters are dying and there is no one to help them.  Come, follow Me and We, together, shall journey into the darkness spreading My Light so that all may see and know the Truth of My Ways.  The blind shall see, the cripple shall walk, the dead shall rise and My Truth shall be known once again on this earth.  The darkness shall fall back before the Light and the Battle of Love shall be known and seen throughout this world.  It only takes one spark to create a forest fire.  My children, it only takes one of you who is willing to follow Me in Truth to begin the Battle of Love for, as fire spreads, so shall My Love.  Trust in Me, trust in My Words that I give to you and allow the Battle to begin. I am Coming soon, children, and I need you to prepare.  I need you to claim your brothers and sisters from the darkness for they walk blindly and do not know or see My Truth.  Go out and rescue those who have fallen.  Shine My Light so that they may see the Path and return.
I give you Words of freedom, it is up to you, children, whether you take them on or not for, remember, as I have said, I will not force you.  I will simply ask, if you say yes to Me, then I will guide you out of the darkness and into the Light of My Love.  Go now and begin the Battle, do not wait until tomorrow for tomorrow is too late.  Begin now, child of Mine, as you read these Words.  Take them into your heart and let the furnace of My Love begin to shine.  Be what I am calling you to be.  Do not wait any longer.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, am I ignoring Your calls?  Sometimes I am not sure.  Sometimes I think it is my imagination, whereas other times I know You are calling and then I do ignore because I am busy doing something.  I am sorry for those times.
Yes, My son, you are recognising My calls.  You must fight through the thoughts and allow Me to speak.  Remember, the spirits will try to block My Voice but it is up to you, in free will, whether you take My Words or not.  You worry so much, My little son.  You must begin to trust in Me and allow Me to Teach you.  You have not got long left in this world to do this for soon I will Come and you must be ready.  When My Spirit flows across this world, My Army shall rise and My Truth shall walk freely.  You must begin to trust in Me and allow Me to show you the True Path.  I Love you, My little son, now rest in Me.  Be with Me when you wake for I have many Words to speak.  I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, we all put so much importance on the everyday things of this life.  It is as if we were going to be on this earth forever.  We always hear it said that we must plan for the future with investments, savings and pensions etc.  They tell us it is very important that we think about our old age and how we are going to survive, so it is important to be prepared.  What is the point, we may not even see old age.  The reality is we should be preparing for our deaths.  This world has become so blind, it definitely has become a materialistic place.  All importance is put on what we should have to live for.  No importance is put on preparing for life after death.  We all believe we are so intelligent; the truth is, we are blind.
These are words of truth, very few are willing to prepare for their coming to Me.  Very few are willing to listen to My calls within their hearts.  Very few are willing to step out in faith and follow Me.  Following Me is going against the tide of this world, and so very few are willing to take the risk of being laughed at and maybe becoming an outcast.  So rather than prepare, they block Me and flow with the tide of sin, lies and self.
Open your eyes, My children, and see the truth.  See how you sit and do nothing to prepare for Eternity.  Rather, you prepare for what will decay and disappear.  Open your eyes and see the Truth.  Turn away from your evil ways and come, follow Me. I am Coming, children, and I will discard the things that you have built, the monuments to self that you worship.  Look in Truth and see the false gods that you have created in this world.  I Love you, My little ones, now come and hear My Voice.  I Love you.
Patrick: I can understand, Jesus, it is hard to break free of this world and understand what You are talking about.  It is so easy to go with the flow and so difficult to turn against the desires of self.  There is no use in me saying that it is easy for I would be lying.  Look at how many years I have been with You and am only now beginning to recognise that I was not truly following you but ninety percent of the time I was following the desires of self and so lucifer.  It is difficult when you come to this realisation.  The desires of this world have such control over us and we do not realise it.  We blind ourselves to the Truth, because we do not really want to know.  I begin to see what You have been talking about throughout the years but I know I still am only scratching the surface.
I have to say what really helped me is when You explained about Your inspirations to do good and lucifer’s to do wrong and we stand in the middle and it is up to us who we listen to.  I can see it is the small things that lucifer uses against us; things that we do not think are wrong; things like eating and drinking more than we need and, so, allow a spirit of greed to influence us, who then can influence us in many other things; like greed for power, greed for money, greet for popularity, greed for work, and so on and so forth.  These things are designed to burn our time up and so there is no time to think of You.  I know there will be many people who read this that will think I am mad in what I am saying.  But, I can begin to see that the only important thing in our lives should be the preparation for Eternal Life.  Our time should be taken up with allowing You to shine Your Light through us to those around us.  We should be spreading Your Love to all that we meet at work, at home, on the street, anywhere that the opportunity arises.  Spreading the Love of Jesus can be as simple as smiling at someone or saying a friendly hello.  We do not have to do big things for, many times, it is the small things that count, little acts of love.
Yes, you begin to see the Way of Truth, the Way of My Love.  Do not become downhearted, My children, the Path may be difficult but trust in Me, the more that you fight in Truth, the easier it becomes until the greatest joy in your life will be walking the Path and knowing that I am always with you.  Trust in Me, My little ones, trust in My Love for you, trust that I am with you every step of the way.  I Love you, My children, and I call upon you to take up your cross and follow Me.  Yes, the Path will be harsh at times for self will rebel and you will have much to overcome but, if you are willing, you will feel the joys of the Path of Truth then your only desire will be to run the race to the end.  Eternal Life shall be yours, the Joys of My Kingdom shall be yours for you shall know the fruits of your toils and My Love shall shine upon you.  Come, follow Me for I have already walked the Path and this world hated Me for it and will hate you for following Me.  Come, My little children, come follow Me and know the Joys of My Kingdom.  I Love you.



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Events Celebrated
Servant’s Day of Love
On Sunday 6 March, the servants celebrated the servant’s Day of Love.  The two Patricks took this day as an opportunity to explain to us the new translation of the Mass by the Church, due to be implemented in November 2011.  It was explained to us that it was simply a more accurate translation of the Mass from the Latin text.  The original translation had been given as the bare minimum whereas the revised translation gives more fullness and depth of meaning to the Mass.  This work was commissioned and begun by Pope John Paul II when he was alive.  John Paul was so eager to have it thoroughly completed that he returned it many times to be corrected and this explains why it is only coming about now.

Saint Patrick’s Day
We celebrated Ireland’s Patron Saint on 17 March. We started the prayers by singing Hail Glorious Saint Patrick.  The prayer was focused on Saint Patrick and how he died to the things of the flesh and how, through him, Christianity was brought to Ireland.
In the evening we lit a fire outside to symbolise the fire lit by Saint Patrick on the Hill of Slane.  We said a Rosary and offered it for the lukewarm and unbelievers and ourselves for we can be this at times in our lives.  Tradition has it that with the fire Saint Patrick lit for  the Easter vigil, he pre-empted the King of Tara’s own celebration of the onset of Spring.  The ensuing confrontation led to the conversion of a number of the members of the King’s own court when Saint Patrick’s miracles proved more powerful than the sorcery of the druid priests.
Saint Patrick intercede for us!

Feast of Saint Joseph Saturday 19 March
The Feast day commenced with the 12pm prayers when a servant read an extract from Song of the Carpenter. She explained that the huge struggle Joseph underwent helped to fortify and discipline him for the role ahead of him.
At the 3pm prayers, a servant spoke about how God the Father and the Holy Spirit entrusted to Joseph what was most dear to them: Jesus and the Blessed Virgin.  She spoke about the tenderness of love that Mary had for Her husband and how they were one of heart and soul. She spoke of Joseph’s trial when he was told Mary was with child. She spoke about his distress and confusion and how this turned to joy when the Angel appeared to him in a dream and told him that it was the Son of God that she bore.
Joseph was the provider for Jesus and Mary.  He worked very hard to take care of their needs.  He led them into Egypt to protect them from the fury of Herod as the Angel told him.
At the 6pm prayers, a servant read an extract from Song of the Carpenter describing Joseph’s feelings as he tried to comprehend the Suffering and Sacrifice his foster Son was going through in preparation for His public mission.  All Joseph could do was offer his life to God so He could use him in whatever way to help Jesus.  The servant talked about how we too must be willing to offer prayer and sacrifice for the good of others so that Jesus can bring them into His Kingdom.


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The Greatest Act of Love
Let us reflect
As we look forward to the Passion of Christ, with the joy of the Resurrection and the descent of the Holy Ghost, let us reflect on the first of the meditations from the Novena to the Holy Ghost by Saint Alphonsus Liguori.
The Holy Ghost
Among novenas, that of the Holy Ghost occupies first place for having been celebrated first by our Blessed Mother and the Apostles in the cenacle, and for its wealth of wonders and Gifts, especially the Gift of the Holy Ghost that Jesus won for us by His Passion.  This is what our Saviour wanted to Teach us when He told His Disciples that if He did not Die, He could not send us the Holy Ghost: “Because if I do not go, the Advocate will not come to you.” (John 16:7) Moreover we know through faith that the Holy Ghost is the mutual Love of God the Father and the Eternal Word.
The magnificence
That is why the Gift of Love that the Lord grants our hearts and is greater than all other Gifts, is especially attributed to the Holy Ghost according to the teachings of the Apostles… “the Love of God has been poured to overflowing into our hearts by the Holy Ghost who has been given to us” (Romans 5:5).  It is expedient then, that in this novena we consider mainly the magnificence of the Divine Love.
In ancient law, God ordered that on His altar burn a continual flame.
Saint Gregory says that the altars of God are our hearts where He wants His Flame and Divine Love to burn always and that is why the Eternal Father, not content with having given us His Son, Jesus Christ, to save us by His Death, now wants to give us the Holy Spirit so that He may dwell in our hearts and we may have continual access to His Love.
How I wish it was already burning
Jesus Himself said that He had come to earth to inflame our hearts with that Holy Fire and He wished only that it would burn, “I have come to bring fire on earth and how I wish it was already burning!” (Luke 12:49), and that is why forgetting the insults and ingratitude of mankind received on this earth, once He ascended into Heaven He sent us the Holy Ghost.
Moved Saints
O most beloved Redeemer, so then as much in afflictions and humiliations as in Your Glory, You always Love us! That is why the Holy Ghost in the cenacle wants to appear as tongues of fire that descended separately on each one. (Acts 2:3) And that is why the Holy Church makes us ask: “we entreat You, Lord, that You inflame us in that Fire, that that Our Lord Jesus Christ sent to earth, and that He ardently desires to see kindled.  This then has been the Holy Fire that has moved Saints to great things for God, to love enemies, to desire contempt, to divest themselves of all earthly goods and to embrace even torments and death with joy.
Never says enough
Love never knows how to be idle and never says enough. In a heart that God, the more it does for the Beloved the more it wants to do to please Him and to earn more of His Love.
Burn in love of God
This Holy Fire is set alight in prayer.  “My heart burns and the fire glowed until I finally had to speak!” (Psalm 39:4). If we wish to burn in the Love of God, then let us love prayer.  This is the happy furnace where His Divine Ardour is kindled.
Let us, this Easter, take some time out of our ‘busy’ lives to reflect on the greatest Act of Love that will ever be shown.


Over the months of January and February there were a few trips made by servants to Germany and Poland to the Houses of Prayer.  Below are their reports:
Feed the poor of Colditz
When I was in Germany last year, we started to prepare for the setting up of the kitchen which Jesus had inspired at the beginning to feed the alcoholics of Colditz.  When we arrived in Saint Nikolaus on this trip in the middle of February, it was fierce cold, in the minuses.  There is an electric shop across the road from the House of Prayer and we bought electric fires to keep us warm.  We could only warm the necessary rooms, as the House is so big it would be impossible to heat it all.  Patrick listened to what Jesus’ Plan for the work was and drew up a list of instructions for work to be done.
We had arranged with a builder who had offered us help to begin the work.
We then went to the House in Poland and discovered burst pipes.  It was even colder than Germany.
Ideally we need central heating in both Houses.  In Germany there is town gas already, it is just a matter of fitting radiators and a lot of plumbing.  The heating for Poland is more extensive and we have got a price for the installation which is  eighteen thousand pounds approximately.  At this time, there are electricians working in both Houses. In Poland, the second floor is complete, all rewired.  In Germany, they are working in stages and it also needs rewired.

At the beginning of February, Patrick and some of the servants made a trip to the House of Prayer in Germany.  When in Dublin airport, Patrick realised he had forgotten his passport.  It was too late to get back to Cookstown and get the passport for the flight to Germany but he was told that they could fly to Poland a bit later on.  They took that flight and planned to stay in the House in Poland and then make their way to Germany the next day.  It was unusual for Patrick to forget his passport as he always checks that everyone has theirs and checks and double checks that all is in order before a trip to the other Houses.  He felt that perhaps Jesus had allowed it so that they could get a larger car in Poland as none were available in Germany and he was hoping to buy the parts needed for the new kitchen which will open soon, please God, for the needy people of Colditz.
A mix up
And indeed he was right.  In Wrocław airport they were able to hire a people carrier which was perfect for transporting furniture and kitchen appliances.  However, Jesus had also sent them to Poland for another reason.  The electricity had been disconnected due to a mix up with our Polish solicitor with whom we had difficulty communicating as he spoke no English.
This and other problems connected with the paying of bills brought to light that we had not as much control in the running of the House as we should have had.
A new solicitor
The Patricks felt that Jesus was bringing all of this to light in order to improve the running of the House in Poland.  It was arranged for the three committee members to come to Poland the following week and through our translator we found a new solicitor, called Pawel, who spoke good English. 
Fond of Ireland
Towards the end of February we met with Pawel and arranged with him that he would help us deal with the paying of our bills to the various utility companies and also sort out our accounts.  He introduced us to his wife over the weekend and she was delighted that we had taken on Pawel as our solicitor as she had spent two or three years in Ireland working as a translator and was very fond of Ireland and the Irish people!
Putting in the kitchen
Over the few days we were away, we also went to the House in Germany and cleaned up from the workmen and electricians who had been putting in the kitchen and updating some of the electrics in the House.  We also spent a few nights in the House in Poland once the electricity had been reconnected.
Take on the Habit
Several times over the trips I recalled Jesus’ Words when we went to get the House in Poland a few years ago: “No one has yet grasped the meaning of My Houses of Prayer.  If they had, My House would have been inundated with offers to help.  I tell you again that their setting up will be fraught with difficulty but much of the difficulty will be from those who would put blocks in their (the Houses that He wants to set up) way.”  On Monday 23 January 2006 I saw this first hand in Poland but also saw that the difficulties can be overcome when we are willing to give of our time to help Jesus do what He wants with His Houses.  He has said that He wants them all opened but it seems there are not enough people to do His Work.  He is calling people to take on the Habit and spread the Way of the Sacred Heart all over the world.  If you can help in any way, please get in touch with the Sacred Heart House of Prayer.  Thank You, Jesus.

Looked forward
I hadn’t been to any of the Houses of Prayer in Europe for some time and looked forward to going and being able to see how things were progressing.  It was because of certain legalities needing to be clarified that we were travelling to Poland and we decided to check in on the House in Germany whilst there.
Bitterly cold
We arrived at the House in Poland close to midnight and the House could only be described as bitterly cold – the temperature outside was, after all, minus eighteen or nineteen degrees.  Along with lighting up the fires in the living room and kitchen we had to put on electric heaters in order to make the House any way habitable for the night.
More habitable
The majority of our stay in the House was taken up with trying to heat the place up. This is a very difficult task as the rooms are very big and all of them have very high ceilings.  It is a really beautiful House but one that needs a lot of standard work done to make it more habitable.
In Poland there is the problem of the long winter months, in extreme weather conditions, and thereby creating the on-going problem of burst pipes.  Even whilst we were there we had a burst pipe and had all the problems attached to this to try and sort out before we left.  Just mere maintenance work, not improvement, seems to be all we can manage at the moment.
Eats away at any finances
This, as you can imagine, eats away at any finances we may have and ultimately there is a very urgent need for central heating to be installed.  The new roof we got last year did improve things but the House also needs new windows and outside front and back doors as they are all in very bad condition and very much contribute to the problems with trying to heat the House.
The soup kitchen
After two nights in Poland we travelled over to Germany to spend two nights there. The new kitchen, to be set has been completed apart from a few more cupboard doors which were not available at the time of purchase.
No source of heating
Unfortunately the House in Germany also has no source of heating, except portable heaters, and again the House was very cold.  Central heating is also very much needed for the Germany House.  There is also some essential rewiring being carried out and this is not progressing as quickly as we would like as some servants need to be there but hopefully we will be able to get them over shortly.
Need a lot of work
All of the other Houses in France, Slovenia and Spain also need a lot of work done to them and it is very hard to tackle it all.  The Belgium House is the only exception.  We would like to concentrate on one House at a time and make them all ready as Jesus has asked.
Please consider
It is only whilst we are visiting or manning the Houses that the need becomes so obvious and urgent to us!  We need your continued prayers and support in order to complete all the Houses and have them in a fit state to be the Places of Refuge which Jesus has requested.  We, unfortunately, also need necessary finances in order to achieve this and if any of you can help then please, please consider doing so.
We owe it to Jesus
It is a huge task which Jesus has set us all and we all must be willing to step up to the mark.  We owe it to Jesus to do all in our power to help achieve His Dream of all the Houses of Prayer being there for us as little oases in a very bleak world.
We really need to concentrate on the Polish House first and Germany a close second.  Oil heating is the biggest priority at this time as a lot of money and energy is being wasted in trying to keep the House warmed.
Only with your help
Unfortunately being able to secure the purchase of the Houses of Prayer is far from being the end of the expense and it would be fantastic to be in a position, financially, to make ready all the Houses and have them all up to the standard we would all wish.  It has been only with your help through prayers and financing that Jesus has been able to come this far and it is only with your much needed continued support that we can carry on with all the things needed to achieve this.
Jesus, together with us all has accomplished a lot but the Work is on-going and let’s pray and hope we will all run the race to the end!  Again, many heartfelt thanks to you all.

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