Great News!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
We are very excited to announce that the new House Jesus wanted in Bellmullet for the young people has been purchased!
We want to humbly thank all of you so much for your prayers, your sacrifices and your financial help. Your generosity and belief in Jesus’ Words never cease to amaze us.
We know that in these times many are financially stretched so it makes your giving all the sweeter. Thank you all again so much.
We are trying to bring you as much information as we can in this Newsletter about this new House. We have included an article on why Jesus needs it so badly, another on how it was purchased and a pictorial of the House to show you what it is like.
We really hope you enjoy reading these but we would also ask you to keep praying and sacrificing for this mission for our youth are very important and there is still so much work and preparation to be done. We have much to learn and to give to make this work for Jesus so please, please keep us in your prayers. May Jesus Bless you all for your help.
In the setting up of this new House in Belmullet, our resources have been well overstretched here at the Sacred Heart House of Prayer in Cookstown. We are currently £20,000 in debt. Please pray that this debt will go and, if you are in a position to help, please do so if you in any way can!
Holy Week Messages
Holy Week is a very solemn time of the year for us and it is where Jesus needs our love as He goes through the agonies of His Passion, once again. We have reprinted the Messages “Walk with Me” where Jesus encourages us to be with Him in His loneliness and Pain in this time.
A New Way
We have also included an article from a servant trying to walk the Path of Truth and the Way of the Sacred Heart in which he truthfully speaks about this personal Journey with Jesus.
Another article is a servant’s observation on a living saint, a local nun she feels is one of those Little Souls in His Army which Jesus desperately wants us to be a part of. Both are inspiring articles and remind us that Jesus does not give us Words for nothing. He gives them to be applied to our lives and lived.
You can now donate to the House of Prayer using Paypal. Go to and click on the ‘Donate’ button on the homepage. This will suit people who want to use their debit or credit card for making donations. Over the next few weeks you will also be able to order and pay for devotional items and Message Books on the website too. Thank you as always for your continued support.

Thursday 22 March 2012
My children, I Love you. My Love is revealed to you in the Bread of Life; My Love is revealed to you in these Words.
Many are stubborn and run from Me, they wish only to do their own things.
My children, live in Me and with Me and through Me.
Friday 23 March 2012
My children, My Heart aches for you to be with Me. Its Love abounds in tenderness and wishes that all of My children were within it.
My Heart has no refuge but in your hearts. When you come to Me in prayer and in quiet, I can find a refuge in you. When you come to Me obedient, I can find a greater refuge in your little hearts. This King stoops low unto its1 lowest subjects to find love. I Love you.
Tell the world and show them how precious My Love is.
1 The ‘its’ here refers to the Heart of Jesus.
Friday 23 March 2012
Many of My children toil in vain because they do not have Me in their work. They do not call upon Me to be with them in their lives.
Many things could be achieved if I was within their hearts, much peace would prevail. As it is, a conflict will arise soon, a small conflict that will cause much devastation. Many are in control that should not be for, they do not have Me within their hearts and their hearts are cold.
I ask of you, My children, keep the flicker of Light burning within your hearts. I beg this of you.


Come, My beloved children, and listen to My calls. I am calling ever louder as the time nears. I need your help in this Work of Salvation. Your brothers and sisters are in great need and I am calling out to you to come help them. I Love you, My beloved children, and I give you these Words in your time of great need. This world is blinding My children to the Truth. This world is listening to the lies of lucifer and he means to cut Me out of your lives. Open your eyes and see the Truth of the Words that I speak for there is little time left for you to answer My calls. Come now, My beloved, and listen, I Love you.
Wednesday 7 March 2012
Look, now, My children, and see the Words that I speak. Do not just read them but live them for time is so short and you are not prepared.
Do you not realise what is coming?
Have I not already Warned you?
Has My Mother not Warned you that mankind is bringing a great chastisement upon himself? One such as has never been seen from the beginning of time nor shall it ever be seen again upon this earth. If you are not prepared, you will not understand, you will not see the Truth for you will be blinded by the lies of lucifer. This is why I say prepare, children.
Come close to Me now while there is still time for lucifer is the father of lies and he shall sweep many, who say that they follow Me, into the darkness of his deceit. Begin now to see the Truth, begin now the labour of love. Begin the battle of self dying so that the scales may fall from your eyes.
Come, My beloved children, I do not speak these Words to scare you but, rather, I speak clearly to keep you safe so that you will not be deceived by the great darkness that sweeps across this earth. I Love you, My children, I Love you. Come now, before it is too late. I Love you.
Friday 9 March 2012
Come to Me, My little ones, and do not be afraid; do not let despair take over you for I am with you. I have never left your side.
The events that take place within this world are only the result of man’s listening to the lies of lucifer. We have not lost the battle, I simply allow man to take his course along this path that leads to destruction. I will not stop man in his free will but, I give these Words in order to Warn mankind of the oncoming disaster that he is creating through his disobedience to My Will. I created this earth; I created you, mankind, I created a Way of Peace and Love for you to live by but, this, you have thrown off and listened to the lies of lucifer.
You walk his path freely, even though I have Warned you of what you are doing. Soon now, you shall see My Prophets come to the fore; they will shine in this world and My Words shall be heard. This will be the time of man’s last chance to turn away from his evil ways. If this world does not listen to My Prophets then, I shall strike it down and its evilness shall be no more. I shall recreate all that has been destroyed and My Remnant shall know Peace and Love, they shall know this earth in the way that it was truly created.
But, first, there is much Work to be done, there are so many who are blinded by this world and cannot see My Truth but are willing to follow Me. These are the harvest and I send My labourers out to gather the harvest, those who have been deceived unfairly and walk in darkness by the trickery of others.
Come, My beloved, I call out to you to come follow Me for I am in great need for the harvest is ripe and the labourers are few. I Love you, My child, and I call to you this day as you read these Words. I, your Jesus, Love you and I await your response to My call.
Sunday 11 March 2012
My beloved children, I Love you.
Come to Me, hear My calls. I am weary, My children, from calling and calling and having so few answer.
Can you not see the danger that you are in, in this world?
Can you not see the lies that are being spread by lucifer which makes My people think that I do not exist?
Your lives are filled with the things of this world; those things shall decay into dust and be no more, whereas, the things of Heaven do not decay, do not disappear but live on for all eternity.
Yet, you worry so much about this world and think so little of the next. lucifer has placed a great lethargy and a great complacency into this world so that you refuse to see that your lives are so short. It does not matter what people think of you in this world. It only matters in the next world which is Heaven.
Can you not see that you live such short lives? Yet, you are embarrassed to admit to yourselves and others that I may exist.
Can you not see that this is one of the lies of lucifer? he makes you think that all will laugh at you and turn away. But, I tell you, many will respect you for fighting back against this life. Do not be afraid to admit your belief in Me, children, for, when you admit your belief then you become stronger and this world will have no hold on you. The scales will drop from your eyes and you will see the Truth. I Love you.
Tuesday 13 March 2012
I Love you, My children, I Love you. Stop and think what you are doing: when you reject Me, you reject Life Eternal. See the truth of your lives; your lives are but dust and onto dust they shall return but your spirit, your soul, will go on for all eternity. This is the most important part of you, My children, it is your true self that was created by the Father in Heaven, that, which free will was breathed into. The outer self, the human body and its desires, is what you must die to for it only seeks the ways of the world.
Come, now, children, and see the Truth: your labours upon this earth are but a preparation for your eternal lives. They are where you make the choice whether you want to be in My Kingdom or not. The choice is yours, children. Prove to Me by the way that you live your lives that you want to be a part of My Kingdom for I will force no one to enter the Kingdom of Our Father.
Come, My beloved children, turn away from the evil ways of this world.
Come follow Me in the Way of Truth, the Way of Love, the Way of True Life, the Way of Forgiveness.
This is My Path, the Path that leads to the Kingdom of Eternal Life.
I Love you, My beloved children, I Love you. Come, follow Me, your God. I Love you.
Wednesday 14 March 2012
Come now and see the Way of Truth: reject the ways of this world and come, follow Me for I am Meek and Humble of Heart and I expect My followers to be likewise.
I am a God of Forgiveness, a God of Love and a God of Truth and I expect My followers to do as I have done.
Come, walk in My Footsteps and show this world that I am Alive in you, My children. Reject the ways of self, reject the ways of this world and come follow Me for I have much Work to do and so few who are willing to help Me.
I Love you, My children, I Love you and I am calling out to you in these Words to come follow Me in truth. Throw off the ways of this world, die to self and New Life shall be born in you. I Love you.
Wednesday 14 March 2012
Reject the ways of self: turn away from sin and you shall know Truth, you shall know True Life in Me. I have not forgotten you, My little ones, I have not rejected you. It is you who have turned your backs on Me and can no longer see the Way of Truth. You can no longer see the Path for, as I have told you, dirty water and clean water cannot flow from the same pipe but this you try to do. You try to live in this world and you also try to live the Ways of My World. As I have told you, you will either love the one and hate the other for, you cannot have two Masters. This is why so many of you try to change My Scripture into ways that will suit your selfish lifestyle.
Open your eyes and see the Truth: reject self and you shall know true freedom in Me. I Love you, My beloved children, I Love you and I am calling out to you in these Words to see the Truth. Do not allow yourselves to be blinded any longer. Come, follow Me.
Monday 19 March 2012
Come, My beloved children, and look at these Words that I give to you.
See them as your lifeblood,
see them as your God calling to you,
see them as a personal Message.
Yes, My child, I speak to you as you read these Words.
I speak to your heart and I am calling you into My Army.
I am calling you to open your heart so that I may enter My Temple and We, together, shall become One. Then, you may ask anything in My Name and it will be given to the Glory of Our Father in Heaven.
Come, My beloved child, take on these Words, live them and walk forward into this world spreading My Love. I Love you, My child, I Love you. I, your Jesus, await your response to My calls. I Love you.
Tuesday 20 March 2012
Come, My little children, follow Me, walk with Me on this Path of Truth. Allow Me to guide you, allow Me to show you the True Path. Trust and have faith in Me, your God, and We, together, shall bring the Light of My Truth back into this world.
I Love you, My children, and I stretch out My Hand in these Words and I ask you to follow Me. The time is short now and there are so few who are willing to help in this Work. I am calling out to you this day to come, follow Me and be My Hands, My Feet and My Lips. Guide My little ones back to the safety of My Fold.
I Love you, My children, I Love you. Take on these Words of Truth and be the servant of Love. I Love you.
Come now, My beloved children, and listen to Me.
Listen to My calls, hear My Words echo in your hearts.
Hear My Lovesong for you, My child, as you read these Words.
I am calling out to you,
I am your God, I am the One who Loves you.
Believe in Me, believe in My Love for you, My beloved child, and enter this Heart of Love that Loves you.
I have given My All so that you can have Eternal Life, do not reject it.
Do not listen to the lies of this world.
Come follow Me.
See My Love for you; look upon My Cross and see what I have given for you.
Meditate upon My Love for you, My child, and you shall understand. I Love you.
Come to Me, My beloved, and seek rest within My Heart. Come, rest from the toil of this world. I Love you, My child, I Love you and I ask you to follow Me in truth. Do not just pay Me lip service but, let Me feel and see your love coming from your heart. If any man loves Me then he will do My Will, he will live My Commandments and My Father and I will dwell within him. Then, you may ask anything in My Name and it will be given for, all that you ask will be to the Glory of Our Father.
Come, now, children, and take on these Words. Do not wait any longer for time is shortening very rapidly and you have not realised it. Look at how the days and the weeks fly by, time has been shortened for, if it was not so, no one would survive the onslaught of lucifer’s temptations.
I Love you, My beloved children, and I ask that you come, follow Me. Walk with Me; be My child; be My Joy; be My Love to this world. I Love you.

180 movie
Recently I watched a video on youtube called “180 movie.” ( This is actually a Pro-Life video where the narrator compares abortion to the Holocaust in a way that challenges young people to actually think about what they are saying and thinking.
One of the sayings of Adolf Hitler quoted in this video really stood out to me. “He alone who owns the youth gains the future.” (Adolf Hitler) And another quote from the same person states, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it.”
Targeted the youth
Most of us are familiar with what Hitler did and was responsible for and most of us know about his propaganda and brainwashing of the youth. We know how successful he was politically in achieving his desires.
Hitler targeted the youth because when you win the youth over, you have won the nation and the future.
Danger to the youth
Hitler is long dead but the danger to the youth in every generation is very much alive. Think of our youth today. Think of the institutionalized heresy, the lies they are brainwashed with from a very early age in their schools, the media, television and even in many churches and perhaps the worst offender, the internet. For one small example, not only are children at a young age taught about sex but they are taught about homosexual sex, as though it is perfectly right and normal! We are teaching them how to get to hell, not how to die to themselves, die to sin and love Jesus.
John Paul II
On Wednesday 13 April 2005, Jesus said to us, “…Your Holy Father set you an example with the young. Build Houses for them so that they may not lose the Truth in this dark world…”
John Paul II is renowned worldwide for his love of the youth. He, too, knew that they were the future.
The Pope’s Connection to Young People
“Even as a young parish priest, the future Pope devoted much of his time and energy to young people - playing soccer, teaching religion and leading philosophical discussions. Even on July 4, 1958, the day he was named a bishop, Karol Wojtyla was on a canoeing holiday with students.
All throughout his papacy, John Paul II continued to reach out to young people. By establishing World Youth Day and personally participating in it, the Pope witnessed to the affection and care he had for young people.”
Loved the youth
John Paul II loved the youth and desired greatly to teach them about Jesus but he did not ram religion down their throats or make Jesus out to be a dull God who did not want anyone to have fun. Throughout his priesthood, he brought the youth out on exciting ‘adventures’ and he taught them about Christ that way, in a way that appeals to young people. He is indeed a great example to us on how to bring Jesus to the young.
The youth are precious
The youth are precious and Jesus wants them looked after. He wanted this new House in Bellmullet because as He Himself said, the Church has neglected the youth. If we do not pass on the Truth of Jesus to the youth then it is lost.
New House
This new House inspires excitement and anticipation of what Jesus is going to do for the young people He calls there. As He says, “...Many pray to Me for their young: In this House, I answer many prayers...” Wednesday 7 December 2011 Please do not forget to pray continually for the work that is going on there presently to get it in order, also for the servants who will be going there to do the work and for all those who will be going there to learn and teach the water sports, as well as the young people who will come here and hopefully be touched by Jesus and His Love.
Thank you
Thank you all so much for all the help you have given to this project, spiritually and financially. We ask Jesus to Bless you all and we are forever grateful to you.
Some quotes to the youth from John Paul II
October 22, 1978, Inauguration Ceremonies, A special greeting to youth: “You are the future of the world, you are the hope of the Church, you are my hope.”
August 12, 1993, World Youth Day in Denver, Colorado:
“Young people of America and of the world, listen to what Christ the Redeemer is saying to you! ‘To all who received Him, who believed in His Name, He gave Power to become children of God.’ The World Youth Day challenges you to be fully conscious of who you are as Gods dearly beloved sons and daughters.”
August 14, 1991, World Youth Day in Czestochowa, Poland:
“...I pray that young people from East and West will walk together along the path of freedom, working to overcome all conflicts between races and peoples, so as to build a world of authentic brotherhood and carry the liberating message of the Gospel everywhere.”
1984, Mass of the Holy Year of Redemption, Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican:
“In a very real sense, the twenty-first century...belongs to you. I ask you, therefore, to think carefully about the choices in life which you have to make.

The new House
Three weeks before the date of the signing for the new House for the young people, ‘John Paul the Second Youth House,’ the Patricks asked Jesus for help.
Jesus gave a Message:
“...My children, I Love you. I give you My Heart. I call to you, My little ones, to help Me at this time. I call you to help Me. Time moves on like a soldier, ever marching. Time moves and soon, you will see My Words come to fruition. I call you to help in this time before they make abortion legal in your country (Ireland). I wish to save My little ones: I wish to give them My Words so that they will know Me. They run around this world thinking that I do not exist.
Changes are afoot that will throw them further into confusion; further away from Me. Help Me...”
Sunday 12 February 2012 The appeal
At that stage and with only three weeks to go €144,513 was still needed to complete the purchase. The appeal Message was sent out to all the people on our mailing list and, incredibly, three days before the signing date, the money was in! This was another miracle of Jesus, especially in the present economic climate.
Jesus now had His House
Many, many friends of the House on the mailing list not only sent donations but wrote beautiful letters of encouragement to the Patricks and said they were praying for this as our young people needed help.
We asked our solicitor in Ballina that if the money could be transferred to his holding account would the owners agree to a signing and completion two days early. Thanks to Jesus, this did happen and two of the trustees with the Patricks drove to Ballina to sign and obtain the keys. Jesus now had His House for the young people.
To invite Jesus in
Previous arrangements were made to transport what would be needed to set up a Prayer Room, bedrooms and a kitchen so that we could stay in the House while setting it up. Many of the servants had donated items for these rooms as their contribution. The work was really exciting, especially when we gathered in the new Prayer Room, after the preparation work, to invite Jesus in to His new House. It was beautiful to spend time in the Prayer Room with Jesus. Jesus has told us through the Patricks that He places His Presence spiritually in each House of Prayer.
The scenery around the House is beautiful, especially the large lake directly in front. Patrick told us it is a perfect shallow lake for anyone learning kite-surfing. The area is lovely for walks or cycling and the nearby beach provides another location to walk and view the islands. Here, also, one can avail of sea fishing for free.
Wooden floors
The House itself is a large four bedroom bungalow with a Prayer Room, kitchen, living room and utility room. All the rooms are a good size. Jesus has asked for wooden floors to be put down and Patrick is working on this. Jesus said: “...The wood of My creation should be what your feet rest upon...” (Sunday 22 October 1995) when the Sacred Heart House first opened and this applies to all the other Houses of Prayer. Also, a solid fuel stove is being installed to replace an open fire. This will also provide central heating as well as the oil boiler.
A God of Love
Patrick is also renewing some kitchen units where a water leak has caused damage to the existing ones. All this, with some dada rail and redecorating will hopefully transform the inside to what Jesus is inspiring for His House through the Patricks.
Through the giving and generosity of so many benefactors, we pray that Jesus’ Plans for John Paul House will be fulfilled and many young people may know Jesus as a God of Love.

In October 2011, the Patricks were feeling an overwhelming urgency to get the things Jesus wanted done. Many times Jesus’ Dreams and Plans to Save His children seems to outweigh what we think we are capable of financially and physically. We asked for prayers.
On Wednesday 7 December 2011, Jesus told the Patricks in a Message about His Plans for His young people:
“...My young people know Me little; they have been neglected by My Church, they have been left to run wild. I intend to show them, through this House, that I am Alive and that I Love them. Many pray to Me for their young: In this House, I answer many prayers. I ask of your help in this.
This House will be where My young shall know My Love...”
And so, the appeal for help was sent out to you in the Newsletter and your prayers and financial help enabled Jesus to get this House. Thank You, Jesus!!
As you can see, it is located in front of a lake and not far from the beach, ideal for both kayaking, kite surfing and all types of water sports.
The first room to be established was the Prayer Room, where Jesus has asked the young people to say a few simple prayers before their activities:
“...I ask that a few, simple prayers be said with them before and after their activities there. I ask too, that a small room be laid aside as a place of prayer and communication with Me. Organise these activities in a spirit of prayer and do not neglect it for I wish My young to know Me as a God of Love...” Wednesday 7 December 2011
We have started preparing the House for the young people. We are putting down wooden floors and installing a stove. Please keep this project in your prayers. Obviously these things all cost money and so we continue to ask for your support both spiritually and financially. And please, God, soon we will be taking groups of young people on water sports from this House and Jesus’ Dream to Love His young people and show them He is truly Alive will be fulfilled.

We have started preparing the House for the young people. We are putting down wooden floors and installing a stove. Please keep this project in your prayers. Obviously these things all cost money and so we continue to ask for your support both spiritually and financially. And please, God, soon we will be taking groups of young people on water sports from this House and Jesus’ Dream to Love His young people and show them He is truly Alive will be fulfilled.

I began to doubt
I work in the office of the House of Prayer and deal with the majority of the mail coming in. When Jesus asked for another House to be procured in Belmullet and when I saw how much it was costing, I must confess that I began to doubt that it would be secured. I let a lot of worldly issues enter my thoughts as I contemplated these days of economic strife and the fact that the people on the Newsletter mail list had already, over the years, helped so much with the procuring of other Houses.
With Jesus
These were obviously all my human doubts and I was forgetting that with Jesus anything is possible. It seemed as if my doubts were founded when donations were very slow to begin and the amount needed seemed a long distance away! Then when the final appeal went out, as the completion date was approaching, I was once again made to realise that Jesus was very much in charge.
Jesus’ Plan for the Youth
All the donations which came in the last few weeks, be they large or small, all came with very encouraging letters of support for Jesus’ Plan for the Youth. I was once again humbled and touched by people’s generosity and love for Jesus. I never cease to be amazed at the faith and trust everyone has in Jesus and His Plans.
The exact amount
In the last week before completion, we were short of the amount needed to secure the House. Just when we were again beginning to despair a little, Jesus simply brought forward a donation which brought us to the exact amount that was needed!

My trust is enforced
I personally cannot thank you all enough for your continuing generosity and your prayers. Your openness to Jesus and what He is asking for is unfailing and serves to strengthen us all here at the House of Prayer. Each time that Jesus procures a House of Prayer, I must say that my trust is enforced and I pray that we can all maintain our trust and faith in Jesus and His Plan for each and every one of us. Again, a huge thank you to all of you who responded to this latest appeal with heartfelt prayer and financial help.

Daring fun on the waves
All this beautiful sunny weather we have in Ireland recently got us chatting and reminiscing on the wonderful opportunities the two Patricks and the staff at the Sacred Heart House of Prayer afforded us, as we sought to introduce our children and our school pupils to some novel pastimes and some daring fun on the waves.
His water sports!
We were invited as friends of the House of Prayer, in Cookstown - and as a family and later on as a school party - by Jesus, to come and taste the wonders of His water sports! These were held at the time on Lough Neagh. It was a bright Saturday morning and the sun was shining and Patrick had told us that the Lough was nice and calm.
Saint Michael
We all got togged out in wetsuits - for the first time in our lives - tied up our life jackets and said our prayer to Saint Michael, the Archangel, to watch and guide us while we were out on the waters. It is a beautiful tradition to ask our Guardian Angels to stay by our sides and protect us and the boys and girls at the Lough and our facilitators, never forget how important this is!
A good laugh
Patrick and his sons, Michael and Chris and his daughter Hannah all agreed to show us the ropes and give us a taster of what it was like to be towed along in the water behind a speedboat. We were only novices of course and had to be broken in gently. The younger children in our family sat on the jet ski along with Patrick and watched Chris as he pulled the slightly older ones on a banana boat around the lake. They fell off several times and had a good laugh.
Screaming and laughing
The older ones agreed to sit into a little threesome ring and take the whacking of the waves on the behind! I’d say it was almost as bad as any caning we ever got as children but they really enjoyed the experience and spent the whole time screaming and laughing to each other as teenagers do! They actually enjoyed being couped (thrown) out and climbing back on again and, because they were wearing wetsuits, never felt any cold from the still chilly May waters of Lough Neagh.
A whaling time
The adults were invited to go on another contraption that pulled you around as you lay down and held onto the ropes with your hands. Some of us accepted the invitation for the heck of it – and what a treat we had in store! Chris, who was at the wheel and the throttle, gradually built the speed up, depending on the age of the participants and so the oldest were sure of a whaling time. We managed to hold on for a good while but eventually had to let go as we went around corners in the water at thirty to forty mile an hour! The arms couldn’t take it any longer - I was told later on that we weren’t supposed to keep holding on while being pulled underwater and no one else anywhere in sight.
The faint-hearted and the fearless
The school trip we took out on the Lough was even more challenging. We had a group of about fifty, including adults and pupils. They were from two new Irish-medium Secondary schools in Cookstown and Buncrana that had established a ‘jumelage.’ Even the logistics of togging everyone out in the proper gear with wet suits and life jackets to suit all shapes and sizes is mind-boggling but Patrick, Tom and the lads managed to get everyone set up and raring to go. The excitement among the pupils, all aged from eleven to fifteen, was electric! They couldn’t wait and indeed they weren’t disappointed! There was something for everyone - boys and girls alike, the faint-hearted and the fearless - water skis, wakeboards, donuts, banana boats, canoes, towable ski-tubes and much more.
The craic was so good
The team looking after us were very careful and caring but still managed to push everyone to their own limit, with lots of thrills and excitement! After all and sundry had been well and truly baptised in the waters of Lough Neagh, it was difficult to get them out of it again – they all wanted to stay on and swim, the craic was so good. When they finally did get dressed again a feed of hot soup and sandwiches or chicken and chips awaited them! The youths were overwhelmed at the service provided by Jesus and the two Patricks and they forged friendships and created memories they’re never likely to forget.
Strong enough faith
Now that the new John Paul the Second Youth House in Mayo is almost up and ready to go, everyone is really dying to go bouncing on the water again and maybe too, with practice, we’ll develop a strong enough faith to allow us to walk the waters as Saint Peter did! Go raibh maith agat, a Íosa. Tá grá againn Duit! (“Thank You, Jesus. We love you.” In Irish)

Cross Lake
The new House in Belmullet is to be a House for Jesus’ young people and to be a place where John Paul II’s water sports will be based.
The new House is right on the edge of Cross Lake, just outside Belmullet on the west coast of Ireland.
Cross Lake is about half a mile wide and one mile long and for the most part about two and a half feet deep with a sandy bottom. It is also open to the wind from almost every direction and all these factors make it perfect for learning to kite surf – no human could have chosen a better location for this activity!
Everything around this House and its location is perfect for all the types of activities Jesus has asked for. About a mile north and a mile south from the House are big wave beaches which can be good for learning normal surfing or sea kayaking. On top of all this, Jesus inspired Patrick that fishing was to be part of the activities for the youth. We could not really see how this could happen at the Resurrection Retreat House as fishing is strictly ‘policed’ in the Moy river that runs through Ballina. For example, you have to pay for a licence and a permit to fish and each individual has to pay. There is also the problem of the amount of fish you are allowed to catch even when you do pay. It just didn’t seem feasible to have different groups of young people having the option of fishing if they wanted to.
Sea fishing
This seemed to be an unexpected block on the John Paul II activities until, shortly before the House in Belmullet was signed for, it was discovered that not only is sea fishing from a beach for sport free but that the Belmullet coastal area was one of the best places in Ireland for this type of fishing! We can take as many young people fishing as we like and it doesn’t cost us a penny. But the real bonus is the fish come very close to the shore here so you don’t need to be an expert to catch something! That suits me great and I am sure it will suit an awful lot of the young too!!
Jesus just created this place
All these things combine to make Jesus’ new House and the surrounding area the best place to do all these activities that Jesus has asked for His young people. You would almost think that Jesus just created this place for this purpose!
Prayer Room
Along with these exciting sports, the House, like all Houses of Prayer, has a peaceful Prayer Room where anyone can spend some quiet time with Jesus. Jesus has inspired that we begin our activities with a prayer and end with a prayer, thereby gently introducing the young people to Him and subtly letting them know that it is Jesus who has provided all of this for them because He Loves them.
Because Jesus has inspired people to donate everything for this House and the activities, we thank Him for all He has given for the project, from the fish hooks to the House, so that His young people may find Him in the excitement of the sports and in the beauty of His creation all around. Thank You, Jesus!

Taken from ‘Rise, let us be on our way’ by John Paul II Attention to students
I want to dedicate a special part of these reflections to children and young people. Aside from my meetings with them during parish visitations, I always devoted great attention to students, particularly university students, because the city of Kraków is traditionally a lively centre of academic study. There were many opportunities for us to meet: from lectures and debates to days of recollection and retreats. Of course, I also kept in close contact with the priests who were assigned to pastoral ministry in this area.
Remedy the situation
As the communists suppressed all Catholic youth associations, a way had to be found to remedy the situation. The servant of God, Father Franciszek Blachnicki, came upon the scene and initiated the so-called Oasis Movement. I became closely involved with this movement and tried to support it in every way possible. I defended it before the communist authorities, I supported it financially and, obviously, I took part in its activities. During the summer vacation I would often visit the so-called oases, which were camps organised for the young people belonging to the movement. I would preach to them, speak with them, climb mountains with them and sing with them around the fire. I frequently celebrated Mass for them in the open air. This all added up to a really intensive pastoral program.

I should follow
During my pilgrimage to Kraków in 2002, the young people of the Oasis Movement sang this song:
Lord, You have come to the seashore,
Neither searching for the rich nor the wise,Desiring only that I should follow.
O Lord, with Your Eyes set upon me,
Gently smiling, You have spoken my name,
All I longed for I have found by the water,
At Your side, I will seek other shores.
A fruit
I told them that this oasis song led me, in a way, from my homeland to Rome. Its profound meaning was a support to me when I had to respond to the decision reached by the conclave. And, throughout my pontificate, I have never forgotten the message of this song. What is more, I am constantly reminded of it not only in Poland but in other countries of the world. Whenever I hear it, I remember those meetings I had with young people. I greatly value this wonderful experience. I brought it with me to Rome. Here too, I looked for ways to put it to good use, taking as many opportunities as I could to meet young people. In a sense, the World Youth Days could be seen as a fruit of that experience...
Not be underestimated
I have always been convinced that, without prayer, we can never succeed in bringing children up well. As a bishop, I encouraged families and parish communities to develop in young children a desire to encounter God in private prayer. In this spirit I recently wrote: “To pray the rosary for children and, even more, with children,... is a spiritual aid which should not be underestimated."
Losing their way
The pastoral care of children must obviously be continued as they enter adolescence. Frequent Confession and spiritual direction help young people to discern their vocation in life and protect them from losing their way as they enter adulthood.

A Walk with Jesus to Calvary Tuesday 11 March 2008
My children, I Love you. And, I say it again and again; I say it forever. In a little while I will feel the sadness of My Passion again. Journey with Me through Holy Week and be My company, My friends. Take each step as I take Mine; stay with Me for soon, it will be difficult to do even this.
Try to feel the stones as they pierce My Feet on the Way of Sorrow; help Me when I fall, feel the whiplashes on My Back as the dust and the flies irritate them mercilessly. Come with Me, children, I invite you to love Me in this Via Dolorosa.1 I ask for friends for My friends to wait with Me in the Garden, to walk with Me, to feel My Passion, My Love for all men. Will you come?
1 ‘The Way of Sorrow.’
Tuesday 18 March 2008
Are you with Me, My children, My friends? Are you walking with Me? The Way is long and hard; walk in My Footsteps, all will be well. Deepen yourself into Me, find Me in the suffering that you see in Me. Deepen yourself into Me, find the Pain within Me for it is your pain. Forget the world and the unimportant things of the world that you have surrounded yourself with; gaze only at Me.
Do you see My trail of Blood as it drips from Me? It is your blood that I have shed within Me for you; live with Me, die with Me. Let go of self and you will find Me. Love Me deeply, love Me with a real love; let Me be first in you and you will see.
Wednesday 19 March 2008
Are you walking with Me, children? Have you begun to find the depth that is between you and I?
Walk, children, walk though it may be difficult for you. Find snatched moments to close your eyes and think of Me on this Journey amid the turmoil of the world. Think My Thoughts, live My Life, be Me as you go about your business; see the lack of love in the world. See the lack as a potential that you could fill with Love, with Grace.
Soon My Passion begins; soon the Pain begins, soon the denial, soon the betrayal, soon the great Loneliness; are you still walking with Me? Are you keeping company with Me?
Holy Thursday 20 March 2008
My children, this Way is harder for you when you do not make the effort to die to the self that constantly rebels against it. Your greatest fight along this Way is the temptation to give in. Effort and Love, My Love, should be your companions as you walk into the Night of Anguish with Me. Stay with Me as I take you through it. Stay with Me, snatching little moments to be with Me. Yes, close your eyes and walk with Me in your heart. Think of Me, even in the midst of the chaos that this world brings. Step forward in this walk with Me with confidence, knowing, that I am holding your hand. Walk, children, walk upright, not denying or betraying Me with self. Be open to Me.
Good Friday 21 March 2008
Now, My children, this walk of faith becomes real. Self must go in order for you to understand My Love for you. Self cannot see My Love; that is why it must die. It must be put to death for you to experience My Love.
See the crowds as you walk along with Me: jeering, the kill rising up in them, wanting Blood, My Blood. Look around you: are you among them, jeering Me as I walk for the Truth of My Words, My Promises? Do you feel, in this snatched moment, that you read these Words, that I am TRUTH itself and that I penetrate you with My Love?
Come with Me, onward. The flies eat My Flesh, the heat of the day burns Me and I Thirst for you to see this that I am doing with all the Love that I have for you. Look into My Eyes; see the Blood on My Face; the Tears in My Eyes which burn Me as they fall; see what I do. Look at Me with a mind that is open to walking this Way for all of your life. Tell Me that it IS for all of your life and not just to please Me because you see Me in Pain.
Watch as they hammer the nails into My Hands and Feet; watch as they hoist Me high; hear Me as they mock Me, hear My silence foretelling Perfect Forgiveness; hear My last Cry. See Me as I look at you; see Me without self and you will see Me as I really am. My Heart waits for you.

A great friend
As I sat down to read the December 2011 Newsletter, I was very touched as I read how Jesus is calling His children to become His little Army of Love - souls who were willing to bring His Love into this world. I began to think of a great friend who, to me, was one of that little Army.
Aglow with the Light of Jesus
My thoughts brought me back to my childhood and to my days at school and to the first time I met my friend, her name was Sister Mary Martin. She was a teaching Sister in the Convent of Mercy which I attended. I can still remember so clearly that day she first came into my classroom. I was only six years old, over fifty years ago. What I will never forget is I could not take my eyes off her, her face was like looking at the face of Jesus or Mary, she was so beautiful and she radiated Gods Love in her smile. I could say she was aglow with the Light of Jesus!
She taught us
She never left the convent to go on any heroic journey but, always, the Love of Jesus flowed from her, she reached out to every child with the same love, never making a difference as to what kind of family we came from. She was always gentle, humble, kind and always there to comfort us when things went wrong.
She taught us how to make Christmas cribs out of a shoe box and make the little figures for the crib, sticking cut out pictures from old Christmas Cards and putting them on cardboard to make them stand up; how to make beautiful Easter Cards, always painting the cross and letting us write a little prayer inside, telling us all the stories about Jesus and Mary.
Jesus had a Plan
Over the years I had occasions to visit her, sometimes with my problems, sometimes just to say hello. I always came away feeling the better after having that little chat with her. I used to talk to her about the House of Prayer and bring her the Messages and she loved to receive them.
I remember on one occasion being very upset when some of my friends were trying to put me off going to the House of Prayer and once again I went to see her. She told me that Jesus had a Plan for each one of us and that He was taking me on a Journey and my path may not be the same as my friends’ and that I should never follow people because they might not guide us to where Jesus wants us to go. She told me to go to Adoration and spend time with Jesus in silence and let Him guide me, to listen in my heart. This I did and after a while I knew clearly what He was asking of me.
She gave up her life
When I became committed to the Way of the Sacred Heart, I continued to visit Sister Martin.
Now, as I reflect on when she joined the convent all those years ago, a beautiful young girl, I think she was seventeen at the time, she gave up her life in the world and entered the Sisters of Mercy. In those days the nuns rarely left the walls of the convent, spending their days in a life of austerity and prayer and, on some occasions, visiting families or the sick of our parish.
Pope John Paul
I recall how she told me of how she was trying to live her vows she had taken and how the many changes in the convent life had saddened her very much. Over the years she could see it change from being a spiritual community to a worldly way of life and how the worldly ways were being brought in so many different ways.
She spoke with great pride of never removing her veil or habit, she quoted the words of Pope John Paul when he asked all the religious orders not to remove Jesus from the streets by removing their habits. She was so proud to wear the uniform of the army she joined all those years ago.
Welcome them with a smile
Over the years, many parishioners would visit her for advice and prayers and, even through all her suffering of illness, she would welcome them with a smile never making anyone aware of how ill she really was.
Sister Mary Martin died this year and, sadly, in a few months the convent is closing and the few nuns are moving into a house. I thank God she was taken home to Heaven before this happened.
His Light into the world
All she wanted to do was to keep the Light of faith alive and keep Jesus’ Light burning in the convent so that He could use her to help others. Her funeral was a modest, simple one, a reflection of her life. She brought the Love of Jesus to all she met, I continue to pray and ask her to intercede for me now as my only desire is to walk this Path and be part of Jesus’ Little Army of Souls, His Army of Love, to bring His Love, His Light into the world.
God, my all
This was one of her favourite prayers:
My God, I am Yours for time and eternity.
Lord, I am Yours forever.
It is You who must Teach me to trust in Your providence.
Loving Lord, you are a God of Love and Tenderness.
I place all my trust in You
And I ask You, grant me acceptance of Your Will.
Loving Lord, take from my heart all painful anxiety,
Let nothing sadden me but sin
And then let my delight be hoping to see Your Face, God, my all.

Little Army of Souls Prayer
Jesus, All-Powerful God,
I give You my life.
I pour it into Your Hands
As a libation of love.
Help me, by the merits
Of Your Most Sacred Heart,
To love, to give, to sacrifice, to penetrate
Your Pain
With my little love.
Give me the Graces needed
To love You and to follow You
In Truth, in Love, in Obedience
And to offer to You
So that Your Graces can flow into
The hearts of many.
May my heart and soul
Mirror your Abundant Heart.
I love You.
Most Powerful Jesus,
Help me to avoid all occasions of sin
For Your Greater Glory.
I ask nothing but Your Glory.
Jesus gave this prayer for His Little Army of Souls on Tuesday 21 December 2004

Way of the Sacred Heart
I have been in the Way of the Sacred Heart around six years now and, I must admit that this has been my first brush with the concept of “dying to self,” even though this is fundamental to Catholic teaching and always has been.
Taking up my cross on a daily basis
I am hardly the only Catholic ever to have initially failed to grasp the meaning of Jesus’ exhortation to take up my cross and follow Him though, I suppose, I had a partial grasp of it and took it to speak of having to take certain difficult life choices at times in order to better conform to Gods wishes. I didn’t really get the bit about taking up my cross on a daily basis.
“Me - time”. Even once I had undertaken, not without some doubts and misgivings, to commit myself to the Way of the Sacred Heart, I didn’t really understand entirely what was required. I wanted to incorporate the various aspects of my commitment, the various prayers and prayer meetings and fasts, the times of working for Jesus, into the framework of my existing life, rather than to have them take over from my life. This was my initial difficulty with it all, how could I really manage to fit it all in and work around it, without being unbearably compromised? Just for example, it seemed a terrible imposition to have to say the morning and evening prayers of the Divine Office every day, even though they are quite short. Indispensable “me-time” was decidedly under threat.
Angry with Jesus
Once my understanding moved on a little from this and I realised that Jesus just meant to carry on pressing for more and more of my giving and always more than I had to that point given, I started perhaps naturally, particularly as an independent sort of person, to feel rather rebellious. My reaction was, ‘ok so this is what He wants but why on earth would I want to do that? What’s in it for me?’ At times I would even feel quite angry with Jesus, especially when I found I had to change personal plans at the last minute for Him.
Some way out
At this point I was in a situation I didn’t essentially want to be in but couldn’t readily see a way out of. I knew I didn’t want to be a Judas and I believed in the Messages and the need for the Way of the Sacred Heart in the world but wasn’t there some way out, some way of getting accidentally run over by a truck perhaps?
Actually, to tell you the truth, I wished I had previously known about the problem of abortion, which I certainly hadn’t, before I joined, so that I could have “done my bit” for Jesus by doggedly (in my imagination) fighting against this evil so that I could remain in the world, probably knock back a few beers with some atheist Pro-Lifers here and there. I was constantly rewriting the script but the waking reality was starkly different.
My feet in both camps
I suppose I had thought I could have my feet in both camps, to get the spiritual uplifts of attending Mass and saying prayers and trying to overcome my worst sins but, at the same time, enjoy some of the good things of life that I still had time for. But no, now I was told the thing was to be in the world while not being of it.
The mountain of self
I believed absolutely, unshakeably, in Jesus and even in His Messages of Love but I knew I wasn’t about to move any mountains. I now see the first mountain we have to go about trying to move is the mountain of self.
All things are possible with God
Now, a few years on, I am at a more comfortable stage. To borrow Jesus’ Words in the Messages, I agree with dying to self. How, you might wonder, did this happen? What happened to the cornered rat who was whingeing so much such a short while ago? Well all things are possible with God, I suppose.
Trading a life
I’m not even sure I can fully explain it myself. It’s not as if I never express any degree of “two-mindedness,” or experience the rebellion of self rising within but over time my understanding has increased, while the chains that always tied me to the world have been weakened, even in some cases dissolved. I am more reconciled, relatively content even, with the prospect of trading a life, my life, for Life itself, for Jesus. I am willing, though it is not always a cake walk, that I should grow less so that Jesus can increase within.
The more these chains weaken, the less one has to struggle against them. My physical desires have grown less, my spiritual desires have increased. It is a matter of steadily being stripped of one’s garments, that is one’s habits, attitudes and attachments. Just as it was for Jesus at the time of the Crucifixion this is a painful and not always welcome process. But once the tearing off process is over in any particular respect there is room for new growth and the difficulty of self overcoming is forgotten. It boils down to a matter of belief because this is just what Jesus asks for both in the Messages and the Gospels; so the more we believe in His Words, rather than just interpreting the meaning away, as so many have done down the years, then the more we will do them.
It is all finally about happiness
There are times, I admit, when I regret opportunities I did not grasp while living my worldly life. Well into middle age now, at this stage I would be trying to make good some of these mistakes, trying to fill myself more with satisfying experiences and new friendships so that I could feel more enriched. Then I remember that in order to be filled spiritually I need to be emptied for ‘happy are the poor in spirit.’ Indeed it is all finally about happiness, however much it at first seemed to me the opposite. So regrets are a backward step, just a part of the baggage I need to off-load.
Self does not see past self
I can understand now the blindness of the world. It is the blindness of self. Self does not see past self. It does not see that in order to save our lives we need to lose them. What can be died to, what can fall away, was never really alive in the first place, just an old skin. I am my soul, that is who I really am. My soul loves Jesus, gets its life and being from Jesus, loves Jesus, wants to serve Jesus. My soul knows it is the real me but do I? The rest is stuff I just picked up from people who had picked it up from other people, never enquiring, wasn’t there some sighted person around to lead them all the way they ought to be going?

The federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decided against a group of PepsiCo shareholders in their efforts to stop the company from contracting with a firm that uses cells from aborted babies in producing artificial flavour enhancers.
Disgust and opposition
As reported last year in The New American, the shareholders had filed a resolution with the SEC after Pepsi ignored tens of thousands of concerned Pro-Life individuals who had expressed their disgust and opposition to its contracting with Senomyx, a biotech company that tests its food additive products using a process that includes foetal cells from aborted babies.
“Ordinary business operations”
In a decision delivered by letter February 28, the SEC said that Pepsi’s research and development agreement with Senomyx, which includes the use of aborted foetal remains in flavor enhancement research, falls under “ordinary business operations” for the soft drink company. According to, the SEC decision came in response to a thirty six page document submitted by Pepsi through its attorneys in January 2012. “In that filing, PepsiCo pleaded with the SEC to reject the shareholders’ resolution filed in October 2011 that the company ‘adopt a corporate policy that recognizes human rights and employs ethical standards which do not involve using the remains of aborted human beings in both private and collaborative research and development agreements,’” reported the Pro-Life news site.
Stockholder oversight
PepsiCo lead attorney George A. Schieren had argued that the shareholder resolution should be disregarded because it “deals with matters related to the company’s ordinary business operations.” He added that “certain tasks are so fundamental to run a company on a day-to-day basis that they could not be subject to stockholder oversight.”
A far cry
Debi Vinnedge of Children of God for Life, which had originally exposed the relationship between Pepsi and Senomyx, said that she was “appalled by the apathy and insensitivity” of PepsiCo and the Obama administration’s SEC. “We’re not talking about what kind of pencils PepsiCo wants to use,” she said in a statement. “We are talking about exploiting the remains of an aborted child for profit. Using human embryonic kidney to produce flavour enhancers for their beverages is a far cry from routine operations!”
World-wide boycott!
In its request to the SEC, PepsiCo argued that the shareholder resolution “probed too deeply into matters of a complex nature upon which shareholders cannot make an informed judgment.” Responded an outraged Vinnedge: “In other words, PepsiCo thinks its stockholders are too stupid to understand what they are doing with the remains of aborted children.” She added that “they are about to find out just how smart the public really is when they turn up the heat on the world-wide boycott!”
Pepsi Next
Vinnedge noted that Pepsi’s next product roll-out, scheduled for introduction in the next few weeks, will be Pepsi Next, which the company claims will have half the sugar and calories of regular Pepsi but all the flavour. As reported by The New American last November, in an e-mail that brushed aside concerns about cells from aborted babies being used to enhance its products, “Pepsi pointed instead to the tradeoff, noting that the research would help the company create ‘lower-calorie, great-tasting beverages for consumers.’” Wondered Vinnedge: “So is Pepsi Next the new Senomyx-PepsiCo creation?”
Senomyx explains
On its website Senomyx explains that its flavour research programs “focus on the discovery and development of savoury, sweet and salt flavour ingredients that are intended to allow for the reduction of MSG, sugar and salt in food and beverage products. Using isolated human taste receptors, we created proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems that provide a biochemical or electronic readout when a flavour ingredient interacts with the receptor.”
Human embryonic
But Vinnedge said that what the company doesn’t say is that it is using “human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce those receptors.” She emphasized that Senomyx “could easily have chosen animal, insect, or other morally obtained human cells expressing the G protein for taste receptors.”
An army of Pro-Life
PepsiCo had a significant financial incentive to convince the SEC to side with it against its shareholders. Less than a year ago it inked a $30-million dollar deal with Senomyx for the research company to develop artificial high-potency sweeteners for its products. Last year Vinnedge and an army of Pro-Life individuals contacted both companies, asking them to refrain from using foetal cells in the program, pointing out the existence of non-objectionable, fully viable alternatives.
Highest ethical methods
While Senomyx ignored the letter completely, Vinnedge recalled, Pepsi officials replied with a generic e-mail from “Pepsi Consumer Relations,” insisting that the company was “committed to using only the highest ethical methods in all aspects of our research.” The e-mail added that the issue was “something we take very seriously and we hold ourselves and all of our research partners to the same high standards as the world’s leading research centres.”
Gold standard
Regarding its relationship with Senomyx and the use of foetal cells in flavour research, the Pepsi e-mail explained that the company utilizes “techniques that have been the gold standard for several decades by top universities, hospitals, U.S. government agencies, food and beverage companies and essentially every pharmaceutical and biotech company in the world.”
That “gold standard” relies on the results of abortion, Vinnedge said, noting the irony of PepsiCo’s own Code of Conduct, which includes the boast that the company deals “with customers, suppliers, the public and our competitors in an ethical and appropriate manner.” Noted Vinnedge: “There is nothing ethical or appropriate in the way they are exploiting the remains of an innocent aborted child.”
In related news, Rebecca Taylor of the National Catholic Register reported that in Oklahoma, State Senator Ralph Shortey introduced a bill that would ban any product meant for human consumption that either contains tissue from aborted babies, or which in its research or development included the use of cells from aborted babies.
Predictably, Shortey’s effort to protect the unborn made him the object of ridicule among the national media and pro-abortion forces. Taylor noted that “when Shortey suggested that his bill was not simply about aborted foetuses in the food supply but about companies using cells and tissues from aborted human beings to test or develop various chemicals, drugs or therapies, one angry commenter on the Huffington Post retorted, ‘What companies? Name them. If you can’t, then this is the rantings of a paranoid delusional.’”
A stem-cell line
Taylor, a clinical laboratory specialist in molecular biology who writes about bioethics on her blog, took the challenge on behalf of Shortey, noting, as just one example, Neuralstem, “a Maryland company, which, according to a Bloomberg press release, has a stem-cell line that came from ‘foetal tissue donated by a woman who underwent an elective abortion at eight weeks.’” Taylor recalled that in 2010 “Neuralstem announced that it injected these stem cells from an aborted fetus directly into the spinal cord of a man with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which is better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.”
Taylor added that recently Neuralstem announced the discovery of a new drug that shows promise for the treatment of depression. In developing the potential drug, the company “tested several compounds using its stem-cell line to see which chemical showed promise in increasing the size of the hippocampus, a part of the brain that is shrunken in those who suffer from depression.” While Neuralstem did not say if the stem-cell line it used came from an aborted baby, Taylor noted that “in academic publications listed on its website, the stem cells are described as ‘foetal.’”
A half dozen companies
Neuralstem is not the only company using such cells. Taylor’s research actually came up with a list of a half dozen companies, including Senomyx, that use cells and tissues from aborted babies in their products and research.
A culture of death
Taylor reflected that without the “loud and continuous pressure” from individuals around the world who value and respect life, “the use of aborted foetal tissue to bring products to market will not only continue, it will expand. We live in a culture of death — a reality that means we truly do need labels that warn consumers: ‘This product was made possible by the killing of innocent human life.’”

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Saint Patrick’s Day Saturday 17 March 2012
The Day of Prayer began at 12 noon and throughout the prayer times we reflected on the life of this great Saint of our own land.
We listened to some extracts from the Confessions of Saint Patrick and, of course, raised our voices to that wonderful hymn in his honour, ‘Hail Glorious Saint Patrick.’
In the evening we gathered to recite the Rosary around the fire which was lit to commemorate the fire he lit on the Hill of Slane. It was a lovely way to end a lovely day and we continue to invoke his help on our Journey of dying to self and giving our lives to the service of God.
Saint Patrick, pray for us!
Feast of Saint Joseph Monday 19 March 2012
This was a quiet, spiritual and uplifting Day of Prayer. When I think of Saint Joseph, I think of him being quiet and yet so spiritual.
The role that he took on of being foster father to our Lord Jesus Christ, was such an important responsibility, and yet, to me, he was a quiet, humble man.
In one of the talks given, a servant spoke of Saint Joseph and how daunting his role must have been for him and yet he fulfilled what God was asking of him.
In 1870, Saint Joseph was proclaimed Protector of the Universal Church by Pope Pius IX.
Another servant shared his affinity for Saint Joseph and how he endeavours to model his life on his. He shared how he invokes the Saint’s help in his own personal life as a father, husband and worker.
Thank You, Jesus, for this lovely Day of Prayer.
Events to Come
(All Days of Prayer begin at 12pm unless otherwise stated)
Easter Retreat
from Thursday 5 April to Sunday 8 April 2012
beginning at 10pm on Thursday with a vigil from 10pm - 2am.
Divine Mercy Sunday Sunday 15 April 2012
Prayers begin at 3pm
Life in the Spirit Seminars commence at the 8.30pm Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting on Wednesday 2 May 2012 and will continue for seven weeks. The Baptism will take place on Pentecost Sunday Day of Prayer on 27 May 2012 which begins at 3pm
The House will be closed on Sunday 13 May 2012
True Ascension Day of the Lord Thursday 17 May 2012
First Friday Vigils
from 10pm - 2am
Friday 4 May 2012 and Friday 1 June 2012

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Equality, yes as long as you are not a Christian
How it is supposed to be
In this time of equality for all, we are lucky to be able to live freely within a democratic society in the western world!! This is how it is supposed to be, however it is one of the biggest lies in today’s modern world. In fact, it has become a time for equality for all unless you are a Christian or possibly from another faith that believes in the One True God and His Laws.
Soon, a court will decide
Do you remember these Words that Jesus spoke on Friday 2 July 2004?
“...Soon, a court will decide how and when you will worship Me; soon you will be laughed at and tortured because you follow Me. In fact they will take you to court for loving Me. A judge will preside and decide what prayers will be said in My Churches and My priests will have to follow these rules...”
‘Equality’ legislation
Since the previous labour government brought in the Equality legislation, there have been thirty three cases which have put Christians at conflict with employers or the law. This ‘Equality’ legislation has set the right of certain groups against each other i.e. Christians against homosexuals. In these cases, the rights of homosexuals have taken precedence over the rights of Christians. Where Christians have lost their jobs or have been fined or imprisoned for standing up for their beliefs - cases include B&B owners, professional counsellors, foster parents and street preachers to name but a few.
Trying to catch her out
One professional Counsellor, Leslie Pilkington, had been approached for help in dealing with same sex attractions that the man said he didn’t want. He turned out to be a gay activist who was trying to catch her out. After his report was published in the Independent, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy found her guilty of professional misconduct and ordered her to undergo re-training and “professional development.” These are to be completed in six to twelve months, or her membership will be revoked and she will be “struck off.”
Obliged to refuse
A document released by the UK Council for Psychotherapy, Ethical Principles and Code of Professional Conduct, says that even when a client specifically asks for help to eliminate homosexual tendencies, psychotherapists are obliged to refuse.
The guidelines say that even in a case of a father with a family, who loves and wants to stay with his wife and children and wants to be rid of same-sex feelings, the counsellor is obliged to refuse to “pathologise” them and instead must “affirm” him in being a homosexual. In other words, those who genuinely want help cannot get it from the professionals.
No protected right
More recently, the UK coalition government have openly opposed the freedom of Christians to express their beliefs in public. Christians now have no protected right to wear a Cross or Crucifix at work and employers may fire employees who refuse to remove their crosses. Two women, Nadia Ewelda and Shirley Chaplain, have taken their case to the European Court of Human Rights.
Other news which came to light recently were councils banning prayers at their meetings and people stopped from offering to pray for healing for people on the streets.
Free contraception
In America, President Obama has brought in a healthcare scheme which includes employers having to provide free contraception, sterilisation and abortion or abortifacient drugs to their employees, regardless of their faith or belief. So, in other words, any Catholic institutions or agencies or other denominations against this are obliged by law to provide this service. Any organisation who does not comply will be fined one hundred dollars per day.
Redefining marriage
The UK Government are now starting consultations about how to go about redefining marriage. The important thing in these consultations are that they are not talking about if but how to go about it. Where is the democracy in that?
What does Jesus say in Scripture about marriage?:
4 Who answering, said to them: Have ye not read, that He who made man from the beginning, Made them male and female? And He said:
5 For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and they two shall be in one flesh. Matthew 19:4-5
Thrown into prison
If marriage is redefined, this will allow same sex couples to be married. This will cause many problems including the fact that, if a clergy member stays within the Law of God and refuses to conduct a ceremony for a same sex couple, they could be thrown into prison!
Sign a petition
I was pleased to see recently that the Catholic Church has begun to openly stand up for the Truth and defend Marriage. A letter from Archbishop Vincent Nicholls and Archbishop Peter Smith was to be read out at all Masses last Sunday. And the congregation was encouraged to sign a petition to stop the Government taking this action. Not all parishes were as enthusiastic as others in this. One priest in a parish in Devon was filmed by a gay activist as he introduced the letter, unfortunately the priest became distracted and did not read the letter out. If you haven’t already signed the petition please do so at on the Coalition for Marriage website. Over two hundred and forty thousand people have signed it so far.
Death threats
There are many people opposing the Government’s plans on this. One female Liberal Democrat MP said this is a step too far and has resigned from membership of the party. Another MP, David Burrows, has received hate mail and death threats because of his stance on marriage but he says if the redefinition of marriage goes ahead it will take away our freedom of speech. One man tried to get his colleagues at work to sign the petition and what happened? He was suspended from his job!
The times of persecution
This piece of Scripture comes to mind:
7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them. And power was given him over every tribe and people and tongue, and nation. Revelations 13:7
So, as you can see, we are living in the times of persecution that Jesus spoke of and we can see by the signs of our times it can’t be too long before Jesus returns! But, as He said:
9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall put you to death: and you shall be hated by all nations for My name’s sake.
10 And then shall many be scandalized: and shall betray one another: and shall hate one another.
11 And many false prophets shall rise and shall seduce many.
12 And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold.
13 But he that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved. Matthew 24:9-13

The Holy Scriptures
2 Corinthians 12:1-10
1 If I must glory (it is not expedient indeed) but I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord.
Paul begins here straight away to give the Glory to Jesus.
2 I know a man in Christ above fourteen years ago (whether in the body, I know not, or out of the body, I know not; God knoweth), such a one caught up to the third heaven.
3 And I know such a man (whether in the body, or out of the body, I know not: God knoweth):
4 That he was caught up into paradise, and heard secret words, which it is not granted to man to utter.
In this Scripture, Paul lays bare the weakness of the human being and the Power of Heaven. These precious words are like an introduction to what Paul is trying to bring across to our weak human minds.
5 For such an one I will glory but for myself I will glory nothing but in my infirmities.
Paul’s gift of being humble come across very strong, he does not want praise, he wants to give praise only to Jesus.
6 For though I should have a mind to glory, I shall not be foolish for I will say the truth. But I forbear, lest any man should think of me above that which he seeth in me, or any thing he heareth from me.
So much dying to self Paul must have experienced through all the trials and persecutions he had that only through self dying could Paul express these words.
7 And lest the greatness of the revelations should exalt me, there was given me a sting of my flesh, an angel of satan, to buffet me.
Paul obviously had something in his life that kept reminding him who he was and that Jesus was the One to give all honour and Glory to, something that kept him grounded in his faith.
8 For which thing thrice I besought the Lord, that it might depart from me.
Paul tells us he asked Jesus to be clear of whatever this was in his life. This reminds me of Jesus Himself in the Garden of Gethsemane.
9 And he said to me: My grace is sufficient for thee; for power is made perfect in infirmity. Gladly therefore will I glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may dwell in me.
10 For which cause I please myself in my infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ. For when I am weak, then am I powerful.

Jesus assures Paul that he has been given the Grace to withstand this sting in his flesh (Paul’s words) and so, assured by Jesus that this is good for him, Paul has no problem, he realises that his weakness and infirmities are indeed his strengths so that Jesus may work through him.

Not real
Television, movies, music, internet and magazines has a profound influence on young people and the world around them. While the media offers children many opportunities to learn, unfortunately, it portrays lives that are not real. They always show skinny men and women who are beautiful, making exceptional good looks seem real, normal and attainable and gives the impression that, in order to be happy, we have to look good, be thin and successful.
“…My lambs, I come to call you away from the things of evil that are in this world. You cannot see them for the evil one has blinded you…” Thursday 1 December 1994
Sex is everywhere
Our young people are growing up in a Godless society where everything is accepted except for God. I strongly believe that the media is so much to blame for this. It used to be that you wouldn’t have seen anything sexual on TV until after 9pm, now sex is everywhere. It sells everything from shampoo, face cream, cars etc. I even saw an ad for condoms!
“...lucifer and his henchmen control the greatest majority of all that happens upon this earth. he begins to act openly, advertising sin to all upon the evil box, that you call television. It is a false prophet, children, it prophesies to you every day and you believe its lies…” Tuesday 22 October 2002
Influence of media
The influence of media can cause teenagers to diet and exercise, to get down to a ‘fashionable shape’ with serious consequences (anorexia, bulimia) and, in some cases, children as early as seven or eight have been effected.
“…Do not be caught in his web of deceit, his campaign of lies; he is the father of lies. Come, all you children of Mine; place your heads on My Breast and I will give you Comfort and Rest…” Sunday 28 November 1993
So much pressure
Sex is so open to our young people in today’s society: TV commercials, soaps advertising homosexuality, sex before Marriage and abortion. The young are taught now that all these things are accepted. When I was young it was drummed into me that all these things were wrong and you certainly would not have seen anything like what you see now on television. Things have dramatically changed from I was at school and that was only fifteen years ago. There’s so much pressure on teenagers now to have the best of the best material goods such as ipods, mobile phones and expensive clothing.
“…Material things will rot and decay, the spiritual lives on for ever. This is the treasure that you desire. Walk forward in My Light and see the Truth of My Ways…” Monday 16 September 2002
Teen suicide
The pressures of the world can cause teens to drink and take drugs to escape from the emotions or to feel more confident, especially if they are insecure about how they look and act. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for fifteen to twenty four year olds, according to the centre for disease control prevention (CDC) after accidents and homicide! It also stated that at least twenty five attempts are made for every completed teen suicide!
“…Do not fear to come to Me. Do not fear to walk in My Ways. What this world offers you is darkness, it does not offer Truth. It is full of empty promises…” Monday 16 September 2002
A very scary world
It’s a very scary world our kids are growing up in, there is pressure everywhere they turn. I would not like to be a teenager growing up in today’s society. I strongly believe that the young people will not be judged on these things because it’s all they have been taught from a very early age. It will be us, that know, who will be judged for not trying to do something about it.
“…My people, My people, I call you in these Words. I call you into the Good News that gives hope. Live in My Ways of Love for many of My children live in their brokenness and there is no one to show them the error of their ways…” Tuesday 6 September 1994

Slavorum apostoli (continued)
29. “Into thy hands I commend my spirit”: we salute the eleventh centenary of Saint Methodius’ death with the very words which as his Life in Old Slavonic recounts he uttered before he died, when he was about to join his fathers in faith, hope and charity: the Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles, Doctors and Martyrs. By the testimony of his words and life, sustained by the charism of the Spirit, he gave an example of a vocation fruitful not only for the century in which he lived but also for the centuries which followed, and in a special way for our own times. His blessed “passing” in the spring of the year 885 after the Incarnation of Christ (and according to the Byzantine calculation of time, in the year 6393 since the creation of the world took place at a time when disquieting clouds were gathering above Constantinople and hostile tensions were increasingly threatening the peace and life of the nations, and even threatening the sacred bonds of Christian brotherhood and communion linking the Churches of the East and West.
In his Cathedral, filled with the faithful of different races, the disciples of Saint Methodius paid solemn homage to their dead pastor for the message of salvation, peace and reconciliation which he had brought and to which he had devoted his life: “They celebrated a sacred office in Latin, Greek and Slavonic”, adoring God and venerating the first Archbishop of the Church which he established among the Slavs, to whom he and his brother had proclaimed the Gospel in their own language. This Church grew even stronger when through the explicit consent of the Pope it received a native hierarchy, rooted in the apostolic succession and remaining in unity of faith and love both with the Church of Rome and with that of Constantinople, from which the Slav mission had begun.
Now that eleven centuries have passed since his death, I desire to be present at least spiritually in Velehrad, where-it seems-Providence enabled Methodius to end his apostolic life:
-I desire also to pause in the Basilica of Saint Clement in Rome, in the place where Saint Cyril was buried;
-and at the Tombs of both these Brothers, the Apostles of the Slavs, I desire to recommend to the Most Blessed Trinity their spiritual heritage with a special prayer.
30. “Into your hands I commend...”.
O great God, One in Trinity, I entrust to you the heritage of faith of the Slav nations; preserve and bless this work of yours!
Remember, O Almighty Father, the moment when, in accordance with your will, the “fullness of time” arrived for these peoples and nations, and the holy Missionaries from Salonika faithfully fulfilled the command that your Son Jesus Christ had entrusted to his Apostles; following in their footsteps and in those of their successors, they brought into the lands inhabited by the Slavs the light of the Gospel, the Good News of salvation and, in their presence, bore testimony
-that you are the Creator of man, that you are our Father and that in you we are all brethren;
-that through the Son, your eternal Word, you have given existence to all things, and have called human beings to share in your life without end;
-that you have so loved the world as to grant it the gift of your only begotten Son, who for us men and for our salvation, came down from heaven and by the power of the Holy Spirit became incarnate in the womb of the Virgin Mary and was made man;
-and that finally you have sent the Spirit of power and consolation so that every human being, redeemed by Christ, may in him receive the dignity of a child and become a co-heir of the unfailing promises which you have made to humanity!
Your plan of creation, O Father, culminating in the Redemption, touches the living man and embraces his entire life and the history of all peoples.
Grant, O Father, what the whole Church today implores from you and grant also that the people and the nations which, thanks to the apostolic mission of the holy Brothers from Salonika, have known and accepted you, the true God, and through Baptism have entered into the holy community of your children, may still continue, without hindrance, to accept with enthusiasm and trust this evangelical programme and continue to realize all their human possibilities on the foundation of their teachings!
-May they follow, in conformity with their own conscience, the voice of your call along the paths shown to them for the first time eleven centuries ago!
-May their membership of the Kingdom of your Son never be considered by anyone to be contrary to the good of their earthly homeland!
-May they render to you due praise in private and in public life!
-May they live in truth, charity, justice and in the enjoyment of the messianic peace which enfolds human hearts, communities, the earth and the entire universe!
-Aware of their dignity as human beings and children of God, may they have the strength to overcome all hatred and to conquer evil with good!
But also grant to the whole of Europe, O Most Holy Trinity, that through the intercession of the two holy Brothers it may feel ever more strongly the need for religious and Christian unity and for a brotherly communion of all its peoples, so that when incomprehension and mutual distrust have been overcome and when ideological conflicts have been conquered in the common awareness of the truth, it may be for the whole world an example of just and peaceful coexistence in mutual respect and inviolate liberty.
31. To you, therefore, God the Father Almighty, God the Son who have redeemed the world, God the Spirit who are the sustainer and teacher of all holiness, I desire to entrust the whole Church of yesterday, today and tomorrow, the Church both in Europe and throughout the earth. Into your hands I commit this singular wealth, made up of so many different gifts, ancient and new, placed in the common treasury by so many different sons and daughters.
The whole Church thanks you, who called the Slav nations into the communion of the faith, for this heritage and for the contribution made by them to the universal patrimony. The Pope of Slav origin in a special way thanks you for this. May this contribution never cease to enrich the Church, the Continent of Europe and the whole world! May it never fail in Europe and in the world of today! May it never fade from the memories of our contemporaries! We desire to accept in its entirety everything original and valid which the Slav nations have brought and continue to bring to the spiritual patrimony of the Church and of humanity. The whole Church, aware of this common treasure, professes her spiritual solidarity with them and reaffirms her own responsibility towards the Gospel, for the work of salvation which she is called upon to accomplish also today in the whole world, unto the ends of the earth. It is essential to go back to the past in order to understand, in the light of the past, the present reality and in order to discern tomorrow. For the mission of the Church is always oriented and directed with unfailing hope towards the future.
Continued next month

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