Europe - a cesspool of evil

Working on these last few Newsletters about what is happening in Europe and the world has definitely opened my eyes.  I am much more aware of what is going on in the world, how times spoken of in the Bible are upon us.  Many similarities in Revelation can be compared to events of today.
We have included in this month's Newsletter many symbols that the EU is using.  Things like the image of the woman on a beast.  There is a statue located outside the EU office in Brussels that has a woman sitting on a beast.  It is also on many other images throughout the world.
3 And he took me away in spirit into the desert. And I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns."  Revelation 17:3
Also, the EU headquarters building in Brussels has a striking resemblance to the Tower of Babel.
These may only be coincidences but with  the way things are going we only need to look at the signs of our times.  The emerging state of Europe is on track to becoming a "desolate land," void of all faith, void of God.
Looking at Europe we can't help but recall the many Messages Jesus has given over the years Warning us of what is to come and now its happening before our eyes.  The judges in the European Court of Human Rights, mere men who are against everything Christian and for everything opposed to God, seem to be calling the shots now, superseding the laws of each country in Europe.  It is as Jesus told us:
".She has imprisoned countries within her by trickery and soon countries that have been loyal to Me will split with Me and My Church in them will be ruled by men.  I tell her this day that only three countries within her will be made rich and one of these has been fatally wounded and lives again.  Once she was imprisoned and now she imprisons..."  Tuesday 22 October 2002
And also the Media who control all public opinion, as Jesus told us in last month's Newsletter:
"...Do not listen to the media of this world for they are liars and thieves and do not know Me.  They who are in power are full of self and greed and make their decisions in order to please the media for it is they who really control all with their lies.  It is they who stir the people with their lies and so control the outcome of all decisions.  Trust in Me and do not believe these liars...  Monday 5 April 2010
The Messages
Jesus is our hope, our only Refuge.  In these times of darkness we need to cling to Him even more tightly and trust in Him and His Words and stay with Him.
"...look only to the Truth; see My Words as they guide you through these times of darkness.  They are like little Lights to guide your every footstep.  Trust in Me...and do not allow yourselves to be taken from Me..."  Wednesday 28 April 2010


Monday 26 April 2010
Look only to the Truth, My little ones, and see Me, your God.  The times are dark now as the destruction of My Church continues from within and without.
Look, My children, as they pull it apart like an angry pack of dogs.  This has been their plan and they have placed the deceivers within My Church in order to fulfil what they have planned for many years.  Their father is pleased with what they have done and believes that he can destroy Me in his blindness.
Trust in Me, children, for soon I Come to destroy all darkness and claim what is rightfully Mine.  Come, children, and follow Me.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Wednesday 28 April 2010
Look only to the Truth, My children, for you now live in the times of the deceiver.  Many, many will fall in his web and be lost to Me for all Eternity.  This is why I ask you to look only to the Truth; see My Words as they guide you through these times of darkness.  They are like little Lights to guide your every footstep.
Trust in Me, children, trust in My Love for you and do not allow yourselves to be taken from Me.  I Love you, My little ones, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Thursday 29 April 2010
My Love is not a game and those who have blasphemed My Word will pay for what they have done.  Look, I tell you Truth, those who change My Scriptures in order to live a lie in My Name will know what they have done.  My Spirit is about to descend upon this earth and all shall be revealed and the lie of this world shall not be able to hide.
Truth, I tell you for I am the Truth and you only deceive yourselves.  I see all that you do, nothing can be hidden from Me.  You know who you are.
I tell you to repent of your evil ways and come, follow Me.
I Love you, My children, I await your response.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Thursday 29 April 2010

My Love is not a game.  It is given to you to guide you through this life and into all Eternity.  You must trust in My Love in order to be able to fight the sin of this world.  If you cannot see Me, then you will fail in this life and so will never gain Eternal Life with Me in My Father's Kingdom.
I Love you and I give you these Words in order to help you see the True Path.  This is My Love for you, children.  I will not forsake you in My Love for you.
Come, listen to My calls, hear the Words that I speak to you.  My little ones, I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Friday 30 April 2010
Love, My children, with a True Love and do not allow yourselves to be taken in by this world.  I am your God and I Save.
Love one another with a True Love: My Love.
Trust in Me, My children, for I Come soon to free you from the chains of evil that hold this world in bondage now.
I Love you, My people, and I call you to stand up for Me in this world of darkness.  Trust in Me, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Friday 7 May 2010
Look for Love, My little ones, and do not be afraid to show it to those that you meet.
Look for love in the dark places of this world and give them the gift of your love, which is My Love in you, and, then, you will surely find love.
Trust in Me, children, and do not be afraid.
Remember, I am with you partaking in your every footstep. 
Trust, children, trust in Me and you will see great changes for My Love will begin to Light up the dark places of this world.  I Love you, My children, trust in Me, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Wednesday 12 May 2010
Trust in Me, your God, children, and turn away from the sin of this world for, all is about to change and man will become confused by the happenings of this world.  Man will not be able to explain away the marvels of his God for I am the Creator and I am the One that understands all things.
I am the One who will bring this world to its knees so that man will finally see the error of his ways.  Look to Me, your God, and see what I say.  Trust in Me, My children, trust.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Tuesday 25 May 2010
Look at the Truth, My children.  See what I say to you.  Look at the Truth of the times that you now live in.
Look at what is happening; see how they take Me away from you, they no longer teach the Truth, they only see themselves and think of money.  They are the deceivers, those who have been sent to destroy My Church.  They are infiltrators that do not have any desire to know Me.
Stay away from their teaching for they are lies, folly, that will only lead to the fires of hell.
Look, now, before it is too late.  See their lies for they change My Scriptures in order to deceive you and take you away from Me.  I Love you, My little ones, and I ask that you look and see the Truth for yourselves of what I speak.  Look now, before it is too late.
I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Tuesday 25 May 2010
Look at Me, see Me in all that you meet.  Do not be afraid to let this world see My Love.  Soon, I will strengthen you for your journey.
Come, My people, rise up and become My Army, show this world that Love is not dead but still lives in you.  Love My people no matter what they have done, do not be judges but, rather, be My Hands, My Feet and My Lips and We, together, will change this world back into the place of Peace and Love that I created it to be.
I Love you, My children, I ask that you trust in Me and, by your trust, We will be able to fight the unlove in the hearts of men.
Come, believe My Words and all will come to pass as I have said.  I Love you, My little ones, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.


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Events Celebrated
Feast of Saint Patrick Wednesday 17 March 2010
We celebrated the Feast of Saint Patrick commencing with the 12 o'clock Prayers.  The Message given by Saint Patrick was read and during the 3 o'clock prayers we meditated on the 'Confessions of Saint Patrick.'  Later in the evening we lit a symbolic fire at the back of Saint John of the Cross building. 

Feast of Saint Joseph Friday 19 March 2010
The Day began with the 12 o'clock Community Prayers.  We looked at Saint Joseph's life in 'Song of the Carpenter.' 
The Day ended with the 6pm Community Prayers.

International Day of Prayer and Fasting Against Abortion
Feast of the Annunciation Thursday 25 March 2010

The vigil began with the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, offering all our prayers, words, deeds and actions of the Day to Mary, Patron of the Aborted.
Many servants came throughout the night to keep company with Jesus as abortion is the greatest Pain which Jesus Suffers.

Walk Against Abortion Saturday 27 March 2010

Every year, on the nearest Saturday to the Feast of the Annunciation, we have a Walk Against Abortion.  It is a silent walk around our local town. 
A small group of people gathered at the House of Prayer around 2.45pm to say a prayer before the walk began.  We walked silently around the streets carrying posters and banners displaying images of aborted babies.  It is amazing how much our silence attracts people as it is not the norm in a protest march.  Saint Paul in Scripture said to preach the Gospel and use words if necessary.  This is what we did in our silent march, we preached the Gospel without using words.

Easter Retreat Holy Thursday 1 April 2010
Holy Thursday began the Retreat with a vigil.  The Passion was read and an atmosphere of silence prevailed while we reflected on Jesus' Agony.
After midnight we stripped the altar leaving a large Crucifix at the front for us to venerate.

Good Friday 2 April 2010
Good Friday continued with silent reflection and during the 12 o'clock Community Prayers we said the Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart which Jesus has asked to be said on Good Friday and the First Fridays.
At 1.30pm a group of us joined the Way of the Cross walk around the town stopping at different places to pray and afterwards we went to the church for the reading of the Passion and Veneration of the Cross.

Holy Saturday 3 April 2010
Holy Saturday began with the Stations of the Cross as given by Jesus, followed by Community Prayer and a talk reminding us that Jesus Suffered and Died for us so that we could have Life Eternal with Him.  Silent and Community Prayer continued throughout the Day.

Easter Sunday 4 April 2010
The altar was restored with an altar cloth and candles and the Prayer Room was dressed with flowers as we celebrated the Risen Lord.  We sang hymns during the Community Prayers.  Jesus said in the Message of 19 April 1992, ".feel the Power of My Resurrection within your hearts.  If I live in your heart, then you will feel the joy of My Love."  During the prayer times we did the Baptism of the Unborn.

Divine Mercy Sunday 11 April 2010
The prayers began at 2.45 with Veneration of the Divine Mercy Image and conclusion of the novena.
A servant gave a talk on how, at Confessions, Jesus runs to greet us.  He talked of His Love and Mercy and read an extract about unforgiveness from 'Song of the Carpenter.'

Events to Come

Life in the Spirit Seminars
Our annual Life in the Spirit Seminars continue each Wednesday evening at our 8:30pm Prayer Meeting.

Dates for your diary:
. Feast of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Thursday 10 June 2010
. Sacred Heart Weekend Retreat, Friday 11 June to Sunday 13 June 2010 (includes Feast of the Sacred Heart and Feast of the Immaculate Heart)
. Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, Tuesday 29 June 2010
. Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Friday 16 July 2010
. Feast of King of Love, Sunday 18 July 2010

First Friday Vigils:
. Friday 2 July 2010.
. Friday 6 August 2010.


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Religious Freedom
Two new bills
Jesus said in a Message on 11 August 2003:
"Every day there are new laws being created and your freedom is being taken away. Governments are listening to the lies of lucifer. Soon, My children, you shall not be able to move or speak without breaking a law of lucifer. Then you shall be his playthings."
We can see this coming to pass this year in two new bills which they have tried to push through Parliament.
The children, schools and families bill (CSF) aims to make sex and relationships education (SRE) compulsory for five to sixteen year olds. Of course you may think 'my child goes to a Catholic or faith school, they will be ok' but unfortunately this is not the case.

Ed Balls, the schools' secretary, has said that faith schools must give a balanced view on abortion, they must give both sides of the argument and explain how to access abortion.  Additionally they must also be taught where to get contraception and how to use it. Also, what about all the children in non-faith schools who practice other faiths or none? It seems to me that the government is promoting paedophilia and encouraging sexual behaviour at an early age!
The list of stake holders involved in the guidance on SRE are: The teenage pregnancy independent advisory group and members of the pro-abortion lobby which include Family Planning Association, Marie Stopes International, Education for Choice and Brook Advisory Service!

Highest teenage pregnancy
The Department of Health's strategy on smoking succeeded in reducing smoking. This was because the government recognised it has to reduce the availability of cigarettes, reduce advertising and ban smoking in public places to help people not to smoke. By comparison, the government increases the provision of contraceptives and abortion services to young people and therefore Britain is notorious for having one of the highest teenage pregnancy and abortion rates in Europe!

Role will be reduced
Andrea Williams, Director of Christian Concern For Our Nation (CCFON), said about the CSF Bill:
Pupils in England will have to "learn the nature of civil partnership and the importance of strong and stable relationships" instead of learning about the central importance of marriage. Principles are established by the Bill that will tie the hands of religious schools and force them to cover topics such as access to abortion and homosexuality, even though they will be allowed some freedom as to the way in which the topics are taught. Instead of Governors setting the content of the curriculum, it will be outlined by the Minister for Education and his advisers. The role of governing bodies will be reduced to determining the school's approach to the subjects covered in SRE in consultation with parents. Schools will be required to "promote equality" (that is, to promote the ideas that homosexual practice is equal to heterosexual practice). They will also be required to expose children to a range of viewpoints on sex and relationships in addition to the one that their ethos supports.

Undermines parents' rights

Parents who educate their children at home will be subjected to a new licensing system that will allow the State to monitor what children are taught and that will be enforced with the threat of fines. This undermines parents' rights to have their children educated in accordance with their "religious and philosophical convictions." It also turns on its head the principle that parents are responsible for the education of their children-not the State.

Civil Partnerships
On 2 March 2010, the House of Lords voted to change the law on civil partnerships, allowing them to be performed in Churches and/or with religious language.
This change will undermine marriage and ultimately remove religious freedom.  The vote was forced through in very unusual circumstances.
The amendment, which was introduced by Lord Alli, an openly homosexual peer, and backed by a number of liberal Bishops, effectively removes one of the final distinctions between Marriage and civil partnerships - introduced just five years ago as being purely secular in nature.
The amendment was voted through at 11pm, by ninety five votes to twenty one - an extraordinarily low number for such an important matter - and was hailed as a breakthrough by homosexual activists.

Brought to court
However, Ben Summerskill, Head of Stonewall, a Gay rights activist group, recently said: "Right now, faiths shouldn't be forced to hold civil partnerships, although in ten or twenty years, that may change."
A law that allows civil partnerships in churches could mean that priests who object to holding them can be brought to court and persecuted for their beliefs and keeping Gods Law.
Oppress us Christians
"In 2006, Lord Alli introduced amendments to the Equality Bill 2005/6 at the very last moment, which led to the creation of the Sexual Orientation Regulations 2007. These highly controversial regulations were passed through on a take it or leave it basis, with no debate at all in the House of Commons and amongst other things have led to the closing of Catholic adoption agencies." (CCFON).
There are many other laws passed and still more to come that will continue to oppress us Christians and get rid of our religious freedom.
Jesus said on 8 April 2001:
"Do not allow yourself to be swayed by anything that goes against what I have told you. These days that you live in are difficult for you but, I tell you, go through them well for what is to come will be more difficult for you."
We need to stay close to Jesus and follow His Teachings even if the world is against us. If we know and live in the Truth we may not be free in this world but we will gain Eternal Life in Heaven. As Jesus said, it is better if you lose your life in this world as you will gain it in the next.
We cannot relax
Since I wrote this article I have found out that through prayer and people standing up against the CSF bill, it has failed to be passed in Parliament, thank God! However, we cannot relax, we have to keep our eyes and ears open so we can fight against the next anti-Christian law they will try to bring in.


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Statue Worship or History Remembered?

The following article on Statue Worship...was submitted to me from a really great friend of ours and staunch defender and evangelizer of her Catholic faith and upbringing.  She supports the Mother of Love House of Prayer in almost daily prayer visits and pays a monthly utility bill to help keep the Words and works flowing from the 'Heart of Jesus'...
Statue Worship or History Remembered
People say I worship statues because of the many I have.  I answer them; "Do you have pictures of family hanging on your walls or do you have paintings of flowers or landscapes? 
Do you worship them?" 
I tell them my statues and pictures are of my Heavenly Family.  They are there to remind me of the Goodness, Greatness and Mercy of God so that I may thank Him for all that He has done for me.  When I see Jesus on the Cross, I see the great Love He has for me, that He - God - would willingly Suffer such horrible Pain and Die such a horrible Death, just so that I could enter into Heaven one day.  The Cross reminds me that there is nothing that I can do on my own to merit Heaven and I cannot thank God enough for His Kindness to me by His Mercy that He has freely chosen to give me.  To refuse His Mercy would be like slapping Him in the Face or spitting on Him or nailing Him to the Cross again, which He would gladly endure all over again if it meant that finally I would humble myself and accept the Mercy He Died to give me.
Gods Mercy
The pictures and the statues of His Mother do the same for me.  They remind me of Gods Mercy in that He gave His Mother to be my Mother when at the Cross He told Saint John, who represents all mankind, "Behold your Mother;" and to His Mother "Behold Your son."  From Her example, I learn humility by being still and hearing Gods Voice, doing His Will by saying "yes" to Him, even if I don't understand how or why or what He is asking of me; like Mary when God spoke His desire through His Angel that He desired Mary to be His Mother.  Mary's example, Her "Yes" to God is shown to us again when at the wedding feast She said, "Do whatever He tells you."
More light shines
The statues and pictures of the Saints remind me that even though they were great sinners, once they humbled themselves and listened to the Voice of God offering them His Mercy, they were enabled to endure many hardships, struggles and persecutions in order to be a light that shines in the darkness for others to find the path to God for them.  God is Light, in Him there is no darkness.  When a candle is lit from the flame of another, it does not reduce the light of the first, but rather more light shines because there are now two burning, giving light.
Joy could be found
History remembered through the light of the Saints has brought me to a deeper understanding of the Love of God.  The Saints were not kept free from pain and struggles in their lives but through their pain and struggles, when offered to God for the salvation of souls, joy could be found.  Statue worship or history remembered?  I say HIS-STORY remembered.


Vision in Prayer
Wednesday 7 December 2005
Explanation given on Tuesday 17 January 2006
In Soledad House of Prayer, I went to prayer around four o'clock.
I saw the upper part of a church building.  It was a Gothic type church.  (I understand that this church represented the Church as a whole.)
I could see the niches in the walls for statues, there were no statues present.  (The statues not being present represented the good things that have been taken away from the Church.  These are the True Teachings of Jesus.  The emptiness of the niches were what was left when the Teachings were removed: emptiness.) 
I could also see the gargoyles and faces of this type of church.   (Gargoyles were put on these type of churches to ward off evil, these represented the evil that had taken over the True Church and the new age thinking that had entered the Church.)  It was daylight. 
Cross of Jesus
This seemed to disappear and in front of me I saw, in semi-darkness, a huge beam.   (I understand that the semi-
darkness was the state that the Church is in.  It had changed from daylight to semi-darkness.)
I understood that it was the Cross of Jesus.  I saw the vertical edge of the beam hit the ground and bounce as though the weight of the Cross was great.   (This was to represent the Pain we give to Jesus in the world today by rejecting His True Teachings and the weight of sin.) 
I looked up to see the crossbeam of the Cross and the Figure of my Jesus but my gaze continued up and up and up. 
Sins of the World
I did not see the crossbeam or the Figure; the Cross was huge and seemed a long way up.  I could feel its hugeness and I understood that this was the size of a Cross that Jesus would need to Die on for the sins of the world (today).
Bleeding Feet
This vision faded and I saw the Feet of Jesus on the Cross.  It was as though He was just nailed there.  I could only see His Feet.  My spirit was moved by the sight of His Bleeding Feet and I rushed forward in my spirit to kiss His Feet.  I found that I could not get near Him.  I felt upset that I could not comfort my Lord.  (I believe that this represents the new age church pushing Jesus further away from us. 
13 "But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the Kingdom of Heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in. Matthew 23:13)
Not worthy
The thought occurred to me that I was unworthy to kiss His Feet so I recited the Act of Contrition.  At this the vision faded.  This was also in semi-darkness.
Then I saw, in daylight again, that I was ascending the spiral stone steps of a church, the type that takes one to the bell tower.  The steps were not the usual thickness of about five to six inches but were only about two inches thick.  As I was looking down to climb the stairs, I saw in front of me what looked like the moss that grows on a wall.  When this type of moss is wet it turns green but when there is no moisture it looks brown and dead.  What I saw was brown and dead.  A voice that seemed to come from behind me said that this was sin.  My first thought was that it did not look too bad.  I was told that this was only a very small sin.  I thought of a white lie.
As I looked, it began to grow and multiply and liquefy and the growth was enormous.  The sight of it began to frighten me.  I heard a voice saying, "sin begets sin."  And I realised that this small, small sin was mine and I was being shown only a small part.  I was very frightened when I came out of the vision.
I feel that this vision is very important in the light of the Messages Jesus has given recently about Garabandal.
(I believe that the sin part of this vision was the Warning of Garabandal.  We will see our sins as God sees them.)


Christian preacher arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin

The following story appeared in the Telegraph Newspaper.  It highlights the case of a man arrested for saying that homosexuality is a sin.  Apparently expressing one's beliefs is not a crime but God help you if you're a Christian and you try to do so!  Sin is the ruler of satan's kingdom and so it is in the world today.  Anyone of any faith who speaks out against sin is put down quickly and severely reprimanded.  A Christian does not even have to use violence to be arrested.
A Christian street preacher was arrested and locked in a cell for telling a passer-by that homosexuality is a sin in the Eyes of God.
Dale McAlpine was charged with causing "harassment, alarm or distress" after a homosexual police community support officer (PCSO) overheard him reciting a number of "sins" referred to in the Bible, including blasphemy, drunkenness and same sex relationships.
The forty two year old Baptist, who has preached Christianity in Workington, Cumbria for years, said he did not mention homosexuality while delivering a sermon from the top of a stepladder, but admitted telling a passing shopper that he believed it went against the Word of God.
Mr McAlpine, who was taken to the police station in the back of a marked van and locked in a cell for seven hours on April 20, said the incident was among the worst experiences of his life.
"I felt deeply shocked and humiliated that I had been arrested in my own town and treated like a common criminal in front of people I know," he said.
"My freedom was taken away on the hearsay of someone who disliked what I said, and I was charged under a law that doesn't apply."
Christian campaigners have expressed alarm that the Public Order Act, introduced in 1986 to tackle violent rioters and football hooligans, is being used to curb religious free speech.
Not a crime
Sam Webster, a solicitor-advocate for the Christian Institute, which is supporting Mr McAlpine, said it is not a crime to express the belief that homosexual conduct is a sin.
"The police have a duty to maintain public order but they also have a duty to defend the lawful free speech of citizens," he said.
"Case law has ruled that the orthodox Christian belief that homosexual conduct is sinful is a belief worthy of respect in a democratic society."
Mr McAlpine was handing out leaflets explaining the Ten Commandments or offering a "ticket to heaven" with a church colleague on April 20, when a woman came up and engaged him in a debate about his faith.
During the exchange, he says he quietly listed homosexuality among a number of sins referred to in 1 Corinthians, including blasphemy, fornication, adultery and drunkenness.
After the woman walked away, she was approached by a PCSO who spoke with her briefly and then walked over to Mr McAlpine and told him a complaint had been made, and that he could be arrested for using racist or homophobic language.
It's still a sin
The street preacher said he told the PCSO: "I am not homophobic but sometimes I do say that the Bible says homosexuality is a crime against the Creator."
He claims that the PCSO then said he was homosexual and identified himself as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender liaison officer for Cumbria police. Mr McAlpine replied: "It's still a sin."
The preacher then began a twenty minute sermon, in which he says he mentioned drunkenness and adultery, but not homosexuality. Three regular uniformed police officers arrived during the address, arrested Mr McAlpine and put him in the back of a police van.
At the station, he was told to empty his pockets and his mobile telephone, belt and shoes were confiscated. Police took fingerprints, a palm print, a retina scan and a DNA swab.
He was later interviewed, charged under Sections 5 (1) and (6) of the Public Order Act and released on bail on the condition that he did not preach in public.
Mr McAlpine pleaded not guilty at a preliminary hearing on Friday at Workington magistrate's court and is now awaiting a trial date.
Arrest religious
The Public Order Act, which outlaws the unreasonable use of abusive language likely to cause distress, has been used to arrest religious people in a number of similar cases.
Harry Hammond, a pensioner, was convicted under Section 5 of the Act in 2002 for holding up a sign saying "Stop immorality. Stop Homosexuality. Stop Lesbianism. Jesus is Lord" while preaching in Bournemouth.
Stephen Green, a Christian campaigner, was arrested and charged in 2006 for handing out religious leaflets at a Gay Pride festival in Cardiff. The case against him was later dropped.
Cumbria police said last night that no one was available to comment on Mr McAlpine's case.
The charges against Mr McAlpine have since been dropped.  However, this does not take away from the fact that he was disgraced, humiliated, violated and searched, required to give DNA etc. and spent seven hours in a prison.  He was wrongfully arrested in the first place by a homosexual police officer abusing his position of power and authority. 
Remember, Jesus told us  what they would do to us: "...soon you will be laughed at and tortured because you follow Me.  In fact they will take you to court for loving Me..." Friday 2 July 2004


Soon, a court will decide
Echoed and reechoed throughout the past few Newsletters is the Message of Friday 2 July 2004:  ".Soon, a court will decide how and when you will worship Me; soon you will be laughed at and tortured because you follow Me.  In fact they will take you to court for loving Me.  A judge will preside and decide what prayers will be said in My churches and My priests will have to follow these rules.already it has begun, already the wolf is at the door."
And more and more each day I can see everything come together to fulfil this Message.
".Many things are about to happen in what is now called Europe.  The influence of the evil one in this new country is greater than you could ever know."  Friday 2 July 2004.
Europe has changed and been influenced, so, so much in recent times that it scares me!
Blatant discrimination
I first came to know Jesus in 1995.  There was a lot of excitement back then.  There were many prayer meetings in each town.  So many were finding Jesus.  Our Lady was appearing to so many: Prophets, Seers and Visionaries were springing up everywhere, as were Houses of Prayer.  There was a great interest in God and so many hungered for Him and couldn't get enough of Him.  I went to Medugorje and found so many young people all into prayer and loving Jesus and Mary, just like me. 
Now so many I was really friendly with then are not here anymore, so many have been snatched by the world. 
And, fifteen years on, slowly but surely, a dislike of Christians and religion has crept in.  It is no longer cool to be a Christian but it's cool now to be gay.  Being interested in an approachable Christian wearing a Crucifix has now been replaced with an ever so blatant discrimination.
What has happened in fifteen years to change our way of thinking? 
How come the Christian countries of Europe are no longer Christian?
Ireland, now boasting her wealth pumped in from Europe, was declared by Bertie Ahern to no longer be a Catholic country in 2005, when he refused the country a day of mourning after the death of Pope John Paul II. 
And, more recently, our religious statues are beginning to be outrageously removed from places like hospitals - once operated by the Church - for "health and safety" reasons.

Bishop saddened by HSE removal of religious statues
By Donal Hickey
Wednesday, March 10, 2010
BISHOP Bill Murphy of Kerry yesterday entered the controversy arising from the removal of statues and other religious objects from two hospitals in Killarney, describing it as a retrograde step.
The HSE decision to strip Killarney Community Hospital and Saint Columbanus Home of statues, holy pictures, Crucifixes and other Catholic symbols has provoked an angry reaction from clergy and some local councillors.
Bishop Murphy said the HSE decision had saddened him and the removal of religious objects would not benefit patients.
The patients were elderly, he pointed out, and such symbols of their faith were a source of comfort and consolation to them.
He asked if the HSE also intended banning Christmas cribs and Mass from hospitals.
The issue was first raised by Independent Killarney councillor Brendan Cronin, who described the HSE's action as a disgrace and called for all the objects to be restored.
People are outraged by the removal of a statue which stood on the front wall of Killarney Community Hospital for more than seventy years.
The HSE said the statue has been taken down for health and safety reasons, adding it intended to find a more suitable location for the statue in the hospital site to ensure it will no longer be a risk.
However, Killarney curate Fr Kevin McNamara yesterday claimed "not a crumb" from the statue had touched anyone since it was first put up in 1939.
"Anyone going in and out of the hospital last Friday, when it was being taken down, would have seen that it took a lot of hard effort to take it down because it was so secure," he said."
This story appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Northern Ireland
In Northern Ireland, up until 1982, it was a criminal offence to have a homosexual relationship.  It was through the Dudgeon v. the United Kingdom case brought to the European Court of Human Rights, in 22 October 1981, that the Court agreed with the European Commission of Human Rights that Northern Ireland's criminalization of homosexual acts between consenting adults was a violation of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights which says: "Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence. There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society .for the protection of health or morals..." Judgment was given in Dudgeon's favour on that aspect by fifteen votes to four.
As a consequence of the judgment, male homosexual sex was decriminalized in Northern Ireland in October 1982.
The European Court of Human Rights has been responsible for "modernising" Northern Ireland, just like that!  Not the Protestants, the Catholic Church, England or Ireland, but a court in Strasbourg, France!  Isn't that weird?  How did they gain such an influence as to change the laws of the majority of the Christian people of Northern Ireland?
England introduced the Sexual Offences Act in 1967 which maintained the general prohibitions on buggery and indecency between men, but provided for a limited decriminalization of homosexual acts where three conditions were fulfilled (the act had to be consensual, take place in private and involve only people that had attained the age of twenty one.)  This was the turning point for England because before this you could have been hanged for buggery.
Now the flood gates have opened to allow same sex couples to have the right to adopt in 2002, and enter into civil partnerships since 2005.  In 2007 a survey was carried out by "YouGov" which indicated ninety percent of the British public supported outlawing discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and a 2009 poll by "Populus" reported that sixty one percent supports allowing same-sex couples to marry. 
Within forty three years in England, things have turned right round so far that the act of homosexuality, considered fit for hanging right down through the centuries until 1967, is now accepted; and, nowadays, if it is in any way disagreed with, not permitted, or opposed to, in any shape or form, that is now the criminal offence!  I must make clear here that I do not agree with hanging as Jesus says, hate the sin but love the sinner.
Christianity is being eradicated
Many Christian bed-and-breakfast owners have had to close down because they morally cannot permit the sin of the act of homosexuality under their roof and cannot afford to be sued because they cannot allow it.
Chris Grayling, Shadow Home Secretary and MP for Epsom and Ewell, faced calls for his demotion after saying he believed that consciences of Christian bed-and-breakfast owners should be respected when they have to deal with homosexual couples wishing to stay at their properties.
Gary McFarland was sacked in 2008 because, as a Christian marriage counsellor, he refused to give sex advice to homosexuals. 
On the streets, Dale McAlpine, an Evangelical preacher, told others that homosexuality is a sin - he was arrested and accused of hooliganism.
And while all of this is going on, Christianity is being eradicated more and more: Shirley Chaplin, an Exeter nurse was victimised by her fellow hospital staff when she refused to remove her Crucifix.  She wasn't allowed to work on the ward wearing her Cross and was thus forced to choose between her faith and her job.
France, a once "overwhelmingly" Catholic country, famous for producing some of the greatest Saints ever known - Saint Margaret Mary and Saint Thérèse, to name but a few - have, in 2004, banned the Crucifix and other religious symbols (Law #2004-228 of March 15, 2004 concerning, as an application of the principle of the separation of church and state, the wearing of symbols or garb which show religious affiliation in public primary and secondary schools.)
This communistic opinion has spread throughout Europe.
This month, May 2010, Belgium decided to ban people from wearing veils which cover the face in public spaces sparking debate across Europe about individuals' freedom to wear religious symbols.
Socialist Spanish Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's government's "crusade against Catholicism" legalised gay marriage, brought in fast-track divorces and laws to promote gender equality....  Luis Carbonel, president of the Catholic Confederation of Students' Parents, said: "This government is attacking everything Catholic - first with gay marriage, then fast-track divorce, now [expanding legal] abortion and eliminating religious symbols in schools.  The government is making a mistake.  The Cross is not only a religious symbol, it's also a cultural one.  If we remove these symbols, we lose our character, our traditions, and, therefore, what we are."
Even Bulgaria is one of the latest members in the EU to ban religious symbols in schools.  Interestingly, twelve percent of Bulgaria's population are Muslim and have enjoyed living in harmony together with the Christian majority for centuries!  So why, all of a sudden, did they compromise their country's peace to copy the communism of the other countries of Europe?
In the Catholic country, Austria, Georg Zanger, a Vienna-based lawyer, is attempting to legally qualify the Catholic Church as a  criminal organisation.
In Amsterdam, gay activists filed complaints against their Dutch priest, on 24 February 2010, because the priest refused to give his town's openly homosexual 'carnival "prince"' Holy Communion because he wanted to avoid "sins" and "sacrilege."
The Lisbon Treaty
However, whether a European country has that socialist mindset of Christianphobia where the minority have the say over the majority or if it is conservative; because of the Lisbon Treaty, 1 December 2009, all EU law now automatically supersedes national law.  Ninety percent of new laws come direct from EU.  The Lisbon Treaty is the capstone of a whole new country.
A dictator
Which reminds me of this Message Jesus gave:
"Before, in history, there was a dictator who tried to take over it and he did much damage.  I tell you that what is happening now, in secret, is the same but under a different name; a seemingly better name but the results are the same.  A few countries will control the rest and among them will be the one who was wounded and lives again.  The other countries will destroy the faith of all if I do not put these Plans of Mine into action.  Do not listen to those who tell you that it is good for, what looks good on the outside, is not always necessarily good on the inside..."  Saturday 29 July 2006
".The one who was wounded and lives again." would that be Germany by any chance? 
Germany was split by the "allies" after World War II to limit its power.  Now, fifty five years on, by countries agreeing with the Lisbon Treaty, Germany has been given the greatest say so in the whole of Europe!!! Look at the table showing which countries have the greatest power.  Europe's control has now been taken over according to population, leaving Germany, France and the United Kingdom the top three domination.  That's what the Lisbon Treaty did.
Do you remember these Words?  ".Soon too, the emerging nation of Europe shall flex her muscles.  She has imprisoned countries within her by trickery and soon countries that have been loyal to Me will split with Me and My Church in them will be ruled by men.  I tell her this day that only three countries within her will be made rich and one of these has been fatally wounded and lives again.  Once she was imprisoned and now she imprisons.  Read these Words and recognise what has already been predicted..."  Tuesday 22 October 2002

Soviet Russia
In "," former Soviet dissident, Vladimir Bukovsky, is quoted explaining the similarity between Soviet Russia and the European Union!
".If you go through all the structures and features of this emerging European monster you will notice that it more and more resembles the Soviet Union. they are exactly the same, unaccountable to anyone, not directly elected by anyone at all. When you look into all this bizarre activity of the European Union with its eighty thousand pages of regulations it looks like Gosplan.  We used to have an organisation which was planning everything in the economy, to the last nut and bolt, five years in advance.  Exactly the same thing is happening in the EU.  When you look at the type of EU corruption, it is exactly the Soviet type of corruption, going from top to bottom rather than going from bottom to top."
Ban people
CRIN (Child's Rights Information Network) compared the European Convention on Human Rights Protocol with the European Court of Human Rights ruling in favour of banning religious symbols and clothing as they are "powerful external symbols" which can "influence" young children:
"The article 9 (2) of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) states that: Freedom to manifest one's religion or beliefs shall be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of public safety, for the protection of public order, health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.
.The European Court of Human Rights, however, has in the past been much more supportive of laws and policies that ban people from wearing religions symbols in schools, and has dismissed applications brought by Muslim students who were expelled from universities for this reason (see the Þahin v Turkey case for example, this was a 2005 European Court of Human Rights case brought against Turkey by Leyla Þahin challenging a Turkish law, which bans wearing the Islamic headscarf at universities and other educational and state institutions.  The verdict upheld the Turkish law with sixteen votes to one).
.However, in a recent case against Turkey, the Court ruled that restrictions on religious dress in public areas violated the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.  The Court found that Turkey had violated the rights of one hundred and twenty seven members of a religious group called Aczimendi tarikatÿ who had been convicted in 1997 of breaking a law against wearing religious clothing in public except for religious ceremonies."

How can this court take so much control?  No matter what the European Convention and Commissions have agreed, or even what the majority upholds in its own country, it seems that whatever judge is on in the European Court of Human Rights that day calls the shots for the whole of Europe, and then the individual countries' laws have to change accordingly!  There is something really sinister going on.  This is so very deeply worrying!

Religion has become intolerable by this new country of Europe and many laws are slowly but surely put in place to subtly stamp it out.  Everything seems set in place for its takeover, in fact, it has already taken over.

The battle between good and evil in this world is seriously outweighed!  Jesus Warned us about this persecution.  In 2006 He said,
".My Plan for Europe is beginning.  There is much evil planned for this country and I must take the parts of it that I can get through those who still believe in Me.  Those who believe must be prepared to keep the faith alive during the persecution against Me that is imminent.  Already, it has begun.  You can see this."  Saturday 29 July 2006
The European Court of Human Rights is like a dictator, superseding the Christian traditions of each country. 
Worse to come
And Jesus said there is worse to come:  "...This is how it is with those who take control.  They will take away faith in Me in a subtle way; they will render Me useless.  They will make only buying and selling useful and this with consequences.  Do you not see it happening?  Soon all countries will boast abortion laws and the evil one will have his sacrifices that he needs to fulfil his plan.  I have told you all these things in truth, I do not lie..."  Saturday 29 July 2006
Jesus has a Plan for Europe
We certainly live in dangerous times.  Greed has taken over. 
But, all is not lost, Jesus told us He was setting up more Houses to counteract the evil and keep the faith alive.  As quoted above, Jesus has a Plan for Europe.  Jesus is trying to claim the parts of Europe He can by using those who allow Him, who love Him.  Christians are being persecuted and it will get worse, to me that says we need to cut our losses in this world and follow Jesus even more by giving Him more of our time, instead of giving it to the world which is so against Him.  Others will follow.  Jesus can do so much through just one soul.  "...Believe in Me, children, believe in My Love and, yes, you will be able to change this world for one spark will become a flame and one flame will become a fire that will consume the darkness of this earth.  Trust Me!  We, together, can win this battle and mankind will know freedom..."  Monday 20 July 2009
Help Me to save My children

In 2004 Jesus said:
"...The need for My Houses to be established grows daily.  They are the places which should be growing in holiness on a daily basis as the evil in the world grows also.  I ask for these Houses as places of holiness to counteract the growing evil.  Much of Europe is lost to Me and I must break fresh ground.  My people must help you in this...I need people with hearts that are true to bring My Truth to this world.  Many turn away from Me because of the false words that are spoken about Me....I am calling you, My children, to help Me.  Help Me to save My children and your brothers and sisters from the fires of hell...."
Monday 20 December 2004
Saint Maximilian

In 2005, when Jesus got Saint Maximilian House of Prayer, in the Messages He gave, He seemed so happy because He could get in to save France.
"Now that My House has been established in this country there is much that I can do to save France.  I ask for it to be established quickly for, the more time that I have, the more that I can save through it..."  Sunday 7 August 2005
And later that year He called for it to be manned:  "...My Maximillian is a great light, a sign, in France and it too should be manned and ready..."  Saturday 3 December 2005
The evangelisation of France
He also asked for the evangelisation of France:  "...Let My Maximilian be your base so that you can evangelise all of France.  I call others who are not of My Habit to come to assist you, giving up their time to save her...."  Sunday 10 December 2006
Three servants were sent to France to go through different towns and hand out leaflets, we have been unable to return to do this important work because of a lack of people's giving of their time.
"...My Hands are tied, My servant, unless My children begin to help Me.  There is no rest; there is no time to rest.  The world needs evangelising.  These places where I have called for My Houses are but a tiny part of the world.  I call for more.  Tell My children of the Houses that I have asked for.  Tell them that I need their hands and their hearts in this that I have asked for.  I ask for one that will give Me a month of their time so that My Saint Maximilian can be filled.  I have had to call My servants from it so that the threat that still looms over My Stanislaus could be lessened and, in doing so, My France suffers.  I ask for one who will go with a servant and live there under My Messages for one month.  Who will heed Me?"  Sunday 29 April 2007
A resistance to the evil

Jesus continued to establish Houses of Prayer in Poland, Germany, Slovenia and another in Spain to further Himself and build "a resistance to the evil that permeates through Europe at this time.  Help Me, I beg of you...." Sunday 17 June 2007
His stepping stones
Jesus said His Houses were like children crying out to Him for lack of use.  They are His stepping stones across Europe to bring His Words to each country.
"...Listen, My children, to the cries of My Houses as they wait to bloom.  They are the voices of children, crying out for their countries.  They are appointed to be the sentinels of each country that they are founded in.  But, they cry out for lack of use.  Do not forget them.  Go to them.  They are My children and they are your children.  Through them you will be able to bring My Words to each country that I send you to.  They are stepping stones across a country (Europe) that should never be.  My Houses are that country's conscience and My Words are the advice I give.  Spread My Word, My children...."  Wednesday 26 December 2007 
Help Jesus save souls
As outlined in this article, the darkness of this new country of Europe is trying to wipe out every ounce of faith.  Jesus has a Plan to counteract this evil through the Houses of Prayer in Europe.  The Houses of Prayer are safe Houses for the Truth.  Without Truth, there is no Light.  Our being there, our prayers in these and our evangelising from them will go a long way to help Jesus save souls.  Please, I beg of you, consider giving a month of your time to manning a House.  It is imperative.
Please respond quickly
"...I am preparing My Houses, My Refuges, as I said I would.  I have given you reasons why I prepare them.  Come to Me; give Me the help that I need in these.  I call to you and I promise nothing for your help, only what I have already promised in My Scriptures.  Give of yourself.
I would share with you, My flock, that it is time to open all of My Houses for as many hours as you can give Me in your day.  I still need your hands and feet and lips to do this.  The Fire of My Love must burn bright in this new, created land of Europe for they will corrupt you away from Me, in fact, they have begun already.  That is why I call you with urgency.  I call you, will you come?..."  Saturday 19 January 2008, Day of Love
So far this year, none of the Houses in Europe have yet opened, please respond quickly!


Arrested or silenced
More and more often now, we hear of someone who has been arrested or silenced or been disciplined or even lost their job for expressing their beliefs and views, whether it is by what they have said or by what they are wearing.  It was only last week that I heard about the Christian preacher, Dale McAlpine, who ".was charged with causing "harassment, alarm or distress" after a homosexual police community support officer (PCSO) overheard him reciting a number of "sins" referred to in the Bible, including blasphemy, drunkenness and same sex relationships."
Freedom was taken away
Dale McAlpine is a forty two year old Baptist and has preached Christianity in Workington, Cumbria, for years.  He didn't do anything wrong, it is as he said, "my freedom was taken away on the hearsay of someone who disliked what I said, and I was charged under a law that doesn't apply."
Another lie of the world
Injustices such as this are happening more and more.  I am beginning to think that the whole human rights thing is just another lie of the world.  How can one man be arrested for saying that he believes that the way another man lives his life is wrong because he believes what it says in the Bible? 
How can one man be arrested for speaking about the Bible that he believes in and lives his life by, just because someone else choose to take offence? 
Have a place
Christians, years ago, lived within the Law of God within the law of the land.  They didn't break any laws but the very fact that they were Christians got them executed.
Should God, the Creator of All, not have a place somewhere in our society?  No one has proved that God does not exist; that you will not have to stand before this Judge when you die and give an account of why you did not obey His Laws.  You can say that you do not believe this but that does not make it untrue and you will never ever prove this to be untrue.   So, from a Christian's point of view, simply pointing out to a homosexual that the act of homosexuality is a sin, is not an act of judgement or persecution.  It is an act of charity, an act of love and an act of obedience.  The Christian is simply doing what God says he is obliged to do.
Like feminism
As it says in the article on page twelve, Dale also preached about fornication and drunkenness; so, if I was drunk last Saturday night, could I have said to the policeman that I was offended because Dale said that I was living a bad life because I was drunk?!  Surely this is the same thing?  Or has homosexuality, like feminism, become a domination rather than a freedom? 
I am not homophobic
Dare we open our mouths to say what our Creator has taught us, that homosexuality is a sin, punishable by death in eternal fire if practised and not repented of.  I want to make it clear here that I am not homophobic!  I am simply a Catholic who believes in the Bible.  I do not wish anyone any harm but I simply want to point out that one man's rights were taken away in the name of another man's rights.  Where is the justice in this?  Where is the equality?  Where is the freedom of speech?  Where is the freedom of religion?  As I said, I think this whole human rights thing is turning out to be a big lie.
Our guide of human rights
While doing a little research on the European Court of Human Rights - I came across their articles, our guide on human rights if you like.
These made very interesting reading, particularly articles 9, conscience and religion; article 10, expression; article 14, discrimination and article 17, abuse of rights.  I have to say that these all look very good, very fair and a great basis for any society to build upon.
Jesus' Words
However, I am reminded of Jesus' Words:
".My Plan for Europe is beginning.  There is much evil planned for this country and I must take the parts of it that I can get through those who still believe in Me.  Those who believe must be prepared to keep the faith alive during the persecution against Me that is imminent.  Already, it has begun.  You can see this.
Before, in history, there was a dictator who tried to take over it and he did much damage.  I tell you that what is happening now, in secret, is the same but under a different name; a seemingly better name but the results are the same.  A few countries will control the rest and among them will be the one who was wounded and lives again.  The other countries will destroy the faith of all if I do not put these Plans of Mine into action.  Do not listen to those who tell you that it is good for, what looks good on the outside, is not always necessarily good on the inside.
27 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly but inside are full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness. 
28 Even so you also outwardly appear righteous to men but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.  Matthew 23:27-28
This is how it is with those who take control.  They will take away faith in Me in a subtle way; they will render Me useless.  They will make only buying and selling useful and this with consequences.  Do you not see it happening?  Soon all countries will boast abortion laws and the evil one will have his sacrifices that he needs to fulfil his plan.  I have told you all these things in truth, I do not lie.
I allow you to feel these things, My servant, because I must show the world what is happening.  Can you imagine war without war?  Think!  Can you imagine poverty without poverty?  Can you imagine life without Life?  Think!
I need you to continue to believe in My Plans for My Houses, My servant.  All these things are coming to pass and there are few to stop them.  A great cloud hangs over Europe, a cloud darker than what was there before; darker with subtle evil.  The churches crumble for lack of those who believe; for lack of those who wish to believe that I can save this country. 
If it is allowed to go on then this will become a desolate land.  That is why I wish to keep it alive in you so that you can tell others and they too, can make it live.  I Love you."
Articles of the
European Court
What looks good is not always good!  Let's take a closer look at the above mentioned articles of the European Court:
Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights
Article 9 provides a right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This includes the freedom to change a religion or belief, and to manifest a religion or belief in worship, teaching, practice and observance, subject to certain restrictions that are "in accordance with law" and "necessary in a democratic society."
Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights
Article 10 provides the right to freedom of expression, subject to certain restrictions that are "in accordance with law" and "necessary in a democratic society." This right includes the freedom to hold opinions, and to receive and impart information and ideas.
Article 14 - discrimination
Article 14 contains a prohibition of discrimination. This prohibition is broad in some ways, and narrow in others. On the one hand, the article protects against discrimination based on any of a wide range of grounds. The article provides a list of such grounds, including sex, race, colour, language, religion and several other criteria, and most significantly providing that this list is non-exhaustive. On the other hand, the article's scope is limited only to discrimination with respect to rights under the Convention. Thus, an applicant must prove discrimination in the enjoyment of a specific right that is guaranteed elsewhere in the Convention (e.g. discrimination based on sex - Article 14 - in the enjoyment of the right to freedom of expression - Article 10). Protocol 12 extends this prohibition to cover discrimination in any legal right, even when that legal right is not protected under the Convention, so long as it is provided for in national law.
Article 17 - abuse of rights
Article 17 provides that no one may use the rights guaranteed by the Convention to seek the abolition or limitation of rights guaranteed in the Convention. This addresses instances where states seek to restrict a human right in the name of another human right, or where individuals rely on a human right to undermine other human rights (for example where an individual issues a death threat).
Free to choose
When I read these, I thought to myself that Dale McAlpine would have a good case to bring before the European court because, according to these laws, we are all well protected and within our rights to be whatever we want to be!  That means that as homosexuals are free to practice what they want then, so too am I free to practise what I want, doesn't it?  Article 9 states that I can be a Catholic if I so choose.  I can believe in the Bible, I can worship the way that I choose to and I can even teach my religion.  Article 10 allows me to express freely what I believe whether in public or in private.  As well as having the freedom to hold opinions, I can also receive and impart information and ideas.
Fair enough
Article 14 upholds my right not to be discriminated against for what I believe in and article 17 tells me that while my rights should not step on anyone else's, NEITHER SHOULD THEIRS BE FAVOURED OVER MINE. 
Yes, all well and good.  I am happy with that.  I have the freedom to tell somebody that I believe that homosexuality, abortion, fornication, adultery etc. are sins and they have the right to tell me that they think I am wrong and that all these things are ok.  That's fair enough.  Everybody chooses what they want to believe in their own free will.
Can someone tell me WHY, then, in several cases, the European Court has ruled in favour of restricting the wearing of symbols and clothing as religious signs? 
In the case of Leyla Þahin v. Turkey, where adult Turkish women were refused entrance into lectures and examination rooms if they chose to wear a headscarf, the Court ruled in favour of the ban, arguing that it was based on the principles of secularism and equality.
Converted to Islam
And in the 2001 case of Dahlab v. Switzerland, the court upheld the government's right to require a teacher, who had recently converted to Islam, to remove her headscarf given that it was a "powerful external symbol" that could "influence" young children.
In November and December 2008, the European Court dealt with Dogru v. France, and Kevanci v. France, both cases of twelve year old Muslim girls expelled in 1999 from their schools for covering their head during physical education class. The European Court found no violation of the right to religion saying the girls had made an "ostentatious" display.
In Mann Singh v. France, a Sikh who had held driving licenses for twenty years with his picture showing him wearing a turban was told in 2004 that he could not get a new license unless he had a picture without a turban, which he believed would be a fundamental violation of his religion.  He won a case in France that this decision had no basis in French law but then the French government issued a circular saying that in all identity photos the subject had to be bareheaded.  The European Court rejected the case outright on admissibility, without a hearing.  Essentially the court took on board the government's argument that bareheaded photos were necessary for identification purposes, not even considering why the authorities were accepting photos with persons wearing turbans up until 2005.
In Lautsi v. Italy the Court ruled unanimously in 2009 that Crucifixes in Italian public school classes are contrary to parents' right to educate their children in line with their convictions and to children's right to freedom of religion.  According to the Court ruling: "the presence of the Crucifix - which it was impossible not to notice in the classrooms - could easily be interpreted by pupils of all ages as a religious sign and they would feel that they were being educated in a school environment bearing the stamp of a given religion."
A. B. and C. v. Ireland
We are waiting to hear the outcome of the A. B. and C. v. Ireland case of December 2009.
Just to refresh your memory, this "case involves three anonymous women known as A-B-C who could not easily obtain an abortion in Ireland and who chose to do so in the United Kingdom. They have argued that European jurisprudence may effectively challenge Ireland's abortion restrictions, which they feel is a reproductive right, an aspect of sexual health care.
The Irish government appointed its top legal experts to argue on its behalf, insisting that the restrictions are based on profound moral values embedded in Irish society. The nation's attorney general, Paul Gallagher, declared that the country's legal position had been endorsed in three referendums.
The case is prominent in that it comes just one month after Lautsi v. Italy, which prohibited the Italian government from displaying Crucifixes in its public schools (mentioned above).  The ECR has acquired a reputation of being a staunchly secular institution, and therefore many commentators were pessimistic about the Irish government's chances of successfully defending its position.  William Saunders of the National Review, for instance, called it the Roe v. Wade of Europe.
In Ireland itself, opponents of abortion had advocated against voting in favour of the Lisbon Treaty, arguing that the European Court of Justice could eventually decide to overturn Irish laws restricting abortion.  This did not sway local Catholic bishops however, who declared that it would not be wrong for Irish Catholics to vote in favour of the Lisbon Treaty.  The case was heard before the Grand Chamber of the Court on 9 December 2009 and a decision is forthcoming in 2010.The Court's decision will be binding on Ireland and all contracting states of the Council of Europe.
Am I missing something
Am I missing something?  Has the European Court of Human Rights not broken its own protocols?  Do all the people mentioned in the cases above not have the right to "freedom of thought, conscience and religion.and to manifest a religion or belief in worship, teaching, practice and observance"?  Do they not have the right to "freedom of expression.which includes the freedom to hold opinions, and to receive and impart information and ideas"?  Do they not have the same rights as everyone else under article 14 which contains a prohibition of discrimination?  Are these people not being discriminated against first by the country they are a part of then by the European Court of Human Rights? 
The abuse of rights
Let's look again at Article 17, the abuse of rights.
Article 17 provides that no one may use the rights guaranteed by the Convention to seek the abolition or limitation of rights guaranteed in the Convention. This addresses instances where states seek to restrict a human right in the name of another human right, or where individuals rely on a human right to undermine other human rights (for example where an individual issues a death threat).  Could it not be said that, in all these cases, the rights of these people have been trodden on in favour of someone else's rights or because someone else wanted to force their views upon them?
Love Me in freedom
As Jesus said on Thursday 6 December 2007 ".Look, My children, see the build up of the rapids.  Do not be blind!  You think you have freedom but you are wrong.  I am giving you refuges where they cannot touch you: lights that shine in the darkness.  Give Me your help for I am a Beggar who seeks alms; I am the ragged man who comes to your door seeking help.  I need your hands and feet and lips to build My Light in this world.
This world builds up to crisis point and they hide it.  They will control you, My children, you will not be allowed to love Me in freedom.  What I have given to the world is now a burden.  Help Me!  I need you."
Takes my freedom
I do not see the European Court as a body that upholds freedom, but rather as a body that takes my freedom away.  I believe they are liars.  They throw God out of everything and are trying to build up a new great country without God.   It is communism but without the communism.  It has the appearance of being good but the evidence suggests otherwise.  As Jesus said what seems good is not always good. 
Cannot work
The first thing that the European Court have done is to get rid of God. 
This new society cannot work.  It cannot.  It cannot work because it is based on a lie. 
A society without God does not work.
It is interesting to note that there is a great line being drawn here; on one side you have the Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, and all those who are being persecuted for following their God; and on the other side you have the secularists, the modernists, the atheists and the 'free thinkers' etc.  It is as though spiritually we all stand in a great battle field; the battle of good and evil, the battle of God versus the devil is taking place around us NOW. 
And it does look like the devil is winning.  We must begin now to play our part.  We must stand up and be counted.  It's like this, the more time we waste not doing what Jesus needs us to do, the more casualties there are in this spiritual battle.  And that is down to us, you and me.  The more we give Jesus, the more souls He can Save.
Tuesday 31 August 1999
My children, I Love you.  Look at My Words that I speak to you in these times.  Can you not see the urgency that I speak of?  Can you not understand what I say?  Look, children, I am your God.  I can see what you are being led into.  This earth convulses under the great weight of sin.  It is spirit, children.  Darkness clogs and blocks its life-giving flow.  Children, this world was created in Love by My Father's Hand, it cannot survive in darkness.  It must live in the Light of Love.
At this time it is as if it is being slowly strangled.  Soon it shall rebel and the Justice of My Father shall be seen in all its Power and Might.
Return to the Ways I taught you.  Return to the Ways of Love.  Come, look and see what I say before it is too late.  Come, children, come into the sheepfold.  I, your Jesus, Love you.  Love.


June, the Month of Love
"...I give you My Heart this day at the beginning of the Month of My Heart.  This should be a Month of Love and dedication to My Heart.  Say My Consecration Prayer within My House and over the world each day of this month.  ...The same promises that I gave to My daughter, Margaret Mary, I give to the world again as it prepares for what is to come. must take My Love and give it to all you meet, not expecting anything in return.  This is love.  It expects no rewards, it expects no thanks.  Love then, My children, My Little Army of Love in this Month dedicated to Me.  I, the Lord, ask this of you as your gift to Me in this Month of Love.   I Love you."  Thursday 1 June 2006

The Little Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
I _______________ give and consecrate to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ, my person and my life, my actions, penances and sufferings, not wishing to make use of any part of my being for the future except in honouring, loving and glorifying that Sacred Heart.
It is my irrevocable will to be entirely His and to do everything for His love and I renounce with my whole heart whatever might displease Him.
I take Thee, then, Oh, Most Sacred Heart, as the sole object of my love, as the protector of my life, as the pledge of my salvation, as the remedy of my frailty and inconstancy, as the repairer of all the defects of my life and as my secure refuge at the hour of my death.
Be then, Oh, Heart of Goodness, my justification before God the Father and remove far from me the thunderbolts of His just wrath. Oh, Heart of Love, I place my whole confidence in Thee. While I fear all things from my malice and frailty, I hope all things from Thy Goodness.
Consume then in me whatever can displease or be opposed to Thee and may Thy pure Love be so deeply impressed on my heart that it may be impossible that I should ever be separated from Thee, or forget Thee.
I implore Thee, by Thy Goodness, that my name may be written in Thee, for in Thee I wish to place all my happiness and all my glory, living and dying in very bondage to Thee. Amen. 
(Prayer of Saint Margaret Mary)


A Look At Europe
While I was trying to find out information about the European Union, I came across some articles about Europe and the symbols that the European Union is using.  These symbols are anti-God and are a warning sign to us. 
I found it very interesting reading. I'm not saying it is true but if you read Revelation and look at how Europe is emerging you can see similarities.  Through Revelation, God has Warned us beforehand of what would happen in the end times and He uses symbolic language to speak to us but He also gives us the Grace to understand it, whether it be through prayer or Prophets.  Read it for yourself and see what you think.

How did Europe gets its name
How did Europe gets its name? Is there some prophetic significance in the name or its origin?
Let's consider a little Greek mythology. The favoured story goes that Europa, a Phoenician woman of high lineage, was seduced by the god Zeus and carried away to Crete. Zeus did this by disguising himself as a beautiful white bull and coaxing Europa to climb onto his back. Once there, he carried her off into the sea and on to Crete, where he raped her. Europa then became the first queen of Crete. The Romans adopted the myth but substituted their god, Jupiter, for Zeus.
It is claimed that Europa later stood for mainland Greece (Crete is an island off Greece) and then to lands north of Greece. Certainly, 'Europa seated on a bull' has been a motif in European art since Greco-Roman times, and in the eighth century Europa gained ecclesiastical usage under Charlemagne (Charles the Great, 742 - 814, was King of the Franks from 768 and Emperor of the Romans from 800 to his death).  Today, Europe is called Europa in the German language and in most other Germanic languages (except English). The actual term 'Europe' is generally derived from the Greek 'eurys' (broad) and 'ops' (face), which is an allusion to 'the broad face of the earth'...
Why is the Europa symbol (a woman on a beast) so widespread? Is it merely symbolising Europe or is there prophetic significance?
"...and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, full of blasphemous names, having seven heads and ten horns." (Revelation 17:3)

Tower of Babel Connection
The European Union Headquarters building bears a striking resemblance to the Biblical Tower of Babel with it's unfinished appearance.  This is a defiant act against God who destroyed the plans of the people who were constructing the tower. 
The people of that time decided to build a tower that would reach to the Heavens and make themselves a great name throughout the earth.  They worked tirelessly to build themselves up rather than glorify God, they believed themselves to be greater than God.
1 And the earth was of one tongue, and of the same speech.
2 And when they removed from the east, they found a plain in the land of Sennaar, and dwelt in it.
3 And each one said to his neighbour: Come, let us make brick and bake them of stones and slime instead of mortar.
4 And they said: Come, let us make a city and a tower, the top whereof may reach to Heaven: and let us make our name famous before we be scattered abroad into all lands.
5 And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of Adam were building.
6 And He said: Behold, it is one people, and all have one tongue: and they have begun to do this, neither will they leave off from their designs, till they accomplish them in deed.
7 Come ye, therefore, let us go down and there may not understand one another's speech.
8 And so the Lord scattered them from that place into all lands and they ceased to build the city.
9 And therefore the name thereof was called Babel, because there the language of the whole earth was confounded: and from thence the Lord scattered them abroad upon the face of all countries.
Genesis 11:1-9
The Europe of today is like the Tower of Babel.  It is attempting to go against God and believes it is invincible.  If you look at the poster that was printed by the European Union, it has the Tower of Babel surrounded by twelve inverted stars (an inverted star is a satanic symbol) and it also has the motto 'EUROPE: MANY TONGUES ONE VOICE.'  It was because of one voice that God destroyed Babel in the first place.  He confounded the peoples and gave them different languages so that they couldn't communicate to work against Him.  Europe has worked tirelessly to remove God, to become one voice with its uniting of different nations, single currency and single government. 
Unity in Diversity
The motto of the European Union is 'Unity in Diversity.'  God scattered the nations of the earth to create diversity and now the EU is trying to undo what God put together.
It is only a matter of time before the wrath of God touches the earth for the blasphemies committed against Him.  Jesus said that if time had not been shortened even the elect would not survive.
"My children, it is I, your Jesus, who calls in these Words and I say: Come back.
As I look at this world, all I see is the ways of the evil one.  Even those of you who have listened in the past are falling away.  Stand firm, My children, and resist the calls of the evil one, for he calls ever louder.
See the Words I have spoken, in My Scriptures, coming to pass.  "...If the time had not have been shortened, not even the elect would have survived..."  Look and see, by these Words, the time that is left to you.
I say listen, and listen quick, for the time is almost upon you.  I Love you, children."  Saturday 31 May 1997

Symbols of the EU

The woman riding a beast

Another interesting "coincidence" is that the symbol Europa, seated on a bull, is widely associated with the European Union and is known to represent it.  For example, to commemorate the first European Parliament elections in 1979, Britain issued a stamp depicting the picture of a woman riding a beast.  And the depiction of the same symbol was reproduced on the centenary stamp of the E.U. and in a huge painting in the Parliament's Tower Building in Brussels.
As previously stated, this symbol is strikingly similar to the metaphor in Revelation 17 where a "great harlot" is depicted riding a beast. 3 And he took me away in spirit into the desert. And I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns."  Revelation 17:3

The coin
We see here a commemorative coin of euro depicting again that symbol of Europa on the beast.  She has a pen in one hand holding the European constitution.
Clearly meaning that the European constitution is not based on or given by God, but written by a pagan goddess. Cannot be more clear.

The Anthem
Europe's new common anthem is: "Ode to Joy," the prelude to the last movement of Beethoven's ninth symphony. The anthem officially is the "Ode to Joy," it really is an "ode to freedom" to a sense of community and to peace between the twenty five countries which have decided to unite and to others which will freely decide to join them."
The "Ode to Joy" is not quite as innocent as people believe. The lyrics, by a man named Friedrich von Schiller, concern the entering of the shrine of a pagan goddess and the uniting of all men in brotherhood, by the power of magic. Indeed Europe is fast abandoning Christianity and moving with great speed into a pagan heathen society looking ever more to the "magic," how fitting its anthem!  Even its proposed Constitution has deliberately made sure that no reference to God be included, thus denying its Christian foundation.
The EU constitution does not mention Christianity as part of Europe's cultural heritage, while at the same time, it includes references to the civilizations of pagan Greece and Rome, and the philosophical heritage of the enlightenment.EU government representatives excused this revisionist view of history by claiming any mention of Christian values would upset the Muslim population of the EU.What a lame excuse that convinces no one, just think, would the Muslim states avoid mentioning Islam in their constitution because it may upset the Christians living amongst them?  The EU ban Muslim religious dress code - is that not a greater offence?  They try to say that Christian symbols offend Muslims and Muslim traditions offend Christians but in reality, neither are offended by the other. This is a pathetic excuse, the truth is that these pagans want to get rid of God.
The flag
This is the European flag. It is the symbol not only of the European Union but also of Europe's unity and identity in a wider sense.The circle of gold stars represents solidarity and harmony between the peoples of Europe.
In reality there does not seem to be any harmony or solidarity unless you agree with everything a select few say, the few who have the power and are in control.
The number of stars has nothing to do with the number of Member States.  There are twelve stars because the number twelve is traditionally the symbol of perfection, completeness and unity.
Just like Europe, a perfect, complete and unified country!  I have to say this too, reminds me of the arrogance of the Tower of Babel.  In many ways the empire of Europe and its building up would remind you of the pagan empire of Rome.


We are sorry that we find ourselves in such debt that we have to encroach on your goodness and generosity once again. 
At this time, we are finding great difficulty within the Sacred Heart House of Prayer to pay the rent, and the bills are mounting.  The upkeep of the other Houses of Prayer in Europe has put a drain on the Sacred Heart House of Prayer lately. 
We ask for your unfailing prayers so that we continue to do the Work that Jesus has asked us to do. 
Also, we hate doing this but, if you have the means, we would be most grateful to any financial help you could spare.  Thank you.  God Bless.


Abortion advice organisation Marie Stopes to air TV ad
...The campaign for unplanned pregnancy and abortion advice at Marie Stopes clinics will raise awareness of sexual health, the organisation said.  The thirty second film to be shown on Channel 4 will first air at 22.10 BST on 24 May and run until the end of June.
Anti-abortion groups said the charity's move trivialised human life and a legal appeal was being considered.
The advertisement does not mention the word abortion but asks "Are you late?" and points those facing an unplanned pregnancy to Marie Stopes International's 24-hour helpline.
Marie Stopes, which is run on a not-for-profit basis, says callers will be given "non-judgemental support, advice and services."
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said non-commercial providers of post-conception advice services had long been permitted to run advertisements.
In a statement, Marie Stopes said: "...Following a consultation we have found that it is allowed under the current guidance because we are a charity and not a commercial organisation."
Regulator pressure?
The latest official figures for 2008 show that there were 195,300 abortions in England and Wales and 13,817 in Scotland.  Marie Stopes said about 80% of the abortions it provided in 2009 were carried out for free on the NHS.  Marie Stopes' chief executive Dana Hovig said: "...We hope the new 'Are you late?' campaign will encourage people to talk about their choices, including abortion, more openly and honestly, and empower women to reach confident, informed decisions about their sexual health."
Michaela Aston, a spokeswoman for anti-abortion charity Life, said: "To allow abortion providers to advertise on TV, as though they were no different from car companies or detergent manufacturers, is grotesque.  By suggesting that abortion is yet another consumer choice, it trivialises human life and completely contravenes the spirit of the 1967 Abortion Act, which was supposed to allow for a small number of legal abortions in a limited number of hard cases, but has been twisted and distorted to allow for mass abortion on demand."
The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children said it was taking advice on the legality of the advertisement.  It called on the culture secretary to make regulator Ofcom impose restrictions on such broadcasts.
Spokesman Anthony Ozimic said ..."Abortion ads will trivialise abortion.  It is an insult to the hundreds of women hurt by abortion every day.  Such ads are offensive and will mislead viewers about the reality of abortion."
Viewers' complaints
The first advert for Marie Stopes will be shown during the Million Pound Drop Live game show hosted by Davina McCall.
An ASA spokesman said: "...If viewers have concerns about the content or scheduling of the ad, the ASA is able to consider complaints once the ad has aired."...


The Wisdom of John Paul II

In 2003, Pope John Paul wrote an encouraging exhortation named, "ECCLESIA IN EUROPA."  In it he encouraged Europe to seek Jesus as the answer to the loss of hope in Europe.  Here are some extracts:
"...Certainly Europe is not lacking in prestigious symbols of the Christian presence, yet with the slow and steady advance of secularism, these symbols risk becoming a mere vestige of the past.  Many people are no longer able to integrate the Gospel message into their daily experience; living one's faith in Jesus becomes increasingly difficult in a social and cultural setting in which that faith is constantly challenged and threatened..."
"...This is the context for those attempts, including the most recent ones, to present European culture with no reference to the contribution of the Christian religion which marked its historical development and its universal diffusion. We are witnessing the emergence of a new culture, largely influenced by the mass media, whose content and character are often in conflict with the Gospel and the dignity of the human person.  This culture is also marked by a widespread and growing religious agnosticism, connected to a more profound moral and legal relativism rooted in confusion regarding the truth about man as the basis of the inalienable rights of all human beings.  At times the signs of a weakening of hope are evident in disturbing forms of what might be called a "culture of death"..."
"...To give new impetus to its own history, Europe must "recognize and reclaim with creative fidelity those fundamental values, acquired through a decisive contribution of Christianity, which can be summarized in the affirmation of the transcendent dignity of the human person, the value of reason, freedom, democracy, the constitutional state and the distinction between political life and religion."
The European Union continues to expand. All peoples who share its same fundamental heritage have a vocation to take part in it, on a short-term or a long-term basis.  It is to be hoped that this expansion will come about in a way that respects all people, valuing their historical and cultural distinctions, their national identities and the great contributions which can come from new members. It should also take place in a way that puts into practice in an ever more fully developed manner the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity.  In the process of the continent's integration, it is of capital importance to remember that the union will lack substance if it is reduced to its merely geographic and economic dimensions; rather, it must consist above all in an agreement about the values which must find expression in its law and in its life..."
"...In the light of what I have just emphasized, I wish once more to appeal to those drawing up the future European constitutional treaty, so that it will include a reference to the religious and in particular the Christian heritage of Europe. While fully respecting the secular nature of the institutions, I consider it desirable especially that three complementary elements should be recognized: the right of Churches and religious communities to organize themselves freely in conformity with their statutes and proper convictions; respect for the specific identity of the different religious confessions and provision for a structured dialogue between the European Union and those confessions; and respect for the juridical status already enjoyed by Churches and religious institutions by virtue of the legislation of the member states of the Union..."


Morning Star Hostel
The Morning Star Hostel in Dublin's inner city caters for seventy men in three dormitories.  One dormitory has thirty beds and caters for referrals from a local institution.  Another has thirty beds also which caters for drug addicts, alcoholics and men who had generally fallen down on their luck and needed a bed for a few weeks or so til they got on their feet again.  And the third is a dormitory of ten beds for the elderly men.
Human beings
In the hostel itself, these men were human beings and were treated as such.
The hostel has an oratory in which Masses are said regularly and the Rosary is said every evening with those residents who wish to join in.  Funerals for the men are also held here.  The other facilities open to the men for use are the TV and video room, a snooker room with three tables, a kitchen and large dining room.  And cigarettes could be bought at a subsidised price. 
Only three rules
There are only three rules within the hostel:
One, if addicts were caught taking anything on the premises they were asked to leave immediately.  These were not barred; they were welcomed back the next day. 
Two, any of the men who were alcoholics bringing drink onto the premises had to hand it in at the gate where their name would be put on it and it would be returned to them the next day as they were leaving for the day.
And the third rule was lock-up time at 11pm.  The only exception to this was if the men were watching a film or video together. 
Keep an eye
You had to keep an eye on the men for a fight might break out and need stopped.  Usually when we got to those involved they were only little things that were easily sorted and within a few minutes they were laughing together as if nothing had happened.
The evening meal was cooked in the afternoon and served to the men after the Rosary at 7.30pm, there was always three choices and sometimes four.  On Sunday morning there was always a fry for breakfast as well as the normal toast and cereals.  On Feast Days of the Church the men had a fry as well.
The men would mostly leave the hostel by 11am in the day and the gates would open again for them to return at 5.30pm.  So for those six and a half hours we did not know what happened to them.
Wee bit teary
One of the men, Martin, came back one night and he was a wee bit teary. He brought me up to where his bed was and showed me photos of his family and said to me that he had lost everything because of the drink.  He showed me his area and said this is my home.  It is where I have lived for the last forty years and I am safe here but sometimes I look back he said and I miss what I have lost.  He would feel this mostly on Feast Days of the Church and when he had a particularly bad day outside. 
It hurt them
He hated being away from 'home' as he called it as most times when he would sit down to either rest or think he was moved on because others had complained about him and others even being there.  This happened with many of our residents and obviously it hurt them.  Martin would have sometimes been a heavy drinker but on the main if another resident wanted someone to talk to they would always go to Martin as he was a fantastic listener.  He would sort out minor squabbles.  He was like a father to some of the men, a son to others and a brother to others.
Drink related illnesses
Many times the men would suffer from drink related illnesses.   In my own judgement of them I would say to them it was their own fault.  And while many times it was, what I was not thinking about was what brought them to where they are now. 
We would help them through their sickness and see that they had everything that they needed.  Some of these could be very embarrassing sicknesses. 
One night Martin came in and he was bright red in the face, from this day onward that redness never left him.  Rodger told me that Martin was now in an advanced stage of cirrhosis of the liver.  Six months later, Martin went to, I believe, his reward with Jesus.
Every one of those seventy men had a story to tell and if I had taken the time to listen then maybe I would be better for it today.  Many of them gave a great deal to the society in which they lived until that same society gave up on them and wrote them off because of their addictions.  I was no better until I got to know some of them.
This reminds me of an unknown street poet called Tony Gill who lived most of his life sleeping rough in Dublin. Here are two quotes I think you'll appreciate. 
"They pass by in their hundreds, not knowing that the pavement is our pillow, and the stars are our only warmth."
"Today I spoke to no one, and no one spoke to me. Am I dead?"
Thank You, Jesus
Martin, rest in peace, boy.
And Jesus, Bless all those who live and work within the hostel system. 
Thank You, Jesus, for the life of Martin.


1 John 2:15-17
15 Love not the world, nor the things which are in the world.  If any man love the world, the charity of the Father is not in him.
The way things are in the world today, it is very easy to get caught up in the glitter of it all.  It is so tempting; nice clothes, nice houses, nice cars, it is so easy to make these things our god.  We forget so easily that they are all material things and don't last.  Is it not better to have and know the Love of Jesus that will last forever?
16 For all that is in the world, is the concupiscence of the flesh and the concupiscence of the eyes and the pride of life, which is not of the Father but is of the world.
The more we fall into the world, the harder it is to follow Jesus.  The world is full of sin and if we don't die to self then how can we expect not to fall?  We all like to be normal and do what everyone else is doing, but is normal now sinful?  Sin has become expected in society, it's become the normal thing to do.  So many marriages are breaking up because the world tells us now that its ok to commit adultery, its ok to live in sin and the laws have been changed and homosexuality is accepted.  The world is falling apart around us and yet we are still so blinded, did Jesus not say that His Word is the same today, yesterday and forever?
17 And the world passeth away and the concupiscence thereof: but he that doth the will of God, abideth for ever.
We are really so fickle, us humans, we think this world and everything in the world is so important.  Jesus needs us to be His hands, His feet and His lips.  He needs us to forget about the desires for the world and realise that they won't last forever.  But when we die and do the Will of God, we will have Eternal Life and our treasures in Heaven.


His Words are always true
Dear friends of the Sacred Heart,
Thank you all for your Messages from Jesus.  My daughter and I look forward to reading the sacred Messages.  His Words are always true and full of Love and guidance.  At present I cannot get out due to serious long-term illness.  We trust and hope in the Lord.  Please find enclosed donation...  Irene.

The urgency
Dear beloved in Christ,
Calvary greetings in the holy Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
I have just received the last quarter edition of "The Messages of Love" by Our Lord Himself for 2009.  I am pleased to receive it and indeed grateful to God to have been linked to your centre and others.
I have gone through your editorial write-up on the above captioned and have no doubt about the urgency of the matter at stake.  However, it seems that little or nothing is being said concerning Africa and indeed, Nigeria.
I came across one of your books through one Reverend Brother (about now a Deacon) where I got your address since then, there has been tremendous efforts against the evil of abortion as seen from the two or three posters printed so far.  My greatest joy so far has been the fact that the posters are in circulation across Nigeria and more importantly, they are pasted on notice boards in many parishes and Masses are being booked, almost on daily basis for the conversion of abortionists and Gods Mercy and Love on the souls of aborted babies.  However, this is not without a cross hence, I humbly request that you people have me in your prayers.
We are all watching with keen interest how the "evil one" will come out but as the Lord rightly demanded, we must come together to fight our common enemy head on in prayers and sacrifices.  Help me thank Our Lord and His Blessed Mother for the victories won for me over my attackers and mercy shown me.  Please don't let me miss any edition of this Newsletter.
Yours sincerely in Jesus and Mary, Ogbeh James I.O.

Thank you
Dear...  Enclosed, please find cheque for ... to help get the part of your printer up and running.  Thank you for all your prayers.  My son... who suffers from Bipolar Depression has benefited enormously from your prayer in 2009.  He is aged twenty three years.
Yours sincerely in Jesus, Mary.

Holy Water and Oil
To the servants of the House of Prayer, please would you kindly send me some Holy Water and Oil, I require eight of each if possible, so many of my friends are using the said items and the Lord is Blessing them.  I have started to use the Blessed Oil for my terrible indigestion and the Lord has healed me, praise His Holy Name!
May I also have eight small Mass cards...thanking you.  May you be Blessed!  Love from Jennifer.

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