As we were putting this Newsletter together, it became apparent to us that the strong theme running thorough it in all the articles was ‘love.’ First we see it in the Messages where Jesus speaks of His Love, His Heart as the Ark that is a safe Refuge to carry us all through these uncertain times.
Make My Heart known
His Love again comes through in the article, ‘Make My Heart Known,’ which talks about the devotion to the Nine First Fridays. Also we have included some extracts from ‘The Handbook of the Way of the Sacred Heart.’ These are deep, spiritual writings that inspire love for Jesus.
It seems fitting in this month of June that this is the case.
Calls us to love
However while the Sacred Heart is full of Love and gives much Love, it is good to remember that Jesus’ Heart calls us to love also, to make a return of that Love; firstly to Himself and then to our fellow man. This is touched on in the article, ‘How He Loves Us.’ And again, a great example of that Love first received from Jesus then given back to our fellow man is seen the article ‘A powerful shaft of light in the darkness.’ This is the story of the great Saint, Maximilian Kolbe. He took on this Love of Jesus and gave it away.
Challenges us to change
What comes across is that Jesus’ Love challenges us to change. We must take off the old nature and put on the new. A short article called ‘Held prisoner by fear,’ explains how someone overcame their fear in a small way to be free enough to do Jesus’ Work. It is a great example of how we begin to change by working on the smaller things that keep us from doing what Jesus wants, even though these things do not seem small to us at the time, they become small when we fight them.
The Holy Spirit
Let us not forget too, the Power of the Holy Spirit in helping us change our lives. A servant has written a short article on how her understanding of the Holy Spirit has developed and brought her to the knowledge of what she must do on her next step towards Jesus.
Again we have highlighted the issue of abortion within these pages. This article is an update on the trial of Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist who committed terrible atrocities in his abortion clinic. It highlights the fact that he was able to get away with these first degree murders in legal terms for years without ever being questioned. What else is going on that we do not know about?
You will see within this Newsletter that there is an appeal. We don’t like asking for money but as you will read in the appeal we really need your help. We thank you for all you have given before to our appeals and we pray for you always. Please remember to keep us in your prayers.

Thursday 2 May 2013
My Heart is an Ark, a Vessel, a Boat, a Sure Refuge for the souls that are scattered in this great sea that is the world. From the decks of this Ark, My Angels sound the trumpets that call out to those who are drowning in the mire of this world. The hearts of those who love Me, the hearts of My Prophets must become one to form and shape and mimic My Heart and its Perpetual Love. Their hearts as one, is My Heart, the Heart that speaks in all of those that I have called.
There are many storms to come, My children, many storms that will be great in spiritual eyes but breezes to eyes that will not open.
I bring Light to the world in these Words. While I am in the world I will keep it Lighted with the Words of My Heart. I give these Words to those who are not deaf, to those who are not blind, to those who hear My Word and keep it. I give it to those only whose hearts are One with Mine. I give it to those who hear; not only with the ears but those who hear with the heart; I give them to those who not only see with the eyes but with the soul. I call to an enlightened people who see beyond their own selfishness and see that My Heart is the answer that they seek.
I Am Who I Am. I am Jesus. I am He who gives Salvation. I am the Bloodied One, Bloodied for your sake. Follow these Footsteps of Blood into the love of your fellow man.
25 Jesus answered them: I speak to you and you believe not: the works that I do in the Name of My Father, they give testimony of Me.
26 But you do not believe because you are not of My sheep.
27 My sheep hear My Voice and I know them and they follow Me.
28 And I give them Life Everlasting and they shall not perish forever and no man shall pluck them out of My Hand.
29 That which My Father hath given Me is greater than all and no one can snatch them out of the Hand of My Father.
30 I and the Father are One.
John 10:25-30
Sunday 5 May 2013
Come, beloved of My Heart and feel Me, feel Me deep within your being and know that I am with you. Allow Me to penetrate your soul deeply. Fight against the thoughts that come against you and allow Me in. You know, My child, what I require. You know within your soul, seek that that I seek. I Love you.
Wednesday 15 May 2013
I am calling to you, My people, I am calling to you in these last days to turn away from sin and come follow Me in truth. Do not allow yourselves to be deceived for you are in the time of the deceiver. he has blinded this world and this world has forgotten Me but soon this world shall see that I exist and will be in shock.
I need you before this time, My children, I need you to turn away from sin and prepare for My children will need your help; you will become My Hands, My Feet and My Lips. For this world will be thrown into confusion and My children shall run, seeking Me. I need you to show them the right path for many deceivers will try to lead them astray once again.
I need you, My little ones. I need your help in this Work of Salvation.
Come, there is little time left and your trials are many.
Let Me be your Guide and I shall lead you into the freedom of My Love, My Peace, My freedom. Come I await your response to My calls. I Love you.
Once again, My children, I call for your help with My Houses, My little Refuges for soon they shall be needed. Soon, many shall flock to their doors and they must be ready. Come, My beloved children, answer My call. Prepare My Houses for what is to come. Do not harden your hearts to My call for little time is left. I Love you.
Wednesday 22 May 2013
Come, My children, come, follow in My Footsteps and do not be afraid to see the truth of this world; do not be afraid to see the great deceit that is within My Church. The leaders of My Church have given themselves over to this world and no longer walk in My Footsteps.
Look, My flock are scattered, they are no longer taught the dangers of sin. My leaders no longer stand for My Laws, they have deserted the Truth and now great sin has entered your countries and is given freedom. There is no one to stand in its way. lucifer laughs at how easy you all have been deceived, he laughs at your fear of speaking My Name in public, he laughs at the cardinals, bishops and priests, of their fear to speak out against the lies of this world, he laughs at their fear of standing up for My Laws. They are controlled by the lies of the media.
lucifer controls most leaders within this world like puppets on strings. But, do not fear, My children, for My Time approaches. There is a spark that begins to flicker and soon it shall begin the Fire of My Love and this world will see how it has been deceived and many will turn back to Me, many shall see the error of their ways and they will see how their leaders have been deceived and so have forced this deception on My flock.
Prepare, children, prepare for I am at the door: prepare. I Love you. Prepare!
Thursday 23 May 2013
Come, beloved of My Heart, and allow Me to sing a Lovesong to you.
Allow Me to show you the Truth of My Ways.
Allow Me to lead you into My Peace.
Do not seek peace in this world for this world does not offer the Way of Peace; its ways are the ways of deceit. My Way is the Way of Peace, Love, Joy and Forgiveness.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and take on My Way of Truth.
Read My Commandments, understand them, live them. Then, you shall know the Peace that surpasses all understanding. I am calling out to you in these Words in order to bring you into the safety of My Fold and out of the tempest of sin that sweeps this world.
I Love you, My children, I Love you.
There is something that we must all look at if we want to follow Jesus in this time and that is: we have all forgotten and, refuse to look at, the fact that we are all going to die. Yes, you and I will die. Because we do not look at the fact that we will die, we live as if we were going to live forever. We talk about what we will do next year or in ten years time yet, we have forgotten that tomorrow we could be dead and standing before Jesus in judgement.
We prepare for the future on this earth because that is what the world is telling us, that we must prepare for old age, for the future and so we follow what the world tells us.
We, as Christians, as believers in Jesus, have forgotten that we should be preparing for Eternal Life.
The priests no longer teach about sin and hell so people do not fear falling into sin and, so, going to eternal punishment.
This is a fact that we, as humans, refuse to look at. We refuse to see the things of Truth that are staring us in the face. If we begin to realise that our death is imminent - it could be tomorrow, next year, in ten years time, fifty years time but it is still imminent then we will realise that we must prepare.
It is sad that our priests are too afraid to preach about sin and hell in case they offend someone. Our priests have become cowards and no longer stand for the Truth, they no longer guide us on the Path of Truth because of their fear.
When Jesus walked this earth as a Man He spoke the Truth, that is why He was Crucified because the priests of that time did not want to know the Truth. Although, what is the difference: the priests don’t want to know the truth and we do not want to know the truth either, it is like the blind leading the blind.
It is time to wake up and see the truth and begin to change our lives.
It is time to begin the Journey of dying to self for self is our enemy, it is the part of us that wants the things of this world, it is the part of us that leads us into sin.
It is time to wake up and see that our lives are very short and eternity is very long and that it should be eternity that we are preparing for, not what we will be doing next week or next year.
Tuesday 28 May 2013
I am Coming soon, My children, read the signs of your times and see My approach.
I am Coming to give you freedom, the freedom of My Love, My Truth, My Forgiveness.
I approach, My little ones, ready yourselves for your God.
My Love shall be seen and felt once again upon this earth and the lies of mankind shall be no more.
You shall know freedom, you shall know Truth and you shall have Peace, My little ones.
This world has listened to the ways of lucifer and My people have followed his ways and now I must Come to free My Remnant who still cling to My Love, My Truth.
I am Coming, My children, I am Coming soon. Look to the skies and see My approach; read the signs of your times. I Love you.
Tuesday 28 May 2013
Do not see as men see, My children, but only see as I see. The heart of this world is spirit for it was created by the Father, out of His Breath and that heart of the earth groans under the weight of sin that is placed upon it.
See not as men see but follow Me for I am the Light of the world and I am the Lamp for your feet.
Look around you and see the world as it groans. It calls out for My Return.
I am the Light of the world and I come to give you Light in these Words, My Words are My Light. They enlighten you on the way to go. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and I come that you may have life, I come through My Words of Life to give you My Light.
Do not believe the world for it entraps you, it blinds you into thinking that you know the Way but all you have is darkness to lead you. Those who go out in the dark and have no Light will stumble and fall. Look for My Light.
Friday 31 May 2013
Come, My beloved children, take on My Words of Life, My Words of Truth.
Begin to live them for soon, now, I shall send you out into this world to spread My Love as the farmer spreads his seeds.
Do not despair, My children, I have not forgotten My promises to you.
I have given you My Name and, soon, you shall see its Power, soon the blind shall see, the deaf shall hear, the sick shall rise (from their beds) and the dead shall walk and this world and its ways shall be thrown into confusion when it realises the Truth of My Words.
I am Coming, children, I am Coming to bring freedom to this world that is ensnared in the chains of lucifer.
Look to My Witnesses of Truth and see its beginnings, see its freedom is at hand.
Soon now, My Hand shall Touch and this world shall know. I Love you.

“The devotion to My Heart is My last effort to warm a world that has grown cold” (Jesus to Saint Margaret Mary)
The devotion to the Nine First Fridays was first given through Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, a French nun, in the seventeenth century. Our Lord’s Heart was much offended by the ingratitude and sacrileges of the people in that time and He gave this devotion to make reparation, to heal a world sick with sin. Fast forward to the twenty first century and consider how times have changed and how much worse the world has become.
In a Message given on Monday 3 April 2006, Jesus said “Listen to My cries, children! I give you My Heart once again and I give it in the same way as I gave it to My daughter, Margaret Mary, with the same promises. Take this Heart of Mine and give it to the world...”
Jesus has asked, in these times of great need, that reparation be made to His Most Sacred Heart through a new devotion to the Nine First Fridays. He said it is very much needed in the days to come.
World is rife with sin
We only have to look at what is going on in the world to know what Jesus is talking about; murder, lust, adultery, war, drug abuse, theft, racism etc, to name just a few. We cannot ignore that the world is rife with sin and is heading towards a chastisement from God. This we have brought on ourselves by casting aside God in favour of the world. God does not want to punish His people but He must in order to cleanse us and the world of our sins.
Revive the devotion
This is why Jesus has asked us to revive the devotion to His Most Sacred Heart to make reparation for all the insults and crimes committed against Him in these times. He is giving us chance after chance to come away from the world and come back to Him.
“...Behold! This Heart is in your midst, held up on a Cross for all the world to see! Behold the way men treat it with ingratitude and sacrilege; Behold the way it still Loves and gives these Promises. Behold its great Pain!
Look upon this Heart and it will save the world once again. But soon, I tell you, it (the world) will not be able to be saved through it (the Sacred Heart) for too many walk away from its Promises. The world must again be steeped in its Love. I call upon you all to make My Heart known and loved once again in this world...” Monday 3 April 2006
Walked away from God
The world will not be able to be saved because we are walking away from Jesus’ Promises. This is the reason the world is steeped in sin. We have walked away from God and ignored His Laws and Precepts. We have set ourselves up as mini-gods, with our own laws and in the process have given ourselves over to the devil. When God is pushed out, satan enters. The new governments of this world have chosen to ignore God in their constitutions and by doing so have entered into partnership with the devil. We are either with God or against Him, there is no in between.
Bring Jesus to everyone
Going back to prayer and sacrifice is one of the ways to bring God back into our lives and the lives of others. Devotion to the Sacred Heart is one of the many Ways Jesus has given us, the Chaplet of Love is another, also the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, the Rosary, the Stations of the Cross, Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, there are so many. All of these ways have conquered sin in the past and can do so again. But we have to remember that it is not enough to pray, we must go out and bring Jesus to everyone we meet. You may think ‘what can I do, I’m only one person’ but remember what Jesus said ‘from a tiny spark come great forest fires.’ There is so much we can do.
Jesus has given us Instructions in the Messages of Love: “...Read My Gospels: I went out and ministered to My people, then I returned and prayed to My Father that He would fill Me with the Strength to continue My Ministry. You must do likewise when you minister to My people: you must do it with Me, and, yes, a simple smile is ministering to My children. If you do it with Me, then they shall recognise Me within your smile but, if you do not come to Me, then I cannot fill you with My Light...” Friday 1 April 2011
Giving until it hurts
Jesus so Loves the world and does not want to see its demise. Let’s do what we can to help Him.
“...My children, hear the cries of your God! Take on this way of life for it is the way that I have set you so that you might understand how I Love the world...” Monday 3 April 2006
Giving up those little things we’re attached to can be really hard but so rewarding spiritually. We cannot see the effect it is having in the spirit world but God uses all our little efforts to heal the woes of this world. The giving of ourselves is what God really wants, giving until it hurts and still giving some more.
Love is what I am
“...My Heart is Love and its primary function is to pump Love into the world for all mankind. Its fuel is the Love of a Father for His children, so many forget this. What I have given to My Dove, Margaret Mary, is the real beginning of My Heart in this world and through you and your brother I continue to make My Heart known. In order to make it known, it must be spoken, just as My Word must be spoken. A Message written sits until it is read but a Message spoken makes it really live. When it is spoken it draws many to My Side.
I still wish an Army of Love; an Army of little souls who would love Me in return for the Love that I give to the world. This little Army would love Me in the times when no one else did. They would be prepared to love Me within their hearts at all times, especially in these times when love in the world has grown cold. That Army would fight with the Love that I have Taught through these Words of Love. They would know the Truth and they would live it. Because of the Truth within them, they would never be swayed by the world but would continue loving Me, even if it meant losing their lives for it.
My Heart swells with Love at the thought of all these Lovers of My Sacred Heart doing what I have asked them to do. They would never let an opportunity pass that required the Truth to be spoken.
Love is what I am, My servant, and Love is what I give to the world but My Love means nothing anymore in the world, that is why I give it to you to promote.
If I could find this Army of little souls, My Heart would be in joy always...” Friday 27 August 2004

The Journey
“...I will seek Him whom my heart loves…” Song of Songs 3: 2
We took this extract from “The Way of the Sacred Heart” Chapter three, to remind us about staying on the Path that Jesus has laid out for us.
The path to Jesus is the Journey. It is a path that no one knows, only Jesus, for each path for each person is different, unique. It leads only to Jesus. Setting out on this Journey depends upon each one of us. We set the pace by the amount that we give to Jesus. The more free will that we give is the amount that Jesus can use.
My child, let your heart open to Mine for I am Love and it is Love that you need. Do not be afraid to listen to Me, depend upon Me. Let your heart sing Words of Love to Me again. Tell Me often that you love Me and together We will become the Lovesong of My Heart.
Do not let despair overtake you but ask for My Peace and it will be given to you. Immerse yourself in Me for I am your Source. Be content with Me. I Love you. My Peace be with you.
The Journey is the seeking of Jesus. To seek is to look for, to search for, to journey in searching for. If we believe that Jesus is The Way then we must walk in Him.
If we die to ourselves on this Journey but do not give up the things that we really want then Jesus can only use that part. Put it like this: we own a tractor and our neighbour wants to come and use it. We decide that ‘yes, you can have it.’ Then we realise that the wheels are important to us because we have just acquired these and we hand over the tractor, minus the wheels. Our neighbour will be able to use the parts of the tractor that are left in some way but he will not be able to use it to its full potential.
This pathway is hazardous for it is fraught with temptations. The echoes of our former lives and desires run their hollow calls, reverberating around the walls of our consciences. And these ghosts wait to be given life by our ‘yes’ to them. We crave the life we lived before and feel that what we are doing now is not really what we want. We begin to slip back along the road and we tell ourselves that it is alright, Jesus would not mind, He would not want us to live the life of a monk or a nun. It seems alright to begin again to pick up the threads of our former lives that we have cut off and abandoned for Jesus.
The soul:
Jesus, I love You. I begin this book as You have asked. I pray that You will give me the Grace to keep it up.
Jesus, so many things have been coming to me, lately, about people that used to be in my life, people whom I would have classed as friends. I do not ask them to believe what is happening to me and I do not ask them to come to the House. But why – for friendship’s sake – can they not come and ask me about it? Why must they talk behind my back and scorn me as though I were a ‘black sheep?’ My faith in You has surely improved. I have given up everything for You. Are they blind?
My servant, I Love you and I thank you for coming to Me and allowing Me to speak to you in this way. It delights Me when you do.
My child, you have indeed given up many things for Me and I thank you for it. Many do not see My Way for they have not been My pupil as you have. They cannot see the deeper delights that I have given to you. They remain stagnant in self for it does not occur to them they must die to self. For My Love is not about having good feelings all the time but it is in giving My Love away to others who need it. To go out and look for the places where it is needed most. These that you speak of do not wish to see this, that is why they do not come to you and ask for they are afraid of you. They have placed Me in a place where they take Me out and put Me back at will.
I am weary of this people who purport to love Me. So many Words I have spoken about Love. I am trying in vain to make them understand the complexities of My Love. But they will not move beyond their own understanding.
If I could make them see beyond themselves then they would taste the delights of what I bring. Myriads of paths and Graces that urge and call many into the intricacies of My Heart. Journeys beyond journeys that captivate the soul with delight and admiration and the ecstasy of Love. To journey through the Rivers of Eternal Life and be lifted high upon the Wings of the Most High. To be gathered and Loved by Him within His Heart, become One with Him.
Feel and see and touch and smell the scents and perfumes of Love, My child, given to but a few. Delectable Love - as you have known - that transubstantiates the soul from human to spirit and allows My Soul to touch like a whisper, a gossamer and yet wild with the passion of My Love, can strike the soul with might so as to transform it within an instant.
My servant, how can you know these things that I speak of unless that I imbue them into you, unless I imprint them upon your soul? The knowledge of these I have given to the world but they lie in great tomes and are locked away from those who need them most. They do not see Me as Teacher but as stern God who wishes nothing more than to see His children suffer. How little they know of the great Passion that is in Me for them! How little time they spend with Me to find out.
The soul:
I am sorry, Jesus, that by my question I have provoked great Sorrow in You for I feel it in the Words that You speak. I am sorry.
My child, My child, you cannot provoke something that is always there. My Sadness and My Pain are a part of Me as your arm and leg is to you. I have told you that it is the legacy that I received when I took on the Cross of My Love. It will never go away as long as men do not accept what I have done. As long as they turn away from Me.
Many of these things that I tell you I imbued into My daughter, My dove, Margaret Mary but they were not for the telling at that time. She did not speak of them for she knew them only within her heart and I did not give her the language to speak of them.
Embrace Me, My child, in the coldness of men towards Me. Let your little heart afford some warmth towards Me with your little love and, like a flower, you will lift your head to Me as your little love attracts the great Love. Let the sunlight attract you, little flower of Love, by Love’s own making, let Me grow you and nourish you. Shut out the world in this moment for this is Our time and no one shall take it from Us. This is the intimate moment when you become the page and I write My Words upon you. No one shall take this away from you and I for I have created it. Why do you doubt it as the Words of Love flow from My Heart like Blood? Flowing freely into you without hindrance on this night? All has gone from around you but the Words that I speak.
For you – at this moment – the world is no more. It is gone. Only you and I remain in this world that I have created. Feel the Passion in Me as the Words tumble and fall from My Heart. They come from My Father’s Mouth and they become Me upon the page. I am the Word and I am Life. I create and I destroy. I am Love. I am Jesus.
Look at Me, My son. Look deeply into Me and do not let earthly distractions take you away from Me and this moment that I have called you to share with Me.
Look at this Heart and its lacerations that are caused by indifferent men. Those men to whom I wish to give the same Love – and more – that I have given you. I give you to understand a part of this great Love that those who do not come to ask of it will never receive for they have not opened to Me within them, to the warmth but will always keep Me at arm’s length.
The soul:
Jesus, You are my Home, my Dwelling Place. I have no other. You are my Joy, my Peace, my Love as You have often told me and yet I have failed to believe. You are Everything and I need nothing more. Oh, Jesus, if I could release what is in my heart, I cannot express what is in me. Somewhere deep within me – it is like fathoms and it is like imagining the end of the universe. I just cannot get the words to describe what I feel.
My child, what you feel is Me within you. I have come and I sup with you. Each time that you allow Me to use you in this Way then I am within you. Did you not feel My prompting within you in these last days? I have called you. I have Touched you with Songs of Love within your heart. Were you not captivated by them in moments of trying to be with Me?
Yes, My child, you felt these things and it was I, calling your name. I was calling you to your home so that I could eat with you. I Love you, My servant, rest now for you must continue with My Words in this day.
The soul:
Jesus, what can I say, only that I love You.
Close your eyes then and be with Me and I will Touch you. Be not afraid, child, I am holding you and I am surrounding you. I breathe My Love upon you. Come to Me. It is your place, My Heart is your abode. Come there, I Love you. I express My Love in you. This is why the world rejects you, because you are truly Mine. I have begotten you and I will not let you go. I Bless you, child.
We lie to ourselves that we can live a double life. Having two masters: taking on the world and all its glitter and riding high on the waves of the world that present themselves to us and giving Jesus only that part of ourselves that is left over.
This is not the Journey but a self imbued mind that has made a commitment that will go nowhere. It will only go on the wrong path and lose the Light that is being given to it; it will only find the dark path. Anyone who lives in the Light and is in darkness, lives in a lie...

Fear! Fear held me prisoner for many years over the abortion walk. I was a prisoner of my own self, my anxieties and my fear of what people might think of me. Or what they might say about me behind my back! I knew I had to overcome these fears if I was to be able to do the walk.
A little voice
I remember one particular Saturday parking the car on the day of the walk sometime between 2.30 and 3pm. I got out of the car and was walking along the pavement towards the House of Prayer and all the time a little voice was niggling at the back of my mind. ‘They are going to laugh at you! They are going to make fun of you! When you go into the canteen on Monday everyone is going to whisper! When you walk into a room they will suddenly stop talking, because they have been talking about YOU!’
Lost its power
The thoughts kept coming stronger and stronger the closer I got to the House of Prayer. But then something very strange happened. In my head I got angry! ‘Go away,’ I said. ‘Go away and leave me alone. I am going to do this and you are not going to stop me, so go away and leave me alone!’ And slowly the fear began to diminish. A bit like a bad headache, it lingered in the background for a while but it had lost its power over me. I now know that I had overcome self at that moment. The doubts and thoughts and fears still lingered in the back of my mind waiting for a chance to regain control over me. But I refused to let them!
I went on the walk that day and still go when I have the opportunity.
Still felt the fear
Even on the day of the demonstration against the Marie Stopes clinic opening in Belfast, I still felt the fear. Even though self tried again to hold me prisoner, by telling me that the place would be crawling with media (as it was), I still went. There were television cameras and reporters everywhere you looked. And I have to say I tried to avoid them in every way possible. But still I wanted to be there, to be where Jesus wanted me to be, when He wanted me to be there.
His Work
So if, like me, you are held prisoner by your fears, tell them to go away. Tell them that you belong to Jesus and that you are going to do His Work no matter who sees you or not. If they don’t approve that’s ok, because Jesus wants you to be there for Him. He wants you to do His Work and this is what matters.

Every year I do the Life in the Spirit seminars and every year I always believed that I would get something wonderful. I always thought this is the year I’m going to receive the Holy Spirit, so much so that it will be pouring out if me like it did with the Apostles when they left the upper room. Not surprisingly I have always been disappointed when I saw that nothing had changed. I always expected the Holy Spirit to come and change me and waited every year for this to happen.
It is only this year that I realised that I’m the one who has to change in order for God to use me.
It was said at one of the seminars that God can’t use us if we have blocks in us - for example, unforgiveness, unlove, resentment etc. These things and all our sins prevent the Holy Spirit from working in us.
When I was prayed with at one of the seminars I felt a great weight descend on my head and I felt a tingling sensation which lasted until the end of the meeting so I know God has given me many Gifts but I have never seen them come to the fore and maybe this is the reason why.
Faith must be real
In a Message of Love Jesus talks about not being able to get through to us. “...If you believe and believe with all your heart, I will pour out My Spirit on Pentecost to give you what you need to do the Work that I need done. Your faith must be real otherwise I cannot get through to you. This will be a great outpouring of My Spirit in all hearts that believe in Me and the Words that I speak. If your heart wishes only complacency then My Spirit cannot be poured out in you.” Tuesday 29 March 2005
If I don’t rid myself of the blocks in my heart, how can I expect to change and be an example to others?
God Loves us and gives us so much. All He asks of us in return is our free will and co-operation to help Him save souls. He has given us the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to aid us in helping Him. These Gifts are: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord. I believe I have these Gifts, I just need to work on them and put them to use. Working on them is the hard part for me as this requires dying to self. Believing that I have the Holy Spirit within me is the first step. “…My Spirit will enlighten you with My Words so that you can speak with eloquence, if only you believe that He is present within you…” Friday 21 May 1999
I have always believed that you have to be endowed with spiritual Gifts to be a spiritual person. Now I realise that isn’t how things work. In the Life in the Spirit seminar book it gives an example of this:
“How can you tell if you are a spiritual person? Frequently people have the idea that we are spiritual If we have many spiritual gifts. But spiritual gifts are not a good measure of how spiritual we are. You can tell if you are a spiritual person by how much the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control) characterizes your life...”
New life
I have come to understand that if I die to myself by using the fruits of the Spirit, then the Gifts of the Holy Spirit will come to the fore. I must put away the old life in me in order for the New Life in me to begin.
24 Amen, amen I say to you, unless the grain of wheat falling into the ground die,
25 Itself remaineth alone. But if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit... John 12:24-25 Douay-Rheims
This all seems very simple in theory but in practice it takes a lot of work and perseverance. Dying to self is not easy but it can give us great spiritual rewards.
All for Thee, oh Jesus, all for Thee.

Prayer for the Renewal ofThe Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Oh, Lord Jesus Christ, who before ascending into Heaven did promise to send the Holy Spirit to finish Your Work in the souls of Your Apostles and Disciples, deign to grant the same Holy Spirit to me, that He may perfect in my soul the work of Your Grace and Your Love.
Grant me the Spirit of Wisdom, that I may despise the perishable things of this world and aspire only after the things that are Eternal;
the Spirit of Understanding, to enlighten my mind with the Light of Your Divine Truth;
the Spirit of Counsel, that I may ever choose the surest way of pleasing God and gaining Heaven;
the Spirit of Fortitude, that I may bear my cross with You and that I may overcome with courage all the obstacles that oppose my Salvation;
the Spirit of Knowledge, that I may know God and know myself and grow perfect in the science of Saints;
the Spirit of Piety, that I may find the service of God sweet and amiable;
the Spirit of Fear, that I may be filled with a loving reverence towards God and may dread in any way to displease Him.
Mark me, dear Lord, with the sign of Thy true disciples and animate me in all things with Thy Spirit. Amen.

Kim Walker
A week or so ago, I watched the testimony of Kim Walker on YouTube (Kim Walker is in a music ministry called ‘Jesus Culture’). As I watched and listened to her speaking about her encounter with God, my heart was deeply moved in many ways. Through what she said, I realised the value of each human life that is created. Each child conceived is meant to be here, is created by God, is deeply loved by God and is given a purpose for their life on earth.
He created her
One of the questions that Kim asked God was what He was thinking when He created her. His answer was so amazingly beautiful that my heart still fills with love when I think of it. Kim is a singer and uses her voice to praise God. God showed her that He had what was almost like one of those jewellery boxes that plays music when you open it. He would open this box and in it Kim could see herself singing and praising God and she could also see Gods delight when He watched her! He would set the box down, then He would pick it up to listen to her again! God loved being praised by her. It brought Him joy to see her praising Him and it was this that He was thinking of when He created her. How beautiful is that! God Loves us all equally and I have no doubt that He finds the same joy watching us when we are doing what we were created to do, whatever that might be. I felt very moved and Loved by God after watching this testimony.
Cardboard testimonies
The next day, I again watched some testimonies on YouTube. These are called cardboard testimonies. They simply consist of a group of people from a church who have something written on a piece of cardboard that represented their old life, then they turn it over and on the other side there is something that represents their lives now.
One said, ‘addicted to drugs, alcohol,’ on the other side it read, ‘now addicted to Jesus.’ Another said, ‘pregnant by rape’ and on the other side it read, ‘now able to love my child.’ Yet another said, ‘trying for years to have a child,’ when the couple turned it over it said, ‘adopting a son in May…and we are pregnant.’ Another said, ‘convicted felon’ and on the reverse it said, ‘now teaching Bible class!’ Another read, ‘broken after three stillbirths’ and on the reverse it said, ‘now in joy that we will be reunited in Heaven.’ Yet another said, ‘addicted to pornography,’ on the other side it read, ‘now living with Jesus.’ These are just a few wee examples of hundreds of these testimonies. There were others that spoke of healed marriages, of forgiveness, of healing after the death of children or parents etc.
Intense Love of God
Watching these made me very emotional as I realised again the intense Love that God has for each individual human being on earth. He truly does leave the ninety nine to fetch back the one lost sheep. He cares deeply about us and our lives, our joys and our hurts. Most of all, He Loves us with such a deep, unimaginable Love that words simply cannot describe it.
It also brought me great joy to see that Gods Spirit is Alive and well. Here He is moving all across this earth, healing and Loving all.
In stark contrast
In stark contrast to this one reality, I also watched, this week, a man being butchered to death with machetes and meat cleavers. The hatred of the perpetrators of this crime was obvious. I heard of how these men were retaliating for the atrocities that are committed by British and American soldiers in their homeland, of how a bomb had been dropped killing eight children, the youngest of which was three months old and the oldest of which was eight years old. Here we see the complete opposite of the Love of our God. We see the hatred, violence, pain, suffering, unforgiveness and horror of man’s inhumanity to man, we see what man becomes without God.
Jesus sees all
The world was very shocked by this soldier’s untimely and brutal death that was all over the news and in all the Newspapers and indeed, it was a horrific crime. But in some ways I was not shocked. Jesus has told us how the world is now. He watches these horrors every day as thousand of babies are killed in much the same way in their mothers’ wombs. He sees all the atrocities committed in this world in the name of justice, peace or antiterrorism. And, on a smaller scale in our eyes, Jesus sees all the judgements, acts of unkindness and unlove that we do against our brothers and sisters.

My Heart is an Ark
All these thoughts of mine lead me back to the Message Jesus gave at the start of this month, Thursday 2 May. In it He said, “My Heart is an Ark, a Vessel, a Boat, a Sure Refuge for the souls that are scattered in this great sea that is the world. From the decks of this Ark, My Angels sound the trumpets that call out to those who are drowning in the mire of this world. The hearts of those who love Me, the hearts of My Prophets must become one to form and shape and mimic My Heart and its Perpetual Love. Their hearts as one, is My Heart, the Heart that speaks in all of those that I have called…”
Touched by God
I can see all these people in the cardboard testimonies, who have been touched by Gods Love, by the Heart of Jesus, in this Ark that He speaks of in this Message. I can see the calling out to those in the world to come aboard this Ark that is the Heart of Jesus. I can also see the second part of this Message, “…there are many storms to come, My children, many storms that will be great in spiritual eyes but breezes to eyes that will not open.
I bring Light to the world in these Words. While I am in the world I will keep it Lighted with the Words of My Heart. I give these Words to those who are not deaf, to those who are not blind, to those who hear My Word and keep it. I give it to those only whose hearts are One with Mine. I give it to those who hear; not only with the ears but those who hear with the heart; I give them to those who not only see with the eyes but with the soul. I call to an enlightened people who see beyond their own selfishness and see that My Heart is the answer that they seek…”
I can see the calling out to those who will not listen. We could all have this great Love of Jesus, we could all have peace and love in our lives if we but so choose. Jesus is here to give all to us, as He has done before.
Choose Jesus’ Way
The only way for this world is to choose Jesus’ Way. I would like to finish this article by relating something else that I watched on YouTube. This was a film called ‘The Encounter.’ In it was a group of people who were diverted from a dangerous road in bad weather. As these people had nowhere else to go, they waited at a café until the road was made safe. In this café they each encountered Jesus. He spoke to each of them about their lives and what He wanted them to do and how He had always been with them even though it seemed at times that they were alone and God didn’t answer their prayers. He explained that He had caused this encounter with Himself as they all had been going to be killed that night. He was giving them the opportunity to come back to Him and live their lives with Him. Some chose to go with Jesus, some didn’t. This was an excellent little film.
In my mind, I could see myself at this crossroads; I had to choose whether I was really going to follow Jesus or not. Is my life with Him a pretence? Do I really want to love and serve Him? What is the alternative of not living for, in and with Jesus?
My friends, I believe we are all in that time now when we have to choose; are we with Jesus or not? Are we going to give over our lives now to help Jesus get as many souls into that Ark as We possibly can or are we going to be too selfish in living our own silly little lives? The decision is entirely ours. We all have free will. Kim Walker chose Jesus and serves Him now. The people in the cardboard testimonies chose Jesus. I do not know whether the men who committed the terrible murder of that soldier have made their decision or have yet to choose. One thing is for sure, not everyone will choose to go with Jesus but if we do sincerely choose Him and give ourselves to Him, we can help other people make the right decision. We help most of all by our example, the example of how we live our own lives.
If you want to watch any of the testimonies I have mentioned in this article they are:
1 Kim Walker, a testimony about Gods Love – Jesus Culture (duration 10:08)
2 Cardboard testimonies
3 The Encounter full movie (Duration - 1:30:06) (

A Powerful Shaft of Light in the Darkness
By listening to the news and what’s going on in the world, we can many times feel despondent. All we hear and see now is how unloving, selfish and even evil man has become. In the news recently we heard of how Kermit Gosnell murdered babies that lived for as long as twenty minutes; also, over the past couple of years, there is horrifying footage of abuse taking place in various hospitals by hidden cameras, etc., etc.
The world has grown icy cold “And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold.” Matthew 24: 12, Douay-Rheims We are in the end times and only the Love of the Sacred Heart can revive it. “The devotion to My Heart is My last effort to warm a world that has grown cold” (Jesus to Saint Margaret Mary).
One perfect, shining example of how to love in the midst of so much darkness is Saint Maximillian Kolbe who clearly had his eyes fixed on Heaven each day. Nothing was too much for him to give up for Jesus, not even his life. Let’s look again at the life of this martyr and aim to follow his example to love and give and thus help Jesus eradicate the darkness in this world.
The deathcamp Auschwitz became the killing centre during World War II where the largest numbers of European Jews were murdered by the Nazis. One Christian man who died here became a martyr to the truth of the evils of Nazism - a true hero for our time, a Saint who lived what he preached, total love towards God and man...
Maximilian Kolbe was a Polish priest who died as prisoner 16770 in Auschwitz, on August 14, 1941. When a prisoner escaped from the camp, the Nazis selected ten others to be killed by starvation in reprisal for the escape. One of the ten selected to die, Franciszek Gajowniczek, began to cry: My wife! My children! I will never see them again! At this Maximilian Kolbe stepped forward and asked to die in his place. His request was granted...
A radical change
The story begins on 8 January 1894 - Raymond Kolbe was born the second son of a poor weaver at Zdunska Wola near Lodz in Poland. In his infancy Raymond seems to have been normally mischievous but one day, after his mother had scolded him for some mischief or other, her words took effect and brought about a radical change in the child’s behaviour. Later Raymond explained this change: ‘That night I asked the Mother of God what was to become of me. Then She came to me holding two crowns, one white, the other red. She asked if I was willing to accept either of these crowns. The white one meant that I should persevere in purity and the red that I should become a martyr. I said that I would accept them both.’
Destined for martyrdom
Thus early did the child believe and accept that he was destined for martyrdom. His belief in his dream coloured all his future actions.
In 1910 he became a Franciscan, taking the name Maximilian. He studied at Rome and was ordained in 1919. He returned to Poland and taught Church history in a seminary. He built a friary just west of Warsaw, which eventually housed seven hundred and sixty two Franciscans and printed eleven periodicals, one with a circulation of over a million, including a daily newspaper.
He founded friaries
In 1930 he went to Asia, where he founded friaries in Nagasaki and in India. In 1936 he was recalled to supervise the original friary near Warsaw. When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, he knew that the friary would be seized and sent most of the friars home. He was imprisoned briefly and then released and returned to the friary, where he and the other friars began to organize a shelter for three thousand Polish refugees, among whom were two thousand Jews. The friars shared everything they had with the refugees. They housed, fed and clothed them and brought all their machinery into use in their service.
The deathcamp Auschwitz
Inevitably, the community came under suspicion and was watched closely. Then in May 1941 the friary was closed down and Maximilian and four companions were taken to the deathcamp Auschwitz, where they worked with the other prisoners.
On June 15, 1941, he managed to write a letter to his mother:
‘Dear Mama,
At the end of the month of May I was transferred to the camp of Auschwitz. Everything is well in my regard. Be tranquil about me and about my health, because the good God is everywhere and provides for everything with Love. It would be well that you do not write to me until you will have received other news from me, because I do not know how long I will stay here. Cordial greetings and kisses, affectionately, Raymond.’
Such a sublime example
One day an SS officer found some of the heaviest planks he could lay hold of and personally loaded them on the Franciscan’s back, ordering him to run. When he collapsed, the SS officer kicked him in the stomach and face and had his men give him fifty lashes. When the priest lost consciousness the Nazis threw him in the mud and left him for dead. But his companions managed to smuggle him to the camp infirmary - and he recovered. The doctor, Rudolph Diem, later recalled: ’I can say with certainty that during my four years in Auschwitz, I never saw such a sublime example of the Love of God and one’s neighbour.’
He shared his meagre ration
Prisoners at Auschwitz were slowly and systematically starved and their pitiful rations were barely enough to sustain a child: one cup of imitation coffee in the morning and weak soup and some bread after work. When food was brought, everyone struggled to get his place and be sure of a portion. Father Maximilian Kolbe however, stood aside in spite of the ravages of starvation and frequently there would be none left for him. At other times he shared his meagre ration of soup or bread with others.
The gentleness of Christ
In the harshness of the slaughterhouse, Father Kolbe maintained the gentleness of Christ. At night he seldom would lie down to rest. He moved from bunk to bunk, saying: ‘I am a Catholic priest. Can I do anything for you?’
A prisoner later recalled how he and several others often crawled across the floor at night to be near the bed of Father Kolbe, to make their Confessions and ask for consolation. Father Kolbe pleaded with his fellow prisoners to forgive their persecutors and to overcome evil with good. When he was beaten by the guards, he never cried out. Instead, he prayed for his tormentors.
He constantly sacrificed himself for the others
A Protestant doctor who treated the patients in block twelve later recalled how Father Kolbe waited until all the others had been treated before asking for help. He constantly sacrificed himself for the others.
In order to discourage escapes, Auschwitz had a rule that if a man escaped, ten men would be killed in retaliation. In July 1941 a man from Kolbe’s bunker escaped. The dreadful irony of the story is that the escaped prisoner was later found drowned in a camp latrine, so the terrible reprisals had been exercised without cause. But the remaining men of the bunker were led out.
The starvation bunker
‘The fugitive has not been found!’ the commandant Karl Fritsch screamed. ‘You will all pay for this. Ten of you will be locked in the starvation bunker without food or water until they die.’ The prisoners trembled in terror. A few days in this bunker without food and water and a man’s intestines dried up and his brain turned to fire.
Let me take his place
The ten were selected, including Franciszek Gajowniczek, imprisoned for helping the Polish Resistance. He couldn’t help a cry of anguish. ‘My poor wife!’ he sobbed. ‘My poor children! What will they do?’ When he uttered this cry of dismay, Maximilian stepped silently forward, took off his cap and stood before the commandant and said, ‘I am a Catholic priest. Let me take his place. I am old. He has a wife and children.’
Astounded, the icy-faced Nazi commandant asked, ‘What does this Polish pig want?’
Father Kolbe pointed with his hand to the condemned Franciszek Gajowniczek and repeated ‘I am a Catholic priest from Poland; I would like to take his place, because he has a wife and children.’
Franciszek Gajowniczek
Observers believed in horror that the commandant would be angered and would refuse the request, or would order the death of both men. The commandant remained silent for a moment. What his thoughts were on being confronted by this brave priest we have no idea. Amazingly, however, he acceded to the request. Apparently the Nazis had more use for a young worker than for an old one and was happy to make the exchange. Franciszek Gajowniczek was returned to the ranks and the priest took his place.
The immensity of it
Gajowniczek later recalled:
‘I could only thank him with my eyes. I was stunned and could hardly grasp what was going on. The immensity of it: I, the condemned, am to live and someone else willingly and voluntarily offers his life for me - a stranger. Is this some dream?
I was put back into my place without having had time to say anything to Maximilian Kolbe. I was saved. And I owe to him the fact that I could tell you all this. The news quickly spread all round the camp. It was the first and the last time that such an incident happened in the whole history of Auschwitz.
For a long time I felt remorse when I thought of Maximilian. By allowing myself to be saved, I had signed his death warrant. But now, on reflection, I understood that a man like him could not have done otherwise. Perhaps he thought that as a priest his place was beside the condemned men to help them keep hope. In fact he was with them to the last.’
Drank their own urine
Father Kolbe was thrown down the stairs of building thirteen along with the other victims and simply left there to starve. Hunger and thirst soon gnawed at the men. Some drank their own urine, others licked moisture on the dank walls. Maximilian Kolbe encouraged the others with prayers, psalms, and meditations on the Passion of Christ. After two weeks, only four were alive. The cell was needed for more victims and the camp executioner, a common criminal called Bock, came in and injected a lethal dose of carbolic acid into the left arm of each of the four dying men. Kolbe was the only one still fully conscious and with a prayer on his lips, the last prisoner raised his arm for the executioner. His wait was over...
Bruno Borgowiec
A personal testimony about the way Maximilian Kolbe met death is given by Bruno Borgowiec, one of the few Poles who were assigned to render service to the starvation bunker. He told it to his parish priest before he died in 1947:
‘The ten condemned to death went through terrible days. From the underground cell in which they were shut up there continually arose the echo of prayers and canticles. The man in charge of emptying the buckets of urine found them always empty. Thirst drove the prisoners to drink the contents. Since they had grown very weak, prayers were now only whispered. At every inspection, when almost all the others were now lying on the floor, Father Kolbe was seen kneeling or standing in the centre as he looked cheerfully in the face of the SS men.
Calm and radiant
Father Kolbe never asked for anything and did not complain, rather he encouraged the others, saying that the fugitive might be found and then they would all be freed. One of the SS guards remarked: ‘this priest is really a great man. We have never seen anyone like him...’
Two weeks passed in this way. Meanwhile one after another they died, until only Father Kolbe was left. This the authorities felt was too long. The cell was needed for new victims. So one day they brought in the head of the sick-quarters, a German named Bock, who gave Father Kolbe an injection of carbolic acid in the vein of his left arm. Father Kolbe, with a prayer on his lips, himself gave his arm to the executioner. Unable to watch this I left under the pretext of work to be done. Immediately after the SS men had left I returned to the cell, where I found Father Kolbe leaning in a sitting position against the back wall with his eyes open and his head drooping sideways. His face was calm and radiant...’
Disposed of
So it was that Father Maximilian Kolbe was executed on 14 August 1941 at the age of forty-seven years, a martyr of charity. The death certificate, as always made out with German precision, indicated the hour of death 12.30.
Father Kolbe’s body was removed to the crematorium and without dignity or ceremony was disposed of, like hundreds of thousands who had gone before him and hundreds of thousands more who would follow.
In that desert of hatred he had sown love
The heroism of Father Kolbe went echoing through Auschwitz. In that desert of hatred he had sown love. A survivor, Jozef Stemler, later recalled: ‘In the midst of a brutalization of thought, feeling and words such as had never before been known, man indeed became a ravening wolf in his relations with other men. And into this state of affairs came the heroic self-sacrifice of Father Kolbe.’ Another survivor, Jerzy Bielecki, declared that Father Kolbe’s death was ‘a shock filled with hope, bringing new life and strength ... It was like a powerful shaft of light in the darkness of the camp.’
The cell where Father Kolbe died is now a shrine. Maximilian Kolbe was beatified as Confessor by Paul VI in 1970 and canonized as Martyr by Pope John Paul II in 1981.
Franciszek Gajowniczek
But what happened to Gajowniczek - the man Father Kolbe saved?
He died on March 13, 1995, at Brzeg in Poland, ninety five years old - and fifty three years after Kolbe had saved him. But he was never to forget the ragged monk. After his release from Auschwitz, Gajowniczek made his way back to his hometown, with the dream of seeing his family again. He found his wife but his two sons had been killed during the war.
Every year on August 14 he went back to Auschwitz. He spent the next five decades paying homage to Father Kolbe, honouring the man who died on his behalf.
A beacon of hope
Father Kolbe’s incredible deed is an inspiration for all mankind. His life serves as eulogy to the millions who perished in World War II. He did not leave his legacy as an ode to the past - rather as a beacon of hope to the future...

Late-Term Abortionist is Brought to Justice
In the April Newsletter we included an article about a trial in America where an abortionist was being charged with hundreds of crimes including four counts of first degree murder of babies whom he delivered alive and then killed by severing their spinal cords. It’s horrific how he treated the women and babies in his care. But the difference in what he did and what abortionists all over the world do on a daily basis is a matter of a mere few seconds. Why can’t people see this when they are horrified by what was done in this ‘clinic?’ ALL the babies who are killed by abortion are murdered. Not just those whose killers are found guilty by a judge.
This is an article taken from LIfeSite News about the trial of Kermit Gosnell and its outcome.
PHILADELPHIA, May 13, 2013 ( – A Philadelphia jury has found late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell guilty of murdering three of four babies in his capital murder trial.
He is also guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 abortion death of Karnamaya Mongar, a forty one year old legal immigrant who died when his untrained staff administered an overdose of sedatives.
First-degree murder
The jury found Gosnell guilty of murdering Babies A, C and D. Gosnell quipped Baby A, who was photographed by one of his employees, Andrienne Moton, was big enough to “walk me to the bus stop.”
Jurors found Gosnell had committed first-degree murder when he allowed the babies to be born alive, then “snipped” their spinal cords with scissors - a practice his employees said they saw him perform “hundreds” of times.
Face the death penalty
The verdict, which was announced this afternoon in the courtroom of Judge Jeffrey Minehart, means Gosnell will face the death penalty at sentencing.
The “not guilty” count related to Baby E, who uttered a noise before being killed. Jurors could not determine conclusively that such a sound represented a sign of life.
Stand True Ministries
“Even if not on every count, I am thrilled today by the guilty verdict in the Gosnell murder trial,” said Bryan Kemper of Stand True Ministries. “I have waited many years for justice to be served on behalf of babies being killed by abortionists.”
Past the state’s limit
Jurors convicted Gosnell of one count of infanticide and two counts of conspiracy in the murders of the babies, which defence attorney Jack McMahon sometimes called “infants,” as well. They also convicted Gosnell of breaking Pennsylvania law by aborting babies past the state’s limit of twenty four weeks’ gestation.
No emotion
The seventy two year old abortionist faced hundreds of charges, ranging from first-degree murder to racketeering to tampering with evidence.
Prosecutors Ed Cameron and Joanne Pescatore appeared relaxed before the verdict came in, according to reporter J.D. Mullane of the Buck County (PA) Courier Times, while McMahon looked nervous.
Gosnell showed no emotion as the verdict was handed down, according to Mullane.
Abusing a corpse
The decision comes after six weeks of testimony and nearly two weeks of deliberation. On April 23, Judge Minehart dismissed nine charges against Gosnell: three murder charges, one count of infanticide and five cases of abusing a corpse. He gave no indication why he did so.
Gosnell’s attorney had argued it was “ludicrous” to say a baby was alive merely because it was moving. His case was bolstered when Chief Medical Examiner Sam Gulino said he could not determine from the frozen remains whether the babies had been delivered alive.
The babies lived
McMahon told jurors that Gosnell had injected the babies with Digoxin, stopping their heart, and “snipped” the babies only to “ensure fetal demise.” However, authorities found not a trace of Digoxin on the premises when they raided the Women’s Medical Society offices in West Philadelphia.
Horrifying testimony from the facility’s workers confirmed the babies lived sometimes as long as twenty minutes before being subjected to the painful procedure.
Born alive
Former Gosnell assistant Tina Baldwin said one baby’s agonized thrashing caused Gosnell to joke, “That’s what you call a chicken with its head cut off.”
Sherry West testified she saw an eighteen to twenty four inch baby who had been “aborted,” lying in a clear glass pan, “screeching [and] making this noise” that “sounded like a little alien.”
Baby D was born alive in a toilet and struggled to swim out, Kareema Cross said.
McMahon rested his defense without calling a single witness, including Gosnell himself, on April 24.
Should be on trial
The jury reported being deadlocked on two counts this morning. It was not initially reported what those charges were.
The verdict does not satisfy all critics. Some time before the decision was announced, Pastor Luke Robinson, who was keynote speaker at the 2012 March for Life, told The Washington Times, “The whole health department of Pennsylvania should be on trial for allowing these atrocities.”
“House of horrors”
Law enforcement officials raided Gosnell’s abortion business in 2010, believing he merely ran a “pill mill,” dispensing prescriptions for narcotics to make a quick buck. What they found shocked and nauseated them.
Inside his “house of horrors,” which featured an image of two parents holding the hand of a new baby, they found unsanitized equipment that transmitted STDs between patients, urine- and blood-soaked recliners for post-abortion “recovery,” and dismembered fetal body parts.
Forty seven aborted babies
Gosnell kept the remains of forty seven aborted babies in cat food containers and milk jugs. He also cut off babies’ feet. His attorney claimed Gosnell did so for DNA purposes but Assistant District Attorney Ed Cameron believed the abortionist kept the body parts as a kind of “trophy.”
The violations filled a two hundred and fifty page Grand Jury Report.
During his closing argument, Cameron dramatically asked Gosnell, “Are you human?”
Did not report him
The atrocities unfolded with the tacit permission of numerous levels of authority in the government, as well as within the health care and abortion industries.
Pennsylvania health advisors decided to stop inspecting abortion facilities in the mid-1990s under pro-abortion Republican Governor Tom Ridge on the grounds that inspections imposed an undue burden on the abortion industry.
A representative of the National Abortion Federation inspected the business and declined Gosnell’s membership - but did not report him to higher authorities. Neither did hospitals who dealt with the many victims of Gosnell’s botched abortions over the years.
Little interest
The mainstream media also showed little interest in the story - which combined elements of murder, macabre practices and economic and racial health disparities - until a tweetfest generated more than half-a-million comments using the #Gosnell hashtag.
Pro-Life activists rejoiced at the verdict but say Gosnell’s actions are all too widespread.
“We must remember that Gosnell is not an outlier within the abortion industry,” said Lila Rose of Live Action. “We cannot allow these ‘guilty’ verdicts, welcome as they are, to make us complacent when it comes to the continuing abuses happening even now in abortion facilities throughout our nation.”
“We call upon Congress to investigate all those participating in or willing to participate in this kind of brutality toward vulnerable women and children, and end it,” she said.
Below are two quotes from the Facebook page ‘Kelly Clinger - abortion abolitionist.’ Kelly had two abortions when she was younger and has since repented and turned full circle and become Pro-Life. As she describes herself on her Facebook page: ‘wife, mother, singer/songwriter, vocal coach, blogger, Pro-Life post abortive spokesperson for ‘Silent No More Awareness Campaign’, lover of Jesus.’
“I do not hate Gosnell nor do I wish death on him. I want him to repent before it’s too late. I had two abortions and if the laws were different, I could be in the cell next to him. Thank God that He Forgives the truly unforgivable!”
“Gosnell has given up an appeal and the prosecutors have agreed to life in prison. He will not get the death penalty. I am praying he repents. Remember Saul who became Paul? May this be Gosnell’s Damascus Road moment.”
Here at the House of Prayer, we recognise that Kelly’s view is a Christian one and we stand with her. There were many condemning and baying for Gosnell’s blood but Jesus would want us to forgive him and pray for him because that is what Jesus would do. No matter how far we stray from God, we are still ALL His children.

“The Heart of Jesus is the providential reserve that is kept for our times by the goodness of God...No other devotion is more appropriate for the needs of modern times. To the selfishness of our era, to its sensual tendencies, its religious indifference, the most delicate, pure, disinterested, tender and compassionate cult is offered as remedy” (Monsignor Baudry).

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Ascension Thursday
We, at the House of Prayer, celebrated this Day on Thursday 9 May, the True Ascension of the Lord.
During Community Prayers, the talks reflected on, after Jesus’ Crucifixion and Death, how He appeared to the eleven and now He was leaving them to go back to the Father. They were afraid and sad because now Jesus was ascending to the Father. Jesus had promised to send the Holy Spirit to strengthen them.
Jesus will not leave us orphans, He is always there when we have faith to believe in Him.
Pentecost Sunday
Pentecost was an absolutely fantastic Day of Prayer.
While the Day started off slowly, the second half was alive and vibrant with the Holy Spirit. Patrick guided us, through the music ministry, into prayer. There were times of silent, healing prayer and times of joyful praise. There were times when our hearts were still and other times when they soared out in praise of God. A truly wonderful, renewing Day!
Those who attended the “Life in the Spirit” seminars were baptised in the Spirit but even if you had not attended these, you could still be prayed with. God be praised and thanked for this day of Pentecost.

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Saturday 29 June
Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
Tuesday 16 July
Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Sunday 21 July
King of Love
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Friday 9 August
Feast of Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
Thursday 15 August
Feast of the Assumption
Saturday 17 August
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Very subtly
On 2 May 2006 Jesus said in a Message “...Love is what I seek, children. Love has grown cold in the hearts of men and they do not seek Truth any longer. They only seek what they can gain for self’s sake...”
And again on 8 May 2006 He says “...Look around and see the results of the lack of love. Man has grown cold, all he looks for now is self. Self is the opposite of Love. Love of self shows nothing, only greed.
Look, My children, into your own hearts. Is there greed; the desire to look after your own lives without looking to see is your neighbour in need? This has happened very subtly through time...”
How callous man has become
There are so many examples of lack of love in these times. It seems every day in the news there is some story that shocks us at how callous man has become. There are more frequent stories of abuse, rape, war, trafficking and murder, not to mention the absolute disrespect for the sanctity of life through abortion and euthanasia.
Recently I watched a programme which showed to me how cold man has become through greed for money. A clip was shown of a young seven year old boy acting in his Christmas play, placing a star decoration on the Christmas tree. The next day his parents took him on holiday. He loved his Game Boy but had forgotten to pack the charger so his mother went into a shop to buy a replacement. Just before the dinner arrived that evening, he went into his room to have a quick play on his Game Boy. When dinner arrived, his mother went into the room to find him lying dead on the ground, electrocuted, still with the charger in his hand. His mother unknowingly had purchased a fake charger. Another woman in the programme had purchased what she thought was a bargain iphone charger off the internet. When her seven year old daughter plugged her ipod in to charge, it exploded and catapulted her across the kitchen giving her an electric shock. Luckily, the shock was not fatal this time but when trading standards went around shops in a certain area they found a staggering sixty four fake chargers in one day.
Faulty parts
Other items such as hair stylers, children’s electronic games and mobile phone chargers are the items most likely to be counterfeit. According to the Electrical Safety Council, almost all fake goods contain incorrect or faulty parts that can cause fires, shocks or even electrocution.
Another story concentrated on fake medicines being sold on the internet and throughout the world. Recently eighty four children died in Nigeria after taking a teething medicine that was found to contain a toxic chemical found in antifreeze. In Panama over one hundred people died taking a cough medicine which had been mixed with a syrupy poison, diethylene glycol, an industrial solvent and prime ingredient in some antifreeze.
Made in China
Over the years, the poison has been loaded into all varieties of medicine — cough syrup, fever medication, injectable drugs — a result of counterfeiters who profit by substituting the sweet-tasting solvent for a safe, more expensive syrup, usually glycerin, commonly used in drugs, food, toothpaste and other products.
In the United States, eighty one people died taking a blood thinner for dialysis patients called heparin which turned out to be a fake made in China.
Make more money than heroin
Counterfeit drugs are a big attraction as they can make more money than heroin. A one thousand dollar investment in heroin could make three thousand dollars, a two hundred percent profit, where a one thousand dollar investment in counterfeit drugs could make thirty thousand dollars, a two thousand percent profit.
All these fakes were made without any thought for what would happen to those who bought them. No love or concern for the recipients of these dangerous items.
So cold now that it is icy
On 1 July 2006 Jesus spoke again of love “...Love, My servant, is so cold now that it is icy. People see love only in a human form which is fickle. It does not have the same meaning as My Love but they try to make it mean that. They are confused by it because they have been led to believe that it will make them happy. You eat food and feel satisfied at the time but then it begins to move through the body on its processes and eventually ends up in the sewer. The happiness and contentment that it brought is gone and has to be looked for once again. This is a happiness that is temporary but many, many believe that this is all there is. Love is grown so cold that were it not for the few that love Me, the world would be literally lawless...”
Lovers of themselves
In Saint Paul’s second letter to Saint Timothy, he speaks of how people will be in the end times.
2 Men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, haughty, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, wicked,
3 Without affection, without peace, slanderers, incontinent, unmerciful, without kindness,
4 Traitors, stubborn, puffed up and lovers of pleasures more than of God:
5 Having an appearance indeed of godliness but denying the power thereof. Now these avoid.
2 Timothy 3, Douay-Rheims
12 And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold.
Matthew 24: 12, Douay-Rheims
The last days
These are the times we are living in, the last days. Jesus is constantly Warning us and yet we still refuse to believe and act upon His Words. Scripture is being fulfilled before our eyes and we still carry on in our lives as if we had all the time in the world to change.
Let us not convince ourselves that Our Master is delaying His Coming but let us start to change radically as Jesus has asked of us and bring a little of Jesus’ Love back into the world by doing His Will and loving all that we meet, even those who persecute us.
Jesus will give us all the Graces we need if we only ask Him in faith!

Recently, I have had the privilege of caring for my brother in the last few weeks of his life. I say privilege because, to me, it was a very special time of being able to show how much I loved and cared for him and of being able to show love to his family and support them at this sad time.
I watched as my own family and my brother’s family were bonded very closely together and how many who had never met up together for years were brought close and how one gave strength to the other.
Say hello
Sadly this happens all too often in families and the only time they seem to meet up are at weddings and funerals. Many of my friends have said the same thing but families are so important and it made me think how it only takes a phone call to say hello to some member you may have lost touch with, or a letter including some photos just to keep in touch.
A time for reflecting
During the weeks spent at my brother’s side, I watched as many of the young members were so happy to meet cousins, aunts, uncles and how they loved to ask questions and listen to the stories of how we grew up, all with different lifestyles and how our parents handed on the faith to us, as we are a large family circle. It was for many a time for reflecting on how our parents taught us about Heaven and hell and how we should be prepared for death at all times.
His Strength and Love
Some of them shared how it made them think more about their faith. During the weeks we were able to introduce some of them to the Rosary and Chaplets and some even went to Confession. Even though it was a sad time, God used it in a powerful way to heal hurts and broken relationships. How Jesus showed His Strength and Love in this sad situation!
Stop and think
The sad thing is that many times it takes a situation such as this to unite families and my hope is that as you read this you may stop and think. Is there any member of your family you have lost touch with or have even fallen out with? Get in touch with them and don’t leave it until it is too late. Jesus will help you and give you a way and the strength to take that step because family is very precious to Him.

47 Every one that cometh to Me and heareth My words and doth them, I will shew you to whom he is like.
48 He is like to a man building a house, who digged deep and laid the foundation upon a rock. And when a flood came, the stream beat vehemently upon that house and it could not shake it for it was founded on a rock.We should all be asking ourselves what house we have built within ourselves for Jesus. Have we built our house on rock by the way we have lived our lives? Do I love my neighbour? Do I do good to others? Do I feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give the thirsty a drink? Do I put Jesus first in my life, no matter what the consequences were?
49 But he that heareth and doth not, is like to a man building his house upon the earth without a foundation: against which the stream beat vehemently and immediately it fell and the ruin of that house was great.
Without Jesus in our lives we have no foundation. He is the Rock we should be building upon. He is our sure Refuge in our daily lives. If we have not got Jesus we will be swept away.

On his own Feast Day, Saint John appeared and placed Gertrude near the Wounded Side of the Saviour, where she could hear the pulsations of the Sacred Heart. “Why is it, O beloved of God,” she asked him, “that you who rested on His Bosom at the Last Supper have said nothing of what you experienced then?” Saint John told her “It was my task to present to the first age of the Church the doctrine of the Word made flesh which no human intellect can ever fully comprehend. The eloquence of that sweet beating of His Heart is reserved for the last age in order that the world grown cold and torpid may be set on fire with the Love of God.”

On the Christian Family in the Modern World
Apostolic Exhortation of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II

25. Within the conjugal and family communion-community, the man is called upon to live his gift and role as husband and father.
In his wife he sees the fulfillment of God’s intention: “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him,” and he makes his own the cry of Adam, the first husband: “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.”
Authentic conjugal love presupposes and requires that a man have a profound respect for the equal dignity of his wife: “You are not her master,” writes Saint Ambrose, “but her husband; she was not given to you to be your slave, but your wife.... Reciprocate her attentiveness to you and be grateful to her for her love.” With his wife a man should live “a very special form of personal friendship.” As for the Christian, he is called upon to develop a new attitude of love, manifesting toward his wife a charity that is both gentle and strong like that which Christ has for the church.
Love for his wife as mother of their children and love for the children themselves are for the man the natural way of understanding and fulfilling his own fatherhood. Above all where social and cultural conditions so easily encourage a father to be less concerned with his family or at any rate less involved in the work of education, efforts must be made to restore socially the conviction that the place and task of the father in and for the family is of unique and irreplaceable importance. As experience teaches, the absence of a father causes psychological and moral imbalance and notable difficulties in family relationships, as does, in contrary circumstances, the oppressive presence of a father, especially where there still prevails the phenomenon of “machismo,” or a wrong superiority of male prerogatives which humiliates women and inhibits the development of healthy family relationships.
In revealing and in reliving on earth the very fatherhood of God, a man is called upon to ensure the harmonious and united development of all the members of the family: He will perform this task by exercising generous responsibility for the life conceived under the heart of the mother, by a more solicitous commitment to education, a task he shares with his wife, by work which is never a cause of division in the family but promotes its unity and stability, and by means of the witness he gives of an adult Christian life which effectively introduces the children into the living experience of Christ and the church.
26. In the family, which is a community of persons, special attention must be devoted to the children by developing a profound esteem for their personal dignity and a great respect and generous concern for their rights. This is true for every child, but it becomes all the more urgent the smaller the child is and the more it is in need of everything, when it is sick, suffering or handicapped.
By fostering and exercising a tender and strong concern for every child that comes into this world, the church fulfills a fundamental mission: for she is called upon to reveal and put forward anew in history the example and the commandment of Christ the Lord, who placed the child at the heart of the kingdom of God: “Let the children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”
I repeat once again what I said to the General Assembly of the United Nations Oct. 2, 1979: “I wish to express the joy that we all find in children, the springtime of life, the anticipation of the future history of each of our present earthly homelands. No country on earth, no political system can think of its own future otherwise than through the image of these new generations that will receive from their parents the manifold heritage of values, duties and aspirations of the nation to which they belong and of the whole human family. Concern for the child, even before birth, from the first moment of conception and then throughout the years of infancy and youth, is the primary and fundamental test of the relationship of one human being to another. And so, what better wish can I express for every nation and for the whole of mankind, and for all the children of the world than a better future in which respect for human rights will become a complete reality throughout the third millennium, which is drawing near.”
Acceptance, love, esteem, many-sided and united material, emotional, educational and spiritual concern for every child that comes into this world should always constitute a distinctive, essential characteristic of all Christians, in particular of the Christian family: Thus children, while they are able to grow “in wisdom and in stature, and in favour with God and man,” offer their own precious contribution to building up the family community and even to the sanctification of their parents.
27. There are cultures which manifest a unique veneration and great love for the elderly: Far from being outcasts from the family or merely tolerated as a useless burden, they continue to be present and to take an active and responsible part in family life, though having to respect the autonomy of the new family, above all they carry out the important mission of being a witness to the past and a source of wisdom for the young and for the future.
Other cultures, however, especially in the wake of disordered industrial and urban development, have both in the past and in the present set the elderly aside in unacceptable ways. This causes acute suffering to them and spiritually impoverishes many families.
The pastoral activity of the church must help everyone to discover and to make good use of the role of the elderly within the civil and ecclesial community, in particular within the family. In fact, “the life of the aging helps to clarify a scale of human values; it shows the continuity of generations and marvelously demonstrates the interdependence of God’s people. The elderly often have the charism to bridge generation gaps before they are made: How many children have found understanding and love in the eyes and words and caresses of the aging! And how many old people have willingly subscribed to the inspired word that the ‘crown of the aged is their children’s children’ (Proverbs. 17:6)!”

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