This Newsletter Messages
This month’s Messages are again very enlightening and challenging.  Jesus helps us understand more about our greatest enemy: self! 
We often wonder why love never seems to be our first thought but it is usually the opposite that comes to the fore in any given situation.  As Jesus soberly puts it: “...It is the greatest desire of self to see the hardship and downfall of others and this is where gossip comes from for self is jealous of everyone, it only desires its own way.  This is the sin of Adam and Eve, it is original sin and must be died to...”
Walk that Path
It is so important to walk that Path which Jesus places before us in these Messages, which is the same Path put before us in Scripture, so that we can be of good use to Him in the Salvation of souls.  If we do not overcome our tendency to sin by dying to the temptations lucifer places before us each day, we cannot bear fruit.
Fighting sin
Within this Newsletter there is an article called ‘Fighting sin.’  It describes the struggle to follow Jesus, to be in the world but not be a part of it.  Fighting temptations is one of our biggest daily struggles.  If these are not overcome, we could  end up losing our very souls.
John Paul
Another article describes the last days of John Paul II and how he gave his all to Jesus. He never gave up even when his strength failed him towards the end of his life.  In comparison, look at the life of Benedict who decided to retire because he felt old.  Need we say any more!
We have also included an extract from Song of the Carpenter Book Two, which was published in 2002 and some Messages of Love which we thought would be of interest to read again.
We have many informative articles on abortion this month.  Abortion should always be on our minds and we should always do all in our power to fight against it.
The articles within this Newsletter come from women who have experienced an abortion and they describe the pain it has caused them.
They are worth reading and they bring the lie into the light that abortion in cases of rape is ok.

The Roman Catholic Church in Germany has stated that it will permit the use of the ‘morning-after pill’ in its church run hospitals.  This is condoning abortion and goes against the Teaching of Scripture, which states in the fifth Commandment ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill.’
SonLight Concert
SonLight will be performing a religious concert, in aid of charity, on Thursday 9 May 2013 in Cookstown Parochial Centre.  They will be singing a variety of Gospel songs and quite a few given by Jesus. Everyone is welcome to join us on the night.  More details inside.

Wednesday 3 April 2013
Look, My children, with love upon your brothers and sisters.  Do not allow any gossip or criticism to be uttered from your lips.  See Me in each person that you meet and My Love will begin to be seen once again upon this earth.  Realise that I am Love, children, and without Love this Battle cannot be won.  When you begin to control self, you will begin to control the unlove that gushes forth from self.  The more that you die to self, the more you will understand My Ways, My Truth and My Life.
I, your God, must become a part of everything that you do if you wish to help My people. Understand self, children, for unless that you understand self you cannot defeat it.  Self is your enemy.  It is the greatest desire of self to see the hardship and downfall of others and this is where gossip comes from for self is jealous of everyone, it only desires its own way.  This is the sin of Adam and Eve, it is original sin and must be died to.  It is the part of mankind that listens to the desires of lucifer.  If it is not overcome then you cannot produce fruit in Me.
I Love you, My children, and I need you to walk this Path with Me so that We, together, can break through the unlove of this world and so guide My children back into the safety of My Fold.  I Love you, My little children, I Love you and I await your response to My calling.  Come behold My Life, behold My Love, the gate is open to those who wish to enter.  I Love you.

Friday 5 April 2013
I Love you, My beloved children, and, once again, I call out in these Words of Truth, of Love, of Life for you to return to Me.  Even though I tell you all these things, you remain firmly a part of this world.  Even though I have told you how much danger you are in.  You read the Words of My Mother, My Prophets but still you do not return.  Rather, you read the Words for sensationalism, My Words are but a hobby to you.
Can you not realise, children, that I am about to Return?
The signs are all around you if you are willing to open your eyes and but see.  I am Coming, Scripture is being fulfilled, My Words are Truth and they are Life.  Why do you not take them on?
To follow Me you must walk the narrow Path, the Path of understanding, the Path of dying to self, the Path of Truth and Life Eternal shall be your reward.  Come, now, My beloved children, walk this Path with Me and I will bestow the Gifts of My Spirit upon you and you shall bring many people into the safety of My Kingdom.
I Love you, My children, I Love you and I call out to you in Love in these Words of Mine.  Come follow Me for I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and My Father has given this time to you to return, do not waste it.  I Love you.
Soon now, I shall send My two into this world and they shall prepare the Path of My Coming. This earth shall understand what they have done but it shall be too late for so many for they shall have given themselves over to the darkness and will be unwilling to return.  Prepare, children, prepare, for I am at the door and you are not ready.  I have given you so much yet you refuse to see, now is the time to cast off the shackles of this world and come follow Me in truth.  I Love you.

Saturday 6 April 2013
Come now, beloved of My Heart, and announce My Warning to this world.
Children, I give you a time, two times and half a time to return to Me.  Do not speculate upon this time but simply return for the days and the hours tick past and you are rapidly running out of time.  I do not say what this time is; I do not say that it is days, months or years for you, My children, would leave it to the last moment to return if I give you a specific time.  So, it is up to you in free will whether you take these Words of Mine on or not.  Your answer to Me will be by the way that you change your lives.
Open your hearts to My Truth and see My Warning.  Your God is giving you a time to return. If this Warning is not taken on, then I shall send My two into this world and I shall give them the Power of My Spirit.  They shall prophecy to My Truth and they shall be given power over all creation to destroy that, that pollutes it and is evil in My sight.  They shall kiss the Sword of My Justice and so it shall be carried in their breath and mankind shall recognise My Truth for no harm shall befall them as they prophecy.
Be Warned, My little ones, I cannot allow the evil of mankind to continue.  Those who have lain with the serpent are destroying all that I have created.  You have entered the time of Revelations and you are given a final chance to return.
Repent of your evil ways and turn away from your sin and come follow Me for your destruction is imminent if you do not listen.  I created this earth in Love and it is Love that it survives on but already it begins convulsing in its death pangs.  Before it dies, I will intervene and breathe New Life into My creation and all that is evil will be destroyed and so My creation shall be renewed in My Love.
Look at these Words, children, take them into your hearts and change your lives, repent of your evil deeds, your evil ways.  Die to the desires of self and come follow Me, your Creator, in truth.  It begins, My children, the great Battle, war has been declared.
I Love you.  Triumph shall be Mine.  I Love you.

Wednesday 10 April 2013
Look to the Truth now, My children.  Do not delay for time grows ever shorter and still you have not returned, you have not taken on My Words.
Can you not see, children, the danger that is all around you? 
Can you not see My Words of Truth for they are Life Eternal for you?
Turn away from sin and come follow Me for I am your God and you are My joy.
I Love you, My children, and I only wish for you to be in the safety of My Fold.  Events are unfolding before you, My children, events that will lead to the downfall of all that you know.  lucifer has given this world much that it now depends upon but he plans to remove it all from you, so that you shall seek the blood of your brother.
Come, My beloved children, see what is happening around you, see the truth of this world and its greed before it is too late.  I will protect My own, I will guide My own through the darkness and into the ‘Time of Peace’ but you must allow Me to guide you.  You must walk My Path, the Path of Love.  Do not allow sin to control you any longer, children, but, rather, look to Me, your God.  I Love you.
Monday 15 April 2013
Come now, My beloved, and take on this Journey of Truth.  Walk this Path of Light with Me and We, together, shall show this world that I am not a dead God.  I have no Hands but your hands, no Feet but your feet, no Lips but your lips.  It is in free will that man must follow this Path and without man’s giving I will not intervene, I will not force My children to follow Me.  But for each that gives of themselves to the good of others, then I can show My children through the example of the one who gives.
I am asking you, My child, to be that one as you read these Words.  Take on My Life and show this world that you are willing to live My Truth.  Show this world that you care enough for your brothers and sisters to give of yourself and so My Love shall be seen once again.
Come, My beloved children, I am Jesus, Son of the Eternal Father and I am calling to you to save Our people through your dying to self, through your giving.
I Love you, My children, I Love you and I only wish for each one of you to be with Me for all eternity.  Come, now, live My Words, give of yourself and do not resist the inspirations of My Spirit.  I Love you.

Tuesday 16 April 2013
Come now, My beloved children, and listen, while there is still a little time left.  Soon, I send My two into this world to show you the Truth of My Ways, so that once again My Spirit may be Breathed upon this earth.  I shall send My Prophets to show this world that I am Alive and not a dead God.  They shall witness to My Truth and those who wish to live in the Truth shall recognise My Voice.
I am Coming, children, and the Path is being prepared, the Way is being made straight.  This world shall rejoice when I Breathe New Life into My creation.  Once again you shall understand My Love by simply looking upon what I have created for you.  Creation has been mired by man’s greed.  My creation is scarred because those in power only wish to use what I have created for their own means.  Soon all this will come to an end and My witnesses shall be recognised in the Glory of My Truth.
Come to Me, My little ones, and allow Me to show you what you have being blinding yourselves to.
Come to Me and allow Me to show you the Truth, allow Me to Breathe New Life into you, so that once again you can enjoy the Fruits of My Spirit.
I Love you, My beloved children, I Love you and I come in these Words to call you back from the brink of ruin.
Do not allow these Words to go unheeded.
Do not allow them to go to waste but allow Me to fill you this day with My Love, My Truth and My Joy.
Come, My beloved children, I, your God, am calling to you through these Words of Mine.  I Love you.

Tuesday 16 April 2013
Trust in Me, My children, trust in My Love for you and you will begin to understand the Truth of My Ways.  See Me in the person that you meet on the street, see Me in the person that has wronged you and offer all as a little sacrifice of love to Me.  These sacrifices I can use to help My children turn away from the darkness.  Join Me on My Calvary Walk and We, together, shall bring New Light into this world of darkness.
Come, My beloved children, take My Hand and walk with Me.  Show Me that you care enough to do this for Me.
I Love you, My little ones, I Love you. I need your hands, your feet and your lips in this Work of Salvation.  Come, I await your answer to My call.  I Love you.

Thursday 18 April 2013
Draw upon Me, My children, draw upon My Love for you and allow Me to show you the True Path of self dying.  Look, My little ones, I show you the Path of how to overcome self so that you may produce good fruit in Me.  Unless the wheat grain falls into the ground and dies it will not produce fruit.  You are the same, My children, unless you overcome self, you will never produce good fruit for My Kingdom.
Fight against the desires of self and you will begin to remove the sin from your lives.  Prayer, fasting and sacrifice are the Path that I show you.  If you really desire to be a follower of Mine, these will become an everyday part of your lives.  Your time on this earth is so short; your life will not truly begin until you enter My Kingdom.  This time that you spend upon the earth should be spent proving to Me, by the way you live your lives, that you really want to be a part of My Kingdom.
My Kingdom is a Kingdom of Love and the one who loves upon this earth shall join Me in My Kingdom for all eternity.  I Love you, My children, I Love you.  Come follow Me in truth.  I Love you.

Monday 22 April 2013
Now is the time to look towards Me and begin the struggle in earnest.  Do not allow one day to go by without looking to Me and gaining the Strength to overcome the things that block you from Me.  Do not allow time to be wasted for there is so little time left to you.
Come, My beloved children, walk this Path with Me and allow Me to Teach you.  Allow Me to show you the Truth of My Ways.  Do not allow this world to influence you in its ways of blindness and greed.
Come, My beloved children, listen to My calls and allow Me to Teach you of My Ways.  I Love you, My beloved children, I Love you.

Wednesday 24 April 2013
Come now, beloved of My Heart, and take on these Words of Truth, these Words of Life.  Pull away from the things of this world and come follow Me.  Do not allow self to control you any longer but fight, My children, fight against the desires of self and you will truly find Me.  Open the gate of your heart and allow My Spirit to penetrate deeply and you shall become a warrior of Love.  I give you these Words to help you fight against the self that holds you away from Me.
It is not a new Path that I give you but it is the Path that has been forgotten by My people.  You cannot love two masters, children, you cannot have the world and Me.  You must choose to follow the one that you love most.  As I have said, children, you must live in the world but not be of it but in these times: you both live in the world and are of the world, which goes against everything that I have Taught.  Come away from its dangers and you shall see the Truth of My Words.
I hear so many of you saying: if I say the Rosary, go to Mass, go to Confessions and try to live a good life that I will be fine.
No, children, this is an excuse that you use to remain in the world.  You are of the world and do and say these things to appease your own guilt.  These Gifts of Mine are but lip service.  These Gifts that I have given to you are never allowed to penetrate deep into your hearts unless you die to self.
Wake up, children, and see the Truth!  You are but the blind who are leading the blind.  Many of you will argue with these Words but, I say to you, if you are living My Truth, where are the Gifts of My Spirit?
Do you allow My Spirit to heal the sick through you, give sight to the blind, raise the dead in My Name?  Have I not said these would be the signs of those who follow Me?
Have I not said that you would do greater things than these things that I did when I walked the earth?
Your faith is shallow, children, and easily swayed because of your unwillingness to die to the things of this world.  These are Words of Life, Words of Truth and they are given to you to help you see how blind you have become.  I Love you, My children, I Love you, come follow Me in truth.  I Love you.
I Come to renew this earth, I Come to renew the faith that you have forgotten.  My Spirit is not a dead spirit but He is no longer allowed to work miracles through My followers because of their unwillingness to walk the Path of true self dying.  He cannot fill your hearts when they are already filled with the things of this world. Wake up, children, and come follow Me in truth.  I call My Army of Light to the fore, come follow Me, We have much Work to do and so little time to do it.  I Love you.

Thursday 25 April 2013
Come now, beloved of My Heart, walk this Path of Truth with Me.  Do not be ashamed of Me, My children, do not be afraid to show this world that you believe in My Precepts, My Laws.
Come, My beloved children, let this world see that you are a follower of Mine by the way that you live your lives.  I Love you, My children, it is time to march forward into this world with My Truth.  I Love you.

Saturday 27 April 2013
Come, now, begin your teaching, My children.  Do not wait for there is little time left.  I have provided you with the Path to follow Me; I have shown you the Way of Love through My Life, Death and Resurrection.  Can you not see, My children, that this world pervades, nothing but heartache and death eternal? For its ways are the ways of lucifer.
Come seek Me, find Me in the Truth, find Me in your brothers and sisters.  Do not judge, do not condemn, do not show a bad example to those around you but be the example of Love, of Truth, of Forgiveness and Compassion at every step you take.
I Love you, My little ones, I Love you and I am calling you through these Words to come follow Me in Truth. Die to the things of this world and allow Me to fill you so that We, together, can bring New Life into this world of darkness.  I Love you.

Monday 29 April 2013
Come now, My beloved children, take on My Words of Truth.  Fight against the desires of self and come, follow Me.  It is time, My children, I call My followers to the fore: the Battle Cry has been sounded, the time has come for this world to know the Truth.
I approach: the time has come for this world to realise its errors, the battle lines have been drawn, the enemy has claimed his own, those who will not listen to My Truth.  And so, it begins.  I Love you.

Dear Friends
We want to thank you all for your many kind donations and spiritual support through the years and in more recent months.
It is because of your belief and action in Jesus’ Words that we have been able to achieve so much here at the House of Prayer: the Houses of Prayer in other countries, the printing equipment that has enabled us to spread the Messages and print anti-abortion material that has been responsible for stopping abortions taking place; the watersports equipment to help the youth; the music equipment that is being used to promote Jesus’ Songs and enables SonLight to be the spearhead that Jesus wanted; the list is endless.
A thousand times thank you.
We had been debt free but now the bills are mounting again so we are asking you to continue to support us in any way you can.
Again, we thank you most sincerely.
God Bless you all.

Fighting Sin

Much harder
Sometimes I think it is much harder now to follow Jesus than it was when I first came to Him sixteen years ago.
Sin seems to have greatly multiplied on the earth thus increasing the darkness and overshadowing the Light.  The call of the world seems ever louder and the temptation to live my life for me is much greater.
Absolute beauty
It seems to me now that the times I fall away from Jesus are far more that the times I stay with Him and, in this moment, that makes me feel very sad.  In the times that I allow myself to get pulled away from Him, I forget the absolute beauty of following Him and of being a living sacrifice to gain souls to quench His insatiable thirst.  My heart’s desire is to follow Him completely, to give of myself entirely, to gain souls, to love Him.  Why then do I continuously fall away from Him?
He Teaches me
Each time that I fall away from Jesus, as He brings me back, He Teaches me something about myself, about my human condition and my own weakness.  But what scares me most is that sometimes when I fall away and I simply am not doing what Jesus wants of me, sometimes I don’t care because I am too wrapped up in myself.  This is when the struggle to get back to Him is the hardest.
I understand
As a Christian who struggles daily to follow Jesus, to die to the sin within me and to live a Christian life, I understand my brothers’ and sisters’ struggles in the world also.  Far from being a self-righteous judge, I understand their struggles and so, of course, does Jesus.  There have been certain Laws laid down by God for us to follow and these Laws are there to keep our souls safe from eternal fire.  It is not that God wants to spoil our fun, no, He wants us all to be with Him for eternity. 
As a Christian, when I need to speak the truth about a sin, such as homosexuality, I am often seen as homophobic or judgemental or self-righteous. 

How a sin works
Let us go back and see how a sin works. 
We are all put on this earth for one reason; to decide in our own free will whether we want to go to Jesus in Heaven forever or not.  When we are born, we all have our own Gifts and our own weaknesses.  If we die to our weaknesses and our inclination to sin, then our Gifts come more to the fore and our presence in the world makes it brighter for God.  I am going to use the example of homosexuality.  Many in the world say that it is a genetic thing, that they are born that way.  That is nonsense.  By saying this, we are setting that child of God up to live a life of unrepentant sin.  You may be born with that weakness or inclination but, as with all other sins, it has to be fought.
No truth present
To fight a sin, you must first see it as a sin.  If there is no truth present, ie you are born that way, then what chance have you got of fighting it?  You are not born gay, if you are inclined towards people of the same gender, then you fight that temptation.  To fight a temptation you must first see it as a temptation.  There is a spirit of homosexuality and as you give into this sin, the spirit gets a grip on you.  The more you give in to this sin, the tighter the spirit’s grip gets until eventually it will be very difficult to break free.
All sins
The same is true for all sins; the more we give in to them the tighter their grip is on us.  The more we fight them, the less hold they have over us and the easier it becomes to fight them until eventually they have no hold over us.
We all have our own weaknesses or our own sins that we are inclined towards but Jesus has given us many Teachings on how to overcome these.
The first thought
‘The first thought’ is one of these.  It does not matter if the first thought is put there by a spirit or if it is a desire of self.  All sins have a root, that root is in our minds with the first thought of a sin.  Say we are walking past a purse that is open and we see a lot of money in it.  Our first thought may be how easy it would be to take it.  If we stop our minds straight away and kill that thought then no sin is incurred.  If we let our minds run on then we could very easily end up stealing that money.  The same is true if we see a good-looking man or woman.  If we stop ourselves at the thought that they are good-looking then no sin is incurred, however if we let our minds wander on then there are many sins that could come from this such as lust, masturbation, adultery fornication, pornography etc.
Another weapon
Another weapon that Jesus has given us is the Anchor.  This is such a fantastic Teaching and gives us the foundation to become saints!  We choose a physical thing to give up.  We fight all temptation to give up this thing until we overcome it.  When we have overcome, then we add more things to it.  We can choose one of our most common sins and because of the spiritual strength we have gained by giving up the physical thing, we will find that we are a little stronger in fighting this sin.  And as we overcome one sin, then we can add another and so we continue in this vein, probably for the rest of our lives!  But with each thing that we overcome, we become stronger and more able and willing to fight.
Jesus fell
I said at the beginning of this article that each time I fall away from Jesus, He Teaches me something about myself as He calls me back to Himself.  Sometimes these Teachings are the same as the ones given to me before and this can become disheartening.  But as I write this article, I am reminded that Jesus fell three times on His way to Calvary.  He did not give up.  He Loved me enough to struggle back to His Feet in all of His Pain and continue on.  It does not matter how many times I fall, it matters that I get up and try again.  It is my effort that will please Jesus – or not.
If Jesus had given up, where would we all be now?  I wonder how many souls are depending on us not giving up?  Where will they be if we don’t pick ourselves up and carry on?
Jesus is worth everything and anything we can give to Him.  There are not the words to express what a beautiful and Loving God He is.  All He wants is for all of His children to be with Him at the end.  We know that is not possible for not all will accept what He did but we also know that by our love and our giving we can gain many souls for Him.  Is this not worth a little bit of fight?

Remembering John Paul II

Just went with it
I was shocked at the news that Benedict handed in his two week notice recently, announcing he was retiring due to health concerns and old age.  I hardly ever watch TV but I turned on the news that afternoon to hear about it.  I must say, I was even more shocked when I heard the unshocked priests, parishioners and even a very nervous Cardinal Brady come out with comments such as “...he is too old...”, “...he knows what he is doing...”  No one seemed to think it odd at all but just went with it unquestionably!!!
How quickly we have forgotten, only eight years ago, a frail, bent over Pope John Paul II, determined to do his God-given job, resolute in presenting himself as a strong rock to his flock, no matter what!!
I then had a wee nosey on YouTube to see the dove ‘of peace’ that Benedict released attacked by a seagull and the lightening that struck Saint Peter’s Dome, hours after the announcement of retirement.  No doubt these are signs!
Like a bereft child
Whilst on YouTube, a CNN documentary caught my eye: ‘The Last Days of Pope John Paul II - The Untold Stories’ and I began to watch it.  It was so moving I wept like a bereft child watching how our beloved Holy Father’s body just failed to do what he wanted it to do.
We then knew why
I had never seen these final days of Pope John Paul’s before because Jesus had called us servants away from the House of Prayer in Cookstown to another House of Prayer before the Pope died and there was no TV there.  We were told on the phone he had died when we were on that retreat and we couldn’t believe it.  We then knew why Jesus sent us there. 

Every single moment
The documentary showed the formerly nicknamed ‘keep fit’ Pope’s decline in health throughout his pontificate.  But, as his closest friends revealed, no matter how weak his body became, his mind was as sharp and clear as ever, no matter how bent over he was, he was never broken. 
He used every single moment of the life he valued to write, to speak, to travel, to love and to give.  He wrote volumes of beautiful explanations and expressions on the Church he loved.  His light shone brightly and without fail, well, until his body failed him.  Even though he shook with illness, it never stopped him from carrying out his duties.  God only knows what pain he endured behind his strong character and warm smile.
Progressive decline in health
After he was shot four times, he believed Our Lady, whom he loved dearly, saved his life by guiding the path of the bullets.  He later publicly forgave the assassin and went on pilgrimage to Fatima to thank Our Lady.
The assassination attempt and many surgeries took their toll on his once strong, athletic body and years of media coverage showed our beloved John Paul’s progressive decline in health.  
The greatest example
He made a pilgrimage to Lourdes where his sickness was on full display and he told the crowds he was a sick man among the sick.
He jokingly called the hospital “vatican three” because he spent so much time in it.  After his operations he was always impatient to get to the window by his hospital bed to greet, wave at and bless the crowds who gathered to pray for his recovery and sing to him.  According to his close friends in the documentary,  he never accepted self pity but told them his ‘small’ suffering could help humanity better than all his writings. He became the greatest example of carrying our cross and finest inspiration for any Catholic, especially who is sick or old.
In February 2005, John Paul was rushed to hospital in an emergency as he struggled to breathe due to flu complications.  He missed the Holy Week ceremonies but he was filmed watching them on television.  He stayed in hospital for ten days and on 24 February, two weeks later, he was rushed back to hospital again.  He was on a respirator and needed a tracheotomy operation to enable him to breathe more easily but this threatened to affect his voice.
His last journey
After the operation, John Paul wrote down that he dedicated himself once again to the Blessed Mother, “totus tuus,” totally yours.
He was surrounded by people who worried what would happen if he became too incapacitated to be Pope or slipped into a coma.  But these worldly, lacking in faith fears were not shared by John Paul, who trusted in God to take care of things, which He did!
On his return from hospital, numerous cameras were on him - on the streets, from a helicopter and even in the van which he travelled in - filming his last journey to his residence in the Vatican. 
The words failed
On Easter Sunday, John Paul came to the window wanting desperately to speak to his flock but the words didn’t come out.  Those around him abruptly pulled the microphone away from him but he stayed on at the window, evidently fraustrated but not so quick to give up as those with him.  Three days later, determined not to let anything beat him, he tried again but again the microphone was pulled abruptly away as the words failed to come out.
A dying Pope
On Thursday,  John Paul was dressed for Mass but he took a shiver and had a severe infection.  His temperature rose to one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit.  This time, John Paul decided not to go back to hospital but to remain in the Vatican.
On Friday 1 April 2005, prayers and Masses commenced for a dying Pope.
He did it magnificently
On Saturday 2 April 2005, after a Mass in his room, John Paul asked the doctors to “let me go to the House of my Father.”  At 9.37pm, he breathed his last.
He was eighty four years old and was pope for over twenty five years.
He never gave up trying to fulfil his role until Jesus called him Home and he did it magnificently.

In great shape
Yet Benedict, who celebrated his election as pope with ice cream and asti spumante, seems in great shape in comparison - he isn’t shaking, struggling to speak or breathe, can walk without help, isn’t bent over - is retiring!!
Apparently he finds it painful to walk and has had a few stumbles and had to be wakened at ceremonies on occasion but, to me, this is nothing to what John Paul endured.  No matter how bad John Paul was, he never let it beat him, he fought hard against the self in order to give Jesus his hands, his feet and his lips.
Too old, too sick
John Paul, my friends, is the shining example of what Jesus wants of us.  He is the leader of that Army of Little Souls, of stalwart saints.  To follow his example of overcoming every obstacle to give Jesus what He wants is expected of us.  Or we, like Benedict, can think we are too old, too sick and want to take it easy.  Judging by the comments of the people of this world (priest and laity alike): no one in this world will think any less of you if you want to take it easy, because everyone else is. 
A “little” bit of suffering
We don’t need any more people taking it easy, we need more people like John Paul, willing to offer a “little” bit of suffering to help humanity and stop the multitude from going to hell, like snowflakes.  Jesus asks us in the Gospels to follow Him on the narrow Path, not the wide and easy path which leads to hell.
The heroic last days
Watching the heroic last days of John Paul made me feel as I get older and sicker, to never give up, to keep going, giving Jesus a little bit extra along with my pain and suffering so that I too can join in the sacrifice to help humanity and never before does humanity need it so badly!  And, as I suffer, to smile and be in joy and to still love and give of myself as John Paul gave everything he had to us and for us, just like Jesus.

An extract from Song of the Carpenter
Book Two, Chapter 16

…As he gazed into his fire, Jesus was seeing into another time, a distant time far beyond the time and space of this valley.  He could see a great domed Palace, much like the Temple in Jerusalem but richer, costlier, with slender columns and workmanship that defied the knowledge of those in this time, this valley.  Because of him, the way in which the people of this time worshipped had changed and this building, for all its whiteness and seeming purity, worship was not its primary function but the Palace itself was worshiped because of who dwelt there.  Because of him, all within the Palace were priests, of one sort or another.  It was a place to live, a place of administration, with places of worship within it.  It was a king’s Palace where its courtiers flurried about, doing their own bidding and not the king’s.  In some corners of it, it was a pit of ambition, nested in by a brood of vipers. 
It was the Palace of God on the earth.  It was the people’s giving to God.  They gave it the best that they had; their precious gold for its sacrificial plates and cups, rich stone, polished until it shone its grainy texture, art that rivalled against itself in beauty hung upon the walls.  Faith had long been replaced by self seeking. 
To the people it meant their love, to Jesus it meant that the poor starved and that love was misplaced.  When a seed is planted in a garden and the tree begins to grow, its growth is dictated by the gardeners who tend it.  Its pruning determines its direction, height and width and the amount of fruit that it bears.  When a gardener lovingly tends the tree, its fruit will be abundant as it responds to the loving instruction of the gardener because he can see its potential and will aid it to achieve the perfection it seeks.  Like the shepherds, if the gardeners are hired and only interested in their wages, the growth of the tree will be stunted and will not have the perfection that can be gained from it.  The tree that the hired gardeners tended and the fruit, could well be abundant, but the essence of the fruit will not gain its perfection.
The king of that time was old and still believed in the essence of the new Commandment that Jesus had given, had wrought.  The old man believed that Gods Law was paramount and, though his age and health kept him from being able to do the things that he wanted to do, his mind was lucid and, had his subjects listened to him, full of wisdom.  The old man represented God on the earth and had been given, by his forbears, the keys to the mighty kingdom that he ruled over. 
All over the world, the man’s subjects believed in him to varying degrees.  But those who believed in him most were those who could never reach him, those who prayed powerful prayers for him and those who believed in the prophecies written about this time.  Prophets who will be given their words by Jesus from the other side of this time that he was in now.  They believed and waited for him as now they wait for him.  Others, who saw the old man as too old, too set in his ways, had already made their own changes in the Law and implemented them using other beliefs and religions to do so, openly flaunting and causing great upheaval within the Palace, the dust of which had not settled and showed no signs of it.  Those who did not believe and wanted change were as a great, thick wall between the two. 
Within the Palace there was much intrigue and speculation among the courtiers who fawned and danced attendance on the lords of that Palace while vying for places higher in the ranks.  These lords were the Pharisees and the Sadducees of that time and had inherited their hypocrisy.  The intrigue came mainly as a result of the changes.  Prophet’s words were bandied about and dismissed as it was discovered, by the great lords, that by believing in the words, it took away from their own comfort and made them uncomfortable and unpopular with the others.
As Jesus sat beside his fire in the valley, his eyes were not seeing it.  With pain in his heart and soul, he saw the figure who walked with deliberate steps towards the ornate wooden chair that hung on the wall.  The great hall echoed the man’s steps, had heard their particular click many times, over many years.  The man knew where he was going, had been there before.  The chair was the talisman that he rubbed to bring him luck.  Jesus saw the red clothing, the glint of white at the throat, and the glittering gold of the symbol that hung from it, the symbol that meant nothing to him. 
And the lie screamed at him across the distance of time, it beat him with the reality of what his sacrifice would become, allowed by those who used that same sacrifice to gain their own status, their own way, that opposed his. 
The man was smiling as he looked at the chair, as a son and heir might smile at his father’s things that he will inherit.  The man’s eyes were dark brown in colour and were quick, quicker than any human’s eyes.  They gleamed greedily at the sight of the chair.  He was tall and bronzed, not from the sun, but from the environment that he had lived in.  In the man’s heart was victory, a victory that had taken years to achieve.  All his plans were about to be fulfilled, just one more obstacle and it would be his and he would dance on the graves of all those who had presumed to oppose him.  Even those who had helped him, he would spit at, for the real truth would soon hit them and, like a tidal wave, it would take all of them out of his sight.  They were simply pawns in the game that he was master of, pawns that he had used and would simply throw away when he had achieved that chair.  This time, the betrayer would not die but would control, would not be packed off to live far apart from all other creation.  He had used the very gift of God, himself, free will, and had won.
He was a lord in this Palace, trusted, revered and respected highly, his lie intact.  He had worked his way up through the ranks, spreading change, like molten lava running down the side of a mountain, within the Palace and out into the world at large.  And others had believed him, many others.  He had made damned sure that God would die, or at least take a very back seat.  Like a farmer, he had sown the seeds of doubt, subtly along the way, giving the people a new god to believe in, the god of self.  Like sheep, he had herded them into his own pens, successfully lulling them into false hope in him.  Lies had become truths within the sheep’s minds and that was just the way he wanted it to be.  The old man was done, shaking his way into his stone tomb and he would see to it, had seen to it, that the last steps into it were quickened.  The years of subtle poisoning were paying off, his weakened body could take no more. 
As he stood there, drinking in his pride in long gulps, two flies began to buzz around the man, around his face, cheekily landing there to annoy him, as though to thwart his victory.  He swiped at them.  They flew away to the heights of the hall but returned once again.  The man swatted at them violently and lost his victory smile and, red-faced, lost his dignity and his train of thoughts.  It was not over yet.
Jesus, in his valley beside his fire, smiled.  His pain was eased a little…

Message from JesusThursday 30 July 1998
My children, the days grow darker and I give Warning to the world.  Be prepared for much persecution in these days ahead.  Do not lose what I have given to you for what is to come will happen suddenly.  You will see the beast rise up and take control.  Be sure that you recognise him.  Do not let anyone fool you for many will say that it is not he but I tell you that when you see My John Paul disappear then it is he.  he will use a name that he will be the first of that name.  he thinks to begin a dynasty but he will not succeed.
Be vigilant and hardworking, My children.  Remember that I, Myself, will come like a thief in the night.  I Love you, take heed.

Message from JesusWednesday 16 February 2004
Children of this world, I, Jesus Christ, urge you to look at the expanding empire of lucifer that you pretend is not happening.  Look at it and compare it to your own lifestyle and you will see how far caught up in it you really are.  When you become complacent to all the sin around you then you are in the kingdom of lucifer.  When you see the truth about the world around you and fight it with the Truth then you live in My Kingdom.
The world cannot know Me when it is filled with ignored sin for it weighs heavily on creation and it cannot function, it cannot breathe.  Many countries suffer the loss of faith because of governments who pretend to be one thing and really are another.  Their policies are to fool as is their father’s.  My country of Ireland is being poisoned by the lure of money, America is lured by power, Russia by atheism, Spain by complacency; all are dragged down by continual sin.  Fight the sin, My people, and you will be able to see the scales fall from their eyes.
Ireland stands with the sword of lucifer at its throat and is no longer a victim but is a true partaker in all that is evil, only a remnant remains.  From the belly of America has already come forth the one who will rule from behind another, already his voice is one with the one in front.  Fools!

Abortion hurts women and kills children
German Catholics allow morning-after pill in rape cases
By Stephen Brown, Thursday 21 February 2013

The Roman Catholic Church in Germany said on Thursday it would permit certain types of “morning-after pill” for raped women, after two hospitals provoked an outcry for refusing to treat a rape victim.
The German Bishops’ Conference said church-run hospitals would now ensure proper medical, psychological and emotional care for rape victims - including administering pills that prevent pregnancy without inducing an abortion.
Not an abortive effect
Archbishop Robert Zollitsch said a four-day meeting of German bishops in the western town of Trier had “confirmed that women who have been victims of rape will get the proper human, medical, psychological and pastoral care.”
“That can include medication with a ‘morning-after pill’ as long as this has a prophylactic (a preventative) and not an abortive effect,” he said in a statement.  “Medical and pharmaceutical methods that induce the death of an embryo may still not be used.”
No change
That means there is no change to the Catholic Church’s ban on the so-called abortion pill based on the drug mifepristone or RU-486, and marketed as Mifegyne or Mifeprex.
The Church remains firmly opposed to abortion and artificial birth control but in Germany it will now differentiate between pills that prevent sperm from fertilizing an egg in the womb and pills that induce an abortion, in cases of rape.

Feared losing state subsidies
The German church, which has already faced mass desertions over cases of sexual abuse of children by priests, had been expected to change its position on the morning-after pill after apologizing about an incident involving two hospitals in Cologne last month.
The critical German lay movement “Wir sind Kirche” (We are the Church) said bishops took the decision because they feared losing state subsidies for church hospitals.  The Catholic Church runs twenty five percent of German hospitals and half of those in North Rhine-Westphalia state, which includes Cologne, it said.
Cologne’s Cardinal Joachim Meisner, an ally of the outgoing German-born Pope Benedict, has already apologized for the church hospitals’ treatment of the woman.  He said it “shames us deeply because it contradicts our Christian mission and our purpose.”
Fearing she had been raped
The twenty five year old woman was referred to the hospitals by her doctor for a gynecological exam after she was drugged at a party and woke up on a park bench fearing she had been raped.
The hospitals refused to treat her because they could not prescribe the pill, which is taken after sex to avoid pregnancy. She was eventually treated at a Protestant church-run hospital.
More women in leadership
The German bishops’ meeting in Trier also tried to address criticism of sexual discrimination by the Church by vowing to include more women in leadership positions, although this will not include the ordination of women as priests.
More than one hundred and eighty one thousand German Catholics left the Church in 2010 and a further one hundred and twenty six thousand the following year, reducing the total number to 24.47 million in a total population of eighty two million.
(Editing by Jason Webb)

What we think

The truth
I, personally, cannot understand how a pill can distinguish between prevention of a sperm meeting an egg and the destruction of the embryo.  Surely the morning after pill’s job is to harden the mother’s womb to stop this new human being from attaching to it, thus  preventing it from receiving the sustenance it needs to grow further?
So how can any pill to stop this be in anyway justified?  The baby embryo will be expelled and will die - it will be aborted or murdered.  Isn’t that the truth?
Never a good choice
As many Pro-Life groups rightly proclaim, abortion is never a good choice for someone who has been raped.  It is another violation on a woman’s body she could really do without. 
Feeling the pinch
It would seem to me that the Catholic Church in Germany is more likely to be afraid of losing money more than losing it’s Catholicism.   German Catholics have to pay between eight and ten percent of their income to the Church or else they will not be able to receive Sacraments.
With the big slide in Catholics leaving the Church, the Cardinals and Bishops must be feeling the pinch. 
We would ask the questions: is giving the people what they want the answer?  What about giving Jesus what He wants - namely thou shalt not kill - is that ever considered?

Germany’s Catholics told to pay Church tax or no Sacraments

Stem the decline
GERMANY’S ROMAN CATHOLICS who refuse to pay a Church tax will be barred from receiving the Sacraments or becoming a godparent, under controversial new restrictions entering into force today (24/09/12).
In a move decried by a progressive Catholic group, the German bishops’ conference last week issued a decree, saying it was “worried” about the Catholic Church’s dwindling numbers and wanted to stem the decline.
Since the nineteenth century
Confession, Holy Communion, Confirmation in the Church or Anointing of the Sick – unless the patient’s life is in danger – are now out of bounds for anyone who leaves the Church, the decree which took effect today stated.
Becoming a godparent is also off-limits, it said.
Germany has had a system in place since the nineteenth century of asking residents to either officially declare their religion and pay a Church tax, or to be classed as “non-religious.”
Eight and ten percent
A change in status from being a member of a religion requires a formal procedure to “leave the Church,” as an increasing number of Germans have done, mostly from the Catholic Church but also from the Protestant faith.
The levy amounts to between eight and ten percent of income tax, depending on where the person lives.
Paedophile scandals
Last year, some one hundred and twenty six thousand four hundred and eighty eight  Catholics turned their back on the Church, after  one hundred and eighty one thousand did the same in 2010, official figures showed.
A report in April 2011 showed that paedophile priest scandals in Germany had contributed to the forty percent rise in the number of Catholics leaving the Church a year earlier.
Since early 2010 and in common with other countries, Germany has been hit by revelations that hundreds of children were physically and sexually abused in institutions, all but a handful run by the Roman Catholic Church.
Although the new decree permits a religious marriage for anyone who has left the Church, it stipulates two conditions – an okay from the local religious authorities and a promise to keep the faith and uphold the religious education of any children in the Catholic faith.
However the bishops’ decree said that “if the person who has left the Church has not displayed any regret before their death, a religious burial may be refused.”
Reaction to the decree has been divided.
Vatican support
Theodor Bolzenius, spokesman for the Central Committee of German Catholics, told AFP they were pleased that the move had been formalised “with explicit support from the Vatican.”
But the progressive “We Are Church” (“Wir Sind Kirche”) Catholic movement criticised it, saying: “It’s a bad decree coming at a bad time.”
“Instead of tackling the reasons for Church-leaving in large numbers, this bishops’ decree is a threat to the people of the Church and is not going to motivate people to remain loyal or to join the community of those who pay their Church tax,” it said in a statement.
The Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily said it sent a “disastrous” signal and was aimed more at saving the Church’s finances, while Die Welt said the bishops should be aware they risked appearing “ruthless.”

One third Catholic
On Wednesday a German court is due to rule in a case involving a canonist, Hartmut Zapp, from Freiburg who declared in 2007 that he would no longer pay his Church taxes but insisted he remained a Church member.
Germany’s population of nearly eighty two million is about one third Catholic and one third Protestant.
The Protestant Church in Germany has no similar plans, a spokeswoman said.

Abortion After My Rape Just Added to My Pain, Guilt
by Anonymous,, 2/24/12

Feel alone
My story is not an easy one to tell.  However, I think it’s important to try, because I know what it’s like to feel alone.  I don’t know who needs to hear this but I believe in the deepest part of my heart that what I’ve experienced has not been in vain.  If talking about what has happened in my life can help one less person to feel like she is struggling by herself, then I will try.
Living for Christ
To begin, I am a convert to Catholicism. My decision to enter into the Church was a long but peaceful one, stemming from a desire to realize God more fully in my life.  After a five year period of slowly developing a beautiful relationship with the Lord, I made the decision to be confirmed a Catholic and begin to know Him in a more profound way.  The memory of this Sacrament, just after my college graduation, is still one of the most beautiful moments of my life and one that I will hold close to my heart forever.
On fire for God
In the year that followed, I used every opportunity that I could to soak up my newfound faith.  To say that I was on fire for God would be putting it lightly.  I loved the Lord and I loved His Church.  I accepted Catholic teaching and Church doctrine easily.  I was happy and involved; I felt as though I had found what I had always been looking for.  As I reflect upon this period, I see it very much as a time that the Lord used to draw me intensely close to Him, almost as though He were fitting me with the armour that I would need in the years to come.
An attack on my person and my faith
One particular night, I left a long day of work to meet some friends at a praise and worship event at our local parish.  It was truly a beautiful evening and when I left, I felt refreshed and alive.  When I got home I did the normal things that I would do to unwind on any night.  I listened to music, wrote in my journal for a while and finally went to sleep after midnight.
A false sense of security
I woke up just a few hours later to what sounded like doors slamming.  The commotion definitely got my attention but I barely thought anything of it. In retrospect, it is utterly painful for me to recollect what a false sense of security I had.  It did not even begin to cross my mind that something was wrong, or that I might be unsafe.  I just fell back to sleep.  The next thing that I realized, there was a man walking into my bedroom.  Any delusion of safety that I’d had immediately vanished.
I encountered absolute evil
In the hours that followed, I encountered absolute evil – I was beaten severely and raped several times.  A virgin up until this point, I remember a feeling of anger towards God beginning almost instantaneously. After all, wasn’t I trying my hardest to follow Him? Wasn’t I maintaining purity and doing everything that I thought He wanted me to do?  Why would He allow this to happen?  In a moment of complete desperation, I begged my attacker to kill me.  In my mind, surely death would have been better than withstanding one more moment of that terror.  He did not kill me, however.  He just vanished, as mysteriously as he’d appeared, into the early morning hours, leaving me all alone.
Emergency contraception
The next day at the hospital remains a blur to this day. I spoke with more police, received more stitches and cried more tears than I ever thought was possible.  A kind doctor, who I believe really was trying to help me, asked if I wanted to receive emergency contraception. Actually, it was offered to me in a way that seemed like it was assumed that it is what I would do.  Surely I would not want to become pregnant from such an act. Surely this was the logical next step.  I weakly accepted it and felt relieved that this would be the last I’d ever have to think about it.
Abortion only adds pain and guilt
The weeks that followed were emotional and messy. I moved in with my family and made my way, day by day, clinging to their love and support.  I definitely did not feel well but figured that was due to having just sustained severe emotional and physical trauma.  About a month later, at a follow up visit, my doctor asked me if I could be pregnant. My mind could not even begin to wrap itself around this as a possibility.  After all, I’d taken emergency contraception at the hospital.  Moreover, there was no way that God would choose to create life from something so horrific.  There was no way that I could be pregnant.
But I was.
I hated the child
It devastated me to my very core.  What is usually beautiful and happy news for women made me want to rip my skin off.  I felt completely disgusted.  I hated myself, I hated God and I hated the child that I was carrying.
I left the doctor’s office that day unsure of what I would do.  I knew abortion was wrong and went against everything I had believed up until that point.  At the same time, I had no ability to process what was happening in my life.  I couldn’t even tell anyone.  I was shocked, embarrassed and disgusted with myself.  In the week that followed, anger and fear built up in my heart until I felt I had no other option.  There was no other choice. My child was three and a half weeks old when I made the decision to have an abortion, killing him and wounding my heart forever. I was completely alone and sure that God would never forgive me.

My heart was plagued
A few years passed and I tried my best to forget what happened.  Stitches were removed, wounds healed and even scars began to fade.  From an outside perspective, I looked as though I was doing much better but my heart was plagued with the decision that I’d made.  I could never fully push it away, despite my best efforts.
A secret life of drugs
I put up a good front, pretending that everything was fine.  In reality, I had found my way to a secret life of drugs, alcohol and just about anything else I could do to numb the pain I felt inside my heart.  I wanted nothing to do with God.  I had not told even one soul what I’d done and I was certain that I never would.
Finding Forgiveness in Gods Love
God had different plans, however.  He gently began to call me back to Him.  He put people into my life who I felt that I could trust, people who did not judge me and loved me as I was.  Through these people I began to remember that I needed God.  I needed Forgiveness.  My heart, at long last, was brought back to life when I finally received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for my abortion.  I began to heal and Jesus was there to pick up the pieces.
Killing him did nothing
Now, nearly five years removed from the decision to have my abortion, I can say with some certainty that I regret it to the fullest extent possible.  My heart hurts deeply with the wounds that came from my assault. But the pain of knowing that I will never meet my child hurts more deeply.  While I continue to wonder how I could have coped with having a baby from rape, I know that killing him did nothing to heal my pain.
I have taken a lot of time recently to think about my child.  I have always believed that God took him straight to Heaven; I do not believe that he suffered and I know that Jesus holds him close.
Abortion hurts women
Why should I tell my story? I am writing this because I know that abortion hurts women.
I know that the devil plays on the hearts of the confused and vulnerable and that many women are left alone and feel like they have no choice.
I know that many women carry this deep wound alone for years; maybe even forever.
I know this, because this is my story.  But my story does not end here.

Forever changed
I believe that every life, no matter how long or short, has a purpose.  I believe that at least part of the purpose of my child’s life was to help me become the woman that God intends me to be.  My identity is forever changed because of my child; no matter how he came into this world, or how he left it.  I hope that with Gods infinite Mercy and Grace that I can embrace this new identity and continue to grow closer to Him; to be a daughter, a sister, a friend and a mother.
LifeNews Note: This unsigned article is part of HLI America’s series “Testimonies: Finding Hope through the Struggle.” This brave testimony recounts a story of regret for choosing abortion after rape and finding Forgiveness in the Love and Mercy of Jesus Christ. It originally appeared at HLI’s Truth and Charity Forum.

Sick of the rape excuse line used by pro-choice activists
The following blogs were written by victims of rape.  More can be found on:

Annie B.
Thank you for speaking up for people like me.  Yes, I was conceived when eight men raped my mom.  Her comment when I finally met her three years ago (at forty eight years old) was “I couldn’t kill a kitten or a puppy, how could I kill an innocent baby?”  She knew it wasn’t my fault.  She is my hero!  And now responsible for four other humans living -  my two sons, my grandson  and now one other on the way!  People shouldn’t play God in that they determine who lives and who dies. Having forgiven those men, my mother was able to live her life freely.  There are many other “rape” stories but because the children are small these stories don’t come out.  Mothers want to protect themselves and their children.  Or because of the stigma involved, people fear rejection.  I am secure in who I am.  God chose a horrible situation to show how powerful He is to change things.  I personally know one girl raped by her father and gave birth to a beautiful boy.  She is actively involved in his life and the adopted parents are secure enough to agree.  Now that’s real life and freedom.  (Yes, her father is in jail) I hope people rethink their thinking about life!  My book Hostile Conception Living With Purpose can help at
Annie B., February 12, 2009

I’m the girl who wrote the first comment about being raped and giving my child in adoption to a loving family. The one sick of the rape excuse line used by pro-choice activists.  I wish they would just ask me once.  It would feel so good to say, Yeah what about it, I was raped and I chose life over death...why wouldn’t I?
For me the only thing that could’ve healed my trauma from the rape and allowed me to forgive the rapist as well was because of the birth of my beautiful, precious daughter.  I’m not saying it would be that way for everyone but I think there is a much greater chance of being healed that way than through an abortion.  An abortion certainty, WON’T heal the pain completely.  I am so blessed in so many ways and so glad it happened to me.  My daughter has touched and saved over one hundred lives and she isn’t even a year old yet.  I’m biased yes but there is really something amazing about that girl.  Her adoptive parents can’t explain it either.  She radiates love.
She was a miracle in so many ways and shouldn’t have  survived.  It is amazing what prayers and Gods Grace can do!...
Adriana, November 3, 2009

Dr Kermit Gosnell ‘killed babies’ at abortion clinic

He made millions
A Philadelphia doctor performed thousands of illegal late-term abortions and murdered newborns after inducing labour, prosecutors have said.
Dr Kermit Gosnell, sixty nine, was charged with murder and other offences in the deaths of a patient and viable babies born as late as the eighth month of pregnancy.
Prosecutors said he made millions of dollars treating and sometimes maiming mostly poor minority women.
Very, very serious
Nine clinic workers are also charged with murder and other counts.
The defendants have not yet responded to the charges.
Lawyer William Brennan, who represented Dr Gosnell during the investigation, said: “Obviously, these allegations are very, very serious.”
“I am aware that abortion is a hot-button topic,” District Attorney Seth Williams said in a statement.
Babies, who would survive
Mr Williams said clinic furniture and equipment was dusty, broken and blood-stained.
“A doctor who knowingly and systematically mistreats female patients, to the point that one of them dies in his so-called care, commits murder under the law.
“A doctor who cuts into the necks severing the spinal cords of living, breathing babies, who would survive with proper medical attention, is committing murder under the law.”
Untrained, unlicensed
At the Women’s Medical Society, a clinic described as a squalid “baby charnel house,”  Dr Gosnell employed untrained, unlicensed workers who performed abortions, administered dangerous drugs and wrote prescriptions, the grand jury wrote in a report obtained by the BBC.
Forty five foetuses were found
Medical equipment was outdated, not functioning or in poor condition and the remains of forty five foetuses were found stored throughout the clinic - in bags, milk and juice containers, refrigerators and freezers, the grand jury wrote.
The grand jury said Dr Gosnell and his staff had speeded women through the abortion process, skirting strict state regulations including rules about teenage patients.
A late-term abortion
Performing abortions well past the state’s statutory cut-off of twenty four weeks, his clinic would induce labour, then killed the babies, the grand jury said in its report.
Prosecutors estimate Dr Gosnell and his unlicensed aides killed hundreds of babies in that manner.
“People knew near and far that if you needed a late-term abortion you could go see Dr Gosnell,” Mr Williams said.

Dangerous sedatives
Dr Gosnell also maimed women under his care, prosecutors said, during efforts to extract foetuses. The grand jury described cases in which he would send women home with parts of aborted foetuses still inside them, with the women later suffering dangerous infection.
He also risked their lives by allowing his staff to administer dangerous sedatives without proper training or licences.
Repeated injections
He is charged with murder in the death of a forty one year old Nepalese immigrant named Karnamaya Mongar, who overdosed on repeated injections of an outdated sedative.
Mr Williams said regulators received a number of complaints against the Women’s Medical Society but none provoked an investigation.
Dr Gosnell and clinic workers were ultimately arrested when law enforcement officers raided the clinic seeking evidence of illegal prescription selling.

Officials say Karnamaya Mongar, left, died from an overdose of sedative under Dr Gosnell’s care

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Sacred Heart House Events Celebrated

Easter Retreat 2013
Thursday 28 March to Sunday 31 March

The Easter Retreat began in the House of Prayer on Holy Thursday Night with a Vigil at 10pm, after Mass of the Lord’s Supper in the local chapel.  Patrick did the reading of the Passion and the Stations of the Cross, as given by Jesus through the Messages of Love.  The prayers were interspersed by hymns provided by SonLight who guided us in song and solemn adoration.
We tried to be with Him
Throughout the three or four days, everyone attested to the fact that being with Jesus in the Prayer Room was very peaceful and blissful and that there was a Presence of Jesus to be felt throughout the House as we tried to be with Him through His Passion in our quiet reflections.
Those who attended the Easter retreat also participated fully in the Easter Services in the local chapel from Thursday through to Sunday.
Our Lord’s Passion
One of the highlights for both the servants and the visitors, over the course of this special weekend in commemoration of our Lord’s Passion, was the reading and interpretations given by Patrick on the Holy Scripture of the Easter Triduum.   His talks, which were held in the Conference Room to allow for a more informal question and answer type session, surrounded the Last Supper, including Our Lord’s soliloquy, the Agony in the Garden, His Trial by Caiaphas,  Pilate and Herod, His Scourging at the Pillar, His Carrying of the Cross and His Passion and Death and they were given over three different nights.
A light to others
Patrick went through the Scripture readings line by line and explained to those present what he felt about each phase of the Passion and what Jesus was inspiring him to say.  We were given great insights to the background of the characters, their motives in doing or saying what they did and how Jesus felt or reacted to each trial as they presented themselves.  It was very evident and an often recurrent theme in the talks that all that happened had to happen thus so as to fulfil Scripture and Patrick was able to revert back to Isaiah’s or Jeremiah’s prophecies and point out where they foretold what would happen to Christ. He brought alive the Commandments of God and how we should be living these and letting the example of our lives be a light to others.

In memory of Him
Little did the Disciples realise it at the time and Patrick highlighted this in his talk, that they couldn’t in fact fathom what was in store for their Lord or for them.  This humble beginning was in fact the very beginning of the Church and the Mass as we know it today, with Jesus celebrating the Last Supper and asking us to all do this in memory of Him.
Prayers were offered against abortion
The Retreat ended on Easter Sunday and all our prayers were offered against abortion including the Baptism of the Unborn, according to a Message given by Jesus on Easter Sunday, 1992
“...Think today of all the babies who have been Crucified with Me1 in Love; they are the victims of unlove…”
1 Abortions.

Walk Against AbortionSaturday 6 April 2013
We hold one of our annual walks against abortion on the nearest Saturday to the Feast of the Annunciation to help fight against the crime of abortion.  On Her Feast Day in 1995, Our Lady spoke in a Message and told us:
“...My Sorrow is also at its height for My little ones are still being murdered.  I ask that you sacrifice these prayers of this day for them.  I ask that you do not pray for yourselves but that you allow Me to take all these garlands of flowers that you give Me, to use for them.  If you do, then I can stop thousands of these killings taking place.  Abortion is on the increase and I must save many.  Take this issue to your hearts and fight lovingly against it for it grieves My Heart…”  Tuesday 15 August 1995, Roscrea Grotto, Co. Tipperary
We now use the Feast of the Annunciation as a Day of Prayer and Fasting against abortion.
We walked silently around Cookstown remembering the little ones who have died.  We were heckled by onlookers who disapproved of what we were doing, mainly because we were holding banners that showed images of aborted babies.  Jesus has told us in the Messages of Love that showing these images was the way to proceed as it the Truth.  “…My servant, I Love you.  Many within the world would say that these pictures are not the way to go in the fight against abortion but I am telling you that it is the way to proceed...”  Friday 18 April 2003
We carried on walking regardless of what the public thought and gave all our prayers and sacrifices to Jesus for the little ones that were murdered.  Afterwards we did the Baptism of the Unborn.

Divine Mercy Sunday 7 April 2013
“My children of this world, I greet you in My hour of Mercy for it is the time when great rivers of Mercy flow from Me. Like great waterfalls of Love it runs eternally for there is no end to the source...”  Sunday 8 January 1995
On this Sunday of great Mercy, we gathered in the Prayer Room to venerate the picture of Jesus in the Divine Mercy and then we prayed the Divine Mercy Novena and SonLight led the Chaplet in song.  A servant gave a talk on Jesus’ Mercy and Love for everyone.  We sang and thanked Jesus for His many Gifts to us.

Feast of the Annunciation Monday 8 April 2013
For the Feast of the Annunciation we at the Sacred Heart House of Prayer held our annual twenty four hour Day of Prayer and Fasting against abortion.  Jesus and Mary have spoken many times in the Messages of Love about how abortion is on the increase and we can’t fight this terrible crime without prayer.
We began our prayer at midnight with the Mysteries of Light and continued in silent prayer throughout the night in the Prayer Room from Sunday night at midnight until Monday night at midnight, apart from our Community Prayers which we came together to do.
At the 12 noon Community Prayers on Monday, a servant of the House spoke about the picture of Mary, Patron of the Aborted.  She explained to us that the picture is an icon and each painted object and colour has a spiritual meaning.  She told us that an artist in America wanted to paint a giant copy of the picture to display for many people to see, however, he was intending to leave out the water at the foot of Our Lady.  It was at that time the Patricks received the spiritual meaning of that part of the picture.  The water at the Foot of Our Lady is Heaven’s way of asking us to baptise the little aborted babies and a very important part of the painting’s Message.  The complete meaning can be found on the back of the printed images of the painting.
At the 3pm prayers, once again, a servant spoke about abortion and read a Message of Love in which Jesus talked about the crime of abortion.  We also prayed the Rosary and Divine Mercy and prayed for politicians to have a change of heart.

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From 11 April to 15 April we had the privilege of having SonLight with us again in London.  They performed three concerts to raise money for two London Charities: The London Catholic Worker (Homeless) and the Good Counsel Network.  One thousand, two hundred and forty five pounds was raised over the weekend and each charity will receive six hundred and twenty two pounds and fifty pence to help with their work.
All enjoyed the music and dancing
The Concerts were held at the Haringey Irish Centre, Saint Mellitis and Saint Patrick’s Hall.  Sonlight also played at the senior citizens lunch club in the Irish Centre and played many popular songs including country and western music and sixties hits from the Beatles and Elvis etc.  All enjoyed the music and dancing.
Touching and powerful
Many people came to the concerts and really enjoyed the music.  We have heard some great reviews and comments from people attending and have had many requests for CDs.  It is great to hear SonLight play and to hear music that has been inspired by Jesus.  They played various songs and different ones would suit different tastes.  The style of music included Gospel, Country and Western, Folk and Rock all with a spiritual flavour. The music is very touching and powerful.  There have been many requests for the band to return.  Hopefully we will have them back soon.  If you missed the concerts you could visit Sonlight’s web site at and listen to some of the music or see them on YouTube.
Very well received
In addition to the concerts, SonLight played music at two Sunday Masses.  They were very well received by the parishes they played in and a big thank you to the priests of the parishes who made it possible for them.
We would also like to thank everyone who helped us in both preparation for the weekend and getting the House ready and giving donations and food contributions etc to help with the events and for all who were staying with us.

Plight of OthersThe Homeless

Seems preferable
The streets of our cities are scattered with the homeless, they seem to get younger.  The street living seems preferable to the chaos of their own homes, of neglect and violence and dysfunctional family life.  Foreign nationals who can’t get work end up on the streets, they can’t access benefits.  Hostels for the homeless cater for a few, first come, first served. 
Very appreciative
Charities do night runs to bring tea and hot drinks, sandwiches, blankets and warm clothing to those in need.  The homeless are very appreciative of this warmth and kindness, these helpers do not judge the street sleepers, they show respect and love as they see Jesus in all people.
40 “...I say to you, as long as you did it to one of these My least brethren, you did it to Me.  Matthew 25:40, Douay-Rheims
“…go, children, feed the hungry, clothe the naked and give the thirsty a drink of water…”  Thursday 16 October 1997
Go out into the streets and love
“…I say, rise up, My little Army, and do battle with the evil one.  Go out into the streets and love; do not be afraid to show this world that I am Alive in the way that you live your life.  I am depending upon you, My children, who read these Words.  Go now and do My Will.  I, your Jesus, Love you…”  Thursday 14  February 2008
All around there are people crying out, for someone to care for Words of encouragement, for a pair of arms to hold them, there is little time left for each of us to love and serve Our Lord in any small way we can.

Mark 2:8-22

18 And the disiples of John and the Pharisees used to fast and they come and say to Him: Why do the disciples of John and of the Pharisees fast but Thy disciples do not fast?
Jesus tells us in ‘The Sacred Heart, An Abyss of Love and Pain’ “Do not look to what your brother or your sister offers; all that I want is what you offer.”  If we are truly focusing on our relationship with Jesus, then all we can see is the multitude of our own faults which allows no time to examine the conduct of others. 
19 And Jesus saith to them: Can the children of the marriage fast, as long as the bridegroom is with them? As long as they have the bridegroom with them, they cannot fast.
From reading the Gospels, it seems that Jesus was being constantly challenged.  Do I do this, inwardly?  Challenging Jesus’ Words instead of responding to Him with the zeal of a child eager to please their Father?
20 But the days will come when the bridegroom shall be taken away from them and then they shall fast in those days.
Fasting, although painful to self, is a powerful spiritual tool we have been given. When offered to God, the denial of self can be translated into very powerful Graces for those in need.  We are given countless opportunities and inspirations to ease Jesus’ Pain by offering even the smallest sacrifice to Him, out of love for Him.  It is in these moments when my body cries to be fed, that I can remind myself of how loud the voice of self is in comparison to the voice which inspires me to die to self.
21 No man seweth a piece of raw cloth to an old garment: otherwise the new piecing taketh away from the old and there is made a greater rent.
When we truly know Jesus, it is impossible to be the same as we once were.  It is our duty as Christians to hear the Word of God and let it change us completely.  Otherwise, these precious Words and Teachings are wasted on us.
22 And no man putteth new wine into old bottles: otherwise the wine will burst the bottles and both the wine will be spilled and the bottles will be lost. But new wine must be put into new bottles.
Clean and dirty water cannot run together.  We must decide to throw off the old ways of sin and self and allow Jesus to fill us with all His Graces and Blessings, in order that His Gifts may come to the fore.  Then the world will see the new wine within us and see through our love and our deeds, that Jesus is still Alive. 

The wisdom of John Paul II

On the Christian Family in the Modern World
Apostolic Exhortation of His Holiness,  Pope John Paul II

22. In that it is, and ought always to become, a communion and community of persons, the family finds in love the source and the constant impetus for welcoming, respecting and promoting each one of its members in his or her lofty dignity as a person, that is, as a living image of God. As the synod fathers rightly stated, the moral criterion for the authenticity of conjugal and family relationships consists in fostering the dignity and vocation of the individual persons, who achieve their fullness by sincere self-giving.
In this perspective the synod devoted special attention to women, to their rights and role within the family and society. In the same perspective are also to be considered men as husbands and fathers, and likewise children and the elderly.
Above all it is important to underline the equal dignity and responsibility of women with men. This equality is realized in a unique manner in that reciprocal self-giving by each one to the other and by both to the children which is proper to marriage and the family. What human reason intuitively perceives and acknowledges is fully revealed by the word of God: The history of salvation, in fact, is a continuous and luminous testimony to the dignity of women.
In creating the human race “male and female,” God gives man and woman an equal personal dignity, endowing them with the inalienable rights and responsibilities proper to the human person. God then manifests the dignity of women in the highest form possible, by assuming human flesh from the Virgin Mary, whom the church honors as the mother of God, calling her the new Eve and presenting her as the model of redeemed woman. The sensitive respect of Jesus toward the women that he called to his following and his friendship, his appearing on Easter morning to a woman before the other disciples, the mission entrusted to women to carry the good news of the resurrection to the apostles - these are all signs that confirm the special esteem of the Lord Jesus for women. The apostle Paul will say: “In Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith. There is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”
23. Without intending to deal with all the various aspects of the vast and complex theme of the relationships between women and society and limiting these remarks to a few essential points, one cannot but observe that in the specific area of family life a widespread social and cultural tradition has considered women’s role to be exclusively that of wife and mother, without adequate access to public functions, which have generally been reserved for men.
There is no doubt that the equal dignity and responsibility of men and women fully justifies women’s access to public functions. On the other hand the true advancement of women requires that clear recognition be given to the value of their maternal and family role, by comparison with all other public roles and all other professions. Furthermore, these roles and professions should be harmoniously combined if we wish the evolution of society and culture to be truly and fully human.
This will come about more easily if, in accordance with the wishes expressed by the synod, a renewed “theology of work” can shed light upon and study in depth the meaning of work in the Christian life and determine the fundamental bond between work and the family, and therefore the original and irreplaceable meaning of work in the home be recognized and respected by all in its irreplaceable value.
This is of particular importance in education: For possible discrimination between the different types of work and professions is eliminated at its very root once it is clear that all people in every area are working with equal rights and equal responsibilities. The image of God in man and in woman will thus be seen with added luster.
While it must be recognized that women have the same right as men to perform various public functions, society must be structured in such a way that wives and mothers are not in practice compelled to work outside the home, and that their families can live and prosper in a dignified way even when they themselves devote their full time to their own family.
Furthermore, the mentality which honors women more for their work outside the home than for their work within the family must be overcome. This requires that men should truly esteem and love women with total respect for their personal dignity, and that society should create and develop conditions favoring work in the home.
With due respect to the different vocations of men and women, the church must in her own life promote as far as possible their equality of rights and dignity: and this for the good of all, the family, the church and society.
But clearly all of this does not mean for women a renunciation of their femininity or an imitation of the male role, but the fullness of true feminine humanity which should be expressed in their activity, whether in the family or outside of it, without disregarding the differences of customs and cultures in this sphere.
24. Unfortunately the Christian message about the dignity of women is contradicted by that persistent mentality which considers the human being not as a person but as a thing, as an object of trade, at the service of selfish interest and mere pleasure: The first victims of this mentality are women.
This mentality produces very bitter fruits, such as contempt for men and for women, slavery, oppression of the weak, pornography, prostitution - especially in an organized form - and all those various forms of discrimination that exist in the fields of education, employment, wages, etc.
Besides, many forms of degrading discrimination still persist today in a great part of our society that affect and seriously harm particular categories of women, as for example childless wives, widows, separated or divorced women, and unmarried mothers.
The synod fathers deplored these and other forms of discrimination as strongly as possible. I therefore ask that vigorous and incisive pastoral action be taken by all to overcome them definitively so that the image of God that shines in all human beings without exception may be fully respected.

Garabandal Pilgrimage 2013

Thursday 30 May to Tuesday 11 June
Includes: two nights in Paray le Monial, two nights in La Salette, one night in Lourdes, four nights in Garabandal (option of staying in Garabandal or Soledad House of Prayer) and one night in Saint Maximilian House of Prayer in France.  The group will travel by minibus from the Sacred Heart House of Prayer, driving through England to Portsmouth for the ferry to France.  This will be a cost price, non profit, true pilgrimage for Jesus. 
Price: £535 or 599 if staying in Soledad House.  £640 or 715 if staying in the hotel in Garbandal village (based on a group of ten).
For a full itinerary, or further information on the Messages of Love about Garabandal and La Salette, please contact us.

“...I tell the world that, whoever goes there within the Octave of My Most Sacred Heart, in this year, then they have their Salvation.1  Be at Peace for soon and very soon, Garabandal will be like a great light that will shine in the darkness of My Church and it will strike the vipers that slither over it.  Garabandal is the stone which the builders rejected and I will soon place it to be the cornerstone.  Believe, My children, and believe soon for soon it will be too late.  I Love you...” Friday 15 March 1996
1 This holds for each year.
What Jesus means by inviting people to go to Garabandal ‘within the Octave of His Most Sacred Heart’ we do not know but we presume that it is a time of special Blessings.  Jesus Himself will make this clear in due course.

“...I, too, as My Son has, tell you to remember the tears that I have cried at La Salette and I ask of you that you would now include it in your annual pilgrimage to My Shrine at Garabandal.  Go, too, to Paray Le Monial in remembrance of My Son’s Most Sacred Heart for if you do these things then you will please Me greatly.  The tears that I have wept at La Salette are not yet over.  My children, My Words have been ignored and they have not listened.  How can Words so plainly spoken be so ignored?  My Son’s Church has been infiltrated with evil.  Let your prayers and action root it out...”  Sunday 10 June 2001, from Mary for the Day of Love


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"Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. it is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart." Mahatma Gandhi quotes. (Indian Philosopher, internationally esteemed for his doctrine of nonviolent protest, 1869-1948).

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