Draw upon Me


In last month’s Messages, Jesus repeatedly told us to draw upon Him:

“...Learn to draw upon Me, draw upon My Strength and you may ask anything in My Name and it will be given to the Glory of Our Father... Thursday 12 July 2012

“Look to Me, My children, and draw upon My Love. Feel Me within your hearts, feel My Heartbeat as it beats in union with yours and draw upon Me...” Friday 20 July 2012

“...Simply do the things that I am asking of you and draw upon Me and bring Me to the fore: become the spark that will ignite the forest fire...” Sunday 22 July 2012

Visit Him

Jesus wants us closer to Him, drawing from His Strength, so that we can grow and develop in Him.

He also asked us last month to visit Him in the Blessed Sacrament. What better place to draw from Him than at Adoration!

Go to that Well

Having read this Newsletter, what comes across to me is the power of prayer, the Power of Jesus - for prayer calls His Power.

We find that, in adding to the fire - talked about in last month’s Newsletter - that we become closer to Jesus, more spiritual, we can hear His Voice more clearly.

In Adoration, we go to that Well and sit with Jesus, we pour out our hearts to Him, bringing our gifts and offerings and we draw from Him the Strength needed to love as He inspires, to change our lives and be more like Him.


We bring you an interesting article on E-numbers this month which brings to mind many Messages Jesus gave over the years on the chemicals in food placed by “the greed of those that do not care about their fellow man.”

Weekend with the Patricks

We highlight, too, the many upcoming Feast Days to be celebrated in the Sacred Heart House of Prayer, in particular, the Weekend with the Patricks. This is a very popular event where you can ask any spiritual questions from them. This weekend always proves to be not only informative but gives us a spur in our spiritual journey.

You are welcome to avail of accommodation at the Sacred Heart House of Prayer if you need to.


Many thanks for your supportive letters, kind words and your generous donations to help with all the Houses of Prayer. As you can appreciate, we are still a long way off from the figure needed to do what Jesus wants done in all His Houses. Therefore, the appeal continues. Please pray for this.
Thank you so much.

Urgent Appeal

Tuesday 31 July 2012 Jesus’ Appeal for His Houses of Prayer

My children, over many days and weeks and months, I have been calling you to listen to My Words about My Houses, My Refuges of Love. I call on your help now. These Houses need to be ready for what I have Warned you of. Already the tides begin to turn from the shore, already the darkness is on the horizon. The ones of the darkness are grasping control and I need My Houses ready. Help Me, My children, to make them ready for it is almost night. Laws change that will alienate My followers from the rest of mankind, separate one from the other and the difference will be stark. I need your help, My children. My Houses do not open because of lack of help, lack of dying to self. I ask your help for I have already claimed back what was given to Me and taken from Me. Help Me for it begins.

My Houses are in great need of preparation, renovation, help My servants to make them ready. Give them the prayers and the financial help to help Me to help My children. I Love you and I await you.

Appeal Letter

As you can see from Jesus’ Message, He is asking for help with His Houses, not only in the manning of them but the fixing up of them. You, the people who believe, are the ones we turn to in this time. You have been our lifeline that keeps us alive and, once again, we ask for your help.

We ask that you pray that we may be worthy to do this great work that Jesus asks of us.

The following Message was given and it says much about what Jesus is doing.

Monday 2 July 2012

…I have asked My servant to go to all of My Houses and you all have missed the significance of this, you have not seen the importance of it. I send him to prepare, to see those things needed for each House but, more than that, through him, unknown to him, I place My Spirit within each House. It is the protection that each will need for the times to come. I ask these deeper things of all of you. I Love you.


Sacred Heart House of Prayer, Cookstown:

The work here is ongoing. At the moment there are bits of renovations going on. It has recently been updated with heating added to the House.

Bethlehem Retreat House, Fanad:

This House is about half done. It needs new floors and an attic conversion to be finished. There is also some outside work to be done.

Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Mary, Drogheda:

This House needs a total renovation. Plans for this House have been sitting for quite a few years.

House of the Angels, Armagh:It would seem to be finished.

Resurrection Retreat House, Ballina:

Jesus has asked for an accommodation block for this House. The plans for Ballina still sit awaiting the finances. These have been sitting for two years. The cost of the accommodation block will be in the region of £150,000.

John Paul the Second Youth House, Belmullet:

There is not a lot to be done. It does need an attic conversion so that there will be more bedrooms to accommodate young people.


Saint Maximilian House of Prayer, L’Absie:

One half of this House needs a total renovation including rewiring and heating. The other half is converted.


Soledad, Cosío:

Mostly done. The ground floor still needs finished.

Villa del Sagrado Corazón, Granada:

Jesus recently sent Patrick to Granada, Spain. He found that the House had deteriorated. This House was only able to be manned twice since its purchase. It needs a total renovation.


Saint Nikolaus House of Prayer, Colditz:

The work here is ongoing. We are getting there and it needs a bit more work and heating put in. It is about three quarters done.


Saint Stanislaus House of Prayer, Bolków:

The Poland House is well underway to being finished. It is about three quarters done.


Virgin Most Pure House of Prayer, Dole:

This House needs attention beginning with a new roof. It needs renovation and heating put in.


Saint Michael and the Heavenly Hosts House of Prayer, Tottenham:

The work here is ongoing.


Mother of Love House of Prayer, Peoria:

The work here is ongoing and at a decent standard.


Saint Thérèse House of Prayer, Le Roeulx:

At the time of the purchase of this House, it was part of the contract that we get the electrics checked. At the time this cost 1,400 euros and we couldn’t afford it.

When Jesus recently reclaimed a House that had been taken from Him, this was His reaction.

Friday 27 July 2012

Feel the spiritual awakening within My House:1 feel the Light as it brightens all things. My Light passes in like rays of sunshine to put many shadows to retreat. It joys Me to do this for now I can build a refuge for souls from something that was useless. See, I do a new thing, I build with Love, with Joy, with Peace.

1 A House that was given to Jesus and taken from Him. He has now claimed it for His own.

From what we gather from the Messages that Jesus has given in recent times it would seem that time is running out. This seems clear when we look around us at the world.

We have been struggling to try to prepare Jesus’ Houses over the years and you can see from our list that some are finished and some partly so.

It seems that we are always asking of you to help us. Without you none of this would have been possible. Please, if you can, help us in whatever way possible to make Jesus’ Plans come to pass, be it with prayer or financially. Thank you in Jesus’ Name. The two Patricks.

The Way of Truth Continued

Monday 6 August 2012

Look to the Truth, My little ones, I call once again. Come, see what I say. Do not blind yourselves to the Truth. Do not think that you know the answers of life when all you have are the ways of this world.

Know, My little ones, you must begin the Journey of dying to self, you must remove self so that you can see My Truth for self blocks all Truth. If you cannot see Truth then you cannot live it.

Remove all that is not of Me from your lives.

Prayer and sacrifice should become the greatest part of you for, as you fast, self will rebel but will be brought under control. Find the sin within your life and remove it.

See Me in all that you do; feel Me within and draw Me into your heart. The more that you draw Me into your heart, the more you will understand.

I am calling you, My children, to become the Army of Love, the Army of Peace, the Army of Joy that will bring New Life into this world. Prepare the Path of My Coming for I Come soon. There is little time, children, and there are many who are in need.

I need your hands, your feet and your lips. I need you to be My servant and I need you to bring Me into this world so that I can light the dark places with My Love so that I can show this world that I am not a dead God but I live within My people.

Trust in Me: trust in My Words and believe that I am calling you as you read these Words. These Words are My Invitation to you to come follow Me. Trust in Me, My child, trust in My Love for you for I am calling you now to be a part of this, My Army of Love. I Love you.

Monday 6 August 2012

Come, My little children, look to My Love, seek it.

Do not be afraid, My little ones, but come find Me, find Me within your hearts and do not be dismayed. I am calling you into a deeper love, a deeper way: the Way of Truth. The Way that I taught My Disciples upon this earth. I am showing you the Path that you must take to find the Well of Understanding, the Well of Truth that leads to the deepest parts of My Heart.

I need My followers to understand and become lights in the darkness. Find Me, My little ones, so that I may Bless you with My Presence and We, together, shall go out into this world and the blind shall see, the deaf shall hear and the lame shall walk.

I am not a dead God, I am a God of miracles for I wish to show My people that I am Alive and that I have not left them in their hour of need.

Come, My beloved children, be My Hands, My Feet and My Lips and We, together, shall rid the darkness from this world.

We, together, shall dissolve all that lucifer has built in his lies, his deceit. For, this is My time, My Time of Truth is coming, children, when My disciples shall walk, once again, and many shall come to know and understand My Ways.

Do not be afraid!

Do not be afraid to follow in My Footsteps for I am calling you in these Words to take on My Ways, to take on My Truth so that others may come to know through your example of love.

I set the Path before you, My little ones, read My Words, read My Truth, read My Scriptures and find Me in the depths of your heart.

Draw Me, breathe Me into your lives so that others may come to know My Truth through you. You are My followers, you are My disciples of Truth and I am calling you this day to come follow Me for We have much Work to do. Trust in Me, My little ones, I Love you.

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Come, My children, I am calling you to see My Ways. I am Coming, children, and I am calling you to see My Truth. You do not realise the danger that you are in; the darkness grows every second of every day now and it encroaches into your lives ever farther to blind you to My Truth.

Do not wait but come to Me, do not allow yourselves to be taken by the darkness.

Self is your enemy and you must overcome it in order to see the Truth of My Ways. I am calling to you, My little ones, I am calling from the Love of this Heart of Mine. It beats rapidly with Love for you, My children.

Trust in Me, your God, and I will guide you into freedom, I will guide you into the safety of My Fold. Come, I Love you.

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Come, My little children, come follow Me. Walk this Path of Truth with Me, your God. Do not delay but allow Me to Teach you. Take on these Words of Life and do not be afraid. I am calling to you, ever calling to you to take on My Words. To take these Words of Love and live them so that others may come to know Me through you, so that others may have Eternal Life through what you do.

Come, My beloved children, I am in need of your help.

I am in need for there is so much Work to be done and so few who are willing to do it.

Soon, now, My little ones, you shall see a great change in this world and many shall run seeking Me and I need you ready and prepared to help them. I am calling to you this day in these Words of Truth, these Words of Life for I need you ready and prepared to help My little ones.

Come, My beloved children, I am calling to you this day in these Words. I, your Jesus, await your response to My call. I Love you.

Friday 10 August 2012

Yes, I draw all men to Me, if they allow Me to do so. When the blocks are removed between you and I then – in your part – you will draw Me to you.

Many thoughts I place within hearts and these thoughts are shattered by self-doubt and other blocks. Were it that these blocks would be removed! Were it that the “drawing” would be sooner! I Love you all.

Friday 10 August 2012

Come, My little children, listen to My calls. Hasten to My Words and allow Me to Teach you. Allow Me to show you the Way, the Truth and the Path of Righteousness.

Come, children of Mine, listen, take heed and come follow Me. For, I am calling to you in these Words, calling to you to show you the Path of Truth, the Path of Love, the Path of Light.

Do not wait, My little ones, but take on My Words now!

Die to self and see My Truth.

See My Love, see My Light, see all that I am showing you.

I do not deceive you, I simply ask that you remove all sin from your lives so that you may become My Hands, My Feet and My Lips. So that you may take on the Words of Life and show this world that I am Jesus, Son of the Living God.

I am not a dead God but I am a worthy God and should be followed in righteousness and truth.

I am calling to you in these last days so that many may be saved and brought into the safety of My Fold. For, soon now, the Sword of Justice shall touch this earth in truth and all evil shall be removed so that creation may breathe once again.

You have blinded yourselves to My Ways: you have blinded yourselves to My Truth and so walk in darkness.

I am calling you out of the darkness and into the Light so that you may come to know, serve and love Me so that you may have Eternal Life in the Kingdom of Our Father.

I Love you, My little ones, and I am calling to you. I, your Jesus, Love you.

Sunday 12 August 2012

Look, My little children, I give you a new Path.

A Path of Peace, a Path of Life, one that this world does not understand.

Come, My children, read My Gospels and see this Path. It is a new Path, the Path of Love, the Path that will bring you Peace. Do not allow yourselves to be distracted away from My Path of Love for it is the Path of Life Eternal.

I am calling to you, My little ones, I am calling from the deepest part of My Heart so that you will be kept safe, so that you will know New Life in Me.

Do not be distracted, My little ones, but come, follow Me.

Do not allow this world to take you away from Me.

Allow Me to show you the Truth; allow Me to lead you into Eternal Life.

The Joys of My Kingdom await you, simply follow in My Footsteps, take on My Life and show this world that I am Alive in you.

I am calling to you in these Words, children of Mine. I am calling you and I await your response to My calls. So few are listening in these times, so few are willing to take on My Love and spread it to the four corners of this earth.

Die to yourselves, children, for the wheat grain cannot produce fruit unless it dies and it is likewise for you. You must die to the things of this world for they only clutter the Path and hide it from your vision.

Come, children, and listen to Me and let Me show you the Truth, let Me guide you, let Me Teach you, let Me Love you through these Words of Mine.

I am calling out to each one of you to come follow Me.

I Love you, My children, and I say it a thousand times. I Love you and I am calling to you in these Words to take on My Life so that I may show you the Truth of My Love. I Love you.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Come, My beloved children, and do not despair but take on My Words for they are simple.

Begin to die to yourselves and you shall begin to understand. My Words, My Way, seems complicated because you look at it through your humanness.

Trust in Me, My children, and I will show you. I will Teach you but you must begin to trust, must begin to die to yourselves. The more that you die to self, the more I will be able to fill you with the knowledge, the understanding of what I am saying.

As I have told you, clean water and dirty water cannot flow from the same pipe. The things of this world are the dirty water, the things of the spirit are the clean water. You must begin to cleanse the way so that My Spirit can flow freely. When you begin to deny yourselves the things of this world, you will begin to see My Truth and many things shall open before you. Trust in Me, My little ones. I, your Jesus, Love you.

Monday 20 August 2012

Look now and see My Truth, My children. I am calling to you in these Words, I am calling to you so that you may understand My Truth, My Love.

Do not discard these Words for these are Words of Life that will lead you into My Father’s Kingdom.

I have given many Words to My Prophets in the past and many, many have been discarded. Do not allow these to be discarded from your hearts, children of Mine. Read them, read My Scriptures and be renewed in Me; allow Me to show you the Path of Truth, allow Me to show you how to die to self so that you may become a vessel of My Love.

This world is in great need and there are so few who are willing to help Me bring My children to the safety of My Fold, My Church.

Yes, you can see the many evils that have attacked My Church but these were brought about by those of My children that did not listen to Me and My Commandments.

Do not judge these that have fallen but pray for them that they may have Eternal Life in My Father’s Kingdom. They are your brothers and sisters, they are My children who have strayed.

My Church still stands, My children, My Laws still stand, My Truths still stand, take them into your hearts and do not change them for they are unchangeable.

Love the Lord, your God, with all your heart and mind and strength and will and your neighbour as yourself. This is My Law and My Love.

Come, beloved children of My Heart, rise up, take on My Words of Truth and begin to live them. Be the little lights in the darkness that shall spread throughout this world and so quench the darkness.

Come, children, come! I call you to be the servants of Love. I Love you.

Monday 20 August 2012

Come to Me, My little children, and allow Me to speak within your hearts; allow Me to guide you on this Path of Love that I offer to you. Many, in the past, walked this Path and these you now know as the Saints in Heaven. I offer this Path to you so that you, too, may join Me in My Father’s Kingdom, along with those that you will bring to My Side by your example.

Come, My children, take My Hand and walk this Path, pray, I have much to Teach you, much to show you of My Ways. The Battle is soon upon you and you must be prepared.

I will Teach My little ones the Truth of My Ways and, once again, My disciples shall walk this earth casting out demons in My Name, healing in My Name and raising the dead in My Name.

Come, be a part of this Journey for I mean to show this world that I am not a dead God. I await your response to My call. Come now. I Love you.

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Come, My beloved children, allow Me to heal you of your wounds.

Allow Me to show you the Way of Truth.

Though your sins be as scarlet, be healed in the Blood of the Lamb, be washed clean and come follow Me.

I am your God and I am calling out to you in these last days to follow Me in truth so that this world may see and know how they have went against their God.

I am calling to you, child, as you read these Words, to become a part of My Army. It is by no accident that you are reading these Words at this time for it is by My Invitation and only My Invitation that these are given to you.

You are precious to Me and I, Jesus, invite you to take up your cross and follow Me into the wilderness of self dying.

There is much Work to be done, child of Mine, and there are so few who are willing to help Me.

Look! The days are darkening and mankind has blinded himself to the reality of what is happening around him.

Soon, My Army shall rise and this world shall see what it has rejected in its belief of the lies of lucifer. This is the greatest persecution that My Church has ever undergone. Even those that say that they love Me and believe in Me, have become My persecutors. They change My Laws, they change My Scripture into the lies of lucifer. The great persecution is upon you, children, and you cannot see it because you have believed in the lies that have been preached off My altars and in the world. But, now, I will heal you, I will cleanse your vision so that you may see what is happening around you.

Come, follow Me on this Journey of Truth so that I may Teach you and show you the lies that have been clouding your vision.

I am your God and you are My children and it is time to reclaim that, that has been stolen.

I Love you, My children, I Love you and I am calling out to you this day. In free will you have the choice whether to accept Me or reject Me. Feel within your heart as you read these Words for My own will recognise My Truth, My Word. I Love you.

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Look now, My children, I am calling you upon this Path of Righteousness and Love. I am calling each one of you to follow Me so that We, together, can renew Love in this world of darkness.

I Love you, My beloved children, I, your Jesus, Love you and I need your hands, your feet and your lips in order to do this Work of Salvation. Your brothers and sisters are in great need for many fall every day to the lies of lucifer.

Too long has lucifer been allowed to spread his lies unhindered but NOW is the time to fight back to show this world that there is a new Path, a Path of Love that leads to the Peace that surpasses all understanding.

But, I need your help, My children, for I have no Hands, except your hands, no Feet, except your feet and no Lips, except your lips.

I am within you, calling to you, feel Me, My little ones, feel Me as I reach out to you.

Feel My Love as it touches your hearts, your souls, as you read these Words.

Come, My beloved children, and We, together, shall break the lies of this world. Come, My beloved children, I await your response to My calls. I Love you.

Thursday 23 August 2012

The Love that you feel emanates from My Prayer Room1 where I am indwelling within this House of Mine. It draws you like the signal2 you seek, it dreams you into My Dream of what I Am. Seek Me, Love Me. Draw not in other things: draw not the thoughts of your mind but draw Me and what I am.

Draw not meaningless things that only keep you a prisoner to the world. No, My children, draw the Divine Thoughts that bring you into My Arms. Draw My Love into an empty vessel that is your heart as you fill a jug with water at a well.

Yes, it is when you speak of Me and allow your hearts to burn with the very thought of Me that you draw My whole Majesty into you, you draw the essence of Me, the Divine into the human.

I emanate these things from My Heart and so draw you into Me, draw you, not to take you from your life, but to give you My Life. Allowing My Life to settle upon you and change you into a Heavenly being is the way I will ignite you, cause a fire to burn in you forever, as does the Fire that Burns within My Heart. As I emanate and communicate this Love to you, little droplets of Blood fall from Me into the world and, indeed, into your heart, to Joy you and Peace you and Love you and change you, if you care to come.

You do not see, you do not wish to see for the world has grown around you like the tendrils of ivy to choke you.

My Tender Love will ease you back to life, My Life. I Love you.

1 At Belmullet.

2 We bought a signal repeater because the mobile phones kept losing signal.

Thursday 23 August 2012

Come, My little children, allow Me to Teach you, allow Me to show you the Path of Truth that leads to the Kingdom of Our Father.

Come, My children, I am calling you, ever calling you, in these Words of Love.

Open your hearts and see My Truth, open yourselves to My Love so that I may Teach you and show you the True Path: the Path that will lead both you and your brothers and sisters into the Kingdom of Our Father.

I am calling out to you as a beggar for you to come to Me so that I may show you and Teach you how to become the servant of Love. I need your hands, your feet and your lips in this Work of Salvation. I need you to be One with Me and understand My Ways.

Come, My beloved children, do not resist My calls but enter the Kingdom of Love where We, together, may do the Work of Our Father.

Friday 24 August 2012

I will speak. Many things must be learned, My sons, and I Teach them to you. I Love you and wish you to come on this Path now, My sons, you do not realise the urgency of the Words that I speak.

Today, I ask of you that you would take these inspirations that I give you seriously. Do them. Do not wait until the self in you has talked you out of them. When I inspire you, do it immediately. Do not count the cost but do it.

Friday 24 August 2012

My little children, I Love you. I say I Love you a thousand, million times.

You do not realise the joy that it gives Me when one of My little ones turn to Me, when one of My little ones turns their eyes upon Me and sees Me for who I am.

I am your God, I am your Friend, I am your Father, I am all that you need, My little ones.

I am calling out to you, ever calling out to you so that you can see the Path that leads to My Kingdom.

I Love you, My children, and I say come follow Me into the land of milk and honey where you shall find rest, where you shall know Peace.

I Love you, My beloved children, I Love you and I am calling to you through these Words of Life, these Words of Truth. I am your Father and I am calling you. I Love you.

Tuesday 28 August 2012

I Love you, My children, I Love you and I say it a thousand, million times:- I Love you.

I am calling to you, ever calling to you because of the Love within My Heart for you.

I will not leave you orphans, I will not desert you, you are My children.

But, you must listen to Me, you must follow in My Ways for I cannot go against your free will, I cannot force you to believe in Me, I cannot force you to follow in My Ways.

This is Love, My little ones, the Love of Our Father for His children.

One that will not force but will allow His child to make up their own mind, to make their own decisions whether to follow Him or not. So I must call to you each day, begging you to turn away from the danger of sin that you are now in.

Come away from this world and allow Me to show you the Truth, allow Me to Teach you,

allow Me to Love you, allow Me to bring you into the safety of My Kingdom:

where We, together, shall walk the pastures of Love:

where We, together, shall marvel at the creation of Our Father.

Come, My beloved children, I wish to Teach you, I wish to show you the Truth so that you may have Peace and Understanding. I am calling, ever calling to you, in order that you know My Ways, My Truth, My Love and My Life. Come, My beloved children, I, your Jesus, Love you. Come! I Love you.

Friday 31 August 2012

Come to Me, My little children, and allow Me to speak within your hearts, allow Me to show you the Truth of My Ways.

Come, My beloved children, I await your reply to My calls, I await your response; show Me that you believe in Me by the way that you live your lives.

Do not allow the evil one to take you from Me but come to Me.

Hunger for Me, show Me that you believe by the way that you love your brothers and sisters.

Come, My beloved children, take on My Life and show this world that I am Alive in you. Show My little ones that you desire My Love, that you desire to show them the Truth of My Ways.

Come, My beloved children, do not allow yourselves to be taken in this time of darkness, do not allow yourselves to be deceived by the evil one for he is like an angry lion hunting each one of you in these dark times. he spreads sin throughout this world, he spreads sin throughout your everyday lives. Do not acknowledge him by taking on his ways. Throw away that, that is not of Me and come follow Me in truth.

I ask for Truth, children, I ask that you look into your lives and turn away from sin. I will show you if you ask, I will show you how to take that, that is not of Me and discard it. But, you must come to Me for I will not force you, I will not take away your free will, I will not show you the Path unless you ask Me.

For I am a humble God, a God of Truth and what I have given, I will not take away. I will not take anything from you.

Come, I await your response to My calls, I wait every second of every minute of every day seeking and awaiting your response, your recognition of the Love in My Heart for you.

Come, My children, come, I Love you. I, your Jesus, await you. Come in truth. I Love you.

Friday 31 August 2012

Do not be deceived by the lies of lucifer: do not allow him to take you upon the path that is not of Me for there are many who are dressed in sheep’s clothing but are wolves. They are the ungodly, they are the ones who have been sent by him, who should not be; him, who has taken the place in this world of My Peter. They have been sent out to spread the lies of lucifer among My people.

Come, now, My beloved children, and allow Me to speak within your hearts.

Allow Me to show you the true Path, the Path that surpasses all the understanding of this world.

Come, My beloved children, I await your response to My calls. Come! I Love you.

Sunday 2 September 2012

Claw back, My children, with the Sword of Truth, the time that you have given back to self. Cut down the briars of the world that you have allowed to grow up around the time that you give Me. Clear the Path that would lead you to Me.

This world will not show you your progress to Me, the God-Man, it will only lull you into not fighting to stay with Me.

Fight again, to recover the ground that you have lost. I stand in the midst of you, I stand with Love and Truth. I Love you.

I am a forgotten God

Recently, Jesus asked us to visit Him in the Blessed Sacrament:
“...Come visit Me in the Blessed Sacrament, do not leave Me broken and lonely. So many walk past My churches, so many ignore Me. I am left in My Tabernacles and I stare at empty rooms, empty seats, so few visit Me now.
Look at the Truth, My children, I am a forgotten God.
Once, My churches were filled with My loyal servants...” Friday 3 August 2012
Established or strengthened
About twenty years ago when so many Prophets, Seers and Visionaries were on the scene, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament was established or strengthened in many parishes throughout the world.
Some parishes, who never had Adoration before, got maybe an hour in the week - through the petition and interest of many parishioners to their priests. Other parishes got Jesus for a whole day, some got perpetual Adoration and, more impressively, there were oratories and extensions built and reserved especially for Jesus in His Eucharistic Presence.
Twenty years older
Now, however, as Jesus said, He is forgotten. Those who encouraged parish priests and fought hard to get Adoration in parishes are now twenty years older, many of them have passed away. True believers are getting older and only for the same few people pledging an hour at Adoration, several times a week, hours have been reduced, especially in the case where there once was perpetual Adoration.
‘I don’t have time’
If we are asked to go to Adoration, our first excuse is usually ‘I don’t have time.’ Isn’t that so sad, after all Jesus has done for us!
Often, we are so busy living selfish lives in the world, earning money to feed our desires - that can never be satisfied anyway - that Jesus becomes the least important part of our lives. We can wander so far, so quickly from Him. Yet, when we get a problem in our lives, He quickly becomes the most important, He is the first One we turn to in a crisis.
Then, when the problem goes away from our life, so does Jesus.
Jesus should be our top priority at all times and be involved in everything. If there are things going on in our lives that He cannot be brought into, then maybe we shouldn’t be doing those particular things!
‘It is boring’
Another excuse not to go to Jesus is ‘it is boring.’ As a regular adorer myself, I can honestly say, the time flies! I don’t bring any books with me. I just have a One to one with Jesus. Sometimes I feel His Presence, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I talk, other times I listen. He may at times inspire me, other times He calms me. Each time is different. That’s the beauty about Jesus. He is a Real Person and when we go see Him, we visit our Friend, our Brother, our Father, a VIP, our King, our God all rolled into one.
Don’t bring any books
This Message is the reason I don’t bring any books:
“...When you come to spend one hour with Me, do not spend your time reading to Me for I have inspired many of these books, though not all of them and I do not need them. I need you to be with Me, to listen and to love. I need you to embrace Me as your Friend and treat Me as your King. Those who come to read lose the benefits and Graces of being with Me alone with nothing to distract them and I Weep because they do not look at Me. I Weep because they have not yet realised that I AM.
Look into Me and the time will pass without books or aids that only serve to keep the mind shallow. Why look at an image of someone when they are with you?...” Good Friday 9 April 2004
Mother Teresa, whose Feast Day is on 5 September, loved Eucharistic Adoration. Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament became her Lifeblood and the Food that sustained her in her difficult and demanding life of giving and love.
Here are two excerpts from Rosary Meditations from Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Loving Jesus with the Heart of Mary:
The more we empty ourselves, the more room we give God to fill us
“In each of our lives Jesus comes as the Bread of Life - to be eaten, to be consumed by us. This is how He Loves us. Then Jesus comes in our human life as the Hungry One, the other, hoping to be fed with the Bread of our life, our hearts by loving and our hands by serving. In loving and serving, we prove that we have been created in the likeness of God for God is Love and when we love we are like God. This is what Jesus meant when He said, “Be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”
“The humility of Jesus can be seen in the crib, in the exile to Egypt, in the hidden life, in the inability to make people understand Him, in the desertion of His Apostles, in the hatred of His persecutors, in all the terrible Suffering and Death of His Passion and now in His permanent state of Humility in the Tabernacle, where He has reduced Himself to such a small particle of Bread that the priest can hold Him with two fingers. The more we empty ourselves, the more room we give God to fill us.”
I beg you to get closer to the Eucharist
“If I can give you any advice, I beg you to get closer to the Eucharist and to Jesus... We must pray to Jesus to give us that tenderness of the Eucharist.”
“People ask me: ‘What will convert America and save the world?’ My answer is prayer. What we need is for every parish to come before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in Holy Hours of prayer.”
“To be alone with Jesus in adoration and intimate union with Him is the Greatest Gift of Love - the tender love of Our Father in Heaven.”
“Like Mary, let us be full of zeal to go in haste to give Jesus to others. She was full of Grace when, at the Annunciation, She received Jesus. Like Her, we too become full of Grace every time we receive Holy Communion. It is the same Jesus whom She received and whom we receive at Mass. As soon as we receive Jesus in Holy Communion, let us go in haste to give Him to our sisters, to our poor, to the sick, to the dying, to the lepers, to the unwanted and the unloved. By this we make Jesus present in the world today.”
“We cannot separate our lives from the Eucharist; the moment we do, something breaks. People ask, ‘Where do the sisters get the joy and the energy to do what they are doing?’ The Eucharist involves more than just receiving; it also involves satisfying the hunger of Christ. He says, ‘Come to Me.’ He is hungry for souls.”
“When you look at the Crucifix, you understand how much Jesus Loved you then. When you look at the Sacred Host you understand how much Jesus Loves you now,”
Each time we look upon Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, He raises us up into deeper union with Himself, opens up the floodgates of His Merciful Love to the whole world and brings us closer to the day of His final victory “where every knee will bend and proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord.” “The reign of God is already in your midst.” The coming of Jesus to us in the Eucharist is assurance of His promise of final victory: “BEHOLD, I COME TO MAKE ALL THINGS NEW.”

The Holy Hour of Redemption Sunday 9 July 2006
...Were it that My people...could see the supreme good that there is in sacrifice. The way that the world lives now is not the right way to live but only what society has dictated to them. Those who dictate this are those who do not believe in Me and do not wish to see Me in the world.
Many times...I have longed for My priests to be holy and true to the Way that I have set for them but they only wish to be with the world. I say to them now that if each evening they would call My people to the church and Expose Me, I will bring that priest and his flock back to Me in a short time. I ask that prayers be said during that hour. This would be called The Holy Hour of Redemption.
To this Holy Hour of Redemption, made each evening, I will attach these promises.
1  I will bring the priest of that parish to a greater fervency in Me and he shall draw many souls to Me.
2  I will bring the lukewarm to know My Heart in a very short time.
3  I will bring sons and daughters back to Me who have lost their faith.
4  I will fill the churches with My people once again.
These are My promises to My priests. I will show them that I am Alive in the lives of My people when they give Me the time to do it through them. Consecrate these parishes to My Sacred Heart and I will bring My people back, they will return to Confession and the Blessed Sacrament within a short time. One hour each evening is all that I ask.
Will you, My priests, do this for Me against all the opposition that you will receive?
Will you love My people and guide them as I wish you to?
Will you make the effort for Me?
In this, you are not attached to any Visionary, Prophet or Seer, only to Me so do not be afraid to save My people, to bring them back to prayer. I grant you Heaven for this. I Love you.

A light
I was chatting to the mother of a family recently who told me her son had kept his confirmation pledge and didn’t drink alcohol until he was eighteen. I was deeply impressed that a teenager, in this day and age and in this society, had succeeded in doing this. His love for Jesus had proved to be stronger than peer pressure, which had been strong for many years. I thought that teenager was a light shining in the darkness among his friends.
A happy environment
Looking at the happy children of that mother - who are all such a joy to be around as they are full of the love of Jesus, as well as fun and adventure - I inquired further so as to find out how such a happy environment could be developed in my own future family. The mother told me she believed they had been Blessed to have been praying the daily, family Rosary from generation to generation!
I truly believe
I was so deeply impressed that I had my own Rosary beads out that night starting our family Rosary for my future family, even though I prayed it alone! Well, it’s a start!
I truly believe Mary, the Mother of God, will ward off any evil that threatens - whether I know of it or not is irrelevant - and place Her Motherly protection over us, over present complicated preparations, as well as the future.
Help us all live like Him
I believe, by me praying the daily Rosary, that She can soften the hearts of myself and others and guide us in the Way of Love to Her Son, Jesus, and help us all live like Him.
I believe through it that we will have the strength to handle the good and the bad, in our opinion, that God sends us.
Prayers and good works
Jesus and Mary told us prayer has stopped things from happening, like in this Message:
“...Not long past, the world watched as the huge rocks crashed into Jupiter, as the world calls it. It watched and breathed a sigh of relief as it did not come to the earth. But, I tell you in Truth, it was only the prayers and good works of a faithful few that stopped it...” Saturday 14 October 2006
I had forgotten
A deep respect for the Rosary and the power of Heaven has really filled me lately - I had forgotten how powerful and important prayer is.
Foot and mouth disease
I remember the time of the foot and mouth disease in 2001 when we had to wipe our feet on the mats dripping with disinfectant before going into chapel for Mass. We were even discouraged from going to Mass proving the Church went with the world rather than God to try to combat the disease. This happened again more recently with the swine flu pandemic.
I remember the Patricks wrote a piece in the April 2001 Newsletter. In this article they put in prayers for animals which were said by priests during the time the Church actually had some faith and prayed against evil.
Nothing is impossible
Here is the little introductory piece the Patricks wrote:
“...It seems that the Church in these days would rather exempt people from going to Mass than put on more Masses to pray against this virus. Even pagans, when pestilence hit them, threw themselves on their faces before the gods they believed in and prayed earnestly that the gods would take it away from them.
We are not pagans but we have a God who is a God of miracles. We know and believe that nothing is impossible to Him. All the disinfectant in the world will not break this virus because the birds of the air carry it and they do not know that man has erected borders around himself. They fly freely.
Sackcloth and ashes
We say that we must put on more Masses and Adoration and we must put on sackcloth and ashes and throw ourselves before our God and ask Him to remove this virus.
The answer is not to close churches but to open them and to take away the disinfectant mats and to put faith in their place.
Ask your priests to come to your farm and say these Blessings of the Church with faith and the virus will go. Then there will be no need for the senseless slaughter of healthy animals. Jesus asks us to have faith, has the world stopped believing in prayer?...”
The power of Heaven
It has done me good to recall the power of prayer recently and, a week on from starting the daily family Rosary, still by myself, I feel the benefits! I feel closer to Our Blessed Mother Mary. I know I have the power of Heaven in my hands when I pray the Rosary. I feel the strength of the prayer, strengthening me in Jesus and strengthening bonds with my family and I know that, no matter what comes along, Jesus and Mary will help us make it through.
Die for them
We know that prayer alone will not get us into Heaven.
“...Many of My people think that prayer will get them into Heaven. I tell you that communication with Me is good but you must reach out to your fellow man. You must give what you have to help them...
“...As soon as we receive Jesus in Holy Communion, let us go in haste to give Him to our sisters, to our poor, to the sick, to the dying, to the lepers, to the unwanted and the unloved. By this we make Jesus present in the world today...” (Quote from Mother Teresa)
...Too many of My children think that because they have a life of prayer that they do not need to do anything else but, I tell you, that this is not so. In order to love another, you must show that you love them and are ready to die for them. Is this not the example that I have given to all?...” Tuesday 10 December 2002
We all know that prayer and GOOD work goes hand in hand and we can’t just pray all the time - storing up Graces and not using them - but prayer is where we get our fuel to love others and give of ourselves. Jesus left us that example in the Gospels.
“...All of you must remember that I sent My Apostles out, I did not tell them to remain in prayer indefinitely. I sent them out so that they would give My Love to My children. Why do so many of My children not see that Love must be what prayer makes them do? If their prayer does not impel them to Love and to go out to the least of My brothers then it is not prayer. If they hold the Love that I give to them in prayer then it is wasted...” Sunday 30 June 2002
He also told us in many Messages:
“...When you come to Me in prayer you gain strength. This is your fuel to fight against the ways of the world. If you do not come to gain strength, then you will fall easily...” Monday 16 September 2002
The source: Jesus
We have no love if we have no prayer. We have no prayer if we do not have love. We need to go to the source: Jesus, every moment of every day and draw from Him all the strength and love, then give that love to others or back to Him in a secret sacrifice.
I thank You, Jesus, for this reminder about the Power of Prayer.

Certain health Conditions

Food additives have been used for centuries; for example, preserving food by pickling (with vinegar), salting, as with bacon and dried tomatoes, or using sulphur dioxide as in some wines. Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavour or improve its taste and appearance. With the advent of processed foods in the second half of the twentieth century, many more additives have been introduced, of both natural and artificial origin. Some of these latter additives are open to debates and disagreements whether they should be allowed at all. Moreover, many claim that certain additives may be the cause of certain health conditions, such as allergies, migraines, hyperactivity in children and several adverse reactions.
E-numbers and children
If you go to your fridge after you read this article, you will have great difficulty finding a supermarket purchased product without at least one E-number in it and, more importantly, without one of the E-numbers that they recommend we avoid! Even more frightening is the fact that children’s sweets and fizzy drinks are crammed full of E-numbers, many of which are linked to hyperactivity in children and new research has confirmed this!
Loud and impulsive
The study, carried out by scientists at Southampton University for the Food Standards Agency (FSA) found that children who have eaten E-numbers have more difficulty sitting down and concentrating. They also have problems reading and become loud and impulsive. E-numbers can be found in a whole range of foods the average child eats each week. The most common culprits are ice cream, sweets, biscuits and soft drinks. But they can also be found in some medicines and toothpastes.
Full of them
Sunset yellow and carmoisine sound like romantic names for paint to brighten up a room but they are better known as E110 and E122 and have been linked to hyperactivity in children. These two, together with tartrazine (E102), ponceau 4R (E124), quinoline yellow (E104) and allura red (E129) are all food colourings, which the E-number tells us are approved as safe by the European Union. Children’s sweets and cakes are full of them - Love Hearts and Haribo Micro Mix contain all of them except tartrazine, according to the Food Commission, while Morrisons assorted sponge cakes have three, in common with many ready-made children’s party cakes.
Scrutinising labels
Sarah Boseley, health editor for The Guardian, said on Thursday 31 January 2008, “The good news is that many supermarkets are taking drastic action! Marks and Spencer is removing all artificial colours and flavours from ninety nine percent of products by the end of the year. Asda is doing the same with nine thousand own-label foods. Sainsbury’s, Tesco and the Co-Op have announced similar action. In the meantime, all you can do is check for additives by scrutinising labels.”
E-numbers advisable for children to avoid
Some of the E-numbers that the UK government have suggested children should avoid, particularly if they’ve shown any signs of suffering from hyperactivity, are as follows:
• E102 – tartrazine. As well as hyperactivity, it’s been linked to asthma and rashes. It’s commonly found in products such as biscuits, sweets and even mushy peas.
• E110 – sunset yellow. In addition to hyperactivity and behaviour issues, it’s also been linked to allergies and gastric upset. It’s found in products such as ice creams, drinks and sweets.
• E122 – carmoisine. This has also been linked to an increase in allergies and intolerances. It’s commonly found in ready meals, biscuits, sweets and jelly.
• E124 – ponceau 4R. It’s also been linked to instances of allergies and intolerances. It’s found in drinks, biscuits and sweets.
• E129 – allura red. This is commonly found in products such as sausages and soft drinks.
• E104 – quinoline yellow. It’s also been linked to incidences of rashes and asthma. It’s found in products such as smoked haddock, pickles and sweets.
• E211 – sodium benzoate. It’s also been linked to asthma. It’s found in ice lollies, baked foods and soft drinks.
The problem that I have noticed since I started to write this article is that it is nigh on impossible to avoid consuming E-numbers. If I were to decide right now to give up eating food stuff with E-numbers in them, I would find it impossible to do! How frightening is that?!
But then, on Saturday 6 July 1996, sixteen years ago, Jesus said the following.
“…There is evil freemasonry; not only in My Church but in every part of your lives it has its influences - the clothes that you wear, the food that you eat. The world is steeped within it and even you, whom I Love, are caught up in its tendrils. It is in the Words that I have given in My Revelation; you cannot buy or sell anything without it. Come away from these things now for they tell you that you need to buy from them but I tell you that if you have faith in Me, then your Heavenly Father will give you what you need for He already knows what you need...”
Mark of the beast
Do we have enough faith to do as Jesus asks? Could we stop buying foods from supermarkets with the mark of the beast and make our own instead? This Message was given sixteen years ago, and Jesus said come away from these things now but has anyone done it yet? I doubt if they have for I know I haven’t.
On the same day, Jesus spoke again about the world we live in.
“…You must begin to live as I have asked you to live, all of you who are Mine. Each day that passes you become more and more tainted. The freemasons are feeding you their poison and I tell you these things because they will increase it and soon, within only a short few months, they will begin their campaign against all of those who are Mine.
Fall back from the ways of this world for you do not need them. It is like the world has become addicted to them...”
Tumbling down
I believe (although I could be wrong) that Jesus is preparing us for a time when the food supply chains that exist today will disappear. He is urging us to stop relying on supermarkets and to become self sufficient by growing and preparing our own food. Jesus Warned us on Wednesday 20 December 2006, “...My son, you will see lucifer’s plan come to pass. You will see governments and countries come tumbling down as their financial structures fall to dust. Look around you, how many could go into the fields and till the earth to grow food for themselves? How many could clothe themselves without a shop? If these simple things are removed, what will happen upon this earth?...”
I think what Jesus is saying here is clear enough!
And, in any case, when the micro-chip is introduced, it will no longer be possible to buy food, unless you have the mark of the beast. I can see, now, how difficult it will be to refuse the chip unless we prepare now for its introduction.
Poisons lie hidden
In April 2011, Jesus said, “...Do not look at things that do not matter for there are many things more dangerous in the food that you eat; placed there by the greed of those that do not care about their fellow man...”
What is Jesus talking about? What is in the food that we buy that Jesus describes as dangerous? What poisons lie hidden within almost everything available in the supermarkets today? Jesus always speaks the Truth, since He can see what happens in secret, fuelled as He says, by the greed of our fellow man. He wants to tell the world the deceit that is taking place and the damage it is doing to our children’s and our own health.
On Wednesday 20 December 2006 Jesus said,
“...Look at the Truth of the Words that I speak; do not think as a man but think with your heart. Give the body the rest that it needs, not what it desires; give the body the food that it needs but not what it desires. Look at your lives, My children, whatever your body desires it gets and you become very unhealthy in body and spirit. You take rest in front of your television and your minds are polluted with the desires of this earth. You fill your bodies with food that you do not need. The simple things are the best things to nourish your body. Look around you, you fill your bodies with chemicals through eating things that are not necessary but taste good and so you become greedy for these things and think that you cannot do without them...”
Is Jesus talking about E-numbers when He says “ fill your bodies with chemicals...”?
Three forms of treachery
There are three forms of treachery taking place in the processed food industry, as I see it. The first involves the E- numbers that are added to almost every factory produced product on the supermarket shelves, to make them bigger and more appetising. And the second and I think equally dangerous, is the genetically modified food and food ingredients added in secret for which there is absolutely no way of testing for once they have been added.
And the third is an equally sinister process through which food can pass before being sold on supermarket shelves, is irradiation. This will increase the shelf-life of perishable products such as chicken considerably, and is already legal in some countries such as South Africa.
I remember when I was a student, the faculty was experimenting on the use of irradiation to preserve food. They had a purpose built chamber into which the food was placed and then exposed to gamma-rays from Cobalt-60 (I think) for a short period.
As I remember, the grass died outside the chamber - even though the walls were six feet thick concrete - and the university lecturer (Dr Stevenson) in charge of the experiments died of cancer soon after she started the work! As Jesus said: “...the freemasons are feeding you their poison...”!
Ten E-numbers to avoid
1. E102 – tartrazine.
This has already been banned from use in Norway and Austria, yet it is continued to be used in food and drinks in the UK. In recent years, since a study found it was linked to hyperactivity in children, the UK government have suggested it should be avoided by children but adults may well want to avoid it too. E102 is commonly found in products such as mustard, marmalade, jelly, marzipan, ice lollies, fizzy drinks, squash, custard powder and soups.
2. E122 – carmoisine.
This is already banned in several countries, including Norway, Japan, America and Sweden, this colouring is found in products such as sweets, yogurts, packet soup, jelly and jam. It has been positively linked to hyperactivity in children and the UK government recommend that children may be better avoiding it but it can also cause allergic reactions in adults too.
3. E129 – allura red.
E129 is a red or orange like synthetic dye which is used as a food colouring in drinks and sweets. As well as being linked to hyperactive behaviour in children, it may also cause allergic skin reactions in adults, especially anyone sensitive to aspirin. It’s worth noting that E129 has already been banned in many countries, including France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Norway and Sweden.
4. E104 – quinoline yellow.
Used in products such as smoked haddock and scotch eggs to provide a yellow tinge. Already banned in countries such as Japan, America, Australia and Norway, the colouring has been linked to health and hyperactive problems in children.
5. E621 – monosodium glutamate.
Otherwise known as MSG, E621 is a flavour enhancer that’s commonly used to pep up food products (especially Asian and Chinese take aways) and make them taste better. Unfortunately, it is known to cause problems for some people – and certain people seem to be more sensitive to its effects than others. Amongst the known side effects, MSG can cause symptoms such as pain, headaches, nausea, dizziness, muscle pain and palpitations.
6. E951 – aspartame.
E951 is an artificial sweetener that’s commonly used as a sweetening ingredient. In particular, it’s often found in products aimed at dieters or diabetics, such as desserts, low-fat foods, low sugar drinks, snacks and sweets. It’s well known to be linked to problems in people who suffer from the condition PKU1 and they are well advised to avoid it completely. But aspartame has become a concern to other people too and side effects, such as headaches, have often been reported.
7. E211 – sodium benzoate.
E211 is an E-number that is used as a preservative and is found in products such as margarine, salad dressing, soy sauce, sweets and soft drinks. Studies have found that it is linked to hyperactivity in children, plus it may cause reactions in people that have allergic conditions or asthma.
8. E151 – black PN/ brilliant black BN.
E151 is a form of black synthetic dye that is used as a food colouring in some products. However, concerns have been raised in other countries, as it has been linked to allergic reactions in some people. It is already banned in Australia, Austria, America, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and France.
9. E133 – Brilliant blue FCF.
Some people have been found to experience allergic reactions after consuming products containing E133 and this E-number is already banned in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Germany and Norway.
A blue synthetic coal tar dye often used in conjunction with E102, Tartrazine, to produce various shades of green. Can be found in tinned processed peas, dairy products, sweets and drinks.
10. E213 – calcium benzoate.
E213 is a form of preservative that’s used to lengthen the shelf life of foods and drinks. It’s often found in low sugar products, but it has been linked to side effects in people who have allergic conditions.
1 Phenylketonuria is a rare metabolic disorder that affects the way the body breaks down protein. If not treated shortly after birth, PKU can be destructive to the nervous system, causing mental retardation.

The Truth About Abortion
We are including a few more articles as we did in the July 2012 Newsletter, from the same internet site (
The Uninformed “Choice”
No idea
“All (the clients) were told about the abortion procedure itself was that they would experience slight cramping similar to menstrual cramps and that was it. They were not told about the development of the baby. They were not told about the pain that the baby would be experiencing, or the physical effects or the emotional effects that it would have on them. They had no idea who was going to be there to help them when they fell apart afterwards. They were taken into the room then and, as I said, there was no counselling done. These women basically had no idea what they were getting themselves into.”
Testimony of Deborah Henry, former Abortion Provider.
“Many times, a little face....stares back at you”
Washington DC
The District of Washington DC has no limits on when an abortion can be performed. So, a bill was recently introduced to outlaw abortions after the twenty week mark.
Testimony was provided by a number of former abortionists including Dr. Anthony Levitano, who became haunted by his day-job after the death of his six year old daughter.
Gruesome detail
At one point, Dr. Levitano described in gruesome detail, what the procedure entails and told the members, “If you refuse to believe that this [doesn’t] inflict severe pain on that unborn child, think again.”
A little face
Pulling out a stainless steel clamp, he said, “You know you have it right when you clamp and you see the baby’s brains. You can then extract the skull pieces. Many times, a little face may come out and stare back at you. Congratulations! You have successfully performed a second-trimester suction abortion.”
The room fell silent. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said later that it was perhaps the most moving testimony he’s ever heard in all of his years in Congress.
Pervasive in our society
However, not everyone was moved. The leader of the pro-abortion organization, NARAL, said that any attempt to ease unborn pain is “out of touch with our nation’s values and priorities.” The statement epitomizes how the “culture of death” has become pervasive in our society.


All that’s asked of you on this site is that you ask for prayers and that you pray for others. There are lots of “pray-ers” on facebook and we could turn our prayers into a powerful force. Jesus said: “Love one another...” one way we can do this is to pray for one another.
Many times, we are in such deep need of prayer because we are in a situation where we cannot pray ourselves and so need others to do the praying for us.

“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness.
It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”
Mahatma Gandhi quotes
(Indian Philosopher, internationally esteemed for his doctrine of nonviolent protest, 1869-1948)!/NetworkOfPrayer

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Events Celebrated

Feast of the King of Love Sunday 22 July
We began the Feast Day at 3pm in the Prayer Room with music and prayer. Both old and new faces were there and they participated with great enthusiasm and sincerity in the praising of Jesus. This helped lift the occasion and helped underline its specialness as a Feast Day.
As SonLight sang that poignant song by John Michael Talbot ‘Would You Crucify Him,’ Patrick came into the Prayer Room and he spoke to us after the song. He said that the challenge that Jesus puts to us in these days is to ask us ‘Will we stay with Him or will we reject Him?’ He read a Message that Jesus gave for the Feast Day and the lines that really stood out to me were ‘...I ask of you to give Me your hearts as you have never done before… Do not let Me walk away without you…’
A great freedom
Jesus seems to be pleading with us to come His Way and ready ourselves and His Houses of Prayer for the times to come. He wants to shine His Love through us to His children. Patrick also urged us to invoke the power of Jesus’ Name and he said that Jesus has given us His Name as a Gift.
The Prayer Room was full of song and praise in the evening as we all lifted our voices to the Lord. There was a great freedom in the music and prayers and everyone was filled with joy as the Day drew to a close.
Thank You, Jesus, for this great Feast Day and Your image of the King of Love.
Feast of Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
Thursday 9 August
We gathered on the Feast of Edith Stein, who later joined the Carmelite Order and took the name ‘Teresa Benedicta of the Cross.’ One of the servants read extracts from her biography and shared how Teresa had such a great spiritual strength. She realised she was powerless over situations but she totally trusted in Jesus.
She received Gods Grace of conversion by the example of other people. This is what Jesus is asking of each of us, to let His Light shine through us.
Walk Against Abortion Saturday 11 August
The Walk Against Abortion for the Feast of the Assumption was held on Saturday 11 August this year and there was around fifty people there. The thing that really struck me this year was the number of children who joined the walk. It was lovely to see all the little children of different ages walking along, trying their best to be silent, and we hope and pray that babies were saved that day from abortion. We praise and thank You, Jesus, for this wonderful Day.
Feast of the Assumption Wednesday 15 August
The prayers on the Feast of the Assumption were filled with praise and love for Our Lady, Mother of God, the One who is our signpost on our Journey towards Jesus. A servant spoke of how in her life she had never really prayed much to Mary. It was nearly always Jesus. She was reminded at Mass in the local chapel during the priest’s homily to go to Our Lady in prayer and that Mary will always take you to Jesus. The prayers were intertwined with song and, as always, the Baptism of the Unborn was included. This Baptism is a reminder of how Mary wants us to help save the little children who are being aborted day and daily. We praise and thank You, Jesus, for this beautiful Day.
Events to Come
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Birthday of Our Lady
Saturday 8 September
Exaltation of the Cross
Friday 14 September
Feast of Saint Pio
Sunday 23 September
Feast of the Archangels
Saturday 29 September
Feast of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus
Monday 1 October
Feast of the Guardian Angels
Tuesday 2 October
Feast of Saint Francis
Thursday 4 October 2011
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Friday 12 October to Sunday 14 October
Feast of Saint Teresa of Avila
Monday 15 October
Feast of Saint Margaret Mary
Tuesday 16 October
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Living His Way
Jesus said “I am come to cast fire on the earth; and what will I but that it be kindled?” Luke 12:49, Douay-Rheims
When we read Scripture, we can see that Jesus started this ‘Fire’ through His Apostles, they had that spark, which was gained by dying to self and living His Way which was needed to spread Jesus’ Love and preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God. They took up their crosses daily and followed Him. So many people then became followers of the Way (Christians), because of these witnesses.
Able to use them
Jesus was able to use them because they gave up all for Him, they became empty vessels so that He and His Father could make their home within them.
Open to the Holy Spirit
The Power of God was seen and felt in those days. For example, in Scripture we hear about the sick people lining the streets knowing that even if Saint Peter’s shadow would fall on them they would be healed. Those early followers of Jesus were open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and knew, without a doubt, what He wanted of them. These early Christians and many Saints since have lived in Jesus’ Way, giving of themselves and not counting the cost. Their faith was so great.
Heal in His Name
Jesus also said in Scripture that you would be able to recognise His followers, they would be able to heal in His Name, cast out demons in His Name, raise the dead and, if they drank any deadly poison it would not harm them. So where are we ‘followers’ now?
Worship God with our lips
Unfortunately, over the years, mankind has been tempted away from the things of God by the world and its ways under the influence of satan. Faith has diminished and there is little true Love left in the world. He said “...But yet the Son of man, when He cometh, shall He find, think you, faith on earth?” Luke 18:8, Douay-Rheims
Even us, His so called followers in this time, we are a people who “...honoureth Me with their lips: but their heart is far from Me.” Matthew 15:8, Douay-Rheims
There was great rejoicing
In a Message on 20 July 2012, Jesus said:
“...Look at My early Church where there was great rejoicing and peace, where the sick were healed, the blind were given sight and the deaf hearing.
This is My Way for I mean to look after My children. I gave My Gifts to mankind in order that there would be no sickness, no hardship of the soul but, these have been rejected and replaced by the things of this world...”
God sent His Prophets
Over the past two centuries, Jesus has been calling His people back through Visionaries, Seers and Prophets. God sent His Prophets when things were wrong since the beginning of time and He still sends them now to save His people. He is trying now, once again, to light and spread that Fire through His people, His witnesses in these times.
Teaching us
In the Way of Truth Messages, Jesus speaks about the spark that will ignite the Fire. Once the fire is lit, it will spread like a forest fire and His Words will be fulfilled, the Fire will be truly blazing across the earth. He is Teaching us to die to self so that we can become empty vessels that He can use.
Way of Love
Again on 20 July, He said:
“...I am calling you into this Way of Truth, this Way of Love, so that you can become My Hands, My Feet and My Lips. A Way that both I, and My Father can reside within the temple of your heart, a Way of Understanding, Truth, a Way that you may ask anything in My Name and it will be given...”
Once one person has died enough to self, that person will become the spark that Jesus is speaking of. They will ignite the Fire and it will spread quickly as many people will follow. Self will cease to matter. Jesus will be at the forefront of our lives and many miracles will be seen. It will be like in those early days of Christianity where people will see Jesus in us and be converted.
A precious Gift
So let us all be encouraged to continue on this journey and die to self so that we can become true followers of Jesus. He has given us a great Gift, a precious Gift in His Way of Truth and He knows we can do it.
Jesus continues on 20 July 2012 :
“...Come, children, allow Me to ignite the Way of Truth within you so that this world may see My Love once again. I am calling you as you read these Words to take on My Truth and die to self and come walk with Me. I, your Jesus, await your response to My call. I Love you.”

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Philomena’s Polish Experience
From 1997, I have been reading and believing the Messages given to the two Patricks from Jesus. Hands up, ‘Guilty,’ at first I read them for the ‘sensationalism,’ until in one of His Messages, Jesus Warned about this and it suddenly hit me ‘that’s what I am doing!’ and I felt very ashamed. Feeling chastised, I began reading the Messages with a ‘new eye.’
Too busy
I always felt that I would love to do more, perhaps man a House of Prayer and, in all honesty, I could have found the time only I was too busy being part of the world.
A Gift from God
In January 2012, I had a health scare which I now accept as a Gift from God, Why, you may ask? Well, if I had not, I would have not taken my retirement and continued living my old life, believing that Mass on Sundays and daily prayers was all that was expected of me.
So, I retired and planned to sit back, be good to myself, take life easy. I read somewhere that we make plans and God laughs. God certainly must have laughed at my plans!!
Calling volunteers
My granddaughter had won the Christmas raffle prize of the complete set of ‘Message Books’ so, in the cold dark days of January, I settled down to read. When the Newsletter arrived and I read that Jesus was still calling volunteers to man a House of Prayer, even for two weeks. I somehow just knew that the time was right for me to volunteer, I now had all the time in the world, neither ‘chick nor child,’ to worry about, just an eight year old cocker spaniel but my wonderful daughter agreed to ‘take the dog.’
Invited me to visit
I wrote to the House of Prayer in Cookstown giving my details and then forgot all about it. Some weeks later, I got a phone call from Bridie and, in her beautiful Irish accent, she invited me to visit and stay over. I had visited the House of Prayer a few times and took part in some of the ‘Walks Against Abortion.’ But this was my first time to meet the servants and workers and to stay over.
Hospitality was wonderful
The hospitality was wonderful, I felt very much at home, however, I was amazed at how casually everyone talked about - and talked to - Jesus as if He was actually present! It was only when I returned home that I felt why wouldn’t they talk about and talk to Jesus, we were in Jesus’ House, His House of Prayer! I returned a few times more.
Invited to man a House of Prayer
A few weeks later I was invited to man Saint Stanislaus House of Prayer in Poland with Bridie. It was fully explained to me that this House of Prayer had been an old school house and was being renovated so there would be a fair amount of work to do plus helping with the cooking. Coming from a large family of twelve, housework and cooking comes easy to me so I immediately agreed to go and in the wee small hours of the following Sunday morning Bridie, John (the plasterer) and myself set out for Poland. We were joined later by Andy, Alex and George who had travelled by van all the way from London.
Hit the ground running
The following morning and every morning, all six of us ‘hit the ground running.’ Now, have you ever watched that sixty minute house makeover programme on T.V.? Well, the scene in Poland was very similar, complete mayhem at times, only this makeover lasted three weeks with still much more to do!
House started to take shape
Polish plumbers, electricians, interpreters plus our own joiner, plasterer and two labourers were in and out, up and down like an army on the march but we all worked together as a team and, bit by bit, the House started to take shape.
Lots of ‘wee futtery’ jobs
Large wooden floors sanded and varnished two, three times; tiles cut and grouted in bathrooms; new window sills; plastering of at least thirty new windows, windows cleaned, curtains hung; new landing floor; new kitchen fitted plus lots of ‘wee futtery’ jobs which took up quite a lot of time but were necessary. Beds put up and dressed and of course the cooking and washing.
Challenges met everyday due to communication problems and among all the heat, dirt, dust and noise, Northern Ireland, Romanian, Bulgarian and English accents all calling ‘Bridie.’ We even had Polish accents calling in a soft Irish tone, ‘Bridie.’
No job was too big or too small
Bridie can best be described as the general/foreman/person who never got to finish a full cup of hot coffee and no job was too big or too small for her (I thought she had worked in the construction business all her life)! And who would often appear like a ‘clerk of works,’ with the laptop under her arm to help her communicate.
Called on Jesus
Every meal time I called on Jesus to guide me. Half the time I wasn’t sure what was in the packets. When told the apple tart was delicious, I could only reply, “You have to thank Jesus for that ’cos I wasn’t sure if I was buying flour or wallpaper paste!”
We got a laugh over it
Another time, I spent a long time beating up a packet of ‘cream,’ which I found in the cupboard. Now, picture the scene again, a very hot day, a worn old hand whisk and a fast day so I couldn’t dip my finger in ‘to taste.’ I eventually became pleased with my efforts and stored my prized possession in the fridge and set about baking a jam tart to accompany my treat.
At the evening meal I was just about to serve when I tasted my large bowl of cream, Ugh! I had added salt instead of sugar, I definitely thought that small blue bag was sugar! All that effort for nothing, at least we got a laugh over it.
A precious time
Being honest, I’m one of these people who, when starts a job, likes to finish it without being interrupted so when Bridie called for prayers at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm, I found it quite a nuisance to ‘down tools’ and go to the Prayer Room. Having to stop everything was quite frustrating especially when there was an urgency to get the work done. However, as the days went on I came to readily accept prayer time as ‘Jesus’ time,’ a precious time to withdraw from the bustle of life and just sit with Jesus. The job or meal always got completed anyway.
In 1997, Wednesday 14 May, in one of His Messages Jesus said; ‘...I ask all of you to stop what you are doing and remember the One that is important in your lives...’
Fifteen years later and I was only starting to obey Him!
I had never really thanked Him
I came to realise that for all of my life, Jesus had been there, had played a big part in my life, thanks to my parents and all the nuns teaching at the local Convent School but I had always kept Jesus on the side-line, called on in time of need or when saying learned prayers which would drop off my tongue like ice-cream off a hot spoon. I had never really talked to Jesus as I would talk to a really good friend. It felt as if for the first time in my life I was taking on board that Jesus was Human. He walked this earth. He took the punishment for my sins. He Died on the Cross for me and I had never really thanked Him!
Jesus, I trust In You
I love my family with a passion. I would readily die for them if necessary and here was the Son of God who Died for me, whose Sacred Heart aches with Pain for me, Jesus Died to Save me! I felt the need to give Jesus centre stage in my life and I found myself beginning to look forward to prayer time. Yes, feelings of doubt did arise, for example, I had a hell of a cheek to expect Jesus to be there for me after rejecting Him for so long but then those wonderful words, ‘Jesus, I trust in You,’ would rush forward in my mind and I remembered reading that, when we say those wonderful words and then fret and worry that we are insulting Him. Simply trust Jesus completely.
I loved to go to the Prayer Room
My favourite time of day in Poland? When the day’s work was done, usually about 10-10.30pm and, feeling refreshed after a shower and everyone gathered in the kitchen for a late night snack and chat; I loved to go to the Prayer Room alone and just talk with Jesus. Mind you, my conversation usually began with, “Wait a wee minute till I sit down. I’m knackered! But I feel so good, so happy and I am fully enjoying myself.”
Changed my life
Having Jesus as a Friend now fills my life with purpose and happiness. My Polish experience changed my life around and taught me to just talk to Jesus or to sit in a reflective silence with Him. I felt honoured to work in Jesus’ House of Prayer. So little I was giving, after all He did and is still doing for me. I made new friends, visited a new country, met Patrick Rushe and finally brought Jesus in from the cold.
Spend time in prayer and silence
Now I’m back home, I easily accept that prayer time and work time can go ‘hand in hand.’ Stopping what I am doing and spending time in prayer and silence does not disrupt my day and, if I am busy, shopping or in company, taking a few seconds mentally to call His Name and let Him know I am thinking about Him is easily fitted into my lifestyle. (Don’t we all like to think there is somebody thinking about us? Well Jesus is no different, our thoughts of Him can help ease the Pain in His Sacred Heart).
Jesus is God of Heaven and earth, King of Love, isn’t it only right that we give Jesus His place and our time and love?
A big thank you
I wish to thank Bridie for her patience, understanding, guidance and friendship. John, Andy, Alex and George for their friendship, hard work and for enjoying the ‘Irish craic.’ To all of you who donate to the House of Prayer, a big thank you. Your donations enabled me to travel to Poland and change my life. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks also to all the servants, workers and Patrick Rushe who led by example. May God Bless you all.
If you can volunteer your trade, skill, time or man a House of Prayer, please do so. God willing, there will be a wonderful experience waiting for you.

Revelations 21: 1-27
Recently, we did the Life in the Spirit Seminars here in the Sacred Heart House of Prayer. This consists of attending a weekly Prayer Meeting along with daily meditations and Scripture readings over a seven week period. In the last week of the Seminar, the Scripture was Revelations 21 and, although I do not fully understand the book of Revelations, I loved this piece of Scripture and the Power of God in it touched me.
1 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away and the sea was no more.
And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
A new Heaven actually on earth – the same place where we are now but different because the sea is gone, the earth is gone and everything is renewed and pure in the sight of God.
3 And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them and they will be His people and God Himself will be with them as their God.
4 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain anymore for the former things have passed away.”
God will be with us here on earth in a way never experienced before and everything will be different with no death or suffering any longer.
5 And He who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also He said, “Write this down for these words are trustworthy and true.”
6 And He said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment.
7 The one who conquers will have this heritage and I will be His God and he will be My son.
God Himself makes all things new and gives life freely. The word ‘overcome’ really struck me. To overcome self is how I understood it. In this life, if we overcome self, God will be able to do anything with us, to give us anything and then use us in any way He wants for His Glory.
8 But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”
But if we don’t overcome ourselves and fight our sins, we will not be able to be with God.
9 Then came one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls full of the seven last plagues and spoke to me, saying, “Come, I will show you the Bride, the wife of the Lamb.”
10 And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great, high mountain and showed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God,
11 having the glory of God, its radiance like a most rare jewel, like a jasper, clear as crystal.
The city itself was shining - no street lamps nor fires but just the Light of God radiating from the place.
12 It had a great, high wall, with twelve gates and at the gates twelve angels and on the gates the names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel were inscribed—
13 on the east three gates, on the north three gates, on the south three gates and on the west three gates.
14 And the wall of the city had twelve foundations and on them were the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.
The Israelites are honoured in this place with each gate named after their tribes – three gates in each direction. Then the twelve Apostles are also honoured with a foundation each. I wonder is this about the unity of the Jews and the Christians at the end of time? Both are honoured and support each other. Without the Israelites there would be no Christian Church and, without Christ, Heaven would still be closed to us.
15 And the one who spoke with me had a measuring rod of gold to measure the city and its gates and walls.
16 The city lies foursquare; its length the same as its width. And he measured the city with his rod, 12,000 stadia. Its length and width and height are equal.
17 He also measured its wall, 144 cubits by human measurement, which is also an angel’s measurement.
The Angel proceeds to measure the city with a golden rod. I am not sure why exactly or what this means but I wonder is it to show us the awesomeness of the place and, again, the importance of it, as it is a golden rod that is used.
18 The wall was built of jasper, while the city was pure gold, clear as glass.
19 The foundations of the wall of the city were adorned with every kind of jewel. The first was jasper, the second sapphire, the third agate, the fourth emerald,
20 the fifth onyx, the sixth carnelian, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprase, the eleventh jacinth, the twelfth amethyst.
This description of the precious stones in the walls and in the foundations indicates how beautiful and priceless and special this new city is.
21 And the twelve gates were twelve pearls, each of the gates made of a single pearl and the street of the city was pure gold, transparent as glass.
The gates are also precious, made of pearls and the streets were pure gold yet transparent. This must be a place like none other and never seen before by human eyes as it is hard to describe in human terms.
22 And I saw no temple in the city for its temple is the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb.
Because God Himself dwells there, a place of worship is not necessary. God is the place of worship; the whole city is His dwelling so the whole place is holy.
23 And the city has no need of sun or moon to shine on it for the glory of God gives it light and its lamp is the Lamb.
This was the verse I really loved and is a bit like verse eleven. No sun or moon is needed because the Light just comes from God. It is impossible to imagine; a bright day but no sun in the sky, possibly no sky either just a bright, luminous, beautiful, holy place lit by the Light coming from God Himself!
24 By its light will the nations walk and the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it
25 and its gates will never be shut by day—and there will be no night there.
26 They will bring into it the glory and the honour of the nations.
27 But nothing unclean will ever enter it, nor anyone who does what is detestable or false but only those who are written in the Lamb’s book of life.
Then it is as if everybody is invited to come here and it will never be closed or locked, even though it has twelve gates. It will be eternally open, eternally radiant and eternally filled with goodness and honour and glory for God because that is what the people will bring to Him. There will be no untruth, nothing bad or sinful just Love, Joy, Peace and all the good things of God.
I think this city is different to Heaven itself. Of course, I could be completely wrong! I think it is of a new time, at the end of time, when all we know will be wiped away and God will unite Heaven and earth for a period and live among us. Heaven may be like this too with its own Light because Heaven is God Himself, a place of total and pure Love. But I never imagined Heaven having walls or gates or any boundaries. The main thing that struck me in this whole chapter is the Light of God. How He is the Shining One, the One who lights our way on earth, if we let Him.
Thank You, Jesus, for Your Scriptures!

Plight of those who do not know prayer
Deeply worried
My wife and I were Blessed recently with the birth of our fifth son who seemed healthy and well to begin with but, before he was two weeks old, he was admitted to our local hospital with an enlarged liver and spleen. Needless to say, my wife and I were deeply worried for him and even more so when we realised that the doctors couldn’t find a cause for this and he was now obviously sick and getting worse.
Asked for prayers
I think anyone who has been in this kind of situation knows that worry takes over and anything more than the most simplest prayer of “Jesus, help him,” is nearly impossible but, because my wife had phoned the House of Prayer and asked for prayers, we knew that someone else was praying for him. In fact, unknown to us, the servants had phoned the other Houses of Prayer and they were all saying a Novena to Saint Thérèse for our son and another wee baby who was also very sick.
Network of Prayer
Patrick had set up a “Network of Prayer” on Facebook and the servants also put us on this. Now there were people we had never even met including us in their prayers.
We are very thankful for these prayers and both babies are now on their way to full recovery but I also am aware of how lucky we are to know of prayer and to know how much prayer can do for us. I know I take prayer (and therefore Jesus) for granted but there are so many in the world who are unaware of the great power of prayer and the help that Jesus gives to those who ask.
During the two weeks that our son was in hospital, even on the darkest days when we thought we were going to lose our beautiful son, I could feel at times almost like a blanket of prayer around us and I knew that, even if he died, I could accept that as Jesus’ Will. Certainly this was Grace given through the prayers of others.
Our anchor
Because of this experience, I can see that those without prayer in their lives could very easily turn to despair. I cannot even begin to imagine what it would have been like for us if we did not know Jesus. He was our Anchor in the storm. I feel so sorry for other people in our situation and there are many who do not know Jesus, His Love and who do not have that sure knowledge that Jesus is in control and has everything in the Palm of His Hands.
An act of love
It is these people whose plight I would like to highlight in this article. While there may not be much we can do physically for these people, we can pray and sacrifice for them. This too, is an Act of Love. We can pray for comfort, consolation, acceptance and most of all for faith.
Through our prayers, Jesus can touch even the most hardened hearts and guide them to Himself in their dark times and, like the lighthouse, Jesus guides them to safety.
Thank You, Jesus, for all You have done for us and for all the people who prayed for us.

On the Christian Family in the Modern World
Apostolic Exhortation of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II
8. The whole church is obliged to a deep reflection and commitment, so that the new culture now emerging may be evangelized in depth, true values acknowledged, the rights of men and women defended and justice promoted in the very structures of society. In this way the “new humanism” will not distract people from their relationship with God, but will lead them to it more fully.
Science and its technical applications offer new and immense possibilities in the construction of such a humanism. Still, as a consequence of political choices that decide the direction of research and its applications, science is often used against its original purpose, which is the advancement of the human person.
It becomes necessary, therefore, on the part of all to recover an awareness of the primacy of moral values, which are the values of the human person as such. The great task that has to be faced today for the renewal of society is that of recapturing the ultimate meaning of life and its fundamental values. Only an awareness of the primacy of these values enables man to use the immense possibilities given him by science in such a way as to bring about the true advancement of the human person in his or her whole truth, in his or her freedom and dignity. Science is called to ally itself with wisdom.
The following words of the Second Vatican Council can therefore be applied to the problems of the family: “Our era needs such wisdom more than bygone ages if the discoveries made by man are to be further humanized. For the future of the world stands in peril unless wiser people are forthcoming.”
The education of the moral conscience, which makes every human being capable of judging and of discerning the proper ways to achieve self-realization according to his or her original truth, thus becomes a pressing requirement that cannot be renounced.
Modern culture must be led to a more profoundly restored covenant with divine wisdom. Every man is given a share of such wisdom through the creating action of God. And it is only in faithfulness to this covenant that the families of today will be in a position to influence positively the building of a more just and fraternal world.
9. To the injustice originating from sin - which has profoundly penetrated the structures of today’s world - and often hindering the family’s full realization of itself and of its fundamental rights, we must all set ourselves in opposition through a conversion of mind and heart, following Christ crucified by denying our own selfishness: Such a conversion cannot fail to have a beneficial and renewing influence even on the structures of society.
What is needed is a continuous, permanent conversion which, while requiring an interior detachment from every evil and an adherence to good in its fullness, is brought about concretely in steps which lead us ever forward. Thus a dynamic process develops, one which advances gradually with the progressive integration of the gifts of God and the demands of his definitive and absolute love in the entire personal and social life of man. Therefore an educational growth process is necessary in order that individual believers, families and peoples, even civilization itself, by beginning from what they have already received of the mystery of Christ, may patiently be led forward, arriving at a richer understanding and a fuller integration of this mystery in their lives.

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