A Deeper Way

A deeper way of life
Within these Messages of Love and within our new Prayer Meetings, Jesus is calling us to a deeper way of life with Him.  He wants to become our All, as we are all to Him.  Our relationship with Him should be deep and intimate.  He is as a Great Lover to all of us.  Within this theme of ‘Jesus as the Great Lover,’ we have included a passage from the Way of the Sacred Heart which talks a little about the Journey to Jesus.  It describes how our relationship with Him deepens in accordance with what we are willing to give of ourselves to Him.  This passage describes a soul who is giving to Jesus in this way and how Jesus responds to this giving.  He becomes the Great Lover and the soul becomes the beloved.
The front cover
We have used the imagery of Jesus as a Stag as referred to in the Message of Saint Clare.  She describes Jesus in her Journey to Him as one who is seldom seen but always there.  This captures the whole essence of the Way of the Sacred Heart and our Journey towards God.
The back cover
We have put the lyrics of a beautiful song, written by Chris Quilala from Jesus Culture, on the back cover of the Newsletter.  The song is based on ‘The Song of Songs’ (in Scripture)  and again describes the relationship that is open to all of us if we but die to ourselves.  The Song captures the essence of the Great Lover and the beloved and the beautiful mystical dance that comes from such a relationship with our God.
In this Newsletter, the articles speak of the darkness of the world and how blind we become the more we are in it.  Jesus is our only Refuge.  His Arms are always open, He is always willing to help us.  Let’s listen to His Words, His Guidance as we journey on in this desert until we see Him Face to face. 
Through the years, Jesus has given several Messages concerning television and the adverse effects it has on our souls.  There are two articles this month that reflect this issue which we very often do not see or choose to ignore.  These articles challenge the reader to see the Truth about television and make us spiritually more aware of what we are letting into our homes when it is on.
The article from Saint Michael’s House of Prayer is about children’s vaccinations which they are expected to get routinely.  This article describes the moral dilemma of parents faced with this issue.  It is an informative and eye-opening article showing how Christians are persecuted for even taking a moral stand that applies to their families.
There are a few remaining seats available on the pilgrimage to the shrines in Poland.  If you feel the call to go, please do not hesitate to contact us with any further enquires.  There are more details inside.

Friday 2 August 2013
Look at the Words I give you, My beloved children, see their Truth and see the Life that lives within them.  Die to yourself and allow the scales to fall from your eyes and you shall perceive My Truth.  If you do not die to yourselves, children, self will blind you to the Words that I speak.
Take on the Words of Truth that I give to you.  Use the anchor I have given and allow self to break away and allow your souls to shine.
I am Coming, My children, and I am asking those of you who are willing to prepare for, I will need your hands, your feet and your lips, to go out and minister to My children.
Prepare, children, My Spirit is close and so few are ready.
Prepare, now, while there is still time.  I approach.  I Love you.

Saturday 3 August 2013
Jesus, it looks as though we are losing the Battle.  We have not got a leg to stand on.  Christianity is being destroyed in every part of society in this world and we have nothing to fight back with.  Help!
Soon, now, My son, I will bring this world to its knees and they will realise what they have done to Me, they will realise that I am Alive.  Trust, My son, there is little time left before I bring this world back from the brink of disaster.  I am Coming.  I Love you.

Saturday 3 August 2013
Come, My beloved children, take on My Words.  Take on the Words of Truth that I give to you and believe I have not deserted you, My children, but I am with you.  I hear your prayers, I hear your calls and I say be patient for a little longer, freedom is at hand.
Soon you shall see a light in the sky: know that this is the beginnings of My Truth descending.  Know, this is the beginning of the end when lucifer shall fall from the heights that he has raised himself up to.
Trust in Me, My children, trust and know that I am with you, know that I never leave you orphans but know My Hand is at work in this world although you cannot see it for the Battle rages around you and I will not show My Hand, as you would say, until the appointed hour.
Trust in Me, My beloved children, do not despair but know that your Saviour is with you in this world.  Know that I have not left you, know that I hear your prayers.  I hear your cries and soon all shall be unchained and freedom shall be yours.
I Love you, My beloved children, I Love you.  I am close, I Love you.

Sunday 4 August 2013
My children, I am calling for you to look at the Truth.  If you simply take time, children, and see what I am saying.  See how short your life upon this earth is and how little time you have to prepare for My Kingdom then you will build the strength to begin seeking Me.
lucifer blinds you through the ways of this world from this path that I tell you of.  You are here for such a short time and the battle rages around you as lucifer tries to engage you upon the path of sin but, I give you the Graces in order to fight his untruth, his lies and deceit.
You, My children, must decide which path you wish to follow.
In the days of this world the Path to My Kingdom looks boring, filled with prayer and sorrow whereas, lucifer’s path, the path of this world, is full of joy, excitement and happiness.  This is his plan, My children, to blind you to the Ways of your God which is True Love, True Joy and True Peace.
Believe, My children, I am with you and, if you ask Me with the heart of truth to show you the Path, I will not resist, I will run to your aid and you shall truly know Me.  So few trust Me, so few ask Me to help without selfish reasons.  The greatest majority of prayer that I hear is asking Me for health and wealth, to enjoy the ways of this world.  These prayers go unanswered for I will not help lucifer to destroy your souls.
Trust in Me, My little ones, and believe that I Died for your sins, that I give you freedom to follow in My Footsteps.  I cannot explain in human words what awaits you in Eternal Life but, I tell you, children, the Joy, the Peace, the Love that you will feel will be beyond your wildest dreams.
Rejoice, My little one, as you read these Words for they are My Invitation to love Me and so glorify Our Father in Heaven.
Come, My beloved children, I am calling out to you every day, every minute of every day, every second of every day, to turn away from the ways of this world and come follow Me.  I Love you, My beloved children, I Love you.  Come, take on My Words of Love, walk in My Footsteps and We, together, shall help your brothers and sisters to find the Fruits of Eternal Life.  I Love you.

Monday 5 August 2013
Once again I call to you, My children, once again, I beg you as a beggar to return to Me and My Ways.  You, My children, have accepted sin into your lives and, as you say, you cannot see that you are doing anything wrong.  That is because you have blinded yourselves, you have allowed the lies of lucifer to overtake you and so he draws you upon the path of eternal death.
Look at My Truth, look at My Commandments, look at My Scripture.  I will not accept sin, no matter how you try to justify it.
Love is of My Kingdom, sin is of the kingdom of lucifer.  You decide who you want to follow in free will, children, I will not force you, I will not take your free will away from you.  But, soon, I will remove all sin.  Those who follow the path of sin of this world take the free will away from those that wish to follow Me.
In your sin, you are changing the laws of this world.  Your governments are polluted and corrupt and so give you the freedom of sin that you seek and so try to force the righteous away from My Path by their corrupt laws.  I will not allow this.
Be Warned, children, I see all that you do.  I see all the corruption of this world and it forces My Arm in Justice.
Turn away from your sin!  Repent and come follow Me in truth and you shall know Peace, you shall know True Joy.  Be Warned, little ones, there is little time left until it begins.
Come, I await you, My child, as you read these Words.  I Love you.

Message from Jesus for last month’s appeal
Tuesday 6 August 2013
Once again, My children, I call for your help in this Work of Salvation.  Do not allow this world to steal this Work from Me for I have given this to you, My children, in order to overcome the darkness.
Come, My beloved children, take on My Words of Love for little time is left until you shall know the fruits of your labour.  Trust in Me, My beloved children, as I call out to you in these Words.  I Love you.

Wednesday August 2013
Come, My beloved children, and look to My Words.  Read the Words that I have already given to you for much is about to happen and you have become complacent in your following of My Law.
Trust in Me, My beloved children, and see the Words that I have given come to pass.  See the events take place within this world that I have already spoken of and realise the time that you live in.
Soon now, you shall see the fruits of your labour, you who have fought through this time of trial.
Soon now, your hearts will burn with joy and love when you see the fruits of your labour.
I am Coming to open the eyes of this world.  My Spirit shall Bless each of My children and they will understand My Truth and My Army of Love shall rise and do battle against the darkness of this world.
Trust in Me, My beloved children, for through these Words I have given you a Path, the Path of Truth, the Path of dying to self, the Path of living for Love and in Love.
Prepare, My children, prepare for your labours are near an end and you shall be strengthened beyond your belief.  I have not left you orphans.  I have not forgotten My promises to you.  You are Blessed in My Name for you have fought this Battle and trusted in your God.  Be ready, My children, to go out and give strength to your brothers and sisters who are in great need.  I Love you.

Thursday 8 August 2013
Look to Me, My beloved children, look to Me in truth and do not discard My Words of Truth that I have given through My Prophets around this world.  Look, My beloved children, I have sent My Mother, My Prophets, into this world to tell you, to Warn you, what is about to happen if this world does not change and turn away from sin.  Yet, the peoples of this world have hardened their hearts and closed their ears to the Words that I have given and so the Time nears when I must cast off the sin of this world that shackles My people.
I Come to free this world of the sin that lucifer has spread freely throughout all the lands.  I Come to free My people from their captivity so that, once again, they may walk in the Light of My Truth.
Prepare, My children, prepare for you have little time left.  The lamp stands are ready and the taper is lit.
Ask yourselves this question, am I ready?
I approach, children, I approach.  I Love you.

Sunday 11 August 2013
Come now, My beloved children, and take on My Words of Truth.  Many Words have I given to you, many Words have you read but you have become complacent in your reading of My Words.  You look for sensationalism rather than taking My Words into your lives and living them.
Blessed is he who hears the Word of My Father and does it for that man is assured of his place in the Kingdom of Heaven. 
Do not just read the Words that I give to you but live them.  I do not give you a new Path, I simply tell you what I have already told you in My Gospels.  You must die to self, children, before you can produce fruit.  If you do not walk the Path of self dying then you cannot see the Truth that I speak of for self will cloud the Path that I ask you to follow. 
Die to the desires of self, the things that are not necessary in your lives and surely the scales will fall from your eyes and you will begin to see the Path that you must follow in order to help your brothers and sisters who live in darkness.
Come, My beloved children, there is little time left and so much Work to be done.  Take up your cross every day and follow Me and We, together, shall breathe New Life into this world.  I Love you, My children, and I ask for your hands, your feet and your lips in order to fulfil My Work in you.  I Love you, I Love you, I Love you.

Thursday 15 August 2013
Look to the Truth, My little ones, and see the Words that I speak.  See, they are a Gift to you, My children, to guide you through these times of darkness.  Many Words have I spoken, many Words have been given from My Heart to you.  Take them as an outstretched hand of help to one who is in great danger. 
Children, I do not talk of your physical bodies but I talk of your eternal souls, your true being.  Children, so many, many are in great danger of being lost to Me for all eternity because of greed, lust, anger and all sorts of depravity.  Sin is your greatest danger; sin is a prayer to lucifer whereas, an Act of Love is a prayer to Me. 
See, children, who do you pray most to each day? 
Ask yourself this question in truth and do not allow yourselves to be blinded by the justifications of this world.  You will be surprised, My little ones, if you ask in truth. 
Mankind has become so blind to sin.  Mankind accepts sin as an everyday part of their lives and justifies this sin by saying things like, ‘but everyone else is doing the same thing.’  Sin is darkness in My sight and you cannot blame sin on anyone but yourself.  You have free will, My children, to either live in the Truth or live a lie - which is darkness - the choice is yours, My little ones.
Remember, your lives are very short compared to eternity but your lives on this earth are where you decide whether you want to be in My Kingdom or not.  You choose by the way that you live your lives:
If they are lived in darkness then you choose the eternal fires of hell.
If you live your lives in truth then you choose the eternal Kingdom of Heaven. 
Do not blind yourselves with justifications for I am the Truth and I will not accept justification.  You judge yourselves, children, by the way that you live your lives so justification has no place when you stand before Me.  The Truth is, children, you will either enter the Kingdom of Our Father or you will justify your sin in unrepentance and rebel against Me and cast yourselves into the pit in your anger, your justification of your lives. 
Do not blind yourselves, My little ones, do not say that you live for Me yet not live My Commandments, My Gospels for I will not recognise you if your lives have been a lie.  As I have already said in My Gospels, I shall say, “…Go depart from Me, I never knew you.” 
You are My children but I will not force you to believe.  I will not force you to reside within My Kingdom.  I will not force you to follow the Path of Truth if your only desire is to follow the path of sin and eternal darkness. 
Wake up, My beloved, and see the Truth that I speak of for you have little time left before I will cleanse all darkness from this earth and give My Remnant the freedom from the bondage that you, who do not wish to know Me, have held them in. 
It is decision time, children, turn away from sin and come follow Me or be held responsible for the spread of darkness, sin.  Repent and turn away from your sin and come follow Me for My Forgiveness is ultimate.  Though you believe yourself to be the greatest sinner that ever lived, I have paid the Price for your sin by My Death upon the Cross. 
Repent, children, and Eternal Life shall be yours.  I Love you, My beloved children, and I beg you upon bended Knee to turn away from sin and come follow Me in truth.  I Love you.

Saturday 17 August 2013
Come to Me, beloved children of My Heart, and adhere to My calls.
Do not allow yourselves to be deceived by this world.
Do not allow yourselves to become a part of the sin that is so freely accepted. 
Stand by My Laws, accept the sinner but not the sin.  Show people, by your example, that you are willing to take on My Life, that you are willing to accept all peoples in love and, free acceptance without judging or condemning.  Simply love My children; see each person that you meet as one of My children and love them by your example.  I do not call for great singular works in this world for it is by the little Works of Love from each one of My followers that will change this world.  The more that you love, the more people will love around you and so it shall spread like wildfire throughout this world. 
You read My Messages, you read My Mother’s Messages but you never take them to your heart for you are too busy judging the Prophets, Seers and Visionaries rather than taking on the Words that I give.
I am Coming, children, and you cannot say that you were not Warned but, you can say you were Warned but refused to take on the Words that were given to help you change your lives. 
I am Coming, My children, and, if you have eyes to see, the signs are all around you.  The biggest of these is the destruction of Love and the acceptance of sin.  Even My own who say that they follow Me, have accepted sin as an everyday part of their lives. 
I say, root all sin out.  Purify your souls and you surely will become a true follower of Mine for I will be able to produce much fruit in you when the garden of your soul is prepared. 
Come, My beloved children, take on My Words of Truth and walk this Path of dying to self and surely great Joy, great Peace and great Love shall be yours.  I Love you, My little ones, I Love you.

Tuesday 27 August 2013
Look to the Truth, My children, and see My callings as reality.  I have told you many times that you have little time left to take on My Words, as each second passes your time grows ever shorter.  
Can you not read the signs of your times? 
Look to the prophecies of the Saints, read the Words that I have given within My Scriptures, read My Mother’s Prophecies and My Prophecies of this time and look around you. 
Children, you are fast running out of time and you are not taking on My Words.  You should be running, children, in great haste for the danger is that close now. 
Come, My beloved children, do not sit back in your complacency any longer but begin to see the dangers of this world.  See the sin that lucifer has sown freely and has taken great roots in all parts of your society and grows abundantly.  It spreads at an ever rapid pace, now clouding everything that it touches in darkness. 
Soon I shall abandon My Silence in this world and all shall stand in awe and fear when all realise what they have done in their guilt.  Turn your back on this world, children, turn your back on the sin that is destroying all life and come follow Me in truth. 
I Love you, My beloved children, I Love you.

Tuesday 27 August 2013
For priests
I address all you priests who read these Words in secret that Jesus has given, in His Love, to guide us all through this Time of Trial.  Hang on to the Truth that Jesus has placed within your hearts a little longer and do not be dismayed by what you see in this world. 
We are all simply being tested like gold in the fire as we have already been told within Scripture.  Do not be dismayed of the things that you see within the Church for Jesus will never abandon His Church.  This Time of Trial that it goes through is its preparation for cleansing and renewal. 
We know that many of you are afraid to speak out. 
We know that many of you are afraid to stand up for the Truth that you know should be spoken off the altars.  Be patient, our brothers in Jesus, and be as gentle as a dove and as cunning as a fox and guide the flock gently into the Truth. 
Enlighten the children of God to the danger of sin and guide all upon the Path of dying to self.  All that has been promised and is now prepared will give you the freedom that you have been seeking for the shackles that have held you in silence are about to be broken and you shall have the freedom to guide the flock of Jesus in truth once again. 
I know you have waited long, My sons, for Me to unbind you from the prison that you are held in.  I can see the evil that has penetrated My Church.  I have given it freedom to spread throughout those who only wish to live in the ways of self.  I have allowed this so that they who are not of Me shall become confident in their ways and so shall judge themselves in their own wickedness. 
Do not fear, My little sons, for I am with you.  I can see your hearts.  I know your pain and I am about to reclaim My own.  You have been bound in silence by those who neither know or see My Truth but all that are unclean and are unwilling to repent shall be removed and My Bride shall grow in beauty and truth once again. 
Trust in Me, My beloved servants, for your freedom is at hand. 
Be patient and trust in Me, your God, I have not forgotten you I have not abandoned you.  Trust in Me.  I Love you.
To priests who have abandoned the Way of Truth
I address you, who call yourselves My priests, My servants but only follow in the ways of greed and self gratification, your days are numbered.  You have forgotten your commitment to Me, your God, and walk in the ways of this world that lucifer has spread before you.
Have you forgotten that your lives are very short upon this earth and soon you must stand before Me?
What would you say when you see the wretch that you have become in your wickedness?
I say, abandon the ways of sin, repent and come follow Me in truth and though your sins be as scarlet, I, your Saviour, shall wash you clean in My Blood, the Blood that was shed for all who walk in sin.  I have paid for you with My Blood and, if you repent of your evil ways, you will enter the Kingdom of Our Father.
I call you servants, once again, and I plead with you this day to return to Me and My Ways for soon the Veil shall be split and My Truth shall be seen upon this earth and many of the wicked shall perish on this Day because of their unwillingness to accept what they have done. 
Do not be a part of those who are unwilling to see the Truth but, in humility, take on the Gifts I have given and repent and come follow Me.  I Love you.

Saturday 31 August 2013
Come now, My beloved children, take on My Words of Truth.  Read the signs of your times and see the danger that surrounds you.  So few are willing to listen, My children, so few shall walk the Path of freedom that I will give this earth. 
My wish is that all would come to know Me and realise the freedom that I offer but so few are willing to listen.  lucifer has sown the seeds of deceit and they have found good soil in the darkened hearts of his followers.  They have become so blind by his lies that now they believe that they follow Me in their corruption.  They are destroying My Church, they are destroying My Laws, they are destroying all Truth and so in their blindness they corrupt My children with their deceit. 
I will Come to this earth, children, and I will destroy all those who have been blinded and refuse to see.  They shall stand before Me and be removed from this earth and cast into the pit for they have refused to believe the Truth of the Saviour.  As I sent the Angel of Death to Pharaoh, so shall I send to this earth because of its blindness and its corruption and all that is not of Me shall cease to exist upon this earth.
Prepare, children, prepare, Justice is upon you.  I Love you.


Last month we brought the following appeal to you:

Jesus has told us to tell you as it is.

We ask for your help in order to fulfil the Work that Jesus has asked of us.  We are in urgent need of funds to fulfil this Work.  The outstanding bills of the Houses of Prayer are in the region of £25,000.  If we do not pay these outstanding bills, we are afraid that we may not be able to publish the Newsletter next month for our suppliers are looking for the money for their outstanding bills.
We have no one to turn to but you and, as Jesus has told us in the past, if we do not tell you then you cannot help so, again, we ask for your help if you can afford it.  We place all our trust in Jesus in this asking and you are ever in our prayers.
Thank you in the Name of Jesus, Our Saviour.
The two Patricks and all the servants of the House of Prayer.

Message from JesusTuesday 6 August 2013
Once again, My children, I call for your help in this Work of Salvation.  Do not allow this world to steal this Work from Me for I have given this to you, My children, in order to overcome the darkness.
Come, My beloved children, take on My Words of Love for little time is left until you shall know the fruits of your labour.  Trust in Me, My beloved children, as I call out to you in these Words.  I Love you.

Your response to this appeal has overwhelmed us and we truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Your generosity and openness enabled us to clear the debt down to £4,500 at the time of this Newsletter going to print.  As you would be all too aware, our bills are ongoing and we really appreciate all the help you have given and will give over the years.
Again we thank you for enabling us all to keep Jesus’ Plans alive.
And thank you for the many prayers and offerings you have given.  We, too, keep you in our prayers.  Thank You, in Jesus’ Name.

The Handbook of the Way of The Sacred Heart
The two Patricks

Chapter Three
The Journey

“...I will seek Him whom my heart loves…”
Song of Songs 3:2

The Path to Jesus is the Journey.  It is a Path that no one knows, only Jesus for each Path for each person is different, unique.  It leads only to Jesus.  Setting out on this Journey depends upon each one of us.  We set the pace by the amount that we give to Jesus.  The more free will that we give is the amount that Jesus can use.

My child, let your heart open to Mine for I am Love and it is Love that you need.  Do not be afraid to listen to Me, depend upon Me.  Let your heart sing words of love to Me again.  Tell Me often that you love Me and together We will become the Lovesong of My Heart.
Do not let despair overtake you but ask for My Peace and it will be given to you.  Immerse yourself in Me for I am your Source.  Be content with Me.  I Love you.  My Peace be with you.
This Pathway
The Journey is the seeking of Jesus.  To seek is to look for, to search for, to journey in searching for.  If we believe that Jesus is The Way then we must walk in Him.
If we die to ourselves on this Journey but do not give up the things that we really want then Jesus can only use that part.  Put it like this: we own a tractor and our neighbour wants to come and use it.  We decide that ‘yes, you can have it.’  Then we realise that the wheels are important to us because we have just acquired these and we hand over the tractor, minus the wheels.  Our neighbour will be able to use the parts of the tractor that are left in some way but he will not be able to use it to its full potential. 
This Pathway is hazardous for it is fraught with temptations.  The echoes of our former lives and desires run their hollow calls, reverberating around the walls of our consciences.  And these ghosts wait to be given life by our ‘yes’ to them.  We crave the life we lived before and feel that what we are doing now is not really what we want.  We begin to slip back along the road and we tell ourselves that it is alright, Jesus would not mind, He would not want us to live the life of a monk or a nun.  It seems alright to begin again to pick up the threads of our former lives that we have cut off and abandoned for Jesus.

The soul:
Jesus, I love You.  I begin this Book as You have asked.  I pray that You will give me the Grace to keep it up.
Jesus, so many things have been coming to me, lately, about people that used to be in my life, people whom I would have classed as friends.  I do not ask them to believe what is happening to me and I do not ask them to come to the House.  But why – for friendship’s sake – can they not come and ask me about it?  Why must they talk behind my back and scorn me as though I were a ‘black sheep?’  My faith in You has surely improved.  I have given up everything for You.  Are they blind?
My servant, I Love you and I thank you for coming to Me and allowing Me to speak to you in this way.  It delights Me when you do. 
My child, you have indeed given up many things for Me and I thank you for it.  Many do not see My Way for they have not been My pupil as you have.  They cannot see the deeper delights that I have given to you.  They remain stagnant in self for it does not occur to them they must die to self.  For My Love is not about having good feelings all the time but it is in giving My Love away to others who need it.  To go out and look for the places where it is needed most.  These that you speak of do not wish to see this, that is why they do not come to you and ask for they are afraid of you.  They have placed Me in a place where they take Me out and put Me back at will.
I am weary of this people who purport to love Me.  So many Words I have spoken about Love.  I am trying in vain to make them understand the complexities of My Love.  But they will not move beyond their own understanding. 
If I could make them see beyond themselves then they would taste the delights of what I bring.  Myriads of Paths and Graces that urge and call many into the intricacies of My Heart.  Journeys beyond journeys that captivate the soul with delight and admiration and the ecstasy of Love.  To journey through the Rivers of Eternal Life and be lifted high upon the Wings of the Most High.  To be gathered and Loved by Him within His Heart, become One with Him.
Feel and see and touch and smell the scents and perfumes of Love, My child, given to but a few.  Delectable Love - as you have known - that transubstantiates the soul from human to spirit and allows My Soul to Touch like a whisper, a gossamer and yet wild with the passion of My Love, can strike the soul with might so as to transform it within an instant.
My servant, how can you know these things that I speak of unless that I imbue them into you, unless I imprint them upon your soul?  The knowledge of these I have given to the world but they lie in great tomes and are locked away from those who need them most.  They do not see Me as Teacher but as a stern God who wishes nothing more than to see His children suffer.  How little they know of the great Passion that is in Me for them!  How little time they spend with Me to find out. 
The soul:
I am sorry, Jesus, that by my question I have provoked great Sorrow in You for I feel it in the Words that You speak.  I am sorry.
My child, My child, you cannot provoke something that is always there.  My Sadness and My Pain are a part of Me as your arm and leg is to you.  I have told you that it is the legacy that I received when I took on the Cross of My Love.  It will never go away as long as men do not accept what I have done.  As long as they turn away from Me.
Many of these things that I tell you I imbued into My daughter, My dove, Margaret Mary, but they were not for the telling at that time.  She did not speak of them for she knew them only within her heart and I did not give her the language to speak of them.
Embrace Me, My child, in the coldness of men towards Me.  Let your little heart afford some warmth towards Me with your little love and, like a flower, you will lift your head to Me as your little love attracts the Great Love.  Let the sunlight attract you, little flower of Love, by Love’s own making, let Me grow you and nourish you.  Shut out the world in this moment for this is Our time and no one shall take it from Us.  This is the intimate moment when you become the page and I write My Words upon you.  No one shall take this away from you and I for I have created it.  Why do you doubt it as the Words of Love flow from My Heart like Blood?  Flowing freely into you without hindrance on this night?  All has gone from around you but the Words that I speak.
For you – at this moment – the world is no more.  It is gone.  Only you and I remain in this world that I have created.  Feel the Passion in Me as the Words tumble and fall from My Heart.  They come from My Father’s Mouth and they become Me upon the page.  I am the Word and I am Life.  I create and I destroy.  I am Love.  I am Jesus.
Look at Me, My son.  Look deeply into Me and do not let earthly distractions take you away from Me and this moment that I have called you to share with Me.
Look at this Heart and its lacerations that are caused by indifferent men.  Those men to whom I wish to give the same Love – and more – that I have given you.  I give you to understand a part of this great Love that those who do not come to ask of it will never receive for they have not opened to Me within them, to the warmth but will always keep Me at arm’s length.
The soul:
Jesus, You are my Home, my Dwelling Place.  I have no other.  You are my Joy, my Peace, my Love as You have often told me and yet I have failed to believe.  You are Everything and I need nothing more.  Oh, Jesus, if I could release what is in my heart, I cannot express what is in me.  Somewhere deep within me – it is like fathoms and it is like imagining the end of the universe.  I just cannot get the words to describe what I feel.
My child, what you feel is Me within you.  I have come and I sup with you.  Each time that you allow Me to use you in this Way then I am within you.  Did you not feel My prompting within you in these last days?  I have called you.  I have Touched you with Songs of Love within your heart.  Were you not captivated by them in moments of trying to be with Me?
Yes, My child, you felt these things and it was I, calling your name.  I was calling you to your home so that I could eat with you.  I Love you, My servant, rest now for you must continue with My Words in this day.
The soul:
Jesus, what can I say, only that I love You.
Close your eyes then and be with Me and I will Touch you.  Be not afraid, child, I am holding you and I am surrounding you.  I breathe My Love upon you.  Come to Me.  It is your place, My Heart is your abode.  Come there, I Love you.  I express My Love in you.  This is why the world rejects you, because you are truly Mine.  I have begotten you and I will not let you go.  I Bless you, child.
We lie to ourselves
We lie to ourselves that we can live a double life.  Having two masters: taking on the world and all its glitter and riding high on the waves of the world that present themselves to us and giving Jesus only that part of ourselves that is left over.
This is not the Journey but a self imbued mind that has made a commitment that will go nowhere.  It will only go on the wrong path and lose the Light that is being given to it; it will only find the dark path.  Anyone who lives in the Light and is in darkness, lives in a lie.
The Journey is not a pretence but a very precious Road to Jesus.  It is a Road that demands the stamina of Truth, the real Truth about the inner self that holds us away from Jesus and we are not free to run towards Him because of the hindrance of selfish things.  Like the fetters and chains that hold a prisoner and yet the mind soars with the birds of the air longing to be free.
Jesus has told us that the Truth will set us free and we shall be free indeed.  The promises that Jesus has made need to be looked at afresh, that is why He calls us constantly to read the Scriptures.  As we progress along the Journey, then these promises begin to make sense to us for we begin to actually live them.
The Journey is ours to travel if we choose to.  The free will is always allowed freedom to choose and it is that that Jesus requires in the end.  It is the prize that we give to Him in exchange for Heaven and its delights.
For some, it is the path of suffering, in which their lives become a trial with many offerings to God.  These offerings are the Graces gained by the victim and handed back to God for the good of souls who need them.  This is Love: to suffer and give up our own comforts for another.  Love is laying down our own lives for those who are our friends and even those who will never understand.  This is the essence of the Journey.
Many times we feel that we are suffering alone and the soul will cry out to Jesus as its Saviour.
The soul:
My Jesus, my Love, You are all to me.  Where has Our Lovesong gone?  Is it faded now?  Am I lost from Your sight? 
Where is Your Smile for me?  I do not see it anymore.  I do not see Your Lips part in joy when You see me come to You.  I do not feel Your Touch seed and grow and blossom and bear fruit within me.
Oh, Delicate Heart, that I love,
Come close to this little heart
This night.
I am cold without Your Fire
Within me.
I am feeling death,
For no Spirit leaps within me
No Joy is mine to banquet in.
I love You, my Jesus, my beautiful God.
I am stricken, I am stricken.
I stand alone,
No cloak is about me.
Immersed in loneliness,
Engulfed in darkness.
My only cry is You, my God and my All.
They are about me, my enemies.
They put fear into the soul
That You have pledged Your Love for.
Oh, Heart of Divine Fire,
Sublime Sweetness,
I take comfort in You.
And I love You.
I write Lovesongs to You.
But You are my Joy, my Love.
How I would love You
If it were my joy to see You.
I, the Lord, your God, will speak within your heart, My little child, and I shall caress your soul for it delights Me to do this.  Look, behold, I place My Hand upon your soul and I Love you.  Your only joy is to write My Words.  Your only joy is to Love.  My Joy is you, My Love, My beloved.  I have given you much and you give much.
Feel Me as I caress you gently into Me.  I have prepared you with much Love.  I have taken you like a wounded animal and I have bathed your sores.  This world did not want you as it did not want Me.  It rejected you as it rejected Me.  I spun your soul like lace and I wrought together the delicate threads.  I spun you and traced upon you a mirror image of My own Heart. 
I caressed you and I Loved you until you were Mine.  You rejected Me many times, yet I Loved you.
I am with you now, even though you do not feel it.  I have taken you to Myself and far, far beyond the reach of any man.  For you are Mine and I chose you.  I chose you for Love.
I wooed you and I won your heart for it would not yield to Me.  I took you from the nothingness of your existence and I gave you evidence of Myself.  I looked into you and I saw what I had created and I was pleased with how My Love had moulded you.  I took your heart and I placed My own within it for it pleased Me to wrap you around Me.
I chose you to love this Heart.  I chose you to love.  Many have asked for what I have given you but they were not given it.  For I have Touched the very created intimacy of your soul.  I have wrought you and moulded you.  I have planted you like a seed and, yes, I grow you and I blossom you and I grow much fruit in you.  It is My delight to pick and eat the precious fruit that I have grown within your soul.
My child, you delight Me with your strivings towards Me.  I Love to hear your little heart as it calls to Me.  You speak of death, My beloved one, but no, it is not death but the pattern of My Pain that I have reproduced within you.  It is the tracings of My Love that I drew you with.
My Father drew you to Me for My bride.  I saw you as daughter, though you did not know it.  You could not understand the language that I spoke to you.  I had to Teach you the language of My Spirit.  Your tongue could not form the Words that I taught you.  Then I took the Blood from My own Heart and I gave it to you to drink for it was all of Me.
I clothed you in the bridal gown that I had created for you and I sent you out for the world to see what I could also give to them but they threw stones at you and bloodied you, My child, as they do now.
I Burn in you a sweet wound, a sweet and delightful wound.  I surround you as the sea surrounds a little island.  Ah, My bride, I Love you.  We are One, My child.  I am your Father.  The Words that you speak are Mine and they are Life.  I have given them to you like baskets of food to distribute to My little poor ones. 
No one shall see you as I see you for they do not look to find the delicacies and delights that I have placed within you.  They have not known that I have written My own Words upon you, nor do they know that I am in you.  When you allow Me then I come but they refuse to see you as they have refused to see Me.
You must love, My bride, you must love all that you meet with My Love for Love has been placed within you.
I look at you as you write.  I look at the lines that I pen these Words upon.  They are your soul for I have made you the instrument that I write upon. 
Oh, joy is Mine when you give Me the freedom to use you as this instrument.
The soul:
Jesus, I love You.  I love the Heart that Loves me.  My heart sometimes is bursting with words to say to You but they won’t come out.  It all seems to take place within me.  I love You and I cannot express that love in these words.  They seem insignificant and not enough.  Grant, my God, that I find these words that I may better serve and love You.  At this moment I know my nothingness in You but You have spoken of me as something beautiful and I know that I do not deserve to do Your Work.
Make Me your Love and your Work.  Let nothing come between Us, My child, allow Me to write upon you many times in this Way.  I Love you.  Rest now.  The Words that I have spoken are the Truth.  Let no one speak of them as untruth.  My Love is in you, use it.
The soul:
Thank You, my Jesus, my Love, my All...

Abolish Human Abortion

Last month we printed a poster of an aborted baby found in Texas.  The AHA logo stands for Abolish Human Abortion.  This is a Gospel driven, anti-abortionist group based in Vancouver.  They say they are more than Pro-Life, because many Pro-Life Groups may or may not use God in their fight.  They are active in their aim to abolish abortion, with Jesus, through working on the conversion of society and challenging other Christians to be active in helping to stop abortion.
On the design of their logo, they said:
“The “A” turned right side up, represents Gods unchanging, Divine Law of Justice and the Abolition of injustice.  The upside down “A” on bottom represents lower manmade laws, which are unjust and have in essence flipped justice on its head.  Gods Law always abrogates manmade law whenever it is opposed to Divine Law, no matter how you turn it.  And then we have “H” = Humanity, image bearers caught in the middle.”
The small print at the bottom of this poster says: “This child was murdered in Texas by abortionist Douglas Karpen within 2 miles of 50 visible churches.”
If you want more information on Abolish Human Abortion, you can visit their website: and you can also join their group on Facebook.

Words on the picture:
But wishing to justify himself he said to Jesus, “And who is my neighbour?” Luke 10:29
This child was murdered in Texas by abortionist Douglas Karpen within 2 miles of 50 visible churches.

You cannot see

This part in Jesus’ Message of 5 August 2013 really hit me this month:
“…You, My children, have accepted sin into your lives and, as you say, you cannot see that you are doing anything wrong.  That is because you have blinded yourselves, you have allowed the lies of lucifer to overtake you and so he draws you upon the path of eternal death.
Look at My Truth, look at My Commandments, look at My Scripture.  I will not accept sin, no matter how you try to justify it…” Monday 5 August 2013
The more I listen to people whom I would consider to be not strong Christians, which is the majority of the world I suppose, the more I see their blindness.  The more I see it, the more I feel afraid for them and myself.  It makes me look even more at my own blindness and the lies I tell myself and Jesus.
So selfish
It seems to me, I could be wrong, that the majority of this world feel they ought to go to Heaven no matter how they live.  It is like we have become so selfish and blind that we believe we deserve to go, that we should have the best of this life and the best of the next, even if we live really sinful lives.  I know if I pointed out to some of my work colleagues that they are living in sin, they would get so angry and talk about me behind my back and get everyone on their side - because they’re doing it too or have done it – and all would be against me.  That’s not something I am really bothered about but what is shocking is that they still believe they are good people and should get into Heaven. 
This generation has grown up in a sinful world and it is like there’s no one there to show anyone the right path.  No priest talks about sins or hell anymore, they talk about our short comings and the Love and Mercy of God.  Parents of teenagers think nothing of telling their children to use contraception.  All think sin is a normal thing to do because everyone else is doing it: getting drunk, having sex outside marriage, having an abortion, having sexual relations with someone of the same sex, committing adultery, getting divorced, euthanasia etc.
This makes me so afraid for this world.
She stormed Heaven
There are so few examples of living Jesus’ Way in this world nowadays.  The Way the Little Flower, Saint Thérèse of Liseux, saw herself was as weak, spoilt, sensitive and childish.  That was what she saw to be her faults.  So she stormed Heaven, she prayed to Jesus and her spiritual brothers and sisters to help her overcome her weaknesses and she went from strength to strength, heroically overcoming her self and her Little Way became famous as the Way to go to get to Heaven, so much so, she became a Doctor of the Church.
This demonstrates our need to look at ourselves in truth; see our faults, weaknesses and sins – what we need to overcome to get to Heaven – and ask Jesus to help us overcome our self so that we, too, will get to Heaven.  Have no doubt, Jesus will help us because this is His only desire for us.  It is not health and wealth we need but Salvation.

Television breaks down the core of the Christian family

Negative influences
Almost every house nowadays, unless they are very lucky(!), has a television set or two,  or even more, with multiple channels which transmit all and anything except programmes with a Christian or moral message.  We were warned about the negative influences of television by Padre Pio while he still walked among us but no one paid any heed.  What are the impacts of this ‘box in the corner’ on individuals, families and society today?
A large percentage of night-time television is completely anti-Christian and an ongoing diet of such viewing is certainly sure to erode away our moral fibre and in so doing draw us away from Jesus and more into self.  Much ‘family viewing’ is based on nonsensical so-called reality shows or on soaps which highlight many of the worst possible situations, conflicts and values society can have. 
Jesus has Warned us many times in the Messages of Love not to be caught up in the fictional lives of these actors as it will only do us harm. 
“...What good will the fictitious lives of others, that you cram into your mind from your televisions, do you?  Will they give you My Salvation?  No, they will give you the ways of the evil one.  It is such as they, that will and are, breaking the Law of My Church.
You worship an idol made of metal and plastic.  It hypnotizes you away from Me and you lose the Graces that I have poured out upon you, within the Sacrifice of the Mass.  You receive Me in holiness and respect and then you allow Me to be killed by these things.  Could I not be your favourite, instead of these dead and lifeless things?  You sit before Me in mock holiness, then you reject Me in favour of your false Gods...”  Monday 12 February 1996
No policy in place
Still, however, the large majority of the population continue to feast their eyes and their minds on what other people are doing or have and what they then think they should or are entitled to do and have.
Many families have no policy in place to screen or filter the type of programme the youth of today are watching and so they are allowing their young malleable minds to be bombarded with all sorts of degradation of the worst possible kind. 
Acts as a babysitter
Sometimes young and very young children are left in front of the TV which acts as a babysitter for them and parents are more than happy to let their children watch anything in order to get a bit of ‘peace and quiet’ themselves!  Children may have their own personal set in their bedrooms with all the Sky channels available and God only knows what mileage the devil is making out of this in these homes.

A growing dependency We are all guilty of being drawn into these ‘shows’ with some of us even becoming addicted to them.  One of the most frightening influences this TV culture is having on us is a growing dependency among both adults and children to practically live for their favourite shows around which everything else must revolve.  This can lead to serious arguments and strife among siblings and even among adults.  Many parents look to television for answers to their own moral dilemmas, for family guidance, for cures to their own illnesses and for escape from mental anguish.  Unfortunately, the advice sought is rarely of the beneficial kind and while possibly providing momentary sensory relief it serves only to lure people into marketing scams or schemes which lead to still further dependency.
Glorify sinful habits
The content of films which families commonly watch at weekends is very abusive, with streams of bad language, naked violence and horror, explicit sexual scenes or very blatant sexual innuendos.  These films - and quite often children’s programmes - glorify sinful habits and situations, no matter how perverse, as being normal and acceptable. 
Broken down the core
Television is the primary means, in the past twenty or so years, by which lucifer has infiltrated the minds of individuals and has broken down the core of the Christian family.  During their sermons, priests choose to no longer condemn viewing habits such as those mentioned above and so only further normalise this type of behaviour among their congregation and effectively marginalise or outlaw the lone voices, of parents or teachers, who seek to put forward an opposing and wholesome Christian point of view.
We are all guilty
As we are all guilty of one vice or another and as some have been given the opportunity of being taught and guided more by Jesus and His Holy Spirit than others, none of us have the right to condemn other individuals or  families.  We are all tasked with praying for ourselves and our neighbours and with showing a good example and witnessing to Jesus’ Truth and Gospel by speaking out at opportune moments in a clear and confident way, under the Guidance of Jesus’ Holy Spirit.  We must find ways to hail the Silence, Peace and Love of Jesus in our lives as the way to solving our problems.  We must be able to show by example that good language in our everyday speech, chastity and modesty in how we dress and conduct ourselves and care and love for one and all are the virtues Jesus wants us to uphold, nurture and practice.  We are asked to condemn the sins in society and love Jesus in everyone we meet, to be His Hands, His Feet and His Lips and to glorify God in Heaven by guiding them back to Him as the real and ultimate Source of answers and Healing to all our ills and difficulties.

Jesus speaks about television and sin

Wednesday 28 May 2003
Jesus, I am sorry that I did not come to You last night.  I know I was wrong, I am sorry.
I Love you, My son, and I say become more aware of these things and it shall not be as difficult for you.  I Love you.  Now I shall speak to My children.
People of this world, I call once again in these Words for you to open your eyes to what is happening around you.  You still do not realise what is about you.  You still cannot see the Truth.  The lies of lucifer have been spun like a great web over this world and he gorges himself on his victims.  Truth is the only thing that can break this web, My Truth.
I Love you, My people, and it is for this reason I repeat the same Words over and over again, in the hope that one day you shall finally listen. 
My children, My children, how I Love you!  How I desire that you be with Me in My Father’s Kingdom.  Too long have you wandered in the wilderness of self, too long have you allowed lucifer to guide you.  Now is the time, My children, to stop and realise what is happening.  I speak once again about the murder of the innocent. 
Abortion, children, is how lucifer is gaining so much strength in this world.  The destruction of life is his desire; he wishes to destroy that that I created.  Abortion!  It is the greatest sacrifice that can be given to him for innocent life is destroyed. 
Wake up, children, and see that to kill a person within their mother’s womb is murder.  Can you not see that he has blinded this world so much, that now he can convince a mother and father to murder their own children?  Never before have so many innocent children been murdered on a daily basis as now in your time. 
Can you not see that he gains so many souls through this?  A soul who does not repent of this crime is destined for lucifer’s kingdom: hell.  Also a soul who agrees with abortion, the murder of the innocent, is destined for hell if that soul does not repent and turn away from its evil ways and thoughts. 
Children, I speak plainly in these Words so that you can understand and finally see the great blindness that has been placed over this world.
Look children, look and see the spirits of lust are able to run freely through your society.  Everywhere you look, you can see sin being advertised.  To watch two children who are in the darkness of sin, performing the act of adultery on your televisions, allows spirits of lust to enter your homes.  The television, which I have called the evil box that sits in the corner has been responsible for the deaths of millions of My children.  It is it that allows the spirits of greed, lust, homosexuality, violence and many, many millions of different spirits to enter freely into your homes.  You sit and watch the fictitious lives of others and your hearts are filled with desires; with dreams of wealth, anger, murder, lust, greed.  I could go on and fill a book with the desires, the sins, that this false prophet promotes to you. 
Can you not see, children?  Can you not stop and think, ‘what is happening?’  Look, children, and I say again, LOOK.  Open your eyes and see the Truth.  Millions of My children sit in the act of masturbation as they worship this false prophet.  This is a grievous sin, children.  I have told you within My Scriptures, My Gospels, “But I say to you, that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her, has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”  Matthew 5:28
Jesus told me to put this piece of Scripture here and to tell you these words.
20 And He was saying, “That which proceeds out of the man, that is what defiles the man.
21 “For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed the evil thoughts, fornications, thefts, murders, adulteries,
22 deeds of coveting and wickedness, as well as deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride and foolishness.
23 “All these evil things proceed from within and defile the man.”  Mark 7:20-23
What Jesus is saying in this Message is that we need to open our eyes and see the Truth of what is happening.  The evil one is filling our hearts full of these things that are spoken about in Mark 7: 20-23. 
In today’s society, the sin of masturbation is quite acceptable.  It is promoted on our television sets.  People sit and talk about it quite openly and about the different ways of committing this sin.  Many priests will tell us in Confessions that there is nothing wrong with masturbating.  Many people have come to us and spoke of how they were addicted to the sin and how they were told in Confessions that there was nothing wrong with it. About how they were told that it helps to relieve stress.  But we can tell you, with what Jesus has shown us, it is a spirit of lust that drives people to commit this sin.  It has been responsible for murder, rape, abortion, paedophilia, adultery, incest, sodomy, bestiality; the list is endless.
When we look around at how much pornography there is and, if Truth be told, pornography is so that people can sit alone in the act of masturbation and use the images to commit this sin.  It is a sin that is not spoken about among Christians because of embarrassment but Truth must be spoken.  That, that is hidden in the dark must be brought out into the Light. 
It is the greatest unseen sin upon this earth. Every day billions fall to this sin and the greatest majority of these cannot see that there is anything wrong with doing it, although all feel guilty after doing it and so the arguments that we hear for it are people trying to justify their own sin. 
Jesus was Scourged at the pillar for the sins of the flesh. 
In order to defeat the sin the person must not allow their minds to be filled with thoughts and images of lust.  The person must avoid all situations where they could be drawn into this sin; such as looking at pornography, sexual programmes on the television, averting your eyes when someone is dressed immodestly, sexual images in magazines, newspapers etc.  And I am speaking of both male and female for this sin attacks all people. 
Evil spirits are a reality.  People laugh if you talk about evil spirits in today’s society.  But remember, Jesus cast out many demons.  He also sent the seventy two disciples out to preach, heal and cast out evil spirits. 
Do we honestly think that because we live in the modern world that these spirits are no more?  In the Messages that Jesus and Mary are giving all over this world, they are telling us to wake up and see what the evil spirits are doing around us.  They have all but destroyed the Truth of Jesus in society, in fact, they are given free rein within our society.  Look at all the things that are acceptable.  Pornography, abortion, homosexuality, living together outside marriage, sex before marriage; our children are taught within our schools about sex; how to do it with condom or the pill etc.  These things were not acceptable for thousands of years, except within pagan societies.  For instance, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of the sin of homosexuality.  The sin derived its name from the city of Sodom, the sin of sodomy.  To love someone of the same gender is not a sin; the sin only takes place in a sexual act.
Evil spirits are something that me and my brother would speak rarely to the world about for we wish to give all glory to Jesus and not glorify them in the speaking about them.  Jesus has allowed us to see many, many spirits.  They are a reality.  There are millions of different types of spirits, all waiting to tempt us, so that we will fall deeper and deeper into sin and so into hell.  For every sin there is a different spirit.
If you do not believe in spirits, then you do not believe in Jesus for He is the Holy Spirit.  You also call Him a liar for He cast out evil spirits when He was on the earth.  It is time to wake up and see what is happening around us.
We have all sat in the blindness of self too long and allowed the evil one freedom upon this earth.  Remember, his goal is to destroy the Church upon this earth.  It is he and his minions that are trying to destroy the Church from within.  It is he that is inspiring people with inclusive language.  It is he who is inspiring so-called scholars to change the Scriptures.  If he can destroy the Truth that Jesus has given to us, then he knows he has won.
This is why we are not afraid to speak out about what is happening in this world and in the Church.  Many condemn us and say we are against priests.  I say we are against those priests that go against the true Church, the Church of Jesus, the Church that He handed over to John Paul II to look after and guide. 
We are Roman Catholics, we follow the Teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and its Laws, not the laws that some so-called bishop or priest has decided to make in order to make life easier for themselves in order to make the people in this world like them.
Jesus said, “…if you follow Me, this world will hate you for they first hated Me…” 
The reason the world hates a follower of Jesus is because they will speak the Truth and the world hates Truth.
These Words are Truth, children; these Words are My Truth and I give them to this world so that they might see Truth. 
Too long have you sat in your blindness and allowed lucifer to control your lives.  Wake up, children, now and see the Truth of what is happening around you.  lucifer has gained control of your society.  You have given him freedom to do whatever he wills.  Things that were not acceptable, you now accept in your blindness.  He can convince you of anything, given time.  Given time you will accept, no matter what it is that he says.  he is a patient spirit, children.  he is like a cunning lion who lies and waits on its prey. 
Truth is what you need to accept into your lives, in order to break free of the web of lucifer. 
I Love you, My children, and I say walk out in to the Light of My Love, My freedom and you shall find the Peace that surpasses all understanding.  Repent of your evil ways and you shall find freedom.  I Love you.
Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Life unworthy of life

The following article is about standing up for life and not allowing fear to control us.  We live in a lawless society today where we are bombarded with abortion, euthanasia, mercy killings, assisted suicides and a general disregard for life.  Cardinal von Galen, who is featured in this article, is an example to priests today who don’t speak out against these things from the altar.

Note: to Deacon Greg Kandra who posted this earlier this month on the seventieth anniversary of this homily. This comes from which has an excellent repository of historical speeches and commentary. This homily, slightly reworded for current leaders, is a commentary for our present age.  For distributing copies of this homily, the Nazis beheaded three priests but left the cardinal alone for fear of making him a martyr.
...Now, the commentary and homily:
This is an excerpt of the sermon by Catholic Cardinal Clemens von Galen, delivered on Sunday, August 3, 1941, in Münster Cathedral in Germany, in which he risked his life by openly condemning the Nazi euthanasia program.
Code named “Aktion T4,” the Nazi program to eliminate “life unworthy of life” began on Hitler’s order in October 1939.  The program at first focused on newborns and very young children. Midwives and doctors were required to register children up to age three that showed symptoms of mental retardation, physical deformity, or other symptoms included on a questionnaire from the Reich Health Ministry.
A decision on whether to allow the child to live was then made by three medical experts solely on the basis of the questionnaire, without any examination and without reading any medical records.
Each expert placed a + mark in red pencil or – mark in blue pencil under the term “treatment” on a special form.  A red plus mark meant a decision to kill the child.  A blue minus sign meant meant a decision against killing.  Three +++ symbols resulted in a euthanasia warrant being issued and the transfer of the child to a ‘Children’s Specialty Department’ for death by injection or gradual starvation.
A mercy death
The decision had to be unanimous.  In cases where the decision was not unanimous the child was kept under observation and another attempt would be made to get a unanimous decision.
The Nazi euthanasia program soon expanded to include older disabled children and adults.  Hitler granted “the authority of certain physicians to be designated by name in such manner, that persons who, according to human judgment, are incurable, can, upon a most careful diagnosis of their condition of sickness, be accorded a mercy death.”
A killing centre
Questionnaires were then distributed to mental institutions, hospitals and other institutions caring for the chronically ill.  A total of six killing centres were established including the well-known psychiatric clinic at Hadamar.  The euthanasia program was eventually headed by an SS officer named Christian Wirth, a notorious brute with the nickname ‘the Savage Christian.’
At Brandenburg, a former prison was converted into a killing centre where the first experimental gassings took place.  The gas chambers were disguised as shower rooms but were actually hermetically sealed chambers connected by pipes to cylinders of carbon monoxide.  Each killing centre also had a crematorium where the bodies were taken for disposal.  Families were then falsely informed the cause of death was medical such as heart failure or pneumonia.
Fellow Christians!  In the pastoral letter of the German bishops of June 26, 1941, which was read out in all the Catholic churches in Germany on July 6, 1941, it states among other things: It is true that there are definite Commandments in Catholic moral doctrine which are no longer applicable if their fulfilment involves too many difficulties.
‘Worthless life’
However, there are sacred obligations of conscience from which no one has the power to release us and which we must fulfil even if it costs us our lives.  Never under any circumstances may a human being kill an innocent person ... On July 6, I already had cause to add to the pastoral letter the following explanation: for some months we have been hearing reports that, on the orders of Berlin, patients from mental asylums who have been ill for a long time and may appear incurable, are being compulsorily removed.  Then, after a short time, the relatives are regularly informed that the corpse has been burnt and the ashes can be delivered.  There is a general suspicion verging on certainty, that these numerous unexpected deaths of mentally ill people do not occur of themselves but are deliberately brought about, that the doctrine is being followed, according to which one may destroy so-called ‘worthless life,’ that is, kill innocent people if one considers that their lives are of no further value for the nation and the state.
‘Unproductive national comrades’
I am reliably informed that lists are also being drawn up in the asylums of the province of Westphalia as well of those patients who are to be taken away as so-called ‘unproductive national comrades’ and shortly to be killed.  The first transport left the Marienthal institution near Münster during this past week.
German men and women, section 211 of the Reich Penal Code is still valid.  It states: ‘He who deliberately kills another person will be punished by death for murder if the killing is premeditated.’
Destined to be killed
Those patients who are destined to be killed are transported away from home to a distant asylum presumably in order to protect those who deliberately kill those poor people, members of our families, from this legal punishment.  Some illness is then given as the cause of death.  Since the corpse has been burnt straight away, the relatives and also the criminal police are unable to establish whether the illness really occurred and what the cause of death was.
However, I have been assured that the Reich Interior Ministry and the office of the Reich Doctors’ Leader, Dr. Conti, make no bones about the fact that in reality a large number of mentally ill people in Germany have been deliberately killed and more will be killed in the future.
The Penal Code lays down in section 139: ‘He who receives credible information concerning the intention to commit a crime against life and neglects to alert the authorities or the person who is threatened in time…will be punished.’
In order to kill them
When I learned of the intention to transport patients from Marienthal in order to kill them, I brought a formal charge at the State Court in Münster and with the Police President in Münster by means of a registered letter which read as follows: “According to information which I have received, in the course of this week a large number of patients from the Marienthal Provincial Asylum near Münster are to be transported to the Eichberg asylum as so-called ‘unproductive national comrades’ and will then soon be deliberately killed, as is generally believed has occurred with such transports from other asylums.  Since such an action is not only contrary to the moral laws of God and Nature but also is punishable with death as murder under section 211 of the Penal Code, I hereby bring a charge in accordance with my duty under section 139 of the Penal Code and request you to provide immediate protection for the national comrades threatened in this way by taking action against those agencies who are intending their removal and murder and that you inform me of the steps that have been taken.”
I have received no news concerning intervention by the Prosecutor’s Office or by the police…Thus we must assume that the poor helpless patients will soon be killed.
For what reason?
Not because they have committed a crime worthy of death. Not because they attacked their nurses or orderlies so that the latter had no other choice but to use legitimate force to defend their lives against their attackers.  Those are cases where, in addition to the killing of an armed enemy in a just war, the use of force to the point of killing is allowed and is often required.
No, it is not for such reasons that these unfortunate patients must die but rather because, in the opinion of some department, on the testimony of some commission, they have become ‘worthless life’ because according to this testimony they are ‘unproductive national comrades.’  The argument goes: they can no longer produce commodities, they are like an old machine that no longer works, they are like an old horse which has become incurably lame, they are like a cow which no longer gives milk.
What does one do with such an old machine?  It is thrown on the scrap heap.  What does one do with a lame horse, with such an unproductive cow?
Forfeited the right to life
No, I do not want to continue the comparison to the end – however fearful the justification for it and the symbolic force of it are.  We are not dealing with machines, horses and cows whose only function is to serve mankind, to produce goods for man. One may smash them, one may slaughter them as soon as they no longer fulfil this function.
No, we are dealing with human beings, our fellow human beings, our brothers and sisters.  With poor people, sick people, if you like unproductive people.
But have they for that reason forfeited the right to life?
Have you, have I the right to live only so long as we are productive, so long as we are recognized by others as productive?
The right to kill
If you establish and apply the principle that you can kill ‘unproductive’ fellow human beings then woe betide us all when we become old and frail!  If one is allowed to kill the unproductive people then woe betide the invalids who have used up, sacrificed and lost their health and strength in the productive process.  If one is allowed forcibly to remove one’s unproductive fellow human beings then woe betide loyal soldiers who return to the homeland seriously disabled, as cripples, as invalids.  If it is once accepted that people have the right to kill ‘unproductive’ fellow humans – and even if initially it only affects the poor defenceless mentally ill – then as a matter of principle murder is permitted for all unproductive people, in other words for the incurably sick, the people who have become invalids through labour and war for us all when we become old, frail and therefore unproductive.
No police force will protect
Then, it is only necessary for some secret edict to order that the method developed for the mentally ill should be extended to other ‘unproductive’ people, that it should be applied to those suffering from incurable lung disease, to the elderly who are frail or invalids, to the severely disabled soldiers. Then none of our lives will be safe any more.  Some commission can put us on the list of the ‘unproductive,’ who in their opinion have become worthless life.  And no police force will protect us and no court will investigate our murder and give the murderer the punishment he deserves.
Who will be able to trust his doctor any more?
He may report his patient as ‘unproductive’ and receive instructions to kill him.  It is impossible to imagine the degree of moral depravity, of general mistrust that would then spread even through families if this dreadful doctrine is tolerated, accepted and followed.
Woe to mankind
Woe to mankind, woe to our German nation if Gods Holy Commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill,’ which God proclaimed on Mount Sinai amidst thunder and lightning, which God, our Creator, inscribed in the conscience of mankind from the very beginning, is not only broken but if this transgression is actually tolerated and permitted to go unpunished.
Cardinal Clemens von Galen – August 3, 1941

A reflective thought

Learning to accept
Some time ago, I shared my thoughts during a time of sickness.  My health has not really improved a lot, I am learning to accept how I am and go on.
All is myself
I can see very clearly how peeved others can be with me.  I have not been physically functioning as I was, i.e. am not fit to do the work others expect and take as their right to have me do.  I have had to struggle with myself, with the feelings this has brought up in me and there have been many.  The people who have been the most difficult are the ones Jesus wants me to love and forgive the most.  I believe that Jesus has allowed me to see and feel this and this has made me think a lot about the world I live in today.  All is activity, all is go, all is myself, there is no time or room for people.  How broken the largest part of society must feel!  I have been Blessed, because I know Jesus Loves me, knowing that has carried me through so much, it is all that really matters.  How many people do not know this?  It is so easy for my feelings to rise and judge others, I do it many times each day.  I am a sinner through and through.
Does he feel loved
The woman I see, in a wheelchair, how does she feel?  Does she feel loved? The drunk man in the street, does he feel loved or does he feel the sharp tongues of judgement and criticism against him?
Give it away
Jesus has asked in the Messages of Love to take His Love and give it away, not to keep it for ourselves.  On opening Message Book One, this is the Message that I read.  Message 349, given on Sunday 6 November 1994.
Sunday 6 November 1994
My children, My children, I greet all of you, this night in My Love.  This night I shower Blessings upon you and I tell you that I LOVE YOU.  This night, My children, I call you to love your brothers and your sisters for many of them are neglected by you. I have asked you to love them.  Offer Me the love that you give to them and you do My Will.
Do you think, My children, that it is My Will that you do not feed them, nor clothe them, nor give them water to drink?  I give you Everlasting Water and you should share it with your brothers and sisters.  My Love is simple, My children, My Law is TO LOVE.  The Law of Love is to give, always to give.
My children, if you do this to the least of My brothers then you do it to Me.  I have told you that if you deny Me before men then I will deny you before My Father and, My little ones; by denying your brothers and your sisters, do you not also deny Me?  Many of My Words have been forgotten, many of the sacred Words that I have uttered have been put into interpretations that were not My intention.  This is shown in the way that you take the Words that I have spoken, “Love one another.”  Do you not see, My lambs, that to love one another is to serve one another?  Do you not see that you cannot turn someone away from your door promising to pray for them?  This is not Love, My children, neither is it prayer.  Did I not give FULLY?  The measure that you give shall be the measure that you receive.  HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THESE WORDS TOO?  Have you forgotten My Saints?  Did THEY not give fully of themselves?  These are the Words that I speak to all of you. 
What does it matter if they do not return love to you?  Much treasure will be yours in Heaven.  Do you not know that when you are persecuted in My Name that you should rejoice?  Where are the Words that I have spoken?  Have you left them behind in your complacency, My children?  Come to Me through My Way, not around it, or over it but THROUGH it.  See Me in all of My children, then rejoice for the Kingdom of Heaven is yours for you have done the Will of My Father. 
Do not dismiss these Words lightly, My children, for soon will come the darkness upon this world.  I have Warned you through My Mother to prepare.  Did She not say these Words at Fatima, Garabandal, Meðugorje and other places in this world that She has chosen?  Do not dismiss these Words that She has uttered.  Many things that you worship in this world will topple from their pedestals and no more shall you place these false gods before your God for the Lord you God is one God. 
Children, are you afraid to listen?  I have asked many questions of you and I am weary and in much Pain over the many, many abominations that this world places before Me as a sacrifice to their god.  My little ones, you who listen this night, come, come to the River of Eternal Life, where you will be washed clean.

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Events Celebrated

Friday 9 August
Feast of Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)
This is a beautiful Day of Prayer and for anyone who can, the biography of Edith Stein is a very inspiring and worthwhile read.  A servant spoke at the 3pm prayers and it struck me when she said, if we could imagine how she felt (Edith Stein) and what her feelings were when she knew her death was imminent.  Can any of us imagine what our feelings might be if we were in the same position?  This is indeed food for thought.  I praise and I thank You, Jesus, for this special Day of Prayer.
Thursday 15 August Feast of the Assumption
On this wonderful Feast of the Assumption of Our Blessed Lady, assumed, body and soul, into Heaven, we held a Day of Prayer for the fight against abortion.
Due to the sad situation of Ireland legalising abortion, our thoughts and prayers were based on this.  We now need to do, pray and sacrifice more in the fight against abortion.
Walk Against Abortion
On the following Saturday, 17 August, we held our Walk Against Abortion which we do in honour of this Feast Day.  We were about fifty in number.
Following the recent vote by the Irish government to legalise abortion in Ireland up to full term under the guise of ‘Protection of Life during Pregnancy,’ we felt that our Walk around Cookstown, carrying our banners and pictures to highlight the reality of the Truth of abortion, was all the more necessary and serious.
In our silence there is a Presence of the Holy Spirt, as if the banners and pictures themselves speak and convey a message: ‘protect life’ to all the onlookers and motorists.  This was our little effort to step out for tiny life and promote the Christian Message ‘thou shalt not kill.’

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A Battle

MMR vaccine
About twelve years ago, when my eldest son was two years old, I first found out through an article in this Newsletter that the MMR vaccine had been developed by using the cell line of an aborted baby of a mental health patient in 1972.  This fact shocked me as for one who was against the abortion of an innocent baby, I hadn’t realised that they were then used for medical experimentation and in children’s vaccinations!  I had also unknowingly given my son the first dose of this vaccine, blindly trusting in all things medical. 
Put my trust in God
When the time came for his second dose of the MMR, I became very worried.  I didn’t want to put my child’s health at risk but I couldn’t now accept this vaccination.  It reminds me of an expression Jesus uses saying ‘clean and dirty water cannot run from the same pipe.’  If I had accepted the vaccine, knowing it was using the cell line of an aborted baby, it would be like saying, I don’t agree with abortion but I will accept it being used in this way to protect my child.  To me this was hypocritical.  I decided to put my trust in God and ask for His protection.  I explained my refusal to my doctor who surprisingly was unaware of this fact.  She took out the information insert with the vaccine and looked up the ingredients and I showed her where it said MRC5/human diploid cells.  However she still said that at least something ‘good’ had come out of the death of this baby, still trying to coax me into accepting it.
I got so sick of it
After that, every time I went to this particular doctor she would always ask why he hadn’t had his MMR as she kept forgetting and I found myself explaining my decision over and over again.  Since then I have had four more children.  The  original doctor retired  and I found myself at a new surgery, again having to explain reasons why I had not agreed to the MMR vaccine.  I got so sick of it I would send my husband instead of me as any hospital visit, doctor’s visit or other vaccination would spark the same questions and a lecture from the doctor on the seriousness of such a decision and the worst case scenarios.  Some doctors even, on occasion, told my husband that he could give his permission against mine but luckily my husband didn’t cave in to these tactics.
A different vaccine
When I had my daughter four years ago, I had heard that in America they were using aborted baby cells in the manufacture of the DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, polio) so when I approached the nurse giving the vaccines, I told her I was unsure if I could accept it until I looked into how it was developed.  She gave me the vaccine information insert and I took it home and looked up the internet.  Luckily it was a different vaccine to the American version and did not contain the aborted baby cells.

Felt very pressured
Over the years I have felt very pressured to immunise my children, so much so, I had been willing to get the single injections.  But on investigating these, I found that they also had been manufactured using the MRC5.  I wrote to my MP about the issue and complained that there was no ethical alternative to these vaccines.  She passed on my letter to the then Minister responsible for immunisation policy.  In this letter (July 2009) it stated: “At present, the MRC-5(diploid) cell line is used in the production of vaccines against the diseases of rubella, rabies and hepatitis A.  This cell line was derived from a single cell from one sample of foetal lung tissue obtained following  an abortion carried out for medical reasons in 1972.  The cell line results from multiple rounds of cell division from the original single cell.  The rigorous purification process during manufacture removes all trace of the cells  in which the vaccines are grown, meaning they contain no human foetal tissue.
UK faith communities
However, Mrs ____  wish to protect her children without compromising any of her religious beliefs and morals is, of course, understandable.  I can assure her that this is an issue the Department of Health has always taken seriously and we have worked in close consultation with UK faith communities for a number of years to discuss the ethical issues of using diploid cells.
A blanket ethical objection
In 1994, Dr Kenneth Calman, the then chief medical officer, met with senior representatives of UK faith communities to discuss the ethical issues surrounding the use of diploid cells in the manufacture of rubella vaccine during the measles/rubella campaign of 1994.  At that meeting, the faith communities agreed that, in the absence of a safe and effective alternative, the rubella vaccine was appropriate for use in a campaign that aimed to prevent death and disability.  None of the faith communities held a blanket ethical objection to the use of this vaccine, even though there was a blanket ethical objection to abortion among some of the groups.
Dr Calman agreed to continue to encourage vaccine manufacturers to pursue alternative rubella vaccines using alternative cell lines, on the understanding that any alternative must be as safe and effective as the existing rubella vaccines.”
HPV vaccine
It seems that once the faith communities accepted this vaccine there was no attempt to produce any ethical version and since this time we see more and more vaccines being introduced with MRC-5 human diploid cells such as the HPV vaccine given to girls to prevent ovarian cancer and the recent bird flu vaccination.
Decline the nursery place
Following a recent measles outbreak this year, I received a letter from my GP to immunise my second son as they were targeting certain age groups.  Then within a month of that letter I got a letter from my eldest son’s school to ask permission for him to get a booster tetanus in school.  But while they were at it they wanted confirmation he had his MMR and if not that it could be incorporated at the same time as the tetanus injection.  As my son goes to a Catholic school, I wrote refusing permission and explained fully the reason why.  Luckily they accepted and sent me a copy of an e-mail they had sent to the local health clinic and their reply accepting my refusal.  My youngest son has a hearing impairment and I had been advised for him to attend a nursery at a school with a specialist unit.  While completing the forms in I came across the question ‘Date of MMR2.’  I left it blank and as yet have not heard back from the school.  If they insist he gets the MMR, I will have to decline the nursery place as a result. 
Removed from the register
A relative of mine who is having the same battle over refusing vaccines visited her doctor recently as her daughter, who rarely gets sick, seemed very ill with a high temperature.  The doctors receptionist said her daughter had been removed from the register in 2009 as she had refused the vaccinations.  They agreed to see her however with a temporary appointment.  The doctor lectured her saying she could be the cause of her daughter having an abnormal baby with deformities and that her daughter would blame her for it in later life.  However the real truth seemed to come out when the doctor said that if one child is not vaccinated they wouldn’t meet the NHS targets for immunisation uptake and would lose money because of it and that’s why her daughter was dropped from the register.  He also said it would be unlikely they would now accept her back on the register.
This is just one thing

This is just one thing that we are standing up against in the world as Christians but it has become a battle.  It would be so easy just to go along with the world and accept the vaccinations for an easy life but Jesus has said: “My children, I watch you lie in your hearts to Me because you allow yourselves to be influenced by the good intentions of this world.”  I know in my heart that I could never justify accepting this vaccination as millions of children are being aborted and used more in medical experimentation especially in human embryonic stem cell research.  It seems no longer does anyone think that that baby is a human just as the person who is suffering and looking for a cure.

The Holy Scriptures
Matthew 5:21-25

21 You have heard that it was said to them of old: Thou shalt not kill. And whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment.
Look at our world today, countries fight and kill each other to get what they want, no matter what it takes.  A human life means nothing now.
22 But I say to you, that whosoever is angry with his brother, shall be in danger of the judgment. And whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, (You Fool), shall be in danger of the council. And whosoever shall say, thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.
We, as humans, have lost all love and respect for our family, our neighbours, our friends and each other.  We are all so wrapped up in thinking about me, myself and I that we have no time for anyone else.  This is why love, respect and forgiveness have been distinguished and greed, money, power and revenge have taken over.  We have forgotten the Ways and Teachings of Jesus.
23 If therefore thou offer thy gift at the altar and there thou remember that thy brother hath any thing against thee;
We cannot follow Jesus and hold on to our judgments and resentments against anyone, hard as we may think this is to do.  If we, as followers of Jesus, truly love Him, then, we will see Jesus in everyone and love them.
24 Leave there thy offering before the altar and go first to be reconciled to thy brother and then coming thou shalt offer thy gift.
In His Teachings and Commands, Jesus tells us to love our enemies, do good to others, do not judge or condemn and put others before ourselves.  Sadly, the world has grown away from these Teachings and from Jesus.
25 Be at agreement with thy adversary betimes, whilst thou art in the way with him: lest perhaps the adversary deliver thee to the judge and the judge deliver thee to the officer and thou be cast into prison.
Pray for your enemies, do not judge them and you will not be judged.  Do not condemn and you will not be condemned, forgive and you will be forgiven.

The Plight of Others
The Pain of cot Death

‘Billy Jo’
My husband and myself were excited to find out we were having our ninth child.  As I was forty, I was a bit nervous and apprehensive but I handed it over to Jesus.  My pregnancies all went well and we looked forward to the birth of our new baby.
When our beautiful baby boy was born he was nine pounds and ten ounces, a strong healthy boy.  We called him William Joseph, ‘Billy Jo’ for short, we loved him dearly. 
Devastated and angry
When he was eleven weeks old, he died of a cot death.  I went to lift him for his bath and feed and he was dead.  We were just devastated and angry with God for letting this happen.  Why give us a baby and then take him back?
My husband was very upset and hurt and kept asking Jesus why He let this happen if He was supposed to be looking after us.
With Gods help
With Gods help, we did get through this very dark time.  Everyone prayed for us and got Masses said and we really felt their prayers help us. 
Our children needed us to keep going and, with Gods help, we did.  Jesus and Mary gave us the strength to carry on and Jesus carried us as we could not have come though on our own.  He Suffered along with us.
We pray to our wee saint now for his intercession and guidance.  Jesus, Thy Will be done!

The Wisdom of John Paul II

On the Christian Family in the Modern World
Apostolic Exhortation of His Holiness,
 Pope John Paul II

32. In the context of a culture which seriously distorts or entirely misinterprets the true meaning of human sexuality because it separates it from its essential reference to the person, the church more urgently feels how irreplaceable is her mission of presenting sexuality as a value and task of the whole person, created male and female in the image of God.
In this perspective the Second Vatican Council clearly affirmed that “when there is a question of harmonizing conjugal love with the responsible transmission of life, the moral aspect of any procedure does not depend solely on sincere intentions or on an evaluation of motives. It must be determined by objective standards. These, based on the nature of the human person and his or her acts, preserve the full sense of mutual self-giving and human procreation in the context of true love. Such a goal cannot be achieved unless the virtue of conjugal chastity is sincerely practiced.”
It is precisely by moving from “an integral vision of man and of his vocation, not only his natural and earthly, but also his supernatural and eternal vocation,” that Paul VI affirmed that the teaching of the church “is founded upon the inseparable connection willed by God and unable to be broken by man on his own initiative between the two meanings of the conjugal act: the unitive meaning and the procreative meaning.” And he concluded by re-emphasizing that there must be excluded as intrinsically immoral “every action which, either in anticipation of the conjugal act, or in its accomplishment, or in the development of its natural consequences, proposes, whether as an end or as a means, to render procreation impossible.”
When couples, by means of recourse to contraception, separate these two meanings that God the creator has inscribed in the being of man and woman and in the dynamism of their sexual communion, they act as “arbiters” of the divine plan and they “manipulate” and degrade human sexuality and with it themselves and their married partner by altering its value of “total” self-giving. Thus the innate language that expresses the total reciprocal self-giving of husband and wife is overlaid, through contraception, by an objectively contradictory language, namely, that of not giving oneself totally to the other. This leads not only to a positive refusal to be open to life, but also to a falsification of the inner truth of conjugal love, which is called upon to give itself in personal totality.
When, instead, by means of recourse to periods of infertility, the couple respect the inseparable connection between the unitive and procreative meanings of human sexuality, they are acting as “ministers” of God’s plan and they “benefit from” their sexuality according to the original dynamism of “total” self-giving, without manipulation or alteration.
In the light of the experience of many couples and of the data provided by the different human sciences, theological reflection is able to perceive and is called to study further the difference, both anthropological and moral, between contraception and recourse to the rhythm of the cycle: It is a difference which is much wider and deeper than is usually thought, one which involves in the final analysis two irreconcilable concepts of the human person and of human sexuality. The choice of the natural rhythms involves accepting the cycle of the person, that is, the woman, and thereby accepting dialogue, reciprocal respect, shared responsibility and self-control.  To accept the cycle and to enter into dialogue means to recognize both the spiritual and corporal character of conjugal communion and to live personal love with its requirement of fidelity. In this context the couple comes to experience how conjugal communion is enriched with those values of tenderness and affection which constitute the inner soul of human sexuality in its physical dimension also. In this way sexuality is respected and promoted in its truly and fully human dimension and is never “used” as an “object” that, by breaking the personal unity of soul and body, strikes at God’s creation itself at the level of the deepest interaction of nature and person.

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