The Way of Truth
Appeal for help
You will see that the appeal for help to purchase the House in Belmullet continues.
We want to thank all of you who have already contributed both spiritually and financially to the purchasing of this House. We are sorry to have to keep asking you for your help, it is embarrassing. But, as you will see when you read the appeal, Jesus has again spoken of His desire for this House for His young people and He again “call(s) upon your help in securing this House.”
As though to reiterate the importance of these Houses, Our Lady also speaks this month about the Houses of Prayer. On Sunday 1 January, Feast of the Mother of God, Mary spoke of the “stepping stones” that Jesus places in this world for us. She asks us to be there for these Houses and not to let these Graces given be in vain. Thank you again and may God Bless you all.
Way of Truth
Jesus continues with the Messages on the Way of Truth this month. Jesus needs as many of us that will, to walk on this Path so He can save our brothers and sisters by our sacrifice. Jesus speaks of the ‘Time of Miracles’ to come. But, this time cannot come until we, His Army, stand up and begin doing what these Messages are asking us to do. As we peel off the layers of self on this Journey, we will see the ‘wall’ that Patrick speaks about. For us, beyond that wall is the ‘Time of Miracles’ where we can ask anything in Jesus’ Name and it will be granted because we ask for it not for our good but for the Glory of God.
Army of Souls
Within this Newsletter, we have included a Message that we came across while proofreading Message Book Nine. This Message speaks about the ‘Army of little Souls’ that Jesus keeps asking for. We thought this was very appropriate in light of all the recent Way of Truth Messages. It is as though Jesus told us what He wanted in this Message in 2004 but now He is giving us a foolproof way of attaining what He asks of us. He has given us the tools to be in His Army, these tools are the Instructions contained within the Way of Truth Messages.
Annual Fundraising Draw 2011 Results
We wish to thank all of you who bought and sold tickets to raise money for the House of Prayer. The draw took place at Jesus’ Birthday Party on Christmas Night, here at the Sacred Heart House of Prayer. We are pleased to announce the following winners. Congratulations!
1st prize       £500:                                P Brennan, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh
2nd prize      £300:                                Nellie O’Connor, Buncrana, Co. Donegal
3rd prize      £200:                                 B Lennon, Newry, Co. Down
4th prize       An oil painting:                  G Timmer, Guernsey
5th prize       Handmade pottery:           B Ferreira, Derry, Co. Derry
6th prize       Family Bible:                      Sarah Kissane, Terenure, Co Dublin
7th prize       Set of Message Books:     Meghan Anderson, Portadown,Co Armagh
8th prize       CDs by SonLight:               Anne Marie Choong, London


The Messages of Love
This is what Jesus said during the concert in London to SonLight and all at the House of Prayer there.
Friday 2 December 2011
Saint Michael and the Heavenly Hosts House of Prayer, London
My little children, My Heart is Joyful when you sit with Me, when obedience strikes your heart like an arrow and you do it. You make Me Smile.
These things that you do for Me, I have longed for them, I have waited upon them. My House here, in this place, give Me your hearts as your gift to Me, loving, obedient hearts: hand them over for I have longed for them and I will be most pleased at your offering.
My SonLight, how it joys Me when you close your eyes and give Me what is in your hearts in song. Give My people the best of My Heart in you. Each time you sing My Songs from your heart – as one heart – Mine – then you spread more Love – My Love. When you sing from your heart – forgetting the world – then you sing from My Heart. Forget not, My little ones, that I am with you. Give Me your fingers, your hands, your voices that make music that is fit for a Heavenly Court. You are on My Royal Command when you do this. I am your Voice, just open your mouth: play and I will play. Each word, each chord, each drumbeat is Mine to touch a soul – give it to Me. I Love you all, I, your King.
Monday 12 December 2011
My children, I, the Lord God, Love you. I call you to be vigilant, I call you to be watchful for the enemy fights you from within. he calls you in the form of the world – listen not to his voice.
I, the Lord God, am calling you and so I tell you of My Plans for the world. Each House that I call upon you to procure for Me is imperative to My Plans. As the evil one mounts his campaign against you, so, too, do I give you more places of refuge. I will not leave you orphans. Follow Me and I will be like a Father to you.
My Houses are idle: I call upon you who are My children to come away from the world and help Me to open them so that, when the darkness comes, they will be beacons of light to those who would be saved. Open your hearts, My children, on this day that I have asked.
Do not play with fire, My children.
Each House is like a mountain, it towers above and its light can be seen. On the slopes of this mountain grow many fruit trees, the fruit of which is the labour, the prayer, the refuge, the love, the bringing of My little ones to Me.
Will you help Me to destroy the plans of the evil one?
Saturday 24 December 2011
My children, I call upon your help in securing this House1 for My little ones. Come and listen to My calls, listen to My Pleas within your heart. Time is short and there is much work to be done. I have not forgotten My promises. These Houses of Mine are the little Lights that I set into this world, they will become the beacons that will call many to My Side but, first, they must be prepared.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and open your hearts to Me in this Work of Mine. I Love you.
1 The new John Paul the Second Youth House in Belmullet, Co. Mayo, Ireland.
Monday 26 December 2011
My little children, I call you away from this world. If you could see with spiritual eyes you could see how dark it really is, even in the light of day. Very little of My Light shines here. I call upon you in this New Year to pick up the Light that I give you and shine it from the mountaintops. Let your light so shine upon men so that they may see Me in you.
In this New Year, there will be many beginnings and many endings; it will be a time of mourning for many. By this, I speak of spiritual mourning. It shall be a time when many will die spiritually, many will walk away from Me to the things of this world which seem plausible but they shall not return to Me. The darkness that you cannot see is a thick fog of evil spirits who wander the earth seeking souls; they are like ravenous beasts and they stop at nothing to make you fall away from Me. Stay with Me.
What has been spoken in secret shall be shouted from the rooftops:
26 Therefore fear them not. For nothing is covered that shall not be revealed nor hid, that shall not be known.
27 That which I tell you in the dark, speak ye in the light and that which you hear in the ear, preach ye upon the housetops.
28 And fear ye not them that kill the body and are not able to kill the soul but, rather, fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell.
Matthew 10:26-28, Douay-Rheims
Monday 26 December 2011
My children, reach out your hands to Me. I will lead you as the shepherd leads his flock into good pasture. This world only leads you to darkness and death. Take My Hand and I will lead you on the safe Path. My Heart is open to you, its Love is yours. Come to Me. Do not try to find your way in the darkness but come to Me.
Sunday 1 January 2012
Solemnity of the Mother of God From Mary

My children, it is your Mother who speaks. My children, the night is long and the Journey is long and fraught with much danger. How will you see your way if you have no one to guide you? How will you know where you are going if only self guides you?
On this dark road, you need the Light to help you see. Jesus is the Light. His Heart is an Open Wound from which pours out much Light. Look to Him.
He stands atop every mountain, shedding His Light: He waits for you at every bend in the road, waiting for you to come. Look to the Light of God for He has come into the world to bring Light. His Word is the Father’s Word: He utters and Jesus comes forth. Jesus brings the Light so that mankind will see. He is a Great Torch that has been raised on high so that ALL may see; the good and the bad.
As the Light shines upon you, so it enlightens you with the knowledge that the Light is Love and Love came to bring the Light. The Light calls you to Love.
My Son is calling to you. He calls you to bring His Light across the world in the form of the stepping stones that He places there: His Houses, His refuges. He calls you to be there; to perform the simple act of opening the door for His children. The Houses are His Heart and He gives you the singular Grace of opening it to receive the lost ones. Let not this Grace be given in vain. Allow Him to be pleased with your yes to Him in all things; your effort in making Him known and loved in this world.
I thank you for allowing Me to stir your heart into action for the Glory of Our Father in Heaven. I Love you, My little children.
The Way of Truth Continued Wednesday 14 December 2011

Come, My little children, and allow Me to show you the Way of Truth; allow Me to speak within your hearts; allow Me to guide you upon this Path of My Love. My little ones, this is a difficult Path to walk for the world will rage against you and try to draw you away from Me. But, I say, I will be with you; allow Me to Teach you; allow Me to speak within your hearts so that each one of you may know the Truth of My Path.
Open your hearts to Me, My little ones, and allow Me to Teach you; allow Me to show you the Truth for this world is taking many of My children from Me. I reach out My Hand in these Words in order to lead you into the safety of My Fold.
Come, My beloved children, allow Me to take you upon this Journey of Truth that leads directly to the depths of My Heart. I Love you, My beloved children, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Thursday 15 December 2011

Look now, My little ones, and see My Truth, see what I am offering you in these Words. I need you to walk this Path so that I can bestow My Gifts upon you, so that you may become a Warrior of Love. Your brothers and sisters are in need, children, and, unless you die to yourself, you will not be able to fulfil your mission in this life.
Look at the Truth of the Words that I speak to you. No human can use the Gifts of My Spirit without dying to self for self will take control and abuse what I bestow upon you. This is why I need you to fight against the desires of self in order that you can help your brothers and sisters to walk this Path of Truth with Me. My Army rises, children, I tell you look to those who desire to walk this Path and join them for, when you walk together, you will strengthen each other for My Power shall flow through each of you, strengthening the other.
Beware of the traps of lucifer for he shall try to tear you down and lead you on the wrong path. I am your God: I am your Love and I desire that you follow in My Footsteps, beloved of My Heart.
Listen to My Voice this day. I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Saturday 17 December 2011

Come, beloved of My Heart, read these Words, take them into your hearts and begin to live them. Fight against the things of this world and begin to follow the Path that I have set before you within My Gospels.
Come, My beloved children, take on these Words for they are the guide that will lead you unto the Path of My Truth. Fight against the desires of self; the more that you fight, the more the scales will fall from your eyes and the easier it will become for you to see My Truth.
Sin is your obstacle that you must overcome. Sin blocks My Light from entering your hearts. The more that you die to self and eradicate sin from your lives, the easier it will become for you to understand My Will. Do you not understand, My little ones? You cannot truly understand My Work, My Will, if you do not walk this Path of self dying. It is only through sacrifice that you can enter the World of Truth.
Self will rebel and try to convince you to turn away from this Path but, I tell you, if you walk this Path, your eyes will open and you shall see this world as it really is. The wonders of this life shall open up before you and you shall understand and walk in My Footsteps; fear shall flee from you and, no matter what you ask in My Name, it shall be granted for all shall be to the Glory of Our Father.
Come, beloved children of My Heart, and be obedient to My calls this day. I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Saturday 24 December 2011
Look now and see the truth of this world; see the lies as it prepares for My Birth.
See how the world has turned the Day of My Birth into a day of greed, a celebration of self.
This has been brought about by the lies of lucifer and My people have listened.
The Day of My Birth should be celebrated in love and humility.
It should be a Day to help those who are in need.
It should be the Day that many are brought to My Side through your love, your caring and your prayers.
But, I tell you the Truth, it is the Day that I am forgotten.
It is the Day that I am whipped by the sins of self.
I am forgotten and sin is celebrated.
This is Truth, children, you sit within My churches and you do not think of Me, rather, you think of your gifts, your food, your parties and alcohol.
Is this what I am, children? A God of greed?
Look at the Truth. I Love you.
Monday 26 December 2011

My children, now you enter the “Year of Beginning” and still you are not prepared. Take on this Path of Truth that I give to you and come walk with Me. Do not be afraid, My little ones, for I tell you I need your hands, your feet and your lips in order to do this Work of Mine. So many are in danger, so many are in need and there are so few to help Me in this Work of Mine.
Come, take on this Path and let Me show you who I truly Am. As I taught My Apostles, so I shall Teach you and, through you, I will show this world that I am Alive. Break through the wall of self and enter the World of Love where We, together, shall spread My Love as the farmer spreads the seeds.
I Love you, My little children, and I call upon you, this day, to enter the World of Love. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Tuesday 27 December 2011
Patrick: The further I go upon this journey, the more I realise how vigilant we must become. It is so easy to become complacent and wander off the Path, even unnoticed to ourselves. The further that I go along this Path, the more I begin to recognise what Saint Paul was speaking about. It is so easy to become disorientated and lose your way. There are so many things to look out for.
It definitely is a spiritual battle and lucifer and his minions are waiting at every moment to trip us up and lead us in the wrong direction. I let my anchor fall for a few days and, I have to say, I wandered away not even noticing myself that I was wandering back into my old ways. I write these words so that you, too, will know to be vigilant and do not let yourself become complacent as I did. Jesus is worth every step.
All I can say is, remember that we have agreed to walk this Path. I am coming to realise that we must protect our anchor at all costs even if it causes us great pain and misery for it is greater pain and greater misery when we realise we are falling back into that that we do not wish to be a part of anymore.
Jesus has shown me the Way and He wants me to tell you the pitfalls so that you, too, may recognise what is ahead of you.
The most important weapon that we have on this Journey is to retreat into the “quiet place.” This is the place within our hearts that we can all recognise; it is the place where we feel love and pain, sorrow and grief; that place within our chest that hurts in love and sorrow. If we concentrate on that place and feel it and say “Jesus, I trust in You...” over and over again, we will find His Peace no matter what comes against us. For, it is the dwelling place of our souls where Jesus is One with us.
Come, beloved children of Mine, and take on these Words that I give you. Recognise by the experiences of My son and become One with Me. Yes, My little ones, it is hard to begin this Journey for it is self that rebels against the spirit for, in truth I tell you, your souls desire to walk this Path for it is your souls that know Me and can recognise My Voice. Self is the part that was brought about by original sin; it is self that desires the things of this world; it is self that listens to the inspirations of lucifer.
On this Journey with Me, I will Teach you how to control self so that it ceases to have power over you and so no longer is influenced by the deceit of lucifer. Come, beloved children of My Heart, and allow Me to show you the joys of this life. Come, recognise My Voice and take on this burden that I give to you for We, together, have much Work to do and there is little time left to do it. Come, beloved of My Heart, and listen to My calls this day. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
I am like a child in front of my God.
I constantly throw tantrums and blame Him when He does not do what I want.
I mope and sulk in order to get my own way.
Yet, like any parent, Jesus stands patiently and will not give in. He knows that it is only through hard work that we will get to understand the truth about ourselves and this world. Like all humans, I want the easy path.
I want to know everything now.
I do not want to work for it.
I am like a spoiled child and I kick and scream and blame Him.
I say He does not care, I say He does not Love me.
I try everything in order to walk the easy path but there is no easy path in dying to self for, it is self that is crying out; it is self that is kicking and screaming and sulking because it is self that is the spoiled child.
It is true. It is like we have a split personality, one that is good and one that only desires what this world can offer and, it is sad to say, the stronger of these is the one of this world.
My understanding is that this was brought about by the sin of Adam. The Tree of Knowledge placed these desires of greatness within each one of us. The gentle, quiet, caring, loving person that is within me, each of us, is what we truly are when we are born but, as we are filled with knowledge, the selfish me person takes over. This is the one that we must defeat for this is the one that listens to the inspirations of lucifer and commits sin.
Dying to self is overcoming that part of ourselves that only desires what it can gain for itself. That part can be tamed and used for the good, it must be eradicated so that we become one with our God and that our only desire is to fulfil His Will.
Dying to self is hard. There is no use saying that it is not for, that part of self that desires the things of this world, constantly bombards us. Looking at the pleasures of this world, it does not want to follow God, it wants to follow the ways of this life and gain whatever it can for self’s sake. It can never be fulfilled for, no matter what it gains, it will never be satisfied, it will always want more and more.
That part of self does not mind what sin it commits in order to try to be fulfilled. It is the dark side that we all have that will freely break every Commandment in its insatiable desire for pleasure. I have been trying to walk this Path for many months now and, I tell you the truth, I feel weary, battered and bruised. It is as if I am in a battle; I can gain ground one day and lose ground the next day and then regain it. I know I am gaining more than I am losing. I know I can feel that there is a point somewhere out in front of me. If I can reach it, I know I will have won this battle. It is like I am fighting a battle and I know when I get to the top of the hill, this battle will end. I do not know if there is another battle that lies at the other side of this hill: I can simply hope that it is not like this one.
For, self constantly bombards me trying to break my will and I know it is fuelled by the inspirations of lucifer. I constantly have thoughts like:
Why are you doing this to yourself; this is madness; go and enjoy yourself.
Look at everyone else, they are not torturing themselves.
Look at the fun everyone is having.
God would not want this of you.
Sin is constantly pushed into my face in the form of the pleasures of this world, everyone is doing it, why should you not?
I tell you these things, you who read these words, so that you, too, can recognise the pitfalls of walking this Path. If you have begun this Journey that Jesus has asked for, I say, walk tall and do not be afraid to complete this Journey. I cannot tell you what you will gain from walking it but I do get glimpses and I know Peace is ahead of us.
Yes, we will all get consolations as we walk this Path as there are times that I do feel great Peace and great Joy within my heart but, there are other times it seems to be that God has deserted and I walk in total darkness. I understand from Jesus that these things must be gone through for they are Teachings; they are like cement between the bricks that will strengthen our resolve to follow Him in truth.
Fasting is good on this Journey, it helps us to control self and overcome our desires. We should fast at least one or two full days every week. When we fast, this is when self complains most loudly and tries to convince us to eat. The more we learn to ignore self, the easier this Journey becomes and the more that we will understand the Ways of God. The further that I walk upon this Path, the more I begin to understand what our anchor should be.
Our anchor should be the greatest thing in our lives that blocks us from God; this is what we should give up. Jesus asked me not to eat after six o’clock in the evening but I am beginning to realise this was only to strengthen me and let me see how self complains so that I could understand what I should truly give up.
Dying to self is eradicating sin from our lives. If we are not eradicating sin, we are not dying to self. The fire, that I spoke of earlier in these Words, must become like a bonfire and we should be constantly throwing sin into this fire. We must be constantly watching out in our everyday lives for the parts that we should improve. The further that we walk along the Path, the more we will see and understand what we should be removing.
Yes, we will have bad days where we will feel as though self is winning but, hold fast for self is a coward and will back down. I am not going to tell you lies and say that it is easy to walk this Path for no, it is not. All I can say is that Jesus wants us to do it and, if He wants us to do it, then that is good enough for me.
Thursday 29 December 2011

Come, little children of Mine, and allow Me to speak within your hearts; allow Me to take you on the Path of Truth and guide you into My Father’s Kingdom.
Come, beloved of Mine, take up your cross every day and follow Me for I am the Good Shepherd and I come to lead My people into the safety of My Kingdom. I Love you, My children, and I call upon you this day and every day to take up the cross of My Truth and carry it, it is a beacon of Light in this world so that My children may see what I have done for them. Do not be ashamed of its Light but carry it proudly.
I Love you, My children, and I need your help for so many are being lost to the traps of the evil one. Listen to My calls this day and come, follow Me. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Thursday 29 December 2011

Come follow Me in truth and do not deny Me any longer, My children.
Do not allow this world to draw you away from Me.
Do not listen to its lies for it is like thunder in the heavens.
Come follow Me and We, together, shall make a difference in this world.
We, together, shall show this world that My Truth is not dead but still lives in the hearts of My people.
We, together, shall show this world that My Power is Alive; that I am Alive.
Allow Me to create miracles through you.
Believe, My children, and once again My Light shall burn bright in the hearts of men but, first, you must take on My Path of Truth and die to the things of this world so that I may replace them with My Truth, My Love, My Forgiveness and My Justice.
Trust in Me, My little ones, and allow Me to speak through you, through your actions. Time is short and still so few have listened. The harvest is great but the labourers are few. Soon now, all will begin and, if you are not ready, you, too, shall be swept away in the tide of unlove that sweeps across this world.
I need you, My little ones, I need you in free will to do this Work for it is only through your free will that I can show this world that I am Alive. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Thursday 29 December 2011

Come, My children, and listen to the Words that I give to you; listen as you have never listened before. The harvest is great, yet, the labourers are few. I am calling you to become a worker in My Vineyard.
Will you accept, children, for the invitations that are left are few?
This world is running out of time. Mankind is about to be cleansed of the great darkness of sin that he has accepted into his life. Listen, now, before it is too late for there shall be great wailing in the streets as the floodgates of My Justice are opened and the blood of the innocent shall be poured out on mankind.
Yes, children, you shall know these days for you shall see them in your lifetime. My Justice shall be poured out and mankind shall know his wrongdoing; mankind shall know the truth of his evil ways and shall know the Truth of his God.
Be prepared, children, for all is about to happen and I say again, you are not prepared. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Thursday 29 December 2011

Come, now, take on this Path that I have given to you. It is not a new Path, it is the Path that I walked when I was upon this earth.
Do you not see, children?
Do you not see the Truth of My Words?
Do you not understand that the wages of sin are eternal death?
These are not new Words: these are the Words that I have spoken within My Scriptures. I have told you, if you want to be a follower of Mine, you must walk in My Footsteps and, in order to do this, you must die to the things of this world for I am not of this world.
I have told you that you must live in the world but not be a part of it: this you have ignored and have embraced the ways of this world and, yes, I speak to you who say that you follow Me for you blind yourselves to My Truth in order to live your selfish lives, in order to accept sin with no guilt.
I say, wake up and see the Truth for already it is too late for many for they have allowed themselves to be so blinded by the lies of lucifer that they will no longer listen to Me and My Truth. And, yes, you, too, children, can be blinded by self for it is self that wishes to follow in the footsteps of the deceiver, the liar, the cheat and the thief who is the father of lies.
Come, NOW, open your hearts to Me and walk in My Footsteps; let this world see that you are a follower of Mine and, yes, they shall condemn you for they first condemned Me and, if you are My follower, you shall be treated no differently. For lucifer shall rage against you as he raged against Me but I shall keep you safe within My Heart and My Light shall shine into this world for I shall burn bright within you.
Do not be afraid, My little ones, for I am Coming soon and I shall cleanse this world of all evil and you shall know Peace and you shall know Love for this will be your wages. This earth shall return to what I created and all that mankind has created in his greed shall be no more. It shall return to the dust from whence it came. See what I say, My little ones, and turn your back on this world and its ways and walk the Path of Truth with Me.
I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Saturday 31 December 2011

Accept now, My children, the Truth and see what you are doing to yourselves by the lives that you live. You have abandoned your God; you walk in the footsteps of lucifer and, in your pride, you refuse to see the Truth.
You attack Me and My Ways with your very lives.
You laugh at them who have fallen within My Church.
You are hypocrites!
You blame many of My servants for things they have not done, to appease your own conscience for the things that you know you are doing.
Wake up and look at the Truth and do not deny My inspirations within you; feel them within your hearts. Feel them as they call you back to Me and My Ways. Turn away from your evilness now while there is still time. Do not deny Me any longer: walk in My Truth, walk in My Light and let My people see that you believe in My Truth, My Ways and My Life.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and listen to My calls this day. I am Coming, I am Coming soon and you must be prepared for, My Angels will sweep all that is not of Me from this earth. Anyone who does not live in the Light will not survive these times for, when My Justice is complete, My Light will be the only Light that shines upon this earth.
Come back. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Saturday 31 December 2011

Look, My little children, as you enter a new year of your time. Look how this world quickens and runs ever faster away from Me and My Ways.
Look at the fear in your lives: your towns, your cities, your countries.
Look at how you mistrust your neighbour and fear those that you do not know.
Look at how My Love is dying in your streets: these are all part of the evil one’s plans to destroy Me within your lives.
Look at how you fear to speak My Name.
Look how you fear to admit that you believe in Me.
Can you not see the great plan of destruction that lucifer wages against you and My Church? Can you not see how his plans are being fulfilled by you, My people? You are accepting everything that he says.
Come, beloved children of My Heart, and listen to My calls. Listen to the Words that I speak to you through My Messengers. I am calling out to you this day to become Warriors of the Truth and no longer take on the inspirations, the plans of lucifer.
Come back to Me, My people! Come back to Me in truth and take up your cross every day and follow Me and We, together, shall bring about great changes upon this earth. We, together, shall shine My Light into the dark places and, once again, My people will begin to see, will begin to love in the way I created them to.
My little children, I am calling to you this night; I am calling you to listen to these Words of Mine for there is so little time left to you and still you have not listened; still you ignore My Words. Still you ignore the signs of your times and fall headlong into the traps of lucifer.
I am calling to you, My little ones, as a father calls to a child who is in great danger. I am pleading with you to come away from the precipice that you are about to fall into. If you choose to take the path of this world, I cannot stop you, I cannot turn you away from what you have chosen in free will. I say, again, come away from the danger that you are in and walk this Path of Truth with Me and allow your brothers and sisters to see that I am Alive in you and they, too, shall turn away from the danger of this world. They, too, shall know the joy in the freedom of life with Me.
My Anger builds against the evil that mankind has wrought against Me. When I strike this earth, you will know the Truth of My Justice, every living thing shall be shaken and every living thing shall know that I exist and every living thing shall know how it has went against Me and My Ways.
Wake up, My little ones, before it is too late for many events shall happen in this time and, if you are not prepared, you shall be swept away in the tide of untruth. I am Warning you now, My little ones, for you cannot see what is ahead of you. I ask you to trust in My Words.
Trust in My Words of Justice for they are about to fall upon mankind. I Love you, My people, I Love you and you do not understand how much I Love you for you would not walk this Path that you have chosen. Look at My Crucifixion, My Passion, look at the reality of the Pain that I Suffered for you so that you could have Eternal Life. Yet, so many deny My reality, My Life upon this earth. So many deny what I have done for them and so many are consumed by the fires of hell.
I, your God, your Jesus, am Coming soon now, children, and I say again and again, you are not ready: only those who have prepared will see My Coming; those who have not will be swept from this earth in their evilness for no evil can stand before Me. Do not allow yourself to be one of these for the joy that you will feel when you see Me and My Power will be ultimate for this will be the Gift that I give to all mankind that are left upon this earth. Then Peace will fall upon creation and those that are left will know Joy for the rest of their lives upon this earth: fear and worry will have been washed clean and only Truth will remain.
I Love you, My people, I Love you, listen to My Words. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Saturday 31 December 2011
Come, now, children, and listen to these Words for they are given to you in these last days to enlighten your hearts to My Truth so that you, too, can walk the Path of Righteousness that I have lain down before you within My Scriptures.
Come, My beloved children, and take on this Path of dying to self; reject this world and its ways and take up My banner and walk with Me into this world for, too long, has the evil one been allowed by you to lead so many astray. Lift the banner of Truth and walk into battle, children, ignore this world and do not be afraid to speak My Name, do not be afraid to use My Name to cleanse the darkness for I bestow My Power upon you who are willing to walk this Path with Me, who are willing to deny this world and its evil ways. I am calling out to My Army to rise, to deny self so that you too may see My Truth so that your eyes may be open to the lies of this world: deny the desires of self and come, walk with Me for My Army is rising, children, and soon you shall see many wonders, many miracles as My people rise from the ashes and, once again, march across this earth spreading the seeds of Truth as did My Disciples, My Apostles. Once again, this earth shall live and the evil one and his ways shall be cast down.
Be Warned, you who walk in darkness, be Warned! My Army rises and My Truth shall strike you down for My Light shall consume you and, your evilness shall be wiped from the face of this earth; you shall be forgotten and no one shall speak of you again but, for all eternity you shall cry in anger and regret for what you have lost. Turn away now and come back to Me; deny the darkness of sin, cast it off and come walk in the Light of My Truth for soon I shall Return and you shall be no more.
I am your Father and I call you back and I ask you to repent of your evilness. It does not matter what you have done for you shall be washed clean in the Blood of the Lamb for I have Died for your sins, I have Died for your wickedness so that you can have Eternal Life in Our Father’s Kingdom. Come listen to these Words of Mine, lift up your cross and follow Me for I am the Lord of all creation and I am Returning. See, My workers begin to prepare the Path. I Love you.
Saturday 31 December 2011

I have not told you to ignore My Truth, My children, as so many of those who say they are My priests tell you off My altars. I tell you it is they who follow the father of lies and his wicked ways. They ignore My Truth within their hearts in order to lead their lives of sin. Yes, I speak to you who change My Words of Truth, who change My Scriptures, My Laws, My Commandments. You are evil in My sight.
Look at the Truth and repent of your wicked ways for I am the same yesterday, today and forever and I have not given you the right to change My Words of Truth.
Look at your lives: they are lived in the service of self and what you can gain for self’s sake. You do not serve Me but you serve your master, lucifer. It is his work that you do, not Mine. You are no different than the scribes and Pharisees who put Me on a Cross: they did not like the Words that I spoke and neither do you for you have become blinded by self. You do not see My people as My flock but, rather, you see them as fodder, there to supply you with your needs.
Look away from your wickedness, look at Me upon My Cross and see what I have done for My people. Then, see what you do.
Can you call yourself a follower of Mine?
Open your eyes before it is too late! Read the signs of the times for soon your judgement shall be upon you. Repent and return to Me; take up your cross and follow Me and We, together, shall gather My flock into the safety of My Fold. We, together, shall show My people the Truth and they shall know Peace once again and shall be protected in My Love.
To you who have held on to the Truth and are not afraid to tell My people the Truth: I say, your reward shall be great for you have held My Truth and gathered My flock. You are My true priests and My Love for you is ultimate! I shall gather you together on the Day of Judgement and I shall crown you with My Love and you shall know Joy for all eternity for what you have done.
I Love you, I Love you, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Saturday 31 December 2011

I have told you the Truth, My children, and the Words that I have spoken will now be fulfilled upon this earth and mankind shall know the error of his ways and shall know the evil that he has wrought against Me and My people. Open your hearts to My Truth and come, follow Me for We, together, shall walk into the land of milk and honey: We, together, shall know life once again upon this earth. We, together, shall know the Joys of Our Father’s creation. No more shall it be marred by the evil of self.
Come, beloved of My Heart, My Remnant, the time is close and soon I shall Return and you shall know Peace.
Come, beloved of My Heart, for there is still much Work to be done and there are so few who are willing to do it. Your brothers and sisters are in need and it is time to take up your cross. I, your Jesus, await your response.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Monday 2 January 2012

Look now, My children, and see My Truth. Look into your lives and discard that, that is not of Me. You search for peace, My little ones, but, I say, you cannot serve two Masters and this is what you do when you follow the world and Me, as I have told you, you will love one and hate the other. You must follow Me through actions not words for, words are weak, children, and they mean nothing without action. If any man would follow Me, he must walk in My Footsteps by dying to the things of this world. You cannot die to the things of the world through words; it is only through action. In other words, children, you must give up the things of this world that are not necessary in your lives, the things that keep you away from Me. I have told you that I am your Father, your God, and that I must be first in your lives. If everything else in your lives takes precedent over Me then I am not first.
Come, beloved children of My Heart, and hear My calls. Begin this day, begin the Journey of Truth that will lead you into My Father’s Kingdom. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Monday 2 January 2012

Can you not see, My little ones?
Can you not see what I am calling for?
Have you become so blind?
Or, do you not want to see in order that you remain in the self-centred lives that you live?
I am calling out to you to come, follow Me in truth for, time is short and you do not realise how short it is. Many events will soon take place within your world and all that you have known and trusted in will be no more.
I mean to shatter the false image that has been painted of this world by the so-called men of knowledge and science.
I mean to shatter all knowledge or lies that have taken Me from this earth.
Your understanding of this world will be thrown into great confusion when you realise that all you have been told is false and the only thing that you can depend upon is Me and My Truth. The ‘Time of Miracles’ is near upon you, children, and you are not ready. Soon, I shall send My Warriors of Truth into this world and this world shall be confounded as My Truth strikes.
Remember, all must be equal upon the scales of free will: lucifer has gained more and more and the scales are heavily laden on his side but, I tell you, children, soon I will bring the scales back to equilibrium and this world will be shocked when it realises how it has been deceived.
Prepare for this time, children, prepare now for many shall turn against Me and My followers for they will deny the Truth in their hearts and throw themselves headlong into the pit and the service of lucifer. I tell you, My Army shall strike them down with the Sword of Truth and they shall fall headlong into that that they have created for themselves by their sin. Begin now, children, begin to follow Me in Truth and throw off the scales of untruth that you have allowed to cloud your eyes for I am Returning and My followers must be prepared. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Monday 2 January 2012

I Come, children, and I Come to claim My own for Myself. Those who have followed Me in truth, their reward shall be great, those whom I do not recognise shall be cast into the abyss for their sin.
Trust in Me and follow in My Footsteps, walk the Path of Truth and allow your brothers and sisters to be saved through your sacrifice.
Come, My beloved children, I am calling out to you, this day, to see the Truth of this world, to see through its lies, its deceit. Come, follow Me. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Appeal... For the youth
For weeks, we have been feeling the call of Jesus to do, urgently, the things that He needs done. These calls seem overwhelming when faced with the financial burden of all the things that He needs to be done in this world. Asking Him about these things, the answer that He gave is contained in this Message. He speaks of our (the Patricks’) fear and lack of faith:
Tuesday 1 November 2011
Patrick: Jesus, why do I feel these things? They are beyond my understanding of what You want.
My servant, I Love you. I call you in many ways. I call you in the depths of your heart and your heart feels these things. Within you I Am. You feel My Anguish that My children do not listen as they should, you feel the many things that I need to be in place and are not even begun, you feel the Pain that is in Me for the world.
What you feel is the many places that call to you that need what I have given you both; you feel the time as it passes and nothing is done.
Yes, My servant, you feel that you must go and go you must but you are too little to do all of it. What needs to be done, the pile reaches the Heavens. But, I tell you, I, alone, can do all things; the more that you give Me, the more that I can do.
Your heart is open and, because it is open, you feel these things. I will show you where you must go. It is your fear and lack of faith that makes you not see. I Love you.
We, the Patricks, thank you for your prayers and any financial help that you can give us at this time. We place you always in our prayers. May the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus shower you with His Love.

Saturday 24 December 2011

My children, I call upon your help in securing this House1 for My little ones. Come and listen to My calls, listen to My Pleas within your heart. Time is short and there is much work to be done. I have not forgotten My promises. These Houses of Mine are the little Lights that I set into this world, they will become the beacons that will call many to My Side but, first, they must be prepared.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and open your hearts to Me in this Work of Mine. I Love you.
1 The new John Paul the Second Youth House in Belmullet, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

Sunday 1 January 2012
Solemnity of the Mother of God From Mary

My children, it is your Mother who speaks. My children, the night is long and the Journey is long and fraught with much danger. How will you see your way if you have no one to guide you? How will you know where you are going if only self guides you?
On this dark road, you need the Light to help you see. Jesus is the Light. His Heart is an Open Wound from which pours out much Light. Look to Him.
He stands atop every mountain, shedding His Light: He waits for you at every bend in the road, waiting for you to come. Look to the Light of God for He has come into the world to bring Light. His Word is the Father’s Word: He utters and Jesus comes forth. Jesus brings the Light so that mankind will see. He is a Great Torch that has been raised on high so that ALL may see; the good and the bad.
As the Light shines upon you, so it enlightens you with the knowledge that the Light is Love and Love came to bring the Light. The Light calls you to Love.
My Son is calling to you. He calls you to bring His Light across the world in the form of the stepping stones that He places there: His Houses, His refuges. He calls you to be there; to perform the simple act of opening the door for His children. The Houses are His Heart and He gives you the singular Grace of opening it to receive the lost ones. Let not this Grace be given in vain. Allow Him to be pleased with your yes to Him in all things; your effort in making Him known and loved in this world.
I thank you for allowing Me to stir your heart into action for the Glory of Our Father in Heaven. I Love you, My little children.

In light of the recent Messages, we thought it would be inspiring to read this Message Jesus gave in ‘Called in the Night Book Two.’ He speaks again of His Little Army of Souls and mentions some of those who have already travelled this road, namely Saint Thérèse. Jesus also gives a prayer in this Message for those who would travel this Path.
Tuesday 21 December 2004
Another day and I feel called by the Master to sit at His Feet and be taught by Him. His Life is my life and I must be open to Him when He calls.
There is no life other than that that He has called me to. My life lives within the framework of what He has called me to. If I go outside of that framework then I am in sin, I am no longer part of the fabric that He is weaving in me.
I do not feel Him, I feel just the call to write these Words. It is not the night, which He usually calls me in. As the time of His Birth approaches, I feel more and more His sadness. It seems that many, many souls are being taken from Him. How, I do not know but it seems to be the falsities that are being taught by unscrupulous priests and people.
How do I convey the sadness of this God that I feel within me? How do I tell those who read this what He allows me to feel in this moment that He bids me write? It is not easy to describe an Agony that does not exist in human terms. His Agony is Love, I hear Him say, a Love for which He has given everything and would give yet more even to those who betray Him most. He tells me that He is the Good Shepherd who lays down His Life for His sheep. He is the God who stoops so low to His created and bows His Head in Agony and submission to His created for Love of them.
And yet, we, the created, deny in our daily lives that Love that is given so unselfishly.
I wait for Him to give me the Words that I need to continue writing. I love Him with all my being. There is nothing more to give. But, no, I hear Him say, there is more, more than a man could believe that he could give. If we but allow Him to take us along the road that He wishes to take us, then He will show us just how much we can give.
Through sin, we have moved away from Him and we do not know how to proceed on this Path that He takes us on. He wishes to show us.
I will take you upon the Path of Love, My child, if you but allow Me through these Words of Love that I give you. I emphasise again, the Words already spoken by Me.
You stand before a door. That door leads to the Path upon which I shall take you to Me. The key is in your hand. The key is you. You must fashion the key, mould it into the shape of the lock that is in the door. You begin by looking into your life at the sin that is there. You are given scales to weigh up the difference between your love of sin and your love of Me. If your love for Me is found wanting then the sin will outweigh it and the shape of your key will not fit the door. It can only fit in one door; the door to hell.
If you have a desire within you to rid yourself of sin then I can help you reshape the key, I will give you the tools to do so. These tools are: a sorrow for your sin and Love.
Love is the shaper of all things. If there is love for Me in your heart then you will begin not to want to sin. As sin diminishes by this method, it will be replaced by Love, My Love. Love will compel you not to sin and, if allowed, will lead you to shape the key to fit the lock of the door behind which I stand.
I do not say that it will be easy. No, there is a battle ahead for you must fight to the death that which controls you; namely sin. Each time you fall into sin, you become more and more embroiled in it. The more you overcome sin, the more shaped by Love you are. To fight, to overcome that which you are overcome by, is the essence of the key that you hold in your hand.
You will not go unaided, no. I will send you Grace as a shield against the flaming arrows of temptation from the evil one. All you need to do is to stay away from those situations that lead you into sin. You know your sin, you know where you fall away from Me. You must stay away from it. The evil one knows your weakness but I know it too. I can strengthen your weakness; I can make you strong where you are weak. Listen to My Voice; listen to Me as I call you, in the Graces given, away from that which takes you from Me.
The greatest sin of man and, I say woman, is sex. It is the most subtle. Sex is given for an expression of love and creation. It is a power given. Many only misuse that power in this progressing world, progressing away from Me. Those who say that it does not touch them are liars for it touches all in some degree.
Self is the inheritance of Eden and sin its cohort, that is why it must be died to. Self is what gives in to sin. Know what leads you into sin and you can avoid it.
Patrick: Jesus, I thank You for such powerful Words. I know these things within my heart but I do not always do them. Sin is powerful, it seems to overcome when we least expect it.
It is because you allow it to overcome you and you forget one thing: I am more powerful than sin; I have overcome it. I have taken on all sin and I have given you ways to overcome it, you must use these in order to overcome it fully. The power of sin is indeed great because you give it the power by not dying to the self, the part of you that wants to do it.
Patrick: So, Jesus, it is what I have already given in to in my sin that is the most powerful part. But You are telling me that I can take the power back from the evil one by dying to my self. I can overcome because You have first overcome it.
To follow Me, you must throw off the shackles of sin, that that keeps you away from Me. Temptations are powerful and become more so as the soul battles with self but that is only because the soul thinks that he cannot overcome it. The evil one has fed him lies to keep him a prisoner. I only give the Truth and the Truth is more powerful than lies.
Let your love of Me be the birth of the new man within you. See what I have done for you and continue the fight at all times, if you do not, then the evil one will devour you. If you love Me then you will follow Me.
Jesus, You are indeed the Good Shepherd. I feel by Your Words that You are looking after us all and all we have to do is do it; become new by knowing that we do not have to give in to the lies of lucifer. We fail so many times but we know that because of Your Death on the Cross, we are Forgiven. But, that is no excuse to carry on sinning. I love You, Jesus, because You are so Good.
I Love you, My servant, and there is a vast treasure within My Heart that I wish to give to you. Come, come inside My Heart for it is an open door to you. It is yours by birthright. On the day that the sacred water was poured upon your head, you became Mine. I had to run after you like an unruly dog but you would not come to Me as all My children do. Place here the Words of the prologue of My Life for they tell powerfully what I wish to say to those who would stand before the door that leads to Me. They are the Words of Love and they are like an oath that tells what I would do for My lost ones.
Prologue Song of the Carpenter Book Three
The father waited for his daughter. She had gone out with her friends and had not come home. He leaned painfully closer to the fire and began to stir the pot of stew that hung over it. It was for her supper. It had been many years since he last saw her but he had cooked the meal each evening, hoping she would come. Each morning he threw it out.
This time, he had gone out himself to look for the ingredients of the meal for his servants had been sent out to look for her. They had brought back tales of the sightings of her in various places and his heart had stirred with love. He knew what she liked and wanted to give it to her, wanted her to know that by doing it, he loved her. He had searched high and low for the herbs and spices that were particular to her taste. He had cooked it for her but she had not returned. It was already morning and he would throw it out again. He stirred the pot and his heart grasped the last few moments of hope before he would carry the steaming pot outside into the half light of the morning and pour it out. Wild animals would eat it greedily.
It was not that she did not like the life that she led with him. He had adorned her with precious jewels; bangles and bracelets for her arms and ankles, a crown for her head that had more diamonds than any kings, rings for her nose that would enhance her beauty. All made of the finest gold that he could find. He sent her robes of finespun material decorated with handsome embroidery to embellish her flawless skin. He had spoken love-words to her and wooed her as a bride. But she wanted that and her friends. The man sighed.
She had become their whore. She slept with anyone who asked her and worshipped their gods of stone that stood silent and cold while they were invoked with impassioned pleas. He had begged her not to do it for they gave her nothing but still she worshipped them even though she did not need them for he had given her everything that her heart desired.
The man sighed again. He seemed to spend his life sighing.
In the years that he had waited for her to return, he had sent many servants to her with words that might bring her back. He offered her more of the precious jewels and she took them but she did not return. He had sent his own soldiers to help her fight her battles when her whoring got her into trouble with her lovers and, for a while, it looked as though she would come home. But she did not.
He searched for the most eloquent envoys and sent them to her. He sent words of love, of anger, of promises, of entreaties but to no avail. He had chosen her, from all of his daughters, to be his Queen but she had rejected him. The servants that he sent she had beaten them and some she even killed, saying that she did not recognise his voice in them. He could not understand her ways.
When she was young, when her breasts were budding into womanhood, he had chosen her. She had gazed with adoring eyes at him and hung on to his every word. Even though her sisters were older than her she would reign, hold the throne of all the earth and she would be the apple of her father’s eye. But her eyes were coy and she did not always look at him. They sought the strangers and foreigners that came to pay homage to him. She walked with them and gave herself to them and they knew her as a wife, as a whore. She dangled her jewels before them and sent for them to join her in her bed for she had riches beyond compare and they wanted them.
He had tried to bargain with her, to make her change her mind so that she would come back to him. She shattered his heart with her refusals.
The man wiped the tears from his eyes.
Oh, Jesus, this seems a very sad story but looking at it through my own life, I know that it is true.
I can feel You urging not to go back down the path and away from the door. I feel you urging me to continue fighting against the self that is in me. I can see that by allowing your Words to put me down because of their Truth, I can, easily, walk away from You. But, if I take them as great encouragement, then they are the Graces that You have spoken of. If I allow them to, by dying to self, then I know that You want me to return to You, even though I am a sinner. My God, I love You.
I would speak again of My Army of Little Souls for they have not yet developed. Many are afraid to go on this Path that I call them upon but, I tell you, it is a very powerful Path. A distinguished few have travelled it. I name but one: My Little Flower, My Thérèse. Look at her life. Was this not a powerful witness to My Little Army? Did she not hold My Head in her arms and love Me, despite it all? Was her heart not inflamed with My Love? Was not her Little Way not a Treasure of My Heart and a way in which to find Me?
My Little Flower responded to the sunlight that I gave to her because she saw through the wiles of lucifer. She called out to Me and I answered her and I gave her this Little Way because it has been in the hearts of many. She brought forth the Little Army of My Love.
There are many more that I wish to call to live in this Way. Where are you whom I have called in your heart? Why do you not answer Me when I call? Has the world caught you in its snares? Then break free of them for My Sake and come, follow Me through this door that you stand outside. Why do you hesitate?
Ask My daughter, Mary (a servant at the Sacred Heart House of Prayer), to paint the picture (this picture is on the front cover of this Newsletter) that I give to you and make it part of the other images that I give to you and in this way will many realise what it is that I call them to. This Little Army of Love will help Me bring many souls to My Side.
Thank You for this, Jesus. I believe within my heart that this is another Treasure of Your Most Sacred Heart. How could we refuse such powerful help? Without You, I am nothing. Without You, the world is nothing.
I am the Alpha and the Omega, I am the Beginning and the End. All that is not within this does not exist. I am Everything. They will say of you, too, that you made up all of these things and that spirits rule you but, remember, they said it of Me too. They said that I cast out beelzebub by beelzebub and they beat Me for it just as they will beat your spirit for it. Remember these things.
I give you a prayer for My Little Army of Souls:
Jesus, All-Powerful God,
I give You my life.
I pour it into Your Hands
As a libation of Love.
Help me, by the merits
Of Your Most Sacred Heart,
To love, to give, to sacrifice, to penetrate
Your Pain
With my little love.
Give me the Graces needed
To love You and to follow You
In Truth, in Love, in Obedience
And to offer to You
So that Your Graces can flow into
The hearts of many.
May my heart and soul
Mirror your Abundant Heart.
I love You.
Most Powerful Jesus,
Help me to avoid all occasions of sin
For Your Greater Glory.
I ask nothing but Your Glory.
What can I say, Jesus? Grace on top of Grace, that is what You are giving to us.
I feel compelled to say to You, Jesus, because I can feel it in the background as you speak to Me. Many are worried about Your Words of Monday 20 December 2004 “...You wait for the Day of My Birth, My children, but I tell you that by the time it comes, millions more will be lost to Me...” and I know that within their hearts they would like to do something, if they can. Is there anything we can do?
I tell you that obedience to My Words is the most powerful sacrifice that anyone can give at this time. Obedience appeases My Pain and My Justice. Love and think nothing of yourself.
Was I right in telling Mary to paint the picture within the walls of Your House, Jesus?
Yes, My servant. This will bring the Graces of the prayers of My House into the Image and it will be done with My continual Blessing. No one yet knows the Power of My Houses nor do they understand yet why I urge their completion. My Houses speak to all who come: even when you do not speak, My Houses speak. Respect them as you work upon them. Do it the way that I have told you and many Blessings will come from them. If it is only done in the way of the world, then what can they speak about only the world?
I still call many to My Side in these Houses of Prayer so that Love might take its place in the world once again; so that the Truth might be known.

Their screams pierced Me like a lance
Shouting out
In the early hours of this morning I was awakened by my husband shouting out in his sleep. He was shouting out, “no, no, please stop.” There was despair, desperation and helplessness in his voice. It was quite hard to watch. It took me a few minutes to wake him and, during that time, I actually felt real fear at what he was dreaming.
Dreaming about abortion
My husband told me that he had been dreaming about abortion and the pain that a child feels as it is being aborted. In the dream, there was an abortion doctor and my husband seemed to be inside his head. This doctor was trying to convince everyone that children who are being aborted don’t feel pain in the womb. He then met a young Pro-Lifer in the dream who tried to show him that the children he was aborting could feel pain, they could feel the knives as they cut into them, they could feel the salt as it burned them, etc. The doctor seemed to be in complete denial about the children’s suffering when, all of a sudden, my husband could hear the scream that the doctor constantly heard ringing in his ears. He realised, with horror, that the doctor did know what he was doing and could hear the screaming of the children he had killed but still performed abortions. It didn’t stop him.
I felt quite upset and disturbed by this dream because I knew it was not just a nightmare. This is the very truth. It unsettled me because I knew I was lying safely in my bed, my children were tucked up safely in their beds and there were other children all over the world being brutally murdered by “the right to choose.” I remembered a Message that Jesus had given more than a few years ago where He had said, how can you say “happy Christmas” when the One you are speaking of is not happy? And, I remember thinking last night, how can I sleep so peacefully at night when Jesus is hearing and seeing this slaughter all over the world? It sort of seemed to me at that moment, Jesus woke us up and He was in real desperate Pain as He was watching abortions take place. It was not a nice feeling and a feeling that the selfish part of me would rather not have had.
This morning
I came into the House of Prayer this morning to do a little work on the Newsletter. While preparing the articles to go in, we came across this letter which had been sent to us very recently:
Dear House of Prayer in Cookstown,
Today I received a leaflet about abortion.
While it is good you shock people like this, there is a need for abortion clinics in Northern Ireland;
I am pro-abortion on the basis that women who are raped need it – which is the cruelest act? The man who commits rape or forcing a woman to keep the ‘devil’s child’ in her for nine long months? A grievous act has been sinfully forced on the woman, to expel the sinful results is no greater sin.
I, for one, if I was raped and pregnancy resulted, would have it out as soon as possible and I know God would understand and Forgive me.
Yours sincerely
(Name withheld)
Hard to put into words
I find it very hard to put into words what my heart feels as I read this letter. I feel the same desperation that was in my husband’s voice last night. I feel like screaming CAN THE WORLD STILL, WITH ALL THE TECHNOLOGY THAT IS OUT THERE, STILL NOT SEE ABORTION FOR WHAT IT IS?
The reason for an abortion does not matter at all, not at all.
This letter
This letter asks which is the cruelest act, rape or murder?
I would say murder and so does any court of law. If a rape is proved, the perpetrator may get five years. If murder is proved, they will get life imprisonment. Although a long process, there is life after rape for the victim. There is no life after murder for the victim.
The letter also calls conception after rape, “the devil’s child.”
HOW DARE YOU! I have a friend who was conceived as a result of a rape. She is rearing a family of her own and has dedicated her life to God. She is a servant here in the House of Prayer. Who are you to say that she is the ‘devil’s child’ and should not have been born? For, that is what you are saying in that statement! Who are you to rob other people of the joy and the love that she has brought into their lives? Who are you to rob God of the things that she has given to Him during her life? Think! Think what you are saying.
The letter also says, “I, for one, if I was raped and pregnancy resulted, would have it out as soon as possible and I know God would understand and Forgive me.”
My answer to you is: WOULD HE?
Poor Jesus
Why are we still so blind to the evils in this world? We have become so caked in our own self and pleasure that we are like people who are so covered with clay that we can neither see or hear, speak or move. Our Jesus lies gagged and bound in this world and we do little or nothing to help Him because we choose not to see Him, just as we choose not to hear the screams of all those children who are murdered by abortion. But, Jesus does hear them and He does see them and it is their blood that is going to be poured back on us now. I wonder will we be so blind then, when their blood is washing over us?
The Stations of the Cross
When Jesus gave us the Stations of the Cross in a Message over ten years ago, He spoke about the torture abortion causes Him.
“My children, how could I not fall under this great Burden? The sins of mankind tore at Me; the weight became greater and greater as I watched the little bodies of My children being torn from their mothers’ wombs. Their screams pierced Me like a lance and drove Me to the ground. I was blinded in the Agony of Sorrow when I looked at what mankind would become; at how many would reject My Sacrifice and fall headlong into the abyss of eternal fire.
Oh, children, how I longed that all My children would accept but this was not to be. But for Love of those who would listen, I rose to My Feet and carried My Burden into this great darkness man had placed Me in.” Friday 11 June 1999
Don’t give up
What strikes me about this Message is that Jesus continued on for the small number of people who would listen. For me, this is saying: “keep fighting against abortion, even if you think no one is listening and no one cares.” Let us keep this battle always at the forefront of our lives!

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Events Celebrated
Immaculate Conception Thursday 8 December 2011
As we celebrated the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, we were mindful of the strong bond that existed between God and man before the sin of Adam and Eve. Only one person since that time had that unbreakable bond and, regardless of all the hardships endured, that bond was never broken. In saying “Yes, Thy Will Be Done,” Our Blessed Lady became Jesus’ first Tabernacle. We also have that privilege each time we receive His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in Holy Communion. In saying our “yes,” we allow Gods Will to be done in our lives. We become a reflection of His Love, a light in this darkened world.
Walk Against Abortion Saturday 8 December 2011
On Saturday 10 December, we had one of our annual Walks Against Abortion. There was a very small crowd for the Walk, probably one of the smallest crowds in some time, although the size of the crowd did not take away from the solemnity of the Walk. With banners flapping in the wind, silence on our lips and quite a few little children alongside, I felt as if the point of the Walk was boldly brought across to the busy streets of Cookstown. There were people who did stop and look; one elderly couple actually stopped and clapped! Praise and thank You, Jesus, for this Walk.
Feast of Saint John of the Cross
Wednesday 14 December 2011

This was a wonderful reflective Day of Prayer. Prayers were at the normal 12 midday, 3pm and 6pm and finishing with the 8.30 Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting. Saint John of the Cross has had a large part to play in the Messages of Love.
Several of the servants talked about his role in their spiritual journey and indeed of Saint John’s self dying in his life and journey towards Jesus.
John Michael Talbot has put music to some of the poems written by Saint John of the Cross. The songs are beautiful, spiritual and a favourite to many here at the House.
Saint John is also the Patron of Soledad House of Prayer.
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for this wonderful Day of Prayer.
Carol Singing in Magherafelt 17 December 2011
This year we sang all day in the entrance of J.C. Stewarts in Magherafelt. We sang a mixture of Christmas carols and Christmas pop hits and brought a smile to the shoppers’ faces. Although it was cold, it was great craic and, between the singers and the collectors on the streets around town we collected £610 for the Forgotten Poor of the World. A big thanks to J.C.’s and to the people of Magherafelt!
Christmas Concert 21 December 2011
On Wednesday of Christmas week, we had our first Christmas Concert in the Prayer Room in the Sacred Heart House of Prayer. One of the servants had made the crib and it was the centrepiece of the Prayer Room, lit up brilliantly on the outside with fairy lights as well as illuminated inside so that the Holy Family could clearly be seen. It really looked beautiful.
A young niece of one of the servants, opened the Concert with a short fiddle solo of ‘Away in a Manger.’
SonLight played a variety of well known traditional Christmas carols as well as two given by Jesus – ‘The Christ is Born’ and a new one never before performed, ‘Don’t Say No To Jesus.’
Also, some members of the guitar class braved the stage and played two Christmas songs they had learned. There was a great joy in the music and it also felt like a time to reflect spiritually for Christmas Day and the Birth of Jesus in our hearts. The concert was filmed so, please God, we will have a Christmas DVD out soon!
Carol Singing in Cookstown Saturday 24 December 2011
On Christmas Eve, the servants took to the streets of Cookstown to sing Christmas Carols. It was our little way of bringing Jesus out on to the busy streets to remind us ALL that Christmas is about Jesus!
We also collected another £260 for the Forgotten Poor of the World and, once again, a big thanks to the people of Cookstown for their generosity.
The Sacred Heart House of Prayer is now on Facebook under the profile SacredHeart HouseofPrayer. From this we aim to keep people informed of up coming Days of Prayer, reminders about the Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting and Vigils, as well as important news from the House and the two Patricks and, most importantly, the Messages of Love!
Events to Come
All Days of Prayer begin at 12 noon unless otherwise stated.
Weekend of Love
Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 January 2012
(both days begin at 1pm)
The Weekend is preceded by a concert by SonLight on Friday 13 January 2012 at 8pm

Eve of Saint Brigid
On the evening of 31 January 2012 we will continue on the age old tradition of making Saint Brigid’s Crosses. There will be people on hand to show you how they are made if you are unsure or have never made them before.
Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes (Foundation Day)
Saturday 11 February 2012
Feast of Saint Claude de la Colombiere
Wednesday 15 February 2012
Sunday 4 March 2012
The House will be closed for a private retreat.
First Friday Vigils
from 10pm-2am:
Friday 3 February
Friday 2 March

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SonLight in London
When Heather first mentioned that she had a thought that maybe SonLight could come over to play and help raise money for charity, I thought it would never be possible, they would be far too busy. But I was forgetting that Jesus had said in a Message that they would be a ‘Spearhead’ to further His Words into this world. How could they do that if they always stayed in one place?
When we went to the Sacred Heart House in October, Heather casually mentioned it to Patrick and he was very enthusiastic about the idea. I thought it would be sometime next year, giving us a bit of time to prepare but, it was a quick decision, giving us about six or seven weeks to prepare!
Venues were booked
Margaret was still manning the House of Prayer in Belgium so, in the meantime, Heather started looking for charities to support and venues to play at. Being close to Christmas, many venues were booked but, eventually, we got the Irish Centre and Saint Patrick’s Parish Hall in London.
Work began
Margaret was home at the end of October and the preparation of Saint Michael’s House began so it would be ready for SonLight’s stay. A lot of work began. Walls were plastered, skimmed and painted. It seemed it would never be ready but, with Jesus in control, everything worked out well and the House was spruced up to receive its guests.
So good to see them
When they arrived on Thursday evening, it was like a big family reunion. I felt sorry for those who had travelled from the early hours of the morning in the van but, their long journey didn’t seem to phase them and they were cheerful and excited. It was so good to see them all.
Preparing for their evening
The next day, from morning up to the start of the concert, it was very busy back and forward to the venue preparing for their evening. SonLight (although probably exhausted from their travelling), gave everything to the concert. They sounded fantastic, their music a spiritual gift to everyone who attended. One lady got on her phone straight after they had finished to say she was spiritually uplifted.
Many willing helpers
On Saturday, the venue was a little smaller and I, with others, helped prepare the sandwiches in the afternoon while SonLight set up and did their practice. There were many willing helpers with donations of money for the food, while others baked cakes and apple tarts.
Great atmosphere
When SonLight played that night, there was a great atmosphere. People stood up clapping and swaying to the music. The tea, coffee, cakes and sandwiches were much appreciated during the break and it was a good way to find out people’s opinions of the Concert, which were all good.
Sing at Mass
On Sunday, they were invited to sing at Mass. It was very spiritual. As we collected money for the charities after Mass, so many people commented how fantastic they were. I think it showed me how Jesus is touching people through SonLight’s music. All too soon the weekend was over and SonLight returned home. I think it gave us at Saint Michael’s House a great lift and perhaps was a tester for more to come. I hope so!
Invited to sing
We were delighted to have SonLight with us at the beginning of December. While here, they performed two Charity concerts on 2 and 3 of December. In addition, they were invited to sing at Holy Mass at Saint Thomas More and Saint Edward’s Church in Waltham Abbey on Sunday 4 December after which a retiring collection was taken up for the chosen charities.
Christian Kitchen
All proceeds went to Christian Kitchen, London Irish Centre People in Crisis Appeal and the Good Counsel Network. Christian Kitchen is a local charity who work with the homeless and provide meals for up to seventy people per night. They also provide night shelters for the homeless in and around the E17 area.
London Irish Centre
The London Irish Centre work with homeless people on the streets of London and, in recent times, there has been a great increase in the number of Irish people who are homeless.
Good Counsel Network
The Good Counsel Network is a Pro-Life, pro-woman charity who help women in crisis pregnancies who are thinking of aborting their babies. These women are given counselling and advice as well as practical support to help them choose life for their babies.
A total of £1688.52 was raised from the events and each charity was sent a cheque for £562.84
One big family in Jesus
While SonLight were here, it felt like Jesus breathed new life into the House. We were all very busy from weeks before their arrival and during their stay. During the organising of the events, I had to remember to keep Jesus with me at all times and it was Him who was in control, not me. It was wonderful to see how everyone pulled together to help out in whatever way they could, both servants and friends of the House, being hands, feet and lips for Jesus. It was great to have so many stay here at the House of Prayer, the seven members of the band, some servants from the Sacred Heart House and Patrick. We were one big family in Jesus.
Sang so professionally
The Concerts went really well. SonLight played and sang so professionally, they were the best I have ever heard them. In a Message given before the concert Jesus said:
“...Give My people the best of My Heart in you. Each time you sing My Songs from your heart - as one heart - Mine - then you spread more Love - My Love. When you sing from your heart forgetting the world - then you sing from My Heart…” Friday 2 December 2011
Many good comments
All who went really enjoyed it. Jesus really came through and touched those there. This I know because I heard so many good comments and remarks from people, especially people who had never heard them before.
Touched by the music
At Holy Mass on Sunday, SonLight also sang. It was a beautiful Mass and many people were also spiritually uplifted and touched by the music. I’m really looking forward to seeing the concerts again when they are put on Youtube or DVD. Also, I can’t wait for the next time SonLight play again in London! Thank You, Jesus, for a great weekend.
Serving Jesus in music and songs
They came, they sang and they shared the joys of loving and serving Jesus in music and songs. SonLight, a band of singers and musicians from the Sacred Heart House of Prayer in Ireland, came to London to do two concerts in aid of a few charities. It was one of the coldest weekends but, by the time it was over, the temperature was on the up - they really had brought the ‘Son’ with them!!
A Gospel Concert
On the Friday night we went along with the mum and dad of my son’s girlfriend who were in London for the weekend, never dreaming they would end up going to a Gospel Concert. But they were delighted to have had the experience which was uplifting and they enjoyed the hugs. Never had so many in one evening! More of the same please!
Urge to dance like David
I’m sorry they couldn’t be at Saturday night’s concert. SonLight really rocked the house with songs of Praise and Glory to our Saviour! I felt the urge to dance like David did but, settled to stand and clap as hard as I could and shuffle from side to side as it was impossible to sit still!!
One conversation
During the break, I got talking with some of those who were there and one conversation sticks in my mind. This young man said he saw Patrick and just felt that he had to give him a hug, this he did. When walking away, he felt as if a weight had been lifted and replaced with a feeling of a form of freedom and Love.
This reminds me of when Jesus said ‘I am going away but I will send the Comforter.’ He sure did on a cold weekend in early December 2011.
Thank You, Jesus
Thank You, Jesus, and thank you, SonLight, for being willing messengers.
I did not think
Before I went to spend the month of October in Saint Thérèse House in Belgium, Heather mentioned it would be good if SonLight could come to London, we could do a concert for charity. I thought it would be great if they would come and we all decided it would be worth asking. I did not think it would happen.
Going to happen
Heather asked and it was fantastic to hear from her to say Patrick was enthusiastic about it though we still had to see if all the group were available as some have children, work commitments etc. I thought maybe after Christmas they would think about it but Heather rang me to say it was all going to happen.
I was so excited
First, I was so excited, then panic! We would never be ready and me in Belgium; I had plenty of time to think about the work to be done at the House. I was happy to hear Heather, Michelle, Sonja and Jonny were all out trying to find out about hiring halls and all that goes with booking them etc.
Getting the House ready
As soon as I got back, we started on getting the House ready. Walls were stripped, plastered and finished then painted. Beds were moved and made ready for twelve people to stay. With offers of food, cooking and help in every way, it was so exciting with all happening.
A big success

When they came it was so fantastic to hear them. It was Heavenly. I can see how Jesus said He was with them. We could feel it at each Concert. It was great to have them in London and a real boost for us to have them in the House of Prayer. The time went so fast, they were soon packing up and going back again. We pray it will happen again soon. Everyone who heard them were touched deeply and many asking if they would be back. We wait for the DVD and also Youtube to hear them again. Thank You, Jesus, for this visit.

Our recent pilgrimage to Garabandal coincided with the fiftieth anniversary (2 July 1961) of the first Apparition of Mary to the four children.
It was a special time in the village with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament the previous night attended by a large crowd. On Saturday 2 July, Father Rolando Cabeza, the parish priest, with the Bishop’s consent, offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Plaza. The main Chapel is closed for restoration and the temporary church was too small for the crowd of between six and seven hundred people.
Perfect communion
During his homily, Father Rolando said whatever happened here fifty years ago and has brought over four million pilgrims to the village, wasn’t a child’s game. He insisted on the fact that everything is in perfect communion with the Church. His hope as parish priest is to make a school of prayer out of Garabandal. He encouraged every devotee to be a Christian with a candle lit in the world.
He read the second Message from Mary given 18 June 1965:
“As My Message of October 18 has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am telling you that this is the last one. Before the cup was filling up; now it is flowing over. Many priests are following the road to perdition and are leading many more souls with them.
Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. We should turn away the Wrath of God over us by our own efforts. If you ask His Forgiveness with sincere hearts, He will pardon you.
I, your Mother, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel, wish to tell you that you should amend. You are now receiving the last Warnings. I Love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Ask Us sincerely and we shall grant your requests. You must make more sacrifices. Think about the Passion of Jesus.”
Father Rolando then thanked the Visionaries for always being discreet. He sang a hymn to Our Lady of Garabandal.
Great joy and happiness
After Mass, the Rosary was said in the calleja (narrow street) with over two hundred people taking part. There was great joy and happiness in the village. Some of the Garabandal promoters present even cried because of such a positive attitude from the Church.
We also heard that similar celebrations were held on 18 June, being the fiftieth anniversary of the Apparition of Saint Michael to the children.
After his homily at this Mass, Father Rolando read a letter from Conchita that he himself had asked her to write. The letter was essentially the first and second Messages of Garabandal.
For our group on pilgrimage, it was a special time to be at Garabandal for the Feast of the Sacred Heart, as Jesus has asked, and to join in the celebrations at this special Shrine.
Paray le Monial
Our pilgrimage included two nights in Paray le Monial, home of the Sacred Heart, where we felt welcomed by Jesus. On arrival, we go to the Apparition Chapel first to greet Jesus and within a few minutes the Blessed Sacrament was placed on the altar.
La Salette
We collected wild flowers for Our Lady on our drive up the beautiful mountains to La Salette and the group’s first thing on arrival is to go to the Shrine and present them them to Her. Some of us did the long, high climb to the Cross on top of the mountain in silent prayer as an offering to Mary for the tears She cried here and still cries for what has been taken from Her Son’s Body.
Our short time at Lourdes was special; visiting the Grotto, going to the baths, Adoration Chapel and English Mass.
The Presence of Jesus
Soledad and Saint Maximilian Houses of Prayer were so peaceful and where one could seek and find the Presence of Jesus, especially in the Prayer Rooms.
This pilgrimage was very special to me as I felt close to Jesus. I tried to be austere with food as a self discipline and used my time in prayer. We set off as a group who became a family on our journey as everyone got on so well.
Thank You, Jesus, for a very special pilgrimage.

The plight of the rich and famous
Jesus did not come just for the poor
It is more likely that you will see articles in this Newsletter about the plight of the homeless, the poor, the abused or the mentally or physically ill and, rightly so, for these are the most vulnerable and neglected in our society. But what about those who are well off? Jesus did not come just for the poor, otherwise why would He have spent time with the tax collectors who were relatively well off in Roman society? (Luke 5: 27-32)
The ‘dream’ might end
People assume that those with a lot of money or those who have celebrity status, like footballers or film stars, have an easy life and are continually happy. I was watching a TV documentary about Susan Boyle who is now a global superstar and I couldn’t help feeling how lonely she appeared to be. Plus, she was tortured by fears of the ending of her ‘dream.’ She couldn’t even enjoy the moment because she dreaded the thought that sometime the ‘dream’ might end. And inevitably it will! What then for Susan Boyle?
Look at the number of famous people who have died premature and often tragic deaths - for example Amy Winehouse (who died last year), Elvis Presley, Natalie Wood, Michael Jackson, George Best, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe. Most are victims of their own fame and fortune and if ‘lady luck’ hadn’t shone on them, they would probably have lived a lot longer and happier lives.
Where’s the freedom
If you look at David and Victoria Beckham and their millionaire lifestyle you would think they have it all! But who can they trust? I remember David talking in a documentary about a reporter who sat in a car outside his house in Madrid when he played for Real Madrid. The reporter would follow the family as soon as they left their house, hoping to get a photograph that he could sell to a newspaper or magazine. Where’s the freedom in that? How would you feel if someone was sitting outside your home in a car and then followed you to the supermarket and took photographs of you shopping for food? And then followed you to the park where you took the children to play on the way home? But, then, Jesus did say, “You must remember that each person on this earth is given a cross to carry and so a rich man does not carry a heavier cross than one who is addicted to another sin. Self must be fought against in order to see My Light, My Truth.” Friday 1 April 2011
The heaviest cross
As Patrick said to Jesus last year, (Friday 1 April 2011), “Jesus, the ones I always feel sorrow for are the rich of this world. There are so many in these times that become rich and famous and, in doing so, become lost to You.” I must admit I never felt sorry for the rich until I read this Message and started to think about it. As Patrick also said in the same Message, “...I would say that they have the heaviest cross to carry. For money is a great temptation and easily blinds those who have it to the needs of others...”
No real friends
Their biggest problem I think would be that the people who surround the rich are just there for the money, and they will have next to no real friends who will be concerned for their welfare. Take for example Michael Jackson who tragically died at the hands of his doctor, whose job it was to save his life! How ironic is that and, surely proof of the loneliness and vulnerability famous people are really in.
Pray much for these children
And, also, they will never be told the Truth as comes from God. So what chance will they have of Salvation? As Jesus said, “...Pray much for these children of Mine that they will come to know the Truth and so use what has been given to them for the good of others...” When I think about that statement I say to myself, ‘Thank God I don’t have loads of money for when I die Jesus would ask me what I have done with it. And, if truth be told, I would probably be as selfish as everyone else with money and not give it away.’ As Jesus said, “This is what is most important: when you look to the good of others, then you look to Me.” Friday 1 April 2011
Yes there is hope
But, in order to end this article on a positive note, I will leave the last words to Jesus, “...Remember, when all come before Me in judgement, all are equal, all is balanced to what you know. So, yes, many who are rich on the earth do enter My Kingdom for all judgement is given accordingly...” Friday 1 April 2011
So, yes, there is hope for the rich and famous, but, on a note of caution, Jesus did add, “You are judged on what you know but, many know the Truth within their hearts and deny Me and run from Me in the blindness of their own pride.” Friday 1 April 2011

Slavorum apostoli (continued)
13. At this point it is an unusual and admirable thing that the holy Brothers, working in such complex and precarious situations, did not seek to impose on the peoples assigned to their preaching either the undeniable superiority of the Greek language and Byzantine culture, or the customs and way of life of the more advanced society in which they had grown up and which necessarily remained familiar and dear to them. Inspired by the ideal of uniting in Christ the new believers, they adapted to the Slavonic language the rich and refined texts of the Byzantine liturgy and likewise adapted to the mentality and customs of the new peoples the subtle and complex elaborations of Greco-Roman law. In following this programme of harmony and peace, Cyril and Methodius were ever respectful of the obligations of their mission. They acknowledged the traditional prerogatives and ecclesiastical rights laid down by Conciliar Canons. Thus, though subjects of the Eastern Empire and believers subject to the Patriarchate of Constantinople, they considered it their duty to give an account of their missionary work to the Roman Pontiff. They likewise submitted to his judgment, in order to obtain his approval, the doctrine which they professed and taught, the liturgical books which they had written in the Slavonic language, and the methods which they were using in evangelizing those peoples.
Having undertaken their mission under orders from Constantinople, they then in a sense sought to have it confirmed by approaching the Apostolic See of Rome, the visible center: of the Church’s unity. Thus they established the Church with an awareness of her universality as one, holy, catholic and apostolic. This is clearly and explicitly seen in their whole way of acting. It can be said that Jesus’ priestly prayer - ut unum sint is their missionary motto in accordance with the Psalmist’s words: “Praise the Lord, all nations! Extol him, all peoples”. For us today their apostolate also possesses the eloquence of an ecumenical appeal: it is an invitation to restore, in the peace of reconciliation, the unity that was gravely damaged after the time of Cyril and Methodius, and, first and foremost, the unity between East and West.
The conviction held by the holy Brothers from Salonika, namely that each local Church is called to enrich with its own endowments the Catholic “pleroma”, was in perfect harmony with their evangelical insight that the different conditions of life of the individual Christian Churches can never justify discord, disagreement and divisions in the profession of the one faith and in the exercise of charity.
14. As we know, according to the teaching of the Second Vatican Council “the ‘ecumenical movement’ means those activities and enterprises which, according to various needs of the Church and as opportunities offer, are initiated and organized to promote Christian unity”. Thus it seems in no way anachronistic to see Saints Cyril and Methodius as the authentic precursors of ecumenism, inasmuch as they wished to eliminate effectively or to reduce any divisions, real or only apparent, between the individual communities belonging to the same Church. For the division which unfortunately occurred in the course of the Church’s history and which sadly still persists “not only openly contradicts the will of Christ, (but) provides a stumbling block to the world, and inflicts damage on the most holy cause of proclaiming the Gospel to every creature”.
The fervent solicitude shown by both Brothers and especially by Methodius by reason of his episcopal responsibility, to preserve unity of faith and love between the Churches of which they were members, namely, between the Church of Constantinople and the Church of Rome on the one hand, and the Churches which arose in the lands of the Slavs on the other, was and will always remain their great merit. This merit is all the greater if one takes into account the fact that their mission was exercised in the years 863-885, thus in the critical years when there emerged and began - to grow more serious the fatal discord and bitter controversy between the Churches of the East and the West. The division was accentuated by the question of where Bulgaria, which had just officially accepted Christianity, canonically belonged.
In this stormy period, which was also marked by armed conflicts between neighboring Christian peoples, the holy Brothers from Salonika preserved a resolute and vigilant fidelity to right doctrine and to the tradition of the perfectly united Church, and in particular to the “divine teachings” and “ecclesiastical teachings” on which, in accordance with the Canons of the ancient Councils, her structure and organization was founded. This fidelity enabled them to complete their great missionary tasks and to remain in full spiritual and canonical unity with the Church of Rome, with the Church of Constantinople and with the new Churches which they had founded among the Slav peoples.
15. Methodius especially did not hesitate to face misunderstandings, conflicts and even slanders and physical persecution, rather than fall short of his exemplary ecclesial fidelity, and in order to remain faithful to his duties as a Christian and a Bishop and to the obligations which he had assumed vis-a-vis the Church of Byzantium which had begotten him and sent him out as a missionary together with Cyril. Then there were his obligations to the Church of Rome, thanks to which he fulfilled his charge as Archbishop in “the territory of Saint Peter”; likewise his obligations to that Church growing in the lands of the Slavs, which he accepted as his own and successfully defended - convinced of his just - right before the ecclesiastical and civil authorities, protecting in particular the liturgy in the Old Slavonic language and the fundamental ecclesiastical rights proper to the Churches in the various nations.
By thus acting, he always resorted, as did Constantine the Philosopher, to dialogue with those who opposed his ideas or his pastoral initiatives and who cast doubt on their legitimacy. Thus he would always remain a teacher for all those who, in whatever age, seek to eliminate discord by respecting the manifold fullness of the Church, which, conforming to the will of its Founder Jesus Christ, must be always one, holy, catholic and apostolic. This task was perfectly reflected in the Creed of the 150 Fathers of the Second Ecumenical Council of Constantinople, which is the unalterable profession of faith of all Christians.
Continued next month

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