The Messages of Love
Tuesday 3 December 2013
I am with you, My people.  I am calling you out into the open to believe in Me; do not hide in your shame of Me any longer but show this world that you believe in Me, your God.
My Name is Jesus: speak it with reverence so that others may come to know and learn of Me.  I am not a dead God, I am a God of Truth, a God of Love and I mean to show you, My children, that I am Alive in you.
Trust Me, My beloved children, and take up the Weapons of Truth that I have given to you and walk forward with Me into the Battle of Love.  I am calling My own out into the open so that this world will see that I am Alive.
Do not hide any longer, My children, in your fear of what the world will think of you for believing in Me, your God.
Come, now, My beloved, take up the Banner of Truth and walk with Me, your God.  I Love you.

Tuesday 10 December 2013
Come, now, My beloved, wake up to My Truth and see what I say for all is about to be fulfilled and this world shall, once again, be a part of My Fold.  Do not look to the things of this world for they are but glitter and shall blow away in the wind of My Justice.
I am Coming, My children.
I am Coming to reclaim that, that has been stolen from Me by the lies of lucifer and I need you to prepare the Way of your Lord.  Prepare now, children, for, see already lucifer rises and believes that he has the strength to destroy all that I have created in Love.
You, My children, have given him the strength by your unlove to destroy My Bride, My Church but, I shall renew what he has marked with his taint.  I shall remove all those that have listened to his lies and spread the seeds of deceit within the walls of My Church.
Can you not see, children, that Scripture is being fulfilled and that I shall Come with My winnowing fan to remove all those that have wormed their way into the seats of power within My Church in order to destroy My Truth?
Oh, blind and foolish generation!  Can you not see?
Can you not perceive what is happening around you?
Look to the Truth: read My Scripture, read My Gospels and perceive My Truth then, look at this world and realise what it has become.
I Love you, My beloved children, I Love you.  Prepare now, for the time is short.  Prepare!
Thursday 12 December 2013
Begin to do My Work.  
Begin to see My people in the darkness of this world: begin to love them.
I do not call you to judge My children, I simply call you to love them.
Trust always in Me, your God.
Let this world see that I am Alive in you.  The more that you trust, the more the scales will fall from your eyes and the Path shall become clear to you.  This world has forgotten Me and so wanders aimlessly into the traps of lucifer.
Come back to Me, My children, come back for I am about to reveal Myself, once again, to this world.
Prepare, My little ones, prepare the Path for My Coming.  I Love you.

Friday 13 December 2013
Come, My beloved, and listen to My calls.
Hasten to My Words: do not delay any longer for already the Battle has begun and most have not recognised it.  The beast has risen his head and begins to entwine My people with his words of false love.
Recognise the times that you live in, My children, and turn away from your wicked ways and come, follow Me for, if you do not follow Me in this time, you, too, shall become ensnared by his false love.
Rise up, My children, and see the Truth, see the Blood that has been spilt for you on Calvary.
Recognise My Ways and move away from the ways of this world.
I am Coming, children, to free My own, those who have fought bitterly against the ways of lucifer.
Do not deceive yourselves, children, by thinking that you know the Truth.
Read My Gospels, read what My servant, Paul, told you and you shall know My Truth.
I am Coming, children, and this world is not prepared.  The Master is on the doorstep and the servants are asleep.
Prepare, children, prepare! 
I Come.

Fifty one presents
I recently overheard a conversation in which a young mother stated that, at the last count, she had fifty one Christmas presents for her six month old baby!! I was horrified!! I, myself, am a mother of seven children and they wouldn’t even have fifty one presents between them!!! I couldn’t actually believe my ears!! A six month old baby would not even know any difference whether they got fifty presents or none as long as they are fed and watered and loved!
This little incident stopped me in my tracks! I thought to myself how selfish people have become.  It’s all about greed, especially in the run up to Christmas. People have become blinded and they will stop at nothing to make sure their children get what they want and that they have as many presents as they can on Christmas Day! I, myself, am guilty of this.  I love Christmas and I love nothing better than seeing my children’s wee faces on Christmas morning when they see that Santa has been and what he has brought. After all, isn’t Christmas all about the children??  The getting together with your family?? The stuffing your face ‘til you are nearly sick??
King of Heaven
Let me tell you a story… on a dark night some two thousand years ago, a Baby was Born.  In a stable.  Have you ever been in a stable?  It smells.  It’s cold.  It’s full of animals and their excrement. I’ve had seven children and they were all born in the sterile environs of a hospital.  They were warm and clean. 
This Baby had nothing.  Not even a crib to sleep in.  But He was the King of Heaven and earth.  He needed nothing save the Love of His Mother who tended Him with the beautiful love of a mother for her newborn child. 
Our Saviour, our Messiah
What we celebrate on Christmas Day is the Birthday of this Baby King who arrived in this world with nothing.  He came to be our Saviour, our Messiah. And what did we do?!?!  We killed Him!  We rejected Him in the worst way.  And we are still doing it today but on a scale of millions!!
Invite Him in
He came to Save us, to Love us and we sit around our tables celebrating His ‘Birthday’ while He stands outside longing for us to turn around and invite Him into our homes and our hearts.
Let Him stay forever
Have you ever not been invited somewhere when it seemed everyone else was? Do you remember the pain, the rejection, the loneliness?  This happens to Jesus every day.  He stands at the doors of our hearts and knocks every second of every day.  Invite Him in this Christmas.  And let Him stay forever….

A Christmas Story...
Way back in 2005, Jesus told us, the Habit members of the Way of the Sacred Heart, a story.  Still, this story makes me cringe.  It is about a Traveller who comes a long way to see His friends, those who say they love Him but when He arrives at His House there is no welcome for Him. 
The reason I never forgot this story was because I was at the House of Prayer when Jesus gave this Message.  I remember my thoughts at the time.  Instead of looking at myself and seeing how wrong I was, how far my heart was from Jesus, I remember feeling angry because, in my mind, I had given up my Christmas Eve to stay at the House of Prayer and Jesus didn’t even appreciate it!  I look at it now and feel ashamed; ashamed of my own arrogance and very sad at how little thought I had for Jesus, how little love was in my heart for the Man, the God who has given everything for me.
We wanted to include this story in our Christmas Newsletter because, as Jesus says, He had travelled from afar and had been rejected by many on the way. 

Reading this story is a chance for us all to examine our hearts and see if we are truly welcoming Jesus within them.  We can tell ourselves many lies and convince ourselves that what we do is for Jesus and, at times, nothing could be further from the truth. 

So, how do we welcome Jesus on the Day of His Birth?  Do we welcome Him with our dying to self?  Do we welcome Him with a heart full of love to soothe Him?  Do we welcome Him by our acts of kindness to others?  By the same token, I believe that Jesus will feel unwelcome if we feed the fatted calf of self.  He will feel unwelcome by our lack of dying to self.  He will feel unwelcome if we are full of greed and self.  Just look at the adverts on the television.  There are tables full of elaborate food, it seems that Christmas is all about eating this year!  Yet Jesus tells us to fast and eat little.  This is only one of a thousand examples.  Have a read of Jesus’ own story and make up your own mind.

Christmas is about Jesus

Thursday 28 December 2005 - My children, I will tell you a story. 
A traveller set out on a journey to see his friends.  He travelled far over mountains and through forests to see these friends of his.  On the way he had to sleep out in the open in the cold nights because when he tried to get into places along the way, many rejected him, he was a man who had once been loved by everybody but now things had changed.  He could not understand it.  He thought only about his friends and the warm fire they would have for him when he arrived.  He thought of the welcome and the joy that he would have.  The thoughts warmed him.
When he came to the home of his friends, he was dismayed to see that there was no fire lit and no welcome.  The house was almost deserted except for a few who were wrapped up in their own thoughts and had barely time to say “hello”.
The man wept, then he lit a fire and warmed himself.  He began to tidy up the house and make it fit for visitors.  He was lonely.  He waited on his friends to return but it was a long time before they did.  He had kept the fire lit and the house tidy for them.
When they were all there, gathered before the fire, he spoke to them.
“You are my friends,” he said.  “I have given you everything, including the roof that is over your heads and the fire you warm yourselves at.  As I travelled here, the world rejected me, they would not let me into their homes and I was cold and lonely.  All the time I travelled, I had warm thoughts about how you would welcome me into this house, about how you would warm me and comfort me.  But you were not here.  A few were here but they only acknowledged me with a lip service and their thoughts were not for me.  There was no fire, no welcome; no love.  I was cold, lonely and in need of comfort and I found none.  Can you tell me why this is so?  Can you tell me why this house had no welcome for me?”
A man spoke up from the back of the room.  “Jesus, I would have welcomed You but for my family; I had to be with them.  What could I do?”
A woman spoke, “Jesus, I am sorry but I was buying Christmas presents for Your Birthday.  The shops were only opened until midnight.  You know how it is.”
The Traveller’s Eyes lit up.  “Did you buy Me a Birthday present?  Thank you.  I love surprises.  What is it?”
The woman spoke again with her face reddening, “I am sorry, Jesus, I didn’t actually get around to buying You one… I’m sorry.”
“Yes,” said another voice, “neither did I.  I just never thought about You, Jesus, needing a present, like.”
“But, how could you not think about My present when it is My Birthday?
“Well, I never thought about You either,” said another voice.  “You can’t really expect a present when You are not here.  I had too much to do to be thinking about a present for You. You are not exactly easy to buy for, you know.  What do you buy for the Man who has everything?” 
“All my family need presents, you know,” an indignant voice called out.  “They would complain if they didn’t get them.”
“Well I thought somebody else was getting You one?  I had a lot of work to do for You.  You don’t exactly have a watch so I’m here ‘til all hours.”
On and on it went until the Man put His Head in His Hands and wept.  While they were all justifying about how they were not there to welcome Him, the Man slipped out of the House unnoticed.  He had time to lift His staff for walking and His sandals from where they were warming at the fire.  He left them all talking about themselves and went on His way.

Jesus is the reason for the season

The wise men
The tradition of giving Christmas presents is mainly to remind us of the wise men giving gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus on His Birth.
Jesus is the greatest Gift we have received from God.
Sadly, many times Jesus is the last thing on our minds during the Christmas Season.  Our minds are often so busy thinking of preparations for the big day, what to buy others, what we want ourselves etc. that Jesus is forgotten.  We can even dread the season because of the worldly pressures we put on ourselves and the reason for the season is so lost.
The Mass readings during Advent are all about Jesus returning and making His path straight, preparing for His Coming – both at Christmas and for His Second Coming.  These are a great reminder to us to get the ‘houses’ of our hearts in shape.
The last Person we think of giving a present to at Christmas is Jesus.  And it is His Birthday.  Only for Him we would have nothing to celebrate, there would be no such thing as Christmas – so really, He is the first Person we should be thinking of. 
Read His Words
So what can we give Jesus, God, the Man who has everything?  Well He doesn’t exactly have everything, He doesn’t always have us, our time, our will, our cooperation, etc.  If we look in truth, He doesn’t get a lot of us. 
To see what He wants we need to read His Words and find out. 
Give Him
The best gift we can give Him is to give up our self so that He can enter us, be born in us, live in us, shine from us.  As He said in His Messages this month again,
“…I am calling you out into the open to believe in Me; do not hide in your shame of Me any longer but show this world that you believe in Me, your God.
My Name is Jesus: speak it with reverence so that others may come to know and learn of Me.  I am not a dead God, I am a God of Truth, a God of Love and I mean to show you, My children, that I am Alive in you…”
Tuesday 3 December 2013
I am Coming
In these December 2013 Messages, Jesus again tells us to read His Words in the Gospels and read what Saint Paul wrote:
“Do not deceive yourselves, children, by thinking that you know the Truth.
Read My Gospels, read what My servant, Paul, told you and you shall know My Truth.
I am Coming, children, and this world is not prepared.  The Master is on the doorstep and the servants are asleep.
Prepare, children, prepare! 
I Come.”
Friday 13 December 2013
Jesus is telling us to prepare; prepare for His Coming by dying to ourselves, giving up our selfishness, now, not tomorrow, so that there is room in our hearts for Jesus to enter.  Remember what Saint Margaret Mary said, in a Message to the two Patricks, “Each time that self is denied, then in proportion, a part of the soul comes alive…”  Would this not be a lovely present for Jesus?

An extract from Song of the Carpenter
Book One
…The young men realized that they were looking at Angels.  And their awe and wonder caught them in a different dance.  This dance was reality.  All the spectacles that they had dreamed of seeing on the morrow were wisps of smoke, disappearing in the breeze of Heaven.  They were tricks and glitter that men had made to try to imitate the miracles of the One who created them.  They had blinded themselves from their God and sought with their cheap tricks to imitate Him, who was real now in the lives of these poor and innocent shepherds.  He was lifting up the humble and the poor and seating them on the thrones of Heaven and all because they believed in what they saw and did not change it.  Yes, this was God’s reality.  It was real. 
The Angels began singing then; singing a song in time to the dance that they danced.  It was a song of reconciliation and love and peace and joy.  It was a song that could be sung forever and beyond the vastness of this night, beyond time and eternity if men would only learn to sing it: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”  They sung it over and over again and with it the night seemed to warm.
From the multitude of Angels that danced, one of them separated himself and came down and stood in front of the youths.  They began now to be afraid and they went on their knees in fright.  For all their fear they could not take their eyes off this beautiful vision that stood before them.
And the Angel spoke with a voice that was soft and gentle and soothing and they were reminded of clear, gushing water: “Fear not:” he seemed to speak into their hearts for they heard it within them, “...for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.  For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.  And this shall be a sign unto you; ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.”
When the Angel finished, the sound of gushing water stopped and was once more replaced with the marvellous singing of the song of Heaven.  The shepherd boys had not noticed whether it had stopped, or that the Angel who spoke to them had spoken louder, because it was the way of things on that Bethlehem hill that night; things just happened in a moment that was now; there was no yesterday or tomorrow all that was tangible was the now.  A now that was not of this world but had come on the wings of the Angels that now frolicked in the joy that was God.  Heaven - the home of this present moment - opened and was pouring itself onto the earth; an event not seen since Eden was sealed up and closed.  God was touching the earth with a newness and a joy and his word was spoken this night.  Somewhere near, his word was swaddled and safe and had been spoken into the world of men.
Then it was gone; the vision folded itself up and packed itself away and was gone.  For a few moments afterwards, the boys continued to laugh and weep and feel joy until realisation declared it over.  They saw again the bright stars sprinkled across the black, inky sky winking at them and they seemed to know the secret; they seemed to know what had happened. 
The dawning that it was over first hit the shepherds when they felt the coldness of their wet faces.  They were on their knees still and they felt the crisp cold grass beneath them.  Jacob was the first to speak, “That was Angels, that was God.”  He paused then as though it were a solemn moment and that any voice or sound would shatter it.  He spoke again with a question:  “What is a Saviour, Daniel?”
“It’s a...a…” it took him a moment to find his voice, still lost in the vision, “I think its somebody who saves you.  Like the Messiah, when he comes he will save us from the Romans and all the other people that don’t like us.”  There was silence again as the boys fought the stunned feeling that had come with returning to the world’s reality.  The night hushed and waited with them.
“The Angel told us we would find a newborn baby and he would be Christ the Lord and that he was a Saviour and he would be wrapped in swaddling clothes.”  It was Ephraim who spoke.  “I don’t know what happened here but my heart is filled with happiness and I feel that it’s going to burst.  I can feel that God is truly, truly inside me.  I want to see him for if he is a Saviour, as they said, then what we’re doing here doesn’t matter any more, nothing matters anymore.”  He got up and began to walk, and then he began to run down the hillside.  He scattered the sheep and they ran in all directions but he did not care.  The vision was driving him.
The others looked at each other.  They realised that Ephraim had spoken, more than they had ever heard him saying and he was right.  Pockets of the vision that they had been given came to life again.  They followed Ephraim.

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