The Messages
On the front cover of the Newsletter this month is a photo of a lovely Shrine of Our Lady, typical of many throughout Ireland, which are now threatened to be removed by the judges at the European Court of Human Rights.  As we published last month in the article “No more Crucifixes in schools!” we find, again, our love for Jesus and the faith, our beliefs and traditions, are being quashed.  Under the guise of something good, namely “human rights,” this world seems to get more antichrist, Christians are becoming more oppressed and sin is becoming more acceptable and being promoted left, right and centre.  As the sin in this world escalates, so too does our guilt and thus our desire to avoid the Light and the Truth that is Jesus.  As the darkness gets darker, we simply must shine our light and defend Jesus everywhere, in our homes, among our friends and families, in our workplaces, in our church, in our town, everywhere.  He needs to be promoted and Loved, not walked over and pushed out.  Only for Him we would not be alive.  This earth is only a place for us to decide whether we want to be with Him for eternity or not, so let’s show the world we love Him and that He’s worth defending!
We would like to say a big thank you for your response to the appeal which has went a great way towards paying the debt.  We are sorry that we have to keep relying on your donations to keep this House running.  Believe that we are so thankful to you for your continued support and be assured of our prayers for each one of you and your families. 
This month we have been working on Message Book Eight which we hope to have printed soon.  It contains the Messages of 2001, 2002 and 2003.  Everyone who has been working on it have thoroughly enjoyed reading these very important and informative Messages from Jesus.
Work continues at the Retreat House in Mayo, to get it set up, and there are no further developments with the Villa del Sagrado Corazón in Spain, so please keep these projects in your prayers.
Our ‘SonLight’ Music Ministry continue to ‘shine’!  As well as singing at Masses in Cookstown and Navan, they are preforming with Beauparc Rock Gospel Group, where David Parks will also be performing, in the Ardboyne Hotel, Navan, Co. Meath, on Sunday 21 March at 8pm as part of a fund-raising concert to send young people to Medugorie.  They will also be playing in Clubland, Cookstown, on Thursday 25 March as part of a fundraiser for Cookstown chapel renovation fund.  There will be many acts playing that night including Eamon McCann, Justin McGurk, Brenda Mulgrew and many more.
Included in this Newsletter are a few articles to help us during this season of Lent we are now in.
We have also included our “Walk With Me” article which is also available in its own leaflet. 
We also recommend that you look at our ‘youtube’ site which was made last year at Lent, especially for Holy Week.


Wednesday 13 January 2010
Now, children, look at the Truth and see, do you want to know Me in Truth?  The decision is yours.  I come in these Words to open up the True Path to you.  Do not look for signs but simply believe in Me and I will come to you in the depths of your heart.  I will guide you back but you must be willing: you must be willing to deny self.  Denying self is achieved by prayer and sacrifice.  Sacrifice is going against self, denying self the things that it really wants, those things that are not important.  Fasting is also denying self for self many times desires more than is really needed; fasting is a form of discipline but this must also be controlled.  To fast one or two days a week is good but you must also be aware that self can become greedy for fasting and this can defeat what you are trying to do.  You must remember that the evil one will always be trying to divert away from the True Path.  There are many dangers on this Path of Truth but if you follow Me in the Ways of My Gospels, you will not be drawn away.  Trust in Me and trust in My Ways and, remember, I Love you always.

Friday 15 January 2010
Come, My little ones, and see Me.  Do not look at what man does to My Church.  See Me and My Ways, children.  So many of you use the excuse of what man has done to turn your backs on Me.  Trust in Me, your God, and allow Me to show you the True Path.  My Love for you is great.  Can you not see what I have done for you?  I Died so that you could have Eternal Life.
Look at these lives that you live, they are so short.  They are only for you to choose whether you want to be in My Kingdom or not.  If you choose My Kingdom, then you must prove it by the way you live your lives.  Look, I give you the path back, will you accept it?  My Love is yours, little ones, come, love Me in return.
I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Friday 5 February 2010
Look only to Love and do not allow anyone to take your peace from you.  Always seek Me in those that you meet and believe that I am with you for you are My Hands, My Feet and My Lips.  We, together, will overcome the darkness of this world.  We, together, will overcome the evil that stalks My people every day but you must believe and trust in Me for this is where the Power of Love is to be found.  Trust in Me, My people, trust in My Love for you and then you will see the things begin to change within your lives.  I Love you, come, believe in what I say.
I, your Jesus, Love you.

Thursday 11 February 2010
Look only to the Truth and see the Ways of your God.  I do not lead My followers into darkness.  Those who know Me and believe in Me have peace in their hearts.  Come, children, follow Me in Truth and do not listen to the lies that are told of Me.  Read My Word (Scriptures) and see the Way that I Lived.  If you want to be a follower of Mine, you must walk in My Footsteps, even to the cross, for this life is only short - a preparation for the next - but you must decide where you want to be for eternity by the way you live on this earth.  I Love you, children, come follow Me.  I am to be found in the Truth.
I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Wednesday 17 February 2010
Ash Wednesday

Come, little children of Mine, and I will give you rest.  Believe in Me and allow Me to show you the Sure Path to My Father’s Kingdom.  Allow Me to be your Guide and allow Me to lead you upon this Path of Truth.
Come, children of Mine, and allow Me to be your God.
I Love you and I come in these Words to call you back from the danger you have placed yourselves in.
I Love you, come listen to My calls.
I, your Jesus, Love you.
Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Wednesday 24 February 2010
My Love is yours if you are willing to take it.
Look, children, I give you the Gift of Life.  Are you willing to stop and look?  I have done it all for you; I have paid the Price so that you could have Eternal Life.  I Love you, My children, I Love you.
Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Friday 26 February 2010
Love Me, My little ones, I am in need of your love.  The Pain of these times are what I have Suffered for all time.  Never before has man been in so much darkness of sin.  Never before has man went against Me, in such a blatant way.
Come, children, listen to Me; listen to My calls for they are the calls of a God who Suffers greatly for the loss of so many of His children.  Come, children, listen to Me.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Lenten Message from Jesus
“...I am the Resurrection and the Life; I come to you with Love; give it to My people.  Give them all My Love; show them the way to pray; My Prayer of Love is in you.  Respond to Me in the Ways that I taught.  Do not leave Me.  I Love you.  Where is the love in your eyes that I seek from you?  Come and be My child.  I long for you; I await you to come and be in Me; pray with Me - in this Lenten season - in the Garden; feel My Pain, feel My Anguish; place yourselves in Me and say with Me:
“Father, not My Will but Thine be done in Me...”  Monday 9 March 1992


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Events Celebrated
Feast of Saint Brigid
Monday 1 February 2010

On the eve of Saint Brigid’s Feast Day, a handful of servants and visitors gathered in the House of Prayer to make some Saint Brigid’s Crosses. Saint Brigid’s Crosses are traditionally made from rushes and it is believed that when her father was on his deathbed, Saint Brigid wove a cross together and he was converted before he died.
Cathal, a friend of the House, joined us on this evening and showed us how to make the different crosses for the different counties.
We had the crosses blessed at Mass and later distributed them from the shop.

Feast of Saint
Claude de la Colombiere
Monday 15 February 2010

Before the 12pm prayers the speaker asked Jesus to help her with her talk.  She shared about how as she was researching into his life before giving the talk she couldn’t help feeling that she had heard all of what she was reading before.  She had read it all previously in the Messages of Love.  The life he lived was the exact same as the life Jesus asks us to live in the Way of the Sacred Heart.
El Verbo
What impressed her most about Claude de la Colombiere was that he simply did it.  That is what we are called to in the Way of the Sacred Heart – doing it. Love is a doing word ,an action word.  Just as in Spanish, Jesus is sometimes referred to as El Verbo (the Verb), the action, the carrying out of Love. Love is Jesus and Jesus is Love.
At 3pm the servant spoke about Saint Claude de la Colombiere’s gift for guiding and directing souls. He was very particular in the way he carried this out. He was spiritual director to a lot of lay people before spending the last seven years of his life as Spiritual Director to the Visitation Nuns at Paray-le-Monial.
He also wrote a lot about spiritual responsibilities in the workplace, at home and in the world.  He gave advice about Marriage and raising children.
Above all, he was very careful to be dying to himself at all times so that it would not be himself directing souls but indeed the Holy Spirit.
Great things
We had the sharing in the Saint Pio room at 8.30pm.  We read about Saint Claude’s spirituality and especially on his self forgetfulness.  We agreed that if we can manage to forget ourselves completely then we are free to allow the Holy Spirit to do great things through us.  If we are decluttered in heart of all that does not come from God then God has room to live in us.
One servant shared about how two different women’s complete self-forgetfulness led them to risk their own lives in their heroic efforts to protect Jewish families during the war.  They completely forgot themselves and were free to do Gods Work as we are all called to do.

Foundation Day
Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes
Thursday 11 February 2010

On Thursday 11 February, we celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, the Day on which we also celebrate our own Foundation Day. 
At 12pm, a servant spoke about how we, presently, in the Way of the Sacred Heart, are the foundation stone of the Community for the future.  It is our responsibility to get things right for the benefit of the Order to come. 
She said that, with the purchase of all the many Houses of Prayer, the Community has indeed come a long way over the years.  But, she also added that we still have a long way to go yet.
At 3pm, the speaker spoke about how Foundation Day was given to us as a great Grace to reflect on the profoundness of our calling.  It gives us a chance to look at where we have come from and where we are going.  We can look at where we have failed and where we can improve. 
She spoke on Lourdes and how Lourdes for her was the beginning of her conversion.  She had taken her disabled  child to Lourdes and felt that Lourdes was like a piece of Heaven and it brought her great peace and love for God.

Events to Come
Sunday 7 March 2010

The House of Prayer will be closed on this day for a private retreat.

Feast of Saint Patrick
Wednesday 17 March 2010

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated far and wide throughout the world but has become a day associated with alcohol, wearing green and being Irish.  What Saint Patrick did for the Irish seemingly has been conveniently elbowed out of the day and it is rare now that you see any religious elements at a parade.  So this year, let us remember the great gift that Saint Patrick gave to us Irish - the Gift of the Good News of Jesus.  Maybe he needs to come back and banish the serpents of godlessness from this country once again. 
Prayers begin at 12 noon.

Feast of Saint Joseph
Friday 19 March 2010

Today we celebrate the life of Jesus’ foster father, Saint Joseph.  His life is a great example to us all but even more so for those of us who are fathers.  Jesus said in a Message that Joseph was a just but strict father to Him. 
Prayers begin at 12 noon.

Feast of the Annunciation
Thursday 25 March 2010

International 24 Hour Day of Prayer and Fasting Against Abortion
This Feast of Our Lady is the biggest of our Days of Prayer Against Abortion of the year.  We hold our International Day of Prayer and Fasting Against Abortion which is offered up for the fight against abortion and for those who work tirelessly for the cause of the unborn.  We invite you to join us on this Day and if you can’t, please try to do something in your own area to mark the Day and to be united with us in prayer.  Prayers begin at 12 midnight with the Rosary in the Prayer Room and continue for the twenty four hours.
Walk Against Abortion
On Saturday 27 March 2010 we will hold a walk against abortion through the streets of Cookstown displaying the Truth of what abortion really is.  We gather at the House of Prayer at 2.45pm.  Your participation in this would be greatly appreciated.

Date for your Diary:
Easter Retreat: Thursday 1 April to Sunday 4 April 2010.

Come join us for this most special time of the year when we accompany Jesus on the journey of His Passion over the days of Holy Week.  We can be His comfort during the distress of the Agony in the Garden, soothe His Wounds on the Way of the Cross and His Crucifixion for our sins, in a time when the world has turned its back on Him and only heaps more and more Suffering onto Jesus to carry.  These are just a few days out of our busy year but when given to Jesus it will ease His Pain so much.  We begin on Holy Thursday at 10pm with a vigil.  On Good Friday we will participate with the schedule in the local parish church leading us to the great Day of celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection on Easter Sunday when we conclude our Weekend Retreat. 

Divine Mercy Sunday: Sunday 11 April 2010.
John Paul II gave us the great gift of this Feast Day before he died in response to Jesus’ requests through Saint Faustina.  If we turn to Jesus in sorrow, His Mercy is all Forgiving.  Prayers begin at 3pm with the Divine Mercy Chaplet amongst other prayers. 

Life in the Spirit Seminars
Our annual Life in the Spirit Seminars begin on Wednesday 28 April 2010, as part of our Wednesday night Prayer Meeting (8.30pm).  More details next month.

First Friday Vigils:
Friday 2 April 2010 (Good Friday),
Friday 7 May 2010.


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Controlled by the Media
We have become controlled
We are a society whose lives revolve around the media.  They feed us with information, sometimes lies, yet we seem to absorb this information as truth and do exactly what we are told to do by them.  It is easy to see how we have become controlled through instilling fear or guilt on us through the media.
Instil fear
I am thinking back on the last year and how much has changed and happened over such a short time.  It seems the darkness has accelerated, yet I feel less ready and more complacent in my life. We have seen banks falling, countries going bankrupt, people losing jobs and homes, the “credit crunch!” Then we had the swine flu pandemic, still currently a media hot topic to instil fear on whoever will listen.
A coincidence!
There are adverts everywhere telling us to protect ourselves and those around us by getting the swine flu injection.  Many have run to get this injection through fear, especially those in priority groups. One particular group was pregnant women. Even though it had never been tested for this group, they were advised to risk all and get it anyway. I was saddened to find that some women in their first and second trimester had had miscarriages within twenty four to forty eight hours following this injection.  They reported it on some websites but nothing was reported on this fact by the media to highlight this risk for others. Some people commenting on their bereavement disregarded the link with the swine flu injection as being a co-incidence!
Adverse weather conditions
Then we have all been affected by the adverse weather conditions in our country and other countries around the world. It has disrupted the travel plans of millions and caused chaos. One lady said to me “I wonder if God is trying to tell us something?” and I thought to myself “God is definitely trying to tell us something!” Perhaps if we listened to God and followed God and not the media, things would improve a thousandfold in this world.
Population control
Of course the media are quick to point to global warming as the result of our strange weather variations. We are told to do this and that to reduce our carbon footprint but is this all a lie? A lie to make us all fall into line and be controlled?  Even children from very young ages are being targeted to think a certain way. I was horrified when I was shown a newspaper article stating that a third of Britons supported a restriction on the amount of children people can have in order to reduce our country’s carbon footprint and save the planet from destruction. I had also seen an interview on TV with the same idea introduced a few months ago.  So it seems population control is also trying to ride on the back of ‘Global Warming.’
Jesus has said in many Messages about how the earth is spirit and how our sin is affecting it.  On 3 January 2005, He said “…this earth groans under the weight of sin...the weight of sin grows unbearable for this earth and it begins to rebel.” Again on 7 December 2008, “…this world is about to rebel against your sin…  You cannot starve it of love and feed it sin for this is not the way things were created to be by My Hand.”  And, on 13 January 2005, “It is becoming unstable, children. Your sin chokes this earth and it wrenches for breath….It is My creation and so My Spirit resides in it. Take heed and understand the Words that I speak; they are My Warning to you.”
Many scientists have spoken out against global warming saying it is complete nonsense. A lot of these scientists have been ridiculed for their comments and theories yet they are the experts in this field. Al Gore on the other hand is a politician who is pushing the global warming theory. It is said he could make millions out of it, yet the scientists who have spoken out have no money to make only to let the world know the truth.
Media lied
These scientists explained that there was a link between the production of carbon dioxide and the earths temperature rising, but that it was NOT as the media are trying to tell us that the temperature rises because of carbon dioxide increases.  In fact it was the complete opposite, that the earth’s increase in temperature caused an increase in carbon dioxide hundreds of years later.
Lead to starvation
We need carbon dioxide for the world to survive.  Plants need carbon dioxide to live. Reducing carbon dioxide dramatically could affect plant production and lead to starvation among men and animals alike.  The human population only produces a fraction of the total carbon dioxide produced each year.  Wikipedia states that over ninety five percent of total carbon dioxide would still occur even if humans were not present on the earth. Volcanoes produce more carbon dioxide than all humans, their factories, cars and planes every year. It is interesting to learn that the main contributor to carbon dioxide emissions is the ocean.  Would we have to get rid of that too?
Easily fooled
Current warming of the earth began before people had cars or lights.  In the past one hundred and fifty years, the temperature has risen just over half a degree centigrade.  Most of that rise occurred before 1940. Since that time the temperature fell for four decades and then rose again for three decades.  In fact, according to these scientists, the temperature on earth is linked mainly to sun spot activity on the sun, not to carbon dioxide emissions so, if all this is the truth, how have we been so easily fooled?
More aware
Of course we should treat the earth with respect and love as it was created by God and not abuse its resources, but we also need to be a bit more aware that we may not always be told the full truth through the media and go along with everything they say.  Remember Jesus keeps telling us about lies parading as truth.  We should always go to Jesus for our guidance and trust in Him only.  He will never leave us orphans! Thank You, Jesus.

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Lent - A Time to Focus on Dying to Self

Focus on denying self
If we aren’t too conscientious about dying to self, Lent is no doubt a time to be motivated to seriously focus on denying self as Jesus has asked of us in so many Messages.  He guides us and encourages us once again in His Message of 13 January 2010 when He said, “Do not look for signs but simply believe in Me and I will come to you in the depths of your heart.  I will guide you back but you must be willing; you must be willing to deny self.  Denying self is achieved by prayer and sacrifice.  Sacrifice is going against self, denying self the things that it really wants, those things that are not important.” 
Good intentions
We relate sacrifice and self-denial closely to Lent.  We find ourselves denying various things such as food, beverage, TV, entertainment of various kinds, etc.  On the positive side we might try to pray and worship more often and more devoutly.  Here again, the mind set is to work at these sacrifices mainly throughout the Lenten season.  But do we really stop to realize that, through these good intentions and efforts, we are indeed dying to self as Jesus has asked of us, so let us not stop when the six weeks of Lent are ended! 
Making the effort
Are we missing the point that we are actually pleasing Jesus by our effort?  Do we realize that the whole point of Lent is not to demonstrate our fortitude and ability to perform abstinences and self limitations, but to help appease the Pain that Jesus Suffered for each and every one of us?  We should be making the effort to sacrifice (going against self) not for our own gratification but for Jesus who made the Supreme Sacrifice for us.  Conversely, selfishness separates us from Jesus and from our friends and associates as well.  We certainly don’t want this to happen. 
We insult Him
In our Morning Offering prayer, we offer Jesus all our thoughts, words, actions, joys, sufferings and works of the day.  These are serious commitments to Jesus from our heart.  Many of us having made these commitments fall short of keeping Jesus first in everything we do and say, and tend to go off and ‘forget’ what we have promised Jesus.  For shame, as we insult Him by pushing Him aside!  Jesus didn’t ‘forget’ us and opt out of His Passion and Crucifixion. 
Put Jesus first
Certainly we can take advantage of Lent to help keep us focused on putting Jesus first in everything by relating our self imposed sacrifices to His Passion and Death.  However, this should not stop with the end of the Lenten season. All the good habits that we strived for and cultivated during Lent must continue each and every day! 
I think it is now time for each of us to take a personal inventory on Jesus’ Words, “Sacrifice is going against self, denying self the things that it really wants, those things that are not important.”  Let’s continue to put Jesus first!  For starters, one way is to see everyone through the Eyes of Jesus.  What a great way to start the journey of dying to self! “If you want to be a follower of Mine, You must walk in My Footsteps, even to the cross…” from His Message on 9 February 2010.


Tuesday 11 March 2008
My children, I Love you.  And, I say it again, and again; I say it forever.  In a little while I will feel the sadness of My Passion again.  Journey with Me through Holy Week and be My company, My friends.  Take each step as I take Mine; stay with Me for soon, it will be difficult to do even this.
Try to feel the stones as they pierce My Feet on the Way of Sorrow; help Me when I fall, feel the whiplashes on My Back as the dust and the flies irritate them mercilessly.  Come with Me, children, I invite you to love Me in this Via Dolorosa.1  I ask for friends, for My friends to wait with Me in the Garden, to walk with Me, to feel My Passion, My Love for all men.  Will you come?
1  ‘The Way of Sorrow.’
Tuesday 18 March 2008
Are you with Me, My children, My friends?  Are you walking with Me?  The Way is long and hard; walk in My Footsteps, all will be well.  Deepen yourself into Me, find Me in the suffering that you see in Me.  Deepen yourself into Me, find the Pain within Me for it is your pain.  Forget the world and the unimportant things of the world that you have surrounded yourself with; gaze only at Me.
Do you see My trail of Blood as it drips from Me?  It is your blood that I have shed within Me for you; live with Me, die with Me.  Let go of self and you will find Me.  Love Me deeply, love Me with a real love; let Me be first in you and you will see.
Wednesday 19 March 2008
Are you walking with Me, children?  Have you begun to find the depth that is between you and I?
Walk, children, walk though it may be difficult for you.  Find snatched moments to close your eyes and think of Me on this Journey amid the turmoil of the world.  Think My Thoughts, live My Life, be Me as you go about your business; see the lack of love in the world.  See the lack as a potential that you could fill with Love, with Grace.
Soon My Passion begins; soon the Pain begins, soon the denial, soon the betrayal, soon the great Loneliness; are you still walking with Me?  Are you keeping company with Me?
Holy Thursday
20 March 2008
My children, this Way is harder for you when you do not make the effort to die to the self that constantly rebels against it.  Your greatest fight along this Way is the temptation to give in.  Effort and Love, My Love, should be your companions as you walk into the Night of Anguish with Me.  Stay with Me as I take you through it.  Stay with Me, snatching little moments to be with Me.  Yes, close your eyes and walk with Me in your heart.  Think of Me, even in the midst of the chaos that this world brings.  Step forward in this walk with Me with confidence, knowing, that I am holding your hand.  Walk, children, walk upright, not denying or betraying Me with self.  Be open to Me.
Good Friday 21 March 2008
Now, My children, this walk of faith becomes real.  Self must go in order for you to understand My Love for you.  Self cannot see My Love; that is why it must die.  It must be put to death for you to experience My Love.
See the crowds as you walk along with Me: jeering, the kill rising up in them, wanting Blood, My Blood.  Look around you: are you among them, jeering Me as I walk for the Truth of My Words, My Promises?  Do you feel, in this snatched moment, that you read these Words, that I am TRUTH itself and that I penetrate you with My Love?
Come with Me, onward.  The flies eat My Flesh, the heat of the day burns Me and I Thirst for you to see this that I am doing with all the Love that I have for you.  Look into My Eyes; see the Blood on My Face; the Tears in My Eyes which burn Me as they fall; see what I do.  Look at Me with a mind that is open to walking this Way for all of your life.  Tell Me that it IS for all of your life and not just to please Me because you see Me in Pain.
Watch as they hammer the nails into My Hands and Feet; watch as they hoist Me high; hear Me as they mock Me, hear My silence foretelling Perfect Forgiveness; hear My last Cry.  See Me as I look at you; see Me without self and you will see Me as I really am.  My Heart waits for you.

This Cross - My Shame
“...Look at Me as I look back at you for I saw you from the Cross as I looked around this world…”
(Extract from Message - Friday 14 April 1995)

Look at You, my Jesus.  Look at You upon this Cross.  Look at Your Love, borne naked upon this Tree.  Look at Your Love in tenderness reaching out to touch my soul.  Look at Your Eyes, mirroring the Soul of One who Loves perfectly.  Look at me, standing here, looking at You in shame and in sorrow.  Look at You, Loving me.
Your Eyes convey to me that You look at Your Father: “Is this enough, My Father, is it enough to bring them back?  I will gladly do more.  I will gladly Love them within the essence of this Suffering unto eternity and a million eternities.  I will gladly remain here and without consolation for Love. 
My Father, look at Me, Your Son.  I have done as You have asked, there is nothing left to do.  I have drunk this Cup of Salvation for You, the Price is paid unto the debt.  I am the receipt that cancels out the debt.
My Father, I Love You.  This is the proof of My Love for You and for those whom You Love.”

Your Mouth is open to speak, my Jesus, yet no Word utters from it.  The Pain is all that exudes from You and all Words have been spoken and are being spoken in Your Eyes.  Your Mouth has uttered the Words of Salvation,
“...This is My Body...This is My Blood…”  It is not a symbol for if it was it would not be perfect but it would be unfinished, imperfect, unreliable.  But Your Eucharist is perfect, whole, real.
There is no other Sacrifice for sin and there is no Love greater than One who lays down His Life for His friends.  I look at Your Eyes, my Jesus, and I can see your Soul impregnated and burning with Love and Pain and agony and Sorrow and obedience. 
This Cross is Your altar.  This Cross is Your Sacrifice.  It is our Mass.  Your Body is welded to this altar and will not be removed.  It is nailed to mankind forever and for a million eternities. 
You are pierced upon it for all eternity as the Lamb of God, without spot or blemish, atoning to Your Father for my sins.  You alone are my entrance to Heaven.  You alone are the Holy One.  You alone are the Lord.
Your Eyes tell me so many things.  Your Eyes are windows through which Your Soul impacts my heart as I look at You.  My mind implodes with the profound sorrow that radiates from Your Soul to touch the heart of stone that is mine.  Its Graces, like tendrils, grasp and encircle, enwrapping about me, seeking out the darkness within me to draw it out and destroy it with its Light; to enfold me within its Forgiveness and bring me to the Father in this Lenten time, clothed in my garments of shame for my sin.  Your Eyes call to me to wrench from me the self that has beaten You with its sin. 
Each droplet of Blood that has been torn from You begs of me to accept this great Salvation and Love that has abandoned itself to my redemption and yet… here am I standing here steeped in sin and sorrow and shame, knowing that all I want to do is abandon myself into the ineffable Love that emanates from Your Heart. 
So much Blood, so much Love poured through every Pore of Your Being.  So much ungratefulness in return from me.
I kneel before Your altar, Your Cross, and I have no desire other than to love You.  An act of love for an Act of Love; a return of love for Love is my desire as I look at You, as my mind and heart ache within me to weld myself to You as You did to the Cross. 
My eyes look at You and try to fathom the Love that You have for me.  The same Love is given as I receive Your Body, Your Blood, Your Soul, Your Divinity in the Mass, the Crucible of Love.  All of You, given, abandoned freely for me.  Oh! What Love You are!  Oh! What Love You have wrenched from Yourself to save my unworthy soul in this Crucible of Your Love. 
Your Cross is the instrument that unites You and me, my Jesus.  It is the bond between life and death.  It is the veil that separates this world and Yours.  It is the profound payment for the debt owed to Your Father by mankind.  It is the Cup of Love; filled up, overflowing, pressed down and more added.  More than enough, its physical reality is the incarnation of every Sacrifice of Holy Mass.  It is Love.  It is You.
This Cross is my shame.  It brings to the fore all of my sins and what I have done against You, my Jesus, and what I have not done.  Your Face, much covered in Blood, is the reminder of Your Sacrifice for me.  Your Face is the Face of the Father and the Face of the Holy Spirit.  Your Face is an appeal to all mankind to come back to You in love and forgiveness.  Your Face is my love. 
Look at You, my Lord and my God.  Look, behold, the Man who is bruised for our transgressions.  He took it all upon Himself.  Look at You, my Love.  Look, behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.  Look, my soul, and cry out the love and the anguish and the sorrow that is within.  Pour out all to this King who is Love, King of Love.
Look at me, Jesus.  I stand before You and I am not worthy to be Your servant.  Let me only be what You invoke in me.  I am not worthy to look upon You nor to have You under my roof.
I see the Father, Your Father, Our Father, as He holds Your broken Body within His Arms to bring You close to Him.  He tenderly caresses His obedient Son and speaks:
“...Behold!  You are My Beloved Son.  You are the Word that is uttered from My Mouth and the firstborn of all creation.  You have done all things well.  You are the Word that I speak to mankind.  You are Forgiveness and Love.  You have wrought much to bring it to them.  Behold, My Beloved Son, I am well pleased…”
This Cross, my shame,
my joy, my Salvation.

My Lord and my God
The Man-God
Upon His Cross.
And sitting,
Perchance to pause
Within His Pain
And ponder
For whom
His Blood
And indifferent
Do crown and etch the furrowed brow,
To mark royalty
And Godhead King.
And shame,
Not upon His torn Face
Nor in His humble Spirit,
But in me,
Whose burden is carried
Upon His wearied Back.
And Love His aim
To carry me,
And beckon me to come
And live within
His Holy Heart
To dwell forevermore.

I kneel before
And bow my head,
To worship and adore:
My Lord and my God,
I love You.


In the House of Prayer, our prayers will begin at midnight and carry through until midnight the next day so that we can offer twenty four continuous hours of prayer against this terMy children, I Love you.  And, I say it again, and again; I say it forever.  In a little while I will feel the sadness of My Passion again.  Journey with Me through Holy Week and be My company, My friends.  Take each step as I take Mine; stay with Me for soon, it will be difficult to do even this.
Try to feel the stones as they pierce My Feet on the Way of Sorrow; help Me when I fall, feel the whiplashes on My Back as the dust and the flies irritate them mercilessly.  Come with Me, children, I invite you to love Me in this Via Dolorosa.1  I ask for friends, for My friends to wait with Me in the Garden, to walk with Me, to feel My Passion, My Love for all men.  Will you come?
1  ‘The Way of Sorrow.’rible crime.
We would arry me,
And beckon me to come
And live wiask those of you, who cannot be here with us, to please pray this Day for this cause or to please organise something in your own area to stop this crime.
Each individual baby is precious to Jesus and the world will never know the gifts this child should have brought to it.  We need to stop abortion, NOW.
Please, please do something, no matter how small.  Jesus can use every tiny sacrifice we make to save a baby from abortion.


“My children of Ireland, I, the Lord, your God would speak with you.  You have brought My Anger to the fore with your talk of abortion.  You plan to introduce abortion into this country without the permission of your God.  You have offended Me.
I give you a little time to change this policy before I show you that you have indeed angered Me.  You are already in the mire and, by these Words, I try to pull you out.  I have called My Prophets, Visionaries and Seers together, those who did not betray Me, so that I could tell you these things.
Government of Ireland, I address you.  I tell you and I remind you that I have toppled greater kings than you and I tell you that your secret things are not hidden from Me as you have hidden them from the people of this country.  You are about to abort a mighty nation of people who could win true freedom for you.  Do not do it.
Cardinals, bishops and priests, you who act with My Authority, I call you to speak out in every church, the length and breadth of this country.  Do not ignore My Laws or My Truth.
I know who you are and I know which of you believes in this great crime.  Change your ways back to My Ways.  Come back.
I speak to you, media, I am Jesus Christ, the Truth.  Spread these Words of Mine for this country needs them more than the bad news that you already give to them.  Tell your readers that abortion is a crime against their God.”  Saturday 22 November 2003, Messages from the Weekend for the Prophets of Ireland.


It is time to speak the truth.  It is time to tell people, right to their faces, what is happening here.  We are all so blind to what is going on.  Don’t be surprised if  sometime soon you see loudspeakers on the streets calling us to assemble.  It wasn’t so very long ago that this happened in communist Russia, Poland, Germany to name but a few.
The persecution that I speak of comes in many forms.  Do not be afraid to speak My Name in public even if the world laughs at you.  Do not be afraid to forgive when they hurt you for My Sake.  Do not try to cling to the world for satan is the ruler of it and My people are persecuted because they love Me.  Do not allow yourself to be swayed by anything that goes against what I have told you.
These days that you live in are difficult for you but, I tell you, go through them well for what is to come will be more difficult for you.  They will kill you if you believe in Me.  They will go to your homes to find you and they will bring you out into the streets and kill you because of Me.  But, I tell you, as many that die with My Name on their lips in faith will enter Heaven on that day and be with Me forever.
Do not be afraid of them but always speak the Truth of what I have told you for the Truth sets you free and it sets them free.  I tell you that in those days your persecutors will be those of your own families and your friends for many will betray one another, in fact they have begun already.
And still you must wait for the Son of Man to return on the clouds.  In this time they will try to make you think that what was written of Me is untrue.  That is why I tell you to be faithful…  Sunday 8 April 2001, Palm Sunday
It seems that these Words of Jesus are not far off their fulfilment.
Oppressed and hunted down
While we in Ireland have enjoyed relative religious freedom since the Republic was established, it seems that now we are going back to the days when we were oppressed and hunted down for being Catholic.  Our rights are being taken away by a new government in Europe who does not believe in God.  Their every law is antireligious and Jesus has spoken many times about what is happening in Europe and what the outcome will be if we don’t listen.
Horrors will soon emerge
“Children of this world, I call you to be watchful and save yourselves from the false promises of the evil one.  I tell you this so that you can know what is coming.  Many things are about to happen in what is now called Europe.  The influence of the evil one in this new country is greater than you could ever know.  Things that will come will seem insignificant to begin with but, as with the Jews not so long ago, the true horrors will soon emerge.  Remember, what you elect now will have serious consequences although it will seem tame at the time…” For the world, Friday 2 July 2004
Crucifixes in schools
In last month’s Newsletter, we told you about how the European Court of Human Rights has ruled against displays of Crucifixes in schools in Italy.  As we know, very often in law, when a case is won it sets a precedence for future cases.  Many other countries are worried that their religious traditions and beliefs may also be taken away.  “A UK expert on antidiscrimination law, Barrister Neil Addison, has warned that if the decision is allowed to stand it could result in the removal of all public displays of Christian symbols across Europe.  In Ireland, wayside shrines to the Sacred Heart or the Virgin Mary might have to be removed, while in Greece the tradition of publicly displaying religious icons would be under threat.  “This seems to me to be an extraordinarily wide decision which could be used, for example, to prevent state schools putting on Nativity plays,” said Addison.  (Alive Newspaper, December 2009)
Soon, a court will decide
Jesus has given a Message telling us what these courts of law are going to make us do.  He always Warns us beforehand.  “Soon, a court will decide how and when you will worship Me; soon you will be laughed at and tortured because you follow Me.  In fact they will take you to court for loving Me.  A judge will preside and decide what prayers will be said in My Churches and My priests will have to follow these rules. 
Prayers, My children, will become empty words that mean nothing and My people will meet in underground places to worship Me.  There will be two churches: one that is open and prays to itself and the other that is My True Church that worships Me in secret.
You will be aghast at these Words but I give you the Truth; already it has begun, already the wolf is at the door.”  For the world, Friday 2 July 2004
Our faith was paid for
We have many beautiful Shrines dotted all over Ireland and many are to be seen along the roadsides.  These are a testament to our faith that we fought to keep – from a different government that tried to ban our Catholic heritage, our faith in God.  Our faith was paid for by our forefathers’ blood.  They died to give us what they received through Saint Patrick, and cherished even to death.  The British government didn’t win, so why should we let this new European government win?  The British government failed to take our faith by force but Europe seems to be succeeding because it has bought our loyalty, our freedom, with cash and trade agreements.  Everything we believe in is under threat.  Why would we want to give away something as precious as our faith?  But that is what seems to be happening!
Go downhill
When the people of Ireland were poor, we had God at the forefront of our lives but when we joined the European Economic Community, our faith started to go downhill while our material wealth went up.  The EEC is now called the EU.
I even doubt that it was a majority vote to join the EU for as Jesus said, “Remember, too, that what is written on paper can be changed so what you think you vote for may not necessarily turn out to be.  It will seem good but it will turn out the opposite.” For the world, Friday 2 July 2004.  I also think the government knew exactly what they were doing when they joined Europe.  “...Government of Ireland, I address you.  I tell you and I remind you that I have toppled greater kings than you and I tell you that your secret things are not hidden from Me as you have hidden them from the people of this country...” Saturday 22 November 2003
They traded their faith and the freedom of the Irish man, for money, not for the poor, no, but to make the rich richer.  The poor will still struggle on as always.  Bertie Ahern’s words still ring in my ears, ‘Ireland is no longer a Catholic country.’  Why, because he says so?
Sold our Freedom
We have sold our freedom.  “Look, My children of Ireland, the time of persecution is upon you.  You have supped with the beast and he has imprisoned you.
No longer do you hear My Words of Truth; you have sold your freedom for a handful of coins.  I ask, what will it gain you but darkness and death eternal...?” Saturday 22 November 2003
Now we are going to have to fight again for everything we believe in.  Our wayside Shrines are under threat because they may cause offence to...who?  The devil?  We are going to have to fight to gain the right to believe that what it says in the Bible is true, ie, that homosexuality is a sin, that contraception is a sin, that abortion is a sin, that adultery is a sin etc, etc.
Many more sins are going to be freely committed now, many more souls will be in danger of hell and, if we speak out against these sins, preach Gods Word, then we will be taken to court.
We allowed this to happen.  We allowed it by our complacency.  We allowed it because we did not listen to what Jesus told us and has been telling us for years.
You shall be his prisoners
The evil one uses every means to take us away  from God and lead us to hell.  In our greed we have given ourselves over to the devil and we are so blind to his ways.  We have given the evil one the freedom in our lives, “…My people, I Love you.  Look to the horizon and see the beginnings of the bitter wind that is about to sweep this earth.  In your disloyalty, your untruth, you have given the evil one the freedom that he needs.  Sin is the air that he breathes and upon this earth at this time, sin is thick.  he has freedom to go wherever he pleases.  he moves freely now among you.  Can you not see, My children, will you not see, what is happening around you?  Every day there are new laws being created and your freedom is being taken away.  Your governments are listening to the lies of lucifer.  Soon, My children, you shall not be able to move or speak without breaking a law of lucifer.  Then you shall be his prisoners, his playthings…”  Monday 11 August 2003
By the looks of things these days are not far off. 
The real reason
In his article in the Alive Newspaper, David Quinn talks about the real reason behind the Court’s decision to ban Crucifixes. “...But David Quinn has exposed the court’s real agenda, and raised immensely important questions (Irish Independent, 6/11/09).  “The decision,” he argued, “was motivated by an antireligious animus1, pure and simple.” The court “used the Convention on Human Rights as a fig-leaf to justify its secularist objection to religion as such…”
“…This decision by the Court of Human Rights gives us a further insight into what we can now expect from the European Court of Justice, and the EU generally,” wrote Mr Quinn.  Criticising “state-imposed political correctness,” he noted that in Ireland “we are about to pass a law that will force Christians against their conscience to facilitate same sex civil unions if asked, and will treat them like racists if they don’t.”  What’s really remarkable, is the failure of our national media, with the exception of a few journalists, to tackle these issues.”   Alive Newspaper, December 2009
Be Warned
Did we learn nothing from Hitler and Germany? 
“…I have asked the world to reacquaint itself with the Messages of Garabandal, La Salette and I include Mount Melleray (Ireland) so that it could see the Truth of these Words and how they are being fulfilled before its eyes.  Doubt not these Words, children, for you risk your soul if you do. 
Read My Word Matthew 24 and find its meaning through these Words.
I Love you, children, be Warned...”  For the world, Friday 2 July 2004.

1  an·i·mus:
1. strong dislike or enmity; hostile attitude; animosity.
2. purpose; intention; animating spirit.


What are the origins of Lent?  Did the Church always have this time before Easter?
Lent is a special time of prayer, penance, sacrifice and good works in preparation of the celebration of Easter. In the desire to renew the liturgical practices of the Church, The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of Vatican Council II stated, “The two elements which are especially characteristic of Lent - the recalling of Baptism or the preparation for it, and penance - should be given greater emphasis in the liturgy and in liturgical catechesis. It is by means of them that the Church prepares the faithful for the celebration of Easter, while they hear Gods Word more frequently and devote more time to prayer” (no. 109).
The word Lent itself is derived from the Anglo-Saxon words lencten, meaning “Spring,” and lenctentid, which literally means not only “Springtide” but also was the word for “March,” the month in which the majority of Lent falls.
Since the earliest times of the Church, there is evidence of some kind of Lenten preparation for Easter.  For instance, Saint Irenaeus (d. 203) wrote to Pope Saint Victor I, commenting on the celebration of Easter and the differences between practices in the East and the West: “The dispute is not only about the day, but also about the actual character of the fast. Some think that they ought to fast for one day, some for two, others for still more; some make their ‘day’ last forty hours on end.  Such variation in the observance did not originate in our own day, but very much earlier, in the time of our forefathers” (Eusebius, History of the Church, V, 24).
Forty day fast
When Rufinus translated this passage from Greek into Latin, the punctuation made between “forty” and “hours” made the meaning to appear to be “forty days, twenty-four hours a day.”  The importance of the passage, nevertheless, remains that since the time of “our forefathers” - always an expression for the Apostles - a forty day period of Lenten preparation existed.  However, the actual practices and duration of Lent were still not homogenous throughout the Church.

Apostolic origins of Lent
Lent becomes more regularized after the legalization of Christianity in A.D. 313. The Council of Nicea (325), in its disciplinary canons, noted that two provincial synods should be held each year, “one before the forty days of Lent.” Saint Athanasius (d. 373) in his “Festal Letters” implored his congregation to make a forty day fast prior to the more intense fasting of Holy Week. Saint Cyril of Jerusalem (d. 386) in his Catechectical Lectures, which are the paradigm for our current RCIA programs, had eighteen pre-baptismal instructions given to the catechumens during Lent. Saint Cyril of Alexandria (d. 444) in his series of “Festal Letters” also noted the practices and duration of Lent, emphasizing the forty day period of fasting.  Finally, Pope Saint Leo (d. 461) preached that the faithful must “fulfil with their fasts the Apostolic institution of the forty days,” again noting the apostolic origins of Lent.
Spiritual exercises
One can safely conclude that by the end of the fourth century, the forty day period of Easter preparation known as Lent existed, and that prayer and fasting constituted its primary spiritual exercises.
Of course, the number “forty” has always had special spiritual significance regarding preparation. On Mount Sinai, preparing to receive the Ten Commandments, “Moses stayed there with the Lord for forty days and forty nights, without eating any food or drinking any water” (Exodus 34:28). Elijah walked “forty days and forty nights” to the mountain of the Lord, Mount Horeb (another name for Sinai) (I Kings 19:8). Most importantly, Jesus fasted and prayed for “forty days and forty nights” in the desert before He began His public ministry (Matthew 4:2).
Once the forty days of Lent were established, the next development concerned how much fasting was to be done.  In Jerusalem, for instance, people fasted for forty days, Monday through Friday, but not on Saturday or Sunday, thereby making Lent last for eight weeks. In Rome and in the West, people fasted for six weeks, Monday through Saturday, thereby making Lent last for six weeks.  Eventually, the practice prevailed of fasting for six days a week over the course of six weeks, and Ash Wednesday was instituted to bring the number of fast days before Easter to forty.  The rules of fasting varied.  First, some areas of the Church abstained from all forms of meat and animal products, while others made exceptions for food like fish. For example, Pope Saint Gregory (d. 604), writing to Saint Augustine of Canterbury, issued the following rule: “We abstain from flesh, meat, and from all things that come from flesh, as milk, cheese and eggs.”
Eating fish
Second, the general rule was for a person to have one meal a day, in the evening or at 3 p.m.
These Lenten fasting rules also evolved.  Eventually, a smaller repast was allowed during the day to keep up one’s strength from manual labour.  Eating fish was allowed, and later eating meat was also allowed through the week except on Ash Wednesday and Friday. Dispensations were given for eating dairy products if a pious work was performed, and eventually this rule was relaxed totally.  (However, the abstinence from even dairy products led to the practice of blessing Easter eggs and eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday.)
Give up something
Over the years, modifications have been made to the Lenten observances, making our practices not only simple but also easy.  Ash Wednesday still marks the beginning of Lent, which lasts for forty days, not including Sundays.  The present fasting and abstinence laws are very simple: On Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, the faithful fast (having only one full meal a day and smaller snacks to keep up one’s strength) and abstain from meat; on the other Fridays of Lent, the faithful abstain from meat.  People are still encouraged “to give up something” for Lent as a sacrifice. (An interesting note is that technically on Sundays and solemnities like Saint Joseph’s Day (March 19) and the Annunciation (March 25), one is exempt and can partake of whatever has been offered up for Lent.
Don’t act like a Pharisee
Nevertheless, I was always taught, “if you gave something up for the Lord, tough it out.  Don’t act like a Pharisee looking for a loophole.” Moreover, an emphasis must be placed on performing spiritual works, like attending the Stations of the Cross, attending Mass, making a weekly holy hour before the Blessed Sacrament, taking time for personal prayer and spiritual reading and most especially making a good Confession and receiving Sacramental Absolution. Although the practices may have evolved over the centuries, the focus remains the same: to repent of sin, to renew our faith and to prepare to celebrate joyfully the Mysteries of our Salvation.



Dear Brothers and Sisters!
1. Lent is a season of intense prayer, fasting and concern for those in need. It offers all Christians an opportunity to prepare for Easter by serious discernment about their lives, with particular attention to the word of God which enlightens the daily journey of all who believe.
This year, as a guide for our Lenten meditation, I would offer a phrase taken from the Acts of the Apostles: «It is more blessed to give than to receive» (Acts 20:35). What we have here is not simply a moral exhortation, or a command which comes to us from without. The inclination to give is rooted in the depths of the human heart: every person is conscious of a desire to interact with others and everyone finds fulfilment in a free gift of self to others.
2. Our age, regrettably, is particularly susceptible to the temptation toward selfishness which always lurks within the human heart. In society generally, and in the media, people are bombarded by messages which more or less openly exalt the ephemeral and the hedonistic. Concern for others is certainly shown whenever natural disasters, war and other emergencies strike, but in general it is difficult to build a culture of solidarity. The spirit of the world affects our inner propensity to give ourselves unselfishly to others and drives us to satisfy our own particular interests. The desire to possess ever more is encouraged. Surely it is natural and right that people, by using their own gifts and by their own labour, should work to obtain what they need to live, but an excessive desire for possessions prevents human beings from being open to their Creator and to their brothers and sisters. The words of Paul to Timothy remain relevant in every age: «The love of money is the root of all evils; it is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced their hearts with many pangs» (1 Tim 6:10)!
Exploitation of others, indifference towards the suffering of our brothers and sisters, and the violation of basic rules of morality are just a few fruits of the thirst for gain. Faced with the tragic situation of persistent poverty which afflicts so many people in our world, how can we fail to see that the quest for profit at any cost and the lack of effective, responsible concern for the common good have concentrated immense resources in the hands of a few while the rest of humanity suffers in poverty and neglect?
Appealing to believers and to all people of good will, I would like to reaffirm a principle which is self-evident yet often ignored: our goal should not be the benefit of a privileged few, but rather the improvement of the living conditions of all. Only on this foundation can we build that international order truly marked by justice and solidarity which is the hope of everyone.
3. «It is more blessed to give than to receive». When believers respond to the inner impulse to give themselves to others without expecting anything in return, they experience a profound interior satisfaction.
The efforts of Christians to promote justice, their commitment in defence of the powerless, their humanitarian work in providing bread for the hungry and their care for the sick by responding to every emergency and need, draw their strength from that sole and inexhaustible treasury of love which is the complete gift of Jesus to the Father. Believers are called to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, true God and true man, who, in perfect obedience to the will of the Father, emptied himself (cf. Phil 2:6 ff), and humbly gave himself to us in selfless and total love, even unto death on a cross. Calvary eloquently proclaims the message of the Blessed Trinity’s love for human beings of all times and places.
Saint Augustine points out that only God, as the Supreme Good, is capable of overcoming the various forms of poverty present in our world. Mercy and love for one’s neighbour must therefore be the fruit of a living relationship with God and have God as their constant point of reference, since it is in closeness to Christ that we find our joy (cf. De Civitate Dei, X, 6; CCL 39:1351ff).
4. The Son of God loved us first, while «we were yet sinners» (Rom 5:6), with an unconditional love which asks nothing in return. If this is so, how can we fail to see the season of Lent as a providential opportunity to make courageous decisions inspired by altruism and generosity? Lent offers us the practical and effective weapons of fasting and almsgiving as a means of combating an excessive attachment to money. Giving not only from our abundance, but sacrificing something more in order to give to the needy, fosters that self-denial which is essential to authentic Christian living. Strengthened by constant prayer, the baptized reveal the priority which they have given to God in their lives.
The love of God poured into our hearts ought to inspire and transform who we are and what we do. Christians must not think that they can seek the true good of their brothers and sisters without embodying the charity of Christ. Even in those cases where they might succeed in improving important aspects of social or political life, without charity every change would remain short-lived. The possibility of giving oneself to others is itself a gift which comes from the grace of God. As Saint Paul teaches: «God is at work in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure» (Phil 2:13).
5. To modern men and women, often dissatisfied with a shallow and ephemeral existence and in search of authentic happiness and love, Christ offers his own example and issues the invitation to follow him. He asks those who hear his voice to give their lives for others. This sacrifice is a source of self-fulfilment and joy, as is seen in the eloquent example of those men and women who, leaving all security behind, have not hesitated to risk their lives as missionaries in different parts of the world. It can also be seen in the response of those young people who, prompted by faith, have embraced a vocation to the priesthood or the religious life in order to serve God’s plan of salvation. It is likewise the experience of the growing number of volunteers who readily devote themselves to helping the poor, the elderly, the sick and all those in need.
Recently, we have witnessed a praiseworthy outpouring of solidarity for the victims of floods in Europe, earthquakes in Latin America and Italy, epidemics in Africa, volcanic eruptions in the Philippines, as well as for other areas of the world scarred by hatred, violence and war.
In these situations, the communications media play a significant role by allowing us to identify with and offer ready help to the suffering and those in distress. At times it is not the Christian command of love, but rather an innate sense of compassion which motivates our efforts to assist others. Even so, anyone who helps those in need always enjoys God’s favour. In the Acts of the Apostles we read that the disciple Tabitha was saved because she had done good to her neighbour (cf. 9:36 ff). The centurion Cornelius obtained eternal life on account of his generosity (cf. ibid., 10: 2-31).
For those who are «far-off», service to the needy can be a providential path leading to an encounter with Christ, since the Lord abundantly repays the good deeds done to one’s neighbour (cf. Mt 25:40).
It is my fervent hope that believers will find this Lent a favourable time for bearing witness to the Gospel of charity in every place, since the vocation to charity is the heart of all true evangelization. To this end I invoke the intercession of Mary, Mother of the Church and pray that she will accompany us on our Lenten journey. With these sentiments I affectionately impart to all my blessing.
From the Vatican, 7 January 2003


We are in the middle of the Holy Season of Lent and, once again, most of us will have decided to go off something as every Catholic has been taught to do throughout the ages.
Starve themselves of sin
In one of the early Lenten Messages Jesus gave, He said, “…My Passion grew within Me and I was preparing them for this time.  The evil one was allowed to strike Me and beat Me, so that the sins of the world could be Forgiven.  The loneliness of this time was great.  That is why, at this Lenten time, I try to call My children into the wilderness, so that they might share a little of My loneliness.  I ask them, at this time, to starve themselves of sin, so that they can feel a little of My Pain.  Come to Me with love and comfort at this time…”   Friday 18 March 1994
And again on Tuesday 14 January 2003, Jesus said, “…It is also the mind that can be influenced by the evil one.  Is it not he, that puts thoughts of lust, greed and evil intent within a man? 
To overcome the temptations of lucifer, you must become accustomed to self-denial.  Self-denial is fasting from the things of this world.  The greatest of these fasts is from sin.  If you can overcome these temptations, then the path begins to become clearer for the taunts of this world fade into the background and I, and My Ways, become more clear in your life and your way of thinking.  This is the greatest problem My children have in following Me.  They do not seek the Ways of the Spirit through self-control.  In order to become a true servant of Mine, there is much work to be done…”
Seven deadly sins
It is clear then that it is sin that Jesus wants us to die to.  
There are, as we are all aware I am sure, seven deadly sins.  Why are these sins called deadly?  Because if they go unchecked, they lead ultimately to the death of the soul and to hell.
Willing to deny self
In one of the latest Messages, Jesus said, “…I will guide you back but you must be willing: you must be willing to deny self.  Denying self is achieved by prayer and sacrifice.  Sacrifice is going against self, denying self the things that it really wants, those things that are not important.  Fasting is also denying self for self many times desires more than is really needed; fasting is a form of discipline but this must also be controlled.  To fast one or two days a week is good but you must also be aware that self can become greedy for fasting and this can defeat what you are trying to do…”  Wednesday 13 January 2010
Warning against greed
The warning in this Message is against greed.  Greed is a very subtle spirit and has been the downfall of many people and nations.  It is a spirit that can affect us all and many, many times it goes unchecked, unhindered and even unnoticed.  Who ever would have thought that self can become greedy for fasting thereby destroying the good that we are trying to do!
The root
As said, greed has been responsible for the downfall of many and is, I believe, at the root of many of this world’s problems.  The world is a dark place now and greed has been largely responsible.  As Jesus said on Monday 24 September 2001, “Look, My people, look at this world that you have created in your greed.  Look at the darkness as it spreads.  See how My people are blinded and led away from Me.  No longer to see the Truth of My Ways.
I Love you, My people and I say come back to the Ways of Love for this world is about to change, no longer will they see the Light of My Way.  No longer do they care to look at the Truth.  Now is the time to harvest; now is the time to see what the fruits of your knowledge are; the fruits of your greed.  See, children, what you have spawned...”  And again on Sunday 7 August 1994, He said, “…This world’s greed for money, for possessions, for lust, for gain has caused the unlove that I speak of…”  
Recently I was told about a programme which exposed some of the corruption there is surrounding aid given to the third world.  In this programme, a reporter was investigating the destination of medical aid that was freely given to be used for the poorest of the poor in that country.  The containers that the medicine was given in clearly stated that the medication was to be given out free.  What the reporter discovered was that the medicine was being sold to the poor by local chemists.  When he challenged them and pointed out that it was meant to be free, the chemists told him that they too had to pay for it.  Who sold it to them?  Their government?  I don’t know but what I do know is that the poor people again, suffered and many went without vital medical care because of someone else’s greed.  Perhaps some went blind for want of a tablet and perhaps some even died.
Powerless to do anything
When I heard this, I was horrified but what can I do about it?  I felt powerless to do anything.
Then I remembered Words that Jesus had spoken many years ago.  He said, “…My little ones, I ask you to change this in your own lives and thus begin a change.  From a tiny flicker of fire comes great forest fires that destroy all in their path.  You can be this tiny flame of Light to save souls in this world.  The harvest is great but the labourers are few…”  Sunday 7 August 1994
The way to defeat greed in the world, is to first defeat it in our own lives.
Greed comes in many forms.  On Thursday 4 October 2001, Jesus talked about how many of us stockpile food, clothes, money etc, while many of His other children go without.  This clearly goes against what He taught in the Gospels.  If you have two tunics, give one to the poor…
“Look into My Heart and see its Pain.  It Bleeds for Love of you, creation.  It Bleeds so that you can have Eternal Life with Me in My Father’s Kingdom.
Love, My children.  Love Me for My own Sake, do not look to what you can gain.  Look only to what you can give for it is in giving that you receive.  Look only to the good of others and you shall have Eternal Life.
Patrick: Jesus, what do You mean it is in giving that you receive?
My little one, the more that you give from your heart then the more My Light can shine.  Giving is dying to self.  The things of this world hold My children in bondage.  The more you have in this world the more you want.  This is what I have told My followers to fight against.  All you need is enough to live and provide for your families, the rest should be given to those who are in need.  There are many starving children in this world.  I have provided enough for all but there are those who have filled their barns to overflowing, while the rest starve.
Patrick: Jesus, I take it You mean us in the western world?
Yes, My son, but not only your countries, even the governments and rich people of the poor countries stockpile riches while the people starve.  There are many, many people in this world who are filled with a spirit of greed.  They think they cannot survive if they have not their thousands in their banks.
There are even those who stockpile food in order to survive the chastisements.  They are fools; they only think of themselves while My people starve.  Do they really think that I would tell them to hoard while others have nothing?  These children do not understand My Ways, they have not begun to die to themselves.  They only think of their own well-being and those closest to them.  I say take that that you have stored and give it to those who have nothing, then you shall gain the protection that you seek.  It is in giving that you receive, not in greed.
Patrick: Jesus, what about the chastisements?  Everyone always talks about them and some are very afraid of them?
My Justice is My Love and there is nothing to fear if you live in the Ways of Love.  My Justice is a cleansing of sin.  This earth groans under the burden of sin.  In order for it to survive I must cleanse it.  Those who fear what is to come have not lived in the Ways of Love.  If they had then they would understand that My Coming is nothing to fear but is something to rejoice about.  The evil one tries to blind all with his lies and he has many messengers upon this earth that fill My people with messages that tell them only to think of themselves, in order to survive My Justice.
Patrick: What do You mean, Jesus? 
Those who tell My people that they must store food, candles, clothing, money and many other things are not of Me.  They listen to a spirit of self and greed.
Patrick: Jesus, did Padre Pio not say to have candles and food?
No, My servant only warned of My Justice.  There are those who have added much to what he has said.  A candle is sufficient for the time of darkness and a little food.  But even this you do not need for My Angels shall shine My Light for those who have been true to My Ways and three days without food will not harm you.  My Saints fasted for greater periods of time than this.  See, My son, there is no reason to fear for I shall provide all for My own.  My Love is all consuming.
I say; My people, trust in Me.  Trust in My Teachings.  Trust in My servant John Paul II and you shall see My Glory upon this earth.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Guilty of stock piling
Are we guilty of stock piling?  Are our wardrobes filled with clothes that we do not need?  These clothes could be used to fulfil a command of the Gospel, clothe the naked...
Are we guilty of eating too much food at our mealtimes while many of our brothers go hungry?  A very spiritual man once told me that if I left half my dinner on my plate and asked Jesus to give it to someone who had no food, then somewhere, somebody in the world, would be fed because of my giving.
Am I guilty of greed in prayer?  Do I sit in prayer for many long hours because it makes me feel good then don’t go out with the Graces received, to further Gods Kingdom on earth?
Am I greedy with my time; too busy to fight against abortion or to go to prayer or to help my neighbour who is in need?
Lost the essence
Sometimes I think we have lost the essence of what Lent is all about.  Maybe we give up something simply out of habit and don’t really think about what we are doing.  Does our sacrifice hurt us?  In order for a sacrifice to be a sacrifice, self must be rattled upon its throne.  This is a real giving.  A real sacrifice is to give up a sin.  When we take one sin that we commit and make a conscious effort to kill that sin within us, then Jesus’ Burden is lightened.  He does not have to carry that extra weight on the Cross.  Would this not be showing our love for Him in this Lenten time and showing Him that we do care what He did for us?
Our spiritual lives
I leave you with a few extracts of Messages that Jesus has given.  The first one talks about taking little steps towards Him.  The second is about the television.  Many of our desires are fuelled by this and would it not be a great sacrifice to stop watching it?  Maybe as its influence over us diminishes, then our spiritual lives will get better and we will be more able to do what Jesus wants.
Tuesday 14 January 2003
Patrick: …Jesus, I do not think I am doing too well.  It is like world war three has broken out inside me.  At times, I look at a bar of chocolate and think to myself I will not eat it, I will offer it up.  Then I think, sure, what use will that do and I eat the bar of chocolate anyway!
Yes, My son, but if you deny yourself the little things, then the greater will follow much more easily.  Each time you deny yourself a little, a little more light shines forth from your soul; the more light that shines, the easier it is for you to see the Way of My Holy Spirit…
Wednesday 28 May 2003
...Look, children, look and see the spirits of lust are able to run freely through your society.  Everywhere you look, you can see sin being advertised.  To watch two children who are in the darkness of sin, performing the act of adultery on your televisions, allows spirits of lust to enter your homes.  The television, which I have called the evil box that sits in the corner, has been responsible for the deaths of millions of My children.  It is it that allows the spirits of greed, lust, homosexuality, violence and many, many millions of different spirits to enter freely into your homes.  You sit and watch the fictitious lives of others and your hearts are filled with desires; with dreams of wealth, anger, murder, lust, greed.  I could go on and fill a book with the desires, the sins, that this false prophet promotes to you… 
Monday 11 August 2003
…Oh, creation, how blind you have become in your greed, your lust for power.  Instead of you receiving power, you are giving your freedom away. That that has been given to you by Me, has been squandered


The following was written by Evans who organised the trip to Kenya. 
We have left this article the way Evans wrote it in his African lingo.

God chose me to know you
I have a reason to thank God for letting me know you.  I thank God who made you trust me though (I) was a stranger.  Yes, God chose me to know you so that I could learn from you how to love Him better and what it means to love. 
Your visit to Kenya was a long waited day surrounded by fantasies and sleepless nights, questions and assumptions, fears and hopes; all these rooted in gratefulness to Jesus.  It all  seemed like a dream to me and to many including my family members.  This was a chance for me to become even more mature in faith in Jesus and to gather honours that I really never deserved; today people look at me differently and not like the Evans they knew before hosting ‘wanzungu’ (white people).
Jesus remains faithful
Am writing this so that those who did not know and believe might seek to know before they believe; whatever the case, Jesus remains to be faithful to His promises.  Thanks be to my Jesus!
I thank God
For those who had heard of the ‘two Patricks,’ none of them really believed that I was sure to host one of the Patricks. For them I was hoping to host somebody  who possesses a name Patrick but not ‘the Patrick’ that they hear of.  Your visit left them more doubtful yet sure that they have seen Patrick Rushe, your departure have made them change their village talk with the memories of the good time we had together very fresh in their heads.  I thank God who gave you courage  even to risk coming to an unknown place to visit strangers.
Guidance from above
Today, am sure we are no longer strangers to Patrick, Aine, Chris and Matej.  What can I say to thank you? I believe that you did not choose to come because you found me to be more worth to host you, but because you got guidance from above.  My Jesus, I thank You!
Made you instruments
Am grateful to Jesus who made you instruments of delivering a Message that is ‘our revision’ here today. Whenever I think of the good time we had together, without having a second thought, I go to the Message of Love that was communicated by Jesus in Nairobi, Kenya; “…My House is here and I will ask you  to return to procure it for  Me…”
Made an impact
I am sincerely grateful to the entire Invitation to Love Jesus community for all the material and spiritual support to me.  Your assistance have helped me to love better, to serve better and to witness better to the Love of Christ.  It has taught me that becoming closer to Jesus calls for taking part in the mission that He begun here on earth.  He made an impact on people because He not only talked but also did great actions of Love; He fed the hungry and gave drink to the thirsty, He clothed the naked, He consoled the abandoned, He healed the sick and to those who had lost hope He gave them hope again. Thereafter He spoke of the faith that is needed to be healed, be fed or quenched thirst, be clothed or obtain hope again.  People of Busia need this healing of Jesus, they are hungry and thirsty and need hope.
Pray for His triumphant coming
In the Message given in Nairobi, Kenya, He says  ‘…My Words of Love have now been firmly planted in the hearts of many here (Busia), they recognise Me in the words you speak.  You have been the instruments that I have used to strew Blessings like flowers…’
Your visiting me as an individual has left me more focused and quite sure of what Jesus wills to make of me for through you He communicated a Message to me.  In this Message, He also asked me to join with others to pray for His triumphant coming into our town of Busia.  We hope and believe that He is coming to make Busia an Ocean of His Love that will moisture humanity.  Amen!  Yes!
Pray for me
Who can read the Mind of Jesus?  He chooses the unworthy and makes them instruments of His Love.  I have nothing to reward you,  my dear friends, instead I ask that you reward me by praying for me.  Join with me together with the five people that have accepted to come together to pray for Jesus’ coming into Busia town.


The simple little things
Where have all the simple little things gone that we learnt as children, the simple little teachings we received at our mother’s knee or at primary school?  It saddens me to see the look of shock or surprise on the face of a child when you ask them have they said their Angel of God prayer or their morning offering today.
Angel of God prayer
I am a grandmother and one of my sons bought me a mobile phone one Christmas and a year later, I still had not used it.  I did not know how until one day a little boy I knew said, ‘I’ll teach you.’  And sure enough, he did.  I can now text and answer the phone but I was amazed at how this little eight year old knew the mobile workings inside out and yet, sad to say, he did not know his Angel of God prayer, so I taught him how to say it. 
We were not ashamed
It made me think of my childhood days many years ago and how the nuns who taught us would start every day with the Morning Offering and the Hail Mary, etc. and how we were taught the Catechism from a very young age and we were told about Heaven and hell and Purgatory.  We would learn how to examine ourselves and see when we sinned and the importance of Confessions.  We all wore the Brown Scapular and we used to have our medals pinned to us because we could not afford chains but we knew these were all things that kept us safe and we were not ashamed of them.
Children of today
The children of today know all about the famous popstars and latest films and shows etc and yet how many are taught about the Saints?  We used to hear all the stories of Saint Bernadette, Saint Teresa, Saint Martin and many, many more.
At Christmas, each child would bring a shoe box into school and old Christmas cards and we would cut the figures out of the cards and stick hardboard to the back of them to make them stand up and make a crib with the shoe box.  This meant that each house had a crib.  We never passed a chapel without blessing ourselves but sadly I see it every day as we pass by our chapels on the bus, none of the children bless themselves.
I remember when
We used to have processions on Our Lady’s Feast Days and the children would wear their Holy Communion clothes and carry baskets of flower petals and as we walked along we would strew the flowers on the ground and many, many people would come.  We would all sing at Our Lady’s grotto and a young girl would crown the statue of Our Lady with flowers. 
I remember when all the homes stopped everything at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock to say the Angelus.  We also used to go to the October devotions each evening and as there were no cars, you would see the crowds of people making their way along the streets to the chapel.
How things have changed
We were taught about Lent and why we gave up something we liked, we were not allowed to talk in chapel or be disrespectful because this was Gods House.  Oh, how things have changed! 
Feed the soul
We all love our children and it is up to us to realise that, as we need to give our children food, we must also feed the soul with the love and need for God.  We need to take stock of how our children are losing all the little teachings that they need to make them aware of God.  We need to pass on the Faith, it is our duty.  We are only their earthly parents, entrusted to us to bring them up in the faith but sadly, the faith is being allowed to die. 
Keep the faith alive
Let’s all make a greater effort to introduce our children to Christ-like things and less and less of the rubbish that is filling their little minds.  Let’s fight to keep the faith alive in our children and, most of all, take a look at our own faith and how we can improve on it and change the things we need to.  We must remember, Jesus Suffered and Died for each one of us and we must not let our faith be taken from us by those who do not want God in the world, those who say religion is old -fashioned. 
He gave All for us
Let’s fight for Jesus and remember He gave All for us.  Do you remember when each home had a picture of the Sacred Heart on the wall in the living room and each home had a holy water font?  Do you have one?  Let’s bring Jesus back into the home once more, we need Him now more than ever.
Make Jesus King of our lives.



The Forgotten Poor of the World is funded by the monthly street collections the servants do around Northern Ireland.  One hundred percent of all monies collected goes directly to the ‘Forgotten Poor.’  Father Vincent was one of the priests who received some help from this and this was his letter of thanks.  We are not asking for money for this cause as the collection is our giving, however you are more than welcome to come on our street collections.




Final message
16. So, my young friends, I hand you this Letter which continues the Gospel conversation of Christ with the young man—and flows from the testimony of the Apostles and of the first generations of Christians. I give you this Letter in International Youth Year, as we approach the end of the second Christian millennium. I entrust it to you in the twentieth year since the close of the Second Vatican Council, which called young people “the hope of the Church,” and which addressed to the young people of that time—as also to those of today and of all time—a “closing Message” in which the Church is described as the real youth of the world, as the one who “possesses what constitutes strength and the charm of youth, that is to say, the ability to rejoice with what is beginning, to give oneself unreservedly, to renew oneself and to set out again for new conquests”. This I do on Palm Sunday, the day on which I am meeting many of you, pilgrims in Saint Peter’s Square, here in Rome. Precisely on this day the Bishop of Rome prays together with you for all the young people of the world, for each and every one. We are praying in the community of the Church, so that—against the background of the difficult times in which we live—you “may always be prepared to make a defence to anyone who calls you to account for the hope that is in you”. Yes, precisely you, because on you depends the future, on you depends also the end of this millennium and the beginning of the next. So do not be passive; take up your responsibilities—in all the fields open to you in our world! For this same intention the Bishops and priests in the different places will pray together with you.
And as we thus pray, in the great community of the young people of the universal Church and of all the Churches, we have before our eyes the image of Mary, who accompanies Christ at the beginning of his mission among men. This is the Mary of Cana of Galilee, who intercedes for the young people, for the newly-married couple when at the marriage feast the wine for the guests runs out. Then Christ’s Mother says these words to those serving at the feast: “Do whatever he tells you”. He, the Christ.
I repeat these words of the Mother of God and I address them to you, to each one of you young people: “Do whatever Christ tells you”. And I bless you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Amen.
Given in Rome, at Saint Peter’s, on 31 March, Palm Sunday and the Sunday of the Lord’s Passion, in the year 1985, the seventh of my Pontificate.

The End



05 / 02 / 2010 - Precious Life bring global 40 Days For Life Campaign to Northern Ireland
Precious Life is gearing up for a campaign of ‘40 Days of Prayer and Fasting’ in an effort to stop the abortion threats to Northern Ireland.
Communities in Northern Ireland will join with hundreds of cities in the United States, Canada in Australia that are hosting ‘40 Days for Life’ events from 17 February to 28 March, 2010.
The ‘40 Days for Life Campaign’ was started in 2004 by a Pro-Life group in Texas.  Over the following years it spread across the USA and Canada.  This year, two cities in Northern Ireland and one in Australia are also taking part.
Director of Precious Life, Bernadette Smyth said, “This Lent, from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday, communities across Ireland and Britain will be uniting with hundreds of cities in the USA, Canada and Australia for the largest simultaneous Pro-Life mobilisation in history - The ‘40 Days for Life Campaign.’  We will be praying and fasting for the protection of Ireland from abortion and the repeal of the 1967 Abortion Act in Britain.”
She added, “During the ‘40 Day Campaign,’ Precious Life will also encourage more people to join Prayer Vigils outside abortion facilities.  Here in Northern Ireland, we are urging people to join our daily vigils outside the Family Planning Association’s (FPA) abortion referral agencies in Belfast and Derry.”
US ‘40 Days for Life’ spring campaign director Shawn Carney said the enthusiasm for the upcoming campaign is growing across the country and around the world.
“The campaign dates of February 17 through March 28 coincide with the Christian season of Lent. “It’s a perfect match,” said Carney. “Lent is a season of prayer, fasting, repentance and renewal. It is our prayer that the efforts of the thousands of people who will participate in ‘40 Days for Life’ in their home towns will touch hearts and minds, save lives - and show that extreme pro-abortion policies do not resonate with the values of this nation.”
The mission of the campaign is to bring together the Body of Christ in a spirit of unity during a focused 40 days of prayer, fasting and community outreach. For more information and your FREE Prayer Pack please contact Precious Life.

P.O. Box 425, Belfast,
N. Ireland BT1 4YF

028 9027 8484 (within UK)

048 9027 8484
(from Republic of Ireland)

00 44 28 9027 8484
(from rest of the world)



1 And Jesus went unto mount Olivet.
Jesus often went to the Mount of Olives to be alone in prayer with God the Father and to receive Instruction.
2 And early in the morning He came again into the temple and all the people came to Him and sitting down He taught them.
Jesus, the Teacher, yearned to Teach, to give what He Himself had been taught, He explained the Old Testament with Knowledge and depth, and the Truth of His Teachings drew the people to Him each day to be taught.
3 And the scribes and the Pharisees bring unto Him a woman taken in adultery: and they set her in the midst,
Imagine the embarrassment and terror of this woman to be brought in front of these people with her sin.
4 And said to Him: Master, this woman was even now taken in adultery.
They indignantly accused her of her sin.
5 Now Moses in the law commanded us to stone such a one.  But what sayest Thou?
In those days a person could have been stoned to death for this sin.
The scribes and the Pharisees were challenging Jesus to see would He contradict the Law of Moses.  They could see the attention Jesus was receiving and that the people were listening and learning from Him.
6 And this they said tempting Him, that they might accuse Him. But Jesus bowing Himself down, wrote with His Finger on the ground.
The scribes and the Pharisees were not only testing Jesus but they wanted Jesus to answer in a way that the people would disagree with.  Jesus does not answer them but silently bends down and writes in the sand.
7 When therefore they continued asking Him, He lifted up Himself and said to them: He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
The throng of people would have been like an angry mob ready for action.  When Jesus stood up He stood up with Authority and His Words would have been spoken in Authority, dispelling the anger.
8 And again stooping down, He wrote on the ground.
9 But they hearing this, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest. And Jesus alone remained and the woman standing in the midst.
Now, Jesus with His Words made them aware of their own sin and of course no one was in a position to throw the first stone.
10 Then Jesus lifting up Himself, said to her: Woman, where are they that accused thee?  Hath no man condemned thee?
11 Who said: No man, Lord. And Jesus said: Neither will I condemn thee. Go and now sin no more.
Jesus absolved the woman of her sin and told her to sin no more.
Jesus, by His Words and actions, has given this woman a new life.  She must have felt great freedom and joy within her heart.
This passage of Scripture gives me reason to reflect;
How many times have I judged and threw the first stone?
How many times have I accused another of their sin (even if just in thought) blind, at that moment, to my own sin.
And of course the all compelling Words of Jesus “Go and now sin no more.”


Dear servants, enclosed is a cheque to help with costs of producing the Newsletter which is excellent.
My son is aged fourteen and attends a large non-Catholic comprehensive school.  He brought home his script from drama which he had to learn for his GCSE.  To my horror it was full of blasphemy and ridicule of the Passion and Saint John the Baptist.  I cannot repeat what was in it.  The story ends in suicide.
The name of the play is “chatroom” and the playwrite is Enda Walsh from Dublin.
If this “play” is being repeated all over Britain as part of GCSEs, think of the damage it is doing to young minds!  I wrote in complaining but have not had a reply.
Parents!  Please be vigilant about what is taught in schools and I ask for your prayers.
Thank you for the great work you are all doing with the two Patricks.  Please send more ‘babies’ leaflets.
God Bless, Nellie.
Message Booklets
Dear two Patricks and servants of the holy House of Prayer, enclosed ... for to help a little towards the Houses you are helping Jesus to buy throughout the world.  Thank you for sending out the Message Booklets so often, we love to receive them and I leave them for others in the Church stalls etc.
Please pray for the following people...
Thanking you for your prayers, yours sincerely, Josephine.

Dear friends, thank you for sending me your magazine and especially the pictures with the terrible images of abortions, they are very useful for me and for a group of people in Jaén who fight against the new law that the government is preparing in Spain.  Our group is called, ‘Derecho a Vivir.’  If you could send me more cards I’d be very grateful. 
Happy new year with the Lord and the Virgin and Saint Joseph next to us.
With much love, Carmen, Spain.

Well done!
Dear friend at the Sacred Heart House of Prayer, please find enclosed a cheque to be used for Jesus’ Houses.  I think what you are doing is fantastic and you must all love Jesus very much.  Keep up the great work for Jesus and our world.
Well done on your recent concert, I wish that I could have been there as it sounded fantastic and I really enjoyed reading about it in the magazine.
I have recently started a small prayer group in my home - ‘Our Lady, Queen of the Home,’ and after we have said the...prayers, we sing along to your CD - ‘So, So Much Love.’ I have printed and laminated the words for ‘Clap for Jesus’ and ‘Prayer of Love.’  These are my favourite Songs and the girls love them.  I will keep you all in my prayers, I would really love to come over for a visit soon - please God!  God Bless you all and much love, your sister in Christ, Claire.
P.S. the magazine is fab, and just keeps getting better and better.

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