A new House in Belgium

As you have been aware, we sent out the appeal to raise the spiritual backup of prayer and money to buy the House of Prayer in Belgium which Jesus asked for on the Feast of the Sacred Heart 2010. 
“...Today, I do a new thing.  I call upon My two sons and My servants to find My House in the city of the seat of power in Europe for there the prayer can thwart what they plan to do with the little ones as yet unborn.  This I ask for quickly.  Do not be afraid to do this for it is your gift to Me on this, My Feast Day.  ...I call upon My children of faith to help financially to procure this House for Me.  I tell you truly, that if My children stop their work for Me, I will continue to raise souls to carry it on.  I Love you all.  See, I am at the very gates.”  Friday 11 June 2010, Feast of the Most Sacred Heart
Thank You, Jesus!
Much to our amazement, the funds came in within two weeks of the appeal and a group went over to sign for the House just before Christmas.  Thank You, Jesus!  You can read more about the purchase of the House in this Newsletter. 
Thank you
We just want to say a huge thanks to you, our readers, who have been overwhelmingly helpful and supportive with your prayers, kind words, encouraging letters, and your financial help, which is especially appreciated and valued in these economically difficult times.
The winter will be long and hard
You may, like we in Northern Ireland, have been affected by the ‘Arctic weather,’ and understand clearly what Jesus Warned us of on Sunday 31 October 2010:
“...Come, My little ones, for there is little time left to you and you do not see it.  You must prepare but still you have not.  Come prepare now, for the winter will be long and hard and I will need your help...”
And with the water shortages in Northern Ireland - many people were without running water in late December - this winter, which has only just started, is turning out to be the worst we have ever known.  What Jesus said has come true and winter is not yet over!
So, if Jesus Warned us about this winter being long and hard in good time, we ought to listen to Him when He says “I am at the very gates” and “prepare!”
In this Newsletter, we have also published newspaper articles about worrying things going on in Europe such as the new “Europol” police force and their powers over us. 
Jesus has been telling us over a period of time that Europe is a cesspool of evil and the Houses of Prayer He has set up is what He uses to combat that evil.
European Court of Human Rights
We have also covered the worrying “A, B, C case” taken to the European Court of Human Rights which is trying to bring abortion into Ireland.


Thank you

Jesus said on the Feast of the Sacred Heart 2010 “ is your gift to Me on this, My Feast Day....” in reference to procuring a House of Prayer in Belgium.
We, the two Patricks, feel that we have almost completed this urgent request of Jesus to move into the “enemy’s lair.”  This House needs to be manned all the year round.  Now that we have procured the House we urgently need more people to come forward to volunteer to man the Belgium House - Saint Thérèse House of Prayer - this is imperative for, the gift that Jesus asked for is ongoing in the fight against abortion and what the European government plans to do with the unborn.
Without you - our benefactors and praying people - these things that Jesus asks for would be humanly impossible and we ask Jesus to Bless each one of you in His Love.  We, personally, thank you all for the help that you have given to us to give Jesus what He Desires in this war against the darkness.  Thank you.


The Messages of Love

Sunday 3 October 2010

Look only for Love.  Do not allow anythin g to come before Love for I am Love.
Do not listen to this world and its lies but, rather, look towards Me.
I am your God and I need your help in protecting My children from the snares of lucifer.
Come, My little ones, come, follow Me so that We, together, can overcome the darkness of this world.
Come, I need your help.
Come, I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Wednesday 20 October 2010
Look to the Truth, children, and see Me.  Do not be afraid to come, follow Me.  Do not worry what this world thinks for it will hate you for following Me.  It cannot give you Life, only I can give Life to those who ask, those who are willing to ask through their deeds.
Come, children, come, I, your Jesus, Love you.

Tuesday 16 November 2010

My Love is for all My people.  It is not to be kept but given away for it is in giving, that you will receive; the more you give, the more you will receive.
Look, I tell you the Truth, do not listen to those who say that you should think of your self first.  First, you should think of your God and I am within all of mankind, so when you look to the good of your brother, you look to the good of your God.
These are Words of Truth and they have not changed from the beginning.
Love is what I am and love is what you should be.
Come, children, listen to My Words and take them into your hearts so that I can reach out to My children through you. 
Come, listen, for there is much Work to be done and little time left to do it.  I need you to help Me.  I await your response to My calls.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Sunday 28 November 2010

Look to Me and do not listen to those who twist My Word into an unrecognisable language.
My Word is Truth and cannot be changed.
To those who do change it: your days are numbered for your lives are short and then, you will stand before Me and you shall reap what you have sown.
Turn away from your evil way and come, follow Me in Truth and I shall wash away your sin.
Come, children, listen to the Truth for My Laws are being changed and soon you shall see more and more of these changes come into being.
Come, follow, while there is still time.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus I love You.
Monday 29 November 2010
Truth is what I seek from those of you who see that you follow Me.  Do not say that you follow Me if you do not try to live in the Truth.
My Way is the narrow path and the narrow path can only lead to Eternal Life in My Father’s Kingdom.
So many of you who say that you follow Me, only live in a lie. Wake up, My children, and see the Truth that I speak and do not allow yourselves to be drawn into the darkness of this world. There is little time left for mankind to return before the Hand of Justice will strike this Earth and all darkness shall be removed.
Those of you who say that you follow Me and yet live a lie will see this Justice; those of you who try to follow Me in Truth will not see My Justice for it is Holy and will not be looked upon by those who live in the Truth.
Truth is your goal, you must try each day to follow in My Footsteps: this is My Desire for you.
I Love you, My little children, I Love you.
Friday 3 December 2010

Come, now, My little ones, and see My Truth.  Do not allow the deceiver to draw you away from Me on the Path of Truth that is threaded intricately through this world. Do not listen to the lies that are spread through the false teachings of the deceivers.
My House has been infiltrated by lucifer; he has wound himself ever deeper and now he deceives you from the top. 
Do not listen to his lies for there lies eternal death.
My Temple is defiled by the spawn of lucifer but soon I shall Come and cleanse them from My midst and they shall harvest what they have sown.
Look to the Truth, children, and see My Words: read My Commandments and live your lives by My Laws for they have not changed, they are the Truth.
Sin is darkness and cannot be accepted within My House:
My Laws are Truth.
My House is My Church.
See what I say, children, see the Truth of My Words and come close to Me so that you do not be swept away.
I Love you, My little ones, and I call upon you to help your brothers and sisters in these times of darkness, these times of sin so that they come to Me now for My protection.
Come, children, be My Hands, My Feet and My Lips: go out into the darkness of this world and find My lost and lonely children. 
Come, listen to My Words.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Saturday 4 December 2010

Look to the Truth, My children, as I have told you and see My Love for you and all mankind. Do not listen to the false doctrines for they are spreading like wildfire throughout My Church.
My Church is under great attack from within but, I tell you, they will not destroy it.  I simply allow them to crawl out of their dark places; they shall be destroyed by the Light.
In their blindness they have forgotten My Promise that the gates of hell shall never prevail against My Church.
Soon, I shall Come and destroy these deceivers and they shall be cast into the pit with their father, the father of lies.
Trust in Me, children, trust in My Love for you for I am Coming soon.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Wednesday 8 December 2010

Look only to the Truth, children, lest you be deceived! 
You are living in dark times, times of sin.
Come, follow My Word, My Truth and do not listen to those who would lead you upon a path of darkness.
Do not listen to those who change My Word for My Scriptures are Holy and cannot be changed.
Trust in Me and trust in My Word, do not listen to those who are the false prophets as they stand upon My altars and spew darkness from their lips.
Seek out My priests who speak the Truth and listen to their words: so many of you listen to the deceivers.
I say, do NOT listen for you do not know the danger you are in.  They will wear your resolve down and you will begin to believe their false teachings for these are the teachings of this world.
Come, My little ones, and listen to My Words and I will keep you safe.
If you doubt these Words of Mine then read My Scriptures and they will keep you safe.  For these are not new Words that I speak, I have already told you that the deceivers would come and they are in your midst.
Look to My Truth, My Love and you will know what I speak of.  Trust in Me, My little ones, trust in your God. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Friday 10 December 2010

Come to Me, little children, come follow Me for I am your God.
I call out in these times to My children but very few answer My calls.  Very few are willing to give up their selfish lifestyles to answer the call of their God.
My children have become obsessed with the things of this world; money has become their God and they have forgotten Me.
Money is nothing, children, it will not buy you Eternal Life, it will not buy you happiness.
Look at the grasses of the field and the birds of the air: they are free, they are happy for they have Me to provide for them; they do not rely on this world but they rely on their God.
Come away from the things of this world, children, and follow in My Footsteps for your brothers and sisters are in need. They need you to bring My Truth to show them that Love is still alive and that Love still cares.
I Love you, My children, I Love you and I call you to listen to My Words for time grows short.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Monday 13 December 2010

Come, My children, listen to My Voice and do not be drawn in by the glitter of this world.  I have called you many times and so few of you have listened to My calls.
Soon, it will be too late and then you will be taken by the evil of this world and I shall Come and cleanse all evil.
Pray that you are not a part of this.  Turn to Me now, while there is still time!
A Seal is about to be opened and poured out on this world and many changes will take place.  Those that promote sin shall be marked and they shall pay the price of their blasphemy: the cleansing has begun and mankind shall come to realise what I do against sin but it will be too late for many for their hearts have become hardened by evil.  I Love you, My children, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Tuesday 14 December 2010

Come, My little ones, and see My Truth.  Come taste the Sweet Water of Eternal Life so that you will know My Ways. 
I am calling to you through these Words.  I am calling so that you will know the True Path to My Father’s Kingdom.
Look, the path lies before you; simply, come, follow Me.
Turn away from the things of this world, take the path of self dying and all will begin to come clear to you.
Come, My little ones, I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Saturday 18 December 2010

Look to Love and allow Me to be with you in this time of My Birth.
Come, My little ones, and allow Me to speak to you, allow Me to comfort you.
My Love is with you, it is given free of charge.
Come, My little flock, and drink deeply so that you can have Peace.
My Love is yours.
I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Wednesday 22 December 2010

Come, children of Mine, and listen to My Voice.  Listen to My Truth. 
In order to know My Ways, you must go against self.  If you are not willing to die to self then you are not willing to follow Me in Truth.
Dying to self is going against the desires of the body and the desires of the mind.  Self will desire much in life, so many things that are against My Laws.  The more you give in to self, the more you will become blinded to the lies and deceit of lucifer and so you will walk blindly into his traps.
Whereas, if you die to self then the scales will fall from your eyes and the things of this world will cease to matter and only My Way will give you satisfaction.
Look at the Truth and see what I say.  Trust in Me!  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Thursday 30 December 2010

Come to Me, My little ones, and do not be afraid for I am your God.
Time is entering into darkness and all moves ever faster and there is little time left to you now.
Come, children, and understand what I say.  Sin is affecting the world in ways that you cannot understand and, soon, things will begin that not even science will be able to explain.
Science will become confused and they will come to realise that they are like children, trying to explain adult things that they do not understand.
I am Coming, children, Scripture will come to pass and all will be fulfilled and mankind will be freed of the darkness and Peace will reign once again.
I Love you, come, I await your response to My calls.
I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Feast of Love
Saturday 15 January 2011

My children, I Love you.  I need you to be vigilant; this world you live in is a very dark place at this time.  I want all of you with Me.  The darkness has spread across that made up country of Europe and I have placed stepping stones there, little stepping stones of My Light that will light the way for many.
In Europe, it is I who am the enemy, the One who is the criminal and the One who is hunted down; it is I they wish to kill for it is I who speak the Truth to counteract their lies.  My Church in Europe is all but black and much more will emerge from it as they try to undermine My Presence within it.
Look at My Houses, My Lights, My Places of Refuge, they wait for you, My Little Army of Love, to go to them to spread My Love.  The more that is spread, the more My Light will shine and the less damage they can do to your faith, your souls.
My children, I Warn you, you do not deal with the human but you deal with the spiritual, you deal with the spirits that have already been allowed to take over.  Your referendums mean nothing, children, your votes mean nothing, they are just a show, an act to make you think that you still have control; My Ireland once bloomed like a beautiful rose in My Hands but she decided to turn her back on Me, now she withers in the hands of lucifer to whom she has sold herself for a few coins.
You deal with a dark enemy, children, stay with Me for the world calls you very loudly to abandon Me.  I call you to come to Me and do what I need you to do to save Europe.  I have moved My Army of Light into the centre of enemy territory and through this I will prevent many things.  Already, they control your lives.  Stay with Me.  I Love you.
Feast of Love
Saturday 15 January 2011

This Love of Mine reaches out to you, My children, this Heart reaches out to you. I give it to you on this, My Day of Love. Take it, My children, do not leave here without it for it is your weapon in these dark days. I give you the two-edged sword of My Words; they are what you need to fight with, they are what will save you in the end and keep you close to Me.
My Plans are thus; to stay always ahead of the enemy but, My children, I need you to do that. I have given you free will and I need that to enable Me to pursue these Plans. I need to be able to call on you and send you out at a moment’s notice. Are you ready, children? I ask you this for the time of battle draws near.



How The money came in
Novena to Saint Thérèse
A few weeks before Christmas we heard that the new House of Prayer in Le Roeulx (pronounced like Le Rue) in Belgium was ready to be signed for.  The only problem was that we didn’t have all the money yet!  Jesus inspired Patrick to do a Novena to Saint Thérèse of Liseux which we prayed every day and, in only a couple of weeks, we had enough money to pay for the House and for the flights to go and get it!
No problems at all
Five of us set out from Dublin, ten days before Christmas. We flew on Thursday and the appointment for the signing was on Friday.  Everything went smoothly on the way over and all the next day. There were no problems at all, just plain sailing the whole way.  It was great.  We got the keys at the signing and went to the House and the old owners came to take the final readings for the gas, water and electricity. They were lovely people and answered any questions we had about the House and the town. 
Setting up the House
We spent the next few days setting up the House.  The Prayer Room was established first with the King of Love picture we had brought with us and some candles and flowers.  Beds were bought and built and the kitchen was set up as Jesus Instructed.  We went to Mass in the local church on Sunday and introduced ourselves to a neighbour who welcomed us to the town.  All in all, it was one of the most straightforward buying of a House of Prayer that I had ever seen.
Our flight was cancelled
We were due to fly home on Monday so we headed to Charleroi airport for our flight.  There was heavy snow in Belgium but the motorway was open and we had checked our flight on the internet and it was going ok.  When we arrived in the airport we were told our flight was delayed but we were able to check in our luggage and go through security.  When it came to the final check of our passports, just before we boarded the plane we were told that our flight was cancelled.
Closed because of snow
We were a bit shocked and we were told the problem was in Dublin, that the airport had just closed because of snow.  We queued for an hour and a half at the desk to get another flight but when we got there they said the next available flight was on Sunday 26 December as all the flights were full.  There had been cancellations to Dublin that morning and the day before so everyone was trying to get onto a plane.
Three trains
We left the airport and got a number for the nearest hotel and decided the best thing to do was get the ferry home.  This meant we had to make our way to Cherbourg.  The receptionist in the hotel helped us get the train information and we were able to go to Cherbourg the next day with three trains - Charleroi to Brussels, Brussels to Paris and Paris to Cherbourg.  We missed one of our trains in Paris as we had to change stations but there was another one an hour later.  We arrived in Cherbourg on Tuesday night and stayed there to await the ferry on Wednesday.
A small sacrifice
As we awaited the ferry we wondered was this a small sacrifice to offer for Jesus getting His House?  This House was the first House of Prayer that I have seen where it doesn’t need any renovation.  It has central heating, fitted kitchen, fitted bathrooms.  Ready to walk in and live there – or in our case it is ready to be manned so the prayers for the unborn can begin straight away.
So important to Jesus
Because this House is so important to Jesus, was He asking us to give something on our way home?  I think He was but it wasn’t a huge sacrifice. Just very inconvenient! One single flight that takes an hour and a half is much easier than travelling across two countries to catch an overnight ferry and then still be faced with driving six hours from Rosslare to Cookstown in treacherous weather.
Delighted to be home
When we got off the ferry the buses were waiting to bring people to Dublin. We got a bus to the airport which took just over four hours and then got a lift to Cookstown.  We arrived back after midnight on Thursday 23 December having started our journey home at 4pm on Monday!  We were delighted to be home but it made us realise how blessed we were as we realised many, many people were not in the same position as us and would be stuck in airports and hotels for Christmas. 
Thank you
So Jesus has a new House of Prayer and its prayers are needed for all the unborn in Europe.  Please pray that we will be able to open it and man it soon.  Thank you for all your prayers and donations for this new House of Prayer. Thank You, Jesus, for getting us there and back safely and for calling us to be a part of this work. 

A little Sacrifice
The purchase

Our Solicitor, Pierre, in Mons, Belgium, arranged the completion of the purchase of Jesus’ new House on 17 December.  It was just in the last few days that the money was available to do this.  I remember being touched by the faith and generosity of the benefactors and so many wrote saying they were praying Jesus would get this important House.
We all shook hands
Our team of five arrived in Belgium on 16 December.  The next day we all spent an hour in personal prayer then drove to the Notar’s office in La Louviere.  The meeting took its usual formalities in a very relaxed atmosphere, with the Notar, Pierre, the owners and the five of us.  After some time and translation Pierre said, “it is ok” and the trustees signed on behalf of ‘An Invitation to Love Jesus.’  We all shook hands, the purchase was complete and Patrick lifted the keys of the new House for Jesus.
So welcoming
We drove to the House in the town of Le Roeulx.  The heat was left on for us which was so welcoming in the cold and snow.  The previous owners arrived and showed us where the mains were for gas, electric, water, they were very friendly and gave us a lot of their time.
In great condition
The House is large and in great condition with six bedrooms and a large garage that can be converted; kitchen with fridge freezer, cooker, dishwasher; large living room and three bathrooms.  The only furniture was six chairs found in the cellar.
The Prayer Room
On Friday evening we set up the Prayer Room with Crucifix, candles and King of Love picture.  On Saturday we bought bunk beds and bedding, cooking utensils and food.  We were so happy to be staying in Jesus’ House of Prayer.
On Sunday we went to Mass in the local church, it was lovely, very big and well kept.  We returned and had an hour of personal prayer in the Prayer Room.  On Monday we completed our work and tidied up.  We had been told about Dublin airport delays with the snow and were hopeful of getting our flight at this stage.
Six days later
After checking in and going through security we were informed that the flight was cancelled.  We were told to go to the information desk.  We did and joined a queue of about one hundred people.  We stood in this for nearly one and a half hours to be told that the next available flight for us would be Sunday, six days later.  We were shocked.
Take the ferry
Patrick phoned Patrick O’Kane and they decided we would find a place to stay and next day travel to Cherbourg and take the ferry to Rosslare, Ireland. 
I saw a woman with a young child sitting on the floor crying and I really felt for all the people stranded with maybe little money and no option but to wait in the backlog for another flight.  How unchristian the airport is to treat people like this when their flight is cancelled, with no compassion.
A long, cold journey
We travelled by trains all the next day to reach Cherbourg and had to stay in a hotel there overnight.  On Thursday evening we departed on the ferry to Ireland arriving in Rosslare at 10.30am.  We took a bus to Dublin and Shaun met us up there and drove us to Cookstown arriving at 12.30am.
It was a long, cold journey over nearly four days.
A little sacrifice
I believe sometimes we have to be willing to do a little sacrifice for Jesus and I was more pleased that all went well with our mission for the new House of Prayer.
The long journey home put a lot of extra expense on the trip and Patrick will have to return with some servants to set up the House further with furniture and have the electrics and plumbing checked.
Thank You, Jesus.

Returning to Le Roeulx
Return to Belgium

On Tuesday 28 December, Patrick informed us that Jesus was asking him to return to Belgium to complete the setting up of the new House of Prayer. As you have read, we had just returned home from Belgium on 23 December after purchasing the House, Jesus was now moving fast to establish this important House.
Van packed
On Saturday 1 January, Patrick, Bridie, Matej and myself departed in the van packed with religious pictures, statues, Message Books and various other items.  We took the ferry from Ireland to Cherbourg, France, and drove to Le Roeulx, Belgium, arriving on Sunday night.
Furnishing the House
Monday was spent buying an altar table, chairs, and a bookcase for the Prayer Room; more bunk beds and lockers for the bedrooms; desks and bookshelves for the office and sofas for the living room.
On Tuesday we bought light fittings, lamps, and a washing machine.  A lot of the furniture was in flat packs and had to be assembled. 
The Prayer Room
Patrick said the Prayer Room was the first priority.  Jesus inspired Patrick how the Prayer Room was to be set out and late that night the altar table was set up with candles, flowers, Crucifix, and large picture of the King of Love.  Religious pictures were hung on the walls, chairs set out, bookcase and shelves set up with Message books etc.  It looked beautiful to present to Jesus “…For there the prayer can thwart what they plan to do with the little ones as yet unborn…”  (Message 11 June 2011)
Office and sitting room
Next were the office/sitting room.  The desks, sofas, bookcase were assembled.  One half of this large room is an office for communication; the other half is a sitting room to greet visitors.
Wanted His House manned
On Wednesday Matej fitted many new lights as the previous owners had taken theirs and he did some work on the heating.  The bunk beds were assembled and we tried to get more keys cut.  All was moving very swiftly.  After prayer, Patrick told us that Jesus wanted His House manned.  A call was made to Cookstown to organise two servants to come for one month.  Patrick told us that he also needed to fly home and wanted to complete all that Jesus had asked beforehand.  We called with our neighbours, Jean-Claude and Joelle, who speak English and they said they would arrange for an electrician to come and check the electrics and fit additional sockets. Also, they said they would have someone call to service the boiler and check the central heating.  Our solicitor arrived with an insurance man, as we requested, to have the property and contents insured.  All this confirmed for Patrick that he could fly home on Friday evening and the three of us were left to complete the work and leave on Sunday as scheduled.
Saint Thérèse House of Prayer
On Thursday we were told that Mary and Bernie were flying out to man the House of Prayer and would be with us on Saturday morning.  Later that day, Jesus named the House “Saint Thérèse House of Prayer” and named the rooms within the House.  On Friday we left Patrick to the airport and got paint for the Prayer Room and a sewing machine for Mary to make curtains.  On Saturday we lifted Mary and Bernie from the airport and, by the end of the day, the Prayer Room was newly painted and everything set back into place.  It was complete and beautiful for Jesus.  We sat down together after dinner and passed on to Mary and Bernie all the information we had about the House including any instructions from Patrick.  I spent a little while in the Prayer Room and felt joy that we had achieved what Jesus had asked for and thanks to Him everything went so well.  I recalled the evenings when we talked about the important Messages Jesus has spoken about Europe and America in Message Book Eight and how relevant they are now as God has been pushed out and His Laws are no longer obeyed.   
House could remain open
On Sunday morning we departed Saint Thérèse House of Prayer, with Mary and Bernie in their Habits at the front door waving us off.  We were delighted that the House could remain open for Jesus and the prayers going up to Him.

This House is manned in January which is fantastic but Jesus wants His House manned all year round because it is so important. 
Will you please consider the sacrifice of going with a servant to man this House for one month?  The House is no good to the unborn if we cannot keep it open.
As Jesus said on Saturday 22 July 2006, “...When they (the Houses of Prayer) are open then their light shines but when they are not then they do not shine.  I need them to shine brightly...”


Irish abortion laws under European court spotlight
Ireland’s abortion laws are in the human rights spotlight today in a landmark legal ruling which could overturn the country’s sovereign right to protect unconditionally “the life of the unborn.”
A, B and C
Three women living in Ireland want the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to declare the country’s long-standing abortion ban a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights, to which Ireland is a signatory.
The three anonymous women – identified only as “A, B and C” in court documents – claim the ban forced them to travel abroad for abortions, endangering their “health and well-being,” which is safeguarded by the Convention.
Human Rights Convention
Their case, backed by the Family Planning Association and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, was heard in the Strasbourg court a year ago.
The Government argued that the safeguards of the Human Rights Convention cannot be interpreted as endorsing the right to abortion – although Ireland does supply post-abortion care and counselling despite the ban.
Pre-natal life
The Government’s case that Ireland must retain the sovereign right “to determine when life begins” is being supported by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children and the European Centre for Law and Justice, which argue that rights are attached to “pre-natal life.”
Life imprisonment
Abortion was outlawed in Ireland by a 1861 rule which still sets life imprisonment as an option for women convicted of “unlawfully procuring a miscarriage.”
Ireland’s constitution “acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.”
The ban was reinforced by public backing in a 1983 referendum.
Hardship and unnecessary costs
The three women at the centre of the legal challenge say being forced to leave Ireland to terminate their pregnancies caused hardship and unnecessary costs.
One of the three had been diagnosed as at risk of an ectopic pregnancy, with the foetus developing outside the womb.  Another had become pregnant while receiving chemotherapy for cancer.  The third already had children who were taken into care because of her inability to cope.
Prohibition of torture
They all complained in 2005 that the Pro-Life Irish law breached Human Right Convention guarantees of the “right to respect for private and family life, their “right to life,” the “prohibition of discrimination” and “prohibition of torture.”
Following guarantees
Last year’s (2009) one-day court hearing took place just two months after Ireland approved the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, following guarantees that the country’s Pro-Life constitution would remain unaffected.
Strasbourg-based Council of Europe
Ironically the threat now comes not from the EU but from the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe, guardian of the Human Rights Convention.
If the women win their claim today, Irish abortion law may have to be adjusted - but not necessarily removed altogether – to take account of the health and well-being of pregnant women.


Jesus told us abortion would come into Ireland
My little children, I need you.  I need you to come to Me for behind your backs they bring abortion into your homes.  They will take your very rights away from you.  I tell you this now so that you shall know when it happens. I tell you to prepare you, and be ready to fight it at all costs.  Begin your preparation now.  Do not abandon Ireland to this evil.  Do not let them take your light away for I have given it to you Myself.  I Love you and I need you to stand up and fight now. I Love you.
Now, My children, you have work to do.  Will you now do it or shall I look for others?  Friday 11 August 1995, for all of Ireland

...My country of Ireland has prostituted herself even further now and is in lucifer’s web.  Watch now and see the houses of death open their doors to allow lucifer’s sacrifice to become more readily available... Monday 21 October 2002

Look, My children of Ireland, the time of persecution is upon you.  You have supped with the beast and he has imprisoned you.
No longer do you hear My Words of Truth; you have sold your freedom for a handful of coins.  I ask, what will it gain you but darkness and death eternal?
I Love you, My people of Ireland, and I call you back from the danger you have placed yourselves in.  Abortion you have accepted in your hearts, you have sold the blood of your children to be offered to lucifer.  Be Warned for, this Day, I call you back for your destruction is imminent.  Devastation you have called upon yourselves by your acceptance of untruth.  Greed is upon you.
Turn away and come back to Me.  I Love you...
Saturday 22 November 2003, Messages from the Weekend for the Prophets of Ireland

Jesus, I have been trying to explain for some time now, the things that are within me.  I keep feeling the Houses of Prayer in France and Spain and the others that You have been showing me.  It is hard to describe.
The sensation or feeling that comes is that I was in these places; not only that, but that I had lived there all my life, as though I were French or Spanish.  It is as if I were part of that culture and I always had been.  I cannot seem to get it into words but You know what I mean, Jesus.
My servant, I give you these Gifts so that you will understand what it is that I want of these places.  My Plan for Europe is beginning.  There is much evil planned for this country and I must take the parts of it that I can get through those who still believe in Me.  Those who believe must be prepared to keep the faith alive during the persecution against Me that is imminent.  Already, it has begun.  You can see this.
Before, in history, there was a dictator who tried to take over it and he did much damage.  I tell you that what is happening now, in secret, is the same but under a different name; a seemingly better name but the results are the same.  A few countries will control the rest and among them will be the one who was wounded and lives again.  The other countries will destroy the faith of all if I do not put these Plans of Mine into action.  Do not listen to those who tell you that it is good for, what looks good on the outside, is not always necessarily good on the inside.
27 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness. 
28 Even so you also outwardly appear righteous to men but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.  Matthew 23:27-28
This is how it is with those who take control.  They will take away faith in Me in a subtle way; they will render Me useless.  They will make only buying and selling useful and this with consequences.  Do you not see it happening?  Soon all countries will boast abortion laws and the evil one will have his sacrifices that he needs to fulfil his plan.  I have told you all these things in truth, I do not lie.
I allow you to feel these things, My servant, because I must show the world what is happening.  Can you imagine war without war?  Think!  Can you imagine poverty without poverty?  Can you imagine life without Life?  Think!
I need you to continue to believe in My Plans for My Houses, My servant.  All these things are coming to pass and there are few to stop them.  A great cloud hangs over Europe, a cloud darker than what was there before; darker with subtle evil.  The churches crumble for lack of those who believe; for lack of those who wish to believe that I can save this country. 
If it is allowed to go on then this will become a desolate land.  That is why I wish to keep it alive in you so that you can tell others and they too, can make it live.  I Love you.
Saturday 29 July 2006


Violated the Convention
A, B and C v Ireland [2010] ECHR 2032 is a landmark case of the European Court of Human Rights on the right to privacy under article 8 ECHR. It held there is no right for women to an abortion, although it found that Ireland had violated the Convention by failing to provide an accessible and effective procedure by which a woman can have established whether she qualifies for a legal abortion under current Irish law.
The Court held that Ireland had violated article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, by failing to protect the right to privacy of the third applicant, C. While the Court held that “Article 8 cannot... be interpreted as conferring a right to abortion” it held that because her rights, under Irish law, were uncertain and unclear in seeking an abortion when pregnancy was life threatening, her right to privacy was infringed. Rather than information being unavailable, the problem was that there was nowhere C could go to secure a legally authoritative determination of what her rights were in her situation. In this regard it noted the “significant chilling” effect of Irish legislation. The other complaints were dismissed. All of A, B and C’s arguments that article 3 (right against inhuman and degrading treatment) as well as C’s additional argument that article 2 (right to life) were violated were dismissed as “manifestly ill founded.” The claims of A and B on the basis of article 8 were dismissed, because although it recognised the “serious impact of the impugned restriction on the first and second applicants” and that there was consensus ‘amongst a substantial majority of the Contracting States’  regarding the legality of abortion the Court did “not consider that this consensus decisively narrows the broad margin of appreciation of the State.” Thus Ireland had a broad margin of appreciation to maintain its existing laws where they were sufficiently clear. The Court did not consider it necessary to examine the applicants’ complaints separately under article 14 of the Convention.
Contrary to the hopes or fears of various campaign groups that the case might become a pan-European clone of the US Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in the case Roe v Wade, the European Court of Human Rights emphasised there is no straightforward right to an abortion under the Convention, and that member states have a broad margin of appreciation to determine who has rights. However, given the violation of applicant C’s right to privacy, the result is that Ireland will have to clarify its laws relating to the circumstances under which an abortion may be performed to ensure clearer information for women whose lives are potentially at risk by maintaining pregnancies. It is no longer acceptable to maintain a position of uncertainty as to the precise application of rights. (From Wiklipieda)
Much easier
This ruling is likely to force the Dublin government to introduce new legislation or bring in new guidelines on the issues of abortion.  At the very least, Ireland will have to make it much easier for women who can legally have an abortion in the country to do so. 
Legal history of abortion
You may think that this doesn’t pose much of a threat to the current abortion laws, but looking at the legal history of abortion in the rest of the world, we can see that it does.  To my mind, and especially given what Jesus has said, this ruling is simply the European Court forcing Ireland to push open the door a little wider to accommodate abortion.  Once the door is open, chances are, it will never close.
1967 Abortion Act
Briefly, let us look at the 1967 Abortion Act in England. 
“The Abortion Act of 1967 sought to clarify the law. Introduced by David Steel and subject to heated debate it allowed for legal abortion on a number of grounds, with the added protection of free provision through the National Health Service. The Act was passed on 27 October 1967 and came into effect on 27 April 1968.
The Act provided a defence for Doctors performing an abortion on any of the following grounds:
• To save the woman’s life
• To prevent grave permanent injury to the woman’s physical or mental health
• Under twenty eight weeks to avoid injury to the physical or mental health of the woman
• Under twenty eight  weeks to avoid injury to the physical or mental health of the existing child(ren)
• If the child was likely to be severely physically or mentally handicapped...
Protect the health
Most of these grounds for abortion were to protect the health of the woman both physically and mentally.  How then did it become abortion for social reasons and, basically, abortion on demand because whatever way you look at it that’s what abortion is in England.  You can get an abortion very easily simply because you have an unwanted pregnancy.
Lies, lies and more lies
For these women to say that they could not get an abortion in Ireland is ridiculous.  It is all lies, lies and more lies.  I personally know women who have been offered abortions here in the North, where abortion is also illegal except to save the life of the mother, just because they were over a certain age and ran an increased risk of having a child with Down’s Syndrome.  These women did not even want an abortion, they were offered one!  And needless to say, their children were born perfectly healthy.
Watch this space
In theory, defining Ireland’s abortion laws would not be a major change. It would simply reflect the judgement of the Irish Supreme Court in 1992 which ruled that a woman whose life was in danger should be allowed an abortion.
In practice, defining what constitutes a threat to life for the mother will be a legal minefield.
Changing the law would also be a political minefield.
Let’s make every effort to pray and make a great united stand that the law does not change to accommodate abortion and, please God, together with Jesus, thwart the prophecy - like the Ninevites - we can keep Ireland abortion free.


When George Orwell published the book ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ way back in 1949, he no doubt did not realise that his vision of the future, would become a reality so soon.  Who could ever imagine a world in which our actions would be watched by a surveillance police unit?  Surely this could never happen here in the Western world where everyone is free to think and do as they please. Well, think again because you are wrong.  Just read the information below, some of which is taken from the Sunday Mail on 21 November 2010 and The Telegraph on 9 December 2010.
No one has voted
There are an alarming array of new EU controls for which no one has voted, and most are unknown to the general public.  One such frightening piece of leglistation, the European Arrest Warrant (EAW), can be used to extradite people who have been tried and convicted in their absence by a foreign court.  It makes me think of what Jesus said in 2004 about the European Union. “Remember, what you elect now will have serious consequences although it will seem tame at the time. Remember too, that what is written on paper can be changed so what you vote for may not necessarily turn out to be.” 
European Arrest Warrant
The following article appeared in The Telegraph on Thursday 9 December 2010 under the headline “The European Arrest Warrant an ‘accident waiting to happen’ for expats like WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.”
“...The arrest of expat WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for alleged sex offences has highlighted aspects of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) agreement which enable all EU member states to extradite defendants without producing any evidence in support of the charge. As he was living in London on a six month visa at the time of his arrest on Tuesday, he was therefore subject to the EAW for his alleged crime in Sweden regardless of his country of birth or official country of domicile. What this meant in practice was that district judge Howard Riddle, who presided over Tuesday’s hearing at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court had no choice but to err on the side of caution and remand Mr Assange in custody pending his extradition, regardless of the fact that he was not presented with sufficient evidence to assess the strength of the case against Mr Assange.
Had Mr Assange been arrested on the same charges prior to the EAW’s enactment in 2003, a UK magistrates court would have had the right to consider if the prima facie evidence against Mr Assange justified his extradition on the accusation of sexual offences.
According to lawyer Rodney Hylton-Potts of Hylton-Potts Legal Consultants Ltd, Mr Assange’s arrest under the EAW has been an accident waiting to happen. He said: “There is no control now, no demand for evidence. People are being extradited to face trial in foreign countries where there is often no legal aid and where they can’t speak the language. And on what basis?
“I have no doubt Mr Assange will be extradited to Sweden,” he continued. “He will appeal but I suspect it will be turned down...”
European Investigation Order
Also British police can be forced to investigate offences which are not crimes in the UK, or which they consider to be minor offences. Perhaps a person could be arrested for being a Christian, which is obviously not an offence here, but under these new EU controls over the justice system and home affairs, no judge in the UK, or anywhere else in Europe, has the power to object.  It seems impossible that this could be allowed to happen, but the Home Secretary as recently as July this Year (2010), opted into the EIO, thereby giving the EU power to arrest a British citizen in the UK, and send them to foreign jails without appeal.  (The EIO is the European Investigation Order which gives foreign police forces the power to compel British police to carry out investigations on their behalf.  These may include interrogation of suspects, interception of communications and bank records, and the handing over of DNA samples and fingerprints.) And the arresting officers (Europol’s police) have diplomatic immunity and are totally beyond the powers of UK courts, and the UK police force!  But then Jesus did Warn us, “… Before in history, there was a dictator who tried to take over it, and he did much damage.  I tell you that what is happening now, in secret, is the same but under a different name; a seemingly better name but the results are the same.” 
The new SS?
Are Europol therefore the new SS?! Oddly enough this new ‘force’ will have its own headquarters and its own distinctive vehicles!
Soon, a court will decide
Remember the Words Jesus said a few years ago, “…Soon, a court will decide how and when you will worship Me; soon you will be laughed at and tortured because you follow Me.  In fact they will take you to court for loving Me.  A judge will preside and decide what prayers will be said in My churches and My priests will have to follow these rules…” Friday 2 July 2004.  
Could it be that Europol’s officers will be used to arrest, detain and torture (as Jesus says above), people suspected of following Jesus?  Is the ‘court’ He refers to the one in Brussels that no one has elected, yet they have the power to do very much as they please, anywhere in Europe?  Even a prominent British Chief of police, Commander Allan Gibson, head of the Metropolitan specialist crime unit, has expressed concerns over the powers the EIO (European Investigation Order) gives to Brussels. He felt that the investigating order did not allow that the ‘proportionality’ of the crime be considered.  In other words you could be arrested for almost anything, even if it was considered a minor offence in your country.
The final Words
Remember these Words: 
“I tell you, My servant, these things that I have spoken about have almost passed and they are being hurried by those who wish it so.  Laws that curtail the movements of a man are oppressive laws that usher in the laws of the one who sits where he should not be.”  Saturday 1 July 2006.
The enemy’s lair
Jesus only gave instructions to start looking for a House of Prayer in Brussels this year, 2010.  On Friday 11 June, the Feast of the Sacred Heart, He said, “Today I do a new thing.  I call upon My two sons and My servants to find My House in the city of the seat of power in Europe for there the prayer can thwart what they plan to do with the little ones as yet unborn.  This I ask for quickly. Do not be afraid to do this for it is your gift to Me on this, My Feast Day.”  However, He did refer to the House in a Message on Saint Brigid’s Day, Friday 1 February 2008: “Soon I will ask you to help Me to set up another House so that My Heart can further itself into the enemy’s lair.  Soon I will call all of you to go.  Soon I will call upon your faith and you will have the choice to stay with the world or come with Me.  What will your choice be?”  Later we realised the enemy’s lair was Brussels.
My Houses in Europe
Finally let us not forget the Words that Jesus spoke on the Feast of the Sacred Heart this year.  “...I ask of you to pay heed to all the Words, I have given to you for, through your listening to My Words, and the living out of them, I can save many. Have faith, My children, and open My Houses in Europe in earnest and do not be afraid to do this for they are neglected.  Give Me your time and I will put it to good use.  These are the little lights that will create an Army of Love to combat the evil that now reigns there...” Friday 11 June 2010.


Criminal prosecution powers
The full extent of the police and criminal prosecution powers that the European Union has over British citizens can be revealed today.
A Mail on Sunday investigation has uncovered an alarming array of new EU controls over justice and home affairs for which no one has voted, and most are unknown to the public.
Intelligence agency
These include:
•       Europol, the  sixty million pounds a year European criminal intelligence agency, whose officers have diplomatic immunity.
•       An eight hundred strong paramilitary police force called the European Gendarmerie Force. 
•       The European Arrest Warrant, which now allows British citizens to be seized in the UK and sent without appeal to foreign jails for months or years without bail while awaiting trial.
Euro police officers
Europol now has more than six hundred and fifty officials at its headquarters in The Hague, from where it directs investigations across Europe.
When its Euro police officers are operating in the UK they have diplomatic immunity and cannot be touched by the British judiciary.
Europol’s director is Rob Wainwright, forty three, a Welsh-speaking former British civil servant who joined Europol last year. He and his officials will move into a new eight and a half million pounds building next year.
Their official website even lists ‘Europol fictional appearances,’ among them the film Ocean’s Twelve, in which Catherine Zeta-Jones plays a Europol agent.
•       Europol’s officers have diplomatic immunity in UK and cannot be touched by our judges
•       An eight hundred strong paramilitary force has been trained and armed for ‘expeditionary’ missions
•       British citizens can be seized in UK and sent to foreign jails without appeal
At the disposal of the EU
The paramilitary police force has been trained in Italy and armed to be deployed as ‘an expeditionary police mission’ under military command if necessary.
The gendarmerie is not yet a full EU institution. However, its official purpose is ‘a consistent and co-ordinated deployment of EU police forces with a military status and full police powers. The EGF will be, first and foremost, at the disposal of the EU.’
Members are drawn from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, France and the Netherlands.
Their logo is ‘a background of blue sky, the cruciform sword symbolises the force, the laurel crown the victory, and the flaming grenade the common military roots of the police forces.’
European Arrest Warrant
The European Arrest Warrant (EAW) can also be used to extradite Britons  who have been tried and convicted in their absence by a foreign court.
Powers given by the Lisbon Treaty
Meanwhile, the European Commission plans to turn Eurojust – a judicial co-operation body set up in 2002 – into an EU prosecutor using powers given by the Lisbon Treaty.
European Investigation Order
Also new, the European Investigation Order (EIO) gives foreign police forces the power to compel British police to carry out investigations on their behalf.  These may include interrogation of suspects, interception of  communications and bank records, and the handing over of DNA samples and fingerprints.
British police can be forced to investigate offences which are not crimes in the UK, or which they consider to be minor offences.
Before the Home Secretary agreed in July for Britain to opt in to the EIO, Commander Allan Gibson, head of the specialist crime directorate at the Metropolitan Police, wrote to the Government and expressed concern that the investigation order did not allow that the ‘proportionality’ of a crime be considered.
He was also worried about the workings of the EAW, which ‘has been complicated by requests for fugitives suspected of low-level offences.’
EU’s Data Retention Directive
Other new laws giving the EU power over Britain include the EU’s Data Retention Directive, which forces telecommunications companies to keep details of every telephone call, email and text message and all web traffic for at least six months, and to make the data available to law enforcement authorities.
Analyse intra-European bank transfers
Last week, Cecilia Malmstrom, the EU’s Home Affairs Commissioner, demanded that the EU also be given powers to analyse intra-European bank transfers.
And then there is the sinister new committee to be set up under Article 71 of the Lisbon Treaty, called the Committee on Operational Co-operation on Internal Security, known as COSI. Critics say this could be the beginning of an EU Home Office.
The treaty says COSI will be established to ‘ensure operational co-operation on internal security.’
According to a memo from the last Government, signed by disgraced former Labour MP and junior Minister Phil Woolas, the committee would decide how police, border, immigration and criminal justice authorities would deal with cross-border matters.
Europol, Eurojust and Frontex
COSI will, for the first time, bring together three of the EU’s policing and criminal law organisations – Europol, Eurojust and Frontex, the EU’s border security force.  Frontex is currently deployed on the border between Greece and Turkey with nineteen patrol cars, nine vans equipped with thermal-imaging systems, and a helicopter.
‘Another EU institution’
In July, the three organisations issued their first joint analysis – a report on the state of internal security in the EU.  The report insisted that ‘a common integrated architecture is required’ to deal with crime and terrorism in the EU. The word ‘architecture’ is used in Brussels to mean ‘another EU institution.’
Removed Britain’s veto
So can Britain stop any of this?  The answer is almost none of it.  The Lisbon Treaty removed Britain’s veto in justice and home affairs. Once Britain has opted in to any part of EU legislation on policing and criminal law, there is no opting out.
Multiplying so rapidly
Investigation and prosecution programmes are multiplying so rapidly in the EU that, according to Stephen Booth of the think-tank Open Europe, seventeen law enforcement systems and databases currently operate or are being developed.
Six of these systems require the collection or storage of personal data at EU level.
The budget
The budget devoted to justice and home affairs is set to increase by thirteen per cent in 2011 to nine hundred and forty four million pounds, which, as it was in 2010, would be the highest percentage increase among all the different areas.
Conservative MEP Timothy Kirkhope said he was worried about the escalating cost of these agencies.
‘It is important that the costs of all EU agencies, and expenditure on justice and home affairs, reflects the economic challenges within Europe.’ He also warned against ‘a move towards a European harmonised criminal area.’
The purpose
But Baroness Ludford, Lib Dem MEP and her party’s spokesman on European justice and human rights, dismissed concerns about a harmonised criminal area.
‘Terrorists and mafia bosses pay no attention to national borders, so Europe’s cops and judges have to play in a team to stop the bad guys dodging the law by skipping across borders, which is the purpose of the European Arrest Warrant,’ she said.
‘An area of freedom...’
However, Mr Booth said: ‘The EAW was a knee-jerk response to 9/11 that has turned out to be completely disproportionate.  The premise underlying it is that all member states’ judicial systems are equivalent, when clearly they are not.’
These programmes are part of the drive to form what the Lisbon Treaty calls ‘an area of freedom, security and justice.’  This means an EU-wide area of policing, prosecution and law enforcement without frontiers.
Suppress existing legislation
Laws governing freedom, security and justice are established in the treaty as a ‘shared competence.’ This means EU law can now suppress existing legislation in justice and home affairs in a member state and replace it with European legislation.
Part of the drive to establish this ‘area’ is the insistence that each member state recognise the laws of other member states.
Labour MEP Claude Moraes insisted an EU Home Office was not being created: ‘It is all about political co-operation between member states,’ he said.
An EU Home Office?
But Nigel Farage, MEP and leader of UKIP, disagreed: ‘Are we seeing the creation of an EU Home Office? Yes, absolutely. There is not a single aspect of our lives that these people do not wish to control.’
The Commission intends to forge a ‘common European culture of policing’ by ensuring that over the next five years one-third of all police officers and border guards are trained in European affairs.
And propaganda for a European policing without frontiers is relentless. This summer in The Hague, Europol supported an exhibition of designs for a European police car.  Under the headline ‘One European police force?’  Dutch and German designers produced prototypes that, one day, could patrol British streets.


European Arrest Warrant
The European Arrest Warrant (EAW) is an arrest warrant valid throughout all member states of the European Union (EU). Once issued by a member state, it requires the receiving member state to arrest and transfer a criminal suspect or sentenced person to the issuing state so that the person can be put on trial or complete a detention period. Extradition must take place within ninety days of arrest or within ten days if the arrested person consents to surrender.
An EAW can only be issued for the purposes of conducting a criminal prosecution (not merely an investigation), or enforcing a custodial sentence. An EAW can only be issued for offences carrying a maximum penalty of twelve months or more. Where sentence has already been passed an EAW can only be issued if the prison term to be enforced is at least four months long.
The introduction of the EAW system was intended to increase the speed and ease of extradition throughout EU countries by removing the political and administrative phases of decision-making which had characterised the previous system of extradition in Europe, and converting the process into a system run entirely by the judiciary.
Agreement in principle on the introduction of the European Arrest Warrant was reached by EU member states at the Laeken Summit in December 2001 and the Framework Decision was adopted on 13 June 2002. The Framework Decision entered into force on 7 August 2003, with a deadline for final implementation by member states of 31 December 2003.
The resulting European Arrest Warrant legislation came into force on 1 January 2004 in eight member states, namely Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. By 1 November 2004 all member states had implemented the legislation except Italy, which did so on 22 April 2005.
European Commission
The European Commission evaluated the implementation of the European Arrest Warrant in a report issued in February 2005. The report concluded that the legislation was adopted successfully overall although there were differences in the way each member state implemented the Framework Decision.
Since the Framework Decision came into operation, the average time taken to execute a warrant is provisionally estimated to be forty three days (as opposed to more than nine months under the old system of extradition). This does not include cases where the person consents to surrender, for which the average time taken is thirteen days.
The first reported use of the EAW was in January 2004 when a Swedish suspect was arrested in Spain and transferred back to Sweden. Since 2004 the use of the EAW has steadily risen. Member state country evaluation reports suggest that the number of EAWs issued has increased from approximately three thousand in 2004 to thirteen thousand, five hundred in 2008. Much of this increase has been driven by the large number of EAWs being issued by Poland, which in 2008 issued four thousand eight hundred and twenty nine EAWs, approximately forty percent of all EAWs issued that year. In 2008, five hundred and fifteen people were extradited from the UK under the EAW system.    
A valid European Arrest Warrant may only be issued by the competent judicial authority in the issuing member state. In the UK, this authority is the Crown Prosecution Service. The issuing state must complete a form stating the nature of the offence and giving a short description of the circumstances surrounding the offence, details of the person sought and the applicable penalty. This form is then sent to the relevant receiving state if the issuing state knows the location of the person sought. If the issuing state does not know the location of the person sought, they will distribute the EAW to all member states via SIRENE and INTERPOL.
Once arrested
Once arrested, the person must be informed of the EAW and its contents. They must also be informed that they have the right to consent to surrender and the right to legal advice and an interpreter. If they do not consent to surrender they will face a hearing, where a judge will decide whether any of the legal bars to extradition exist. These legal bars include;
1. the arrested person has already been convicted or acquitted of the same offence or an offence relating to the same facts as those described in the EAW;
2. extraneous considerations (e.g. a risk that the person will be prosecuted or prejudiced at trial due to race, religion or political opinions);
3. passage of time (extradition would be unjust or oppressive given the time elapsed);
4. the person’s age is below the legal age of criminal responsibility; or
5. the physical or mental condition of the person makes it unjust or oppressive to extradite.
If one of these legal bars applies, the Judge must discharge the arrested person. If none of these legal bars apply, the Judge must order the extradition of the arrested person. There must be an opportunity for both parties to appeal the decision. Extradition must take place within ninety days of arrest or within ten days if the arrested person consents to surrender.
High profile cases
In July 2005 an EAW was executed to allow the extradition of Osman Hussain, one of the suspects in the 21 July 2005 London bombings, back to Britain from Italy. EAWs were also issued by Italian prosecutor Guido Salvini in 2005 against twenty two CIA agents accused of the kidnapping of Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr (Imam Rapito affair).
Frederick Toben
On 1 October 2008, Frederick Toben was detained at London’s Heathrow Airport under a European Arrest Warrant issued by the German authorities for allegedly publishing “anti-Semitic and/or revisionist” material.
Since its implementation in 2004, the EAW system has been criticised for inappropriate use and for violating the right to a fair trial.
According to the Council of the European Union, the EAW has been used in a manner that does not respect the principle of proportionality contained in article five of the Treaty establishing the European Community. In particular EAWs have been issued for minor offences such as possession of 0.45 grams of cannabis; theft of two car tyres; driving a car under the influence of alcohol, where the limit was not significantly exceeded (0.81 mg/l) and the theft of a piglet.
In the UK, persons arrested under an EAW have recently been extradited for minor offences such as the stealing of ten chickens (Romania), unintentionally receiving a stolen mobile phone (Poland), and theft of twenty pounds worth of petrol (Czech Republic).
Has failed in some cases
On the other hand, the EAW has failed in some cases. The Irish Supreme Court refused to extradite an Irish citizen to Hungary who was alleged to have killed two children through negligent driving. While the Irish Court never questioned the facts of the case or the fairness or outcome of the Hungarian trial, it decided that the person did not technically “flee” from Hungary, only “failed to return,” having left the country with the consent of the Hungarian authorities: therefore the legal requirements for extradition under an EAW had not been established.
Right to a fair trial
Fair Trials International, the London-based human rights charity, claims to have highlighted a number of cases which demonstrate that the European Arrest Warrant system is causing serious injustice and jeopardizing the right to a fair trial. In particular
• Warrants have been issued many years after an alleged offence was committed.
• Once Warrants have been issued there is no effective way of removing them, even after extradition has been refused.
• They have been used to send people to another EU member state to serve a prison sentence resulting from an unfair trial.
• Warrants have been used to force a person to face trial when the charges are based on evidence obtained by police brutality.
• Sometimes people surrendered under an Arrest Warrant have to spend months or even years in detention before they can appear in court to establish their innocence...
Deborah Dark
In 1989, Deborah Dark was arrested in France on suspicion of drug-related offences and held in custody for eight and a half months. Her trial took place later in 1989 and the court acquitted her of all charges. She was released from jail and returned to the UK. The prosecutor appealed against the decision without notifying Dark or her French lawyer. The appeal was heard in 1990 with no one there to present Dark’s defence. The court found her guilty and sentenced Dark to six years’ imprisonment. Again, she was not informed that an appeal had taken place, nor notified that her acquittal had been overturned. As far as she was concerned she had been found not guilty of all charges and was free to start rebuilding her life. In April 2005, fifteen years after the conviction on appeal, a European Arrest Warrant was issued by the French authorities for Dark to be returned to France to serve her sentence.
Arrested at gunpoint
In 2007, Dark was arrested at gunpoint in Turkey, while on a package holiday with a friend. The police released her and were unable to explain the reasons for her arrest. Upon her return to the UK, she went to the police station and tried to find out the reasons for her arrest. She was told there was no arrest warrant against her. In 2008 Dark travelled to Spain to visit her father who had retired there. On trying to return to the UK, she was arrested and taken into custody in Spain, where she faced extradition to France. Dark refused to consent to the extradition, and was granted an extradition hearing. After one month in custody, the Spanish court refused to extradite Dark on the grounds of unreasonable delay and the significant passage of time. Dark was released from prison and flew back to the UK. On arrival, Dark was arrested again - this time by the British police at Gatwick Airport. Once again, she refused to consent to the extradition and was released on bail pending another extradition hearing. The City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court refused the extradition in April 2009. As there is no provision for the withdrawal of the European Arrest Warrant, Dark is still at risk of being re-arrested on the same EAW if she ever leaves the UK and travels across Europe.
Andrew Symeou
Andrew, then a university student of exemplary character and a bright future ahead of him, was on holiday with friends in Zante, Greece, in 2007. One night while Andrew was in Zante, another young Briton fell off an unguarded stage in a night-club, tragically dying two days later from his head injury. Andrew insists he was not even in the club at the time – and many witnesses have since confirmed this. He was never sought for questioning at the time, and knew nothing about the incident when he flew home at the end of his holiday.
A year later, he was served with an EAW seeking his extradition to Greece to stand trial for murder. Only during the course of his legal challenge did it emerge that the EAW is based on completely flawed evidence, much of it extracted through the brutal mistreatment of two witnesses who have since retracted their statements. Nevertheless, Andrew was extradited in July 2009 and has remained there in prison since then. Even if the Greek courts ultimately throw out the case, Andrew is being forced to spend months in a Greek jail awaiting the chance to clear his name.
Garry Mann
Garry Mann, a fifty two year old fireman from Kent, went to Portugal during the Euro 2004 football tournament. On 15 June 2004 while Garry was with friends in a bar in Albufeira, a riot took place in a nearby street. Garry was arrested along with other suspects some four hours after the alleged offences. He was tried and convicted, less than twenty four hours after his arrest. He had no time to prepare his defence and standards of interpretation at the trial were grossly inadequate. He was convicted following a widely publicised trial in Albufeira and sentenced to two years imprisonment on 16 June 2004. On 18 June 2004 he voluntarily agreed to being deported and was told that provided he did not return to Portugal for a year, he would not have to serve his sentence.
Back in the UK, Garry tried unsuccessfully to appeal his conviction. In October 2004 he lodged an appeal to the Constitutional Court in Lisbon but heard nothing from the Court. Separately, the Metropolitan Police applied for a worldwide football banning order against Garry, but in 2005 the Court held he had been denied a fair trial in Portugal and refused the order. In 2009 Garry was astonished to have been arrested on an EAW, alleging he was wanted in Portugal to serve a two year prison sentence. At his extradition hearings his lawyer argued that he should not be extradited to serve a prison sentence following a trial which one British court has already decided breached his basic fair trial rights; however, the English court found it impossible to resist the Portuguese request and he appealed again. He was granted leave to appeal on 29 April 2010. On 12 May 2010 Gary left the UK to serve his two year sentence in Portugal at an undisclosed prison.
Michael Turner and Jason McGoldrick
Hungarian authorities sought the extradition of Michael Turner, a twenty seven year old British national from Dorset, and business partner Jason McGoldrick following the failure of their business venture in Budapest.
Turner and McGoldrick were extradited to Hungary under a European Arrest Warrant on 2 November 2009, where they were held in custody until their temporary release on Friday 26 February 2010. In November the Hungarian authorities had confirmed they were ready to prosecute, yet the outcome of the Hungarian investigation still remains unclear and Turner and McGoldrick have been told they must return for further questioning. The European Arrest Warrant was used prematurely in this case, to extradite them while an investigation was still continuing into their failed business, and not a trial with charges. Turner and McGoldrick still await news of the investigation finishing, let alone any news of charges or a trial.
Peter Tabbers
Like Deborah Dark, Dutch national Peter Tabbers had to go through months of needless anxiety and frustration and incur massive legal fees. He was the victim of mistaken identity – a simple error during police investigations ended up ruining his life for over a year because of the arbitrary and inflexible way the EAW system works.
In 2003 a Greek man was defrauded. He was offered a big cash prize in a (non-existent) internet lottery and was conned into paying money to the organisers. He reported the scam and the Greek authorities investigated. In 2006, they sought assistance from the Dutch authorities, requesting information about a fax number. The Dutch authorities told Greece that the number belonged to Mr Tabbers. Later investigations showed that at the time of the scam (2003), the number was not being used: it was only allocated to Mr Tabbers in 2005.
But in the meantime, the Greek authorities had issued an EAW against Mr Tabbers, solely on the basis of the telephone number. He first became aware of the EAW when he was arrested in January 2007. He spent three days in custody and was told he would be surrendered to Greece. He was then transferred from his home town to the court in Amsterdam. The court granted him bail as the evidence showed it was highly unlikely that he had been involved. But he was ordered to re-appear before the court. He needed to hire a Greek lawyer to assist with his challenge to extradition. This cost him tens of thousands of euros and he had to pay the costs himself.
Obvious error
The Criminal District Court of Amsterdam gave its decision on 6 April 2007. It held that there had been an obvious error and refused the extradition. The Court forwarded its decision, giving extensive reasons, to the Greek authorities, asking them to withdraw the EAW. Several similar requests were made via Eurojust (Eurojust is a judicial cooperation body set up by the Council of the European Union in 2002.) However, the Greek authorities refused to comply until January 2008, following pressure from Dutch and European Parliament MPs.
Edmond Arapi
Edmond Arapi, an Albanian national living in Staffordshire, UK, was convicted in absentia in Italy in March 2006 for the murder of Castillo Marcello in Genoa in October 2004. The only evidence at the trial was a telephone transcript between an “Edmond Braka” and an associate. He was sentenced to nineteen  years in jail, and an appeal by a court-appointed lawyer reduced the sentence to sixteen years in April 2007, but Arapi was entirely unaware of the case until he was arrested in June 2009 under a European Arrest Warrant when landing at Gatwick airport on returning from a holiday with his wife in Albania. He had not left the UK between 2000 and 2006, and he was working at a cafe in Stoke-on-Trent and attending chef’s classes on the day of the murder. He received bail in July 2009, but was electronically tagged and given a midnight-6am curfew. After eleven court hearings a district judge at Westminster Magistrates’ Court ordered his extradition in April 2010 and remanded him in jail saying there was a risk that he would abscond. Fingerprint analysis confirmed that Arapi did not commit the murder and lawyers for the Italian government withdrew the extradition request when Arapi and Fair Trials International took the case to the High Court in June 2010. They conceded that Arapi was a victim of stolen identity...



New age teachings
We are often asked about the enneagram and what it is as it seems to be cropping up everywhere and is becoming quite popular.  enneagrams are new age teachings that have no place in Catholicism and are not from God.  It is steeped in the occult and does nothing to enhance our spiritual lives.
Some priests have allowed enneagrams to be taught  in their parishes and so have allowed the evil one a foothold towards destroying Gods Church. 
Jesus has given us many Messages about new age philosophies and Warned us to stay away from them.  He said “...If you wish to follow Me into My Kingdom then you must not listen to these new teachings, you must do everything in your power to stop them.  You are in a battle not only for your physical lives but your spiritual lives and this I tell you on this Day that celebrates My Love.
Do you believe Me, My little ones?...”  Sunday 16 January 2000. 
“...Already the dragon has flicked his tail and many of My priests have fallen away from Me and into the new age philosophies; many, many will never return to Me...  Saturday 1 November 2003
An eyeopener
A reader sent us in some material on enneagrams and we also did some research on the internet to find out about it.  The following article gives a description of the enneagram and how it is steeped in the occult.  It is an eyeopener.
Psychological tool
A recent edition of Melbourne’s ‘Sunday Herald-Sun’ magazine included an article on what it described as “a new psychological tool” - the enneagram system. In fact, the enneagram has been doing the rounds of Catholic dioceses and parishes in Australia since the 1970s. However, as the following article explains, the enneagram is difficult to reconcile with Christianity and therefore of doubtful benefit to Catholics.
Gained acceptance
The author, Rick Kephart, is an American Catholic writer who provides programs for home-schooling students on the Internet.
The enneagram was adapted from the beliefs of a Muslim sect, known as the Sufis, though not made up by the Sufis themselves. It was first introduced to the West by a Russian, George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, who sought to use it to foretell the future, and it later gained acceptance among some Catholics. The enneagram as we have it now was adapted to modern psychology by a Chilean psychologist in the 1970s.
Sufis believe they possess certain supernatural powers (akin to witchcraft) to be used for the sake of the “design,” defined as God’s plan for mankind, the direction God wishes human evolution to take. Only the Sufi masters are said to be privy to this secret design; the Sufis being Gnostics in the sense they believe in esoteric knowledge. They believe they must safeguard this hidden design or pattern; whenever human beings anywhere in the world do something which harms the design, they must use their supernatural powers to put things right.
Real selves
There is also a vague connection between the Sufis and Freemasonry, because of the similarity of symbolism used by a 9th century Sufi, Dhul Nun, who was associated with the Order of the Bannayin (Builders), and modern Masonic symbolism.
The Sufis believe the “design” (naqsh) is hidden underneath appearances, which are false. They must see through outward appearances to find the truth, the reality, under them, where the design can be found. This especially includes looking beneath their own appearances. They must come to know their “real selves” and only then they can know “reality”. To know reality, and then act on it, is the ultimate goal of the Sufi religion.
Gain knowledge
The enneagram (from the Greek word ennea for nine) is a system of assigning a number from 1 to 9 to oneself and every human being. This number is said to reveal the hidden motivation for everything a person does. Intelligence is given three “centres”: thought, emotion, and instinct. Mainly because of the environment, the three centres are always imbalanced. The result of this imbalance is that a person’s “true self” is always hidden beneath a “false self.” The enneagram is supposed to enable a person to gain knowledge of his true self.
Real motives
Discovering one’s “true self” and the real motives for everything one does, concealed as the Sufis believe they are beneath false appearances, is vital to the Sufi religion; it is not part of Christianity. On the other hand, goodness and holiness, to know, love, and serve God on earth and be happy with Him forever in Heaven, are the proper goals of the Christian, and these are not goals for the Sufi. If evil must be done for the sake of the design, that is not a problem for them. They believe the end always justifies the means: it makes no difference at all whether human evolution is set right through good or through evil actions.
In promoting the enneagram, an effort is made to take Sufi objectives, their kind of self-knowledge and knowledge of others, for the sake of promoting Christian objectives. But it is the opposite that happens: Christian goals are used for the sake of promoting the aims of the Sufi religion.
Catholics using the enneagram talk about things like Saints and sin and faith and “fruits of the spirit.” Using these words makes it sound legitimate. But they are only adapting these terms to the enneagram, by giving them different definitions.
The word “saint” is used in the Sufi religion, but can have an entirely different meaning. It has nothing whatever to do with holiness. A Sufi “saint” (wali) is a person who is illuminated to reality. This is the word used in the enneagram (even by Catholics): a “saint” is a person who overcomes his false self and knows and acts according to his true self.
The word “sin” is used a lot, but with a new definition. Sin is not a deliberate transgression of God’s law. The word is redefined into personality traits that separate people from God or their real selves. Sin is the sinister motivation everybody has for everything they do, a part of human personality. It must be accepted and brought under control. The number assigned to a person by the enneagram indicates what his/her one “root sin” is and will always be.
Original Sin
“Original Sin” has nothing to do with Adam and Eve. Their “Original Sin” is a psychological condition, meaning that a person is never at any time in his life undamaged or free, but is always exposed to harmful forces. It describes the conditions in the environment which cause the imbalance among the three intelligence centres.
“Prayer” is talked about as part of the enneagram, but its definition of prayer has nothing to do with God: prayer is absorbing elements from the environment into oneself, or projecting oneself into the environment, or delving into nothingness.
“Redemption” in the enneagram has nothing whatever to do with Christ. It is the same as maturity, which is what they call freedom from one’s “false self” to one’s “true self.” This true self is also called the “soul,” another redefined word. Even “Heaven” is given a new definition: it is only a symbol for the perfection of freedom from one’s false self to one’s true self.
Outward appearance
Taking these and other words from our religion and changing their meanings can give things - even an entirely different religion - the outward appearance of being Catholic.
Some people are satisfied that something is good just because they hear a Christian vocabulary being used. That makes the slip into apostasy very gentle and painless.
Man’s selfish ways
Jesus is the one who Suffers in all of this as it is His Church and His Teachings that are becoming tainted by man’s selfish ways.  He says in a Message of Friday 27 February 2004 “...You can see this within My Church; many cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns, brothers and laity go upon their own paths and ignore My Teachings in favour of new age, feminism, mother earth and eastern teachings.  They have become bored and easily sidetracked away from Me...” 
By Rev. Bob McDonald
In recent years the field of psychology has had to face another intrusion into its domain by a ‘quick fix’ system called the enneagram.  This could normally be shrugged off along with other fad therapies but the enneagram has taken an alarming hold in Catholic circles and is being promoted as an effective new kind of spiritual healing.
The result is that in numerous retreat centres, ‘healing’ weekends are being offered with the enneagram as the new wonder-cure for humanity.  This article aims at challenging such an assumption and at warning those Catholics who are legitimately seeking inner healing, to educate themselves about the enneagram illusion.
First of all, the enneagram is not what its founder claims it to be.  The originator of the system is a man named Gurdjieff who proposed that it was founded on ‘ancient Sufi wisdom.’  The fact that this is a pagan view of human reality ought to be a red flag to believing Christians.  Gurdjieff, apart from accepting Sufi occult numerology, did not tap into this ancient Gnosticism at all, but rather developed an entirely new description of human personality types all on his own.  Its only resemblance to the sufi tradition lies in the fact that Gurdjieff used the sufi occult diagram which looks like a star within a circle.  According to Gurdjieff theory, each point of the ‘star’ represents one of nine personality types.
He claims that all human beings fall into one or other of these nine.  There are no exceptions.  As a psychotherapist, I find this utterly naive.  Each human person is a unique creation of God, and while we can classify and group together some personality features, nevertheless the differences far outweigh the similarities.  To imply that God was so limited in His creativity, that He could only come up with nine ‘personality types’ is a travesty.
Cuts God out
The most insidious principle of the enneagram is that it cuts God and His Grace out of the process of human healing.  It avers that, for a particular personality type to grow towards his fullest potential, he or she must strive towards the corresponding personality number on the diagram.  Likewise, a person becomes more dysfunctional if he or she goes in the opposite direction and takes on the features of the contrary type.  For example a ‘number one’ improves by striving to become like ‘number seven’ and deteriorates by imitating ‘number four.’  In other words, one’s spiritual and emotional health depends on imitating another human being, not on imitating Jesus Christ, as the Church has consistently taught.
God – a Perfect Man
The enneagram even claims that God is an amalgam of all nine personality types, thereby suggesting that the infinite, perfect Creator is merely a perfect man and that He split Himself nine ways in creating humanity.  The enneagram, in effect, denies original sin, sees no need for Grace, makes a mockery of our need for Redemption (since we can do that independently by imitating a human personality rather than our own way) and rejects the Cross (since we can avoid suffering by allowing the enneagram to enlighten and heal us).   This is dangerous new age humanism, which regards man as God and is designed to swell the ego to the exclusion of the true God.  Faith in myself has replaced faith in God.
Man-centred philosophy
The enneagram is a man-centred philosophy which has forgotten the words of John the Baptist, ‘He must increase while I must decrease.’  It is only by dying to self and allowing the life of Jesus to grow within us that we will find salvation.  It is little wonder that the enneagram finds support within the Catholic Church, as it feeds on that movement which wants to rebel against the Church’s moral authority.  ‘Yours eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, knowing good from evil.’ (Genesis 3:5)
The enneagram then, is really only the original sin of Adam and Eve, brightly repackaged for the twentieth century.  The ultimate proof of this deception is that the enneagram offers neither scientific evidence that the nine personality types even exist nor that their so-called ‘therapy’ helps anyone.  No psychologist could ever accept a system which refuses to subject itself to rigorous investigation.
Finally, it entices the uniformed to become initiated into its occult knowledge, thereby transforming them into instant psychologists and experts on human nature.  I find it most irritating to be informed by an enneagram ‘expert,’ who has undergone a two day course of indoctrination, that I am a ‘number four!’
It is irksome to be pigeon-holed by someone who ‘knows’ just because he thinks he knows and who has not spent years of bona fide study in a properly tested scientific field.  I much prefer to be a unique creation of God, called by Him to find my true self in Him.  Jesus said, ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life’ (John 14:60).  That is the best psychology I have ever known.

A warning to Catholics
Dr Mitch Pacwa SJ, professor of sacred Scripture and Hebrew, at Loyola University has studied the enneagram for many years and has concluded that:
1. The enneagram personality theory is steeped in the occult.
2. It is a pagan view of human reality.
3. It has no scientific evidence to support its claim of validity.
4. It exposes those who are strong in their faith to be diverted from the central aspects of the faith.
5. The enneagram does not teach repentance and atonement for sins.
6. It does not emphasise the need of the supernatural, of prayer and lived charity.
7. The diagram used in the enneagram, a star within a circle, comes from the sufi occult and the inner dynamics of the nine point figure and of the triangle is rooted in occultism.  This ought to be a red flag to believing Christians yet many fail to notice it and fail to educate themselves about the enneagram illusion.


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Events Celebrated

Wednesday 8 December 2010
Immaculate Conception
The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is a Day of Prayer Against Abortion within the House of Prayer.
We held our Walk on the closest Saturday to the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Although it wasn’t well attended this time, we still hope our little effort was effective.

Jesus Christmas party 25 December 2010
We came together on Christmas Night as part of the Celebrations of the Birth of Jesus.  The music ministry was there and hymns and Christmas carols were sung.  We lit the candles on Jesus’ Birthday Cake and enjoyed a few hours of being in Jesus’ company.
We also had our draw for the annual fund-raising and details of the winners are on page 34.

New Years Eve Vigil 31 December 2010
We brought in the new year with Jesus in prayer and praise - it was a truly beautiful two hours with Him and a wonderful way to start the new year.

Feast of Love 2011
We held our annual Feast of Love on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 January 2011.  The weekend got off to a start on the Friday evening with a concert in the Prayer Room.  SonLight performed a variety of songs, some being of a slow and meditative nature and also others of a more upbeat  tempo thereby allowing for praising.
We began Saturday with the introduction to the weekend and the day progressed with prayer, praise and testimonies from servants of the House.  Áine and her new husband, Matej, spoke of how they met at the House of Prayer in Slovenia and how Jesus obviously had a plan set out for their lives which - praise You, Jesus -came to fruition.
We also had two servants from the Immaculate Heart House of Prayer in Doon with us for the Weekend and they spoke on Saturday.  They updated us on the work that they are doing and on the Houses which have been set up through our Lady’s Messages to Fiona and Marcia.
In the evening the two Patricks shared Messages which Jesus had given for the weekend, Jesus calls us all to be vigilant because of the darkness of the world.  This then led to an informal talk in the conference room and those there were able to ask questions and get involved in discussion.  It was a very successful end to the day and everyone was pleased to be able to partake.
We began Sunday again with an introduction to the Day followed by prayer and praise through music.
Our speaker was Mary Smith from Monaghan.  Mary has a very powerful testimony which she shared with us.
We had a special Blessing with the Holy Oil and then the Patricks again came together with everyone in the Conference Room.  It was a very special weekend and it was lovely to see old friends and meet some new ones.

Events to Come
Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, Foundation Day
Friday 11 February 2011

Feast of Saint Claude de la Colombière
Tuesday 15 February

House of Prayer will be closed on Sunday 6 March for a private retreat

Feast of Saint Patrick’s Day
Sunday 17 March

International Twenty Four Hour Day of Prayer and Fasting Against Abortion
Friday 25 March 2011
with the Walk Against Abortion on
Satruday 26 March 2011 at 2.45pm

First Fridays vigils from 10pm to 2am:
        4 February 2011
        4 March 2011


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Mass for gay people in London
Against those who follow Jesus
After reading this article I thought it would be good to include it in the Newsletter to show how much is against those who follow Jesus and try to stand up for the Truth.
“Gay” Mass
LONDON, December 17, 2010 ( - A group of Pro-Life and pro-family British Catholics have reacted with dismay this month as the “conservative” archbishop of Birmingham, Bernard Longley, has accused them of being “judgmental” in their opposition to an officially approved “gay” Mass that is ongoing in the archdiocese of Westminster.
Regarded as
In an interview with the liberal Catholic magazine, The Tablet, Longley, widely regarded as a theological conservative among the Catholic bishops of England and Wales, said, “I assume” that the people praying and protesting outside the church where the Masses are held, are acting out of prejudice.
Asked by The Tablet whether “those protesting are making assumptions” about the “lifestyles” of the people attending the Masses, Longley replied, “I would assume that is the case, and so it isn’t for any of us to make those judgments which, in conscience, people make before God and also within the Sacraments, particularly the Sacrament of Reconciliation assisted by the priests and other pastors within the Church.”
“The Church does not, as it were, have a moral means-testing of people before they come to receive the Sacraments and it is very easy to jump to and come to the wrong conclusions about people when you don’t know them.
Casually dismissed as “judgmental”
The people protesting and praying, however, have said that they have never been given a chance to express their concerns with the Catholic leadership and are shocked at being so casually dismissed as “judgmental.”
Openly supportive
The so-called Soho Masses were instituted in Britain’s leading diocese in 2007, when Longely - at that time an auxiliary of Westminster - was asked by then Cardinal Murphy O’Connor to find a place for them in a local Catholic parish, Our Lady of the Assumption in Soho.  The Masses are openly supportive of the “homosexual lifestyle,” with some of the organisers publishing materials on the internet in opposition to Catholic teaching on sexuality.
“I don’t know whether the people outside have made attempts to meet the people who are going to the Masses in Soho,” Longley told The Tablet.
He added, “I think at the end of the day, those sorts of protests are counterproductive and usually have the effect of hardening attitudes and polarising rather than fundamentally changing people’s minds.”
Head of Britain’s “second” diocese
But Daphne McLeod, the organiser of the group that prays outside Our Lady of the Assumption, has said that the archbishop, now head of Britain’s “second” diocese, has unjustly attacked them.
In a letter to The Tablet, McLeod wrote that the group are not “protesting” in the style of political demonstrations, but praying in reparation to any possible sacrileges that may be taking place.
“If he had asked us we would have assured him that we have met many of them [and] most of them are very friendly and perfectly honest about their homosexual lifestyles, introducing us to their partners and emphasizing that they are in sexual relationships.  So we are not ‘making any assumptions’ about them,” McLeod wrote.
“Some of us have been down to the Social Hour which follows every Mass where we have received kind hospitality enabling us to spend some time eating and drinking and talking to them and examining the books they have on sale.
“No one, apart from the Archbishop, tries to pretend they are living or striving to live chaste lives.”
Archbishop Longley declined to respond to LSN’s (Life Site News) request for clarification. His secretary Fr. Martin Pratt said in an email that Archbishop Longley’s comments “related to the period between 2003 and 2009 when he had responsibility as an Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster for the Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption in Soho.
“Since 2009 he has been in Birmingham and could not comment usefully on more recent events.”
Openly flaunting
Daphne McLeod told LSN, “From the acknowledgment from his secretary I would guess he is going to try and pretend that the situation has changed since he went to Birmingham.  However the truth is that it has not.
“They were openly flaunting their homosexual life styles from day one of the first Mass - when they were under the jurisdiction of Archbishop Longley.”
Queering the Church
Some of the organisers of the Soho Masses Pastoral Council have commented on their sexuality in public, including Terrence Weldon, who runs the ‘blog “Queering the Church - towards a reality-based theology,” on which he advocates for the Catholic Church to alter its teachings on homosexual activity.
Homosexualist Catholic community
When the See of Westminster was open, Weldon wrote that Longley was the pick of the dissenting homosexualist Catholic community that gathered at the Soho Masses.  Weldon wrote in March 2009, that if Longley were to be chosen as the new archbishop it would be “huge for us.”
“It has also been reported that he stood up for us and urged their continuation when Murphy O’Connor allegedly wanted to shut us down,” he wrote.  After “frank” discussions about the “reservations” the archdiocese had with the “gay community in general,” Weldon was confident that Longley would represent their interests: “We did not always agree, but established very clear common ground in a shared desire for the Masses to continue and to succeed.”
Not attuned
After criticizing the Catholics praying outside the Soho Masses, Longley told the Tablet, “It is always very difficult for people to hear absolutes and I think in our own culture today it is very hard because our culture is not attuned to hearing about and receiving teaching on absolute truth, so every pastor has to present the Church’s teaching accurately and clearly, sensitively also, because what is said has to be heard to be effective.”
A few questions
There are a few questions I would like to ask.  Why are there Masses specifically for gay people?  A Catholic is a Catholic and if we are being true to our Christian beliefs we should be happy to attend any Mass.  Can the Truth be said in any way that is less hurting and in a more sensitive manner to those who are going against Gods laws? I am sure there are many gay Catholics that are following Church Teachings and remain celibate in their relationships but it seems like there are also groups that would like to be accepted and change Church Laws to suit them.  Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever.

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