The Newsletter
The reason this Newsletter began was to give Jesus a Voice, to get His Messages out there into the world.
Jesus is being stifled more and more.  It is like we want a world without God so that we all can live in peace!
The Church
Even within the very Church, the Truth is under attack; our bishops and priests refuse to speak the truth in these days about sin and the True Teachings of Jesus.  Some are afraid of people taking offence while others, sadly, have stopped believing in it, if they ever did.  In fact, so called theologians change Jesus’ Truth now to suit us in these ‘modern’ days.  You cannot change the Word of God.  You can choose not to believe it if you want but you cannot change it to suit what you believe!
Jesus has given many Messages through many Prophets, Visionaries and Seers to counteract the great watering down of the Truth but even some of these refuse to speak the Truth as He gives it to them.
The world
The general public seem to have been slowly hypnotised away from Jesus and His Ways and are ready and waiting to accept all these changes.  The general sense of opinion is that the Church now needs to change to become attuned to the way the world dictates us to live.
Unfortunately the Church now seems to be bending to these demands of the public.  It is under terrible unseen attack to change and it is the ministers, the good and true priests of Jesus, who are taking all the flack.  They are deemed to be small minded, bigoted old fashioned men who refuse to move with the times.
A challenge
This Newsletter is a challenge to all this new age thinking.  We challenge it because we believe that when you change the Word of God and the paths that He laid down, when you water down the Truth so as it ceases to be Truth, you close up the doors to Heaven. 
We have put together many of Jesus’ Messages in this Newsletter where He talks about what is happening in the Church.  When we read these Messages together, as a whole, the scales begin to fall from our eyes and we see what is actually happening.  The frightening thing is, that the only one who can be behind the destruction of Jesus and His Church is satan himself.  And he goes unseen, disguised by names such as theology, modernism, new age philosophies, move with the times, advancements in technology and science etc.
His Passion
At this time Jesus is going through His Passion again; His Calvary.  He said that the Church would become unrecognisable, just as He became unrecognisable in His Passion.  satan is trying to destroy the Church because if he succeeds in this, then he takes millions of souls with him.  There will be many casualties in this Great Battle, but the more we sit back and do nothing, the more we allow to be destroyed, the more casualties there will be.  And who is to say that you or me will not be one of them?


16 February 2010

Look only to My Love and reject the lies of the world and its false promises.  It is only I, who can give you Life. 
Look, I come in these Words to guide you through these times of darkness.  I have told you that I would not leave you, now, trust in Me and let Me guide you back to the safety of My Fold.
I Love you, My children, and I am calling you to look at this world that you live in and do not be discouraged for, soon I will Come and remove the evil that you now live in.
I am your God and I must allow these things for man has brought them about by his own free will.  But, soon, I will raise My Hand and say enough, for he will overstep the bounds of free will and this I cannot allow.
Trust in Me, children, and believe that I am with you. 
I Love you and I am with you.
Trust Me!  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Tuesday 27 April 2010

My Love is never-ending, children, it is given to you freely.  I do not ask anything of you in return but love.
You are My children and I Love you, I have laid My Life down for you; I have given My All so that you could have Eternal Life with Me in My Father’s Kingdom.  Trust in Me and believe, for I will not force you. 
I will not command that you follow Me, you must choose in free will.  I give free will to you, this is My Gift to you.
I Love you, My little ones, listen to My calls for they will come to an end and then I must come to remove all evil.
I, your Jesus, ask that you believe in Me.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Wednesday 14 July 2010
Look only to Me for I am the Truth.  See Me in the people you meet and do not judge them.  Only look through Love’s Eyes and then you will begin to understand the Truth that I speak about.
See Me, children, see My Love for you.  See what I have done so that you could have Forgiveness.  Look, open your eyes and see the Truth!
Then, look into this world and see the darkness of lucifer for it is he that controls this world.  At this time, it is he who changes the Truth into a lie in order to draw My people away from Me.
Look and see how he changes My Teachings and discards My Commandments in order to lead My flock into the fires of hell.
Look, he even uses those who say they are My servants to spread his lies, those who have committed their lives to Me so that My Truth would be kept safe.
Look, children, see the darkness that you now live in.  Now, come follow Me and be a part of My Remnant for there is little time left.
Come, My children, I, your Jesus, Love you.

Thursday 15 July 2010
Look only to Me in My Truth for all is about to end.  Evil grows at an ever-increasing rate and still, you refuse to see.
Still you do not stop and look at the Truth of My Words.
Children, I am Coming and I will bring My Justice to bear on this earth and you shall know what you have done.
How you have offended your God with your lies and deceit.  I know who you are and the Day of My Justice shall be yours.
I tell you: come, now, before it is too late and repent of your ways and come, follow Me.
Look, now, and see what I say.  I, your Jesus, Love you.

Friday 16 July 2010

Look now and see the Truth that I speak of, children.  Turn away from sin and come. follow Me.  My Path is Truth, it is Love and no evil can walk it.  For, I am the Way, the Truth and the Light.  I shine a Path of Truth for you in these Words so that you can have Eternal Life in Me.
I Love you, My little ones, and I call you to be My followers.  Come, children, I stand with My Hands outstretched waiting for your reply.  Come, I, your Jesus, Love you.
Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Saturday 17 July 2010

Be with Me, My little children, and do not be afraid for I am Coming soon to be with you.  Your time of need will come to an end and you shall see the Light of Creation shine to the four corners of this earth.
Trust in Me, for I have not forgotten you.  Trust, children!  Trust in the Power of Love.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Monday 19 July 2010
My Love is not a game, My children.
Do you not realise you fight for your lives with Me in My Kingdom?
Do you not realise that I have given you freedom to decide if you want to be in My Kingdom?
It is by your actions that you decide.
If you love Me and My Ways, then Heaven is your reward but if you love sin and its ways then hell will be your reward.
It is simple and for you to decide by the way you live your lives.
I Love you and give you these Words to help you in your struggles.
Come, My little ones, I Love you and desire that you be with Me in My Father’s Kingdom.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Tuesday 20 July 2010

My children, come follow Me and do not be ashamed of Me, only look to Me in Truth and then you will begin to understand My Ways.
Come, My little ones, listen to My Words and see the Truth that I speak of.  I am Coming soon and then this world will see the error of its ways but, at this time, it will be too late for many for it will be the Time of My Justice and this earth shall be renewed in My Love. 
Come, little ones, and see what I say. 
I, your Jesus, Love you.
Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Come, gather to Me, My little ones, and do not be afraid to join with Me in this quest for souls.  Look and see your brothers and sisters in My Light; see their need and do all in your power – which is given to you through prayer – to help them.  Become the warriors of My Love and see all in Love.
Come, children of Mine, and do My Will; do not be afraid for My Love is with you, ever-waiting for your reply.  Come, hear My calls as they grow fainter for the lies of this world grow louder.
Come, I implore you, My children, for time is short.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Thursday 22 July 2010

Look to Me, children, and see Me in all that you meet.  See Me in those that you do not like for, I am within all peoples.  Come, My little ones, listen to My Voice and do not be hindered by the burdens of this world.  Do not allow self to control you but, rather, allow My Spirit to guide you.  Allow My Spirit to Teach you in the Ways of your God.
Come, My people, come, allow Me to be your Guide.
I, your Jesus, call you this day to stand up and be My followers.  Come, I await your response.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Sunday 25 July 2010

Look, now, My little children, and see the Truth of My Ways.  Do not hide from Me any longer but, come, seek Me while I am to be found.
Come, My children, come listen to My calls.  I am your God and I Love you.  Come, now, for I will not force you.  Come to Me, listen, I Love you. 
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.




A human institution
Recently discussed on RTE’s ‘Would you believe’ programme was the topic ‘Faith in Crisis.’  The Newsletter team here at the House of Prayer watched the programme on the internet.
I must say I found the programme quite depressing in one sense.  It would seem that the general public and those who have a voice in our society, want a human institution for a church.  People want reform and change in the Church, they want a church to suit themselves and the sinful twenty first century.  As Jesus said, we do not want to die to ourselves but we want the church to die to itself!  Nobody seemed to understand the whole spiritual concept of it.  Jesus, it would seem, is not part of His Church and what He said and taught does not really matter now because it is dated!  It does not suit us and our lifestyle.
We forget
The Messages that Jesus has given throughout the years rang true in our ears.
Sometimes we forget what Jesus has said to us.  We forget His Warnings, we forget His Instructions.  Remember Jesus’ Words, if the time had not been shortened, not even the elect would have survived.  Unfortunately, because of our human nature and our lack of spirituality, we become very complacent and fail to see the fulfilment of the Word of God.  We are blind and often walk around in a blind dazed state spiritually.
In light of this programme, we have decided to go back over various Messages that Jesus has given in recent years.  They have Warned us of the coming changes within the Church that we now seem to be on the verge of judging by this programme.  The Words that Jesus gives in these Messages are like a Sword of Truth.  We would hope that by reprinting some of these, Jesus is able to slice through some of the deception.  He does not seem to have a Voice in our world anymore and in this Newsletter we aim to give Him a Voice again in this world.  We aim to bring some clarification and understanding to ourselves and you, our readers, of what is going on here.  We aim, in some way, to hold up the sagging beams of the Church for it is not the Church that is at fault, but man.
The great falling away
On Monday 7 February 2005, Jesus spoke about the darkness in the world and the great falling away:
My children, the days grow darker and still there are very few who have listened to My Words.  My calls fall on deaf ears for the evil one and his ways have overrun this earth.  Can you not see, My children, the time draws near and you are being pulled further into this world and so away from Me; things that you would not have accepted in the past, now you accept them as normal.  Your lethargy grows every day and I become more distant in your lives. 
Wake up, My little ones, and see what I am saying. The time is close now; the evil one will soon make his move and you have not prepared.  Soon, he will claim the Throne of My Peter and if you have not prepared you shall be deceived by him.  You will accept his ways as truth and so be lost TO ME FOR EVER.  I have Warned you of this within My Scriptures. Read:
2 Thessalonians 2:1-12
1Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, we ask you,
2 not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come.
3 Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,
4 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.
5 Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you these things?
6 And now you know what is restraining, that he may be revealed in his own time.
7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.
8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His Mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.
9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders,
10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie,
12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
Can you not recognise the falling away, My children, are you are a part of it?  My Ways are being lost and My children are leaving the safety of the Fold.  This is why I ask you to come back.  This is why I repeat these Words over and over again.  The days are numbered now, children, My Light is dying upon this earth.  I beg you, on bended Knee this night to return to Me.  Do not let these Words come to pass but fight the evil of this world with Love and Truth; let these be your Weapons.  I will not desert you.  I Love you...
Is this not true?
Jesus is speaking here about how things that we would not have accepted in the past, we accept now.  Is this not true?  Can we not see this in the way that homosexuality is considered as a normal and decent thing?  Can we not see this in our acceptance of living in sin, divorce, abortion, our acceptance of free sex and loose morals?  The truth is that these things are accepted as normal in our society, and this not only by the majority of the general public, but also by those who are entrusted by God to keep the Truth and teach it.  Jesus’ Truth of the sin of these things is lost.  We believe that we are a loving and accepting society that promotes equality for all and this means condoning all sorts of sin.  We are all tainted.  Is this not the great falling away?  So many Catholics believe that they can receive Holy Communion if they are living in sin as this too is fully accepted in society and there are few to tell them any different.  Many also believe that contraception is not a sin.  There are very few who believe in the Real Truth of Jesus now.  His Ways are being lost in favour of the world’s ways.  We justify our beliefs by saying that God is a God of Love and does not condemn anyone and, because the Laws of the Church are written in stone, the Ten Commandments, and cannot be changed, we walk away from the Church; blaming it, calling it a fascist, outdated system that needs to move with the times and modernise itself.  We say that it is not a Church of the people; that it was made by men thousands of years ago who had no concept of equality for all, women, homosexuals, all!
In many ways public opinion has forced many of our priests to bend the Laws of God.
Truth is what I seek
Truth is what I seek, children.  Too long has this world ignored My True Teaching.  Too long have falsities been put in My Place and have been looked upon as truth.  My Truth is Love; not just to love those who love you.  Forgiveness is forgiving all hurts, not just those who come and seek forgiveness.  I Forgive all, not just those who come and seek Forgiveness.  I Forgive all, not just those who say they believe in Me. 
But alas, children, how many accept My Forgiveness; there are very few.  There are very few who are willing to take on this Cross of Mine.  All want something in return; all think of their own wellbeing, not of their brothers and sisters.  This is not My Way.  My Way is to give and not to count the cost; to Forgive and not to count the cost; to Love and not count the cost; this is the true Way of Love.
It is time to return, children.  The veil has been broken, the seal has been broken, the Justice of your God is here among you and you have not recognized it.  This world will suffer greater and greater disasters until it can bear no more and will finally call out to Me for help.  But then, it will be too late.  For all that I have spoken through My Prophets will be fulfilled and this earth will be cleansed and renewed and My Love will shine once again.  Mankind will know and understand his God and realize how this generation was led astray by the lies of lucifer; all in the guise of modernism and renewal. 
How blind you have become! 
I have given lucifer one hundred years to sift and test your faith in Me, your God.  I have allowed this so that you could be strengthened in Me, as lucifer asked for Peter, so he asked for you.  Can you not recognize this, children?  Read My Scriptures.
Come away from the dangers of this world.  Read the reflections of My sons and see the Truth of their Words for they were inspired by Me.  Look at the trap that lucifer has set for you and he is about to spring it shut...Good Friday 25 March 2005
Our complacency
We are running out of time.  The wrath of God is about to descend upon us for the sins of our generation.  Jesus said the world will suffer greater disasters until it can take no more but it may be too late for some.  We cannot say that we didn’t know what was happening.  Jesus has been giving Messages for years to many Prophets, Seers and Visionaries telling us what was going to happen.  And here we are in the midst of it all.  Our eyes are beginning to open from our complacency and finally we are beginning to see what He was talking about.  We can see in the following Message Jesus’ Words of Warning to us.
Has blinded you
Children of this world, I Love you and I call you in these urgent Words to return to Me.  You have not realised the time that you are in.  Already the plans are in motion for the destruction of My Church.  I have Warned you of this from the beginning.  I have sent My Mother and many other Messengers into this world to tell you of these times.  You have read My Warnings and have been greedy for the Words of revelation and destruction.  You have sought sensationalism over the Words; the Prophesies of destruction and justice.  You have waited for the great chastisements; have waited for the time when the evil one would seize power. 
Yet you have not seen or perceived what is happening around you.  Sensationalism has blinded you to the Truth of My Words.  Look only to what My Spirit reveals to you and see the Love, the Forgiveness and Justice in My Words. 
Look around you, children, time is short.  My Mercy is coming to an end and My Justice is beginning.  Soon now this earth shall groan, earthquakes, tidal waves and unseen disasters shall rack this earth.  Science will try to explain; the scientists will become confounded with no explanation; for all that they understand shall be taken from them. They shall begin to realise what the wealth of their knowledge is.  They will see Me in a new light and fear shall take over.  They shall beat their breasts but many will not repent and will be hurled headlong into the pit of everlasting fire.
Be Warned, children, I am a God of Love, I am a God of Forgiveness but I am also a God of Justice and you shall see My Justice as it strikes this earth.  You shall see things that you never thought possible for I mean to confound this generation and they shall know that I am their God.  Take heed, take Warning to the Words that I place before you for time has moved on and none shall be waited on. 
I Love you, My children, and I call you back to the safety of the Fold.  I Love you.  Friday 10 June 2005 Saint Paul
Faith is not the only thing declining in the world.  Here, in this piece of Scripture, Saint Paul clearly tells us of what was to come in the end times:
21 Because that, when they knew God, they have not glorified Him as God, or given thanks; but became vain in their thoughts, and their foolish heart was darkened.
22 For professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.
23 And they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of the image of a corruptible man, and of birds, and of fourfooted beasts, and of creeping things.
24 Wherefore God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness, to dishonour their own bodies among themselves.
25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie; and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
26 For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature.
27 And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error.
28 And as they liked not to have God in their knowledge, God delivered them up to a reprobate sense, to do those things which are not convenient;
29 Being filled with all iniquity, malice, fornication, avarice, wickedness, full of envy, murder, contention, deceit, malignity, whisperers,
30 Detractors, hateful to God, contumelious, proud, haughty, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
31 Foolish, dissolute, without affection, without fidelity, without mercy.
32 Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.
Romans 1:21-32
None were speaking the truth
There were many priests and religious on the above mentioned programme that were there to represent the Church but none of them were speaking the truth.  Everything they said was so politically correct and people pleasing.  Jesus was the most unpolitically correct Man that ever lived.  There was a homosexual man on the show who said he was hurt that the Church didn’t accept homosexuals and he felt let down in particular by what Benedict XVI had said.  He said that it was like another form of abuse.  He resented the Church’s treatment of gay people and said they should stop making statements about gay people, divorcees and women.
The priests that were there never once spoke the truth to him, that homosexuality is a sin and he could end up in hell if he didn’t repent of what he was doing.  That is their duty - to put God and His Laws first and it is ours also.  See how the world has encroached on us all?  This man was blaming the Church for the Laws of God; he did not see that it is God Himself who has given us this Law to protect us from the fires of hell.  The homosexual man actually said that he has his own relationship with God and that as far as he was concerned his seat was  safe in Heaven as much as the clergy’s.  No one on that panel dared to tell him that he was in error; that the Church cannot bend to accept sin.  The whole idea of the Church that Jesus gave with its Truth is to keep us on the straight and narrow path by guiding us in the Ways of Jesus to Heaven.  If you don’t want to walk that path then don’t, but do not dare presume you can change the direction of The Path that Jesus Himself laid down.
Renew your vows
In 2006 Jesus gave this Message for priests.
I speak to you, My priests, and I call you to renew your vows to Me for so many of you have walked away from My Ways and left My children to starve.  Look, My sons, I call you in these Words to fight against this world and bring My people back with Words of Truth.  Do not be afraid to speak My Truth although the world will hate you for it but you must remember it hated Me first. 
I speak to you, sons of Mine, that confuse My children with your false teachings; you change My Gospels to suit this world and so confuse My people.  Sin is still sin, My sons: lust, masturbation, homosexuality, greed, deceit and so on are still sins in My sight yet you would tell My children that they are not.  I tell you, you only preach the gospel of lucifer.  It is time to repent of your evil ways and come back to My Truth.  If you do not die to the things of this world then you can have no part in Me for you cannot serve two masters, you will love one and hate the other.
Listen, My sons, I Come soon, read the signs of the times.  When I Come I will ask you to account for your actions... Saturday 30 December 2006
No variance from the Truth
Jesus wants our priests to begin preaching the Truth again, to stand strong in the Truth for there can be no variance from the Truth.  He wants us all to hear, know and live the Truth.  When we do not hear the Truth, we begin to err and we starve.
It was very obvious from this programme that the majority wanted a church run by lay people that included women priests.  Feminism once again rears its ugly head.  Feminism is not from God and Jesus has declared this to the world in the following Message.
“...Take a fruit tree.  Many of those who work with these will often graft a piece off a better fruit tree to help the tree produce better fruit.  What would be the point in grafting a useless part to that tree, a part that would sap the strength of it?  A part that would not produce any fruit at all?  Look and see that feminism within My Church is a grafted branch that produces poison fruit.  Feminism wants its own way, and in order to get it, it will break the roots of the tree.
I declare to the world that feminism within My Church has diseased the whole Church and the world is too blind to see it.  Because of it, My bishops and priests have changed My Laws to suit them.  Much will need answered when I come back.”  Monday 10 November 1997
Since when did man dictate to God what to believe and the difference in right and wrong?  How arrogant we have all become!
Bullying the hierarchy
In this programme it seemed that the lay people on the panel were bullying the hierarchy for change and I fear what change it will be for it seems they are shouting for love, in the form of sin being accepted.  What I fear more is that none of the clergy stood up for Jesus.  None of them said that the Laws of God cannot be changed on the whim of man.  Man is demanding that God accepts his sin; no! this cannot be.  We are meant to be dying to the sin within us. 
Remember what Jesus Suffered to break us free from sin? 
Some priests seemed to be in fear while others seemed to simply not believe in the Truth that they had dedicated their lives to anymore.
Jesus said that He had given the evil one one hundred years to sift us and sift us he has.
Scandals in the Church
Children of this world, I Love you and I call you in these urgent Words to return to Me.  You have not realised the time that you are in.  Already the plans are in motion for the destruction of My Church.  I have Warned you of this from the beginning…  Friday 10 June 2005
The majority of the public are looking at the scandals in the Church, calling out for change, reform, modernisation, and no one is seeing lucifer at work in it all.  We want God and the world but water and oil do not mix.  The dirty oil is contaminating the water and we are failing to see how Europe and the rest of the world is becoming more hedonistic and removing God from all walks of life.
Friday 22 July 2005
My children, many things are happening within this world, many things that are not of Me but are announced in My Name.  Be prudent, children, and remember I have said, My own shall recognise My Voice.  My own are those who are willing to turn their backs on this world in favour of Me, their God. 
I am Jesus, Son of the living God, and I announce these Words to this world.  An earthquake shall surely shake the foundations of this world and this shall announce that My Coming is near. 
Be aware, children, you live in the time of deception; all is not as it seems, all is in deceit for the battle for the children of this world is here.  The evil one storms through this world ripping souls into hell in a great tidal wave of deceit. 
Deceit, deception is everywhere.  Even those who say they follow Me are influenced with the deception of this world.  Yes, even you, My Remnant, are bending towards the lies of this world.  Open your eyes and see the Truth.  You will do anything for an easy life even if that means bending the Truth.  But I tell you, children, there is no such thing as a little lie; a lie is darkness and no matter how small, it is still untruth.  This is the truth that you do not wish to look at.  You cannot bend My Truth for My Path is a narrow Path and it leads to Eternal Life and the rewards are fathomless for those who follow the narrow Path.  I Love you.
Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Could all the scandals in the Church that have recently emerged be that earthquake?
These scandals have shook and rattled the Church.  Like vultures the media went for the kill.  These aftershocks are people wanting to bring about change. More and more cases have emerged and this has culminated to the 2009 publications of reports on child abuse in Ireland; the Church here seems to have all but fallen.
It would seem that the majority were primed, ready and waiting for this disaster in the Church.  The sex abuse scandal was the excuse that was needed for those who had waited for many years, to pounce with their demands for reform, ie women priests, acceptance of homosexuality, greater power to be given to the laity so that they could change the Laws they did not like etc.
In this programme, the people were calling out for the Church to be handed over to the laity!
The Church of Jesus Christ has never been about believing in men. All men are weak including you and me.  We all sin, we all fall, we all hurt other people.  The Church is about Jesus Christ, the Truth, our Salvation.  These are things that cannot be changed.
Saturday 3 September 2005
My children, I Love you, I call you to come follow Me.  Time is short, children, and still you have not recognised My Voice; still you have not recognised the times that you now live in.  Open your eyes and see the truth; your world is falling apart.  Love has died; it has been changed into an unrecognisable love that this world believes is good. 
Because I am not allowed within your society, faith and morals have disappeared and unlove reigns in favour of true Love.  Look, children, look and see the truth; mankind has become barbaric. You live in an evil generation which My Father shall be forced to come and cleanse. 
Not even in the time of Noah, or the time of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah was man so evil.  My Church has become a place where self and sin is worshipped; a place where those who call themselves My priests have adopted a faith that accepts all sorts of calumny, heresy and idolatry.  Places where sin is no longer accepted as evil; places where sin is no longer preached against, rather, they are places where a Gospel of love is preached about; a Gospel that accepts all things as being good; places that a god of all love all mercy is preached about, who accepted everything as being good even that, that is evil; places where there is no justice for Me, the True God; where My Commandments are no longer accepted; where the True Path of My Scriptures are no longer accepted; where My Sacraments are no longer accepted for they are looked upon as being old-fashioned and politically incorrect.
Open your eyes, generation, and see the truth; you are evil for your teachings and your beliefs are heresy...
Each scandal
Look at this.  Is this you?  Is it me?  Are we guilty of trying to make the Church die to itself?
Each scandal has taken a hatchet to the Church and has banged it and banged it until it is left open on the outside, weak and vulnerable to attack and criticism.  Meanwhile freemasonry attacks the inside like a cancer.  The very Truth is under attack.  The Church once protected the Truth but now it seems that the Truth is no longer safe there.  What can be done?
Monday 19 September 2005
…Concentrate instead in establishing My Houses of Prayer.  I have called many to come and help but not many have listened to My Words.  Concentrate on finding these places of refuge for I have spoken much in these Messages of Love about them and what they are for.  Many wish to give Me Houses but they will not let Me have them.  More than this, I wish many to Love Me through My Church; to return to My Church and fight for the Truth; much heresy takes place there and it is allowed, many blasphemies too.  If evil is not checked then evil begets evil.
I call you, you who are behind Me, although you are little, to stand up for the Truth, for My Truth.  Take the Words of My Gospel and establish them within your hearts so that all men may see your truth and honesty.  Put Me first in your lives.
I have the Power to give Eternal Life for I am Eternal Life itself.  I am He who knocks at your door; I am He who calls to you.
The Remnant within My Church must save it as has been prophesied for your new year will bring great uneasiness into the world and you will hear news from space, from the skies.  You will not stumble for I call you to greater things.  My Church is true but those who would change it are in far greater number within it than those who wish a True Church.  They exude fear with their knowledge.  This is the Word I give you.  Love My Church but fight against the heresy within it.  An ivy is beautiful when it climbs on a tree but it will kill the tree.  I Love you all, heed My Words.
The Ivy
The answer is not to allow the laity to take it over with the world – to let the flood gates of hell open and allow sin in – homosexuality, sex outside marriage, abortion, contraception, feminism, new ageism…
The answer is in the Gospels, the living of these, putting God first in our lives and allowing Him to be the answer.  Priests are just men who can fall, we can all fall.  Jesus is the answer.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  The men of the Church have fallen and will continue to do so.  We as people cannot be trusted but Jesus can do much through us if we are obedient and selfless, loyal, then we can be trusted.  Many of Jesus’ Plans in the Messages have been lost because of this, by the laity, by our lack of giving and cooperation.
Jesus sent Saint Francis to rebuild the Church single handedly and he did reform it and many followed him in poverty, living the Gospel Way.  Jesus can take one soul and use it to the full if He is given our cooperation.
Feast of the Sacred Heart Friday 23 June 2006
…My children, I watch you lie in your hearts to Me because you allow yourselves to be influenced by the good intentions of this world.  I watch you crumble as you listen to false doctrines that are not Mine.  There is more to come, My children.
My Church abhors you because your faith is strong; they do not wish to leave their comforts so as to tramp the road of sacrifice and humility.  Have you become like this, My Remnant?  Have you become sheep without a Shepherd?  Are you without Me, too?...
Wednesday 5 July 2006
…There will be many that say, “Lord, Lord, did we not heal in Your Name; did we not cast out demons in Your Name; did we not love in Your Name; did we not feed the hungry in Your Name; did we not clothe the naked; did we not give the thirsty a drink of water; did we not say the Rosary; did we not go to Mass?”  Yet, still I tell you, I will say to these ‘go depart, I never knew you.’  For unless all things are done in Truth they are not done in My Name for I am the Truth, the Way and the Life and no one can enter My Father’s Kingdom except through Me and My Truth.  The Journey towards Me and through Me is a Journey of self denial, not a journey of selfishness and greed.  Wake up and see the Truth of the Words that I speak for your time is limited.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
We have forgotten the beauty of the Church, the sacrifice of the priest who was once available to his flock twenty four hours a day, who brought us Jesus.  We need to encourage our priests to live this life of holiness which they began in their answer of their vocation and support them.
We must examine ourselves and see our part in the destruction of the Church.  We must then also be willing to give up all to rebuild our beautiful Church in love and truth.
Jesus is providing the answer in the Way of the Sacred Heart – on that path which can be followed by anyone, anywhere.  It is a path of self-dying, service and love.  And He is trying to make up for dwindling vocations, the lack of prayer from convents and monasteries as they are closing, by establishing Houses of Prayer. 
Sunday 9 July 2006
…Many times, My servant, I have longed for My priests to be holy and true to the Way that I have set for them but they only wish to be with the world. 
…These are My promises to My priests.  I will show them that I am Alive in the lives of My people when they give Me the time to do it through them.  Consecrate these parishes to My Sacred Heart and I will bring My people back, they will return to Confession and the Blessed Sacrament within a short time.  One hour each evening is all that I ask...
The answer is found in prayer, coming together and praying.  Jesus can change us in prayer, in looking at the truth of ourselves, it has to start with me.
And always our prayer must be the fuel for good works, which are needed every minute of every day.
Tuesday 11 July 2006
…I will tell you.  My Church is dying because it is being allowed to by those who would change it into something that it is not.  My children, who know the truth of this, continue to sit back and do nothing, they let it change because they feel powerless or cowardly.
I have asked for Houses of Prayer so that I could hold My Truth until I Come within these (Houses of Prayer).  I have called for more Houses but these have not been given to Me.  I ask for them again and I ask for more.  I do this so that there will be some Pockets of Light left when I Return...
Houses of Prayer
Jesus wants more from us.  He wants prayer, our time, He wants the Houses of Prayer that have been held back from Him.  He wants to recapture lost ground.  Prayer is our beginning.  If we give Him a little, He can move forward and gain back the ground lost to Him.  Jesus thirsts for souls.  If we pray and talk to Him, we will realise this.  We will see His need as truly greater that anything we need, all those things we hold as dear in our lives, our earthly attachments are nothing compared to the importance of His Dream to save souls.  Our lives are but grass, here today and thrown in the fire tomorrow.
24 For all flesh is as grass; and all the glory thereof as the flower of grass. The grass is withered, and the flower thereof is fallen away.
25 But the Word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the Word which by the Gospel hath been preached unto you.
1 Peter 1:24-25, Douay Rheims Tuesday 11 July 2006
…My Light grows dimmer as each day passes.  Untruth seeps into every part of your society and My Church.  Soon you will not be able to recognise My Love, My Truth for, all will have grown cold.
Look now, children, look for My Love, My Truth so that you shall be able to recognise what is from Me.  I tell you, plans have been set in motion to change all that I have set in stone.
Soon you shall see this if you have My Light within you.  If not, you too shall be swept away in the tide of untruth.  Love now, love Me now….
Jesus has been Warning us and Warning us and we’re too busy to see what He is talking about, we just want what we want.  Can we not see the moves happening all around us to change the Laws written in stone?  The masses have been hypnotised by lucifer away from Jesus and His Ways.  The media have fed us their propaganda and lies and we have believed them.  How else could sin be so freely accepted in our society and speaking out against it be so taboo?
Monday 27 November 2006
Be prepared, My children, to take up your cross and follow Me for you are entering the time of My Passion once again.  My Church will be crucified and seem as though it is dead but it will rise again stronger and in My Glory.  Hold on to the Teachings that I have already given to you and do not listen to the new-age thinkers for they are not of Me; they are caught up in the lies of lucifer. 
Soon now you shall see the changes take place within My Church.  These will be changes that will be unmistakable and those that have held on to My Truth will know they are not of Me.  But if you have listened to the new doctrines then you too shall be swept away in the tide of darkness that is sweeping over My Church.
Be prepared, My children, to hold on to My Truth, even though all go against you as all went against Me.  Be prepared to be crucified for My Name; be prepared to be excommunicated because of My Truth…
Remember what Jesus has told us.  Remember He told us to watch ecumenism; He told us to retrieve the old Bibles instead of buying the new ones that have watered down versions of His Truth.  We have been Warned.
...Retrieve the old Bibles and relate back to them so that you will be able to remain in My True Teaching...  Monday 5 April 2004
...You have a Judas among you and you do not see how he steals away your Truth that comes from Me.  I tell you to watch ecumenism for there will lie your answers and the Truth.  Look with spiritual eyes only for all is in much confusion...  Friday 10 June 2005
Wednesday 29 November 2006
Children of Love, I call to you to be strong in your faith in Me.  Many things are about to happen that will make it difficult or impossible to believe in Me and My Ways.  You will be taken before the courts and told how you must believe.  You shall be escorted from My churches for believing in the Truth and these days are not in the distant future.  Believe now in what I have taught you so that when these times come you may recognise them…
How much are we prepared to give for Jesus.  Are we willing to die to ourselves?  Are we willing to follow Him to death to preserve the Truth.
We have read in previous Newsletters about the Christians persecutions in Europe.  There is no denying that it is happening and it is only going to get worse.  Are we preparing in fasting and prayer or will we too deny Jesus when the time comes?
Thursday 7 December 2006
Children of the Light, I, your God, call to you this day and I ask you to return once again.  You are coming up to the time when you will celebrate My Birth but look around you, does the world celebrate My Birth or does it celebrate self?  My children, now they even try to remove Me from My Birthday in case I will offend someone.  Soon they shall even try to remove Me from My churches in order to allow many different faiths to come together in world peace.  You do not realise the plans that have been set in motion.  Open your eyes, My children, look around you for you can already see the beginnings of these changes…
We know the Truth of this Message.  Only a few years ago the world tried to take Christ out of a Feast that is celebrated because it is His Birth!  Remember all the talk about the ‘holiday season’ not happy Christmas.  For crying out loud its a Christian Holy Day, nobody else has to celebrate it.  It is so ridiculous.
Wednesday 20 December 2006
…Look at what is happening.  Mankind is spending more than they have, banks are lending more than they have, governments are spending more than they have.  It will come to an end for this is in lucifer’s plan.  Then the savageness of man shall be seen in its true light.  Mankind will be plunged into a darkness of his own making that has never been seen before upon this earth.  The ungodly will roam this earth taking what is not theirs by any means possible.  Oh, creation, can you not see the trap that you are being drawn into?  Can you not see what lucifer is doing?…
My son, you will see lucifer’s plan come to pass.  You will see governments and countries come tumbling down as their financial structures fall to dust… 
Is this “tumbling down” referring to the worldwide credit crunch, and the financial issues in Greece?
In the same Message, Jesus goes on to say:
...In these times My followers wish to do My Work without dying to self and then they wonder why the broken and dying do not listen to them…
And here lies the great problem.  The problem is that the Church, our priests, our laity, all try to do Gods Work without Him for fear of offending people.  Many of us want to do good work but few of us are willing to die to ourselves to allow Jesus to work through us. 
Remember that if the Lord does not build the house, in vain do we labour.
Friday 29 December 2006

My people, listen to the Words of Love that I give to you for you have forgotten much.  Do not listen any longer to the false voices that lead you away from My Ways.  Listen to Me, children, My Voice remains the same no matter what time you are living in.  You say that My Church must change with the times but I tell you, the Truth cannot change.  Truth always remains the same, it is you who must change by dying to self.  You wish to follow Me but you do not want to die to the things that hold you back from Me.  Truth, children, is what you seek and Truth is what I give to you. 
I Love you and I wish to help you break away from the churches of lucifer. 
This can only be done by following Me in Truth.  I Love you and I call you back from the false teachings, through these Words.  I Love you.  Come back.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
There!  Jesus said it!  The Truth cannot change.  Even if we say it has changed and everyone accepts it - Jesus cannot change, He is the Truth.  We but deceive ourselves.
Sunday 31 December 2006

My children, you live in dark times, times that man has forgotten Me in.  You live in a barbaric world and have become immune to what is really happening around you.  Wake up, little ones, and open your eyes; see these times for what they are.  …There are hard times ahead, children, and I try to prepare you for these so that you will be able to ride the rapids that are about to befall this earth…
Saturday 6 January 2007
My children, I Love you.  Soon many in the world will assemble where they do not want to because all power will be handed over to him who remains hidden….
Sunday 14 January 2007
…I tell you that the elect will be shocked to hear what is to come and the little Remnant that I have will be lessened because of it…
Soon, I tell you, you will not be able to receive Me because of what they do now.  Soon many things will come to pass that I have spoken of.  Be prepared to go at a moment’s notice for I am sending you out as sheep into a hoard of wolves.  Be afraid, My children, for they plan even now against you who believe these Words.  You do not realise the treachery that goes on…I breathe My Spirit upon you and I send you out for I can wait on My priests no longer.  They let My children fall away and do little to stop them…
We must, each of us, take responsibility to uphold the Truth of Jesus and bring His Light to the world.
Monday 26 February 2007
My sons and My children, I Love you.  Come to this Heart that cries out with Love for you.  Come drink deeply for all things are about to culminate and you will need My Love to carry you through.  You will be cast out from My Churches for believing in My Ways, for believing in My Truth.  You shall be excommunicated for your lack of obedience to those who do not follow Me.  Do not be surprised by these Words that I speak for I have already spoken them many times before. 
lucifer has placed his henchmen within My Church and they change My Laws in order to break My people’s faith in Me.  It is they who change My Church into a human church and not a church that is spiritual.  Belief in My Gifts is all but gone.  For example, My children, they preach that I did not feed the five thousand but I taught the people to share with one another.  This sounds feasible to the human but not to My people that I dwell within.  I tell you, My children, from five loaves and two fish I fed many thousands for nothing is beyond My Power and the Love of My Father.  This is what the humanness wishes to destroy, they wish to make themselves and you as an equal with your God.  Those that you hear preach these false doctrines are not of Me, they have followed the lies of lucifer and so have become his instruments. 
Be aware that you are surrounded by deceivers and false prophets that try to destroy your faith in Me.  Come and listen to the Words that I speak, as I called My Disciples to be wary of the preaching of the scribes and Pharisees, so I tell you to be wary of the preaching of the new age priests and bishops for My Church is being destroyed from within.  They change My Scriptures into human words; they change My Teachings into human teachings; they change My Gifts into human thoughts.  I tell you I will allow this for the time that has been allotted and then I, Jesus, Son of the Living God, will put an end to their lies and their deceit for the gates of hell shall never prevail against My Church.  This I have promised, this I shall keep. 
Hold on to the end, My children, for the Day of the Lord is at hand and those who have went against Me and led My flock from Me shall be cast into the abyss for all eternity.  These Words I have spoken and these Words shall be fulfilled within a short period of your time.  I Love you, My people and I hear your cries, I hear your calls and I will answer.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
A decline
There is a decline in priests, vocations and in the congregations in recent years in the Catholic Church.  Bishop Sean Brady is setting up pastoral councils, involving the laity, as an answer to the decline.  Whereas Mark Dooley, a teacher at Maynooth, is saying the decline is due to what is being taught in the Seminaries.
“...Let me spell it out as clearly as I can: very few who enter the seminary system in this country stay the course.  According to one individual, of the fourteen who started in formation last year, only eight remain.
Why?  Not, as you might imagine, because they revealed themselves to be lacking in sanctity.
In many cases, it is because they were deemed too devout!...”
This is proof of what Jesus has been saying!
Tuesday 20 March 2007

My children, I Love you and call out in these final days of your time to come back.  Too long have you walked the wrong path; too long have you walked in blindness, refusing to look at the Truth. 
Your laws are changing so that you will become totally encapsulated in the will of lucifer and he will tell you what you can do and say, even within My churches.
Look around and you will see what I say.  Time is short now, children, and you do not seem to care what is happening.
Look at the Truth of what I say to you for already your days are numbered.  I, your Jesus, Love you and come to Warn you of the danger you are now in.  Come, look, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Wednesday 11 April 2007

Children of Love, I speak to you with Words of encouragement.  Do not allow this world to take you from Me with its false doctrines.  Do not listen even if you have to travel many miles to find the Truth for the more that you listen to falsehoods the more you will come to believe in what they say.  I am with you, I will Teach you to recognise what is not from Me.  You are in the time of the great rebellion when many are walking freely away from Me in search of Truth that will suit their selfish lives.  Do not be taken in, children, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.  I have promised that I would not leave you orphans and this I will hold by.  You are My children and I Love you.  Your freedom is at hand.  Hold on for a little while longer.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Friday 20 July 2007 For the Feast of the King of Love
…The tides are turning now and little time is left for you to accept My Invitation.  Soon this world shall be plunged into darkness and it will be all but impossible to fight through the onslaught of the evil one if you do not have Me as your Guide.  he will blind this world with his lies and you shall not know what the Truth is if you have not accepted My outstretched Hand. 
You can see the changes that take place within My Church, that are not of Me, if you are willing to look.  These will multiply a thousandfold, My Church will become unrecognisable.  My true followers will be outlawed as heretics and many shall be excommunicated for believing in My Truth. 
Look, children, look to the horizon and see the storm clouds approach, do not be caught out for you will be swamped to your death in his lies.  I Love you, My little ones.  These are My Words of Warning to you so that you may be kept safe.  I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Tuesday 2 October 2007
My people, prepare yourselves for the times to come when nothing will be as it seems.  Already they deceive you in many ways and you do not realise it. 
Truly, I tell you, the days are coming when you will not be able to worship Me in truth openly.  ‘They’ are about to change many things that will effect them that believe in Me but, I tell you, do not believe them but, rather, believe in what you already know.  Remember, I am the same yesterday, today and forever as My Word is  (Scripture.)  So, understand, the deceiver may change My Laws but he cannot break My True Church, those who have held firm to My true Teaching, those that cannot be changed.  I Love you, My children, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
None of us can be forced what to believe in.  If we are dying to ourselves we will not be blinded and will see.  No one can take away that true faith that is in our hearts.
Monday 3 December 2007
…These are the things that I have spoken so many times about within My Words.  So few are willing to stop and see the Truth of what I am speaking about.  This world is careering headlong into its own destruction.  It has given lucifer a free hand to do whatever he wishes.  Not even My own are willing to stand up and speak out against the great deceit that is within My Church.  No longer is anyone willing to fight for the Truth as My Saints did.  The deceiver sits upon the Throne of My Peter.  It was he and his henchmen that changed the Laws of My Church and have torn My Scriptures apart with their lies.  The time is coming when My children will see him in his true light but it shall be too late for many.  Look, very few are willing to see what he is doing and has done within My Church.  his attacks are subtle, he goes against My true servant, John Paul II, and through this throws his holiness into question.  How few can see what he is doing!  All that this world can see is that you, My sons, go against the leader of My Church but are not willing to see what the leader is doing...
Children, perceive what I am saying, it is I that hold the deceiver back, it is I that he is removing from My Church and your midst.  When he has accomplished this then he will show himself in his true light and it will be too late for many.  Then I shall send the Armies of Heaven to root out all the evil and send it back to the abyss.  Pray, pray much, children, that you are not a part of this.  Open your hearts and your eyes while there is still time, repent of your sin and come follow Me in Truth.  I have Warned you, laugh as you may, children, but remember I am the Lord, your God, and My Word is My Seal.  I Love you...
…These Messages that Jesus gives us seem to get us deeper and deeper into trouble!  He is adamant in these Messages that Ratzinger is a deceiver, that his intentions are not good.  We could do the same as the rest of the Prophets and ignore these Messages that Jesus gives but we are not willing to.  Even if this whole world turns against us, we cannot deny what we are receiving.  If the things that we read in the Catholic newspapers are true then the cracks are starting to appear.  Things such as when he attacked the Muslims, the Jews and the Protestants.  With one hand he drives a wedge between everyone and with the other he talks about unity.  he has exposed the underground Church in China to great persecution.  he goes against the teachings of John Paul II and so throws John Paul’s holiness into question yet he says, on the other hand, he wants to make him a saint.  And, as for saying all who go to Lourdes in 2008 will not go to purgatory, I find a big problem with this: 
1.  Does this mean if we go to Lourdes in 2008 that we can freely sin and not get punished?
2.  What about all the poor people who can’t afford to go to Lourdes, do they deserve punishment because they are poor and can’t afford to travel?
It sounds like an advertisement for some travel company “come to Lourdes and don’t go to Purgatory.”  To me, that does not sound like something that John Paul II would have said.
Yes, I know we could all put a good argument up for these things and try to rectify them in our argument but all the things he says are subtle.  I believe the cracks are starting to appear and we can see them if we are willing to look….
Thursday 6 December 2007
…This world builds up to crisis point and they hide it.  They will control you, My children, you will not be allowed to love Me in freedom.  What I have given to the world is now a burden.  Help Me!  I need you.
We can see from these Messages the seriousness of what is happening in our beloved Church.  Many of us live in a cloud of complacency and simply get on with our daily lives.  Jesus has Warned us and Warned us and things are beginning to change - change to modernism!  The priests who want their popularity and respect back, lost by the weakening effects of the scandals, may now compromise the ‘Truth.’  We need to pray and stick to Jesus like glue, before we too are drawn in to the change in the “guise of modernism and renewal.”
Are we willing to look at these changes?  Can we see what is happening before our faces?  The Battle is made all the harder because the evil one has numbed the senses of mankind and the majority all want change now.  According to the already mentioned programme, the people are primed and ready for it.  They demand it.


What does the Church say?

We were recently sent this article by a reader of our Newsletter, Pat from Cork.  We have included it in this Newsletter because we feel that it is very appropriate for the topics we are trying to cover this month.  It pierces the heart of a lie with the Sword of Truth.  It is all here in black and white.  We can argue with our Church leaders but we cannot argue with God and what He has laid down.

Bishop warns of ‘dangers’ of legal gay marriage By Christian McCashin
A BISHOP has warned that the Civil Partnership Bill will lead to a break down in society and more crime on the streets.
Bishop of Elphin, Christy Jones, also claimed the Bill, which gives legal status to cohabitees and gay couples, goes against the Constitution which has recognised marriage ‘through the decades.’
‘That means that our State or our Government is obliged to protect and care for marriage and for family founded on marriage,’ he said as he celebrated jubilee weddings at a special Mass in Boyle, Co. Roscommon.
The Bill passed all stages in the Dail without a vote on July 1 and became law on Thursday night when the Seanad voted in favour by forty eight to four.
Three Fianna Fail senators opposed it, claiming it weakens the special status of the family and marriage in Irish law and independent Ronan Mullen tried to talk it out of time.
But in a wide-ranging attack on the new law, Bishop Jones said: ‘Today we all know stories of drugs delinquency and crime in our society.
‘People say put more gardai on the streets and more cells in prisons.
‘The battle for a healthy happy society into the future will be won and lost in marriage and family life.’ The Bill was described by Justice Minister Dermot Ahern ‘one of the most important human rights pieces of legislation the House had dealt with’.
However, Bishop Jones said ‘rushing it through’ gave the wrong impression to young people that living in sin or forming same-sex partnerships was right because the Government had changed the law.
‘Once the State makes something legal people automatically think it is okay for them. That is why the introduction of divorce has such a negative effect on our understanding of marriage,’ the bishop said.
‘People think that if the State sees nothing wrong with the law then it is morally right.
‘That is how new laws can change the perceptions of people.’ He said the Government had a responsibility under the Constitution to protect marriage and family founded on marriage but was rushing through the Bill that would give cohabitees and gay unions the same status as marriage and all the tax and social welfare benefits that applied to marriage.
Environment Minister and Green Party leader John Gormley said ‘the Bill was an act of tolerance, and a step forward’.
But Green Party TD Ciaran Cuffe said the legislation, which has been welcomed by civil liberty groups, had not gone as far as the party would ultimately have liked.
Conservative Christian groups plan to challenge the legislation in the courts. The Catholic pressure group Coir also hopes President Mary McAleese will refer it to the Supreme Court to test its legality under the Constitution.
COPYRIGHT 2010 The Daily Mail
Daily Mail (London, England), July 12, 2010
I read this article
I read this article by Bishop Christy Jones of Elphin in which he warned that the recent introduction of the Civil Partnership Bill, which gives cohabitees and homosexual couples legal status, goes against the Constitution and will lead to a break down in society.  The Bishop also said that “Once the State makes something legal people automatically think it is okay for them…People think that if the State sees nothing wrong with the law then it is morally right.
That is how new laws can change the perceptions of people.” 
I decided to look up the official Church Teachings.  I hope it will help people to understand the difference between State Law and the Law of God.
The Catechism of the Catholic Church
2242 The citizen is obliged in conscience not to follow the directives of civil authorities when they are contrary to the demands of the moral order, to the fundamental rights of persons or the teachings of the Gospel. Refusing obedience to civil authorities, when their demands are contrary to those of an upright conscience, finds its justification in the distinction between serving God and serving the political community. “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are Gods.”  “We must obey God rather than men.”
2246 It is a part of the Church’s mission “to pass moral judgments even in matters related to politics, whenever the fundamental rights of man or the salvation of souls requires it. The means, the only means, she may use are those which are in accord with the Gospel and the welfare of all men according to the diversity of times and circumstances.
2357 Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained. Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.”  They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.
The Bible Romans 1:24-27
24 Wherefore God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness, to dishonour their own bodies among themselves.
25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie; and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
26 For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature.
27 And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error. Douay-Rheims
Genesis 18:20-21
20 And the Lord said: The cry of Sodom and Gomorrha is multiplied, and their sin is become exceedingly grievous.
21 I will go down and see whether they have done according to the cry that is come to Me: or whether it be not so, that I may know. Douay-Rheims
Genesis 19:12-13
12 And they said to Lot: Hast thou here any of thine? son in law, or sons, or daughters, all that are thine bring them out of this city:
13 For we will destroy this place, because their cry is grown loud before the Lord, who hath sent us to destroy them. Douay-Rheims
1 Corinthians 6:9-10
9 Know you not that the unjust shall not possess the kingdom of God? Do not err: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers,
10 Nor the effeminate (homosexuals), nor liers with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor railers, nor extortioners, shall possess the kingdom of God. Douay-Rheims
The Catechism of the Catholic Church
2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill Gods Will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.
2353 Fornication is carnal union between an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. It is gravely contrary to the dignity of persons and of human sexuality which is naturally ordered to the good of spouses and the generation and education of children. Moreover, it is a grave scandal when there is corruption of the young.
It is obvious by this statement that chastity is required of EVERYONE who is not married, there is no discrimination against any particular section of society.
Extract from Message given on 30 June 2003
“…Truth is My Way and I speak Truth to those who accept the sin of sodomy.  You are blind and and foolish!  You cannot see the Truth because of your lust.  You will not see the Truth because of your desire.  You have allowed self to become your master and so you drink deeply from the lies of lucifer.  Like the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, you shall be destroyed in the fires of hell for all eternity.  You shall cry out for what you have done to My Body.
I do not accuse those who have repented and have seen the error of their ways, only you who refuse to see, man and woman alike.  Do not think that I am blind, children, for I can see all things.  I can see the spirits that lead you into fornication, into greed, into lust, into desire.  I can see all things; you cannot fool Me for I am the Truth. 
Come back to Me, though your sins may be as scarlet, I shall wash them clean in the Blood of My Passion.  I Love you.  Return before it is too late.  Little time is left to you…”


The great deception

How is it that it is more acceptable to abort than to smoke?  I cannot understand this.
Jesus talks about the great deception in the world throughout the Messages.  He talks about how the media controls what we think. 
“Look to the Truth, My children, and see Me.  Do not listen to the media of this world for they are liars and thieves and do not know Me.  They who are in power are full of self and greed and make their decisions in order to please the media for it is they who really control all with their lies.  It is they who stir the people with their lies and so control the outcome of all decisions.  Trust in Me and do not believe these liars and thieves for they will pay the price for what they have sown.  Their harvest shall be a bitter one.  Trust in Me, children, and do not listen to them.  My Love for you is not a human love but it is an Eternal Love that cannot be fully understood by mankind.  I, your Jesus, Love you…” 
Monday 5 April 2010
Where do we turn
He is Warning us not to be deceived.  How is it that this woman does not realise that she has done a terrible thing?  Did nobody tell this ‘Catholic’ woman that to kill her own child is a crime against the Holy Spirit?  Was she never taught through her Catholic roots that abortion is a very grave sin?  Was she never told that all life is sacred?  Where was her priest?  I don’t even want to answer this because the way things are going now, it would not surprise me if the priest told her to go ahead with the abortion.  So to where do we turn?
Hear the truth
Ideally we would be turning to our churches.  There we should hear the truth.  Sadly in these days the Truth is not always preached from the altars.  This is Jesus’ great cry throughout the Messages of Love.  The places of holiness are closing down; the religious are no longer holy and holding onto the Truth.
Read this Message given by Jesus on Tuesday 17 July 2001:
Patrick: Jesus, I think I can hear Your Voice.  I thank You that You still speak to me, sinner that I am.  I can feel the country of America calling to me, Jesus.  It is as though the land was alive.  I can feel the people as though they are my family.  They feel close and it is as though they need help.  Is what I feel true, Jesus?
Yes, My son.  What you feel is the spirit of a land that thirsts for My Truth.  It is the Angel of this land, crying out to Me for Truth and Vengeance.  Your gift of hearing spiritual things can hear these prayers.
This country needs the Truth that I give you and there are many other countries that are crying out to hear My Words through you.  My Light within them has dimmed as the evil one overtakes them with greed and lies that I am not, and do not exist.
I hear the words of My Angels but I am powerless to do anything until the appointed time.  In free will, these countries have allowed Me to be rooted out.  Mankind is fickle.
When My Will is not in accord with his will then he tends to shut Me out.  Mankind now changes all that once was Me into that of the evil one.  The ground that once was Mine is now handed over to the one who is evil.
As I have said before, this wayward daughter of Mine (America) has primed herself and is ready to hand over to lucifer and there are few who will stop it.  My people have listened to the lies that have been told to paint a pretty picture that is not the Truth.  There are those - and there are many - priests who perform only magic spells when they consecrate Me.  They do not believe in Me.
My Church has been taken over by non-believers who have succeeded in changing it into what is not the Truth.  My Church is now covered by smoke and a foul stench of evil that My people cannot see.
The Angels of these lands cry out to Me because it is allowed to happen in free will.  My people are blinded by the smoke.  Many priests that you see are not priests but are satan’s army masquerading as My priests.  You will know them for they refuse to believe what I say and they refuse to do it.  These priests would rather lie in the arms of a woman or a man than minister to My people or tell them the Truth about Me.  I speak Truth.  Many priests are white-washed sepulchres who are white on the outside and black and hollow on the inside.  Those who believe in the spirits of earth and water and fire will never enter My Kingdom for they have chosen their kingdom, the kingdom of hell.
This is what you hear My Angels cry out, My son.  The Anguish in My Heart is great as I tell you these Words.  My Army has all but diminished in favour of other ways.  Unbelief and sacrilege and fornication, adultery, homosexuality, greed and idolatry are rife within My Church and those who practice these things are applauded by My own people.  Are My Mother’s Words at La Salette not ringing true in your ears, My children?
A great bell is tolling for this world and each ring that it makes marks time, time that is running out.  It is the death-knell of the earth.  I have given Messages of Warning and they have been ignored until now.  The earth must await My Wrath.
Let My people see these Words, My son, for they are the prayer of every Angel who stands in protection of every country in this world...
Walking into hell unhindered
Very strong words indeed, but so very very true.  The ministers of Jesus, those to whom we should be turning to for guidance and truth, have left the true path.  The  Catholic lady that I previously spoke about is not, by any means, on her own.  There are countless numbers of souls out there who are starving for want of truth.  As Jesus said there are many millions of souls who are walking into hell unhindered because there is no one to love them enough to tell the truth. 
The Journey of Truth
Below I quote an extract from The Journey of Truth, a reflection written by the Patricks on Wednesday 18 June 1997.  It explains quite well what is wrong with our Church.
“I will go on to say that, many times it would seem that we are against the Catholic Church, in the way we speak out against the changes taking place within it.  But we are not.  We stand firmly behind John Paul, our Pope, and the True Teachings of Holy Mother Church.  We will not listen to the false teaching of these modern-day theologians, when they change the Scriptures to suit themselves.  We hear many priests who, from the altars, tell us that Jesus did not feed the five thousand people, but He simply taught them to share their food.
I could go on all day speaking of the things that are said of Jesus.  Many of you will already have heard these false teachings in your own churches.  If the priest in your parish does not teach these things, then pray that he never will.  Pray that they will stand for the Real Truth and never go against John Paul and the True Teachings.
I know that some of you will find this difficult to believe, but wait and see.  Most of the seminaries teach that the Bible is just like a novel and we are not to believe everything that is in it. 
We were given some of the books as used by the seminarians in the seminaries.  These teach that Jesus did not create any miracles.  They also say that the Gospels were not fully written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but they were only written in part by them, then were added to, by different people over the years.  They say that Jesus did not do and say all that is in the Gospels.  More than this, that God, the Father, in the Old Testament, did not open the Red Sea to let the Israelites pass through and many other falsities.  The titles of these books, if you wish to see for yourself, are:
• How to read the Old Testament by Etienne Charpentier.
• How to read the New Testament by Etienne Charpentier.
• Preaching the Lectionary: The Word of God for the Church today by Reginald H. Fulton.
• Jesus: Self Portrait by Enda Lyons.”
So, these priests and vicars, who have written these books, are calling Jesus a liar.
Yes, I did say vicars.  Believe me, I have no problem with the Protestant faith but when I read the book entitled, ‘Preaching the Lectionary,’ which teaches the young Catholic seminarians how to preach homilies, I was shocked to find that this man was a Church of England minister!  He practically says that the Gospels are fairy stories, just like the other books we were given.
Since when did the Roman Catholic Church need Protestant ministers to teach it about the Scriptures?
I know that these words are strong but, nevertheless, they are the Truth.  We would challenge any priest or theologian to tell us otherwise.  Do not be afraid to confront us; we will listen…”
The false doctrines
It seems that our priests are not even taught the truth now.  If they are not taught it, then how can they be ordained to teach it to others.  I would go on to say that it is because of this that our church is in the state it is in today. As Jesus said, “…Many of My sons, that I have called to be priests, are taken to be taught, but all that they are given is the false doctrines that they cannot believe because they know that it did not come from Me; but I have asked of them to stay as little children and not to become the wise and learned, and I will only reveal My Truths to these little ones.  I have said that if anyone tries to take any of these little ones away from Me, then it would be better for him if he were to have a millstone placed around his neck and thrown into the deepest ocean…”  Wednesday 26 November 1996
And in the same Message Jesus also said “…Many of My priests do not believe that the Perpetual Sacrifice is real and they tell My children not to believe that it is.  They teach them false doctrines about Me because they no longer have a vocation; it is work that suits their lifestyle.  They do not see that what I have given as Law, is ignored…” Wednesday 26 November 1996
Dr. Mark Dooley
It is not just the Patricks saying this. 
Dr. Mark Dooley, a man who teaches in Maynooth, wrote an article in the Irish Daily Mail on Monday 17 May 2010, about the seminaries. 
Below are some extracts from his article which confirm what Jesus is saying in the Messages.
…As I wrote in this newspaper last Wednesday, Irish seminaries are hotbeds of serious moral decay which is devastating the Church in this country.
Their culture is one which rejects piety and holiness in favour of religious laxity and moral confusion.  This is resulting in priests who, as I wrote, barely believe in the doctrine they are ordained to promote.
Once again, in other words, the temple has been hijacked by those Christ banished from its courts. This time, however, they are not in the business of changing money and selling doves, but of prostituting their priestly principles to an ideology which runs contrary to their faith.
…That is the source not only of my anger, but of the deep frustration felt by scores of seminarians who must live with this problem while preparing for the priesthood.
I know that, not only because I have had the pleasure of lecturing some of them over the past number of years at NUI Maynooth.  In recent days, I have also been inundated with letters of support from many more who found my article to be a source of comfort and consolation.
…Let me spell it out as clearly as I can: very few who enter the seminary system in this country stay the course.  According to one individual, of the fourteen who started in formation last year, only eight remain.
Why?  Not, as you might imagine, because they revealed themselves to be lacking in sanctity.
In many cases, it is because they were deemed too devout!  Another seminarian passionately laments that he is not allowed to kneel during Mass.  In the course of his studies, certain ‘priestly’ professors have informed him that there is ‘no such thing as transubstantiation [the conversion of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ], and that he should not look to Rome as ‘they don’t know anything.’
Worse still is the fact that those who wish to uphold the old devotions, such as the Rosary, are frowned upon.
All are taught that the Eucharist should not be taken literally, but is a mere ‘memorial’ of an historical event.  This means that the Holy Mass should be interpreted, not as the moment when Christ crosses the barrier between time and eternity, but as a simple ‘gathering’ of the ‘community.’
Those who object are either sidelined or shown the door.  Those, in other words, who consider the priest an alter Christus, or another Christ, are driven from its potential ranks, or made to suffer for the sin of simply longing to make manifest their Lord.  Meanwhile, others whose lifestyle is a travesty of the priestly life are made to feel at home.
...As many seminarians have confirmed, excessive drinking and dubious sexual practices in the seminaries are simply overlooked.
How on earth can the Catholic Church in Ireland recover when the very people charged with training our future priests are doing such damage?  It seems perfectly obvious to me that the only way you are going to counter this catastrophe is by forming priests in the image of Christ.  But that, to their great shame, is precisely what Irish seminaries are refusing to do, seeing it as a retrograde step.
…And they must begin right at the heart of the rot, in those places which punish the pure and reward the reckless.  They must start by listening to those brave former students of mine, who have had to live in fear for simply wanting to imitate Christ.
In the meantime, the Irish bishops must stop turning a blind eye to what is going on in their seminaries.
They must follow Diarmuid Martin, and show moral courage in eliminating ‘the narrow culture of clericalism’ which has poisoned the prospects of so many potentially great Irish priests.  And they must do so fast, before their decades of unforgivable inaction results in the complete extinction of Irish Catholicism…
And that from someone who actually teaches in the seminary!  Food for thought.
Media are in control
I go back to the Message where Jesus said that the media are in control of us.  I believe that they even control our priests and our church.  It is the media who promotes self love, look after yourself, equal rights for all whether you are man, woman, homosexual.  It is the media who portrays Christians as narrow minded bigots.  It is the media who propagates a sexual culture that we simply cannot avoid because it is thriving all around us.  “...You look at your television sets and marvel at the things of this world; you watch the media telling you of disasters and wars; you watch it advertising sin and telling you that it is part of life that there is nothing wrong with it...”  Friday 26 March 2004
Millions of people
Look at the soaps, watched by millions of people all over the world.  What message do they convey?  That abortion is ok, that homosexuality is ok, that adultery is ok and that to speak out against these things is not ok.  There is such a veil of untruth over all the earth and it clouds our own judgement.  We believe we have the free will to choose what we believe but, in truth, the world around us is filled with so much brainwashing that our thoughts are not really our own.  Who, if they were thinking clearly, would allow a child to be mercilessly cut up in its mother’s womb and think they were doing a good thing?  When you take away the excuses, you are still left with a bloody mess that once had a beating heart.  And this is widely accepted throughout the world as a necessary and just thing!  Why can we not cut through this veil of untruth?  Why are we all so blind?  Even those who have been chosen by God to lead us through these times are falling.  Is it any wonder there are people like that woman who profess to be a follower of Jesus and can still murder their own child in their womb!  She is simply another victim of the famine of faith and she needs fed with the Truth of Jesus.  Who is going to give it to her?  Who is going to love her enough to tell her that if she does not repent then she will go to hell?  That sounds hard and my heart shudders at the thought of it but that is the truth.  Millions of souls are going to hell simply because there is no one to tell them the truth.  And we have to ask ourselves, is their blood on our hands?  Are we on the wide and merry path to hell also?
What is to be done?
What is to be done?
…Once again, the answer is to be found in Dr Martin’s wise observation that the Church is ‘founded in and nourished by the Eucharist.’ A priest is not meant to be a social worker in a collar. Neither is he supposed to be a committee chairman, a counsellor or a manager. He is above all else an ‘alter Christus’, or another Christ.
The priest is, in other words, the means by which Christ reveals Himself to man in time. Through his hands, the Bread of Life is consecrated, and another more heavenly world opens up to the faithful. He is the portal through which the Divine Light shines on both the righteous and the sinner.
That, at any rate, is how many of my young clerical students perceive the true role of the priest.
And yet, it seems that such a definition of the priesthood is not only rejected by what Dr Martin labels ‘the narrow culture of clericalism,’ but worse, they consider it an embarrassment.
In order to ‘fit in’, such clerics no longer want to stand out, and so they simply deny who and what they are. As one very fine priest put it to me recently, ‘many of them simply don’t believe in what they are doing anymore.’
In such circumstances, is it any wonder that parishes are no longer vibrant centres of evangelisation?
Is it any wonder that people, young and old, are drifting from the Church in order to find spiritual satisfaction elsewhere? And is it any wonder that, as the Archbishop decries, there are ‘very few pastoral initiatives to reach out to young people?’…
…Put very simply: parishioners do not want counsellors in collars. They want men who will, in deep sanctity, put them in touch with their Saviour each Sunday. They want to witness the Word made flesh, and they want it consecrated in beauty.
This means that they want their churches to be places where the pulse of Eternal Life never ceases to beat, and where the priest devoutly fulfils his role as that point of intersection between this world and the next. And believe me, in those parishes where there are such priests there is no crisis of faith…
Mark Dooley, Irish Daily Mail Wednesday, May 12, 2010.
The road that leads to hell
Jesus says, “...I speak now to My priests who do believe in Me.  Do not be shepherds that drive My sheep, but be those who lead.  Do not lead them into error.  Do not tell them things that will make them fall into precipices that they cannot get out of.  Love them, children, beloved of My Heart, My priests.  Soon I shall lead you away from those who would taint you.  I shall call you into hiding.  Do not live in error and sin for it blinds you to the Real Truth.  It calls you upon an addictive road - the road that leads to hell.”  Wednesday 26 November 1996
If the time had not been shortened...
The times are here indeed where if the time had not been shortened not even the elect would have survived.
There is such a famine in this world.  It is the famine of faith, the great starvation, as hidden as it is great; as unseen as the starving thousands in countries who have nothing to offer in return for aid.
Buried the one coin
Those with the food, our priests, they have buried the one coin they were given so as not to lose it and in so doing have lost that that is most precious to Jesus; the truth, souls.  We have to ask ourselves how much of this is our fault?  Did we help our priests?  Do we criticize them for speaking the truth when we need to hear it?  I have to say there is a priest in the parish where I am from and he is excellent.  He speaks the truth and leaves you in no doubt about sin and hell and doing the right thing.  But he is pitied and looked condescendingly upon as a silly old man who would need to move with the times.  It would be fair to say that he is not liked much in the parish.  If he were a weaker man, he would have succumbed to the criticism a long time ago and his downfall would have been the fault of the parishioners he was trying to guide to Heaven.
Keeping Faith alive
Now, this burden of keeping the faith alive falls to all of us laity, all of us who say that we love Jesus, all of us who have also been given a coin by Jesus in the form of these Messages, in the form of our faith, in the form of truth.  Will we too bury it?  Is there to be any hope for our children? 
We must help our true priests keep the faith alive, keep Jesus alive in the world.  Our immortal souls depend upon it.  Begin to fight the devil and snatch the souls back from him that he is dragging into hell.



Life is sacred from the womb to the tomb
There have been reports in the news that nurses in Belgium administer lethal drugs to patients without their consent.  Euthanasia is legal in that country but requires guidelines to be followed, e.g. the consent of a doctor and the consent of the patient.  These nurses have reported in a survey that they have administered life ending drugs without the patient’s consent.  How many people have died at their hands?  We will probably never know.  Pope John Paul II has said: “Euthanasia is a grave violation of the law of God, since it is the deliberate and morally unacceptable killing of a human person.”
Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, 1995
Wikipedia, the free dictionary, describes Euthanasia: Euthanasia meaning “good death”: refers to the practice of ending a life in a manner which relieves pain and suffering. According to the House of Lord’s Select Committee on Medical Ethics, the precise definition of euthanasia is “a deliberate intervention undertaken with the express intention of ending a life, to relieve intractable suffering.”
The fifth Commandment states ‘thou shalt not kill.’  To take another’s life is murder, even with their consent.  In many Messages of Love over the years Jesus has talked about the killing of the innocents.  He has mostly referred to abortion but to God all life is precious and He condemns the killing of any man, woman or child.  “…They murder their own offspring and refuse to see the Truth.  They tell themselves that they do nothing wrong but all the time they do know.  In other words, they tell themselves lies and this is in all walks of life…”  Wednesday 24 June 1998
Warning to Britain as almost half of Belgium’s euthanasia nurses admit to killing without consent
By Simon Caldwell
Euthanasia is legal in Belgium but must only be carried out by a doctor and with the patient’s permission.  A high proportion of deaths classed as euthanasia in Belgium involved patients who did not ask for their lives to be ended, a study found.  More than one hundred nurses admitted to researchers that they had taken part in ‘terminations without request or consent.’  Although euthanasia is legal in Belgium, it is governed by strict rules which state it should be carried out only by a doctor and with the patient’s permission.  The disturbing revelation - which shows that nurses regularly go well beyond their legal role - raises fears that were assisted suicides allowed in Britain, they could never be properly regulated.
Euthanasia now accounts for two per cent of deaths
Since its legalisation eight years ago, euthanasia now accounts for two per cent of deaths in Belgium - or around two thousand a year.  The researchers found that a fifth of nurses admitted being involved in the assisted suicide of a patient.  But nearly half of these - one hundred and twenty of two hundred and forty eight - also said there was no consent.  ‘The nurses in our study operated beyond the legal margins of their profession,’ said the report’s authors in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.
Illegal activity
It is likely many nurses ‘under-reported’ their involvement for fear of admitting an illegal activity, the study said.  But it added that many were probably acting according to their patients’ wishes, ‘even if there was no explicit request.’
Last night, Dr Peter Saunders, director of the Care Not Killing campaign in Britain, said: ‘We should take a warning from this that wherever you draw the line, people will go up to it and beyond it.’  ‘Once you have legalised voluntary euthanasia, involuntary euthanasia will inevitably follow,’ he added.  But pro-euthanasia group, Dignity in Dying, said rules that see the patient taking their own life, rather than a doctor administering the drugs, could still work.
You worship
“…It is the evil one that you worship through your sin.  It is he who fills your thoughts with lust, with greed, with murder.  It is he whom you serve when you do these things.  Abandon all of these and more and the scales will fall from your eyes and you will begin to see the Wisdom of My Words.  Accept Me within your heart.  Open the door to your heart that I stand and knock, every second of every minute of every day...”  Sunday 9 May 1994
He chose to live
Also, there is the story of a man, Richard Rudd, almost killed in a motorcycle accident who suffered serious brain injury.  This man gave signs that he wanted to live even though he may remain paralysed for the rest of his life.  He chose to live.  How many patients have not been given the option of choosing life over death?
“True compassion leads to sharing another’s pain; it does not kill the person whose suffering we cannot bear.”  Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, 1995
Turning off life support
A man who was left paralysed and seemingly unable to communicate following a traffic accident was saved from having his life support machine turned off when he managed to blink three times to tell doctors that he did not want to die.
Richard Rudd’s family had been agonizing about turning off life support, his father said, after his son had said he would not want to live in a paralyzed state.
Remarkable response
But his son’s remarkable response raises questions about when life should end and about how and when a family can decide if their loved one has suffered enough. …Rudd’s father added: “We’re still not certain how much Richard understands.  At times, it’s like looking through frosted glass. But his speech therapist asked a series of questions to test him and it’s definitely still Richard in there.
“He’s in such a dire state that we wonder why he’s smiling, but he seems to respond to the right cues. Making a living will could be detrimental to your own health.  “There must have been a time when Richard could hear what was going on but wasn’t able to do anything about it.  “For my part, I’m glad he’s alive and didn’t make a living will.”
Fight against murder
This Message that Jesus gave in 1997 tells us plainly that we must fight against murder for if we do not fight against it then we are just as guilty as those who do it.
My children, I come to tell you that when you fight for life you fight for Me.  What you do to the least of these My brothers then you do it to Me.  Why then do so many of you sit back and allow these murders to take place?  Why do you not fulfil My Words in Scripture?
Children, one day you must face Me.  One day I will ask of you what you have done with your life upon this earth.  What will you answer Me?  Will you lie to Me - the Truth - that you did not have the time?
The evil one has made sure that the senseless murder of innocence is done in a legal manner.  He has made sure of the sacrifice - a blood sacrifice - of the children of the earth to keep him alive and I tell you, and I declare it to the world this day that; if you do not fight against it then you are just as guilty as those who do it.  The evil-one has numbed the senses of mankind and lulled them into a lethargy that keeps him hypnotized and blind.
Wake up, My children, and fight against this abomination for if you do not then it is you also who have their blood on your hands.  I, your God, call you to fight against this sin with all of your heart.
Why are you afraid of being persecuted, tortured, thrown into prison or even dying for this cause?  Have I not said in Scripture that you would be following Me when these things happened to you?
Move now, My children, give up your selfish ways and you will find the time to do these things and I will give My Graces to you to help you for I will not leave you orphans as many of you have left these innocents to die by not helping them.  Let these Words penetrate you as never before, for when many begin to fight then you will see a decrease of evil in this world.  I Love you all.  Do as I ask.  Wednesday 22 October 1997

Canon Law states: 2258 “Human life is sacred because from its beginning it involves the creative action of God and it remains for ever in a special relationship with the Creator, who is its sole end. God alone is the Lord of life from its beginning until its end: no one can under any circumstance claim for himself the right directly to destroy an innocent human being.”



The Price

The pilgrimage will cost £425 or €500.  This is priced on a group of ten people and may vary depending on numbers.
The price includes the overnight cabins.  Unfortunately we have to get the more expensive cabins as the cheaper ones have already been booked out.
A non refundable deposit of £100/€120 is required to book.  Unfortunately the price of the ferry is not fixed and could go up which means we need the money to book it as soon as possible.  If you are interested in going please send in the deposit as soon as possible.  We will travel by minibus from the Sacred Heart House of Prayer.
The pilgrimage will be run as a non-profit event and will be true and austere as Jesus has asked for in the Message of Love.  He said  “Tell those who are going on pilgrimage that, to make a good pilgrimage, one must stay with Me within their hearts.  If it is possible, then one should fast at least one day before the day the travel begins and even then, eat little until the first prayer is said at the Shrine.  Many go on pilgrimage and only remember Me or My Mother when they pray.  Pilgrimage is a time of renewal for the soul; a time when physical things are given up and done without; it is not a holiday. To do this clears the soul of the refuse it collects during everyday life.  Be excited, My pilgrims, of being with Me for you are in My company and My Mother’s.  As you travel, have times of silence from the physical and simply be in silence with Me.  I will be with you and it gives Us a chance to be One, without the world.  This is most desirable to Me.”  Tuesday 17 June 2003
Those travelling from England could meet the group at Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Please note that meals are not provided while travelling.
For an itinerary, please contact the Sacred Heart House of Prayer.


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Manning the other Houses of Prayer - Help Needed!

Jesus has asked that the other Houses of Prayer are manned now because they are needed.  There are five Houses that need manned.  We simply do not have enough servants to do this so we are asking any of you who can, to please volunteer to man a House for one month with a servant.
This is a great giving and it is something that Jesus wants.  Please, if you are available, contact us here at the Sacred Heart House of Prayer.  Thank you all and God Bless you.
Sunday 29 April 2007
...Tell My children of the Houses that I have asked for.  Tell them that I need their hands and their hearts in this that I have asked for.  I ask for one that will give Me a month of their time so that My Saint Maximillian can be filled.  I have had to call My servants from it so that the threat that still looms over My Stanislaus could be lessened and, in doing so, My France suffers.  I ask for one who will go with a servant and live there under My Messages for one month.  Who will heed Me?

Wednesday 26 December 2007 
Listen, My children, to the cries of My Houses as they wait to bloom.  They are the voices of children, crying out for their countries.  They are appointed to be the sentinels of each country that they are founded in.  But, they cry out for lack of use.  Do not forget them.  Go to them.  They are My children and they are your children.  Through them you will be able to bring My Words to each country that I send you to.  They are stepping stones across a country (Europe) that should never be.  My Houses are that country’s conscience and My Words are the advice I give.  Spread My Word, My children.

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