The Anchor

This month, July, is the month of the Precious Blood of Jesus. It is also the month in which we celebrate Jesus, King of Love. This year, Jesus gave a Message while the celebrations of this Day were underway in the Prayer Room. Patrick came to us to share with us the Words of Jesus and, while he was explaining the Message, Patrick told us that as the Words were being given, he could also see them happening. Within the Message Jesus says “...I begin to walk towards what will be a fearful time for many of you, come with Me. Do not stand idly by and watch Me as I walk into the distance but be wooed like a bride. Do not watch Me because you are afraid to give up what is precious to you; do not let doubt and fear rule you for you will be left behind with only your doubt and fear for comfort. Do not let Me walk away without you...’
A trail of His Blood
Patrick could see Jesus walking away and as Jesus walked away there was a trail of His Precious Blood behind Him. The question that Jesus challenges us with in this Message is: are we coming with Him or are we to be left behind?
Messages this month
Jesus also spoke this month about the struggle with self and the fight that achieves greatness in Him. In all of these Messages we feel that Jesus is again pointing to the Way of Truth Messages, or as we commonly call them here in the House of Prayer, the Anchor Messages.
This Newsletter
Within this Newsletter we have tried to bring you a little of what we are learning from living these Messages. Some of the servants have written a little about their Journey along this Path of Truth with Jesus. Some of them speak about the living out of these Messages and the effect it has had on their life; some speak of perseverance and some speak of failure.
Encouraging each other
We hope that, as well as encouraging each other, we also will encourage you to continue the living out of these Messages.
It is our way of following Jesus’ Footprints along the Path that has been hewn out with His Precious Blood.
When we commit to the ‘anchor’ then we are saying to Jesus, ‘yes, I will follow You.’
Our annual pilgrimage to Poland commences on Thursday 13 September. This is an austere pilgrimage, travelling by minibus across europe, as Jesus asked for it to be this way. He said a pilgrimage is a journey to His Heart. We invite you to journey with Jesus on this pilgrimage. This is your final opportunity to book.
In our June Newsletter we had mentioned that there was a Crusade Prayer against abortion on page 32. This was a mistake. We apologise for this error and are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Urgent Appeal
Tuesday 31 July 2012
Jesus’ Appeal for His Houses of Prayer

My children, over many days and weeks and months, I have been calling you to listen to My Words about My Houses, My Refuges of Love. I call on your help now. These Houses need to be ready for what I have Warned you of. Already the tides begin to turn from the shore, already the darkness is on the horizon. The ones of the darkness are grasping control and I need My Houses ready. Help Me, My children, to make them ready for it is almost night. Laws change that will alienate My followers from the rest of mankind, separate one from the other and the difference will be stark. I need your help, My children. My Houses do not open because of lack of help, lack of dying to self. I ask your help for I have already claimed back what was given to Me and taken from Me. Help Me for it begins.
My Houses are in great need of preparation, renovation, help My servants to make them ready. Give them the prayers and the financial help to help Me to help My children. I Love you and I await you.
Appeal Letter
As you can see from Jesus’ Message, He is asking for help with His Houses, not only in the manning of them but the fixing up of them. You, the people who believe, are the ones we turn to in this time. You have been our lifeline that keeps us alive and, once again, we ask for your help.
We ask that you pray that we may be worthy to do this great work that Jesus asks of us.
The following Message was given and it says much about what Jesus is doing.
Monday 2 July 2012
…I have asked My servant to go to all of My Houses and you all have missed the significance of this, you have not seen the importance of it. I send him to prepare, to see those things needed for each House but, more than that, through him, unknown to him, I place My Spirit within each House. It is the protection that each will need for the times to come. I ask these deeper things of all of you. I Love you.
Sacred Heart House of Prayer, Cookstown:
The work here is ongoing. At the moment there are bits of renovations going on. It has recently been updated with heating added to the House.
Bethlehem Retreat House, Fanad:
This House is about half done. It needs new floors and an attic conversion to be finished. There is also some outside work to be done.
Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Mary, Drogheda:
This House needs a total renovation. Plans for this House have been sitting for quite a few years.
House of the Angels, Armagh:
It would seem to be finished.
Resurrection Retreat House, Ballina:
Jesus has asked for an accommodation block for this House. The plans for Ballina still sit awaiting the finances. These have been sitting for two years. The cost of the accommodation block will be in the region of £150,000.
John Paul the Second Youth House, Belmullet:
There is not a lot to be done. It does need an attic conversion so that there will be more bedrooms to accommodate young people.
Saint Maximilian House of Prayer, L’Absie:
One half of this House needs a total renovation including rewiring and heating. The other half is converted.
Soledad, Cosío:
Mostly done. The ground floor still needs finished.
Villa del Sagrado Corazón, Granada:
Jesus recently sent Patrick to Granada, Spain. He found that the House had deteriorated. This House was only able to be manned twice since its purchase. It needs a total renovation.
Saint Nikolaus House of Prayer, Colditz:
The work here is ongoing. We are getting there and it needs a bit more work and heating put in. It is about three quarters done.
Saint Stanislaus House of Prayer, Bolków:
The Poland House is well underway to being finished. It is about three quarters done.
Virgin Most Pure House of Prayer, Dole:
This House needs attention beginning with a new roof. It needs renovation and heating put in.
Saint Michael and the Heavenly Hosts House of Prayer, Tottenham:
The work here is ongoing.
Mother of Love House of Prayer, Peoria:
The work here is ongoing and at a decent standard.
Saint Thérèse House of Prayer, Le Roeulx:
At the time of the purchase of this House, it was part of the contract that we get the electrics checked. At the time this cost 1,400 euros and we couldn’t afford it.
When Jesus recently reclaimed a House that had been taken from Him, this was His reaction.
Friday 27 July 2012
Feel the spiritual awakening within My House:1 feel the Light as it brightens all things. My Light passes in like rays of sunshine to put many shadows to retreat. It joys Me to do this for now I can build a refuge for souls from something that was useless. See, I do a new thing, I build with Love, with Joy, with Peace.
1 A House that was given to Jesus and taken from Him. He has now claimed it for His own.
From what we gather from the Messages that Jesus has given in recent times it would seem that time is running out. This seems clear when we look around us at the world.
We have been struggling to try to prepare Jesus’ Houses over the years and you can see from our list that some are finished and some partly so.
It seems that we are always asking of you to help us. Without you none of this would have been possible. Please, if you can, help us in whatever way possible to make Jesus’ Plans come to pass, be it with prayer or financially. Thank you in Jesus’ Name. The two Patricks
Wednesday 27 June 2012
Come to Me, beloved of My Heart, and listen to My calls. Listen as I call you closer to Me, do not ignore Me, do not resist Me but allow Me to enter your soul, allow Me to show you the Path of Truth. Allow Me deeper so that you may come to see the Path of Truth. I need you to be the spark that ignites My House, I need you to come away from the things of this world and come follow Me in truth.
Become My listener. Hear Me for I have many Words to speak to My children and there is little time to do so. Do not waste time. I Love you.
Trust Me, believe and have faith for your time is about to begin, your Journey of Truth, trust in Me and believe for I will guide you through this and you will show My people that faith in Me is not dead. I Love you and I want you to do this for Me. I Love you.
Monday 2 July 2012
Come, My little children, and believe these Words of Mine. Take them into your hearts and live them so that others may know and believe through you. So little time is left and so few are willing to help. I ask for your help, My little ones.
Will you take on this Burden of Truth and live it so others may come to know, so others may come into the Kingdom of Our Father?
So few enter the Kingdom of Heaven now, so few believe and all are willing to reject My Truth in favour of the lies of lucifer.
Come, My beloved children, take on these Words of Truth. Breathe them into your lives so that they become part of you, so that I may Live in you. I Love you, My children, I Love you, please help Me. I Love you.
Sunday 8 July 2012
Move on, My children, move on into the Glory I have set for you even though that Glory cannot be sensed at this time. It is the moments of struggle with self, the fight, that achieves greatness in Me. Many days you will have a sense of failure but, know, My children, that each failure and each getting up, in spite of that failure, brings you closer to Me. It is when you can do nothing that I can do everything.
Move on, My children, even though the means is not there, I tell you, move on for it is I, who call to you through the troubled storm and bid you to walk on water: come, it is I.
Go, My son, it is I who call you to these places to do the Work that I have set for you. Go, it is I who gives you these ambitions to see My Work at the end for it is the hope of a finish, the end of the race that brings the glory and, throughout the race, the failures that bring about the end.
I call My House to more praise and song for in it is a respite, a cool drink along the way of the race. I Love you.
Sunday 8 July 2012
My children, I call you to give over more of yourselves to Me. Look at your lives with Me. You see that you have moved away from the world, you see that you have risen above the things that this world now accepts as normal. You can see the things in your lives that you cannot accept as normal any more. It is I, children.
It is I who have given you the will to love Me, to achieve what you thought was impossible in your lives, what you thought was impossible to move away from. I have given you Life, Life in Me.
See this for I call you deeper into Me so that you might achieve the unachievable, that you might see My Way at last.
I do not call you to be blind, no, I call you to see with spiritual eyes the things that you have never seen before, the things that blind you to Me.
I do not call you to be self-righteous, no, I call you to be humble. Self-righteousness kills Love; it kills the very essence, the root, of what My Love is.
I call hearts this day to become hearts of living flesh, not hearts of stone that cannot love.
Close your eyes and see Me, feel Me for I am Real. Self blinds you to Me.
The language of My Love is simple, children, designed by the Great Lover for children to understand. I speak Heart to little heart; hearts that dream of fulfilling My Plans on this earth, not hearts that crush the spiritual life in them and only seek self.
I have lain down My Life for you so that the ground beneath you is solid, sure. You must know that you can walk forward because I have lain down My Life for you.
A new time has come and I tell you to move on, in spite of what self tells you, in spite of the world. The Way is solid, the ground is sure, why do you stop to ponder? Run, children, run.
Sunday 8 July 2012
Who are the strong within My House? Who are the weak? Because you are strong does not mean you are not weak and because you are weak does not mean you are not strong.
I need you all to love Me; I need you all to be what I need you to be.
In those moments when you are strong, I am with you: in those moments when you are weak, I am with you. Give Me the moments in between then I can mould you into what I need you to be all the time. I am in the moment not in the past or the future. I am the Present Moment: find Me.
Wednesday 11 July 2012
It is no use saying that this is an easy Path. Yes, we could say that it says in Scripture it is an easy Path and it is for our souls. But, remember, in order to follow Jesus in truth, we must be willing to die to ourselves and this is where the problem lies. It is that piece of Scripture that Saint Paul tells us that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
We, in our spirit form, desire God and His Ways. We want to do everything that He asks of us but, self, known as the flesh, only desires the things of this world.
We want big houses, fast cars, money, jewellery, holidays, we want everything that this world can offer us. So, from this, we can see there is a great battle within us and it is up to us to decide which part of us wins this battle.
We can see the battle begin to rage already as we read these words. We begin to justify our lives saying, “what do I do wrong? I go to Mass on a Sunday. I do not do anything wrong to my neighbours. I try to live the good life.”
These are only some of the justifications we come up with because we truly do not want a life of prayer, abstinence, sacrifice, it goes against our very being but, in order to follow Jesus, we must become empty vessels so that He can fill us with His Presence.
At this point, all fear will disappear from our lives and only trust will remain for our human lives will cease to matter to us for we will begin to realise how short our lives are on this earth and how little time we have before we must die and then stand in front of Jesus. That is why I say this is not an easy Journey. It is a battle, a constant battle.
I can tell you, from my own experience, one week I am full of fight and am able to fight all temptation that comes against me. The next week I could fall to every temptation that comes against me, I just do not seem to be able to overcome self in the way that Jesus wants me to. I know I can justify and say because I receive Messages, my temptations are greater but I know this is a lie because Jesus has given me the understanding that we are all equal. In other words, I receive the amount of strength I need to overcome what comes against me. It all comes down to I, myself, must be willing to fight when I do not feel like fighting. I just pray and hope that one day I will be what Jesus is asking of me.
Truth is what I seek. I need you, My children, to see the truth of yourselves for, if you cannot understand self, then you cannot help those that I will send to you. When you begin to understand self then you will cease to judge or condemn your brothers and sisters, you will simply love them for you will see Me within them. But, while self rules your lives, you cannot see the Truth and will not understand your brothers and sisters and what they are going through.
Dying to self is the Path that you must take in order to understand Me and My Ways for Love condemns no one.
Love is simple: it seeks nothing for itself but wants to give all to its friends and enemies. You must seek Me, My children, through dying to self then I will bestow My Spirit upon you and you shall do great things in My Name and this world will begin to see and understand the error of its ways.
I build My Army at this time and soon I shall bestow My Gifts and this earth will become confused for they shall not understand how the blind see, the deaf hear, the dead rise.
Trust in Me, children, I am calling you in these Words to become the Army of Love that will bring this world from the darkness. I Love you, My little ones, I Love you.
Thursday 12 July 2012
Look to the Truth, My children, and find Me within your hearts.
Sit in a quiet place and feel within, feel for that gentle Peace that is I, children.
Begin to believe in Me, begin to recognise Me within and you shall see great changes in this world.
It only takes one small seed to grow into a mighty oak and, from the seeds of that tree, a forest can grow.
It is the same with you, children, allow Me to grow within you and, from you, many more will come to believe.
I am calling out to this world in these Words to renew My Life in you and so renew My Church. I have been forgotten: the greatest majority of all who say that they believe in Me do not truly understand. They worship Me through lip service by no fault of their own. For, even the teachers no longer understand. My bishops and priests are blind to My Ways, they try to find Me in the ways of this world and I am not there. I am within the hearts of all men and this is where I am to be found.
Learn to draw upon Me, draw upon My Strength and you may ask anything in My Name and it will be given to the Glory of Our Father.
Trust in Me, children, die to self and Peace will reign once again within the hearts of My children.
I Love you, My little ones, I, your Jesus, Love you and I am calling for your help in these Words of Truth. Do not judge one another. Simply love one another and find Me within all that you meet. I Love you.
Wednesday 18 July 2012
Look, My little ones, I give you a new Path, a new Way in this world of darkness.
I give you the Path of Light, I give you a Way of Love.
Come to Me, you who are heavily burdened and I will give you rest, the rest that surpasses all understanding.
Come listen to My Words, listen to this Way of Love.
Take on these Words and die to self and you shall see a New Life, you shall see My Way and understand. The Battle of Love will become simple to you for you will be no longer My servants but My friends, whom I shall reveal all to.
I am waiting, children, I am waiting on your response to My calls then all will begin.
When My Army is mustered, My Spirit shall reveal all and the destruction of the darkness shall begin in earnest. Do not wait, children, for, if you wait, you too could be caught in the darkness and be lost to Me.
I Love you, My children, and I am calling you into the Army of My Love. I am calling you to show your brothers and sisters, by example, that there is another Way: a Way of Peace, a Way of Understanding, a Way of Love. I am calling out to you in these Words so that you too may know the Truth of My Ways, so that you too can become a servant of Love.
Go, now, My children, and begin this Journey: begin to fight against the things of this world, remove sin from your lives so that your vision may clear.
Come, I await your response to My call. I Love you, My little ones, I, your God, Love you and desire that you follow Me. I Love you.
Friday 20 July 2012
Look to Me, My children, and draw upon My Love.
Feel Me within your hearts, feel My Heartbeat as it beats in union with yours and draw upon Me.
I am with you, My little ones, even though you think I am not.
I never leave you.
I am your Lifeblood.
Even in the darkness of sin, I must remain with you for, if I withdrew My Spirit, then you would cease to exist.
For all life comes from Me.
This you cannot see for you have allowed this world and its ways to remove Me from your lives. You listen to your scientists who believe that they know the truth but, they are blind and foolish children. It is I who sustain all life upon this earth - from the smallest microbe to the greatest mammal - for I created all things in union with one another so that mankind could exist upon this earth.
It is you, mankind, that upset the balance through greed through your unwillingness to listen to Me and My Ways. Can you not see the Truth that I call you to?
Look at how short your lives are but, yet, you blind yourselves to this even to your dying breath. You worry about the things of this world, whereas you should be looking to your lives eternal.
Come, look at the Words that I give to you. Die to yourselves and have new life and a new understanding will open before you and you shall know My Truth and the bindings of this world will fall away. I am calling you, My children, to be My disciples of Love for so many are being lost in these times. I need many to help save them from the eternal fires of hell.
Listen to these Words of Mine and allow Me to show you a new Path, a Path that surpasses all understanding, a Path where material wealth ceases to matter. I am calling you into this Way of Truth, this Way of Love, so that you can become My Hands, My Feet and My Lips. A Way that both I, and My Father can reside within the temple of your heart, a Way of Understanding, Truth, a Way that you may ask anything in My Name and it will be given.
Look at My early Church where there was great rejoicing and peace where the sick were healed, the blind were given sight and the deaf hearing.
This is My Way for I mean to look after My children. I gave My Gifts to mankind in order that there would be no sickness, no hardship of the soul but, these have been rejected and replaced by the things of this world.
Come, children, allow Me to ignite the Way of Truth within you so that this world may see My Love once again. I am calling you as you read these Words to take on My Truth and die to self and come walk with Me. I, your Jesus, await your response to My call. I Love you.
Friday 20 July 2012
Come, look at the Truth, My children. See how I am calling you. Read the signs of your times and do not walk blindly into the danger that surrounds you. I am your God and I do not lie. Yes, I use the unworthy, those who struggle with self, to communicate through for I cannot communicate directly with this world for, if I did, I would remove your free will. So, I must use My servants whom I have spread throughout this world to communicate My Words of Love to you. These are but humble souls who struggle to fight against the self that leads to sin.
Pray for them, My children, pray for all those who receive My Words for they are important for these times that you live in. They are a lifeline that connects you to your God.
Do not struggle against Me and My Ways, children, allow Me to communicate with your hearts through these Words of Love. Do not block Me, do not struggle against My Truth: be humble and open your hearts and allow Me to enter. I am calling you, ever calling you and so few are willing to listen, so few are willing to take on My Words and begin this Journey of self dying in order that I become a part of you.
I Love you, My children, I Love you and I am calling for your help in this Work for the time is short and the labourers are few. I Love you.
Sunday 22 July 2012
I can feel You within. I know that You are with me and with all Your children but we have become so blinded in these times, by this world, that it is hard to believe. The more that I come to know You, the more I realise how humble You really are and that You will not take away from our free will by forcing us in any way.
We do not realise the Gift that we have been given by coming to this earth to live for such a short period of time. If we could only see the truth and remove our blindness, we would all believe in You. There would be no sickness upon this earth, there would only be joy and love and the evil one would not be able to tempt us away from You.
BUT we blind ourselves to the Truth in order to do the things that self wants of us and lucifer plays us so easily.
I can only speak for myself and I can see how many times that lucifer has used me like a puppet and led me freely by my own free will into sin. We sin so much and have convinced ourselves that the everyday sin - that is so a part of our lives - is not sin.
How blind and how foolish we are!
We cannot see the great danger that we are in. We, on this earth, at this time are all in danger of losing our eternal souls to the fires of hell. We think to ourselves that we do nothing wrong and we do not realise that when we die we do not change, we are still the people that we were upon this earth and, if we refuse to see the Truth here on this earth, then we will refuse to see it when we die.
I understand now a little of what You have been trying to Teach us. We are spiritual beings upon this earth although we do not realise it and it is us, ourselves, that refuse to see the Truth and we blind ourselves to Your Ways in order to live these lives that we think so much of. And, when we die and stand before You, we will still refuse to see and justify our sinful lives and blame You and become angry with You and refuse to enter Your Kingdom.
Oh, Jesus, what are we going to do to show the people the Truth? Nobody wants to listen in these times. Nobody wants to see the Truth for all are too busy with our selfish lives. Your Messages fall on deaf ears. Myself and Patrick are like a cup of water trying to put a great forest fire out. We can do very little. I am so sorry.
Trust in Me, My son, for soon you shall see and know the Truth and My Spirit shall come to the fore and this world shall listen to My Jewel for they shall see Me and My Ways in you. They shall know the error of their ways and many shall repent and those that do not shall be cut down with the Fire of My Word. I shall eradicate all evil from you, My created, and creation.
Simply do the things that I am asking of you and draw upon Me and bring Me to the fore: become the spark that will ignite the forest fire.
I await you. All is not lost as it seems for My Truth will live once again, it shall blossom and cover all creation and all shall be renewed. I Love you.
Sunday 22 July 2012 Feast of the King of Love
It is I, your King who speaks to you this Day. By My Kingship, I have made you heirs to My Kingdom. So, rejoice, My children, and pay homage to this King who stands before you, this King that you see in the Image that I have given to you.
I ask of you a favour this Day. I ask of you to give Me your hearts as you have never done before. I wish to shine through your hearts so that you will be jewels in My Crown. I wish to Love, with an everlasting Love, all whom you meet. I wish to Love My children in this Way for it is a Holy Way, it is My Way.
At this time, I gather My Houses about Me like a mother hen gathers her chicks. I gather them because I wish to place My Spirit within them and make them ready, polishing them and honing them so that they may shine in this world’s darkness.
I need you to shine, too.
I begin to walk towards what will be a fearful time for many of you, come with Me. Do not stand idly by and watch Me as I walk into the distance but be wooed like a bride. Do not watch Me because you are afraid to give up what is precious to you; do not let doubt and fear rule you for you will be left behind with only your doubt and fear for comfort. Do not let Me walk away without you.
I Love you all.
Monday 23 July 2012
Come, My beloved children, adhere to My calls and do not be afraid to come follow Me. I am your God, I am the One who cares for you, come, allow Me to do this.
I Love you, My children, and I am calling you through these Words to take on My Life. I give you a Path to follow, a Path of Truth, a Path of Love, a Path of Life. Come, reject the ways of this world and come follow Me. I Love you, My children, I Love you.
Friday 3 August 2012
Look, My children, it is your God who calls. I am calling you to look into your lives. I am calling you to turn away from the evils of this world and come follow Me. I call you to look at the Truth and see where you have been influenced by the lies of satan.
Do not be discouraged by these Words for they are Words of Truth and they are Words of Life and in them you will find Eternal Life, Eternal Peace, Eternal Joy and Eternal Love.
Come, My beloved children, make haste for there is little time left. Read the signs of your times and see what I am calling you to see. The days are shortening and the evil one’s army rises. he is in the position now, My children, to claim power over all creation. This has been given to him in man’s own free will.
Mankind has bowed to his lies and taken them into their hearts and so he is able to claim even that, that should not be his. he has struck at the heart of My Church and is allowed freedom to walk the corridors of My Sanctuary.
Look, My little ones, see the Truth. See how short your lives are upon this earth, they are but a preparation for your lives eternal.
Do not be blinded any longer by the lies of lucifer for he is the father of lies. he is the one that seeks to destroy all that I have created.
Come, My beloved children, take on these Words and do not be afraid to follow Me, do not be afraid to go against the ways of this world. For, truly, I tell you, if you die to the things of this world, you shall find the Peace that you are seeking, you shall find Peace that surpasses all understanding.
I Love you, My beloved children, I Love you and I am calling you in these Words onto a Path of Truth that I have set down by My Sacrifice on Calvary. Come, now, adhere to My Words and do not be afraid for I, the Lord your God, am calling you as you read these Words. I Love you.
Look to the Truth, My children, and see My Words unfold before you. You live in a time of great darkness and sin. The darkness will descend and My children shall walk blindly into the traps of lucifer. This is your time of preparation so that you will not be blinded by his lies.
Look at the Truth. Look at My Warnings that I have given you through Myself and My Mother for many centuries. You will not be able to say, children, that you did not know for, in Truth, you have known, you have seen the Truth yet choose to deny it in your own free will. Now is the time to wake up and take on My Words and come follow Me.
Do not hide from Me any longer, My children, but bare your hearts, your souls, to Me. Allow Me to cleanse you of the lies of this world.
Open to Me, My little ones, open and I shall enter. Deny the things of this life, the things that draw you away from Me for I am Coming soon. I am Coming to renew My creation, to cleanse it from the untruth, the destruction that man has wrought against it in his greed. I shall renew all life and My Mercy, My Love, shall be known on this earth.
Come, now, My little ones, and allow Me to fill you. Die to self: turn away from this world and come, follow Me. I Love you.
Friday 3 August 2012
Look, My children, I give you a new Path. I give you a Path of Love, of Everlasting Love. Do not seek Me in the ways of this world but seek Me within your hearts for it is within your hearts that I reside.
Come visit Me in the Blessed Sacrament, do not leave Me broken and lonely. So many walk past My churches, so many ignore Me. I am left in My Tabernacles and I stare at empty rooms, empty seats, so few visit Me now.
Look at the Truth, My children, I am a forgotten God.
Once, My churches were filled with My loyal servants. Yes, there was always evil in this world for many bend to the will of lucifer. But, even in the darkness, there was great Light that shone and the darkness could not prevail against the Light. But now, in these times, the darkness has almost quenched the Light of My Love in this world. So I must Come, My children, to remove all darkness so that My Church may be reborn, so that My people may see, once again, the Truth. This I have already told you within My Scriptures that, in the last days of this time, that man would become arrogant and full of self and that they would ignore their God.
But look, I have told you that the gates of hell shall never prevail against My Church. My Church will be reborn, all will be seen in Truth and My little ones shall know that I am their God.
Look to the skies! Look, children, I am Coming soon. Now you shall see the signs; watch the heavens as My heralds announce My Coming. I Love you, My little ones, and I tell you these things so that My followers can rejoice in the darkness and so that My followers may know the Truth and believe. I am Coming, children. I am Coming soon. I Love you.
Saturday 4 August 2012
Jesus, at prayer, I saw many of Your Houses. These came to me in great detail, even to the blades of grass and fences that I knew belonged to You. Then I saw darkness and barbed wire and I felt separated from Your Houses because of it. What did this mean, Jesus?
My servant, what you saw were but shadows of the real thing. I have shown you these because it is the way that they are. Your heart is sensitive to the things that are Mine but I can only show you shadows for your heart could not take what I see in My reality. You saw shadows of broken things, ghosts in time. You have seen what is now and I have not shown you the future.
The barbed wire that you saw is what separates you from going to them. On the earth, this kind of wire is used to keep people in or out. You have seen how it was used to keep the Jews in so that they could be killed; you have seen how it is used to keep people out so that secrets could be kept.
You saw it in this vision because My Houses are not yet open, they are kept from Me, they are kept from My people. You saw the detail, even to the blades of grass and felt that they belonged to Me. They do belong to Me and I wish that they were open with My Light flowing through them. I have chosen them for the ones who live there but they remain closed to them. My Heart is sad. I wish to give you the means to open them but many hearts are stubborn to My Ways, many hearts do not wish to hear My Cry in their ears.
Europe once flowed with My Love misinterpreted but My Love still flowed through many of My Saints. Now, Europe crumbles under the weight of money that she takes for her insatiable thirst. She is ruled by the beast who once was dead and now lives. They have taken Me out of their lives, out of their hearts. This is why I give these safe havens, refuges to My people so that as many as wishes can find My Love within them.
I still call you to go, My servant, to go and carry within your heart My Spirit, My Light, My Love.
Saturday 4 August 2012
Come with Me, My children, upward and onward, do not stop. Follow Me into this Light that I lead you to.
You live in a dark world now and you cannot see, you cannot know what is ahead of you. The darkness overcomes you.
Those dark ones will have no mercy on you in the days to come, you must stay with Me.
In My House, you must work harder to free yourselves from those things that cling to you.
All of you, My children, must look deeply at your hearts of stone and soften them with My Love. I am urging you to do this. Look at your treasure, have you given up everything to buy it? Look deeply, My children, for the dark ones come. They will not wait, they will not go without you if they can help it.
Die to this self that chains you to the world. Follow Me. I Love you.
Sunday 5 August 2012
Let your desire be for Me. Each moment lived within your heart with Me. Each thought a loving thought of Me and all those whom you come in contact with.
If each thought is a loving thought with Me then your desire to do good onto others will increase and no cost to be counted. A loving thought will drive away the irritation that leads to anger and thus Graces lost.
Use the Graces that touch your heart in a wise and fruitful manner for it is these that you choose to do that will allow others to see Me in your heart.
Ah, children, how I have waited on these inner moments that will change your heart, how I have waited on your cooperation in these things.

The ‘Way of Truth’
Just for the benefit of new readers to our Newsletter and the Messages of Love, since Wednesday 2 March 2011, Jesus has been trying to bring us up a level spiritually, calling us deeper in the ‘Way of Truth’ Messages.
We have been told by Jesus so often in the Messages to die to self - to the point we were sick hearing it if truth be told - but we’ve never really done it. Or else we did start dying to self but didn’t stay at it for very long.
‘Dying to self’
‘Dying to self’ literally means making sacrifices and putting others before myself for the love of Jesus.
Jesus Died to Himself every day that He lived His Life on earth. Recently at Sunday Mass we heard how the people flocked to be with Him and His Disciples to the point where they weren’t able to find time to eat, yet, Jesus had compassion on the crowd who were like sheep without a shepherd and He gave more time to Teaching them.
31 And He said to them: Come apart into a desert place and rest a little. For there were many coming and going and they had not so much as time to eat.
32 And going up into a ship, they went into a desert place apart.
33 And they saw them going away and many knew: and they ran flocking thither on foot from all the cities and were there before them.
34 And Jesus going out saw a great multitude and He had compassion on them, because they were as sheep not having a shepherd and He began to teach them many things.
Mark 6:31-36, Douay-Rheims
Utterly annihilated His Self
This is an example of how we ought to put others before our bellies and ourselves. Jesus continuously did this, as we can read for ourselves in the Gospels, to the point where He gave up His Life on Calvary. He even gave us His Body and Blood in the Eucharist. He utterly annihilated His Self for Love of us, so that we could have Eternal Life in Heaven. That is the example we were given to follow.
Living the Gospels
Dying to self is following Jesus’ example, which is: living the Gospels. As practising Catholics, we are duty bound to do this. Being a practicing Catholic does not just simply mean going to Mass on Sunday but to live the Mass, every moment of everyday.
Another great example of someone who died to self is Saint Francis of Assisi, he did it extremely well.
‘The anchor’
In these Way of Truth conversations between Jesus and Patrick, the term ‘the anchor’ has been used. The anchor is the first thing of the world that we pick to give up for the rest of our lives. It is not a sin. It is the spark that lights the fire. After a couple of weeks of self rebelling, we get used to being without that thing, or anchor, in our lives and so we must take on something else to give up, to ‘add to the fire.’ The greatest thing we can add to the fire is fighting off the sins in our lives – working on the list of sins we constantly take to Confession.
Great spiritual benefits
There are great spiritual benefits for those who have started this Journey of dying to self because decluttering in the heart and soul takes place and obstacles and blocks to Jesus are removed: we feel a great peace, a greater depth of love in our hearts and we see the truth more clearly - the scales fall from our eyes.
We realise we only thought we were living the way Jesus wanted us to live beforehand. We see the truth of ourselves. We see more bad habits, more sin in our lives, how attached to the world we really are – these are all obstacles to Jesus, they block His Spirit being alive and active in our lives.
When we are dying to self we find it easier to hear Jesus – He is that little voice telling us to do good and avoid sin. By controlling self and not letting it be the dictator it has always been - we will feel stronger, we find the strength to do what Jesus is inspiring and allow Him to guide us.
Jesus’ tool box
The more we progress on this Journey, by adding to the fire (which should be a bonfire Patrick said), the closer to Jesus we feel.
Without the obstacles, we become an available tool in Jesus’ tool box - bright and shiny - and He may pick us up on a particular day, in a particular situation, to use.
It is so beautiful!
And, when Jesus does use us - to love another, to bring truth or comfort to a situation, to heal the sick… - it is so beautiful! It’s like what we’re born to do. And so begins a beautiful, perpetual circle where we want to give up more in our lives so that He can use us more!
Then we will truly know why Saint Margaret Mary loved sufferings and why Saint Thérèse saw tuberculosis as a gift from God!
These lives that we think are so important, will cease to matter. Our priorities and objectives will become the same as Jesus’: mainly saving souls before it is too late.
Patrick explained it
To refresh our memories, here is the way Patrick explained it:
Wednesday 26 October 2011
If anyone is willing to walk this Path, be sure, now, and know that you will have to work hard for every step that you take. Self will rebel and make every justification in the book in order to break our resolve. It will search for every chink there is in our armour. For instance, if we are fasting and are attacked with temptations, self will say you must eat in order to be strong to fight the temptations but, be warned, if self is able to break us on one part, it will have a domino effect on the rest. So we must resist for our resistance will make us stronger.
All the things that we have thrown upon the fire of dying to self must remain there for if we fail on one then the rest will soon follow after. We must remember that our greatest defence is finding the Peace of Jesus within our hearts. This is where we will become strengthened in order to fulfil this Journey. So going to prayer to be with Jesus is very important every day. As Saint Paul has told us, we must remember that we are in a spiritual battle and the evil one will do everything in his power to break us…
…It is not hard to begin the dying to self: we simply need an anchor point to begin. We need to give up something that we like and offer it as a sacrifice to Jesus. That something could be alcohol, cigarettes, not eating after six, television, or watching our favourite programme on the television or something else that we like. This is our anchor point; it is like the spark that lights the fire, we must get the resolve in our hearts to offer this to Jesus and not break this sacrifice for anything.
When it becomes easy and we are not tempted as much to give up, then we must add another thing to the fire and so on.
Remember, the greatest things that we can add to this fire is sin. Again, I must warn you, when you are tempted to give in to something that you have added to the fire, never break your anchor point for it will be like ripping out the foundations of a great building: it will all collapse.
This is a lifetime commitment; this is the plough that Jesus spoke of.
Do not enter upon this Path if you are not willing to see it through to the end for you will fall.
It does become easier the further that we travel along the Path as this world relinquishes its hold upon us. The beginning of this Journey is the hardest. At the beginning of this Journey, we will have to fight ‘tooth and nail’ to stay on the Path…
Thursday 27 October 2011
…In my first few weeks, I was battered with thoughts like, “Why should I do this? Nobody else is.” I was constantly looking at other people, thinking to myself, “This is very unfair! Look, they are allowed to do what they want, this is all nonsense, I am going to have to do this for the rest of my life.” Especially at night, when I could not eat, my mind and stomach would scream at me: “You are not getting enough nourishment, you are going to become sick, Jesus would not want you to do this, this is stupidity, you can eat something small like an apple, just think, you have to do this tomorrow night again, this is stupid!” But, after a few weeks of self crying out, it started to fade.
Yes, every now and then my mind and my stomach do complain but I go and drink a glass of water and it all settles again. I have added quite a few other things to the fire and they all do the same, they all complain but fade and die away for a while. Jesus said to me, we must protect our anchor. My anchor is not eating after six and, about five weeks in, I ate three evenings in a row and I realised everything was about to come tumbling down and the fire would be extinguished. But I realised what was happening, through the Grace of Jesus and started again. For a few days my body and mind complained bitterly; the hunger pangs were horrible but it all settled back down again.
Now I have realised that the anchor point is the most important part of dying to self. If we concentrate on the anchor point, we can constantly throw other things onto the fire and it will seem like nothing. This is why that if you decide to walk this Path, your anchor point must be something that is really strong, something that we really like and find difficult to give up for, when we can overcome it - our anchor - the foundation will be strong and the rest of the things that we give up will be simpler and the Journey will become much easier…
Friday 4 November 2011
…The anchor must be something that goes against self, not a sin but something of this world that we really like and will yearn for if we do not have. It must be of the world so that the body learns that it must go through the pangs of fighting every day. Alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, television, fast food, luxuries, fancy clothes, etc, it can be anything as long as it is hard to stop. It does not have to be not eating until after six, it can be anything that you are willing to give to Jesus as a sacrifice in order to help Him Save His people.
We must all be willing to live this to our dying day in order to get the strength to overcome the sin within our lives. Dying to self is fighting against the desires of self in order to become a spiritual being rather than a selfish being. The more that we die to self, the easier it will be for us to understand the Truth that Jesus has spoken within the Scriptures. This is what He meant when He said the scales will fall from our eyes. The scales are the blocks that self relies so heavily on to live the selfish human lifestyle of this world. It is not easy to walk this Path because self will always be rebelling and trying to turn us away from this Path. lucifer and his minions will try to break us down in every way possible and, he will succeed, if we let him.
Tuesday 27 December 2011
…Our anchor should be the greatest thing in our lives that blocks us from God; this is what we should give up. Jesus asked me not to eat after six o’clock in the evening but I am beginning to realise this was only to strengthen me and let me see how self complains so that I could understand what I should truly give up.
Dying to self is eradicating sin from our lives. If we are not eradicating sin, we are not dying to self. The fire, that I spoke of earlier in these Words, must become like a bonfire and we should be constantly throwing sin into this fire. We must be constantly watching out in our everyday lives for the parts that we should improve. The further that we walk along the Path, the more we will see and understand what we should be removing.
Yes, we will have bad days where we will feel as though self is winning but, hold fast for self is a coward and will back down. I am not going to tell you lies and say that it is easy to walk this Path for no, it is not. All I can say is that Jesus wants us to do it and, if He wants us to do it, then that is good enough for me.

The following articles are from people who have taken on the Way of Truth Messages. They wanted to share how much they have been benefiting from doing ‘the anchor.’

A change in me
As I reflect upon my journey with Jesus, I can only say, over and over again, all praise, glory and thanks for His Words!
Over the years I thought I was living my life the way Jesus wanted but, as I look back, I can see I was not fully taking into my heart what Jesus was trying for years to Teach me. And, I can honestly say, from I started to do ‘the anchor’ I really can see a change in me and my way of thinking.
A step by step guide
Jesus is giving us a step by step guide on how to travel this Path with Him His Way. When I talk to many people, they all want to change, they all want to be in the Army of Jesus.
Jesus says in His Words that He was offering us a Way to walk His Path and He would bestow His Gifts upon us so we could become a Warrior of Love:
“Look now, My little ones, and see My Truth, see what I am offering you in these Words. I need you to walk this Path so that I can bestow My Gifts upon you, so that you may become a Warrior of Love. Your brothers and sisters are in need, children, and, unless you die to yourself, you will not be able to fulfil your mission in this life.
Look at the Truth of the Words that I speak to you. No human can use the Gifts of My Spirit without dying to self for self will take control and abuse what I bestow upon you. This is why I need you to fight against the desires of self in order that you can help your brothers and sisters to walk this Path of Truth with Me. My Army rises, children, I tell you look to those who desire to walk this Path and join them for, when you walk together, you will strengthen each other for My Power shall flow through each of you, strengthening the other…” Thursday 15 December 2011
And, over the past while, I have felt and seen the Power of God in my life.
More aware
The list I constantly brought to Confession has, at last, begun to change and, I can recognise and am more aware of how to avoid my self from slipping into the same old way and stop saying or doing or thinking that that I know I should not do.
I have found myself, on occasions where gossip comes up, being able to change it and speak in a loving way about what was being discussed and had no fears of doing so. I knew it was not me but Jesus working through me.
Jesus used me
I thought I had love and compassion but recently I had a beautiful experience. I met someone whom people would shun and despise because of their serious drug problem but, as I spoke to them, I felt a love swelling up in me and I could only see a very broken person in need of love. I know that Jesus used me to give His Love, it was not me and, for the first time, I felt a love and compassion I never experienced before. It was so beautiful, it was amazing!
I was stuck in a rut
People may not see me any different but Jesus knows and I know my way of thinking has changed so much.
For years I was stuck in a rut thinking I was doing what Jesus wanted of me but I was only skimming the surface. Now I am letting Him guide me, doing the anchor and keeping my eyes on Him.
Dying to self is the key!
The only way I can describe the change in my life is like I had a pair of net curtains over my eyes and Jesus is removing them. I am beginning to see His Way for me. I hope I don’t sound self-righteous for, believe me, I am very aware that each day, each hour, each second, I have to depend totally on Jesus and how easily I can fall. I need to die to self more and more for, if I do not, I will go nowhere. Dying to self is the key!
All praise, honour and glory to Jesus and thanks for His perseverance with me!

Something to give
When I first read the Messages where Jesus was talking about the Anchor, I thought, ‘I can do this for Jesus, something to give and not take all the time.’
Pick something
First, I had to pick something that I could offer to Jesus. My first few attempts were not good. I would offer it for a few days then I would give up and pick it up again.
The self was so strong that I became complacent and I didn’t fight. I kept reading the Message and saw the struggles that Patrick was having and realised that if Jesus was important to me and I love Him then I had to fight the complacency. I moved on and added more fuel to the fire and looked at other things that I could offer to Jesus.
I find it hard
In my opinion, my anchors are not big but, when it comes to giving them up, I find it hard. There are days when it is no bother but there are more days when it is a big fight with self not to give in. I have slipped many times with what I have thought to be the smallest and it in turn has become the biggest to die to, I have went for days and not done it. I have also felt guilty about breaking it.
Self can convince
Self can convince me that it’s ok. I’ve just had a blip and I’ll be back on track soon; or, another good one, self can convince me to take it easy, just cut down and slowly you can give it up and it won’t be as harsh. We all give in to self too easily and can justify our action.
The latest Messages
The latest Messages tell me that Jesus is almost here. He is at the door and I have little or no time left to get my act together and run the race. I can’t keep wandering away from Jesus and wander back when I feel like it and expect Jesus to be there waiting with open Arms.
When Jesus Comes
The Anchor is a small thing to give up so that I can come closer to Jesus. When Jesus Comes, I want to be able to withstand whatever it is and come out of it to live in this new world full of love for God, not self.

Saving Souls
Until recently I thought the anchor was simply another way of Jesus trying to help us die to ourselves. Another instruction on how to leave the world behind in order to become a less selfish person and a more spiritual being. It was only when I read what Patrick said about the anchor on Friday 4 November that it dawned on me that it was a way of helping Jesus save souls. “...It does not have to be not eating until after six, it can be anything that you are willing to give to Jesus as a sacrifice in order to help Him Save His people...”
Always difficult
While it is always difficult to give something of the world up, it makes it a lot easier knowing that someone, somewhere whom you may never know, is benefiting from your self denial. And it also gives me encouragement not to give up when temptation becomes very strong, knowing that other people and, ultimately Jesus, are benefiting from my small bit of suffering.
Added incentive
Also, to give us an added incentive, Jesus said, “...The more that you offer to Me for My own Sake, the more your lives will change for you will begin to see Me for who I am and not what this world portrays Me as...” Friday 4 November 2011.

On Sunday 8 July 2012, Jesus gave three Messages. The tone of these Messages was urgent. He seemed to be urging us forward, upwards and onwards.
Anchor Messages
To my mind, the first of these Messages referred to the ‘Anchor’ Messages. These were a set of instructions that challenged us to die to ourselves and taught us how to give over more of ourselves to Jesus. They are simple signposts that direct us to the Path of Truth and a map so that we do not lose our way.
It has been almost a year from Patrick first mentioned the Anchor in the Way of Truth Messages. If we have followed these Messages, then we are on our way to Sainthood! For me, well, I am a fickle human being. As time goes by it seems so long yet, before I realise it, another year has passed.
I began
I began following these Messages with fervour, with love, with a desire to please Jesus and become, for Him, what He wanted and needed me to be. I was determined at the beginning and nothing was going to break my resolve in this anchor, this sacrifice that I was doing for Jesus, this foundation that I was building on.
Resolve weakened
As time went by, my resolve weakened and I allowed the burdens of this life to drag me down. At a time when I thought I had defeated the first thing I offered up, my anchor, I broke my resolve and gave in. The time when I gave in to the temptation would have been my greatest offering to Jesus for it was a difficult time for me and my justification was that I was going through enough without having to fight this too. I needed this, I wanted it and so I gave it to myself.
Downward spiral
This, for me, was a slow downward spiral. My foundations were uprooted and everything else I had given up, or built on top of the foundations, fell away. I felt lost, like a little boat being tossed about a rough sea with no anchor holding me down. I didn’t want to go back to my anchor because it had a hold on me again. Self had the victory and I just felt so lost. I spent about nine weeks in this limbo. I am trying to be honest and I would have to say that this affected my relationship with Jesus in many ways. I felt guilty going to prayer so I avoided it. I knew I was not doing what Jesus had asked of me. I was failing and allowing self to dictate to me and so I felt unworthy to sit before Him. As I say, it was a downward spiral for me.
Words of Jesus
Then I read the Messages that Jesus gave at the beginning of this month. In the first Message He says, “…It is the moments of struggle with self, the fight, that achieves greatness in Me. Many days you will have a sense of failure but, know, My children, that each failure and each getting up, in spite of that failure, brings you closer to Me…” Sunday 8 July 2012
How can I say what I feel as I read these Words of Jesus!
Stay in that failure
It is as if He was saying to me, ok, you fell, now get back up and continue on this Journey. Its ok to fail but its not ok to stay in that failure. When I take Jesus’ Hand and allow Him to pull me back on the Path, then I am even closer to Him.
I am with you
In the third of the Messages that He gave, Jesus says, “… Because you are strong does not mean you are not weak and because you are weak does not mean you are not strong.
I need you all to love Me; I need you all to be what I need you to be.
In those moments when you are strong, I am with you: in those moments when you are weak, I am with you. Give Me the moments in between then I can mould you into what I need you to be all the time…” Sunday 8 July 2012
Strength and weakness
Strength and weakness are not an excuse because, with Jesus, all are strong and all are weak. Of ourselves we are nothing but, with Jesus, we can be anything. As I read the second of this group of Messages I realise, once again, the dream Jesus has for all of us. I feel renewed and invigorated to begin again. I feel excited to know that Jesus is so, so close to us, closer than our own breathe. I feel that longing to be with Him in the Present Moment where He is…always. And I feel that I want to lift my sword and my shield and enter into this battle with self again. There is no failure in following this Path. The signpost I need to read when I fall is “…each failure and each getting up, in spite of that failure, brings you closer to Me…” The only failure is in staying down.
Too hard
When I feel that Jesus is asking me to give up something that is too hard, the signpost I need to read is “…It is I who have given you the will to love Me, to achieve what you thought was impossible in your lives, what you thought was impossible to move away from. I have given you Life, Life in Me.
See this for I call you deeper into Me so that you might achieve the unachievable, that you might see My Way at last…” Sunday 8 July 2012
Cannot be bothered
And when I feel that I cannot be bothered, or that I have plenty of time and I can start tomorrow or the next day, then I will remember to read the Words that the King of Love gave on His Feast Day, Sunday 22 July 2012.
“…I begin to walk towards what will be a fearful time for many of you, come with Me. Do not stand idly by and watch Me as I walk into the distance but be wooed like a bride. Do not watch Me because you are afraid to give up what is precious to you; do not let doubt and fear rule you for you will be left behind with only your doubt and fear for comfort. Do not let Me walk away without you.
I Love you all.”
Jesus is moving on. He cannot wait on me now. He wants me to go with Him. So I endeavour to lift up my cross - everyday - and follow Him.

Challenging us
Jesus is always challenging us to do new things to fight the self within us and die to what controls us. Last year He gave us a task, a challenge to help us on our Journey towards Him. We call it ‘the Anchor.’
Anchor point
In this following Message, Patrick explains what the Anchor is:
“…It is not hard to begin the dying to self: we simply need an anchor point to begin. We need to give up something that we like and offer it as a sacrifice to Jesus. That something could be alcohol, cigarettes, not eating after six, television, or watching our favourite programme on the television or something else that we like. This is our anchor point; it is like the spark that lights the fire, we must get the resolve in our hearts to offer this to Jesus and not break this sacrifice for anything.
When it becomes easy and we are not tempted as much to give up, then we must add another thing to the fire and so on…” Wednesday 26 October 2011
Two things
I had two things in mind that I had wanted to die to. One of them I was addicted to and I believed it would be very difficult to give up as it was a lifelong habit and the other I thought would be quite easy. When I started doing this last November it all went how I thought it would. Then everything turned around and the thing I had most difficulty with became easy and the thing I thought was easy has now become the most difficult even to point of me stopping it altogether.
Easy to break
It seems to me that what we consider addictive and the habit of a lifetime can often be quite easy to break when we decide to do it. I had never really tried to break this habit. Now it doesn’t control me like it used to. I still do it but not to the extent I used to.
The other one totally surprised me as I had never really seen it as an issue but I now continually think about it all the time; with constant thoughts bombarding me to do what I don’t want to do - which is to give up trying.
Die to that thought
When we begin to do something for Jesus, satan immediately steps in and tries to stop us, putting thoughts in our heads and temptations in our way. This is where our battle begins; to die to that thought, that feeling of hunger, that urge to lash out at someone or whatever else may bother us.
Walk this Path
Jesus is our sure hope and He gives us the Truth in the Messages of Love to help us.
“Come, My beloved children, and walk this Path with Me. I can tell you, My son, you have recognised little, you do not know what is before you: the Joys of My Kingdom which the walls of self are a barrier to. When the walls of self fall within you, it will be as though you lived your life in the darkness and have suddenly walked into the light. Trust in Me, children, trust in My Truth. These are not new Words, this is not a new Path, read the Words of My Gospels. This is the Path that My Disciples, My Apostles, have walked before you...” Thursday 27 October 2011
The way we live our lives
In order for us to be what Jesus wants us to be – Warriors of Truth – then we must die to the things within us that blocks Jesus. His desire is for us to be in His Kingdom but we must prove this by the way we live our lives.
“…I call to you this day, My little ones, to walk this Path. Come, My Warriors of Love, My Warriors of Truth, My Warriors of the Light, We, together, shall offer much to My Father and He shall be Glorified through My Work in you.
All Glory be to Our Father, who is the Creator of all things and it is He who deserves the Glory. Shine your little light through Me to Him so that He will know that you are My servants and that His Love is spread through Me and so through you out into this world. Come, beloved of My Heart, and let My Love shine this day in you. I Love you.” Friday 28 October 2011

Now beginning to try
It is not easy to work on my faults, especially when I do not really want to change.
There are three main things that work against me. I am now beginning to try and work on these things.
They do lessen
Jesus says many times within the Messages of Love that when we fight against whatever it is in our lives that keeps us from Him, that fault will lessen and Jesus replaces this with His Love.
Many times I have worked on some faults. When I work hard on them, they do lessen.
Many Blessings
The Way of Truth is a beautiful Path that Jesus has given. Many times it is a hard Path but I know that Jesus is with me as I fight to come to Him. In perseverance there are many Blessings on this Journey. I will keep going for Jesus is with me as He promised, even to the end of time.

Now beginning to try
It is not easy to work on my faults, especially when I do not really want to change.
There are three main things that work against me. I am now beginning to try and work on these things.
They do lessen
Jesus says many times within the Messages of Love that when we fight against whatever it is in our lives that keeps us from Him, that fault will lessen and Jesus replaces this with His Love.
Many times I have worked on some faults. When I work hard on them, they do lessen.
Many Blessings
The Way of Truth is a beautiful Path that Jesus has given. Many times it is a hard Path but I know that Jesus is with me as I fight to come to Him. In perseverance there are many Blessings on this Journey. I will keep going for Jesus is with me as He promised, even to the end of time.

My first anchor
I had an addiction in my life which I clung to. I had always been meaning to give it up but I kept putting it off because I loved it. And so, when it came to taking on the Way of Truth Messages, this little addiction easily became my first anchor.
Since then I have added to the fire with things I loved, sins and bad habits. Some of these have been hard at the beginning, others were easy but hard to keep on the fire.
I need to add to the fire
At prayer, if I can’t feel Jesus, I know I need to add to the fire.
For the past couple of weeks, there was a battle going on in me. I had an idea of what to add to the fire next but I didn’t want to give this thing up. I chose other easier things instead but my fire was nearly out. It was more like smouldering ash than a bonfire. I knew I had to do what would hurt self and rattle it on its throne. I kept justifying not doing this thing because of a little health issue I had. However, I knew deep down this was a big excuse.
I cried with joy
Anyway, after a few weeks making excuses and not giving this thing to Jesus, I decided enough was enough and I simply gave it to Him.
Low and behold, the next day the health issue I was really worried about was completely resolved! I couldn’t believe it. I cried with joy.
It just goes to show, Jesus works the opposite way I think He does!
Life’s little comforts
We so often go with the opinions of other ‘professionals’ because it makes our lives more comfortable, it keeps self happy. Yet, there’s Jesus, our Maker, with all the Power and Gifts, asking us to go against what is comfortable in our lives and look what can come from that - He healed me! He can Save souls with the offering! Surely that’s a far greater reward than having any of life’s little comforts and letting self grow and grow in us and just suffocating a potentially beautiful life with Jesus?
A leap of faith
I took a leap of faith, off what I thought was a cliff - because self in me had kept making it seem so impossible to give up - but, as I look back now, it turned out to be a little molehill! My trust in Him has certainly grown!
He still goes on giving
Look what Jesus gave up for us - His whole Life was given to the service of others, to the very end and beyond for He still goes on giving to us!
Jesus makes amazing things happen when He is allowed into the driver’s seat and is actually given some control.
He can make perfect things come out of what we consider to be dead and useless things.
Threw himself into nettles
Last night I could feel the strength of my self rise up because it wanted that what I had added to the fire. Ninety nine percent of the time I give in, I let self win but last night - like when Saint Francis of Assisi threw himself into nettles to avoid sinful thoughts - I put on some music, grabbed a book, got into bed and distracted my mind in order not to give in to self.
Cut it off
Jesus said in the Gospels: if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off for it is better to enter Heaven without a hand than end up in hell for eternity. Self is what needs cut off in our lives. It needs to be hurt. It is preventing us from truly living, truly loving.
I feel so much happier these days. I feel closer to Jesus without the obstacles of self and the world.
I feel stronger in Him and find the Fruits of the Spirit more readily accessible: Love, Joy, Peace... Whereas, before, I was weighed down by the depression and drudgery of this world and the guilt of not doing what I knew I should.
Satisfying and fulfilling
Jesus really can help us find ways to overcome our weaknesses. This Journey is so exciting. Life is so much better, so satisfying and fulfilling, so liberating! Thank You, Jesus, sooo much!

The following article is taken from the internet. ( We always like to include something about abortion in the monthly Newsletter so that the issue is always in our minds. Abortion is a grave crime and it hurts Jesus very deeply. When we fight it, we appease Jesus’ Pain a little.

Worked in an abortion clinic
Jewels Green worked in an abortion clinic for over five years, much of that time as a “Counsellor.” Here is an extract of her testimony:
Finding a foot
“I vividly remember the cleaning lady who quit after finding a foot in the drain of one of the sinks in the autoclave room where the medical instruments were cleaned and sterilized after abortions.
Decaying human
One time the power went out for hours and we were all explicitly instructed NOT to open the freezer where all of the medical waste was stored. Inevitably, someone did open that freezer and I will never, ever forget the stench of decaying human flesh for as long as I live.
The dead baby in the refrigerator in the lab
All of it was wrong but especially this: the dead baby in the refrigerator in the lab. It was touted as a “teaching tool” and a “medical anomaly” that this perfect ten-week-old foetus “survived” the suction abortion procedure perfectly intact. So he (I thought I could tell it was a he) was given the dubious honour of being preserved in formalin in a translucent plastic jar in the laboratory refrigerator.
Occasionally I peeked in on him.....every other abortion resulted in parts, bits and pieces of human in the jar - but this miraculous little creature was perfectly formed and complete in every way, with the heartbreaking exception that he was dead. There was no amniotic sac, no placenta, just a teeny-tiny perfect little baby floating in the jar. In the fridge. Forever a silent witness to the march of death...”


Are you in need of prayer or want someone to pray for someone you know, then log on to our new Network of Prayer on Facebook. Here you can put your requests for prayer and also help others by praying for them.
All that’s asked of you on this site is that you ask for prayers and that you pray for others. There are lots of “pray-ers” on facebook and we could turn our prayers into a powerful force. Jesus said: “Love one another...” one way we can do this is to pray for one another. Many times, we are in such deep need of prayer because we are in a situation where we cannot pray ourselves and so need others to do the praying for us.!/NetworkOfPrayer

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Events Celebrated
Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul Friday 29 June
Two great Saints with two different conversions.
At the Community Prayers, servants shared on the lives of these two great men. One who was called to follow, then denied Jesus at His Passion. Yet, when he repented, Jesus made him leader of the flock, “feed My lambs.”
Paul, who persecuted the Christians, yet, through Grace from God, he had a miraculous conversion and went on to preach the Truth boldly.
This beautiful Feast Day concluded at the 6pm Community Prayers with the Message from Saint Paul.
“…Take on the ‘cloak’ of holiness that is reserved for you and use the fullness of the Holy Spirit and stand up for the real Truth, which is Jesus, for too many of you have your own opinions of the Truth in these times. Therefore, be sure that what is in your heart is Christ-orientated and do not be afraid to use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit…” Message from Saint Paul to the two Patricks.
Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Monday 16 July
During the 12 o’clock Community Prayers we prayed the Litany to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. A servant shared on how the story began when Our Lady of Mount Carmel appeared to Saint Simon Stock and asked for the devotion of the wearing of the Brown Scapular - which is Our Lady’s habit - and the promises attached to it.
At the 3pm Community Prayers a servant shared about Our Lady appearing as Our Lady of Mount Carmel to four young girls in Garabandal; she was holding the Brown Scapular in Her Hands.
Events to Come
(All Days of Prayer begin at 12pm unless otherwise stated)
Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
Thursday 9 August
Walk Against Abortion
Saturday 11 August
Gather in yard of House of Prayer at 2.45pm
Assumption of Mary
Day of Prayer Against Abortion
Wednesday 15 August
Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Wednesday 5 September
Birthday of Our Lady
Saturday 8 September
Exaltation of the Cross
Friday 14 September
Feast of Saint Pio
Sunday 23 September
Feast of the Archangels
Saturday 29 September
First Friday Vigils
from 10pm - 2am
Friday 7 September
Friday 5 October

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There seems to be a big push on at the moment by many anti-life people to legalise euthanasia. Many groups like ‘Dignity in Dying’ and ‘Health Professionals for Assisted Dying’ are trying to change the law so as to allow euthanasia. Even the British Medical Journal, the so called voice of the medical profession, have been publishing articles in favour of euthanasia. There are many programmes on the TV and radio as well as articles written in the newspapers to sway public opinion into believing that assisted suicide and euthanasia is the way forward and is justified killing.
Sanctity of human life
However, God gave us the Commandment, ‘Thou shall not kill.’ We, as Catholics and Christians, believe in the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death and that is the way it should be. Instead of what people see as being merciful to end a person’s life, it seems more of a convenience to family members who have their ‘burden’ taken away from them and to the Health service as it saves them money! Where is the care and mercy in that?
Legal action
In March, ‘Lifesite News’ reported:
A London judge recently ruled that Tony Nicklinson, a fifty eight year old man with a wife and two grown daughters, may go forward with a legal action that would allow doctors to directly euthanize him by lethal injection. Campaigners on both sides of the euthanasia debate believe that if he wins, the case could automatically overturn Britain’s criminal prohibitions against doctors killing patients...
...Nicklinson suffered a stroke in 2005 and is described as suffering from “locked-in syndrome,” being paralysed from the neck down and dependent upon others for all his needs. Following the ruling, he said he was “delighted.”
Nicklinson described his life as “dull, miserable, demeaning, undignified and intolerable.”
Needs to be killed
During the hearing, Nicklinson’s wife Jane said, “The only way to relieve Tony’s suffering will be to kill him…Because he can’t do anything for himself, he needs to be killed.”
“It’s no longer acceptable for twenty first century medicine to be governed by twentieth century attitudes to death.” He told the court in a prepared statement, “I need help in almost every aspect of my life.”
“I have no privacy or dignity left. I am washed, dressed and put to bed by carers who are, after all, still strangers…I am fed up with my life and don’t want to spend the next twenty years or so like this.”
Need I say anything to you about this man or his family or is it ringing loudly in your ears!
Legal in Britain
One high-ranking pro euthanasia ethicist has argued that passive euthanasia is already effectively legal in Britain through the deliberate starving and dehydrating of patients. This process takes weeks to kill the patient and has very unpleasant side effects. He claims it would be more merciful to give a lethal injection to a patient that would kill the patient immediately.
Not worth living
The Liverpool Care Pathway uses sedation and dehydration to kill patients who are not necessarily dying but those whom the medical profession feel their lives are not worth living.
Assisted dying
Euthanasia lobbyists attempted to use the 27 June meeting of the British Medical Association to put forward fourteen separate motions asking them to adopt official “neutrality” on assisted dying and euthanasia. Luckily, the motion was voted down by the British Medical Association at the doctors’ union annual meeting. The motion had been put forward by the activists as part of a larger effort to loosen the assisted suicide law in parliament.
Akin to murder
Opposing the motion, Dr. Dai Samuels said assisting a suicide was not an “act of kindness” but was akin to murder.
“I simply stand for looking after my patients and providing high-quality care. I do not consider the killing of patients, whatever the reason, is justified. That is murder and I cannot commit that offence,” Samuels said. Dr. Hamish Meldrum, the BMA’s outgoing chairman, called the proposal “probably the worst of all options,” saying it would do nothing but exclude doctors from the debate.
Benefit my patients
In part of the Hippocratic Oath it states:
“I will use those dietary regimens which will benefit my patients according to my greatest ability and judgement and I will do no harm or injustice to them.
“I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan and, similarly, I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion.
“In purity and according to Divine Law will I carry out my life and my art.”
Suffering in this life is not easy but we have to remember that this life is only a blink of the eye compared to eternity. It is hard to see someone you love suffer and I am sure we all know or have known someone in this situation. I know several people who have suffered both short term and for many years. When we see an animal suffering we care for them as much as possible and sometimes they are put down. Are we to be treated as animals too? God made us in His own image and likeness. We are not animals!
A reason for everything
It is hard to understand suffering but we can do a lot with it. God has a reason for everything. Maybe it’s a teaching for us or for others, maybe it’s to help save our own souls or others. Spiritually, it can be very beneficial and can help us die to self.
God will be your comfort
The children of Fatima used all their sacrifices and sufferings so that people would be saved from going to hell. Our Lady said to Lucia on 13 May 1917: “...are you willing to offer yourselves to God and bear all the sufferings He wills to send you, as an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended and of supplication for the conversion of sinners?” Lucia answered “yes we are willing” and Our Lady replied “Then you are going to have much to suffer but the Grace of God will be your comfort.”
Embrace suffering
Saint Margaret Mary said in a Message to the two Patricks, in ‘Their Robes Washed White’ Book
“...Many can only see the harshness of suffering because they do not die to self. Embrace suffering then, when it is presented to you in any form or fashion. I cannot urge you enough, my brothers and sisters, to take as your kin obedience and suffering if you wish to build into the hiddeness of Jesus, for both are one...”
A cross to bear
Those who suffer share in Jesus’ Sufferings and He is very close to them. We can call upon Jesus any time if we are in need of help ourselves or see others in need. Each of us has a cross to bear in this life but it is never too heavy for us to carry. Jesus will give us the strength to bear it if we ask Him.
I Bless you in your sufferings
Jesus gave a lovely Message to those who are sick on 21 August 1993:
“To all you who are sick; come to Me and I will ease the burden of your ills with My Love. I will open My Vineyard to you. You shall drink free of the Wine of My Love. Take your pain and place it in My Heart for there lies All Pain, the pain that the world suffers. I have first Suffered All. All you who suffer in silence, know that I hear your prayers, your supplications. Know that I Bless you in your sufferings. Know that you are beloved of My Most Sacred Heart. Know that I Love you. Come to Me all of you who labour and are heavily laden, come to Me and I will give you My rest. Pray within your pain and know that I am with you always.

Romans 3:1-8
1. What advantage then hath the Jew, or what is the profit of circumcision?
2 Much every way. First indeed, because the words of God were committed to them.
The Bible is the very Word of God as inspired through the Holy Spirit. It is on these Words we build our faith and from the promises given in the Old Testament, the events of the New Testament have arisen.
3 For what if some of them have not believed? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? God forbid.
4 But God is true and every man a liar, as it is written, That thou mayest be justified in thy words, and mayest overcome when thou art judged.
Even for those without faith and who do not live by faith, God still acts faithfully, still waiting in hope for their souls to return to Him and for them to change their ways and turn their hearts toward Him.
5 But if our injustice commend the justice of God, what shall we say? Is God unjust, who executeth wrath?
6 (I speak according to man.) God forbid: otherwise how shall God judge this world?
Because God is Just, God must bring His wrath on us, in the form of the sufferings we all endure, not as a punishment but as an act of Love. His Justice is also His Love, as it serves to induce souls to come back to faith.
7 For if the truth of God hath more abounded through my lie, unto His glory, why am I also yet judged as a sinner?
The truthfulness of God shows up our sins for what they really are and, in this way, we can see His Glory more clearly. Even in His great Mercy, however, God cannot be expected to overlook our sinful acts.
8 And not rather (as we are slandered and as some affirm that we say) let us do evil, that there may come good? whose damnation is just.
It’s no good our going to Confession and then not making a sincere effort to change our ways, so we just keep on confessing the same sins. We should not just carry on regardless in our bad habits and wait till a later time to repent our sins. This is the sin of presumption. Yes, God will repeatedly Forgive our transgressions but we should not take this for granted, which is just throwing Gods Mercy back in His Face. His Mercy does not imply we should just carry on sinning and not try to improve our degree of understanding and knowledge of what our true obligations are. Anyone who thinks this is what the Catholic Church teaches is very mistaken. We shall all be held to account, based not just on the things we have done but our failure to help others when need arose and to show them mercy ourselves.
We need to take positive steps towards God, such as prayer and good works, in order to live better lives so we will not be condemned as sinners.

The abused - love the sinner, hate the sin!
The most vulnerable
I’ve always wanted to go to Romania or China or somewhere similar to help with the little children who have been put in orphanages. Their plight has always moved me, mainly because of the many images that were shown on television and in the newspapers. These images were very graphic as they showed children tied to beds, sometimes for years, naked, starved and beaten and just left there to rot. Children are the most vulnerable in society as they cannot defend themselves or fight back when someone hurts them.
People with special needs
There are many other vulnerable members of society, such as people with special needs. They, like children, cannot defend themselves, so obviously they need others to look out for them.
Eighteen years of age
My oldest sister has special needs. She cannot cope with learning and her mental age is about five years old. She can just write her name and no more. She went to a special school when she was little. When she was eighteen years of age she had to leave this place as she had reached the age limit for that school. She changed to a Rehab day care centre that accommodates people of her age group and older.
Something was wrong
One day at home she blurted out that a man at her workplace had showed his body parts to her. She went on to say other things that he did. This became very alarming and upon being questioned further, it turned out that the manager who ran the Rehab day care centre would bring her into his office and expose himself to her and get her to do things to him. This had been going on for some time but with her not being able to understand any of it she didn’t mention it to anyone, yet she knew something was wrong.
The police were called and an investigation was launched. It turned out this man had been abusing many other young women in his charge in the Rehab. It had been going on for years. This man was transferred to another Rehab centre and we heard rumours that he continued abusing those in his care. It galls me to think that he got away with it. All this happened about twenty five years ago and the man in question is now dead.
Very frustrating
The people I blame are the health authorities who let these things happen. They had many opportunities to do the right thing but chose not to. When my family tried to speak to them at the time this happened, they came up against a brick wall. No one would answer their questions. It is very frustrating when there is no one to help.
Got away with their crimes
At the moment there is a national investigation into all the abuse that went on in industrial schools in Ireland and the people to blame here are those in authority who knew what was going on but did nothing to stop it. These people may think they have got away with their crimes but they have to stand before God who is the only Judge.
Love all that you meet
I was thinking about the kind of punishment I would like to give them and I opened a Message to see what Jesus would say and this was it, ‘...Love all that you meet no matter who they are and what they have done. Do not judge them! Simply love them in My Name for I am God; I am Love. Love Me in this way! ...’ Thursday 7 August 2008
I have no right to judge
I thought Jesus would agree with me to roast them alive but He is telling me here that I have no right to judge anyone regardless of what they have done and, as a Christian, it is my duty to pray for them. Love the sinner, hate the sin. Thank You, Jesus, for that Message. The Messages of Love are a wakeup call for us, a reminder from God as to how we should live.
We are all sinners
Many things in the world today can make us angry but we have to remember that we are all sinners and we, too, will stand before God in judgement. I believed I had the right to condemn those who abused my sister but this is not Gods Way. I need to look at myself and take the plank out of my own eye before I can take the moat out of my brother’s eye. Jesus gave us the example of how we should live by forgiving, not seven times but seventy seven times. Thank You, Jesus, Your Words are Truth and they are Life.

On the Christian Family in the Modern World
Apostolic Exhortation of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II Continued.....
5. The discernment effected by the church becomes the offering of an orientation in order that the entire truth and the full dignity of marriage and the family may be preserved and realized.
This discernment is accomplished through the sense of faith, which is a gift that the Spirit gives to all the faithful, and is therefore the work of the whole church according to the diversity of the various gifts and charisms that, together with and according to the responsibility proper to each one, work together for a more profound understanding and activation of the word of God. The church, therefore, does not accomplish this discernment only through the pastors, who teach in the name and with the power of Christ, but also through the laity: Christ “made them his witnesses and gave them understanding of the faith and the grace of speech (cf. Acts 2:17-18; Rv. 19:10), so that the power of the Gospel might shine forth in their daily social and family life.” The laity, moreover, by reason of their particular vocation have the specific role of interpreting the history of the world in the light of Christ, inasmuch as they are called to illuminate and organize temporal realities according to the plan of God, creator and redeemer.
The “supernatural sense of faith,” however, does not consist solely or necessarily in the consensus of the faithful. Following Christ, the church seeks the truth, which is not always the same as the majority opinion. She listens to conscience and not to power, and in this way she defends the poor and the downtrodden. The church values sociological and statistical research when it proves helpful in understanding the historical context in which pastoral action has to be developed and when it leads to a better understanding of the truth. Such research alone, however, is not to be considered in itself an expression of the sense of faith.
Because it is the task of the apostolic ministry to ensure that the church remains in the truth of Christ and to lead her ever more deeply into that truth, the pastors must promote the sense of faith in all the faithful, examine and authoritatively judge the genuineness of its expressions and educate the faithful in an ever more mature evangelical discernment.
Christian spouses and parents can and should offer their unique and irreplaceable contribution to the elaboration of an authentic evangelical discernment in the various situations and cultures in which men and women live their marriage and their family life. They are qualified for this role by their charism or specific gift, the gift of the sacrament of matrimony.
6. The situation in which the family finds itself presents positive and negative aspects: The first is a sign of the salvation of Christ operating in the world; the second, a sign of the refusal that man gives to the love of God.
On the one hand, in fact, there is a more lively awareness of personal freedom and greater attention to the quality of interpersonal relationships in marriage, in promoting the dignity of women, to responsible procreation, to the education of children. There is also an awareness of the need for the development of interfamily relationships, for reciprocal spiritual and material assistance, the rediscovery of the ecclesial mission proper to the family and its responsibility for the building of a more just society. On the other hand, however, signs are not lacking of a disturbing degradation of some fundamental values: a mistaken theoretical and practical concept of the independence of the spouses in relation to each other; serious misconceptions regarding the relationship of authority between parents and children; the concrete difficulties that the family itself experiences in the transmission of values; the growing number of divorces; the scourge of abortion; the ever more frequent recourse to sterilization; the appearance of a truly contraceptive mentality.
At the root of these negative phenomena there frequently lies a corruption of the idea and the experience of freedom, conceived not as a capacity for realizing the truth of God’s plan for marriage and the family, but as an autonomous power of self-affirmation, often against others, for one’s own selfish well-being.
Worthy of our attention also is the fact that in the countries of the so-called Third World, families often lack both the means necessary for survival, such as food, work, housing and medicine, and the most elementary freedoms. In the richer countries, on the contrary, excessive prosperity and the consumer mentality, paradoxically joined to a certain anguish and uncertainty about the future, deprive married couples of the generosity and courage needed for raising up new human life: Thus life is often perceived not as a blessing, but as a danger from which to defend oneself.
The historical situation in which the family lives therefore appears as an interplay of light and darkness.
This shows that history is not simply a fixed progression toward what is better, but rather an event of freedom, and even a struggle between freedoms that are in mutual conflict, that is, according to the wellknown expression of St. Augustine, a conflict between two loves: the love of God to the point of disregarding self, and the love of self to the point of disregarding God.
It follows that only an education for love rooted in faith can lead to the capacity of interpreting “the signs of the times,” which are the historical expression of this twofold love.
7. Living in such a world, under the pressures coming above all from the mass media, the faithful do not always remain immune from the obscuring of certain fundamental values, nor set themselves up as the critical conscience of family culture and as active agents in the building of an authentic family humanism.
Among the more troubling signs of this phenomenon, the synod fathers stressed the following, in particular: the spread of divorce and of recourse to a new union, even on the part of the faithful; the acceptance of purely civil marriage in contradiction to the vocation of the baptized to “be married in the Lord”; the celebration of the marriage sacrament without living faith, but for other motives; the rejection of the moral norms that guide and promote the human and Christian exercise of sexuality in marriage.


‘Gods Own Remnant, Messages of Love and Repentance’ is a new Message Book, only just printed by us at the Sacred Heart House of Prayer. These Messages were given by Jesus to Anne Foster, a servant of the Way of the Sacred Heart.
This book is now available to order from our online shop on this website and costs only £5 plus postage and packing fees. ORDER NOW
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Pilgrimage to Poland

Taking in visits to Czestochowa (the Black Madonna), Divine Mercy Sanctuary, Child of Prague Shrine, Auschwitz concentration camp, Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Museum, Krakow and a guided tour of Colditz Castle. We will also be staying at Saint Nikolaus House of Prayer in Colditz, Germany, and Saint Stanislaus House of Prayer in Bolkow, Poland.
The price
The pilgrimage will cost £450 or €550. This is priced on a group of ten people and may vary depending on numbers. If more go, then a reduction can be offered.
The price includes the overnight cabins on the boat.
A non refundable deposit of £100/€120 is required to book. If you are interested in going, please send in the deposit, or full fare, as soon as possible to enable us to secure the ferry bookings. We will travel by minibus from the Sacred Heart House of Prayer.
The pilgrimage will be run as a non-profit event and will be true and austere as Jesus has asked for in this Message of Love. He said in 2003, “Tell those who are going on pilgrimage that, to make a good pilgrimage, one must stay with Me within their hearts. If it is possible, then one should fast at least one day before the day the travel begins and even then, eat little until the first prayer is said at the Shrine. Many go on pilgrimage and only remember Me or My Mother when they pray. Pilgrimage is a time of renewal for the soul; a time when physical things are given up and done without; it is not a holiday. To do this clears the soul of the refuse it collects during everyday life. Be excited, My pilgrims, of being with Me for you are in My company and My Mother’s. As you travel, have times of silence from the physical and simply be in silence with Me. I will be with you and it gives Us a chance to be One, without the world. This is most desirable to Me.”
Those travelling from England could meet the group at Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Extract from a letter Pope John Paul II wrote regarding going on pilgrimage.
“…To go in a spirit of prayer from one place to another, from one city to another, in the area marked especially by God’s intervention, helps us not only to live our life as a journey but also gives us a vivid sense of a God who has gone before us and leads us on, who Himself set out on man’s path, a God who does not look down on us from on high but who became our travelling companion…”
“…In any event, we must all make that inward journey which seeks to move us away from whatever, in us and around us, is contrary to Gods Law, so as to be able to encounter Christ fully, professing our faith in Him and receiving the abundance of His Mercy…”
Thursday 13 September
Depart the Sacred Heart House of Prayer 05.00, drive to Belfast port. Depart Belfast at 07.30 sailing to Cairnryan and arriving 09.45. Drive to Newcastle for 17.00 ferry to Amsterdam. Overnight sailing with cabins.
Arrive 09.30 Friday.
Friday 14 September
Drive to Saint Nikolaus House of Prayer, Colditz, Germany.
Overnight stay. Evening meal provided.
Saturday 15 September
Guided tour of Colditz Castle. Overnight stay in Saint Nikolaus House of Prayer.
Sunday 16 September
Saint Nikolaus House of Prayer, Mass in local Church. Overnight stay. Meals provided.
Monday 17 September
Drive to Prague to visit Shrine of Child of Prague.
Drive to Saint Stanislaus House of Prayer, Bolkow, Poland.
Overnight stay. Evening meal provided.
Tuesday 18 September
Drive to Shrine of Our Lady of Częstochowa (the Black Madonna).
Staying overnight in Częstochowa. Evening meal provided.
Wednesday 19 September
Shrine of Our Lady of Częstochowa. Staying overnight in Częstochowa. Meals provided.
Thursday 20 September
Drive to Auschwitz/Oświęcim (concentration camp) for guided tour (the tour will last 3.5 hours). The visit to the concentration camp is to remind us to love one another.
Drive to Krakow for an overnight stay at Divine Mercy Sanctuary, Łagiewniki.
Friday 21 September
Divine Mercy Sanctuary, Łagiewniki.
Visit Blessed Pope John Paul’s museum.
Drive to Saint Stanislaus House of Prayer to stay overnight.
Saturday 22 September
Saint Stanislaus House of Prayer, overnight stay. Meals provided.
Sunday 23 September
Mass in Saint Joseph’s chapel.
After lunch, drive to Saint Nikolaus House of Prayer, Germany, for an overnight stay. Meals provided.
Monday 24 September
Depart Saint Nikolaus and drive to Amsterdam for overnight ferry with cabins sailing at 17.30.
Tuesday 25 September
Arrive Newcastle 09.00.
Drive to Cairnryan for ferry departing 15.30. Arrive Belfast 17.45.
Arrive Sacred Heart House of Prayer 19.00.
Please note that meals are not provided while travelling.

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