Are you ready?
On the cover of this month’s Newsletter are photographs of the four Visionaries of Garabandal during ‘the nights of screams’ on 19-20 June 1962 when Our Lady showed them the future, conditional Chastisement.
The Messages and Prophesies of Garabandal are a constant reminder to us of what is to come. Our Lady Warned us that there would be a great Chastisement if the world did not change its ways. Before the Chastisement will come a Warning from God. This Warning is to help us change our lives because we will see our souls as God sees them. It will be His Gift to us before the Miracle and conditional Chastisement.
Way of Truth Messages
Jesus has repeatedly reminded us about the Spirit of Truth (the Warning) and, even more frequently, Warned us to prepare. He has shown us how to be ready in the Way of Truth Messages.
Pray against abortion
Also in this Newsletter, we are printing a story caused by the brutal one-child policy system in China. They kill millions of their babies to keep down the population. Babies are thrown into bins and left to die as soon as they are born. I’ve even heard of a group of tourists who were out walking in China and they found a baby in the woods! It was left there to die because the family wasn’t allowed to keep it.
Never give up the fight against abortion!
We have included a crusade prayer against abortion in Ireland and we hope many people will say this to stop the evil of abortion. You will find this on page 32.
Led like a donkey
Modern technology has taken over all of us. It is by far the fastest growing business in the world. We are all affected by it. There is an article on page 17 which describes how we have become so addicted to modern technology. It makes interesting reading.
Every day, we are taken more and more from Jesus; quite like that donkey lucifer dangles a carrot in front of, Jesus spoke of this in this Mesage:
“...the clouds grow darker as each day passes and still you have not prepared ...You have run from Me in favour of the good things of this life...none of these things bring you happiness for you still desire more and more is never sufficient is lucifer tempting you as a donkey walking after a carrot that he can never reach...wake up for you are in so much danger of losing your soul to lucifer...” Tuesday 11 October 2005
Same-sex marriage
This topic is forever in the news. The gay rights activists are pushing to have the laws changed so that they can be married in churches and by church ministers. This is satan striking another blow to Gods Church.
King of Love
Come celebrate the King of Love with us on Sunday 22 July! We will be having prayers, praise songs and refreshments. Prayers start at 3pm.

Wednesday 23 May 2012
Look now, My little ones, and see My Truth, see what I have called you to be. I have called each one of you to follow in My Footsteps. Read My Gospels and see My Truth and do likewise. Do not reject Me any longer by your unwillingness to do the things that I ask of you. No greater love has a man but to lay down his life for another. This is rejection of self for, if you try to gain your life in this world, you will lose it in the next for this world is but a shadow and passes away. Look at how many have gone before you and now are history. You, too, shall be history, children!
See the Truth and see how short your lives upon this earth are. See, I have placed the Path before you to prepare you for your Life Eternal. Do not reject it for, when you die in this world, you enter another: make sure it is My world that you enter, children. For, the world of darkness is full of suffering and pain and those that go there will never be released.
Open your eyes and see the Truth and prepare yourselves for My Kingdom, the Kingdom of Light for you shall have a life of Love, Joy and Happiness. See what I offer to you, My little ones, and do not follow the ways of this world for they only lead to eternal death.
I Love you, My children, and this is why I give so many Words so that you may know the Truth. So that you may follow Me in truth and gain Life Eternal in Our Father’s Kingdom.
I Love you, My little ones, I Love you, come follow Me; be the lampstands, be the bearers of My Light and let others see that you believe by the way that you live your lives.
Be the vessels of My Truth: be the example to those who live in darkness so that they, too, may come to know Me. I Love you.
Accept My Truth into your lives, children, be the examples of Truth. Spread My Love into the dark corners of this world.
Be the vessels of Love so that all may come to know and love Me.
My Army rises, children, and I call you to be a part of it. The evil one has had his time and now it is the ‘Time of Love.’ Come, My little ones, let Me show you the Path of Love. I Love you.
Saturday 2 June 2012
Come, My beloved children, walk in My Footsteps. Allow Me to show you the Truth of My Way, allow Me to bring you upon this Path of Love that leads to the Heart of My Father’s Kingdom.
I Love you, My children, and I am calling you in these Words to be My Hands, My Feet and My Lips, reach out to those that are lost; do not desert them, do not turn your back on them but show them that I am Alive in you.
I Love you, My little ones, I Love you. Come, I am calling, I Love you.
Tuesday 5 June 2012
My people, the time is coming when My Prophets shall rise and this world will know them for who they are. Too long has evil stalked your land undeterred. lucifer has had his time and he has sifted mankind and mankind has turned away from his God. Those that have remained loyal will have the reward of Eternal Life.
My Remnant shall inhabit this earth and give praise to their God. But, first, I shall show mankind the Truth of My Ways, I shall send My servants out and truth will be seen and felt upon this earth for, too many have been blinded by lies and have turned away from Me in innocence. These I shall reclaim for these are My people who have been stolen and taken into slavery by the lies of lucifer and his people that walk this earth.
The Battle is beginning, children, My Army rises and soon you shall see them, soon, you shall know them by their truth. Trust in Me, your God, for My Words are not empty, as many believe at this time. Trust, soon your wait shall be over and all shall be renewed and My Love shall be seen. Trust in Me. I Love you.
Wednesday 13 June 2012
Look to the Truth, My children, and see My calls. Do not despair but come, follow Me for I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and anyone who comes to Me will never want for anything. You are My children and I am your God and I am calling out to each one of you in these Words of Truth. These are My Words written in My Blood so that you will know the Truth.
Come, My little ones, do not despair but know that I am among you: I have not forgotten you. I will never leave you orphans. In man’s free will he has chosen to reject Me and the ways of lucifer has become his ways.
Soon now, children, your freedom will be seen, felt and known for I am a Just God and My Justice is about to touch this earth and cleanse it of all those that have rejected Me and My Ways. Do not despair, My little ones, for I am Jesus, Son of the Living God, and I am at hand and My Truth shall be known throughout all the lands. I Love you.
Thursday 14 June 2012
Come, My beloved children, listen to My calls. Listen, for I, the Lord, your God am at hand. Soon, now, you shall see the signs of My Coming; soon, now, you shall understand My Truth. Do not delay for I am calling out to you so that you to may be a part of My Father’s Kingdom.
Come, My little children, read these Words and take them into your hearts and live them for there is very little time left to you. I know many of you say that I have said there is very little time left but you must understand that I Warned and I Warned so that all My children may know the Truth before I strike the darkness with My Justice.
Do not be a part of that, that I come to cleanse.
Take on My Words: know My Truth and reject the ways of this world for I, the Lord, your God, AM at hand.
I Love you, My children, be a part of Me. Be My Hands, My Feet and My Lips; allow Me to reside within your hearts so all may come to know Me through you. I Love you.
Friday 15 June 2012 Feast Day of the Most Sacred Heart
My children, you are only a handful that has gathered here to celebrate with Me in My Love: only a handful but many in My Eyes. If you would but give Me all of you, I would take nothing from you, only what I need to serve men. Only that deep love that you have for Me, I would take it and restore Love in this world. All that I have created you to be would remain intact, if, you would challenge yourself to love Me more deeply.
I stand before your unseeing spiritual eyes, unseeing because of self.
I stand before you resplendent as many suns,
I stand before you in My Glory on this Day of My Heart.
On this Day, My Heart overflows with Love and Mercy and Pain.
As I Give, you must give.
As I Love, you must love.
As I Die, you must die.
As I Breathe, you must breathe.
As I Live, so you must live.
Sunday 17 June 2012
Love is your goal, My children.
To love is to know Me, to know Me is to love.
Do all things in love and for love and your lives will change. You will see the results of your love. You will see the rewards, the fruits of your labour.
Where there is no love, put love and you shall find love. These Words have been given to many in the past and their fruits have been seen. Place yourselves in My Hands and trust in Me, your God, and I will open the doors to the places that you must place My Love.
Trust in Me, My little ones, and do not despair for I am with you. Yes, even though you cannot feel Me or see the results of My Actions around you, I ask that you trust for, I strengthen your faith in Me, through the trials of this life.
Trust Me, My children, you are My Army of Love and I build you and soon I will call you forward and you shall march against the enemy and the darkness shall diminish and My Love shall be seen once more upon this earth.
Trust in Me, trust in My Words and We, together, shall shield the enemy from deceiving My children. I ask for your trust: I need your trust in order to do My Work for, if you do not trust then I cannot accept your yes and thus I cannot use you. When you trust in Me, you say yes to Me and so you become My Hands, My Feet and My Lips. When you doubt, you lose trust in Me and so I can no longer help My little ones through you.
Trust in Me, your God, children, and I will show you the Path of Righteousness, the Path of Truth that leads to the Kingdom of Our Father and, through you, many shall be led into this Kingdom of Love and Light.
Trust in Me, your God, and do not lose faith for, soon, I Come.
Soon, I will free you from the toils of this life and you shall know Me and see Me and all shall be at Peace. Trust in Me, children, and do My Work until I Come. I Love you.
Monday 18 June 2012
Look to the Truth, My little ones, and see Me.
Do not close your eyes to My Truth but break through the self that you surround yourself with.
Open your eyes and see Me, breathe Me into your lives.
The more that you acknowledge Me, the easier it will become, children.
Yes, it is a fight, it is a struggle but, did I not also do this when I lived upon the earth? Have I not shown you the Path that you must travel?
Come, My beloved children, allow Me into your lives, allow Me to show you the True Path, allow Me to help you to break self. For, unless you die to self, you will never understand the True Path.
Come, My beloved children, allow Me in. Allow Me to show you the Truth of My Ways so that you, too, may teach others as I Teach you. I Love you, My children, and I depend upon you and I depend upon your love for your brothers and sisters; I depend upon your love for Me.
Come, now, My children, hear My calls, hear My Words, do not allow self to win through. I Love you.
Tuesday 19 June 2012
Children, come look at Me, I am a forgotten God.
I am a God who has been rejected by this world.
I have given My creation freedom to follow Me or not yet, the greater part has rejected Me. I am Coming, children, I am Coming to claim My own, those that have not forgotten Me, those that have loved Me through the persecution of this world.
Be Warned, creation, I am the Creator, I am the One that carved each one of you in the Palm of My Hand and I am Coming! Will you be ready or will you run and hide as Adam and Eve did in the garden?
Trust Me, My children, for, when I created you, I gave you free will whether to believe or not. Yet, once again, the serpent has tempted and My children have turned away from Me. I will not accept your evil ways; I will not accept your belief in sin. You are My people and you can only be My people when you believe in My Laws, My Truth, My Precepts. When you reject Me you reject My Ways and so you have no part in My Kingdom.
Turn away from your evil ways and come, follow Me in truth and do not allow yourselves to be deceived any longer for My Ways are not your ways and you must turn around and come back to Me before I Return.
I Love you, My children, and I give you these Words not in harshness but in Love so that you will know My Truth, so that you will have every chance to turn away from the ways of this world and come follow Me.
You are My children and I Love you but I will not force you to believe in Me or to believe in My Ways. I give you every chance and soon My Spirit will descend upon this earth and open your eyes to the Truth which will aid you to change your ways. If you do not change, you will be lost to Me for, this is the last great chance for man to change.
Many will run looking for Me in this time and My servants will go out to gather My flock into the safety of My Fold then My Angels shall descend and remove those that are not of Me but have accepted lucifer as their father.
Be Warned, My little ones, I am Coming! Even though you think I am not, I am close at hand and you have little time left. I Love you, My children, I Love you and I am calling you through these Words to change your ways. I Love you.
Come to Me all you who are heavily laden and I will give you rest. My rest is the rest of the soul, children, that rest that will last for all eternity.
I will give you Life Eternal where you will neither reap nor sow but you shall have Peace and Joy and My Love will rest upon you.
I Love you, My little ones, and I wish I could show you My Kingdom but, if I were to do so, I would remove your free will and this I cannot do for it is My Gift to you.
I Love you and I call you to come follow Me, follow Me in truth. See My Commandments for they have not changed. Although this world has accepted sin and choose to make laws to uphold sinful lives, I do not accept them, these laws I cannot accept them.
I have given you freedom to choose whether to be in My Kingdom or not. When you choose sin, you choose the kingdom of lucifer, which is hell. Listen to Me, now, before it is too late and come, follow Me, uphold My Laws and walk in My Truth. I Love you.
Wednesday 20 June 2012
Come, My little children, follow Me, your God, follow Me into the land of milk and honey where you shall know Peace, where you shall find your rest. Come, beloved of My Heart, and listen to My calls; do not ignore Me for I am a God of Justice, a God of Love and soon I must Come and cleanse the darkness from My creation. The blood of the innocent are crying out to Me ever louder as each day goes by. So many are being murdered by their own parents; the unborn are ripped mercilessly from their mothers’ wombs. Never before in the history of mankind have so many innocent children been murdered by their parents.
Look at the Truth, children, see how the darkness dims My creation. Time races forward, ever faster in order to overcome the darkness but the darkness encroaches even to where My Light should be. Trust Me, My children, trust Me, your God, for I am a Righteous God. I am Patient and hard to anger but, now, I must lift the Sword of My Justice and strike that, that I Love so much for it has become tarnished and blackened by sin.
Mankind, I tell you! Turn away from your evil ways for your lives have become cesspools of debauchery. You lust after one another’s bodies with no thought for the other, with no thought for the crime that you commit against one another.
Your bodies are temples given to you in Love to be used in love for the period of time you are on this earth. They are not your own, they have been given to you, created by Me so that you could have the freedom to choose whether or not you wish to be in My Kingdom. You profane My Gift, you idolatrise (changing His Love into something that it isn’t, to justify sin) My Love into something that it is not.
Wake up, creation, and see what you do! You are blinded by self!
lucifer has sown his seeds and you have accepted them and they grow strong within your lives. Wake up, I say, before it is too late and turn away from your evil ways and come, follow Me.
I Love you, My little ones, and it is My Love for you that holds back the Sword of My Justice but, soon, and very soon, I shall strike this earth and you shall know and see things that you did not believe were possible. Your scientists will become confused for they shall not understand what is happening.
Turn away from sin before these days befall you.
Look to My Truth, die to the things of darkness and come follow Me.
I Love you, My children, I Love you and I cry out in these Words for so many of you are being lost to the fires of hell in these days. So many of My children will not repent of their evil doing and so cast themselves headlong into the fires of hell for all eternity.
I am your Father, you are My children, My created, and I cry out for the loss of so many. Come hear My calls, hear Me, My children, as I call out to you in Love. I Love you.
Thursday 21 June 2012
Look for My Love, children, and give it life in you. Do not be afraid to take on My Love for it is given freely and, as I give it to you freely, you must also give it to others freely.
Be My little Army of Love, show My people that I live in you.
Do not desert Me, do not leave Me abandoned but, come, follow Me in Truth.
I Love you, My little ones, and I ask for your help, your hands, in this Work of Salvation: be My Hands, My Feet and My Lips, be what My little ones need.
Do not judge or condemn anyone but love all that you meet. I Love you.
Friday 22 June 2012
Look to My Truth, My children, and come, follow Me. Do not allow this world to deceive you into thinking that I am not among you. I have never left you, My children, I simply wait for My time is not yet here.
I shall strike this earth and it shall shake to its foundations and mankind will know that I exist. Repent of your evil ways and return. Wash yourselves clean in the Blood of the Lamb for I am Coming soon, children.
Repent! I say repent of your evil ways for, soon, I Come and, if you are not prepared you, too, shall be swept from the face of creation. You, too, will fall headlong into the fires of hell. Do not just read My Words but live them for they are your Lifeblood, they are what guides you in this world of darkness.
So many are being lost to Me; so, so many that refuse to see My Truth, that refuse to take on My Words and live them. They reject Me and cast themselves into hell rather than repent of their evilness.
You are blind and foolish, generation, you have been spoken of in My Scriptures by My Prophets and Saints and still you cannot see. Read the signs of your times. Look, children, mankind has rejected his God, this has been spoken of many, many times: in the last days mankind would become a barbaric race.
Can you not see, children, love has died and has been replaced with sin? I Love you, My little ones, and I cry out to you in these Words and plead for your return before it is too late. I Love you, My children, I Love you but still you will not listen to the One who created you, the One who Loves you, the One who cares for you, rather, you follow in the footsteps of lucifer and, in your pride, you will be lost to Me. How I long for you, how I long for your love, My little ones. Come, I am calling to you. I Love you.
Come, My little ones, listen to My Voice, listen as I call out to you in this world of ever increasing darkness. Sin encroaches every part of your daily lives, so many of you accept it as normality. Sin is darkness, children, and darkness can have no part of the Light. If you want to be a follower of Mine, you must fight against the sin in your lives. Yes, even those things that you try to justify to yourselves that are not sin but, in reality, they are sin and must go.
Do not allow self to control you; do not allow self to rule you but die to self for self will only lead you into a life of sin. It is self that lucifer uses against you for self is the part of you that only desires the things of this world and does not desire Me.
Come, My beloved children, fight against the temptations in your lives, fight the first thought, the first desire and you will overcome that, that goes against Me.
Do you not realise that you are in a battle? The evil one taunts and tempts you to follow in his footsteps. Whereas, I gently guide you when you give Me permission. Fight, again, the things of this world and you shall understand these Words, you shall understand the great power that is gained when self is controlled.
I Love you, My little ones, I Love you and I call upon you to listen to My Words. I Love you.
Tuesday 26 June 2012
Come, My beloved children, follow Me upon this Path of Life Eternal. I show you a new Way, the Way of Truth, the Way of Love, the Way of Life Eternal. Die to yourselves; do not allow self to control you, fight against it and come, follow Me for I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and anyone who comes to Me shall have Eternal Life.
I Love you, My children, and I give this Path to you. I gave it to you when I Died on Calvary, I opened the Way so that you could have Eternal Life.
Do not reject Me, do not reject My Way.
I am calling out to you in these Words in the last days of this generation.
Look, My beloved, I am Coming to rid this earth of its evil ways, I am Coming to bring Peace to all creation, to breathe New Life, new growth, so that this world can once again live in Peace.
Never before in the history of mankind has man walked this path. Yes, you can say ‘but there was wars and great evil in the past’ but, even in those times, love still flourished. In your time love is like a dying ember but, soon, I shall fan this ember to New Life. I shall breathe New Life into My servants and they shall go out and destroy the darkness. This earth shall know My Army for the evil shall flee before it and then My Angels shall descend and this earth shall be cleansed.
Come, now, My little ones, be a part of My Army, die to yourselves, look at the Words that I have already given and see the Path of Truth, the Path of Life. Breathe Me in, fill yourselves with My Spirit, welcome Me into your hearts and We, together, shall begin the War of Truth.
You look at this earth in despair and believe that it cannot be changed.
I can do all things.
I can change the hearts of the fallen with your help.
Trust in Me, My children, take on the Words of Life and die to the things of this world so that I may breathe New Life into you. I Love you.
Wednesday 27 June 2012
Come, My beloved children, listen to these Words of Truth. Allow them into your hearts; allow them to change you; allow them to show you the Path of Truth that leads to the Kingdom of Our Father. Come, now, and do not resist but make haste for there is such little time left and there is so much work to be done. I Love you, My beloved, hear My Words, My calls. I Love you.
Thursday 28 June 2012
Come, now, My children, and do not wait. Do not allow yourselves to be drawn into despair; do not allow yourselves to believe that I am a dead God for, soon, I will call My Army to the fore, you shall see My servants walk the Path of Truth; you shall see My Power as the darkness retreats before them.
Soon, I shall call My servants to show this world the error of its ways. They will be given the Power of their God and many nations shall be shaken because of their evil deeds. Trust in Me, My children, for I prepare many in all the countries of this world and they shall rise and My Truth shall be seen and the darkness shall be cleansed. I am Coming, children, and My servants shall prepare the Path before Me. I Love you.
Friday 29 June 2012
Look at the Truth of My Words, children, look into My Scriptures and see. Do I speak different Words in these times? I tell you they are the same and My Scriptures are being fulfilled. Yet, this generation has become so blind that it can no longer see or distinguish between what is Truth and what are lies.
Come, My little ones, take on these Words of Warning and change your lives, repent of all sin, die to yourselves so that you may become My servants.
You cannot truly be a servant of Mine and live in the ways of this world for, as I have said in Scripture, clean water and dirty water cannot come from the same pipe. You must decide if you truly want to be a follower of Mine and then, if so, you must throw off the shackles of this world, break the knots that tie you to its ways and find freedom in Me.
I Love you, My little ones, I need your hands, your feet and your lips for soon I shall call My own and they shall rise against the darkness and all who follow the darkness shall become confused and they shall be swept from the face of this earth. I need you to help those who are willing to change; I need you to go out and gather My flock to My Side but, first, you must prepare and wait for My call. I Love you.

The Warning? -bring it on!
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
A very prominent Feast day in July is Our Lady of Mount Carmel. When I think of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, I remember Garabandal because Our Lady appeared to the girls there as ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel.’
Automatically I feel reminded of the looming Warning prophesied at Garabandal which could be just minutes away.
Out of the three main Garabandal propheises – the Warning, the Miracle and the conditional Chastisement – the Warning, or Spirit of Truth, is the first to come and the one we need to be prepared for.
The Chastisement won’t happen if we change our lives after the Warning and Miracle.
The Miracle
People who seek the sensational things of God tend to look forward to the Miracle because, when it takes place, those in Garabandal who see it will be healed but here’s what Jesus said about that:
“...Many will come here (Garabandal) to see the Miracle performed as though it were an act in a circus but that will not save their souls nor their faith in Me. I am not a performer of Miracles. I am God. ...I shall perform the Miracle that they await and they shall be dumbfounded by the Truth of it. Many, not just here in Garabandal but the world over, shall beat their breasts in sorrow when they realise that I am not a dead God, nor am I a modern God performing at their will. They will have cause to regret the Words they have spoken about Garabandal.
The time will not be shortened but will run its course until it is announced. I Warn those who only come to Garabandal for the thrill of the Miracle and who are not in faith. I ask of you to believe, now, and you will see its wonder and it will be the Blessing of Salvation for you.” Tuesday 21 August 2001 for Garabandal and the world

Not believed
On the same day Jesus also gave this Message:
“...Do not see the world as it takes what it can from what My Mother has brought here. Only look at the holiness that My Mother has given. Many here, at the time of the Miracle, will not see it because they have not believed…” Tuesday 21 August 2001
Perhaps it will be a subtle Miracle that is easily dismissed as a figment of our imagination. This, after all, is Jesus’ style to keep our free will intact – just look at the Eucharist for example!
The ‘Time of Truth’
Do you remember this early ‘Walk With the Truth’ Message?
…I have many Words to speak to this world. If they do not listen many, many shall be lost to Me and My Words must be prepared for the ‘Time of Truth’ when all will be given a chance to know and see the Truth. This will be man’s final chance to turn back to Me, all must be prepared for this time. This is the time when My Houses will begin to shine and you will begin to understand the meaning of My Teachings in full.
Patrick: Jesus, are You talking about the Spirit of Truth? When all in the world will see their sins, actions and deeds as You see them, that, that Your Mother Warned us about at Garabandal?
Yes, My son, and there is little time left to prepare before the Coming of My Spirit. You must realise that this event will throw this world into great turmoil and all shall become confused. The understanding of man will have been dashed, all that he has believed in will fall apart. My children must be ready to run to their aid. This will be a time of great joy, mourning and anger. Those that will be in a state of Grace, their joy will be great and their faith will be fulfilled for they shall know Me and only seek to do My Will and shall become My Remnant Army. They shall go forth into this world and My Power shall be seen. It will become known as the ‘Time of Miracles.’
Those who would have come to Me but first spent time in Purgatory, they will mourn for their sins and will run seeking Me, they shall need much help and consolation, they will need My Grace and will look for those who follow Me in Truth. This is when My Houses will come to the fore and why I urge you to procure many Houses all over this world. They will become beacons of light to many.
Those that have refused to believe in Me and have lived evil lives will become enraged with Me and will refuse to believe and will seek the destruction of all that is of Me. In their pride and arrogance they will bring this world to its knees. They shall bring the world to the point of destruction. Countries will try to annihilate one another, the evil doers will control the power of war and will bring it to bear on one another. They shall refuse to believe in Me and so look to blame one another and so bring their own downfall upon themselves.
Then I shall release the Armies of Heaven and they shall descend upon this earth and remove all evil and then a ‘Time of Peace’ shall be seen and known. My Love shall flourish and mankind will prosper in My Love...” Monday 3 December 2007
Which group am I in?
There will be three groups of people – those who, if they died right now, are destined for Heaven, Hell or Purgatory. Which group am I in? I need to be totally honest with myself to see what the answer is to that question, in the Truth of Jesus.
My outer layer says Heaven – that layer is my face to the world, the person I want others to think I am. Beneath that mask is a little closer to the truth – the person others see me as. And deeper still is the true person Jesus sees me as. That’s where the truth lies and the answer to the question is there, if we are Graced from God and unclouded from the blindness of self, we will discover the Truth.
Work tirelessly for Jesus
Beneath that layer again is the person we were born to be, the soldier for Jesus, equipped and gifted to save countless souls and work tirelessly for Jesus for eternity – but that person has been imprisoned and encrusted in the think layers of self, self, self and more self!
The ‘Time of Miracles’
Here Jesus describes what we should expect when the Warning comes:
“...This is the battle that I spoke of where Good verses evil when My Holy Spirit comes upon this earth and enlightens mankind, to the error of his ways.
My children will begin to feel a great hunger; a great thirst within their souls. They will run seeking Me everywhere. They will look for Me within My Church, within My Houses of Prayer. Their desire shall be great. But, also, those who have seen themselves in their true light, those who have served the darkness, will become embittered and enraged and will do all in their power to deceive those who seek Me. If My Light does not reside in hearts, then the deception will be easy. This is when I will send My people out to gather My Harvest. The battle of Good verses evil. After this time, My son, is when the ‘Time of Miracles’ will take place. Those, who have believed, their faith will be increased a hundredfold. All fear shall leave them; they shall see the Truth of My Ways but, also, those who have served the darkness, their faith in their master, lucifer, will increase. They will create many miracles, many wondrous signs in the heavens and on the earth in order to deceive My people.
It is a time when war shall take place on this earth, both physical and spiritual. Mankind cannot realise what he is being drawn in to. Nothing has ever been seen from the beginning of time, to what man will see, in these times. Love will abound and strengthen.
The evil one and his minions will be cast into the pit. There, they shall be sealed for a time until man breaks the seal once again in his free will...
When I send the Great Sign, very few will recognise it as Truth. They will listen to the scientists of this world as they explain it away...
...My Holy Spirit will open the hearts of the blind and reveal to them how they stand in My sight. Each person will see the Truth of their own lives. They will see the state of their own souls. They will see what their sin does to Me. This will be My Gift to this earth in order to turn it away from the devastation it is about to bring upon itself. Alas, I can do no more, I cannot force My children. I can but show them what they are doing...
Life is but a short journey where man is given the choice of where he wants to be. He makes the choice by his deeds and his actions. He chooses whether he shall live with Me in My Father’s Kingdom, or, he may choose to live with lucifer, in his kingdom, a place of eternal darkness and flame...”
Friday 20 September 2002 Garabandal is close
Jesus Warned us that Grabandal is close:
“...look to Garabandal for many Words fulfil themselves in its Truth. I do not wish you to simply wait for My Return but I ask that when I Come that you would be doing My Work. Garabandal is close now, My children, that is why I ask you to remain loyal to Me in these times...” Sunday 15 January 2006 for the Day of Love
We need to prepare!
The best way to prepare for the Warning is to be in truth with ourselves, to look beneath the layers and see what Jesus, the utter Truth, sees. Self blinds us to the Truth. Sacrifices – to do what I do not want to do, going without so another can have and only letting God see these actions - will help us chip away the encrusted layers of self.
Take us by the hand
Our Lady of Garabandal instructed us to think about the Passion of Jesus - this, too, will help us compare our good works to Jesus’ good Works. Just look at the level He reached in giving Himself to us, let’s aim for that level of giving, of loving to be our goal and objective.
Prayer - our communication with God - will help us look at the truth of ourselves. In prayer, Jesus will take us by the hand as we look at the Truth. He will also inspire us how to progress on the Journey and give us the strength and Grace to continue. Let us all say then: ‘The Warning? – bring it on!’

Since the apparitions of Garabandal ended in 1965, visionaries Conchita, Mari-Loli and Jacinta have, from time to time, granted interviews in which they have revealed what they are able to say about the coming worldwide Warning and great Miracle. In each of these interviews, although the same questions are frequently asked about the two events, it often happens that new or supportive information, or a different perspective comes to light. With this in mind and in an attempt to get the most complete picture on the basis of what is known about the Warning and the Miracle, we have consolidated all the interviews to which we have access, avoiding, of course, unnecessary repetition. What follows is the result of our research with the segments from the various interviews given in chronological order.
Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL International October-December 2004, compiled by the staff of GARABANDAL. Taken from
September 14, 1965
Q. Will the Warning be a visible thing or an interior thing or both?
A. The Warning is a thing that comes directly from God and will be visible throughout the entire world, in whatever place anyone might be.
Q. Will the Warning reveal personal sins to every person in the world and to persons of all faiths, including atheists?
A. Yes, the Warning will be like a revelation of our sins - as como si revelase nuestros pecados and it will be seen and experienced by believers and non-believers and people of any religion whatsoever.
Q. Is it true that the Warning will cause many people to remember the dead?
A. The Warning is like a. purification for the Miracle. And it is a sort of a catastrophe. It will make us think of the dead, that is, we would prefer to be dead than to experience the Warning.
Q. Will the Warning be recognized by the world as a direct sign from God?
A. Certainly — claro and for this reason I believe it is impossible that the world could be so hardened as not to change.
October, 1968
Q. We have heard that some say the Warning may be a natural phenomenon but will be used by God to speak to mankind. Is this true?
A. The Warning is something supernatural and will not be explained by science. It will be seen and felt.
Q. Conchita, can you explain the statement that during the Warning we will know ourselves and the sins we have committed?
A. The Warning will be a correction of the conscience of the world.
Q. What about the many people who do not know Christ; how will they understand the Warning?
A. For those who do not know Christ (non-Christian) they will believe it is a Warning from God.
Q. What will occur on the day of the Warning?
A. The most important thing about that day is that everyone in the whole world will see a sign, a Grace, or a punishment within themselves — in other words a Warning. They will find themselves all alone in the world no matter where they are at the time, alone with their conscience right before God. They will then see all their sins and what their sins have caused.
Q. Will all feel it at the same time?
A. Yes, at the same time.
Q. How long will it last, a half hour, an hour?
A. I really don’t know. I think that five minutes would be an adequate time.
Q. How will we feel it?
A. We will all feel it differently because it will depend on our conscience. The Warning will be very personal; therefore, we will all react differently to it. The most important thing will be to recognize our own sins and the bad consequences of them. You will have a different view of the Warning than me because your sins are different from mine.
Q. Will something happen to me because of my sins? I mean will physical harm come upon me as a result of them?
A. No, unless it’s something that results from the shock, for example, a heart attack.
Q. So then it will bring no physical harm but will consist of facing God alone with my sins. How about the good things; will I see them also?
A. No. This will be only a Warning to see what you have done with your sins. It will be like a purification before the Miracle to see if with the Warning and Miracle we (meaning the whole world) will be converted.
Q. So this Warning can occur any day now?
A. Yes but I don’t know the date when it will occur.
February, 1977
Q. When did you learn about the Warning and from whom?
A. The only thing that I remember well is that it was the Virgin who told me of it.
Q. Would you repeat for us what you know about the Warning?
A. What I remember now is that the Virgin told me that before the Miracle, God will be sending us a Warning so as to purify us or prepare us to see the Miracle and in this way we may draw enough grace to change our lives toward God. She told me what the Warning will consist of but not the date. I am not able to say what it consists of but I am able to say what it will be like, more or less. It is a phenomenon which will be seen and felt in all the world and everywhere; I have always given as an example that of two stars that collide. This phenomenon will not cause physical damage but it will horrify us because at that very moment we will see our souls and the harm we have done. It will be as though we were in agony but we will not die by its effects but perhaps we will die of fright or shock to see ourselves. May the Virgin forgive me if I do not explain it the way it is but I am trying to tell you ... after knowing what the Warning will be like that day.
Q. Did you ‘see’ or ‘hear’ about the Warning?
A. The Virgin told me of its coming.
Q. If the Warning only lasts a short time, will the world remember it as coming from God or will it only appear to have been a dream or an illusion?
A. I have never said that the Warning will be a short moment. What I have said is that even if it were a moment it will be very impressive and terrible. No one will have doubts of it being from God and of its not being human. I, who know what it is, am very much afraid of that day.
Q. Many years ago you told us the event of the Warning begins with the letter “A.” Since Our Lady never told you not to reveal it, can you now mention it?
A. She did not forbid it but I don’t know why I haven’t said it and I don’t feel as though I should say it now.
Q. You once said to Fr. Marcelino Andreu, “When you see the Warning you will know we have opened up the end of time.” Can you explain what you meant by this?
A. The Virgin told us that the Warning and Miracle will be the last Warnings or public spectaculars that God will give us. This is why I believe that after them we will be near the end of time.
Q. Do you have any words of advice for the people in order that they might prepare for this event?
A. We must always be prepared for our souls in peace and not tie ourselves down so much to this world. Instead, we must think very often that we are here to go to Heaven and to be Saints.
August, 1980
Q. It (the Warning) is not going to hurt you?
A. No. To me, it’s like two stars... that crash and make a lot of noise and a lot of light but they don’t fall... It’s something that’s not going to hurt us but we’re going to see it. In that moment, we’re going to see our conscience. You’re going to see everything wrong that you’re doing.
Q. You‘re going to see everything wrong that you are doing?
A. Yes. And you’re going to see the good that you’re not doing.
July 27, 1975
Q. You have said that you know the year of the Warning. Can you tell us if it will occur in the next few years or is still distant in the future?
A. No. I can’t say anything.
Q. Did the Blessed Mother tell you not to speak about the Warning?
A. No, she didn’t but, because the Warning and the Miracle are within the same year, I feel it inside not to say anything.
Q. How do you know the Warning and the Miracle are within the same year?
A. During an Apparition — I don’t remember just when — the Blessed Virgin told me.
Q. Reportedly, you have said that when the Warning occurs everything will stand still, even planes in the sky. Is this true?
A. Yes but just for a few moments.
Q. You mean that everything will stop at a given moment and at that moment the Warning will occur?
A. Yes.
Q. When was this information revealed to you?
A. During an Apparition the Blessed Virgin told me all this.
Q. Was all the information given you during one Apparition, or did Our Lady tell you this over several Apparitions?
A. She told me all of this during one Apparition. I don’t remember now if She spoke about the Warning during any other Apparition.
Q. Do you know how long the Warning will last?
A. Just a few minutes.
Q. Are you afraid of the Warning?
A. Yes. Like everyone else. I have faults and the Warning will show me my faults and this makes me afraid.
Q. Can you tell us anything else about the Warning?
A. All I can say is that it is very close and that it is very important that we prepare ourselves because it will be a terrible thing. It will make us feel all the wrong we have done.
February, 1977
Q. Have you ever discussed with Conchita the dates of the Warning of which you know the year and the Miracle which she knows?
A. I have never talked to Conchita about these dates.
Q. Have you any words of advice for the people in order that they might prepare for this event?
A. To do much penance, make sacrifices, visit the Blessed Sacrament every day that we are able to and to pray the holy rosary daily.
September 29, 1978
Q. Since you are the one who knows the most about the Warning will you tell us if this event is to take place before the Miracle promised through Conchita Gonzales?
A. ...Everyone will experience it wherever they may be, regardless of their condition or their knowledge of God... It will be an interior personal experience. It will look as if the world has come to a standstill, one will be aware of that as they will be totally absorbed in their own experience.
Q. About the nature of the Warning, how do you sense it?
A. It is going to be something like an interior feeling of sorrow and pain for having offended God. God will help us to see clearly the harm we are causing Him and all the evil things we do. He will help us to sense this interior pain because often when we do something wrong we just ask the Lord’s Forgiveness with our lips but now (through the Warning) He will help us sense physically that deep sorrow.
October 19, 1982
Q. Do you remember what the Blessed Mother said about the communist tribulation that is to precede the Warning?
A. It would look like the communists would have taken over the whole world and it would be very hard to practise the religion, for priests to say Mass or for people to open the doors of the churches.
Q. Is that what you meant when you said that it would seem as though the Church had disappeared?
A. Yes.
Q. It would be because of the persecution and not because the people would stop practising their religion?
A. Yes but I guess a lot of people will stop. Whoever practises it will have to go into hiding.
Q. Will this only be in Europe or do you think it will be here in the United States as well?
A. I don’t know because for me at that time, Europe was the whole world. I just assumed it was that way. The Blessed Mother didn’t specify in what place. To me it looked like it was everywhere.
Q. Approximately 67% of the earth’s land is now dominated by communism. Do you think that’s sufficient to fulfil Our Lady’s prophecy?
A. I really don’t know. It sounded to me like it would be more than that.
Q. In other words you think it will be worse than it is now?
A. That’s what I thought from what She said but I really don’t know exactly. To me it looked like it was every place out there, the places I saw in my mind. In a lot of countries in Europe you can still practise your religion.
Q. So, the situation in the world is not bad enough for the Warning to happen?
A. The Warning is not going to happen yet so it’s probably going to get worse.
Q. You said that it would be very difficult for priests to say Mass. Was this something that the Blessed Mother told you or was it something that you thought yourself because of the communist tribulation?
A. From what I remember, it was something She said.
Q. And the Virgin said that it would seem as though the Church had disappeared?
A. Yes.
Q. Did the Blessed Mother ever say anything about the Holy Father having to leave Rome at the time of the Warning?
A. No but what it looked like to me — maybe at this time I was confusing in my mind what I was seeing and what the Blessed Mother was saying to me because it’s been so many years — but what it looked like to me was that the Pope couldn’t be in Rome either, you know what I mean, out in the open. He was being persecuted, too, and had to hide just like everybody else.
Q. You said that when the Warning comes, the planes would stop in the air and that all engines would stop. Is this what the Blessed Mother told you?
A. She said that everything, everywhere for a moment would stop and the people would just think and look inside themselves.
Q. Will there be any noise with the Warning like a wind blowing?
A. The way I saw it at the time, it was more like a big silence, like a sense of emptiness. Everything was very silent. That’s the way I saw it.
Q. Seven years ago you said that the Warning was soon. Many people thought that it would have happened by now. What would you say today?
A. It is soon. Everything looks soon to me because time goes by so fast.
Q. You‘re the only one who knows the year of the Warning. Did you ever tell it to anyone else, like a priest for example?
A. No.
Q. Will people be fighting with one another when the Warning comes?
A. (no answer)
August 17, 1975
Q. Did Our Lady ever speak to you about the Warning?
A. Yes, She spoke to me about it but She never told me the year...
February, 1977
Q. Can you tell us what the Warning will be like?
A. The Warning is something that is first seen in the air everywhere in the world and immediately is transmitted into the interior of our souls. It will last for a very little time but it will seem a very long time because of its effect within us. It will be for the good of our souls, in order to see in ourselves our conscience, the good [Conchita says we will only see the bad] and the bad that we’ve done. Then we’ll feel a great love toward our Heavenly Parents and ask Forgiveness for all our offences.
Q. Will the Warning be felt by all people regardless of their beliefs?
A. The Warning is for everybody because God wants our Salvation. The Warning is for us to draw closer to Him and to increase our faith. Therefore, one should prepare for that day but not awaiting it with fear because God doesn’t send things for the sake of fear but rather with Justice and Love and He does it for the good of all His children that they might enjoy eternal happiness and not be lost.
August, 1979
Q. Do you recall anything about a great tribulation, communism...?
A. Yes, it was an invasion, well, something that was a great evil in which communism played a great part but I no longer remember which countries or what region was stricken. The Blessed Virgin insisted in telling us to pray (that it be averted). These difficult events will take place before the Warning because the Warning itself will take place when the situation will be at its worst.
April 16, 1983
Q. In the 1979 interview (above), you said in describing the communist tribulation that “it was like an invasion. “Did you see scenes of this invasion?
A. Sometimes I confuse an invasion with a persecution.
Q. You have also said that when things were at their very worst then the Warning will happen. How do you know this? Did the Virgin tell you or did you see it in a vision?
A. The Virgin said that the Warning would come when conditions were at their worst. It wouldn’t be just the persecution either because many people will no longer be practising their religion.
Q. When the Warning comes it will be seen and felt by everyone on earth. Does this include little children who have not yet reached the age of reason?
A. Yes. That’s why we felt sorry for them because it was such a terrifying experience.
Q. Can you tell us anything about what the world will be like when the Warning comes?
A. Bad.

The things of this world
I read a Message recently from 2003. What really stood out to me was the following paragraph:
“…Many things are coming, My son, that will draw many, many more of My little ones into the darkness of this world. lucifer and his henchmen rely on the things of this world to draw My children away…” Tuesday 6 May 2003
What immediately sprang into my mind was modern technology! Just look what has happened since 2003. Broadband has speeded up connecting to the internet, making its use a more pleasurable experience. Wi-Fi is more readily available, at home, at work, in cafes... Mobile or smart phones are easy to buy. Facebook was invented in 2004.
Since 2003
Jesus could be talking about any number of “things” coming since 2003 that the evil one uses to draw us away and I don’t want to pinpoint any one thing but, just look at how we’re never off our mobile phones for example!
You would hardly go out of the house without your mobile, I feel lost without mine. It’s rare to go up the street without meeting someone talking or texting on a mobile – whether they be on foot or even whilst driving! Everybody has one nowadays, with the exception of the very odd, very elderly person or someone with a very severe disability! We hear them going off everywhere, at nearly every Mass you’re sure to have at least one going off somewhere in the congregation!
We spend out lives on it
I remember the first computer we had, back in 1999, using the internet was a very slow, painful experience. I had a cup of tea made during the waiting time between clicking on a hyperlink until the page actually opened or sending an email! Now I can touch a button on the screen of my phone and access the internet and, if I am near a wireless modem, using the internet is instantaneous. I no longer have to wait until a computer boots up! Using the internet is so easy and we spend our lives on it.
Like, who isn’t on Facebook!? Or ‘stalkbook’ as they call it! Nearly everyone is tweeting, blogging, poking or surfing! And it’s addictive, hypnotic and an absolute distraction from God!
I don’t know about anyone else but, when I go on the internet, I get engrossed. I have to discipline myself into doing the one thing I set out to do then close it down otherwise I get sidetracked and be surfing for hours! After being on the internet for a while I feel weird, like the life has got sucked out of me or something.
If only
I know many people who seem to dedicate their lives to Facebook. Any comment one of their ‘friends’ posts on their wall sends an alarm on their phone and they instantly access it to see what was said. If only we responded as quick to the call of Jesus!
Some people are constantly taking photographs, uploading them and spending hours building up their profile to share with others. If only we spent as much time worrying about what way Jesus sees us and not our so-called ‘friends’ on Facebook!
More and more distractions
“…My son, it is the world, the influence of lucifer, upon all the lives of My children; he has deceived this world into thinking that the everyday lives of all My children are more important than Me, their God.
All My children can recognise My calls and think to themselves that they must get back to Me after they have fulfilled their tasks in the world. But, they never have time to come to Me for the evil one places more and more distractions in front of them in order that they never have time to come to Me.
This, My son, is what you have become caught up in. Tasks have become all important, even the tasks from Me have become an excuse in order to stay away from Me. Remember you are dealing with the father of lies and his only desire is to keep you away from Me for I am your Strength...” Monday 3 July 2006
How will we hear Him?
Jesus has asked us, so many times this year, to become His Hands, Feet and Lips – how can we do this when our head is stuck in our mobiles, engaged on the internet, hypnotised by TV or books, engrossed in magazines…
If Jesus calls – how will we hear Him? Surley we’ll tell Him to go away!?
A beautiful challenge
A beautiful challenge was set to us in the Messages in last month’s Newsletter:
“…take on the Words of Life and spread them into this world so that others may drink of their freshness…” Tuesday 1 May 2012
I can’t help but think of the great Rivers of Love poured out constantly for us. Once again, recently, Jesus gave us His Holy Spirit on Pentecost; His Love and Mercy flooding out on Divine Mercy Sunday; His Promises, Love, Grace upon Grace flowing freely and abundantly from His Heart on the Feast of His Most Sacred Heart... and all these just stopping at me, like a big fat dam, because my head is stuck in the world. How selfish!
Please Jesus and not ourselves
My life, so many times, is like slotting Jesus into a day because I would feel guilty if I didn’t get prayer or Mass but the rest of the day is spent in the world. Like, what good is prayer and Mass if it goes no further? We should be using the Graces gained at prayer and Mass to love others, to give of ourselves, to gain the strength to please Jesus and not ourselves.
That question
By the way we live our lives we are answering that question: do I want to be in Jesus’ Kingdom forever or do I want to be in satan’s kingdom forever? If the greatest percentage of our day is spent in the world, what does that tell us?! If we are struggling to love every day, amidst persecution, falling constantly but getting up again, continually fighting self – then, surely, that is proof that we are fighting to gain the perfection needed to belong in Heaven?
Only those who have loved
“…Read the Scriptures and see the times that you now live in. All Graces and chances are being given; mankind will not be able to say, ‘I did not know.’
…Mankind is so involved with greed, self, that he can no longer see what he is doing; he has allowed lucifer to blind him with the luxuries of this world. Many are not willing to look away from these for their glitter has enchanted them and drawn them by their lure. They have become hypnotised by the glitter that lucifer has placed before them and are no longer willing to follow in the Footsteps of Jesus.
They do not understand that this life upon the earth is but a shadow; it is not true life, for true life only begins as the veil of death draws over and new life begins; a life that is eternal, a life of eternal joy, a life of blessed Love.
This earth is only a time of decision-making; a time when you decide whether you want to be in Heaven or not. The decision is yours, children of God. You make this decision by the way that you live your lives upon the earth. If you lead a life of greed and selfishness, then you have no part in the Kingdom of God. It is only those who are willing to give of themselves; those who are willing to think of the good of others; those who are willing to die to themselves and only follow in the Footsteps of our Master, Jesus; those who are willing to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and give the thirsty a drink of water.
You see, my brothers and my sisters, if you are not willing to give of yourself and show love to all that you meet, then how could you be willing to live for eternity in Love. It is only those who have loved all others before themselves that would be willing to enter the Gates of Heaven.
Look always to the Truth and do not see the things of this world, then you shall not get caught up in them. Do not allow the desires of self to enter and you shall be able to fend off the temptations of lucifer, the fallen one…” Saturday 28 February 2004, from the Angels
Are we prepared?
We need to pick up our cross every day and follow Jesus, not slot Him in. We need to remember, every minute of every day, our lives are not important, this world is not important. Jesus will Come when we least expect – are we prepared?

A nation without a future
I was browsing the internet when I came across this image of a baby thrown in a bucket of water. I found this picture shocking and disturbing. There is obviously someone standing by the baby. I wonder what this person is thinking? Does their conscience bother them? Do they know that it is a sin to murder someone? Do they think God can’t see them.
Pope John Paul II, in 1996 said, “A nation that kills its own children has no future.”
One child policy
The baby was born full term at nine months but because of China’s one child policy it was murdered as soon as it was born. The family of the baby were targeted by the local family planning police because they already had one child and China won’t allow two children to be born of the same family.
The mother was forcibly held down and was given an injection to induce labour. The baby was taken from her and left in a bucket of water to die.
Strictly enforces
China strictly enforces its one child policy so much that late term abortions and infanticide are common. Sons are more favoured than girls because of tradition and also that the son will look after the family. Because of this there are more girls aborted than boys.
Boys are more favoured
These things are not only happening in China but all over the world. Obviously we don’t have China’s one child policy in the west but abortion is rampant all over the world in many different forms. In India they have sex selection where a foetus is screened to see if it’s a boy or a girl. If it’s a girl it is aborted because boys are more favoured in that country too.
Sex selection
There have been many reports of sex selection in Britain but it is not legal.
I do believe it will become legal everywhere because this is satan’s plan, to destroy Gods creation. satan hates mankind because we are made in the image of God and can create life.
A blood sacrifice
satan acts through these abortionists to kill Gods innocent children and these evil killings are the blood sacrifices that he uses to fuel his power. Jesus speaks about this in this Messsge:
“...The evil one has made sure that the senseless murder of innocence is done in a legal manner. He has made sure of the sacrifice - a blood sacrifice - of the children of the earth to keep him alive and I tell you and I declare it to the world this day that; if you do not fight against it then you are just as guilty as those who do it. The evil one has numbed the senses of mankind and lulled them into a lethargy that keeps him hypnotized and blind.
Wake up, My children, and fight against this abomination for if you do not then it is you also who have their blood on your hands. I, your God, call you to fight against this sin with all of your heart...” Wednesday 22 October 1997
A living human being
It is easy to become complacent and go with the flow and think things like ‘abortion is legal’ or ‘it’s a woman’s choice.’ A woman may have the right to do what she wants with her own body but the child in her womb is a different person - a living human being - and she does not have the right to do what she pleases with that baby. The child she carries relies on her to nurture and care for it and bring it into the world. God gives us all the Graces necessary in our state in life to help us carry out His Plans. To bear a child is one of the greatest gifts that God can give and it’s not every woman He gives this gift to!
So, mothers, please treasure what God gives you and don’t let satan destroy Gods Plan for your child!

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Events Celebrated
Pentecost Sunday 27 May 2012
This was a special Day of Prayer this year. Truly Jesus gave us the Gift of His Holy Spirit. SonLight played at morning Mass in the local church and in the afternoon the music continued in the Prayer Room. We had been doing the Life in the Spirit Seminars in the House of Prayer and Pentecost Sunday is an important part of this as we get baptised in the Spirit on that day. Patrick joined us in the Prayer Room and guided the music and prayer. We reflected on our baptismal vows and asked ourselves, do we fully and truly believe these? As we were being baptised in the Spirit we sang ‘Jesus, I Believe’ and ‘Draw me to the Living Waters’ over and over continually believing that Our Lord was there with us. The feeling in the Prayer Room was beautiful and Patrick said that He felt Jesus there with us.
Corpus Christi and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
Day of Prayer Sunday 10 June
In the beautiful sunshine, the Feast Day began at the well in front of Our Lady’s grotto by singing hymns, reciting the Mysteries of Light and the Baptism of the Unborn. We then processed to the Prayer Room where SonLight continued with the singing of hymns incorporating the Feast of Corpus Christi. Two young children crowned Our Lady, Mother of Love and Peace, with a most beautiful crown made with wild flowers.
During the 3pm prayers, a servant talked about how she pondered on the words ‘If today you hear His Voice, harden not your hearts.’
“How many times have I not listened to Jesus, especially when I know He is calling me in my heart? I deliberately block Him out! In these times He needs us more than ever to go out and bring Him to the people out in the world. He gives us all the Graces necessary to do the things He asks of us.
We are His Hands and Feet in this world and He can do nothing without our co-operation.”
Sacred Heart Weekend Retreat
Friday 15 June until Sunday 17 June
This is one of our biggest Feasts of the year. On these Feast Days we celebrate, in joy, the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. During the prayers, SonLight led us in song and in praise giving our Love and Glory to Jesus. Two servants spoke and shared, one about what Jesus has done and was doing in her life and the second servant about the many facets of Jesus and the Eucharistic miracles. While we were singing ‘Sweet Heart of Jesus’ in the Prayer Room on Friday, Patrick was putting a new statue of the Sacred Heart in our recently renovated reception area. He said that Jesus felt welcome as the song was coming out over the speakers while the statue was being put in position. Later, Jesus gave us a Message saying although we were only a handful we were many in His sight.
We also had a night vigil leading us into the Feast of the Immaculate Heart. There were several retreatants attending and it was full of praise and joy. During the Community Prayers, we had music and praise and a servant shared on how she was learning a more innocent and loving faith from her young two year old daughter. The child would blow kisses to ‘poor Jesus’ who had a sore eye and a sore knee in the picture of the King of Love hanging in their own home. The talk helped us all to reflect on how much Jesus has given us in His Sacred Heart – Himself completely to Love and to be loved.
Events to Come
(All Days of Prayer begin at 12pm unless otherwise stated)
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Monday 16 July
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Same-sex marriage Marriage petition
Since I signed the coalition for Marriage petition ( a couple of months ago, I have been keeping up to date on how many people are signing it. To date there are over five hundred and seventy thousand signatures, people wanting to retain the current definition of marriage between a man and a woman.
Leaders in the Church of England have suggested that, should marriage be redefined, churches may be forced to marry same-sex couples under equality laws, despite any statutory exemptions for religious bodies such as those promised by the Government.
Open season
In a letter to the Home Secretary, Theresa May, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams and the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu argued that the Government’s proposals to extend marriage to same-sex couples “were not legally sound” and would create “open season” in the courts for legal challenges.
Challenged in court
The leaders warned that, once same-sex marriage is legalised, homosexual couples will be entitled to exactly the same rights as heterosexual married couples under Human Rights legislation.
This means that the Government’s policy to restrict same-sex weddings to civil premises is likely to be successfully challenged in court.
Likely to be sued
The Church of England’s response to the Government’s same-sex marriage consultation was released 12 June and states:
“If the proposal to redefine marriage were to be implemented, it must be very doubtful whether limiting same-sex couples to non-religious forms and ceremonies could withstand a challenge under the European Court. Once same-sex marriages are made available on religious premises, churches that refuse to carry out such weddings are likely to be sued successfully in domestic and European courts, despite the Government’s assurances that same-sex marriages will not undermine religious freedom in any way.”
Come under threat
The letter from the Archbishop’s said: “Assurances that the freedom of the churches and other religious organisations would be safeguarded are of limited value given that once the law was changed the key decisions would be for domestic and European courts.”
Senior Church of England figures also stated that the ties between church and state would come under threat should same-sex marriage be introduced.
This is because canon law, which forms a part of English legislation and only permits Marriage between a man and a woman, would be contrary to any future provisions of national legislation that extended marriage to same-sex couples.
Need to be resolved
The Bishop of Leicester, the Rt Revd Tim Stevens, said: “If the civil law of the state redefines [Marriage] you have got a situation in which civil law and canon law are at odds.
That would need to be resolved – presumably in due course by changing the law of the Church because there are statutory provisions which provide that the canon law of the state cannot be contradictory to the statutes of the realm.”
Make it impossible
Another senior figure said: “The canons of the Church of England are part of the law of England and have been continuously since the reformation of Henry VIII.
Is it possible to have the law of the Church of England saying something different to the law of England? The question, is how long we can sustain that? It raises the sort of problems that no one has had to address before.”
He added: “I do believe that the European Court could make it impossible for Church of England to go on having the role that it has got at the moment in relation to conducting Marriage on behalf of the state.”
Church leaders warned further that changing the historic definition of Marriage as between a man and a woman within a matter of months was “unwise” and “ill considered.”
The Bishop of Sheffield, the Rt Rev Steven Croft, said:
“Whilst this is being presented as a kind of minor extension to what Marriage means, actually, from the point of view of the Church and of society, it is a really, really fundamental change to an institution which has been at the core of our society for hundreds of years and which for the Church is not a matter of social convention but of Christian doctrine and teaching.”
“I think the difficulty we have here is the substitution of equality for uniformity, that is to say that there can be no distinction at all between men and women.”
End of religious freedom
Andrea Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, said:
“Marriage must not be redefined. The European Court is likely to insist that both homosexual and heterosexual married couples are treated in exactly the same way.
“Therefore, should same-sex marriage be legalised, it is almost inevitable that, further down the line churches will be forced to host same-sex weddings. This would signal the effective end of religious freedom in the United Kingdom.”
Defending Marriage campaign
Other faith leaders have joined the condemnation. Muslims have launched a Muslims Defending Marriage campaign against the reforms.
Farooq Murad of the Muslim Council of Britain said: “We have a duty to defend the meaning of Marriage, guard its sanctity and protect the welfare of children.”
Supporters of gay marriage yesterday accused bishops of orchestrating a ‘masterclass in melodramatic scaremongering.’
Ben Summerskill, chief executive of gay rights group Stonewall, said polls suggested eighty percent of people aged under fifty supported the change in the Marriage law.
Jeopardising its position
Former Labour culture secretary, Ben Bradshaw, warned that the Church of England was jeopardising its position as the established religion.
Mr Bradshaw, who is in a civil partnership, said: “I’m very disappointed as a committed Anglican with the Church of England’s stance.
‘Many people of faith, Christians and other faiths, want equality for lesbian and gay people and many Anglicans do. I’m afraid the Church is once again putting itself on the wrong side of history just as it did over women and over race.”
Currently legal in seven European countries
Mrs May yesterday insisted clergy would not be forced to host same-sex marriages against their conscience. “What we’re saying is that we want to ensure we can put into place a framework that makes sure that those people who don’t want to host same sex marriages are not required to do so,” she added.
Same-sex marriage is currently legal in seven European countries: Spain, Sweden, Holland, Portugal, Norway, Belgium and Iceland. It will soon come into law in Denmark.
Elsewhere, it is legal in Canada, Argentina, South Africa and some states in the US.
Faced legal proceedings
However hundreds of Canadians have faced legal proceedings for opposing same-sex ‘marriage’ in the public sphere following its introduction in 2005, it has been reported.
Within five years of Marriage being redefined in Canada, an estimated two to three hundred cases have been brought against individuals, mostly Christians, who have opposed same-sex marriage in the public sphere. The proceedings have been brought at employment boards, courts and human rights commissions.
A number of employees have been dismissed from their jobs because they have maintained a conscientious objection to same-sex marriage. Businesses have been sued and churches have been threatened with sanctions over their religious beliefs.
Recent examples include:
• A television anchor on a prominent sports show was immediately dismissed after he posted his support for “the traditional and true meaning of Marriage” on Twitter.
• A Roman Catholic bishop in Alberta, Fred Henry, was charged with a human-rights violation for writing a letter to local churches outlining the Catholic position on Marriage.
• A Christian organisation in Ontario working with some of the most marginalised disabled people in Canada was taken to court after objecting to the marriage of one of its homosexual employees. The organisation faced an ultimatum and had to choose between changing its hiring and employment policy or being closed down.
• An evangelical Christian marriage commissioner in Saskatchewan was successfully sued for refusing to marry a homosexual couple, despite assisting the couple by putting them in touch with another marriage commissioner who would be willing to conduct the ceremony.
• A campaign has now begun in Canada to remove tax-free status from churches that refuse to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. Some Canadian provinces are even considering laws to forbid teachers in private schools from teaching that traditional Marriage is the ideal.
Learn something
from Canada
Michael Coren, writing for the National Review Online, said:
“Once gay marriage becomes law, critics are often silenced by the force of the law. The Canadian litany of pain, firings, and social and political polarization and extremism is extraordinary and lamentable and we haven’t even begun to experience the mid and long-term results of this mammoth social experiment.
“I seldom say it but for goodness’ sake, learn something from Canada.”
Against their conscience
Canada is not the only country with same-sex marriage laws that has witnessed subsequent restrictions on religious freedom.
Last week, new laws were introduced in Denmark requiring all established Evangelical Lutheran churches to perform same-sex marriages.
Individual ministers can opt-out of performing the ceremonies but bishops will be forced, sometimes against their conscience, to find a replacement minister to perform the ceremonies.
Some campaigners in Denmark are now calling for the ceremonies to be compulsory for non-Lutheran churches as well, including the Catholic Church.
Removing the words “father and mother”
When Spain redefined marriage the Spanish Government rewrote birth certificates, removing the words “father and mother” and replacing them with “progenitor A and progenitor B.”
Those calling for marriage to be redefined have already said the words “husband and wife” should be stripped out of matrimonial law.
Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, said:
“When same-sex marriage is introduced, religious freedom and freedom of speech is crushed. Is this what we want for the UK? If same-sex marriage becomes legal in the UK, we are likely to witness a similar surge of proceedings brought against Christians in the public sphere, who will be penalised for having a biblical sexual ethic.”
Parents would be powerless
A leading human rights lawyer has warned that, should same-sex marriage be introduced, schools will be forced to promote such relationships as equivalent to heterosexual Marriages and parents would be powerless to protest.
Aidan O’Neill QC, who provided the opinion at the request of the Catholic Church in Scotland, has warned that any such redefinition of Marriage would mean that schools would no longer be permitted to promote traditional Marriage over same-sex relationships.
Mr O’Neill also warned that parents will be unable to insist that any teaching on Marriage is consistent with their religious convictions.
He said: “The way in which the curriculum is delivered by schools is covered by the anti-discrimination provisions of the Equality Act 2010 such that pupils should not be taught in a manner which may be thought to subject them to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
“Scottish Ministers and local education authorities have an obligation to have ‘due regard’ to the need to tackle prejudice and promote understanding in relation to matters of different sexual orientation.
This duty applies regardless of whether marriage be opened to same-sex couples.
“Parents will be hard-pressed to rely upon their convention rights as parents to ensure education and teaching by the state of their children in conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions,” he said.
Mr Neil also warned that it will be difficult for parents to request that their children be excused from attendance at any sex education classes in which this new vision of marriage is taught and promoted.
Undermined and damaged
Although Mr Neil’s opinion was provided in relation to Scotland, it is thought to be applicable to England and Wales where sexual orientation is a similarly protected equality strand.
The leader of Scotland’s Catholic Church, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, commented:
“It is clear that Scotland’s schools will be banned from promoting a traditional understanding of Marriage if same-sex marriage becomes law.
“This means that the reassurances offered by the Scottish Government that schools and churches will be protected have been utterly hollow.
“If they enact same-sex marriage legislation there is no question that the work of Catholic schools and parishes will be impaired, undermined and damaged.”
Will be treated as bigots and outcasts
Conservative MP, Peter Bone, has also previously expressed concern for freedom of belief in schools, commenting that:
“It is simply inconceivable in today’s world where political correctness runs amok in our institutions, that there would not be profound consequences for those who hold traditional views.
“Parents who object will be treated as bigots and outcasts ... discriminated against and persecuted because they hold views that have been enshrined in our laws and have been the cornerstone of our society for two thousand years.
“And what of the teachers who object to teaching about same-sex marriage? Will they face disciplinary action? How will it affect their careers?”
God’s design
Andrea Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, said:
“It is God s design for children to be raised with a mother and a father and children do best in that environment.
“Many parents want to raise their children in accordance with their own religious values; yet if same-sex marriage is introduced and promoted in schools, they will lose that freedom.”
“Christian teachers who do not want to promote same-sex marriage may lose their jobs.”
Mike Judge, a spokesman for C4M, said that such an admission would spell “legal chaos.”
“If they do allow gay weddings in religious settings - then every church, mosque and synagogue is a big step closer to being sued if it says no to a gay wedding.”
Will not leave us orphans
From all that is happening within this world it feels to me that time is so short and Jesus will come back very soon. He will not leave us orphans.
On 9 January 2012, Jesus gave a Message “…It may seem that I am dead within this world but, I tell you, My children, I simply wait for the right time to show this world the error of its ways. I have allowed the evil one to sift this world in order to remove the chaff. Soon now, I shall come to retrieve My own.
I Love you, My children, and I do all things in order that Scripture be fulfilled so that you may see and understand that I have already spoken before the events take place. Trust in Me and trust in My Love for you for I have not deserted you, I simply wait so that many may see and be saved from the lies of lucifer. I Love you.”

John 10:1-10
1 Amen, amen I say to you: He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold but climbeth up another way, the same is a thief and a robber.
Jesus is the Shepherd of our souls. “I am the Gate of the sheepfold.” Am I the thief who thinks to himself to do things and think I go unnoticed? Jesus can see all things. People who say that they follow Jesus but are living in a worldly way are “the thieves” who try to enter the sheepfold “not through the gate but through another way.”
2 But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.
3 To him the porter openeth and the sheep hear his voice and he calleth his own sheep by name and leadeth them out.
4 And when he hath let out his own sheep, he goeth before them and the sheep follow him, because they know his voice.
Jesus is the Gate and the Shepherd. Those who believe and follow Him in His Truth will hear His Voice as He calls each of us by name into the fold which is His true Church.
5 But a stranger they follow not but fly from him, because they know not the voice of strangers.
Jesus spoke to them but they did not understand. By reading His Word and sometimes not understanding or listening we can be lost but if we open the doors of our hearts in prayer and see the truth we can follow Him through the gates of the sheepfold, (the true Church.)
6 This proverb Jesus spoke to them. But they understood not what He spoke to them.
7 Jesus therefore said to them again: Amen, amen I say to you, I am the door of the sheep.
Jesus is inviting us so that we can be safe from the worries, troubles and anxieties of the world. To accept His invitation, we must seek His Truth through reading Scripture and through meaningful prayer.
8 All others, as many as have come, are thieves and robbers and the sheep heard them not.
Thieves and robbers may portray the things of the world: greed, selfishness and vanity etc. All these things can and do take me away from Jesus: the Good Shepherd.
9 I am the door. By Me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved and he shall go in and go out and shall find pastures.
10 The thief cometh not but for to steal and to kill and to destroy. I am come that they may have life and may have it more abundantly.
Our only safety is to be with Jesus in these times of perdition, greed and selfishness, etc.
The word perdition reminds me of the Words Our Lady spoke at Garbandal, “Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them.1”
The word perdition means: 1. A state of final spiritual ruin; loss of the soul; damnation.
2. The future state of the wicked.
3. hell.
4. Utter destruction or ruin. Do I really see the Words of Jesus the true shepherd?
1 Here is the second Message of Garabandal in full:
As My Message of October l8 has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the last one. Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over. Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts. If you ask His Forgiveness with sincere hearts, He will pardon you. I, your Mother, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel, ask you to amend your lives. You are now receiving the last Warnings. I Love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pray to Us with sincerity and We will grant your requests. You should make more sacrifices. Think about the Passion of Jesus.

A lie hatched in hell
Through the Messages of Love Jesus has spoken much about abortion - the truth and the horror. The truth being, it is a lie hatched in hell and is not of Jesus. There is a song sung by Bob Geldof ‘Feed the world... do they know it’s Christmas time at all?’
I believe many people have no understanding, like I was once, of what exactly abortion really is. Do they know what abortion really is?
Surgically removed
Abortion is the removal of an unborn child within its mother’s womb.
One method of abortion is the surgical removal by a high powered suction machine, a hoover. It is sucked out through the birth canal at a very high speed. On the tip of the hose pipe of the machine it has a cutting blade which hacks the baby to pieces as it travels the length of the tubing into a bin.
Designed each child
Every piece of the baby is then removed from the hoover bin, laid on a table to be checked for all pieces of its little body so that no pieces remain within the womb. It is then discarded, thrown into an incinerator and burned to death or used in experimentation or thrown out for animal food, basically threw onto dumps. God the Father created and designed each child by His own Hand and placed His Plan into each child and only that child can fulfil that part of Gods Plan.
Can see the baby clearly
In the modern world of technology, when mothers go for checkups and scans during pregnancy, they can see the baby clearly in their own wombs which is magnificent. Yet doctors use this technology to destroy their happiness. Doctors may inform mothers that their baby has a physical or genetic deformity and offer an abortion.
What does this all really mean? Well, in my opinion, in today’s society, we are trying to live in a perfect world with a perfect life, therefore, to have a genetically deformed child would look out of place and it would be better not to be seen to be having a deformed child but, more importantly, if we have a genetic deformity we cost too much money to the health service and the government. So the less of us imperfect children that is around, the better, then the more money goes into the government kitty.
In years gone by, it was a stigma to have a Down’s Syndrome child, a handicapped or a child with a deformity.
Slightly imperfect
I, myself, was born with a genetic deformity which gave me some difficulties over the years, yet Jesus Himself tells us ‘you are perfect in My Eyes.’ If my parents had been told that two of their children had deformities, would they have had the right to kill us in an abortion? Just because we looked slightly imperfect on the outside did not give the doctors the right to overrule my parents’ free will and our lives and be put to death painfully.
Full of life
Jesus asks us for hearts and sees each heart, not our disabilities or imperfectness. In my family circle, we had a few disabled children and they are beautiful, full of life, love and radiate happiness wherever they go.
Live His Plan
As I write this article, the thoughts within me is that parents miss out so much when they go to many lengths to produce a designer baby that is to their own specifications; the colour of their hair, the colour of their eyes and then plan their child’s life to their plan. It is incredible to believe that each one of us was created and especially designed by God, Our Father. His Plan is within us and it should be His Plan that we should be carrying out each day of our lives. Imagine, each one of us is a “Designer Baby!”
The beauty inside
While today’s technology can be brilliant, it can be used wrongly for the unborn child. Deformities can be detected and mothers are usually coerced into considering an abortion.
Because of my imperfectness, am I a lesser person than all other human beings? As we all know no one is perfect! It is the beauty inside which really counts not the outward beauty which is often false.
A beautiful Gift
Like the words of Bob Geldof’s song, we must feed the world with the Truth of Jesus, whether we like it or not, agree with it or not, “Abortion is Murder.” Having a child with a ‘genetic deformity’ or a disability is a beautiful Gift from God and not a disposable item or something to be ashamed of but to be proud of. God, the Father, designed that baby especially for you.
“Blessed is the Love that is in you for it is from Me. Behold My Intrinsic Love that surrounds your soul. It is deep within it, because I put it there...” Wednesday 12 February 1992
...Tell My children of the Houses that I have asked for. Tell them that I need their hands and their hearts in this that I have asked for. I ask for one that will give Me a month of their time... I ask for one who will go with a servant and live there under My Messages for one month. Who will heed Me?

The Wisdom of John Paul II
On the Christian Family in the Modern World
Apostolic Exhortation of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II

1. The family in the modern world, as much as and perhaps more than any other institution, has been beset by the many profound and rapid changes that have affected society and culture. Many families are living this situation in fidelity to those values that constitute the foundation of the institution of the family. Others have become uncertain and bewildered over their role or even doubtful and almost unaware of the ultimate meaning and truth of conjugal and family life. Finally, there are others who are hindered by various situations of injustice in the realization of their fundamental rights.
Knowing that Marriage and the family constitute one of the most precious of human values, the church wishes to speak and offer her help to those who are already aware of the value of Marriage and the family and seek to live it faithfully, to those who are uncertain and anxious and searching for the truth, and to those who are unjustly impeded from living freely their family lives. Supporting the first, illuminating the second and assisting the others, the church offers her services to every person who wonders about the destiny of Marriage and the family.
In a particular way the church addresses the young, who are beginning their journey toward Marriage and family life, for the purpose of presenting them with new horizons, helping them to discover the beauty and grandeur of the vocation to love and the service of life.
2. A sign of this profound interest of the church in the family was the last Synod of Bishops, held in Rome from Sept. 26 to Oct. 25, 1980. This was a natural continuation of the two preceding synods: The Christian family, in fact, is the first community called to announce the Gospel to the human person during growth and to bring him or her, through a progressive education and catechesis, to full human and Christian maturity.
Furthermore, the recent synod is logically connected in some way as well with that on the ministerial priesthood and on justice in the modern world. In fact, as an educating community, the family must help man to discern his own vocation and to accept responsibility in the search for greater justice, educating him from the beginning in interpersonal relationships, rich in justice and in love.
At the close of their assembly, the synod fathers presented me with a long list of proposals in which they had gathered the fruits of their reflections, which had matured over intense days of work, and they asked me unanimously to be a spokesman before humanity of the church’s lively care for the family and to give suitable indications for renewed pastoral effort in this fundamental sector of the life of man and of the church.
As I fulfill that mission with this exhortation, thus actuating in a particular matter the apostolic ministry with which I am entrusted, I wish to thank all the members of the synod for the very valuable contribution of teaching and experience that they made, especially through the propositions, the text of which I am entrusting to the Pontifical Council for the Family with instructions to study it so as to bring out every aspect of its rich content.
3. Illuminated by the faith that gives her an understanding of all the truth concerning the great value of Marriage and the family and their deepest meaning, the church once again feels the pressing need to proclaim the Gospel, that is the “good news,” to all people without exception, in particular to all those who are called to Marriage and are preparing for it, to all married couples and parents in the world.
The church is deeply convinced that only by the acceptance of the Gospel are the hopes that man legitimately places in Marriage and in the family capable of being fulfilled.
Willed by God in the very act of creation, Marriage and the family are interiorly ordained to fulfillment in Christ and have need of his graces in order to be healed from the wounds of sin and restored to their “beginning,” that is, to full understanding and the full realization of God’s plan.
At a moment of history in which the family is the object of numerous forces that seek to destroy it or in some way to deform it, and aware that the well-being of society and her own good are intimately tied to the good of the family, the church perceives in a more urgent and compelling way her mission of proclaiming to all people the plan of God for Marriage and the family, ensuring their full vitality and human and Christian development, and thus contributing to the renewal of society and of the people of God.
4. Since God’s plan for Marriage and the family touches men and women in the concreteness of their daily existence in specific social and cultural situations, the church ought to apply herself to understanding the situations within which Marriage and the family are lived today, in order to fulfill her task of serving.
This understanding is therefore an inescapable requirement of the work of evangelization. It is, in fact, to the families of our times that the church must bring the unchangeable and ever new gospel of Jesus Christ, just as it is the families involved in the present conditions of the world that are called to accept and to live the plan of God that pertains to them. Moreover, the call and demands of the spirit resound in the very events of history, and so the church can also be guided to a more profound understanding of the inexhaustible mystery of Marriage and the family by the circumstances, the questions and the anxieties and hopes of the young people, married couples and parents of today.
To this ought to be added a further reflection of particular importance at the present time. Not infrequently ideas and solutions which are very appealing, but which obscure in varying degrees the truth and the dignity of the human person, are offered to the men and women of today in their sincere and deep search for a response to the important daily problems that affect their married and family life. These views are often supported by the powerful and pervasive organization of the means of social communication, which subtly endangers freedom and the capacity for objective judgment.
Many are already aware of this danger to the human person and are working for the truth. The church, with her evangelical discernment, joins with them, offering her own service to the truth, to freedom and to the dignity of every man and every woman.
Continued next month

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