This month’s Newsletter is quite hard-hitting and thought provoking.  The Messages are even more urgent than they have been recently.  Jesus is Warning us to look at ‘the signs of our times’ anew.  We need to see these signs with spiritual eyes and realise we are in the end times and the time for action is yesterday!!!  We need to look at our lives and see where Jesus isn’t and put Him there.  Urgently.
Signs of the times
The ‘signs of the times’ that Jesus is talking about are all around us if we bother to look.  There is an excellent article, of the same title, outlining just some of these as there are many, many more in this world.  Remember at the time of Jesus’ first coming, there were many signs but most of His contemporaries did not see them then either, as we can see in  Scripture and we wonder how on earth they were so blind!
Not to wait
Jesus tells us not to wait until we see His Words come to pass before we move towards Him because by the time we see His Words being fulfilled, it will be impossible for us to suddenly decide that we are for Him and believe in Him for we will be too caught up with this world and its ways. 
Imagine that we have to get a certain amount of oil for our lamps to see us through these times.  Let us say we needed one thousand litres. 
Jesus has given us a way to get this oil, ie through prayer, sacrifice, penance, dying to self, obedience etc.  As humans, and certainly from my own experience, we tend to give all to Jesus for a few days then slowly we give in to self again.  Then we make another run at it and gather a few more millilitres and the cycle continues.  When the time comes, will all our wee millilitres add up to the thousand that we need or will we fall short and so fall away from Jesus?  What if we have only gathered up 500 millilitres?
It is as though each moment, each hour, each day is a Gift from Jesus and we can either use it to come closer to Him or we can follow the inspirations of lucifer and fall away from Jesus.
A lot of questions
Jesus asks a lot of questions from us in the Messages this month.  He also speaks again about the anchor.  He encourages us to take this on and we will come to know Him.  Let us give His Words time.  Let us see what He is asking of us. 
We have to decide now, are we for Him or are we against Him?
We apologize for a mistake in our previous Newsletter where we said that SonLight would be holding a concert on Friday 22 March in Saint Brigid’s parochial centre in Cookstown.  We hope to have this fund-raising concert at a later date. 
Don’t forget our concerts in London over the weekend of 12 and 13 April.  We would love to see you there!

Tuesday 5 March 2013
Come, My beloved children, take on My Words of Love, take on My Words of Life so that you, too, may have Eternal Life with Me in Our Father’s Kingdom.  I have called you through My Prophets, I have sent My Mother to you and you have refused to listen. 
What more can I say to you, My children? 
What more can I do in order that you understand the times that you live in? 
You have forgotten Me, your God, you have forgotten My Ways. 
You have forgotten that your lives are so short.  You live your lives upon this earth as if this is where you were going to live for all eternity.  Look how blind you have become!  This world that you now live upon is only a place of decision.  You decide by the way that you live your lives if you want to be in My Kingdom or not.  Can you not see, children, how short your lives are upon this earth?  Then you will either enter My Kingdom or not. 
Wake up, before it is too late and see what you are doing, see how you offend your God.  See how you are controlled by this world.  I say, children, come away from the world. 
Read My Scriptures and get to know your God and His Ways.  You are now entering the ‘Time of Darkness’ where it will become harder and harder to turn away from this world.  lucifer has such an influence upon all parts of your society now that it will be hard for you to return if you wait much longer.
Come, My people, listen to My calls.  Take on My Words and come, follow Me in truth.  I Love you.

Wednesday 6 March 2013
Come now and listen to My Words, My little ones, do not delay.  Do not allow this world to take you away from Me.  Come away from its dangers; come away from its lies, its deceit.  I Love you, My children, and I say it through these Words.  I say it over and over again for you are My children but I will not force you to follow Me.  I Love you, My little ones, and I am calling you, ever calling you to come away from the dangers that you now place yourselves in.
Soon all will change and what you have known will become no more.  Only those that have trusted in My Ways shall be guided through the darkness.  Prepare, children, prepare now for the Journey ahead.  I Love you.

Thursday 7 March 2013
Look, I am Coming, My children.  Read the signs of your times, do not ignore Me any longer for you have not got time to do so.  Believe, children, believe in Me, your God, and come away from the lies of this world that lucifer has spread so freely and you have believed.  You are My children and I am your God, I am your Father and My only Desire is that you be with Me in My Kingdom.  You are My created, I am the One who created you, in the Palm of My Hand. 
Believe, children, believe in Me for I am Coming soon to show this world the error of its ways.  Do not be caught out. 
Do not ignore Me any longer. 
Read My Scriptures and you will see that My Coming is imminent.  The evil one will raise himself to a great height for he believes that the Battle is won, he will become over confident and he will give this world its every desire. 
Do not be caught up in this, My children, for when My Angels come they will cleanse all that are of this world and its evil ways. 
Come back to Me, My children, come back before it is too late for the Great Battle is about to take place and all that you have known is about to end.  I shall recreate My creation.  I shall bring it back to its former glory and My Remnant will live in peace and in the knowledge that they are My children and that I Love them. 
I am calling you, My child, as you read these Words, to be a part of My Remnant, to be a part of My Army of Love.  Believe in Me, My Ways and My Laws and you shall be a part of My Remnant of Truth. 
I Love you, My children, I Love you and I say it a million times.  I Love you.

Saturday 9 March 2013
Come, My beloved children, and walk with Me.  Walk with Me upon this Path of Love as I shine My Light into this world of darkness.  I am calling you, My children, through these Words, to become the Warriors of My Love so that this world may see that I am Alive, that I am not a dead God.  Come, My beloved children, listen to My calls.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Thursday 14 March 2013
I have told you, My children, “beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing;” and now he is among you.  I have Warned you and I have Warned you that if you did not turn away from sin that the evil one would enter My Church.  Now it is done. 
Scripture has been fulfilled and this earth will now reap what it has sown.  Prepare, children, prepare for the destruction of all things that you have known and believed in. 
he shall rise slowly and gain the confidence of you, My children, and then he will begin to destroy all that I have created in Love.  I give you this Warning. 
It is up to you whether you believe it or not. 
My Heart is heavy, children, for I have Warned you and Warned you through My Mother, My Prophets and you have not listened and you have given lucifer the power through your sin to destroy what I have built in Love. 
Come close to Me, My Remnant, put on the Wedding Gown for I am about to destroy all that is evil and those that are not with Me are against Me.  My Armies march, children, this earth stands at the brink of its own destruction.  Come to Me, My Remnant, cast off the shackles of this world and follow in My Footsteps and We, together, shall Save those that are not already lost.  I Love you.

Friday 15 March 2013
Come, My little children, come into the safety of My Fold.  Now is the time to work for Love, now is the time to show My children that I am Alive in you.  When someone slaps you on one cheek, turn the other, love your enemy, do good to those who persecute you and believe that I am with you.
Now is the time, My children, to come close to Me for your enemy is on the threshold and soon you shall see his power, soon you shall see what he has gained through the sin of mankind. 
Have I not told you these things? 
Have I not shown this world what is to come? 
You say that you believe in the Messages that My Mother has brought to this world in the many different Apparition sites.  Yet, you do not believe because you allow fear to control you. 
She has told you what would happen. 
She has Warned you what would happen if this world did not change its ways. 
Yet you ignore these Messages and sit back and do nothing in your complacency. 
You think you have time. 
You think you will wait and see if anything happens and then you will change your ways but, I tell you, if you wait, you will be too late to change. 
I tell you Truth, children, you ignore My Mother and My Prophets because you do not wish to believe that I, your God, will punish this world.  If I do not Come and remove the evil of this world, this world will be no more for lucifer will destroy it through man’s greed and hatred of his brother. 
Now you are in the time of a false peace, a time of deceit.  You, My Remnant, will recognise these, My Words, and you shall drive all fear from your hearts and see the Truth. 
I am Coming, children, I am Coming to give you Freedom.  Prepare for all My Messages, My Prophecies for this time are about to be fulfilled.  Do not get swept away in the false peace, the false love.  I Love you.

Tuesday 19 March 2013
Look, My little ones, open your hearts to My Truth and see My Coming. See the signs of your times and throw off the shackles of this world and you shall know My Freedom.  I am Coming, children, I am Coming to this world.  You shall see Me, My little ones, and you shall see My Love descend from the Heavens and you shall know Peace.  I Bless this world with My Love.  This day I break the seal of My Coming and so it begins.
My Angels stand above this earth and weep for its sin.  You have blinded yourselves, My children, and you seek to follow the father of lies because you have listened to the ways of this world and do not wish to stand out and be mocked for My Sake. 
I have told you, if you follow Me, this world will hate you for it first hated Me and it put Me to Death. 
Do you think that you will be treated any different, My children, if you follow in My Footsteps? 
If you do, you will carry My Burden and you shall know Life Eternal.
Look at this world, can you not see how it is controlled through sin? 
Can you not see, My little ones, that I have already foretold what would happen? 
Look around you, are My Words not Truth? 
You do not wish to believe, children, because you allow fear to control you. You ignore My true Prophets in favour of those that only wish to give you the words that you seek.  Many of My Prophets have deserted Me because they, too, fear My Words of Truth.  They know that this world shall turn against them and they shall become nothing in men’s sight so they have chosen to ignore My Words of Truth.  But, I tell you, My children, I Teach My two, I build their strength in Me and soon I shall send them into this world and this world shall have no power over them.  This world shall hate them for they shall carry My Justice, My Love, My Mercy, My Truth and My Forgiveness in their hearts and they shall minister to My people.  I will show this world, through My two, how it has went against Me, how it has allowed itself to be blinded by the lies of lucifer.  Prepare, My children, prepare for My Love is about to be seen and felt and My Truth shall be known once again.  I Love you.

Friday 22 March 2013 Saint Stanislaus House, Poland
The great persecution begins this day, children, make sure you are ready for it.  It begins like a drip of water and will soon turn into a flood.  This persecution will come from unexpected sources at first then it will come from where you expected.  Many will walk from Me, many will flee the Church that I have hidden within My Heart.  Do not flee, My children, but, realise, that what you see is not what is.  What you see will not be real it is what you don’t see that will be real.
Remember, I told you Truth without Truth1 do not believe it.  Soon will come the time to flee to the mountains, soon you will hide.  Abhor not My Love, listen not to the deceiver for he will think to deceive My elect.  Listen those who have ears listen for the time is now.
1  Jesus is referring to a previous Message:
“…You see, My little ones, there is a plan afoot within My Church and, if it is realised, it will allow satan to enter My Church and many of My little ones will no longer believe in Me.  It is the most fought for plan within My Church today and many speak of it but it has come from the mouth of satan himself. 
You must be careful, My children, I give you this Warning of the treachery of the evil one.  What seems to be Mine, is not always Mine.  The evil one is a liar and he will use even the Truth, that is twisted, to make My little ones fall.  I ask you to be careful.  It is only My Pope who stands in his way and he suffers much for it.
These virgins, both male and female, who were once Mine now speak with forked tongues are those who help satan most.  They change My Words…”  Thursday 12 December 2002

Tuesday 26 March 2013
Come, My little children, allow Me to show you the Truth, allow Me to Teach you My Ways.  You have forgotten so much in these dark times.  Mankind mixes My Ways with the ways of the world and calls it truth.  I call it a lie, a lack of dying to self. 
If you wish to follow Me then follow Me.  Do not deceive yourselves.  Do not say that you are a follower of Mine when you do not keep My Laws, My Commandments. 
Come away from this world and follow in My Footsteps and you shall know Truth.  Turn away from sin for sin has no place in a follower of the Truth.  I Love you, My children, and I give these Words so that those among you who want to follow Me may see the Path that I walk.  I Love you.

Tuesday 26 March 2013
My beloved children, still I call to you and still so few of you listen to My calls.  You blind yourselves to the Truth because of your greed for this world.  I am telling you, children, of the danger that you are in but still you refuse to listen.  These Warnings of Mine will not last much longer for, soon, it shall begin in earnest and the Battle of Love shall commence in this world. 
lucifer believes that he has won.  he believes that he is now in the position to deceive all of My children.  Open your eyes and see the Truth.  See what is happening in this world.  See the times that you now live in.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

My beloved children, I am calling to you.  Come to Me.
I am calling, ever calling through these Words of Love that I give to you.  Even though I have Warned you and Warned you of the danger that you now are in, so few of you take on My Warnings.
As time passes now, things will grow ever darker and the evil one will move forward quickly with his plans.
You ask, children, why I allow this, why do I not intervene?  Because, children, it is you who have given lucifer the power to overthrow Me in free will and so I must stand back and all I can do is Warn you.  There will come a point, children, where I can intervene, when all becomes so dark that My creation is threatened with total destruction. Creation is Mine and I will not allow all that I have created in Love to be destroyed.
Children, you think with a human mind but I have also given you a spiritual mind. You can draw from this mind if you are willing to die to self. Feel within your heart for it is I who dwell within you and My Mind is yours if you are willing to seek Me. I have given Myself to you. Each and every one of you have been given this Gift by Our Father at the point of your creation. So few, children, so few of you ever draw upon Me.
Feel Me within your heart for I am there, if you are willing to seek Me.
Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened.
I await your response to My callings. If you die to yourselves, the door shall be opened and you shall be flooded with the Light of My Knowledge, My Love, My Gifts and whatever you ask of Our Father in My Name shall be given for it shall be to His Glory that all is given.  Come join Me on this Journey of Love and I will show you, children, the Path that you seek.
Begin the anchor that I have given to you.  This is the first stepping stone of your Journey towards Me. Struggle, children, struggle against self and take control of it.  Do not give it freedom for, the more that you die to self, the more that I can fill you with My Love.  My Light shall shine from you and the Battle of Love shall begin for those that seek Me shall see My Light stream from you and they shall recognise My Love and they, too, shall join you on this Journey of Love. Come, My beloved children, do this for Me; begin this Journey now. I Love you.
The anchor that Jesus is talking about is from the Way of Truth Messages that Jesus gave about a year ago where He told us that we must begin this Journey with an anchor.  That we must give up something in our lives that we really want and this will allow us to begin to control self.  The example I use to explain this is not eating after dinner in the evening, around 6 o’clock, to the next morning but you can use whatever you wish.
Self will begin to rage and demand food but the dying to self begins by saying ‘no’ to self.  At the beginning it is a hard struggle but as the days go by, we will become stronger and we will begin to take control.  When the struggle becomes easier then we must add something else on top of the anchor and so the Journey begins in earnest.  At this point, the best thing to add, one by one, are the things that cause sin in our lives.  Whatever we choose as an anchor we must be sure that it holds fast because if we give up the anchor then self will take control and all that we have fought for will come tumbling down.
I know this from experience.  I have begun this Journey many times and built many things upon the anchor but, when I become complacent and give up on the anchor, all the rest tumble within days.  So be sure that you do not set yourself an anchor that is too difficult because this is a Journey of building.  We must build upon the anchor, it is a constant dying to self. It is as if we have lit a fire within ourselves, a fire of cleansing and, as time goes by, we will cleanse ourselves of the desires of self and so sin shall begin to rapidly diminish from our lives which will allow the Holy Spirit to fill us and we shall become His weapon of Love and miracles shall be seen once again: the dead shall rise, the blind shall see and the lame shall walk and Gods Truth will, once again, flow in the hearts of men.
To the one who walks this Path, know I shall be waiting upon you.  If you prove to Me that you really wish to die to self and accept Me into your life, both Me and My Father shall dwell within you and you may ask anything in My Name and it shall be given.  For, when you die to self, you shall begin to see My Will.  The scales shall fall from your eyes and whatever you ask for will be to the Glory of Our Father.  Self shall be no longer in control.
Come, My child, I await your response, I await your giving.  The door shall be opened and My Truth shall be seen in you.  Come, My beloved children, walk this Path that I give to you and you shall know My Truth.  Finally you will begin to understand the Journey of this life that you live.  I Love you.
Come, I await your response to My calling.  I Love you.

Thursday 20 November 1997
Jesus, what way will the earth be after Your Justice has wiped all darkness away?
My children, I will tell of the times to come.  There will be terrible days of destruction upon this earth brought about by man’s greed and lust for power.  The father of lies will orchestrate this.  My Justice will pour out from the Heavens.  This earth shall be no more, as man knows it.  A new day will dawn.  The Life of My Spirit shall flow into the earth and creation shall be reborn.  I shall have put an end to all darkness.  Life will be abundant.  Love shall flow from the very mountains and streams.  My Love shall be seen in reality and man shall glorify Me for who I am.  Finally they shall see and realise what they have went against and all shall live in peace and Love for I shall be known.  My children, begin now to fight against the evil and bring as many of your brothers and sisters into this new era.  Do not let even one be lost, but tell all.  I Love you, My children, I am Your Father and I give My children good things as a reward for Love.  Do this children.  Do this for Me.

Help needed
As you are aware, we are regularly requesting you to consider giving your time to help man the Houses of Prayer in Europe.  We have always understood that, due to varying circumstances, this is not possible for a lot of you.
With this in mind we would be grateful if you would perhaps consider offering your help with work here at the House of Prayer in Cookstown.  We would be in particular need, at this time, of tradesmen, especially a joiner but any help which you could offer would be very much appreciated.
If you are willing and in a position to help out then please contact us here at the House.
Thank you for your consideration and ongoing support.

We do not see
Jesus told us this year that we do not see the signs of the times nor have we read them. 
“…The spirit of the antichrist is about to be seen.  You do not understand, My little ones, because you live in the way of this world.  You do not see My Truths, you do not see the signs of your times for you have allowed this world to blind you to My Ways…”  Wednesday 20 February 2013
“…You are like the foolish virgins who did not bring enough oil for their lamps. 
How can you know what is to come when self confuses you?  How can you know when you have not read the signs of the times?...”  Friday 1 March 2013
We soon forget
It is true – we haven’t!  He keeps telling us in the Messages to prepare; He would scare you at times because He speaks with such seriousness and urgency, constantly Warning us.  But, as soon as we have finished reading the Message, we soon forget about that urgency, that wee inspiration prompting us to change and make sacrifices; thus, self is as strong as ever and we continue in our blindness, living our worldly lives, failing to see beyond our own noses.
So what are these signs of the times that He keeps talking about?
Let’s look at what Scripture tells us about the end of time or the last days.
Knowledge shall increase
4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, even to the time appointed: many shall pass over and knowledge shall be manifold. Daniel 12:4, Douay-Rheims
Or, in another translation:
4 But you, Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, until the time of the end.  Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase. Daniel 12:4, ESV
All we have to do is look out the window, many are going to and fro, everyone is so busy nowadays and there is no time for God, only time to make money in order to gain what we desire.
Knowledge has exploded over the last one hundred and fifty years.  Not so long ago, the fastest form of transport was the horse, now man can travel thousands of miles per hour to the moon!  Our only means of communication used to be a letter sent by a messenger, now we can have a conversation with people who are thousands of miles away, face to face, on Skype.  Once, if we had no money we couldn’t buy anything, now all we need is our debit or credit card with a chip, we no longer need to carry money. 
Nowadays we can make computers, rockets, nuclear weapons; create life in test tubes, clone, produce new creations of a mixture of species; select the genetic makeup of plants, animals and humans; track and locate everyone and everything in the world...etc.  Knowledge has increased incredibly!
Depart from the faith
1 Now the Spirit manifestly saith, that in the last times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to spirits of error and doctrines of devils, 1 Timothy 4:1, Douay-Rheims
There is no longer the faith nor the fear of God there was a few years ago.  There are more Catholics who don’t practise their religion than those who do.  Many of those who go to Sunday Mass don’t believe or don’t practice or don’t know the Truth – for example: those who are living in sin go up to receive Jesus in Holy Communion. 
Many Catholics go seeking elsewhere for a deeper level of spirituality - because they cannot find that depth within our Church today – but, unfortunately they get into things like Eastern spiritualism, the new age movement and reiki.  That’s what happens when the Truth is no longer preached but the people are told how wonderful they are for going to Sunday Mass!  When there is no sacrifice or offering to God, we are left feeling spiritually dead and hungry - that’s why we seek elsewhere.  In the Catholic Church we have a great depth of spirituality, steeped and immersed in the richness of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, everything spiritually we will ever need yet it is seldom handed down to others.  Many priests who do try and start prayer meetings in the parish get their wings clipped by bishops who ask them to keep it ‘low key.’  And many more priests are not supported by the parishioners when they, say for example, try to establish a Holy Hour of Adoration.  It’s easier to worship our false god, the TV, in the evening than leave the house to go to the chapel to worship our God, our Creator, our Saviour.
Turned unto fables
And similarly:
3 For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears:
4 And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth but will be turned unto fables.  2 Timothy 4:3-4, Douay-Rheims
No one these days wants to hear the Truth or hear about Jesus because we will be seen in our true light and feel guilty and realise we have to change our lives and we don’t want to.  As Saint John put it:
19 And this is the judgment: because the light is come into the world and men loved darkness rather than the light for their works were evil.
20 For every one that doth evil hateth the light and cometh not to the light, that his works may not be reproved.
John 3:19-20, Douay-Rheims
And so we continue to go to the churches where the priests don’t speak the Truth and we listen to their lies as they say things like the Old Testament is full of fables, Jesus did not create miracles, there is no such thing as evil spirits etc.  Whereas we should travel to hear priests speak the Truth and challenge us into dying to ourselves and living for God.
Nation shall rise against nation
7 For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there shall be pestilences and famines and earthquakes in places: Matthew 24:7, Douay-Rheims
In the twentieth century alone, more people have been killed as a result of war than ever before.  Never has there been such frequency and intensity of wars as there has been in the last hundred years: World War One, World War Two, Korean War, Vietnam War, Falklands War, Gulf War, Rwandan Civil War, Russian Civil War, Congo War, Yugoslav Wars, Iraq War, Gaza War, Libyan Civil War etc, etc, etc.  Demonstrations, protests and civil wars have been spreading across the Arab world since December 2010.
During the last thirty years, numerous new diseases have emerged - like AIDS which affects twenty four million adults worldwide, SARS, Ebola, MRSA, sexually transmitted diseases etc.  New strains of cholera, influenza (bird flu and swine flu) etc, are emerging all the time.  And even though great medical advances have been made, antibiotics are no longer able to fight ‘superbugs.’
Ironically, with so many advances in technology, travel and communication, still thousands die everyday of starvation.  Famine is on the increase causing one billion people to go hungry around the world.  Even though man has been modifying food genetically for decades and set so many controls in place, crops are continuing to fail due to the extreme weather conditions.
Drought and civil war caused the Somalian famine in 1991 to 1992 resulting in the death of three hundred thousand.  Again, up to one hundred thousand people died in Somalia during the 2011 famine.  Newspapers reported that the children were drinking their own urine because there was simply no water to drink.
Many more
Scholars estimate six hundred thousand people died of starvation in the 1996 North Korean famine.  In January 2013, the Daily Mail published a story that North Korean parents were eating their own children after being driven mad by hunger in the famine-hit pariah state.
You will remember the famine in Ethiopia in the mid-eighties which was greatly relieved by ‘Band Aid,’ again, the famine worsened due to war from 1998 until 2000.
After the second Congo War from 1998 until 2004, three million eight hundred thousand people died.
I have only mentioned the most recent famines here, there have been many more.
According to America Association for the Advancement of Science, ten preschool children die every minute from malnutrition and this number has not changed since the early 1980s, despite global promises.
Currently, the ‘World Bank’ has warned that rising food prices, driven by rising fuel costs, are pushing millions of people into extreme poverty.  Poor people are suffering and more people are becoming poor due to the high increase in food prices.
Earthquakes are increasing in frequency, strength and also appearing in more ‘diverse places.’
In an article in the Guardian on 16 December 2012, ‘Earthquakes, The Fuse That Ignites Volcanoes, Have Increased Worldwide,’ it stated that earthquakes are on the increase:
“Current graphs clearly show an alarming worldwide trend of increasing earthquake strength and frequency.  These results are in agreement with the USGS (United States Geological Survey) statistics page, which shows an increase in the frequency of stronger earthquakes (with a magnitude greater than five).”
In an article in the Croatian Times in April 2012, a series of massive quakes within two days in 2012 prompted an earthquake expert to suggest that the earth is “cracking up.”
Costa Rica has seen an increase in seismic activity during the past sixty two years. 
Over three thousand noticeable quakes hit Japan in 2012. 
Korea has experienced twice as many quakes in 2012 than in the past. 
The world is now experiencing two thousand six hundred earthquakes every day!
Therefore shall the land mourn
3 Therefore shall the land mourn and everyone that dwelleth in it shall languish with the beasts of the field and with the fowls of the air: yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be gathered together. Hosea 4:3, Douay-Rheims
In recent years, we have heard on the news the phenomenon of mass deaths of fish, birds and other animals.
Since 2010, millions of fish have been turning up dead in lakes, rivers and the sea.
Also, birds have been dropping out of the sky in huge numbers.  And we are seeing other unusual animal deaths all around the world including bees and bats dying in their millions.
At the beginning of this year alone, numerous unexplainable deaths of animals have taken place.  To name but a few:
Over one thousand dead ducks were found in a river in China.
Millions of dead prawns and hundreds of dead crabs washed up on a beach in Chile.
Whales and Dolphins have washed up dead in various countries around the world: Italy, the Falklands, Cape Town and along the Strait of Magellan in Chile.
Hundreds of sea creatures washed up dead on Bridlington Beach in Yorkshire, England.
Dozens of turtles, sea lions, dolphins and sharks washed up dead in Peru.
Thousands of dead lobsters, starfish, clams and skates washed ashore in Massachusetts, America.
Hundreds of birds washed up dead along the south coast in England.
Nine thousand, two hundred and seventy two cattle have died during the past month in Zimbabwe.
Over twenty five and a half thousand ducks and chickens were found dead in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Earth groaning
Also recently, there has been the phenomenon of eerie ‘noises’ coming from the sky.  Many of these have been recorded on YouTube.  These recordings are from various people from different parts of the world who have literally pulled their phones out of their pocket to record these noises.  They happen mostly at night or early in the morning.  They range from humming, rumbling and vibrating noises, jet roaring, scraping sounds and booms but they are all very loud and very strange.
I am wondering if these noises are the earth groaning under the weight of sin, like Jesus said:
“…This earth that you live on is a spirit also.   He groans under the burden of sin.  Soon and very soon he shall rebel and the oceans shall boil and the land shall fall…”  Friday 18 June 2004, Feast of the Most Sacred Heart
“…Soon now this earth shall groan, earthquakes, tidal waves and unseen disasters shall rack this earth.  Science will try to explain; the scientists will become confounded with no explanation for all that they understand shall be taken from them…”  Friday 10 June 2005
The charity of many shall grow cold
12 And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold. Matthew 24:12, Douay-Rheims
There has been a steady decline in what we raise on our street collections, every year we return home with less to give to the ‘Forgotten Poor of the World.’  When we first began in 1998, we could have raised about £1000, now we are lucky to stand on the street all day and raise £200.  Either no one trusts anyone anymore or no one wants to give.
Nearly everyday in our news we hear more and more alarming reports of pensioners being beaten to death for a box of sweets and mugged in their own homes; people being ripped off by cowboy builders; kids killing other kids; kids being snatched and sold to the sex trade; gang rape; abortion; murder… it seems no one has any love for anyone these days, all are out for themselves.
The man of sin be revealed
3 Let no man deceive you by any means for unless there come a revolt first and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, 2 Thessalonians 2:3, Douay-Rheims
As you know, this has been a hot topic of discussion and disagreement since the death of Pope John Paul II.  All the Prophets, Seers and Visionaries were in agreement that the ‘man of sin’ who would sit on the throne of Peter after John Paul II would not be of Jesus.  However, when the next pope turned out to be Cardinal Ratzinger then ninety percent of the Prophets, Seers and Visionaries changed their mind to say it wasn’t him, Pope Benedict was ok but it would be the next pope who would be the abomination. 
Now the next pope, Pope Francis, appears to be even ‘holier’ and ‘Pope Emeritus Benedict’ - the ‘new name’ he has given to himself - sits there behind the one in front for whatever reason.  I’m sure all will become clear soon as to what Jesus has been Warning us in the Messages. 
These particular Words in the Messages ring in my ears:
“…from this Day forward, evil will surge within My Church and many will lose their faith in Me.  Many will side with evil and a great many souls will be lost to Me.  Those who call themselves Mine and yet walk a different path than Mine, will make themselves heard within My Church by force.  …They will do anything, ANYTHING, to make you give up.  Do not allow them and do not be surprised when those whom you think are holy, turn out not to be…  Saturday 21 July 2001, Feast of the King of Love
“...From the belly of America has already come forth the one who will rule from behind another, already his voice is one with the one in front...”  Wednesday 16 February 2004

Our house must be in order
This has turned out to be a much heavier article than I initially sat down to write but it is only due to the substantial evidence that the prophesies in both Scripture and Messages are being fulfilled before our very eyes!  We best be on our guard for Jesus is clearly on His way, He will Come like a thief in the night and our house must be in order.  There is no more time for sleeping, only for saving souls.

Are we followers of Jesus or followers of the devil?

Too smug to realise
I’m sure everyone would like to think that the Lord is indeed their Master but alas, this is so often not the case.  How do we commit so much sin and how can we do better in dying to ourselves?
In His Messages of Love, Jesus has given us countless pointers, hints and blatant orders to move and resist sin – but we do little to change.  Very soon now, it will be too late and we will be too smug to realise that we are caught up in the dark web of the devil and not in Jesus’ Light.
Jesus’ Commandments
Some of the most common sins we commit, as a society, are fornication, sexual immorality, abortion, theft, false testimony, slander and blaspheming Jesus’ Holy Name.
As Patrick outlined in a previous Newsletter, we break all of Jesus’ Commandments and these sins have now become commonplace.  We must first eradicate these:
“...False gods that we put before Jesus: houses, cars, jobs, money, friends, family, self, is there anything we do not put before God??
1.  I am the Lord thy God; thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.
All we have to do is listen, how many times in our day do we hear the Name of Jesus taken in vain?
2.  Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain.
Does anyone keep holy the Sabbath day?  Most of us go to Mass out of habit, not out of love of Jesus.
3.  Remember that thou keep holy the Sabbath day.
In these times we would rather stick old people in an old people’s home, out of the way, so they are no bother to us.
4.  Honour thy father and thy mother.
We accept abortion and do nothing to stop the fifty million children murdered every year and all we have to do is look at the television; murder, rape, war everywhere!
5.  Thou shalt not kill.
This one is a real laugh.  Adultery and fornication are a part of everyday life now.  Two people living together outside marriage and note, I said people for it is quite acceptable for two women or two men to live together in an open homosexual relationship, sex before marriage, pornography - you find it in nearly every garage and newsagent.
6.  Thou shalt not commit adultery.
Stealing has become a way of life, everyone is willing to justify tax evasion etc.
7.  Thou shalt not steal.
Gossiping and lying about our neighbour is an every day part of life, sadly.
8.  Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
What can I say about this?  We are brought up to covet, we are always watching what everyone else has, desiring it, this is coveting our neighbour’s goods.
9.  Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife.
10.  Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s goods.
It is simple, My son, the world has forgotten Me.  It no longer wishes to know Me for it is caught up in the lies of lucifer.  It is he that has sown the seeds within the hearts of men, that they no longer think of Me but they think of their lives upon this earth as being all important and so I am forgotten...”
Wednesday 20 December 2006
Let’s learn then, to be obedient to all of Jesus’ Commandments, all of the time.
We must not use Jesus’ Name in surprise, in disbelief, in frustration, in anger, in disgust, as a curse word or in any such situation and if we hear others do so we should answer aloud, or quietly, ‘Praised be His Holy Name’ and encourage others, especially young people to desist in such practices!
The myriad of vile
We must develop such a strong love for Jesus in our heart that our heart will no longer allow us to sin, at least not just so readily, we must develop a strong remorse and even a loathing for our own sins.  We must kill the sin to gain True Life with Jesus.
We must avoid falling into the situations which lead us to sin, especially if there is one sin in particular which has become our greatest weakness.  As Saint Margaret Mary told Patrick in a Message, “...If you have a sin within you that overtakes your life, you must not allow an inkling of that sin to touch you; you must stay away from all occasions where that sin is to be found...”  Saturday 28 February 2004 
In most instances these occasions involve something we say, read, hear or watch through the myriad of vile media channels which surround us.  “...The greatest sin of man and, I say woman, is sex.  It is the most subtle.  Sex is given for an expression of love and creation...”  Tuesday 21 December 2004
Always serve others
We must gain the courage and the conviction to speak out against the many falsities that are being bandied about, preached, even taught, by those in positions of influence.  We must seek to always serve others first and not wish for ‘things’ for ourselves.  In this way, we will be reaching out to others who do not know Jesus yet, the way we do.  Jesus asks us in His Messages to die to ourselves more and more and do works of mercy.  As we move away from our sinful habits and away from the things of this world, we will learn to control and stop each sin in turn. 
The first thought
Another of the Gifts Jesus has given us is to not allow the first evil thought of wrongdoing to take hold.  He tells us to not give any credence or life to it but to eradicate it immediately and recognise that it is coming from self or from an evil spirit.  In so doing, we will not so easily be led away by the wiles and temptations which haunt us from the spiritual and into the material world.
The Present Moment
In another of her Messages, Saint Margaret Mary said: “...Within the Way of the Sacred Heart, the practice of the Present Moment must become a daily, living routine, a practice of virtue...”  Saturday 28 February 2004
During our daily routine we should work and act unselfishly, praying quietly and talking to Jesus all the while.  The more time we spend in prayer with Jesus, being aware of Him, the more we are in the Present Moment; it is then that we are in the Presence of Jesus; we are in His Heart.  We should practice being silent, listening to our heart for Jesus is there.  It is at these moments that Jesus can bestow His Graces upon us, He can place His Intimacy within us.  As He has told us through the two Patricks:  “...In prayer I place many things within My children.  I place much Knowledge within, things that you could not understand and, all of a sudden, all becomes clear to you.  This is My Spirit placing Knowledge within the soul.  Believe that I am always with you, ready to help at all times...”  Friday 27 February 2004
Be Jesus’ Lamp
When we know some of what dying to self means and practice this, then we are encouraged to befriend others who sin and let them see our selflessness so that they too can see Jesus.  We then, must be Jesus’ Lamp, shining so brightly that others who see it will be enticed to step into the Light and likewise come to know Our Lord.  Jesus says: “...Remember, wherever you are and you speak of Me I can shine My Light; wherever there is Light I can make it shine...” Tuesday 26 March 2006
A little part of Him
Such Virtues and Graces as Jesus imparts to us again and again allow us to forgive deeply, to hold nothing against another, to love and do good to one and all, as though they were Jesus, for a little part of Him is indeed in everyone.
We must dig deeper into ourselves, look deeper at our faults and failings and not become smug – we sin so much and yet we often deny this.  We all only give a little, only go so far and then we say, ‘That’ll do!’ and we pull back.
Knowing and loving Jesus
Jesus tells us not to choose the path of darkness that leads to eternal damnation.  Rather, we are to leave behind the pleasures of the world, of self-gratification, of luxury, of the senses, of the flesh and seek in their stead the infinite pleasures of knowing and loving Jesus.
“The flesh and the things of this world matter little, it is only the soul that is important.” Monday 21 March, 2005 and “The time that you live in now is not for living but it is for dying.”  Monday 6 December 2004, from Called in the Night.
Stolen our time
We must rid ourselves of our arrogance, our pride, the worst of the seven deadly sins.  The false god we all worship is money  and to gain more money to pay for our lavish lifestyles, mortgages etc, we dedicate more of our time to earning.  In this way the devil has stolen our time and we do not devote enough of it to Jesus.  We must give more of our wealth to Ireland’s poor, to the world’s poor.  We must love more and more and we must sin less and less for it is not Jesus or His Gospels or the Church which must change, it is us, only us.
“...Listen to Me, children, My Voice remains the same no matter what time you are living in.  You say that My Church must change with the times but I tell you the Truth cannot change.  Truth always remains the same, it is you who must change by dying to self...”  Friday 29 December 2006
No solace from the Church
Jesus can see what we cannot.  He sees lucifer laughing, scoffing back at Him, as we allow him, in our own free will, to poison us physically, mentally and spiritually, to enchain us for the times to come and to will us this way and that.  Unfortunately we have no solace from the Church, as most of the priests too have succumbed to the devil’s ways:  “...My priests are afraid to tell My children of sin and hell for, if they do this, they will have to look at their own lives.  For all have become too comfortable and are not willing to lead a life of humility and self-sacrifice. 
...My Words are the same yesterday, today and forever, they cannot be changed for I am the Word and I am Eternal.”  Saturday 28 February 2004.
We are lulled away
Jesus continually Warns us but again and again, as time passes, we are lulled away by the world into a false sense of security.  The world fills our minds with lies about how we are all-important and how we own the planet and must work tirelessly to save it.  The only love they show is love for the earth – there is no love for fellow men dying of hunger or for babes in the womb killed through abortion and above all no mention of our love for God or less still His Love for us.
The beautiful future
Jesus challenges us in the type of following we give Him and in so doing inspires us to step up to the mark with the promise of the beautiful future He has in store.
“...My children, if you allow Me, I will embroider your lives into Mine, skillfully weaving the most beautiful colours into your lives with My Words but you must make the effort to resist the wiles of the evil one for, it is when you do, that you begin to see the Path that I wish you to follow...”  Holy Thursday 13 April 2006
Jesus’ Message and request is indeed a challenging one and so it ought to be.  He reminds us “...Do you get embarrassed when you speak about Me?  Do you get embarrassed if you say My Name?  It is only by looking at the Truth that you will be able to see and then be able to amend your lives...” Thursday 19 September, 2006 
Prepare ourselves spiritually
Jesus asks us to prepare ourselves spiritually for His Second Coming as much as we prepare materially for His Birth, i.e. for Christmas.   
So many Warnings
We are so privileged to have Jesus give us so many Warnings (and promises) to open our eyes and make us act in love. “...Be aware, children, you live in the time of deception; all is not as it seems, all is in deceit for the Battle of the children of this world is here...Deceit, deception is everywhere.  Even those who say they follow Me are influenced with the deception of this world.  Yes, even you, My Remnant, are bending towards the lies of this world.  Open your eyes and see the Truth.  You will do anything for an easy life, even if that means bending the Truth...You cannot bend My Truth for My Path is a narrow Path and it leads to Eternal Life and the rewards are fathomless for those who follow the narrow Path.  I Love you...”  Friday 22 July, 2005
Help our little faith
Jesus, we thank You from the bottom of our stony hearts and we love You.  Help our little faith and make us love You more and more each day by not giving in to our whims and desires but instead giving more to others and to You, our Lord and God.

Charity Concerts in aid of Antrim Neo Natal Unit
Music performed by SonLight

A servant of the Sacred Heart House of Prayer gave birth to twins in the Royal Maternity Hospital in Belfast on 5 April 2012.  They had a boy and a girl at twenty six weeks and six days. 
Their little boy, Cillian Joseph, was very sadly stillborn but their little girl, Roisin Faith, turned out to be a little fighter.  She was moved to Antrim Neo Natal Unit at eight days old, weighing just about two pounds, where she spent the next eleven weeks on a roller-coaster of survival. 
Fantastic care
The care and attention she received there was absolutely wonderful and the nurses and staff there are among the loveliest people you could ever meet.  As a tribute to the fantastic care baby Roisin and, indeed, her parents received they are organising two fund-raising nights.  They really want to give something back to the staff so they know how much they appreciate everything that was done for their baby girl.
In memory of Cillian
It is also hoped to give a donation to SANDS NI (Stillbirth And Neonatal Death Society, Northern Ireland) in memory of baby Cillian Joseph.
The first night is organised by SonLight and will take place in Saint Brigid’s Parochial Hall, Cookstown, on Friday 22 March 2013 and will be an evening of religious music and the second night will take place in Time Bar, Cookstown, on Friday 26 April (next door to the House of Prayer) and will be a ‘pop music’ night.  We will have very special guests playing at both nights and raffles will take place.  The prizes include two nights bed and breakfast and one dinner in a top Donegal hotel.

46 James St.,Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, BT80 8LT, Northern Ireland.
Phone (+44) 02886766377 E-mail:


Feast of Saint Patrick Sunday 17 March 2013
“Hail glorious, Saint Patrick, dear Saint of our Isle....” These are the words we sing to honour our Patron Saint every year on his Feast Day.  We celebrated this day with prayers and meditations from his confessions, which he wrote before he died. 
In one of his Messages that he gave through the Patricks, Saint Patrick asked us to “...come on a Journey of Love with me, Your Patron...”  That Journey is to the Heart of Jesus, who is all Love.  He says “...when you have Love within your heart then you have God...” and “...Love is your aim, not self-righteousness for self is your enemy upon this Journey.  Self is what you must die to...”
These teachings are our instructions for the Journey ahead of us as we, too, must walk the same road as our Patron.
A servant spoke on the faith brought to us through Saint Patrick and how Ireland has become a country of so little faith now.
In the evening, a symbolic fire was lit to commemorate  Patrick’s fire on Tara hill.  The Glorious Mysteries were recited around the fire and then we ended the evening with sharing.

Feast of Saint JosephTuesday 19 March 2013
In celebrating the Feast of this great Saint, a servant spoke of the great faith, endurance and strength of Joseph, as the husband of Mary and in raising Jesus.
Extracts were read from ‘Song of the Carpenter’ giving us an insight into the life of Joseph.  He is the much loved foster father of Jesus.  He is a great example for all Christian parents especially fathers.  A servant shared on a healing received through the intercession of Saint Joseph after many years of suffering.  Those prayers were from a little booklet called “The Thirty Day’s Prayer To Saint Joseph.”  On the thirtieth day of the novena, the servant became aware of the healing and has not had a problem since.  That was in 2001.  All praise and glory goes to God, as all healing comes from Him.  He gave us the Saints to be our friends and intercessors. In a Message given on Friday 4 March 2011 Jesus tells us this,:...Remember your Guardian Angels, your spiritual friends, the Saints and family members that have died; these can do much for you if you ask them but you must trust and believe.  Have faith, children, you are not alone, you are being watched over every heartbeat of the way.  You simply have to ask and it shall be given.  Do this in truth and you shall never want.  I Love you. 

50 Tynemouth Road, Tottenham, London. N15 4AX
Tel: 0208 808 0732 E-mail

Prophets and the church

People don’t believe
Many people don’t believe in Prophets or prophecy in these times.  But we have to ask the question why did God send Prophets in the past?  If we believe God spoke through the Prophets in the past, why not now?
God sent Prophets
In the past, God sent Prophets to guide the people on the right track and turn them away from sin and disaster. For example, God spoke to Jonah saying;
2 “Arise and go to Ninive the great City and preach in it for the wickedness thereof is come up before Me.” Jonas 1:2, Douay Rheims
Repented of their evil
When Jonah eventually went to Ninevah he told the people that in forty days the city would be destroyed by God if they didn’t change. The people believed in God and repented of their evil ways and they were saved. (Jonah, chapter 3).
So much sin
So why would we need Prophets today?  If we look around us at the world, is it any better than it was in those times?  No, in fact it is worse.  Jesus said in a Message recently that never before in history, has mankind gone so far away from Him.  I know we always repeat ourselves but there is so much sin in the world and no one seems to think anything of it.  People don’t realise the consequences of sin e.g unrepented mortal sin will bring a person to hell.  This is never mentioned publicly any more as if hell doesn’t exist.  We are not taught in our churches or schools about the consequences of sin.  The other point we don’t think about is how much we hurt Jesus by our sins, as He said Himself, our smallest sin is like spitting in His Face.  Some of the worst sins e.g. sexual sins whip Him mercilessly.
Warns us
If all was ok in the world and in the church, there would be no need for Prophets.  But Jesus said in Scripture, ‘I will not leave you orphans.’  So when we go wrong He has to get His Message through to us to give us a chance to return to Him.  He keeps His promises and Warns us because He Loves us.
A new Covenant
Jesus chose Peter to be the head of the Church when He said: 18 And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build My church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18, Douay-Rheims
He made a new Covenant with us at the Last Supper through His Body and Blood.  The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was born (Matthew 26:26-28). Things were a lot different in the early Church.  If we read the Acts of the Apostles and the letters, we can see how the Church flourished, people loved and cared for each other and shared all they had. There was no self and Miracles were quite common.  The Name of Jesus was held Holy and was used to heal many. The Truth was preached fearlessly and many were martyred because of it.
Political correctness
In the Church today we don’t see miracles, Truth isn’t spoken because of political correctness or fear of offending someone. Many would go to Church on Sunday and feel that their obligation is fulfilled.  It seems to be what Saint Paul spoke of in his second letter to Timothy: 
5 Having an appearance indeed of godliness but denying the power thereof. Now these avoid.  2 Timothy 3:5, Douay-Rheims
Drastically wrong
If we open our eyes we can see something is drastically wrong in the Church.  The changes have been immense over the last fifty years or so.  There has been so much destruction from within. Jesus Warned us through the Prophets about freemasonry infiltrating the Church.  The Scriptures are changed to use inclusive language, the miracles Jesus did are explained away by rational thinkers.  Tabernacles have been moved in churches from the central place, some priests teach that the Eucharist is only a symbol and not the Real Presence of Jesus.  There have been paedophile priests and some priests, bishops and cardinals having sexual relations with women and sometimes men even though they have taken a vow of celibacy.
Not from God
In Germany, you now have to pay a tax to the Church to be a Catholic and recently the German Bishops have allowed the morning after pill (which causes abortion) to be used in Catholic hospitals in cases of rape. 

Also in the Church are many priests and religious who fight for married priests, women priests, same sex marriage and contraception.  All these go against the Teachings of the Church.  In addition, there are a lot of new age practices accepted, e.g. reiki, yoga, reflexology etc, which are not from God.
Every opportunity
Is it any wonder then that Jesus speaks through Prophets in these times to Warn us and to show us what is happening in the world and the Church and to guide us back to safety? Jesus said what was hidden in the dark will be shown in the light.  He wants to give us every opportunity to turn back to Him.
On 20 February 2013, Jesus Warns us:
“...Come now, My little ones, while there is still time for you shall be blinded when lucifer rises to his full height if you have not listened. 
My Church is dying, can you not see this? 
It is he who sits in the place of power; it is he that instructs in all things; it is he that confuses you, My children...”
On 24 January 2013, Jesus said: “...Many, many Words I have spoken through My Prophets but so few are listening to them. 
Come, now, My children, and listen to My Words.  Do not ignore Me for perilous times lie before you. 
My Words are your safety in these times, they are the Herald that keeps you safe; they are the Warnings that you need in order to see what is happening in this world...”
So, if we are not listening to Gods Word through the Prophets now, are we not the same as those spoken about in Jeremiah and will we not be treated the same?
Hearken to My voice
23 But this thing I commanded them, saying: Hearken to My voice and I will be your God and you shall be My people and walk ye in all the way that I have commanded you, that it may be well with you.
24 But they hearkened not, nor inclined their ear but walked in their own will and in the perversity of their wicked heart and went backward and not forward,
25 From the day that their fathers came out of the land of Egypt, even to this day. And I have sent to you all My servants the prophets from day to day, rising up early and sending.
26 And they have not hearkened to Me: nor inclined their ear but have hardened their neck and have done worse than their fathers.
27 And thou shalt speak to them all these words but they will not hearken to thee and thou shalt call them but they will not answer thee.
28 And thou shalt say to them: This is a nation which hath not hearkened to the voice of the Lord their God, nor received instruction: Faith is lost and is carried away out of their mouth.  Jeremiah 7:23-28, Douay-Rheims

Exodus 14:12-16, 21-28

Moses was leading the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt where they were kept in bondage and slavery. They were being pursued by the Egyptians.  The children of Israel, like most people, did not enjoy trusting God.  They grumbled away to themselves and said to Moses:
12 Is not this the word that we spoke to thee in Egypt, saying: Depart from us that we may serve the Egyptians? for it was much better to serve them, than to die in the wilderness.
13 And Moses said to the people: Fear not: stand and see the great wonders of the Lord, which he will do this day: for the Egyptians, whom you see now, you shall see no more for ever.
14 The Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace.
We might say that Moses pounded faith into the children of Israel.  They preferred being slaves to their oppressors than to take the giant swing into faith and pass through the wilderness to their Promised Land.
In this piece of Scripture, I like to put myself in the position of the children of Israel.  It is good for me to look at my own wilderness that I must pass through before my own individual Promised Land is reached.  Similarly for me, the old doubts and fears, jealousies, laziness and all those weaknesses that keep me from God hold me captive.  But there is always a time to break through these and as God says, “Go forward.”
15 And the Lord said to Moses: Why criest thou to Me?  Speak to the children of Israel to go forward.
16 But lift thou up thy rod and stretch forth thy hand over the sea and divide it: that the children of Israel may go through the midst of the sea on dry ground.
Here God tells us to take action, believing completely in Him.
21 And when Moses had stretched forth his hand over the sea, the Lord took it away by a strong and burning wind blowing all the night and turned it into dry ground: and the water was divided.
22 And the children of Israel went in through the midst of the sea dried up: for the water was as a wall on their right hand and on their left.
23 And the Egyptians pursuing went in after them and all Pharao’s horses, his chariots and horsemen through the midst of the sea,
This reminds me of some times when I do move forward in faith.  I can look behind me and see the enemy pursuing me but that’s just when I see the Lord’s actions rescuing me.
26 And the Lord said to Moses: Stretch forth they hand over the sea, that the waters may come again upon the Egyptians, upon their chariots and horsemen.
27 And when Moses had stretched forth his hand towards the sea, it returned at the first break of day to the former place and as the Egyptians were fleeing away, the waters came upon them and the Lord shut them up in the middle of the waves.
It is as the Lord said in verse fourteen, He will fight for us in our trials and we will hold our peace.  The title deeds of Gods answer to our prayer, is faith.  If we ask in faith, He cannot but answer our prayer.
28 And the waters returned and covered the chariots and the horsemen of all the army of Pharao, who had come into the sea after them, neither did there so much as one of them remain.
Our heart’s desire is to enter the Promised Land of Heaven but we have been so enslaved by our lack of faith, we have been kept away from it.  It is up to each of us to place our trust completely in God and command the waters of our Red Sea to part, that we may pass over on dry land, into our own Promised Land - Jesus!

Remembering the Little Ones

Fight against abortion
The Feast of the Annunciation, which is held this year on Monday 8 April, is one of the greatest days in the history of mankind. It is traditionally held in the House as a twenty four hour Day of Prayer and Fasting offered in the fight against abortion.  Both Jesus and Mary have spoken many times in the Messages of Love about “...this great evil that reaps havoc...”  They have continually asked us for our prayers, those “...garlands of flowers...” through which many thousands of these babies can be saved.  Messages are given which tell us that abortion cannot be fought and defeated without prayer.
A silent walk
On the Saturday nearest to the Feast Day we also hold a silent walk around Cookstown to remember the little ones who died from abortion and show those out on the streets the truth of  what abortion actually is.
Never give up
We must never give up on the fight to end abortion as it is murder and a blood sacrifice to satan.  Jesus tells us in the Messages of Love that we must fight against this sin with all our hearts. 
“My children, I come to tell you that when you fight for life you fight for Me.  What you do to the least of these My brothers then you do it to Me.  Why then do so many of you sit back and allow these murders to take place?  Why do you not fulfil My Words in Scripture?
Children, one day you must face Me.  One day I will ask of you what you have done with your life upon this earth.  What will you answer Me?  Will you lie to Me - the Truth - that you did not have the time?
The evil one has made sure that the senseless murder of innocence is done in a legal manner.  he has made sure of the sacrifice - a blood sacrifice - of the children of the earth to keep him alive and I tell you and I declare it to the world this day that; if you do not fight against it then you are just as guilty as those who do it.  The evil one has numbed the senses of mankind and lulled them into a lethargy that keeps him hypnotized and blind.
Wake up, My children, and fight against this abomination for if you do not then it is you also who have their blood on your hands.  I, your God, call you to fight against this sin with all of your heart...”  Wednesday 22 October 1997
Collecting signatures
For many months we had been collecting signatures  and had attended a protest to petition for the closure of a Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  We had heard rumours that the clinic had opened under veiled circumstances, that they had not told the truth when applying for planning permission.  It seemed they were operating under a cloud of darkness.
Petitions of Concern
On 12 March this year, Bernadette Smyth, from Precious Life presented two hundred and fifty thousand petitions to the Northern Ireland Assembly.  These were called ‘Petitions of Concern.’  These petitions are collected to represent the people of Northern Ireland and give them a voice.
Sadly, these petitions were rejected in favour of Sinn Fein political party that had only thirty signatures.  This party has betrayed the people of Ireland and are akin to what Judas did to Jesus.  I insert here an extract from the Precious Life website.

Precious Life bring two hundred and fifty thousand `Petitions of Concern for unborn babies` to the Northern Ireland Assembly
Leading Pro-Life group Precious Life presented two hundred and fifty thousand petitions to the Northern Ireland Assembly before MLAs began debating an amendment aimed at stopping private abortion centres like MARIE STOPES INTERNATIONAL from killing unborn babies. The Pro-Life group said they were bringing the democratic voice of the people to Stormont.
Doomed to failure
The amendment was doomed to failure after Sinn Fein’s twenty nine Assembly Members signed a ‘Petition of Concern’ that effectively blocked it. Under Assembly rules, the ‘Petition of Concern’ meant the amendment could not be passed without both a unionist and nationalist majority vote. Sinn Fein is the largest nationalist party in the Assembly. The “Petition of Concern,” which required at least thirty signatures, was also signed by Anna Lo of the Alliance Party and Steven Agnew of the Green Party.
The two hundred and fifty thousand petitions presented by Precious Life were in boxes labeled “Petitions of Concern from the People of Northern Ireland”. The 30 heavy boxes jam-packed with the petitions had to be wheeled into Parliament Buildings in cargo trolleys pushed by Assembly porters. They were placed in the corridor outside the Assembly debating chamber, in full view of all MLAs who entered.
Director of Precious Life, Bernadette Smyth, said, “Today we bring to the Assembly a quarter of a million ‘petitions of concern’ signed by two hundred and fifty thousand people across Northern Ireland who are concerned about the protection of our unborn babies. These petitions - from people in the nationalist and unionist communities - represent the democratic voice of vast majority of people in Northern Ireland.”
“The ‘Petition of Concern’ signed by Sinn Fein is a corruption of the democratic process. ‘Petitions of Concern’ in the Assembly were designed to ensure that one community did not trample upon the rights of another. But the ‘Petition of Concern’ has been abused because there is a clear majority in Unionist and Nationalist communities for this amendment. Sinn Fein has now trampled upon the most basic and fundamental right - the right to life - of Ireland’s unborn babies.”
Shameful episode
She added, “History will record this shameful episode when an attempt was made to close the first private ‘abortion centre’ in Ireland and strengthen the laws protecting our unborn babies, but it was blocked by Sinn Fein.”
Political suicide
Mrs Smyth confronted many Sinn Fein members as they entered the debating chamber, telling them face to face - “Shame on you! Sinn Fein is now the ‘Judas Party. You have betrayed the children of Ireland. You are supporting the Marie Stopes organisation that has come into our country to kill Irish unborn children. You can no longer claim to cherish all the children of the nation equally. Your party has committed political suicide by supporting abortion and supporting Marie Stopes. From now on, the people of Northern Ireland will know that a vote for Sinn Fein is a vote for abortion!”
Never accept abortion
Bernadette Smyth concluded, “Sinn Fein’s blocking of the amendment does not change the fact that abortion remains a serious criminal offence in Northern Ireland. This amendment was aimed at strengthening our laws that already protect unborn babies. Our “Stop Marie Stopes Campaign” continues. We say to both Sinn Fein and Marie Stopes that we will never accept abortion - not in our country and NOT IN OUR NAME!”

Didn’t matter
We had thought the clinic would have been closed because we believed the people of Northern Ireland didn’t want this in our country but as it turned out, it didn’t matter what we did.  satan has many helpers in authority and it is they who make the decisions, regardless of what the majority want.
Made legal in Ireland
Jesus has said many times over the years that abortion would be made legal in Ireland.  “...My little children, I need you. I need you to come to Me for behind your backs they bring abortion into your homes. They will take your very rights away from you. I tell you this now so that you shall know when it happens...”  Friday 11 August 1995, for Ireland
Unborn child is safe
We are the last country in the western world where the unborn child is safe and now abortion is on our doorstep.  We have given in to the wiles of the evil one and sold our countries soul to Europe.
“...My children, I Warn you, you do not deal with the human but you deal with the spiritual, you deal with the spirits that have already been allowed to take over.  Your referendums mean nothing, children, your votes mean nothing, they are just a show, an act to make you think that you still have control; My Ireland once bloomed like a beautiful rose in My Hands but she decided to turn her back on Me, now she withers in the hands of lucifer to whom she has sold herself for a few coins.
You deal with a dark enemy, children, stay with Me for the world calls you very loudly to abandon Me...”  Feast of Love, Saturday 15 January 2011

The calls of the world are being in favour of abortion and thinking it is ok to kill your unborn child.  These are the dark enemy we need to fight against.
For our part, we must redouble our efforts to fight against this crime.  Yes, the political leaders have the power and authority to block what we may do physically but we are the children of God and we have His Power.  Let us not forget the power of prayer, sacrifice and penance in this fight.  We fight a spiritual war and the weapons we need are spiritual.

On the Christian Family in the Modern World Apostolic Exhortation of His Holiness,  Pope John Paul II
20. Conjugal communion is characterized not only by its unity, but also by its indissolubility: “As a mutual gift of two persons, this intimate union, as well as the good of children, imposes total fidelity on the spouses and argues for an unbreakable oneness between them.”
It is a fundamental duty of the church to reaffirm strongly, as the synod fathers did, the doctrine of the indissolubility of marriage. To all those who in our times consider it too difficult or indeed impossible to be bound to one person for the whole of life, and to those caught up in a culture that rejects the indissolubility of marriage and openly mocks the commitment of spouses to fidelity, it is necessary to reconfirm the good news of the definitive nature of that conjugal love that has in Christ its foundation and strength.
Being rooted in the personal and total self-giving of the couple and being required by the good of the children, the indissolubility of marriage finds its ultimate truth in the plan that God has manifested in his revelation: He wills and he communicates the indissolubility of marriage as a fruit, a sign and a requirement of the absolutely faithful love that God has for man and that the Lord Jesus has for the church.
Christ renews the first plan that the creator inscribed in the hearts of man and woman, and in the celebration of the sacrament of matrimony offers “a new heart”: thus the couples are not only able to overcome “hardness of heart,” but also, and above all, they are able to share the full and definitive love of Christ, the new and eternal covenant made flesh. Just as the Lord Jesus is the “faithful witness,” the “yes” of the promises of God and thus the supreme realization of the unconditional faithfulness with which God loves his people, so Christian couples are called to participate truly in the irrevocable indissolubility that binds Christ to the church, his bride, loved by him to the end.
The gift of the sacrament is at the same time a vocation and commandment for the Christian spouses, that they may remain faithful to each other forever, beyond every trial and difficulty, in generous obedience to the holy will of the Lord: “What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder.”
To bear witness to the inestimable value of the indissolubility and fidelity of marriage is one of the most precious and most urgent tasks of Christian couples in our time. So, with all my brothers who participated in the Synod of Bishops, I praise and encourage those numerous couples who, though encountering no small difficulty, preserve and develop the value of indissolubility: Thus in a humble and courageous manner they perform the role committed to them of being in the world a “sign”- - a small and precious sign, sometimes also subjected to temptation, but always renewed - of the unfailing fidelity with which God and Jesus Christ love each and every human being. But it is also proper to recognize the value of the witness of those spouses who, even when abandoned by their partner, with the strength of faith and of Christian hope have not entered a new union: These spouses too give an authentic witness to fidelity, of which the world today has a great need. For this reason they must be encouraged and helped by the pastors and the faithful of the church.
21. Conjugal communion constitutes the foundation on which is built the broader communion of the family, of parents and children, of brothers and sisters with each other, of relatives and other members of the household.
This communion is rooted in the natural bonds of flesh and blood and grows to its specifically human perfection with the establishment and maturing of the still deeper and richer bonds of the spirit: The love that animates the interpersonal relationships of the different members of the family constitutes the interior strength that shapes and animates the family communion and community.
The Christian family is also called to experience a new and original communion which confirms and perfects natural and human communion. In fact the grace of Jesus Christ, “the firstborn among many brethren,” is by its nature and interior dynamism “a grace of brotherhood,” as St. Thomas Aquinas calls it.  The Holy Spirit, who is poured forth in the celebration of the sacraments, is the living source and inexhaustible sustenance of the supernatural communion that gathers believers and links them with Christ and with each other in the unity of the church of God. The Christian family constitutes a specific revelation and realization of ecclesial communion, and for this reason too it can and should be called “the domestic church.”
All members of the family, each according to his or her own gift, have the grace and responsibility of building day by day the communion of persons, making the family “a school of deeper humanity:” This happens where there is care and love for the little ones, the sick, the aged; where there is mutual service every day; when there is a sharing of goods, of joys and of sorrows.
A fundamental opportunity for building such a communion is constituted by the educational exchange between parents and children, in which each gives and receives. By means of love, respect and obedience toward their parents, children offer their specific and irreplaceable contribution to the construction of an authentically human and Christian family.  They will be aided in this if parents exercise their unrenounceable authority as a true and proper “ministry,” that is, as a service to the human and Christian well-being of their children and in particular as a service aimed at helping them acquire a truly responsible freedom, and if parents maintain a living awareness of the “gift” they continually receive from their children.
Family communion can only be preserved and perfected through a great spirit of sacrifice. It requires, in fact, a ready and generous openness of each and all to understanding, to forbearance, to pardon, to reconciliation. There is no family that does not know how selfishness, discord, tension and conflict violently attack and at times mortally wound its own communion: Hence there arise the many and varied forms of division in family life. But, at the same time, every family is called by the God of peace to have the joyous and renewing experience of “reconciliation,” that is, communion re-established, unity restored. In particular, participation in the sacrament of reconciliation and in the banquet of the one body of Christ offers to the Christian family the grace and the responsibility of overcoming every division and of moving toward the fullness of communion willed by God, responding in this way to the ardent desire of the Lord: “that they may be one.”
Continued next month

Garabandal Pilgrimage 2013

Thursday 30 May to Tuesday 11 June
Includes: two nights in Paray le Monial, two nights in La Salette, one night in Lourdes, four nights in Garabandal (option of staying in Garabandal or Soledad House of Prayer) and one night in Saint Maximilian House of Prayer in France.  The group will travel by minibus from the Sacred Heart House of Prayer, driving through England to Portsmouth for the ferry to France.  This will be a cost price, non profit, true pilgrimage for Jesus. 
Price: £535 or ¤599 if staying in Soledad House.  £640 or ¤715 if staying in the hotel in Garbandal village (based on a group of ten).
For a full itinerary, or further information on the Messages of Love about Garabandal and La Salette, please contact us.

“...I tell the world that, whoever goes there within the Octave of My Most Sacred Heart, in this year, then they have their Salvation.1  Be at Peace for soon and very soon, Garabandal will be like a great light that will shine in the darkness of My Church and it will strike the vipers that slither over it.  Garabandal is the stone which the builders rejected and I will soon place it to be the cornerstone.  Believe, My children, and believe soon for soon it will be too late.  I Love you...” Friday 15 March 1996
1 This holds for each year.
What Jesus means by inviting people to go to Garabandal ‘within the Octave of His Most Sacred Heart’ we do not know but we presume that it is a time of special Blessings.  Jesus Himself will make this clear in due course.

“...I, too, as My Son has, tell you to remember the tears that I have cried at La Salette and I ask of you that you would now include it in your annual pilgrimage to My Shrine at Garabandal.  Go, too, to Paray Le Monial in remembrance of My Son’s Most Sacred Heart for if you do these things then you will please Me greatly.  The tears that I have wept at La Salette are not yet over.  My children, My Words have been ignored and they have not listened.  How can Words so plainly spoken be so ignored?  My Son’s Church has been infiltrated with evil.  Let your prayers and action root it out...”  Sunday 10 June 2001, from Mary for the Day of Love

GARABANDAL PILGRIMAGE 30 May to 11 June 2013

Thursday 30 May  03.30 - Minibus leaves Sacred Heart House of Prayer, Cookstown.  Drive to Dublin for Stena Line departing Dublin port at 08.20m, arrive Holyhead 11.50am.  Drive to Portsmouth for overnight sailing to Caen, France at 22.45, with reclining seats.  Arriving France 06.45 (Friday).

Friday 31 May  Drive from Caen to Paray-le-Monial.  Accommodation – Maison Cor Christi, beside Apparition Chapel.  Dinner, bed and breakfast.  (Half board)

Saturday 1 June  Paray-le-Monial. (Accommodation and meals as above. Half board)

Sunday 2 June  Drive to La Salette.  Accommodation - Sanctuaire Notre Dame de La Salette at the Shrine.  (Full board)

Monday 3 June  La Salette. (Accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner provided)

Tuesday 4 June  After breakfast drive to Lourdes.  Accommodation – Overnight stay in Communaute Notre Dame de la Fidelite.  Meal on arrival, bed and breakfast.  Morning Mass and visit to the Grotto.

Wednesday 5-8 June  Drive to Garabandal staying for four nights.  Accommodation - some staying in Posada San Miguel in Garabandal.  Some staying in Solitude House of Prayer in Cosio.  Breakfast Lunch and dinner provided in both.
Please note as work on Solitude House of Prayer is not yet completed there is limited accommodation so if you wish to stay there, you will be treated on a first come first served basis.

Sunday 9 June  Drive to L’Absie, France.  Accommodation - Saint Maximillian House of Prayer.  Meal on arrival, bed and breakfast.

Monday 10 June  Depart 15.00. Drive to Caen for overnight ferry, with reclining seats, departing at 23.00  Arriving Portsmouth at 06.45 (Tuesday 11 June).

Tuesday 11 June  Drive from Portsmouth to Holyhead for Ferry departing at 20.30.  Arrive in Dublin at 23.45 (fast ferry). 
Reach Sacred Heart House of Prayer Cookstown approximately 01.45.

*No meals provided whilst travelling on minibus or ferry*


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