Jesus and Mary
This month the theme for our Newsletter is Jesus and Mary. May is traditionally the month of Our Lady and June, the Month of Our Lord.
We have included a beautiful explanation of the Hail Mary, by the Patricks. The words used were inspired by the Holy Spirit and sum up the humility, obedience and simplicity of Our Lady. Everything Our Lady did was for the Glory of God.
Twelve promises
In June, we remember the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This was requested by Our Lord to Saint Margaret Mary. He gave Twelve Promises to those who would receive Him respectfully on the First Friday for nine consecutive months. All He asks of us is a return of His Love.
New Europe
We look again at the evil behind this new Europe in the article ‘To Whom Shall We Go.’ The money problems in Greece is spreading across Europe and we cannot help but recall what Jesus said:
“...Where there is great wealth then I cease to exist. Look how important money is in all of your lives. Look how easy it is to borrow money. lucifer has planned this through his henchmen. he has given easy access to great wealth but when you borrow you must pay back and so the never ending circle begins. ...Mankind is spending more than they have, banks are lending more than they have, governments are spending more than they have. It will come to an end for this is in lucifer’s plan. Then the savageness of man shall be seen in its true light...” Wednesday 20 December 2006
The Gathering Place
Two teenagers have been a great Blessing to this House by volunteering in the Gathering Place nearly every week! The two girls have written an article about this: The Gathering Place aka ‘The Soup Kitchen.’
Aborted Babies Sold in Capsules
In the news recently, South Korean customs have stopped stamina capsules - made in China - which contain babies that have been dried in a microwave until they are in powder form!!! Just how sick does this world get?! Read more about this in ‘Freeze Dried Aborted Babies Sold in Capsules to Enhance Stamina.’
Blessings in disguise
We look again at the Goodness of Jesus in ‘Blessings of the Lord’ and how our crosses and bad times in our lives may in actual fact be Blessings in disguise.
Mobile phones
We have included an article about children being able to access porn through their mobile phones just by paying a small fee for a code from their network providers.
Our refuge
All these contrasting articles in this Newsletter make me think that - amidst the craziness of this Godless, ever-darkening world we live in - the Sacred Heart is our refuge, a sign of great joy, consolation and hope. Let us look forward, gladly, to His imminent triumph!

Thursday 12 April 2012
Apply My Love to your life. I long to play a part in your life, My Heart longs for a return of love from you. Your life does not always need to be busy with the things that I ask of you but the quiet moments of stopping and feeling of My Presence is food for your spiritual Journey. Love Me and focus on Me, My Presence with you, many times in each day. I Love you.
Tuesday 1 May 2012
Come to Me, My little children, come, take this outstretched Hand and We, together, shall be in the Light of Love.
Come, My beloved child, I call to you in these Words, I call for you to come follow Me. Take on My Truth in this world of darkness and do not be afraid for I am your Father and I come to take you from the dangers that surround you.
I Love you, My child, I Love you and I call you through these Words of Love. Many, many times I have called to you, yet, you do not listen. There is such little time left and there are so few who are willing to take on My Words of Love.
Come, My beloved children, take on My Words now; take on the Words of Life and spread them into this world so that others may drink of their freshness. Come to Me, I Love you.
Wednesday 2 May 2012
In the beginning, I made man and man was made in My likeness, My image. I gave man life so that he could rule life on this earth and prosper, giving glory and thanks to his God. But, very soon, man became greedy and turned away from his God and followed the ways of darkness. So, I Warned man through My Prophets to turn away from his evil ways: he did not listen so My Hand was forced to strike this earth in Justice and I sent a great flood. Man believed for a time but then, once again, he allowed greed to enter, he allowed the darkness to enter and rule him. So I came Myself to this earth to show man how to live through My Life and My Death but still man has turned away from Me. I have sent My Prophets once again to Warn man that he is bringing about the destruction of this earth by his evil ways but still man does not believe, rather, he listens to the darkness and its lies. The Hand of Justice is raised once again and is about to strike this earth yet, man, once again, cannot see the Truth.
You do not read the signs of your times, children, you do not see the Truth, this earth is polluted by darkness. Very few walk in the Light of My Truth. Those that do follow Me in truth are condemned, scorned and looked down upon even from those within My Church.
Look! You accept sin as an everyday part of your life; you accept the murdering of the innocent within their mothers’ wombs; you condone and accept those that live together outside the sanctuary of Marriage.
You accept and condone those that take many partners in acts of adultery: your bodies are holy, children, they are not sexual objects.
You accept homosexuality as being a part of everyday life yet, all it produces is sin.
Remember, I destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of this sin; it produces nothing but lust and false love that is spread by lucifer.
Open your eyes to the truth and read the signs of your times. I am Coming soon and I will cleanse all that is evil from this earth. This is why I say: you have so little time left to you to turn away from the darkness and come follow Me. You have so little time to help your brothers and sisters who are in darkness.
Children, see the truth of the times that you live in. Look at My Mother’s Message of Garabandal. You stand at the brink and do not realise what is about to happen. Come, now, follow Me in truth and help your brothers and sisters: be a part of My Army that rises for soon you shall see My Power; you shall see the lame walk; the deaf hear; the dumb speak; the dead rise; for I mean to show this earth how they have rejected Me, how they have turned away from the Truth and followed the darkness. Those that are willing to listen shall be Saved and those that refuse to see shall be cast into the darkness with their father, there to be held for all eternity.
Come, My beloved children, wake up and see the Truth: I am Coming. I Love you.
Thursday 10 May 2012
My little ones, I call out to you from this Lonely Heart. I call to you in this wilderness of self. This world has rejected Me and is about to destroy all that I have set up.
Will you stand by while this happens, children?
Will you not stand up for Me?
Will you not show this world that you still believe in Me?
Do not reject Me, My children, but come forth into the Light and let My Army of Love be seen. Show this world that you believe in Me by the way that you live your lives. Turn away from the things of this world and come, follow Me, in truth. I am calling out to you in these Words for I am lonely; there are few who are willing to take on My Words of Truth and follow in My Footsteps. I Love you.
Thursday 10 May 2012
Come, now, and take on these Words, do not hold back any longer, children, for there is so little time left to you; there are so few who are willing to do My Work. I call to you, My child, as you read these Words: open your heart to Me, allow Me in so that We, together, may breathe New Life into this world.
I Love you and I need your hands, your feet and your lips so that My other children may see that you believe in My Truth, that you believe in Me, your God. Do not be afraid to use My Name in front of others; speak My Name with respect and they will come to believe in My Truth. My Name I have given for, when you utter My Name in Truth, I am there.
Come, children, take on My Words and show this world that you are a follower of Mine. I Love you.
Sunday 13 May 2012
Open your heart to Me, My son, and allow Me to show you the Path. You struggle against Me and My Ways for they are not the ways that you have known in this world.
Allow Me to show you a new Path, the Path of Love, Truth and Forgiveness.
Allow Me to shine forth from your heart so that others may come to know Me through you.
I am a Gentle God: a God of Love and Light.
Walk in My Footsteps for I can see your heart, My son. I can see your desire to follow Me; allow Me to penetrate deep into your heart. I Love you.
Tuesday 15 May 2012
This was a personal Message to the Patricks
Come, take on these Words of Mine and do not be afraid, My little sons, for My Work is about to begin. Trust in Me, trust in what I do with you. Constantly draw on Me for, the more that you draw on Me, the greater My Presence will become within you. Do this so that We, together, may begin to heal the wounds of this world.
Yes, it is My desire that there would be a Day of Praise within My House each month as you have said.
Begin to prepare My Books (Message Books) in earnest for soon they shall be needed. Trust in Me. I shall provide.
All must be done in truth. Draw on Me and let Me be the Strength that guides you. Let Me be the one that provides. I am Coming soon: prepare the Path, make the way straight and believe. Do not allow doubts to prevail you for you will need My Truth. Trust in Me, My sons. I Love you.
Sunday 20 May 2012
My children, follow in My Footsteps. Be what I have called you to be and allow Me to Teach you the Way of Truth; allow Me to show you the Path that you must follow. All is about to change, children, and you are not prepared. Prepare now while there is still time so that I may guide you through the darkness for many will come to deceive you and you will be easily taken off the Path of Truth, if you are not prepared. I Love you.

Hail Mary
I greet You, Mary, my Mother, with all my love as Gabriel greeted You on that day when You were given the Child in Your Womb. I hail You as Mother of the Divine One.
I hail You as my Mother for Jesus gave You to me and all mankind from the tree of the Cross.
You Loved Him and served Him all of Your Life.
You are my Mother, my Sister, my Love. You are the Mother of my God. You are the Star of Heaven that shines as a bright light to guide me on my way to Him.
I hail Your beauty, I hail Your simplicity, I hail the humble obedience of Your ‘Yes,’ I hail You, Queen of The Light.
Your stance in greeting is one of humility and obedience and acceptance and wonderment in the Mysteries of Your God.
Full of Grace
Grace, taken from the Bosom of the Father and placed in Your Heart. You are filled with Grace, filled with the Love of the Trinity, Who is Your God, Who is Your Spouse, Who is Your Son. You are filled with the Grace of The Three. That Grace is fulfilled in You.
Your attitude is Grace, Your Life is Grace, Your Soul is embalmed in the Heart of Grace and You are the Mother of Jesus, who is All Grace. From that Grace comes Your Love of all things good, of all things that are Truth, of all things that live within The Light.
You live within The Light and shine forth, in radiance, that Light which is in You from Your Heavenly Throne, given to You for Your obedience.
The Lord is with Thee
The Three are with You and were present within Your Womb when the Child was in You. The Lord took You for Himself, O Favoured Daughter of the Most High, He Loved You and gave Himself to You.
Intrinsically and because The Father, The Son and The Spirit wanted it, You are taken into Them, favoured by Them and caught up within Them that Your Will is only Theirs. Your substance is Theirs.
Blessed art Thou among women
Blessed are You among women and Blessed is the Child You will bear. But why am I so high favoured, that the Mother of my Lord should come to me? As soon as the sound of Your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy. Blessed is She who has believed that what the Lord has said to Her will be accomplished.
In these Words, Elizabeth saw You for what You were: the Mother of God, the Mother of Love, the Mother of the Chosen One. In her wisdom and by the Holy Spirit, she saw the Truth in You.
Indeed, Blessed art Thou among all women for You answered the call of the Mighty One and He found a home in You.
And Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb
Thy Womb is His Chamber, His Tabernacle and the Chosen Place for Him to rest. He is the Blessed One, the Chosen One and the Fruit, borne forth from Your Womb, to be the Saviour of mankind.
The Lamb of God, sacrificed for us, sprung forth from the rod of Jesse, entered Your Womb through The Holy Spirit and became Flesh, Your Flesh. You warmed Him and Loved Him and nurtured Him with Your Blood. You held Him within You and ripened, quickened Him and gave Him Your Life.
Behold The Man, God, Throned upon His Cross.
And sitting, perchance, to pause within His Pain
And ponder man, for whom His Blood spilt.
And indifferent Thorns
Do crown and etch the furrowed Brow,
To mark royalty and Godhead King.
And shame, not upon His torn Face
Nor in His humble Spirit,
But in me, whose burden is carried
Upon His wearied Back.
And Love His aim to carry me,
And beckon me to come and live within
His Holy Heart to dwell forevermore.
I kneel before and bow my head,
To worship and adore: my Lord and my God,
I love You.
Holy Mary
Holy Mother, who holds the Child within Her Arms, a safe haven for God, and kisses, tender, the Face of Him. Arms about the Child that Love and cherish the Eternal, made Flesh, cling and yet gives to us in need.
Within Your Arms, Sweet Mary, You hold the very Word of God, spoken thus to You and us and given too for parched men to speak and thirst no more.
You, Holy Mary, no more than a child Yourself, mothering and nursing the Christ and given to us through Your Love of Him whom You wrapped in swaddling clothes and did present for men to see.
Mother of God
And mystery, that abides in all men’s hearts, that You, born of men, could, elevated, become the Mother of Divine Spirit and Spouse of God.
In giving and humble spirit, You accepted Gods Will and, unknown to us, our will. Alone and before Your God, shaped in Angel form, You accepted for all mankind, to represent and take for him Gods Promise, His Word that proved His Truth and benevolence for mankind.
A worthy thing indeed, to allow the Saviour the service of Your Womb and deserving of the exalted title.
Pray for us sinners
We, sinners still, ask You, Holy Mary, to guide us on the Way and lead us only to Your Son, the Christ Child. Show us, with Your Light, given by God, only His most tender Face.
And pray for us in this vale of suffering, this place of tears, so that we may, indeed, know how, like You, to be valuable in the sight of God, to be worthy of His good promises.
When we fall, Sweet Mother, run to our sides and bring us back to Him with Your ardent prayers and pleasing Love.
Now and at the hour of our death
Only in the moment that is now present, will we find Him whom we seek, only in the now can He be sought and found.
And in our death, when our souls will fly to Him for freedom or rejection, be there, Sweet Mother, as we pass through the dark vale that Death will lead us through and guide us, surely, into the Light that is the Fruit of Your Womb.
Lead Kindly, Mother of the Light, beneath Your Mantle and guard us on this path of seeking Him.
Amen, to the Gracious Father, who holds us in His Hands. Amen, to the Obedient Son, who gave His precious Life in our stead. Amen, to the Ardent Spirit, who gives us Grace and Guidance in abundance.
Amen, Amen, Amen. Thy Will be done. And be it done unto me according to Thy Will. Amen.

Month of the Sacred Heart
We have reached the most beautiful Month of the year once again, June, the Month of the Sacred Heart.
It is time to remember the the Sacred Heart of Jesus, His Promises, His Love.
And Saint Margaret Mary too, her humility, her love of suffering, her desire to be hidden in His Heart.
To help man love Him
In order to steer us from the path of ruin and to help man love Him, Jesus established the Feast of the Sacred Heart and asked the faithful, through Saint Margaret Mary, for the First Friday devotions. These Devotions are to receive Him in a state of Grace (after Confessions) in Holy Communion for nine consecutive months and to pray in reparation for the sins against the Sacred Heart, especially for sins of ingratitude towards the Blessed Sacrament.

His Promises
These are His Promises:
1. I will give them all the Graces necessary for their state of life.
2. I will give peace in their families.
3. I will console them in all their troubles.
4. I will be their refuge in life and especially in death.
5. I will abundantly Bless all their undertakings.
6. Sinners shall find in My Heart the source and infinite ocean of mercy.
7. Tepid souls shall become fervent.
8. Fervent souls shall rise speedily to great perfection.
9. I will Bless those places wherein the image of My Sacred Heart shall be exposed and venerated.
10. I will give to priests the power to touch the most hardened hearts.
11. Persons who propagate this devotion shall have their names eternally written in My Heart.
12. In the excess of the mercy of My Heart, I promise you that My all Powerful Love will grant to all those who will receive Communion on the First Fridays for nine consecutive months, the Grace of final repentance: they will not die in My displeasure, nor without receiving the Sacraments and My Heart will be their secure refuge in that last hour.
Find new ways to love Him
Jesus tirelessly tries to Save mankind and keep him close to Him. He has continuously made various attempts - before and after the Devotion to the Sacred Heart through Margaret Mary - using many Saints, devotions, Messages, visions and His Mother. He constantly attempts to remind us of Him by bringing us new ways to see Him or things to captivate our hearts towards Him again.
And so we, too, must always strive to find new ways to love Him - keeping our anchor in check, adding to the fire - by seeking additional methods to deny ourselves and die to self.
As well as recalling these beautiful things Jesus has so abundantly Gifted us with - His Heart, His Grace, His Love, His Sacraments, His promises, His Messages, His never ending attention and assistance in the Salvation of our souls - how can I forget my own past negligence of Him!
He had to tell us
In the following Message Jesus gave in 1999, He had to tell us to celebrate His Heart:
“...This is a month in which there should be much Joy in the celebration of My Heart among you. The Saints of My Heart walk among you looking for your Joy to bring it to Me but they find none. Love Me in this Month.
Let joy pass from your hearts, and love, into the Hands of My Saints who await it. I Love you.” Tuesday 1 June 1999. Shame on us that He had to tell us!
Very few are enthusiastic
Also, in 2006 (we forget so quickly!), He had to remind us, once again, in a very sad way:
On 20 June 2006, Patrick and I were at prayer. I heard Jesus say the Words, “Come into My Love and drink the fullness of My Presence.” At prayer, if Jesus comes to me, He will always come facing me, very close to my face. Today, He came and I could see Him in a side view. He was shaking His Head from side to side as if to say ‘no.’ I could see that He was struggling to hold back many Tears.
I heard the Words: “Very few are enthusiastic within My House for My approaching Feast. Make much preparation for it.” He then showed me how we were to prepare for it...
Vision at prayer, Tuesday 20 June 2006
Lots of little ways
Hopefully that will be the very last time He will ever have to tell any of us to be in joy or be enthusiastic in the Month of the Sacred Heart!
I am already thinking of little ways to please Him this June, to make a return of His great Love. Ideas are: to make a greater effort to love someone I don’t get on with very well, to promote His Heart by placing more images of His Heart exposed in locations they can be seen, of taking on the First Friday Devotions once again... there are lots of little ways to show Him love.
On the Feast of the Sacred Heart two years ago, Jesus asked us to find the Saint Therese House of Prayer in Belgium - which is up and running, thank God - and that SonLight Music Ministry become a spearhead in the promotion of His Love - this is ongoing.
Last year, however, Jesus asked that His Houses and soldiers in His Army would increase in numbers - this hasn’t happened.
“This is the Hour of Mercy, the Hour when great Rivers of Mercy and Love flow from Me. More so, on this Day, the great Feast of My Heart. Its Fire Burns incessantly but on this Day it Burns evermore, increasing beyond its bounds of Love. Think, My children, think of My Heart!
Think of My Love and be about My business. Let love flow from you.
I ask of you to increase My Houses for, from them, My Love and Mercy can flow in great torrents. Be not afraid of this for it is My greatest Desire to make alive all that is dead and sinful in this world.
Come to Me! Come to Me for My Desire is that you, who hear these Words, would wear the Garb of My Heart to become My little Army of Love. Increase in numbers, gather quickly, muster as an army for My Heart wills it.
I am your Master and I tell you that the harvest is great but the labourers are few. Come to Me! Come to Me this Day! I call you, will you ignore Me?
My Houses are in great need, they become like blocked pipes that cannot let My Mercy and Love flow. Come to Me, Your Lord has great need of you. I Love you.”
Feast of the Sacred Heart, Friday 1 July 2011, 2.55pm
Please consider it
I encourage you who are not in the Way of the Sacred Heart to please consider it and to, definitely, be in Jesus’ Army of Little Souls and constantly promote His Ways of Love in this ever increasing world of darkness.
Judging by the way He speaks in the Messages, I don’t think we have long left before His Return, so let’s use these final hours to do all we can to help Him Save His children!

To Whom Shall We Go?
“...Soon...the emerging nation of Europe shall flex her muscles. She has imprisoned countries within her by trickery...Once she was imprisoned and now she imprisons...” Tuesday 22 October 2002
“...A few countries will control the rest and among them will be the one who was wounded and lives again...” Saturday 29 July 2006
Severe pressure
These Words of Jesus seem evermore close to being fulfilled when we look at the present situation in Europe. It seems economies everywhere in the continent are under severe pressure financially and falling heavily into debt, including many which have accepted the euro as their currency and have entered into monetary union.
Strong link
In this connection, I was struck by an article in the Daily Mail (17 August 2011) by Simon Heffer, entitled “Rise of the Fourth Reich.” In this he points out that Germany’s (the beast that was wounded in Revelation, according to Jesus) economy, being just about the only strong link in the chain at present, this could mean that country ultimately taking charge of the economies of all the others in the “Eurozone.”
Go bankrupt
Recent meetings between - and statements by - various heads of government seem to point in this direction. To quote Heffer; “If the global financial markets continue to have no confidence in the sticking-plaster rescue packages offered by Eurozone leaders, some nations will go bankrupt - one or two, such as Greece and Ireland, are already more or less trading while insolvent.
Fiscal union
They may hope their salvation, apart from pulling out of the single currency and devaluing, would be to accept Germany properly bolstering the euro and effectively colonising the Eurozone.
This would entail a loss of sovereignty not seen in those countries since many were under the jackboot of the Third Reich seventy years ago. For be in no doubt what fiscal union means: it is one economic policy, one taxation system, one debt, one economy, one finance minister. And all of the above would be German.”
Common Market
What a contrast to the innocence with which this all began, with the “Common Market” as it used to be called. Countries were simply clubbing together to make trading ie “buying and selling” easier. Oh and of course forging stronger links that would help reduce the likelihood of another conflict along the lines of World War II.
Super state
There couldn’t have been a better idea - and while a policy-forming European Commission was set up -along with a less powerful European Council and European Parliament, no one questioned that the representatives of the most significant of these bodies were unelected by the populace, as they were only harmless bureaucrats anyway, in most people’s perception, a little corrupt perhaps but good luck to them. How things have evolved! These same not wholly democratic bodies have taken on evermore significance as the governing force behind an emerging new super state.
Outward appearance
When my generation were growing up there was a quite fundamental understanding that the status quo in the world was that there was this division between the countries of the “Free West” who believed in democracy and human rights, tolerance of religions - and the communist tyrannies of the East, the baddies who didn’t and who were the problem. This is still superficially the outward appearance of things, apart from certain economic compromises made by Russia and China but evermore, as I say, superficially.
Need to worry
Jesus has told us in the Messages that it is not those in power who we can see that we need to worry about but those whom we cannot.
Who is actually in control then and does this unseen undemocratic stratum in the hierarchy, as some have suggested, perhaps have a hand in what is going on in the financial markets, not just in Europe but in the whole world, which are supposed to respond purely to changing conditions of trade? Would it be they who are deliberately creating the conditions necessary to bring about a Europe unified under primarily German control?
Many Tongues, One Voice
What are their values, what are their beliefs? If democracy is not what they are about, then is it tyranny? If we are now ‘One Europe with Many Tongues, One Voice,’ as the slogan goes, what is this voice, or whose?
Anything goes
We Europeans have increasingly been living in an agnostic, “anything goes” society and our leaders, our visible leaders at any rate, have generally seemed to share the same values. But we might possibly be hasty to assume that those who govern behind the scenes really hold the same views. There are some arguably sinister overtones to some of the symbols employed by the EU which may give a clue to the reality. For instance, there is the similarity between the European Parliament building in Strasbourg and the unfinished Tower of Babel as depicted by the painter Breughel. There is also the image of the goddess “Europa” riding a bull as for instance seen in the statues erected outside both European parliament buildings.
“Ode to Joy”
There is the European anthem “Ode to Joy” with words written by the German poet Friedrich Schiller in 1785 (the music was composed by Beethoven - also a German - in 1823) as follows:
“Joyful spark of hope and glory
Unity with the divine
Drunken under fire, goddess
We approach thy holy shrine
Thy magic shall unite forever
Those nations which were not
Every mortal becomes one
And your rule shall not be forgot.”
A national anthem that does not have as its theme, a nation’s basic outlook or orientation, would be unusual. Thus could we infer that a non-Christian paganistic belief system provides the actual spiritual ethos underlying the political one? (Hitler I recall was also attracted to pagan legends and was a great admirer of Wagner and his Ring Cycle based on Norse legend).
Also the European flag seems to have stolen the twelve stars from around the Virgin Mary’s head, a symbol of unity supposedly. But recently this symbol has been adapted on occasion to incorporate two curved lines that seem to resemble upper and lower lids. A reference to the “all seeing eye” of Freemasonry perhaps?
Hidden rulers
We are a pluralistic, ‘anything goes’ society that believes that one should tolerate other people’s views and which holds that what is true for A is not necessarily true for B. Non discrimination and equal opportunities and diversity are our by-words. We collectively are moral and cultural relativists. But are our hidden rulers also like this, exactly, when the chips are down?
Not allowed to discriminate
The modern mindset seems to be supported by, if not embodied in, the legislation formulated in Europe. Under the European Convention on Human Rights we are not allowed to discriminate against one another on any grounds, or abuse each others rights, or prevent one another from worshipping how we please, or believing what we want. My rights are firmly in place so long as they don’t impinge on somebody else’s rights. If this sounds fraught with uncertain implications, it is but, never mind, there are European courts there to rule on the matter and I am sure they will come to an unbiased judgement, won’t they?
All agreed
This sounds great! Under this kind of system we can all truly be one, One Europe and One Voice. No more war. We are all agreed to disagree. Aren’t we all agreed on this? Unity is good. Providing of course we throw any notion of Absolute Truth out with the bath water.
Christians should go along with this, surely?
Well, here lies the catch, if we refer back to actual Scripture and not to some gloss that a modernist priest wants to put on it nowadays. The Voice of Jesus and Scripture generally, very much, jars with the pluralistic ‘tolerate everything’ concept. Scripture tells us to ‘hate what is evil and love what is good.’ Jesus says categorically that ‘I did not come to bring peace’ (Matthew 10:34). He knows He must cause division, to set a daughter against her mother. This is because He wants us to deny ourselves, not have any and everything we want. This is a necessity if we are to follow Him.
So any Christian, or anyone who holds firmly to their beliefs, is a fly in the ointment under this regime we have adopted since the Lisbon Treaty. Whose voice? Does not this ‘tolerate everything’ mantra have echoes of the satanistic one: “Do whatever thou wilt shall be the whole of the law?” This is the entire gist of European legislation. (Compare this with Saint Augustine; “Love and do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.)”
Symbols it employs
Which brings me back to considering the significance to Europe of the symbols it employs. We know from the Bible that the Tower of Babel was built for the glory of man, not God. It was intended to reach the Heavens and signified man’s ability to elevate himself and grandify himself without God. God realised that it was through their collective strength that men were caught up in this conceit, so he deliberately scattered them, giving them different tongues.
This process is now in reverse as we not only have a unified Europe but a collective language, English.
It is believed that the stones from the Tower of Babel were used to construct Babylon, which is how it got its name. The first ruler of Babylon was Nimrod (also coming to be worshipped as Baal), who was associated with Semiramis, who came to be worshipped as a goddess.
Child sacrifice
Over the years, because of the multiplication of tongues, many other names have been ascribed to this goddess, among them being Ashtaroth, Astarte and some would argue Europa. So Europa is conceivably in the same genealogy of gods or goddesses as those other gods to whom child sacrifice was so often made. Just so it is arguably to the goddess Europa that child sacrifices are being made in Europe today, with its unified laws giving all rights to everyone, in the form of abortion.
his prisoners, his plaything
In a single Europe with one set of laws, this must finally be made available everywhere. A woman’s body is her own to do with as she wants: her truth might not be yours!
So this is the other face of freedom. In fact an excess of freedom might be seen to result in a total loss of freedom, where we are crushed under the heels of lucifer’s minions in the name of putting rights over obligations. Jesus has said, “Soon, My children, you shall not be able to move or speak without breaking a law of lucifer. Then you shall be his prisoners, his plaything.” Monday 11 August 2003. Not the result we were looking for then.
Idolatrous belief
After the Tower of Babel, the fragmented human race went off to populate the various parts of the world, as God intended it should, taking with it its various garbled forms of idolatrous belief. So if underlying most of the world religions is the unity of paganistic supertstition that men shared as they built the Tower, so much easier then can we envisage their rediscovering the common roots of their beliefs.
However God called Abraham away from his gods in Chaldea, to worship Him, the one True God, so we Christians can have no part in the globalisation of belief that some are trying to promote, in the name of peace.
Jesus has Warned us that as it was for Jews under Hitler, so will it be for us Christians soon. I think I am beginning to see why.
(Drawn from “Know Your Enemy” documentary series on You Tube)
The goddess Europa outside parliament buildings.

The Gathering Place aka ‘The Soup Kitchen’
The following article was written by a group of young people who help out in the Gathering Place at weekends.
A few turns
As our dad is working as a novice servant in the House of Prayer, we have recently had the pleasure of being invited to do a few turns in the Gathering Place on Friday nights.
Fresh vegetables
Normally at around 9.30pm or so, we would meet up with our cousin or friends and go to the cinema or visit one of the local pubs in search of music and a bit of craic before going over to the Sacred Heart House of Prayer at around 12:30am. They have the soup made from early on – it’s a lovely mélange of fresh vegetables, spices and some soup mix all boiled in hot water and well stirred so that there are no chunks.
Made a lot of friends
We’ve been there five or six times now and have made a lot of friends and acquaintances in that time. We now call them our weekly regulars. This is another of Jesus’ great ideas where servants of the House give of their time, love and energy to catering and caring for Gods children.
Hot soup for nothing
Little beakers of soup are distributed to everyone and anyone who comes in - free of charge - and in as great a quantity as they require. The teenagers who come in to see us can’t believe or understand how they can get lovely hot soup for nothing – many have also asked why we do the work voluntarily.
It’s good fun
The truth is it’s good fun – we can meet all sorts, even though a lot of them are tipsy or even quite drunk – and have a chat with them in a bright and friendly environment. We find it hilarious.
Very friendly
In spite of their unsteady state, they are for the most part not only very friendly but also modest, polite and grateful. A lot of what they say is nonsense as they can’t always think straight but many of them do make prayerful and positive statements about God and their faith. Some say they don’t believe in anything but they appreciate getting free soup and that that is real religion!
Can be very hectic
Some nights can be quiet with only fifty or sixty people calling in; others can be very hectic, such as Easter Monday, when we had over five hundred customers who had come from as far away as Lurgan and Enniskillen to see this holy place they had been told about and get served free soup by other young people.
On that particular night there were actually six of us at the counter, ourselves, two friends from Monaghan and two other guys who were over staying with us from Brittany (France). Our friends from Monaghan had never been there before and were queried on their pedigree, their background and their faith. This certainly made for some interesting exchanges.
Stand up for our values
We are advised not to get into any deep philosophical debates but it’s always good to be challenged a little and to be asked to stand up for our values and express our opinions on things. The Bretons (French) really enjoyed their experience too, dishing out and distributing cup after cup and trying to make sense of what people were saying to them. That night we had conversations going in English, Irish and French and many trying to communicate, not all that logically I might add, using whatever little vocabulary they had learnt at school in these other languages.
It’s very funny
We like meeting new friends there and we sometimes meet people we already know which is nice too, if they don’t ignore us out of embarrassment perhaps! Sometimes boys come in, flirting with us, asking for our numbers and saying funny comments such as “You’re so beautiful, you should be in Heaven with the Angels,” it’s very funny and we play along with them for the craic. Honestly we get as much craic working in the ‘Soup Kitchen’ as we would from going out to the night clubs or pubs.
Bind and bandage them up
Sometimes boys will also come in with bleeding knuckles or fingers and we will have to bind and bandage them up – they enjoy being nursed and made a fuss over as well as the attention which comes with being asked what happened or how they got cut. I don’t think they ever in fact tell us the truth about this as it mostly involves their being cut by broken glass.
Very polite
The disco-goers come in - in all shapes and sizes - both the boys and the girls and, as I said, they are very polite and even complimentary, not only of the chef and the soup but even of us who give it out.
Clothes for giving away
Quite often when we’ve been there over the past few months the weather has been quite cold and those exiting the pubs and discos, especially the girls, are very lightly dressed. Here again, Jesus had another great plan, as the HoP Shop (charity shop) is just next door and there are plenty of good items of clothes for giving away. And so, we not only give out hot savoury soup but many leave as well with another item of free clothing to keep them warm in the chilly air outside. Many of the girls manage to acquire a matching top for their dresses, skirts or shorts and the lads will wear even clothes that are too small for them just for the sake of keeping warm and getting a little more attention!
Patterns emerging
Unfortunately too we can see some patterns emerging where some boys and girls always seem to have over consumed and their friends, who are still quite sober, are trying to watch out for them and take care of them. They often drop or knock over the soup and we have to clean it all up again and if it runs out, as happens now and again, they start shouting ‘we want soup, we want soup’ until the next saucepan is ready. In the meantime of course, we continue to give out tea, coffee and cups of water as many still enjoy these.
A lift home
Sometimes people stay there until they manage to find a taxi to take them home which isn’t always easy. Late one night, because all the taxi companies had called it a night, daddy offered to give some boys a lift home. We however, had left the radio on in the car and when daddy came out the battery had gone flat. They had to push our car the whole way through town to the local twenty four hour garage. This was really funny because the boys were a wee bit drunk and were beat out by the time we reached the garage. Once there, we got jump leads and a kind taxi driver gave us a hand to get on the road again. We didn’t get home that night until 5:00 in the morning!
Alcoholism can slowly take root in young people’s lives just like any other drug. We had a good talk with another friend of the House who was an alcoholic but has managed to avoid taking any drink for six or seven years now. His stories were incredible, the amount of near-death experiences he has had, the amount of black-outs, the amount of escapades but they were sad too because, as he said, he had lost thirty three years of his life and there had been other casualties along the way.
He was hooked
It had all started innocently, going out on a Friday night, then a Saturday as well, and, before long, he needed a drink in the morning and that was the real sign that he was hooked. Some of our new friends who come and go are on the same slippery path and we can only advise them and pray that they will take heed before lucifer gets his evil grasp on their lives too.
Our promise to God
We ourselves have learned the effect alcohol can have on peoples’ lives and we know not to go overboard with the drinking when our time comes, because currently we are still keeping our promise to God in our Confirmation pledge, not to drink until we are eighteen. Many of our friends have broken their pledge and we find it sad that it is completely all right for people to break a promise like that to Jesus.
He can use this - our giving
One night, some boys decided not to have a drink so they could have a proper conversation with us but, as we didn’t know anything about this, we weren’t actually there that night much to their disappointment! It’s a long night and normally doesn’t finish until 3:30 in the morning. The real sacrifice Jesus asks for however is getting up before 9:00 later that morning and trying to stay awake until night again. He can use this - our giving - to help other people who are really tired and sick and whom we don’t even know.
Maybe we’ll see you there
Once the night is over, the servants of the House clean up and say a prayer of thanks to Jesus for the night we had, the visitors who came and a safe journey home. We, too, thank Jesus for the opportunity He gives us to meet funny friends and the craic we have with them. If you live locally but haven’t been there yet, you should call in and maybe we’ll see you there.
Messages from Jesus regarding the Gathering Place
Concern arose for the young people coming from the clubs and meeting on the street outside the House of Prayer. We asked about them and this is what Jesus said:
My children, find ways of speaking to My little children who pass by these doors for their souls are being hypnotised by things chemical and their minds and hearts are being taken away from Me. Let them know that you are here and look at this in Love and not in cowardice for they are My children too.
Many of you have asked what you can do with My Words: open My doors to these, be vigilant for the evil one has robbed Me of many of My little children. Ask for My Holy Spirit and He will guide you on this. Do not be afraid but feed them, clothe them and quench their thirst. Go in My Name with Love. Friday 9 May 1997
“...Look again to My little ones who roam your streets in the darkness. They are the young people who receive no help. The doors of My House are closed to them: open them and allow them to feel My Love. I Bless each one of you. You are servants of the Most High. I Love you.” Tuesday 18 August 1998

Stamina capsules
Hitting the headlines this month, May 2012, is the shocking news that stamina capsules, filled with the powdered flesh of dead babies were discovered by customs in South Korea.
Thirty fifth smuggling attempt
The capsules were made in north east China. This was the thirty fifth smuggling attempt, according to South Korean customs agents! Officials there have stopped 17,000 dead baby pills being imported since last August! South Korea are stepping up their inspections on shipments of drugs from China.
The inspection’s DNA tests indicated the pills were 99.7% human. The tests also detected hair and nail particles and the gender of the babies could even be established!
Severe fines or a beating
China performs thirteen million abortions a year to keep its population down. Thirty eight percent of Chinese women, who are of child bearing age, have been sterilised. Mothers sacrifice their newborn babies to avoid the punishment of severe fines or a beating from authorities. Babies have been deliberately left to die in ‘dying rooms’ because they were born into families that had already reached the legal limit of one child.
The aborted babies are then made great financial use of in the lucrative medical industry.
The body could be purchased
Last year, the South Korean SBS documentary team reported that corrupt medical staff in some Chinese hospitals and abortion clinics were tipping off private companies when a baby was stillborn or aborted so that the body could be purchased.
The tiny corpses are bought, stored in household fridges in the traders’ own homes before being taken to clinics where they are put in a medical drying microwave. When the skin is tinder dry, it is ground into powder and processed into capsules - along with herbs to disguise its ingredients from customs and health investigators - ready to sell as a “stamina enhancer!”
Dangerous super-bacteria
Herbal medicine is a massive industry. Gullible, sick and desperate people are buying these capsules believing they are a a medicinal ‘cure-all.’ Chinese remedies, including endangered species (rhino horns), black bears, antelopes and human placentas (also available in capsule form), are in high demand in this health conscious, vain world where looks are all important.
However, these human flesh capsules contain dangerous super-bacteria and other harmful ingredients.

This news is heart wrenching and sickening. These little ones haven’t had the chance to live but their bodies are now used to enhance the lives of others and live their lives to the full, as they foolishly think.
Where will it end
How worldly, how evil are we that we do these things? The people who make these capsules are so blinded by the gain of wealth and the people who buy these capsules are so blinded by life on this earth - thinking they’ll enhance and preserve their lives by taking these freeze dried babies! We all think our lives on this earth are all important but they are not!
We must do all we can to stop abortion because look at what is happening in China now, look where abortion leads mankind!

Where will it end??
“...Many millions cry out to Me each day. See the Truth: you live in a world of darkness where the young, the innocent, are not safe from their own parents and you say that you live in the modern times? I say you live in the ‘Times of Blood’ where life is destroyed in lies that most of My people accept...” Jesus, Sunday 3 April 2011

Recently, I went to Confessions and the priest gave me for penance to reflect on the Blessings of the Lord and what He has done for me. I was surprised at this as I have never had this kind of penance before but I liked the idea of it. I didn’t get much time to do this after Confessions as the Rosary and Mass was starting.
God has done so much for me
I felt this was a good thing for me to do as God has done so much for me and I have had many miracles happen to me during my life that are known only between God and myself.
Good for the soul
God has always been in my life but it is only in the last seventeen years that I have come to know Him. I have come to see Jesus as a friend rather than some big guy in the sky. I discovered that asking God in faith for necessary things can only come about through prayer. I say necessary things because God doesn’t give us everything we want but only those things that are good for the soul and that bring us closer to Him.
A blessing
When I went through an illness, I resented every minute of it but, upon reflection, I realised that it helped me find God and continued to bring me closer to Him which is truly a Blessing.
The calling of the Lord
When I came to the House of Prayer and took on the Commitment I resented the Way of the Sacred Heart -not because I didn’t believe in it - but because I found it so hard to cope with. But, at the same time, the calling of the Lord in my heart was so strong that every time I decided to leave I found myself going back to the House of Prayer. I couldn’t get away from it.
It has taken me many years to settle in and get used to the way of life here but it has turned out to be a Blessing.
The Teachings through the Messages of Love are also a Blessing. I haven’t always taken them on nor did what Jesus has asked of me but they are our Pathway to Heaven. Jesus said that the Truth is our only safeguard in these times and to look to Him only. He gives us this through the Messages of Love.
I am so grateful to God for the many Blessings in my life that He has given me.
The blessing of the Lord maketh men rich: neither shall affliction be joined to them. Proverbs 10:22
It was through perseverance and love of Jesus that has gotten me through the many years of walking this Path. He said in one of His Messages that “…While you are on this earth, you must work in order to gain Eternal Life. This is why I said, it is the narrow path, a hard road but your reward shall be great at the end. He who perseveres, shall win the race. I Love you…” Wednesday 13 November 2002
“Take on Love and do it for in doing this you make it live, then I live within you.
My Blessings are upon you. The Light of My Most Sacred Heart I shed upon you and I heal you. Believe that I have all things in My Hand. I Love you.” Thursday 21 September 1995, St. Winifred’s, Holywell, Wales
Thank You, Jesus.

While flicking through TV channels one evening I came across a programme about mobile phones. It caught my attention because it was talking about children being able to access pornography through their mobile phones. It had never occurred to me that this was possible but I now realise that modern technology is so far advanced that anything is possible. It was very disturbing to hear about young children being able to get this kind of stuff on their phones.
What bothered me even more was that one of the phone companies mentioned was O2. This is my network. It is one of their biggest money making ventures ever. They rake in something like three billion pounds a year through mobile porn. That is a colossal amount of money but what an evil way to get it!
The phone companies being interviewed knew children were accessing porn through their networks but didn’t seem to care, they were more interested in the amount of money to be made.
Nowadays just about every child has a phone and they are very computer savvy. It wouldn’t take them long to access the internet. I don’t have any children myself but after seeing that programme I would be very concerned for any child who does have a phone.
This is a very dark world we live in and the purity of our young is being destroyed in every way in our society. We can’t blame the young people for what they get up to; it is adults and the companies who run the networks that are to blame. They can easily ban all porn but they are too greedy for money. They don’t realise the consequences of their actions.
Jesus said in Scripture, “And whosoever shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in Me; it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were cast into the sea.” Mark 9:41
This also includes everyone who works in any way within the porn industry or contributes to it because if you condone it then you are just as guilty as those who do it.
satan prowls around
I would advise anyone with children to pray for them, to ask God to keep them on the right track and also to try to talk to them. Taking their phones away wouldn’t do any good as they are so easy obtained from somewhere else.
satan prowls around like a roaring lion waiting to devour Gods children and he will go to any means to drag them into hell.
I have included here excerpts from Which? Magazine who have warned about mobile porn.
Excerpt taken from
Children can access internet porn via mobile phones due to a loophole in phone safeguards, Which? magazine says. Youngsters are able to obtain codes for adult websites by paying for them using premium rate text messages, it claims.
Which? editor Malcolm Coles said: “There’s nothing to stop children getting hold of hardcore pornography through their mobile phone.”
Industry regulator Icstis said mobile phone companies and internet providers were responsible for age checks.
But a spokesman added: “The situation shouldn’t be allowed to continue.”
Access codes
To support its claims of a loophole, Which? researchers got codes for eight porn sites using an O2 phone registered to a 15-year-old girl.
The filter system used by the phone company blocked adult material being sent directly to the handset but still let through access codes to websites showing hardcore sex films, the consumer group said.
And it cost £1.50 to pay for the codes that gave access to internet porn sites.
Which? warned that young viewers could view by entering the codes into a computer.
Mr Coles said: “There are supposed to be safeguards to stop this sort of thing but they’re obviously ineffective.
This loophole needs to be closed as soon as possible.”
The consumer group said the number of pay-per-view internet sites accepting payment by premium rate text messages had increased over the past few years.
Accept payment
An O2 spokesman, who stressed that the company took the subject “very seriously,” said some adult websites did accept payment via mobile phones.
“We have an age verification process for any commercial content that can be viewed on a mobile phone,” he said.
“We also offer a parental control on all of our mobiles that can be activated from the phone.”
He added: “While it’s the responsibility of those websites to prevent under eighteens from viewing the content on a computer, we do not want our mobiles to be used as a payment mechanism without age verification.
We are in the process of updating the agreements in place with companies that provide mobile content over our network.”
PC screens
Meanwhile, a spokesman for industry premium rate phone and text message Icstis said: “Obviously this is a loophole. Kids can access adult content on their PC screens and be billed via their mobile phones.
We are working with the mobile phone networks to look at how this loophole can be blocked.”
The purity of our young children is being attacked in every which way in our society; television, clothes, violent video games, drugs etc. There are so many things out there that it is almost impossible to keep track of what they do. I believe prayer is the best weapon against these kinds of attacks on children.
In this Message, Jesus asks the young people to love Him and come to Him:
“...All I ask of you is that you love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and strength and will and your brothers and sisters. Allow Me, through you, to make this world, a world of Love, instead of a world full of hatred and violence. All I ask is that you allow no one to take your purity away from you. This is a Gift that I, Myself, have given to you. My little ones, you are My Pride for you have come here to love Me and be with Me in My bitter Passion.
I need you, little ones; I need you to be lights in the great darkness of this world. All you can see is sin and you fall into it without knowing the seriousness of it...” Tuesday 29 March 1994, for Young People’s Prayer Groups

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Events Celebrated
Ascension Thursday 17 May
We celebrated the true Ascension of the Lord on the Thursday, although the Church celebrated it on Sunday 20 May.
During the 12 o’clock Community Prayers, a servant gave a talk on how we can witness for Jesus everyday. The servant talked about how Jesus commanded His Disciples to go out to the whole world and preach the Gospel:
15 And He said to them: Go ye into the whole world and preach the Gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15
Jesus has asked us to be a witness to Him. We can do this by the way we live our lives. Jesus has said in the Messages of Love that even giving someone a smile is doing His Work.
Holy Spirit
At the 3 o’clock prayers, after the Divine Mercy and Rosary, a servant spoke on the Ascension and how Jesus was taken up to Heaven, Body and Soul, from Mount Olivet and told His Disciples that He would send the Holy Spirit.
Our 6 o’clock prayers concluded the day with a talk, songs and praising.
Events to Come

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Love Is...
Love one another
During Jesus’ time on earth, He was always talking about love and explaining that we should love one another and, by doing this, we would be loving Him. Did He not say that whatsoever we do to the least of our brothers or sisters, we do to Him?
Greatest Gift
This thing called love which comes through faith and free will is the greatest Gift that Jesus has placed within our grasp, if only we could get rid of self! If we got rid of self we would be able to appreciate how much Love He has for us, that He was willing to Die to save us from the path to hell. But we seem reluctant to die to self.
Turn back to Him
Admittedly, the evil one has a lot to do with this. he dangles the temporary pleasures of this world before us and, at times, we find it hard to resist and we stumble, forsaking Him who Loves us so much, the source of all Love and Joy. Jesus has said many times in the Messages to turn back to Him. The more we follow the world, the more we are walking away from Him.
“...They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living water and have digged to themselves cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.” Jeremiah 2:13
True happiness
At this moment in our time, we have more material things, especially in the western world. It seems the more we possess, the greedier we become and the more unhappy people we encounter. There is no room or time to be happy in Jesus’ Love. True happiness cannot be found in the things of this world. Jesus says if we want to be happy, go to Him and He will give us the Holy Spirit who will make us happy in this life and the next.
“...If any man thirst, let him come to Me and drink. He that believeth in Me, as the scripture saith, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” John 7:37-38
Chip away at self
Through prayer we get closer to Jesus in order to obtain the Light in these dark times. Prayer can do everything, all we have to do is ask. But first we must chip away at self to make room for Him so that we can truly be filled with His Love and follow the Path of Truth.
“...If you shall ask Me anything in My name, that I will do. If you love Me keep My Commandments.” John 14:14-15
Let Me guide you
Jesus spoke about Love on Friday 20 April 2012:
“Look for Love, children. Do not be afraid to come follow Me for Love is what you shall find. My Heart is like a well filled with the unfathomable Love for all mankind. Come seek Me and let Me show you the Truth, let Me guide you upon the Path of Love that leads to the Kingdom of Our Father. Come now, My beloved children, do not wait for there is so little time left to you and still you have not listened, still you have not prepared. Come, My beloved children, I, your Jesus, await your response to My calls. I Love you.”

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Secularism Reveals Itself
Ways of the world
Jesus, in so many of His Messages, talks about the evil ways of the world. Following these ways of the world takes us on a path farther and farther away from Him. He tells us how the world’s ways are orchestrated by the evil one, lucifer. How does he do this?
World continues to entrap
Reality is through real people, secularists who are judges, politicians, elected officials, wealthy citizens, and other persons including freemasons that he, lucifer, controls. The world continues to entrap the ordinary people by offering them pleasures, comforts and advantages that appeal to them. God is excluded! “You will not find Me within this world for this world hates Me and My Ways.” Sunday 8 January 2012
Time is short
Jesus repeatedly Warns us in so many of His Messages that time is short. He continues to ask for our help with urgency. “Come walk with Me. Allow Me to Teach you. Allow Me to show you the Path for there is little time left and your brothers and sisters are in great danger.” Tuesday, 3 January 2012
Now we must all ask ourselves, ‘how am I reacting to His Pleas?’
On-going subtleties
In our blindness and complacency we have failed to recognize the subtle changes initiated by the secularists who are working, and making great strides, to exclude God from all places and activities. Jesus continues, in His Messages to beg us to open our eyes and see the Truth. We ignore His Pleas however. We have not seen or recognized the ongoing subtleties that are changing the world.

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A Transformation
I was hoping to be invited to return to Saint Stanislaus House of Prayer, Poland, to see all three projects which Jesus requested come to completion. Jesus requested a new roof, new windows and central heating. He got His new roof and the installation of the new central heating but the windows were not yet finalised.
Over the last few months, many meetings and much discussion with many different Polish window manufacturers had taken place and soon it was narrowed down to one person with much prayer, great hope and trust.
I was told we would be returning to Poland in March and the windows were to arrive at the end of March so that they would be installed for Easter.
The day came when the lorry pulled up at the front gate. The windows had arrived, there was great anticipation and all hands were on deck.
Same design as the old
The instruction was that they were to be the same as the old windows except the old windows were white, wooden and single glazed. These new windows are exactly the same design as the old windows but they are dark brown PVC double glazing and also some open like a door. All the men carried them in, one by one, as each one was a mighty weight.

I was aghast at how beautiful, how perfect they were. They were fabulous and excelled my expectations, especially the arched windows for the upstairs windows. I hoped they all would be the right size.
In the sitting room, kitchen and utility room there was windows blocked up and Jesus requested these windows to be opened up and new windows installed and the wall, between the kitchen and utility room, to be knocked down and be made one.
Bright and spacious
The windows were taken out and the new windows installed in what is now the new kitchen.
With the new windows there is a lot more light and is bright and spacious. With the new floor tiled, the transformation is incredible. Your eye is attracted towards the new window in the sitting room and you would like to go and stand there looking out as it is strange having an extra window.
Opened up
At the back of the House there is a like a small laundry room, toilet and shower room and what we use as a tool room which Jesus has asked to be a shower room with a toilet - it also has a new window which it truly needed. The beauty about this window is that now light and beautiful fresh air is getting into this former dark, damp area.
Jesus also requested work to be carried out in the cellar where the furnace is housed. In order to get the furnace into the cellar, a massive opening had to be dug out under the sitting room window and for entry into the cellar, steps are to be built leading down to the cellar.
When the windows were being installed a new door into the cellar was also installed and we hope, sometime soon, the cellar will also be cleaned up and furbished.
Very snug
With the new roof, the new heating system and the new windows, the House is so different; no more damp, or leaking roof, no freezing pipes or burst radiators, it is so dry, warm, very snug and, best of all, no more dead flies!
All those who have seen the windows say they are very beautiful and have told us if we purchased these windows in Ireland they would be mega, mega expensive.
While the windows and joinery work was carried out, all the rooms in the House were painted and also the hall, stairs and landings. Some of the paint work is a two coloured scheme and very much enhances the windows and certainly helps the House to feel and look warmer and cleaner.
Bless all Your children
Lord Jesus, our Beautiful Friend; I ask You to Bless all Your children who have, and are giving of themselves, to carry out the Work You have requested in all Your Houses of Prayer - for their hard work and dedication in response to Your calls to come and complete Your Houses of Prayer for You. Bless their families and keep them safe and all Your benefactors and especially for the spiritual help in prayer and sacrifices.
He is waiting on us
Have you a trade; are you a joiner, a plumber, a painter, an electrician and could give Jesus a little of your time to come and help Him bring His Houses to completion?
Jesus has many Houses in need of immediate repair and He is waiting on us, His children, to help. We are His Hands, His Feet, His Lips. Maybe you are unemployed at present, whatever your skills or you, who have no skills, Jesus is holding out His Hand to you, ladies as well as gents.
Trail of light
This was a Message that Jesus gave for the people who went to Poland to get the House for Him. Wednesday 13 September 2006
Jelenia Góra, Poland
My children, I Love you and I thank you for what you are doing for Me in this country. Much in it has been denied to Me but now you are as a trail of light. What you are doing will not go unnoticed by your God.
Oh, that My Love were growing in the world as the grass does! My Pain is great when I think of how much work still has to be done, how many more countries My Light still has to be brought to. You little understand My Pain, children, but what you do eases Me. That is why I speak these Words. Love Me a little in your hearts for to bring My Love to this country and all countries is not without its pain. I Love you and I Bless you in the Name of My Father and of Myself and My Holy Spirit. I Love you. Thank You
Once again, Jesus, I thank You for Your invitation to return to Saint Stanislaus House of Prayer to see Your three projects come to fruition and all the other works which was carried out. I love You, Jesus. My heart is Yours.

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Jesus Needs Us In His Army
Praising and thanking
As we are approaching the last few days of our time spent here manning the House of Prayer in Belgium, I cannot help myself from praising and thanking God for this wonderful gift.
Alone with Jesus
When I put my name down for manning a House of Prayer in April I thought I would like to do this for Jesus but as I look back, what really happened is what Jesus did for me. We arrived here at the Saint Thérèse House of Prayer just a few days before Holy Week and, as the priority here is prayer, it was a wonderful time to have to spend this very special week alone with Jesus.
Not really fighting
Elizabeth and I had many opportunities to spend time in the Prayer Room praying, reflecting and reading, during which time I was thinking of my conversion in 1991 and how I thought over the years that I was dying to self and getting closer to Jesus but now I realise I was just going along but not really fighting the self.
Changed my life
I have been doing the anchor now since Jesus first spoke about it in the Way of Truth and trying to add more and more onto the fire and, I can honestly say, it has changed my life and, for the first time, I can really see the things in my life that I need to fight and change. I can see lots of things in me that I do not like and this is wonderful because Jesus can show me how to make things different, for instance, where there is no love, put love; where there is injury, pardon; fighting the fears in my life etc.
Rid of all evil
I really desire to help Jesus. I want to see satan put down and I want to see a better world. I have five children and eleven grandchildren and for them I would love to see His world rid of all evil.
Really frightens me
I love my grandchildren and my children and, many times, I feel so sorry for them at how they don’t know any different life to the one they have now and they think everything is great around them and do not see the dangers they are in and how they do not know that there are many evil spirits around them. It really frightens me at how fast times are changing and how we are becoming a Godless society and how everything is accepted.
Giving us a way to fight
I know from talking to other parents and grandparents that many people are afraid and can see what is happening but are doing nothing about it. Jesus is trying to help us, He is giving us a way to fight, He is giving us a Path to walk and not only that, He is giving us step by step instruction (through His Words). Yes, I make many mistakes and it is hard at times but, if there is no pain, there is no gain! In His Loving Mercy, He is guiding us upwards and onwards, pleading with us to listen.
Jesus’ Words
People may not see any great change in me but I myself have learned through Jesus’ Words how to fight self and, with His Grace, I feel as I follow His Path I can put the old self away and begin to live as Jesus asked me through dying to self.
Habits of a lifetime
I can see my faults and failings, not anyone else’s but my own. I can see what I need to do to change many habits of a lifetime. My prayer now is for Jesus to put a new heart within me as it says in Psalm 51 “A new heart create for me, O God, put a steadfast spirit within me.” I know that I must change my heart, my thoughts and now I know how to do it.
Army of Jesus
As a parent and a grandparent I owe it to my children and all my family in Christ Jesus to join this Army of Jesus because I am part of the problem - meaning I, and my sins, over the years, gave satan the power to do what he is doing now. I can be part of the solution. If we all sit back and do nothing, the devil will claim more and more souls but, if we say we love Jesus and want this world to change, then why do we not do something about it?
Listen to Him
As Jesus says, it only takes one spark to set a forest on fire. Jesus is guiding us all the way. I am a sinner, a coward and have many faults and failings but I’m trying. If only Jesus’ children would listen to Him, this world would be a wonderful place, everything Jesus wishes for us would be fulfilled.
Jesus needs us
Please take time to read Jesus’ Words and make a stand and let our voices be heard. Please give Jesus your hands, your feet, your lips to do His Work. He will guide us all the way to victory; or will we say we cannot be bothered or let someone else do it? Jesus needs us, our children need us, the Church needs us, we need each other. Don’t let satan win. Please stand up and fight for Jesus.

John 20:24-29
24 Now Thomas, one of the twelve, who is called Didymus, was not with them when Jesus came.
25 The other disciples therefore said to him: We have seen the Lord. But he said to them: Except I shall see in His hands the print of the nails and put my finger into the place of the nails, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe.
We, in today’s world, believe in anything except God. This world has many attractions, God is not one! Unless we see miracles or happenings then we refuse to believe that God exists. With much spiritual proof in the Scripture - the life story of Jesus - yet, like Thomas, we refuse to believe.
26 And after eight days again His disciples were within and Thomas with them. Jesus cometh, the doors being shut and stood in the midst and said: Peace be to you.
27 Then He saith to Thomas: Put in thy finger hither and see My hands and bring hither thy hand and put it into My side and be not faithless but believing.
Jesus has told us, I am with you always and He never leaves our sides and yet we refuse to believe Him! We cannot fathom it in our minds, whereas we should accept that the God of Heaven walks continually by our sides. Jesus has asked us to place our hand in His and He has promised us that He will look after us always. He has given us the proof of His Love by Dying on the Cross for us and all we have to do is trust, surrender, believe.
28 Thomas answered and said to Him: my Lord and my God.
We are a nation of doubters. Jesus has give so much in the Messages of Love, Messages from all over the world, visions, Prophets, spiritual material, the Sacraments and Holy Mass. When we doubt, we are not trusting in Jesus.
29 Jesus saith to him: Because thou hast seen Me, Thomas, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen and have believed.
We must go on in blind faith without seeing anything for as Jesus said, happy are those who have not seen and yet believed. If we truly believed in Jesus then all we have to do is look to the the Cross, our Salvation.

Las Vegas
I watched a documentary about a month ago on the television. It was highlighting the plight of the American poor (Panorama BBC).
We were always told in the past that America is the land of opportunity. However, things are changing. The city of Las Vegas is perhaps the capital of capitalism, where an average of sixty million dollars is spent every night at casinos there.
Storm drains
Beneath the city, there is also another peculiar nightlife forming. It is here, amid storm drains which criss–cross for over two hundred miles, that Las Vegas’ poor and destitute are becoming communities. Yes, it’s true, families, men, women and children are living in the storm drains. Families, many whose only crime is “poverty” and “unemployment” are forced by circumstances to brazen it out in the drains underneath the city. When it rains and the drains flood, they have to flee for their lives.
Forty seven million
Since Obama came to power, forty seven million Americans qualify as poor. Three million are unemployed in Las Vegas and of these, about one and a half million do not qualify for social security, nor do they have health insurance. One percent of Americans hold the wealth of the entire country.
Tent cities are manifesting
In the storm drains of Las Vegas, men women and children try to exist with very few belongings.
There are now families squatting in trailers all over the country. Tent cities are manifesting. Poor Americans who have no jobs, no medical insurance, are now living rough all over the place.
Having nothing to eat
One school in Detroit sends a bus to collect the children from a hostel (where they are all living with their families) to take them to school. At school they have arranged to give them a good meal as many of these children would not be eating again that day. The teachers explained that the children were no longer concentrating on ‘learning’ because they were too preoccupied with the concerns of being homeless, having nothing to eat, etc.
Obama promised that this very situation would change when he came to power. However, one year ago, he lost control of congress and has now to compromise with Republicans and they blame him and his spending policies. There is now a one point three trillion dollar deficit. In 2009, America was behind him, now however, the whole country is split. One Senator, named Newt Gingrich, actually suggested that the children of the unemployed poor should take labouring jobs, he stated that there were for example positions as ‘janitors helpers’ for the poor children.
Left to die
There was a national debate on CNN TV. The question was asked that if one of the poor who do not have medical insurance were to go into a coma should they be treated medically or left to die? The verdict of the studio audience was that those who do not have medical insurance - it is by their own choice - so they should accept the consequences of that decision; they made their own choice.
Times of ‘self’
The issue of the poor Americans has polarised the country. It is easy to see in a situation like this, what Jesus is talking about when He tells us that these are the times of ‘self’ and love in the world has grown cold.
Never allow self freedom
On Wednesday 13 April 2011, Jesus said:
“…Self is your enemy. It is self that listens to the lies of lucifer and so must be overcome. In order to overcome self, you must discipline it. You must never allow self freedom for, if you do, self will control you and so you shall be lost to Me. Self is the knowledge that Adam and Eve gained within the Garden of Paradise. When they ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, they gained the knowledge of evil and so this is what must be controlled. This part of man only thinks of self and what it wants, it will never look to the good of others. It will never see greed, wrongdoing or sin…”
An Englishman called Stan Rock, who was horrified at the plight of these poor Americans, set to and organised a large hall and some doctors, dentists and nurses who were prepared to give free consultations to the poor.
Over five hundred waiting
One of these took place in Dixie Youth Park. All through the night before the free consultations, there was a steady throng of hopeful pilgrims, the old, the disabled, the sick, queuing all night to see these doctors. By 3am, there was over five hundred waiting. Some on crutches, some in wheelchairs.
No medical insurance
One man having gone in to see the doctor was told that he had a serious hernia and his intestines were protruding and at best he would develop gangrene if he did not have an operation, at worst he would die. He explained to the reporter that he had no medical insurance because he was a low paid worker, the medical insurance for the year was more than his total wage for the year. He had a wife and children and a home to pay for, he could not risk losing his family home. So he and his wife left to go home without much hope. His wife was crying.
“Shine a Light”
Social workers go into the storm drains twice a month to offer assistance to the homeless. They provide blankets, food, water and counselling.
The “Shine a Light” foundation has emerged, one of the foundation members who is also a journalist, Matthew O’Brien, tells us that there are hundreds living in the tunnels. Matthew said to the interviewer that more could be done. “I’ve always thought more should be done,” but he thinks “sin city” could do much more to help.
...Tell My children of the Houses that I have asked for. Tell them that I need their hands and their hearts in this that I have asked for. I ask for one that will give Me a month of their time... I ask for one who will go with a servant and live there under My Messages for one month. Who will heed Me?

Pope John Paul II 13 September 1995
From the very beginning, the Church has recognized the virginal motherhood of Mary, who conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit
At the General Audience of Wednesday, 13 September, the Holy Father continued the catechesis he had begun the previous week on the Blessed Virgin Mary. In this talk he discussed the mystery of Mary’s virginal motherhood and the title officially attributed to her by the Council of Ephesus in 431. Here is a translation of the Pope’s catechesis, which was the second in the series on the Blessed Virgin and was given in Italian.
1. In the Constitution Lumen gentium, the Council states that “joined to Christ the head and in communion with all his saints, the faithful must in the first place reverence the memory ‘of the glorious ever Virgin Mary, Mother of our God and Lord Jesus Christ’” (n. 52). The conciliar Constitution uses these terms from the Roman Canon of the Mass, thereby stressing how faith in the divine motherhood of Mary has been present in Christian thought since the first centuries.
In the newborn Church Mary is remembered with the title “Mother of Jesus”. It is Luke himself who gives her this title in the Acts of the Apostles, a title that corresponds moreover to what is said in the Gospels: “Is this not ... the son of Mary?”, the residents of Nazareth wonder according to the Evangelist Mark’s account (6:3); “Isn’t Mary known to be his mother?”, is the question recorded by Matthew (13:55).
The motherhood of Mary also concerns the Church
2. In the disciples’ eyes, as they gathered after the Ascension, the title “Mother of Jesus” acquires its full meaning. For them, Mary is a person unique in her kind: she received the singular grace of giving birth to the Saviour of humanity; she lived for a long while at his side; and on Calvary she was called by the Crucified One to exercise a “new motherhood” in relation to the beloved disciple and, through him, to the whole Church.
For these who believe in Jesus and follow him, “Mother of Jesus” is a title of honour and veneration, and will forever remain such in the faith and life of the Church. In a particular way, by this title Christians mean to say that one cannot refer to Jesus’ origins without acknowledging the role of the woman who gave him birth in the Spirit according to his human nature. Her maternal role also involves the birth and growth of the Church. In recalling the place of Mary in Jesus’ life, the faithful discover each day her efficacious presence in their own spiritual journey.
3. From the beginning, the Church has acknowledged the virginal motherhood of Mary. As the infancy Gospels enable us to grasp, the first Christian continuities themselves gathered together Mary’s recollections about the mysterious circumstances of the Saviour’s conception and birth. In particular, the Annunciation account responds to the disciples’ desire to have the deepest knowledge of the events connected with the beginnings of the risen Christ’s earthly life. In the last analysis, Mary is at the origin of the revelation about the mystery of the virginal conception by the work of the Holy Spirit.
This truth, showing Jesus’ divine origin, was immediately grasped by the first Christians for its important significance and included among the key affirmations of their faith. Son of Joseph according to the law, Jesus in fact, by an extraordinary intervention of the Holy Spirit, was in his humanity only the son of Mary, since he was born without the intervention of man.
Mary’s virginity thus acquires a unique value and casts new light on the birth of Jesus and on the mystery of his sonship, since the virginal generation is the sign that Jesus has God himself as his Father.
Acknowledged and proclaimed by the faith of the Fathers, the virginal motherhood can never be separated from the identity of Jesus, true God and true man, as “born of the Virgin Mary”, as we profess in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed. Mary is the only Virgin who is also a Mother. The extraordinary co-presence of these two gifts in the person of the maiden of Nazareth has led Christians to call Mary simply “the Virgin”, even when they celebrate her motherhood.
The virginity of Mary thus initiates in the Christian community the spread of the virginal life embraced by all who are called to it by the Lord. This special vocation, which reaches its apex in Christ’s example, represents immeasurable spiritual wealth for the Church in every age, which finds in Mary her inspiration and model
‘Mother of God’ was expression of popular piety
4. The assertion: “Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary” already implies in this event a transcendent mystery, which can find its most complete expression only in the truth of Jesus’ divine sonship. The truth of Mary’s divine motherhood is closely tied to this central statement of the Christian faith: she is indeed the Mother of the Incarnate Word, in whom is “God from God ... true God from true God”.
The title “Mother of God”, already attested by Matthew in the equivalent expression “Mother of Emmanuel”, God-with-us (cf. Mt 1.23), was explicitly attributed to Mary only after a reflection that embraced about two centuries. It is third-century Christians in Egypt who begin to invoke Mary as “Theotókos”, Mother of God.
With this title, which is broadly echoed in the devotion of the Christian people, Mary is seen in the true dimension of her motherhood: she is the Mother of God’s Son, whom she virginally begot according to his human nature and raised him with her motherly love, thus contributing to the human growth of the divine person who came to transform the destiny of mankind.
5. In a highly significant way, the most ancient prayer to Mary (“Sub tuum praesidium...”, “We fly to thy patronage...”) contains the invocation: “Theotókos, Mother of God”. This title did not originally come from the reflection of theologians, but from an intuition of faith of the Christian people. Those who acknowledge Jesus as God address Mary as the Mother of God and hope to obtain her powerful aid in the trials of life.
The Council of Ephesus in 431 defined the dogma of the divine motherhood, officially attributing to Mary the title “Theotókos” in reference to the one person of Christ, true God and true man.
The three expressions which the Church has used down the centuries to describe her faith in the motherhood of Mary: “Mother of Jesus”, “Virgin Mother” and “Mother of God”, thus show that Mary’s motherhood is intimately linked with the mystery of the Incarnation. They are affirmations of doctrine, connected as well with popular piety, which help define the very identity of Christ.
Taken from: L’Osservatore Romano Weekly Edition in English 20 September 1995, page 7
L’Osservatore Romano is the newspaper of the Holy See.

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