Sunday 29 May 2011
My children, now is the time to deepen your faith in Me; now is the time to love with all your heart; now is the time to reach out with My Love.
If you were an actor on the stage: you would learn your lines in order to perform them. On the night of that performance, you would be given your cue and you would recite the lines you have learned and perform.
With My Spirit it is the same: He Teaches you many things in order to prepare you for the day when I send you out. You wait for My cue.
Today, I give you that cue. I call you to put into practise everything that I have Taught you. Like any actor in a play, you will want to give the performance of your life.
Today, I give you your cue to walk out on to the stage of life and tell the people of this world by your words that Jesus is indeed Alive. Show them by your performance, your way of life, that I am indeed Alive. I Love you.
The Way of Truth continued from 13 April 2011
Patrick: Jesus, what about the times after the darkness when all the chastisement is finished with? What will it be like then?
All will be renewed in My Love; all will know and see My Truth.
They will rejoice in Me for they will know My Truth and how this world has offended Me.
It will be a new Time of Joy, a Time of Peace for My Love shall flow freely throughout My people.
This earth shall be renewed and recreated into what I originally created.
It shall glow with the freedom of My Love.
When you look upon creation you shall marvel at its beauty, you shall understand what sin has done to it in these times.
There shall be no sickness and no unlove for a time for all will believe and have faith and trust in Me.
In this time, you shall not have to worry for all shall be provided in My Love.
This shall be the reward for those who did not turn away from Me but remained with Me and strived to the end.
Patrick: Jesus, You said for a time, what do You mean?
All who have lived through My Justice shall know and believe but, the generations that follow will begin to doubt once again and so trust and faith shall diminish. Then I will Return for the final time and it shall be as foretold within Scripture. This earth shall be destroyed and all who have been faithful shall live with Me in My Father’s Kingdom for all eternity. No more shall you know pain or unhappiness: you shall rejoice for all eternity with Me in Love.
Thursday 21 April 2011

My little children, come listen to My calls. Come, hear as I cry out to you in these Words of Love. My little ones, time is so short and not many have answered My call.
I need you to go out and find those who wander in the darkness of self.
Come, children, join this Army of Love and We will reclaim those who have been deceived by the lies, the glitter, of this world.
Come, I say, come, I need your help in this task of Love. I am calling to you, NOW, to listen before it is too late.
I Love you, My children, I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Friday 22 April 2011

My Love is given freely, children, to those who seek.
You must come to Me with a true and humble heart.
Look to the good of others and not seeking for self.
So many come to Me but they do not truly want Me but it is for the glorification of self.
Believe in the Truth and you will find My Peace, children.
Look for Love and you will find Me.
I Love you, My little ones, I Love you.
Come, seek Me while I am still to be found. I will not reject you.
Come and allow Me to give you rest from the tempest of this world.
I Love you, children, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Easter Sunday 24 April 2011

Look to the Truth always, My children, and do not be afraid to come follow Me.
Do not be afraid of what this world will think of you because you are a follower of Mine.
If you are persecuted for Me you simply follow in My Footsteps and say nothing.
Do not allow your persecutors to fall further into sin by your retorts.
Be silent in the sight of persecution and pray for those who are the persecutors.
Trust in Me, your God, and follow in My Footsteps for this will lead you to Eternal Life in Me.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and allow Me to Teach you in the Ways of Truth. I need your hands, your feet and your lips in order to reach out to My little ones, My beloved.
Come, My children, and adhere to My Voice. I am calling you this day to come, follow Me in Truth and do not allow yourselves to be deceived any longer. This world must begin to realise that I am Alive. This I can only do through the free will of My children, those who are willing to take on My Burden in truth. Come, beloved of My Heart, and allow Me to Touch you with the Spirit of Truth so that you may see. Come, I am in need; My children are in need and I bow down before you and plead for your help. I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, at Mass today, I could see Your people, I could see what You were showing me. There were so few who truly believed in You although the church was filled to overflowing. There were so few who were there for You. I could see that most people were there out of habit and most could not wait until Mass was over. So many were there because of what family and friends and neighbours would think if they did not go. I could see that You could count on one hand, how many truly believe. This is scary, Jesus, I did not realise that the people of this world have went so far away from You. Why do so few believe, Jesus?
It is the times that you live in, My son, so few are willing to fight against the lies of this world and so My Light does not shine. The darkness encroaches into the lives of all My children and so, they are blinded to the Truth.
This is why I am calling My children to look at the Way of Truth. If only one would listen then My Light will begin to shine and shall cut through the darkness of self. The children of this world are walking about blindly and can neither see nor understand My Ways.
Yes, they come to Me weekly out of habit, they do not understand what is happening within the Sacrifice of the Mass; this includes My servants, My priests. They, My priests, simply try to please My people and do not speak Truth to them so they too are caught up in the blindness of self.
I need you to stand up and be counted: walk this Path with Me and We, together, shall begin to shine My Light into the darkness and, once again, My people will understand and come back to Me. It shall begin as a trickle but soon turn into a mighty torrent.
It is as if a great dam has been built to blind My children to the Truth. This dam can only be destroyed with My Light. Who is willing to carry it for Me?
First, the wheat grain must fall into the earth and die before it produces fruit. To you who would wield My Light, I say, destroy the self within you and allow My Spirit to Touch you and so the Battle will begin.
Come, beloved of My Heart, stretch out and touch My Heart with your truth and We, together, will destroy the darkness and free My people. I Love you.
Tuesday 26 April 2011
Patrick: It is so hard to understand or believe that we are in a spiritual battle. It is like something that you would see on television, a science-fiction film where the people of the earth are being taken over by demons. But this is reality and it is very hard to convince yourself that you must be constantly aware of your thoughts, deeds and actions. All that the evil spirits want is to lead us into sin, they cannot make us sin but, they can suggest and it’s up to us whether we say yes or no.
I understand that the more we sin without asking for Forgiveness or be repentant, then the harder it is for us to see the Truth. Sin is darkness and stops the Light of God entering our souls. This is what we must be aware of as the children of God. The more that we overcome the darkness of sin, the more our vision will clear, as Jesus has told us, the more we die to self, the more the scales will fall from our eyes. It is only we, in our free will, that can begin this process of denying self, what it desires of this world. The more that we die to self, the clearer our vision will become and the more we will understand the Ways of our God. We must begin to look in reality and see that the so-called sci-fi world is real. lucifer and the fallen angels DO exist. If we say that they do not, then we are not a follower of Jesus. Jesus Warned us of lucifer and his minions within the Gospels so, if we say we do not believe in lucifer, then we are saying that we do not believe the Words that Jesus spoke. It is time for all of us to wake up and see the Truth.
We are in a spiritual battle, every man, woman and child on this earth. We must look upon the cardinals and bishops and priests as our generals. Monasteries and convents are power houses of prayer and, I suppose, they are like the ammunition dumps that an army would have.
So, if we look in these terms, lucifer is after the cardinals, bishops and priests for, if he gets one of them, he gets a parish, diocese or even a country. Look at the monasteries and convents, they are no longer the power houses of prayer. lucifer has attacked and destroyed most of them and so the Church has lost its backup of prayer, it is like it has run out of ammunition. This is why we, the people, should always pray for the cardinals, bishops, priests, monasteries and convents that they will be renewed and strengthened. If there is enough prayer this will happen. We have to have faith and believe in the Power of our God. This battle is not lost, it is simply that one side has ceased to fight and fallen asleep. The enemy walks freely through our camp and laughs at how easy it was to overcome us but, now, it is time to wake up and drive them from our midst. We are the children of God and nothing is impossible to us; we must simply trust Jesus and believe in His Power. We do this by dying to self: prayer and fasting are very, very important. The more that we pray and the more we deny self, the clearer our vision shall become and so the stronger we shall become in Jesus.
We are calling out to you to wake up and see the Truth and join this Battle of Love.
Do not just read these Words but begin to live them.
Begin to do as Jesus is calling all of us to do.
We can do this for Jesus, all these things have been foretold in Scripture.
Are we going to sit back and do nothing?
It is time for all of us to wake up and see the Truth.
The time has come when we must decide which side we are going to stand with, there is no middle ground in this Battle.
We either stand with Jesus or lucifer for, if we do not begin to live the Words of the Gospel in truth, we shall be swept away in the lies of lucifer.
I know many do not wish to hear these Words but they are truth.
If you say yes, you must mean yes.
If you say no, you must mean no, in this Battle.
Come, My little children, listen to My call.
I am Coming soon and I need your help to bring My Light into this world.
Your brothers and sisters are dying and there is no one to help them.
Will you give Me your hands, your feet and your lips?
So I can use you to help those who are in darkness?
Come, beloved of My Heart, and hear My calls.
Do not ignore Me any longer for I am in great need.
I Love you.
Wednesday 27 April 2011

Love is what I call you to! Do not worry but trust in Me, your God. Do not allow yourselves to be drawn into sin by the untruth of this world. Open your eyes and see the Truth that I speak of.
I am Coming and I ask you to prepare the path before Me.
Do not wait any longer for there is little time left to you.
Do not be deceived but rather, read the signs of your times.
Look at the great deceit of those who tell you sin is no longer sin. Sin is that, that goes against My Laws.
Look within your hearts; you know the Truth of the Words that I speak.
Children, trust in Me and trust in My Ways for they will bring you Truth and Peace.
Come, My beloved, for I have not got long to speak My Warnings to you before all will come to pass. Look there is much Work to do and so few to do it. Your brothers and sisters are dying, please help Me bring them to safety. I am counting on your help. I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Tuesday 3 May 2011

Come, My little ones, take on these Words that I give to you and do not be afraid.
I need your hands, your feet and your lips in order that those who cannot see may be helped.
Trust in Me, trust in My Love for you and We, together, shall bring many out of the darkness and into the Light.
I Love you, My children, and I, your God, am asking for your help in this Work of Salvation.
Come, beloved of My Heart, throw off the chains of this world and come follow Me.
Though you be burdened, I shall set you free if you turn to Me in your free will.
I Love you, My beloved children, I Love you.
Patrick: Jesus, I know I keep saying this, but it is so hard to break away from this world. I know many are thinking the same thing. We want to follow You, we can keep the fight up for a short time and, all of a sudden, we seem to be walking away from You again. I know this is the way it is with myself, no matter how hard I try, I seem to wander. I do not seem to be able to keep my mind on You constantly; there is always something that leads me away from You. Maybe not into sin but, away from thinking of You and what You desire.
I really, really want to die to myself in so many ways, the more I try, the harder it seems to become. You have asked me to come to You each day and listen. Look at how many days I do not come. Each morning when I wake up, I plan to come to You but the events of that day seem to lead me away from You. I find it so very hard to listen for these Words in particular. There is bound to be an easier way, something that I am not looking at.
My little son, the more that you fight, the easier it will become. You must be willing to fight through the wall of self. Once you break through this wall then you will understand. It is through prayer and sacrifice that your strength comes. The more that you pray and sacrifice, the quicker self will be defeated.
Come to Me more often and do not allow the things of this world to get in your way for, remember, I have told you, lucifer will put many obstacles in your path in order that you do not come to Me. The more that you fight, the more the scales will fall from your eyes. The scales are what you have built up over many years and must be removed. Use the weapons that I have given to you. Use the fighting of the first thought when something comes that is not of Me or is trying to take you away from listening then, you must fight these thoughts. Offer your prayers, sacrifices, joys and loves for the good of others; offer your fight so that nothing may be wasted but all is to the good of your brothers and sisters.
Look, My son, look at how many things you have overcome and at how many things you are beginning to recognise that need to be overcome. You have been blinded too, so much, but your sight begins to return. Keep fighting and you will see the fruits of your toils. I Love you.
Come to Me, My children, and do not be afraid to walk this Path. Yes, you will have much to struggle against but I tell you, you can win through the battle of self. Throughout your lives upon this earth, you accept many things, thoughts and ideas that are not of Me, you take them into your lives and they become a part of you. These must be removed and this is done in the battle, the struggle against self. Self will refuse to recognise the truths that I will show but, it is up to you to suppress self so that you may see the Truth.
Remember, the part of self that you are fighting against is the part that does not wish to recognise the Ways of your God. You will recognise these when you do not agree with different parts of My Laws and My Ways. Look at this part of self and you shall recognise the obstacles that you must die to.
Trust in Me, children, and you shall overcome the lies of this world that you have accepted as a part of your lives. Come, beloved of My Heart, follow Me in truth and you shall recognise your goal. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Tuesday 3 May 2011

Look, My little ones, I am calling you to follow Me; do not ignore My calls any longer for I need your help in this Work of Salvation. Your brothers and sisters are in need, do not ignore this fact any longer. I Love you, My children, and I am calling out on bended Knee and asking for your help. I need you to bring My Light into the darkness of this world: let My children see that I am Alive in you by your actions.
Love all that you meet, do not reject anyone as I do not reject anyone. I am in need, My children, will you answer My call this day and come walk with Me on this Path of Truth? It is a Path of Teaching, of learning, it is a Path of Love and Forgiveness. If you follow Me, I will open a New Life before you, everything that you know and have known will be no more for I will fill you with My Truth so that you can go out into this world and bring the Light of My Love to all who are in need. I Love you, My little ones, I, your Jesus, Love you.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and rest within Me, do not allow the spirits to taunt you this night for I am in need of your love. Come, My little one, let Us be together in Oneness and in Love. I Love you.
Look now, children of Love, before it is too late. Do not allow yourselves to be blinded any longer for I am Coming soon and this world is not prepared.
Soon now, you will see the signs that have been foretold of My Coming.
Many shall rise up in My Name and they shall be false witnesses to the Truth.
Many call out with the Words of Life; they spew forth from their mouths to guide your every footstep.
Can you not see what is happening?
My Words in My Scriptures are being destroyed.
My Commandments are being destroyed.
My priests are being destroyed and so My Church is being destroyed.
Can you not see the battle that takes place upon this earth?
Can you not see as I call out and Warn you, My children?
My Truth is there to be seen, if you are willing to open your eyes and see Truth.
Many remain blind in their own choice because they fear to look at the wrongdoing in their own lives and so do not wish to change.
Wake up, My people, and see the Truth and see that the time is close and you have not prepared.
Do not allow yourselves to be swept away in the blindness of self.
For, it is lucifer’s wish that all My people be destroyed.
I Love you, My people, I Love you. Come, follow Me!
Patrick: So basically, Jesus, what You are saying to us is that we must live our lives totally trusting in You. We are not to worry about anything for, when we trust in You, we are giving our free will over at every second which allows You to act on our behalf.
All of you who read this, you must understand that we cannot give our free will over to Jesus in one fell swoop. If we are in danger and we are believing in Jesus and trusting in Him, in the time that we are believing, then second by second we are giving our free will to Him.
This is the only way that Jesus will accept the great Gift that He has given to all of us.
This is so. I will not take the Gift of free will away from you, for at any second, you may disagree with your decision and wish it returned. So when you are trusting in Me, in each second, I will accept the Gift while you are believing and trusting. Then I am in the position of Power and may help you to overcome anything. If you doubt Me, then you have taken your Gift back. This is the way it must be, children, in order that the balance of free will be kept.
I Love you, My little ones, and this is why I ask that you trust in Me so that I can protect and guide you through the trials of this life.
Trust in Me, My little ones, and you shall see your lives change, you shall know Peace and Joy and Love even in the midst of the sorrows of this world. Trust in Me: believe in Me: have faith in Me and miracles will become a part of your everyday lives. I Love you.
Look within these Words, My children, and see how many times I say look at the Truth. I ask that you open your eyes and see the Truth of My Words; do not hide from Me any longer but acknowledge the fact that I am calling you. Do not deny My Words within your hearts for you know that your God is calling out to you for your help. Come, My beloved children, and do not ignore Me any longer for I need you in this Work of Salvation.
I Love you, My children, and, until you understand this, you will not truly acknowledge My Truth within you. Look at My Cross and see what I have done so that you could have Eternal Life and then allow the eyes of your spirit to open. Do not remain blind in this world any longer for there is little time left for you to return before it is too late. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Monday 9 May 2011
Patrick: When we look within these Words, we can see that Jesus is pleading with us to wake up from the blindness of this world. We allow our lives to become so cluttered with wants, desires, needs and things that we think we have to do. In reality, the only thing that we really need to do within our lives is follow Jesus.
We can only do this by walking in His Truth and we need to look within ourselves and find the lies that we tell ourselves. We humans are liars and the biggest amount of lies that we tell are to ourselves. When we begin to die to ourselves, this is when we will realise the truth and the things that we thought were important will diminish for we will finally realise how futile the things of this world really are.
Money is evil when we allow it to control our every desire. I look at the rich of this world and I feel so, so sorry for them. They may look important and have all the material things they desire but, I know they are not happy. I would not like to be in their position for money blinds us to the Truth, it becomes all important, whereas, it is nothing, it will never give us the Kingdom of God, it will not get us into Heaven.
When you have no money you desire it: when you have money you still desire more and are afraid of losing what you have. So, it can become all-consuming to those that have and have not.
We must remember that each one of us have been placed upon this earth as a test where we will decide in free will whether we want to be in Heaven or not. If we say ‘yes,’ we do want to be in Heaven then we must prove it by the way that we live our lives and walk in the Footsteps of our Saviour, Jesus. So, if Jesus has put us in a position of having a lot of money He has done so, so that we can help those in need.
Remember His reply when Pontius Pilate said:
10 Pilate therefore saith to Him: Speakest Thou not to me? Knowest Thou not that I have power to crucify Thee, and I have power to release Thee?
11 Jesus answered: Thou shouldst not have any power against Me, unless it were given thee from above.
(John 19:10-11, Douay-Rheims)
In other words Pontius Pilate had been given the position of power to help others.
There are no accidents with God! We may think that we worked for what we have but we can be sure that Jesus opened the doors to give us the opportunities of gaining wealth in order that we can help our brothers and sisters.
What way will the rich man feel when he dies and stands before God and God says I gave you one hundred million pounds to help My children, what did you do with it?
And the rich man has to reply something like, “I bought ten mansions, fast cars, private jets, fancy clothes, parties, holidays, all for myself.”
And then what will Gods reply be to him?
Will it be: “Go! depart from Me, I never knew you!”
This is why I feel so sorry for the rich people and the celebrities that so much importance is put on. I only wish that I could tell them how much they are truly Loved by Jesus and the things of this world matter so little. But, I probably will never cross paths with them for the world holds them in such high esteem that they have become beyond the reach of so many. I pray for these children of God that before the Day they will get a chance to understand how much Jesus Loves them and the status that this world has bestowed upon them matters so little. For we must all die and this world forgets about us so quickly and all that we have gained in this world is divided up and allowed to blind others that come behind us. It hurts my heart to think of these children of God: singers, film stars, footballers, businessmen, politicians, the wealthy and the rich.
What chance have they of finding out about Jesus in the circles that they walk in?
Lord Jesus, I pray that You help these children and give them the strength to see Your Ways and Your Truth, give them the strength to accept the opportunities that You put before them so that they, too, will come to know, love and serve You in their everyday lives.
This world clouds out My Truth and so many are blind: wealthy and poor alike. I cry out to all My children each day, all feel the call within their hearts and know that there is a better Way. But, most search for this better Way in the darkness of this world and refuse to see it is I, who am calling to them. The more that you pray and sacrifice, the more opportunities can be given to My children for, whatever you ask for with a pure heart in free will, will be granted. I will not force anyone to follow Me but I will place opportunities before them. When you give of yourself and ask for these children who are in darkness, the more opportunities will be given to them through your love and caring. You may never see or know in your lifetime, children, what your prayers and sacrifices have done but, you will be surprised when you come into My Kingdom and see what you have been responsible for by your love and caring. No prayer goes unanswered, the more that you pray and the more that you sacrifice, the more your brothers and sisters will be able to see. When you come into My Kingdom and you see how many of your brothers and sisters are there because of your prayer and sacrifice you will be surprised. So, do not give up, My little ones, but be in constant prayer and sacrifice for those who have become lost in the darkness of this world.
Patrick: Jesus, how can we be responsible for getting people into Heaven? Do You not give everyone an equal chance?
Yes, everyone is given an equal share of Grace but, when you pray and sacrifice for someone, you are gaining them another chance by your care and love. This is why I say, pray for your brothers and sisters for, the more that you pray, the more chances they are given. In free will, all are given an equal chance by Me; no one is given a greater or lesser chance for My Love is equal for all My children. When you pray in love for someone you, in your free will, are giving of yourself so they are given another Grace to see. The more that you pray and the more that you sacrifice, the more chances are gained for them to come back to Me.
If all My children prayed and sacrificed, this world would change and My Love would shine from the hearts of many who have become lost in the darkness of self.
Trust in Me, My children, and trust in My Love for I will show you the True Path if you are willing to accept Me and My Truth within your hearts. Come, follow Me, take up your cross every day and follow in My Footsteps and many will come to know and love Me through your part in this Work of Salvation. I Love you.
Tuesday 10 May 2011
Look to Me, My children, look to My Love and come, follow Me. Walk in My Footsteps and spread My Love far and wide. Do not be afraid of following Me for the consequences will only be Eternal Life for you in My Kingdom.
Come, My little ones, there is not much time left and still there is much Work to be done. I am your Father and I will guide your every footstep in the Power of My Love.
I await your response to Me, My little ones, do not hesitate, walk into My Truth. Come, follow Me. I Love you.
Wednesday 11 May 2011
Patrick: Jesus, You said to pray to the Angels and Saints for their intercession. Why should we do this when we can pray directly to You?
When you pray to the Angels and Saints, you are asking help through friends which gives these great joy. They will become your spiritual guides and helpers and teach you in My Ways. Do not doubt but believe! They have been given My Power to intercede for you.
Yes, you can pray directly to Me but when you come into My Kingdom you will desire to help those upon the earth in order to help Me and so all who wish it within My Kingdom will be given the task of helping My children who are in need.
Trust in Me, for the more that you give of yourself, the more they will be able to help you. The more Angels and Saint friends that you have, the easier it will be for you to see but you must ask within your own free will for this help.
Look at the Truth! When you follow Me, do you not desire to help others to see My Ways?
These desires will never leave you once you become a follower of Mine.
Trust in Me and ask for help for it is humility to do so. I Love you, My little son, I Love you.
My only desire is that you come, follow Me, My children, and use the Gifts that I have given to you. When you come into My Kingdom you will see that the Path has been made easy for you.
You find it difficult because self rebels against My Ways, this is why I have said that you must overcome self in order to follow Me.
You cannot simply desire Me without fighting through the desires of self.
The more that you overcome self, the more you will understand and the more you shall desire My Ways.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and allow Me to Teach you through these brothers and sisters that I have given to you to guide you in My Ways. I Love you, My little children, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Thursday 19 May 2011
Patrick: So many people have contacted and said how much that they have enjoyed these Words.
Yes, these Words fill us and we feel renewed but if we do not try to live them, they will die in the same way as so many Words we have read in the past.
I have noticed that in many Messages Jesus begins with “Look at the Truth...” This is something that we, as followers of Jesus, refuse to do. We see following Jesus as going to Mass on a Sunday, attending prayer meetings, saying the Rosary, going to Confessions, visiting Shrines or going on pilgrimage.
If we look at all of these things they are all things that will fill us with Grace and Grace is the fuel that we need as followers of Jesus in order to go out into this world and help those who are in need.
In truth, it is like we, who are followers of Jesus, are like cars. We constantly go to the petrol station to get filled up but we are already full and the petrol runs over the forecourt and is wasted for we never go on a journey to use what we already have been given.
It is sad but I can see the Truth of these Words within myself. I want to follow Jesus but I do not want to look at the Truth within myself because I know I will not like what I see.
The path of dying to self is first begun by recognising the lies that we tell ourselves. If we do not look within ourselves then we cannot recognise the Truth that Jesus is speaking about. We, as humans, look at everyone else and can see their faults and can tell them how to fix them but, the truth is, we do not wish to look at ourselves.
A wise old nun called Sister Monica used to tell us: “If you can see someone else’s faults the only way that you can recognise them is because you must have the same faults within yourself!”
This is something that none of us really want to look at. We are all good at seeing everyone else but we refuse to see ourselves. Yet, this is what Jesus is asking of all of us when He said:
24 Amen, amen I say to you, unless the grain of wheat falling into the ground die,
25 Itself remaineth alone. But if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.
(John 12:24-25, Douay-Rheims)
It is time for all of us to look at the Truth. We cannot become warriors in the Army of Love when we are looking outwards. It is time to look inwards and break away from the lies of self that we do not wish to recognise.
This is when the Army of Love will truly appear upon this earth and Jesus will walk among His people once again for we will be His Hands, His Feet and His Lips.
We will become the witnesses of Jesus of Nazareth, the only Son of the Living God.
If truth be told, this is the desire that we have within our hearts but we are too lazy to do anything about it. We listen to the inspirations of lucifer who will find us something else to do rather than look within ourselves. he does not wish us to recognise the lies that he has been feeding us throughout our lives.
We all can recognise the Voice of the Holy Spirit within us. We get the feeling that we should go to prayer and we think to ourselves, ‘I have not got time now but I will go later...’ but, if truth be told, later never comes. If we would listen to that old saying “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”
For, it is true, we always put dying to self off until later but later never comes.
These Words that Jesus is speaking are not new Words. If we look within ourselves and look past the lies that we tell ourselves, we will see that we already know what Jesus has been saying. We hear them every time we go to Mass when the Scriptures are being read.
Remember, Jesus said, “My sheep hear My Voice: and I know them, and they follow Me” (John 10:27, Douay-Rheims) and it is true. I hear so many people saying that they do not believe in Messages, that is, priests and laity alike but, the truth is, if they would only care to look, they do not wish to believe because Messages make all of us feel guilty and we know within our hearts that we need to change our lives.
Messages are only a calling back to the Truth; Messages that are given by Jesus and Mary in these times are only given to help us recognise the lies that lucifer is feeding us in the world at this time.
This is why so many Christians who say that they are truly following Jesus, see nothing wrong with abortion, contraception, homosexuality, the changing of Scripture, talking within the Church when others are trying to pray.
The older people can recognise this for the older people were taught about sin when they were young yet, many refuse to look at this.
I can remember when you went into a church it was a totally silent place, a place of awe and respect but now, when you go into a church, people talk before Mass, during Mass and after Mass. When I was a child you would have got a thick ear for talking in the church. The respect for Jesus is gone within His own House. When we die and stand before Him and we see the Truth, what will our excuse be for all the disrespect?
We look at the young people in our society and we can see that they have no respect for anyone and we blame them and their parents. Yet, we do not recognise that it is our fault that they have no respect, we did not teach their parents or them respect. Both men and women have listened to the inspirations of lucifer and the woman who was supposed to be in the home, as the teacher, has left her children in favour of gaining wealth and power.
So many children are no longer brought up by their parents but by nannies and babysitters who are not allowed to discipline the children and so we end up with a society of ill-mannered people. Women in our society say that they should be equal in everything and that they have a woman’s choice, so-called women’s lib, another lie of lucifer.
The equality of women is that they have the choice to murder their own children in their wombs or have the child and reject it, in favour of work. Women are equal to men now in the wrong way, they have rejected their true role in life and wonder why it is unsafe to walk the streets!
The truth is, a man cannot fulfil the role of a woman. A woman can recognise the wants and needs of the crying child, whereas a man stands and scratches his head wondering what is wrong with the child.
I have five children and still I cannot recognise what the whimpers and cries of the child mean, whereas, my wife can tell right away. And, if we care to look at the truth, every other man is the same.
Women were given a very special role by God that cannot be fulfilled by a man. Yet, this role has been rejected in these times. It is time for all of us to wake up and see the Truth: we are all equal and special in the Eyes of God. We do not need to prove ourselves to this world but, we need to prove ourselves to Jesus and show Him that we are His followers and that we want to recognise His Truth and the Truth of the Words that He speaks within all of us.
We are running blindly into the traps of lucifer and they are taking us ever further away from the Truth of Jesus. Yes, we can say, “but we need both of us to be working for, with one wage, we would not be able to survive...” In truth, yes, we would survive. We just would not have the fineries of this world that will gain us nothing at the end of our lives. It is better to be poor and have Eternal Life than wealthy and have eternal death.
I know many will not agree with what I am saying but I can only speak what Jesus has given to me. I do not have to justify my words or convince anyone to believe for I am only a Messenger; I deliver the Message, it is up to you what you do with it.
Yes, you can condemn us, the two Patricks, and say that we are false and say many other things about us but the things of this world cannot harm us. It is the same as saying that you don’t like the postman, your words will not harm him. We give you the Message, it is up to you what you do with it. If you do not like us and do not want to believe what we receive, there is no harm in that. But, what we would say is, if you do not believe us go and read the Scriptures and believe in them and go, follow Jesus, in truth and you shall know the Glories of Eternal Life for this is what we want for all the children of Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God.
My little ones, I call you in these Words to come, follow Me. Reject the lies of this world and let your hearts perceive the Truth for you are living in times of great danger. Never before has lucifer found it so easy to spread his lies.
Look at your technology and see how it found its being; it came from the sacrifice of millions of lives, it was born from the wars of mankind. The roots of your technology go back into the weapons of war given through the inspirations of lucifer.
It is true that he was given a century to sift you like wheat and many, many have fallen to his sifting. Look at your televisions! It was he who gave you this so that he could spread his lies into your dwelling places; he has weakened your resolve to follow Me through this. Through your televisions he promotes wealth and sin and you have accepted it and no longer follow the Truth.
Yes, children, I am Coming and I shall destroy the technology of this world for it is evil in My sight. It promotes greed, lies and evilness. You no longer look to your brothers and sisters and their needs but, rather, you look at your televisions and see needs and desires that are lies but you accept them in your blindness.
Wake up, children, and see the Truth! You could use your technology to promote Truth: you can reach out through it to those who are lost but, no, you would rather accept and promote the lies of lucifer.
I am Coming, children, I am Coming to destroy the evil of this world and I shall remove those who accept its lies. Look to Me, now, and repent! Call out to Me in your shame and guilt and I shall wash you clean and you shall know New Life in Me.
Come, My little children, and accept My Truth, you do not need the things of this world to follow in My Footsteps, I will look after you, you shall never want when you follow Me. My Love is given freely to all who call upon it and Truth is given freely to all who call upon it. Shake the scales from your eyes and walk freely into My Freedom.
Come, beloved of My Heart, for I am calling out to you in these last days. There is little time before the Armies of Heaven shall move against the evil that stalks your streets. I need you to help your brothers and sisters who are in need: I need you to go out into the dark places of this world and shine the Light of My Love. Do not worry about your lives for, if you lose your life for My Sake, you shall gain Eternal Glory in My Kingdom.
Wake up and see the Truth before it is too late for I am your Lord and Master and I am at the door and you are not prepared for My Coming. I Love you, My little children, I Love you and I need you in this time of great sorrow and suffering; a time of great darkness where so many are being lost every second of every day. I cry out for your help in this Work of Salvation so that My little ones may recognise the lies of lucifer. Be My servants, be My Hands, My Feet and My Lips so that those who are in need will receive My help through you. I Love you, My children, I Love you.
Friday 20 May 2011
Patrick: When we think about it in all seriousness it is the television that promotes sin. It fills us full of desires for material goods, money and sex. Every time we switch the television on, there are beautiful men and women exposing their bodies, supposedly advertising anything from toilet roll to a car and as the advertisers will tell us ‘sex sells’ but, in truth, it leads to opportunities within us for the evil one to place us in situations of sin in mind and body.
Yet, which one of us would take the television out of our houses? Rather, we would justify having it. We have no problem sitting down to watch a film for an hour and a half yet, we would find it very difficult to go to prayer for an hour and half. With what Jesus has told us, all our technology has been brought to us through war.
When we think about it, at the beginning of the 1900s, man could not fly but in sixty nine years he was able to fly to the moon, that is one heck of a jump in technology. We have to ask ourselves the question: how did man become so brainy all of a sudden?
Mankind was trundling along for thousands of years with the horse and cart. Then lucifer asked to sift man for a century and all of a sudden in that century we can fly, talk to each other anywhere in the world with telephones, travel from one side of the world to the other in a matter of hours. Before this great technology, neighbour used to help neighbour. Now, in truth, which one of us would help a neighbour without wanting paid for it?
Love has grown cold in this century of technology and, in truth, I have not really thought about it in this way; that millions of men, women and children lost their lives in order to bring this technology into the world. lucifer has given us knowledge and, the price that was required, was the blood of the innocent.
Look at how many died in the last two world wars, not to mention all the other wars that have been taking place this century!
Yes, we can say technology is good. Look at our hospitals, look at our life expectancy. But, when we look at it, the doctors and nurses and the technology that is used to save life is also used to destroy life in abortion and now, when we are brought into the hospital, we are assessed by the doctors whether it is worthwhile trying to save our lives or not!
You can ask, how do I know? This I know because I have three sisters and a daughter who are nurses. My daughter has told me it is all about money, it is not about healthcare. The hospital administrators are always trying to save money - not lives.
Are we not supposed to love our neighbour?
Is our neighbour not also the child within the womb?
Yet, we have allowed ourselves to be blinded by lucifer and his lies: out of sight out of mind. If our mothers had decided to have an abortion, we would not be here upon this earth.
Abortion is justified murder. In this world, it is the ongoing sacrifice that lucifer requires, it is even advertised on the television. We look at the concentration camps, where the innocent Jews were murdered and we think it is terrible yet, there are more people being murdered in abortion clinics and hospitals in this great era of technology.
If we live in a society of truth, a truly Christian society, we would not be able to justify murder. Each one of us would see the truth about abortion and not accept it. But, we are like sheep and we just follow in the flow of what this society accepts. We are afraid to stand up for the Truth and this is what Jesus is trying to point out to us. When we decide to follow in His Footsteps, we will go against the lies and deceit of this world as He did.
Look to the Truth, children of My Heart, and see what I am saying. I am calling you to stand up for My Truth; do not wait any longer but show yourselves as true followers of your God.
Do not worry about what this world will think of you.
Do not worry about what people will say about you, rather, become a true follower of Mine.
Yes, you will fall into sin many times, as a soldier within battle is wounded but I have given you the Sacrament of Confession in order that you be healed.
I say do not worry about anything but, rather, trust in Me, your God.
I am calling you to be My servants of Love and to go out into this world and find My broken children.
I do not ask you to be overlords, I ask you to be humble servants of Love.
Do not judge the sinner for, you too, are a sinner.
I simply ask that you love them back to health in Me.
When you judge My children, you drive them away from Me, you must learn to accept all whom I send to you.
You are not judges of My Truth, rather, you are lovers of the Truth: you are My Hands, My Feet and My Lips and you must never reject anyone that I send to you as I will never reject any of My children that ask for My help.
Come, beloved of My Heart, come, follow Me. Be My Hands, My Feet and My Lips so that we can bring the broken to New Life in Me. I Love you.
Saturday 21 May 2011

Look only to My Truth, My children, and do not despair of the times that you live in for I am Coming.
Prepare the Path before Me, look to Me and see the Truth of My Love.
Reach out to those who are in need and give freely of yourselves.
Do not hold back for the more that you give, the more you shall receive.
I Love you, My children, and I am calling to you in these Words to go out and help your brothers and sisters, let them see the Light of My Love shine forth from you.
Do not hide your light under a bushel but hold it high so that this world can see that you believe in My Love.
Trust in Me, My children, trust in My Love for you and go out into the dark places and love My children.
Do not hide any longer for there is little time left for you to do this Work of Mine.
Love, children, love for it is your greatest weapon in these times of darkness.
Come, I am depending upon you to do My Work for I have no hands but your hands, no feet but your feet and no lips but your lips.
Be the vessels of My Love.
Allow Me to fill you so that My Love can be poured freely upon those who are in need.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and answer My calls. I Love you.
Trust in Me, My son, and you will overcome. Do not allow yourself to entertain these thoughts for they are not of Me. Trust, My son. I Love you.
Patrick: How are we doing, Jesus? (About the John Paul’s Young People’s Sports)
You must begin to trust more in Me, My little son. I have many Plans that will bring My children to Me. Do not allow lucifer to stop you in this. Trust! I will show you the Path that you must take but you must trust in Me. I Love you.
If you do not come to Me, My son, then you will fall for I am your Strength. The more that you allow Me to fill you, the stronger you will become. This goes for you and all My children. If you allow Me to fill you in prayer, then I will be able to open doors before you and you will understand My Plan. If you do not come to prayer, then you are like a blind man stumbling in the dark.
Renew yourselves in Me and allow Me to fill you with My Strength so that We, together, can fulfil the Plans of Love.
Come, My beloved children, and hear My Voice, do not reject Me any longer for I am in need of you. I Love you, My little children, I Love you. Come and adhere to My Will. I Love you.
Saturday 28 May 2011
Patrick: There are so many things that we accept within our lives that are not the Way of Jesus. We all know what these are within our hearts but, many times, we refuse to look at them. We justify our actions in order to appease our conscience. But, at the end of the day, sin is sin! It is this darkness that blocks the Power, the Light of Jesus, from filling our souls.
Overindulgence is not dying to self: something as simple as overindulging in food or drink is going against the Truth. We are supposed to be in control of our bodies and its desires. When we overindulge, our bodies are in control of us. As Jesus would say “need and not greed!” This is the way that we should live our lives for, the more that we can control self, the more our eyes will open to the spiritual and so what Jesus wishes of us will become clear.
We now live in a society of desire. This world advertises its wares in order to ensnare us in its lies and, so, we become blind to the Ways of our God. lucifer is playing a very subtle game, he is tempting us away from Jesus with the things of this world, the way that we would try to tempt a dog or a cat to come to us with a scrap of meat. We have become so blind that we can no longer see this.
Look at how many things that we have in our everyday lives that do not fit into this saying “need and not greed.” And, yes, we have many things that we say that we need, but, in truth, we do not need them.
Remember, we will try to justify everything. We can sit and watch the television for hours at a time, yet, we will say we have not time to do the things that Jesus is asking of us all. These are only a few simple things but, each one of us are individuals and we must be willing to look within our own lives in order to find the things that are blocking us from seeing the Truth. The more that we give up the ways of this world, the more we will come to see the Truth and so the Path to Jesus will become much simpler.
I have struggled along this Path and Jesus has shown me over many years how this world has a hold on me. Yes, I have not wanted to look and see what He has been showing me for none of us want to give up the comforts of this life. The closer that I get to Jesus, the more that I have realised how much and, in so many different ways, I lie to myself in order to live in my selfish lifestyle. I can only speak for myself and it has shocked me what I have found. I justify so many things and have refused to look at them through my years of following Jesus.
Yes, I could lie again and say, “...but I was doing my best, I was trying...” but I know in reality I have not been trying, I have been justifying things to myself in order not to change.
I tell you these things so that you too can begin to see what Jesus is asking of all of us. He is asking that we do not justify and lie to ourselves but that we look at the Truth for, when we begin to look at the Truth, we are truly following Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and if we are to walk in His Footsteps we must be likewise for those who come behind us. We must be like signposts pointing the way, living in the Truth and shining the Light of Jesus to all that we meet.
This is what Jesus is talking about when He says, “...Come back to Me!” We must open our hearts and see what He is asking of us and forget about the desires of self. If we are truly wanting to follow in Jesus’ Footsteps, we will recognise the Truth in these Words, if we are not, we will read these Words and reject them in order to continue living a selfish life.
These Words are not new Words nor are they advertising a new way. They are saying the same thing as we read within Scripture.
Remember the Words that Jesus spoke in Scripture:
22 Many will say to Me in that day: Lord, Lord, have not we prophesied in Thy Name, and cast out devils in Thy Name, and done many miracles in Thy Name?
23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from Me, you that work iniquity. (Matthew 7:22-23, Douay-Rheims)
For many follow Jesus and do not truly believe in His Ways. Jesus is simply trying to get us to look within ourselves and see the Truth so that we can help our brothers and sisters to follow in His Footsteps which should be our footsteps for, if we are truly following Jesus, both Him and His Father will reside within us and so we shall only walk the Path of Truth.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and walk this Path with Me.
Do not reject Me any longer but open your eyes and see the Truth of My Words.
I am calling to each one of you to walk this Path with Me.
Too long you have walked the path of self and said you were a follower of Mine.
I have said dirty water and clean water cannot flow from the same pipe.
You cannot live in the desires of self and follow Me for one is dirty and one is clean.
It is lucifer that fills your minds with things that you do not truly need.
Come, walk with Me, and let My Light shine forth from you.
Let this world see that I am Alive in you.
Let the Revolution of Love begin within your heart and so it shall spread from you to others.
But, first, you must live in the Truth.
Do not hide any longer in the lies of self but walk forth into the Light and you shall find freedom, the freedom of Love. I Love you.
Sunday 29 May 2011
Patrick: When we look in truth at our lives, can we truly say that we are following Jesus or, are we holding on to the outward form of holiness so that people can see?
Are we denying the Power of Jesus to work through us?
In order for Jesus to work through us, we must die to self for, as Jesus has said in these Words, self blocks Him from being active in our lives for He will not step over the bounds of our free will. Self is our enemy: that part of self that wants to go against God and His Ways, must first be removed from our lives in order for Jesus to work through us. We must become the implements that Jesus can use to reach His people who are in danger.
When we say that we follow Jesus, we must do the things that He is asking of us and, the main thing is, that we remove that, that is so dangerous to our spiritual lives: SIN.
Sin is darkness and, if we live in darkness, then we cannot see the Light of God and so we stumble about blindly thinking that we are followers of Jesus. Yet, what we do will not help anyone in this world or help Jesus.
We have seen this so many times in the past when people have used religion for their own gains. People have judged, condemned, stolen, murdered etc., in the Name of Jesus and so have been really following lucifer. But, Christianity, Jesus, has been blamed for these hideous acts. We must be careful when we come to follow Him not to judge or condemn anyone for this will go against us and the Path that we seek. Rather, we must see Jesus in everyone that we meet, no matter what they have done. We must love everyone as Jesus Loves everyone.
I know this is hard but, to be a true follower of Jesus, we have to die to the things we do not like doing for lucifer will try to block us through our fears and dislikes.
Jesus has told me that He would inspire me with the Words that He wishes written within these pages, so, as you see, the subjects change from questions to inspired writing and back to questions and so on. He is helping us to see the Truth and yes, I put myself in this, for I am struggling to understand His Ways, the same as everyone else. I do understand that the more that I overcome self, the more I will understand and, the easier it will become. It is a struggle for self is constantly rebelling against what Jesus is saying, it all seems like so much hard work. It is not something that we can spend a couple of hours on each day but it is something that we must be willing to do twenty four hours of every day.
All that I know is that our struggles will be worth it. I can feel the Kingdom of Heaven at times and it is worth every struggle in order to get there. It will be worth it in the end so, do not lose heart, for the joys that we will have with Jesus in His Kingdom are immense compared to the toils of this earth that will be forgotten.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and follow in My Footsteps and you shall know the Joys of Eternal Life with Me in My Father’s Kingdom.
Do not lose heart for, if you truly desire what I am offering and you overcome self, you will become My Hands, My Feet and My Lips and you shall know the joys of seeing the lost come to Me and find freedom.
This, is when you shall find the Peace that surpasses all understanding for the struggles will be no more and following in My Footsteps will become a joy to you, no matter what this earth will throw at you.
Trust in Me, My little children, and believe that I am with you.
Believe that I am Coming to remove the darkness that mankind is now in.
Freedom is at hand, My children, and you shall know Truth within a short period of your time but you must work against the desires of self in order that I can help My children through you.
I Love you, My little children, I Love you and I am calling you this day to come, follow Me in truth.
Turn away from the things of this world and you shall find freedom in Me. I Love you.
...Tell My children of the Houses that I have asked for. Tell them that I need their hands and their hearts in this that I have asked for. I ask for one that will give Me a month of their time... I ask for one who will go with a servant and live there under My Messages for one month. Who will heed Me?


It has been nearly two years since Patrick was first inspired with organising a charity concert to raise funds for the refurbishment of the local chapel to the House of Prayer in Slovenia. For one reason or another it never seemed to quite happen. However in November 2010, some of the Slovenians who were guests at Aine and Matej’s wedding were asking Patrick when he was coming over. One of the Slovenians who has a band said that he was waiting every day for the phone call to talk about the concert! It seemed that Jesus was pushing for this project. From November then we began planning and preparing for this concert with a lot of help from Slovenia. The charity concert was held in Dole, the little village where the House of Prayer is, and it was in aid of the local church’s renovation funds. The concert took place in April 2011, the Friday after Easter Sunday and four local groups participated along with SonLight.
The spiritual
Jesus has taught us that the physical work within the House of Prayer is a means to learning the spiritual.
I was reminded of this, and I say reminded because to my shame I had forgotten, in the weeks leading up to the concert in Slovenia.
Putting the hours in
As a group, SonLight had met in the weeks preceding the concert to practice. I think it is fair to say that before we do any singing, whether it is at Mass, a Wedding or a concert we always put a lot of practice into it. Because we are representing Jesus we like to be as good as we possibly can and that means putting the hours in.
I don’t mind admitting that when I found out we would only be doing seven songs, as there were four other groups performing, I was relieved! I breathed a little easier and my stress levels went down!
Shine His Light
It was after this that the two Patricks came into our practice one morning. They asked us all why we were doing the concert in Slovenia. My answer was that we were going to raise money for the chapel. But Patrick said, no. If we were only going to raise money, then would it not be much simpler to just give a donation of the money that it would cost us to go there. He told us that we were going over there for Jesus, to allow Him to shine His Light through us. But the only way that Jesus can shine His Light through us is if we are with Him.
Jesus spoke
Jesus spoke to us also at this time. He said “…Let Me enter your hearts and My Light shall flow from Me through you to My children.
Fight the darkness of self: the more that you overcome the sin within your lives, the greater My Light shall shine from you.
I have called you to this mission so that My Light can shine forth, do not doubt but believe in the Words that I speak to you for My Love is Truth and it is Light.
Each time you sing for My children, prepare with prayer and sacrifice and My Light shall shine bright…” Sunday 3 April 2011
Our instructions
So here were our instructions! A far cry from the notion of jetting off into the sunset to sing and have a few days break from the norm! Jesus was asking us to prepare for this concert with prayer and sacrifice. It was not going to be a holiday. It was something that Jesus wanted, and He wanted it to be a spiritual giving, not simply a physical.
The greatest sacrifice
The two Patricks continued to speak about sacrifice after this. They told us that the greatest sacrifice was to choose a sin that we commit and really fight it with everything we have so that we have taken a little darkness from our souls and Jesus then is better able to shine His Light through us. I remember my thoughts at the time. I suddenly felt so ashamed and embarrassed in front of Jesus because He had given me the same Teaching about eight years ago when I was in Cosío. I should have been well down my Confession list by now and I wasn’t.
The greatest work
This was a spur for me, a reminder that I am supposed to be serving Jesus, not just by giving of my time but by giving Him my whole self. The greatest work that I have to do is within my own soul. I did choose a sin and I have struggled with it since. It is not easy to die to something that you have been accustomed to doing your entire life without even realising that you were sinning. I found that the more I tried to die to it the more I realised how much I committed the sin. And for the first time in ages, I felt that I was taking a real step towards Jesus.
Prayer and sacrifice
The other thing that Jesus mentioned was the prayer and sacrifice. From the Messages, we know that prayer gives us the strength that we need both to do the Work of Jesus and to die to ourselves. Sacrifice such as fasting and not running for a piece of bread when the hunger pang strikes but offering that hunger to Jesus, also gives us the strength for the greater sacrifice of dying to our sin.
Give of ourselves
I realise too from this Message that Jesus can only use us to the extent that we are willing to give of ourselves. For example if I only remove a little darkness from my soul then Jesus is only able to use that little bit that I have given to shine His Light through for He said, “the more that you overcome the sin within your lives, the greater My Light shall shine from you.” And I suppose this is the same with the time I am willing to give Him. There is a difference with the time that I can give to Jesus and the time that I am willing to give to Him. I know that Jesus is pleased with any little offering, however small, but I also know that my time, if given to Him, He will use to the fullest. He can do so, so much with our little giving and I suppose I am thinking now that if I could just give a little bit more, what could Jesus do with it? Could He reach another soul? I begin to see that it is all about the greater sacrifice and in this giving we are loving our brothers and sisters for though we may never know or meet the people that our sacrifices can help, Jesus can reach them because of our belief, our faith in Him and our love in the giving.
His Gospels
For me then, the physical work of SonLight has reminded me of the spiritual giving required by Jesus from His followers. I know that these Teachings are no different from what Jesus has been saying in all the latest Messages and even all those years ago in Cosío and if you want to go right back, He said the same thing in His Gospels. First the wheat grain must die before it can produce fruit. Could we listen now?

A great success

As for the Concert itself, it was a great success. I do not believe it could have gone any better. Obviously I do not know what Jesus did spiritually but I do believe He was pleased and I do hope and pray that His Light shone on many.

Mountainous town land
In the early hours of Wednesday 27 April 2011 we departed the Sacred Heart House of Prayer, Cookstown, beginning our journey to the mountainous town land of Dole in Western Slovenia. After landing in Treviso and making a short visit to the beautiful Venice we embarked on a three hour drive east towards the distant Julian Alps, an imposing wall of remote peaks that dominated the horizon.
Weary and tired
We successfully negotiated the busy motorways of Northern Italy before utilising the lower gears of our bulky van on the upward trajectory towards Dole. Our ears popped and nerves jangled as the narrow roads got steeper and hair pin bends more frequent. It was night when we began our ascent and we were fully aware of the huge drops at the edge of the road. Aware, but too afraid to look too closely into the black abyss that was often less than one foot from the road. We reached the House in Dole around 10pm thanking our driver Anne-Marie for our safe arrival. The passengers were weary and tired, none more so than the brave Brigid who was seven months pregnant.
Our second day
On our second day after a long sleep and good breakfast we began rehearsals and meetings with local musicians, organisers and volunteers who had done much work prior to our arrival. That night we spent time with the locals in the Firehouse where I had the privilege of playing Slovenian folk songs with an accordion player who had apparently got out of bed to come join us for a sing song. I also had my first dance with a Slovenian woman at Patrick’s insistence. It was a very worthwhile experience and the woman who was at least twenty years my senior left me well and truly out of breath.
The concert
Then came the big day of the concert. We were as nervous as we were excited. We went to the venue one hour before the commencement of the concert where we met the other bands for the first time. First to rehearse onstage was the children’s choir and the eyes of the girls of SonLight filled with tears, reminded of their own children that they left behind in Ireland. Sad as they were, they were reminded of their mission and it reinvigorated their determination to make everyone proud. Next was the sleek all girl choir called Radost from the nearby village of Godovic. Needless to say I took a particular interest in this group as would any young man, and I quickly consulted my sheet of Slovenian greetings hoping to impress the girls with my limited knowledge of their language. We then gathered all the groups on stage to practice the finale, ‘Siva Pot,’ or as those in the English speaking world would call it ‘Country Roads’ by John Denver. It was to be a part English part Slovenian rendition of the country classic but all groups seemed lost in translation following the first attempt. I then received a lecture from the musical director of Radost regarding the volume, tempo and key of the song. She was a tall, short-haired, athletic looking woman who looked like she could run a marathon as well as she could dictate. Never before did I receive such an enjoyable reprimanding. The strangest part of this verbal onslaught was that she seemed to be perfectly capable of speaking in English when angry, but otherwise incapable. However, her demands were met and everyone felt confident and pleased with the end result.
Greatly appreciated
We began the concert with the girls of SonLight speaking a few sentences each in Slovenian, thanking the audience for attending and introducing the songs. The audience applauded each sentence and afterwards we were told that the attempt at their language was greatly appreciated. After the next four acts came our turn and we finished the show with five songs to great applause. Following our set, Aine, our keyboard player and singer, made a presentation to the host and chief organiser, Tina Gantar, who was deeply touched by the gesture. Then Bridie Madden made a presentation of funds raised in Ireland to a local priest who accepted and made a short speech. To complete the festivities all the artists squeezed onto the stage for Siva Pot and were pleasantly surprised by the Irish hats that we had brought for others to wear for this finale. Afterwards there were many photos taken with the green headgear and the girls of Radost seemed particularly pleased with this fun diversion from the norm.
Opportunities to interact
There was food and drink made available for all of the artists after the concert and this gave us further opportunities to interact with the locals. There was much laughter and good cheer. During this time there was one very humorous incident which I feel must be included in this passage. I met a charming young girl called Ana who spoke excellent English and informed me that she would be visiting Ireland in September and wanted to know some local Irish lingo. I chose to tell her our saying, ‘what’s the craic?’ and explained its use in our language. However she misunderstood the phrasing and before departing the after-party she said to me, ‘I hope you have a nice crack.’ The group of Irish behind me roared with laughter but I managed to maintain a straight face, not wishing to embarrass Ana for her verbal blunder. The music and ‘craic’ continued well into the early hours before we drifted back to our beds for a rest after a job well done.
We built relationships
On the Saturday we were permitted to visit the dilapidated mountain top church of Dole for which we were raising the funds. The restoration project is still a long way from completion but hopefully our efforts will go some way towards restoring the community church. We built relationships with the local community and on a personal note I made many new friends and had many experiences that will last in my memory forever on this my first, and hopefully not last visit to beautiful Slovenia.


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Events Celebrated

Easter Retreat Holy Thursday

We, at the Sacred Heart House of Prayer, held an Easter Retreat, which began on Holy Thursday Night, with a vigil to be with Jesus on His Night of Anguish in the Garden. The altar in the Chapel of Jesus was stripped and the Cross was venerated. The mood was very solemn.
Good Friday
Then on Good Friday we had the Stations of the Cross during the 12pm Community Prayers. These Stations were given by Jesus Himself. Good Friday was also very solemn here at the House of Prayer.
Holy Saturday
On Holy Saturday at our 3pm Community Prayers a servant spoke about looking inward, to do what I don’t want to do, to watch out for resentful feelings and grudges and by my fighting of these sins I keep open to Jesus, not planning my life as such but letting Jesus have control.
Easter Sunday
On Easter Sunday we had our Community Prayers. At the 12pm prayers a servant spoke on how the Way of Truth Messages give us the possibility of becoming Saints. Those who follow the Way of Truth Messages, in truth, can live out this possibility.
At the 3pm prayers the Gospel focus was about the two Apostles, Peter and John, who ran to the tomb, and they believed.

Divine Mercy Sunday
In the week leading up to Divine Mercy Sunday we had done the Novena of Divine Mercy in preparation for the Feast.
At the 3pm Prayers we prayed the Chaplet and venerated the image of Jesus as the Divine Mercy.
After the 6pm prayers we held an informal procession from the back of the Sacred Heart House of Prayer at the well into the Prayer Room of Jesus where we crowned Our Lady, Queen of the May, as it was 1 May and we try to honour Mary during the month of May.
The procession was beautiful. We prayed a decade of the Rosary at the well and continued with hymns until the statue of Mary was crowned.
This was a beautiful Day where Jesus and Mary were honoured.
The Month of June
With the Month of June being the Month of the Sacred Heart, it is always a time of excitement in the House of Prayer. Extra flowers decorate the House, a large image of the Sacred Heart dons the notice board at the front door, and we try to have as much joy in our hearts as we can as Jesus has said in the Messages that the Saints go around the House collecting our joy in the Month of June.
“...This is a Month in which there should be much Joy in the celebration of My Heart among you. The Saints of My Heart walk among you looking for your Joy to bring it to Me but they find none. Love Me in this Month. Let Joy pass from your hearts and Love into the Hands of My Saints who await it...” Tuesday 1 June 1999
Ascension Thursday
This Feast Day has been moved in Ireland (as well as some other countries) to the following Sunday. We try and hold on to the fact that Scripture says the Ascension of Jesus happened forty days after His Resurrection and keep it on the Thursday.
Feast of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
The Day began with the Rosary and singing at the well, at the back of the grounds of the House. After this we all went in procession back into the Prayer Room carrying bunches of wild flowers which Jesus has said in the Messages are His Mother’s favourites.
Mother of Love and Peace
During the 3 o’clock prayers Sonlight sang many songs of praise both to Mary and Jesus, remembering that June is the Month of Jesus’ Sacred Heart. The servant who made the statue of Mary, Mother of Love and Peace, shared on how Jesus gave the Instructions for this statue through one of the Patricks, with every detail down to the exact shade of mint green needed for Mary’s dress. As was asked for in the Message given on the very first day we celebrated this Feast Day, the Message of La Salette was read out in full.
The Day finished with more songs and a blessing for all with the Holy Oil and some Saint’s relics we have at the Sacred Heart House of Prayer.
Pentecost Sunday
There was a great buzz of excitement and joy as preparations were being made for the Feast Day of the coming of the Holy Spirit. As part of our spiritual preparation for this, we had begun the Life in the Spirit seminars a few weeks earlier. With joy flooding in their hearts and souls, SonLight led us in song giving welcome to the Holy Spirit. A servant shared how we allow the Holy Spirit to be active in our lives by answering Jesus’ continual calls for us to help our brothers and sisters.
In our second prayer session of the Day, those who had participated in the Life in the Spirit seminars received the Baptism in the Spirit for His renewal in their lives. Everyone else received a blessing with the Holy Oil. SonLight helped to create a prayerful atmosphere in the background through song before leading us in songs of thanksgiving to end the day.

Events to Come

(All Days of Prayer begin at 12pm unless otherwise stated)
Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Saturday 16 July 2011
Feast of the King of Love
Sunday 24 July 2011
prayers begin at 3pm
Feast of Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
Tuesday 9 August 2011
Feast of the Assumption
Monday 15 August 2011 with the Walk Against Abortion on Saturday 13 August 2011
First Friday Vigils
(from 10pm-2am)
5 August 2011 and
2 September 2011


Betty and Bill Gallivan, 1519 Callender, Peoria, 11 61606 USA.
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“Don’t leave home without it”

The month of the Blessed Mother
Since May is the month of the Blessed Mother we, as Catholics, especially try to honour Her in many ways. I was keeping vigil in the hospital with a very dear friend who was near death. She had always worn her Brown Scapular (I knew that for a fact) and now it could no longer be worn around her neck so it was wound around one wrist, her rosary was around the other. Her children finally made it in from various States out-of-town and I dropped out of sight to give them privacy with their mother. The next day in her last hours, I was called to her bedside and noticed her Scapular was missing. Almost frantically and quickly, I asked that it please be returned to her wrist as she most certainly would want to die with it on. They didn’t have a clue. So I very briefly explained the promise of the Blessed Mother upon wearing Her Brown Scapular.
Mary’s Brown Scapular
Recently I was reading an excellent article on the Brown Scapular written by a lawyer, an extremely good Catholic, and good friend of ours, Harry M. Williams. It’s probably not a bad idea to refresh all of our readers with the knowledge of Mary’s Brown Scapular through the following article by Mr. Williams:
Shall not suffer eternal fire
A lot of Catholics are not familiar with the Brown Scapular (of Our Lady of Mount Carmel).
On July 16, 1251, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared (with a multitude of Angels) to Saint Simon Stock. While holding a Brown Scapular, Our Lady made this promise: “Whosoever dies wearing this Scapular shall not suffer eternal fire.” This promise was a guarantee that any person who dies wearing the Brown Scapular will go to Heaven (although the person may still have to pass through Purgatory first).
“Our Lady’s Garment”
The Brown Scapular is a sacramental that is sometimes referred to as “Our Lady’s Garment.” It is made from two small pieces of brown woollen cloth. No picture or cover for the cloth pieces is necessary. The two pieces of cloth are attached to a string, chain, or any type of cord. The Scapular is worn around the neck (over the head on the shoulders) with one piece of cloth on the back and the other piece on the chest.
Two conditions
There are only two conditions that have to be met before a person can benefit from the promise of the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel:
1. Valid enrolment in the Brown Scapular. Any of the faithful (including infants) can be enrolled in the Brown Scapular by a priest. A person only needs to be enrolled in the Brown Scapular once.
2. Proper wearing of the Brown Scapular. The person enrolled must wear the scapular over the shoulders, one piece in front and one in back. No special daily or periodic prayers are required.
In today’s sophisticated and technologically advanced society, most people would say: “It’s just a cloth. How can a couple of pieces of brown cloth save a person from the fires of hell?”
Develop the same faith
There are very few people in the world who would question a piece of paper with $100 imprinted on it (with green and black ink), and issued by the United States Treasury. Lay that piece of paper on any counter in the world and you will receive the equivalent of $100 in goods or services. We have the utmost faith in that piece of paper, despite the fact that it’s only backed by a government made up of mortal sinful men and women. How can we develop the same faith in the Brown Scapular that we have in the $100 bill?
Members of the family
Here’s what Saint Alphonsus de Liguori had to say about the Brown Scapular: “Just as men take pride in having others wear their livery, so the Most Holy Mary is pleased when Her servants wear Her Scapular as a mark that they have dedicated themselves to Her service and are members of the family of the Mother of God.”
Pope Gregory X
One of the greatest of all of the Scapular miracles involved a pope who had a strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Brown Scapular. Pope Gregory X was buried on January 10, 1276 (twenty five years after the Blessed Mother gave the Brown Scapular to Saint Simon Stock).
In 1830, five hundred and fifty four years after his death, Pope Gregory X’s mortal remains were removed from his casket to be placed in a new casket. At that time, Pope Gregory’s Brown Scapular was found to be intact, while his priestly vestments and flesh were gone. Today, seven hundred and twenty five years after Pope Gregory X was buried with his Brown Scapular, anyone can see his Scapular, perfectly preserved, in a museum at Arezzo, Italy.
Honour Mary!
We have an old American Express slogan, “Don’t leave home without it.” Well, let’s apply that to the Brown Scapular – Don’t leave home without it! Honour Mary!


Saint Therese La Maison de Priere. Rue de la Station 65, 7070 Le Roeuix, Hainaut.
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The First Manning

The little ones as yet unborn
Jesus said on the Feast of the Sacred Heart “…I call upon My two sons and My servants to find My House in the city of the seat of power in Europe for there the prayer can thwart what they plan to do with the little ones as yet unborn. This I ask for quickly…”
I received a phone call from Patrick Rushe inviting me to go to the new House of Prayer in Belgium. I was really surprised to be one of the first servants to be going to man Saint Thérèse House of Prayer. On Saturday 8 January, Mary Boyle and I headed off to Charleroi Airport, Brussels, where Colm met us and brought us to Saint Thérèse’s House of Prayer. Bridie and Matej greeted us when we arrived at the House and showed us around after we visited Jesus in the ‘Incarnation Prayer Room’ which Colm and Bridie were completing the painting of.
In need of much cleaning
The House has seven bedrooms, a bathroom, a shower room and a downstairs loo. Two rooms in the attic are a good size for possible bedrooms or even an office. It has a beautiful kitchen, utility room, sitting room with combined office, tastefully decorated throughout. The House is in excellent condition, just in need of much cleaning. It has two small gardens, front and rear, and a garage. There are two supermarkets within walking distance and the local church, Saint Nicholas church, is about ten minutes walk. Mass is at 6.30pm on Saturday evening and Sunday morning at 11am, the only Mass during the week is on a Thursday evening at 6pm which has a very poor attendance.
Saint Feuillien
All of us went to Mass on Saturday evening in the Church of Saint Nicholas, it was lovely. In the church, there is a statue which looks like Saint Bridget because the Saint is holding a Church. But, it turned out to be an Irish Saint called Saint Feuillien who came from Connemara on the west coast of Ireland. He travelled all the way across Ireland and Great Britain and came here to Le Roeulx, Belgium, where he evangelised this province. He built an Abbey and the foundation stone of the original Abbey is built in the present day Church of Saint Nicholas. He was in the order of Saint Brendan and believed to be a disciple of Saint Brendan who also came from Clonfert in Galway, Eire.
Prayer is of the utmost importance
Colm, Bridie and Matej left early on the Sunday morning and we began manning the House for Jesus and soon got into routine. The front door opens at 9am each morning and closes at 5pm and we continue with the Community Prayers as in all the Houses. Prayer is of the utmost importance in Saint Thérèse House of Prayer as this is what Jesus requested.
The neighbours
On Monday morning one of the neighbours came across and seemed to be quite anxious that we had the front door and garage door open as no one opens their doors here and insisted that we close the front door. As neither of us has any French we understood that she was telling us that she was going to ring the police or had already rang them. We showed her the Prayer Room and she understood that it was a House of Prayer and we need to keep the door open. After this she was very open, friendly and helpful.
A small town
Mary was to make curtains and had everything she needed except thread, a very important item. We went across next morning to the neighbour and tried to ask where in this town could we purchase thread, by showing her curtains. She grasped what Mary was explaining, Michelle and her daughter told us we could not buy thread in Le Roeulx as it is a small town with very little businesses here. Michelle went up stairs and came down with a box of large spools of thread. She then told us to wait, went up stairs again, came down with her own sewing machine and proceeded to give it to Mary. Mary told her that she had a machine and thanked her for her generosity and kindness. We were really surprised that she would give her sewing machine to strangers, we all burst into fits of laughter and Michelle hugged us and hugged us. This was Jesus at Work! Thank You, Jesus!
Lovely and helpful
Next door to Michelle lives John and his wife Joelle Claude. Colm, Bridie and Matej had met them when they arrived and told us to go to them when we needed help, especially with translation. They are so very lovely and helpful although at times we felt we were intruding on their lives. As we got to know them more, Joelle came over to visit the House frequently and told us we were her friends and they had already looked up routes for coming to visit us in Northern Ireland.
It is so convenient
As part of being in the community, we go out to a coffee shop and socialise with the locals. We met an English speaking guy, Phillip, he was very helpful and a female taxi driver, Carolina, she was Flemish and spoke perfect English. Another older man gave us directions on how to get from the House in Le Roeulx to the airport, he spoke fluent English. We learned from him we can get the bus within seconds from the House to anywhere we wish to travel, it is so convenient.
Jesus had it all in hand
As the telephone was not installed in the House, we were asked by Patrick to go to La Louvière to get the telephone installed. This is about half an hour’s journey by bus. We were concerned about how we were going to explain all the information we were asked to give to them but Jesus had it all in hand, He had gone before us and He had a shop assistant there who spoke perfect English.
We were given a modem to take home with us and we understood that a technician would come out and set up the modem, internet, telephone and all for us but no one arrived. Patrick telephoned on the mobile phone one night and talked Mary through setting up the computer. We were communicating with Patrick who was in Saint Nicholas House of Prayer in Germany, Aine who was in Cookstown and we were in Belgium, we could see each other all at the same time on “Skype,” it was amazing. We were so excited when all was completed.
Saint Brigid’s crosses
While there it was Saint Brigid’s Feast Day and we made Saint Brigid’s crosses with black plastic straws and rope steeped in sugar water and then weaved it into crosses when it was dry. We met a young girl, Pauline, and she came to visit the House and went away with some of the crosses. Mary met Pauline’s dad and he told her that he and his wife came across to Ireland a few years ago to find the Abbey of Saint Feuillium. Joelle took some crosses and made some before she left, so the tradition hopefully will carry on in Le Roelux.
Years gone by
We discovered many little shrines, the Holy Family, Guardian Angel, and Our Lady of Deliverance and, just around the corner from the House, a statue of Saint Gertrude is on the wall and the street is named after her. Also, the sitting room in the House is named Saint Gertrude! Saint Joseph is the Patron Saint of the town and the secondary school is named after him. Also in the town is: Saint Jacques’ Hospice and Saint Francis De Sales’ Seminary. There was a lot of faith in that town in years gone by!
A great experience
We met some of the parish council members and the priest is from the Congo. The shop assistants who got to know us were extremely kind and helpful and thought we were nuns, they kept addressing us as Sisters. A lady in the flower shop is from Valencia, Spain, so we were able to communicate with her in Spanish. It was a great experience being in Belgium and manning this very important House of Prayer. Oonagh and Joan arrived to take over and we shared some time together before we went home.
Thank You, Jesus!
Thank You, Saint Thérèse!
“…You deal with a dark enemy, children, stay with Me for the world calls you very loudly to abandon Me. I call you to come to Me and do what I need you to do to save Europe. I have moved My Army of Light into the centre of enemy territory and through this I will prevent many things. Already, they control your lives. Stay with Me. I Love you.”
Saturday 15 January 2011, Feast of Love


A human being
When a person becomes older I just feel so much that they need to have someone look out for them. I often think that I, myself, do not know what my life will be like as I become older, and I am sure that there are so many old people who are not even treated as a human beings anymore.
More and more dependant
My own mother became blind about ten years ago and, as the past ten years moved along, she became more and more dependant on others to do things for her. I have seen so many reactions from others over this period, including my own reactions and all I can name each reaction is: selfish!
The self I have seen rising, so many times, when it comes to giving of ourselves has sometimes been overwhelming. It seems that as long as nothing disturbs or changes my own plans, or my “me” time, is fine but to go over the line is just impossible.
Nursing homes
It is so easy to talk the talk but when it comes to hands on and getting our hands dirty, well that is just asking so much, too much in fact, the answer is “put her or him in a home.”
There is nothing wrong with nursing homes, nothing, and thank God for them, without them what would happen to some older people? It depends on why the home is used, as a ‘get them out of my way’ or as a help for them.
My mother went for one week’s respite for the first time earlier this year and fell and hurt herself on the second day there. This proved to be the beginning of the end for her as this took her off her feet completely; she died at her home in July last year.
I have to say that reactions over this nearly put my own light out! These were very fierce and extreme. In many ways I was made to feel guilty about her sickness and death.
I do believe that none of us really have a clue as to what goes on spiritually and, as the local priest said to me one day, “we don’t have a clue and we don’t need to know!”
I believe that each one of us needs to look out for the older people we come into contact with and genuinely care for them, not just as a pretence but as a real, caring and in a doing way, if that makes any sense.
Helpless people
I do believe that each person in this world so much needs love and support, no matter what their age, whatever their physical or mental state be. We cannot abandon these helpless people, we really need to look out for them.
She was a gem
I could go into so much detail and say so much but I do believe that would be self in me rearing its ugly head, I would much rather say thank You, Jesus, for my mother. She was a gem and I hope she shines brightly now with You in Your Kingdom. Thank You, Jesus.


1 And entering into a boat, he passed over the water and came into his own city.
2 And behold they brought to him one sick of the palsy lying in a bed. And Jesus, seeing their faith, said to the man sick of the palsy: Be of good heart, son, thy sins are Forgiven thee.
As always with Jesus, it is the spiritual rather than the physical that is the most important. When we ask for healing from Jesus in our prayers we should be first seeking spiritual healing before physical as the state of our soul is more important than the state of our bodies.
3 And behold some of the scribes said within themselves: He blasphemeth.
4 And Jesus seeing their thoughts, said: Why do you think evil in your hearts?
5 Whether is easier, to say, Thy sins are Forgiven thee: or to say, Arise, and walk?
The scribes in their blindness did not see who Jesus truly was and saw the fact that Jesus Forgave this man’s sins as an act of blasphemy. Also as they saw themselves as the authority on all “spiritual matter” they were thinking to themselves who does this Man think He is, Forgiving peoples sins. All they had was spiritual pride. How many times have I thought the same way when I saw someone trying to live a spiritual way?
6 But that you may know that the Son of Man hath power on earth to Forgive sins, (then said He to the man sick of palsy,) Arise, take up thy bed, and go into thy house.
7 And he arose, and went into his house.
8 And the multitude seeing it, feared, and glorified God that gave such power to men.
Because they could not see with spiritual eyes and realise that the spiritual was more important, Jesus had to give them physical proof that the man was healed. It took this “bigger” show for the people to consider something from God was occurring here. Do we seek the sensational when seeking Jesus or living a spiritual life, or are we willing to do the hard graft of dying to self and truly allowing the spiritual things to affect us?
9 And when Jesus passed on from hence, He saw a man sitting in the custom house, named Matthew; and He saith to him: Follow Me. And he rose up and followed Him.
This was Jesus calling Matthew to be an Apostle. Picking Matthew was a big thing socially for people of the Jewish faith. Matthew was a tax collector and they were seen as traitors and enemies of the Jews because they took money from them and gave it to the Romans. Because Matthew became an Apostle of Jesus, it showed the people that no matter who or what they were that Jesus Loved them and wanted them to be followers of His. As Jesus says many, many times in the Messages of Love “come as you are” and then His Ways and Teachings can touch our lives. So, no matter who the person is or what social background they are from, Jesus wants them to follow Him and He wants us to love them.
10 And it came to pass as He was sitting at meat in the house, behold many publicans and sinners came, and sat down with Jesus and His Disciples.
11 And the Pharisees seeing it, said to His Disciples: Why doth your Master eat with publicans and sinners?
12 But Jesus hearing it, said: They that are in health need not a physician, but they that are ill.
Again here we see that as a follower of Jesus we must reach out to those who may be looked down upon in society. The drug addicts, the alcoholics, the prostitutes are all in need of the Love that Jesus has given to us. It is not just for those who we like and decide to give it to. Those who are spiritually ill need the Great Physician, who is Jesus and as His followers, it is up to us to bring Jesus to them.


Two of our newer Houses of Prayer are in the Eastern part of Europe (Poland and Slovenia) and we have decided to serialise the following encyclical written by John Paul II in 1985. It is called “Slavorum apostoli.” It looks at two Slavic Saints, Cyril and Methodius, and calls us to look to their example in these times when we should be evangelising.
Slavorum apostoli
1. THE APOSTLES OF THE SLAVS, Saints Cyril and Methodius, are remembered by the Church together with the great work of evangelization which they carried out. Indeed it can be said that their memory is particularly vivid and relevant to our day.
Considering the grateful veneration enjoyed for centuries by the holy Brothers from Salonika (the ancient Thessalonica), especially among the Slav nations, and mindful of their incalculable contribution to the work of proclaiming the Gospel among those peoples; mindful too of the cause of reconciliation, friendly coexistence, human development and respect for the intrinsic dignity of every nation, by my Apostolic Letter Egregiae Virtutis of 31 December 1980 I proclaimed Saints Cyril and Methodius Co-Patrons of Europe. In this way I followed the path already traced out by my Predecessors, and notably by Leo XIII, who over a hundred years ago, on 30 September 1880, extended the cult of the two Saints to the whole Church, with the Encyclical Epistle Grande Munus, and by Paul VI, who, with the Apostolic Letter Pacis Nuntius of 24 October 1964, proclaimed Saint Benedict Patron of Europe.
2. The purpose of the document of five years ago was to remind people of these solemn acts of the Church and to call the attention of Christians and of all people of good will who have at heart the welfare, harmony and unity of Europe to the ever-living relevance of the eminent figures of Benedict, Cyril and Methodius, as concrete models and spiritual aids for the Christians of today, and especially for the nations of the continent of Europe, which, especially through the prayers and work of these saints, have long been consciously and originally rooted in the Church and in Christian tradition.
The publication of my Apostolic Letter in 1980, which was dictated by the firm hope of a gradual overcoming in Europe and the world of everything that divides the Churches, nations and peoples, was linked to three circumstances that were the subject of my prayer and reflection. The first was the eleventh centenary of the Pontifical Letter Industriae Tuae, whereby Pope John VIII in the year 880 approved the use of the Old Slavonic language in the liturgy translated by the two holy Brothers. The second circumstance was the first centenary of the above-mentioned Encyclical Epistle Grande Munus. The third was the beginning, precisely in 1980, of the happy and promising theological dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches on the Island of Patmos.
3. In the present document I wish to make particular reference to the Epistle Grande Munus, by which Pope Leo III intended to remind the Church and the world of the apostolic merits of both the Brothers-not only of Methodius, who, according to tradition, ended his days at Velehrad in Greater Moravia in the year 885, but also of Cyril, whom death separated from his brother in 869, when he was in Rome, the city which received and which still preserves his relics with profound veneration in the Basilica of Saint Clement.
Recalling the holy lives and apostolic merits of the two Brothers from Salonika, Pope Leo XIII fixed their annual liturgical feast on 7 July. After the Second Vatican Council, as a result of the liturgical reform, the feast was transferred to 14 February, which from the historical point of view is the date of the heavenly birthday of Saint Cyril. At a distance of over a hundred years from Pope Leo’s Epistle, the new circumstances in which it so happens that there falls the eleventh centenary of the death of Saint Methodius encourage us to give renewed expression to the Church’s memory of this important anniversary. And a particular obligation to do so is felt by the first Pope called to the See of Peter from Poland, and thus from the midst of the Slav nations.
The events of the last hundred years and especially of the last decades have helped to revive in the Church not only the religious memory of the two holy Brothers but also a historical and cultural interest in them. Their special charisms have become still better understood in the light of the situations and experiences of our own times. A contribution to this has been made by many events which belong, as true signs of the times, to the history of the twentieth century; the first of these is that great event which took place in the life of the Church: the Second Vatican Council. In the light of the magisterium and pastoral orientation of that Council we can look in a new way - a more mature and profound way - at these two holy figures, now separated from us by eleven centuries. And we can read in their lives and apostolic activity the elements that the wisdom of divine Providence placed in them, so that they might be revealed with fresh fullness in our own age and might bear new fruits.
Continued next month



Thank you
Dear Patricks, I received a cheque book from my bank this morning. I will write the cheque for three month’s donation at ... a month. This donation is for March, April and May. In June, I will, please God, send you another cheque for three months and so on. Thank you for speaking and writing the Truth. May God protect you both and your helpers. Yours sincerely, Kathleen.
PS: you can use this money for whatever is most urgent.
I respond in love
Dear friends in Jesus, Greetings and good wishes to you all. I respond in love to the appeal notice. “...Look to the Truth, My little ones, and do not be afraid but trust Me, your God...” How truly blessed we are in these times of darkness and fear all around us to have Jesus speak these Words to us, who can we turn to but Jesus? How awesome to be invited to be just a minute part of this amazing mission for Him. It is hard to comprehend. Thank You, Jesus. The appeal though very important - essential I know, is not the real challenge to us. That’s the easy part. What is difficult is the letting go of selfish desires and the emptying of self honestly and sincerely and responding, to the best of our ability, to the call of Jesus within our hearts. To let go of our fears and trust Him - to follow blindly and be obedient and pliable like an innocent child. Not easy, not only for us but the two Patricks who are scrupulously honest and humble. That is so reassuring for us. Thank you, Patricks.
As for the financial giving - do we really miss what we give? I certainly never have. Jesus replenishes generously. Thank You, Jesus, in the Invitations. May I be worthy of it.
Yours in the Love of Jesus and Mary, Mary x
Lent Messages
Dear Friends at the Sacred Heart House of Prayer,
I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to Easter.
Thank you so much for sending the King of Love chaplets and the lovely beads. I will get them blessed by my priest then give them to my friends. This months’ magazine was brilliant – with the Lent Messages from Jesus. The whole thing was great and I read it from cover to cover. It’s just sad when you finish it and have to wait a month for the next one – keep up the great work! :-)
I wondered if you have any “Mary, Patron of the Aborted” novenas that you could send me please, as my friend gave me this prayer and I have been saying all the prayers in it, and unfortunately it has gone missing. I love this prayer to Our Lady and I feel lost without it. Could you also send me a copy of “An Abyss of Love and Pain,” as I would love to read this during Lent. Thank you so much and may God Bless you all.
I have enclosed a cheque which can be used for whatever is needed most. I am keeping you all in my prayers and I pray that all goes well on Friday with the Walk against abortion and the fast. I will be with you in spirit and will be saying the Rosary for the unborn.
May God Bless the little ones and save as many as possible.
Your friend and sister in Christ, Claire.
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