Christmas: the very word inspires feelings within me of warmth, anticipation and joy. 
It conjures up images of sitting in front of a warm fire with a full belly; of children whose faces are filled with delight at the presents Santa has left them; of a family warm and cosy and contented. 
But more and more these ideals of Christmas and how I like to spend my Christmas Day, with my own little family, makes me feel uncomfortable, ill at ease and guilty.  Jesus said on Wednesday 11 December 2002, “...Too long have I watched My children celebrating this time of My Birth in greed and self while others go hungry, while you sit at your tables eating meals that you cannot finish, consuming great quantities of alcohol which brings about the downfall of many...” 
Front cover
The front cover of our Newsletter was painted by a servant of the Way of the Sacred Heart.  It
is a slap in the face to wake us all up!  Instead of the little Baby Jesus in the crib, it is self and the portrayal of self is the truth of Christmas in these days.  We celebrate self.
How can I be so contented and satisfied on Christmas Day when so many people all over the world are suffering, when so many people have never felt the real Christmas within their hearts because many of us ‘Christians’ are too busy sorting ourselves and our families out so that we can be happy?  This makes Jesus’ Pain all the greater at the time of His Birth.  A time where much Love should be shown and given in honour of, and to celebrate, our Saviour.  As Jesus said “...How can you say “Happy Christmas” when you know that the One that you speak of is not happy?  Meditate upon this, My children...”  Thursday 21 December 1995
Many Messages
Throughout the years, Jesus has given us many Messages about the time of His Birth.  These Words that He speaks tell us of what Christmas was meant to be; they tell us of what Christmas has become and they tell us of how, every year, we break Jesus’ Heart in sorrow because of our selfishness and our greed.
“...My people, I Love you.  Come now to this Heart of Mine.  See it Bleed in this season of greed: a time that was once Mine but now is turned into a time of self; a time that the world has forgotten.  A season of goodwill, a season of coming together to celebrate My Love...”  Thursday 5 December 2001
An endeavour
We have included these Messages in this edition of the Newsletter in an endeavour not only to pierce our own hearts with the Truth but yours also.  Jesus has given us the Light in these Messages of Love to be spread all over the earth at Christmas time.
These Messages are a challenge to us; they are a command from a God who Loves all of His children equally, for us not only to see the pain of our brothers and sisters but to alleviate it in some way in this Holy Season; to make His Birth mean something in our lives.  To take our ‘self’ out of the crib and put Jesus back in it; to worship Jesus by how we celebrate Christmas, not glorify self.
We have a few weeks
We still have a few weeks before Christmas, let’s make this Christmas for Jesus and for Him alone.


Thursday 4 November 2010

Come, now, My beloved children, and do not be afraid to follow in My Footsteps for I am Coming soon.  I have told you many times that I would show you the True Path and would not leave you orphans.
Come, follow Me, read the Words of Life, read the Words of Truth, read My Gospels and you will see the Path that I speak of.
Too few read My Words and so are blind to what I ask of them.
Understand, children, understand My Words so that you do not be deceived.  Do not allow them to take My Truth from you.  Read only the Words that have not been changed.  Do not listen to their inclusive language for it is only the lies of lucifer.
You are in perilous times and you must be always on your guard for those who would deceive you.
Come, My little ones, I give you these Words so that you will know the Truth.
Come, children of the Light, and follow Me in Truth.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.



Benedict and condoms

Benedict’s remarks
This week the news has been filled with Benedict’s remarks on the use of condoms.  The following article explains what he said and the views of some other people.  It was taken from

Globe Newspaper Company
Stunning pronouncement
“VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI clearly acknowledged yesterday that the need to prevent diseases like AIDS could outweigh the Church’s long opposition to the use of condoms.
It was a significant and stunning personal pronouncement from the conservative pope after more than two decades of heated debate inside the Roman Catholic Church and condemnation by health workers who said that the Church’s ban on prophylactics was morally indefensible during the AIDS crisis.
Conservative Catholics
The Rev. Federico Lombardi, the Vatican’s spokesman, said that for Benedict, the use of condoms by people infected with HIV could be “the first step of responsibility, of taking into consideration the risk to the life of the person with whom there are relations.’’
“Whether it’s a man or woman or a transsexual,’’ he added.
Benedict did not endorse the general use of condoms or change official Church teaching, which still opposes contraceptives, but his words ricocheted around the globe, greeted with anger from some conservative Catholics and enthusiasm from clerics and health workers in Africa, where the AIDS problem is worst. The pope also considers the continent to be a major area of growth for the Church.
In a new world
“We’re in a new world,’’ said the Rev. Jon Fuller, a Jesuit priest and a physician at the Center for HIV/AIDS Care and Research at Boston Medical Centre. The pope is implicitly saying, he said, “that you cannot anymore raise the objection that any use of the condom is an intrinsic evil.’’
Catholic conservatives who believed Catholic teaching against contraception to be inviolable were reeling.
“This is really shaking things up big time,’’ said John M. Haas, the president of the National Catholic Bioethics Centre in Philadelphia, who serves on the governing council of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life.
A moral theologian
Haas, a moral theologian, said he had seen an embargoed copy of the new book in which the pope conceded there might be extreme cases in which there are grounds for the use of condoms.
“I told the publisher, ‘Don’t publish this; it’s going to create such a mess,’ ’’ he added.
The Church opposes contraception
In the book, “Light of the World: The Pope, The Church and The Signs Of The Times,’’ which was released yesterday, Benedict said that condoms were not “a real or moral solution,’’ but that in some cases they could be used as “a first step in the direction of a moralization, a first assumption of responsibility.’’
But his words left room for ambiguity. In the book’s German and English editions, the text cited the example of a male prostitute, implying homosexual sex, in which a condom would not be a form of contraception. The Church opposes contraception on the grounds that every sexual act should be open to procreation.
But questions emerged when the book’s Italian edition, excerpted by the Vatican newspaper Saturday, used the feminine form of prostitute.
Yesterday, Lombardi said the Italian translation was an error, but that the pope had specifically told him that the issue was not procreation but rather disease prevention, regardless of gender.
“I personally asked the pope if there was a serious, important problem in the choice of the masculine over the feminine,’’ said Lombardi. “He told me no.’’
Lombardi said that he had spoken directly with the pope at least twice since Sunday and that Benedict had personally approved a statement he released on the condom question, indicating how adamant the pope was.
The pope smiled
Benedict’s papacy has suffered from frequent communications missteps. But this time, it appeared that the pope was sending an intentional message. Lombardi said that he had asked Benedict if he had recognized the risk in publishing a book of interviews in a complex media landscape where his words might be “misunderstood.’’
“The pope smiled,’’ Lombardi said.
Benedict’s comments on condoms seem in some ways to be a profound provocation, indicating that although he is not changing Church doctrine, he is insisting that condoms can be a responsible option in preventing disease.
Never entirely predictable
In the book, a wide-ranging series of interviews with German journalist Peter Seewald, the pope was responding to a question about a controversy last year, when, on his way to Africa, he said that condoms worsened the spread of AIDS. The disease, he added, could be prevented only by abstinence and responsibility. In expressing his views on the male prostitute scenario, Benedict showed himself to be at once strictly doctrinaire but never entirely predictable.
“What the pope said about the use of condoms to prevent illness certainly is significant and helps the comprehensive fight against AIDS in Africa,’’ said Mario Marazziti, the spokesman for the Community of Sant’Egidio, a Catholic group in Rome that runs forty AIDS clinics in ten countries in sub-Saharan Africa
During the decades of debate about condoms, the chorus of voices from inside the Church challenging its position had grown increasingly louder, especially in Africa.
pope’s new openness
Lisa Sowle Cahill, a professor of theology at Boston College, said the pope’s new openness about condoms was significant even if it did not change Church teaching.
“I see it as a shift in attention, so that the politics of AIDS is larger on the radar screen than the politics of contraception, and to me that is a needed and appropriate shift,’’ she said.
She added the Church had held firm against the use of condoms even to prevent AIDS, because the birth control issue took so much precedence politically.
Muddying of the waters
Indeed, Haas could barely countenance Lombardi’s comments that broadened the debate to include women.
“I don’t think it’s a clarification; it’s a muddying of the waters,’’ he said. “My opinion is that the pope purposely chose a male prostitute to avoid that particular debate.’’
And if Benedict was in fact opening that debate?
“I think the pope’s wrong,’’ Haas added.
© Copyright 2010 Globe Newspaper Company.”

A few phone calls
Here at the House of Prayer we have had a few phone calls asking us about the pope’s comments.  All I would like to say is that the pope’s remarks, while being cheered by some, have sown confusion among many others.  One of the phone calls we had was from a woman who was trying to teach her grandchildren about chastity.  She wanted to know how she was going to teach them now given what the pope said about condoms.
Effective answer
The Catholic Church has a very effective answer to the Aids question and has been teaching this for years:  chastity. 
By saying that condoms may be used to prevent the infection of HIV in male prostitutes, are you not condoning both homosexuality and prostitution? 
Friday 10 June 2005
See the confusion, My children.  There is much of it.  Confusion comes from one who confuses and confusion comes from those who backtrack and allow the evil one to confuse them.  This is the result of allowing self to take over when I am pushed from the helm.  I have told you that the antichrist is in your midst and I shall not change these Words because I cannot turn the Truth into a lie.  Did I not say all these things in My Words to you?  How long must I be with you?
Many Prophets, Visionaries and Seers have chosen to turn their back on Me at this time because their Words look wrong in the eyes of the world.  That is because they always belonged to the world and so remain with it.
Very few now believe that who is in your midst is he.  This is what I have told you.  I have told you of the deceit but you have not listened.  A deceiver will deceive; it is what he came to do.  In a deceiver’s mind only lies the deceit, even if that means using the Truth to deceive.  Look at what I have told you.
“This is what I wish of you.  You must do these same things for you face now, a world that is more dark than ever; a darkness that can become as light.  It is not the Light.  I am the Light and I need to shine through your hearts in a more real way.  I Love you.” Friday 1 April 2005
“You must be careful, My children, I give you this Warning of the treachery of the evil one.  What seems to be Mine, is not always Mine.  The evil one is a liar and he will use even the Truth, that is twisted, to make My little ones fall.  I ask you to be careful.  It is only My Pope (John Paul II) who stands in his way and he suffers much for it.
These virgins, both male and female, who were once Mine now speak with forked tongues are those who help satan most.  They change My Words.” Thursday 12 December 2002
Ah, children, must I say the Words again and again for you to see?
I tell you as I have told you before, throw away all that you think you know about the antichrist and rethink your thoughts without self.  You have a Judas among you and you do not see how he steals away your Truth that comes from Me.  I tell you to watch ecumenism for there will lie your answers and the Truth.  Look with spiritual eyes only for all is in much confusion:
Then Jesus said to them, “All of you will be made to stumble because of Me this night, for it is written:
‘I will strike the Shepherd, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.’”  Matthew 26:31
Your confusor is like unto his father; do not be confused by him.  Look for Truth; look for Me and walk with Me, do not walk the way that he walks.


Christmas Messages from Jesus and Mary

Many Messages
Over the years Jesus has given us many Messages about His Birth.  He has spoken of what His Birth was to be for mankind, He has told us of what His Birth has become and He speaks also of how He would like His Birth to be celebrated. 
You could say that all of these Messages are about taking the ‘self’ out of Christmas.
We present these Messages so that we can all read them again in the hope that these will pierce our hearts.  We hope that by reading them and living them, we can put the Christ back in Christmas.

Thursday 21 December 1993
My little children, My Gift to you this night is Love.  My Gift is My Spirit.  I give each one of you My Life and I ask you to take it and live it.  You give gifts to celebrate My coming upon this earth, but you forget the real meaning of the Day of My Birth.  My Birth was unknown but today is the time to make it known.  I was Born for you, little ones, Born as Saviour to Save.  Be My little children and allow Me to be Born in you this night.  Christmas is a time to be Holy, a time to be in silent reflection, a time of honouring, worshipping, adoring.  On this night, I Love you.

Thursday 21 December 1993 For Christmas Eve Night From Mary  
My little ones, gather around your Saviour this Night1, this Holy Night, for Jesus has made it Holy for you.  Think of the goodwill that you must give to your fellow man.  Think of that Love which must begin within this room.  Think of Love. 
Come to My Side and I, as your Mother, will give you My Son, as I have always done.  But be aware of the evil one at this time; he will try to rob you of the love that you have for all peoples.  My Gift to you is Peace this Night.  The Peace that is given to you this Night is the Peace of Jesus.  I give it to you.  Jesus and I are here with you.  I strew flowers of Love upon you.  Take the Lord’s Peace and rejoice at His Birth in you.  I Love you and, most of all, Jesus Loves you.  Accept His Gifts this Night.  Gods Blessing on you, little ones.
1  This Message was given, in advance, for a vigil held on Christmas Eve

Tuesday 13 December 1994 Hendon, London
My children, Love is yours this day.  Great Love is given to you in this Advent of Love.
Soon I come among you as a little Child.  I take on your humanity and I become the Divine Humanity.  Soon the joy of My Birth will ring within your hearts as you celebrate this glorious Day. 
Behold your Saviour as a weak and helpless Child.  Behold! Behold! Embrace this time and feel this joy that is given for in it is many Graces for you.  Behold, too, the Woman of women whom I choose to be My Mother.  Her who said yes.  Like Her you must say yes and I will come to birth in you.  Come, My little lambs, and I will recreate you.  I will spring to life within you.  Come, let Me regenerate your weary spirits.  Love is given to you, accept it.

Thursday 21 December 1995
My little ones, I greet you and I give Love to all men at this time.  My children, what does it mean to you?  Does it mean that the things of this earth may be fulfilled?  Or does it mean that My Ways are fulfilled?  If you are for Me, then do not be against Me.
I am your Way.  All of you, who seek a Way, then come through Me.  Let Me be born in you at this time.  Not only let Me be born in you but also let Me live.
I am calling all of you to live Me at this, My Time.  My Birth was given to give goodwill to all men, to give Love, to show Love.  Let My Mother give Birth to Me in you.  I ask this of you. I beg this of you for I have Warned you of what is to come and the world does not believe.
How can you say “Happy Christmas” when you know that the One that you speak of is not happy?  Meditate upon this, My children.  I Love you.

Friday 30 August 1996
My children, I Love you.  I ask of all of you that you begin these autumn days in reaching out to your fellow man so that, when it comes to the time of My Birth, you will understand what it is to love each and every person, so that you will know what it means to go out and find someone who is in need.  Organise yourselves into groups and look for these.  It is because you sit in your comfortable homes that you do not know where to look.  Come out of your hiding places if you would be a follower of Mine, if you would say to Me: “Lord! Lord!”
Will you do this for Me?  Or will you put these Words, with the rest, to gather dust?

Tuesday 24 December 1996
My children, I Am the God of Life.  If you do not have Me in you, then you do not have Life.  I give you Life in My Birth.  I give you Love for the Father sent Me as Love and I am Love.  Accept My Love into your lives at this time of My Birth.
Come away from the lifeless things that you seek and find only Life in Me.  Look at the things of earth that still hold you.  Let My Birth in you be the dying to yourself.
Look within yourself and see the places where you have allowed Me to be born.  Am I being born in a rich palace of self or is it the poor stable of selflessness?  For many in the world think that they can live two lives and serve two masters, but no, children, it cannot be done.
Celebrate, yes, children, but without the things that are not Mine - those things that you have not given to Me.
I give you also a Warning in these Words.  In your new year, I ask all of you, who are My workers in this Vineyard, to be prepared, for many things will come to pass.  Do not stop for a moment, for the pace quickens and the beginning of a time has begun.1  Work hard, children, for the evil one will soon make himself known and will reveal much evil.  I Love you; be Warned.
1  We do not understand what this ’time’ is but Jesus often speaks in periods of time.

Monday 22 November 1999
My people, I Love you, come close to Me in this time of Love that you are now entering.  My Birth was given to this world through My Father for the Salvation of this world but now it has become a thing of greed, a time of self when I am forgotten.  My children, see what this world has given to Me.  What has been given, in Love, has been turned into a time of evil.
Oh!  My Love is shaken with the unlove of mankind.  I have given My Love to you.  Look, mankind, what you have done to it.  You have deserted Me for the ways of lucifer.
I Love you and I call you back in this time of Love to My Ways.  I Love you.  Come, come back to Me.

Tuesday 9 December 1999
My Jesus, I love You.  I ask that You use my hand to write these words to Your people.  Let it be the truth that flows from my pen and only Your Truth.
I thank you, My little son, for coming to Me in this time of My Pain as I watch this world turn against Me in the season of My Joy.  They have forgotten Me.
I know, Jesus, as I look around this world all I can see is self.  I know I am also included in this.  This world only thinks of itself.  I can see Your Messages coming to pass; I can see Your Scriptures coming to pass.  Everywhere I look man has forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.  When I speak to anyone they speak of preparing for Christmas.  All I hear is talk of shopping and what the children want.  I have never heard anyone say that they are preparing for Your Birth.
My Jesus, I know this must Pain You very much.  Even when I look at Your Church, I can see no evidence of Your coming among us.  So many are turning against You…

Thursday 5 December 2001
My people, I Love you.  Come now to this Heart of Mine.  See it Bleed in this season of greed: a time that was once Mine but now is turned into a time of self; a time that the world has forgotten.  A season of goodwill, a season of coming together to celebrate My Love. 
Look, children, where has it gone?  Have you forgotten Me so soon?  My Love is missing from this time.  All I see is greed.  The world gorges itself with the pleasures that lucifer has spread out before it.  It no longer prides itself on knowing Me but rather, it prides itself on what it can gain.
But you are fools, children!  lucifer is the father of lies!  he will feed you with all that glitters.  Then, in his treachery, he shall take it all from you!  he thrives on suffering and darkness.  You are walking headlong into his traps.  You blind and foolish generation!  You will not listen!  No matter what I say,  you are so concerned with grabbing all that you can.
I Love you and Bless you in this, the time of My Birth.  I Love you...

Wednesday 11 December 2002
Children of the Light, I call you to recognise My Voice.  I call you in these days of Advent to turn away from this world and its ways.  I tell you, My children, Christmas is not a time of greed, it should be a time to celebrate My Birth into this world.  In Truth, I tell you, the only thing that is celebrated is the birth of sin in this world. 
You go out into this world, children, and you spend more money than you have; this is greed.  Greed is not My Way, it is the way of lucifer.  Too long have I watched My children celebrating this time of My Birth in greed and self while others go hungry, while you sit at your tables eating meals that you cannot finish, consuming great quantities of alcohol which brings about the downfall of many. 
I say wake up, children, and realise what you are doing!  lucifer dances around you, laughing at how you celebrate My Birth.  he taunts Me, jeering and laughing at My people as they go to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on the Day of My Birth and all your minds are full of, children, is food, television, alcohol and self.  I am nowhere to be seen.  Think, My children, before this Day of Great Holiness what you are about to do.  I Love you.

Tuesday 23 December 2003
Patrick: Jesus, are You there?  Do You wish to speak?
Yes, My servant, I wish to speak.  I wish to speak again of the worldliness that has crept into My House at this time.  So much could be done without but it is not done without; it is taken on as a right.  What can we do, I hear you say?  I wish only to Teach all of you how to come away from the world.  Christmas is about Me; it is not about celebrating in the way that you do.  If you take a drink of alcohol it is not for Me or My benefit that you take it.  It is for your own.  How can your Christmas be about Me when I am not in it?  How can I be born into you when your head and heart are full of the worldly things that you need to celebrate your feast day?
I speak these things because it is what My House is full of at this time.  This will bring you into the new year in which there will be many signs given and you, even you within My House, will not see them.  The new year will be a year of darkness; a year when I will call you, My two sons, away from your excuses and I will call you into the world for many evil places have sprung up because I have been thrown out through the world’s sins.  Evil crawls around everywhere and there is no one to stop it.
Many sacrifices are needed, My sons, for the world and in preparation for what must be done.  Do not just do the sacrifices that you like to do but also do those that you do not feel like doing; in fact do more of these for these are the kind that are needed.
My Heart would be in joy if I could tell you that all was well with the world but because there are few to battle against the evil in the world, I cannot speak of this.  I would wish to speak of the triumph and the joy of what Christmas is but, within your hearts, My sons, you know that I cannot.  I tell you solemnly, it will be a time like this, a time of celebration, that I will Come.  This is a time that you must watch out for because it is the time when your guard is down and the evil one can step in and destroy you.
The country of America will war again and will become so bogged down in showing her might that she will not see her downfall and another small nation will bring her to her knees.  This can be stopped if I am on the lips and in the hearts of that nation.
I am alone for not many think of Me.  I am no longer the object of desire at this time.
I am sorry that You are alone, Jesus.  I give You my heart and my soul in reparation for all the sins committed against You at this time.  I love You and I will try to make Christmas Yours again in my life.  I am sorry for my part in Your Sorrow.
I thank you, My servant, for your thoughts for Me earlier, I thank you for your giving to Me within your heart.  Were it that it were all the world.

Tuesday 23 December 2003
My people, I Love you.  Once again, we come to the time of My Birth; once again you have forgotten Me in favour of this world.  What have I done to offend you, My people?  Why have you forgotten Me? 
Look around you, children.  Where am I in your lives in this the time of My Birth?  All you can think of is yourselves and the worldly goods that you can purchase.  It is the time of My greatest Suffering; it is the time of greed when all My people indulge in self. 
I Love you, My people, and I call you to look and see what you are doing; see the influence of the evil one in your lives as he mocks the time of My Birth through your lack of caring.  I say again, I Love you but this love is not returned.  I Love you.

Monday 20 December 2004
…You wait for the Day of My Birth, My children, but I tell you that by the time it comes, millions more will be lost to Me.  Your own children grow up without Me for you have taught them to live in the world.  Will they be lost because of your complacency?
I am calling you, My children, to help Me.  Help Me to save My children and your brothers and sisters from the fires of hell.
What do you do with My Words when you read them?  Do they gather dust?...

Monday 20 December 2004
Jesus, I love You.  I really love You, although You would not think it many times.  Thank You for everything and may Your Birthday be a happy one.
My little son, I Love you.  It brings joy to My Heart in this time of loneliness when you speak to Me in these words.  Very few recognise that this is the time of My Birth.  Very few celebrate the time of My Birth rather, they celebrate the world.  They rejoice in sin instead of Holiness. 
I waited long for you, My son, to come to Me.  I ask that you begin to spend more time with Me.  Listen for Me at all times, both day and night.  Keep your book with you at all times and be prepared to give Me a Voice when I call. 
I Love you, My son, and I say again the loneliness of My Heart is great.  I am a God that has been rejected by His subjects.  I am a redundant God to this generation.   Believe Me when I say, all Heaven is silent and they wait for the moment when I will say, enough.  On that day the earth will shake, it will convulse and much devastation will reign.   Mankind does not realise in its blindness what they are doing.  They do not realise, as I created the earth, I can also destroy it. 
If something is unclean what do you do?  You cleanse and renew it.  Alas, the time is coming when no longer will I allow the blasphemy to continue. 
Do not forget Me, My son, at this time I need your love.  Allow Me to be with you to celebrate My Birth.  Allow Me in Love, son, to enjoy this time within your heart.  I Love you.

Tuesday 21 December 2004
In these Words, My children, I give you My Love.  I call you to be obedient in these days of My Birth.  If you are within My Houses, then be obedient to all that I have asked of you.  If you are in the world, be obedient to My Commandments.  Wherever you are, let your commitment to Me be how you love Me and your preparation for My coming.
Even though I am in great loneliness at this time, let your joy in Me be complete.  You will find joy in your obedience to Me.  Let Me draw you to Myself in this Christmas time.  Listen not to the world as it draws you ever closer to itself. 
Let Me be born in you.  Let My Light surround you.  Let the Light of My Birth be a new time for you to begin again.  Let My Words soothe you.  Let My Words change you.  Let My Words be recognised in you.  Let your heart be open to Me.  Let your heart be enriched by My Birth so that you might begin to follow Me and to serve Me the way that I have called you to.
I come to you with My Heart in My Hands as a Beggar to beg you to return to Me.  I have nothing to give you but My Heart.  In it is contained My Love.  It is why I came; it is why I still come.
Come, little child, and be born into this Heart of Mine.  It is for you.  Let Me Touch you, let Me live in you.  Reach out to others who do not know Me yet for, if you keep Me to yourself, what good will that do to the others who do not know Me yet?
Love Me.

Tuesday 28 November 2006
…Prepare for My Coming as you prepare for My Birth.  Take the world from My Birth and you will see it for what it really is.  If others do not do it then you, because you follow Me, you must do it because I have told you to do it…
…I tell you, My people, prepare for this new year that you enter for you will see much persecution of Me as if there has not been enough until now.

Thursday 7 December 2006
Children of the Light, I, your God, call to you this day and I ask you to return once again.  You are coming up to the time when you will celebrate My Birth but look around you, does the world celebrate My Birth or does it celebrate self?  My children, now they even try to remove Me from My Birthday in case I will offend someone.  Soon they shall even try to remove Me from My churches in order to allow many different faiths to come together in world peace.  You do not realise the plans that have been set in motion.  Open your eyes, My children, look around you for you can already see the beginnings of these changes…

Monday 11 December 2006
My people, I Love you and I call you into the safety of My Fold.  Look around you, My children, and see the Truth of the Words that I have spoken to you.  You are caught up in the season of Christmas, it is now a time of self.  You do not celebrate the time of My Birth.  It is supposed to be a time of goodwill, of remembrance but what have you turned it into?  A time of greed, a time of self.  I am Dying upon this earth, My children, and it is you who are killing Me.  You even push Me out of My own churches in favour of the new age lies that you would rather believe in, in order to excuse your lives of lies within My Body.  Remember who I am, children, I am your God and I can see all things.  You do not fool Me with what you do and what you say you believe in.  Wake up and see the Truth of what you are doing.  You are bowing to the lies of lucifer.  You are supping at his table and you refuse to see or believe this.  You who call yourselves My priests, turn away from the lies of lucifer and come back to My True Path.  Reread My Gospels and see the path that I have put before you for you will account for the souls that you have taken from Me with the lies and profanities that you profess to be My Teachings.  I am your God.  The Words that I have already spoken within My Scriptures stand.  They cannot be changed.  You use justifications to excuse your interpretations.  They have already been interpreted by My Saints and you refuse to believe what I have spoken through the Holy Ones.  Your days are numbered.  Your truth deceives you.  Look only to My Truth for this is your freedom, you blind and foolish generation.  I, your God, stand at the door and you are not prepared.  Come back to Me, though your sins be as scarlet I shall wash them clean in My Blood.  Come to Me and repent and the Kingdom of My Father is yours.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Friday 15 December 2006
My children, trim your lamps and prepare to receive the Light of the World.  If I do not Light up this world then it is in darkness; it is without Light.  I give Light, I give Myself to all those who are prepared to receive Me in this time.  I tell you to prepare for the year that follows My Birth will be a troubled year for all those who genuinely follow Me.  Trouble will come from those who oppose Me and wish Me to be gone.  I tell you that it is not just among those who do not believe in Me but, moreso, among those who say that they believe in Me.
I speak the Truth this day for all those who recognise My Words.

Monday 25 December 2006 Christmas Morning
Patrick: Happy Birthday, Jesus!
My son, it is good that you are here with Me, so many have forgotten Me on this Night of My Love. I was sent into this world on this Night by My Father to bring Peace and Hope to all mankind but look, they have rejected Me.  They celebrate this Night without Me.  I am a rejected God and a God that cries out in Pain for His children.  Oh, My little ones, how I miss you this Night.  You have forgotten Me on this Night of My Birth.  I say Peace to you, My children, I bestow My Peace, once again, upon this earth.  It is up to you, My children, whether you accept it or not.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Saturday 1 December 2007

My children, you are now entering the Season of Peace, the time of My Birth yet, I am forgotten in favour of this world.  Now, it is a time of self and greed; a time of hardship and pain. 
Look around you; look at what this world does to celebrate My Birth.  Look at your own lives, where am I?  How long must I wait for you to see the Truth of My Ways?  I have Warned and told you what would happen if you do not change but still, you refuse to listen and you continue with your untruth, your unlove. 
Yet, you expect Me to understand it is all done for the good of your need, in other words, the needs of self.  I have told you to die to self; the more you feed self, the more self will expect.  So your excuses mean nothing in My sight for they are your greed being justified in your minds. 
Turn away from your sin and come back to Me, it is need and not greed that you should be looking to follow.  Think, children, think of what you are doing.  I Love you and call you back in this time of My Birth.  I, your Jesus, Love you.  Come, I await your response.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Sunday 16 December 2007

My children, I Love you.  Remember, this season is the time of My Birth and not a time of greed.  It is a time to show My Love to all men.  I ask each one of you to do a kindness to someone in need and offer it to Me, unknown to anyone.  This is a beginning, children, this is like taking your first step towards Me and My Ways.  See those who are in need for when you help them, you help Me.  Remember, I am within all peoples, I dwell within all men’s hearts, if you give a cup of cold water to the least of your brothers you give it to Me.  Remember the festive season is about celebrating My Birth, remember Me, My children, for I am like a pauper begging you for help.  You will please Me children, if you do this for Me.  I, your Jesus, Love you and I thank you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Tuesday 25 December 2007 Christmas Day

My children, this is the Day that Love was Born into this world.  My Love was given to mankind on this Day and the Gates of My Father’s Kingdom stood at the ready to open.  I live My Life for you as a Sacrifice; I Died for you as a Sacrifice so that you could have Eternal Life with Me in My Father’s Kingdom.  So few have accepted what I have done, so few are willing to look at the Truth.  You cannot see anything but your own lives, whereas I offer you something greater than anything that you can find upon this earth.  My children, My children, I say trust in Me, your God, and trust in the Words that I am giving to you.  I have fulfilled My Words with Scripture, I came, I Suffered and I Died for your Salvation.  What more can a man give than when he gives his lifeblood.  I gave All for you, children.  Take a little moment of your time and look at what I have done for you.  I Love you and I thank you for reading these Words.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Wednesday 3 December 2008

Look at Me, children, in these Words that I speak.  Look at the anxiousness and Pain in My Words as I call out to you but so few of you are willing to take the time to listen.  You are so busy with your lives you have no time to look at Me.  My Birth is celebrated without Me.  I am no longer welcome at My own Feast.  You have forgotten Me.  Look, look in truth.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Tuesday 9 December 2008
Prepare! Prepare, My children!  These Words I do not speak, I shout them to ears that can hear Me.  I come in these Words to prepare you.  I come like John came, to prepare you for what is to come.
All you who wait for Me, I say to you: you must do more than wait.  I give you a Precious Jewel in My Gospels; a Jewel that you must not keep for yourself.  No!  You must share it with those who do not know.
How much do you prepare for My coming at Christmas?  Have you forgotten the real meaning of Me?  Have you forgotten that My Birth is a time of renewal, a renewal of body, mind and spirit?  It is time for a love that is meant, a love that is real and true.

Friday 19 December 2008

Look again, My children, at My Love and see it is not the same as the love of this world.  My Love contains My Peace and My Truth.  Look and see, there is no truth in this world, only self and self desires you to look to the good of yourselves and do not care about your neighbour. 
Look at the time of My Birth and, look, was it a celebration of My Birth, My Love, or was it a celebration of self?  Look at the Truth of what I say, you have forgotten Me and My Ways, you have forgotten how to love for you have allowed self to control you. 
I have told you, you must die to the ways of self but, rather, you have embraced them and are now led by the lies of lucifer.  Look and see, are My Words the Truth or will you ignore them and condemn them in order not to look at what you have become? 
Do not read these Words and say they are truth about this world.  No, read them and only look at yourself and see what you have become.  Look at the Truth and then change your ways and come, follow Me. 
I Love you, children.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Monday 22 December 2008

I have given you many Words in the lead up to the time of My Birth so that you could see and understand the Ways of Love.  You do not need the material goods of this world to celebrate the Ways of Love.  You do not need the things of this world in order to come to Me. 
I Love you, My children, and I want you to know Me for who I am.  I am a God of simplicity and My Ways are Love. 
I Love you and I call to you in these Words to come follow Me. 
I Love you and await your response.  I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.

Wednesday 24 December 2008 Christmas Eve
My children, I Love you.  Open deeply your hearts to Me for I wish to be born in you.  You are vessels of My Words, you are carriers of the Truth.  Your lives must reflect the Truth that I give to you: Truth is Light and Light is Love.
36 Whilst you have the Light, believe in the Light, that you may be the children of Light.  John 12:36
Times are coming, and soon, when they shall try to destroy the Truth in you; in fact, they have begun, when they will try to make you believe that I am not He.  If you live in the Light of My Truth you shall be like a fortress that is well defended; you will be like a house that is built, not on sand but on rock.  I am your Rock.
They will come to you and they will bear lies on their lips; they will feed you with lies but do not believe it.  I Come soon.
Do not step out into the darkness without the Light.  Just as the Light guided the Magi to My Birth, let the Light guide you.  More than ever now, cling to the Light for the Time of Darkness is just around the corner.  I Love you, stay with Me.

Thursday 24 December 2009 For Christmas Day
Children of Mine, I Love you.  Today, I open My Most Sacred Heart and I give you My Light and My Love in this dark time in this world.  It is My Blessing to you on this Christmas.  My Heart is open and shines forth its Light like My Birthplace was open to all those who came to visit Me.  Each presented Me a gift and each left with the Gift of My Love.  My Heart is open wide to you to come and receive My Love.  I Love you.  Remember Me this Christmas.


Light up the darkness
As the world moves further and further from Jesus – we can see this in the ever-decreasing attendance at Mass, lessening vocations and a greater sway towards acceptance of sin in our lives, such as homosexuality, abortion, and soft pornography everywhere we look – we, as Christians, are even more obliged to flush away the sin by bringing Jesus in to Light up the darkness in this world, and Christmas is a great opportunity to do it!
Christmas is a Joy
For me, the Feast of Christmas is a Joy, Jesus being born once again is a light in the darkness and coldness of wintertime. 
How sad
But for many, Christmas is a difficult, lonely time, especially for those who have recently been bereaved of close friends and family.
Suicide rates are higher at this time of year and breakdowns are more frequent.
There’s one person in particular on my mind now whose Christmas will never be the same again.  His family is torn apart at the minute as his wife met another man a few months ago and is now pregnant to him.  Their family of three children are no more, things will never be the same again for them.  How sad is that!  Their pain may ease over time but this Christmas will be tough as memories of previous Christmases together will be painful for him and the kids anyway.
A time of stress
For the sick, this Christmas could be their last! 
For the aborted, they won’t see Christmas or feel that joy of Jesus being born within.
For the thousands of frozen baby embryos in science labs and embryo banks, there will be no gifts under the tree for them this Christmas.  The greatest gift they’ll get this year is that they won’t be experimented on by scientists! 
It is a time of stress for those who cannot afford to buy presents for their children and who maybe cannot afford a basic Christmas dinner, never mind the trimmings!
And, beyond our own families, neighbourhoods and countries there is poverty in this world.  There are people in this world who do not know it’s Christmas. 
There are those who have been terribly hit this year with freak weather conditions and natural disasters, like the people in Haiti.  Two hundred and twenty thousand people were killed in the January 2010 earthquake, making it comparable to the Asian tsunami of 2004.  And now these people cope with a cholera outbreak brought into the country by the very people bringing them aid.
Reports on 18 November 2010 say close to ten thousand people have been affected by the cholera outbreak and the disease continues to spread.  More than one thousand people have died.
The earthquake devastated the country’s infrastructure and essential services.  An estimated three hundred thousand people were injured, and one and a half million are still living in makeshift shelters or tents.
The monsoon floods in August hit Pakistan, a country already grappling with high levels of malnutrition, high food prices and a humanitarian crisis along its border with Afghanistan.  The Pakistan floods this summer impacted the lives and livelihoods of some twenty million people, around ten million of whom required emergency food assistance.  Pakistan suffered from widespread hunger even before the monsoon floods, with an estimated 82.6 million people – a little less than half the population – estimated to be food insecure.
West Africa
The people in the Sahel region of West Africa were hit with floods in August and September 2010 which left ten million people facing severe food shortages and no shelter.  The storms were of such intensity that many of the communities had homes, livestock and food reserves washed away.

On 25 October, an earthquake triggered a tsunami hitting the Mentawai Island, west Sumatra, Indonesia.  The following day Mount Merapi erupted thirty kilometres north of Yogyakarta.
More than three hundred and fifty people lost their lives to these terrible events and a further four hundred and fifty two are reported injured and three hundred and thirty eight people remain missing.
The best cranberry sauce
So, whilst we are splashing out on the best cranberry sauce to go with the turkey this Christmas, others are starving of hunger.  In fact, hunger causes the death of about twenty five thousand people everyday. And, as ‘’ said, there is enough food for everyone:
“The world produces enough food to feed everyone. World agriculture produces seventeen percent more calories per person today than it did thirty years ago, despite a seventy percent population increase.  This is enough to provide everyone in the world with at least two thousand seven hundred and twenty kilocalories (kcal) per person per day (FAO 2002, p.9).  The principal problem is that many people in the world do not have sufficient land to grow, or income to purchase, enough food.”

Zantaram Village, 5 kms west of Guidal Ider, 27 July 2010. Ramot Ali has cooked local weeds, sprinkled with the grinds of one or two peanuts, to feed herself and her family. They have eaten nothing else for six days.

It also proves Jesus Words
This disproves common thought that the world’s population is increasing and fears that there isn’t enough food for everyone, and, it also proves Jesus Words:
“…My little one, the more that you give from your heart then the more My Light can shine.  Giving is dying to self.  The things of this world hold My children in bondage.  The more you have in this world the more you want.  This is what I have told My followers to fight against.  All you need is enough to live and provide for your families, the rest should be given to those who are in need.  There are many starving children in this world.  I have provided enough for all but there are those who have filled their barns to overflowing, while the rest starve.…”
Thursday 4 October 2001

A never-ending circle
“…Greed is what you survive upon now, not love and forgiveness; not humility, not caring, it is simply greed. 
...This is what is happening within your society: everyone is looking for more than their fair portion and there are some who are willing to do anything to get it. 
Look in reality, children, it cannot continue.  More and more glitter is being shown to you every day and you desire more and more material goods but everything is becoming more and more expensive so, in order to gain more, you need more money, so greed increases.  You are caught in a never-ending circle of greed, power and lust while lucifer sits and laughs at how easily you have been blinded. 
Think, children, of the consequences that are coming.  Remember there are those who are willing to do anything to gain more than their share.  There are those who believe the population is too great and are willing to do anything to deplete it.  There are plans in the high places of your governments, plans that have been implanted and nurtured by lucifer and his henchmen.  Can you not see, children, the danger that you are in for they believe if a strategic war takes place then all shall have a greater share.  Many of those that you have elected into power have planned much for the destruction of life.  I do not tell you these things to frighten you but only to wake you up out of the complacency that lucifer has placed you in.  Remember there are only so many portions to a cake.  I Love you....”
Friday 26 March 2004
Little Christs
Jesus wasn’t actually born on the 25 December, historians think He was born in spring, but the Church positioned this Feast in the darkest time of the year, in the dead of winter, overriding a pagan feast, in order to bring that light into the darkness.  We must be Christian, little Christs, little lights in the darkness of this world. 
Global warming
In all the articles I read on the natural disasters of this year, the same phrase was repeated: that this disaster was the worst this country has ever seen.  The media goes on then to blame global warming.  But we know it’s not global warming, we know it is the ever accumulating sin of the world as Jesus said:
“…This earth is dying, children, can you not see this?  As time passes your seasons will change at an ever increasing rate, famine and desolation shall sweep this earth as the earth begins to rebel.  Science cannot see this in their blindness, they make presumptions in their lack of knowledge.  Global warming is what they say, rebellion against sin is what I say.  Soon an event shall take place that will baffle science and mankind shall be thrown into confusion and panic.  Only My own shall understand that the Hand of their God is at Work.  Come close to Me, My children, and brace yourselves for the rapids for this shall be a rough ride for mankind.  Be at peace for I am with you.  Look to the time when this earth shall blossom in Peace, unity and Love.  These shall be joyous times for My children and My Love shall reign within the hearts of mankind.  I Love you, My little ones, I Love you….
Wednesday 12 March 2008
We kill Him
Jesus is being born every year but this world kills Him, we kill Him, we kill His Gift of Love and Peace which He lavishes upon us every time He is born.  We kill Him by our greed.  We, Christians, are the biggest offenders of this.  We are guilty of living in our own wee Christian worlds, not looking past our own noses.  We do not see hardship in others for we do not want to see it.  We are too busy accumulating for ourselves and our homes and families to see it.

The West are so greedy
Yet, even though we in the West are so greedy, we are so spiritually poor, so miserable.  Just look at how many of our teenagers commit suicide.  In the poor countries the people have nothing yet they are happy.    They are easily pleased, they share.  We are never happy; the more we get, the more we want.
So many to reach
There are so many to reach but we won’t see them when we are preparing for our own wee perfect Christmas.  Let’s give this year for a change, let’s make a difference, let’s be open to the stranger, to Jesus this Christmas and let the Christ Child be truly born in us.  The more we give, the more of Him we will receive.


Alarm bells are ringing
The following article was published in the November 2010 issue of the Alive Newspaper.  And, once again, alarm bells are ringing at the “trickery” of this “new country,” and proof of what Jesus has Warned us of:
“Children of this world, I call you to be watchful and save yourselves from the false promises of the evil one.  I tell you this so that you can know what is coming.  Many things are about to happen in what is now called Europe.  The influence of the evil one in this new country is greater than you could ever know.  Things that will come will seem insignificant to begin with but, as with the Jews not so long ago, the true horrors will soon emerge.  Remember, what you elect now will have serious consequences although it will seem tame at the time.  Remember, too, that what is written on paper can be changed so what you think you vote for may not necessarily turn out to be.  It will seem good but it will turn out the opposite... Friday 2 July 2004
Europe is painting a pretty picture of itself but beneath the surface it is getting rid of God and His Ways.  Do not let them deceive you! 

Let the Brussels fifteen step into the limelight
With the EU now, in effect, running our economy we need accurate and critical reporting about what is going on in Brussels. That means we need journalists who are not ‘on the take’ from the EU.
Which makes a report by Mary Ellen Synon (Irish Daily Mail, 7/10/10) very disturbing.  It exposed how the EU propaganda machine (it spends at least two billion euros a year on ‘information’) targets the media in a massive way.
“Journalists are offered ‘free’ trips and training (yes, just like Scientology offers training),” wrote Synon. “The EU gives out cash prizes to on-message journalists.”
An EU press official had just told her “that a large number of Irish news organisations are given free flights to Strasbourg to cover the parliament, plus three hundred and sixty euros in cash for expenses.”
The latest junket involved fifteen Irish journalists on a two day, two night, taxpayer-funded trip.
They “piled off their EU taxpayer-funded three hundred and seventy seven euros ahead flight and into their EU taxpayer-funded rooms at the Hotel Manos Stephanie (the rate is listed at two hundred and ninety five euros a night for a single room).”
Next day they enjoyed a free lunch, though it “cost taxpayers thirty euros for each journo,” in the private dining room at the European Parliament.
If Irish politicians were accepting this kind of “hospitality” from bankers or developers we would consider them compromised. So why not journalists with the EU?
The report did not name those on the junket, but in the interests of integrity should they not now reveal themselves?  Or why the cover-up?
Impressed Ms Synon then reviewed some of the meetings lined up for the group. “One theme in briefings on the economy was that the euro had nothing to do with Ireland’s economic disaster, nor indeed with any economic disaster anywhere in Europe.”
Next there was a meeting with five Irish MEPs, each of whom “will bank a half-million euros just from their salaries over the course of this parliament.”
On top of this are the MEP perks, “everything from daily allowances to business-class air travel to medical allowances to free disposable contact lenses to reimbursement for sixty  sessions a year of mud baths.”
Synon asked about the decision by the parliament’s budget committee to increase the MEPs’ entertainment budget for 2011 by eighty five percent, bringing it to two million forty seven thousand four hundred and fifty euros.
“The five said they’d heard about no such thing. Proinsias de Rossa even denied there was an entertainment budget for MEPs. He suggested that newspapers had made up the story.” Later, however, the story was confirmed.
The group also met Catherine Day, the Irish secretary general of the commission. One Press officer “gushingly” described her as “one of the most powerful women in the world.”
Synon commented: “All that power and she’s never been elected to anything and nobody can vote her out. Somehow the propaganda machine wants us to believe this is worth applauding.”


Lost her claim
A Christian adoption adviser dismissed for refusing to recommend same-sex couples as suitable parents has lost her claim for religious discrimination.
Dr Sheila Matthews, fifty, from Kettering in Northamptonshire, lost her job with the county council when she asked to abstain from voting in same-sex cases.
“Did best”
She told her employers Northamptonshire County Council she felt children “did best” with heterosexual parents.
The employment tribunal, sitting in Leicester, dismissed the claim.
Doomed to fail
Concluding a two-day hearing, regional employment judge John MacMillan said she had no case against the council.
He said: “The complaints of religious discrimination fail and are dismissed.
“This case fails fairly and squarely on its facts.”
He added: “In our judgment, at least from the time of the pre-hearing review, the continuation of these proceedings was plainly misconceived... they were doomed to fail.
“There is simply no factual basis for the claims.”
Her Christianity
Mr MacMillan said there was no evidence that Dr Matthews was treated differently from any other panel member who might request to abstain from voting, or that she was specifically discriminated against on the basis of her Christianity.
He said the issue “transcended the boundaries of all religions” and ruled that Dr Matthews should pay the council’s legal costs.
‘Most appropriate environment’
A district judge will decide what amount of costs should be paid by Dr Matthews to the council at a county court hearing on a date to be fixed.
During the hearing Dr Matthews, who was dismissed from the adoption panel in April last year, told the tribunal the Bible was clear that “homosexual practice is not how God wants us to live.”
She told the hearing: “As a Christian, my faith leads me to believe that marriage between a man and a woman in a faithful monogamous sexual relationship is the most appropriate environment for the upbringing of children.”
Gay, lesbian and bisexual parenting
Dr Matthews told the tribunal she first began researching the issue of same sex adoption after attending a training course on gay, lesbian and bisexual parenting in March 2004.
She said: “I believe a same-sex relationship is not the best, most healthy, environment in which to raise children.
“The overarching principle of adoption is to seek the best interests of the child who has already experienced disadvantage.”
Destined to fail
After the hearing, Dr Matthews said: “Everything is open to be considered, I’m not making any sort of decisions right now.
“We need to mull everything over very carefully. I wouldn’t have brought the case if I felt we were destined to fail.”


Illegal in Thailand
Thai police have arrested three people after the remains of more than two thousand aborted fetuses were found in a Buddhist temple in Bangkok.  One of those charged was paid about sixteen dollars for each fetus collected from illegal abortion clinics.
Abortion is illegal in Thailand except in cases when delivery would harm the mother or the pregnancy resulted from rape.
Some had been at the temple for a year
Police found one thousand six hundred and fifty four fetuses today in two new mortuary rooms and three hundred and forty eight earlier in the week in another room, the Bangkok Post reports.  The remains were wrapped in white plastic bags, and some had been at the temple for a year.
Collected a bounty
Buddhist temples in Thailand perform cremation ceremonies and store bodies in refrigerated areas.
A thirty three year old woman told police she performed illegal abortions and collected a bounty to take fetuses to the temple. She faces five to ten years in prison if convicted. Two temple workers were charged with hiding the remains.
The public health ministry has ordered a nationwide crackdown on abortion clinics, and police began raiding some of the four thousand clinics in Bangkok suspected of performing illegal abortions, the BBC reports.
Eighty thousand
Health officials estimate that of one million pregnancies in Thailand each year, eighty thousand are terminated illegally.
The BBC writes: “Wealthy women can get abortions in safe facilities but the vast majority of Thai women wanting an abortion use clinics which could put their health and safety at great risk.”
(Posted by Michael Winter),


Great pain
When I think of suffering, it is usually physical, emotional or mental.  I would never look at food or shopping as a type of suffering but for some people it can be a cause of great pain, especially at this time of year.  
When someone is addicted to something, the craving is almost impossible to die to.  I smoked for fifteen years and struggled for all those years to quit and always gave in.  It was only through prayer and my faith in God that I had the strength to quit.  I have not had a cigarette for fifteen years.  I could not have done it without Gods help.
Jesus gives us all the strength we need to overcome all difficulties in our lives.  He took on all our suffering, so He knows what we are going through as He tells us in this Message: “...I tell you I had taken on complete human form. I suffered every pain which was in your lives. I Died each one of your deaths...” Thursday 20 July 1995
Every day Jesus is waiting to claim our day but the devil is also waiting to claim it too.  Give your day over to Jesus and ask His help in everything you set out to do.
The following article is to remind us to be aware of those who have addictions and what it is like for them around this time of year. 

Most difficult time
It may be the season to be merry for most people but according to experts at the Priory Group, the UK’s leading independent provider of addiction treatment services, Christmas is often the most difficult time of year for people suffering from an addiction.
Low self-esteem
The euphoria and excitement surrounding Christmas reinforces feelings of low self-esteem and low self-worth which are common in addicts.  This makes it even harder to manage their addictions during the festive period.
Two million
An estimated two million people in the UK are believed to suffer from an addiction of some sort.        The three most common addictions are also the ones that are the most difficult to cope with at Christmas:-
- Alcohol
- Food
- Shopping
Dr Philip Hopley, consultant psychiatrist at The Priory Roehampton explains:  “It can become very difficult for people to deal with the stress and anxiety caused by the financial and consumer pressures of the festive season, and by difficult family and relationship situations that often arise at this time of year.  For an addict this is intensified by trying to avoid temptation at a time when the rest of the population appears to be having a fantastic time.
“During December alcohol consumption in the UK increases by forty one percent.  Christmas puts a significant strain on people and this often leads to people using more alcohol in a bid to relax or avoid facing issues.
“There are a number of reasons why some people end up drinking too much at a consistent level, including the need for confidence in social situations, such as the office Christmas party; the financial strain caused by overspending; the pressure to be upbeat and act as the ‘perfect host;’ spending extended periods with relatives; and “One of the most difficult times of the year for those recovering from alcoholism is the Christmas holidays because so many people appear to be having a good time whilst drinking.  The New Year can seem like a very bleak place for alcoholics facing a long road ahead.”
Feeling suicidal
Dr Hopley continued:  “Christmas is often seen as a good excuse to indulge in overeating and excess, but to people with eating disorders it can spell despair.
“People with conditions such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa can become extremely distressed to the point of feeling suicidal because of the pressure to eat at Christmas.
“Bulimic behaviour often peaks over the holiday period and some sufferers resort to self-harm, which can become destructive addictive behaviour.”
Christmas is also a very challenging time for those suffering from a shopping addiction, or Oniomania as it is clinically known, according to Priory addictions specialist Dr Hopley:  “Shopping addiction or impulse buying is when someone gets a ‘high’ from spending money on goods and spends excessively on items that they want rather than need.   At Christmas the shops are full of glitzy displays designed specifically to encourage people to buy.
“One of the main implications of shopping addiction is debt.  People who are addicted to shopping may spend even when they have no money to spend with, which can soon lead to debt problems.  Debts can often spiral out of control and can soon become unmanageable. Other consequences are denial and desperate acts to cover up the addiction leading to the breakdown of close relationships.”
Seeking treatment
Dr Hopley concluded:  “While the vast majority of people enjoy a wonderful time at Christmas there are those for whom it is a desperate time.  Admitting to having a problem and consequently seeking treatment can be the first and most important step towards being able to enjoy the festive season in the future.”
Free assessment
All Priory Hospitals offer a free, confidential assessment for all addictions, including alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, internet and sex.   Details can be found at

Dying to self
Jesus talks about the desires of self in this next Message.
Patrick: Jesus, You say if the body desires rest and food do not give it but do we not need rest and food for will we not die?
Look at the Truth of the Words that I speak; do not think as a man but think with your heart.  Give the body the rest that it needs, not what it desires; give the body the food that it needs but not what it desires.  Look at your lives, My children, whatever your body desires it gets and you become very unhealthy in body and spirit.  You take rest in front of your television and your minds are polluted with the desires of this earth.  You fill your bodies with food that you do not need.  The simple things are the best things to nourish your body. Look around you, you fill your bodies with chemicals through eating things that are not necessary but taste good and so you become greedy for these things and think that you cannot do without them.  It is very simple if you are willing to look at the Truth; if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off.  This you cannot understand, why your God would say such a thing but, in Truth, the lives that you live upon this earth are not the be all and end all of everything on this earth but they are the be all and end all of everything in the next world, My World.  What you do upon the earth will give you Eternal Life or eternal death, so be all in My Name and end all sin in your lives for it is better that you enter the Kingdom of God without a hand that was causing you to sin than not to enter at all.  These are Words of Truth that the human mind or body does not wish to hear, these Words go totally against self.  For self desire is fuelled by the lies of lucifer, it is he that prompts you into thinking that you need the luxuries of this life, whereas, I say, prepare for the next life for it is all important; it is eternal, it never ends unlike the life you live upon this earth.  You can be here today and gone tomorrow for death comes to all men upon this earth, whereas in My Kingdom there is no death.  I give you these Words to help you, My children, to show you the path that I have set before you in My Gospels.  It is up to you whether you listen to these Words or not...  Wednesday 20 December 2006


The preparation for Christmas now begins months in advance.  Consumers are encouraged to start saving, to put their money in Christmas clubs so that they will be able to buy things they couldn’t normally afford for their families.  There is a tremendous amount of pressure to do this and it is all whipped up by the media.  There are constant advertisements on television, tempting us with offers that we can’t refuse, enticing our children with the latest toys and gadgets and giving us options of buy now, pay later. 
This, I believe is a trap of lucifer.  It is one of the hardest things to deal with after Christmas as most people, usually the poor, don’t have any money left over as all their savings are gone, spent on items that usually end up in the rubbish.  Then the letters of demand for money owed start coming in and the pressure is on again to get these paid. 
All this is taking away from the real meaning of Christmas.
Divine humanity
The majority of people today, especially Christians, have forgotten the real meaning of Jesus’ Birth.  He came into the world as a weak and helpless Child and took on our humanity and became the Divine humanity. 
14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we saw His glory, the glory as it were of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.
John 1:14 Douay-Rheims
His Birth was given to give goodwill to all men, to give Love and to show Love.  But the world has forgotten this Love.  It is no longer celebrated with the Light of the world in mind.  Greed has taken over and Jesus speaks about this in a Message He gave in December 2001:  My people, I Love you.  Come now to this Heart of Mine.  See it Bleed in this season of greed: a time that was once Mine but now is turned into a time of self; a time that the world has forgotten.  A season of goodwill, a season of coming together to celebrate My Love. 
Look, children, where has it gone?  Have you forgotten Me so soon?  My Love is missing from this time.  All I see is greed.  The world gorges itself with the pleasures that lucifer has spread out before it.  It no longer prides itself on knowing Me but rather, it prides itself on what it can gain.
But you are fools, children!  lucifer is the father of lies!  he will feed you with all that glitters.  Then, in his treachery, he shall take it all from you!  he thrives on suffering and darkness. 
You are walking headlong into his traps.  You blind and foolish generation!  You will not listen!  No matter what I say, you are so concerned with grabbing all that you can.
I Love you and Bless you in this, the time of My Birth.  I Love you.  Thursday 5 December 2001
Taunts us
satan taunts us with the delights of the world, knowing how weak we humans are.  he will spend years breaking us down trying to get us to fall and, without God at our sides we will definitely fall with an almighty crash. 
The financial crisis in the Republic of Ireland is an example of what happens when God is pushed out and greed takes over.  satan spent years breaking down the Irish with promises of power and riches, giving them what they wanted and now he’s taking it all back.  It is as Jesus said: “..he will feed you with all that glitters.  Then, in his treachery, he shall take it all from you!  he thrives on suffering and darkness...”
Greed took over
This is exactly what has happened.  From the time Ireland joined the European Union, its wealth grew steadily and it was no longer considered the bread basket of Europe.  But now it has come full circle and is back in its begging mode, looking for money bailouts.  And all because greed took over.  You cannot serve God and mammon.  You will either love one and hate the other.
Live simply
Jesus asks us to live simply and within our means.  If we did this we wouldn’t fall into the many traps that are laid out for us by the evil one.  Jesus tells us we don’t need to buy our clothes or food: “My children, the Words that I have spoken are the Truth.  You must begin to live as I have asked you to live, all of you who are Mine.  ...Fall back from the ways of this world, for you do not need them.  It is like the world has become addicted to them.
My children, I do not take you away from your pleasures, only your poisons, for they are polluting your spiritual lives and you do not know it.  That is why I am telling, Warning you of these things.
Why, My children, are you so incredulous when I call you away from the world?  Why should it be difficult for you, if you love Me, if you claim to love?  Look at your life and see how this earth has claimed even you.  Look at the things that you think that you need and look again at only the things that you do need.  Food does not have to be bought, clothes do not have to be bought.  Look at the simple things.  Look at these and see...”  Saturday 6 July 1996
We can live simply at Christmas by bringing Jesus into everything and not over indulging and by remembering how much He has done for us.  His Birth was the greatest event in the history of the world as it was He, and only He, who could become the Redeemer of souls, the One to appease the Father’s Pain.  He opened the Gates of Heaven for us to enter in.
Let us put Jesus first this Christmas and give Him His rightful place at His Birthday celebration.
A love that is real
In this Message Jesus asks us: “...How much do you prepare for My Coming at Christmas?  Have you forgotten the real meaning of Me?  Have you forgotten that My Birth is a time of renewal, a renewal of body, mind and spirit?  It is time for a love that is meant, a love that is real and true.”  Tuesday 9 December 2008


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Events Celebrated

Halloween Vigil Sunday 31 October 2010

On Halloween night we prayed and opened the Bible at John 12.  The Words that touched me were when Mary Magdalene broke the expensive nard and bathed Jesus. 
This was to be our thought for the night, that by our prayers and love, we would appease Jesus in His Pain and bathe Him with our Love. 
It was a beautiful vigil and one I love to attend.  Jesus asked in a Message given on 31 October that on that night we come away from the world for much evil is celebrated openly on our streets.  We decided then to spend the night with Him instead.  When we were praising Jesus, I thought to myself it was like we were sending a huge display of love to Him to help Him on that night of darkness.
Why not put this date in your diary and join us next year!
My children, I ask you to come away from the darkness of this world, it is time to see the Truth.  ...Look at this night, a night of terror, when lucifer and his dominions are celebrated openly in this world.  It is a night of spirits, a night of worship when the people, who worship lucifer, come out of their nests and create many acts of darkness.  Many sacrifices are given to him on this night but do you care, children?  You go out into your streets and celebrate this night, as if it were any other night.  You are blind, you can no longer see the Ways of My Spirit.  My Love is dead within your lives.  Alas, My children, My Pain is great when I look at you.  So much has been given and so little received in return.  I Love you, children, and I call you back from the pool of darkness that you now stand at, that, that is about to engulf the entire earth and you do nothing.  I Love you.
Thursday 31 October 2002

Events to Come

Walk Against Abortion Saturday 11 December 2010

Feast of Saint John of the Cross
Tuesday 14 December 2010
(prayers begin at 12 noon)

Jesus’ Birthday Saturday 25 December 2010
(Party and draw begins at 8pm)

New Year’s Eve Vigil to bring in the new year, 2011, with Jesus
Friday 31 December 2010

(from 10pm to just after midnight)

Days of LoveSaturday 15 and Sunday 16 January 2011
(Prayers start at 1pm both days)

First Friday Vigils (from 10pm-2am):
Friday 7 January 2011
Friday 4 February 2011


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Babies murdered each day
There is so much darkness and sin in the world now that we have paved the way for the evil one.  The acceptance of abortion with five hundred and seventy two babies murdered each day in the UK, euthanasia, homosexuality, same sex ‘marriages,’ sex outside marriage, fornication and adultery etc. The list is endless.
When I worked in a hospital a few years ago there was a policy that allowed staff of different religions to take time off for any special days relevant to that faith. This also included witches! Now I have heard that in Lincolnshire, schools are getting the go ahead to teach paganism alongside the six major religions.  Of course it is up to the school if they want to include it at the moment.  In addition to this, the Charity commission for England and Wales have given official recognition to Druidry as a religion.  A recent report in the Daily Mail has stated that in Dorset the police are being trained as to what to do if they encounter a witchcraft ritual.  It seems like there is now more of an openness in society to the occult and it is growing and becoming more acceptable.
Meanwhile the Christian faiths are crumbling. Recently five Church of England bishops announced that they are to move to the Roman Catholic Church in protest at liberal Anglican reforms.  About twenty five groups, each typically containing approximately twenty converts, are expected to follow the path to Rome with them.
“Dismay” and “distress”
It was reported in the Daily Mail that in a joint statement the bishops expressed their “dismay” and “distress” at recent liberal reforms to the Church, in particular the ordination of women priests and plans for the consecration of women as bishops.  In addition to this, they thought it was adopting an increasingly “lax” attitude towards issues of morality, such as homosexuality and abortion and life and death issues.  Worshippers don’t know what to expect any more and the Church seems to be forgetting where it came from, one bishop remarked.
Rainbow sash movement
In the Catholic Church things are not going too well either.  We have had the priest sex abuse scandal and many have left the faith because of it and who suffers?  Jesus of course!  In America there is the rainbow sash movement in which supporters would like the Church to change their stance on the issues of abortion and homosexuality.
Catholic sexual teaching
In Ireland, a new group of priests have joined together to form the Association of Catholic Priests (ACP). In September about two hundred priests attended the first meeting according to ‘’  They reported that the group is calling for a “re-evaluation of Catholic sexual teaching and practice that recognizes the profound mystery of human sexuality and the experience and wisdom of Gods people.”
The ordination of women
The Association’s goals include pressuring the Church for a “re-designing” of the ministry “to incorporate the gifts, wisdom and expertise of the entire faith community, male and female” – likely a thinly veiled call for the ordination of women.
The group also wants “full implementation of the vision and teaching of the Second Vatican Council, with special emphasis on: the primacy of the individual conscience,” language that has been used for decades in other countries to absolve Catholics of the need to obey Church teaching on contraception and even abortion (,  November).  The report also went on to say:
‘Vocations throughout Ireland in the last twenty years have been in freefall with only twenty two ordained from the main national seminary in Maynooth in 2001.  This year, only sixteen men entered the seminary in all of Ireland, down from thirty nine in 2009, and over one hundred and fifty during the average year in the 1980s. A report in the Times of London noted that one hundred and sixty priests died in 2007, while only nine were ordained.’
The chastisements are here
Look at what is happening in Ireland and around the world now.  The banks are crashing, the economies are crumbling, there is no work, the Church is in crisis.  There are hurricanes, tidal waves, land slides, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting.  Nations are fighting nations, people killing their own people. Plagues and famines are everywhere.  Do we need to say any more?  The chastisements are here, we are living in the end times.
An Army
On 21 February 2002, Jesus said:
“The evil one begins to rise to his full height and shall strike this earth with all his force for he begins to feel confident that he can overcome all of My people for all have become so weak.
But he shall never overthrow My Power upon this earth for in secret I am building an Army that shall stand against him and at the very hour he feels victory he shall be dashed to the ground and all shall be lost to him.  My own shall have overcome him.”
Are we then in that Army? Have we prepared, like Jesus keeps asking us in the Messages, or are we like those He speaks about who will wait until we see our brothers and sisters lying in the streets?



Free from all tension
How many families do you know that are free from all tension, have absolutely no conflict among siblings or parents, and experience only joy and peace?  When you find one, let me be the first to know.  I truly pray for my own siblings and families of close friends.  No matter who comes to mind, there is someone in that family or group who really needs the joyous and renewing experience of “reconciliation.”
I prayed to the Holy Spirit for guidance on the subject of forgiveness and when I heard the reading at Mass from Saint Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, I felt I received my answer.  In part it read, “Never let evil talk pass your lips; say only the good things men need to hear, things that will really help them...Get rid of all bitterness, all passion and anger, harsh words, slander, and malice of every kind.  In place of these, be kind to one another, compassionate, and mutually forgiving, just as God has Forgiven you in Christ.” 
Small arguments
Jesus has spoken to us of Forgiveness in many, many Messages, and His Words can be found in Scripture, Matthew 5:23-24, as well:  “When you are offering your gift at the altar, if you remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go; first to be reconciled to your brother or sister, and then come and offer your gift.”   Frequently, there is much tension in families and probably most tension starts with small arguments.  We seem to be prone to hold on to grudges or hurtful disagreements.  My own siblings are no exception.  If only they knew how liberating it is to get rid of all that pent up anger inside through forgiveness. 
Advent is here
Advent is here!  I need not remind anyone that we should be in the midst of preparing for Jesus’ coming.  Make this year’s Advent preparation a special one.  For starters, go to “reconciliation.”  Jesus in all His Love, Mercy and Forgiveness is waiting for you.  Ask for forgiveness and mean it!  Just do it!  It is that simple.  Jesus will lift the burden of old grudges and Bless you with a free and happy heart.  Only then will you most assuredly feel the freedom of true happiness in your heart, mind and soul once again.  Another thing, every time you pray the Lord’s Prayer mean it:  “…and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…”  It is that simple.  When you pray it, mean it. 
I pray during this Advent season, that through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, in many cases long overdue, we are all granted the wisdom to recognize our own shortcomings (not only those of others), the courage to admit that we are wrong, and the love needed to forgive others. 
Offer your special gift to Jesus with a clean heart.  Let there be happier families everywhere.  May this be our best Christmas preparation of Jesus’ Birth!  We ask Jesus to Bless us all with the happiest and holiest Christmas ever!


Gendercide in China

A rise in homosexuality
The nation that will dominate the world has a shameful secret: a massacre of unborn girls so devastating there will soon be thirty million more Chinese men than women.  Nothing like this has happened to any civilisation before, and the results could be catastrophic.  There is much speculation about what might happen; a war to cull the surplus males, a rise in crime, a huge expansion in the prostitution that is already a major industry in every Chinese city, a rise in homosexuality as Peter Hitchins reported in the Sunday Mail on 11 April 2010.
One child per family
If the Chinese state policy of one child per family is not the work of the evil one, I don’t know what is?  By 2020 there will be thirty million more men than women of marriageable age out of a population of 1,336,410,000.  But men without women are altogether more troublesome than women without men (as happened in Britian, France, Russia and Germany after World War One).
A House of Prayer
I feel Jesus needs a House of Prayer in China to combat the evil that is inherent in the Chinese culture.  China is also the largest communist country in the world.  What Jesus said in Message 1341 seems very apt in this context.
“My people, look into the darkness of this world and see how it controls you.  You neither think of Truth or want to see it.  Look, children, how you have allowed the evil one to influence you.
Love is what I give to this world but you have killed My Gift with your greed, your darkness.  Come back and let the Light shine once again.  No longer let the evil control what you do and think.  I Love you, this is My Gift to you, see, children, what I give.  I Love you...”
Friday 16 November 2001
Is this not the influence of the evil one in China? Unlove and cruelty rule almost everyone’s lives. Surely the stealing of someone’s child, which happens now because of the state policy, is an unspeakable evil act.  The pain caused to both parents and child must be unimaginable. I saw a documentary recently about child abduction in China as a result of the state policy.  The husband of a stolen child lay on his bed for hours staring into space.  He felt hopeless and totally useless as he had no idea how to begin to look for the child in a country as vast as China.  And his wife resented her husband because he could not find her child, and she felt that he wasn’t even trying.  But I think the truth was that he had lost all hope of finding the child and had given into despair.
Time grows short
If Jesus had a House of Prayer in this country He could do so much.  His servants would be able to bring His Love and His Way to the darkness.  As He said on Saturday 26 June 1993, “Children, listen, give yourselves over to Me that I may use your hands, your feet, your lips.  Let Me have your life so that I may use it to give love to My children. I come to you with My Hands outstretched.  Come, love, for all is love and time grows short.”
Male children are favoured
Within the Chinese people a culture exists in which male children are favoured over female because men will look after elderly parents, whereas, women will be married into another family.  This in itself is a very selfish outlook, by the parents.  But then Jesus did say on 26 July 1995 that love has grown cold in the world. “Ah My sadness is great; little love do I see in this world. Love has grown cold. Man’s heart seeks but his own selfish pleasure. Do I speak the truth or will you call Me a liar?”
I hope
I hope that some day soon Jesus will have a House of Prayer in this country.  And I for one would love to be able to go there.  Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.  I leave you with this Message Jesus gave on Friday 28 April 2006: “...The world grows ever darker and you do not see My Love.  Look around you, love has grown cold and you cannot find it anywhere.  If you follow Me, then it is up to you to take the Love that I give and place it in the world; I give it to you for that purpose, this is what My followers do.  Is this not what My Apostles did?  I told them all that the Father told Me and they told the world.  This is how you know Me; think of those who do not know Me; those who live in the darkness do not know the Light that you know; they do not know I AM.  Tell them; show them who I am by love.  Shine your light in the darkness.  I Love you.


Matthew 8:18-22
18 And Jesus seeing great multitudes about Him, gave orders to pass over the water.
19 And a certain scribe came and said to Him: Master, I will follow Thee whithersoever Thou shalt go.
How many times do we say that to Jesus in one day and then let Him down?  Self, money, power and greed have taken over the world and it is getting harder and harder to follow Jesus.  We want to but how far are we willing to go?  Would we talk about Jesus at our place of work?  Would we defend Him even if it meant losing our own lives?
20 And Jesus saith to him: The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air nests: but the Son of Man hath not where to lay His Head.
How often do we sit down in silence with Jesus and let Him rest in our open hearts?  When I sit down at night the first thing I do is turn on the T.V.  We spend so many hours watching it and it fills our minds with sex, lust, money, power and greed.  The evil box, as Jesus calls it, is a false god and a tool of lucifer, whose main goal is to take us away from Jesus.  Through it he feeds us the lies and deceit of the world and we are like puppets on strings, so easily led away from the path of Jesus.
21 And another of His Disciples said to Him: Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father.
22 But Jesus said to him: Follow Me, and let the dead bury their dead.
As Jesus said in so many Messages, the body matters little, it is the soul that counts.  We spend our lives worrying about what other people think about us, what car we buy, what fancy clothes we should wear, all to keep up with the neighbours and, at the end of the day, what does it matter what other people think.  At the end of the day we only answer to one Person, Jesus, He is the only Person we should be trying to please. 
Jesus, I love You.

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