This month’s Newsletter
We are sorry that the Newsletter is late this month.
Unfortunately, Patrick O Kanes wife, Pauline, has had to go away for a few days as her mother died. Due to this, we are behind in the office and our printer, Chris O Kane, was not available to print the Newsletter.
Please spare a little prayer for them in this sad time. Rest in Peace, Kathleen Carey.
New House Appeal
Jesus has asked for another House! He said that this House is in response to the many prayers that we have prayed for our young people. Any of us who have teenage children will know how difficult it is to keep them on the straight path in these days so this new House is wonderful news! You can read more about this inside.
As it is Advent
As it is Advent, we have concentrated on Christmas in this November Newsletter.
We all know that Jesus is not welcome to His own Birthday Celebrations in our world and, if truth be told, in many of our hearts.
We have endeavoured to remind ourselves of what Christmas is all about. You will read a section in the Newsletter totally dedicated to the Christmas Messages that Jesus has given over the years.
These Messages contain a wealth of knowledge and guidance on how to celebrate the true Christmas.
Christmas is about Jesus. What better way to prepare for it than by reading His Words and what better way to celebrate it than by living them?
Back cover
This month we have chosen to put the Song ‘The Christ is Born’ on the back cover. This is one of the Christmas Songs Jesus gave us through Patrick.
The Song captures the true spirit of Christmas, it sings of the Truth that Jesus was Born to wash all our sins away so we could be with Him. A very beautiful Song that endeavours to bring the Light of Christ into this dark world. If anyone would like to hear this Song, it is available on SonLight’s Christmas CD.
We have printed a small but punchy article called ‘Advent... a preparation time’ in this Newsletter. It reminds us to prepare well for Christmas so that when it comes, the Christ Child will be born in us.
Against the joy of Christmas, the plight of the unborn continues. We include a publication from who continue to make known the horrors that take place in this world: Pepsi fund a biotech company who use human embryonic kidney cells for flavour research!!
Pawns in the Game concludes in this Newsletter. It unravels a plan for Christianity to be destroyed and the pure doctrine of lucifer to take over the world. We can do much to stop this darkness from gaining a foothold by dispelling the darkness where we are by letting the Pure Light of Jesus shine from us. Only by dying to self, living the Gospels and taking on the Way of Truth, as Jesus says in this month’s Messages, can we be successful in this.

Friday 4 November 2011

My children, you must look to Me in this that you do. Do not look to each other or to the world but see Me as reality. I tell you, children, your lives will change when you enter this Path of Truth. The more that you offer to Me for My own Sake, the more your lives will change for you will begin to see Me for who I am and not what this world portrays Me as.
You will begin to trust in Me and, the more that you trust in Me, the more you will see Me and My Power become a reality within your lives.
Remember, I have already told you, faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain. Now, I ask you, children, to begin to trust in Me and walk this Path in truth. The world does not need to see what you are doing; nobody but Me needs to know.
Remember who I am and what I can do. I Love you, My beloved children, and I need your help. This is why I am calling you to be a part of My Army of Truth.
I Love you, My little children, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Friday 4 November 2011
We must all look to the truth about our lives if we want to follow Jesus on this Path of dying to self. If we are not willing to look at the truth then we should not bother even trying this Path.
We must open our hearts and be willing to look at what we really are.
We must be willing and not ignore the fact that we are sinful people and that we justify our sin in order to keep doing it.
When Jesus first asked me to walk this Path with Him, He asked me to sit down and write what my blocks to Him were. I could not see the point in doing this because I thought I only had a few and that I knew them but, when I began writing, I had so many that it actually shocked me and I realised that there were probably many more that I could not actually see because self was hiding them.
Many people have asked me about the ‘anchor.’ I will explain once again what Jesus has explained to me.
The anchor must be something that goes against self, not a sin but something of this world that we really like and will yearn for if we do not have. It must be of the world so that the body learns that it must go through the pangs of fighting every day. Alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, television, fast food, luxuries, fancy clothes, etc, it can be anything as long as it is hard to stop. It does not have to be not eating until after six, it can be anything that you are willing to give to Jesus as a sacrifice in order to help Him Save His people.
We must all be willing to live this to our dying day in order to get the strength to overcome the sin within our lives. Dying to self is fighting against the desires of self in order to become a spiritual being rather than a selfish being. The more that we die to self, the easier it will be for us to understand the Truth that Jesus has spoken within the Scriptures. This is what He meant when He said the scales will fall from our eyes. The scales are the blocks that self relies so heavily on to live the selfish human lifestyle of this world. It is not easy to walk this Path because self will always be rebelling and trying to turn us away from this Path. lucifer and his minions will try to break us down in every way possible and, he will succeed, if we let him.
Truth is what I seek, My little ones, from this Path that I call you upon. My Truth is everything in your lives, as soon as you take your first step. Come, follow Me and allow Me to show you the Truth; allow Me to take you from the darkness and lies of this world so that you may help your brothers and sisters to walk this Path with Me. So few are willing to see the Truth in these times so I must build My Army so that they may see that I am Alive in you.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and answer My call. Do not allow this world to take you from Me but, come, follow Me in truth so that My children may see that I am Alive in you.
I Love you, My people, I Love you and I need your hands, your feet and your lips in order to do this Work of Mine. I am a Beggar asking you for your help. I Love you, I Love you, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
(Later the same day)
Look to the Truth, My children, and see Me in all that you meet. Do not reject any of My children for all My creation, My Spirit dwells within. Life could not exist without Me.
Do not judge or condemn no matter what the person has done: do not be a self-righteous judge.
Be a humble, obedient servant of Love, quick to love and slow to condemn.
I need My Army, My little ones.
I need My Army of Love to roam freely across these lands spreading My Love like a farmer sowing seeds.
Come to Me in prayer; learn from Me and let Me show you the Truth of My Ways and you shall enter a time that you would not believe possible on this earth for My Spirit will guide you into the Ways of your God.
I Love you, My children, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
(Later the same day)
Look to Me, My little children, and do not be afraid for, I, your God, am calling you this day into My Presence.
Come, beloved children of My flock, see the Gift that I present you with and do not allow yourselves to be drawn away from Me.
I am your God and I come in these Words to protect you from the downfall that mankind is rushing headlong into.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and listen this day to My calls, turn away from the ways of this world and come, follow Me.
I need your hands, your feet and your lips to do this Work of Mine.
Salvation is at hand and you do not realise it.
The days are shortening and the time is near upon you.
The days of chastisement are at hand and you have not prepared.
Prepare now before it is too late and allow Me to show you the True Path so that you may inherit the Kingdom of Peace, the Kingdom of Love, that I have promised to My Remnant.
I Love you, My beloved children, I Love you.
Come follow Me in truth.
I Love you. Patrick:
Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
(Later the same day)
It is so hard to walk the Path of Truth for the voices of this world never stop calling. Constantly they call us to step off the Path and go with the rest of this world. Because this world is calling so loudly, we find it difficult to find Jesus so we must always remember to retreat to the quiet place within our hearts at any and every opportunity we have during the day.
This can be while we are driving the car, walking down the street, sitting at work or doing the housework. The more that we retreat to the quiet place, the more understanding of the Truth we shall have and the more we will trust in Jesus, our Saviour.
I begin to see this world as a different place, a place where mankind are but children and they are led so easily this way and that by the whims of this world.
The world is a place of spirit that lives and breathes through its God; all creation, except man, bows to the Will of its God. Begin to understand that we will come to a point on this Path that nothing else will matter except Jesus and His Will will become our will and anything that we ask in His Name will be granted for it will be to the Glory of His Father through our Saviour, Jesus.
We will be no longer strangers to Him but we will become His friends and faith in Him will move mountains.
This is the Army that He speaks of, the ones who are willing to go against the tide.
“...When you see the tides begin to turn away from the land, then you will know that I am near...”*
are we the tide that Jesus was talking about? A simple few who are willing to listen to the Truth and live it?
Come, My beloved children, walk this Path and We, together, shall rebuild My creation.
We, together, shall destroy the untruth and rebuild the Truth.
Be Warned, creation, My Army rises from the darkness and the Fire of My Love Burns within their hearts. You who refuse to see the Truth shall be destroyed with the Sword of Truth and your names will be remembered no more for your memories shall be wiped clean from this earth.
Be Warned, creation, My Army stands and makes ready to march and nothing in all creation will be able to stand against it.
I have Warned you so many times.
I have Warned you through My Scriptures.
I have Warned you through My Messengers and, still, you have not listened.
I shall send them forth, My Witnesses, and they shall cut you down as the farmer scythes the wheat.
Turn away from your evilness and come, join the ranks of My Army for Truth shall be your bread and Love shall be your drink and I shall be your Nourishment.
Come, beloved of My flock, hear My Voice this day and walk this Path of Truth with Me into My Father’s Kingdom.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and hear My calls, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
* Sunday 3 October 1993
Come, My child, into My Arms. I come to give you My Love. Take heed to this Message for it will be an important one in the days ahead.
My Marriage with this world is about to begin. The ways of My Bride are far from what they should be. I have asked this Bride of Mine to prepare herself for My Coming. She has not done this.
Take care in the days ahead for My Words must be listened to. A time of famine will begin in the world, a famine of faith, will begin to make My children hungry for finding something that they will not know what. I will remove Myself from their hearts so that they will walk blindly into all the traps of satan. Only the ones who recognise My Voice of Truth will win through.
Come, children, there is still time before this series of events will take place. Feel the warmth of My Love caress you now. Store up these Caresses of Love for your heart will long for them. When you see the tides begin to turn away from the land then you will know that I am near. Warn My children that the time approaches when all will be in blackness. satan’s people will overrun the world, stalking all of My loyal ones. Care for Love, now, will ensure your safety.
I give you Life, take it. Here is My Gift to you, little one, here is My Gift to the world. If they ask I will open their eyes that have been blinded by the darkness that they live in. You will look for Me but I shall not be there. You will feel the pain of loneliness and it will fill you with dread. Love now. Receive Me as often as you can in the Eucharist. But even My priests shall fall at this time. These are My beloved whom I Love. Many of them will not listen to the things around them. They will not allow My Light into their hearts, they are blinded by this world.
All of you who do let My Light shine, please and I ask you again, please, remain faithful and constant to My Words of pleading. Do not allow this world to take you from Me. This Vineyard of Mine is poisoned by indifference to Me. It is poisoned by unlove. I have given Gifts that remain untouched, unused. My Anger grows each day, yes, even towards My consecrated. Anoint yourselves now in the Oil of My Love. Let it release you from the grip of sin.
Soon you will hear cries, ‘look to the west for He is there,’ ‘over there, is where He is.’ No, I will come in Glory surrounded by My Angels, surrounded in the Light of My Love. Pursue the Truth, My child, for you will need it.
See it come in the atrocities that are in the world now. These are the beginning of the end. Buildings will topple from their foundations, like straws in the wind. See the beginnings of famines that will never end. Immerse yourselves now, little ones, for My earth is changing by My own Hand. I will take the crops from the fields in order that it will be brought to its knees.
Every man, woman and child who still lives in this time will kneel in reverence before Me. They will be the faithful ones who will form procession behind Me. They will love Me. Glimpses 1 of what is to come I give you, take heed, take warning. Look out for your own sufferings, little one, they are about to unfold. I Love you. Pray, pray, pray for these times. Pray with hearts filled with Love.
1 There was a vision given with this Message. It showed many nuclear weapons, primed and ready to be launched. There was also many thousands of military tanks rolling over the land. There was no explanation given for this vision but, as Jesus said in the Message, it was glimpses of what is to come.
Friday 18 November 2011
Come, My beloved children, and look to My Truth.
Hear My calls as I call out to you in the darkness of this world.
I am a God who is reluctant to strike this earth but, soon, I must for you have allowed the evil one too much freedom and he plans to destroy all creation.
Come, My beloved children, before it is too late.
Listen to My calls and take up this Banner of Truth and fight against the evil one and his ways.
I am calling you this day to be My followers; to go out into this world and shine My Light so that all mankind may know that I am Alive in you.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and listen to My calls, listen to My Pleas for I am a God of Sorrow as I watch so many of My children falling headlong into the abyss of eternal fire.
I Love you, My little ones, I Love you. Please adhere to My calls. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
(Later the same day)
Truth, children, is the only way forward.
If you do not live in the Truth then you are not truly walking My Path.
Each day that you live should be a battle against untruth.
The more you begin to live in the Truth, the more you will understand My Ways, the more you will see this world as I see it.
Come, beloved children of My Heart, and listen to these Words that I give you for they are of the Way of Truth, they are Life-giving Blood that will give you Life Eternal.
Come, My little children, walk this Path of Truth and allow Me into your lives; allow My Light to shine so that you, too, can become a follower of the Truth; you, too, can become an example to your brothers and sisters.
I Love you, My little children, I Love you.
Come, walk this Path with Me.
I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Friday 25 November 2011

Look, now, My little ones, and see the Truth of My Words. Do not be swept away in the storm of lies that this world proffers in the guise of truth. Come, beloved of My Heart, and hear My calls to you this day for I have spoken many Words to you in these past times in order for you to be safe in the Fold of My Heart.
Come, beloved children of My Heart, and listen for there is little time left for you to take up the Banner of Truth.
I have not left you orphans.
I am the Good Shepherd and I guide you through the dark times with My Words.
Come now and take on these Words of Mine so that you, too, may be a part of My Army of Love.
Come, now, children, and listen to My calls.
I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Friday 25 November 2011

Look, now, My little children, look and see the Words that I give to you.
Look and see My Truth as it pours from My Heart.
Come, My beloved children, take on these Words of Truth and walk this Path with Me and allow Me to show you the delicate Touches of My Love, My Life, in you.
Come, I await your response to Me.
So many have walked this Path and failed to see My Truth. Come, now, My little ones, and let Me Teach you: let Me show you the True Path that leads to the depths of My Heart: come, now, and open your eyes and walk this Path in truth.
Do not allow this world to deceive you and lead you on the wrong path, the path of self.
I open your eyes this day to My Words of Truth and allow you to see this Journey if you are willing.
I Love you. Come, I await your response.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Saturday 26 November 2011
We must look at the truth of the Words that Jesus is speaking to us. In my opinion, His Words are becoming very, very urgent as He talks about there being very little time left. What this means I do not know for, I neither know times or dates but, in my estimation, He is not talking in decades or centuries, all we have to do is look at this world and see what it has become.
It has become a Godless place, holding on to the outward form of holiness yet, denying its power.
Do we ever see the Power of God in miracles anymore?
Those who are supposed to believe and have faith in order to teach their flock no longer believe in the Power of God, in the power of miracles, in the power of prophecy. They, who are supposed to believe, will tell you that you are a schizophrenic and that you need to go and see a doctor if you say that God has spoken to you. They are no different than the scribes and Pharisees.
The churches are emptying because the people can see that the priests no longer believe. They preach a God of Love who allows us to do whatever we want. You could say they are afraid to tell the truth and do not want to look at the truth themselves. When was the last time that any of us have heard a priest get up on the altar and talk about sin and its power and, that if we die in mortal sin, we will go to hell?
All we hear is how beautiful and perfect everything is. How God Loves us and how He will Forgive us. As I say, pray much for the priests and bishops, there are so many of them being lost in this time.
I know you priests who read this will laugh or shake your head at how silly we are and I know there is nothing I can say that will convince you to stop and take a look at what is happening in the same way that Jesus could not convince the scribes and Pharisees to stop and look. You may say that we are mad but, at the end of the day, we do not have to convince anyone. We must simply be obedient to Jesus and what He asks of us and, if we are wrong about this, we must stand before Him on judgement day and take our punishment if we have wronged Him.
Our lives are so short on this earth and yet, we believe they are so long but everything that we do we should be in preparation for Eternal Life for nothing in this life will gain us anything except that preparation.
Look, My little ones, I call you to look at these Words of Mine and see the times that you now live in. See, I have not left you in this darkness but I continue to speak and bring My flock into the safety of My Fold.
Come, beloved children of My Heart, and listen to My calls this day, listen, as I speak out against the lies of this world. Seek refuge in the Words that I give you. Come, beloved, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Monday 28 November 2011
Prayer of Abstinence and Offering
Lord Jesus, this day I offer You my life.
I give all that I am into Your Hands so that You may do with me as You will.
I give you a pledge to abstain from all alcoholic drinks (impure thoughts, in words and deeds) in order to further Your Work in this world.
I make this sacrifice in my own free will and I offer it for the intentions of Your Most Sacred Heart to undo the wrongdoings that mankind has wrought against You and Your Church.
I offer You this, my Jesus, from the deepest love of my heart and firmly resolve never more to abandon You in this way again.
I love You, dear Jesus, I love You. Amen.
If you decide to take on the commitment of this prayer then it should be said every day in offering. As you see from the brackets, for instance, you can turn this prayer into whatever you wish to offer. It is a prayer of sacrifice and commitment. It shows to Jesus our willingness to give of ourselves in order to further His Work within this world.
As Jesus has said before, when we drink too much alcohol we abandon Him and the evil one can use alcohol against Him because our willingness to fight decreases drastically. Jesus is not asking everyone to give up alcohol, He is only asking us to give it up if we realise it is a block between Him and our souls. If we can see something else within our lives that is a block, then we can replace the word alcohol with whatever the block is, as shown in the brackets and italics.
Jesus wishes us to follow Him in truth. We abandon Him in so many ways that we refuse to see but, the more that we begin to realise and overcome the blocks that we put before Him, the more we will see and the easier it will become to follow Him in the way that He wishes.
Now is the time to look and see, My little ones, now is the time to open your hearts to My Truth and allow Me to show you the Path that leads to My Father’s Kingdom. Come walk with Me upon this Path and do not be afraid to show this world that you are a follower of Mine.
I open your hearts to the Truth this day in this prayer of giving. It is a prayer that you offer in your free will to help Me in My Work. It is a sacrifice given from the depths of your heart in order to help your brothers and sisters walk this Path with Me.
Do not say it unless you mean it.
Do not take it lightly, children, for these are Words of Truth and Words of giving and the evil one will try to turn you from this Path.
Be Warned, My little ones, when you say this prayer in truth, you enter into a spiritual battle that will be fought from the time of utterance until you come into My Kingdom.
It is your sacrifice, your giving to My Work. I Love you. Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.


The Word was made Flesh....and dwelt among us....
Christmas is about Jesus. It is about HIS Birth.
Over the years Jesus has given us many Messages about His Birth. He has spoken of what His Birth was meant to be for mankind, He has told us of what His Birth has become and He speaks also of how He would like His Birth to be celebrated.
You could say that all of these Messages are about taking the ‘self’ out of Christmas.
What better gift can we give Jesus on His Birthday than to live His Words?
We hope that by reading them then living them, we can put the Christ back in Christmas.
Thursday 21 December 1993
My little children, My Gift to you this night is Love. My Gift is My Spirit. I give each one of you My Life and I ask you to take it and live it. You give gifts to celebrate My coming upon this earth but you forget the real meaning of the Day of My Birth. My Birth was unknown but today is the time to make it known. I was Born for you, little ones, Born as Saviour to Save. Be My little children and allow Me to be born in you this night. Christmas is a time to be Holy, a time to be in silent reflection, a time of honouring, worshipping, adoring. On this night, I Love you.
Thursday 21 December 1993 For Christmas Eve Night From Mary
My little ones, gather around your Saviour this Night,1 this Holy Night for, Jesus has made it Holy for you. Think of the goodwill that you must give to your fellow man. Think of that love which must begin within this room. Think of Love.
Come to My Side and I, as your Mother, will give you My Son, as I have always done. But be aware of the evil one at this time; he will try to rob you of the love that you have for all peoples. My Gift to you is Peace this Night. The Peace that is given to you this Night is the Peace of Jesus. I give it to you. Jesus and I are here with you. I strew flowers of Love upon you. Take the Lord’s Peace and rejoice at His Birth in you. I Love you and, most of all, Jesus Loves you. Accept His Gifts this Night. Gods Blessing on you, little ones.
1 This Message was given, in advance for a vigil held on Christmas Eve
Tuesday 13 December 1994

Hendon, London
My children, Love is yours this day. Great Love is given to you in this Advent of Love.
Soon I come among you as a little Child. I take on your humanity and I become the Divine Humanity. Soon the joy of My Birth will ring within your hearts as you celebrate this glorious Day.
Behold your Saviour as a weak and helpless Child. Behold! Behold! Embrace this time and feel this joy that is given for in it is many Graces for you. Behold, too, the Woman of women whom I chose to be My Mother. Her who said yes. Like Her you must say yes and I will come to birth in you. Come, My little lambs, and I will recreate you. I will spring to life within you. Come, let Me regenerate your weary spirits. Love is given to you, accept it.
Thursday 21 December 1995
My little ones, I greet you and I give Love to all men at this time. My children, what does it mean to you? Does it mean that the things of this earth may be fulfilled? Or does it mean that My Ways are fulfilled? If you are for Me then do not be against Me.
I am your Way. All of you who seek a Way then come through Me. Let Me be born in you at this time. Not only let Me be born in you but also let Me live.
I am calling all of you to live Me at this, My Time. My Birth was given to give goodwill to all men, to give Love, to show Love. Let My Mother give Birth to Me in you. I ask this of you. I beg this of you for I have Warned you of what is to come and the world does not believe.
How can you say “Happy Christmas” when you know that the One that you speak of is not happy? Meditate upon this, My children. I Love you.
Friday 30 August 1996
My children, I Love you. I ask of all of you that you begin these autumn days in reaching out to your fellow man so that, when it comes to the time of My Birth, you will understand what it is to love each and every person, so that you will know what it means to go out and find someone who is in need. Organise yourselves into groups and look for these. It is because you sit in your comfortable homes that you do not know where to look. Come out of your hiding places if you would be a follower of Mine, if you would say to Me: “Lord! Lord!”
Will you do this for Me? Or will you put these Words, with the rest, to gather dust?
Tuesday 24 December 1996
My children, I Am the God of Life. If you do not have Me in you then you do not have Life. I give you Life in My Birth. I give you Love for the Father sent Me as Love and I am Love. Accept My Love into your lives at this time of My Birth.
Come away from the lifeless things that you seek and find only Life in Me. Look at the things of earth that still hold you. Let My Birth in you be the dying to yourself.
Look within yourself and see the places where you have allowed Me to be born. Am I being born in a rich palace of self or is it the poor stable of selflessness? For many in the world think that they can live two lives and serve two masters but no, children, it cannot be done.
Celebrate, yes, children, but without the things that are not Mine - those things that you have not given to Me.
I give you also a Warning in these Words. In your new year, I ask all of you, who are My workers in this Vineyard, to be prepared for many things will come to pass. Do not stop for a moment, for the pace quickens and the beginning of a time has begun.1 Work hard, children, for the evil one will soon make himself known and will reveal much evil. I Love you; be Warned.
1 We do not understand what this ’time’ is but Jesus often speaks in periods of time.
Monday 22 November 1999
My people, I Love you, come close to Me in this time of Love that you are now entering. My Birth was given to this world through My Father for the Salvation of this world but now it has become a thing of greed, a time of self when I am forgotten. My children, see what this world has given to Me. What has been given, in Love, has been turned into a time of evil.
Oh! My Love is shaken with the unlove of mankind. I have given My Love to you. Look, mankind, what you have done to it. You have deserted Me for the ways of lucifer.
I Love you and I call you back in this time of Love to My Ways. I Love you. Come, come back to Me.
Tuesday 9 December 1999
My Jesus, I love You. I ask that You use my hand to write these words to Your people. Let it be the truth that flows from my pen and only Your Truth.
I thank you, My little son, for coming to Me in this time of My Pain as I watch this world turn against Me in the season of My Joy. They have forgotten Me.
I know, Jesus, as I look around this world all I can see is self. I know I am also included in this. This world only thinks of itself. I can see Your Messages coming to pass; I can see Your Scriptures coming to pass. Everywhere I look man has forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. When I speak to anyone they speak of preparing for Christmas. All I hear is talk of shopping and what the children want. I have never heard anyone say that they are preparing for Your Birth.
My Jesus, I know this must Pain You very much. Even when I look at Your Church, I can see no evidence of Your coming among us. So many are turning against You…
Thursday 5 December 2001
My people, I Love you. Come now to this Heart of Mine. See it Bleed in this season of greed: a time that was once Mine but now is turned into a time of self; a time that the world has forgotten. A season of goodwill, a season of coming together to celebrate My Love.
Look, children, where has it gone? Have you forgotten Me so soon? My Love is missing from this time. All I see is greed. The world gorges itself with the pleasures that lucifer has spread out before it. It no longer prides itself on knowing Me but rather, it prides itself on what it can gain.
But you are fools, children! lucifer is the father of lies! he will feed you with all that glitters. Then, in his treachery, he shall take it all from you! he thrives on suffering and darkness. You are walking headlong into his traps. You blind and foolish generation! You will not listen! No matter what I say, you are so concerned with grabbing all that you can.
I Love you and Bless you in this, the time of My Birth. I Love you...
Wednesday 11 December 2002
Children of the Light, I call you to recognise My Voice. I call you in these days of Advent to turn away from this world and its ways. I tell you, My children, Christmas is not a time of greed, it should be a time to celebrate My Birth into this world. In Truth, I tell you, the only thing that is celebrated is the birth of sin in this world.
You go out into this world, children, and you spend more money than you have; this is greed. Greed is not My Way, it is the way of lucifer. Too long have I watched My children celebrating this time of My Birth in greed and self while others go hungry, while you sit at your tables eating meals that you cannot finish, consuming great quantities of alcohol which brings about the downfall of many.
I say wake up, children, and realise what you are doing! lucifer dances around you, laughing at how you celebrate My Birth. he taunts Me, jeering and laughing at My people as they go to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on the Day of My Birth and all your minds are full of, children, is food, television, alcohol and self. I am nowhere to be seen. Think, My children, before this Day of Great Holiness what you are about to do. I Love you.
Tuesday 23 December 2003
Patrick: Jesus, are You there? Do You wish to speak?
Yes, My servant, I wish to speak. I wish to speak again of the worldliness that has crept into My House at this time. So much could be done without but it is not done without; it is taken on as a right. What can we do, I hear you say? I wish only to Teach all of you how to come away from the world. Christmas is about Me; it is not about celebrating in the way that you do. If you take a drink of alcohol it is not for Me or My benefit that you take it. It is for your own. How can your Christmas be about Me when I am not in it? How can I be born into you when your head and heart are full of the worldly things that you need to celebrate your feast day?
I speak these things because it is what My House is full of at this time. This will bring you into the new year in which there will be many signs given and you, even you within My House, will not see them. The new year will be a year of darkness; a year when I will call you, My two sons, away from your excuses and I will call you into the world for many evil places have sprung up because I have been thrown out through the world’s sins. Evil crawls around everywhere and there is no one to stop it.
Many sacrifices are needed, My sons, for the world and in preparation for what must be done. Do not just do the sacrifices that you like to do but also do those that you do not feel like doing; in fact do more of these for these are the kind that are needed.
My Heart would be in joy if I could tell you that all was well with the world but because there are few to battle against the evil in the world, I cannot speak of this. I would wish to speak of the triumph and the joy of what Christmas is but, within your hearts, My sons, you know that I cannot. I tell you solemnly, it will be a time like this, a time of celebration, that I will Come. This is a time that you must watch out for because it is the time when your guard is down and the evil one can step in and destroy you.
The country of America will war again and will become so bogged down in showing her might that she will not see her downfall and another small nation will bring her to her knees. This can be stopped if I am on the lips and in the hearts of that nation.
I am alone for not many think of Me. I am no longer the object of desire at this time.
Patrick: I am sorry that You are alone, Jesus. I give You my heart and my soul in reparation for all the sins committed against You at this time. I love You and I will try to make Christmas Yours again in my life. I am sorry for my part in Your Sorrow.
I thank you, My servant, for your thoughts for Me earlier, I thank you for your giving to Me within your heart. Were it that it were all the world.
Tuesday 23 December 2003
My people, I Love you. Once again, we come to the time of My Birth; once again you have forgotten Me in favour of this world. What have I done to offend you, My people? Why have you forgotten Me?
Look around you, children. Where am I in your lives in this the time of My Birth? All you can think of is yourselves and the worldly goods that you can purchase. It is the time of My greatest Suffering; it is the time of greed when all My people indulge in self.
I Love you, My people, and I call you to look and see what you are doing; see the influence of the evil one in your lives as he mocks the time of My Birth through your lack of caring. I say again, I Love you but this love is not returned. I Love you.
Monday 20 December 2004
…You wait for the Day of My Birth, My children, but I tell you that by the time it comes, millions more will be lost to Me. Your own children grow up without Me for you have taught them to live in the world. Will they be lost because of your complacency?
I am calling you, My children, to help Me. Help Me to save My children and your brothers and sisters from the fires of hell.
What do you do with My Words when you read them? Do they gather dust?...
Monday 20 December 2004
Jesus, I love You. I really love You, although You would not think it many times. Thank You for everything and may Your Birthday be a happy one.
My little son, I Love you. It brings joy to My Heart in this time of loneliness when you speak to Me in these words. Very few recognise that this is the time of My Birth. Very few celebrate the time of My Birth rather, they celebrate the world. They rejoice in sin instead of Holiness.
I waited long for you, My son, to come to Me. I ask that you begin to spend more time with Me. Listen for Me at all times, both day and night. Keep your book with you at all times and be prepared to give Me a Voice when I call.
I Love you, My son, and I say again the loneliness of My Heart is great. I am a God that has been rejected by His subjects. I am a redundant God to this generation. Believe Me when I say, all Heaven is silent and they wait for the moment when I will say, enough. On that day the earth will shake, it will convulse and much devastation will reign. Mankind does not realise in its blindness what they are doing. They do not realise, as I created the earth, I can also destroy it.
If something is unclean what do you do? You cleanse and renew it. Alas, the time is coming when no longer will I allow the blasphemy to continue.
Do not forget Me, My son, at this time I need your love. Allow Me to be with you to celebrate My Birth. Allow Me in Love, son, to enjoy this time within your heart. I Love you.
Tuesday 21 December 2004
In these Words, My children, I give you My Love. I call you to be obedient in these days of My Birth. If you are within My Houses, then be obedient to all that I have asked of you. If you are in the world, be obedient to My Commandments. Wherever you are, let your commitment to Me be how you love Me and your preparation for My coming.
Even though I am in great loneliness at this time, let your joy in Me be complete. You will find joy in your obedience to Me. Let Me draw you to Myself in this Christmas time. Listen not to the world as it draws you ever closer to itself.
Let Me be born in you. Let My Light surround you. Let the Light of My Birth be a new time for you to begin again. Let My Words soothe you. Let My Words change you. Let My Words be recognised in you. Let your heart be open to Me. Let your heart be enriched by My Birth so that you might begin to follow Me and to serve Me the way that I have called you to.
I come to you with My Heart in My Hands as a Beggar to beg you to return to Me. I have nothing to give you but My Heart. In it is contained My Love. It is why I came; it is why I still come.
Come, little child, and be born into this Heart of Mine. It is for you. Let Me Touch you, let Me live in you. Reach out to others who do not know Me yet for, if you keep Me to yourself, what good will that do to the others who do not know Me yet?
Love Me.
Tuesday 28 November 2006
…Prepare for My Coming as you prepare for My Birth. Take the world from My Birth and you will see it for what it really is. If others do not do it then you, because you follow Me, you must do it because I have told you to do it…
…I tell you, My people, prepare for this new year that you enter for you will see much persecution of Me as if there has not been enough until now.
Thursday 7 December 2006
Children of the Light, I, your God, call to you this day and I ask you to return once again. You are coming up to the time when you will celebrate My Birth but look around you, does the world celebrate My Birth or does it celebrate self? My children, now they even try to remove Me from My Birthday in case I will offend someone. Soon they shall even try to remove Me from My churches in order to allow many different faiths to come together in world peace. You do not realise the plans that have been set in motion. Open your eyes, My children, look around you for you can already see the beginnings of these changes…
Monday 11 December 2006
My people, I Love you and I call you into the safety of My Fold. Look around you, My children, and see the Truth of the Words that I have spoken to you. You are caught up in the season of Christmas, it is now a time of self. You do not celebrate the time of My Birth. It is supposed to be a time of goodwill, of remembrance but what have you turned it into? A time of greed, a time of self. I am Dying upon this earth, My children, and it is you who are killing Me. You even push Me out of My own churches in favour of the new age lies that you would rather believe in, in order to excuse your lives of lies within My Body. Remember who I am, children, I am your God and I can see all things. You do not fool Me with what you do and what you say you believe in. Wake up and see the Truth of what you are doing. You are bowing to the lies of lucifer. You are supping at his table and you refuse to see or believe this. You who call yourselves My priests, turn away from the lies of lucifer and come back to My True Path. Reread My Gospels and see the path that I have put before you for you will account for the souls that you have taken from Me with the lies and profanities that you profess to be My Teachings. I am your God. The Words that I have already spoken within My Scriptures stand. They cannot be changed. You use justifications to excuse your interpretations. They have already been interpreted by My Saints and you refuse to believe what I have spoken through the Holy Ones. Your days are numbered. Your truth deceives you. Look only to My Truth for this is your freedom, you blind and foolish generation. I, your God, stand at the door and you are not prepared. Come back to Me, though your sins be as scarlet I shall wash them clean in My Blood. Come to Me and repent and the Kingdom of My Father is yours. I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Friday 15 December 2006
My children, trim your lamps and prepare to receive the Light of the World. If I do not Light up this world then it is in darkness; it is without Light. I give Light, I give Myself to all those who are prepared to receive Me in this time. I tell you to prepare for the year that follows My Birth will be a troubled year for all those who genuinely follow Me. Trouble will come from those who oppose Me and wish Me to be gone. I tell you that it is not just among those who do not believe in Me but, moreso, among those who say that they believe in Me.
I speak the Truth this day for all those who recognise My Words.
Monday 25 December 2006 Christmas Morning
Patrick: Happy Birthday, Jesus!
My son, it is good that you are here with Me, so many have forgotten Me on this Night of My Love. I was sent into this world on this Night by My Father to bring Peace and Hope to all mankind but look, they have rejected Me. They celebrate this Night without Me. I am a rejected God and a God that cries out in Pain for His children. Oh, My little ones, how I miss you this Night. You have forgotten Me on this Night of My Birth. I say Peace to you, My children, I bestow My Peace, once again, upon this earth. It is up to you, My children, whether you accept it or not. I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Saturday 1 December 2007
My children, you are now entering the Season of Peace, the time of My Birth yet, I am forgotten in favour of this world. Now, it is a time of self and greed; a time of hardship and pain.
Look around you; look at what this world does to celebrate My Birth. Look at your own lives, where am I? How long must I wait for you to see the Truth of My Ways? I have Warned and told you what would happen if you do not change but still, you refuse to listen and you continue with your untruth, your unlove.
Yet, you expect Me to understand it is all done for the good of your need, in other words, the needs of self. I have told you to die to self; the more you feed self, the more self will expect. So your excuses mean nothing in My sight for they are your greed being justified in your minds.
Turn away from your sin and come back to Me, it is need and not greed that you should be looking to follow. Think, children, think of what you are doing. I Love you and call you back in this time of My Birth. I, your Jesus, Love you. Come, I await your response.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Sunday 16 December 2007
My children, I Love you. Remember, this season is the time of My Birth and not a time of greed. It is a time to show My Love to all men. I ask each one of you to do a kindness to someone in need and offer it to Me, unknown to anyone. This is a beginning, children, this is like taking your first step towards Me and My Ways. See those who are in need for when you help them, you help Me. Remember, I am within all peoples, I dwell within all men’s hearts, if you give a cup of cold water to the least of your brothers you give it to Me. Remember the festive season is about celebrating My Birth, remember Me, My children, for I am like a pauper begging you for help. You will please Me children, if you do this for Me. I, your Jesus, Love you and I thank you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Tuesday 25 December 2007 Christmas Day

My children, this is the Day that Love was Born into this world. My Love was given to mankind on this Day and the Gates of My Father’s Kingdom stood at the ready to open. I live My Life for you as a Sacrifice; I Died for you as a Sacrifice so that you could have Eternal Life with Me in My Father’s Kingdom. So few have accepted what I have done, so few are willing to look at the Truth. You cannot see anything but your own lives, whereas I offer you something greater than anything that you can find upon this earth. My children, My children, I say trust in Me, your God, and trust in the Words that I am giving to you. I have fulfilled My Words with Scripture, I came, I Suffered and I Died for your Salvation. What more can a man give than when he gives his lifeblood. I gave All for you, children. Take a little moment of your time and look at what I have done for you. I Love you and I thank you for reading these Words. I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Wednesday 3 December 2008

Look at Me, children, in these Words that I speak. Look at the anxiousness and Pain in My Words as I call out to you but so few of you are willing to take the time to listen. You are so busy with your lives you have no time to look at Me. My Birth is celebrated without Me. I am no longer welcome at My own Feast. You have forgotten Me. Look, look in truth. I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Tuesday 9 December 2008
Prepare! Prepare, My children! These Words I do not speak, I shout them to ears that can hear Me. I come in these Words to prepare you. I come like John came, to prepare you for what is to come.
All you who wait for Me, I say to you: you must do more than wait. I give you a Precious Jewel in My Gospels; a Jewel that you must not keep for yourself. No! You must share it with those who do not know.
How much do you prepare for My coming at Christmas? Have you forgotten the real meaning of Me? Have you forgotten that My Birth is a time of renewal, a renewal of body, mind and spirit? It is time for a love that is meant, a love that is real and true.
Friday 19 December 2008

Look again, My children, at My Love and see it is not the same as the love of this world. My Love contains My Peace and My Truth. Look and see, there is no truth in this world, only self and self desires you to look to the good of yourselves and do not care about your neighbour.
Look at the time of My Birth and, look, was it a celebration of My Birth, My Love, or was it a celebration of self? Look at the Truth of what I say, you have forgotten Me and My Ways, you have forgotten how to love for you have allowed self to control you.
I have told you, you must die to the ways of self but, rather, you have embraced them and are now led by the lies of lucifer. Look and see, are My Words the Truth or will you ignore them and condemn them in order not to look at what you have become?
Do not read these Words and say they are truth about this world. No, read them and only look at yourself and see what you have become. Look at the Truth and then change your ways and come, follow Me.
I Love you, children. I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Monday 22 December 2008

I have given you many Words in the lead up to the time of My Birth so that you could see and understand the Ways of Love. You do not need the material goods of this world to celebrate the Ways of Love. You do not need the things of this world in order to come to Me.
I Love you, My children, and I want you to know Me for who I am. I am a God of simplicity and My Ways are Love.
I Love you and I call to you in these Words to come follow Me.
I Love you and await your response. I, your Jesus, Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Wednesday 24 December 2008
Christmas Eve

My children, I Love you. Open deeply your hearts to Me for I wish to be born in you. You are vessels of My Words, you are carriers of the Truth. Your lives must reflect the Truth that I give to you: Truth is Light and Light is Love.
36 Whilst you have the Light, believe in the Light, that you may be the children of Light. John 12:36
Times are coming, and soon, when they shall try to destroy the Truth in you; in fact, they have begun, when they will try to make you believe that I am not He. If you live in the Light of My Truth you shall be like a fortress that is well defended; you will be like a house that is built, not on sand but on rock. I am your Rock.
They will come to you and they will bear lies on their lips; they will feed you with lies but do not believe it. I Come soon.
Do not step out into the darkness without the Light. Just as the Light guided the Magi to My Birth, let the Light guide you. More than ever now, cling to the Light for the Time of Darkness is just around the corner. I Love you, stay with Me.
Thursday 24 December 2009 For Christmas Day
Children of Mine, I Love you. Today, I open My Most Sacred Heart and I give you My Light and My Love in this dark time in this world. It is My Blessing to you on this Christmas. My Heart is open and shines forth its Light like My Birthplace was open to all those who came to visit Me. Each presented Me a gift and each left with the Gift of My Love. My Heart is open wide to you to come and receive My Love. I Love you. Remember Me this Christmas.

Wednesday 7 December 2011
Jesus, I love You. Will You please speak about Your new House?
My servant, as I have told you in the past, I carry on with My Plans regardless of fragile, weak, human spirits. My Plans for this world are through My Houses. I gather them as refuges, each one is My Heart upon this earth. When the times come, I will have prepared for those who need them most. I Am is the Lord, your God.
My young people know Me little; they have been neglected by My Church, they have been left to run wild. I intend to show them, through this House, that I am Alive and that I Love them. Many pray to Me for their young: In this House, I answer many prayers. I ask of your help in this.
This House will be where My young shall know My Love. I ask that a few, simple prayers be said with them before and after their activities there. I ask too, that a small room be laid aside as a place of prayer and communication with Me. Organise these activities in a spirit of prayer and do not neglect it for I wish My young to know Me as a God of Love. Let this be done.
My children, I need your help. I Love you.
Jesus has asked for a House in the South of Ireland near the town of Belmullet in County Mayo. As we can see from the Message, it is for the youth. Jesus wants to show them that He has not forgotten them. This House is near a lake and also, quite a few beaches. He Desires that we take the young people to this House and show them that He has not forgotten them. It is to be a place of activities such as walking, cycling, surfing, kayaking, swimming, kiting, etc and, where they will get to know Him.
In these times, we can see there is very little for the young except the temptations of this world. We have agreed a price with the owner of €175,000. We ask for your help to fulfil what Jesus has asked for. As usual, we have agreed to purchase this House without any money for Jesus always asked us to trust in Him and go ahead in faith and, we ask for your prayers and any financial help you can give in Jesus’ Name so that His Dream be fulfilled.

Advent... a preparation time
Prepare for the Birth

We have entered the first week of Advent and what a beautiful season this is. It is the time we are given to prepare for the Birth of Jesus.
In these days, our preparation has little or nothing to do with Jesus. We prepare for people, we prepare for self, we prepare by buying many presents and food that we cannot possibly eat. We prepare for Santa by spoiling our children with many things that they do not need and we neglect the one thing that our children do need...JESUS.
So much misery
How is it that such a beautiful time of the year brings so much misery to so many? The answer is simple, our Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus.
Self and greed
Jesus speaks in the Messages about how our world has been overcome with self and greed and, unfortunately, Christmas is the time of year when this is very plain to be seen. I think back to a film I watched many years ago called ‘Little Women,’ about the March sisters. This was a family whose father was at war. At Christmas they managed to have a fine spread for their dinner with luxuries such as butter and oranges.
But they, moved with compassion and love for a poor family who were sick and literally had nothing to eat, gave all of their food to this poor family.
Even though this is only a film, I was really touched by the generosity and the Christian spirit of the March sisters and I realised that this is what Jesus was all about. This is what Christmas was all about. Love and kindness, not self and greed.
Do a kindness
And this is what Jesus wants from us at the time of His Birth. In His Message given on Sunday 16 December 2007, He asks that each of us, “do a kindness to someone in need and offer it to Me, unknown to anyone” because this season is not a time of greed but a time to show His Love. He also says that doing this is a beginning, it is taking a first step toward Him.
First step towards Jesus
By taking this first step towards Jesus, we begin to fight the darkness and greed in this world. By remembering to do this kindness for Jesus we are remembering that Christmas is His Birthday and this is our gift to Him.
His Words are dead
Jesus has given us many Messages through the years, Lights to guide us and the world back to Him and His Ways. I wonder how many of us have taken on these Messages. It is certainly food for thought. Do we just read them and put them down again and never do anything with them? If this is what we do then His Words are dead. Jesus within us is dead.
Way of Truth
Look, for example, at the Way of Truth Messages given over these past months.
Jesus has given us an easy and foolproof way of dying to self and coming to Him. He tells us to choose an anchor, something that we can give up for Him. When we have given this up, then we build on it by giving up something else and we can keep adding our sins and our little selfishnesses as fuel to the fire of our self dying. He is waiting on us, His Army, to do these things that He is telling us, then He can lead that Army in the War against the evil one and the darkness in this world.
Food for thought
If we have not already begun this, then maybe Advent is the perfect time to do so. What a beautiful Birthday present for Jesus. What if we prepare for His Birth in us with our self for thought indeed!

Pepsi shareholders demand company stop using aborted foetal cell lines in flavour research
LARGO, FL, October 25, 2011 (
The Pro-Life organization, Children of God for Life, announced today the filing of a shareholder resolution with the Securities and Exchange Commission and PepsiCo, protesting the use of aborted foetal cell lines for the research and development of flavour enhancers for their beverages.
In August 2010, PepsiCo entered into a four year agreement with Senomyx for the development of artificial high-potency sweeteners for PepsiCo beverages. Under the contract, PepsiCo is paying thirty million dollars to Senomyx for the research and future royalties on PepsiCo products sold using Senomyx technology.
Great tasting
When the Pro-Life group wrote to both companies requesting they use one of several non-objectionable, viable cell lines listed in their patents, Senomyx did not respond. PepsiCo did reply however, saying that this research, using cell lines derived from aborted babies, would produce “great tasting, lower-calorie beverages.”
Appalled by the response, Children of God for Life launched a boycott and was joined by over two dozen other Pro-Life organizations. The boycott now includes supporters from Australia, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Poland and the UK.
Lack of consideration
Meanwhile, letters sent to all PepsiCo Board Members and Senior Management have gone unanswered.
“Shareholders have a right to know the truth about what PepsiCo is doing with their hard-earned savings,” stated Children of God for Life Executive Director, Debi Vinnedge. “PepsiCo’s lack of consideration to the public’s moral sensibilities has only served to fuel the fire and threatens stock values, retirement pensions and investments.”
Exploiting the remains
The PepsiCo shareholder who filed the resolution requested that “the Board of Directors adopt a corporate policy that recognizes human rights and employs ethical standards which do not involve using the remains of aborted human beings in both private and collaborative research and development agreements.”
PepsiCo’s own Code of Conduct boasts that they “deal with customers, suppliers, the public and our competitors in an ethical and appropriate manner.”
“There is nothing ethical or appropriate in the way they are exploiting the remains of an innocent aborted child,” noted Vinnedge.
I was sick to my stomach
One twelve year old Florida boy, who learned of PepsiCo’s research from his mom’s Pro-Life news reports was upset enough to take action himself. At a ‘Forty Days for Life’ kickoff, Gene spoke passionately to the audience.
“When I found out about this, I was sick to my stomach,” he said. “I decided I wouldn’t let this happen so I came up with a way to boycott Pepsi products called United Schools for Life. This program will attempt to remove all Pepsi products from the schools in our diocese.” Gene hopes to spread his mission through the entire state.
Even a child knows this is wrong
Vinnedge said she was moved by Gene’s initiative and courage.
“We hope that PepsiCo senior management gives serious consideration to what this boy has done,” she noted. “Even a child knows this is wrong. God Bless him for standing up for the unborn who have no voice of their own!”
For further information see
For more information on Gene’s work contact
Gene, the twelve year old mentioned in this article, has stepped out and started a campaign against Pepsi products, initiating their removal from schools! This is the reaction Jesus should be getting from each one of us, His followers, His Remnant, His Army!

Continued from last month
The plan for three world wars
Most of his work was done in the thirteen room mansion he built in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1840. When the illuminati and the lodges of the Grand Orient, became suspect, because of Mazzini’s revolutionary activities in Europe, Pike organized the New and Reformed Palladian Rite. He established three supreme councils; one in Charleston, S.C., another in Rome, Italy and another in Berlin, Germany. He had Mazzini establish twenty three subordinate councils in strategic locations throughout the world. These have been the secret headquarters of the world revolutionary movement ever since. Long before Marconi invented wireless (radio), the scientists who were of the illuminati had made it possible for Pike and the Heads of his councils to communicate secretly. It was the discovery of this secret that enabled intelligence officers to understand how apparently unrelated ‘incidents’ took place simultaneously throughout the world which aggravated a situation and developed into a war or revolution.
Albert Pike
Pike’s plan was as simple as it has proved effective. He required that communism, naziism, political zionism, and other international movements be organized and used to foment the three global wars and three major revolutions. The first world war was to be fought so as to enable the illuminati to overthrow the powers of the Tzars in Russia and turn that country into the stronghold of atheistic-communism. The differences stirred up by agentur of the illuminati between the British and German Empires were to be used to foment this war. After the war ended, Communism was to be built up and used to destroy other governments and weaken religions.
Communism was to be built up
World War Two was to be fomented by using the differences between fascists and political zionists. This war was to be fought so that naziism would be destroyed and the power of political zionism increased so that the sovereign state of Israel could be established in Palestine. During World War Two international communism was to be built up until it equalled in strength that of united Christendom. At this point it was to be contained and kept in check until required for the final social cataclysm. Can any informed person deny Roosevelt and Churchill did not put this policy into effect?
Near, Middle and Far East
World War Three is to be fomented by using the differences the agentur of the illuminati stir up between political zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world. The war is to be directed in such a manner that Islam (the Arab World including Mohammedanism) and political zionism (including the State of Israel) will destroy themselves while at the same time the remaining nations, once more divided against each other on this issue, will be forced to fight themselves into a state of complete exhaustion physically, mentally, spiritually and economically. Can any unbiased and reasoning person deny that the intrigue now going on in the Near, Middle and Far East isn’t designed to accomplish this devilish purpose?
The pure doctrine of lucifer
On August 15, 1871, Pike told Mazzini that after World War Three is ended, those who aspire to undisputed world domination will provoke the greatest social cataclysm the world has ever known. We quote his own written words (taken from the letter catalogued in the British Museum Library, London, England):
“We shall unleash the nihilists and atheists and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will be from that moment without compass (direction), anxious for an ideal but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of lucifer brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”
International Bankers
When Mazzini died in 1872, Pike made another Italian revolutionary leader, named Adriano Lemmi, his successor. Lemmi was later succeeded by Lenin and Trotsky. The revolutionary activities of all these men were financed by British, French, German and American international bankers. The reader must remember that the International Bankers of today, like the Money-Changers of Christ’s day, are only tools or agents of the illuminati.
Bankers finance wars and revolutions
While the general public has been lead to believe that communism is a movement of the workers (Soviets) to destroy capitalism, Pawns In The Game proves that both British and American Intelligence Officers obtained authentic documentary evidence which proved that internationalist capitalists operating through their international banking houses had financed both sides in every war and revolution fought since 1776.
‘We worship God’
There is plenty of documentary evidence to prove that Pike, like Weishaupt, was head of the luciferian priesthood in his day. In addition to the letter he wrote Mazzini in 1871, another he wrote to the heads of his Palladian Councils 14 July, 1889 fell into hands other than intended. It was written to explain the luciferian dogma, concerning worship of satan and worship of lucifer. In it, he said in part:
“That which we say to the crowd is ‘we worship god.’ But it is the god that one worships without superstition. The religion should be, by all us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the luciferian doctrine... Yes! lucifer is god. And unfortunately Adonay (the name given by luciferians to the God we worship) is God also... for the absolute can only exist as two gods. Thus, the doctrine of satanism is a heresy: and the true, and pure philosophical religion is the belief in lucifer, the equal of Adonay: but lucifer, god of light and god of good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay the god of darkness and evil.”
A deliberate lie
Propaganda put out by those who direct the luciferian conspiracy has caused the general public to believe all who oppose Christianity are atheists. This is a deliberate lie circulated to hide the secret plans of the high priests of the luciferian creed who direct the synagogue of satan so that the human race still find it impossible to establish on this earth Gods Plan for the rule of the universe, as He explained it to our first parents in the Garden of Eden, told in Genesis. The high priests of the luciferian creed work from the darkness. They remain behind the scenes. They keep their identity and true purpose secret, even from the vast majority of those they deceive into doing their will and furthering their secret plans and ambitions.
A secret society
In 1925, his Eminence Cardinal Caro y Rodriguez, Archbishop of Santiago, Chile, published a book “The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled,” to expose how the illuminati, the satanists and the luciferians had imposed a secret society upon a secret society. He produces a great deal of documentary evidence to prove that not even thirty second and thirty third degree Masons know what goes on in the Lodges of the grand orient and Pike’s new and reformed palladian rite and the affiliated lodges of adoption in which female members of the conspiracy are initiated. On page one hundred and eight he quotes the authority Margiotta to prove that before Pike selected Lemmi to succeed Mazzini as Director of the World Revolutionary Movement, Lemmi was a rabid and confirmed satanist. But after he had been selected he was initiated into the luciferian ideology.
satan’s goal: the ruin of souls
Learned theologians have stated that lucifer, satan or ... simply “the devil,” knows he did wrong and knows that he was wrong. He is a pure spirit and therefore indestructible. Knowing he is wrong he still is determined to drag as many souls as possible into hell with him to share his misery. This being a fact, our duty is clear: we have to make known the TRUTH in this regard to as many others as quickly as possible so they can avoid the snares and pitfalls set by those who serve the devil’s purpose and penetrate the lies and deceits of those who wander about the world seeking the ruin of souls.
Weishaupt’s plot requires:
1. Abolition of ALL ordered national governments.
2. Abolition of inheritance.
3. Abolition of private property.
4. Abolition of patriotism.
5. Abolition of the individual home and family life as the cell from which all civilizations have stemmed.
6. Abolition of ALL religions established and existing so that the luciferian ideology of totalitarianism may be imposed on mankind.
The headquarters of the conspiracy in the late 1700s was in Frankfurt, Germany. After the Bavarian Government’s exposure in 1786, the high priests of the luciferian creed established their headquarters in Switzerland; since World War Two the headquarters have been in the Harold Pratt Building New York. The Rockefellers have replaced the Rothschilds as far as the manipulation of finances is concerned.
Our duty
It is our duty to make the people acquainted with the truth. Our purpose should be to put God back into politics so we may establish government in accordance with His Plan for the rule of the universe as explained to us in the Scriptures and by Gods only Son, Jesus Christ. Only then will His Will be done here as it is in Heaven. In my humble opinion, not until this is done will God intervene on our behalf and the Words of the Lord’s Prayer be accomplished.
William Guy Carr

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Events Celebrated
Halloween Vigil
“...Look at this night, a night of terror, when lucifer and his dominions are celebrated openly in this world. It is a night of spirits, a night of worship when the people, who worship lucifer, come out of their nests and create many acts of darkness. Many sacrifices are given to him on this night but do you care, children? You go out into your streets and celebrate this night, as if it were any other night...” Thursday 31 October 2002
We had our vigil and a good number of servants and visitors gathered together to appease the Pain and loneliness of Jesus on this night of evil. As followers of Jesus, praying is what we should be doing on this night. When I was a child, I remember the way my parents told me of the duty at this time of year to be praying for the faithful departed with visits to the chapels and the graves. Lord Jesus, we praise and we thank You, we love You, Jesus.
Feast of All Saints
On Tuesday 1 November, we celebrated the Feast of All Saints. This was a time for us to stop and remember all those people who fought the good fight throughout their lives, in their struggles and trials, their dying to self and who received their reward. Many times, as we read about these people, we see how God used them and how, through them, He could give His Love to this world. He could Touch many hearts and souls because of their giving, they held onto the faith; many of them in very, very difficult circumstances and now they have their place with God. They can intercede for us now as we go through our Journey. Let us, by our lives, follow their example in these dark times and strive to hold strong to the faith passed on by the many Saints.
Feast of Christ the King and Saint Cecilia
A Day of celebrating Christ as our King! What a beautiful and holy Day! Our parish priest spoke today as this being a time for reflection on what we have been doing with the Gifts Jesus has given to each one of us. How have we given love to those in need?
The prayers and the music were absolutely wonderful, we prayed the Divine Mercy and the Mysteries of Light and a servant gave a talk on how he finds it difficult to do the things Jesus would want Him to do and when He does (for example, a street collection) all the blocks he has put up just disappear and there is no problem.
We were blessed to have our own SonLight Music Ministry and quite a good number of people attended. As Saint Cecilia is the Patron Saint of music, music played a great part in the celebration of this Day.
We hope we have appeased Jesus’ Pain a little. Praise and thank You, Jesus.
Events to Come
Immaculate Conception Thursday 8 December 2011
Day of Prayer Against Abortion
The Walk is on Saturday 10 December 2011 at 2.45pm
Feast of Saint John of the Cross Wednesday 14 December 2 011
Prayers begin at 12

Carol Singing
We will be having two carol singing street collections:
Magherafelt, 17 December
Cookstown, 24 December
We will also be singing outside the House of Prayer at night time in the run up to Christmas Day. We would love you to join us.
Christmas Concert for Jesus Wednesday 21 December in the House of Prayer at 8pm
Birthday Party for Jesus Christmas night 25 December 2011 at 8pm
Bringing in the new year with Jesus Saturday 31 December 10pm until midnight
Weekend of Love Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 January 2012 (both days begin at 1pm)
First Friday Vigils from 10pm - 2am:
6 January 2012
3 February 2012

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Missing Women
A world full of men
Did you know there are an estimated one hundred and sixty million missing Asian women: missing because they were never born?
These women, victims of sex-selection abortion, are the subject of a new book by Mara Hvistendahl. Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls and the Consequences of a World Full of Men.
Hvistendahl begins with what Paul Ehrlich famously called the “Population Bomb” and the population-control movement of the 1960s and 70s. Would-be population controllers discovered that people’s desire for a son was a major impediment to their efforts: throughout the developing world, especially in Asia, women kept having children until they had a boy.
Population control
Thus, as Hvistendahl tells us, “proponents of population control began talking about” sex selection. Ehrlich wrote in the Population Bomb that “if a simple method could be found to guarantee that first-born children were males . . . then population control problems in many areas would be somewhat eased.”
Spreading sex selection
Well, it wasn’t long before western money and technical know-how provided the “simple method” -amniocentesis, followed by abortion. Doctors, first in India and then throughout Asia, learned how to use the combination to ensure people had a son the first time. And their teachers were groups like the Rockefeller Foundation and the United Nations Family Planning Agency, UNFPA. Hvistendahl draws from Matthew Connelly’s 2008 history of population control to show how population advocates saw compound benefits of culling the number of potential mothers. In one example, she painstakingly tracks money, medical technology, and Malthusian ideas from the West to India, where the Army and elite government-backed physicians inculcated the rest of the nation’s doctors. The Rockefeller Foundation, International Planned Parenthood Federation, Population Council and most of all the Ford Foundation, invested in spreading sex selection.
Fuelled a growing sex trade
The population controllers insisted that the need to curb population growth was so great, that “the drawbacks of a skewed sex ratio” would have to be tolerated. Boy, were they wrong. By 2020 an estimated twenty percent of all Chinese men “will lack a female counterpart.” And, as a result, this lack of women has fuelled a growing sex trade in Asia.
Broke down and cried
On Sunday, June 26, CNN aired a heart-breaking report, “Nepal’s Stolen Children.” The documentary, narrated by actress Demi Moore, told the story of Nepalese girls who were sold into slavery and turned into prostitutes in neighbouring India.
During the broadcast, Moore broke down and cried and spoke about making sure this kind of thing never happens again.
While no one can disagree with that, the problem is that we are ignoring an important part of what is driving this inhumane traffic in innocence.
Never born in the first place
That “part” was the subject of a New York Times column the day after the broadcast. The title, “160 Million and Counting,” referred to the number of “missing” women in the world. Not “missing” as in “disappeared,” rather, as in “never born in the first place.”
As Times’ columnist Ross Douthat reminded readers, twenty years ago the number of “missing” women was estimated by experts to be one hundred million. They examined the skewed sex ratios in places like China and his native India and rightly concluded that something terrible was happening.
Twenty years later, the estimate has grown by sixty percent and now, as then, people who ostensibly are concerned about these sorts of things are still reluctant to name the cause: abortion.
Down the social ladder
Citing the work of social scientist Mara Hvistendahl, Douthat points out an uncomfortable truth: what Times readers would no doubt see as “female empowerment” lies behind the missing women. According to Hvistendahl, in places like India, “women use their increased autonomy” to abort their daughters and “select for sons,” who enhance their social status.
While the practice of sex-selection abortion originated among the more affluent, it eventually spread down the social ladder. And this brings us back to the tragedy in Nepal.
Increased the demand for sex workers
The impact of selective abortion goes beyond the lives ended in the womb, horrid as that is - it affects society. A 2008 article by two Loyola Law School professors found that by reducing the number of potential brides, selective abortion in India increased the demand for sex workers.
And one way that “demand” is being filled is through the Nepalese girls featured in the CNN documentary. The “lucky” ones are “smuggled and purchased from poor countries like Nepal and Bhutan to be brides for Indian men.”
The more unfortunate are sold into the Indian sex trade.
The social ills and the accompanying suffering caused by sex-selection abortion is why India and China have outlawed the practice. But the practice and suffering still continues.
Sex-selection abortion
Cultural norms are hard to overcome. That’s as true in the West as in Asia. Douthat notes that sex-selection abortion puts Western liberals “in a distinctly uncomfortable position.” They can’t deny the reality of the practice but, at the same time, their own world view leaves them hanging in mid-air.
After all, they insist “that the unborn aren’t human beings yet and that the right to an abortion is nearly absolute.” One hundred and sixty million missing women and the suffering that radiates in all directions tells you where that kind of thinking inevitably leads.
It’s hard to imagine a better example of the poverty of modern thinking: faced with a great evil and unable to address the answer.
The above article has been taken from articles reported on and July 2011

Count your many Blessings
See what God has done
Count your many Blessings, count them one by one
count your many Blessings,
and see what God has done.
On writing for the Newsletter, it can sometimes be difficult to write something a little different. As I sat down to put something together the word “Blessings” kept coming to mind. We take life so much for granted that we do not see or notice the many “Blessings” we receive from God through others, each moment of each day. We need to stop occasionally and look around us at the people we meet on the street, on the bus, in the car, train or just in our local supermarket.
A simple smile
I am known to talk and know many people because of my own journey to Jesus, by my own life experiences. Through the pain I endured and conquered, I see the pain in other people and in their lives. Many smiles, many words of encouragement and just being acknowledged to be a listening ear was a great Blessing to me at various moments. As it is said, “many a smile covers many’s a broken heart.” So a simple smile might just help another soul to live another day. “...yes, a simple smile is ministering to My children. If you do it with Me, then they shall recognise Me within your smile but, if you do not come to Me then I cannot fill you with My Light...” Friday 1 April 2011
Bless us, Oh Lord
In all the Houses of Prayer the Grace we pray before meals is: Bless us, oh Lord, as we sit together, Bless the food we eat today, Bless the hands that made the food, Bless us, oh Lord. Amen.
It is a children’s prayer and we say it before meals.
When one ponders on these words, it is not just those around the table who are getting Blessings from God. The world tells us we must not eat this or that and sometimes we wonder is there any food safe to eat. If we look in truth at the amount food we eat in a day and, as Jesus has told us, food today is full of chemicals but Jesus is Blessing all the food we eat in one day. When we ask God to Bless the food then our faith helps us believe the food God has just Blessed is safe to eat.
Blessings passed on
The people who made the food are usually not present at the table, they are in a kitchen continuing with meals for others. Many cooks or chefs are getting Blessings passed on by this simple prayer. The food we eat may come from the other side of the world or from a little farmer down the road or maybe our own back garden. Bless the hands that made the food, think how many pairs of hands helped to grow the food from seed, harvest it, pack it and so continue its process to bring to our table. Think of how many “Blessings” are travelling into souls just from our meal table. Also think about our brothers and sisters who are in spiritual starvation as well as physical starvation in some parts of the world.
Here in Saint Stanislaus House of Prayer, renovations are under way and at the moment the central heating is being installed. Negotiations are under way for new windows, new front and back doors, new flooring, plastering, electrics and plumbing. Many people from different walks of life have come to the House: to simply view it, or measure up for each job, digger drivers, neighbours, various helpers and new friendships have been formed.
Even when we visit the little country shops, they tell us in Polish the names of each item we purchase. They have no hesitation in repeating a word until we have grasped the pronunciation and when we visit again we are able to ask in Polish for that item and then we all laugh. Sometimes customers are in the shops, they also help if they have a word of English. Jesus has created bridges through these Houses of Prayer.
The wee alcoholic
We all talk about the ‘wee alcoholic’ but Jesus loves the wee alcoholic and if we saw him with the Eyes of Jesus, we would receive many blessings for giving the wee alcoholic the Love of Jesus. In many families today there are alcoholics and, yes, it is very difficult and heart-wrenching to live with and cope with alcoholics, especially with violence which can come from the abuse of alcohol. If we saw how Jesus is opening all His Houses of Prayer for His sick children in whatever form it may take, great Blessings, great stores of “Blessings” are travelling around this world to all Jesus’ sick, lonely, spiritually-starved children.
“Blessings” in abundance
For all followers of Jesus and for all those who give of their time to man and work in the Houses of Prayer, Jesus gives “Blessings” in abundance. So, next time you see a soul in need, pass on Gods wonderful “Blessings” and you will be greatly Blessed in return.
Lord Jesus, please Bless me today and Bless ------- today.
Thank You, Jesus, for Your many Graces and Blessings bestowed on me.

The Plight of Jesus at Christmas time
The Birthday of Jesus
The Real Christmas is the Birthday of Jesus. It is a Christian Feast Day where love, kindness and goodness should be celebrated. It is a time of Joy when we celebrate our God, our Saviour’s coming into the world.
It is a time of remembrance of all the amazing events surrounding the Birth of Jesus; like how John the Baptist leapt in the womb of his mother when he heard Mary, Tabernacle of the Most High, greeting Elizabeth. Or recalling how the Angels brightly lit up the sky announcing to the shepherds the Good News that Jesus would be born.
Or bringing to mind the hardship the Holy Family faced before, during and after His Birth.
An absolute time of Joy
It is a time of being so grateful to God for sending His only Son to take on our sins and save us from the punishment we deserve in Dying for us. It is a time to reflect on the great mystery and giving of God to Save the world.
Just to think of all these things makes Christmas an absolute time of Joy!
A time of joy
But in the Messages, we understand that for Jesus His Birthday is not a time of joy! How sad is that!
He tells us we spend more money than we have, we do things to please ourselves and that Christmas is no longer anything about His Birth but a time of self and greed: “...You go out into this world, children, and you spend more money than you have; this is greed. Greed is not My Way, it is the way of lucifer. Too long have I watched My children celebrating this time of My Birth in greed and self while others go hungry, while you sit at your tables eating meals that you cannot finish, consuming great quantities of alcohol which brings about the downfall of many...” Wednesday 11 December 2002
The last to be thought about
If truth be told, Jesus is the last to be thought about at Christmas. Christmas for Him is like bringing someone in hospital grapes but eating them ourselves and talking to the other visitors, totally ignoring the patient we all went to see. Or like visiting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and bringing a book and not even talking to Him or acknowledging His Presence.
How does Jesus feel?
If everyone forgot my birthday I would feel sad, hurt, annoyed, insignificant, unloved, unwanted... How does Jesus feel?
We make Christmas time an excuse to be greedy, selfish, to eat and drink more than we should and to sin.
Christmas has become almost unrecognisable for what it truly is. Even atheists celebrate it as a time of self as well as the Christians!
It is good to be aware of how our actions make Jesus feel - to read what He says - and to allow that truth of what we do to Him every year to pierce our hearts, allow it to penetrate us and the sooner the better. And, most importantly, allow it to change us.
Let’s go to Jesus and have a chat with Him. Let’s ask Him what we could do for Him this year, what does He want from me as a gift? Is it an anchor point? A sacrifice? A dying to a sin? An act of kindness to someone? A reconciliation with another family member? Buying someone a secret present so that they will not buy us one in return? Inviting someone lonely, unwanted, looked down upon to Christmas dinner with the family?...
He will inspire us
If we ask Jesus what to do, He will inspire us and don’t go pushing His inspirations away but do them!
Go with it for once and trust Him! If we do, it could be the greatest Christmas for everyone and maybe even Jesus for a change!

The Holy Scriptures Matthew 6:1-13
1 Take heed that you do not your justice before men, to be seen by them: otherwise you shall not have a reward of your Father who is in Heaven.
2 Therefore when thou dost an almsdeed, sound not a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be honoured by men. Amen I say to you, they have received their reward.
3 But when thou dost alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doth.
4 That thy alms may be in secret and thy Father who seeth in secret will repay thee.
I can do good in a situation but I can lose the whole goodness of it by my pride. If I take the glory on earth of any good deed that I have done, then in truth, I have had my reward. Jesus simply asks us here to do good deeds in secret.
5 And when ye pray, you shall not be as the hypocrites, that love to stand and pray in the synagogues and corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men: Amen I say to you, they have received their reward.
6 But thou when thou shalt pray, enter into thy chamber, and having shut the door, pray to thy Father in secret: and thy Father who seeth in secret will repay thee.
7 And when you are praying, speak not much, as the heathens. For they think that in their much speaking they may be heard.
8 Be not you therefore like to them for your Father knoweth what is needful for you, before you ask Him.
This is a very sticky one, again pride can come in and my prayers can be said so that other people see me praying rather than for Jesus and the good of my neighbour.
9 Thus therefore shall you pray: Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name.
10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
11 Give us this day our supersubstantial bread.
12 And forgive us our debts, as we also forgive our debtors.
13 And lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from evil. Amen.
The Our Father is a prayer we must not take lightly.
In it we learn that if we forgive others their failings, our Father will Forgive us ours but if we do not forgive others, then our Father will not Forgive us either.
It can be quite difficult to truly forgive. If I don’t fight the first bad thought about a person after a disagreement I could end up having a huge resentment against them. Sometimes I think I have forgotten about something that happened sometime back but I haven’t. I have buried it because, in truth, I don’t want to look at it.
Through the Messages of Love I have learned to forgive and to put love where there is no love. This is simply living the Our Father.

From the Internet
We may often wonder why our prayers never seem to go anywhere. The following piece shows us that our prayer and sacrifice can go a long, long way, into the very heart of evil.
Morally Neutral
A former New York abortion practitioner described how a personal tragedy took him from being morally neutral on the issue to an outspoken critic of abotion.
Anthony Levatino and his wife, Cecelia, were the featured speakers at the twelfth annual ‘Focus on Life’ fundraising dinner for Grand Rapids Right to Life at the Grand Centre. More than one thousand seven hundred people turned out to hear the couple’s story.
Piece by Piece
Anthony Levatino began the talk by describing in detail the process of removing body parts, piece by piece and piling them on a table as part of a second trimester abortion procedure.
Unfazed by the task, he said he believed his job as an abortion practitioner in the early 1970s was to provide for all of a woman’s medical needs, including abortions. However, when he and his wife began trying to adopt a child, he said he began to feel uncomfortable about the work he was doing. “That was the only time I had any qualms at all and they were totally selfish,” he said.
Once the adoption went through, he said all of those feelings disappeared. Nearly six years later, their adopted daughter, Heather, died after being struck by a car.
Levatino said he took two weeks off and then tried to go back to his normal routine.
Physically ill
While performing a second trimester abortion, he said he became physically ill and was nearly unable to complete it.
“I looked down at that table and for the first time in my life...for the first time, that was somebody’s son or daughter,” he said. “Suddenly I was looking at that pile very differently.”
Cecelia Levatino, who had always been Pro-Life, said her husband became unbearable to live with during that time. Finally, she broke their unspoken rule not to discuss what he did and confronted him about the toll his actions were taking on the family.
Became a Christian
Anthony Levatino said he initially stopped doing only second trimester abortions, but later realized that he could no longer perform any abortions. He said he stopped doing abortions in 1985, quit practicing medicine in 1990 and became a Christian a year later.
Powerful Tool
Cecelia Levatino said prayer is one of the most powerful tools the Pro-Life movement has to use. She said violence has no place in the Pro-Life movement, stating that the murder of Buffalo abortion practitioner Barnett Slepian robbed that man of the same opportunity her husband had to find redemption.
“Violence is precisely what we are fighting against,” she said. Levatino now helps women by providing counseling at local crisis pregnancy centres and, along with his wife, promotes abortion alternatives.
He also provides medical advice and opinions to women seeking help at Pregnancy Centres Online (, a web site dedicated to helping women with crisis or unplanned pregnancies.

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