It would seem that the last month has been a very eventful one for us spiritually.
First we heard the heartbreaking news that Ireland’s first abortion clinic was to open in Northern Ireland on 18 October 2012.
Then we had the most fantastic Weekend with the Patricks. I say fantastic because the weekend was full of the Spirit. But it also seemed to signify the movement of time. During this weekend the sense that all things are culminating was overpowering. It was almost like Jesus’ Message given on the Feast of the King of Love, where He begged us not to let Him move on without us, was coming to pass.
Ireland’s New Children’s Referendum
After this, and as though to confirm the momentum we were feeling, we heard the news that the South of Ireland was holding a referendum on the 10 November 2012, which is designed to take away the parental role of parents. Their rights, as parents, will be diminished and they will no longer have a say in their child’s welfare.
Being deceived
The people of Ireland are being deceived into thinking that all this is in the best interests of the child but remember what Jesus said about what we vote for: “...Remember, too, that what is written on paper can be changed so what you think you vote for may not necessarily turn out to be. It will seem good but it will turn out the opposite...” Friday 2 July 2004 for the world
This referendum would allow, among other things, the State to bring children to other countries for an abortion without parental consent and even if the child disagrees.
This referendum is so dangerous to Ireland that on the night before this Newsletter was due to go out, Jesus gave a Message Warning His children of Ireland to vote NO. He commands us in this Message to fight against europa!
Moving on
These events seem to signify that time is indeed moving on whether we are ready for it or not. All that has been foretold will come to pass. We are in the thick of the spiritual battle.
The reality
The two Patricks have written an article called The Reality of the Last Days.
If the recent events do not put the fear of God into us, this article definitely will.
The article is what its title says. It aims to take our blindfolds off so that we can begin to see with spiritual eyes. Jesus says in it that He has inspired the Words that His servants have written and He needs us to wake up and see the reality of these times and decide where we stand. Either with Him or against Him. There is no time for sitting idly anymore.
The Medal of Love
You will receive a Medal of Love inside this Newsletter. These were a gift from Jesus on the Weekend of the Patricks. They have been Kissed by Jesus and are very, very precious and powerful. Patrick told us to wear these next to our hearts and never remove them.

Monday 1 October 2012
Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavily burdened and I will give you rest.
Come seek Me, My little ones, for I am to be found in the depths of your heart.
I am calling you, ever calling you.
Come sit with Me in the quiet places.
Visit Me; sit before My Tabernacle and listen in your heart for I am to be found.
I am the Gentle Breeze of Love, that which you feel is Me.
I Love you, My children, and I am calling to you to come away from the dangers of this world so that I can prepare you for True Life in Me when you will enter the Kingdom of My Father.
I Love you, My little ones, I Love you.
Sunday 14 October 2012The Weekend with the Patricks
My children, come to Me as one who labours and I will give you rest.
I Wish you to come.
I Invite you to come.
My Truth is a stumbling block for many and, it will prove the undoing of many because they have chosen not to believe. They have not taken on My Words and so they stumble when they hear it.
Now, many will be against you because you love Me and many will be for you because you are against Me. It is My Way, follow it, embrace it.
My children, I ask you to read Matthew 15 and these Words are for you. I Love you.
1 Then came to Him from Jerusalem scribes and Pharisees, saying:
2 Why do Thy disciples trangress the tradition of the ancients? For they wash not their hands when they eat bread.
3 But He answering, said to them: Why do you also transgress the commandment of God for your tradition? For God said:
4 Honour thy father and mother: And: He that shall curse father or mother, let him die the death.
5 But you say: Whosoever shall say to father or mother, the gift whatsoever proceedeth from me, shall profit thee.
6 And he shall not honour his father or his mother and you have made void the commandment of God for your tradition.
7 Hypocrites, well hath Isaias prophesied of you, saying:
8 This people honoureth Me with their lips but their heart is far from Me.
9 And in vain do they worship Me, teaching doctrines and commandments of men.
10 And having called together the multitudes unto Him, He said to them: Hear ye and understand.
11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man but what cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.
12 Then came His disciples and said to Him: Dost Thou know that the Pharisees, when they heard this word, were scandalized?
13 But He answering them, said: Every plant which My Heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.
14 Let them alone: they are blind and leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the pit.
15 And Peter answering, said to Him: Expound to us this parable.
16 But He said: Are you also yet without understanding?
17 Do you not understand, that whatsoever entereth into the mouth, goeth into the belly and is cast out into the privy?
18 But the things which proceed out of the mouth, come forth from the heart and those things defile a man.
19 For from the heart come forth evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false testimonies, blasphemies.
20 These are the things that defile a man. But to eat with unwashed hands doth not defile a man.
21 And Jesus went from thence and retired into the coasts of Tyre and Sidon.
22 And behold a woman of Canaan who came out of those coasts, crying out, said to Him: Have mercy on me, O Lord, Thou Son of David: my daughter is grieviously troubled by the devil.
23 Who answered her not a word. And His disciples came and besought Him, saying: Send her away for she crieth after us:
24 And He answering, said: I was not sent but to the sheep that are lost of the house of Israel.
25 But she came and adored Him, saying: Lord, help me.
26 Who answering, said: It is not good to take the bread of the children and to cast it to the dogs.
27 But she said: Yea, Lord; for the whelps also eat of the crumbs that fall from the table of their masters.
28 Then Jesus answering, said to her: O woman, great is thy faith: be it done to thee as thou wilt and her daughter was cured from that hour.
29 And when Jesus had passed away from thence, He came nigh the sea of Galilee. And going up into a mountain, He sat there.
30 And there came to Him great multitudes, having with them the dumb, the blind, the lame, the maimed and many others and they cast them down at His feet and He healed them:
31 So that the multitudes marvelled seeing the dumb speak, the lame walk and the blind see and they glorified the God of Israel.
32 And Jesus called together His disciples and said: I have compassion on the multitudes, because they continue with Me now three days and have not what to eat and I will not send them away fasting, lest they faint in the way.
33 And the disciples say unto Him: Whence then should we have so many loaves in the desert, as to fill so great a multitude?
34 And Jesus said to them: How many loaves have you? But they said: Seven and a few little fishes.
35 And He commanded the multitude to sit down upon the ground.
36 And taking the seven loaves and the fishes and giving thanks, He brake and gave to His disciples and the disciples to the people.
37 And they did all eat and had their fill. And they took up seven baskets full, of what remained of the fragments.
38 And they that did eat, were four thousand men, beside children and women.
39 And having dismissed the multitude, He went up into a boat and came into the coasts of Magedan.
Sunday 14 October 2012The Weekend with the Patricks
My children, I Love you. I ask of you this day, I beg of you to stop looking at your struggles and your hardships and look at Me. Reach out to Me, not to ask of Me for your needs for I know them but to ask where I wish you to be. I know your struggles but your worry of them keeps you anchored to this world and I cannot use you. Let go, My children, and I will melt you and mould you, I will carve you.
Open your hearts to Me! Open your souls to Me!
Listen carefully to the Words that I speak through My two for one day soon you will have need to recall them. You will have need to remember them so that you can live them.
I have moved on, My children, have you moved with Me?
He who is not with Me is against Me.
The time has come, children, the time has come, DO the things that I have Taught you through My two. The time has come to stand up and use what I have given to you. You are called to stand out from the crowd; you are called to leave the crowd and stand with Me in front of the world. Stand before your accusers for the world will hate you because you love Me. Can you not see this already?
Stand beside Me, be willing to love with your whole heart, your whole soul, your whole mind and your whole body. The time has come.
At Mass this morning
Jesus said: “I have moved on and you have not moved with Me.” He was speaking about all of us.
Monday 29 October 2012
Come to Me, My little ones, for I will give you rest. Seek Me in your hearts and show this world that you are a follower of Mine by the way you love your neighbour.
I Love you, My children, time runs on and so few have taken on My Ways. Soon, now, all will come to an end and I will gather My Own into My Arms and you shall have My Rest.
My Arm has grown heavy and this earth must drink the Chalice of My Justice for mankind has become unstoppable in his run toward satan and his ways.
Too long have I waited! Now this earth shall begin to fight back because the burden of sin crushes it and it struggles to breathe. I have Warned you, mankind, and I have Warned you but you have refused to heed My Warnings. Now the time comes and the great rebellion is upon you and you are not prepared.
I Love you, My children, and I call you in the last moments of time to return to Me. Return to this God as He Begs you upon bended Knee.
You are My children and I am your Father.
My Love for you is Eternal.
No longer can I stand back and watch the evil one destroy all that I have created.
I Love you, My children, prepare now!

There are a few questions that people have asked of us and we will try to answer them to the best of our ability. We will also speak of the End Times and the Truth that Jesus has told us to speak.
We think of this earth in human terms but, this earth is a spiritual place where we decide whether we want to be in Heaven or not. We answer this question by the way we live our lives.
We humans have thrown the reality of God out of our lives. We do not see the Holy Spirit at work and we do not see the evil spirits at work. We have been blinded by self and all we can see is our human lives and the spirit world has no part in them. If we speak of the spirit world, we are laughed at for people no longer believe in the reality of Jesus, our God. The Name of Jesus has become a curse word and no longer holds power for mankind. Jesus gave us His Name to fight the evil that attacks all of us.
These Words will be harsh and scary to some but, remember, if you have Jesus in your heart there is nothing to fear. Remember, there is always hope in God for He will never leave us orphans. Jesus has told us to speak these Words and so we must.
In reality, most of us do not realise how far we are along the path into the End Times. Everyone is waiting for it to happen, not realising that it is already taking place. Up to this point we, the two Patricks, have said there is nothing to fear for the things that have been predicted will not take place yet because of what we have always felt from Jesus but, a few weeks ago, we felt everything change.
The only way that we can describe what we felt in earthly terms is as if there was a great switch in Heaven that had been untouched and had never been turned on because Jesus wanted to give His children every chance to turn back to Him but, a few weeks back, it is as if it was turned on and the countdown has begun. How long is left, we do not know but we do know it cannot be stopped now.
The people of this earth must drink this chalice that we have filled in our own free will. It is filled with the sins of mankind and the blood of the innocent cry out to God for vengeance and every drop of this chalice shall be poured on the heads of all mankind.
Some people will say that we are scaremongering. What we say back to you is, it is not scaremongering, it is Truth, the Truth that you do not wish to see in your blindness but only time will tell and we have not got very long to wait and see.
There are questions that people would like to ask about the two Patricks. Some of these questions are:
Is it true that you grow your hair long to look like Jesus?
No, we do not grow our hair long to look like Jesus. Jesus asked us not to cut our hair to show our disregard for this world and its ways. This world likes to think of people of importance as being clean-shaven and well-dressed so Jesus does not want us to walk the path that the world thinks we should walk.
Do you, the Patricks, believe that the gates of hell could ever prevail against the Church?
Why not?
We, who read prophesies, always use this piece of Scripture to blind ourselves to the Truth and justify our own interpretation of prophesies and Messages. We say, Jesus said to Peter, “Thou art the Rock and upon this Rock I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall never prevail against it.” But, we have to realise he was talking to Peter and Peter is the Rock of the Church.
Peter denied knowing Jesus three times in the sight of men (Jesus said ‘if you deny Me in the sight of men, I will deny you in the sight of My Father’) but, as we all know, Peter repented and became the Rock of the Church, the Rock of our faith. When we look at Peter, his denial and repentance and Jesus’ Forgiveness of him, this gives us all hope for we all deny Jesus when we sin but we know if we repent Jesus will Forgive us.
The gates of hell can never prevail against the Church because, the Church of God can never be destroyed for it is the Power upon this earth, it is the Word of the Eternal Father. It has been created by the Creator and the created cannot destroy that which the Creator does not wish to be destroyed. It was Jesus, in His Free Will, that created the Church and so it cannot be destroyed. We humans, however, can choose whether to follow the Teachings of Jesus or not in our free will and so we can allow the gates of hell to prevail against us and, in so doing, we can be destroyed for all eternity in the eternal fires of hell.
As we know, the gates of hell (the temptations of lucifer) can prevail against any human because we have been given the free will to choose and so this means pope, cardinal, bishop, priest and lay person alike. Yes, as we know, the Holy Spirit will inspire to choose a pope, cardinal, bishop and priest, this we have no doubt about. But, in free will, that person can either choose to follow the Teachings of Jesus or not.
We can see this in Scripture: the Father chose Caiaphas to be the leader of His people. Caiaphas was the chief priest of the Temple just like the pope is the leader of the Church of today. Yet, Caiaphas, in his free will, chose to Crucify Jesus Christ, the Son of the Eternal Father.
Jesus chose Judas to be one of His Apostles yet, Judas, in his free will, chose to betray Jesus. So we know God can choose us but in our free will we can betray Him.
If we care to open our eyes and look, it appears that the gates of hell are prevailing against His Church but, no, they cannot for Saint Peter, the first Pope, is the Rock of the Church. All those who came after him are called Peter because the Holy Spirit chose them to carry the Keys of Saint Peter. They have the right given to them by God to hold the Keys as long as they remain in truth and avoid falling into blindness and so sin and, as we know, in history many popes fell into sin and so lost the right to carry the Keys but Saint Peter is the Rock and what he did can never be undone and so the Keys of the Church always remain safe and the gates of hell can never prevail against it.
Then, again, if we look at it in truth, the gates of hell are not prevailing against His Church but are prevailing against the men who purport to be the leaders of the Church: pope, cardinals, bishops, priests, brothers, nuns and we, laity, alike. The gates of hell are prevailing against us all. Just as the gates of hell prevailed against the priests, scribes and Pharisees and people who crucified Jesus Christ, the Son of the Eternal Father, the Messiah.
Another question people ask us:
Do we believe that pope Benedict XVI is the antichrist?
antichrist? – yes and no.
Yes, we believe that he is a human that has been blinded by the ways of this world and its lies which are the ways of lucifer. he is a man that has allowed himself to be overcome through his greed of power and so yes, he is anti-God in his thinking and so he is antichrist. But is he the man of lawlessness who will set himself up in the Temple of God and proclaim himself to be God? No, we do not believe that he is the one. he is one that has allowed himself to be blinded and so is preparing the path for his master. he has infiltrated the Church and is destroying the Church from within with his blindness. lucifer is only following the steps that Jesus took when He sent John the Baptist to prepare the path for His coming and so is simply mirroring Jesus and what He did.
Now you may ask the question again - why are you so convinced that Ratzinger is not a true pope?
This is simple. Jesus has told us in the Messages when John Paul was alive that the one who would succeed John Paul would not be of Him but would be an abomination, a deceiver.
So, when John Paul died and the time had come for us to deny or stand up for the Messages that Jesus had given us, we knew we were not alone for Jesus and Mary also spoke the same Words to so many other Prophets and Visionaries but so many have chosen to ignore the Messages Jesus and Mary gave to them and they have brushed them under the carpet because of their fear of what this world would say about them. But they must answer personally to Jesus for their own denial.
Now we and a few others basically stand alone to face the condemnation of this world. We said to Jesus ‘we will stand with You’ and here we stand. We have to admit this filled us with great fear for we, as Roman Catholics, were going to place ourselves in the firing line because we were going to go against the so-called head of the Roman Catholic Church.
What convinced us that Ratzinger is not the head of the Church is when we were watching the funeral Mass of John Paul II on the television and, for the first time in our lives, we saw Cardinal Ratzinger whom we always believed to that point was a very holy Cardinal because of what we had been told about him. It was a massive shock when I looked at the man and looked into his eyes. I said to my wife, ‘I bet you he will be the next pope, there is no God in him, his soul is dark, he is a man of sin.’
When I looked into his eyes on the television, I could not see the Light of the Holy Spirit shine forth. I rang Patrick, who was also watching the Pope’s funeral Mass and I asked him ‘did you notice anything about the Mass?’ He said ‘yes, the man who is presiding over the Mass is full of darkness, the Light of God does not shine from him, he is a man of great sin.’ He said, ‘I bet you he will be the next pope.’ So Patrick simply confirmed to me what Jesus had already allowed me to see.
Remember the saying; our eyes are the windows to our souls. So we already knew weeks before that Ratzinger would steal the Throne of Peter. Take a photograph of John Paul II and a photograph of Ratzinger, put them beside each other and look into their eyes and see for yourselves. Can you see Jesus shining from John Paul II’s eyes? Can you see Jesus shine from Ratzinger’s eyes? So it was no great surprise to us when he was proclaimed pope.
Have we any evidence to back up our claims?
Yes, spiritually and yes, physically if we care to look at what entered the Church when Ratzinger was head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. We will use the Messages that Jesus has given to us and also the Messages from other places that Jesus and Mary have spoken to show you the Truth as Jesus has revealed it to us. Those who wish to remain blind and worldly probably will not see for the world will rip apart what we say. Especially those who see themselves as holy and only wish to remain blind to the reality of what is happening around them for they fear the persecution of this world and so will remain blind to the end.
Our Lady told Conchita of Garabandal —“After Paul VI, there remain only two popes. Following that, the ‘End of the Times,’ which is not the same as the ‘end of the world.’ I do not understand this well but the Virgin told it to me like this.”
Pope John Paul I and Pope John Paul II were the two remaining popes and so the third is a deceiver as Our Lady had already Warned us.
But, hey presto, now there is an argument that it was four popes and if Ratzinger died tomorrow I’m sure they would start arguing it was five popes - the evil one is always trying to confuse us.
Our Lady also told the children in Mount Melleray in Ireland in August 1985:
And again shortly afterwards:
When you take over something you become the head of it, the leader; as in a dictator.
A lot of people choose to ignore these Messages even though they say they believe Our Lady appeared at Mount Melleray and Garabandal. Our Lady was saying if the world did not improve by the year 1995 the devil would take over the Church. If we look at the changes within the Church from 1995, the false new age doctrines and false teachings and how the numbers have declined as the children of God are scattered, it is plain to be seen for those who choose to see that the devil has taken over the Church. God will allow him to gather his own to himself and in his pride and blindness he, himself, will cleanse the Church of the evil ones that he has spread throughout the Church. The wolves in sheep’s clothing shall be swept from the corridors of the Church by their own pride and blindness then they shall be cast into the abyss for all eternity.
We all know that John Paul was a very, very holy man and did all in his power to unite the Church.
These are the visions and prophecies of some of the past popes.
Pope Pius IX (1846-1878): “There will come a great wonder, which will fill the world with astonishment. This wonder will be preceded by the triumph of revolution. The Church will suffer exceedingly. Her servants and her chieftain will be mocked, scourged and martyred.”
Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903): After saying Mass on October 13, 1884, the Pope suddenly collapsed. Upon waking, he recounted a vision he had seen. “Oh, what a horrible picture I was permitted to see!” he said. He described a period of about one hundred years when satan’s power was to reach its maximum, a decline of moral and spiritual values. Those hundred years would have included most of the 20th century.
Pope Pius X (1903-1914): This Pope had a number of prophetic visions. In 1909, in the midst of an audience with members of the Franciscan order, he seemed to fall into a trance. Moments passed, then his eyes sprung open and he jumped to his feet. “What I have seen is terrifying!” he cried out. “Will I be the one, or will it be a successor? What is certain is that the Pope will leave Rome and, in leaving the Vatican, he will have to pass over the dead bodies of his priests!”
Later, shortly before his death, another vision came to him: “I have seen one of my successors of the same name, who was fleeing over the bodies of his brethren. He will take refuge in some hiding place but, after a brief respite, he will die a cruel death. Respect for God has disappeared from human hearts. They wish to efface even Gods Memory. This perversity is nothing less than the beginning of the last days of the world.”
Pope Pius XII (1939-1958) also experienced strange visions of a bleak future. After one of these experiences he told confidants, “Mankind must prepare itself for sufferings such as it has never before experienced… the darkest since the deluge.”
Pope Pius X (1903-1914) had a vision of one of his successors that would leave Rome over the dead bodies of the priests. Jesus does not talk about the death of the body but, rather, He talks about the death of the soul for it matters little if our bodies die but it does matter if our souls die and so are cast into the fires of hell.
If we stop looking with human eyes and begin to look with the eyes of the spirit, John Paul II did leave Rome over the dead bodies of the priests of the Vatican for they are spiritually dead. He left the Vatican and went out to the people because he knew he could not get to the people through the deceivers that surrounded him.
We know this to be true. If we care to look, we can see that very few of our priests follow the Truth of Jesus. And, yes, John Paul II did have a cruel death. When we go to Mass and listen to the priest’s sermon, what do we hear? Do we hear the Truth? That we must live good, holy lives, die to self and remove sin from our lives because, if we do not, we will be cast into the fires of hell when we die for the evil that we have done?
No! What we hear now off the altars is how good and lovely we are and how Loving and Merciful God is. We never hear about the God of Truth, the God of Justice and that no darkness can ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We do not hear that if we die in mortal sin that we will go to hell. Our priests have become blind, foolish guides. They are afraid to speak the Truth and so no longer guide the flock on the Path to Heaven. It is like the blind leading the blind, they have become pumped up with their own self-importance, seeking only the pleasures of this world and looking to fill their pockets with money.
You can say we are only judging but when we look we do not need to judge, it is plain to be seen. My eldest son is engaged to a girl that lives quite a distance from us. Everything about marriage has become overinflated and worldly; the reception, the honeymoon and now even the Church which is forcing more and more young couples into living in sin because they cannot afford to get married. They are looking to get married in a church halfway between where we live and she lives so that it would be easier for both families travelling. They found a church and went on to its website and on the website it said if you are not from the parish it would cost €400 to be married in the church!
The Holy Sacraments of Jesus’ Church are free. Yes, it is good and righteous to give a donation to what you can afford to help with the upkeep of the parish but Jesus does not charge for His Sacraments. Only blind and foolish servants do such things. The priest has office hours now, 9 to 5, and if we want to speak to the priest we must call within office hours. In reality, there are no office hours for a true shepherd of Jesus Christ, he must be available at all hours, day and night.
Here is what Our Lady told us at La Salette, France, about the priests of this time:
“Priests, My Son’s ministers, priests, by their evil life, by their irreverences and their impiety in celebrating the Holy Mysteries, love of money, love of honour and pleasures, priests have become sewers of impurity. Yes, priests call forth vengeance and vengeance is suspended over their heads.
Woe to priests and to persons consecrated to God, who by their infidelities and their evil life are Crucifying My Son anew! The sins of persons consecrated to God cry to Heaven and call for vengeance and now here is vengeance at their very doors for no longer is anyone found to beg Mercy and pardon for the people; there are no more generous souls, there is now no one worthy of offering the Spotless Victim to the Eternal on the world’s behalf.”
What Jesus and Mary have told us and other Prophets and Visionaries is that Ratzinger is a dead body with a corrupt soul that only follows the corruption of this world. he was already in power when John Paul was pope. Look what entered the Church when he was supposed to be the head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith; in other words the ‘chief of police’ of the Church. Before he was in this place of power it would have been very, very unusual to hear a priest speak out against Jesus or the Laws of His Church or try to change Scripture into new age thinking because he would have known that the head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith would have silenced or excommunicated him. But Ratzinger allowed the devil into the Church. The convents and monasteries and seminaries discarded their habits and their prayer and allowed the world to enter with their televisions, feminism, new age doctrine which allowed them to change Scripture into their own thinking: eastern spiritualism, occultic wicca, freemasonry and God knows what other corruptions have entered the doors of the convents, monasteries and seminaries and so they are closed or about to close. The ones that are left are dying because there are no new true vocations entering. We humans are drawn into vocation by the Truth but if Truth is not present, no one can be drawn. Jesus will not place us in a vocation where Truth is not present.
The good nuns, brothers and priests are condemned by the new age thinkers of the Church, those who have allowed themselves to become corrupted by the lies of lucifer. These are the things that entered the Church when Ratzinger was head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. That, that he was supposed to protect, has been corrupted while he was in control. And, yes, most people blind themselves to the Truth because they are not willing to step out and stand up for the Truth even when the wrongdoing, the untruths are plain to be seen.
Look at the Church, look at its corruption. The churches are emptying of the people of God before our eyes. The young people no longer want to go to Mass. No, it is not the young people’s fault. 95% of all Masses are boring, an empty sacrifice because of what Our Lady told us at La Salette, France (there is now no one worthy of offering the Spotless Victim to the Eternal on the world’s behalf.)
There are so few priests who are worthy of offering the Spotless Victim (Jesus) to the Eternal Father. And so there is no Truth and the young are not drawn.
You can say we are condemning the Church but know that we are condemning the evil within the Church that everyone is too afraid to speak out about. So Jesus’ Church is being destroyed by those greedy men that say that they are right and are doing Gods Will, yet they are the ones filled with the spoils of satan. Again what Our Lady said at La Salette, France: “Priests, My Son’s ministers, priests, by their evil life, by their irreverences and their impiety in celebrating the Holy Mysteries, love of money, love of honour and pleasures, priests have become sewers of impurity.”
Jesus was Crucified for telling these same things about the priests, scribes and Pharisees and, as He said, ‘if you follow in My Footsteps you will be treated as I was.’
This is what we fail to see. It does not matter about our lives on this earth for if we gain our lives on this earth, we will lose them for all eternity. But, if we lose our lives for the Sake of Jesus, we will live with Him for all eternity.
We see so many people who say that they follow the prophesies and Messages of this time and all we see are blind judges. The Messages are nothing but a hobby for them. The Messages of Jesus and Mary do them no good for they do not see the Messages as Words of Truth, Words of Life. Jesus is close at hand and He is closer than most people think!
People sit back in their hobby and they talk about who is true and who is false, the WARNING and the MIRACLE but never change their lives and presume to know what is coming and what they will be doing afterwards.
We will give all a warning: be careful that the WARNING does not show you the Truth that you do not wish to see or admit to yourself.
Our greatest enemy is self and self will justify that, that it does not wish to admit to and so we could fall further into blindness and be lost to God. Just as those poor souls that die every day in their own self-righteousness and blindness and so go to hell they are lost because of their unwillingness to see the sin that they have committed within their lives upon the earth.
It is time for all of us to wake up and see the Truth; we must become humble servants of God. We must begin to live the Words of Truth, the Words of Life and stop preaching to others in our self-righteousness when we do not do the things we preach ourselves. We have to die to ourselves. We have to remove the sin from our lives so that the scales can fall from our eyes as Jesus has told us. Only then will we be able to tell others the Truth that Jesus has revealed to us.
Jesus has asked us to love one another as He has Loved us: these are Words of Truth.
Wake up and see the Times that we live in! We are in the Dark Times, we are in the Times of Chastisement and very soon this earth will be split, it will convulse and all the dreams of mankind will be washed away. We cannot presume to know the Times as the Jews presumed to know when the Messiah would come and missed Him. Soon now the veil will be split, we all shall see the Truth of the evil that we have allowed to walk freely in our lives, all shall become visible to us in its true form. That day shall cause much terror upon this earth but, if we walk in Truth, we shall have nothing to fear.
Most people do not want to look at the Truth because it is comfortable to sit back and do nothing and feel safe by following blindly. Even though we know that there is something wrong with what we are following.
The people that shouted “Crucify Him, Crucify Him” were those that Jesus had Loved, healed and brought back from the death of sin but they did not want to step out and defend Him because the priests, Pharisees and scribes had condemned Him so the people followed them blindly even though a few days before they had thrown palms before Him and hailed Him as King of the Jews but because Caiaphas, the chief priest, who is like the pope of today, had condemned Jesus as being evil and so called for His Death, the people followed blindly. Just like we do in these days when the bishops and priests condemn the prophesies of Jesus and Mary. We are too afraid to take a stand and see the Truth for ourselves and so we shout, ‘Crucify Him, Crucify Him.’
False prophets
It is time to wake up and see the Truth and see that we are in the Last Days of this age. We have been waiting for the chastisements but, we are already in them. We are like Pharaoh. God has blinded us because of our arrogance and we are walking blindly into the Justice of God. The prophesies and Messages are like lifelines that He has thrown to us so that our vision may be cleared. It is up to us whether we accept them or not. Many are just too interested in condemning the Messengers, the Prophets, as false. We are on a witch-hunt to find the false prophets yet, we cannot see the false prophets in our blindness. If a Prophet, Visionary or Seer says something wrong, just ignore them and continue on. In reality, we should not need the Prophets and Visionaries for the Messages are only signposts back to what we already have within Scripture, the Gospels, the true Church, it is all there to be found in plain sight.
The greatest false prophets of these times are those cardinals, bishops, priests who have rejected the Truth of the Gospels of Jesus Christ.
Those corrupt cardinals, bishops and priests who have turned their backs on Jesus no longer teach the Truth, they are too interested in what the people, the media, will think of them and so Truth is lost. They do not tell us the Truth that if we, the children of God, fall into mortal sin that we are going to hell, if we do not repent!
They do not speak off the altars that if we agree with or are living together outside marriage, we are going to hell, if we do not repent.
If we agree with or have an abortion, we are going to hell, if we do not repent.
If we agree with or are in a homosexual relationship, we are going to hell, if we do not repent.
If we agree with or commit adultery, we are going to hell, if we do not repent.
If we agree with stealing or steal, we are going to hell, if we do not repent, etc, etc.
We go to Mass and we listen to the same old boring sermons every day about how lovely we are, how good we are, how Loving God is and how He Loves us and how Merciful He is, which is true, if we repent of our sins but they do not teach us about sin and so we don’t know we must repent. We do not hear the Words that Jesus spoke that we will be cast out where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth, if we do not repent of our sin and lead good lives. So many of our priests are false prophets, teaching falsities off Gods very altar and leading themselves and the people to the fires of hell.
This is the Truth that no one wants to hear.
When we read this part of the Message that Our Lady gave at La Salette, we have to ask ourselves the question: how many priests are unworthy to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass? In other words, how many Masses do we go to that are just empty sacrifices because the priest is not worthy of calling Jesus to the altar. This is scary!
The sins of persons consecrated to God cry to Heaven and call for vengeance and now here is vengeance at their very doors for no longer is anyone found to beg Mercy and pardon for the people; there are no more generous souls, there is now no one worthy of offering the Spotless Victim to the Eternal on the worlds behalf. (Message of La Salette)
We all know that many people will say this is nonsense and we can convince ourselves that it is nonsense but at the end of the day we must all die and stand in front of Jesus on the Day of Judgment. Will He listen to us when we try to convince Him that it is nonsense?
The second false Prophet that we welcome into our homes every day is the television. Yet, in truth, most of us are unwilling to see for we like this false prophet.
The television has been responsible for basically destroying the faith and morals of our society. It promotes sin at every flick of the button. The very advertisements are full of half naked or naked people which promotes the sins of the flesh.
The soaps, documentaries, chat shows and films promote sin in devious and strategic ways that change the thinking of the people into accepting sin as an everyday part of life. They promote divorce, adultery, violence, deviousness, homosexuality, anger, lies, lust, abortion, living together outside marriage etc. They’ve always got a storyline to subtly make us think that we are old-fashioned and need to change our thinking with the times we live in. They have been responsible for the spiritual deaths of so many. Yet, we still accept this false prophet into our homes.
I could go on and on saying and explaining about the different ways that the television promotes sin but we know, everyone here can see and understand for themselves. The television breaks every one of the Commandments every day as it prophesies its destruction of faith and morals to us.
Any documentaries that we see to do with Christianity are basically trying to destroy our faith by explaining everything away through science or psychology. Christians are scorned upon as being out of date and need to change with the times.
Yet, we who say that we are Roman Catholics and believe in the Ways of our God still find ourselves sitting before this false prophet, as it promotes its lies, its untruths that lucifer pumps into this world every day.
It is frightening that we find ourselves sitting there justifying that we are only looking to see what is going on in the world but, in truth, we are caught in its clutches.
The Hand of God is about to strike this earth with His Justice and He will wipe all of us from the face of this earth who choose to remain blind to His Truth. Only those that have chosen to fight against the desires of self and are willing to stand out from the crowd with Him in front of Pilate will be saved. Yes, the world will hate us and condemn us and maybe even put us to death for our views, our beliefs but Jesus said – ‘if you follow Me the world will hate you because it first hated Me.’
Look and see, does the world hate us or are we too afraid to stand out and say that we are followers of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Eternal Father?
These are the Words that I have placed within My son’s heart and be Warned, children, I am close. You presume to know the way that things will happen just as My chosen people, the Jews, presumed and missed the Birth of Me, their Messiah. They eventually put Me to Death and still they wait on My return. I am close and you choose to sit in blindness while your brothers and sisters are being lost to the fires of hell every day.
Do not say that you are a follower of Mine when you do not do the things that I told you.
Blessed is he who hears the Word of My Father and does it!
Do not read the Words of Scripture, do not read the prophesies, the Messages, that I give you through My Prophets and do nothing about them. You sit back in your complacency and argue about who is right and who is wrong, who is true and who is false. I tell you that you are blind and can neither see Truth nor falseness. You sit in your false holiness and all you are are self-righteous judges!
Wake up, children, for I am close and I am the Judge and I am Coming to Judge this world and I shall cleanse it of all those who have refused to see My Truth. I come to cleanse the evil and the blind alike for the blind have sat back in their self-righteousness and complacency while My children have been claimed by the lies of lucifer.
Look at your self-righteousness and discard it and wear the garments of humility and begin to do My Work. Begin to be My Hands, My Feet and My Lips and allow this world to see that I am Alive in you.
Be the example to My children. Love your enemy, do good to those who persecute you; judge no one but love everyone; be humble in the sight of men and your God.
I, Lord, God Saboath, am raising My Hand above this earth and I yield the Sword of Justice and soon I shall strike you down. Do not remain in darkness anymore but come forth and follow Me for We have much Work to do and so little time to do it.
I Love you, My Remnant, stand up and be seen in this world. Do not hide in your complacency and lies any longer for soon it will be too late for you.
Come now, be obedient to My Love and show Me that you are My servants. Show Me that you can love Me in My people. The Battle is about to begin, you are on the threshold of My Love. You shall hear the earth call out to Me; there shall be great groans and cries and signs heard and seen throughout the lands that no scientist will be able to explain. You shall see signs in the skies which no scientist will be able to explain and then the Sword of My Justice shall strike this earth and the evil shall be consumed. Do not wait until that Day for it shall be too late. I Love you.
If you do not agree with this that we tell you and we are wrong, we, nor the world, has anything to worry about. If what we receive is from Jesus and is right and true, then we and the world have a lot to worry about because the people of this world will be blinded by the lies of lucifer and walk the path of destruction.
Look at the Truth: In 1984 Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, became the head of the Roman Catholic Church’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. If any of us had spoken out against the Church before he became the head of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith we would have been threatened with excommunication. If a priest had got onto the altar and preached blasphemy, he would have been silenced by the Church or threatened with being laicised and excommunication. If the doctors of the Church had taught the seminarians humanism, feminism and new-age false doctrine, those doctors would have been dismissed from the seminary and threatened with excommunication if they did not repent of their false beliefs.
We have to remember what the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is - putting it into earthly terms he was the ‘chief of police’ of the Church. Yet, when Ratzinger was chief of police, all the Truths of the Church were ripped asunder. It is entirely up to yourselves in free will whether you believe what we say or not, we are not going to force you. Although, you can look for yourselves and see for yourselves if we speak the Truth or not.
All it takes is to ask Jesus to help you remove the fear of what you might find. This is our biggest problem, we are afraid to go against the crowd and so we would Crucify Jesus once again. We can believe the Messages of Love, Our Lady of La Salette, Garabandal, Medjugorje, Mount Melleray and many, many other places from around this world that have Warned us or we can sit back and blind ourselves to the Truth because it is always a safer path to travel in worldly terms but a very dangerous path in spiritual terms.
We have to remember how blind the people that condemned Jesus were as they cried for His Crucifixion because they chose to believe Caiaphas, the chief priest of the Temple, (like the pope is the chief priest of the Catholic Church) when he said Jesus was a false prophet, a blasphemer and asked for His Crucifixion, the people followed him!!!
Look at this world, look at the signs of the times! We are walking into imminent destruction of all that we know. Yet, we are afraid to step out of the crowd and be different. Once we step out of the crowd, we join Jesus in front of Pilate and this world will hate us.
Come, My little children, and look at the Truth. Look at the Warnings that I have given you around this world, see the times that you live in and prepare. You do not believe My Words, you do not believe the Messages of My Mother; they are all simply a hobby to you and you fit Our Words into your own interpretation, your own thinking, because it is safe.
Did I ever say that if you were a follower of Mine you would be safe?
No, I told you if you would follow Me that this world will hate you and it will persecute you. The decision is yours.
Will you be a persecutor or will you be the one that is hated for My Sake?
I leave the decision in your hands, children. I Love you.
A warning from two Prophets
We read and hear of so many people saying that they will wait on the Church making a decision about whether prophesies from different parts of the world are right or wrong. We hear people say that the Prophets, Visionaries and Seers have to be obedient to the cardinals, bishops and priests. Is this right?
Yes and no.
Yes, we must all be obedient to the Law of the Church, the Law of God but not the law of men which the cardinals, bishops and priests are.
I hear people talk about Medjugorje and say that Our Lady’s Messages at Medjugorje are false because the Visionaries are not obedient to the priests and bishops.
Priests, bishops, cardinals and pope are sinners the same as all the rest of us. Yet, they have set themselves on a pedestal above Gods people. Jesus said, ‘I did not come to be served, I came to serve.’ Now, you so-called leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ, sit in your mansions, sipping the fineries of life and do not teach the people of God the Truth.
Millions of babies are being murdered by abortion every year!
The people of God are being subjected to corrupt laws brought about by corrupt governments!
Gods children are being led into the fires of hell, while you parade in your fineries and try to impress the people with your empty sacrifices. Throw off your fineries, don the habit of humility and shout from the rooftops, shout from the altars that abortion is murder, that the Commandments are the Truth and must be obeyed; that the wages of sin is death eternal in the fires of hell. You sit in silence and cower, afraid of what this world will say of you if you speak out against the powers of this world. Yet, you think to judge and condemn the Messages of Heaven???
A Prophet cannot be silenced. Read the Old Testament; the priests, kings and people were always trying to silence the Prophets. If a Prophet has been given a Message of Warning to spread to the people they must do so no matter who likes it, even should that Prophet know he or she will be put to death for spreading the Message, they must continue.
The Messages that Jesus and Mary give for this world do not suit the cardinals, bishops, priests or laity of these days because they tell of their heresy, their blindness, their blaspheming, their mortal sin. They have lost their right to speak out unless they repent and return to God in humility.
The good cardinals, bishops and priests can see and know the times that we now live in and they must stand up and begin to tell this world the Truth. Yes, our brothers, you shall be condemned, you shall be persecuted and you shall be driven underground but freedom is at hand, the Armies of Heaven stir and the battle cries are heard across the heavens. There are but seconds before the clash of the mighty armies shall be heard and seen and science, governments and the learned shall be confounded as they are unable to explain the sights and sounds of the heavens.
Soon, now, the lawless one shall rise, the deceiver of old and the Prophets of Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, shall rise and do battle against him with the Sword of Truth, the Word of the Living and Eternal God. he will be stopped as he tries to deceive all mankind. Only those that choose to remain blind in their own free will, will fall to his lies and, he, in his blindness shall gather the evil of this world to himself and he shall be struck and fall into the abyss by the arm of Saint Michael and the Church of the Living God, Jesus Christ, shall be cleansed. It shall rise in holiness and walk in love, humility and humbleness. No longer shall it cling to the wealth or desires of this world.
We tell you as Prophets: this earth’s days are numbered: the Justice of God is close at hand for all of us who live on this earth.
We must repent of our evilness, our false holiness, our self-righteousness, our greed, our blindness, our lust for power, our sins of the flesh and turn back to God in humility, love and humbleness.
Soon, the veil shall split and we shall see the lies that we have sown and they shall consume us and our lot shall be the torments of the fires of hell, if we do not repent.
We say again, we force no one to believe in what we say as Jesus did not force us but we will continue to speak out as Jesus has asked us. The Truth is plain to be seen, if we allow the scales to fall from our eyes. Do not wait too long for we know the clock has begun to tick but a short time ago and we are in the last moments of time.
Come back, My little ones, come back to Me, your Father. I call out to you in these Words. I ask that you return for My Arm is about to strike this earth. I have Warned you through My Son and your Mother, the Queen of Heaven. We, together, shall destroy all that is evil and once more shall the Glory of My creation be seen.
Come away from your evil ways and return to Me for My Son has Suffered much for you, My children. I am your Father, I am your Brother, I am all that you need. Trust in Me and We, together, shall bring My children from the darkness into the Light. Have faith in Our Power in you. My Spirit resides within you; trust and call upon Him and you may ask anything of the Father in My Name and it shall be given. We call to you as One this day, We Love you.
Here is something to look at. I will explain what we believe without using the Messages Jesus has given to us. I will simply use Our Lady’s Messages and Scripture.
We pray that we are wrong for if we are not this earth has no idea of the punishment that it has wrought by its sin.
We are not saying that the pope, the Rock, is wrong, we are saying we have entered the “End of Times,” with the death of John Paul II so the one who succeeds him is a deceiver and is not a pope .
We believe totally in the Holy Roman Catholic Church that that has been built by Jesus Christ, Son of the Eternal Father, by His Death and Resurrection.
We are saying Scripture is being fulfilled before our eyes:
2 Thessalonians 2:3-4
3 Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,
4 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.
Look around, is the falling away not plain to be seen?
Where is the Temple of God, the Temple of Jesus Christ on this earth? Is it not the Vatican, the head of the Church?
2 John 7-11
7 For many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.
8 Look to yourselves, that we do not lose those things we worked for but that we may receive a full reward.
9 Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. He who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the Son.
10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into your house nor greet him;
11 for he who greets him shares in his evil deeds.
La Salette
“A precursor of the antichrist, with his troops drawn from many nations, will wage war against the true Christ, sole Saviour of the world; he will shed much blood and will seek to annihilate the cult of God so as to be regarded as a god.
This is the one who prepares the path for the antichrist. Look at the Church, look at our priests, look at our young people; look at our society - where has the faith in Jesus gone? The war is being waged around us, the troops have been sent out, the blood is being spiritually spilled and so many are cast into hell. The faith in Jesus is being destroyed while we all sit back in fear and refuse to see what is happening.
La Salette
“The earth will be struck with plagues of all kinds;” [Mélanie added here: “Besides pestilence and famine, which will be widespread”] “there will be wars up to the last war, which will then be waged by the ten kings of the antichrist; kings who will all have a common design and will be the sole rulers of the world. Before this happens, there will be a sort of false peace in the world; people will think only of amusing themselves; the wicked will indulge in all kinds of sin.”
Is this not already happening? There is a false peace and people are only thinking of amusing themselves; the wicked are indulging in all kinds of sin.
Germany fought two wars with the bullet. Now, they fight a third with money and the kings, the countries, that they once fought against have been sucked into becoming the abomination of Europe and now make war on the faith of Jesus Christ.
Look at the emblems of Europe, one of which is the woman who sits astride the beast and another, a painting of the many headed red dragon on the inside wall of one of the buildings. There is a statue of the woman sitting astride the beast outside the European Union building.
The antichrist is so arrogant because he knows everyone is so afraid to look and see what is really happening. So he is not afraid to display his symbols and yes, he is alive and in control of the governments of this earth and soon, he will take his seat that is being prepared for him. he knows that the greatest insult to Jesus is to take control and sit as head of His Church on this earth and does he not laugh and insult our God at how blind and stupid the followers of Jesus Christ are?
The European Union forces all the countries to accept its corrupt laws: homosexuality, abortion, etc. by threatening to remove the “sack of gold” that they were enticed in with, they are all caught in its clutches and he who controls it sits back and laughs.
We humans follow like sheep because of fear.
Look at those soldiers and civilians who murdered the Jews in the Second World War. They simply did what they were told even though they knew what they were doing was wrong but because they were so afraid to step out of the crowd they continued killing babies, little children, teenagers and adults. Think, how could someone become so blind to do such things?
We are all doing the same in these times; the people of God are being slaughtered in their millions, physically (abortion) and spiritually, while we sit back and do nothing. Rather, we sit and discuss what we are going to do after the Warning. How blind we are!!! What we fail to see is, it will be too late for many of us then.
Revelations 17:3
3 And he carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, full of blasphemous names, having seven heads and ten horns.
La Salette
“Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist.”
Is this not the seat of Peter which we have already been Warned about in Scripture?
So that he sits as god in the temple of God
Our Lady told Conchita of Garabandal —“After Paul VI, there remain only two popes. Following that, the ‘End of the Times,’ which is not the same as the ‘end of the world.’ I do not understand this well but the Virgin told it to me like this.”
The same as what we are saying: we are in the ‘End of Times.’
Mount Melleray
And again shortly afterwards:
Do a little research into Joseph Ratzinger, his time in the priesthood (before and after) and what his views were before his ordination. His final thesis was rejected as heresy, humanism and he was told to rewrite it. I will leave you to find the rest for yourself.
Look around this world, look at the evil that is everywhere. Everyone is afraid to speak the Name of Jesus in public.
Look at the Catholic forums on the internet. Everyone skims over the top of all the prophesies without ever really seeing what is being said.
Everyone is so caught up in the Warning, the Miracle, storing food, storing gold and silver, what way the Chastisement will happen, in judging Prophets and what they are going to be doing during and after.
I do pray that we, the two Patricks, are wrong for, if we are not, very few that think the above such thinking will survive.
Jesus and Mary are telling all of us to die to ourselves:
remove sin from our lives so that our vision might be cleared
so that we can love our enemy and do good to those who persecute us
so that we can take Jesus out into this world...
so that Jesus can use our hands, our feet and our lips to minister to His children.
What no one realises is that we are in a Battle with lucifer who is a real being, not fairytale or superstition. he is at the head of his army and, if we are not firmly in Jesus Christ, we will be deceived and wiped from the face of this earth.
Mark 13:20
20 And unless the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh would be saved but for the elect’s sake, whom He chose, He shortened the days.
We cannot see what this piece of Scripture means when we skim the surface of it but, if we look deeper, “for the elect’s sake, whom He chose, He shortened the days,” everyone would have been deceived and lost if time had not been shortened.
We have not used anything here that we have received. We have only used Scripture and Our Lady’s prophesies from only three Apparition sites and there are hundreds of them around this world.
If what we are receiving is true, then the reality of things are:
We cannot say much of this for it is not time but can you imagine walking from Belfast to Cork and never meeting another person? This is what this earth is facing; everything shall be wiped out, every living creature, every blade of grass, until all have drunk the Chalice of Gods Justice to the full so that all who come after us will be afraid to walk the path that we have walked. Only those who have held on to the faith of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, will be left then all shall be renewed and the earth will shine once again for no longer will it have the burden of sin to dim its light. Those will be glorious days for those who are left. We would so much like to see those Times but we know it is not for us to see with human eyes for many will be martyred in this Battle. Our lives are nothing and we will gladly give them up for our Master, Jesus.
We do not try to convince you of anything. What we are saying is: simply clear your mind of all that you know and think you know and take a look at this world with Jesus at the forefront.
We are in deadly times and very few can see it.
We pray that we are wrong for we would gladly give ourselves up so that all our brothers and sisters of this earth did not have to drink this Chalice.

Urgent Message from Jesus about this corrupt law
Monday 29 October 2012 9:40pm
Jesus tells me to write.
Tell My children of Ireland that if they allow this law1 to enter then they have reached the point of no return: they will NEVER come back to Me or to themselves.
They stand on a great precipice and lucifer – in the form of a puppet government – is herding them over it.
Stand up, My Ireland, take off the blindfold of money that europa (the woman who sits on the beast outside the European Government Building in Brussels and a goddess of ancient times) and her lies have put on you; take it off NOW.
You are defenceless in their sight but you have survived many things before this.
Bishops of Ireland, do not stay the cowards that you are! Stand up and shepherd My people!
Lead them, do not cower them!
1 Jesus is referring to the referendum to take place in Ireland on Saturday 10 November 2012
The present Irish Constitution gives power and authority to the families in Ireland over all matters relating to their children. The referendum to be held on Saturday 10 November 2012, which has been set up by the present government in Ireland, is designed to take this parental role away from parents.
In addition, a government spokesperson has spoken publicly that she does not wish the families who would vote no to be given a voice in the media, even though that is against the law as it stands at present. This is no more than a dictatorship but also opens up the real reason why they do not want parents to be told the truth – they wish to silence those who know the truth and deceive the people of Ireland.
For further information please contact:
Alliance of Parents Against the State –
The government wants a YES VOTE – this means that the government wishes to take complete control of the children in Ireland and for this official body to make all important decisions in the lives of these children and the parents will be reduced to being caregivers under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).
The concerned families want a NO VOTE – The reasons for this are detailed below: (See
Parents reduced to caregivers
1. Your legal right under Article 42.5 of the Irish Constitution to decide “Best Interests” for your own child will be handed over to the State. Parents will be reduced to Caregivers under the UNCRC.
Children can be adopted
2. Your child can be placed for adoption against your will. You will not need to be accused or convicted of any crime and the arbitrary decision can be made by one person. The entire process will take place in secret Family Courts and you will be gagged and prevented from speaking out.
No parental permission
3. The State can decide for example to vaccinate every child in Ireland, and the parent, and even the child have no say in the matter. You do not need to be consulted or give permission. Joan Burton (Minister for Social Protection) has already hinted that Child Benefit will be tied into vaccination records; this could be extended to school admission.
Can be given birth control
4. The State can decide to give Birth Control to children of any age, even if they are below the Age of Consent. The State can bring children to other countries for an abortion without parental consent and even if the child disagrees.
Write Irish Laws without prior notice
5. The UN and the EU can make any laws for children without consent of the Irish Government if it wishes. This allows unelected people in the EU and UN to write Irish Laws without prior notice. This removes what little sovereignty Ireland has as a nation.
Legally binding
6. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is no mere statement of altruism; it is a legally binding Human Rights Treaty which, if Article 42 is changed, will allow unelected people in the EU and UN to re-write Irish Law. Fully ratifying the UNCRC will now make every other treaty that we have ratified also apply to all Irish Children. The entire landscape of Irish Law may need to be rewritten.
Removes children’s rights
7. The UNCRC does not give Irish children any privileges they did not possess before. Parents have always vindicated the rights for their child. As children are not autonomous, the State can decide anything even if the child disagrees. Effectively, this also removes children’s rights.
Best Interests
8. The “best interest principle” of the UN is nothing more than a slogan. Was it in the “best interests” of the two hundred and sixty who died in Irish State “Care,” or the five hundred who went missing and many were later found to have been trafficked into prostitution and slavery? We believe if Ireland is to have a world-class child protection system that “best interests” should be replaced with “to the measured and demonstrated benefit of the child” and it will need to be measured and demonstrated. Despite seven hundred and sixty children missing or dead in a decade, nobody has ever been held accountable. In the Baby P case, two doctors were struck off and four social workers fired. In Ireland two hundred and sixty dead, five hundred missing and nobody was punished.
Does not protect children
9. The UNCRC only gives “rights” to children but there is no obligation on the Government to comply. Children in developing nations whose Governments have ratified the UNCRC have the right to food and water and yet children are dying. Children are executed in some countries and the UNCRC does not protect them, only their “rights.” Many of the countries that have ratified the UNCRC allow for child soldiers, child forced marriage, and the death penalty for children and even female genital mutilation. The UNCRC does not protect children, their parents protect them.
Vote NO
10. The question we are being asked here is “do you trust the Irish State, the UN and the EU to make decisions for your children when your parental rights have been eliminated?” If you are not 100% sure you must vote NO.
Silence the voices
To compound the seriousness of this Referendum, it has been noted that Senator Catherine Noone of Fine Gael (the government party) is doing her best to silence the voices of the families who oppose this referendum. Please see her quote from the actual record in the Seanad debate of 19 September 2012. This amounts to a dictatorship – do as we say or you will be silenced. This is the quote:
“Senator Catherine Noone: I too welcome the setting of a date for the referendum and the fact that it is on a Saturday, for all the reasons that have already been mentioned. I also welcome the fact that Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin have confirmed in the House today their support for the referendum and the proposed wording.
One aspect of concern to me relates to the media. Because of the McKenna judgement, various media organisations must give 50% coverage to both sides of an argument. I hope that editorial discretion will be used in this instance so that an opportunity is not given to various nay-sayers or people who wish to raise their profiles in the media. The McKenna judgement would allow them a voice. I hope RTE and other media organisations will use editorial discretion to ensure that this campaign does not give a voice to NO campaigners whose main motivation is to raise their own profile.”
Scandalous suggestion
This is the reply sent by Irish mothers responding to the comments of the Senator’s quote above – this was sent to the media and to politicians but these comments were ignored:
“Dear Sir,
Senator Catherine Noonan should resign her Senate seat immediately, following her scandalous suggestion that the National Broadcaster and other media organizations should exercise “editorial discretion” and not give a voice to those on the NO side in the children’s rights referendum campaign. She has shown utter contempt for the democratic process and for the Irish electorate. What she is asking of the media is coercive and contemptible.
It raises a very serious question? Why is the yes campaign so afraid to openly engage with those of us on the no side? This attempt by Catherine Noonan to stymie debate comes after former Judge Catherine McGuiness indicated her objection to a long debate. What has the Yes side to hide? If they had nothing to hide they would be willing to debate openly and honestly.
No such assurance
Clearly those behind this Referendum do not want the full facts to emerge regarding the explosive nature of this referendum, and the consequences for society if it is passed. They know full well that when Irish people, especially parents, discover that they are effectively transferring total legal control over their children to the state, they will vote a resounding NO on referendum day.
Senator Noonan should resign immediately and Fine Gael should apologize to the Irish electorate for her discriminatory and offensive remarks. Government must now give a public assurance that the Media will honour the McKenna judgment and be fair and courteous to both sides in this debate.”
N.B. No such assurance has been received to-date.
Get the truth out
Irish mothers and fathers desperately need to get the truth out to the ordinary decent people of Ireland. ONCE PEOPLE KNOW THE TRUTH, THEY WILL VOTE NO. Please help us in whatever way you can, particularly by distributing the above circular.

Look at the above proposed referendum. Now look at the opening paragraph of the constitution. How blind have we become that we would sell our hard fought for freedom and our faith for a handful of coins!
In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred,
We, the people of Éire,
Humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ, Who sustained our fathers through centuries of trial,
Gratefully remembering their heroic and unremitting struggle to regain the rightful independence of our Nation,
And seeking to promote the common good, with due observance of Prudence, Justice and Charity, so that the dignity and freedom of the individual may be assured, true social order attained, the unity of our country restored, and concord established with other nations,
Do hereby adopt, enact, and give to ourselves this Constitution.


Tuesday 31 July 2012 Jesus' Appeal for His Houses of Prayer

My children, over many days and weeks and months, I have been calling you to listen to My Words about My Houses, My Refuges of Love. I call on your help now. These Houses need to be ready for what I have Warned you of. Already the tides begin to turn from the shore, already the darkness is on the horizon. The ones of the darkness are grasping control and I need My Houses ready. Help Me, My children, to make them ready for it is almost night. Laws change that will alienate My followers from the rest of mankind, separate one from the other and the difference will be stark. I need your help, My children. My Houses do not open because of lack of help, lack of dying to self. I ask your help for I have already claimed back what was given to Me and taken from Me. Help Me for it begins.

My Houses are in great need of preparation, renovation, help My servants to make them ready. Give them the prayers and the financial help to help Me to help My children. I Love you and I await you.

Appeal Letter

As you can see from Jesus’ Message, He is asking for help with His Houses, not only in the manning of them but the fixing up of them. You, the people who believe, are the ones we turn to in this time. You have been our lifeline that keeps us alive and, once again, we ask for your help.

We ask that you pray that we may be worthy to do this great work that Jesus asks of us.

The following Message was given and it says much about what Jesus is doing.

Monday 2 July 2012

…I have asked My servant to go to all of My Houses and you all have missed the significance of this, you have not seen the importance of it. I send him to prepare, to see those things needed for each House but, more than that, through him, unknown to him, I place My Spirit within each House. It is the protection that each will need for the times to come. I ask these deeper things of all of you. I Love you.


Sacred Heart House of Prayer, Cookstown:

The work here is ongoing. At the moment there are bits of renovations going on. It has recently been updated with heating added to the House.

Bethlehem Retreat House, Fanad:

This House is about half done. It needs new floors and an attic conversion to be finished. There is also some outside work to be done.

Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Mary, Drogheda:

This House needs a total renovation. Plans for this House have been sitting for quite a few years.

House of the Angels, Armagh:

It would seem to be finished.

Resurrection Retreat House, Ballina:

Jesus has asked for an accommodation block for this House. The plans for Ballina still sit awaiting the finances. These have been sitting for two years. The cost of the accommodation block will be in the region of £150,000.

John Paul the Second Youth House, Belmullet:

There is not a lot to be done. It does need an attic conversion so that there will be more bedrooms to accommodate young people.


Saint Maximilian House of Prayer, L’Absie:

One half of this House needs a total renovation including rewiring and heating. The other half is converted.


Soledad, Cosío:

Mostly done. The ground floor still needs finished.

Villa del Sagrado Corazón, Granada:

Jesus recently sent Patrick to Granada, Spain. He found that the House had deteriorated. This House was only able to be manned twice since its purchase. It needs a total renovation.


Saint Nikolaus House of Prayer, Colditz:

The work here is ongoing. We are getting there and it needs a bit more work and heating put in. It is about three quarters done.


Saint Stanislaus House of Prayer, Bolków:

The Poland House is well underway to being finished. It is about three quarters done.


Virgin Most Pure House of Prayer, Dole:

This House needs attention beginning with a new roof. It needs renovation and heating put in.


Saint Michael and the Heavenly Hosts House of Prayer, Tottenham:

The work here is ongoing.


Mother of Love House of Prayer, Peoria:

The work here is ongoing and at a decent standard.


Saint Thérèse House of Prayer, Le Roeulx:

At the time of the purchase of this House, it was part of the contract that we get the electrics checked. At the time this cost 1,400 euros and we couldn’t afford it.

When Jesus recently reclaimed a House that had been taken from Him, this was His reaction.

Friday 27 July 2012

Feel the spiritual awakening within My House:1 feel the Light as it brightens all things. My Light passes in like rays of sunshine to put many shadows to retreat. It joys Me to do this for now I can build a refuge for souls from something that was useless. See, I do a new thing, I build with Love, with Joy, with Peace.

1 A House that was given to Jesus and taken from Him. He has now claimed it for His own.

From what we gather from the Messages that Jesus has given in recent times it would seem that time is running out. This seems clear when we look around us at the world.

We have been struggling to try to prepare Jesus’ Houses over the years and you can see from our list that some are finished and some partly so.

It seems that we are always asking of you to help us. Without you none of this would have been possible. Please, if you can, help us in whatever way possible to make Jesus’ Plans come to pass, be it with prayer or financially. Thank you in Jesus’ Name.The two Patricks

Ireland’s first abortion clinic
Great devastation
What a sad, sad day for Ireland.
It was with great devastation and sorrow that we learned of the opening of Irelands first murder clinic.
Silence was deafening
I could say that it was a great shock - for it did shock many.
The opening of this new Marie Stopes sexual health clinic was kept so unbelievably quiet that the silence was deafening.
There was no word or mention of the opening in the media, among Pro-Life groups, among pro-choice groups, nothing until one week before the clinic was to open, Thursday 18 October. And of course the clinic was all prepared and ready to receive its poor victims.
Massive fist
It feels like a big massive fist just came out of nowhere and punched you right in the gut and it was totally unexpected. It’s like a devastating blow from the enemy, like a cannon shooting right through the ship and it feels almost like there is no hope of the ship not sinking. What happened? I thought the majority of people in Northern Ireland were still Pro-Life?
Jesus speaks
Remember these Words?
My children of Ireland, I, the Lord, your God would speak with you. You have brought My Anger to the fore with your talk of abortion. You plan to introduce abortion into this country without the permission of your God. You have offended Me.
I give you a little time to change this policy before I show you that you have indeed Angered Me. You are already in the mire and, by these Words, I try to pull you out. I have called My Prophets, Visionaries and Seers together, those who did not betray Me, so that I could tell you these things.
Government of Ireland, I address you. I tell you and I remind you that I have toppled greater kings than you and I tell you that your secret things are not hidden from Me as you have hidden them from the people of this country. You are about to abort a mighty nation of people who could win true freedom for you. Do not do it.
Cardinals, bishops and priests, you who act with My Authority, I call you to speak out in every church, the length and breadth of this country. Do not ignore My Laws or My Truth.
I know who you are and I know which of you believes in this great crime. Change your ways back to My Ways. Come back.
I speak to you, media, I am Jesus Christ, the Truth. Spread these Words of Mine for this country needs them more than the bad news that you already give to them. Tell your readers that abortion is a crime against their God. Saturday 22 November 2003, Messages from the Weekend for the Prophets of Ireland
And these:
Sold the blood of your children

Look, My children of Ireland, the time of persecution is upon you. You have supped with the beast and he has imprisoned you.
No longer do you hear My Words of Truth; you have sold your freedom for a handful of coins. I ask, what will it gain you but darkness and death eternal?
I Love you, My people of Ireland, and I call you back from the danger you have placed yourselves in. Abortion you have accepted in your hearts, you have sold the blood of your children to be offered to lucifer. Be Warned for, this Day, I call you back for your destruction is imminent. Devastation you have called upon yourselves by your acceptance of untruth. Greed is upon you.
Turn away and come back to Me. I Love you.
Thank You, Jesus, I love You. Saturday 22 November 2003, Messages from the Weekend for the Prophets of Ireland
Betrayed and let down
I feel betrayed and let down, yet again, by those in authority in the Church. Their silence disgusts me. It makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomach.
I am sorry, Jesus
And to You, Jesus, I say that I am sorry, so very sorry that we, here in Ireland, a country I was once proud to be from, have allowed this to happen. As I stood outside that clinic last Thursday, my heart welled up with pain and I couldn’t even finish praying because I knew that I was so close to tears and that those tears once started would not have stopped. I know, Jesus, that this was an infinitesimal part of the terrible Pain You and Your Mother were feeling that day. I thought my heart would break and I knew that Your Heart must truly be broken; broken by our blindness, our evilness and our betrayal of You. It is as though it were Good Friday again and You were being condemned to Die all over again. I am sorry, dear sweetest Jesus.

The current law in Northern Ireland on abortion
Unlike the rest of the UK, Northern Ireland does not have an Abortion Act. Instead an 1861 law makes it a criminal offence to procure a miscarriage.
In 1945 an exception was added that abortion could be permitted to preserve the life of the mother.
For this reason, there are between thirty and forty medical terminations carried out by the NHS in Northern Ireland every year but abortion remains a criminal offence.

Opening in Belfast
On Saturday night, 13 October, (during the Weekend with the Patricks) we were all talking about the Marie Stopes clinic which was opening in Belfast the following Thursday.
Go to the clinic
Jesus spoke to one of the Patricks saying that if His people would go to the clinic and protest, then He would close it. Jesus also asked that we would see Him there. Patrick explained that Jesus meant that if all His followers would go – and in a loving manner – without becoming aggressive or judgemental, seeing Him in everybody there, then Jesus would close the clinic.
Armed with our banners
The following Thursday, a group from the Sacred Heart House of Prayer went to unite with other Pro-Life demonstrators peacefully protesting outside the clinic.
Armed with our banners, - Mary, Patron of the Aborted and The Sacred Heart, as well as images of aborted babies, we went to Belfast.
What struck us on arrival, was that a crowd of about two hundred were already there and we were very enthusiastic to join in with them. There was already a wonderful atmosphere of fellowship, friendship and prayerfulness as happy faces stood side by side in the pouring rain.
Four hundred
It was estimated that the crowd, at its peak, numbered about four hundred. As we stood, holding our banners, a group of people pointed to our banner of Mary and made their way over to join us. They prayed the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, sang a hymn to the Sacred Heart and hymns to Our Lady; we also prayed and sang with them. The peace and joy we all felt was out of this world.
A big white van
Many friends of the House of Prayer joined us also and helped us to hold up the banners and pray. Some of our friends had a big white van with a large banner displayed on the top of it, the banner showed pictures of aborted babies and Mary, Patron of the Aborted. They drove up and down and around Belfast city centre. The banner looked awesome and every time they passed us, the crowd cheered!
Hundreds of cars, lorries and vans tooted and cheered their support as they passed the protest. It was unbelievable, the support from the oncoming traffic on both sides of the road.
The media
Throughout the protest, members of our group were interviewed by various television crews, journalists and even trainee journalists from different colleges and universities. The amount of media coverage was unbelievable, even a French photographer was there. It was obvious they had been expecting a much larger protest.
The journalists had many questions for us and this gave us the opportunity to be a voice for the helpless, innocent babies.
Joined us
Perhaps it was because of the prayers offered around Ireland for that Thursday, that the Holy Spirit gave us the strength to cope with so much media attention. One cameraman holding a large camera over his shoulder came over to our group, took photos of the banners and suddenly put down his cameras on the rain drenched street, pulled out a pair of rosary beads and joined us saying a Divine Mercy and Rosary! We were all stunned and very touched by this.
Our religious imagery
During this time, we were approached by a Catholic priest, who requested that we removed our religious imagery. His argument was that it was a secular media who would twist our “Catholic” stand on the protest and we would cause much harm to the Pro-Life cause and that we were causing offence to non Catholic denominations. We were shocked that a priest would try to impose such a restriction on members of his own faith. He told us that he had insisted that members of his own group travelling by bus to the event were not to display any religious pictures.
We told him that we were from the Sacred Heart House of Prayer and that we were exercising our right as Catholics to peacefully protest against the abortion clinic and that our “Catholic” imagery was staying up.
A spiritual war
Sadly this priest was hiding his clerical collar behind a zipped up jacket and was encouraging his flock in this manner. In the House of Prayer, we are taught that the evil of abortion is a spiritual war that can only be defeated by and with God. It is faith in God that moves us to display our religious images and combined with prayer and sacrifice calls the Holy Spirit to enter the battle on our behalf.
Many Catholics in these times choose to reject the religious imagery, particularly pictures which God Himself has inspired. In this way, they are denying God His right to evangelise through them by use of the images. We should remember that the devil is out to take away and destroy our faith in any way that he can, we should try to help God in the battle and not deter Him. We also display pictures of aborted babies to highlight the reality of the Truth of abortion. We believe that by use of vocal and silent prayer and pictures, the Holy Spirit will act in the hearts of others.
So little priority
Sad to say that such an important event in the history of protests in Northern Ireland was given so little priority by religious leaders of all sides of the community, as well as politicians. They were all very noticeably absent and yet we are supposed to be a Christian country.
If you deny Me…
In the Scripture, Jesus said that if we deny Him in the presence of men, He will deny us before His Heavenly Father. Jesus also spoke on 14 October 2012 saying, “…The time has come, children, the time has come, DO the things that I have Taught you through My two. The time has come to stand up and use what I have given to you. You are called to stand out from the crowd; you are called to leave the crowd and stand with Me in front of the world. Stand before your accusers for the world will hate you because you love Me. Can you not see this already?
Stand beside Me, be willing to love with your whole heart, your whole soul, your whole mind and your whole body. The time has come.”
We are all members of Jesus’ Army
There should be no reason why Catholics cannot go to this clinic displaying religious imagery and praying for all those involved in the sin of abortion and no reason why other denominations cannot do likewise with their chosen methods of prayer. Why should either feel threatened or fearful of the other? After all, we are all members of Jesus’ Army.
Pro-choice activists
Another point to mention about the protest on Thursday was that there were pro-choice activists who came to antagonise the Pro-Life supporters. They chanted and shouted their disapproval from behind the barriers. Many of us, however, quietly called for the intercession of Saint Michael and his Army to come and ease the situation which was becoming nasty at one point. Many of us remembered Jesus’ Instructions and prayed for our “persecutors” and saw Him in our “enemies.”

Thank You, Jesus
Thank You, Jesus, for all Your Messages to the world. Help us all to stand with You, against the teachings that we have learned and taken on board when we belonged to the world.

On the day it opened, Northern Ireland Attorney General, John Larkin, has called for Stormont to investigate the opening of the first private abortion clinic in Northern Ireland.
Legal ‘framework’
Marie Stopes has said that it will commit abortions within the legal ‘framework’ currently within Northern Ireland, which is that abortions can be carried out to preserve the life of the mother or if having the baby would have a serious, permanent impact on her physical or mental health.
The assessment is very strict and the woman must consult with two clinicians.
Do not want this service
John Larkin has called for an investigation into the operations of this clinic. And for your information the ‘service’ of killing your baby ‘legally’ in Northern Ireland will set you back a staggering £450!!!!
The people of Northern Ireland do not want or need this service. Remember the NHS already caters for the forty odd women who fall under this category every year here!!
If our politicians hadn’t been hoodwinked into passing the opening of this clinic, (see article below) the people would have had the chance to stand up and say NO but it was done so slyly and deceitfully that no one even noticed!!
Belfast abortion clinic on Great Victoria street. Published on Tuesday 23 October 2012 11:04
MORE questions have been posed about how Stormont was apparently left in the dark over the arrival of a private abortion clinic in Northern Ireland.
As reported in yesterday’s News Letter, health minister Edwin Poots knew in January that the Marie Stopes clinic had been looking into coming to Belfast – but he was not made aware it was definitely happening until October 9.
But now questions are also being asked of environment minister Alex Attwood, after it emerged that planning permission for the facility was sought from his department as long ago as March 1 – but that no one realised it would involve an abortion clinic.
The planning application was for a change of use from “office accommodation” to “medical and health facilities” at the eighth floor of the building on Great Victoria Street.
The application form itself does not mention Marie Stopes or abortion once and the blueprints were approved by Department of the Environment (DoE) planners on May 15.
In addition to the DoE planners, it also sailed past Belfast City Council’s town planning committee without raising any eyebrows.
It had been placed on a “streamline” list of uncontroversial items, which are given to councillors each week.
Although they do not have the power to approve or reject the plans outright, they can choose to highlight any major developments and debate them at an upcoming meeting.
Instead, it was waved through without anyone being aware of how explosive the development was.
Committee deputy chairman Danny Lavery, Sinn Fein councillor for Oldpark, is a firm opponent of abortion, and is himself one of sixteen children.
He said: “It was down as a ‘medical facility.’ Nobody knew it was going to be an abortion clinic.
“Especially in the North of Ireland if anybody mentioned abortion, it’s like a red flag to a bull. People thought: ‘medical centre – it could be a chemists’. It would not have red lights flashing.”
Other items on the streamline list given to councillors that week were a proposal to increase the height of a pole at McDonalds restaurant, and the construction of a shower room.
Jim Allister, TUV MLA for North Antrim, had already accused health minister Mr Poots of being slow to act when he heard about the clinic’s possible arrival in January.
And yesterday he said: “It now appears a change of use planning application by Marie Stopes International sailed through in the spring on the fast-track streamlined system, without a single councillor in Belfast raising any issue.
“The streamlined procedure is for non-contentious applications; opening a ‘medical’ facility to perform abortions in a city centre office block is hardly non-contentious!”
He has now tabled two urgent written questions to the Assembly.
One is for health minister Poots, asking what steps were taken since January 2012 to make sure that such a clinic would be properly regulated.
But he also asked the DoE why the application which facilitated the Marie Stopes Abortion Clinic was deemed “non-contentious” and streamlined through.
In the meantime, the DoE issued a statement reading: “At no stage during the processing of the application did the department know the end-user of the proposed medical and health facility, as this is not necessary to determine the application.
“A medical/health service could cover a number of uses (for example, cosmetic or eye surgery) as the use is considered the same in planning law.
“Belfast City Council agreed in March 2010 that all applications for change of use of premises or land could be dealt with through this streamlined process – unless objections were received from the public, or the department’s opinion was to refuse permission, or council asked that it be taken to the planning committee after it received the weekly list of applications to be included in the streamlined process.”
A Marie Stopes spokesperson said: “This is a medical facility and was listed as such in line with the planners’ requirements,” adding that it intends to obey Ulster’s strict abortion laws.

If only we would listen
I was recently at the Weekend with the Patricks at the Sacred Heart House of Prayer. As always there was so much love, so much joy and so much teaching if only we would listen and take it on. It is great to be there, everyone helping and serving each other like we should. Everyone came together on Saturday for the Walk Against abortion. The silence during the walk was deeply moving. Like a funeral for these children who never get a chance to live.
Spiritual lift
The Spiritual lift from the weekend was great but how often do we fall back into the world and its ways after a weekend like this and lose all the Graces and benefits gained by not doing what Jesus wants and by not taking on His Words and changing our lives for the better?
Love one another
In the talks and question and answer sessions with the two Patricks, many topics were discussed. Everything that was talked about was referred back to the Scriptures. For me, the important thing that Jesus is trying to get across is Love. As He says in Scripture, ‘Love one another, as I have Loved you.’ It is self and lack of dying to self that stops us loving one another. That is why Jesus is asking us continually to die to self and look at the Truth.

Regret When we stand before God any unlove we have now e.g. bitterness, unforgiveness, hatred, etc. will all go against us. There will come a day when time will stop and we will regret what we have or havenít done. It will be too late to change and there will be no more Forgiveness. Jesus asked Patrick to tell us how important Love is. We need to change now before it is too late! Now is the time to love even the people who hate us and to make a greater effort to love those whom we find it difficult to love. Love Me with all your heart This is what Jesus said through Patrick: ďLove Me with all your heart, mind and will and through you I will do great things. Walk away from things that keep you away from Me. Tell My children I need them, I need them to see Me.Ē Complacent The other theme that came across strongly is the Cross. We often become complacent and donít see the Truth of what Jesus did for us on Calvary. Patrick emphasised that until we understand the fundamental fact that Jesus opened His Heart to everyone and Died for us on the Cross, we cannot move on. Until we see what He did and understand it, we will never be able to overcome self. Jesus took on our sins The Kingdom of God is within us. That is why Jesus took on our sins individually as He lived our lives to take away our sins. He received each lash billions of times, each thorn billions of times, that is the reality of the Crucifixion. We must see that Sacrifice for what it really is. The only way we can appease Jesusí Pain is by not falling into sin. We need to look at the Cross and see that I, individually, put Him there. He Died because of my sins. I did that to Him, I killed Him. Paid the price When I contemplated this during prayer, I asked the help of Saint Martin de Porres to see and understand the Cross and my part in it. I soon started thinking of what my past sins did to Jesus from when I was a child and started to lie, I started slapping Jesus in the Face, when I got older and committed mortal sins, I lashed Him over and over again, my pride dug those thorns deep into His Head when I thought I was right and Gods Laws were wrong and when I continued to go against Him, I mocked Him, spat upon Him and kept striking Him on the Head. When I received the Sacraments in sacrilege and indifference and was irreverent towards Him in Mass I made Him fall time and time again and eventually He was Crucified and Died. He Loved me so much He did this for me, He paid the Price for my sins so that I could be with Him one day in Heaven. Pick up my cross I thank Jesus for what He did for me and that He gave me the chance to come back to Him. I realise now that I have to work hard every day to try and combat self and die to the sin in my life. I have to now pick up my cross and follow Him. Dying to self Saint Paul tells us in Galatians 5 about dying to self: 14 For all the law is fulfilled in one word: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 15 But if you bite and devour one another; take heed you be not consumed one of another. 16 I say then, walk in the spirit, and you shall not fulfil the lusts of the flesh. 17 For the flesh lusteth against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh for these are contrary one to another: so that you do not the things that you would. 18 But if you are led by the spirit, you are not under the law. 19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are fornication, uncleanness, immodesty, luxury, 20 Idolatry, witchcrafts, enmities, contentions, emulations, wraths, quarrels, dissensions, sects, 21 Envies, murders, drunkenness, revellings and such like. Of the which I foretell you, as I have foretold to you, that they who do such things shall not obtain the kingdom of God. 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is, charity, joy, peace, patience, benignity, goodness, longanimity, 23 Mildness, faith, modesty, continency, chastity. Against such there is no law. 24 And they that are Christís, have crucified their flesh, with the vices and concupiscences. 25 If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

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