First of all, we would like to apologise for the Newsletter being so late this month. Its delay was partly due to preparations for the concert held here in the House of Prayer. However, we also had problems with the hard drive of the computer and had to send it to be repaired and this further delayed the Newsletter’s production.
The front cover
The picture on the cover this month is from the concert SonLight performed which took place on the Feast of the Archangels, Thursday 29 September 2011.
It featured a variety of songs which ranged from Gospel to blue-grass to a cappella to rock. Also performing were guest singers, Mark Casey, Fionuala Coyle and Gemma Prince who played the harp.
The concert was well attended and very successful. We hope to have more on this next month.
We thank you all for your support but, most of all, we thank Jesus Who makes all things possible.
The Appeal
Unfortunately, we have to continue our appeal to you for financial help this month.
We are currently about nineteen thousand pounds in debt. We have bills to pay that we simply cannot meet. You can read more about this on page 10. We are sorry to have to ask you for help again but, without you, your kindness and generosity, we simply could not continue this Work for Jesus.
Thank you all so, so much for all the help you have already given, both spiritually and financially. May Jesus Bless you all.
The Messages
Jesus continues His Teachings in ‘The Way of Truth.’
What can any one say about these Messages?
They are indeed pearls of great price and should be read and reread.
Perhaps what is most striking about the Messages this month is the fact that Jesus keeps on repeating what He is saying. It is as though He is calling and calling but we are deaf to His calls and so He repeats what He is saying again and again in the hope that His Precious Words will penetrate our hearts.
If we allow His Words to penetrate us, they become as a fire in our souls urging us to do His Will.
Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa was one such soul who allowed the Word of God to penetrate her heart. Within this Newsletter there is some information about her which we hope you will find as inspiring as we have.
To be like Jesus
There is also an article within the Newsletter ‘To be like Jesus.’ This article explores the concept of how one person, truly committed to Jesus, can make a difference. It talks a little about dying to self and how important this is for the soul wishing to follow Jesus.
The other Houses
We are still looking for volunteers to man the Houses of Prayer. Please consider this if you can.


Tuesday 27 September 2011 Given at a retreat for the servants of the House

Come, beloved of My Heart, and hear My calls. Look to Me upon this Day of My Love, see Me as your Saviour. Do not turn away from Me any longer, My children, but come follow Me. I Love you and I am calling out to you in these Words to follow in My Footsteps and be My Hands, My Feet and My Lips so that this world may see that I am Alive in you. Be the example to your brothers and sisters. Be the light that shines upon the Path of My Truth so that they, too, may follow in My Love. Come, beloved of My Heart, and hear My calls, allow Me to open the Path of Truth through you. Come, I am in great need, I am a beggar and I bow down on bended Knee and plead with you to listen to My calls. I Love you, My little children, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.


Friday 2 September 2011

Patrick: It takes determination, resolve and a willing heart to get on the Path of Truth. We must be willing to first look at ourselves in truth and write down the things that we must change within our lives. It is only when we actually see the things that we have done and are doing that we can get the resolve and determination to truly walk on this Path. When we realise the harm that we are doing to ourselves and to others and how we are hurting Jesus through our lies, our deceit, our sin, it is only then that we will truly be able to fight against self. We will know and realise that we are on the Path for the things that we have wanted to do within our hearts but could not be bothered to, will suddenly start to appear within our lives. We can all recognise these things: when we feel an inspiration that we should go to prayer or go for a walk, to be in silence with Jesus or to call in to visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament or do a kindness for someone or even get healthy and take that gluttony out of our lives. We know within our hearts we want to do these things but we always put them off until tomorrow but tomorrow never comes.
It is only through prayer and sacrifice that we can gain this Path of Truth. When we go to prayer we are given the strength that we need to walk this Path. When we sacrifice, we strengthen ourselves against the attacks of the evil one. We must realise what sacrifice is.
Sacrifice is denying self something that it wants. When we begin to offer sacrifice we must begin very small, with little things, like denying ourselves a biscuit, taking one slice of bread instead of two, taking a smaller drink than we would like, forgoing a cup of tea or coffee say for an extra hour and offer it up to Jesus for the good of others. Remember, it is in giving that we receive; the more that we give to Jesus, the more we shall receive and so the Path will become easier and the greater our sacrifices may become. If we try too much too quick, we will stumble and fall and find it very hard to get back on the Path. So, as you can see, Jesus will lead us slowly along this Path in order to build our strength and resolve to follow Him. We know within our hearts we all would like to do this but we must have the willingness to take the first step.
Come, My beloved children, let Me guide you upon this Path. I will inspire you to the steps that you must take. Do not run ahead of Me but allow Me to guide you. Listen within the silence of your heart and I will inspire you to what you must do. So many begin to walk this Path with Me but then run ahead of Me and lose their way. Remember, the evil one is always there seeking an opportunity to trip you up and so guide you off the Path and away from Me. Be patient in this Journey and do not seek false inspirations, things that you desire within self.
Patrick: Yes, I can understand this, Jesus. For instance, what I have said about getting healthy, it is easy to go overboard and become a fitness fanatic and it ceases to have anything to do with God but only what we desire. It is the same as listening for inspirations, it is easy to allow self to take control and the next thing we find ourselves saying, I must do this for Jesus has told me, yet, it is not Jesus that we are listening to but self. If we do not go to Jesus in prayer and read the Scriptures then self will take control and lucifer will guide us off the Path for he, too, will inspire us to take the wrong turn at any and every opportunity. This is why we must read the Scriptures, especially the New Testament for within the Gospels and Letters we will be able to see and be warned off the pitfalls that await us, if we allow ourselves to take control.
Jesus: Look only to Love.
Look only to Truth and you will not fall.
Do not allow self to take control.
If you stay with Me, I will guide you and you will know the Path that you must take. Be aware at all times of your weakness and do not allow the evil one to use your weakness against you. he will look for every chink in your armour, any weakness in order to break through but if you know that you are with Me and that I am guiding you then he will not be able to break through for I will become your Shield. The more that you do this, the stronger you will become for I will be able to fill you with My Light, My Strength, and so it will become easier and easier to walk this Path with Me. Then I will be able to fill you, mould you and use you in this world of darkness. My people will see that I am Alive in you and I shall bestow My Gifts of Love upon you. You shall go out into this world and My children will marvel at the Works that I send you to do. I Love you, My little children, and I call out to you to walk this Path of Truth with Me so that this world may see that I am not a dead God but that I live within you. The ‘Time of Miracles’ is near upon you and so few are ready to carry this burden for Me. Hear My calls, My little ones, and come forward. Walk this Path of Truth and We, together, shall show this world that the darkness cannot stand before the Light. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
We, many times, allow ourselves to be totally controlled by fear. We fear so much within our lives, yet, we many times remain blind to this fear. As Saint Paul has told us within the Scriptures, fear drives out love but Perfect Love drives out fear. So, what Jesus is telling us by this is that we must overcome the fear within our lives with Him for He is Perfect Love.
Again, we must look in truth within ourselves to understand how we are held back from trusting in Jesus because of fear. For example, many times we deny Jesus within our lives because we fear what our neighbours, our families, our friends and, even strangers, will think of us if we stand up for Jesus in front of them. We are afraid to say the Name of Jesus in reverence in public; we are afraid to bless ourselves and these are only simple things. Remember, with fear comes embarrassment and look at how many times we are embarrassed of being followers of Jesus!
At the beginning of this mission, Jesus told us that fear would be our biggest enemy. He said to us it was one of the smallest spirits but the one that would be most dangerous to us. I know, in this Journey, I have felt fear about mostly every step I have taken. I allow thoughts to come into my head and build scenarios that will never happen but I become so afraid that they may happen. Whereas, Jesus has said to fight the ‘first thought’ and so it will have no control over you. I always find this easier said than done.
I am not going to tell you any lies and say that I have overcome everything and able to control fear for I am a long way from it. I simply mean to show you the Path that Jesus is taking me down and hopefully this will help you also. I did not realise that I have so many fears in my life until Jesus began to get me to look inside myself, what a mess I found! I have realised from Jesus’ Teachings that about 99.9% of us in this world remain in the darkness of self and all we do is tell ourselves lies everyday and blame others for what we are feeling.
Fear can drive us into so many situations like always feeling tired, being nervous in other people’s company, being withdrawn, being depressed, it affects us in so many ways. Ways that we are not willing to look at. We would rather go to the doctor and get a tablet to cover our problem up rather than taking the time to look within ourselves and rectifying what we find.
The further this world goes away from Jesus, the more problems we humans will encounter. This is why Jesus says that we must stay close to Him in order that we can see the Truth and overcome the problems of this world: the problems of fear and anxiety which are the traits of not dying to self.
Come, My little children, walk this Path of Truth with Me and understand My Teachings. Understand the Ways of your God. In order to see My Truth, you must walk this Path of Truth with Me. The more that you die to yourself, the more you will understand and the easier this Path will become.
Fear is your enemy and fear must be overcome. Do not hide away from your fears but face them and overcome them so that they have no power over you.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and open your eyes to My Truth so that you, too, can walk along this Path with Me so that you, too, can see the Truth of My Ways. I am calling out to you this day and I am asking you from the depths of My Heart to see My Truth. Do not hide from Me any longer, My little ones, but, rather, come into the depths of My Heart and find the Joys of Love that await you there. I Love you.

Thursday 15 September 2011

Come, beloved children of My Heart, and do not turn away from My calls. Look into the quiet place of your heart and hear Me beckon you towards Me. Do not ignore My calls any longer, My little ones, for there is little time left to you. You must be ready to take up the Banner of Truth and walk into the dark places of this world and find My lost children.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and hear My calls; do not ignore Me any longer for it is too late to waste any more time. You are at the brink and you do not realise it.
Come, beloved of My Heart, and listen to My calls, listen now when there is still time. I repeat these Words over and over to you in the hope that you will wake out of your complacency and come, follow Me. I Love you, My little children, and I ask that you make haste for all is about to change. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Saturday 17 September 2011

My little ones, you must always look to My Teachings if you want to follow in My Footsteps.
Do not listen to those who would say that My Teachings are outdated and that they (the Messages) must change with the times for My Word is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Do not listen to those who would lead you on the wrong path. Always look to My Truth and avoid sin at all cost. Sin blinds you to My Path. The more that you sin, the blinder you become and, very soon, you will not see the Path of Truth and so you can be led away upon a different path that you think is Mine, but, really, you have been blinded by the sins of self and the path that you walk has only been built by self. This is why you hear of so many different beliefs in Me, this is why you hear of so many accepting sin into their lives, this is why you hear of so many changing the Words of Scripture to suit these times that you now live in. These are the ones who have become blinded by the desires of self and so have changed My Words into lies in order to live their selfish lifestyle.
Remember, children, your lives upon this earth are very short and you must die and when you die, you must stand before Me and answer for what you have done. Pray that you do not become blinded for, when you stand before Me, you shall blame Me for your blindness and so be lost to Me in your anger.
Avoid untruth, avoid those that would lead you upon the wrong path.
Do not listen to those who say they are My followers but yet preach false doctrine and, yes, I speak of priests and laity alike for many have allowed themselves to become blinded by the lies of lucifer and so lead many of My children away from Me towards the gates of everlasting fire.
Wake up, now, My little ones, and see the Truth. Look at My Gospels, look at My Commandments, see My Laws, see My Truth. Die to self, children, and overcome the lies of this world and come, follow Me. I am calling to you this day to turn away from self and see My Truth, My Love, My Peace and come, follow Me. I Love you, My little ones, I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Tuesday 20 September 2011

Come, beloved of My Heart, and listen to My calls. I am calling, children, ever calling for you to listen and come away from the dangers of this world. I Love you, My little children, and I ask that you follow in My Footsteps. I ask that you come follow Me in truth and do not allow this world to blind you any longer. Come, beloved of My Heart, and listen to My calls for there is little time left to you. You have not prepared for My Coming, for what is to come. Wake up, now, before it is too late. Shake off the shackles of this world, turn away from sin and see My Truth. I Love you, My little children, beloved of My Heart, and I cry out to you in these Words and ask you to see what I am saying. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
My children, I have given you many Words over these past times. Few of these Words have been taken on by you, My children. You have refused to look at the times that you live in.
Can you not see, My little ones, the danger that you are in?
Can you not see how sin is becoming an accepted part of your lives?
Can you not see the darkness as it descends upon this world?
Look in truth and see what is happening around you. This world that you live in is becoming godless. Even those that say they follow Me are being swept away in the tide of sin. So few are willing to look at the Truth. So few are going to be left after the Hand of My Father touches this earth. Only Truth will be left. Those that have fought for My Truth, those that have tried to die to themselves, those who have fought against the sins of this world: they are My Remnant.
My Remnant shall be those who have fought and died to the things of this world. Turn away, now, children, from the lies of this world and come, follow Me.
Open your eyes and accept My Truth into your hearts.
Deny yourselves the luxuries of this life and let the scales fall from your eyes so that you perceive My Truth, so that you can see how this world deceives you.
Come, My beloved children, repent of your evil ways and accept My Truth into your hearts. I Love you, My little children, I Love you. Come, follow Me. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Thursday 22 September 2011

Look and see what I am saying, My little ones.
Look into My Words and perceive My Truth, it is time to open your eyes and see for there is little time left to you.
I Love you, My children, and I call upon you in these times of great need to shake off the shackles of this world and come, follow Me.
Your brothers and sisters are in need and I call upon you to go out and help them.
Look at My Truth and see what I am saying: see the Light of My Love within My Scriptures and do not turn away from Me any longer.
I Love you, My little ones, I Love you and I call upon you to come, follow Me. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Friday 23 September 2011
Come, My beloved children, look at the Words I am giving to you, see their urgency. See what I am saying! Can you not see the danger that you are in? Look at how sin has become an accepted part of everyday life.
Look at the innocent who are being slaughtered within their mothers’ wombs.
Look at how the evil one advertises sex in every part of your lives!
Can you not see, children, the more that he advertises, the more innocent are slaughtered?
Open your eyes and look at the Truth: you are being deceived; you do not protect the innocent. In free will you accept his ways, you fornicate and do not wish to accept the innocent life that this brings forth and so in your blindness you destroy it. These children of Mine cry out to Me at every second of every day for justice.
Will you continue the slaughter?
What would you do in My position, children, as you hear your children being murdered?
Where are you, My children?
Are you protecting them?
Where is My Church?
Are you protecting them?
And this is only one grave sin that you ignore.
Look at how many others you ignore.
Can you not see the darkness that you are in?
I am Coming, children, and I am Coming soon to destroy this darkness.
Will you be a part of it when I Come?
Remember, all darkness shall be removed.
Wake up, I say and do not ignore the lies of your lives any longer! Turn away from sin and come, follow Me for I am Returning and this earth shall be returned to the purity of its Creator; all untruth shall be destroyed and this earth shall rejoice in the Light of Truth, in the Light of its God, its Creator, once again.
Open your eyes and see the Truth; discard the falsities of this world and come, follow Me for I am all that matters. I am the Creator, the life-giver, the force of all Love and I am also the God of Truth and the God of Justice and I shall smite this earth and its evil ways with the Sword of My Truth and Justice.
I Love you, My little children, and these Words are the chances that I give you before the Great and Terrible Day of Justice falls upon this earth and all mankind. These are My Warnings to you. Soon you shall see My Spirit and He will open your hearts to My Truth and you shall know and My Warning shall be given for all mankind to see. A time shall be given and weighed upon the scales of justice. And if you do not repent of your evil ways you shall fall to the Blade of Truth. Come back to Me! Repent now! I Love you.
Saturday 24 September 2011

Look at the Truth, My little ones. You say that you follow Me, but, I ask you these questions.
Do you feed the hungry?
Do you clothe the naked?
Do you give the thirsty a drink of water?
Have you visited Me in prison?
Do you see Me in your brother when I am in need?
Do you look to Me in truth?
Can you see Me in those that you meet?
Do you truly follow Me?
Do you look to the good of others before yourself?
Do you see what I am showing you in these Words?
Do you know My Path?
I ask you these questions, children, before it is too late for, so many say that they follow Me in these times and I say: you do not. You go to Mass on a Sunday and this is how you follow Me: one small period of time in a week.
Look in truth, children, ask yourselves the question:
Do I follow Jesus in the way that He has asked of Me?
I Love you, My children, and I say these things because I Love you.
Wake up out of your blindness and see what I am saying. Look at this world that you live in, see the darkness of sin that surrounds you. You are in great danger and I call you back into the safety of My Fold. Come, beloved children of My Heart, and see the Truth of the Words that I speak. Do not ignore Me any longer for there are few Warnings left to give. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Thursday 29 September 2011

Come, beloved children of My Heart. I call out, once again, for you to follow the Path of Truth. I need you, My little ones, this is why I repeat My Words so often for you are not listening to My calls. This world falls further and further into darkness as each day goes by and you are oblivious to your own peril.
I Love you, My beloved children, and I call and call upon you to listen to My Words. If you do not wish to believe these Words, read My Scripture and perceive the times that you now live in.
Go out, My children, into the darkness and help your brothers and sisters by loving them with My Love. I Love you, My little ones, and I need you in this Work of Salvation. I Love you and I await your answer to My call. I Love you.
Patrick: I have been trying to do as You have said, Jesus, and I have to say it is true. The more that we deny self, the easier it becomes to fight against the things of this world. I have found over these past weeks that the things that I get tempted with are losing their power over me.
As you know, any time I feel a temptation I look and feel for Your Presence, Your Peace within me and the temptation dissipates very quickly. I know it is early days yet but I really feel the change within. I feel more at peace within myself and closer to You. It is hard to go against self and step upon this Path but all I can explain is that we have to get ourselves in to the ‘mindset’ and be determined to battle no matter what comes against us. It is like giving up cigarettes, sugar in your tea, chocolate, alcohol or biting your nails: you have to be determined to do it. My driving force in this is that I am doing something for Jesus.
Giving of ourselves: this is the greatest gift that we can give to Him. It is proving our love for Him by showing Him that we are determined to die to something that has become a part of our lives. Yes, it is difficult and painful to do these things but it is our sacrifice to Him who has Sacrificed everything for us.
Yes, My son, these Words are true but I ask that you show more of yourself to Me, the more that you allow My Light to shine within, the more the darkness of this world will dissipate. Do not just rely on relinquishing a little. What I ask is that you and My children become Warriors of Love. The more you are determined, the more the darkness dissipates within and the more I will be able to replace it with My Love.
I need you to become the Beacons of My Light, My Love, so that you can shine into the darkness of this world for no darkness can stand before the Light. This, My children, is how you become My Hands, My Feet and My Lips for, when you die to the things of this world then you become empty vessels where My Father and I can reside.
Come, beloved children of My Heart, and take on these Words; throw off the burdens of this world and come, follow Me. Be the Army of Love that I am calling you to be and do not be afraid.
I Love you, My beloved children, and I Bless you as you walk this Path and I shall reside within you and you shall know Me, you shall know My Love. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.
Friday 30 September 2011
Patrick: I did not understand until now that it is only through fighting self that we find peace. I always looked on the fight as hassle and so I always tried half-heartedly. I have found out that half-hearted attempts on this Journey do not work. We must throw our entire selves into it and be willing to look at the Truth. We must be willing to look within ourselves and find out what the blocks are between us and Jesus.
Remember, we humans are liars and we tell most lies to ourselves in order not to walk the Path of Truth. But, once we do begin to walk this Path, we will find the Peace that surpasses all understanding. I know it is early days for me to be talking for I could fall at any time but, as long as I put my trust in and draw my strength from Jesus, I feel as though I will be able to walk it. I have found that when I have any thoughts or temptation comes against me, I can drive them out by looking within for that inner Peace and whatever has come against me dissipates very quickly.
You must always look to the Truth, My little ones, and be willing to find the blocks within self. The more that you are willing to look, the more the scales will fall from your eyes and the easier this Journey will become. I need your hands, your feet and your lips in order to do this Work but you cannot do it if you are carrying the baggage of this world.
You cannot produce good fruit until you have died to the things that hold you back from Me.
I Love you, My beloved children, and I ask for your help in this Work of Salvation.
Come, take My Hand and walk upon this Journey of Truth with Me. I Love you.
Patrick: Thank You, Jesus, I love You.


I know we always seem to be asking for money; we are sorry but, we have nowhere else to turn but you. Once again, the bills in the Houses of Prayer are mounting up, we would not ask but Jesus has said to us that we must be humble and look to you, His people, for help.
Please, please do not feel under any pressure to give for we know that you have already given so much. Remember, if you cannot help financially then please pray that Jesus’ Plans come to fruition. We thank you from the depths of our hearts and we ask you for your ongoing prayer so that what Jesus is asking for will be fulfilled in all the Houses of Prayer and the Words that He speaks to the world.
As we can read in the Messages, He is calling out for helpers in this mission. Sin has become so rife in the world at this time and there are so few who are willing to help Jesus help His children. So do not be afraid to come forward if you are willing to help work within the Houses of Prayer. We would be only too grateful for any help that you can give. God Bless and thank you again in Jesus’ Name.
We are nineteen thousand pounds in debt within the House. The greater part of this has been brought about by: the upkeep of the Houses, rent, printing, mailing and the Newsletter. Thank you for any help you can give.
In Jesus’ Name,
The two Patricks.


Pope John Paul II

On Monday 5 September we celebrated the Feast of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta here at the Sacred Heart House of Prayer. Jesus asked us to remember her and gave us this day for doing that. Mother Teresa was an example to us all and we should strive to imitate her life in some way. She gave all to Jesus and didn’t count the cost.
A ‘real mother of the poor’ always ‘steeped in prayer’
On Sunday 19 October, 2003, the Holy Father raised Mother Teresa of Calcutta to the honours of the altar, presiding at the Mass for her beatification in Saint Peter’s Square, with an estimated three hundred thousand faithful participating. In his Homily, the Pope praised this diminutive woman of Albanian descent (1910-1997), who founded the Missionaries of Charity to help “the poorest of the poor” in whose broken bodies she saw Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Pope said that he has always felt beside him this courageous woman, who throughout her life strove “to be the servant of all.” He ended by calling on the Virgin Mary to help us, like Mother Teresa, “to serve every person we meet with joy and a smile,” and “to be missionaries of Christ, our peace and our hope.” The following is the Pope’s Homily, delivered in Italian and in English.
The Good Samaritan
1. “Whoever would be first among you must be slave of all” (Mk10:44). Jesus’ words to his disciples that have just rung out in this Square show us the way to evangelical “greatness.” It is the way walked by Christ Himself that took Him to the Cross: a journey of love and service that overturns all human logic. To be the servant of all!
Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Foundress of the Missionaries of Charity whom today I have the joy of adding to the Roll of the Blesseds, allowed this logic to guide her. I am personally grateful to this courageous woman whom I have always felt beside me. Mother Teresa, an icon of the Good Samaritan, went everywhere to serve Christ in the poorest of the poor. Not even conflict and war could stand in her way.
Every now and then she would come and tell me about her experiences in her service to the Gospel values. I remember, for example, her pro-life and anti-abortion interventions, even when she was awarded the Nobel Prize for peace (Oslo, 10 December 1979). She often used to say: “If you hear of some woman who does not want to keep her child and wants to have an abortion, try to persuade her to bring him to me. I will love that child, seeing in him the sign of God’s love”.
Mother Teresa reminds us all that evangelization passes through love
2. Is it not significant that her beatification is taking place on the very day on which the Church celebrates World Mission Sunday? With the witness of her life, Mother Teresa reminds everyone that the evangelizing mission of the Church passes through charity, nourished by prayer and listening to God’s word. Emblematic of this missionary style is the image that shows the new Blessed clasping a child’s hand in one hand while moving her Rosary beads with the other.
Contemplation and action, evangelization and human promotion: Mother Teresa proclaimed the Gospel living her life as a total gift to the poor but, at the same time, steeped in prayer.
Mother Teresa gave constantly and without counting the cost.
3. “Whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant” (Mk 10:43). With particular emotion we remember today Mother Teresa, a great servant of the poor, of the Church and of the whole world. Her life is a testimony to the dignity and the privilege of humble service. She had chosen to be not just the least but to be the servant of the least. As a real mother to the poor, she bent down to those suffering various forms of poverty. Her greatness lies in her ability to give without counting the cost, to give “until it hurts”. Her life was a radical living and a bold proclamation of the Gospel.
Fertile soil in her heart
The cry of Jesus on the Cross, “I thirst” (Jn 19:28), expressing the depth of God’s longing for man, penetrated Mother Teresa’s soul and found fertile soil in her heart. Satiating Jesus’ thirst for love and for souls in union with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, had become the sole aim of Mother Teresa’s existence and the inner force that drew her out of herself and made her “run in haste” across the globe to labour for the salvation and the sanctification of the poorest of the poor.
Mother Teresa served Christ hidden in the poor
4. “As you did to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me” (Mt 25:40). This Gospel passage, so crucial in understanding Mother Teresa’s service to the poor, was the basis of her faith-filled conviction that in touching the broken bodies of the poor she was touching the body of Christ. It was to Jesus himself, hidden under the distressing disguise of the poorest of the poor, that her service was directed. Mother Teresa highlights the deepest meaning of service — an act of love done to the hungry, thirsty, strangers, naked, sick, prisoners (cf. Mt 25:34-36) is done to Jesus himself.
A sign of God’s love
Recognizing him, she ministered to him with wholehearted devotion, expressing the delicacy of her spousal love. Thus, in total gift of herself to God and neighbour, Mother Teresa found her greatest fulfilment and lived the noblest qualities of her femininity. She wanted to be a sign of “God’s love, God’s presence and God’s compassion”, and so remind all of the value and dignity of each of God’s children, “created to love and be loved”. Thus was Mother Teresa “bringing souls to God and God to souls” and satiating Christ’s thirst, especially for those most in need, those whose vision of God had been dimmed by suffering and pain.
Mother Teresa saw Christ in the poorest of the poor
5. “The Son of man also came... to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mk 10:45). Mother Teresa shared in the Passion of the Crucified Christ in a special way during long years of “inner darkness.” For her that was a test, at times an agonizing one, which she accepted as a rare “gift and privilege.”
In the darkest hours she clung even more tenaciously to prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. This harsh spiritual trial led her to identify herself more and more closely with those whom she served each day, feeling their pain and, at times, even their rejection. She was fond of repeating that the greatest poverty is to be unwanted, to have no one to take care of you.
Mother Teresa, in love with God, tireless benefactor of humanity
6. “Lord, let your mercy be on us, as we place our trust in you.” How often, like the Psalmist, did Mother Teresa call on her Lord in times of inner desolation: “In you, in you I hope, my God!”
Let us praise the Lord for this diminutive woman in love with God, a humble Gospel messenger and a tireless benefactor of humanity. In her we honour one of the most important figures of our time. Let us welcome her message and follow her example.
Virgin Mary, Queen of all the Saints, help us to be gentle and humble of heart like this fearless messenger of Love. Help us to serve every person we meet with joy and a smile. Help us to be missionaries of Christ, our peace and our hope. Amen!
Taken from L’Osservatore Romano, Weekly Edition in English, 22 October 2003


Quotation by Blessed Mother Teresa
“At the end of our lives, we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made or how many great things we have done. We will be judged by ‘I was hungry and you gave Me to eat. I was naked and you clothed Me. I was homeless and you took Me in.’
Hungry not only for bread - but hungry for love.
Naked not only for clothing - but naked of human dignity and respect.
Homeless not only for want of a room of bricks - but homeless because of rejection.
This is Christ in distressing disguise.”


Chance of redemption
For as through the one man’s disobedience the many were made sinners, even so through the obedience of the One, the many will be made righteous. Romans 5:19
What a beautiful, inspiring and very deep piece of Scripture. Here, Saint Paul speaks of Adam’s fall and the subsequent original sin and he speaks of Jesus’ Sacrifice and the justification for many. Through Jesus’ obedience to His Father’s Will, all are offered the chance of Redemption.
Follow in His Footsteps
Throughout the Scriptures, Jesus calls us all to be like Him. We are to follow in His Footsteps. He came first to show us how to live our lives.
If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me. Matthew 16:24
My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. John 10:27
To follow Jesus is to do the things that He did, to live His Teachings. To die to ourselves so that He can work through us. This is what His Apostles did and, because they did this, many came to know and love God. Many lives were changed and there were many conversions. Just look at Saint Paul! Before he became a Christian, he was their persecutor. Look at how his life changed because Jesus’ followers were willing to die to themselves and preach the Gospel of Love.
Hide it under a bushel
As Christians, followers of Christ, this is exactly what we are called to do. We have not been given Light to hide it under a bushel but to put it on a lampstand so that all may see it. These lights are like lighthouses warning of danger, they are guides lighting the Path to Jesus. Sometimes all one has to do is see the Light in order to know which way to go. The light itself does nothing except shine. Everyone that is in the dark will gravitate towards the Light.
More evil than good
In these days there seems to be so much more evil than good. It is the time of self where even us followers of Jesus are so full of our own needs and wants and demands of life that there is very little time to do Gods Work. I am talking about basic things that were prevalent in the hearts of everyday Christians, even forty or fifty years ago. The fruits of the Holy Spirit which come from a basic love of God, such as kindness, willingness to help others, love, caring about our neighbours, being generous with our time, visiting the elderly and making sure they are ok, being available to give a helping hand when someone needs it. None of us seem to have time for anyone anymore. We all rush about doing our own little things in our own little lives. Is it any wonder the world is the way it is now?
Not even one
In Her Message, given in La Salette, Our Lady said that in the end times there was not even one who could offer a pure sacrifice to the Father. Not even one! Yet there are all the Houses of Prayer, all the servants in them, though vocations are dying, there are still religious and there are millions who say that they are Christians. So why is the whole world in such a dark state? Why is the darkness sweeping across this earth encompassing all in its path?
Love has grown cold
It certainly feels like it is the end times. Love has grown cold and we seem to be overcome by the darkness. But why? Why are we swamped by this darkness? On Wednesday 17 March 1999, Jesus said, “…I have desired to Love in a deeply intimate way, the way that comes from My own Heart. I wish to pierce the deepest centre of men’s hearts with My Love. I wish to Touch them with the Light that I am, but this is the time for coldness. The enemy has been allowed to penetrate deep into these children who are blind…”
A lie
I can only speak for myself here. I claim to be a Christian. I profess, by my commitment to the Way of the Sacred Heart that I am living the Way of the Sacred Heart in my daily life, that is the Way of Truth, the Way of Love, the Way of obedience, the Way of humility, the Way of dying to self. What can I say except that for the most part my commitment is a lie. The Saints of old who lived for Jesus were as great beacons of light guiding many to Jesus; this is because what they did they did in truth. They died to themselves and Jesus was able to work miracles through them because it was no longer they that lived but Jesus that lived through them. They did only what Jesus wanted them to do.
Truly committed
I honestly believe that, for most of us, if we looked into our hearts in truth we would see that we care only for our own selfish lives and definitely, for myself, I see very little dying to self. Maybe this is the answer to the darkness we now find ourselves in. With Jesus, one person can bring so much good to this world and dispel the darkness. One heart, truly committed to Jesus, can touch thousands. A heart committed to Jesus will look at the truth within them for it is only in looking to the Truth that we can begin this Journey towards Him. It is only in looking at the truth that we can begin to see the things that keep us back from Jesus and begin dying to them. We must remember here the Words of Saint Margaret Mary, “...when you have a rest from dying to self and allow the tiniest bit of comfort, then self invades and the battle against it is lost. What you do not realise is that each time that self is denied, then in proportion, a part of the soul comes alive…” It is this part that lives that Jesus can use.
Begin dying
A good way to begin dying to self is to see Jesus in everyone we meet. Then we begin to see everyone else as greater than ourselves and our own selves become less and less important.
As Jesus said, “…The person that you turned from your door was Me, My child. The person that you did not give water and food to was Me, child. The person that you cheated, that you ignored, that you hit, that you killed, was Me, My child. You did not see Me needing your love. The person that you abused was Me. Just as you did when you mocked Me, spit at Me and Crucified Me.
When will you see, you who search for Me? It is in loving your neighbour that you love Me. You come to seek Forgiveness from Me, yet your own heart is full of hatred towards your fellow man. Think of your enemy, children, that enemy is Me. It is Me that you hate…” Sunday 9 May 1994
Revolution of Love
By even realising these things and being conscious not to do them, we are beginning the Revolution of Love within our own homes. This spreads to our families and from them to their friends and all that they may meet. By taking these small steps we are becoming the Army of Love that Jesus so desires. It is only in doing these things that we will begin to fight the darkness with Light.
But one thing we must be very clear on; the change starts with me, with you, with each individual of us. I finish this article with an extract from a Message which sums up what I am trying to say.
Jesus speaks
“If only, My son, men could see that dying to themselves would bring them closer to this Heart. If they could see that there is no other life but with Me then this Sorrow of Mine would not overtake Me. If they could see that there is nothing lost when they give of themselves but much is gained. Each little sacrifice made is a great step towards Me. I am drawn, by My Father, closer to the soul who is dying to self.
Be not hypocrites, mankind, do not show the world your fasting and sacrifice but let it remain hidden in Me. Let it only be offered to Me for it is the beginning of Life, it is the beginning of loving Me. Create for yourself, and for Me, a place of solitude and silence within you and I will build a temple where you can worship Me and learn from this Humble Heart. I will strike down the self within you that opposes Me and I will create a new life within you. This is My desire, this is why I speak these Words. Become an empty vessel so that I can fill you with Myself, so that I can create within you a place where the Son of Man can lay down His Head. I wish to create an infinite number of souls in this Way so that they could become an Army of Love. I wish to give much Love to each little soul who would begin to die in this way that I am showing so that they could give it to others. I would wish to devour evil in this way as the locust destroys many fields of plant life in their zest for life. If many would follow this way then My Sorrow would be much lessened.
These little souls would become refuges of Love. But this Love would be a pure Love like that of Francis.
Come and allow this intimacy to take place for sin burns Me like a fire for I am consumed with Love for mankind. I am consumed in this fire that never goes out, so much is My Love for all mankind.
Let these Words spark a little fire in you, My son, so that I could begin this consummation within you, that at this time and in the secret of My Heart, you can be consumed by the Flames of My Heart. I wish for you to burn in this Knowledge of My Heart so that the world could be caught by the Fire that you will cause. Many will not listen to you and you will be persecuted by them, more so, than you are now.” Wednesday 17 March 1999
Weekend With the Patricks


The enemy has so many subtle ways to attack us, doesn’t he? I’ve never been tempted to rob a bank or steal someone’s husband or kill someone but whenever I am trying to serve Jesus in some way the enemy fills my mind with negative thoughts and fears.
I worried
The first year I thought of offering to go and help man a House of Prayer in Europe it was very hard to make the decision – I was worried about my husband’s health (he had recently discovered skin cancer) – perhaps it would get worse while I was away. I worried about the financial situation of the little charity which I founded over thirty years ago, to provide a playground as a refuge for children at risk, or in need, and some respite for parents of disabled children. (See article, ‘Not just a nice place to play’ page 19.)
This has always been run on a shoestring, with minimal administrative costs but an increase in the number of employees, coupled with threats of cuts to our grants from the local authority was making life very difficult financially for the charity.
Absence of a month
I was also very busy trying to raise enough funds to pay for a new building at the playground as well as cover wages costs.
I feared that an absence of a month could jeopardise our funding by delaying applications for cash – or perhaps I might miss an offer of help with funding. There could also be an emergency or problem at the playground and I would not be on hand to help in any way.
Perhaps I’d miss
Half our grown up children live with the grand children about a seven hour drive from our home – so we don’t see them so often – perhaps I’d miss a visit from them.
A bit rusty
My French, unused for years, was a bit rusty, suppose I couldn’t make myself understood?
What if the weather was extremely hot, or suddenly cold, or very wet – I couldn’t possibly take enough clothes for every eventuality.
What if the person sent to accompany me was difficult to live with? I’d be stuck there with her, unable to escape.
Bored me
Routine has always bored me but I knew there would be prayer times at regular intervals – how on earth would I adjust to that?
Expected him to object
My husband is not interested in hearing about the Messages from Jesus and I expected him to object or put obstacles in the way of my going away for a month, as in forty four years we have only been apart for one three week period.
Suppose he agreed but was then lonely and looked for female company elsewhere!!
Ridiculous in retrospect
All these fears seemed ridiculous in retrospect but they were very real at the time. After much thought (and not enough prayer) I finally decided to put it all in Gods Hands and trust Him to look after everything. Well, I thought, if He wants me to serve Him in this way surely He will take care of all the “problems” which I foresaw – or which the enemy so carefully suggested to me.
God sorted everything
And He did! God sorted everything as only He knows how.
To my astonishment my husband was ok about my going – no negative remarks and he even gave me some extra cash in case it was needed – it wasn’t but I appreciated the gesture.
His skin cancer was treated and cleared up remarkably well.
The charity received an extraordinary boost to its funds when a representative from a big national charity visited and offered to pay for our new building – approximately ninety four thousand pounds– without my having asked for this even.
There were no emergencies or problems which needed my help at the playground – they managed fine without me (as I knew they would really but the enemy loves to worry me unnecessarily).
Quite adequate
The children and grandchildren weren’t planning to visit that month. After a few days in France my French vocabulary, though unused for so long, came floating back to surface and proved quite adequate for my needs – we actually managed to make ourselves understood very well with the local people we met and we were invited in for coffee and biscuits by one lonely old lady who lived nearby.
The weather was similar to any British summer – my few clothes were quite adequate.
Wanting to serve Jesus
In spite of the age group (my companion was the same age as my daughter) we shared the common aim of wanting to serve Jesus; and although, inevitability, there were the occasional differences of opinion; we knew that speaking the truth to each other would clear the air and restore peace.
I appreciated, too, this unique opportunity to learn from someone, taught by Jesus, via the two Patricks, all about this new order the Way of the Sacred Heart!
It was very good for me to learn not to always take the initiative (as I have been in leadership and management roles most of my life, plus being a mother of four children) but sometimes to wait and find out what God wants first!
It was quite refreshing not being in a leadership position and not having to be in control and make all the decisions – and I actually felt mentally very rested after a month away from all my usual responsibilities. Even the routine of regular prayer times began to grow on me and suddenly the traditional old monastic rules – which balance physical work, study and prayer – all made sense. I never make enough time for prayer at home and it was wonderful to have the space and peace to do this.
In my absence
Nothing dreadful happened in my absence – my husband had a surfeit of cheese sandwiches, as he doesn’t cook much, but he survived of course – none of the feared problems materialised, they were all obviously (now) just inventions of the enemy to stop me from going.
Unexpected bonuses
There were some unexpected bonuses – all the beautiful wild flowers and walks in the surrounding open countryside, the wonderfully fresh air (far from any industrial sites) new friendships begun with the local French people, frequent opportunities for getting to Mass at the Abbey, a five minute walk away, and many other unexpected little gifts from Jesus.
Three times now
I have been to Europe three times now; to France at L’Absie, Saint Maximilian House of Prayer, twice; to Poland once at Saint Stanislaus (the language was a bit of a challenge as I didn’t speak any Polish) and I’m looking forward to going again somewhere soon.
Trust God more Now that I have learnt to trust God more to take care of everything and not to listen to all the worries the enemy would put into my head, it’s a lot easier to decide to go. It’s never convenient - always other responsibilities to consider – but it is always rewarding – and if it pleases Jesus, that is my greatest reward and the only One needed.


In light of previous Messages on judging we are printing this article because it is a good example of how we never know what goes on in people’s lives.
Always the last to leave
I always wondered why twelve year old Gina came everyday and always arrived so early at the adventure playground with her four little brothers and sisters and why she was always the last to leave at tea time. So one day I asked her ‘are your mum and dad out at work all day, Gina?’
She looked at me in surprise. ‘No, mum left home just before Christmas, she doesn’t live with us anymore, just dad and he’s at home all day.’
‘But how come you are out all day then with the others?’ (the brothers were ten and eight and the sisters were six and three years old.)
‘Oh, dad doesn’t want us in the house – he says we mess it up after he’s cleaned it, so I have to look after them all outside and keep them clean.’
The big bruise
This explained why she looked so panic stricken when her three year old sister got some paint on her dress. It also explained the big bruise on her arm the next day.
When I asked she said, ‘dad hit me with the broom handle.’ Apparently that was normal behaviour from him – she sounded quite matter of fact.
This was in the 1970’s. Child Protection (or safeguarding) procedures weren’t so carefully formulated as they are now but when it was obvious that a child had a ‘non accidental’ injury we did report it to the appropriate authorities.
Neglect and abuse
With many children who visited our playground however it wasn’t always obvious physical abuse so it was harder to deal with. Like the five year old whose parents failed to collect him in the early evening and so we had to take him home before it was dark. It wasn’t until several years later that we learned that both his parents were alcoholics and that he had been terrified of their lodger who abused him in their absence. When he became a famous local car thief in his teens I wondered whether anyone who saw him in court would have any idea of the neglect and abuse in his early years. There was no sign of it on his innocent little face as a child.
Bruises and scars would, of course, alert you to possible abuse, especially when a child gave ‘unlikely reasons’ for them - or refused to say anything - it was obvious some were told to say nothing but others showed no visible marks but might be excessively timid, anxious or withdrawn and very nervous with any strange adults.
His video
Another small boy who displayed very precocious and inappropriate sexual behaviour with little girls had, we later found out, been shown pornographic videos by his own father. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it, but it’s not uncommon. Another father allowed his sons to borrow his video which was about adult sexual abuse of a child. One of these boys later became addicted to heroin and spent some time in prison. We never knew whether he was sexually abused as a child but I know people working with addicts say that drug abuse often starts as a way of blotting out painful memories.
The adventure playground that we set up for these children hopefully gave them some respite from the stress of being at home with parents who were often abusing drugs or alcohol and who themselves had often had abusive and neglectful parents.
The true situation
One little boy, who indulged in random impulsive attacks on other small children, had, we later found out, been regularly thrashed with a leather belt by his father. Where would his anger lead him, I wondered, if he later had children of his own? So often we did not find out the true situation in their homes until years later, when a neighbour or relative might disclose something in conversation.
One boy, who seemed very disturbed, lived with his heroin addict mother and was prostituted by her in order to pay for her ‘fix.’
No visible signs
Our Lord Jesus knows all about these children and why they needed somewhere safe to play. But it is difficult to convince others of the need when there are often no visible signs of abuse or neglect and the children have been bribed or threatened into silence, or worse, have been convinced that what they suffer is normal.
At the playground
I’d like to believe that these sad situations were rare, a thing of the past, but unfortunately they are still prevalent today. Some children are referred to us by their social workers, who know some of their story but rarely the whole picture – which rarely emerges until there is a crisis or a murder.
All we can do at the playground is to provide a refuge, a place where they can play in a relaxed environment, with adult supervision which hopefully offers a positive model of a more gentle and balanced approach to life.


There has been a lot of coverage in the UK news about the new abortion counselling amendment to the Health Bill. No one knew whether it was good or bad as it was difficult to tell how the outcome of the counselling would be.
Not all Pro-Life groups supported this amendment which has now been defeated by 368 votes to 118. What has become clear is that the NHS would have lost millions of pounds if the amendment had gone through. And, as we all know, abortion is a multi-million pound industry. The government is very clever when it comes to money but doesn’t care about the lives of little babies.
Below is an extract from the SPUC website to give you an idea as to what was going on.
Pregnancy counselling and the Dorries/Field amendment 1 September 2011
Dear supporter,
There is a great deal of confusion and controversy over the pregnancy counselling amendment to the health bill (Health and Social Care Bill) being proposed by Mrs Nadine Dorries and Rt Hon. Frank Field. From the very outset, SPUC has expressed serious reservations about the amendment (see Pro-Life Times, p.1), and recent reports have deepened our concerns. At the heart of the matter are two key issues: one is the question of what the Dorries/Field amendments are seeking to do (and it is not at all clear what they are seeking to do), and the other is the question of whether Nadine Dorries and Frank Field are Pro-Life.
Who will the counsellors be
At one level the aim of the amendments is simple – to require GPs to offer pregnant women considering abortion the chance to have “independent” information, advice and counselling. But what will this consist of? Will the three elements (information, advice, counselling) be provided together, or separately? Who will the counsellors be? Will the information include where to obtain an abortion? Will it include sources of help to continue with a pregnancy? While Nadine Dorries and Frank Field have presented their aim as stopping BPAS and other abortion organisations from offering pregnancy counselling, their amendment would not in fact stop doctors referring women to abortion clinics for counselling as long as doctors mention independent counsellors too.
Supports the abortion act
The second issue of confusion is whether Nadine Dorries and Frank Field are Pro-Life – in the simple sense of wanting to save unborn lives. They are not making this very evident. Nadine Dorries repeatedly stresses in press interviews and on her internet blog that she is “pro-choice.” She supports the Abortion Act. She said she “would hate to see a return to the dark days of back-street operations.” She has also said: “I’ll say it again, no organisation which is paid for carrying out abortions and no organisation that thinks it’s appropriate to bring God into a counselling session with a vulnerable woman, should be allowed anywhere near the counselling room.”
Dangerous and foolish tactic
Some people think that she is just being clever. If so, this is a dangerous and foolish tactic. With powerful and well-resourced opponents in the pro-abortion lobby, she is liable to be held to account for such statements. For his part, Frank Field has refused to meet Pro-Life groups to discuss the proposals.


Advice and counselling
A parliamentary amendment that would have placed restrictions on abortion providers giving pregnancy counselling has been defeated by three hundred and sixty eight votes to one hundred and eighteen.
The Dorries and Field amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill proposed that “information, advice and counselling” could only be called independent when provided by “a private body that does not itself provide for the termination of pregnancies, or a statutory body,” and that those that did would make clear to any woman who approached them that alternatives were available. If successful, it would have cost groups such as Marie Stopes and BPAS multi-million pound contracts with the NHS.
Expected to fail
The amendment was put forward by Conservative Nadine Dorries and Labour’s Frank Field, but was expected to fail after the Cabinet refused to give its support.
However, three Cabinet members – Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, Iain Duncan Smith, Work and Pensions Secretary, and Owen Paterson, Northern Ireland Secretary – voted in favour of it.
Drop the amendment
In the Commons Mr Field asked Mrs Dorries to drop the amendment in light of a Government promise to hold a consultation and then a debate. He also said he had put his name on the amendment but, “for reasons unknown,” it had been taken off.
Before the vote Mrs Dorries had accused the Coalition of “covert whipping” after Health Minister Anne Milton sent a letter to all MPs detailing why the Department of Health was against the proposals, and stating that all health ministers would oppose the amendment if it came to a vote.
Welcome any restrictions
Mrs Dorries said it put pressure on Tory MPs, and accused Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg of blackmailing Mr Cameron by saying Lib Dem MPs would not vote for the bill if her amendment was supported.
She said: “Nick Clegg has put pressure on the Prime Minister; the Prime Minister is putting pressure on MPs.”
Mr Fox was the most prominent backer of the amendment. He said: “I would certainly want to support any amendments that saw the number of abortions fall in Britain. I think the level is far too high. I would certainly welcome any restrictions which enable people to think twice and get objective advice, [though] I would actually want to see what the amendments specifically are.”
Would not back the amendment
Support for the Dorries proposal had been lukewarm among Pro-Life groups. The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) said it would not back the amendment because there was no evidence it would lead to a reduction in the abortion rate.
Olivia Darby of the Pro-Life Alliance said the amendment carried “many real risks.” She said: “What is important at this stage is the Department of Health’s forthcoming consultation on abortion counselling.”
But Ed Rennie, clerk to the parliamentary Pro-Life group, said Pro-Life MPs would support it, adding: “It will be a shame if David Cameron got cold feet on such a modest measure. The abortion lobby campaign has been underhand and built this straw man of religious counsellors bringing God into non-directional counselling… “ Dorries amendment has very wide public support.


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Feast of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
We celebrated Mother Teresa’s Feast Day on Monday 5 September. We had the usual Community Prayers. Two servants shared their thoughts on her life of selflessness and charity. She was a humble, simple soul, who was tireless in her work for Jesus, a great example for us all.
Birthday of Mary the Mother of God
The Day commenced with us remembering our Mother’s Birthday through prayer and song. Mary was chosen by God from before the beginning of time to be the Mother of the Saviour, Gods only begotten Son. One of the servants spoke of how, down through the centuries, Mary has visited many places bringing the Message of Salvation to mankind. Always present and willing, a special advocate helping to bring us, Her children, to Jesus. Many have come back to God through visiting Her Apparition sites and through the Rosary.
“Look now, little ones, time is short and you have not taken on the Teaching of My Son, Jesus.
I have spoken in oh so many places upon this earth to call you back to the Ways of the Gospel Truths but you do not listen to My calls, My Pleadings.
Simply come and see the Truth in these Words that My Son has allowed to be passed to you through Me and the Angels and the Saints. Do not take these Words for granted as you have done so many times in the past. I Love you, children, and I come in these Words to call you for time is short and you do not realise it. In Scriptures you have been told of the happenings of the last times but you refuse to look and see.
I would ask that before you dismiss these Words you take the time to check and see.
Peoples, I will speak the Truth. If you do not return, three quarters of life that you now see upon the earth will cease to exist. There will be great devastation unparalleled from the beginning of time. Unuttered silence comes forth from the Breath of the Father. Calamity will reign. Fire shall sweep the earth; disease, pestilence, famine. Grasp now this Warning. Warning after Warning I have given but you refuse to take on the Warnings. I Love you, My little children.”
From Mary, Tuesday 13 February 1996
We ask Her intercession
Another servant spoke of Mary who always said yes “Thy Will be done.” She is an example to us of a mother and wife. When Jesus was Dying He gave us His Mother. She brings and guides us to meet people, other Christians, prayer groups, invites us to visit Shrines like Lourdes, Garabandal, Međugorje and other such places. Looking back on our lives, we can often see Her guidance towards our chosen path. She did not have an easy life, She suffered. Mary is truthful, without sin, gentle, loving, has a great peace, She carried Jesus. On this Day we ask Her intercession and help for us to say “yes” to Jesus that His Will may be done in us.
Feast of the Exaltation and Triumph of the Cross
On this special Day of song and prayer, the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary and the Stations of the Cross meditations given by Jesus were read, helping us to, once again, realize and recognise the Pain and Suffering Jesus went through for each of us, to atone for our sinfulness. By His Wounds we are healed. A servant spoke of the Cross. To him it symbolises Love, Forgiveness, comfort and consolation. Whenever he visits somebody’s home or when visiting another country, if he sees a Cross on a wall or somewhere he feels comfort and feels reassurance of being in a Christian environment. His wearing of the Cross is not a fashion statement but a testimony of his beliefs.
Do it all over again
Although the Cross was a great Suffering for Jesus He Loves us so much He would endure it all again. As He says:
“...But still I would do it all over again even for one of you. My Love Burns incessantly for you. I cannot explain in your words My Love for you. But there is no greater giving than to lay your life down for a friend and I call you My friends. I Love you and shall never stop calling to you. I Love you, listen. Listen now to My calls, My Words. I, your Jesus, Love you.”
Another speaker shared on how her sister became a Catholic and passed on the faith to her. She felt drawn to become a nun. As time passed she felt she was not fully prepared in the noviciate and started doubting her vocation because the life was very hard but felt Jesus wanted her to stay where she was.
Eventually she was transferred to England where she met an Irish priest on this particular Feast Day and had a personal conversion. Another Irish priest explained the depth of the Cross which deepened her faith and understanding of hardships. She left the convent because of the worldly ways of the Order and felt this was leading her away rather than to Jesus. She met the Patricks in 1995 and knew within her heart that God was talking through them. She has since become a servant in “The Way of the Sacred Heart.”
The day drew to a close with much silence, prayer, thanksgiving and praise.


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The Destruction of the Innocent
Take action
Jesus has told us that He will take action in the world when lucifer oversteps the bounds of free will. He spoke in a recent Message as part of ‘The Way of Truth’ on 13 April 2011:
“I will strike this earth with My Justice and cleanse all evil from it. My little ones who are being born now are being born into families that have been deceived by the lies of this world. They have not been given a chance to know Me and My Ways. Laws are being created that are abominations in My sight and so I must come in My Love to help My little ones.”
Oppression of Christians
I see by what is happening in the world and the laws that are being brought in that it won’t be long before Jesus Comes to cleanse the world. In the last few years we have seen the oppression of Christians, those who have tried to stand up for the Truth being taken to court and fined or even imprisoned for their religious beliefs.
Cannot accept
We have seen the legalisation of same sex civil partnerships and the sacking of those who refuse to do them. Catholic adoption agencies have had to close because they cannot accept it as morally right for homosexual couples to adopt children.
Banned God
While, as in the case of Eunice and Owen Johns, if you don’t agree with homosexuality you cannot foster children. Also the latest one I have heard from America is that officials from the Government have banned God and the use of Jesus’ Holy Name at funerals and in general in a cemetery in Houston, Texas!
Sex education
But even more sinister in these times is the sex education they are trying to make compulsory in all schools and organisations who deal with children. The governments are trying to take away the rights of parents over their children so they can all be tainted with the lies of lucifer. Already in Germany parents have been jailed for refusing to let their children attend immoral sex education classes.
Graphic images
Chris Bryant a UK MP has introduced a bill which removes the rights of parents to take their children out of the lessons. This bill would also remove the requirement for schools to be told that sex education must be age appropriate. This will increase the use of DVDs showing graphic images of sexual acts in schools. There have been reports already of the damaging effects this can have on children who have been shown this material as young as the age of seven!
Aimed at very young children also reported recently that Parents of primary-school children are furious that Nick Gibb, the schools’ minister, has told Parliament that he won’t stop schools from using an explicit sex education curriculum aimed at very young children during compulsory public school lessons.
Naked cartoon
The program at the heart of the controversy, “Living and Growing,” by state-owned broadcaster Channel 4, includes an episode that shows a naked cartoon couple pillow fighting before having sexual intercourse in several positions, as a narrator describes sex and its physical changes as “fun” and “very exciting.”
The episode appears in Unit Two, which is labelled for children aged seven to nine. ‘What they are trying to do then is put the explicit sex education content into the science lesson which is a compulsory lesson!
As Jesus said in ‘The Way of Truth’ Messages:
“The media and the governments of this world are now controlled by lucifer.
If you are willing to open your eyes and look you will see this for yourselves.
Their laws have become polluted with self and lead only to sin.
They force you into things that go against the Laws of your God.”
Funded by the UK
A new Curriculum for sex education has also been launched by pro-abortion groups at the United Nations and is being partly funded by the UK Department for International Development. SPUC have reported that some disturbing statements in the curriculum include:
Young people who believe in ‘traditional’ or ‘conservative’ gender roles …tend to have more sexual health problems.
Rigid gender norms… contribute to suicide, violence and many other social problems.
Marriage may also reinforce gender norms, including ways that are unfair and harmful.
Masturbation is a safe sexual behaviour. It is neither physically or mentally harmful.
It also proposes that schools should encourage pupils to join organisations that fight for sexual and reproductive rights, in other words abortion.
Does not promote purity
One of the latest attacks on the innocent child is another sex education programme called “My body, my choice” for the scouts. It has been designed in association with the pro-abortion group Brook. The group claim to be ‘promoting good sexual health within scouting.’ However, this is far from true. The leaflets promote harmful sexual practices and explain anal sex, encourage sexual activity and contraception. It does not promote purity, chastity or marriage or say that it is breaking the law to have sex under the age of sixteen, neither does it mention the many serious health risks associated with anal sex and the lack of protection condoms provide against these health risks.
More babies being aborted
SPUC reported that this campaign will lead to more babies being aborted, adolescent boys and girls being corrupted, will ‘turn one of the finest young peoples movements into a by-word for sexual license and perversion’ and allow the role of volunteer scout leaders to become ‘a magnet for individuals with a sexual interest in young people.’
Saint Paul has told us these things in Scripture:
“But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come…..But evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived”
2 Timothy 3: 1,13.
“God’s verdict is: that those who behave like this deserve to die - and yet they do it; and what is worse, encourage others to do the same“.
Romans 1: 31-32.
Sins of the flesh
The Meditation on the Scourging at the Pillar which Jesus gave for the Rosary comes to mind.
“…See how My Flesh was torn from My Body as I was hoisted, My little ones, they beat Me mercilessly. This, My children, is what I bore for you for the sins of the flesh, which are many upon the earth at this time. I tell you, My little ones, Sodom and Gomorrah was not like this earth as it is now. In no period of time has man turned from his God as he has in these times. Look, My little ones, and see the Truth...”


Betty and Bill Gallivan, 1519 Callender, Peoria, 11 61606 U.S.A
Tel: 309 676 5185 Fax: 309 676 5191 Email:


Thank Him
Blessings from the Mother of Love House of Prayer! This November is a perfect time to reflect upon our abundant blessings, and to remember to be “the one out of the ten” to return to Jesus and to thank Him.
This Thanksgiving (celebrated the fourth Thursday in November in the U.S.A.) I am especially grateful for the Gift from Jesus to have established His House of Prayer in our city! I am also thankful that Betty and Bill answered His call to set up the House and to keep it running day to day. They are truly an example of the “good and faithful servants.”
Encompasses all
The House is located in an older neighbourhood, in the middle of the block, in the middle of neighbours who are Bradley University students, Saint Mark parishioners, elderly couples, widows, families with children, and some people who live in the way of the world. The circle of prayer and love from the House encompasses all!
To help lift your heart
When visiting the Mother of Love House of Prayer, arriving at the front porch, you are greeted by Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, Saint Thérèse and, of course, Jesus on the Cross. Once you enter, you are surrounded by the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the Stations of the Cross, and many Saints and Angels to help lift your heart to Jesus and to enter into the spiritual life throughout the House. The atmosphere is peaceful but joyful. A reverent silence, as requested by Jesus, is observed on the stairs, the upstairs hallway and the large dining room.
Our mission
The Prayer Room is right at the top of the stairs. The sun shines through a beautiful stained glass window of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Above the handmade oak altar table hangs the large Crucifix given to Betty and Bill from the two Patricks. The dark framed King of Love picture is on one side of the Cross, and Mary, Patron of the Aborted, hangs on the other side. Mary, Patron of the Aborted, is a constant reminder of our mission from Jesus to pray to end abortion in our city, in our country and in our world. As Betty lovingly says, “This House belongs to Jesus!”
Daily prayer
As in Ireland, daily prayer is at noon, at 3pm, the Hour of Mercy, and at 6pm, the Hour of Justice. This prayer is the centre and the source of the work and service of this House. Bill hosts a Men’s Bible Study on Tuesday at 6:00 a.m.! (Yes, a.m.!!)
We are grateful for our most recent visitors, Ed, Mary Carol and Joan, all from Chicago! We thank God for all who visit and all who support and all who pray at the Mother of Love House of Prayer!
In need
This month also, let us all thank God for sending Our Blessed Mother to appear to Saint Catherine Laboure in 1830, and instructing her about the Miraculous Medal. The world even more now is in need of receiving many Graces from the Hands of Mary through this devotion and reciting often the Miraculous Medal prayer: “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.” Happy Feast Day, Saint Catherine Laboure (November 28.)
We thank You, God,
So, we thank You, God, with all our hearts for our two Patricks, their families, for all the Houses of Prayer around the world for all the servants in the Way of the Sacred Heart and all of our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.


Dom Modlitwy Im. Swietego Stanislaws, Wierzchoslswice 98, 59-420 Bolkow,
Regon 020495470, Poland. Tel: 0048 7574 60595

The Pleasure of Manning St Stanislaus

Our task
I had the pleasure of manning Saint Stanislaus House of Prayer for two weeks in September with a beautiful lady who loves Jesus. Our task was to prepare the House of Prayer for the pilgrims who would be arriving later on the day we would be leaving.
Out of my comfort zone
But, as we all know, Jesus likes to Teach and uses every available opportunity! I thought I was simply going to clean the House and make up beds but I had to quickly take responsibility for so many things with none of the servants I usually off load to. I was definitely out of my comfort zone but Jesus was there, just waiting to be asked for help and all was sorted with ease, thanks to Him!
Life in the countryside
The House hadn’t been manned for two months before we got there and I had to quickly adapt to life in the countryside!
A lot of the windows are rotten and there was lots of flies coming in through the holes. We got them cleared away but they returned the next sunny day.
The thick walls
The weather was pleasant outside every day we were there but inside was cold due to the thick walls of the House, which are really needed for keeping out the cold of the harsh winters there. We kept the big fire in the living room lit and it soon warmed up the whole House.
Familiar faces
I found, at the beginning in Wierzchosławice, the people looked at us as if we were weird in our efforts to be friendly but, by the end of our stay, our neighbours became familiar faces at Mass and on the bus to town, Bolków and we smiled at each other. I could see in their eyes love and kindness and I know their country has not had it easy having been invaded and oppressed from both sides by Russia and Germany.
Mass was on every evening at 6pm which was brilliant and a great way of becoming more familiar with the people and the language.
The language is a great barrier at times.
In the Eyes of Jesus
I suppose the highlight of this time away for me was what I learned from my companion, a non-servant. It was great for me to see the Gifts God had placed in her. I could see how loving she was with others and never failed to see them in the Eyes of Jesus. This was a great learning curve for me.
For example, there was a few young people in visiting us one night. There were three lovely fifteen year olds practising their English on us and teaching us Polish, then three more boys came in, ranging from the ages of about nine to nineteen. The nineteen year old spoke only to the three lovely kids who were in to see us and he talked constantly, I considered him to be rather rude.
However, when they left, my companion shared that she had seen in him qualities I failed to, that he had the characteristics of being dyslexic because he was hanging out with younger people and not peers his own age, he was good verbally, he was acting the ‘eejit’ to possibly cover his insecurity etc. She had studied this and so many dyslexics are in prison due to possibly a lot of pent up anger because of the hard time they had at school. So many just need a little love to break down that anger.
This taught me not to be so quick to judge or label anyone and the importance of always loving, no matter what.
Away from the world
I felt my time manning another House was cleansing, quite like on the pilgrimage, time away from the world bringing me closer to Jesus. It was very much appreciated and refreshing. It’s good to get the stagnancy flushed out!
Home time!
Each day just flew, we were no sooner up until it was bedtime and just when I was settling in, it was home time!
Your prayers
We prayed a Novena during our stay for central heating to be installed at Saint Stanislaus House of Prayer and plans of this are now underway! Also the replacement of the windows are being looked into. I know these two things will be a big undertaking and expensive, so please keep these jobs in your prayers.
Pope John Paul II
Throughout the two weeks, I kept in mind Pope John Paul II asking Jesus for this House in his homeland. It was a great privilege to serve Jesus in it. I hope You are as pleased with my offering as I was of giving it, Jesus. All glory and honour and praise to You, Lord Jesus!


Saint Nikolaus Haus Des Gebetes, Sophienplatz 1, 04680 Colditz, Germany
Tel:(0049) 343 0996 E-mail:

The Love of Jesus
Great love
Many years ago I had a hate campaign going on within me for myself and for God and His Blessed Mother which almost drove me to suicide. Sometime later I became a servant in The Way of the Sacred Heart and in this community I melted and got to know Jesus as a Person and as a Loving God and also with our Blessed Mother and soon felt a great love for both of them.
Kitchen-dining room
I was manning Saint Nikolaus House of Prayer, Germany for the second time this year and it was a wonderful time. Five workmen came from England to carry out work which Jesus asked for. Jesus has requested that we provide a meal for the alcoholics of Colditz and to do this we need a better kitchen and dining room.
The dining room, Prayer Room, stairway, first floor landing walls, sitting room and the old dining room were all newly plastered. A new front door was hung, new doors for the Prayer Room and the cellar and at the bottom of the stairs in the hall. Electrical work was also carried out.
King of Love
July 21 was the Feast Day of the King of Love. We could not celebrate the Feast Day because of the work being carried out in every area of the House therefore we were only able to find a little niche in the corner of a bedroom for prayer. It was so lovely and intimate.
“I open the Treasure Houses of My Love this Day for all to come and take free from My Graces. My Heart is a Casket this Day and it is filled with Love.
I am King of Love. Look, see the brightness of the Blood that I spill and continue to spill for you. My Blood is the Jewels of My State for I am King. Look, see My Crown, it is the thorns I wear for you to Suffer in your stead. My Wounds are My Legacy in Loving you. I give Myself to you. I am your King. I lavish My Gift of Love on you this Day.
Let this Day be a Day of Love among you in the world. I give you a Commandment: love one another as I Love you. Share My Love with others as I share it with you. Give on this Day, give much Love, give of yourself for My sake. I Love you, My Heart is open.” Monday 20 July 1998
I was overwhelmed with the love shown to me, I saw in the eyes of a soul the eyes of the King of Love. In the smiles, I saw Jesus smiling upon me and often thought if Jesus Loved me more then His Love must be pretty awesome. In the touch of a hand, reached into the depths of one’s soul, Jesus the King of Love gave to me the great and tremendous Gift of falling in love with Him, our wonderful God and King with His Power to transform a soul.
“I wish to embrace you in all tenderness and Love. I am Jesus who comes to you in this way. I transform you in My Touch of your soul. My Love is yours; come, be joyful and feel its delight in you.” Wednesday 11 March 1992
Jesus’ Love
I began to ponder on the Power of Divine Love how beautiful it is when brother loves brother, and sister loves sister and brother loves sister and sister loves brother with the love of Jesus. In Jesus can we love one another without the need for sexual thoughts or behaviour, in a very pure way which is true friendship in Jesus. These friendships are beautiful and span all walks of life, creed, colour and gender. It is so lovely to see Jesus’ Love in smiles, in hugs and in reaching out the hand of friendship or stopping to speak a kind word.
Houses of Prayer
Everywhere we look, read or hear, today’s world is obsessed with impurity, immodesty, pornography, all sorts of “love,” homosexual, heterosexual not to speak of sexual abuse; the list goes on and on.
The Love of Jesus is a safe Love, it brings Healing Love and Peace. That is why Jesus asked through the Messages of Love for Houses of Prayer to bring to this despairing, broken world fullness and wholeness the way He created it to be. Friendship in Jesus lasts forever. It brings joy and peace but the so called love of the world brings pain and grief and loss to the heart and to the soul. Jesus is saving the souls of all His children so that we will live with Him for all eternity in Heaven.
Gift of life
Thank You, Jesus, for the wonderful Gift of life, no problems in this life are worth taking one’s own life for. I never dreamt that I would be a servant to the King of Heaven in Houses of Prayer, the Heart of Jesus. Your Plan for our lives is ordained even before we are born.
Whatever problems we may have in life, we should turn them over to Jesus and Jesus will make all things new. Jesus’ Love is a Perfect, awesome Love. There is life after suicidal thoughts. Each person is very important to Jesus and we must make Jesus number one in our lives as He made us number one in His Life.
“Come, for I want your souls with Me for Eternity. My children, your lives are but grass that is here today and thrown in the fire tomorrow. Compare that with the rest of Eternity.” Friday 3 June 1994
Thank you
Thank you for every soul I have met on this Journey, they have graced and enriched my soul. I pray I will always keep my eyes focused on You, Jesus.
Thank You, Jesus.


Saint Therese La Maison de Priere. Rue de la Station 65, 7070 Le Roeuix, Hainaut.
Region Wallonne, Belgium. Tel/Fax:(0032) 6445 1007 E-mail:


Reflection and prayer
It was good to get away for the month of June to help man the House of Prayer in La Rouelx, Belgium.
This small town is situated some way to the south of Brussels in the French-speaking Wallonne part of Belgium.
The month went very quietly, as we saw very little of our neighbours and the other people of the town. One lady, who had taken to visiting the House during the previous month, was possibly made shy by the presence now of two men, I am not sure. All the more time then for reflection and prayer - a beneficial time of retreat for the two of us.
The House isn’t far from parkland (the high - walled grounds of the nearby ducal palace) and open fields with grazing cattle. On the first day or two, when the weather was untypically sunny, I was struck by the peacefulness of the area and the beautiful sounds the birds were making high up above the tall fir hedge that bounds the compact garden. It was like listening to the language of a still more peaceful world somewhere above.
Listening to the liturgy of the Mass in, to me, barely comprehensible French in the nearby church three times a week made me focus more, to good effect, on the music of the words spoken and chanted. The congregation consisted mainly of older people.
Walking to morning Mass in another church, in a village some four kilometres distance once a week, also gave us the opportunity to see something of the beautiful, verdant countryside. Among the reliquaries and ornaments of this church was a statue of Saint Thérèse with the most amazing smile which I didn’t notice until taking leave on our final visit. In this church of Mignault, everyone in the small congregation shook hands with each other at the end of the Mass, which was a nice touch.
Roadside shrines
Another attempt to locate a morning Mass in another village church locally had to be aborted when the lane depicted on our map degenerated into what was nothing more than a muddy cart track going across fields. One of the residents nearby advised us against trying to negotiate this.
The many roadside shrines and other indications that this is essentially a religious and Catholic country, including a free Catholic newspaper posted through the front door every week, contrasted strongly with the modest attendance at the churches.
The town shut down in the evenings and was generally quiet but on a couple of occasions there was more activity to be seen. In the latter part of our stay, there was a fair in the town centre combined with celebrations of various sorts in the grounds of the ducal palace. A blistering hot day brought out the crowds, among which we mingled for an hour or two. There was a display in front of the palace of ornamental hot air balloons. Typical, perhaps, that the first to be got up into the air was the one with the devil’s features depicted on it, an irony probably in my eyes, more so than in those of most others present.
Simple life
All in all this was a great opportunity for us to take stock and take a step or two back from things. This is the simple life that Jesus is calling us to and the month passed quickly with no sense of anything extra needed. Thank You, Jesus.


Slavorum apostoli (continued)
The Slavonic Life of Methodius
9. The Slavonic Life of Methodius reports in the following words the request made by the Prince Rastislav to the Emperor Michael III through his envoys: “Many Christian teachers have reached us from Italy, from Greece and from Germany, who instruct us in different ways. But we Slavs ... have no one to direct us towards the truth and instruct us in an understandable way”. It was then that Constantine and Methodius were invited to go there. Their profoundly Christian response to the invitation in this circumstance and on all similar occasions is admirably expressed by the words of Constantine to the Emperor: “However tired and physically worn out I am, I will go with joy to that land”; “with joy I depart for the sake of the Christian faith”.
The truth and the power of their missionary mandate came from the depths of the mystery of the Redemption, and their evangelizing work among the Slav peoples was to constitute an important link in the mission entrusted by the Savior to the Church until the end of time. It was a fulfillment - in time and in concrete circumstances - of the words of Christ, who in the power of his Cross and Resurrection told the Apostles: “Preach the Gospel to the whole creation”; “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations”. In so doing, the preachers and teachers of the Slav peoples let themselves be guided by the apostolic ideal of Saint Paul: “For in Christ Jesus you are all children of God, through faith. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus”.
Together with a great respect for persons and a disinterested concern for their true good, the two holy Brothers had the resources of energy, prudence, zeal and charity needed for bringing the light to the future believers, and at the same time for showing them what is good and offering concrete help for attaining it. For this purpose they desired to become similar in every aspect to those to whom they were bringing the Gospel; they wished to become part of those peoples and to share their lot in everything.
10. Precisely for this reason they found it natural to take a clear position in all the conflicts which were disturbing the societies as they became organized. They took as their own the difficulties and problems inevitable for peoples who were defending their own identity against the military and cultural pressure of the new Romano-Germanic Empire, and who were attempting to resist forms of life which they felt to be foreign. It was also the beginning of wider divergencies, which were unfortunately destined to increase, between Eastern and Western Christianity, and the two holy missionaries found themselves personally involved in this. But they always succeeded in maintaining perfect orthodoxy and consistent attention both to the deposit of tradition and to the new elements in the lives of the peoples being evangelized. Situations of opposition often weighed upon them in all their uncertain and painful complexity. But this did not cause Constantine and Methodius to try to withdraw from the trial. Misunderstanding, overt bad faith and even, for Saint Methodius, imprisonment accepted for love of Christ, did not deflect either of them from their tenacious resolve to help and to serve the good of the Slav peoples and the unity of the universal Church. This was the price which they had to pay for the spreading of the Gospel, the missionary enterprise, the courageous search for new forms of living and effective ways of bringing the Good News to the Slav nations which were then forming.
For the purposes of evangelization, the two holy Brothers-as their biographies indicate-undertook the difficult task of translating the texts of the Sacred Scriptures, which they knew in Greek, into the language of the Slav population which had settled along the borders of their own region and native city. Making use of their own Greek language and culture for this arduous and unusual enterprise, they set themselves to understanding and penetrating the language, customs and traditions of the Slav peoples, faithfully interpreting the aspirations and human values which were present and expressed therein.
Continued next month


The plight of our true priests
Encouraging them
Often when I hear people talking about the priests of their parish or the priests that have been saying Mass at chapels they have been at, they will be talking about the things they have said or done wrong or how they are not standing up for the faith and saying the things they should be saying. Very rarely do I hear people praising their priests or encouraging them when they do make a stand for Jesus by not changing the Mass or following the new trends as other parishes have.
Don’t get me wrong, I believe that priests, bishops and cardinals need to be corrected when they go against the Teachings of the Church but, talking about them instead of to them, will not change what they preach. However it’s the true priests who (in these days of liberalism) are downtrodden and marginalised by the Church and the majority of their parishioners, that we need to support. Priests who do not fear to speak the truth about sex before marriage, homosexual sex, abortion and other sins are usually moved to small county parishes where they have little influence and there are few to hear them but it is these very priests that we need to find AND support.
Hide in fear
Many good priests hide in fear of offending the people. They will not preach the truth because the truth is not liked, very few people thank or congratulate a priest on his sermon when he speaks about sin and hell or tells us not to receive Communion if we are in mortal sin but everyone tells the priest how wonderful he is when he tells us how wonderful we are.
Repent and change
We do not protest when a priest tells us we are all going to Heaven because we are all so good but if a priest tells us we are all going to hell if we do not repent and change then his bishop will receive phone calls and letters asking for his removal all that week. It is us, the parishioners who must back up our good priests and protest and complain when they are silenced or reprimanded for speaking the truth.
My Church Is Like A Beautiful Tree
Jesus has said ...Seek out My good and true priests, seek out My Remnant, the ones who stand strong and are loyal to Me and My Ways... Tuesday 26 July 2005
And also:
...You must leave the churches that change the Truth for the evil one has placed an upsurge of the lies so that many more will fall. Seek out only the Truth before you, too, starve and die...
...I call upon you, My Army, to find priests and cardinals and bishops who speak the Truth and I ask you to travel to them and hear only their words. Hear only what My John Paul says through them...
Wednesday 19 August 1998
Support His true priests
Jesus is telling all of us that if we do not attend Masses where the priests speak the truth then we, too, will be led into hell by the lies lucifer spreads through false, misled priests. Jesus’ true followers must support His true priests for their sake and our own.
Our duty
I would think that everyone who has been reading and trying to live these Messages from Jesus would know the truth when spoken from the altar and, also, know a lie. It is our duty to tell the priest that goes against the Teachings of Jesus and the Church of his wrongs but we must leave any priest who continues on the same path for our own sake and seek out the priests who do not change the Truth to suit themselves, these priests are still out there but without OUR help and encouragement they, too, may go with the tide of untruth that has swept through the Church and it will be our own fault when we cannot find a true priest.


Matthew 17:14-23
14 When they came to the crowd, a man came up to Jesus, falling on his knees before Him and saying,
15 “Lord, have mercy on my son, for he is a lunatic and is very ill; for he often falls into the fire and often into the water.
16 “I brought him to Your disciples, and they could not cure him.”
This father had faith in Jesus. He believed that Jesus could heal his son and, because of his faith, Jesus was able to perform the miracle.
17 And Jesus answered and said, “You unbelieving and perverted generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I put up with you? Bring him here to Me.”
18 And Jesus rebuked him, and the demon came out of him and the boy was cured at once.
19 Then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said, “Why could we not drive it out?”
In our world at this time most people do not believe in demons. So if a person is possessed by an evil spirit, they will likely never be released from the spirit’s grasp because no one believes in its existence. I remember the Oklahoma bomber, (Timothy McVey), saying at the end of his trial just before sentence was passed, “I am in control of my own destiny,” even though his life was about to be ended by a jury over whom he had no control. His words made me think of the passage in the Song of the Carpenter where Jesus described how a person who is completely under the control of a spirit, actually believes they are the master. When, in truth, their every thought, movement and actions are controlled by an unseen spirit.
But, in our modern times, a person who is possessed is treated with medicines, like anti-depressants, when what they really need is a priest of faith to exorcise the demon with prayer and fasting.
20 And He said to them, “Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.
21 [“But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”]
Faith is the key. Faith is the secret ingredient that makes the cake rise. Without faith we can do nothing. God can only work in equal portion to the amount of faith we have. So, the Apostles could not drive out the evil spirit because they did not believe that they could. But, through fasting and prayer and the Gifts of The Holy Spirit, they were able to drive out demons after Jesus was dead. Because, at this stage, they had total faith in Jesus and in everything He had said and done.


Bearing fruit
Dear Stephen,
Oh thanks so much. I am praying for this apostolate. I have already used many of the Messages in my homilies. Just inform everyone that these Messages on the website are now bearing fruits. On July 22, our school will launch the daily prayers of the Divine Mercy and the Holy Rosary in the little school that I administer from kindergarten up to college. The revelations in this site are so stunning that Jesus knows the most minute things that we do. From the little prayer warriors that grow here, we hope to end or control abortion sooner. This abomination really made me weep so many times that I virtually kneel in front of my computer and pray to God that He may grant justice to the little souls.
Thanks Stephen. God bless you all+
In the name of Francis of Assisi, Fr. Jun.
The only help we can give
Hello to you all.
Patrick says he is embarrassed continuing asking for financial help. I’m writing to say: don’t be!
For some of us it’s embarrassing not giving physical help and manning the Houses of Prayer. The alternative Jesus is giving us is the only help we can give. No, I’m not rich but live on my pension but welcome the opportunity to do something.
If we believe, we help how we can. Thank you for overcoming your embarrassment.
God Bless, Patricia.
Praise God
Dear two Patricks, servants of the House,
Thank you for your prayers - Mass offerings. Praise God and His Holy Mother, I can now walk up the church just with the stick. I am going home for my sister’s daughter’s wedding. I fly on the 24 August. I enclose a small donation. Keep up the good work.
In the Love of Jesus and Mary. Mary.
Truth is rare
Dear friends in Christ,
I hope that all is well with you. Thank you for the Newsletters. They are read cover to cover, as soon as they arrive. The Truth is rare these days.
Can you please send a good amount of pictures of truth - 400? Thank you, God Bless,
Yours sincerely, Patricia.
Never feel embarrassed
My dear friends,
I am enclosing some coins of the realm to help pay a bill or two in the Houses of Prayer.
Dear Patricks! Do you have any idea how much it means to us (me) to be able to read what the King of the Universe has to say??!
Never feel embarrassed about asking for money - how could we ever pay enough for what we are getting!!
Love you all so much,
Thank you to a donator from Glasgow for donation safely received.
We use the letters you write in the Postbag and normally just use the first name of the writer as the only piece of personal information. If you have any objections to us using your letter in the Newsletter, please let us know.

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