This moment is Mine

The Front Cover
Recently Patrick was inspired to make a poster and put it up around the House of Prayer. This poster is what we have put on the front cover of this Newsletter.
The Message in it is profound. It challenges, no, commands, us to give Jesus our time; to think of Him and only Him in that moment when we see His Face in this picture. We can often go through a day so busy with other things that there is no time for Jesus and this poster serves as a reminder that Jesus is always there, waiting for us in the Present Moment, in the now.
We keep wandering off the Path and continuously have to pull ourselves back to Jesus.
We allow ourselves to get buried in work, allured by the distractions of the world, hypnotised by the tv and internet, get filled with desires and, before we know it, we feel swamped by this world, have forgotten anything beyond self, especially Jesus.
Our own wee world
The evil one is constantly dangling carrots before our eyes and we, so often, only see the carrot and get led into our own wee world, leading to desires, to lust, to sin and eventually to hell.
Whereas, Jesus is in this moment, this Present Moment, standing with His Arms outstretched, waiting on us to turn our eyes in His direction, even for a mere glance. He has always been there, patiently waiting on us, quite possibly for many years!
Find the Path again
It is in the stopping whatever we are doing and coming to God that we find the Path again, that Path that leads to Heaven, that is sign posted with reminders to ‘pray,’ ‘sacrifice,’ ‘love,’ ‘do good to those who hate you’ ...etc
This moment with Jesus fills our thoughts with Him and pushes out self and the world. It awakens us into reality, to that spiritual realm where there is no fictitiousness, no glitter, only hard pressed, pure, undiluted, concentrated Life and Love.
The Present Moment
The more Present Moments we have in our day, the closer to Him we will feel.
We have put a reflection written by the Patricks about how to get into the Present Moment into this Newsletter. Hopefully it will help us all to find Jesus in the now, wherever we are, whatever we are doing.
Again we wish to thank you for your continued help and support towards our appeal. We continue to ask for your help, both financially and spiritually to help with all the Houses of Prayer.
We keep you all in our prayers and thank you for your ongoing generosity.
“...My Houses are in great need of preparation, renovation, help My servants to make them ready. Give them the prayers and the financial help to help Me to help My children. I Love you and I await you.” Tuesday 31 July 2012

Friday 31 August 2012
As I look at this world, I can see Scripture coming to pass. Yet, mankind goes on about his daily life unknowing and uncaring what is happening around him. Many people in the past have come to us and asked ‘...are things close, the things that have been prophesied over the last few hundred years?’ and always we say we don’t know.
Other people come and say that a Visionary has received a Message that something will happen on a certain date and we would say, do not worry, it is not time yet. We do not know times or dates but we can feel this world and, up to this point, we have not felt that something was about to happen but, now, it is different.
In the beginning, I used to think that the chastisements would happen in the early 1990s but, as Jesus Taught me, I realised that things were not in place, the Scripture was not being fulfilled fully, at that time. But, all has changed!
I do not want to scare or alarm anyone but when I look and feel this world I have come to realise that we are living on borrowed time. The Hand of God could strike this earth any day now.
Some night, we will go to bed and the next day the world that we know will have changed for the Cup of Retribution is overflowing and is about to be poured out upon this earth. The Cup of Retribution is filled with what mankind has given to lucifer in free will and so we will not be able to complain to God that He is unjust for what will be poured out on this earth is simply what we have sown in our sin.
What we would say to anyone that asks now is, prepare for what is about to happen. Do not prepare by storing food and the things of this world but, rather, prepare by drawing closer to Jesus, by loving everyone that we meet no matter who they are or what they have done but to simply love them as a child of God.
Man has grown cold towards God. We are looked down upon if we mention the Name of ‘Jesus.’ Even those who say that they are Christians and go to Mass on a Sunday do not wish to hear what is happening. Jesus and His Mother have Warned us for many centuries. Jesus has Warned us in Scripture.
I was watching the news a few nights ago. They were talking about the climate of the earth, that it is changing. They said there have never been as many floods in countries all over the world and, because many countries are getting flooded, there are countries who are in drought. There are earthquakes and wars everywhere in the world and, I do not just speak of earthly earthquakes and wars but I also speak of the spiritual earthquakes and wars. When the countries of this world are allowed to murder their children within their mothers’ wombs, by the act of abortion, yet the Church of Jesus Christ remains silent - this is a devastating earthquake. And there are so many, many more things like this where the Laws of the Father are being ignored.
Homosexual marriage - an earthquake or war.
Adopting children into homosexual relationships - an earthquake.
Changing Scripture, the Word of God - a war against the Church.
There are wars physical and spiritual all over this earth; the nations have risen against one another. Scripture is being fulfilled and these are only the beginnings.
I can remember in the 1980’s when Our Lady was appearing in different places in Ireland and around the world. People were travelling on pilgrimage to all these places. They were hungry for the Word of God for they could see that things were changing. But, slowly over the years, people drifted away from the Warnings that Jesus was giving us through His Mother. You could say people got fed up waiting and got caught up in the world.
Now the churches are empty, there are very few who are entering the priesthood and those that do enter are filled with lies and false teachings for lucifer has entered the Church. Our Lady in Mount Melleray said in 1985 that the world had ten years to improve tenfold or the evil one would enter the Church. This prophecy has been fulfilled.
I am not going to try to convince anyone of these things. If you are not willing to open your eyes and see for yourself then there is no point in anyone trying to convince you. For, Jesus has already said, there are none so blind as those who will not see! It is up to each one of us to stop and look for ourselves and see what is happening in this world. The clock is ticking and we are in the last seconds. May God have Mercy on this earth for we do not realise what is coming.
Look to the Truth, My children, and see what I say. You are in the last days! Man has chosen to blind himself to the lies of lucifer. Man has ignored My Warnings and sin has become his god. I created this earth in Love for mankind. I gave man all that he needs to survive yet greed has taken over and a few take more than their share and so others starve. Sin has dimmed this earth and the spirit of this earth calls to Me to be cleansed of the darkness.
Now I tell you, children, the days of punishment are almost upon you and you cannot see, you refuse to read the signs of your times. You have ignored both Me and My Mother for We have come to many hundreds of places upon this earth to Warn mankind of what is about to take place. But, still, you refuse to see; you refuse to recognise My Truth. You take on the ways of this world, you walk the path of darkness and refuse to see the Truth.
Children, your world is about to change. That, that has been unseen shall be seen; that, that has been hidden shall be shown and you shall become confounded for you shall see the spirit world with your human eyes and you shall know your treachery, you shall know your wrongdoing. Science will be confounded and thrown into confusion as they realise how wrong they have been.
This earth, when I look upon it, is like a dead planet, it is barren and produces nothing. There are but a few small growths upon its barren surface; these growths are My Remnant and there are so few that are left. It is time, My children, you shall begin to see things happen that cannot be explained. These will be the birth pangs of what is to come. When you see the beginnings, stay close to Me for I am your Safe Refuge.
I am He that is Truth, Love and Justice and I am Coming.
I Bless you in the Name of My Father, Myself and My Spirit and I say prepare for the time is close. I Love you.
Thursday 6 September 2012
Come to Me, My children, come seek New Life in the Wells of My Heart.
I give you New Life.
I Breathe it into you in these Words.
Feel it, My children, feel it, as it courses through your veins.
I am in you, in the depths of your heart, calling to you.
Do not block Me out, My little ones, for the time is close and you are in much danger. I do not talk about the danger of the flesh but I talk of the danger of the soul.
If you lose your life on this earth for My Sake, you will gain it for all eternity.
But, if you lose it in the employment of this world you will lose it forever.
See how the world claws at you and draws you away from Me. But, I come to your aid in these Words, to breathe New Life into you to give you the chance to return.
Come, My little children, and listen to My calls.
Listen to My promptings within your heart and allow Me to become One with you so that We, together, can aid your brothers and sisters in this Work of Salvation.
I Love you, My children, I Love you and I am calling to you. Come, I Love you.
Saturday 15 September 2012
Come, My little children, and have faith in Me, your God. The time is close now and you are not prepared. Allow Me to show you the Truth, allow Me to prepare you for what must come to pass.
Trust in Me, My children, trust in Me, your God.
I am calling to you this day! I am calling you to take on My Ways and come away from this world and come follow Me for the time draws ever closer.
I Love you, My children, I Love you and I am holding My Hand out to you in these Words. I Love you.
Wednesday 19 September 2012
Come, My beloved children, and allow Me to speak within your hearts.
Allow Me to show you the Truth of My Ways for I am a Gentle and Humble God.
I will take you and Teach you in the Ways of Truth so that you, too, may become a humble, gentle servant of My Love.
Come, My beloved children, listen to My calls for there is little time left and there is much Work to be done. I Love you, My children, I Love you.
Thursday 20 September 2012
Come to Me, My beloved children, and listen to My calls. Listen to My Words deep within your heart for that is where I reside, in the temple of your heart.
Feel Me as I gently ask, gently persuade you to take on My Words. I will not force you, children. I cannot for you are My beloved children and I have given you free will to choose. I simply whisper in the depths of your heart but so many allow the loud voice of this world to dim My calls into silence, so many are being lost in these times to the lies of lucifer. So, so many are entering through the gates of hell, while those who say that they believe in Me sit back in complacency and close their eyes to what is happening in this world. Rather, they would argue and bicker with each other to the rights and wrongs of what others believe.
Come, children, stand up and see the Truth. Turn away from this world and come follow Me and We, together, shall bring many back from the brink of danger. We, together, shall show this world that I am Alive within you for you will be My Hands, My Feet and My Lips and this world shall know Me through you.
I Love you, My children, I Love you and I give so, so many Words through so many of My Prophets in order for you to return but, these too, you argue and bicker over believing that you have the knowledge to understand what I say.
But, I tell you, you condemn many of My Words. You condemn many of My true Prophets in your knowledge that has been given by lucifer.
Wake up and see the Truth! Hear My Voice and come to Me. Do not be deceived any longer. Read My Gospels, read My Scriptures and you shall know the Truth. I Love you.
Friday 21 September 2012
Look to the Truth, My little ones, and see Me in all that you do. Begin to trust in My Love for you, begin to trust that I am within you and I will guide your every footstep, if you allow Me. Do not put your trust in this world for this world will gain you nothing. Put your trust in Me, your God, and allow Me to Teach you. Allow Me to guide you, allow Me to show you, begin to trust in Me. Say it constantly within yourself, “Jesus, I trust in You,” and you will begin to see the Actions of your God within your lives.
I Love you, My children, and My only Desire is to show that Love for you.
Thursday 27 September 2012
Look now, My children, look now at My Love and let My children see that you love them by your actions. Do not desert the Way of Truth but show My little ones that I am Alive in you. Accept their slander, accept their harsh words - simply love and forgive them. For there are so many who are blind to the Ways of Love and do not understand but, by your gentleness, your love, you shall lighten the Path for them. You shall become a guide for My children if you are willing to love them.
Do not worry of your lives, children, for I will look after you.
I will show you the Path that you must take.
Be humble, loving servants of your God and We, together, will bring this world back to the Way of Love, the Way of Truth.
I Love you, My children, and soon now I shall call you to stand up for My Truth. I shall call you and you shall know that it is I, and the Battle of Love will begin in earnest and We shall reclaim the ground that lucifer has taken.
For many years this earth has been blinded and walks blindly into the errors of lucifer but his time has ended and My Time will begin.
I Love you, My children, I Love you.
My Heart Burns with great Love for you and I wish you to help Me bring those who do not know My Love to My Side.
Come, My little ones, help Me, your God. Help My children for they are in great danger.
I Love you.
Halloween Night Vigil
We will be holding a vigil from 10pm to 2am on Wednesday 31 October to offer prayers to help appease Jesus’ Pain on this night when much evil lurks. You are all welcome to join us. If you cannot, you can keep Jesus company wherever you are, all we have to do is be with Him.
This is what Jesus says about this night:
My children, I ask you to come away from the darkness of this world, it is time to see the Truth. Too long I have waited for your response to Me. I tell you, My children, My Love for you is great but you do not take on this Love of Mine. No longer do you care for Me. Can you not see, children, the darkness that you now live in? Look at this night, a night of terror, when lucifer and his dominions are celebrated openly in this world. It is a night of spirits, a night of worship when the people, who worship lucifer, come out of their nests and create many acts of darkness. Many sacrifices are given to him on this night but do you care, children? You go out into your streets and celebrate this night, as if it were any other night. You are blind, you can no longer see the Ways of My Spirit. My Love is dead within your lives. Alas, My children, My Pain is great when I look at you. So much has been given and so little received in return. I Love you, children, and I call you back from the pool of darkness that you now stand at, that, that is about to engulf the entire earth and you do nothing. I Love you. Thursday 31 October 2002.


Tuesday 31 July 2012 Jesus' Appeal for His Houses of Prayer

My children, over many days and weeks and months, I have been calling you to listen to My Words about My Houses, My Refuges of Love. I call on your help now. These Houses need to be ready for what I have Warned you of. Already the tides begin to turn from the shore, already the darkness is on the horizon. The ones of the darkness are grasping control and I need My Houses ready. Help Me, My children, to make them ready for it is almost night. Laws change that will alienate My followers from the rest of mankind, separate one from the other and the difference will be stark. I need your help, My children. My Houses do not open because of lack of help, lack of dying to self. I ask your help for I have already claimed back what was given to Me and taken from Me. Help Me for it begins.

My Houses are in great need of preparation, renovation, help My servants to make them ready. Give them the prayers and the financial help to help Me to help My children. I Love you and I await you.

Appeal Letter

As you can see from Jesus’ Message, He is asking for help with His Houses, not only in the manning of them but the fixing up of them. You, the people who believe, are the ones we turn to in this time. You have been our lifeline that keeps us alive and, once again, we ask for your help.

We ask that you pray that we may be worthy to do this great work that Jesus asks of us.

The following Message was given and it says much about what Jesus is doing.

Monday 2 July 2012

…I have asked My servant to go to all of My Houses and you all have missed the significance of this, you have not seen the importance of it. I send him to prepare, to see those things needed for each House but, more than that, through him, unknown to him, I place My Spirit within each House. It is the protection that each will need for the times to come. I ask these deeper things of all of you. I Love you.


Sacred Heart House of Prayer, Cookstown:

The work here is ongoing. At the moment there are bits of renovations going on. It has recently been updated with heating added to the House.

Bethlehem Retreat House, Fanad:

This House is about half done. It needs new floors and an attic conversion to be finished. There is also some outside work to be done.

Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Mary, Drogheda:

This House needs a total renovation. Plans for this House have been sitting for quite a few years.

House of the Angels, Armagh:

It would seem to be finished.

Resurrection Retreat House, Ballina:

Jesus has asked for an accommodation block for this House. The plans for Ballina still sit awaiting the finances. These have been sitting for two years. The cost of the accommodation block will be in the region of £150,000.

John Paul the Second Youth House, Belmullet:

There is not a lot to be done. It does need an attic conversion so that there will be more bedrooms to accommodate young people.


Saint Maximilian House of Prayer, L’Absie:

One half of this House needs a total renovation including rewiring and heating. The other half is converted.


Soledad, Cosío:

Mostly done. The ground floor still needs finished.

Villa del Sagrado Corazón, Granada:

Jesus recently sent Patrick to Granada, Spain. He found that the House had deteriorated. This House was only able to be manned twice since its purchase. It needs a total renovation.


Saint Nikolaus House of Prayer, Colditz:

The work here is ongoing. We are getting there and it needs a bit more work and heating put in. It is about three quarters done.


Saint Stanislaus House of Prayer, Bolków:

The Poland House is well underway to being finished. It is about three quarters done.


Virgin Most Pure House of Prayer, Dole:

This House needs attention beginning with a new roof. It needs renovation and heating put in.


Saint Michael and the Heavenly Hosts House of Prayer, Tottenham:

The work here is ongoing.


Mother of Love House of Prayer, Peoria:

The work here is ongoing and at a decent standard.


Saint Thérèse House of Prayer, Le Roeulx:

At the time of the purchase of this House, it was part of the contract that we get the electrics checked. At the time this cost 1,400 euros and we couldn’t afford it.

When Jesus recently reclaimed a House that had been taken from Him, this was His reaction.

Friday 27 July 2012

Feel the spiritual awakening within My House:1 feel the Light as it brightens all things. My Light passes in like rays of sunshine to put many shadows to retreat. It joys Me to do this for now I can build a refuge for souls from something that was useless. See, I do a new thing, I build with Love, with Joy, with Peace.

1 A House that was given to Jesus and taken from Him. He has now claimed it for His own.

From what we gather from the Messages that Jesus has given in recent times it would seem that time is running out. This seems clear when we look around us at the world.

We have been struggling to try to prepare Jesus’ Houses over the years and you can see from our list that some are finished and some partly so.

It seems that we are always asking of you to help us. Without you none of this would have been possible. Please, if you can, help us in whatever way possible to make Jesus’ Plans come to pass, be it with prayer or financially. Thank you in Jesus’ Name.The two Patricks

A Reflection from ‘A Fountain of Truth’ by the two Patricks
He is the Chisel
As I gather my thoughts to paint words on this blank page which is my canvas, I feel within me the thrill of knowing Jesus Christ. I intended to write something different but He has filled me with Himself and has allowed nothing else to come between Him and me but what He gives me. His Touch upon my life is the touch of morning dew upon the earth or the soft rain that is misty and ethereal. He is the Chisel that painstakingly chips away at this granite heart and warms its coldness with His Love. He is here with me. It is the Present Moment.
A place
This moment is His and mine and yours, with whom I share it. As you read these words, find yourself within this Present Moment so that you, too, can share it to the full.
The Present Moment is a place; it is Jesus’ place and it is where I can find Him. He is not in the future because it is not yet mine for I have not yet lived it. Nor is He in the past for it is gone. Within the Present Moment is His Name, ‘I Am.’ It seems to me that His Name is the Present Moment. He is the now and finding Him in it is easy.
His Heart is in the now
A moment snatched from the humdrum of life to be given to Him and shared with Him is surely a lifetime gained within Him. His Heart is in the now for it is always open, ajar, for us to enter. Enter then and be welcome for He will not cast you out; nor will He burden you with rules and regulations, no, He will delight in you.
Like a spirit, chained, He frees you to fly and soar within Him. Like a bird, newly sprung from a cage, emerging into the light and space, enlarging its own surroundings and its reality. It becomes limitless, intangible, aware of its own liberty and is free in the Present Moment to simply be.
Jesus is
A soul searching for Him is such a bird. And moments are precious with Him for they become the teachers of the soul and the comfort of the soul for He is the very weave and weft in the fabric of this Present Moment, an unreality become real.
Jesus is, not was or will be but is. Many fail to find the delights of Him because they do not seek Him as He is, in every moment. We all fail to give Him what is His because we have culminated what is ours and we have failed to see that the door of our cage is open, ajar, waiting for us to enter His Present Moment to enjoy the delights of His liberty and Life in abundance.
His company is delightful
I write these words to try to show and bring to life this Present Moment that I am in with Jesus. They are descriptive words and they are meant to be. For His company is delightful and my heart can only cry out beautiful words. But my words are nothing to the reality of experiencing this time alone with Him.
A bird in a cage
I feel that we often treat Jesus as a bird in a cage; a singing bird whose only joy it is to sing the beautiful and sonorous words of His Song, locked and imprisoned within the Tabernacle only to be looked at, at whim. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is not, in my opinion, a time to catch up on spiritual reading or to pray for things that I need but it is a precious moment to gaze at Him in silent agape. It is a time, a Present Moment, to be filled with the actuality of His Presence; endearing moments of time spent with a Loving Father and, unless Jesus has suddenly become blind and cannot read for Himself, then He does not need a narration of things read to Him of which He, Himself, is the very essence. He will Teach us in the Present Moment.
Live in the Present Moment
I believe that our time will be better spent with Jesus when we learn to live in the Present Moment.
These words do not do justice to The One who is the silent Prisoner of the Present Moment for He is within me now and this Present Moment is His. This Prisoner has made me His prisoner and has, within this moment, made my reality His. His moment is the sun upon the rose giving, nay, invading me with the vital ingredients needed for my soul. And He is within me and outside of me and I no longer am but He is. For I am my Beloved’s and He is mine and in this present reality I am His. His gestured Love from the Tabernacle Prison has filled me and caught me and He draws me in His Footsteps. He calls to me:
“...My dove, hiding in the cleft of the rock,
in the coverts of the cliff, show me thy face,
let me hear thy voice;
for thy voice is sweet and thy face is lovely…”
And I answer:
“...Set me like a seal on Thy Heart,
Like a seal on Thy Arm.
For Love is strong as death,
Passion as relentless as sheol.
The flash of it is a flash of fire,
A flame of Yahweh Himself…”

Filled with love and life
I was looking at a baby’s beautifully magnetising face the other day and I was drawn in to gaze at her bright, lively, shining eyes, filled with love and life.
I thought of God as I looked into the windows of her soul. She was bursting with innocence, vulnerability, dependence, yet peace and joy oozed out of her affecting all around her. She drew everyone who came into the room towards her and they all stopped to say hello or tickle her cheek or something and then they left the room smiling as they continued along their way again.
The hot burning lava
That baby gave the Love of God to all she encountered, without even trying.
She doesn’t yet know self, nor the world, nor sin and so - unlikely to attempt to contain and stop Him - is an empty vessel for Jesus to simply spew out the hot burning lava of His Love like an erupting volcano that His Fiery Love is.
Absorb His Body and Blood
How come I can go to the Throne of God at prayer and catch His Rays of Love, absorb His Body and Blood at Mass and yet fail so miserably to spew out His Love in this way?
So many times on the way to somewhere, even to holy Mass, especially if I am running late, I can get impatient with other drivers, get angry and curse and criticise them in my head.
Or sometimes I get irritated with others after Mass, when I am His Tabernacle because I contain His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity!
Or after prayer - when He has filled me with His Love and given me the determination to see Him in others, once again – I can get angry if someone asks me to do something - certain people in particular - and demonically think in my head ‘why don’t you do it yourself?’
Like... why?! Why is His Love not erupting from me? Why do I kill the Graces so quickly and let it die so soon within!?
My problem is: I put myself first. That’s why I don’t see Jesus in the person asking me to do something; I have my own plans, my own agenda and that person is stopping me from doing what I want to do, when I want to do it.
Being Jesus
Being a Christian is being Christ-like, or being Jesus. To be Jesus is to put others before myself - like He did - and see Him in all I encounter, especially in the person I see beneath me who has asked me to do something. Instead of self becoming my immediate reaction, I need to stop and see Jesus on the Cross Dying for me and then think there should be nothing too big a task that Jesus, in that person, has asked me to do because look at what Jesus did for me!
He is Coming soon
Practice makes perfect and I need to work on this day and daily to be able to successfully see Jesus in everyone and die to myself, my agenda, what I want to do etc.
I know from the way Jesus is speaking in the Messages that He is Coming soon and I really do want to prepare and not have any regrets when I stand before Him.
How I have loved
I know He won’t ask me how much work I have done for Him, how many articles I wrote for Him, how many hours I worked at the House of Prayer, how many Rosaries I have said, how many times I have been to Mass… – He is going to ask me about how I have loved:
31 And when the Son of Man shall come in His majesty and all the Angels with Him, then shall He sit upon the seat of His majesty.
32 And all nations shall be gathered together before Him and He shall separate them one from another, as the shepherd separateth the sheep from the goats:
33 And He shall set the sheep on His right hand but the goats on his left.
34 Then shall the king say to them that shall be on His right hand: Come, ye blessed of My Father, possess you the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.
35 For I was hungry and you gave Me to eat; I was thirsty and you gave Me to drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in:
36 Naked and you covered Me: sick and you visited Me: I was in prison and you came to Me.
37 Then shall the just answer Him, saying: Lord, when did we see Thee hungry and fed Thee; thirsty and gave Thee drink?
38 And when did we see Thee a stranger and took Thee in? or naked and covered Thee?
39 Or when did we see Thee sick or in prison and came to Thee?
40 And the king answering, shall say to them: Amen I say to you, as long as you did it to one of these My least brethren, you did it to Me.
41 Then He shall say to them also that shall be on His left hand: Depart from Me, you cursed, into everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels.
42 For I was hungry and you gave Me not to eat: I was thirsty and you gave Me not to drink.
43 I was a stranger and you took Me not in: naked and you covered Me not: sick and in prison and you did not visit Me.
44 Then they also shall answer Him, saying: Lord, when did we see Thee hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison and did not minister to Thee?
45 Then He shall answer them, saying: Amen I say to you, as long as you did it not to one of these least, neither did you do it to Me.
46 And these shall go into everlasting punishment but the just, into life everlasting.
Matthew 25:31-46, Douay-Rheims
Others will be attracted
If I get love right, on the inside - not a pretence - but giving His Love back to Him through showing it to others, by genuinely loving them, then I will be in a better position to be that empty vessel for Jesus to spew out the hot burning lava of His Love!! And so others will be attracted to His Love in me and be affected by it, their lives, too, could change and I could be helping Jesus get them into Heaven, as well as myself!


All that’s asked of you on this site is that you ask for prayers and that you pray for others. There are lots of “pray-ers” on facebook and we could turn our prayers into a powerful force. Jesus said: “Love one another...” one way we can do this is to pray for one another.
Many times, we are in such deep need of prayer because we are in a situation where we cannot pray ourselves and so need others to do the praying for us.

“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness.
It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”
Mahatma Gandhi quotes
(Indian Philosopher, internationally esteemed for his doctrine of nonviolent protest, 1869-1948)!/NetworkOfPrayer

Message Book one
There is a Message in the Red Book, Message Book one, where Jesus said “…If you could see the need for constant prayer, you would spend every moment of your lives on your knees…” Sunday 9 May 1994
Prayer is something that I badly neglect. If I have everything else done that I need to do in a day and if I resist the urge to watch a TV programme that night to relax, then I may give a little time to Jesus. That sounds very cold but it is true and even though I may say that I love Jesus, I have to really fight with myself to prioritise prayer. It is as Jesus said on Wednesday 2 March 2011,
“…Yes, lucifer lays down many traps in order to take you away from Me. You must remember that he knows that prayer is your communication with Me and so your strength. So, he will do all in his power to prevent you from coming to Me. he will place many thoughts and desires within your mind in order to fill your life with meaningless tasks so that you do not have the time to come to Me. Prayer should be the greatest priority of each day of your life. Nothing should prevent you from coming to Me. You should always look at prayer as an appointment with a very important person that cannot be broken. Now look at the Truth of what I say and you will realise that you are in a battle of Eternal Life or eternal death…”
lucifer does not want us to pray. Why not? Prayer is one of the most important things we can ever do in our lives. Because in prayer, we meet with Jesus. It is an exchange of Love between Hearts. In this exchange, we learn about Jesus, we learn about His Love and what it means to love Him. We learn that love is not about feeling good ourselves but is an action wherein other people are reached with that Love of God. By spending time with Jesus, we become a vessel of that Love through which Jesus can pour into this world.
Eyes of Jesus
When we make the effort to put time aside every day to be with Jesus, as each day passes we become stronger in Him and the world loses a little of its grip on us. We begin to see things in a different way. Maybe we begin to see the world and people through the Eyes of Jesus. When this happens ,love becomes natural to us.
My Love in you
“…Prayer is My Love in you. When you pray, a good spirit is sent to help or comfort the person you pray for. When you pray to Me, then a good spirit comes to Me with your love for Me and I return it to you with My Strength. The more you pray, the stronger you become, this goes for all prayer. But you must mean it. You must feel it in your heart. Do not give Me lip service. So many pray out of habit and do not mean the words that they speak. Speak the words in truth and allow Me to feel your love. Allow Me to know you mean what you say.
You must remember the counterbalance of free will. If you speak ill of someone, you are praying to lucifer. You send a bad spirit who will try to harm the person you speak of. Look at your lives, children, and see who you pray to most, Me or lucifer.” Tuesday 8 March 2011
Reach out in love
When we begin to understand prayer and its good, our desire to pray for the people in the world grows and we want to reach out in love. My thoughts turn now to the great sin of abortion in the world today.
Sometimes when I want to write something about abortion for the Newsletter, to keep it in our thoughts, I think, what can I write that hasn’t already been written? What can I say that everybody who would be reading this Newsletter doesn’t already know? I think about abortion and the procedures, the many ways that are used to kill a baby in the womb; I think about the depressing statistics of how many are killed every day. And I can’t think of a new approach that will light a fire in me to do something about it. I realise that I have become complacent about abortion. How can anyone become complacent to such a great evil? Jesus said about abortion, “…This is a disruption of the balance of free will AND this is bringing about the destruction of mankind…” Tuesday 8 March 2011
Imagine becoming complacent to something that is bringing about the destruction of mankind!
Behind closed doors
It is easy to forget things that are done behind closed doors. For most of us, we do not see with spiritual eyes and we cannot see the trail of devastation that abortion leaves behind.
“…Look at the Truth of what is happening in your time. Your children are being murdered in factories of death (abortion clinics). You murder your children with different forms of contraception, with what you call the ‘morning after’ pill. The old and young are being murdered in your hospitals to save money.
Remember, I can see what is going on. Those who were murdered in the war that you speak of are only a fraction compared to those who are being murdered now. Many millions cry out to Me each day. See the Truth: you live in a world of darkness where the young, the innocent, are not safe from their own parents and you say that you live in the modern times? I say you live in the ‘Times of Blood’ where life is destroyed in lies that most of My people accept…” Sunday 3 April 2011
I think that many times we can feel powerless to do anything about abortion but, looking at the Messages above where Jesus speaks of prayer, I see that we can always do something about abortion, in every minute of every day, if we so choose. Abortion is a spiritual nuclear war on this earth and it needs to be fought against with prayer and with love.
Every day
It is not possible for many of us to stand outside abortion clinics protesting every day or to go on Pro-Life marches every day but it is always possible to pray every moment of every day. That moment that we think of Jesus, that is the moment to be grasped from the clutches of this world and given entirely to Jesus. It is only a moment but it is a precious one and one that will last for all eternity. We could have hundreds of these moments in any day and we could ask Jesus for a Grace for someone who is about to have an abortion for that last chance to change their minds. Jesus can get to places where we cannot.
Time is moving ever onwards and we will all be called to account for how we spent our time. But, more than having to account for it, it is the regret and the despair that we will feel when we see the truth about how much more we could have given.
Schindler’s List
If you have ever watched the film Schindler’s List, you may remember the part near the end where the German officer, played by Liam Neeson, breaks down and, weeping, declares that he could have bought two more Jews by selling his badge and saved them also. It is a very touching and humble scene and it makes me think: maybe when I die and I see the very Truth before me, I will break down and weep as I see that I could have saved some babies from abortion had I simply sacrificed the watching of some TV show and offered some prayers instead. Or some soul could have turned from the road to hell because I cared enough to whisper a prayer for them.
See the truth
Jesus is trying so hard in these Messages to get us to see the Truth; to encourage us to die to ourselves. It is self and the world that makes demands on our time, not Jesus. He simply whispers in our hearts and suggests that we do some good with our time. When all is said and done, it will not matter when I stand before Jesus how big or small my house was, or how expensive my car was; it doesn’t matter how rich or poor I was; what will matter is that I spent my life on earth working to earn the money to pay for these things while neglecting Jesus and all the people on the earth who needed my time, love and prayers. What will matter is that I filled my life with so many things for my own pleasure, like holidays, sports, keeping fit etc etc etc, that I had little time left to be with Jesus and do His Work. I have a chance now, while I live, to change and to do things for Jesus. Every moment that passes is precious, we will never have that moment again.
It is a battle
“…Look in Truth, children, and change your ways for the more you gossip about and judge your brothers and sisters, the weaker you will become and the further you will go from My Love, My Light. It is a battle that you fight, a battle where lives are won or lost for all eternity. This is why I have said, be slow to speak, for the wise man will think before he speaks in case he does harm to his fellow man. Think and see what I say so that you will only walk the Path of Truth. See Me in all that you meet and then you will not think ill thoughts of anyone. You will not judge, gossip or condemn anyone for you would not do this to the One that you serve. Come, My little ones, take on this Truth and you will know happiness in this life, you will know Me, you will know My Love for you and for all mankind. I am with you, pray that My Truth descends upon you and so your eyes will be opened and wisdom will be yours. Come, take on this chance that I give. I Love you…” Tuesday 8 March 2011

By a servant of the House
I’m trying here to explain The Way
I know I must begin today,
The Red Book from Jesus I have here
I’ve read it through for over a year.
To understand it, you must look
As this is not just any Book.
I open the page on Message 54,
The Love in this, I want to sin no more.
He is the Loving Father here,
He is still begging and calling but do we hear?
When I read this I mean to change my ways,
But then I slip back in the next few days.
Then I look at Message 56,
He says He won’t leave us and there are no tricks.
He Loves and He begs and gives us All
If only we would listen to His call.
I read number 90, the Gift of His Heart.
He is Teaching and Loving us never to part.
He is asking us to share His Love,
He gives it to us from the Father above.
We take all these Gifts and we do not share,
Soon we will answer, we don’t know where
Again tomorrow I will start anew
And His Work I will try to do.
I now feel the guilt as I read 113
I know for sure He is speaking to me.
It’s the self in me that has to go
But, hard as I try, I’m still too slow.
It’s always tomorrow instead of today,
So much in the world to take me away.
Now I’m looking at 133,
His Words in Scripture I have to see.
Not just read them but live them too,
That way I will my life renew.
Now 151, again I feel bad
It’s not always from my heart and I do feel sad.
How can I say the words in prayer?
And so easily forget He is there.
This Book teaches if I could take it on
But within a week it will all be gone.
I need to have it everywhere
And read and learn all that is there.
Now I look at 187.
He is still talking of Love and how to get to Heaven.
So much Love and patience in this Book,
Anyone can share it if they have a look.
Every page is ‘Love and Forgive’
This is how He wants us to live.
In number 188, Mary has a say.
She explains to us how we should pray
On the Rosary we should meditate
It’s the Life of Jesus don’t but wait.
Each Mystery explains to us all
Do not lose heart each time we fall.
His Life was lived and given to set us free.
Not for someone else but for you and me.
Now I see 224,
He has given so much but He gives us more.
His two lovely prayers make me feel so small.
Our King and Queen will guide us through,
If only we can be loving and true.
Now 266, it’s Saint Bridget’s day.
This Message is one to forget about pay.
He gives us all like the birds of the air
We still walk away without a care.
Where in this world could we get such Love?
He cherishes us like His little dove.
There is no limit to what Jesus will do
I could continue to write and all is true.
But take up this Book and see for yourself,
Do not put it back on your shelf.
You are in for a nice surprise,
Your heart will melt before His Eyes.
How can we not respond to such Love?
He never gives up till we become His dove.


A day of giving
Once a month, some of the servants of the Way of the Sacred Heart and friends of the House, give of themselves to go out into the various towns in Northern Ireland to collect alms for Jesus’ Forgotten Poor. This is a day of giving regardless of the weather. We begin usually around ten o’clock until five o’clock. It is hard work and sometimes we are very sore, cold and hungry standing in the one place for a few hours at a time. We would ask each other how are you doing, are you getting much and feel the boxes and make a comment on the weight of the box.
We begin the day before we leave with a prayer together. On Saturday 8 October, we were out collecting and on arriving back to the House I asked Jesus to speak to me in a Message.
“There is no else loving Loving Me at this time in My Pain, but you.1” Wednesday 24 June 1992
1 Jesus woke me at 2.50 am; I complained to Him about this because I was tired and I wanted to sleep. He wanted me to be with Him in prayer and I was not really prepared to give up my sleep. Then He spoke this one line and when I realized just why He wanted me to take notice, I felt so guilty that I stayed with Him in prayer. I felt so bad about my complaints. This did not mean that no one was with Him the minute before or the minute after. It only means that at that moment, on that day, no one was with Him.
Felt guilty
When I read this line a couple of times, I also felt guilty, when I thought about the times during the day when I could have been with Him. I thought about the times I complained about the cold or being sore or whatever when I could have spent that time loving Jesus. I looked back over the day and saw how many times I was only interested in the amount of money I was collecting, hoping it would be a good collection. Did I think of the babies, the starving people, I was collecting for, or the sick or the dying to whom we give medicine.
Wasted moments
I thought of all the times my mind was on other things, on other people, maybe thinking, unkind thoughts about them. Judging, gossiping in my head. All the wasted moments when I could have loved Jesus, appeased His Pain. I asked myself did I see the Face of Jesus in those who gave and especially in those who didn’t? Did I love Jesus then?
Fulfilling the Gospel
Going out onto the streets collecting alms for the poor is fulfilling the Gospel, giving witness to our faith in Jesus and our love for Jesus, this is what is important. Being Jesus on the street is the sacrifice of giving, the giving of ourselves in our free will to Jesus. Being love, giving a smile, a touch of the hand, a listening ear and talking to the children and the elderly. Thinking of others who are a lot worse off than ourselves. When collecting at supermarkets and seeing trolleys overflowing with food, thinking of Jesus’ Forgotten Poor, whom we collect the alms for, who have no food. They don’t know when they will have the next meal or how they will feed their children.
I complain of hunger, thirst and being sore.
I do not think of Jesus being in pain because His children are dying for the lack of food.
I do not think of Jesus being in Pain because His children are dying for the lack of water.
I do not think of Jesus being in Pain because His children are dying for the lack of medicine.
I do not think of Jesus being in Pain because His children are dying for the lack of Love. Just as Jesus Died for the lack of love.
Do I think of the plight of Jesus for His Forgotten Poor?
I realise now that it is not the weight of the boxes that matter but it is how I minister to Jesus’ people while I am collecting.

A reflection by a retreatant who stayed at Sacred Heart House of Prayer
Well, tomorrow I leave the Sacred Heart House of Prayer to return to Cork. There is a sadness in my heart at leaving this sacred place where Jesus is experienced everywhere. I came here downtrodden and heartbroken by the trials of life.
Accept suffering
Day one as I walked down the stairs, I heard Jesus say ‘accept suffering.’ Accept my own suffering rather than allowing the fire in my belly to roar like a lion at the injustices of man’s inhumanity to man. Accepting life as it is this week is a challenge I embraced and learnt and grew through. It’s easy to blame, share, scream, shout and it’s also arrogant – who am I to say what is right and wrong? Who am I to question another’s path in life?
I trust You
So, Jesus, thank You for opening my eyes and my heart. Thank You for guiding and leading me back to Love and Truth, painful as it is, I trust You.
Conflicted internally
So, as I prepare to leave the Sacred House of Prayer, I am conflicted internally, my head says one thing and my heart another. In my head, my mind and ego know it is easier being a follower of Christ’s Message, when living in a Christian Community. My heart knows ridicule, harassment, cynicism and judgement for trusting and loving Jesus.
Not cool
Ireland in 2012 accepts yoga, buddhism, hinduism, shamanism, crystals and new age beliefs. But it’s not cool or trendy to say I pray to Jesus. I am guided as a woman by Mother Mary’s Grace and Love. Any mention of Jesus, eyes glaze over, stories of nuns, priests and cruelty at the hands of Christian Brothers.
Simple Message
Jesus brought a simple Message to the world ‘Love your God with all your heart ... and love your neighbour as yourself’ – a simple Message, perhaps too simple to be cool in today’s world.

You cannot serve two masters...
His call
He has called many to follow His Way – Saint Francis of Assisi was one of the few who did so perfectly.
Many others have tried and succeeded to some extent; many thousands have heard His call and been attracted to His Way, have read about it, studied it, gazed at it with longing even but cannot bring themselves to actually live the Way. Even those of us who profess to be His followers and imitators of Saint Francis often fail to do the things He taught us to do. He showed us the Way when He preached, healed, fed the hungry, performed miracles, raised the dead, cast out demons etc.
He did not ever seek money, material goods, a comfortable home, worldly power or recognition.
Taking up our cross
How many of us can say that we have not done any of these things? As for taking up our cross and following Him – although we all have some crosses to bear, do we bear them willingly for His Sake? Or grudgingly because we have no choice and would quickly put them down if only we could do so?!
His Way is hard because we have to do battle with self which constantly (especially in today’s world) tells us to indulge ourselves in every possible way; to pamper our bodies and be obsessed with appearances, the way we look, our clothes, our cars, our homes and all our possessions.
God or self
It is very difficult, if not actually impossible for us to grow spiritually and to follow the Way to which He has called us, if we are preoccupied with material things – that is why He said “You cannot serve two masters” … this is literally and metaphorically true.
We either serve God or self – and we grow weary of the battle with self – who demands so much of our time and attention and resources – so weary that we compromise and give in to self and then it is even harder to get back on the right Path and serve God.
The world
Self and the world try to pull us back into our worldly preoccupations and obsession with material things – there is not time for both, so we sit on the fence very uncomfortably, trying to balance with a foot in both camps – trying to follow the Way that He taught and Saint Francis followed but also trying to satisfy all our own desires and all the demands of self at the same time.
His Way
It cannot be done! When will we realise that time is short – the world must change spiritually before mankind destroys itself. There is no time to waste on transitory things. Let us go back to His Way, the Way He showed us, the Way He taught and Saint Francis followed, before it is too late. Let us follow Him wholeheartedly and sincerely – decide to make HIM the centre of our whole life and to serve Him exclusively, renounce our demanding selves and come to serve Him alone.
Joy and Peace
His yoke is easy and His burden light – and He promises us Joy and Peace … eternally …

Like we did in the last Newsletter, we have included another article from the same internet site (
Two Killers: A Clear Double Standard! (part II)
Part I
Two killers were recently in the news. The way the media, our President and our government dealt with the two showed a clear double standard.
Jared Loughner, a madman, killed six people in a shooting spree in Arizona, including an attempt to kill a well-known politician, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.
Kermitt Gosnell, an abortionist in Philadelphia, is accused of eight counts of murder. He killed thousands more innocents in cold blood but most of his evil cannot be prosecuted because he destroyed the files.
Whereas Loughner’s killing spree lasted seconds and gained him nothing, Gosnell’s killing spree spanned three decades, making him millions of dollars...
He left women sterile
While Jared Loughner’s crime was all over the media, Kermitt Gosnell’s hardly got a mention yet it was greater in terms of the number of deaths and the brutality of it.
Just listen to the official description of the Gosnell crime scene (his abortion mill in Philadelphia):
“ or two babies fell out of patients each night. They dropped out on lounge chairs, on the floor and often in the toilet. The search team discovered foetal remains haphazardly stored throughout the clinic, in bags, milk jugs, orange juice cartons and even in cat-food containers. The investigators found a row of jars containing just the severed feet of foetuses. The remains of forty five foetuses were recovered at the clinic that evening, probably three had been viable (after twenty four weeks gestation). And he perforated bowels, cervixes and uteruses. He left women sterile....”
Moral imaginations
The reaction of our President to the two killers was stark and conspicuous.
The President appeared on television several times talking about Loughner, including the statement “...let us use this occasion to expand our moral sharpen our instincts for empathy...”
In contrast, the President did not say a word about Gosnell. Where was the empathy for the “viable” babies? Where was the empathy for the young, poor mothers... who were exploited and abused?
The President certainly did not use the Gosnell occasion “to expand our moral imaginations” or even make any attempt to improve public safety. It appears that you can do anything under the banner of “a woman’s right to choose.”

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Blessed Mother Teresa of CalcuttaWednesday 5 September
On Wednesday 5 September, we celebrated the Feast of Blessed Mother Teresa. She was an inspiration to all people trying to follow Jesus in their lives, living the Gospel and not just reading it. One of the servants spoke about how Mother Teresa was never put off by what other people thought or said. He told the story of a time she had an appointment to meet Pope John Paul II and on the way there came across a person lying on the street and with another sister she spent over an hour tending to that person. Her priority was to serve Jesus even if it meant being late for a meeting with the Pope! I wondered if I would do the same thing, if I had been in that situation?
We also reflected on some of her sayings and one that struck me was “words which do not give the Light of Christ increase the darkness.” Thank You, Jesus, for Mother Teresa, for the Light she shone into the world simply by being obedient to You and for her example which can encourage us all to get on Your Path and forget about self.
Birthday of Mary Saturday 8 September
This beautiful Feast Day began with singing hymns including ‘Happy Birthday’ to Our Blessed Lady. The ‘Magnificat’ was explained, as it revealed Mary’s great Humility and how Mary saw everyone greater than Herself and how being a servant of God, She gave and gave even though She had nothing to give.
The Exaltation of the CrossFriday 14 September
On this beautiful special Feast Day of the Exaltation and Triumph of the Cross, a Crucifix was placed at the front of the altar, adorned in red material and strewn with white petals, a very striking reminder to us of the Divine Mercy; Jesus’ Blood and Water, a Fount of Love and Mercy.
The Day was a time for reflecting on all that Jesus has done and is still doing for each one of us. His Life of Suffering, His Death and Resurrection and His Triumph over death and evil and His Great Gift to all: our Redemption. We must always remember that Jesus is the Victor and He has won the Victory.
All Praise and Glory and thanks to Jesus Christ.

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Angels can help us
Always believed
From my earliest memories as a child, I have always believed in the existence of Angels. There have been instances in my life where I know the Angels have protected me and I wouldn’t be here if they had not intervened.
Room ablaze
One such instance happened in my early twenties when I was quite naive. I placed a candle one evening on top of a TV in the bedroom. I drifted off to sleep only to be woken some time later with the corner of the room ablaze and the room filled with smoke. As I say these days “the Angels were working overtime!”
Respect My Angels
Each one of us has been given the Gift of a Guardian Angel to be with us during our life on earth. In a Message from Mary on 15 August 1992 She says about the Guardian Angels, “...They have been revealed to you so that you could believe that Jesus, indeed, looks after you well. They will hold you from danger and fight off the evil that you ask them to...
..Respect My Angels and love them as your own brothers...”
True servants of God
However, these days do we think much about the Angels and what they can do for us or how they can help us? We know from the Bible that the Angels are very important celestial beings. God has given them different, important jobs to do. They are there to guide, protect and bring Messages to mankind, amongst other things. They are true servants of God.
Angels and their purposes appear many times throughout Scripture. In the old Testament, we have the story of the Angel Raphael who comes to the help of Tobias and his family, healing Tobit from blindness and breaking the curse of Tobias’ wife, Sarah, whose previous seven husbands had died on their wedding night. In Daniel, God sent an Angel to shut the mouths of the lions so that Daniel would not be harmed and an Angel also protected Daniel’s assistants, who would not worship false gods, from a flaming furnace they were thrown into. (Daniel 3:24-90).
In the New Testament, the Angel Gabriel was sent to Zacharias to foretell the birth of John the Baptist (Luke 1:12-20), he was also sent to Mary to announce the Conception of Jesus (Luke 1:26-39). An Angel was sent to Joseph in a dream to explain Mary’s pregnancy and tell him to continue his plan to marry Her (Matthew 1:20-25). When Jesus was Born, the Angels appeared to shepherds in the fields outside the village to announce the Good News, telling them where they could find the Child (Luke 2:8-20). Again, when Jesus was in danger of being murdered by Herod, an Angel quickly warns Joseph to take Mary and the Child and escape to Egypt (Matthew 2:13-15).
He will Return
Jesus Himself often mentions the Angels. When speaking to Nathaniel (John 1:51). He says “And He saith to him: Amen, amen I say to you, you shall see the heaven opened and the Angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.” In Matthew 16:27, He describes how He will Return with His Angels in the Glory of His Father. And, in Matthew 18:5-10, He speaks of a little child “See that you despise not one of these little ones for I say to you, that their Angels in heaven always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.”
Angels helped Jesus
The Angels helped Jesus at different times throughout His Life on earth. They were there to care for Him after He was tempted in the desert (Mark 1:13). Also during Jesus’ Agony in the garden, God sent an Angel to strengthen Him prior to His Death (Luke 22:43-45).
After Jesus’ Death, when the women came to the tomb and found the stone rolled back, two Angels appeared and explained to them that Jesus had Risen (Matthew 28:2-8).
Even Saint Peter was rescued from prison by an Angel the night before he was to be executed, even though he was double chained between two guards. (Acts 12:6-11)
Spiritual battle
Revelations gives us an idea of the extreme importance of the holy Angels and the spiritual battle that goes on to protect mankind. That spiritual battle is constant in these times and sometimes the holy Angels are powerless to help. In a Message from the Guardian Angels on 2 October 1994, they say, “...We have been largely forgotten by the children of God, although we spend every moment at their sides, serving and loving them.
But we cannot serve because our hands are bound because Gods children do not call out to us anymore. The Work that the Most High God has given us to do is to keep all evil away from His children but they do not call upon us and more and more evil abounds and we cannot help because we are not called upon. Call out to us and we will begin again the battles with the evil spirits who attack you constantly...”
An Angel to protect
Jesus has revealed also through the Messages that each country has an Angel to protect it. For example, the Angel of England is ‘Redeem,’ the Angel for Ireland is ‘Victor,’ the Angel of Wales is named ‘Holiness,’ and Scotland’s Angel is called ‘Joyous.’ In a Message for England on 11 December 1994, Jesus said “...Call upon the great Angel of this country. Call out his name - REDEEM - and he will at last wake from the sleep that he has been placed in because no one has called upon him. Wake him up with your cries and pleadings and he will come to you...”
Saint Michael
We can call on these Angels to protect our countries, protect our people, our young, our elderly and our unborn and to take away people’s blindness so that they may see the truth of these times and turn back to God before it is too late. Saint Michael has also spoken in a Message of these times “...We Angels fight every day to hold back the progress of the father of lies but we cannot do this without your faith, your prayers.
We, too, are bound by the free will of mankind. If you do not have faith in asking for our help then we cannot help. Have faith and believe in the Grace and Power of Our Lord and Master, Jesus. Then you will see the evil one begin to lose ground daily instead of gaining it...” Sunday 11 January 1998, from Saint Michael the Archangel
Renew our efforts
Therefore, as the Feasts of the Guardian Angels and the Archangels approach, let us renew our efforts to ask for the guidance and protection of the Angels, especially now in these times of darkness in our world. I thank God for the Gift of the Angels and all the protection and guidance they have given me in my life, especially all those times my family and I have been protected unknown to me. Thank You, Jesus!

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Next year will be different!
Every year, at Christmas time, I always say: ‘next year will be different! I’ll not let myself get into the buzz of shopping and trying to plan what way I’ll cook the turkey and ham that will make them more tasty!’
But, as usual, my head always thinks ahead and I wonder what I should buy and how much should I spend on an already overloaded bank balance! Can I really afford this or that? But the head always answers: ‘Sure it’s Christmas, I’ll work it out after Christmas, it can’t be that bad.’
The done thing
The truth is, we all overspend and the world tells us it’s OK, it’s the done thing to borrow more money. It’s an opportunity to get the material things we want and to indulge others with the things of this world.
This year, however, was different.
The opportunity came to man Saint Thérèse’s House of Prayer in Belgium in December and I took it! Maybe I wasn’t as excited as I should have been but I knew in my heart that it was the right decision. This was the year that Christmas would be different. It will be more about Jesus’ Birthday and not the world’s push on material things that are nothing more than self-indulgence.
Celebrate Jesus’ Birth
When I arrived at Saint Thérèse’s House of Prayer I found it so peaceful – nothing like that worldly commercial buzz of other years. The Incarnation Prayer Room offered, as did every other room, a real invitation and opportunity to recall and celebrate Jesus’ Birth.
A lonely Jesus
To conclude, these are some sad Words of Warning from a lonely Jesus during His Birthday on previous years:
“...Celebrate, yes, children, but without the things that are not Mine - those things that you have not given to Me.” Tuesday 24 December 1996
“...My Birth was given to this world through My Father for the Salvation of this world but now it has become a thing of greed, a time of self when I am forgotten...” Monday 22 November 1999
“My people, I Love you. Come now to this Heart of Mine. See it Bleed in this season of greed: a time that was once Mine but now is turned into a time of self; a time that the world has forgotten. A season of goodwill, a season of coming together to celebrate My Love.
Look, children, where has it gone? Have you forgotten Me so soon? My Love is missing from this time. All I see is greed. The world gorges itself with the pleasures that lucifer has spread out before it. It no longer prides itself on knowing Me but rather, it prides itself on what it can gain...” Thursday 5 December 2001
The best Christmas
I must say, 2011 was the best Christmas I ever had because I was away from the world and with Jesus. He always takes our offering and repays us a hundredfold! He is so grateful for the little we give Him! I truly experienced the Peace that only God can give and that was the greatest Gift of all!

This is just a few words in thanksgiving to Jesus for the Garabandal pilgrimage.
I have been on a few pilgrimages now and, I have to say, each one is more beautiful than the last. I don’t know how to even start to put into words the gift it was.
It is obvious that each one of us is called to go by Jesus and Our Blessed Mother, which makes me a little apprehensive, because each time I feel ‘called’ to go I could so easily justify the ‘call’ away through family commitments and illness, which I very nearly do each time.
A renewal of our souls
Jesus tells us in the pilgrimage Messages that a pilgrimage is a journey to His Heart and a renewal of our souls. We prepare before we go by fasting a day before travelling and offer our own little prayers and sacrifices for its success.
Jesus asks for austerity and we know not to expect fancy hotels and lavish dining. A pilgrimage has its own little hardships in the travelling and such but they are nothing compared to the love and friendship and laughs we have with each other.
I will greet you there
Jesus is so good. Paray le Monial is the first stop and Jesus says “Paray le Monial is My Heart and I will greet you there, if you look for Me.” This line was foremost in my mind and I was looking forward to Jesus greeting us. When we entered the church I nearly expected to feel Jesus at the door and sat down disappointed because I thought He hadn’t greeted us. Within minutes, a nun brought Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament onto the altar for exposition! All I could say was, “Wow!” From that moment, Jesus let us know He was with us.
So much time for prayer
The guest house in Paray le Monial had a little oratory with Jesus present in the Tabernacle, you could go to it whenever you wished. The guest house in Lourdes had an oratory with Jesus Present. La Salette, of course, is gorgeous, being in the French Alps and is also very prayerful and special.
Everywhere we go is so prayerful and there is so much time for prayer and reflection. We were blessed with Mass everyday except when travelling.
I’m reluctant to say I had a favourite place because everywhere we went we didn’t want to leave but Garabandal was extra special because of the fifty years celebrations.
There was all night Adoration on the Feast of the Sacred Heart into the Feast of the Immaculate Heart and an open air Mass on the Saturday. The local priest always makes us very welcome. Soledad House of Prayer is beautiful.
Joy of Our Lady
We walked up to the Pines twice. I could feel the Joy of Our Lady and asked Her within my heart why She was so happy and She said “so many pilgrims.” I then quietly prayed and explained that I find it hard to follow Jesus and that I struggled within the world and Our Lady said within my heart, “My Son has Redeemed the world. You complicate things. It is simple, give Him oblations of love and sacrifices.”
I could go on writing. I just want to thank God I was on this pilgrimage and I would say to anyone wondering whether or not to go on a House of Prayer pilgrimage to Garabandal or Poland: you really should! They are so Heaven Blessed and you come home refreshed and renewed and, in many ways, challenged and aware of ways to change to please Jesus.

LUKE 9:37-43
37 And it came to pass the day following, when they came down from the mountain, there met Him a great multitude.
38 And behold a man among the crowd cried out, saying: Master, I beseech Thee, look upon my son, because he is my only one.
39 And lo, a spirit seizeth him and he suddenly crieth out and he throweth him down and teareth him, so that he foameth and bruising him, he hardly departeth from him.
I am always wondering how it is that in the present day, ‘modern’ world, no one ever seems to be possessed by evil spirits! Yet, if you read the Bible, Jesus and His Apostles cast out spirits many times. Could it be that the ‘modern’ world doesn’t recognise demonic possession for what it actually is? Is the truth unknown to those in authority in the Church; to those who are supposed to help? If they do not believe in evil spirits, how are they going to cast them out? What better way for a spirit to remain in control of someone, than to hide the fact of their existence.
40 And I desired thy disciples to cast him out and they could not.
41 And Jesus, answering:, said: O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you and suffer you? Bring hither thy son.
In order to cast out a spirit, you need faith and belief. You need to believe that the Name ‘Jesus’ will release the soul from the grip of the evil spirit. If you do not truly believe, as was the case with the Apostles, then the spirit will remain.
42 And as he was coming to Him, the devil threw him down and tore him.
43 And Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit and cured the boy and restored him to his father.
What a great relief it must have been for the boy’s father to have his son back safe and sound. Would it not be great if there were people alive today, who could do likewise. Perhaps they do exist in the world at this time but only fear and self holds them back from doing what Jesus has done before them. So let us die to ourselves then for Jesus and we, too, can do what He has done. And greater too!
“...Dying to self is the Path that you must take in order to understand Me and My Ways for Love condemns no one.
Love is simple: it seeks nothing for itself but wants to give all to its friends and enemies. You must seek Me, My children, through dying to self then I will bestow My Spirit upon you and you shall do great things in My Name and this world will begin to see and understand the error of its ways.
I build My Army at this time and soon I shall bestow My Gifts and this earth will become confused for they shall not understand how the blind see, the deaf hear, the dead rise.
Trust in Me, children, I am calling you in these Words to become the Army of Love that will bring this world from the darkness. I Love you, My little ones, I Love you.” Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Those with mental health problems
Mental Health
Mental health problems include eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, addiction to drugs and alcohol, personality disorders, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
People will shun them
Mental health problems are in some ways worse than other illnesses because of the stigma attached to them. If someone has cancer, or a heart attack, for example, people will often flock to their bedside but if a person is depressed or suicidal, people will shun them and actively avoid contact. This is bound to lead to further feelings of isolation and depression. So it becomes a downward spiral into a dark chasm from which it is very, very difficult to return.
People who suffer from depression, or anxiety, or suicidal tendencies, will find themselves pushed from one ‘expert’ to the next and from one tablet, that doesn’t work, to another that is equally ineffective. When what the patient really needs is prayer. Saint Dymphna is the Patron of those suffering from nervous and mental afflictions.
Prayer to Saint Dymphna for those suffering for nervous and mental afflictions:
Hear us, oh God, Our Saviour, as we honour Saint Dymphna, Patron of those afflicted with mental and emotional illness. Help us to be inspired by her example and comforted by her merciful help. Amen.
Saint Pio
I was talking to a servant of the Way of the Sacred Heart not long ago about someone I know who has been suicidal and depressed for a number of years. The servant suggested a number of things, including asking Saint Pio for help. So, I went to the Padre Pio room in the House of Prayer and knelt down before the statue and said to him, ‘This man is suffering from severe mental health problems and is being pushed from one doctor to another and from one tablet to another and he is not getting any better. What he really needs is someone like you, to help him.’ And then I went back down stairs.
Answered so quickly
Almost immediately I met the same servant again and she told me to go to a healing priest in County Fermanagh, as he prays for people with addictions, mental health problems, marriage problems, etc. I have never known a prayer to be answered so quickly and I was totally taken back also because I have no real devotion to Saint Pio.
Thank you so much for answering my prayer and I offer this article to you, Saint Pio, so that others will know how kind and helpful you are! Thank you, again.

On the Christian Family in the Modern World Apostolic Exhortation of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II
10. In conformity with her constant tradition, the church receives from the various cultures everything that is able to express better the unsearchable riches of Christ. Only with the help of all the cultures will it be possible for these riches to be manifested ever more clearly and for the church to progress toward a daily, more complete and profound awareness of the truth, which has already been given to her in its entirety by the Lord.
Holding fast to the two principles of the compatibility with the Gospel of the various cultures to be taken up and of communion with the universal church, there must be further study, particularly by the episcopal conferences and the appropriate departments of the Roman Curia, and greater pastoral diligence so that this “inculturation” of the Christian faith may come about ever more extensively in the context of marriage and the family as well as in other fields.
It is by means of “inculturation” that one proceeds toward the full restoration of the covenant with the wisdom of God, which is Christ himself. The whole church will be enriched also by the cultures which, though lacking technology, abound in human wisdom and are enlivened by profound moral values.
So that the goal of this journey might be clear and consequently the way plainly indicated, the synod was right to begin by considering in depth the original design of God for marriage and the family: It “went back to the beginning,” in deference to the teaching of Christ.
11. God created man in his own image and likeness: calling him to existence through love, he called him at the same time for love.
God is love and in himself he lives a mystery of personal loving communion. Creating the human race in his own image and continually keeping it in being. God inscribed in the humanity of man and woman the vocation, and thus the capacity and responsibility, of love and communion. Love is therefore the fundamental and innate vocation of every human being.
As an incarnate spirit, that is, a soul which expresses itself in a body and a body informed by an immortal spirit, man is called to love in his unified totality. Love includes the human body, and the body is made a sharer in spiritual love.
Christian revelation recognizes two specific ways of realizing the vocation of the human person, in its entirety, to love: marriage and virginity or celibacy. Either one is in its own proper form an actuation of the most profound truth of man, of his being “created in the image of God.”
Consequently sexuality, by means of which man and woman give themselves to one another through the acts which are proper and exclusive to spouses, is by no means something purely biological, but concerns the innermost being of the human person as such. It is realized in a truly human way only if it is an integral part of the love by which a man and a woman commit themselves totally to one another until death. The total physical self-giving would be a lie if it were not the sign and fruit of a total personal self-giving, in which the whole person, including the temporal dimension, is present: If the person were to withhold something or reserve the possibility of deciding otherwise in the future, by this very fact he or she would not be giving totally.
This totality which is required by conjugal love also corresponds to the demands of responsible fertility. This fertility is directed to the generation of a human being, and so by its nature it surpasses the purely biological order and involves a whole series of personal values. For the harmonious growth of these values a persevering and unified contribution by both parents is necessary.
The only “place” in which this self-giving in its whole truth is made possible is marriage, the covenant of conjugal love freely and consciously chosen, whereby man and woman accept the intimate community of life and love willed by God himself, which only in this light manifests its true meaning. The institution of marriage is not an undue interference by society or authority, nor the extrinsic imposition of a form. Rather, it is an interior requirement of the covenant of conjugal love which is publicly affirmed as unique and exclusive in order to live in complete fidelity to the plan of God, the creator. A person’s freedom, far from being restricted by this fidelity, is secured against every form of subjectivism or relativism and is made a sharer in creative wisdom.


We are all called as followers of Jesus to protect His Love, His Truth. It seems a mammoth task but Jesus says “My Yoke is easy and My Burden is light.” Jesus’ Ways are simple. He is Truthful to the core and does not waver for anyone.
My way of life
Which raises the question: how often do I, in my everyday life, waver from the Truth, in my opinions and in words that I speak, especially when giving advice to someone? Am I grounded in the Way of Jesus or simply do what I think?
Are all my everyday decisions on a par with what Jesus would do or, indeed, expect from His followers?
Do I give freely the Love Jesus has given to me or do I keep it for a select few? Jesus is unconditional with His Love. He Loves all people without distinction. All are equal in His sight. And what is most important for me to remember is that Jesus came for the sinner, not for the perfect for there are none. But for me, a sinner, who wants to try and become what He wants me to be: His Hands, His Feet and His Voice. Thank You, Jesus.

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