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Message Groups - "Pockets of Light"

We are currently trying to update our lists of established Message Groups. We plan to become more active in supporting the Message Groups with more regular contact with them, which is something that we have neglected. We also have had a number of requests from people wanting to know if there is a Message Group in their area. If you have an active Message Group please send us the contact details of it and when it meets.
They provide the prayer back-up for the work of the two Patricks and the Houses of Prayer. They also help to bring Jesus' Army together, to find support and friendship in Jesus on this journey through the darkness. They meet for prayer one night of the week and then take a second night to do the Lord's Work. This can be visiting the sick, helping the elderly, fighting for the unborn or whatever is most needed in your area.


If you are interested in setting up a Message Group in your area please contact the Sacred Heart House of Prayer and we will send you the book "Living Flames of Love". You can also take part in the prayer Meetings in the House of Prayer each week, which themselves are message Groups. Please contact your local House of Prayer for more information.

Now Available

We also now have the second edition of 'Living Flames of Love' available. This is a very informative little book, especially written for those who are thinking of setting up a Message Group. These are available free of charge.

Living Flames of Love - Available Free of Charge

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